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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 23, 2006 on B&B
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Monday, January 23, 2006

Ridge professes his love for Brooke, however Brooke tells him it's too late and that she's moved on. Ridge admits that he never stopped loving Brooke and kisses her. Stephanie declares to Eric that she is ending her feud with Brooke. Stephanie and Eric regret the way things have happened in the family and wish they could have done things different for Felicia's sake. Felicia tells them that she wishes to see her family together in one room before she passes away. Felicia asks Stephanie and Eric to re-marry. Stephanie proposes, and Eric accepts. Jackie tells Nick that Eric makes her happy in a way she never expected.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

At home, Brooke told Nick that Ridge had just tried to sweep her off of her feet. Brooke explained that it was not just an apology for leaving her and RJ, it was a marriage proposal. Brooke also explained that Ridge admitted that he should not have walked out on her and RJ. Ridge told Brooke that he loves her and only her that his heart is no longer divided between her and Taylor. Brooke assured Nick that she could no longer return to Ridge because it would not be the same.

Meanwhile, at home, Stephanie and Eric were re-thinking their plan to remarry for Felicia's sake. They both knew that they did not want to remarry and almost canceled it. However, Eric and Stephanie both realized that they needed to go ahead and remarry because Felicia had vehemently requested to see them together before she dies.

Felicia told Ridge that Nick is the father of her child. She advised him that Bridget agreed to be Dominick's mother. Felicia then explained that her cancer is back and the doctors had told her that it is incurable this time.

Eric went to Jackie's. Eric told Jackie that before they can be together, he must remarry Stephanie for Felicia's sake. Eric told Jackie that he loves her. He gave Jackie an engagement ring and proposed marriage to her. Jackie accepted Eric's marriage proposal.

Ridge arrived back at Brooke's while Nick was still there. Ridge was sarcastic and mean-spirited toward Nick. Ridge accused Nick of still being in love with Brooke while he is married to Bridget. Ridge pointed out that he has two sisters depending on him now. Ridge and Nick's argument began to escalate to violence until Brooke intervened. Ridge told Nick that if he does not stop it with Brooke that he "would stop put a stop to it."

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Ridge explains to Nick that he plans to win Brooke back and that he gets what he wants. Ridge also wants Nick to treat Bridget with the respect that she deserves, for her sake as well as Brooke's and Brooke agrees. Meanwhile, Massimo tells Stephanie that he has always believed there is a chance for them at love. The family gathering is all set, but Eric considers calling it off because Felicia's health is in a serious condition. Jackie is very happy about her engagement with Eric and he thanks Jackie for being understanding about postponing their announcement. Eric tells Jackie that he will need her support when his daughter dies.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Kristen returned home for her parents wedding ceremony. She was greeted by Thorne and Darla, Ridge and Eric. Eric tells her that they are doing this for Felicia's sake.

In another room, Felicia and Stephanie are together, while Felicia's doctor, checks her over. She tells her doctor that she has been experiencing some pain, but she doesn't want to take anymore morphine or any other drugs. She wants to be crystal clear at her parents wedding tonight. Felicia tells her mother that she doesn't believe that her Dad will go back to Jackie; something wonderful will come out of this.

Jackie shows her engagement ring to Nick. She is thrilled and, under the circumstances, doesn't mind waiting to be married. Nick asks her what she is talking about and she tells him that she and Eric will wed later, after he marries Stephanie tonight. Nick is shocked! Nick, trying to protect his mother, tells her that Eric is not going to do that to her again.

Felicia offers her thanks to her doctor, for helping her get through all that she has had to contend with. After he leaves, Stephanie questions Felicia about her pain. She brushes it off and tells her mother, that she thinks after tonight, and when she is gone, that you and Dad are just going to run done and get this marriage thing undone. Felicia tells her that it isn't going to happen.

Felicia greets Kristen with the rest of her brothers. They are there to support Kristen and to be with Felicia also. Felicia asks Kristen to help her get ready for the ceremony. She especially needs help with her hair.

Jackie tries to make Nick understand that she is okay with this, because it is being done for Felicia. Besides, Eric doesn't want to say "no" to his daughter's request.

Nick paid a visit to Eric. He wanted him to call off the wedding, which Eric had no intentions of doing. Eric tells Nick that he understands how he feels, but when he has a daughter of his own, he will understand how much something like this means.

Nick then paid a visit to Felicia. When he enters, he finds her on the floor and helps her up. Felicia, wanting the night to be perfect, asks him about her hair, and when he tells her that it is cockeyed, whereupon Felicia breaks down to Nick. She asks Nick to help her get ready, and he brings over a walker, hoping to steady her. She refuses to use it, because she doesn't want to appear as a cripple. Felicia asks him not to let anyone know what just happened and he agrees.

At the main house, the judge is prepared to start the wedding. She is the last person to arrive and does so on Nick's arms. He whispers to her to enjoy the evening and leaves. Eric quietly thanks Nick for not saying anything.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Felicia says her mom never stopped loving her dad. She asks everyone to share family stories. Darla says the wedding's proof the Forresters taught their children good values. She thanks them for sharing. They in turn thank her for entering the family and giving them Alexandria. Thorne hates the fighting. Love warms their hearts like the glow from the dozens of candles. Kristen wishes she lived closer. Ridge realizes his mother always acts out of love. Eric will always be his father. Eric admits he didn't spend enough time with the family. The children aren't bitter. He credits Stephanie as the source of their memories. Thorne mentions Judge Bowlen, and the wind chimes call everyone's attention. Felicia reveals she wanted the togetherness, not the ceremony. She gives her parents the choice, but Eric defers to Stephanie. They must keep their promise.

Jackie's distressed that Nick tried to stop the wedding. He's worried for his mom because Felicia's certain her parents will stay together.

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