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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 23, 2006 on Y&R
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Monday, January 23, 2006

Phyllis and Nick finished making love in the barn. They realized that things were now twice as complicated, but Nick told Phyllis not to be sorry, as he wasn't, and he kissed her again. As they dressed, Nick told Phyllis what an incredible woman she was. Phyllis said "right back at ya," and they joked about Nick being an ‘incredible woman' – that he would never wear a dress and Phyllis said ‘never say die' – which she apologized for because she realized that it was Cassie's birthday, and that she was being insensitive. Nick told her not to worry about it and they embraced and kissed again before Phyllis left.

Jack and Daniel were having the take-out dinner that Jack brought over at Phyllis' apartment. Daniel said it was cool for Jack to have brought this food over and that Phyllis would have loved it too. Jack said he realized he should have called ahead to make sure Phyllis was going to be home. Daniel said she had been gone a lot lately for meetings with Nikki about the wellness centers. Daniel realized he touched a nerve with Jack, and Jack said he thought the wellness centers were a good idea – just not for Jabot. He told Daniel never to mix romance with business. They discussed Daniel's romance with Lily, and Daniel expected Jack to tell Daniel that he would get over it – but Jack said he realized that Daniel's romance with Lily was more than the typical teenage romance. Daniel said that it couldn't have come at a worse time what with Phyllis and Jack also on the skids. Jack told Daniel not to give up on him and Phyllis.

Phyllis came home and asked Jack what he was doing there – he replied that he was waiting for her. Daniel told her that Jack had brought them dinner, and they had tried to get in touch with her, but Phyllis told them her cell phone was turned off. Phyllis told them that she had gone shopping. Daniel said he was going out but it was clear that Phyllis didn't want to be alone with Jack as she reminded Daniel that it was a school night. Daniel told Phyllis not to worry – that he wouldn't be late. He thanked Jack for dinner and left. Jack tried to get Phyllis to eat some of the leftovers and told her she should keep her cell phone on. Phyllis became furious and told Jack that after the way he betrayed her he shouldn't expect to waltz in with take-out food and be welcomed with open arms. Jack apologized and said he hoped they could make things right again. Phyllis told him that she resented him coming over. Jack said that he and Daniel liked each other, and Phyllis flipped out, telling Jack to leave Daniel out of it. She asked Jack to leave. Jack said he realized she was hurting and that if she wanted to have it out, that they should have it out. Phyllis said that Jack should know why she was angry. Jack said this wasn't about anger – it was about being hostile and bitter and he wanted to know what the hell was going on with her.

At the loft apartment, Mac was still reacting to J.T.'s news that Colleen was in town. Mac said that she was glad Colleen was there to support the Abbotts during their ordeal. J.T. said it was a little strange seeing Colleen and that he had a lot to tell her – particularly that he and Mac were a couple now and were living together. J.T. told Mac it caught Colleen a little off guard but she had to have known that he was going to move on with her life. A little later, Mac told J.T. how hard it must be for Colleen to come back and find all these changes. J.T. said they were all adults and it shouldn't be any big deal. Mac felt awful for Colleen – for what her family was going through, and wished there was some way they could help her – like taking her out, for instance. J.T. told Mac how much he admired her for the way she really cared about people – that not many people would feel the way she does, and that was what made her amazing. When Mac went to the phone to call Colleen, she decided not to as J.T. pulled her towards the bedroom.

At Crimson Lights, Colleen was still staring at Kevin from across the room. Devon came in and he and Kevin started chatting. Devon offered his condolences on Tom's death. Colleen wondered to herself why Devon and Kevin were talking. Devon told Kevin about what was going on with him – about the tension between the Winters and his mom about whether he should go to the University of Boston. Kevin advised Devon to take the opportunity – that he would regret it if he passed it by, and Kevin was an expert on regrets. Colleen started to turn to leave, but stopped and continued to observe the two of them talking. Devon was concerned with what would happen to his mother if he left Genoa City, but Kevin told him he couldn't baby her forever, and that he and his mother could still keep in touch. Devon thanked Kevin for the advice and left.

Colleen approached Kevin and they exchanged hellos. She was hostile towards Kevin and said that she had come to Crimson Lights hoping to find some friends. She told Kevin he was still repulsive and that she almost left when she saw him but decided to confront him. Kevin asked her how long she would be staying, and she said it depended on how things went with her family. When Kevin said it was hard for all of them, Colleen resented the fact that Kevin considered himself a part of the family because Gloria married John. Kevin said that wasn't what he meant – that his father had died. He told Colleen that he was a changed person and that a lot of people had given him a second chance – that he had reconciled with his mother and with Michael, and that he had a job. When Colleen asked if the job was teaching lonely pervs how to take care of underaged girls, Kevin revealed that he co-owned Crimson Lights with Mac. Colleen couldn't believe that Nick and Sharon would ever sell it to him. He also told her that he lived with J.T. and Mac at the loft. Colleen didn't believe him, but Kevin reiterated that people saw him differently now, and he hoped that someday she would too. He promised to leave her alone. Colleen said that he hadn't changed, and that she would never forgive him. She left.

Sharon and Dru returned to their hotel in Denver and were thrilled about how the day went. Dru was concerned that Sharon seemed a little withdrawn, as they had a jam-packed day tomorrow. Sharon told Dru that she had a bad feeling about the way she left things with Nick. Dru understood, it being Cassie's birthday and all, and congratulated Sharon on how well she was holding up. Sharon told Dru that she and Nick had been trying to put it together after Cassie's death, but that today was a low point, as Nick didn't want her to go on this trip, and they had fought about it. Dru told Sharon about her fight with Neil about Yolanda, how Yolanda was getting on her last nerve, that she was a pain in the neck, etc. When Sharon asked if she had thought about asking Yolanda to leave, Dru said that Yolanda couldn't find an apartment soon enough for her.

At the Winters' apartment, Yolanda told Neil she wanted to do what he wants, and she dropped her robe and stood naked in front of him. He was completely shocked and looked away as Yolanda said it was just the 2 of them – that Devon wouldn't be home for hours. An angry Neil told Yolanda to put her clothes on – that he was a married man and that he loved his wife. When Yolanda insisted that Neil was attracted to her, Neil said they just had a friendship. Yolanda said it was more than that – Neil had gotten her into rehab and taken her in to his apartment. Neil said he did those things because she was Devon's mother and he knew what addiction was like. Yolanda told Neil that Drucilla was wrong for him and that he, she, and Devon could be a family together. A flabbergasted Neil told her to stop turning this into something it wasn't, and told her he loved Dru and wanted to be with Dru. Neil said that what Yolanda had done changed everything. She asked him if he wanted her to leave. Neil told her to get dressed and they would discuss it.

Neil's phone rang and it was Dru calling from Denver, raving about how well things went. Yolanda watched the conversation, as Neil and Dru made up on the phone – Dru said that she had been stressed out about Yolanda but she shouldn't have taken it out on him. Dru told Neil how she would make it up to him when she returned with a sexy dress, a romantic dinner, and some dirty dancing. Neil said he would like that, and Dru said that she realized that about the situation with Yolanda she just needed to keep the lines of communication open. Neil agreed with her, they told each other how much they loved each other and hung up. When Yolanda asked why he hadn't told her about what Yolanda had done, Neil said that Dru was having a good night, and he didn't want to ruin it, but that he would tell her as soon as she got home. When Yolanda questioned how wise it would be for Neil to do this, he said he didn't keep anything from his wife. Neil wanted to know what Yolanda's agenda was: if she was using her job at Newman to get close to him? Yolanda insisted that she loved the job. Neil asked Yolanda if she was using Devon and encouraging him to go to the University of Boston to impress Neil. Neil told Yolanda that Devon needed a mother he could count on, not one who fantasized about finding a rich man. When Yolanda said she was going to get dressed, Devon arrived home, sensed the tension, but Neil said that he and Yolanda were just talking. When Devon asked about what, Neil said it was nothing he needed to worry about. Devon asked if it was just a friendly conversation, and Yolanda said it was. Devon asked Yolanda why then did she look like she was about to cry. He asked Neil what he had done to his mother.

Back at the Newman stables, Nick had a flashback of making love to Phyllis. His cell phone rang and it was Sharon calling from Denver. Sharon told him how great everything had gone, and Nick told her he was sure she had blown them away. Sharon said she was sorry that she left on a bad note and a tough day (Cassie's birthday) and that all things considered the day had went well. Nick agreed and told Sharon he would give Noah a kiss from her when he saw him. They say good night.

Daniel came into the stables with a basketball looking for Noah, not knowing that he was sleeping at a friend's house. Daniel was glad the day had gone well for Nick – and that he had been thinking about Cassie. Nick invited Daniel to play some one-on-one with him. Daniel accepted the offer, saying he would do anything to stay out of his apartment, as things were tense there between Jack and Phyllis. Daniel explained Jack and Phyllis' pattern of breaking up and reconciling. Nick asked Daniel if he thought that Jack was the right guy for Phyllis. Daniel said he thought that deep down they loved each other, and that he was keeping his fingers crossed that what his mother said wasn't true – that this time it was over for good.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Paul and Michael met at Crimson Lights, where Michael informed Paul that he was working on Ashley's case. Paul mentioned that he had dinner with her and hoped that Michael had a solution to the situation she was in. Michael told him that he had been working non-stop to keep Ashley out of prison, but that it wouldn't be easy, particularly since Ashley had confessed to the DA, the news of which shocked Paul. When Paul asked about claiming self-defense, Michael said he might not be able to prove that – that he would have to convince a jury that Tom was actually a threat to Ashley, and if he couldn't, then she would go to prison. Paul and Michael ran through the events of that evening AS TOLD TO THEM BY ASHLEY AND GLORIA – Ashley claimed to overhear Gloria on the phone talking to Tom; according to the phone records the phone call did occur when they said it did; that Ashley was able to get John's gun (they show black and white fantasy scene of Ashley taking the gun out of the sideboard); that according to Gloria she then sent John out for groceries (which Paul thinks is ridiculous); that the 911 call reporting John's car accident came 15 minutes after Tom was shot; and that there were 30 minutes between the time Tom made the phone call to the Abbott house and the police arriving in the alley. Michael pointed out that it was possible for Gloria to have sent John out for groceries after Tom called; Paul surmised that perhaps it was as simple as Gloria not wanting John around in case Tom showed up at the Abbott House; but what Gloria didn't know was that Ash had John's gun (black and white fantasy sequence of Ashley shooting the gun in the alley) and that she had left to confront Tom in the alley. Michael thought their explanation made sense, but Paul thought they were missing something and that the first thing in the morning he was going to check the alley.

Victor and Ashley ran into each other at the Athletic Club, where she told him how up in the air her life was – that she was afraid of losing Abby. Victor said he would do everything in his power to prevent that from happening. Ashley confided to Victor that she didn't expect to be charged with first degree murder – Victor thought the charge was preposterous, and that no jury would ever convict her. He wanted to know why she didn't come to him when Tom started to harass her. She said she didn't think there was anything he could do, and that she still would have shot Tom in the alley. Victor accused Ashley of keeping something from her. Ashley didn't say anything more, and Victor wanted to know how he could help her if she wasn't honest with her. He resented the fact that she wasn't trusting him and he left.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin told Gloria that Colleen was back in town, and that she hated him as much as ever. Gloria told Kevin not to let it get to him. Kevin said that Colleen was angry that people didn't hate him, and he was worried that she would turn John against him. Gloria told him not to worry about that – that John was too preoccupied with Ashley's situation to dig up the past, and that she was now Mrs. John Abbott -- if Colleen tried to trash Kevin she would set Colleen straight. She told Kevin he had nothing to worry about as she left.

Mac came in to tell an introspective Kevin that Colleen was back in town. Kevin told her that he already knew, and that he had hoped that with Tom dead he wouldn't have to face his past again. Mac and Kevin discussed how he wasn't the same person – that he had changed since Colleen left town, but Kevin was worried that perhaps he was just making excuses and the terrible side of him might come out later. Mac noticed the safe-deposit box key that the morgue attendant had given Kevin. Mac asked him if he was going to check it out, but he said he wouldn't know where to start to look, and that he wanted to put his past behind him. Kevin feared he might relapse to his old ways, and that seeing Colleen made him realize that his dark side was still there – that he could ignore it but it would never go away – and he was worried that it might never completely go away.

At the Abbott house, John was overjoyed to see Colleen. Colleen said she couldn't believe how much had changed since she left. When John asked if she was talking about Ashley's arrest, Colleen said that was part of it, but she was also wondering how people could have forgiven Kevin Fisher. When John told her that Kevin had indeed changed, Colleen said she didn't buy it, and wanted to know how it came to be that Ashley shot Kevin's father. John told Colleen that Tom called Gloria and demanded to see her and that Ashley overheard the phone call and went to meet Tom. John had a very hazy flash of the alley. As Colleen continued asking questions, John had another hazy flash of Tom mumbling, "what the hell are you doing here?" When Colleen asked John what was wrong, he said that he thought he was getting his memory back. John wanted to return to the scene of the accident to see if it would jog his memory and that he was close to putting this all together in order to help Ashley.

Gloria entered and she and Colleen greeted each other very tentatively. Gloria sent John up to take his medication and commented to Colleen that she noticed some distance between her and Colleen. Colleen said it was because she was Kevin's mother. Gloria brought Colleen into the study to talk about the situation. She told Colleen that she didn't blame her for still having issues with her son, but that he had really changed, and that maybe she could give him a second chance. She told Colleen that Kevin had saved John's life when he fell down the stairs. When Colleen said that his present actions can't make up for his past mistakes, Gloria firmly told her that John and his heart were stressed and that the last thing they needed was for Colleen to start copping an attitude. Colleen said she wouldn't promise anything as Kevin had tried to burn her alive. She told Gloria to keep Kevin away from her, because if Gloria thought they'd be sitting around the breakfast table like a happy family that she would be very disappointed.

John was in the living room continuing to have flashes of being in the alley and of Tom saying, "what the hell are you doing here?" when Ashley came home. John told Ashley that he was having strange thoughts – that they weren't really memories – they were more like images, and he was hoping that Ash could help him, as he was beginning to think that he was in the alley that night. Ashley assured him that he wasn't. John said he was getting flashes of a dark, narrow place, and that he was seeing Tom's face, and Tom was saying, "what the hell are you doing here?" John hoped that it wasn't a dream, because he felt that if he got his memory back, he would be able to prove that Ashley shot Tom in self-defense. Ashley told John that these flashes were showing that he was overdoing it and that he needed to rest. John wished Ashley a good night and went upstairs. The phone rang – Ashley answered it and it was Michael telling her that he had to see her first thing tomorrow morning about her case – and that it was bad form for her to lie to her attorney. When Ashley asked what he was talking about, Michael said, "first thing tomorrow, Ashley," and they hung up.

At the Winters' apartment, Yolanda told Devon that Neil didn't do anything – that she had – she had made a mistake thinking of Neil, herself, and Devon as a family and started seeing things that weren't there. Devon became angry with Yolanda and told her he thought she had changed, and Neil assured him that nothing inappropriate had occurred. Devon said it was the same old thing with his mother – that every time she almost got her act together she blew it. When Neil reminded him that in spite of their past Devon saw that she got the help she needed, Devon said it was only because of Neil and Dru's support. As Neil told Devon that none of this was his fault, Yolanda entered the room (dressed) and told Devon it was her fault. She told Neil she realized that neither he nor Dru would ever be able to trust her again and that she was leaving to stay with her cousin Stacy in Seattle for a while – she told Devon there was room for two and that he could go with her. Yolanda said she was leaving tonight, and Devon said that his life was in Genoa City – all his friends, his school, the Winters – and wondered why Yolanda couldn't get an apartment in Genoa City. When Yolanda said she needed some place completely new, Devon firmly told her that she never thought about what he needed. He told her about how the Winters had made him a better person, and that he was staying with them.

Later, with Devon out of the room, Neil promised to help get Yolanda a job at the Newman Enterprises office in Seattle. Devon came back in and gave Yolanda a picture of the two of them. A teary Yolanda said she didn't need a picture to remember him – that she would never forget him in her life – that he was the best thing that ever happened to her, and how proud she wasof him. She wished him (in advance) a happy 18th birthday and promised to call him on his birthday night. She also promised to continue attending her 12 step meetings. Devon and Yolanda told each other how much they loved each other. She thanked Neil for everything the Winters had done for Devon and her, and told Neil to take care of Devon. Neil assured him that he would. He wished Yolanda good luck with her sobriety and she left, leaving Neil and Devon staring at the front door.

At Phyllis' apartment, Phyllis was still yelling at Jack – telling him that he treated her like dirt and then expected her to fall back into his arms because he brought dinner over. She told Jack that he had hurt her – that it was one thing to deny the wellness center project, but it was different to line up lawyers to crush her dreams. Jack told her that he wanted her back in his life and that he couldn't imagine his life without her. Phyllis said it would be easy for them to make up, but that it wouldn't last. Jack said that he had been a controlling jerk but that would stop. Phyllis said that would only last until she did something he didn't want her to. Jack wondered where her attitude was coming from – that it seemed as if she was trying to pull away from him. He reminded her of how happy they were when they were married, but Phyllis reminded him that the marriage didn't last. Jack said that business was at the root of all their problems so maybe it was good that she left Jabot. Phyllis said it would drive Jack crazy that Victor was backing her business venture with Nikki. Jack promised that it wouldn't and they needn't ever discuss it. They kissed, but Phyllis said she couldn't do this – that it was too complicated, and she wanted stability. Jack asked about fire and passion – did she want to walk away from those? He told her not to walk away from their relationship – that people spent their lives trying to find what they have. Phyllis asked what it was that they did have and told Jack that she didn't know what she wanted anymore. Jack told her that he didn't need an answer this second, but he wasn't going to wait around forever for her to figure it out. He told her to give him a call when she did figure it out. Jack left, leaving Phyllis alone in tears.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Mackenzie tried to talk to Colleen about giving Kevin a chance to prove he'd changed, but Colleen wasn't buying it. When she asked J.T. if he agreed with Mac, J.T. said he believed Kevin was trying to change. Colleen said that J.T. was wrong, too. As she walked away, Mac said that she was going to try again to convince Colleen, because the hostility Colleen was feeling wasn't good for Kevin or Colleen.

Daniel apologized to Devon for all the pressure he'd been putting on him. If Lily was really finished with their relationship, then he was willing to let her go. Later, Sierra told Devon that letting Daniel make that decision was going to backfire. Sooner or later, Lily would find out that Devon had kept the truth about her second letter from Daniel. Devon said he couldn't worry about that right now; his mother had just abruptly left for Seattle.

Colleen offered to try again to call Lily for Daniel, but he was steadfast about letting her move on. When Colleen realized how upset Daniel was, she offered to help distract him. They decided to go together to the rooftop spa at the athletic club.

Gloria went by the athletic club to pick up some of John's favorite rolls and saw Ashley there. The two of them were talking about John when Ashley spotted Glenn Richards questioning Gina about the fight that Tom and John had at the athletic club one night. Ashley hurried over in an attempt to stop Glenn's questions on the basis that she'd already confessed. There was nothing for the D.A. to investigate, and it was wrong for him to badger Gina. At that point, Michael came in and saw what was going on.

After Glenn left, Michael attempted to question Ashley, but Gloria kept intervening. Michael finally asked her to leave. He then presented his assessment of Tom's death to Ashley. There was no material evidence that she'd shot the gun that night. There was some question about why John had left the house and was in the same vicinity of Tom's shooting when John wrecked his car. And he knew how protective Ashley was of her father. He believed that it was John who'd shot Tom, and Ashley was willing to take the fall for him. Ashley wouldn't confirm Michael's suspicions, but she told him that if he approached her father with any of this and upset him, she'd make sure Michael lost his license to practice law on the basis of violating attorney/client confidentiality.

Kevin went to the Abbott house to see his mother, but only John was there. Kevin was relieved to see that John was still treating him well, even after whatever Colleen might have said to her grandfather. When John overheard Kevin's phone call from the city morgue about the disposition of Tom's body, John offered to contact a mortuary so Kevin could make arrangements. John also offered to pay for the cost of Tom's burial. Gloria came in. After she found out they were talking about Tom, she got Kevin alone and told him not to bring up Tom's name to John. After John spoke kindly again to Kevin, Kevin left. Gloria went to make John a pot of tea, but when she came back, John was gone. Ashley arrived home and both of them felt a little panic when they realized that John had left the house.

Michael was back in his office working when John came to his office. Michael wondered why he was there, and John said he wanted to discuss everything Michael knew about Ashley on the night that Tom was killed.

Jack and Nick were both working out at the athletic club. Jack couldn't stop talking about his regret over his breakup with Phyllis. They'd had problems before, but this time was different. Phyllis had changed in some way. Jack tried to get Nick to talk to him about how things were going with Sharon, but Nick was uncomfortable and said he had to get to work. Jack finally talked him into going up to the rooftop spa for a cup of coffee.

Nikki and Phyllis had a morning business meeting at the rooftop spa. Nikki assumed that Phyllis and Jack had reconciled because Phyllis was in such a good mood. Phyllis assured her that was far from the case; she had decided to move on. But when Jack and Nick walked through the door, Nikki saw how Phyllis's face lit up. She assumed it was because of Jack, not realizing that it was Nick who put the smile on Phyllis's face. Phyllis had arranged to have a note delivered to Nick earlier, asking him to meet her in a room for champagne at the athletic club. But as the two of them sat across the spa from each other, they text messaged and arranged to meet in the gym.

After Nick and Phyllis left separately, Jack approached Nikki's table. She told him that Phyllis had said their relationship was over, but Nikki thought Phyllis had been affected by seeing Jack. She encouraged Jack not to give up yet; there might still be hope for him and Phyllis. Jack was delighted to hear this.

Phyllis and Nick met, and she discussed the awkwardness of seeing each other when Nick was with Jack. Nick wasn't sure exactly what was going on between Phyllis and him.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Gloria and Ashley are still looking for John. Gloria tells Ashley that John was talking about Tom with Kevin. Ashley hopes that John isn't starting to remember more details about that night. She tells Gloria that she's going outside to see if John's car is still there.

Over at Michael's office, John wants to know what Ashley told Michael about that night. Michael tells him that he can't talk about that unless given permission from Ashley. John doesn't want that as Ashley has enough to worry about already. John tells Mike about his flashbacks and how he's not really sure if they happened. Michael wants to know exactly what John wants from him. John thinks that if he can get his memory back maybe he can help Ashley. He thinks that maybe he could have heard or seen something that would prove Ashley's innocence.

Back at the Abbotts', Gloria tries John's cell but gets no answer. Ashley comes back to tell Gloria that John's car is gone. They worry about what if he went back to the alley. They start to take off for the alley when the phone rings. It's Michael and he wants to let them know that John is in his office. Ashley wants to talk with him but Michael tells her that he just stepped out for a moment. Ashley thinks that Michael should distract John but Michael tells her that John isn't stupid and will figure it out with or without their help. Michael thinks that if Tom attacked John first, they could prove self defense. Ashley is firm about her decision not to inform her father about the truth. Ashley tells Michael to get her father home and Michael says that he'll do his best. John comes back in Michael's office. Michael tells him that Ashley will tell him everything when she's ready and that she's just concerned about his health. John insists that Michael tells him where and how Tom was killed. Michael lets him know that it was a grimy alley across town but then tells him that he should let the police handle those details. John tells Michael that he sees himself driving but not to the club or the office. He can see that he's squeezing the wheel so hard that he's white knuckled. Then he sees Tom lying on the ground. He wants Michael to take him to the alley to see if he can remember something that would help Ashley. They get interrupted when Michael gets a business call. John waits patiently for Michael to finish with his phone call.

Back at the Abbotts' again, Jack comes in the door grumbling about a bunch of satellite vans parked outside. He and Ashley chat about his problems with Phyllis for a while. Ashley thinks the real problem is his issues with Victor. Jack tells her that is the same thing Phyllis says. Ashley points out that two of the most intelligent people he knows both say the same thing and that should tell him something. He wants to know where John is and what is going on with her and Gloria. Ashley doesn't have any good answers for him. She takes off to go see Abby and Jack latches on to Gloria. He tells her that if he finds out that she's been keeping something from him that he needs to know, he will be VERY unhappy.

Back at Michael's office, he has finally finished his long business call. He looks around and John is nowhere to be found. He thinks he knows where John is headed and grabs his coat and runs out the door.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Paul and J.T. discussed how best to deal with the case of the key Kevin had found in Tom's belongings. While they were talking, Mac arrived. She wanted them not to investigate the key. Paul and J.T. pointed out that Kevin was their client; they had to do what he'd asked. Mac was just worried about the effect whatever they found might have on Kevin. J.T. told her that he'd discuss it with her before he told Kevin. As Mac and J.T. prepared to leave, Paul held J.T. back and chastised him for making that promise to Mac. Kevin was their client, and any information they got would be confidential. J.T. apologized for his mistake.

At the coffee house, Kevin was happy to see Lauren. When she heard that he was having trouble separating himself from his father, and was wondering if he'd turn out like Tom, she reminded him that Tom had saved her life. No matter what he'd done with Sheila, and Lauren knew he wasn't a saint, Tom wasn't a murderer. And in any case, Kevin wasn't like him. When Mac and J.T. arrived, J.T. had made some calls and found the possible location of the safety deposit box: Tom's bank in Detroit. Kevin told J.T. to hold off investigating because he was a little short on money. Then he asked Lauren what he should do. She told him that he was the only one who could make that decision. Later, Kevin called the police morgue and told them he knew what he wanted done with Tom's body.

Lauren went to Michael's office to thank Paul again for rescuing her. Paul said he still worried about Sheila being on the loose, but Lauren insisted that she wasn't going to live her life in fear. When she said it was another of Sheila and Tom's victims who worried her, Paul surmised that she was talking about Kevin.

Nick and Victoria ran into each other at the rooftop spa. Victoria wondered why Nick was in such a strange mood, but he evaded her questions. When she saw that he was holding a hotel room key, he said it was something he must have left in his pocket after a business trip. He shifted the focus across the restaurant, to the table where Phyllis was talking to their parents. Victoria thought it was strange that her mother had gone into business with Phyllis and hoped she didn't regret it. When Nick said positive things about Phyllis, Victoria asked when he'd become her champion. Nick said it was when Phyllis fixed their computer problems. His sister then left to take a business call.

Nikki and Victor presented their proposition to Phyllis. She and Nikki could use empty office space at Newman Enterprises temporarily, until they launched their new business. Phyllis tried to talk them out of it, but when neither one could understand her objections, she gave in. Victor spotted Nick about to leave and motioned him over. When Nick found out the plan, he, too, thought it was a bad idea. Nikki was bewildered by his attitude, and Victor watched his son with speculation. After Nick walked back to the bar, Phyllis joined him. She said that the office space hadn't been her idea. She had accepted that Nick wanted to stay away from her. So she was just going to grab that bottle of champagne from the room at the athletic club and drink it by herself.

After Phyllis left, Victoria returned. Nick told her about the office space. Although Victoria wished their father had at least consulted them about it, she said that they had the room available. Nick left, and Victoria was joined by her parents. She mentioned Nick's strange mood, and Victor said that Nick would get out of his funk when Sharon returned from her trip. Victoria told her mother it was kind of fun to think of seeing her at work every day.

Nick used the room key and let himself into the room that Phyllis had paid for. He was surprised to see Phyllis there, but she said she was just picking up the champagne because it was expensive. However, she wondered what he was doing there. Nick said he'd been looking for a place to chill out. Phyllis started to leave, then she turned around and asked him why that place in particular. After a few seconds, the two of them were in each other's arms again and kissing passionately.

Jack questioned what Gloria might be hiding about Ashley's case from him. Gloria refused to budge, saying that if Jack had questions, he should ask Ashley. When Detective Hawkins came to question John, Gloria offered to answer any questions herself. Detective Hawkins insisted that he speak to John, and Gloria lied and said John was asleep. The two of them would call the detective when John felt up to answering questions. After Hawkins left, Jack, who knew his father wasn't in the house, insisted that Gloria be more forthcoming about whatever she was hiding. Had his father actually seen Ashley shoot Tom in the alley that night? Gloria said that she and Ashley were just trying to protect John. After a moment, Jack put two and two together and realized that it was his father, not his sister, who had shot Tom Fisher. He couldn't believe John was letting Ashley take the blame, and Gloria told him that John didn't remember what had happened that night. Nor did she and Ashley want him to remember, because the strain on his heart might kill him.

John went to the alley where Tom had been shot and got out of his car. As he began to remember details from that night, Michael arrived and tried to persuade him to go home. But John insisted that he had to remember. If Michael wanted to do anything for him, he could help him recall what happened that night. As John looked around, his memory came back to him. He'd struggled with Tom for the gun, it had gone off, and Tom had fallen. Michael gently told John that he was only protecting his family, and John had thought at the time that Tom was capable of murder. Michael pointed out that these memories were traumatic, so John should let Michael take him home. John refused, saying he wanted to go to the police station. He couldn't understand why Ashley was covering up the true details of that night.

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