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Passions Recaps: The week of January 23, 2006 on PS
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Monday, January 23, 2006

Fancy goes to the hospital to visit an unconscious Alistair.

Noah is astonished to see his ex-girlfriend, May a. When he recovers from his shock, he asks what she is doing in Harmony. The two take a stroll down memory lane.

Theresa is appalled when Gwen triumphantly announces she is leaving Harmony with Ethan and Jane.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

At the Crane mansion Sheridan thanked Chris for making her something to eat to give her a break from searching for Otto, Beth and Marty. In the library, Julian tried to keep Theresa calmed down and away from Ethan, but Theresa was determined to break up Gwen and Ethan in order to marry him for herself. Gwen and Ethan made love, while (product placement) massage oil sat on the end table. As Chris and Sheridan stood kissing outside of the library, Eve arrived to meet with Julian. Chris left to go do some preschool homework with James at the Bed and Breakfast. Eve and Sheridan went in to the library and interrupted Julian with Theresa. Theresa begged them to help her convince Julian not to transfer Ethan, but they both thought Julian was right. They both agreed with Julian and Theresa angrily told them they were wrong. Sheridan and Eve told her that this was probably for the best. Sheridan told her that fate was probably telling her that Ethan is beyond her reach. Theresa couldn't believe them and said the only man that could make her happy was Ethan. Theresa tried to justify her reasons for keeping Ethan and Jane. Theresa stormed out saying that she'd find a way to keep Ethan in harmony. Upstairs, Ethan massaged Gwen with the oil. Theresa went upstairs and lurked outside their bedroom door which was open a crack, justifying to herself that Ethan had to stay near her and couldn't take Jane. She opened the door further and watched them making love. Ethan declared his love for Gwen and Theresa ran away to the nursery. She declared "As God is my witness, I will not let Ethan leave me ever." Julian and Eve discussed Chris with Sheridan. Eve and Julian stepped aside to talk quietly and Eve warned him that the person who tried to kill Alistair might have been the person who tried to kill Julian before at the cannery. He said he'd beefed up security. Sheridan said she thought that whoever tried to kill Alistair was willing to let nature finish the job. She was hopeful that she and Chris could find Beth and Marty with Alistair out of commission. Eve asked if she trusted Chris and Sheridan acknowledged that she had her suspicions at first but she trusts him completely now.

Outside the Blue Note Noah met with Maya (who held a gun in her pocket). She told him that she wanted him back. She planted a big kiss on him and he pulled away. He asked her what that was for and told her that after all that went on with the shooting in the attic, he'd moved on with someone else. She told him threateningly that he couldn't have anything as good as they had. Noah told her that he couldn't do anything to hurt Fancy. He really loved her and she loved him too. Maya said she knew and in a moment of clarity, Noah told her that she must be the person who had been following and scaring Fancy. She nodded as she fingered the gun. He asked her what she wanted and Maya said she just wanted to know how he was doing. He said she could just ask, she didn't have to spy. She said she was sorry that he'd had to drop out of school to protect their secret about the dead guy in the attic. He wanted to know why she was here now and Maya said it was a matter of life and death. He told her she wasn't auditioning for Law and Order SVU. She said she needed his help. He said that any help he gave her couldn't end up hurting Fancy. She got scared as she heard approaching footsteps and cried that "they" were coming after her. Noah ran in the direction of the footsteps and ran into Fancy. He asked her what she was doing in a dark alley and she wanted to know the same about him.

At Harmony hospital Fancy was watching her grandfather and had the feeling that something was wrong with Noah. She left to find Noah. Chris arrived and stood over Alistair thinking about how Alistair had threatened to share his secrets with Sheridan. Chris messed with the I.V. drip and told him they'd see who would have the last laugh. He tied a knot in the tubing and said that he hoped Alistair would die.

Fancy knocked on the front door of the Bennett house and found nobody home. She worried about Noah's safety. She tried his cell phone and then decided to go look for him at the Blue Note.

At Tabitha's house Fox dozed in a chair as Tabitha and Kay discussed her problem with getting engaged to Fox with the planets misaligned. Kay kept pulling the ring box out from under Fox's hand and looking at the ring. Finally she got it stuck on her finger. Kay wanted Tabitha to help so that she could get engaged, but Tabitha said it never helped. Kay struggled, but her finger was swollen. Tabs offered to cut the finger off and Kay demanded that she get Endora to help. Endora sent a cartoon sheep to Fox to keep him asleep in slumberland. Endora finally made the ring bigger and Kay slipped it off her finger and back into the box under Fox's hand just in time for Fox to wake up. He smiled as he asked her what she was doing. He asked how long he'd been out and then wanted to know why Kay had been avoiding him. Tabitha said that she thought she heard Maria crying and Kay took the opportunity to run upstairs. Fancy stopped by Tabitha's to see if Noah was there. When Tabitha went upstairs to be with Kay, Fancy shared her fears about someone hurting Noah. Fox wanted to know why she felt that way. Fancy said she'd bumped into a woman at the Blue Note who convinced her that Noah would never commit. He asked her if the gal knew Noah and she said no. Fox said that this woman couldn't know if he'd commit then. Noah shared how dreadfully his night had gone. She recommended that he take Kay away. He got excited thinking about taking Kay to a mountain inn to propose. Kay and Tabitha came in with Maria and Fox blurted out that he had a proposal for Kay. Everybody uttered (or thought bubbled), "Proposal?" Kay covered her ears and said she was deaf. He accused her of lying so she took her hands down. He told her that he proposed taking her to a romantic evening at an Inn. While Fox called to get a reservation, Tabitha had to explain to thick-headed Kay why she couldn't go away because Fox was determined to propose to her.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Fancy overhears Noah talking to someone in the alley, but Maya runs away before Fancy can see her.

Simone visits Paloma at the Book Café, filling her friend in about the recent events at the Crane mansion. Sam arrives, looking for Jessica.

Katherine tells Sheridan she wants to reunite with Martin. Meanwhile, Pilar excitedly plans her vow renewal ceremony with Martin. She voices concern that something could come between them before the big day, but Martin promises she has nothing to worry about.

At the hospital, Chris contemplates killing Alistair. Rachel arrives and convinces him not to throw his future with Sheridan away by killing the old goat.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

It's nighttime in the Crane mansion nursery Theresa held Jane and told her that she made a promise that Jane would have the life she deserved with her mommy and daddy. She swore that there was no way Ethan would leave Harmony with Gwen and take Jane with them. Theresa left the nursery and ran into Eve who counseled her to let go of her obsession with Ethan. Theresa acknowledged that her heart was completely shattered and then drifted into fantasy when she continued that it will all be fine when Ethan comes to his senses. She couldn't understand why Ethan would stay with Gwen out of duty since it wasn't good for anyone. She swore that Ethan was still in love with her and Eve asked if he loved her enough to leave his wife for her. Theresa answered, "yes." Eve wanted to know why he was leaving town with Gwen and Jane and Theresa said that he's just going along with it, but he'll realize that leaving Harmony with Jane and Gwen would be the biggest mistake of his life. She was sure that he'd never leave her. Eve told Theresa that it kills her to see Theresa in pain since she'd known her from the time she was a little girl. Theresa told her that's the problem—Eve doesn't see her as a grown woman with two children. Theresa told her to stop pretending she's her friend when she's on Gwen's side. Eve told her that she's not on any side and that she thinks of her as a daughter and of course she wants her to be happy. Theresa threw it in Eve's face that she'd failed with Whitney. Eve admitted that Theresa really hurt her with that. Theresa apologized and then slammed Eve again saying that just as Eve let Whitney down, Theresa had also failed her best friend. Then Theresa said that the only way she's be happy in this life would be with Ethan. Eve tried to convince her to move on and find someone who would love her and little Ethan. Theresa asked why Eve couldn't understand that she and Ethan were meant to be together, and he's not leaving Harmony if she has anything to say about it. Theresa strode off down the hall.

In the living room Julian finished up negotiations with one of the Crane offices saying that he wasn't sure how quickly they could get their affairs in order, but he'd give Ethan the good news and they'd be there as soon as they could. Ethan walked (wearing a loose bathrobe and pajama pants) in on the end of the conversation and though the sound of moving to the other side of the planet caught him off guard, Ethan agreed that it would be a good thing for his marriage to Gwen. They discussed how it would be good for him to be away from Theresa in India when Theresa walked in on them. She demanded that he stay near her so she could be with him and be with her daughter. He told her that he hadn't wanted her to know because he didn't trust her. He didn't want her to follow him to India. She said she wouldn't follow and Ethan breathed a sigh of relief until Theresa told him it was because he wasn't going to go to India or even leave Harmony. She was sure he was bluffing. Julian decided that he needed to leave to meet with Eve and asked Ethan if he should stay to referee. Ethan said that he needed to talk to Theresa alone. He explained to her that they needed to be apart in order for them to heal from each other and to move on. He told her that she didn't have a legal leg to stand on and Theresa claimed Jane being her flesh and blood. Ethan reminded her that they didn't even want to get into how that happened. He swore that he and Gwen are Jane's parents and she would be raised in their new home. Theresa seethed as she told him he couldn't. She told him she didn't care what he told anyone, she knew he loved her. He told her that he wasn't denying that. He said that was why he had to go so far away. He couldn't be near her, much less under the same roof. He started to leave the living room and Theresa bolted for the pocket doors. She pulled them closed, locked them and then told him that if he wanted out he'd have to get the key and she dumped it down her blouse into her bra. He told her that she was degrading herself and she was playing a game. She kept touching his bare chest as she said that nothing between them was a game and she tried to kiss him. He pulled away and called Gwen on the house phone to tell her to start packing because they were going to India. Then he asked her to send a maid to unlock the door because he'd locked himself in the living room accidentally. Theresa told him this would be the biggest mistake of his life. He told her that he should have done it years ago. He told her that after they left, she'd break free from Alistair and he'd help her legally get little Ethan away from Alistair. He said he had to go to India with Gwen and Jane and there's nothing she can do to stop him. The maid unlocked the door and he thanked her. Ethan walked out of the living room as a tearful Theresa stood there looking after him. She told him not to walk out that door and he turned to tell her that he was going to go upstairs and help Gwen pack and they were going to be out of there on the first flight they could get. Theresa ran after him, tackling his back near the stairway. She stroked his chest and cried. He told her to look at him then told her that they needed to get away from each other so they could get on with their lives. He tried to be happy as he stroked her hair and told her that she was going to meet another man and he would be able to love her the way she deserved. She sobbed as she said that she didn't want another man. She wanted him. She tearfully begged him not to do this to them and he pulled away. As he went upstairs, Theresa crumpled into a fetal lump on the floor, crying and sobbing.

In Fancy's bedroom, she and Noah made love and he called out Maya's name. Fancy sat up and demanded an explanation. Noah told her after some prodding that Maya was a woman that he thought was "the one" in the past but life had changed and they had moved on. He said they met at college and she was the first girl he'd had feelings for but it was over a long time ago. She wanted to know why Maya was suddenly on his mind if it was all over with. She thought about the note she'd read from Noah's wallet and got flustered. Noah wanted to know what was wrong. She tried to cover and he told her she was hiding a secret from him. She countered that if Maya meant so little to him, then why hadn't he ever talked about her. Fancy got out of bed and when Noah went to hug her, she pushed him away and angrily told him not to touch her. He apologized for calling her Maya and said it was just a slip of the tongue. Fancy swore that it was more and she couldn't take his dishonesty. Noah took offense wondering how he'd been dishonest. She wanted to know what secret Alistair was holding over him. He asked her why she thought there was a secret and Fancy reminded him that her grandfather was about to spill the beans on everybody at the party. She asked if his secret had to do with Maya and he just stood there with his mouth open. He told her not let it ruin their night together and asked her to go back to bed with him. She refused until he told everything about Maya. He said there was nothing more to tell her and she countered that she had something to tell him. She said his slip of the tongue ruined more than their night—unless he spills it, he's ruined any chance of them having a future together. She told him that she hoped keeping his secret was worth it.

At her hotel room Maya emptied her handbag, depositing her gun on the dresser and then looking at a photo of her with Noah. She questioned whether he was really over her. The hotel room phone rang and a woman asked if she'd made her initial contact and how he was. Maya said he was good, but she couldn't go through with the plan. The woman said it wasn't an option. Maya begged her not to have to do it. The woman wanted to know why she wasn't on board now that Maya was in Harmony. Maya said that now that she's seen him she can't go through with it. She said that Noah is a good man, she's only brought him grief and he doesn't deserve to be hurt again by her. She set the photo down by the gun and said she didn't want to do this. The woman on the phone was surprised at her sudden change of heart. Maya said that it was just that he'd done nothing wrong and had moved on with his life. The woman asked if there was another woman. Maya tearfully told her yes, he's fallen in love with her. The woman on the phone said she thought Maya was still in love with him. Maya said she hadn't realized it before, but she loves him with all her heart. The woman on the phone said she thought it might come to this because despite Maya denying it over the years, she knew Maya still loved Noah. She said she'd done everything to get him out of her mind, but no other man has come close. She started to say that's why she couldn't do this and the woman told her to relax. She said that if everything went as planned Maya could get Noah back and even live happily ever after.

At Tabitha's house Endora played in her playpen and Tabby admonished her to keep a hideous black-eyed doll named Dolly out of guest's view since it brought up questions. Tabitha rhapsodized about Kay's plight—preparing to go away with Fox because he wanted to take her somewhere romantic to propose, while she had to evade the question until the planets were aligned better. The water bowl started bubbling and showed Sheridan, Chris and Rachel searching atlases for the word Rachel remembered – Kameka.k.a.

In the library Chris Sheridan and Rachel looked through atlases and pondered where Kameka.k.a could be. They settled on the tropics, but knew they needed to get a more narrow focus. Rachel thought it was probably an island in the Pacific and Chris pointed out that there are thousands of them. (Tabitha told Endora that Sheridan would be better off letting the search go. She thought that she'd never met anybody as ill-fated as Sheridan, unless you count Theresa.) Julian and Eve came in and asked if they'd made any headway. Rachel said she was struggling to come up with more clues and Eve recommended hypnosis. (Tabitha told Endora that real people were more interesting than dollies – take Eve for example –there seems to be no medical field in which she isn't an expert. She said rather visit Dr. Bombay and she knows he's a quack. Then she told her that the hypnosis would stir up more trouble.) Rachel accepted and Eve took her to a safe place in her mind. She remembered that the air was warm, she heard ocean waves, and that she smelled hibiscus flowers and pineapple. They decided that Rachel must have been on an island near Hawaii. Sheridan told Rachel that she'd probably helped her find her little boy. (Tabitha told Endora that she's going to find a whole lot more than that. She said that by the time Sheridan is finished, she's going to wish she never went looking for her little boy.)

Friday, January 27, 2006

Fancy wonders if Noah is still in love with his ex.

Ivy brings Valerie to task for not alerting her to Fox's procurement of an engagement ring. Fearing Fox will propose, Tabitha warns Kay to cancel her romantic getaway with her boyfriend.

Sheridan and Chris make plans to head to Hawaii to find Marty.

Theresa is shattered over Ethan's determination to leave. As Gwen packs for their move to India, she fantasizes about a life without Theresa.

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