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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 23, 2006 on DAYS
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Monday, January 23, 2006

Sami and Lucas looked on happily while Carrie confronted Austin regarding the take over of High Style. She smacked him across the face and accused him of using her to gain control of her company. Austin says he will stop the takeover and make everything right, but Nicole says it cannot be undone; the takeover is complete. Lucas told Austin he has changed for the worse, while Sami kept insisting that she did not know Carrie was the CEO of High Style.

Bo and Hope arrived home. Hope went into Zack's room and was overcome with grief. Bo looked on helpless from the doorway. Bo tried to comfort Hope, but she tells him that she just can't let go of her little boy. She got angrier when Bo used the term accident regarding Zack's death, and tells him it was no accident, Billie murdered her son. Meanwhile at the police station Roman, alone in his office with Billie, told her he knows she was not driving Bo's SUV. Billie told him that Hope must never learn the truth and he must stop Bo from telling her. Chelsea, alone at home, cried how sorry she was about hitting Zack, but she just could not go to jail. Patrick came home wanting Chelsea to tell him everything she knew about the accident and why Billie is taking the blame. Chelsea asked Patrick if he knows who was driving, he told her he didn't, but he was going to the Police Station to find out why.

Frankie left Jennifer's house; Jennifer grabbed her jacket and went to stop him. When she opened the door, Frankie was standing there; he forgot to return her house key. She told him to keep it, Frankie told the cab to leave, and he and Jennifer went back inside to talk. Jennifer told Frankie how much she loves Jack and she could never betray that love. Frankie responded by telling her that he understood; that's why he is leaving; Jennifer stopped him and said that the reason she was telling him all this was that she needed him to stay. She told Frankie that she loves him as her best friend and right now she needed her best friend to help her get through this. Frankie agreed to stay and they hugged.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Bo tries in vain to comfort a grieving Hope. Everywhere Hope looks she sees bittersweet reminders of Zack. Julie, Maggie and Alice come over and the Horton women rally around Hope. Seeing his wife is in good hands, Bo goes to visit Billie, although Hope grates at the idea he's going to protect the woman who murdered their son.

Kate rushes to the police station where Patrick drops the bombshell: Billie confessed to being the hit and run driver who killed Zack. Kate is beside herself and can't believe it's true. Patrick is also suspicious and thinks something else may be going on. Kate goes to visit Billie in her jail cell and tells Kate her story; Kate isn't buying it. In a moment of emotional frustration, Billie reveals the truth: she's covering for Chelsea. Kate is aghast. Billie lashes out at Kate saying she was derelict in her duties as a mother. Billie does not plan to make the same mistake with Chelsea! Kate is cut to the quick. Bo arrives and Kate asks him to help Billie do the right thing. Bo lays down the law and tells Billie it's time to stop the lies!

Abby and Max drag nervous Chelsea into the station corridor; she has to tell the police that Billie is lying. Selfish Chelsea refuses to incriminate herself. Patrick asks for a moment alone with Chelsea and demands to know why Billie incriminated herself.

Austin tries without success to reverse the hostile takeover of Carrie's company. Sami's inwardly thrilled that Austin has broken Carrie's heart. Of course, Sami blames Nicole, suggests Austin should fire her for coming up with the plan to take over High Style. Austin refuses. Nicole blames Sami, who successfully covers her guilt. Austin takes full responsibility and will face the consequences. Sami is privately thrilled, knowing there is now no future for Carrie and Austin.

Lucas comforts devastated Carrie; she can't believe Austin did this to her. She has lost her company, her dreams for the future and all hope of being with Austin. Carrie wonders how Austin could do this to her. Lucas wonders if Carrie will forgive Austin. Carrie goes to see Austin, and all wonder what she will say.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

At the hospital, John tells Kate about Marlena and Alex. The latter explain Alex couldn't warn Marlena because Lois was his patient. Alex blames John and the cops for not believing him. Marlena calls Alex her one true husband and wants to renew their vows. He sweet-talks her. The nurse releases him. John accuses a straitjacketed Lois of feigning insanity. She calls him a loser and laughs in his face! Lois also taunts him and Kate about being together. Later, John calls himself stupid, but still doesn't know who the baddie is. When he goes to check on Marlena, he sees Alex kissing her. He stays to hear about the wedding. Lois laughs uncontrollably at Kate. When she's calmer, she plans to have Alex over Marlena's dead body. She believes he'll rescue her.

Abby tells Max she doesn't understand how Bo can lie to Hope. Patrick demands the truth from Chelsea. He'd better get used to disappointment. Next, he interrogates Max. Chelsea tries to extricate him, but Max agrees to let Patrick search the garage. Abby calls Chelsea on her selfishness. Miss Benson pulls out a lighter and burns her temporary license. She's home free.

Hope hugs Zack's bear. Jennifer says she needn't rush letting go of his things. She doesn't believe Billie would have left the scene. Hope's hurt that Bo's civil to Billie. Jennifer describes Jack's DVD. Hope counsels she be grateful for Frankie's support. Restless, she goes to the station.

Bo and Billie rehash their argument over her confession. She warns he'll kill his daughter and ruin his marriage. He should lie to preserve Hope's sanity for both her and Shawn. Bo cries. He may lose the woman he's loved all his life. Billie heaps on the guilt by reminding him she grieved for Georgia alone. Hope arrives in time to see Bo hug Billie.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Chelsea is worried as Patrick looks for evidence to clear Billie at Max's garage. He doesn't find anything and goes to talk to the cops who arrested Billie. After he leaves, Max tells Chelsea she has to do the right thing and come clean. She can't let her mother take the blame for her crime. Max talks to his agent on the phone, realizing that once the truth comes out, his racing career will be over since he obstructed justice on the death of his own nephew. At the police station, Patrick gets a mysterious lead that he thinks can prove Billie's innocence.

At the police station jail cell, Hope is furious when she finds Bo embracing Billie. Before Bo can tell Hope the truth about Billie's innocence, Billie covers. Bo wasn't holding her, he is as furious as Hope is; Billie was hugging him, asking him to please try to understand what happened. Hope rails at Billie about killing their son and deserves to pay for what she did. Bo is again tempted to tell the truth, but Billie, sending a veiled message, tells him nothing is more painful than for a mother to lose her child. Hope leaves and runs into Chelsea. Chelsea, emotional and scared, tells Hope she's so sorry about what happened to Zack. Hope says Chelsea isn't responsible for what her mother (Billie) did. She embraces Chelsea as pained Bo looks on, ready to spill the truth.

Lucas, Sami, Carrie, and Austin all learn about Zack's death and Billie's confession. They contact Caroline and Kate and reach out to Hope, Bo, and Shawn. They turn back to the aftermath of Austin taking over Carrie's company. As Austin defends his position to Lucas, Sami subtly undermines Austin's claim of innocence to Carrie. Austin is determined to get Carrie back. Lucas is equally determined to make sure that never happens. Sami has successfully undermined Carrie's faith in Austin, and Carrie tells her sister that she finally thinks she can really trust her!

Friday, January 27, 2006

Chelsea breaks down, stopping Bo from telling Hope the truth. Hope misunderstands and thinks Chelsea is upset and worried about Billie. She tells Bo his daughter needs him now. Bo takes Chelsea into Roman's office and is adamant that this has to stop... he has to tell Hope the truth. Chelsea argues that if he does, she'll go to jail and he'll lose a daughter as well as a son. Bo is aware, but also knows that if he doesn't, it could cost him his marriage. Chelsea replies that if he reveals the truth to Hope, he'll lose her just as fast.

Hope runs into Patrick, who offers condolences over Zack. Hope continues to be furious with Billie and wants her to get the punishment she deserves. Patrick doesn't defend Billie to Hope, but is more convinced than ever that Billie's innocent and believes he may have found a way to prove it.

To everyone's joy and relief, Claire is taken off life support. Marlena and Alex are there to visit Belle, Claire, and Philip, as are Shawn, Mimi, and Bonnie. Kate and John first stop by to visit Lois Banks in her hospital room, who relays her belief that Kate is in love with John and that John has lost Marlena to Alex forever. John and Kate join the others and Bonnie observes Kate's reactions to Shawn and Belle with the baby. John tries to break through to Marlena to no avail, although she does have a memory of baby Belle. Marlena is determined to stay with Alex.

After Kate relays her offer for Basic Black to foot Shawn and Mimi's wedding, Bonnie becomes suspicious of Kate's motives. Mimi goes back to see Claire and Bonnie corners Kate. Bonnie tells Kate she knows that Kate knows that Shawn is Claire's father.

Alone, Alex goes to see Lois. He asks her what she'll tell the authorities and she says she plans to tell the truth. Alex responds by pulling Lois into a searing kiss!

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