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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 23, 2006 on GL
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Monday, January 23, 2006

Alan lies unconscious in an unknown location.

In Harley and Mallet's former condo in Florida, Harley and Dinah are talking about Harley's loving Gus when they hear someone trying to enter. They ambush Mallet, who is entering with his own key. After the two women tackle him, Mallet says he's dreamed of something like this but it had always involved whipped cream. When he gets to his feet, they all three acknowledge they've found no clues, other than the con artist who tried to bilk Harley and Dinah earlier. As Mallet and Harley compare strange "Gus sightings," Dinah feels left out and excuses herself to pick herbs outside. She repeats to herself, "Not jealous, not jealous. Not the new Dinah." After questioning from Harley, Mallet confesses he turned in his badge not to win Harley, but to find Gus-so she shouldn't feel guilty. He admits he missed Dinah after she left Springfield for Florida. Dinah returns and she and Mallet laugh it up in the kitchen while Harley turns away, looking sad. After eating Dinah's cooking, the three decide to "scam the scammers" and have Dinah spread around a little cash to get leads at the clubs and casinos. After her toast to Dinah, Harley again looks sad. Mallet says, "More wine!" and the three tell humorous "Gus stories." As Harley tells hers, we again see Alan, only now he is waking up, quietly repeating, "Gus...Gus..."

On Main Street, after talking to Harley on the phone about how much she is missed and how he doesn't like the CEO role, Alan-Michael calls a board member to assure he has the votes to be the new CEO. Marina accuses Alan-Michael of trying to get out of their date, but he assures her they are going to a party she'll never forget. They kiss, Franks sees it, and Marina tells her dad to back off. Alex shows up and tells Alan-Michael to be careful about trying to have it all, both the Spaulding power and the Cooper sweetness. He says she may have been unsuccessful at achieving it all but he could - besides he's only out to have fun with Marina. When Alan-Michael and Marina reunite they share that their relatives don't trust one another. When they arrive at the "party" it turns out to be a candlelit room at The Beacon. After passionate kissing, Marina insists they have their dinner before going any further. Alan-Michael leaves to get a better vintage of champagne from the wine cellar. While he's gone, Marina finds an announcement for an emergency Spaulding board meeting which calls for Alan-Michael to replace Harley as the CEO of Spaulding. Marina leaves and Alan-Michael returns to an empty room.

At the Court House, a reporter interrupts a kissing Tammy and Jon with the question, "So, you're in love with your cousin?" Tammy plays it cool and tells the reporter she has plenty to say about their relationship, but it's not an apology. As Tammy is reflecting to the reporter on why she fell in love with Jon, Jon calls off the interview and forces the reporter to leave. Inside the courtroom, Tammy shouts, "We're free!" Jon says how he thinks it is weird that Sandy and Jeffrey were the ones to get them out of trouble. Tammy says to just be grateful they got what they wanted. Jon grabs Tammy's hand and they run out of the courtroom to Main Street where Jon puts up the letters "JON LOV S TAMMY" on the movie marquee. He laments the "E" was not available. Tammy is upset she can't share her happiness with her mother, so Jon encourages her to go see her, which she does.

At the farm house, Jeffrey returns home with flowers but Cassie confronts him about his past and his secrets. He admits that when he was a federal agent his whole life was about lies. He confesses to Cassie that he impersonated Richard for security reasons and it was a bad idea to choose Dinah as the stand-in for Cassie, given their history. Jeffrey and Cassie recall their first meeting at The Beacon when Cassie fainted when she saw Jeffrey, thinking he was Richard. Jeffrey says he fell in love with her at first sight. He admits he had decided to never tell Cassie about his impersonation of Richard because he now has a chance at a real life. When he goes to embrace her, Cassie recoils and says she needs time. He leaves to spend the night at The Beacon, after telling her he loves her.

Later, we see Richard walking forlornly along Main Street, with Jon alone in the background. Tammy arrives at the farm house and she and Cassie encounter one another-Tammy with a hopeful smile and Cassie with a sad one.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Lizzie is headed to CO2 when she runs into Quinn. He gives her an expensive gift in a bag. He asks her to take him to lunch as a "thank-you" for all he's done for her. Lizzie tells him he'll have to take her to lunch. They head to CO2 together. There, they run into Coop and Ava. Lizzie and Coop hug while Quinn and Ava look on. Ava, who witnessed Lizzie kiss Quinn, has a conversation with Coop. She hints that Lizzie may not be treating him right. Coop tells Ava how Lizzie has had a rough life. He explains about the tragedies Lizzie has had growing up - shooting her mother's abusive ex-boyfriend, battling leukemia, being kidnapped by her father, and finding her father dead at her grandfather's hand. Ava feels sorry for having animosity toward Lizzie once she's heard the truth. Coop tells Ava that he's willing to take Lizzie, good and bad. Quinn leaves Lizzie alone at the table. Coop and Ava return. Lizzie makes a big fuss about Ava being her new great friend, giving her the gift she'd received from Quinn while pretending she'd purchased it for Ava herself. Ava doesn't know what to say after accepting the gift. Lizzie leaves before Ava opens the gift. Once Ava sees the very expensive handbag she thinks Lizzie has given her, she tells Coop it's too expensive. She wants to take it back to Lizzie's store to get something less expensive and have Lizzie's employee account refunded. Coop asks to go along since Lizzie has never let him visit her at work. Meanwhile, as Lizzie is leaving CO2, she runs into Quinn again. He stresses they are friends with "benefits." Lizzie plays along at the time, but later realizes how difficult the situation is becoming.

Jonathan shows up at Reva's house bearing flowers. They discuss the fact that Tammy has gone to visit her mother. While wanting to maintain Jonathan's good mood, Reva tells him she doesn't hold out much hope that Cassie will come around to Tammy and Jonathan's relationship. Jonathan tells Reva there is a man out there for her, and Reva gives off a vibe that she's still interested in Josh. Jonathan tells her to move quickly because he's seen Josh with Olivia and thinks time might be running out for Reva. At first, Reva doesn't seem concerned, but she quickly heads out of the house for shopping at Main Street.

Josh runs into Jeffrey at the Beacon. Josh lets him know he's aware of the "game" Jeffrey played posing as Richard, releasing Dinah from prison, and hiding the truth from Cassie. Jeffrey says he'll do anything to protect Cassie and the relationship he has with her. Josh tells Jeffrey he sounds a lot like Edmund at the moment.

Josh heads to Main Street to meet Olivia. On Main Street, Reva runs into Olivia. They take jabs at each other until Josh shows up and gently tries to calm their mood. Josh tells Reva that he asked Olivia out and she accepted. Olivia gives Josh and Reva a moment to talk. Reva tells Josh she doesn't think Olivia is any good for him, but he retaliates by telling Reva she has no business interfering in his life since she's the one who said he wasn't enough for her and never would be. Reva begins to tell Josh that she still wants him in her life and would like to patch things up when Olivia reappears. Reva sits on a bench on Main Street watching Olivia and Josh on their date.

Tammy goes to the farmhouse and finds Cassie looking somewhat glum. Cassie tells her that Jonathan is blackmailing her with information he's found out about Jeffrey. Tammy thinks her mother is exaggerating, but Cassie convinces her that facing Jonathan with the facts will help her see it's not a lie. Tammy leaves for Reva's house while Cassie prepares dinner for RJ. Tammy confronts Jonathan about her mother's story, and he owns up to the truth. He tells Tammy he will do anything to make sure they end up together. Tammy appears upset with him, but realizes she loves him and nothing is going to be easy. She tells Jonathan she needs to have her mother in her life, and she'd like for them both to find a way for it to work. Jonathan agrees to try for Tammy's sake.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey shows up at the farmhouse. Cassie tells him she's trying to work through what he's done, but she's very hurt. Jeffrey tells her how much he loves her. Cassie heads to bed and Jeffrey follows. They lie in bed, back to back without touching or talking.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The alarm goes off! It's 6:27 a.m. and Cassie stirs in bed, glancing over at Jeffrey. She touches his hand and snuggles closer for a moment. Leaving him sleeping, she starts her day downstairs. While coffee brews Cassie looks at photos of Jeffrey and her. Taking one, she opens a photo album and compares it against photos of Richard and her. Cassie relives an earlier conversation with Jeffrey and says out loud that she wants to believe him.

Dressed, Cassie tells a still sleeping Jeffrey that she needs to find the truth and can't get it without help. She goes to Richard's grave and apologizes for not visiting more often. She tells him she's confused and doesn't know what's real and what isn't anymore. Richard appears in full regalia. He listens as Cassie tells him she can't move forward with Jeffrey unless she knows where she's been and where he's been.

Jeffrey wakes up to find Cassie gone. He notices the photo album and realizes she was comparing photos.

Richard tells Cassie that he is in her imagination and can't help with her decisions. He wants her to make her own choices, even make her own mistakes. Cassie tells him she has so many questions in her head. Richard asks her, "What does your heart feel, darling?" Cassie responds that it's telling her to be careful. She now questions Jeffrey's loyalty. Richard disappears.

Cassie catches up with Dinah and tells her that she knows Jeffrey impersonated Richard all over Europe. She wonders where Dinah fit into it. Dinah says she would have done anything to get out of prison. Jeffrey was looking for someone who knew Cassie to help in his mission. She was the perfect choice and she used it as way to get back at Cassie. Dinah says she at least, owned up to her part and her obsession, which was more than Jeffrey did. He really loved playing the role of Richard. For him it became very real. Dinah warns Cassie that she's about to ruin her life with Jeffrey because she doesn't see him as perfect as her ideal Richard.

Later, Cassie and Jeffrey are helping RJ perfect his roller skating. Jeffrey is giving him pointers and encouragement. Cassie recalls a similar time with Richard when he was helping RJ learn to ride horseback. Cassie's mind wanders as she thinks about what Richard said to RJ at the time and is unnerved that Jeffrey uses so many of the same words. Cassie asks Jeffrey if he remembers when RJ learned to ride a horse. Jeffrey tells her he wasn't in San Cristobel then.

Jeffrey takes Cassie back to Richard's grave and questions her about whether Richard ever told her about him. He says Richard wasn't truthful with her and Cassie agrees. She tells Jeffrey she's angry because he's taking every beautiful moment she had with Richard and making her doubt them. Jeffrey assures her all those private moments were just that - private moments with Richard. They are interrupted by Doris Wolfe. She wants papers from Jeffrey first thing in the morning. She lets Cassie know Jeffrey now works for her. Jeffrey confirms that he is no longer the DA, but he was thinking of cutting back on his workload anyway.

Cassie asks Tammy to spend the day with her. They are transported to a formal living room in San Cristobel where Cassie asks Tammy to remember all she can about her times with Richard. In particular, she wants to know if Richard ever seemed to be different, not himself. Tammy is puzzled and Cassie asks her if she remembers the day they went to the beach. Tammy does and says yes, Richard did seem different. She found it strange that he said he hated going to the beach. She recalls that Richard loved the beach. Cassie asks Tammy if there was a moment when Richard left the beach. Tammy remembers there was and questions the possibility that Jeffrey and Richard changed places. Tammy comforts Cassie and tells her to hold on to her memories of Richard but reminds her mother that she loves Jeffrey now.

Jeffrey talks to the agency and tells whoever is on the other end of the phone to destroy all the records because they owe him one.

Cassie and Tammy return to Springfield. Cassie arrives home to find Jeffrey and RJ playing. Jeffrey tells her he's been thinking about his future and perhaps going into private practice.

Cassie is again at Richard's grave and is joined by Josh. She thanks him for coming and the two of them discuss Jeffrey and Richard. Cassie tells Josh she's trying to do right by both men. When Josh asks what he can do, Cassie asks him to help her look for answers.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Jonathan confronts Dean Boudreau about Tammy's dismissal from the university. Ava steps in to prevent Jonathan from threatening the Dean. The Dean tells him that there's nothing he can do. Jonathan vows to show the Dean and everyone else that they can't break up his relationship with Tammy. When he tells Tammy about his meeting, she is afraid that he threatened the Dean. She tells him that she's not interested in school anymore.

Harley and the children prepare for their "family" trip to Hawaii without Gus. She believes that he won't disappoint them. Frank and Buzz look on with worry and try to talk her out of going. She thanks Alan-Michael for being a friend she can count on. She is excited when she receives a gift basket from Gus. Buzz discovers that Gus sent the basket a month ago. He and Ava commiserate about the grief of losing someone you love. Frank tells Harley about the basket. Although she is upset, she vows not to stop believing that Gus is coming home. The Cooper family prepares to join Harley and the kids in Hawaii.

Marina doesn't trust Alan-Michael and searches his hotel suite. He finds her and she confronts him about stabbing Harley in the back. He says that it was the board who wanted him to take Harley's job. He throws her out of his suite and says that he's no threat to Harley. She tells him that she is sorry for doubting him.

Tammy is grateful to Sandy for keeping Jonathan out of jail. Sandy surprises her with news that he's over her and that he may be leaving town. Sandy runs into an angry Ava at C02. He tells her that he has a lot to make up for. She wonders about his real motives. So does Jonathan. Sandy meets with the Dean. He agrees to allow Tammy back in school and to give Sandy a job in his office. Sandy watches from the shadows when Jonathan and Tammy kiss outside the movie marquis.

Friday, January 27, 2006


Tammy and Jonathan are outside kissing. Suddenly, Jonathon sees Sandy peeking at them through the partition at CO2 and angrily confronts him. Sandy defends himself saying that he wasn't peeking; he simply ducked inside in order to avoid them and was waiting for them to leave. Sandy informs them that he may be moving away soon; Jonathan doesn't think soon is fast enough. After Tammy leaves, Sandy informs Jonathan that he closed on the house--it's all his now. An upset Jonathan tells Sandy to leave town, because Tammy's never going to go back to him. Sandy gloats to Jonathan that he got Tammy accepted back into school and also got a job there himself. A confident Sandy tells Jonathan that he and Tammy will be back together.

Reva sees Jeffrey at Company and approaches him. Thinking she already knows everything, Jeffrey admits that, yes, he did he did impersonate Richard in San Cristobel. Reva's shocked at his outburst because she had no idea. Jeffrey explains that as a government agent, it was his job to keep Richard safe. He then goes on to admit that Cassie found out and is freaked out about it. Reva suddenly asks if he was Richard with her. Jeffrey puts her mind at ease--he came to San Cristobel long after she was Princess Catherine. Jeffrey confesses that he liked being Richard. Not so much the power, but the respect. He tells her Richard had everything a man could want. Reva mentions how Cassie must be driving herself crazy trying to figure out when he was Richard with her. Jeffrey suggests that Cassie could really use her sister right now. Reva agrees but Cassie's not exactly calling her; Cassie doesn't trust her anymore. Jeffrey is still concerned that Cassie needs someone to talk to. A little later, Jeffrey goes to the bar to get a drink. At the bar, he remembers being in San Cristobel. He was enamored of Cassie and kept trying to tell himself she was another man's wife. Suddenly a tipsy Cassie comes in from the party downstairs. Although he tries to discourage her Jeffrey, as Richard, made love to her.

Meanwhile Cassie is talking to someone about Jeffrey---Josh. They're waiting for his friend in the Justice Department. Josh gives her a chance to back out from finding the truth, but she insists that she needs to know. Cassie tells him that this information changes everything about her marriage to Richard as well as her relationship with Jeffrey. She needs to know when she was with Richard and when it was Jeffrey. Finally, Josh's friend arrives and informs that the file on Jeffrey's assignment to San Cristobel is classified. Undeterred, Cassie threatens to go to the press with the knowledge of Jeffrey's assignment unless he helps her. The agent leaves to see what he can do. Later the agent comes back with bad news--he can't get access to the file for security reasons. Josh asks if that means there is sensitive information in the file. His friend doesn't know for sure but admits he wouldn't be surprised. When he leaves, Josh and Cassie wonder if there isn't more to this--it seems like a cover up.

On the airplane to Hawaii, Frank tells the family (minus Harley) that he's heard some news from the FBI. They found something in the lake. He tells them to distract Harley until he hears something further. Harley sees Frank on the phone and has a feeling something's up. After Frank gets off the phone with the FBI, he calls Mallet (interrupting his date with Dinah) and asks him to go to the crash site. Immediately after, he lays down his phone and walks away. Harley picks it up and is surprised to hear Dinah's voice Dinah, thinking Frank has told Harley the news, lets it slip that they've found something on Gus. After the phone call, Harley confronts Frank and Buzz demanding to know what the FBI found. Frank tells her they found Gus's bloody coat in the frozen lake. He sadly tells Harley that if Gus fell in the water, he wouldn't make it. Harley then calls the pilot and tells him to return home. She and Frank go to the crash site to find Mallet already there. They found Gus's coat in the ice. A desperate Harley tries to reason that he removed the coat to swim to shore, but Mallet reminds her that the lake was frozen over. He then shows her what else was found--Gus's wedding ring. Harley proclaims that Gus wouldn't have taken that off. Mallet suggests that as a good detective, Gus would have known they'd if he didn't make it they'd need something to ID him with. Realizing he's right, Harley breaks down in Mallet's arms.

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