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Monday, January 16, 2006

Jack and Phyllis were discussing breakfast in Phyllis' apartment, where they spent the night together. Phyllis mentioned that she was concerned about Daniel, but Jack assured her that it was probably just a teenager's mood swing. Jack changed the subject and told Phyllis that he came up with an idea that would make her very happy so happy that she wouldn't want to start her new business with Nikki.

A little while later, Jack came downstairs and found a preoccupied Phyllis. Jack asked Phyllis if she was considering his job offer at first she would be the head of all the creative departments at Jabot, eventually all of Chancellor Industries. When Phyllis looked skeptical, Jack reassured her that he hadn't come up with the idea to keep Phyllis from working on the wellness center idea that he had been thinking about it for a long time and last night he realized she would be perfect for it. When Phyllis said that she needed time to think about it, Jack told her not to take too long as he left.

At the Newman ranch, Victor commented that Nikki arose very early. Nikki said she couldn't sleep she couldn't believe that Cassie would have been 15 today. When Victor asked her if she had mentioned her idea (of commemorating Cassie's birthday) to Sharon, Nikki reacted badly and said that Sharon didn't seem to care that it was Cassie's birthday that she was going on a business trip and she shouldn't be out of town. Nikki thought it was even worse that Nick agreed with her, but Victor felt that it was a good sign that they were talking to each other. Nikki reluctantly agreed. Nikki told Victor that she and Phyllis had a big meeting with some important manufacturers about the wellness centers and that she was nervous about it. Victor reassured her that she didn't need to be nervous.

At Jabot, Jack told Jill about his idea for bringing all of Jabot's creative departments under one umbrella and eventually doing the same at Chancellor Industries. Jill liked the idea and Jack told her it would be implemented by bringing all the departments under one executive. Jill was shocked when Jack told her he thought Phyllis was the ideal candidate for the job. Jill thought that he wanted it to look like Jill's idea so he wouldn't look corrupt, since Jack wanted to keep Phyllis at Jabot for personal reasons. Jill said that she liked Phyllis but that for such an important position they should do recruiting and headhunting. Jack reminded Jill that they didn't want to lose Phyllis to Newman. When Jill asked if Phyllis was blackmailing him, Jack assured her that it was his idea that she would still be working on the website but she could develop more of a creative overview, and that even if she didn't, at least they wouldn't have lost her to Newman. Jill said she would go along with the idea but that if Phyllis couldn't handle the job "the hammer will come down."

Phyllis arrived in the Jabot boardroom where Nikki was preparing for their meeting. Nikki started to go on about what they needed to do before and during the meeting when Phyllis interrupted her and told her she was dropping out of the project. A shocked Nikki asked why and Phyllis said that she received an incredible job offer that wouldn't wreck her personal life. Nikki realized that the job offer had something to do with Jack and that Phyllis obviously wasn't honoring her previous commitments. Phyllis assured Nikki that she didn't need her. Nikki was insulted by what she perceived as Phyllis' false flattery. When Phyllis told Nikki that her decision was final, Nikki said she considered their partnership terminated and told Phyllis she needed to prepare for the meeting. Nikki ignored Phyllis as Phyllis tried to explain the situation how she wanted to work on the wellness centers but that Jack was against it and that she didn't want their careers to come between them again as they had in the past. Realizing that Nikki was ignoring her, Phyllis left.

A few minutes later Jill came into the boardroom looking for a file, and Nikki nearly bit her head off about Nikki's using the boardroom for her meeting about the wellness centers. Jill asked Nikki what was wrong and Nikki told her that Phyllis had bailed on the project. Jill told Nikki that the next time she saw Phyllis that she should tell her that "some gifts are better left unopened."

Phyllis entered Jack's empty office to tell him the news that she wanted the job. She noticed a document on the fax machine, picked it up, and started reading it aloud. The document contained legal information on how to put the kibosh on Phyllis and Nikki's wellness center idea that Jabot could invoke a non-compete clause that they could tie Phyllis and Nikki up in lengthy litigation, etc. Phyllis grew angry as she continued to read the document. Jack came in in an upbeat mood, until Phyllis asked him what the hell the document was.

At Michael and Lauren's condo, Michael was wandering around; frightened that he couldn't find Lauren. When a freaked out Michael found Lauren, he calmed down and explained that he had a horrible dream where he lost Lauren again. Lauren assured him that there would be no more bad dreams only sweet dreams from now on. A little while later, Michael asked Lauren if she was going to be okay. Lauren assured him that she would, and Michael said that he would try to be home for lunch, but it depended on how his meeting with the DA and Ashley went. When Lauren told Michael that she knew that he and Ashley were playing games with Tom and didn't want to talk to her about it, Michael said he still didn't, though he knew he wasn't blameless, which was why he was trying to create as happy an ending as possible for the whole incident. When Lauren told Michael that he was a good man, he said he wasn't, but he was a better man when he was around her.

At Sharon and Nick's, Sharon was sadly clutching the family picture that Cassie drew. Nick came downstairs, looked at Sharon, and fantasized about Cassie growing older her first prom, high school graduation, leaving for college, Nick crying at her wedding and Cassie telling him not to cry that it was the first day of the rest of her life, as Nick kissed and hugged her. Back in the real world, Sharon and Nick reminisced about when Cassie drew the picture. Sharon told Nick that she thought about the things she and Cassie would have done today shopping, getting their hair done, having lunch, and a birthday party. As they hugged, Daniel came downstairs and apologized for interrupting. Daniel thanked them for letting him stay and tried to leave, but Nick and Sharon persuaded him to stay for breakfast. Daniel told Sharon about the Dear John letter he got from Lily and Nick said that he thought it was a good idea for Daniel to stay there last night for the change of scenery. A smiling Noah came downstairs with a birthday card for Cassie. Noah told Sharon and Nick that it was Daniel's idea, as Cassie would see it from heaven. Sharon mouthed the words "thank you" to Daniel.

After breakfast, as Sharon got Noah upstairs to get ready for school, she told Daniel how sorry she was for what they put him through that they realized he wasn't to blame for Cassie's death that she lashed out at him to ease her own pain. She realized that wasn't fair and asked Daniel to forgive her she now knew that Cassie really cared about Daniel. She left to hurry Noah along. Daniel told Nick how amazing Sharon was. When Nick told Daniel they were approaching their 10th wedding anniversary, Daniel thought how great it must be to be with the woman you love for 10 years. Nick said that he knew Daniel loved Lily but that he would feel that love again for someone else, and that Daniel had come very close to messing things up for himself by starting to drink again last night. Daniel thanked Nick for stopping him.

At the Winters' apartment, Dru is preparing for her trip out of town and finishing a list of errands she wants Neil to do while she's gone. Neil said that he didn't have time to do anything on the list as he had a busy week scheduled. When Neil suggested Yolanda help out, Dru reacted badly: she said she didn't want to distract Yolanda from apartment hunting. Neil said that perhaps they shouldn't rush Yolanda out since they didn't have much time left with Devon (as he was soon turning 18) and that they shouldn't make waves, as Devon might rebel. It became somewhat tense between Neil and Dru, and Dru insisted that Yolanda do NOTHING on her errands list.

A while later, Yolanda came in and showed Dru some knick-knacks for her to take on her trip a neck pillow, chewing gum, etc. Dru patronizingly thanked Yolanda. Yolanda apologized to Dru if Dru thought she was overstepping. Dru told Yolanda she didn't want her to be doing anything extra for her. Yolanda realized that Dru wanted her space back and that she was doing everything possible to save money for an apartment where she and Devon could live. Dru didn't think it was a great idea for Devon to live with Yolanda as he had come such a long way with the Winters getting into an incredible college. Dru cut the conversation short saying she had a plane to catch. On his way out, Neil told Dru that he already took care of one of the items on her errand list, and Dru was thrilled. When Neil offered a ride to work to Yolanda and she accepted and they left, Dru rolled her eyes and did not look thrilled at all.

At the Abbott Mansion, Gloria and Ashley were "trapped" inside as there were reporters camped out on their front lawn. Gloria was concerned about John coming home to this mob scene. Ashley wished she had gotten to the alley sooner so she could have stopped John from killing Tom. Gloria again told Ashley how admirable it was that she was taking the fall for John. Ashley reminded Gloria that they could never let John remember what really happened. Ashley didn't want to leave the house but realized that she was going to have to because she and Michael have a meeting with the DA. Ash was worried that there really is no evidence against her -- there was no gunshot residue on her hands. Gloria thought that Michael would quickly figure out the truth.

Gloria got a call from the hospital that John was ready to be picked up and left via the back door to avoid the press. The doorbell rang and a hesitant Ashley answered it to find Victor there. Victor said he came by to see how she was holding up. The doorbell rang again and as Ashley answered the door a reporter with a camera started shouting questions, asking if somehow Victor was involved in the murder. Victor came to Ashley's aid, throwing the camera to the ground and telling the reporter to get his stuff out of there. An upset Victor invited Ashley, Abby, John, and Gloria to stay at the ranch until the situation was resolved. Although appreciative, Ashley didn't think that was a good idea. The doorbell rang again and this time it was Michael to pick up Ash for their meeting with the DA. Victor asked Michael if he wanted him to call the DA, but Michael said they should save that possible favor for later. Victor left via the front door, asking Ashley to reconsider moving out to the ranch temporarily. Ashley wanted to leave the house out the back door to avoid the press, but Michael said that Victor had the right idea that they needed to go out the front door too that Ashley might as well get used to it.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Michael was on the phone checking up on Lauren in District Attorney Glenn Richards' office Ashley was there as well. After Richards entered, Michael asked him to drop all charges against Ashley as Richards didn't have probable cause. Richards said the police found Ashley holding the murder weapon at the scene. Michael said that people often picked up weapons at the scene after the crime has been committed that Tom had called the Abbott house, was threatening the Abbott family, and Ashley had gone to confront him but that Tom had already been shot when she arrived and there was no gunshot residue on her hands or gloves. When Richards asked who else would want to murder Tom, Michael told him that Tom had many enemies who might have wanted to see him dead. Richards said the suspect pool was a lot smaller than that that they had established that the gun originally belonged to Paul Williams who gave it to John Abbott and Ashley had access to it so either she or someone in the house shot Tom.

While Richards and Michael were talking, Ashley was having flashbacks watching John shoot Tom. She suddenly blurted out that she shot Tom in self-defense. A stunned Michael asked for time alone with Ashley. Richards left and Michael confronted Ashley about making an admissible confession to the DA. Ashley said that Richards wasn't buying the fact that she hadn't done it so that Michael would now have to build a self-defense case. Michael said he could have created doubt that perhaps there was someone else was there Ashley said there was no one else there and left.

Richards came back in and told Michael to save his breath as Ashley had confessed. When Michael said that she had confessed only to self-defense, Richards told him that right now the charge was still murder one.

Gloria brought John home from the hospital and Mrs. Martinez welcomed him home. Mrs. Martinez asked about a bag that contained John's clothes from the night of the accident and Gloria had a flashback of Ashley telling her that there was no proof she fired the gun as there was no gunshot residue on her hands or gloves. Gloria then insisted that Mrs. Martinez take all of John's clothes, as well as his overcoat, to the dry cleaners. John wanted to read the paper and find out more about what had happened to Lauren that he had heard that Sheila Carter worked at Memorial as a nurse (which surprised Gloria) and that she had an accomplice and he insisted that she tell him what she knew about the accomplice. She reluctantly told John that it was Tom. John became angry and said that if anyone ever deserved to die it was Tom that Ashley didn't kill Tom. When Gloria asked John why Ashley couldn't have killed Tom, John wondered where Ashley got the gun and ran to the drawer where he kept his gun to check it. When he saw that the gun wasn't there he became very upset and Gloria threatened to call the doctor if he didn't calm down and stop talking about this.

Ashley returned from her meeting at the DA's office and told Gloria that she confessed that she shot Tom in self-defense, as Richards was getting too close to the truth he knew that the gun belonged to John, which meant if she didn't shoot Tom then someone else in the house did. Ashley said they had to make sure there was nothing that linked John to the gun. Gloria realized that if asked, John would say that he always kept the drawer key-locked. Ashley realized that meant that whoever had the key had gotten the gun and frantically asked Gloria where the key was.

At the Newman ranch, Victoria greeted Brad. Victoria told Brad she had to call Sharon to see if she was going to go on the trip to Denver with Dru, as today was Cassie's birthday and would be difficult for Sharon. Victoria called Sharon and after asking how Noah was doing, wanted to find out Sharon's decision about going. Sharon said that Noah had a basketball tournament and Victoria told her she could leave late but that she had to make a decision soon. Sharon told Victoria that she was leaning towards going but would get back to her later.

Brad noticed that Victoria was wearing her engagement ring on her finger and she told him that she wore it on her finger at night but on the chain around her neck during the day. Victoria realized she left the chain at her house, and left to get it. After she left, her cell phone rang and Brad answered it was Drucilla. When Victoria returned Brad told her that Dru had called and said that the people in Denver needed an immediate answer, so he told her that from what he understood Sharon was going to go. Victoria decided to go discuss the situation with Sharon in person, hoping that Sharon hadn't had a change of heart.

At Sharon and Nick's, Nick entered just as Sharon got off the phone with Victoria. Sharon told him that Noah was doing well and was excited about the basketball tournament. Sharon began crying and said that today was really hard for her particularly since they had been so focused on Noah's reaction. Nick decided to do something to mark Cassie's birthday and built a shrine to Cassie on the mantel containing a candle, the family picture that Cassie drew, and the birthday card that Noah made. They both stared at the shrine and shared memories of Cassie. Sharon mentioned that Victoria had called to see how Noah was doing and Nick asked if she brought up the trip. Sharon said that she hadn't given her an answer, was leaning towards going, but was more worried about Nick than Noah now. When Nick said that he could handle it, Sharon said she was willing to give up the trip in order to put him first. Victoria came in and told Sharon about the phone call from Dru and Brad committing Sharon to the trip. When Nick asked what right Brad had to make a decision like that, Sharon and Victoria defended Brad. Sharon asked Nick if he would rather she didn't go, which was what she was hoping he would say. Nick said it sounded like the decision (that Sharon had to go) had already been made, but he wanted to make sure that Sharon could still make Noah's tournament. Sharon said she could, and left for the main house to get Noah's uniform. After Sharon left, Victoria asked Nick why he got angry every time Brad's name came up. Nick simply told her he would see her at the office. Victoria left, and as Nick was about to leave he turned and saw the candle they lit for Cassie. He blew it out, telling Cassie that he loved her.

Sharon ran into Brad at the main house while picking up Noah's uniform and Brad asked her if anything was wrong. Sharon said she hoped things would get better when she returned from Denver. Brad offered anything he could to help, but Sharon said no as Brad wished her a good trip.

At Crimson Lights, Mac was showing J.T. lost and found items when he came upon a blonde wig. J.T. asked how Mac how she would look as a blonde and egged her on to try out the wig. Mac did and J.T. said she looked hot. When Mac expressed self-doubt as to whether she was enough for J.T., J.T. told her to get those ideas out of her head as they kissed. A few minutes later Jill came in to see (a now wigless) Mac and asked J.T. if she could have a minute alone with Mac. When Mac told Jill that she and J.T. didn't have any secrets, Jill showed Mac a postcard that Billy had sent Mac from Venice he didn't have Mac's address so he sent it in care of Jill. Jill left and J.T. assured Mac that it was fine for her to read the card. Mac cavalierly read it and then wanted to throw it away but J.T. stopped her, saying that Billy had meant something to her. Mac said that Colleen Carlton had meant something to him, but she wouldn't want her pictures all over the house. J.T. reminded Mac that there were no pictures of Billy on the card just a picture of Venice. He told her that the way he saw it, Billy was her first love and Colleen was his, but now it was the two of them, and that's what felt right.

In Jack's office, Phyllis was furious with him about the fax she found detailing legal action he could take if Nikki and she embarked on the wellness center project. When she asked if he would have taken legal action if she hadn't accepted the new Creative Director job, Jack said he had been thinking about that new position for a long time long before Phyllis and Nikki came up with the wellness center idea, and that Phyllis seemed like a good fit for the job. Jack explained that he consulted lawyers about everything, and that he wanted her as Creative Director as their relationship wouldn't suffer as it would if she were working with Victor. Phyllis became livid and told Jack that everything was always about Victor. Phyllis asked Jack if he would have gone after Nikki legally if Phyllis hadn't seen the fax, Jack said he would. Phyllis said that was bull that this wasn't about Nikki but about controlling Phyllis, and there was no way in hell that would happen. She stormed out of Jack's office.

In the Jabot boardroom, Nikki asked Jill what she meant by her "some gifts are better left unopened" remark. Jill asked if Phyllis had told her why she left Nikki in the lurch moments before a major presentation. When Nikki asked if it had something to do with Jack's offer of a "dream job," Jill said that Phyllis is dreaming if she thought that Jack was sincere that the job was just a title and meant nothing it was pure manipulation on Jack's part. Nikki said in that case it was probably better that Phyllis left while the wellness center project was still in the early stages, but admitted that Phyllis lent a certain energy to the project. There was a knock at the door and the manufacturing reps scheduled to meet with Nikki started to file in. Jill wished Nikki good luck and left.

Nikki began her sales pitch to the reps and explained the wellness spa concept that this concept involved the whole woman involving medical, therapeutic, and restorative treatment, spa facilities, and cosmetic tie-ins. One of the reps asked Nikki where her creative partner was. Nikki was basically dodging the question and talking about her ties to both Jabot and Newman, and as one of the reps asked to see a business plan, Phyllis burst into the room, introduced herself as the other half of the team, and apologized for being late by telling them she had to stop at the printers to pick up the preliminary proposals, which she distributed to the reps. The reps were very impressed by what they saw and said they would like to see a complete business plan. Nikki promised they will have it Monday morning and as they all shook hands to a profitable business association, the reps left. When Nikki questioned her about her earlier declaration of not working on the project, Phyllis told her not to mention that again. Jack entered and wanted to know what was going on. Nikki told him they were having a meeting. When Jack asked if it was about Jabot business, Nikki said apparently not, seeing as he wanted nothing to do with it. Jack flipped out about them having the meeting in the Jabot boardroom and Nikki reminded him that she was not an employee that she was a part owner and could use the room for whatever she wanted. Jack told Phyllis that she was an employee. Phyllis told Jack that he was a manipulator that he was a team of one and everyone else was competition. Jack warned her to be careful that her job could be on the line. Phyllis said that it wasn't because she quit. She stormed out of the room, followed by Nikki, leaving an angry Jack alone in the boardroom.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Victoria ran into J.T. at the gym. They talked about how rough Ashley's situation was on Abby as well as on Victoria's relationship with Brad. When she asked about his relationship, J.T. told her that he and Mac were living together. Victoria wondered if that meant they'd made a commitment about their future, but J.T. said they weren't planning that far ahead. When J.T. spotted the ring on Victoria's necklace, she admitted that she and Brad were engaged but keeping it quiet. J.T. promised not to tell. He said he had a history with Brad, but everything had worked out fine in the end. Victoria remembered that J.T. and Colleen had dated and wondered why things ended, and J.T. said sometimes things just didn't work out.

Abby was upset when she came home from the library because of things the other kids were saying to her at school about her mother. She was afraid that Ashley was going to jail. But she and Brad were both happy when Colleen arrived unexpectedly. Colleen was worried about her grandfather and Ashley, and said that Traci would be there, too, except she was on a book tour. Brad assured her that there was nothing Traci could do, but he was glad to see his daughter. He thought her presence would help Abby deal with everything. Later, Colleen questioned Brad about his involvement with Victoria. She worried that Abby might feel that Victoria was trying to replace Ashley. Brad told her that things were under control, then he admitted to Colleen that he'd asked Victoria to marry him.

Nikki tried to calm down Phyllis after Phyllis fought with Jack and quit her job. She thought maybe it was time for Phyllis to move on. There were plenty of men who'd appreciate a powerful, dynamic woman like her. Later, Nikki confronted Jack about the possibility of his taking legal action against Phyllis and Nikki for pursuing their wellness center project. She said it was a clear case of Jack's vendetta against Victor, and he'd put Phyllis in the middle and made her miserable. After Nikki left, Jack started to call Phyllis, then decided against it.

Phyllis found Daniel at the athletic club and told him that she'd quit her job and was on the outs with Jack. Daniel was worried about how she was handling everything, but she told him that she'd be okay. She then remarked about her surprise to hear that Daniel had spent the night at Nick and Sharon's house. Daniel told her the truth. He'd been about to drink when Nick stopped him and took him to the Newmans'. After freaking out a little bit about Daniel's situation, Phyllis calmed down and told him to remember how he felt right then the next time he thought about taking a drink. She then left to work out at the athletic club.

Sierra evaded Daniel when he wanted to talk to her. She then told Devon that she was tired of lying for him. Daniel deserved to know that Lily's feelings hadn't changed. She told Devon to give Daniel Lily's second letter. Later, Devon talked to his mother about the offer from the college in Boston. Yolanda could tell that Devon was wavering in his decision not to go there, and she assured him that she'd be okay if he moved away. She tried to get him to talk about his feelings for Lily, but Devon wouldn't discuss it. After Yolanda left, Daniel approached Devon. He was sure that Devon was lying to him about something, and he wanted to know what it was.

Nick and Neil talked about the strain their marriages had been under before Dru and Sharon left for Denver. Nick said he was sure things would be okay between him and Sharon, but he wondered what was wrong with Neil and Dru. Neil said that Yolanda's relationship with Devon was causing problems in their home. He and Dru were worried about the negative impact Yolanda might have on her son. As Neil was working alone later, Yolanda came in to deliver some mail. Neil was surprised to hear that Devon was reconsidering his decision not to go to Boston. Yolanda assured him that she only wanted what was best for her son and wouldn't hold him back. Neil said he hoped that was true.

Nick went by to see his mother and tell her how well the day had gone for Noah. Although it was Cassie's birthday, Noah had been determined to have a great day. He'd even played his best game ever, probably for Cassie. Nikki was touched by Noah's bravery. Nick said that Sharon had decided to go on her business trip, and Noah was spending the night with a friend. But Nick didn't want to have dinner with his parents. He'd be fine on his own. Nikki told him about the rough day she and Phyllis had because of Jack. She was glad that Phyllis had quit her job. Later, Nick went to the gym and saw Phyllis, who came up to him and told him that she needed to thank him.

On a quick trip to the Abbott house to pick up some files, Jack had a talk with Gloria about the night Tom was killed. Jack was sure there was only one key to the drawer where John had kept the gun. He didn't understand how Ashley had gotten her hands on that key. After Jack left, Gloria knew she had to get the key out of the clothes John had been wearing that night. She called Mrs. Martinez and asked her to bring the clothes home instead of dropping them at the cleaners.

John, too, was curious about the key to the locked drawer. He told Ashley that he couldn't figure out how she'd gotten it. He'd been very careful because of Abby. Ashley said she looked for the key and found it in his room. She wanted John to stop worrying about all of this. As they were talking, they heard Gloria yelling at Mrs. Martinez and went into the living room to see what was going on. Gloria covered for herself and persuaded Ashley to escort John upstairs so he could lie down for a while. Later, Gloria gave Ashley the key she'd found in John's clothes. Now no one could connect the key to John or anyone else because it was in Ashley's possession.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Phyllis thanks Nick for stopping Daniel from drinking the night before. In the hotel room in Denver, Sharon tells Dru that she is feeling down, partly because it's Cassie's birthday, and partly because she remembers what happened here in Denver with Cameron Kirsten, and the time that Nick was unfaithful to her with Grace. At the G.C.A.C, Paul brings Ashley some roses to cheer her up. Jack tells John that Phyllis quit her job and broke up with him. He tells John about the wellness center idea, and although John agrees it could initially be very costly, he wonders if it could be profitable. Gloria goes to John's office to pick up his mail, and glances at the wellness center business plan. She starts to read through it until Jill enters, and Jill explains the theory of the wellness center. Gloria thinks that it would be a gold mine, and Jill agrees that she wants to look into it. Yolanda asks Neil if he thinks she could be a businesswoman someday, and he encourages her to work hard and follow her dreams. He asks her for help on a project he is working on. Neil receives a call from human resources, then asks Yolanda why she requested an advance on her salary. She says that she was only trying to get enough money for an apartment so that she could get out of Neil's house, but Neil tells her it's okay until she has worked enough to get the money. Victoria is surprised to see Colleen at Brad's house. Later Brad reminds Victoria that by marrying him, she gets a full-fledged family. At the coffeehouse, Colleen and Daniel get re-acquainted. Colleen volunteers to pretend to be Lily's mom and call Lily at school so that Daniel can talk to Lily. J.T. enters, and he and Colleen are shocked to see each other.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Michael and Kevin worked out together at the gym. When Michael offered to let Scott and Kevin stay with him and Lauren, Kevin told him that J.T. had suggested they remain at the loft for now. Michael deduced that Mac wasn't ready for them to leave, and this made him question the relationship between J.T. and Mac. He told Kevin that he might still have a chance with Mac; he shouldn't give up.

Daniel went by the loft to return a movie to Mac. Once again, he expressed his unhappiness with how Lily had ended things. He felt like he wasn't getting the whole story. Mac tried to suggest that he redirect his energy to other things in his life, but when Daniel couldn't stop thinking of Lily, she gave him more DVDs and sent him on his way.

At Crimson Lights, J.T. was stunned to come face to face with Colleen. She told him that she'd come home to be supportive of her father and Abby during this ordeal with Ashley's arrest. She talked a little about how much she loved college and told J.T. there was no one special in her life, just good friends. When she suggested they go to the loft to talk some more, J.T. told her it probably wasn't a good idea. He admitted that he was involved with Mac and they were living together. Colleen congratulated him and said she was glad he was happy. After J.T. left, she looked sad.

When Kevin came home, Mac rushed out of her bedroom in sexy lingerie because she thought he was J.T. She ran to put on a bigger robe, and Kevin teased her about how he didn't mind being greeted that way. The two of them were sitting on the couch doing some paperwork for Crimson Lights when J.T. came home. Kevin left, and J.T. said it wasn't really appropriate for Mac to be dressed that way in front of Kevin. He pointed out how little privacy they had for romance in the loft, and Mac promised to find a way to tactfully ask Kevin and Scott to move out, if J.T. would just give her a little time.

Kevin went to the coffee house and sat down at the bar. He complained to Dylan about how things had been a little crowded at home. As he was sitting there, Colleen walked inside from the patio and reacted badly to the sight of Kevin.

Gloria confronted Jack about any information he might be keeping about the wellness centers from John. She thought Phyllis and Nikki had a good idea. Jack told her to butt out; he and his father had made a sound business decision, and it was none of Gloria's concern. Ashley came in while they were fighting, and Gloria tried to get Ashley to take her side. Jack gave her some of the details, and Ashley said that she was sure her brother and father knew what they were doing. When Jack and Ashley were alone, she begged him not to fight with Gloria for their father's sake. The family was already going through enough. Jack left to see if he could make amends with Phyllis after the fight they'd had.

Gloria tried to reason with Ashley about the wellness centers, but Ashley didn't want to talk about it. She had faith in Jack's business skills. While they were talking, Michael arrived. He said that he was going to show the district attorney that several people had a motive for wanting Tom dead, which made Ashley nervous. She finally agreed not to talk to anyone else about the case. After she went upstairs, Gloria complained to Michael about the way Jack was treating her. She was sure he was keeping things from John. Michael warned her that she'd be making a mistake to make an enemy of Jack. She'd finally gotten the Abbott family to accept her; now she should let them run their business as they saw fit. Gloria said that she protected John's interests because they were her interests, too.

Jack went to Phyllis's apartment with some takeout food, but only Daniel was there. Jack asked if he wanted to eat anyway, just the two of them, and Daniel was worried about whether his mother would mind. But he let Jack in, and they talked about what had happened with Lily. Jack expressed his sympathy to Daniel for what he was going through. Daniel said that he hoped Jack and his mother worked things out, because he really thought they belonged together.

Neil treated Yolanda and Devon to dinner at the athletic club restaurant. Both adults toasted Devon on how far he'd come and what a bright future he had as he began college. Neil promised to give Devon a graduation party if he wanted one. Yolanda said they owed everything to Neil. Neil argued that he and Dru had been supportive, but it was Yolanda who was responsible for turning her own life around. After Devon left to study with Sierra, Neil took Yolanda home. She went to take a shower while he opened mail. When she came out in her robe, Neil told Yolanda that she could have the TV; he was going to bed early. Yolanda stood in front of Neil and said she didn't want to watch TV. She then dropped her robe so Neil would know exactly what she did want.

After their moonlight horseback ride, Nick and Phyllis talked in the stables. He said the day had gone better than he'd hoped because Noah had handled Cassie's birthday so well. He then admitted to Phyllis that sometimes when he rode, he felt like Cassie was talking to him. That night, he'd felt like Cassie wanted him to know that she was okay and he should be happy. Phyllis understood Nick's feelings, and the two of them laughed about how far they'd come since the summer before, when they were at odds as they searched for Daniel. As Phyllis prepared to leave, Nick bent to help her remove her boots. He pulled so hard on the boot that he pulled Phyllis off a bale of hay, and both of them began laughing. The next minute, they were kissing passionately and removing each other's clothes.

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The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back
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