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Monday, October 13, 2008

Brooke demanded that Taylor answer her question; would Taylor rather be married to Ridge or Rick. Taylor said she was finished talking about it and asked Brooke to leave. Brooke said she wanted an answer, and reminded Taylor that she was the one who asked Brooke to give Ridge back to her. Taylor said she only said that because Brooke was baiting her. Brooke said that was not true. Brooke said she needed an answer because she wanted to make sure that Taylor didn't view Rick as a consolation prize. Brooke asked Taylor point-blank if she loved Rick. Taylor said of course she loved Rick and added that Brooke was being ridiculous. Brooke said she was not being ridiculous; Taylor revealed something and Brooke was determined to get to the bottom of it.

Taylor explained that when Brooke arrived, she had just finished talking to Steffy about Ridge and that was why he was on her mind. Brooke said that she didn't believe it; she thought Taylor still wanted a life with Ridge. Taylor said of course she did, she had a life with Ridge-a beautiful life and a grand love affair before Brooke stole Ridge from her. Brooke asked if her life with Ridge was better than what Taylor shared with Rick. Taylor said it was not better, but different. Taylor said Brooke had forgotten that her marriage to Ridge ended years ago. She reminded Brooke that she had been married to Nick since the time she and Ridge split up. Taylor assured Brooke that she was not sitting around pining for Ridge. Taylor said Brooke was responsible for the breakup of her marriage to Nick, too. Taylor accused Brooke of trying to destroy her relationship with Rick just as she had destroyed all Taylor's previous relationships.

Brooke said she was concerned about her son. Taylor said she did not believe that Brooke was concerned for Rick. Taylor said it was about Brooke trying to create a roadblock to keep Rick and Taylor from getting married. Brooke said if Taylor still had feelings for her ex, she should not be getting married to anyone else. Taylor laughed at the irony of those words coming out of Brooke's mouth. Brooke was offended that Taylor laughed at her. Taylor said she could not help it; those words were hysterically funny considering Brooke's own history.

Brooke said Taylor was trying to deflect and make it all about Brooke. Taylor said it was about Brooke and her pathological need to make Taylor miserable. Brooke said she thought they had gotten past all the animosity between them when Taylor gave Brooke custody of Jack. Taylor said that decision was made solely on the basis of what was best for Jack.

Brooke said she understood that Taylor had been through a rough few years, and that understandably she wanted to blame someone. Taylor agreed and said it was true, and that she blamed Brooke. Taylor said she could not blame Brooke for the fact that Taylor was presumed dead, but she did blame Brooke for refusing to accept things when Ridge chose to go back to Taylor. Brooke defended her actions and said she was only fighting for her family. Taylor said Brooke had not considered Ridge and Taylor's family: Phoebe, Thomas, and Steffy.

Taylor said Brooke wrecked their lives. Taylor admitted that Ridge was the love of her life. Brooke's jaw dropped and she said she could not believe Taylor would admit Ridge was the love of her life on the eve of her wedding to Rick. Taylor said she supposed Brooke would prefer that Taylor be an old maid and never get remarried, but Taylor wanted to move on with her life. She said she wanted to be with a man who loved her and only her, and Rick was the only man Brooke couldn't try to seduce away from her. Brooke said that proved Rick and Taylor's impending marriage was about getting revenge. Taylor told Brooke to stop trying to break up her and Rick. Taylor kicked Brooke out of her house. On the way out the door Brooke said she hoped Taylor would pray long and hard before she married her son Rick. After Brooke left, Taylor got out a box and looked through a stack of photos of Taylor and Ridge.

Eric informed Stephanie that Donna was out of his life for good. Stephanie said she was sorry and hugged him. Eric said Stephanie had been right about Donna. Stephanie said she would not say "I told you so" to Eric. She said she knew that Eric had given everything to his relationship with Donna and had fought to keep it going. Stephanie said maybe it was just a detour on Eric's road back to her. She added that she realized he had not actually come back to her. Eric said, "Yet." Stephanie said she would leave that choice up to Eric, and Eric said that Stephanie had never left anything up to him. The two of them shared a warm laugh. Stephanie said she was thankful that Eric was home and was alive and that was all she needed for a while. Eric thanked Stephanie for understanding

Donna stopped by to visit a shirtless Owen. She told him she had ended her marriage to Eric. Donna started to explain what happened, but then decided she should not be there and picked up her things to leave. Owen stopped her and begged her to let him know what was wrong. Donna said she didn't have anyone else to turn to. She explained to Owen that Aunt Pam had come to the house and threatened her. Owen asked if Pam was in custody, and Donna said no. Owen grabbed the phone and dialed 9-1-1, but Donna grabbed it away from him and hung up. She said that she made a deal with Pam and if they reported Pam to the police, everyone she loved would be hurt.

Owen said that Eric would not believe her because she had worked so hard to win him back. Donna explained that she convinced Eric that what he had seen was real and that she had developed feelings for Owen.

Owen, still without a shirt, brought Donna a drink. He said that Donna needed a place to stay and suggested she move in with him. He reminded her that Pam was watching and she had to convince her whole family that Owen and Donna had a relationship. He said they also had to convince Pam and that he knew she would be watching them. Donna said Owen was right - she did not want to give Pam any reason to question her or to hurt someone else she loved. She said she had to act to protect her family. Owen said she did not have to do it alone.

Steffy fought off the tears and said she didn't know why she was so upset about her parents getting remarried to other people. She said it had been a long time since they were together. Ridge asked Steffy if she wished he and Taylor were back together. She said she did, and added that Taylor told her it was normal for a child to want divorced parents to reunite. Steffy said she realized it was bad timing for her to bring it up right before Rick and Taylor's wedding, but if she did not say something then, she would have missed her chance to speak her mind.

Ridge said he was sorry, but it was unrealistic for Steffy to hope for that, because Taylor no longer loved him in a romantic way. Ridge said that even though he, Taylor, Phoebe, Thomas, and Steffy didn't all live under the same roof anymore, they were still a family, and would always be connected and love one another.

Brooke went to Ridge's office and told him about her meeting with Taylor. She said she tried to talk Taylor out of marrying Rick. Ridge said perhaps Rick and Taylor actually were a good fit. Brooke said Taylor didn't love Rick the way he deserved to be loved. Ridge said Brooke had been saying that since Rick and Taylor first got together. Brooke said she suspected it all along, but she finally had proof. Taylor's relationship with Rick was only a bandage on an old wound. Brooke said Rick was Taylor's second choice. Ridge asked second to whom, and Brooke said second to Ridge. Brooke informed Ridge that Taylor was still totally in love with him.

Ridge said that was nonsense. He said that he and Taylor shared three kids together and there was bound to be some residual feelings. Brooke said Taylor called Ridge "the love of her life." Ridge said that was just a figure of speech. Brooke said no, there was more to it than that. Brooke said Taylor was in love with Ridge, and predicted that she always would be. Brooke informed Ridge that Taylor blurted out that Brooke should give her back her husband. Ridge said he was floored. Brooke begged Ridge to talk to Taylor and said he was the only one Taylor would listen to. Ridge agreed. Ridge went to Taylor's house and laid his hand on her shoulder. Taylor said, "Brooke told you that I want you back." Ridge said he was glad that Brooke told him how Taylor felt.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

At Taylor's home, Ridge intentionally visited her to address what Brooke had told him-that he was the love of Taylor's life. Taylor did not deny her words. She explained that it had been extremely painful to leave Ridge years earlier and that she was trying to move on with her life. Ridge knew that Taylor was embarrassed that she had called him the love of her life. Ridge tried to support her by commenting that he, too, had feelings, and he had also cared about her. Ridge explained that he would always care about her. He remarked that their marriage was a special time for him. He characterized his life with Taylor as being just as special as his life with Brooke had been, but also different. Taylor questioned Ridge about why he had not married Brooke yet. Taylor insinuated that Brooke continued to have feelings for Nick. Ridge acknowledged what Taylor said. He commented that he trusted Brooke when she had said it was over between her and Nick.

Meanwhile, at Forrester Creations, Brooke met with Rick. She informed him that Taylor had called Ridge the love of her life and that she still loved him. Brooke added that Rick was Taylor's second choice. Rick was very cynical of Brooke's revelation. He accused her of having pushed Taylor's buttons once again. Brooke's son did not believe a word from his mother. He told her that she was out of line and had no business meddling. Rick warned his mother that if Taylor still loved Ridge, then she would worry about him, not her son.

At Owen's house, Donna was intoxicated and became completely unraveled. She was grieving because she had ended her marriage to Eric. Owen suggested that she should have met with Eric in private and informed him about Pam's threats. Donna commented that she had thought of Owen's idea, but she didn't want to place Eric or her family in jeopardy from Pam. He assured Donna that he would help her through her bad time. He told her he would help her get Eric back. Owen asked Donna to stay at his house because she was tired and intoxicated. Donna went to Owen's room and sobbed over Eric. Owen tried to console her. He and Donna kissed passionately for a moment, then Donna backed away from him. She told him that she was sorry but she could not make love to him because she loved Eric. Donna remarked that she wanted to remain loyal to Eric even if they were apart.

Taylor questioned whether leaving Ridge were the right thing to do at that time. She recalled that she and Ridge had ended their marriage so he could parent R.J. with Brooke. She continued to ask questions such as whether Ridge was happier with Brooke. Taylor expressed her disappointment that she and Ridge were not together as a family with their children. Taylor called Ridge the love of her life. He responded by calling her "Doc" and telling her that he still loved her, too. They gave each other a warm embrace. Taylor passionately kissed Ridge. Ridge acted surprised by the kiss. He held Taylor in his arms and comforted her.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Taylor dreamt of kissing Ridge. Rick said Taylor must have had a wonderful dream because he caught her smiling. He said he loved waking up to the most beautiful fiancée in the world.

Rick told Taylor about his conversation with Brooke. He said Brooke said that Taylor had called Ridge the love of her life. Taylor admitted that she had said that, but explained that she and Ridge had shared three kids and a life together, and had shared a lot over the years. She said that one day she and Rick would share a connection like that, too. Rick said perhaps he would be the love of her life someday.

Taylor said Ridge was her past and that people moved on. Rick asked Taylor if she had done that. She said yes, of course she had. She said she had not forgotten Ridge, just as Rick had not forgotten Amber. Rick appeared peeved. Rick asked her what her plans were for the rest of the day. Taylor said she planned to attend Jack's birthday party. Rick said they had discussed that and concluded it would be a bad idea. Taylor said she changed her mind and felt as if she should acknowledge her son's first birthday. He said fine, but reminded her to meet him for some wedding appointments. She said she would be there and that she could not wait to be married to him.

Ridge woke up and thought of Taylor. Brooke woke up and said she understood why Taylor wanted Ridge back. She asked Ridge if he had spoken to Taylor. He said he did and Taylor did not deny that she had feelings for him, but she still planned to marry Rick. Brooke said disgustedly that Taylor would do it, even though Rick was her second choice. Brooke said Rick deserved better. Ridge said he felt for Taylor and reminded Brooke that Taylor had been through a lot. He said he suspected she would have a particularly rough time since it was Jack's birthday. Brooke asked if they could celebrate Jack's birthday at their house instead of at Nick's. Brooke expressed that she thought it would be too hard for Katie because she'd just lost a baby. Ridge agreed that it would be a good idea. Ridge said he wasn't looking forward to hanging out at Nick's house, anyway. Brooke said she would run it by Nick.

Brooke called Nick and asked him if they could move the party. He said no because Katie had put a lot of effort into decorating the entire house. Brooke said she was worried that it would upset Katie if she celebrated Jack's birthday. Nick said it was just the opposite; the party planning had brought Katie back to life. Brooke looked puzzled. Brooke informed Ridge they would have to attend the party at Nick's. Ridge said he wanted to give Jack the best life possible and would do whatever it took to make that happen. He just hoped he could do it far away from Nick.

Ridge took a phone call, and informed Brooke she would have to go to Jack's party without him. He had a work situation to handle and would catch up with her later. He said he didn't mind going late because Nick gave him the willies. Brooke said Nick was their co-parent and they had to get along with him. Ridge said he would get along with Nick for Jack's sake.

Ridge handed a stack of reports to Stephanie and asked her how Eric was doing. She said he was still heartbroken over the end of his marriage to Donna. Stephanie said that she did not understand why Donna had suddenly thrown in the towel and given up. Ridge said he didn't care; he was just glad she was gone. Stephanie said Eric was the love of her life. Ridge said that was the same thing Taylor had said about him. Stephanie said Ridge's life had gone to hell since he left Taylor. Ridge said it didn't matter, that Taylor planned to marry Rick. Stephanie wondered what would happen if Ridge were available.

Ridge explained to Stephanie that Taylor had made changes in her life such as giving custody of Jack to Brooke. Stephanie assumed Ridge would not marry Brooke. Ridge said no, he still planned to marry Brooke; the two of them would raise Jack together. Stephanie could not believe her ears and told Ridge point-blank it would not work.

Ridge left for Jack's party and Stephanie made a beeline for Taylor's house. Stephanie reminded Taylor that if Nick and Brooke were working together to parent Jack, a spark could possibly reignite between them. Taylor said the Ridge was committed to Brooke. Stephanie said she heard that Taylor still had feelings for Ridge, and this could be her last chance to put her family back together.

Nick informed Katie of Brooke's phone call. He said that Brooke was concerned about her. Katie brushed it off and said Jack's party was therapeutic for her. Katie said she would not have been able to cope after her miscarriage without Jack, She said she was very thankful for Jack; he was just like a son to her. Nick looked concerned by her statement.

Jackie arrived for Jack's party and said Jack was a blessing. She gave baby Jack an art set and Katie took him into the kitchen with her to spread it out and play. Jackie mentioned that Katie appeared to be doing well, and Nick said it was because of Jack. He said Katie loved being around the baby. Jackie asked how Brooke and Ridge felt about it. Nick said, "How do you think?" Jackie responded that Brooke would probably be sensitive to Katie's needs, and she expected Ridge was resentful. Nick said that was an understatement. Jackie asked how Ridge felt about attending a party at Nick's house, and Nick replied that he didn't care. Nick stated he would not allow Ridge to dictate what he did with his son.

Brooke arrived at Jack's party and hugged and kissed him. Katie took him upstairs to change his clothes and Jackie went with her. Nick asked why Ridge wasn't there, and Brooke said he was coming. She asked Nick to be nice to Ridge when he arrived. Nick said it wasn't easy for either him or Ridge. Brooke said she understood that, and it was not easy for her, either.

Ridge arrived at the party and discovered Nick, Brooke, and Jack posing together for a happy family photo. Ridge said to Brooke that they should sing "Happy Birthday," cut the cake, and leave the party. Brooke asked why Ridge was so upset. He reminded Brooke that he had told her at the outset that he would not share her with Nick.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

After Ridge freaked about the photo Brooke and Nick had taken with Jack, it triggered a discussion about sharing. Ridge said he would share Brooke with Jack but not Nick. Brooke was upset that Ridge treated her like a possession. She was also upset that they had to stop the party to have the discussion.

Ridge said that he didn't like the way she looked at Nick with love in her eyes; that should only belong to Ridge. Brooke told him she didn't want to worry about his feelings every time she was with Nick. Ridge said she had a connection to Nick and it was obvious in the way they looked at each other.

Rick sat with the wedding planner at Il Giardino, but Taylor didn't show up. Rick explained that she was running late. He and the planner talked about sampling food and wedding cakes. Rick wasn't really listening to her as he wondered where Taylor was. The planner flirted with Rick and he asked her to make a meal with the selections he had chosen.

At Taylor's, Taylor was getting ready for the birthday party and wrapping a gift for Jack. Stephanie told Taylor that she still had a chance to get back together with Ridge. Taylor said she couldn't get her hopes up. Stephanie told Taylor that she had hoped all along that Taylor would end up with Ridge, and encouraged Taylor to fight for him. Stephanie hugged Taylor and they said they had missed each other. Taylor added that she and Ridge had moved on to other people. Stephanie said that Rick was too young for Taylor. Taylor admitted that she missed her family being together, but she knew Rick loved her. Taylor left and Stephanie called to find out where Rick was.

At Nick's, Taylor arrived for the birthday party, but found Brooke arguing with Ridge. Taylor told them she didn't want Jack being a part of that negative environment. Taylor told Brooke she couldn't believe that Brooke was still waffling between Ridge and Nick. Ridge admitted to Taylor that he had a problem with Nick and Brooke looking at each other. Brooke tried to downplay the argument and said everything was fine.

Taylor wondered if she made a mistake giving Jack to Brooke, but Brooke insisted everything was fine. The heated discussion continued, and Ridge and Taylor left to get away from the party.

Nick asked Brooke what was wrong, and Jackie huffed out of the party. Nick and Brooke discussed that Ridge was upset about the photo. Brooke told Nick they needed to be more sensitive about Ridge's feelings.

Rick called Taylor's phone, but she didn't answer, and he sat with the wedding planner, as they were ready to eat the sample meal. Stephanie arrived and interrupted. Stephanie blabbed that she didn't think Taylor would marry Rick, because Stephanie believed that Taylor was still in love with Ridge. Rick said he knew all about his mother baiting Taylor and the ensuing conversation. Stephanie told Rick it was much more than that. She had just left Taylor and had an interesting conversation with her. Stephanie didn't think Taylor had forgotten Ridge. Rick refused to believe Stephanie and insisted that he and Taylor would be getting married. Rick brought up all of Ridge's shortcomings with women, including his mom. He excused himself and left.

Ridge and Taylor shared some time together at his office. Taylor hated the fact that Brooke had made her angry and had such an effect on her, and Ridge apologized for interfering with Jack's birthday party. Taylor said she didn't blame him.

Taylor told Ridge that she agreed with him that Brooke and Nick were being insensitive. She added that she never thought about the impact Jack would have on Ridge's relationship with Brooke. Ridge told her not to worry. He wished that Taylor had come to him earlier to discuss all of her problems. Ridge said he knew that she needed someone who understood her. Taylor admitted she had been ashamed. Ridge convinced her that he would do anything for her.

They chatted about their upcoming weddings to Rick and Brooke. Taylor wondered if Ridge would truly be able to raise Nick's baby boy. She told him to get out before it was too late, because she felt Ridge was in for a lot of misery. Brooke overheard the conversation and blew up at Taylor. Brooke said she knew that Taylor didn't love Rick, and she wanted Taylor to leave Ridge and her alone because they were getting married. "Stay the hell away from us," she shouted.

Friday, October 17, 2008

by Clay

Taylor, Ridge, and Brooke were all together in Ridge's office. They argued about a statement that Taylor had made and Brooke overheard. Brooke heard Taylor tell Ridge that he shouldn't marry Brooke, and Brooke was furious. They made snide remarks back and forth, and Ridge's phone rang. Eric was back in his office for his first day since becoming ill.

Eric was alone, and holding a drawing of Donna in her wedding dress, with an intent, but disappointed look on his face. He said to himself, "Donna, why would you do this?"

Back at Owen's home, Donna was crying and remembering a conversation with Pam, when Pam threatened to kill Eric if Donna did not end the marriage.

At Eric's office, Thorne, Felicia, and Stephanie came in and welcomed Eric back to the office. Ridge joined them for a moment. Thorne made a comment about Donna, and Eric quickly told them that Donna was not to be mentioned again. Stephanie said she had something she needed to attend to, and left.

Back in Ridge's office, Taylor and Brooke were still arguing about Taylor not wanting them to be married. Taylor told Brooke that she just wanted to love and care for Jack. Brooke came back with, "Like you want to love and care for Ridge?" Brooke accused Taylor of giving Jack to her just so the complications of having the baby would cause problems for her and Ridge. Taylor brought up Nick and said she didn't think the parenting arrangement was going to work out, because she overheard the argument that Ridge and Brooke had at Jack's birthday party.

Over at Owen's house, Owen was trying to cheer up Donna by suggesting a walk on the beach. Donna was freaking out because she thought Pam was watching their every move. Owen told Donna she needed to tell people the truth about what was going on between her and Pam, and said he was not afraid of Pam. Donna was in a panicked state, and said Pam would come after her family and try to kill Eric again. About that time, Stephanie rang the doorbell and Owen answered. Stephanie insisted she needed to speak with Donna. Owen didn't want to leave them alone, but Donna said she would be fine. Stephanie insisted she wanted to know the real reason Donna gave up on the marriage and did a complete turnaround. She asked what game Donna was playing and asked if Donna had ever loved Eric. Donna became angry and told Stephanie she always loved Eric and she was doing what was best for Eric by leaving him. Stephanie said, "Well, Owen doesn't seem like such a bad guy," and, "I hope I never see you again," as she left.

Back in Ridge's office, the fight was still going on between Brooke and Taylor. Taylor told Brooke she would go back to Nick, because she always did. Brooke retaliated by saying it was none of her business. Taylor got even angrier and told Brooke that anything to do with her son was her business, she carried the baby for nine months and gave him life and just wanted what was best for him. Brooke asked Taylor if she was threatening to take Jack back, and Ridge walked in to break up the ongoing argument. Brooke said she had to leave. Brooke walked over to Ridge and hugged him and gave him a very passionate kiss, then looked back at Taylor with a smile.

Back at Owen's, Owen and Donna were still discussing Donna coming clean and telling people the real reason she ended the marriage. Donna was terrified of what Pam would do. Donna became distraught and went to the terrace for some air, taking her cell phone. Owen picked up his cell phone and called Stephanie. He said there was something that she had to know. While Donna was on the terrace, her cell phone rang -- it was Eric. He asked if Donna had done anything about their divorce yet and Donna said no. Eric said, "Don't you think it is time we do?" Donna agreed, and Eric asked her to come to his office that afternoon and to bring her attorney.

Stephanie showed back up at Owen's door, and he quickly answered and hushed her when she started to talk loudly. He obviously didn't want Donna to overhear. Owen told Stephanie that Donna's story wasn't true; he wished it was for his sake, but Donna loved Eric. The real reason she ended the marriage was Pam. He told Stephanie all about the threats to Donna's family and Eric. Stephanie was shocked and asked Owen why she should believe him, he said, "Why would I lie?"

Donna was still outside and her phone rang again. Pam could be seen leaning from a window and looking through binoculars. "I can see you, but you can't see me," she said, and continued to taunt Donna. Pam wanted to know why Stephanie was back. Donna said she wasn't, because she had left. Pam disagreed and said Stephanie had come back a minute earlier. Pam laid the phone down and grimaced with pain, rubbing her temple.

Owen told Stephanie of the whole Pam problem, and said, "You have to know Donna loves Eric." Donna rushed back into the room after her phone conversation with Pam. She told Stephanie to get in her car and leave -- immediately! Donna was furious that Owen had told Stephanie. Stephanie asked if it was the truth. Donna repeated that Stephanie had to leave immediately, because Pam was watching them and she would kill Eric. She asked if Stephanie grasped the weight of the situation, and said her sister was crazy. Donna confessed that she had always loved Eric. Stephanie had a very perplexed look on her face, like the truth was finally dawning on her.

Back at Ridge's office, Taylor and Ridge were alone and discussing how Taylor feared all the controversy with Nick, Brooke, and Ridge would be bad for Jack. Taylor said that when she couldn't bond with Jack, it destroyed her confidence that she was a good mother. Ridge assured her she was a wonderful mother, and he was in awe of her ability to sacrifice her happiness for baby Jack's well-being. Taylor continued to talk, and said there was one option, even though it didn't seem right. Ridge asked what that would be. Taylor said it didn't seem right for a child to be raised by three parents, and that Jack should be raised by his own parents, Brooke and Nick. She said it seemed that was meant to be. Ridge looked at her quizzically and asked if Brooke and Nick were together, where that left Ridge. Taylor looked at Ridge and said, "With me. Maybe you should be with me." She leaned in close and softly kissed Ridge. He looked at her with a puzzled expression.

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