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Jack dictated a diary entry that made Victor look guilty of Walter's murder. Katherine fell off the wagon. Jill worried about her mother's 'senior moments.' Daniel and Amber reunited. Lily tried online dating and unknowingly began to connect with Billy.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 13, 2008 on Y&R
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Monday, October 13, 2008

At the Baldwins' condo, Lauren praised Michael after he successfully fought for his father against all odds and convinced federal prosecutors not to oppose bail for Lowell, a.k.a. River. Just as a proud Michael headed off to the hospital to share the good news with his dad, Genoa City police officers arrived and informed Michael that Lowell had escaped from police custody at the hospital. Lauren secretly acknowledged to Michael that she had left Eden behind at the hospital. While the police searched the condo, Michael railed against his father and said, "Thanks to this little stunt, he could be locked up a whole hell of a lot longer." The police officer gave Michael a note that River had addressed to him as River's counsel. The officer noted that he had not opened River's note but told Michael to inform authorities if River's message revealed his whereabouts.

Michael read the note to Lauren. River wrote, "I can't live with the prospect of spending the rest of my life behind bars. I wish I'd done things differently, but there's no going back, and Jeff's visit made it clear." Michael worried about River and Eden, as he grew livid at Jeffrey and joked that he might make Gloria a widow. Michael arrived at the pool house and found it empty. Jeffrey returned, and Michael demanded to know if he had seen River lately. Jeffrey claimed that he did nothing, and that River should be relieved that he had told the police the truth. Michael seethed and said, "I don't care if you're married to Gloria. I'm gonna use every tool at my disposal, legal or illegal, to dismember your world piece by painful piece. I'm gonna make you pay for what you've done to my father."

Eden waited in an abandoned warehouse for her father. After River met up with Eden, she voiced relief that their contingency plan had succeeded, although a limping River admitted that he had sprained his ankle after his fall from the hospital window during his chaotic escape. Eden wrapped her father's ankle and asked about help from the underground. River explained that the "underground" no longer existed, so he would hide out alone. Eden sobbed when River suggested she stay with Michael and Lauren.

At the Abbott mansion's pool house, Gloria and Jeffrey exchanged harsh words after Gloria aided Michael in his search for information to defend River. Gloria thought the matter was over, but a frustrated Jeffrey announced, "You chose River. I just came back to pack my bags and get out of your life." Gloria tried to reason with Jeffrey, but Jeffrey noted that Gloria had betrayed him with the father of her son, who was possibly the one man she loved for love's sake. Gloria's cell phone rang. It was River. Gloria pretended her caller was Lauren. Jeffrey searched for suitcases, and Gloria directed him to look in the attic at the main house. After Jeffrey left, Gloria asked River what he wanted. River pleaded with Gloria to collect Eden and care for her because he was going into hiding. Gloria suggested he call on Michael for help, but River persisted with his plea and added, "With you, your kids come first, so I want Eden to be safe, too, with you."

River concealed a gun in his waistband just before Gloria arrived at the warehouse hideout. Gloria announced that she had changed her mind about helping River. Gloria again suggested River call Michael, who could clear the way to freedom. River balked and cited that he had those same promises broken too many times before. Sirens wailed nearby, and a panicked River pleaded for Gloria to take Eden to safety. Eden awoke, saw Gloria, and refused to leave her father. Gloria led a sobbing Eden away as she expressed her love for her father. Gloria pledged Michael's assistance. After Gloria and Eden left, police cars arrived.

Eden and Gloria showed up at the Baldwins' condo, and Lauren was surprised to see them. Gloria demanded to speak to Michael because River was on the run from police. Lauren explained that Michael was quite close to getting River cleared and had gone to confront Jeffrey, who had instigated River's urge to escape. Both Gloria and Eden refused to disclose River's location, and Gloria expressed shock when she learned about Jeffrey's role in River's ordeal. Jeffrey later phoned Gloria after he removed the tainted face cream from a paper bag and placed it on their bedroom dresser. Gloria begged to see Jeffrey after he told her he was leaving. Gloria said he would understand about River if he would allow her to explain. After Jeffrey refused to listen, Gloria ended the call and sadly noted to Eden and Lauren that Jeffrey was gone. Lauren said it was for the best. After Gloria left, Eden sobbed to Lauren that she was terrified for her father's safety.

Michael arrived at the warehouse, which police had surrounded in an attempt to force River to give himself up. Michael pleaded with the officer in charge to let him coax his father out, but the officer maintained that River was armed and dangerous. Michael convinced the officer to let him intervene, and the officer ordered his men to stand down as Michael entered the warehouse.

Before Jack and Sharon joined the festivities at the Chancellor estate, Sharon told Jack that she could not stay long because she needed to check on Noah. Jack seemed eager to welcome Billy home, and Sharon noted that Jack sought to mend fences. Nick stopped by to see Noah, and he thanked Jack for supporting Sharon's return to Newman Enterprises as their spokesmodel.

At the Chancellor estate, Esther served drinks to Jill, Cane, and Billy, while Kay opted for ginger ale. Jill cheered for her two sons' burgeoning relationships. After Cane initiated a toast for Billy, Billy suggested the honor wait until all the guests had arrived. Jill and Kay refused to stand on ceremony and forged ahead with a toast. Jack and Sharon arrived. After Jill proposed a toast to Billy, Jack rudely inquired about Jill's SEC investigation. Jill maintained that she did nothing wrong. Jill quizzed Jack about losing the magazine, but Jack assured Jill that he, like her, always landed on his feet. Kay asked Sharon if Jack and Jill would ever grow up, and Sharon answered that she would not give up hope if Kay would not. Chloe arrived fashionably late and blamed her tardiness on morning sickness.

Sharon chatted with Chloe about pregnancy and marriage, and Chloe jokingly ordered booze from Esther, who expressed joy over Chloe's bulging tummy. Jill toasted her sons, and she added, "Though they've never met, they are well on the road to becoming fast friends and taking Jabot where it has never been before." Billy reciprocated with a toast to his mother for throwing the party, and to his brother, who embodied hope that absolutely anybody could make it to the top of Jabot. Cane led the last toast to Billy and joked that his brother might soon need a new job. As the guests dined, Kay recalled the biblical tale of Cain and Abel. Jack peppered Kay's speech with humorous asides, and Jill demanded that her mother state her point. Kay insisted that Jill's sons promise not to allow their rivalry to become overly serious. Cane and Billy gave Kay assurances that they would not. Later, Cane promised Billy he would not act as the biblical Cane had, and Billy added that perhaps he should assume the role of Cane.

Jack embraced the opportunity to chat with the man who occupied his seat at Jabot. Cane told Jack that he had reformulated the eye shadow formula in order to cut production costs and update the product. Jack explained that his late father had created the old formula, which had been the company's cornerstone. Cane insisted that disrespect against John Abbott was unintended, as his goal was profit increase.

Sharon announced her role as Beauty of Nature's model. Cane recalled that Sharon was the line's original model. Sharon excused herself, so she could rest and prepare for her new assignment. After Sharon left, Cane and Jill dangled their visions for Jabot before Jack like a carrot on a stick. After Jack left, Jill told Cane that Jabot was the one thing Jack could never again control. Esther entered the room to clear dishes, and Jill asked Esther if she had seen Kay. Esther thought for a moment and answered that she had not seen Mrs. C in quite a while. A bit later, Jill found Kay on the porch, where she said she awaited Phillip's return. Her mother's behavior stunned Jill.

After the party wound down, Cane escorted Chloe to the sofa and covered her with a throw. Chloe told Cane that he did not have to bother with her, as she could deal with her swollen feet herself. Cane said that he was merely comforting the mother of his child. After Cane left, Billy walked in. Billy and Chloe traded verbal punches over their respective alternate identities. Billy maintained that Chloe had been more fun before his brother knocked her up.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Heather introduced Nikki, Nick, and Victoria to agents from the Mexican AFI and the FBI, whose agencies were curious about Victor's connections in Mexico. Nikki privately advised Nick and Victoria to act as if they knew what Victor was up to, so they could then lead both countries' law-enforcement agents on a wild-goose chase. Victoria was apprehensive, but Nick played along, and the Newman family acted suspiciously as they walked past Heather's table and left the club.

Adam recalled his earlier conversation with forger Frank Ellis as he entered the Newman ranch and searched Victor's desk for the pen and the ink that matched the ink used in Victor's diary. Nikki, Nick, and Victoria arrived and noticed that the door was unlocked. When they walked in, the Newmans found Adam snooping around in the darkened living room. Adam claimed that after his eviction from the ranch, he had returned to retrieve important files he had left behind. After Adam admitted he had a key, Nick demanded that Adam relinquish it immediately. Nikki suggested that Adam's mission involved assisting Heather with her investigation of Victor. Nick bellowed for Nikki to phone the police.

With police escorts, Heather breezed in. Nikki accused Heather of aiding her boyfriend, but Adam maintained that he had a right to enter the house. Heather snipped that she wondered about Nikki, Nick, and Victoria's presence. Nikki refused to press charges and asserted that it was not Heather's business, but Heather countered that she would soon return with power to search the premises. As Heather escorted Adam out, Nick snatched a paper out of Adam's pocket. After Adam and Heather left, Victoria wondered what Adam was planning, especially after she examined Victor's unimportant handwritten papers that Nick had taken away from Adam. Nikki said that Adam would think that they were in touch with Victor after he saw them in control at the ranch. Victoria assured her mother that J.T. would follow along with their plan, and Nikki opted to stay at the ranch, where she felt close to Victor's presence. Nikki admitted that she would always love Victor.

Back at the club, Adam twirled Victor's ink pen through his fingers and pocketed his treasure after Heather approached and warned him about breaking and entering. Adam asked Heather if she still had the letter from Victor he had tossed into the trash months ago. Adam's face lit up when Heather offered to get the letter from her guest room. Adam later met with Frank, the forger, and gave him the letter from Victor and a few of Victor's ink pens. Frank told Adam that he would have to tell him what to write in order for him to forge Victor's personal diary.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Phyllis and Daniel were busy with work at Restless Style when Amber walked in. Phyllis overheard Amber on the phone telling Billy that she'd be home soon. When Phyllis asked Amber if Billy was living with her, Amber said it was none of her business. Phyllis said that since it was her property, it was her business. Phyllis told Amber she had two weeks to get rid of all her tacky stuff. After Amber left, Phyllis told Daniel that if having Amber around work were going to distract him, she'd happily fire her. Daniel admitted that knowing that Billy had moved in with Amber bothered him, but he wasn't going to let it interfere with his work.

Jana saw a news report on television saying that River had escaped and was on the run with a gun. Kevin called Lauren to find out what was going on. Kevin begged Lauren to tell him where Michael and River were. Lauren said that she wouldn't put Kevin in that type of jeopardy. She said that she had enough to worry about trying to convince Eden that her father wasn't dead. Kevin frantically tried find Michael and River's whereabouts. When Jana told him to calm down, Kevin got upset. Amber came over and told Jana that Phyllis had kicked her out again. Jana suggested that Amber make another call to Loveline.

When Daniel went to get some snacks for Phyllis, Phyllis turned on the radio. She knew immediately that the voice belonged to Amber. Phyllis called Loveline and told Amber that she needed to move back to Los Angeles, where whores were abundant. Daniel walked in and heard her. Daniel immediately got on the phone and started arguing with Amber and his mother. Meanwhile, Colleen turned the radio on and listened to the conversation. When Billy started listening, too, the DJ asked Daniel why he was taking so long to get over Amber. Daniel blurted out that he was still in love with her.

Michael tried to get River to turn himself in to the authorities. When he realized that River was not intending on going back to jail, Michael told River that he knew River was innocent. Michael said that he'd been able to make a deal for River. He said that if River ran out there into a hail of bullets, he'd be missing a life of Eden and Fenmore. Michael begged River to put down the gun, and let him do his job. River decided to come out and turn himself in. The cop told River that he was lucky that he decided to listen to his lawyer. When Michael returned home, Lauren was thrilled that he had been able to get River to turn himself in. Eden ran in the room and asked Michael if her father was okay. When Michael said yes, Eden hugged Michael.

Jill was surprised when Katherine told her she was waiting for Phillip. Jill asked Katherine if she realized what she was saying. Katherine realized what had happened and made up a story about her blunder. When Katherine came back inside, Jill and Esther were teasing Chloe about getting so big so fast. Esther asked Katherine what her doctor had told her. Katherine said it was just due to getting older. Jill asked Esther if something was off with Katherine. When Esther found out that Katherine had another incident, Esther said that something was wrong with Katherine and that she was worried sick. Jill began to get worried that Katherine had lied to her. Meanwhile, Katherine sat under a desk in the dark and drank a shot of alcohol.

Lily told Colleen that she started online chatting again. Lily said there were a lot of silly usernames and no one with a picture. She told Colleen that her name was Fall Out Girl. Lily was impressed with the username Sonny Crawford, from one of her favorite novels. Meanwhile, Billy was texting on his phone to Fall Out Girl. Colleen called Billy and asked him if sending an email to a stranger was safe. Billy said he'd be right over. Billy told Jill he had to leave, and met up with Lily and Colleen. Billy talked to Lily about dating.

When Chloe heard Billy was going to the coffeehouse, she asked Cane if he could take her there. When Cane and Chloe arrived, Chloe said the baby had just kicked her. Billy looked at Lily and rolled his eyes. Lily decided to excuse herself. Cane went up to Lily and apologized for bringing Chloe in front of her. Billy told Chloe that she'd better watch her man; he recently saw Cane and Lily kissing in the elevator. Chloe got up and told Cane she had to go.

Nikki went to the ranch and was looking through Victor's papers. She remembered when she and Victor were happily in love. As she looked through their old photos, she remembered when Victor had saved her and helped her with her alcohol addiction. She thought about the time when she almost died, and Victor married her in the hospital. J.T. arrived and asked Nikki if she was sure she wanted to go through with it. Nikki said yes.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

At Restless Style, Daniel asked Chloe if she had heard him and Amber on Loveline the previous evening. Chloe said that she hadn't. Cane showed up to give Chloe a gift for the baby -- a stuffed koala bear. Cane and Chloe, seemingly growing closer, discussed how fantastic it was to have felt the baby kick. After sharing a joke about the fact that Cane wasn't in the habit of buying Chloe gifts, Cane left.

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill told Katherine that she was worried about Katherine's remark that she was "waiting for Phillip." Katherine insisted that it was just a joke, telling Jill that only one of them was lucid -- and it clearly wasn't Jill.

Amber rang Katherine's doorbell. Before opening the door, Katherine took a pill. A whimpering Amber told Katherine about her situation with Daniel -- that he had said on a national radio show that he loved Amber. Katherine told Amber that was good news, but Amber thought Daniel might not be sincere. Katherine urged Amber to call Daniel. Amber called Daniel, got his voice mail, and left a message asking him to meet her at the penthouse in an hour.

At Restless Style, Chloe was urging Daniel to call Amber, telling him that it "takes stones" to be in love. Chloe told Daniel that he needed to decide between Amber and Colleen. Daniel listened to his messages, and told Chloe about the one from Amber. When Daniel began walking out, Chloe asked him if he was going to see Amber. Daniel said he was going to get a cup of coffee.

At the mansion, Amber told Katherine that she was the "smartest, toughest woman" that Amber had ever known. Katherine told Amber to show herself out -- Katherine said that she was a bit weak. After Katherine left, Jill asked Amber if she had noticed anything "off" about Katherine. As Amber walked out, she told Jill that Katherine seemed fine -- and intimated that perhaps Jill simply wasn't listening to Katherine.

Katherine lambasted Jill for insisting that something was wrong with her. Katherine said that Jill was just angry with her for questioning Jill's business decisions. Jill told her mother that Esther, who had no ax to grind, also felt there was something wrong with Katherine. Getting angrier and angrier, Katherine finally snapped at Jill, "You're a self-centered grasper. Chancellor Industries is lucky to have me to keep an eye on you!"

Jill asked Katherine to forget about the company, Jill's ambition, and Jill and Katherine's long, bitter history. Jill insisted to Katherine that she and Esther were worried. Katherine apologized for attacking Jill. Katherine realized that she had been difficult lately, but said that she had seen the doctor, who told her that there wasn't anything wrong with her -- except for the fact that "Father Time was showing who was boss." A very calm Katherine picked herself up, and, with difficulty, climbed up the stairs, as a teary-eyed Jill watched.

At the penthouse, Amber checked her make-up and looked at her watch -- seeing that the hour she gave for Daniel to show up had dwindled to mere minutes. When the hour was up, a weepy Amber began walking out of the penthouse, but was stopped by Daniel, who was at the front door. When Amber asked Daniel why he was there, he said, "Because I love you." Daniel embraced Amber and began kissing her passionately.

At Crimson Lights, Devon left a voice mail for Tyra, asking her to call him. Lily stopped by and told Devon that she was upset that Cane and Chloe had made such a spectacle out of feeling their baby kick. When Lily said that she was the lamest person in the world, Colleen joined them and claimed that title -- after all, her boyfriend, Daniel, had announced on national radio that he was in love with Amber.

Lily told Colleen that she should confront Daniel about whether or not he was in love with Amber. Colleen said that Daniel needed to come to her. Lily reminded Colleen that Daniel was a good guy -- she should give him a chance to explain what he had said on the radio.

Lily told Devon that she was no longer going to wallow in misery and self-pity. Devon told Lily that their aunt Olivia might be the perfect person to take Lily's mind off of the events of the past previous few months.

Lily called Olivia, and learned that her aunt was in New York for a medical conference. Lily told Devon that she planned to join their aunt there for some sightseeing and shopping.

Neil and Karen breakfasted at Indigo. Neil told Karen that he was concerned that neither he nor Devon had heard from Tyra and Ana -- Neil was particularly upset that Ana seemed to have left school.

Karen told Neil that perhaps he put too much stock in Tyra. Karen reminded Neil that when Ana learned that Yolanda was her biological mother, she turned to Neil and Devon, rather than Tyra. Neil insisted that Karen was wrong when she said that perhaps Tyra had feelings for Neil. Neil insisted that he was with Karen. Just as Karen said, "Maybe that's why she left," Tyra ran into the bar, shouting for Ana. Tyra told Neil and Karen that she and Ana were on a train bound for Seattle, and that when the train stopped in Genoa City, Ana had run off. A few moments later, a policeman reunited Ana with Tyra. Neil then talked the policeman into not writing up the incident about Ana having run away. The policeman left. Neil called Devon to let him know that Tyra and Ana were at Indigo.

Devon let Lily know that Ana and Tyra were back. As they headed out to their cars, Lily ran into Cane, who had just arrived. Lily told Cane that she was planning a trip to New York, and that Cane shouldn't try to talk her out of it. Lily was stunned when Cane said that he thought this it was the perfect time for Lily to leave Genoa City. Cane explained that he felt as if he had ruined Lily's life -- and promised that when Lily returned, he wouldn't "push her anymore." Lily snapped, "We're done now?" Before Cane could answer, Lily firmly said, "Good." As Lily left, she said to Colleen, "Talk to Daniel. Because it's too late for Cane and me."

Colleen went to find Daniel at Restless Style, but the receptionist told her that he wasn't there. Colleen was, of course, unaware that Daniel was making love to Amber.

Chloe met Cane at Crimson Lights, and they teased each other about what to name the baby. They settled, temporarily, on "Little Booger" Ashby.

At Indigo, Tyra told Neil and Karen that things hadn't worked out in New Hampshire -- the rents were too high, and the job market wasn't good. When Neil told Tyra that she could have called him for financial assistance, Tyra said that she could no longer impose on Neil. Neil told her that family was never an imposition. When Ana asked her mother if they could stay in Genoa City, Tyra told her firmly that they were going back to Seattle.

Devon and Lily showed up, and were thrilled to see Tyra and Ana. Ana went off with Devon and Lily, while Karen sat at a nearby table, giving Neil and Tyra a chance to talk. Neil told Tyra that she wasn't a burden, that he needed her back at Indigo, and that there were two rooms waiting at his apartment. Karen, overhearing this, was less than pleased. When Neil asked Tyra to stay in Genoa City for a while to mull it over, Tyra said that she would think about it. Karen looked devastated.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Victoria told Nikki that J.T.'s plane had landed safely, but she was worried about the risk they were taking. Nikki said Victoria had it all wrong; J.T. knew what he was doing. Nikki told Victoria that the plan was to lead Heather and the authorities as far away from the trail as possible. J.T. would plant evidence that Victor had stayed in a hotel. Nikki told Victoria that she had ruined Victor's last shot at love, and she would do anything she could to protect him. Victoria told Nikki to be careful.

In the hotel room, J.T. ordered food and carefully planted evidence and DNA that Victor had stayed there. Wearing gloves, J.T. ate some of Victor's favorite foods, planted a picture of Sabrina, and messed up the sheets. J.T. called Victoria and said that he would be home the next day.

Adam asked Heather if she'd found his father yet. Heather said that she had followed up on many leads and would not rest until she solved the case. Heather apologized for not having much time for Adam. Adam wondered if Heather believed that Victor murdered Walter Palin. Heather told Adam that she wasn't able to share that information.

Heather went to Paul and asked him to speak to Nikki about the case. Heather told Paul that if Nikki cooperated with the authorities, they might take it easy on her. Paul was torn between his daughter, the DA, and Nikki, his friend. Paul decided to go to Nikki to talk to her about the case. Nikki wondered if the reason Paul was there was on behalf of Heather's investigation. Paul said he was there because he cared about Nikki. He warned Nikki that if she tried to obstruct justice, she could end up with her own legal problems. Paul said that after everything Victor put Nikki through, she shouldn't let Victor drag her down any further. Nikki said that Paul should go. He hoped that they were still friends. Nikki said they would always be friends. As Paul was leaving, he saw a suitcase. Nikki said she was bringing in some of her things. When Paul returned, he told Heather that if Nikki knew anything, she wasn't telling. Heather said that if anyone made contact with Victor, they would know. Heather told the Mexican authorities to watch Nikki. When Nikki left the ranch, someone was following behind her.

Adam told Jack that he'd given their man the tools for completing the forgery of Victor's diary. They gathered the information they had found in Mexico. Jack said he'd have no problem portraying the man he hated more than anyone in the world. As Jack began speaking as Victor in the tape recorder, Adam was impressed. Jack began to tell the story of Victor's trip to Mexico, and they figured that Victor had taken a bus. Jack and Adam started to put the pieces together of what had really happened. Adam couldn't believe how good Jack was at pretending to be Victor.

Ana told Tyra that she didn't want to go to Seattle. Neil said that he wished she would stay. Devon wondered why Tyra didn't want to stay in Genoa City. Neil thought about Tyra and Karen's tumultuous relationship. Neil said that they couldn't force Tyra and Ana to stay. Devon said he'd try. Tyra said that she couldn't impose on Neil and Karen any longer. Devon suggested that they stay at his place. Tyra said she would stay, but only for one night.

Karen asked to speak to Neil alone. She said that she was upset that Neil had offered to have Tyra and Ana move back into their place and hadn't even consulted her first. Neil said that Karen was completely right and he was sorry that he hadn't spoken to her. Karen accepted Neil's apology. As they were about to kiss, their manager at Indigo interrupted about a water pipe. Tyra interrupted the manager and told her how to fix it. Neil hoped that that meant Tyra was returning to her job. Tyra said yes, she had decided to stay in Genoa City and live with Devon and Lily.

At the coffeehouse, Jack told Billy that Jill had said how proud she was that Cane had filled their father's shoes. Billy said that John was their father, not Cane's. Billy said one day the Abbots would regain control of Jabot. Billy went up to Colleen and asked her if she'd spoken to Daniel since they listened to Loveline. Colleen said she hadn't heard from him at all.

Amber was thrilled to have Daniel in her arms again. As she started taking off his clothes, Daniel stopped her. Daniel said that he had to break it off with Colleen first. Daniel said that if they were to get back together, they had to have some rules. His rules were no lying, no cheating, and no sex with anyone else. Amber said that was no problem, and started kissing Daniel again. When Billy walked in, Amber and Daniel jumped up. Billy told them not to stop on his account. Daniel told Amber he would see her later. Amber looked at Billy and said that they needed to talk. She happily told Billy that she and Daniel were getting back together. Amber hoped that Billy wasn't hurt by the situation. Billy said that everything was fine. Amber said that another issue at stake was that they both had to move out of the condo.

When Daniel went to talk to Colleen about getting back together with Amber, Colleen was crushed. Daniel hoped they could someday be friends again. Colleen said that she didn't make promises she couldn't keep. Billy went to visit Colleen to comfort her.

When Daniel returned, he and Amber couldn't keep their hands off of each other. They ripped off their clothes and made mad, passionate love.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Nick, having returned from his trip to New York, surprised Phyllis at the Restless Style office. Nick wondered where Nikki was, and Phyllis told him that she had taken a couple of days off. Phyllis was visibly upset when Nick told her that he had hired Sharon to be the spokesperson for Beauty of Nature. Phyllis sarcastically said that she had no problem with Nick going on "rescue missions." Nick countered by saying that the Beauty of Nature line needed to be rescued, since Adam had run it into the ground. Nick asked Phyllis to get together with Sharon, as he wanted an article about the revived Beauty of Nature line to appear in the magazine's next issue.

Later, at Newman Enterprises, Nick and Sharon told each other how happy they were to be back working at the company. Nick asked Sharon to call Phyllis and set up an interview for the Beauty of Nature article. Sharon called Phyllis, and they decided to meet as soon as possible.

At Restless Style, Phyllis acted hostile toward Sharon. Sharon told Phyllis that she was "tired of her crap." She added that Nick wanted them to act like adults Sharon said that she was prepared to act like an adult, but wondered if Phyllis was. She reminded Phyllis that they both needed to act like professionals for their jobs, for Noah, and for Nick.

In Victoria's office, Nick was shocked to hear that Nikki had flown to Brazil. When he asked his sister why she didn't try to stop Nikki, Victoria said that there was no stopping her. Nick pointed out that their mother was interfering in a criminal investigation, and wondered whether that was bothering Victoria as much as it was bothering him.

J.T. joined Nick and Victoria, and tried to reassure a skeptical Nick that Nikki was safe. Heather stopped by and accused the three of them of acting conspiratorially. Heather told them she knew that Nikki had gone to South America, advising them that the FBI and the Mexican authorities would be interviewing Nikki. Before leaving, she asked them to try to get Victor to return to Genoa City to answer "a few simple questions."

In the hotel in Rio de Janeiro, Nikki approached the room where J.T. had planted evidence meant to give the impression that Victor was staying there. She surreptitiously took the room key from where J.T. had hidden it under a vase. Inside the room, she called room service and ordered breakfast for two.

Nikki was shocked when Paul showed up at the hotel room. When Paul asked what she was doing in Rio, Nikki said that she had "met someone." A suspicious Paul noticed that all the clothing in the closet had custom labels reading, "Made for Victor Newman." Nikki asked Paul to leave, but he said he wouldn't leave until Victor returned. Nikki broke down and told Paul about her plan to make it appear as if Victor was in Rio buying time until she or Michael could actually find Victor. Paul warned Nikki about how much trouble she could get herself into. Nikki ordered Paul to leave, and pretend that he didn't see anything. Paul walked out.

Later, the FBI and the Mexican authorities showed up to speak with Nikki. Nikki insisted that she had no idea where Victor was, and told the officers that their supervisors would be hearing from her attorneys. The FBI agent said, "You people with money think you can get away with anything. But you'll go to jail like any other lowlife."

The authorities searched and found Victor's fingerprints, which J.T. had planted in the room. They also found some hair, and were certain the DNA would match Victor's. Nikki refused to give the authorities any information. The FBI agent picked up Nikki's passport and put it in his coat pocket, telling her that she might find herself in a Brazilian jail. Suddenly, Paul entered the room, and yelled out his lie that he had just seen Victor driving out of the hotel parking lot!

When the authorities asked Paul why he was in Rio, he lied and said that his daughter, Genoa City's assistant district attorney, had asked him to keep tabs on Nikki. Paul told the authorities that he believed Nikki didn't know where Victor was going, and, even if she did, they had no right to question or arrest her. Nikki said that if they didn't stop harassing her, she would call the American consulate. As the authorities left, Nikki retrieved her passport from the FBI agent. When Paul and Nikki were alone, Nikki gave Paul a big hug and thanked him.

Later, the FBI agent called Heather and told her that they had found Nikki, as well as Victor's fingerprints, in a Brazilian hotel room. Heather was surprised to hear that Paul was in Rio, and had actually seen Victor. Heather's surprise turned to shock when she learned that Paul had said he was in Rio on behalf of the Genoa City's district attorney's office.

Nikki called Victoria and told her daughter that she had "pulled it off," and would soon be on her way home. After Victoria hung up the phone, Nick told her that Nikki had gotten lucky this time. He told his sister that they all loved Victor, but added that Nikki couldn't keep making these giant sacrifices for him.

Adam and Jack met in a room at the Genoa City Motor Arms Motel. Jack expressed concern that Victor might be located before their hired forger had a chance to complete the entries in Victor's Mexican diary. Adam reassured Jack that Heather would call him if the authorities located Victor.

Jack resumed "channeling" Victor, dictating into a tape recorder. Adam was amazed that Jack's speech pattern and vocabulary so closely matched Victor's. Jack picked up the story from where he had left off the previous day, beginning with "I'm about to take a life a human life Walter Palin's life conjuring up images of Palin suffering is the only thing that will bring me peace." Jack continued dictating, and told of "Victor's" agony in deciding how to kill Palin. Jack ended with, "I held his head under water. I knew Walter Palin would be dead. He began thrashing -- and, finally, the thrashing stopped."

With the fabricated story completely told, Jack told Adam to call Frank Ellis, the forger, and have him come pick up the tape. Adam told Jack that he had already called Ellis, who was on his way to the motel. Jack, clearly not wanting to meet Ellis face-to-face, hurried out, telling Adam that he had to meet Sharon for lunch. After Jack left, Ellis showed up. Adam gave him the recording of Jack "channeling" Victor. Adam told Ellis that they would "blow a lot of minds with this."

From Crimson Lights, Sharon called home to check her messages. She was confused when she heard a message for Jack from his credit card company. The credit card company's representative said that there had been unusual activity charges to the Genoa City Motor Arms Motel on Jack's credit card.

Victor was at a chateau in France the chateau that he had bought for him and Sabrina. He reminisced about telling Sabrina that he had purchased the chateau. When Victor thought about the day when Sabrina had told him that she was pregnant, Victor said, "I will never forget what was taken from us."

Victor continued to remember tender moments that he had shared with Sabrina, including the time when Sabrina told him that having Victor in her life was like a long-lost dream. Victor then thought about Sabrina on her deathbed and how he had brought her a photograph of the chateau in an attempt to lift her spirits.

Victor had the photograph with him, and he placed it in a candle's flame. When the photograph began blazing, Victor lit the curtains on fire. He stood there staring as the flames began to engulf the room.

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