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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 13, 2008 on GH
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Monday, October 13, 2008

In Jake's bar, Patrick asked Coleman a hypothetical question about his obligation to share a secret about paternity. Coleman quickly guessed that Patrick was talking about Sonny, and that Sonny had an adult son that he did not know about. Patrick admitted that the secret was non-medical and not covered by doctor-patient confidentiality. Patrick's biggest worry was that Robin would find out that he had not told her and she would be mad. On the other hand, if he told her, she would insist that he tell Sonny, and Patrick was not sure that was the right thing to do.

At the other end of the bar, Olivia and Claudia exchanged hostilities. Olivia got defensive when Claudia denigrated Kate. Eventually, Olivia gave Claudia a psychological setdown based on her mob background. Claudia threatened Olivia with violence, but Olivia stood up to her and told Claudia to bring it on. Coleman interfered and calmed things down. Olivia immediately took her leave, though not before Claudia got in a few choice last words. Claudia left a few minutes later.

Coleman went back to Patrick, who was still ambivalent about what to do with the secret Kate had told him. Coleman told him that the secret was not his to tell and that he should keep it from Robin. He said that under ordinary circumstances it would be right to tell, but in this case, both Kate and Michael had been shot because of their relationship to Sonny, so it would be okay if Patrick did not tell.

After several shots of tequila, Patrick decided to follow Coleman's advice, because Coleman's advice about his relationship to Robin had always been sound in the past.

At Kate's request, Carly visited her hospital room. Kate apologized to Carly, but Carly quickly accused Kate of apologizing because she wanted a favor from Carly. Carly blamed Kate for the breakup of her marriage to Jax. She mocked Kate and called her a phony. Kate was shocked to find out that she has been outed as Connie Falconeri. Kate flinched but remained calm when she told Carly that the favor she was asking was for Sonny. She asked Carly to go to Sonny and talk him out of starting a mob war to get revenge for her shooting. Carly listened, but told Kate that she did not like her and would not do anything for her, but she would do it for Sonny.

Karpov met Jerry on the docks and ordered him to kill Alexis. Jerry told Karpov it was a terrible idea because killing a DA would bring even more heat to bear on their operation. Jerry suggested that they turn their attention to providing Alexis with another suspect.

Sonny went to see Alexis at her office. He tried to convince her to drop the investigation of Karpov and let him handle the situation. She told him that revenge would not help. Alexis wanted to let law enforcement do its job, but Sonny was convinced that Karpov would slip away before he could be made to pay for Kate's shooting. A part of Alexis understood Sonny's need to care for his family, but she warned him that she might not be able to look the other way if something happened to Karpov.

Sam and Lucky were having an intimate dinner in her apartment when she got a call from Karpov and had to leave. Sam met Karpov on the docks. He told her that he had a valuable shipment coming in that had to get through. Sam took out her maps and plotted a course for him. A lurker watched from the shadows and snapped shots of them going over the charts together.

Maxie arrived at the hospital in answer to Robin's summons. She was relieved to hear that Robin was okay, and ecstatic when Robin flashed her large diamond engagement ring. Maxie immediately took charge of starting wedding preparations for Robin's October 29 wedding date. Maxie was overjoyed when Robin asker her to be the maid of honor. While they were laughing and planning the details of the wedding, Patrick called and told Robin to meet him at Jake's because he had chosen his best man. Maxie tagged along. When they arrived, Patrick announced that Coleman would be his best man.

Maxie was dismayed, but Robin found Coleman an appropriate choice. She suggested that Jake's be the site of their reception because she and Patrick had met there, had fights there, and generally shared a lot of history with the place. Maxie was not so certain that it was a good idea. Back at the bar, Coleman poured tequila shots so that the wedding party could toast the nuptials. When he tried to tell Maxie what to do, she demonstrated her knowledge of the process, by pouring salt on her hand, licking it off, downing the shot, then sucking on a lime wedge. Coleman appeared impressed.

At Jason's office, Max continued to pretend to be a mob boss in Port Charles so that he could impress his dad, Maximus. Diane tried to get them all to go out to dinner, but was unsuccessful. She was left behind, with a slap on the rear from Maximus, who had gotten Max to agree to go out, break heads, and teach some lessons to the Russians invading their territory, instead of delegating it to Jason.

Carly showed up at Sonny's and tried to talk him out of going after Karpov. Carly told him that Kate did not want revenge and wanted Sonny to back off. Sonny told Carly that no one would be safe if he did not take care of Karpov. Carly wanted him to wait until Jason was sure, but Sonny said that Jason would not help him, so Sonny had to do what had to be done. Carly accused Sonny of using his need for revenge as an excuse to get back into the mob. Sonny denied it, but remained unmoved. He told her that it was not her call to make. Before she stormed out, Sonny asked Carly to tell his son, Morgan, that he was taking care of everything.

Lucky was waiting when Sam got back from her meeting with Karpov. They finished their dinner and she told him that she thought that the incoming shipment would give them all the evidence they would need to put Karpov and Jerry away for a long time. Sam said that they would be able to return to their normal lives. Lucky was thrilled and agreeable when Sam asked him if he still wanted to move in together once the case was over.

Jerry showed Alexis photographs of Sam talking to Karpov, revealing that he was the lurker snapping shots of Sam and Karpov. As Alexis looked at the photos, she asked questions about Jerry's visits to Sam's apartment. Jerry's answers to her questions made Sam's actions seem very suspicious.

Olivia brought soup to Kate's hospital room. She grumbled about the skanky woman with whom she had argued at Jake's. Kate guessed that it was Claudia Zacchara. Kate told Olivia to regard Claudia as dangerous. Olivia responded that she knew all about Claudia and what happened to kids who were exposed to a violent mob background. Kate wanted to know if that was the reason Olivia had never told her son that Sonny was his father.

Karpov was alone on the docks when a shot rang out. He scrambled for cover while Sonny held a gun and watched from the shadows. Karpov rushed up a short flight of steps in an attempt to flee, but Sonny grabbed him by the throat and held a gun to his head. He told Karpov that he had missed the first time on purpose because he wanted to see Karpov's eyes when he killed him.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sonny held Karpov at gunpoint and was threatening to kill him when Karpov's attorney and henchman interrupted. They did their best to talk Sonny out of shooting Karpov, while the Russian mobster continued to deny shooting Kate. Max, Milo, and Maximus interrupted and held a gun on Karpov's gang. Max told Sonny to use that opportunity to leave. He was there with guns drawn so Sonny could leave safely. Surprisingly, Sonny agreed and left with Max, after telling Karpov to watch his back. After Sonny was gone, Karpov screamed at his attorney in Russia. She told him he needed to leave Port Charles until the storm blew over, but Karpov said he would not be forced out.

Alexis showed the pictures of Sam and Karpov to Jerry and asked his opinion on the situation. Jerry admitted he had seen Sam at the docks on previous occasions but had never seen the man she had been meeting. His assumption was that it was Karpov, though. Jerry set up Sam with his explanations to Alexis. He thought Alexis should still give Sam the benefit of the doubt, though. Alexis thought Sam was either in way over her head with a scheme to set up Karpov, or her daughter had taken the most dangerous mission of her life.

Meanwhile, Sam received a call from Karpov. He wanted to meet her at Pier 52 in an hour. Sam agreed and was just about to rush out the door when Lucky walked in. He pulled her down onto the couch to make out, but Sam stopped him and told him she was about to meet with Karpov. He was disappointed and concerned, but he quickly let her go so she could meet with her "employer."

Sam hid at the piers when she saw Jerry speaking with Karpov. She listened as they talked about business, but one of Karpov's guards found her lurking in the shadows. Just as Jerry left, Karpov's guard brought Sam out of hiding.

Diane and Jason talked in Jason's office, finally away from Maximus. Jason wanted to go after Max, who was trying to convince Sonny not to kill Karpov. Diane told Jason he needed to trust Max to handle the situation on his own. If Jason interfered, Max would never be able to save face with his father. Carly walked in and wanted to speak with Jason privately. Diane was still upset with Carly's performance as Max's girlfriend, so Diane left as soon as Carly said she wasn't needed. She said she would go home to take a hot bath since her rear end was still sore from Max's father's smacks. Once they were alone, Carly told Jason that she tried to talk to Sonny. Kate thought Carly could convince Sonny not to go after Karpov, but Carly and Sonny's bond had been broken the night Michael was shot. Carly knew Sonny would be doing the exact opposite of what she had advised.

Max, Maximus, and Sonny went back to Sonny's house, where Maximus learned why Sonny was trying to kill Karpov. Maximus agreed that Karpov should be killed if he had shot Kate, but he also mentioned that a good boss needed to keep his emotions out of the business. It could get a lot of people killed.

Max and Maximus arrived back at Jason's office, where Max promptly took his place at the desk. Jason did his best to learn what had occurred without asking any questions. Once Jason overheard that Max had talked Sonny down, Jason quickly made an excuse to leave and went to visit Sonny. As soon as he was gone, Maximus commented on Jason's independent streak. He thought Jason either needed to be bumped up or killed. Maximus asked if Max wanted him to take care of the problem.

Jason was worried that Karpov would come after Sonny, thinking the truce had been broken. Sonny asked if he should also be worried about Jason coming after him. Sonny said he had been left with no choice after Jason betrayed him. He had to avenge the shooting.

At the hospital, Kate and Olivia continued to argue about Sonny and Olivia's son. Kate wanted to tell Sonny, but Olivia still wasn't convinced. It wasn't safe for Dante if anyone knew Sonny was his father. Kate had promised Olivia when they were teenagers, and Olivia pointed out that Sonny would be mad at Kate for keeping the secret for so long. Kate told Olivia that Sonny was a good man, and Olivia knew that. He might have another reason for living if he knew he had another son. Carly walked in and was surprised to learn a new secret.

Claudia saw her brother at the piers, but he had to duck down to avoid Lucky when he also arrived. Lucky wanted to question Claudia on Johnny's whereabouts, but Claudia claimed not to have seen her brother. Claudia said Johnny was with a hooker, trying to get over his broken heart from Lulu. Johnny, having heard this, looked upset and shook his head in disbelief while he crouched down in a corner. Lucky wasn't happy to hear where Johnny was, but he also didn't like Lulu and Johnny together. He quickly left, and Johnny came out of hiding. He told his sister he would never forgive her if Lulu found out what she had told Lucky. They talked about Johnny's recent risk-taking adventures. Claudia thought the only time Johnny was happy was when he was either with Lulu or taking risks with his life. Claudia said she didn't save his life just to see him waste it on a girl like Lulu Spencer.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

In Jason's office, Claudia played along with Max to help keep up the illusion that he was the mob boss. As Milo looked on, Claudia turned on the charm for Max's dad, Maximus, as they reminisced about the time when Maximus had done business with Anthony. Claudia pretended that she and Max were star-crossed lovers from rival mobs. Just as she cozied up to Max, Diane walked in and separated them. She called Claudia a barracuda and they exchanged words.

Diane invited Claudia to leave, which she did, but not before planting a passionate kiss on Max as Diane seethed. After Claudia left, Diane had a few pithy comments about Claudia's character.

As a diversion, Max got them all out of the office for a walk on the waterfront. Max tried to make nice with Diane, but she was angry and started talking about Claudia's flaws. Maximus told Max that he agreed with the "mouthpiece." Then he advised Max to settle down and find a nice biddable woman, like that "Carly chick." When Milo pointed out that Maximus had been married seven times and might not be the best advisor on marriage, Maximus responded that his experience was what made his advice so good. Diane was pushed to her limits, but she still managed a few wisecracks before she left the wise guys alone. Maximus hugged Max and told him he had to catch a plane back to Palermo before the Feds caught up with him. He declined a ride to the airport. He told Max that he had to run an errand first.

Jason went to Sonny's place to try to calm him down. It was to no avail. No matter how Jason tried to explain his reasons for not killing Karpov, Sonny remained unmoved and determined that the only course of action was revenge. His anger and determination to follow through with his plan for revenge drove a wedge in his friendship with Jason. Jason left Sonny alone after Sonny accused Jason of betraying him.

Olivia and Kate argued about whether or not to tell Sonny that Olivia's son, Dante, had been fathered by Sonny. Carly walked into Kate's hospital room at the tail end of their conversation and heard the word "secret." Olivia and Kate were relieved that she did not hear more. Carly reported that she had no luck trying to convince Sonny not to retaliate for Kate's shooting. Kate wanted to believe that Sonny was trying to protect her, but both Carly and Olivia told her that he was still an angry boy who was lashing out in revenge. Kate told them to go away and she would talk to Sonny. Olivia and Carly left to have a drink together.

Karpov's henchman grabbed Sam as she was sneaking away after witnessing him give a PDA filled with schedules and contact information to Jerry. She told Karpov that she was just being cautious, but he searched her and took her cell phone away. He put her on notice as they left for the ship she was supposed to pilot into the harbor for him.

Lucky dropped by to see Alexis. She questioned him about Sam, but he pretended that he had not seen her since their break-up. Alexis did not share the photos of Sam talking to Karpov that she had been looking at before Lucky came in. They talked about other police matters before Lucky went about his business.

At the Quartermaines' mansion, Monica, Edward, and Tracy argued about Luke. Tracy wanted him back so that he could help Lulu. Both Edward and Monica pooh-poohed her reason for wanting him back, citing Tracy's need for Luke as the real reason. Tracy insisted that her main concern was Lulu's health and that Lulu needed her father's support. When Tracy asked Edward to use his contacts to get the money laundering charges against Luke dropped, he said no. Monica told Tracy that if she wanted Luke back, she should figure out how to do it herself.

When Tracy got a phone call telling her Luke's location, she told Edward and Monica that she was going to get him. She told Edward to use his contacts to get the charges against Luke dropped before she returned or she would tell all the members of his club that he was Internet dating. When Edward blustered, Tracy said that she would email all the members of his club his Internet profile and the photo of him in a Speedo. Edward gasped and acquiesced to her demands as Tracy sailed out of the room.

Scott dropped in on Alexis and told her he was pulling her surveillance team off Karpov, because he had more important work for them. Alexis countered that tracking a gangster and suspected killer was more important that putting the team on Johnny Zacchara in hopes that he would do something Scott could arrest him for. Alexis told Scott that she would not let him use her surveillance team to exact his personal revenge.

Claudia went to Jason and told him that she was there to stop a war. She excused Johnny's harassment of one of his ships as letting off steam over his loss of Lulu. Jason told her that he would let it pass, but if it happened again he would take action. When Claudia wondered why Jason was not out after Karpov, Jason said he was not sure that Karpov was guilty. Claudia immediately got serious and told Jason that she had seen Karpov directly after the wedding and she was convinced that he was innocent. When she asked Jason whom he suspected, he said it could be anyone, even the Zaccharas.

Sonny responded when Kate summoned him to her bedside. She told him she loved him and begged him to stay out of the mob. Sonny held to his position that the only way he could keep her safe was by reclaiming his position and going after the man who hurt her. Kate said that she did not want revenge. Sonny said he had to do what he thought was best, even if it meant losing her. Kate was tearful when he left.

Carly and Olivia bonded over drinks in the Metro Court bar. They shared a common perspective on both Sonny and motherhood and practically finished each other's sentences. Carly talked about how hard it had been to keep her boys away from Sonny, who she praised as a good father. She said that it was ironic that Sonny had joined the mob so that he could give his children a better future, and it was the danger from that life that was keeping him away from them.

Olivia complimented Carly and told her that Sonny had chosen her because she was strong and would do the right thing for her children, even if that meant keeping them away from Sonny. Carly was grateful that Olivia understood and said that she wished Sonny did.

On the docks, Sam met Lucky after successfully landing Karpov's shipment. She told Lucky about seeing Jerry and the PDA Karpov gave him. Sam told Lucky that she could get it from Jerry and then they would have the proof they needed to take down the counterfeit drug ring.

Jerry dropped in on Alexis and tried to get her to take the night off and spend it with him, but she said that she had a difficult job to do. As she got on the phone and asked for a warrant to search Sam's apartment the following day, Jerry received a call from Sam. She invited him to dinner the following evening. Jerry accepted Sam's invitation as he listened to Alexis request the warrant.

When Sonny got home, he was surprised to see Maximus in his living room. Maximus told Sonny that he seemed like an intelligent man, too intelligent to go up against a rival without enough backup to get the job done. Sonny responded by asking Maximus if he knew what it felt like to see a loved one shot down in front of his eyes. Maximus told Sonny that it was a terrible thing and enough to make a man forget the basic rules of mob survival: "Don't get emotional over business and don't mix business with the personal."

Maximus then asked Sonny to be cautious and to wait and make his enemies come to him. When Sonny wanted to know why Maximus was offering him advice, he told Sonny that he did not want to see his son get killed and he knew that Max would do anything for Sonny. Then he told Sonny that he knew that Max was really Sonny's bodyguard and was just pretending to be the boss. Maximus asked Sonny not to tell Max that he knew the truth and Sonny agreed.

Max went to Jason's office looking for Diane. She was not there, but Jason was relieved to learn that Maximus was returning to Palermo. Max thanked Jason for playing along with his charade. Before leaving, he told Jason that if he ever wanted to retire, Max liked being the boss, and he thought he had a talent for it.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tracy managed to track Luke down to a bar located somewhere in Mexico. Not surprisingly, Luke was drunk and passed out at a nearby table. Tracy took a pitcher of cold water and dumped it on her wayward husband. Luke roused himself long enough to recognize that his wife had found him. He thought she was there for a conjugal visit. Tracy was quick to dispel him of that notion. She told him that Lulu had suffered a nervous breakdown.

Initially, Luke was reluctant to believe Tracy. He felt that she had exaggerated things in an effort to manipulate him into returning to Port Charles. Tracy set Luke straight. She told him of the events that had led up to Lulu's breakdown and confession to murder on the witness stand. Tracy finally got through to Luke when she told him about Lulu's visions of Laura, whom Lulu claimed had talked to her during Lulu's early days in Shadybrook. Luke couldn't resist asking if it were possible that Laura had awakened. Tracy told Luke that she had checked Laura's records and the doctors had confirmed that Laura had remained in a catatonic state.

Convinced that Lulu truly needed her father, Luke prepared to leave with Tracy and return home. Unfortunately, they hit a snag; the Mexican police showed up at the bar to arrest Luke.

Spinelli went to Jason's office with a fruit smoothie for his friend. Spinelli was concerned after Jason had failed to return to the penthouse the previous night. Jason declined the offer of the beverage and explained that he had been busy with the escalated mob activity. Spinelli offered to help Jason by turning to a chessboard for help. Spinelli believed that it would help them see things in a clearer light. Jason went along with it, but in the end, Jason was no closer to figuring out who had set up Karpov than he had been when Spinelli had walked in. Spinelli wasn't as certain that Karpov had been set up because of the Russian bullet found at the scene of the shooting. Jason disagreed. He felt that leaving behind a bullet and waiting months to retaliate for a business disagreement wasn't logical.

At the hospital, Nadine confided to Liz about her troubles with Nikolas. Nadine said that she hadn't told Nikolas how she felt because things between them had been very awkward since the night that they had spent together. Liz advised Nadine to stop putting pressure on herself and to enjoy the time that she spent with Nikolas.

Carly asked Nikolas to meet her at the Metro Court restaurant. Carly felt that things didn't add up about his offer to buy the hotel and she wanted reassurance that Nikolas wasn't trying to exact revenge. Nikolas continued to insist that his interest in the hotel was, in part, a whim; he liked the view from Spoon Island. Carly wasn't satisfied with his answer, so she pushed for more information. Nikolas finally admitted that Nadine had said something to him that had struck a cord. He found that he was genuinely interested in the business aspect of the hotel and confessed that Jax refusing to cooperate did make things more challenging. Nikolas went on to tell Carly that he wasn't interested in ousting her from the hotel.

After her meeting with Nikolas, Carly headed over to Jason's office to discuss the business offer. She wanted Jason's advice about whether or not to enter into a partnership with Nikolas. Carly admitted that a part of her was interested in accepting the deal to spite Jax. Jason cautioned Carly against jeopardizing the Metro Court to get to Jax. Carly thanked Jason for helping her to see things more clearly and then breezed out the door. As Carly left, Jason's cell phone rang. It was Liz. It sounded urgent when she asked Jason to meet her.

Jason met Liz at her studio loft. Liz was relaxed and casual as she invited Jason inside and began talking about using her studio again. She told him that she had decided to paint the walls before she started working on her art. Liz asked Jason if he would help her with the painting by popping over to paint when he had some free time. Jason seemed stunned that she had called him with an emergency.

Jason tried explaining that things were volatile in Port Charles at that moment and that he didn't have any spare time. Liz understood-she had two kids, a demanding career, and a temperamental car that she was always worried about. However, Liz said, she found time to relax and she felt that Jason needed to do the same. Jason became defensive and said that he rode his bike to relax. Liz didn't think flying at high speed down deserted roads was relaxing. It was dangerous.

Liz told Jason that she wasn't asking for much. She just wanted to be able to spend some time with him, talking and unwinding. Jason took a moment to absorb that and then shrugged out of his jacket and asked Liz where she wanted him to start painting. Liz smiled and the two began painting and talking about Italy. Liz let Jason know that she wasn't angry that they couldn't go. She was resigned to it being a fantasy and appreciated being able to spend time with him. When Jason went to kiss Liz, she playfully sidestepped it and put Jason back to work. Things took a comical turn when Jason climbed a ladder and then ended up falling flat on his back.

Nadine went to Wyndemere to talk to Nikolas. At first Nadine stumbled over what she wanted to say, and when that didn't go well, she decided to leave. Nikolas stopped her and told Nadine that their night together had meant something to him. He also admitted that it had been the first time he had felt happy in a long time. Nadine was touched by the confession and the two kissed. Things quickly turned amorous and they began tearing off each other's clothes. To Nadine's horror, Carly chose that moment to walk in.

Johnny was in Anthony's office trying to force his father into revealing that he was no longer paralyzed. Johnny took the rifle, used in Kate's shooting, and pointed it at his father as if he intended to shoot Anthony. The ploy failed. Anthony opened his arms as if he welcomed his son shooting him. Frustrated, Johnny handed his father the gun and walked away.

Maxie visited Lulu at Shadybrook. Lulu behaved oddly. She was docile and almost childlike. When Lulu asked Maxie about Johnny, Maxie revealed that Johnny had acted out because he missed Lulu. Lulu was disappointed that Johnny continued to stay away from her, but she didn't want Maxie saying anything to Johnny about it. Lulu didn't want Johnny to feel as if he were being pressured to see her.

After leaving Shadybrook, Maxie went to talk to Johnny. Unfortunately, before Maxie could talk to Johnny, she had to face Anthony. Maxie threatened to call Jason if Anthony didn't cooperate, then bragged that she was important to Jason. Luckily, Johnny made an appearance before things turned ugly. Maxie didn't waste any time with small talk; she pleaded with Johnny to visit Lulu.

Lulu's second visitor of the day was Spinelli. He brought her a book of poetry and offered to read it to her. Lulu agreed and as he read a passage, Lulu commented that it reminded her of Johnny. The visit was cut short when Lulu told Spinelli that she had a session with Lainey scheduled. Lulu didn't want to be tardy for it, which seemed to concern Spinelli.

While Lulu spoke to Lainey, Johnny approached Lulu's room. As he heard Lulu talk about her progress, Johnny appeared to be convinced that Lulu was improving because he stayed away. Johnny turned around and walked away before Lulu could see him. After the session, Lulu sat on her bed and found a note. It read, "You killed Logan. You should pay."

When Spinelli and Maxie met up, both expressed their concern for Lulu. Each noticed that Lulu behaved out of character. They were worried that she was not getting better in the sanitarium. In order to help their friend, Maxie and Spinelli decided to break Lulu out of Shadybrook.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Max told Sonny that Karpov was getting ready to leave for Russia. Sonny wanted to make sure Karpov was retaliated against before he left Port Charles. Max didn't think they had the resources to make that move, but Sonny reassured him it would be possible and Max needed to make it happen.

Just as Liz tried to warn Jason about the ladder, it tipped and Jason fell to the ground. Liz couldn't help but laugh. She told him after all the enemies he had fought, it was a ladder that finally took him down. Liz made Jason sit down on the couch so she could look at his ankle. She wrapped it for him and smiled. Liz told Jason she liked taking care of him. He noticed a picture of Jake on the table and asked what he was holding in the picture. Liz explained that their son was holding the gavel to his xylophone. Jake loved playing with that toy. Liz wished she had thought to bring more pictures. Liz thought Jason's life was like a metaphor. He was like a caged animal - he was in the most danger when he was in captivity. Jason said he only fell because he couldn't help but look at Liz. He was distracted by her beauty. Just as they started to kiss, Jason's phone rang. It was Sonny, and he wanted to see him right away.

Jason arrived at Sonny's house, where Sonny offered his old friend one last chance to sign the business over to him. Jason wasn't interested and reminded Sonny that they had no proof Karpov was behind Kate's shooting. Sonny threatened to turn to the Zacchara family if Jason wouldn't help retaliate against Karpov. Jason wouldn't sign the paperwork and warned Sonny that he would lose everything if he sided with the Zacchara's.

Once Jason was gone, Sonny went to see Anthony. Ric had previously been to see Sonny and later reported to Anthony. The elder Zacchara was still sure Sonny would join the Zacchara organization. Once Sonny took care of Jason and Karpov, Anthony would take care of Sonny. Anthony, the poor elderly man in a wheelchair, would end up with everything.

Sam met up with Jerry at the piers and arranged a date at her apartment. They parted ways only briefly, and Sam went home to get ready for their "date." Jerry arrived at her place to find Sam in a bikini. She offered champagne and a dip in the hot tub. After they got in the spa, Alex walked in and saw her daughter and boyfriend kissing in the hot tub.

Nadine and Nikolas started to make out heavily and undress each other. Suddenly, Carly walked in and asked if she was interrupting anything. Nadine quickly searched for her clothes and told Carly she could have Nikolas if he wanted her. Nadine stormed out, leaving Carly and Nikolas very confused. Once she was gone, Carly tried to talk to Nikolas about selling her shares, but he was distracted with finding his shirt. Jax walked in, and Carly led him to believe she and Nikolas were having an affair. Jax threatened to sue them both if Nikolas agreed to buy Carly's shares. He said there was fine print in their contract that Carly could not sell her shares of the hotel to someone without Jax's approval. After Jax was gone, Nikolas said his offer to purchase Carly's shares still stood. He wasn't afraid of Jax. He had deep enough pockets to fight him for a while.

Nadine went back to the hospital and was distracted by thinking about Nikolas. When she dropped a syringe, she picked it up and suddenly had a flashback from the clinic fire.

Robin tried to comfort Patrick after he decapitated a fake baby during Lamaze class. Patrick told her he wanted Robin to have a Cesarean section so their daughter would have less exposure to Robin's blood. Robin said there were no indications that a C-section would put their child at less risk, and Kelly wanted Robin to have a vaginal birth because the placenta was low. Robin briefly mentioned the wedding and Maxie's wedding plans, and Patrick asked if Robin wanted to delay the wedding until after their daughter's birth. Robin assured him Maxie was handling everything, so the wedding wasn't really stressing her out.

Spinelli and Maxie came up with a plan to rescue Lulu from Shadybrook. Spinelli dressed as a patient, while Maxie dressed as a doctor. They entered Lulu's room and explained what they were doing. Lulu thought she needed to stay at Shadybrook and showed them the note saying she should pay for killing Logan. Lulu said she must have written it. There were other notes that suddenly disappeared, so she must have imagined them like she had imaged her mother. Since Spinelli and Maxie could see this note, Lulu must have written it herself. Spinelli said she couldn't have, because it wasn't her handwriting. They were interrupted when a doctor started to walk by Lulu's room, so Spinelli went outside to talk to him and distract the doctor. Instead, Spinelli ended up getting put in a straitjacket and padded room.

Luke told Tracy to bribe the cop who was there to arrest him. She did so, and the cop left. He returned a little while later, and demanded another bribe, since they had not left town yet. Tracy called her father and asked if she could return with Luke, but Edward said it was harder to get a judge to do what they asked, or rather, paid for. She hung up the phone and another cop came into the bar. Tracy didn't pay attention to the fact that it was a different officer, and held out money to bribe him with. That officer wasn't about to be bribed, though, and said he would be arresting her for bribing a public official. Tracy asked her husband to do something, and Luke said to take her away. She was a thorn in his side-then offered rounds for everyone!

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