One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 13, 2008 on OLTL

Cristian traveled to Llanview with Lola and Vanessa. Antonio, Talia, and Sarah traveled to Colombia to look for Cristian at the same time. Dorian 'saw' Mel at the airport and decided it was a sign to call off her hit on Ray. She didn't know who the killer was, though, and shots rang out, striking Ray in the chest. Jared tried to rescue Natalie but ended up in the locked room with her. Tess decided to leave town with Bree.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 13, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, October 13, 2008

The Dip Of Death

Several rooms at Llanfair buzzed with activity. In the foyer, Tess searched for Jared and Tina, but was startled to learn that Viki had arrived home. Expressing her need to be with her family, Viki announced that she decided to cut her trip short. Pretending to be Jessica, Tess gave her mother a hug, but wasn't pleased by her surprise arrival.

In the kitchen, Cain, armed with a sledgehammer, demanded to know where Tina had hidden the Mendorran jewels. Holding a butcher knife, Tina was guarding the basement door and protecting Jared and Natalie from Tess. Claiming to have no knowledge of the jewels, Tina warned Cain not to enter the basement. When Cain ordered Tina to allow him entry, Tina blurted out that the jewels weren't in the basement. Convinced that Tina had the jewels hidden somewhere at Llanfair, Cain threatened Tina with the sledgehammer and insisted that she lead him to the jewels. Cain disarmed Tina and placed the knife on the counter. A defeated Tina led Cain to the safe.

Viki said that she wanted to help Jessica through the remaining months of her pregnancy, but also wanted to find out what had happened to Natalie. Upon Viki's mention of Natalie, Tess tried to convince Viki that Natalie's guilt had caused her to leave town, but Viki appeared suspicious. Citing that Natalie would never leave her pregnant sister or the man that she loved behind, Viki was certain that there was more to Natalie's disappearance. When Viki asked to see Natalie's hand-written letter and to speak with Jared, Tess made up an excuse and suggested that her mother head upstairs and rest. Viki agreed, but stated that she wanted to see Bree and insisted that her daughter accompany her upstairs. Cornered, a nervous Tess escorted Viki upstairs.

At the very moment Tess and Viki went upstairs, Tina and Cain entered the library. As a flustered Tina fumbled with the combination, Cain ordered Tina to open the safe. Claiming that Cain was making her nervous, Tina begged him to give her a moment to get herself together. Cain obliged and took a seat next to the table where Tess's "laced" dip sat. Waiting for Tina to open the safe, Cain tasted Tess's dip.

Meanwhile, downstairs in the basement, Jared discovered Natalie in the secret room. Jared attempted to hurl a chair through the glass, but Natalie warned him that Tess would hear the noise and convinced him that he would have to figure out the security code on the locked door.

Unable to figure out Tess's security code, Jared told Natalie that he would go and find help. Fearing that something would happen to him and she would never be found, Natalie begged Jared to stay with her. Jared and Natalie finally came up with Tess's secret code, and the couple breathed a sigh of relief. Natalie tried to exit the room on her own, but was prevented from doing so due to her injured leg. Jared entered the room and placed Natalie in his arms. In tears, Natalie expressed her love for Jared and told him that Tess had forced her to write the Dear John letter. While Natalie continued to plead her case to him, Jared was only concerned with fleeing from Tess's torture chamber. Before Jared could step out of the room with Natalie, a devilish Tess appeared and locked them inside.

Natalie and Jared demanded to know what Tess's plans were concerning them. Teasing Jared and Natalie about their predicament, Tess assured them that no one would ever find them. When Jared suggested that Tina knew where they were, Tess stated that Tina would never reveal their whereabouts. As Jared and Natalie cursed Tess and proclaimed their love for one another, a smiling Tess left them trapped in the basement.

Jared blamed himself for their problems, but Nat was thankful that they were together. Suggesting that they come up with a plan to escape, Natalie showed Jared the television monitor that Tess had set up. Turning on the monitor, they discovered Viki in the kitchen. Viki's suspicions were aroused when she found the knife on the counter. As Viki headed toward the basement door, Natalie and Jared shouted for her.

Meanwhile, back in the library, Tina panicked when she realized that Tess was the only person who knew the combination to the safe. Turning to Cain, Tina told him that she couldn't open the safe. Rising to his feet, Cain gave Tina an intense look and fell over. A shocked Tina tried to aid Cain.

As Tina moaned and held onto Cain, Tess appeared and asked what had happened. Accusing Tess of killing Cain, Tina told her that he had eaten her "laced" dip." Bothered by the inconvenience, Tess suggested that Tina keep her voice down because Viki might hear her. Tina was surprised to learn that Viki was home.

At the hospital, Blair waited for Starr to arrive for her Lamaze class. Blair smiled as she daydreamed about her night of lovemaking with John. Starr arrived and interrupted her mother's happy thoughts. After teasing her mother about her relationship with John, the conversation turned to Starr's fear of giving birth and handing her child over to Marcie. Although she believed that she was doing the right thing by giving her child to Marcie, Starr felt guilty about her decision. Blair praised her daughter for making such a tough decision, and the two headed off to Lamaze class.

Inside, Starr was uncomfortable with the conversation of the anxious parents-to-be and continued to state her fears concerning the delivery. Reminding her daughter that Dr. Joplin had assured them that Starr and the baby would be fine, Blair managed to ease Starr's fear about any trouble with the pregnancy. After class, Blair stepped out of the room to inform Marcie of the baby's progress and left Starr alone. Feeling a severe pain, Starr clutched her stomach. Moments later, Blair appeared and found a distressed Starr. When Blair asked what was wrong, Starr replied, "It's the baby!"

Staring at Todd and Keyes mug shots and an official document that contained information on Janet, John placed a phone call. Meanwhile, at Todd's home, Janet received a phone call from John. As John told Janet to meet him at the police station to discuss her past activities, Todd and Marty returned home. Hearing Todd's voice, John instructed Janet to keep quiet about their conversation. Making up an excuse, Janet headed off to meet with John.

Noticing that Marty was in possession of a journal, Todd questioned what thoughts she had chosen not to share with him. Stating that she had secrets that she needed to jot down, Marty assured Todd that she still wanted to spend her life with him. As they discussed starting a new life together, Todd appeared troubled. When Marty questioned what was bothering him, Todd stated that he was a terrible person when he found Marty in Ramsey's apartment, but assured her that he had become a changed person. The conversation was interrupted by a knock on the door. Insisting that he wanted to give Marty some privacy so that she could write in her journal, Todd closed the doors to the living room and answered the door.

Alone with her thoughts, Marty wrote about her feeling regarding Todd's marriage proposal. In her journal, Marty wrote that she once had feelings of obligation for Todd, but her feelings had turned to love for him.

Todd wasn't pleased to find Dr. Joplin at his door. The doctor brought him a sonogram of Starr's baby and pleaded with him to reconsider his dastardly plan to steal the child. Todd was unmoved by her pleas. Stating that she believed that he actually loved Starr, Joplin urged him to do the right thing.

At the police station, John confronted Janet about the crimes she had committed years earlier in Llanview, under the name Lee Halprin. Denying John's accusations, Janet stated that she wasn't the person that John thought she was. Unconvinced by Janet's denial, John mentioned how she had obtained a nursing degree in her absence from Llanview and surmised that Ramsey had used his connections with the Bureau to suppress her past identity. John told Janet that Ramsey had sought Janet out to help him because he needed a nurse that would keep her mouth shut.

When John threatened to contact a few Llanview residents who could identify her as Lee, Janet succumbed to his threats and admitted her true identity. Janet said that she had changed her life for the better and was no longer involved in a life of crime. Janet still refused to give John any information regarding Todd or Marty. Presenting Janet with a photo of Marty, John asked her if Marty was the woman that Janet was caring for at Todd's home.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Parts & Labour

Jared and Natalie watched on the closed-circuit television as Viki approached the false wall in the basement. They attempted to make noise on the walls of the soundproofed room. Viki seemed hesitant as she faced the cupboard, and returned again and again to the wall, as if realizing she was missing something, but finally dismissed her feelings as jet lag and left the basement. Natalie was distraught, but Jared assured her that Tina would tell Viki the truth. As they held each other, Jared told Natalie that he'd never believed Tess's lies, and Natalie was confident that she could make it through their ordeal if he was there--even if they were stuck in the secret room forever.

In the drawing room, Tina mourned Cain's apparent demise before realizing that Tess could not possibly have planned for his arrival, after all, "you certainly didn't know about his love of dip!" "Doesn't everybody love dip?" Tess replied innocently. As it dawned on Tina that Tess had planned to use the poisoned dip against her, Tess told her not to worry; Cain was still breathing, and the dip merely contained a strong sedative. Tina begged Tess to help her hide Cain from prying eyes. The two co-conspirators threatened to turn on each other and spill their dirty secrets, but Tina warned that Tess would be unable to keep Jared and Natalie hidden from Viki without Tina's cooperation. Tess said that Tina's plan to free Natalie with Jared's help had failed, and that she had imprisoned both of them.

As the two women continued to bicker, Viki returned to the foyer and heard raised voices. When she entered the drawing room she found an empty room, with the doors to the terrace open. Meanwhile, outside, Tina and Tess stashed the unconscious Cain behind the patio. Tess rushed in to greet Viki, with Tina close on her heels. Viki was shocked to see her sister again. Tina told Viki that she had decided to stay at Llanfair to care for her wayward nieces and see to Sarah, who was searching for Cristian. Tess kept trying to get Viki to retire for the evening, but Viki shrugged off her fussing and decided to try the chips and dip. As she raised a chip to her mouth, Tina screamed, "Step away from the dip!" When Viki asked Tina why she couldn't eat the food, Tina mumbled that it was "poisoned"--and Tess covered by claiming the dip had gone sour. When the conversation turned to Natalie's sudden departure, Viki was unwilling to accept Tess's version of events, and decided she needed to call Jared.

Down in the basement, Jared and Natalie were overjoyed to realize Jared still had his cell phone, just as Viki made her phone call upstairs. Jared answered Viki's call, and frantically tried to spill the beans to her about Tess and his imprisonment. Unfortunately, the cell reception in the underground chamber garbled and distorted his message, and Viki only caught a few words amidst static before the call dropped. As Jared attempted to call again, he and Natalie were confronted by Tess, who had dashed downstairs, and ordered them to hand over the phone or risk another attempt on Viki's life. Furious, Jared slid his cell phone through the access port. Tess pocketed it, and left Jared and Natalie in despair.

In the drawing room, Viki gave up on trying to reach Jared for the evening, but was touched by Tina's devotion to her search for Natalie. Tina admitted that she had come to care deeply for Natalie during her stay at Llanfair. Viki marveled that Tina might have changed, after all, and hugged her sister, who guiltily mumbled, "I hope so." Meanwhile, on the terrace, Cain stirred.

At Llanview Hospital, Blair talked Starr through her breathing exercises as her contractions began. Marcie arrived, and provided moral support. Starr told her mother she wasn't ready for the baby to be born, but Marcie reassured her that everything would be fine, as Blair put in a call to Dr. Joplin.

At Todd's place, Marty continued to write in her diary, reflecting on how unreal her "perfect day" with Todd had seemed. As she wondered about the "familiarity" of the flowers they had picked in their meadow, she suddenly sneezed, realizing she was allergic to them.

As Marty continued to loudly sneeze, Todd argued with Dr. Joplin in the main hall. Joplin asked who the woman in the other room was, and Todd called her "my partner." Joplin harangued Todd about his plans for his grandchild, and asked how he would continue on after making Starr believe her baby was dead. She asked him how his partner would go along with it. "She doesn't have any idea what you're capable of, does she?" Joplin asked. She told Todd that when Marty learned what he'd done to his daughter to get the child, he'd lose not only her but his entire family. "I don't lose," Todd replied coldly. "I make other people lose."

Just then, Dr. Joplin took an emergency call from Blair, and told her she'd be at the hospital soon. When Todd asked if it was Starr going into labor, Dr. Joplin said maybe, and told him he had to decide--if his daughter gave birth that evening, would he make it the worst night of her life? After she left, Todd told Marty he had to go to the hospital to see to Starr in case she had the baby. Marty urged Todd to go be with his daughter. Alone again, she wrote in her diary about Todd, and her growing feelings for him, and how mothering a child felt right to her. Marty admitted to herself that she was unsure about their leaving Llanview when the baby was born, as she felt sure she would be leaving something behind.

At the police station, Janet, a.k.a. Lee Halpern, continued to stonewall John, and claimed she had never seen Marty Saybrooke in her life. John told her to reconsider, and warned her that he would find the people she had scammed with her business pursuits and con games and bring them down upon her head. Janet was fearful but refused to give in, and told John that "everyone" who lived with Todd Manning was there because they chose to be. "Everyone?" John asked, curious. John laid out the facts about Marty and Todd to Janet; he told her she had a son who missed her, and that if Marty was living with Todd, then she was living with the man who had raped her. Janet was clearly horrified by John's words, but tried to dismiss them as lies and manipulation. John asked if she would care about a woman in grave danger. "Oh, I would," Janet said coolly. "If I knew one. Which I don't. Are we done?" John dismissed Janet, "for now," and let her leave. On her way out of the station, Janet nearly collapsed, shaken by what she'd heard.

At the hospital, Dr. Joplin arrived and began to examine Starr as Blair and Marcie looked on, and Todd watched from outside the exam room. Soon, Joplin determined that Starr's labor pains were only a false alarm, and said that though they would have to move up her due date, Starr and her baby would be fine. As Dr. Joplin left to run some tests, Starr thanked her for her care and support.

Feeling guilty, Joplin exited the exam room and briefed Todd on Starr's status. Disgusted, she told Todd that Starr was already a more responsible and loving parent than he was, and warned him again to rethink his scheme. After Todd left, Joplin returned to the women and told Starr that everything would be fine, and as she walked out, she swore to herself that she would deliver a healthy baby to Starr.

Back at Todd's, Janet returned home and lied to Marty about where she'd been. Fearful, she began to question Marty about whether she felt happy or safe with Todd, but before she could get far, Todd returned. He assured his roommates that Starr's baby was fine, but said the delivery date was not far away and they needed to be ready to leave Llanview. Todd and Marty asked Janet to come with them, but she told them she had a headache and would talk about it later.

As Janet beat a hasty retreat upstairs, Todd and Marty wondered about her demeanor. Marty expressed concern for Starr, as well, and asked if perhaps they could stay in Llanview and raise the child with her. Todd refused to talk about it that night.

As Todd and Marty discussed baby names, Marcie, Blair, and Starr did the same at the hospital. Meanwhile, at the police station, John stared at Marty's photo. As Todd wandered around the house, Janet watched him from her hiding place on the stairs. Todd handed Marty a copy of Starr's sonogram, but his own eyes were drawn to a framed picture of Starr as a young child. And in the secret room at Llanfair, Jared and Natalie lay on the couch and comforted each other in their prison.

In the drawing room, Tess promised to tell Viki if she heard back from Jared, and urged her to go to bed. Viki finally agreed to go upstairs, and said goodnight to Tess and Tina. Once she was gone, the two women hurried out onto the terrace to move Cain, only to find that he was once again missing.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Adios, Superfreak:

In Colombia, Vanessa woke Cris up by running her fingers through his hair. Cris had been dreaming of Sarah, so he was surprised when he opened his eyes and found Vanessa hovering over him. Cris pulled away and asked Vanessa why she had awakened him. Vanessa explained that the storm had passed. She was eager to move on before Ray caught up with them. Vanessa was convinced that Ray would kill them because he had vowed to during his trial. Before she went to wake Lola, Vanessa thanked Cris for helping them. Once Vanessa was gone, Cris went to test the phones. He was furious when he realized that the phones worked.

Talia woke up to find Antonio looking out of his apartment window, sipping on a cup of coffee. Concerned, she asked him if he was okay. Antonio told Talia that he couldn't sleep. When he closed his eyes, he had visions of Cris being tortured by Carlo. Talia wondered if Antonio blamed her for her father's actions.

A knock at the door heralded Sarah's arrival. Sarah was distraught after she had a dream of finding Cris dead. Talia reassured her friend that Cris would return home safe and sound. Antonio went to shower while the girls headed to the kitchen and prepared breakfast. When Sarah's cell phone rang, Sarah checked the caller ID. She grumbled when she saw that it was an unknown caller and started to put the phone away. Luckily, Talia insisted that Sarah answer the call. It was Cris. The connection was weak and heavy with static but, before the call was disconnected, Cris was able to let Sarah know that he was in Colombia.

Vanessa walked into the room and found Cris on the phone. She accused Cris of breaking their agreement. Cris countered, claiming that Vanessa had lied to him about the phones being out of order. Vanessa defended herself. She told him that when she had tried to use the phones earlier, they had not been working; obviously they had been repaired. Vanessa then asked Cris whom he had called. Cris told her that he had talked to Sarah briefly, but he wasn't certain that she had heard him when he had told her that he was in Colombia. Vanessa seemed nervous and reminded Cris that no one could know that she was in Colombia. Vanessa worried that Ray would track her down if he knew that they were in the country.

Back in Llanview, Antonio made arrangements to head to Colombia to search for his brother.

Ray Montez showed up at the Buchanan mansion to talk to Clint. Ray was angry that he had been forced to spend the night in jail. Clint wasn't very sympathetic as he apologized for inconveniencing Ray. Ray didn't seem interested in hearing Clint's excuses. He demanded to be paid, per their agreement, so that he could return to Colombia and attend to pressing personal business. Clint informed Ray that there had been a change of plans. Dorian had not taken the bait, and refused to sign over the company in exchange for Langston. As a result, it appeared that Ray would have to leave with Langston.

Ray was livid at the news but Clint quickly calmed him. He reminded Ray that Dorian loved Langston and would not allow Ray to leave town with the young girl. Clint was certain that Dorian would relent and give in to Clint's demands at the last moment. Ray wasn't convinced, but seemed to have little choice but to go along with Clint. Nora walked in as Clint and Ray finalized their plans. Ray left to inform Dorian that he intended to leave town later that evening, with Langston.

Nora was disgusted by the partnership between Clint and Ray. As soon as Ray left, Nora turned on Clint and demanded to know if he wanted to live his life as he had been in recent months. Clint was unrepentant and accused Nora of being jealous. He claimed that she was angry because she had found Dallas on the sofa, wearing Clint's bathrobe. Nora was momentarily speechless. She defended herself, insisting that her concern over Clint's behavior stemmed from the responsibility of having two minors in her charge: Matthew and Cole.

The argument escalated and both admitted that they were tired of the constant fighting. Clint said that he owed it to Asa to restore the company to the family. He truly believed that Dorian was bluffing and wouldn't let Langston leave with Ray. Nora felt that Clint couldn't guarantee Langston's safety and admitted that she could no longer deal with what Clint was doing. She asked Clint why they bothered to pretend that they were still together.

Markko walked into Dorian's living room and asked her what she had planned to keep Ray from taking Langston to Colombia. Dorian was evasive about her plans but she reassured Markko that she had a team of lawyers working to keep Langston in Llanview. As the two talked about Langston, they buried the last of their animosity. Each seemed to recognize how much the other loved Langston. Langston walked in and was pleased by the scene that greeted her. She was happy that Dorian and Markko had reached an accord.

Ray's arrival brought the warm moment to an end. He informed Langston that he intended to return to Colombia that very evening. He gave Langston a few hours to pack and then left. Dorian was clearly rattled. While the teens shared a touching goodbye, Dorian took the cordless phone and walked out to the patio. She called Jackie and reminded him of their agreement, and then instructed him to complete their business transaction by the end of the evening.

Gigi was frustrated when she failed to get an update on Rex's condition from the hospital. As she tried to focus on putting her laundry away, Shane came downstairs and announced that he wanted to visit his father. Gigi was touched that Shane wanted to see Rex. Shane corrected his mother; he had been referring to Brody. Gigi explained that Brody had been sent to a psychiatric facility for an evaluation, in part because of his experiences in Iraq. Shane understood and asked if he could write Brody a letter. Gigi told Shane that he could but she couldn't say for certain that Brody would be able to read it immediately.

Eventually, Shane asked about Rex. He wanted to know if Rex knew that Shane had been told the truth about Rex being his father before he had lapsed into a coma. Gigi had to tell Shane that there hadn't been time to tell Rex. As they talked, Gigi was struck by an idea. She realized that as Rex's son, Shane was a family member and therefore could visit Rex. She turned to Shane and asked her son if he wanted to visit Rex. Shane seemed hesitant to agree, but Gigi pointed out that she didn't want Shane to have any regrets if the worst happened and Rex died. However, Gigi said, if Shane didn't want to spend time with Rex, she would not pressure him.

At the hospital, Adriana sat at Rex's bedside and promised to stay with him until he opened his eyes. She vowed that she would not give up on Rex.

In the hallway, Roxy walked up with a tray of coffee and found Bo standing outside of Rex's room. Roxy was annoyed that Adriana had swept back into Rex's life and taken over. Adriana walked up during Roxy's tirade. Roxy handed Adriana a coffee and the bickering continued. Bo distracted the ladies by asking Adriana if Rex had made any provisions for a situation like the one that he was in. Would Rex want to remain on artificial life support indefinitely? Adriana admitted that they had intended to see a lawyer after their honeymoon but that they had never gotten around to it.

Roxy said that if Rex had put Roxy in charge, then Gigi would be permitted to visit her son. Adriana didn't appreciate Roxy bringing up Gigi's name. The argument became heated when Adriana cut Roxy off and insisted that she, Adriana, was Rex's family, not Gigi and not Shane. Bo decided to share his opinion on the matter. He reminded Adriana that Rex had asked her for a divorce, told Gigi that he loved her and wanted to raise his son, Shane, with Gigi. Adriana was furious and refused to consider allowing Gigi to visit. Roxy was equally angry and threatened to hire an attorney so that she could have a say in Rex's treatment.

After Roxy walked off, Bo made another attempt to talk to Adriana but she was too defensive. Bo was taken aback when Adriana said that she had permitted Bo and Roxy to see Rex, implying that she didn't have to. Bo told Adriana that she was Rex's wife, not his jailor. He then pointed out that they stood in the Buchanan wing of the hospital and he could pull strings that would allow Gigi to visit with Rex regardless of Adriana's wishes.

Later, as Adriana looked into Rex's room, she began to cry. A few minutes later, Gigi and Shane walked up. Gigi cut Adriana off and told her that Shane was Rex's son and therefore family. Since Gigi was Shane's legal guardian, she had a right to go into Rex's room with Shane. Before Gigi could follow through with her threat, Adriana informed Gigi that she was too late, "he's gone."

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Home Is Where The FARC Is:

Cole and Starr received an urgent message from Markko, advising them of Ray's plans to take Langston to Colombia later that evening. Both rushed to La Boulaie upon learning the news. Meanwhile, Markko helped Langston with her luggage and tried to put a positive spin on things. Langston was not receptive to the pep talk. Markko explained that he was trying to make things easier for Langston because he didn't want her to see how much he hurt over the idea of being separated from her. Langston appreciated Markko's attempt to help her cope with the devastating news of her impending departure. She confessed that she was somewhat disappointed with Dorian. Langston had believed Dorian would follow through on her promise to block Ray from taking Langston out of the country.

Starr and Cole joined Langston and Markko in the foyer. Langston was worried because Starr was quite upset. Langston didn't want her situation to harm the baby, and asked Starr to calm down for the baby's sake.

On the back patio, Dorian urged Jackie by phone to follow through with their arrangements because Langston's time had run out. Jackie assured Dorian that Ray would be dead by the end of the day. After ending her call with Jackie, Dorian returned to the living room where she found Blair and Addie making a farewell banner for Langston. They wanted Langston to know how much she meant to them and to remember that they considered her a part of the family. When Dorian didn't seem overly upset over the idea of Langston leaving, Blair and Addie were convinced that Dorian was in denial.

The trio took their banner out into the foyer to surprise Langston. Langston was stunned when Dorian announced that she would not miss Langston. She soon understood what Dorian meant when Dorian explained that Langston would always be in their hearts. As a farewell gift, Blair handed Langston a one-way ticket to Llanview. She told Langston that if she ever felt in danger and needed to leave Colombia, she was to use the ticket and return home. Langston was touched by the generous offer.

Sensing that Langston wanted some time alone with Markko, Starr suggested leaving the lovebirds alone for a few minutes. When she had Markko to herself, Langston told him that she had decided to break things off with him. Markko refused to consider it. He told Langston that he loved her and would wait until they could be together. Markko also gave Langston a key to his home. It was all he had to offer, but he told her that she could use it as a safe haven whenever she needed one.

Ray prepared to knock on the front door to the Buchanan mansion when a man, dressed in a cable repairman's uniform, pulled out what appeared to be a garrotte and jumped Ray. Ray sensed the attack and braced himself. As Nigel opened the front door, the men tumbled inside as they engaged in a life or death struggle. Ray managed to gain the upper hand and demanded to know who had sent the assassin. The man pretended innocence, claiming that he was a repairman sent to fix a cable problem. Nigel took control of the situation and quickly ushered Ray away.

In the living room, Nora and Clint argued over Clint's decision to use Langston as a bargaining chip to control Dorian. Clint countered that Nora threw Todd under the bus 20 years earlier. Nora couldn't believe that Clint could compare the two incidents. She reminded Clint that Todd had been a guilty man while Langston was an innocent child. Nigel's knock and announcement of Ray Montez didn't lessen the tension. Ray made it clear that he intended to leave town with Langston that evening, but that his business with Clint was not concluded. Clint agreed with Ray, which fueled Nora's rage.

As soon as Ray departed, Nora and Clint's argument continued. Clint insisted that Dorian would come to her senses at the last moment and capitulate to Clint's wishes. Nora didn't agree and tried to get Nigel's opinion on the matter. Unfortunately, Nora and Clint didn't give Nigel any specifics about what they were arguing about, so he was confused by the entire exchange. Nigel made his excuses and left the living room before anyone could stop him.

In the hallway, Nigel found the "repairman" waiting. When Nigel pointed out that he had not called the cable company with a complaint, the man suggested that perhaps he was at the wrong address, then left. A few moments later, Jackie called his hit man and told him that the killing needed to be carried out as soon as possible. Jackie was clear; Ray could not leave Llanview.

In the living room, Nora and Clint continued to argue bitterly until Clint suddenly switched tactics, pulled Nora into his arms. and kissed her. Nora asked Clint if the kiss had been intended to make her feel better about the situation with Langston. Clint promised Nora that everything would be over soon. He was certain it would all work out to everyone's satisfaction.

Ray returned to La Boulaie to pick Langston up for her flight to Colombia. Starr was angry because Ray had arrived earlier than scheduled. Blair offered to drive Langston to the airport after their farewell party, but Ray refused to consider it. While everyone talked, Dorian slipped away and called Jackie. He promised her that the hit would be carried out soon. He advised Dorian to keep her eyes open, which alarmed her. Dorian didn't want Starr or Langston to witness Ray's murder. Unfortunately, that was something that Jackie couldn't guarantee.

Jared and Natalie remained sealed in the secret room in the basement. Their monitors were turned off so they were unaware of what was going on in Llanfair. However, Jared assured Natalie, Bo was a good cop and he would follow up on Jared's suspicions.

Tina let her dog, David Vickers, loose in the backyard. She had hoped her pooch would track down Cain Rogan, who had mysteriously disappeared. Tess walked up and before long the two women were talking about Natalie and Jared. Tina warned Tess that she couldn't keep them locked up indefinitely; eventually Viki would learn the truth. Tess didn't care about Natalie and Jared's fate, nor how it would affect Viki.

Bo went to Llanfair to talk to Viki. He found her in the kitchen. He carefully broached the subject of Tess returning by telling Viki about his recent visit with Jared, and some questionable observations that John McBain had observed since Nash's death. Viki seemed resistant to the idea that Tess could have returned. She was convinced that Jessica had been fully integrated and was doing well in therapy. Bo remained skeptical even when Viki pointed out that if Jessica had been behaving oddly, Tina would have noticed it. Bo pointed out that Tina had never "encountered" Tess, but that Jared had.

Viki's certainty turned to doubt when Bo shared some other concerns including the fact that only Jessica has had contact with Natalie since Natalie disappeared. If Tess had returned and Natalie realized it, it could explain why Natalie had gone missing and cut off all contact with everyone.

Unbeknownst to either, Tess was nearby and overheard the entire exchange between Bo and Viki.

Bo and Viki decided to find Tina and question her about Jessica. They found her in the living room. Not surprisingly, Tina was evasive and managed to make a quick escape. She was waylaid when a delivery person showed up at the front door with an envelope for "Her Highness." Tina took the envelope and opened it. Inside she found a picture of her dog, David Vickers, with a recent edition of the newspaper held beneath his furry little face.

Tess gathered up Bree and a diaper bag. As Tess walked through Llanfair's kitchen, she told Bree to say goodbye. Tess had decided to run away to Napa Valley with the baby.

Adriana explained to Gigi that Rex's condition was unchanged but that he had been moved to another facility so that Gigi and Shane could not see him. Gigi was angry and reminded Adriana that she didn't have a right to keep Shane from his father. Adriana didn't think that Shane seemed very interested in seeing Rex, so she didn't view it as a hardship. Gigi asked Shane to step away, but he refused. Shane was worried that Adriana would strike his mother again. The two ladies bickered awhile longer until Adriana went too far. She said that she didn't think Rex would benefit from visiting with Shane after the way that Shane had hurt him. When Gigi asked Shane to give her a moment alone with Adriana, Shane listened and walked away. As soon as he was out of sight, Gigi punched Adriana in the face. As Adriana picked herself up off of the floor, Gigi informed her that they were even.

Gigi and Shane then decided to leave. However, Gigi stopped long enough to warn Adriana that she would not give up. Adriana would lose when it came to Rex.

Friday, October 17, 2008


At Llanview Airport, Antonio, Talia, and Sarah waited to board a flight to Colombia. Antonio and Talia did everything possible to calm Sarah, who was terrified that Cris had met a fateful end. Learning that their flight had been delayed, Sarah continued to fear the worst.

On the plane ride to Llanview, Vanessa thanked Cris for helping her, and reminded him that he would soon be reunited with the love of his life, Sarah. As Lola slept, Cris asked Vanessa why she had married a murderer.

Vanessa explained that she had fallen in love with Ray, who was a single parent at the time. She immediately fell in love with Lola, who was shy and withdrawn. After witnessing Lola's vivid nightmares, the child soon revealed to Vanessa that she had overheard a violent argument between her parents, which resulted in Ray killing her mother. Upon learning of his crime, Vanessa turned Ray in to the authorities. As a result of Vanessa and Lola's testimonies, Ray was convicted-and vowed to kill them both if he was ever released from prison. Cris questioned why Vanessa would visit an imprisoned Ray if she were afraid of him. Before Cris could obtain an answer, Lola awoke and the pilot announced that they had arrived in Llanview. Smiling, Vanessa promised Lola that their new adventure was beginning. Cris appeared uncertain of Vanessa's statement.

At the Buchanan Mansion, Clint received a call from Ray, who was waiting for Langston at the airport. Ray informed Clint that Dorian had insisted upon escorting Langston to the airport, and he worried about what would happen if Dorian refused to abide by Clint's wishes. Clint assured Ray that he knew exactly how to handle Dorian. Nora overheard Clint's conversation and expressed her displeasure with his scheme.

Clint did his best to convince Nora that everything would work out -- he would regain control of the company, Montez would leave town, and Langston would remain with Dorian. Clint thought it was necessary to pay Dorian a visit at the airport and persuade her to give him back his company or face losing Langston. As Dallas watched from upstairs, Nora and Clint kissed goodbye. Making Nora aware that she had knowledge of the recent troubles that plagued Nora and Clint's relationship, Dallas suggested that Nora would never understand Clint the way that she did. As Nora and Dallas exchanged words, Renee interrupted and informed Dallas that a room had been reserved for her at the Palace Hotel. A triumphant Nora offered to help Dallas pack her bags.

At La Boulaie, Blair was surprised when John showed up looking for Dorian. Stating that he was concerned about the actions that Dorian might resort to in her effort to keep Langston, John asked Blair to explain why Dorian had been in contact with Jackie McNaughton. Startled by John's questioning, Blair denied having any knowledge of Dorian's plans, and insisted that her aunt had every intention on abiding by the judge's custody ruling.

Unable to get any answers from Blair, John turned his attention to Addie. Revealing that both she and Blair had witnessed Dorian meeting with Jackie, Addie told John that Dorian had referred to him as the "exterminator." John placed a call to the authorities and requested information on any known hit men who had recently been released from Statesville Prison. Exposed, Blair admitted that Jackie had visited Dorian at La Boulaie, but she was convinced that Dorian would never resort to having someone killed. Upon learning that Dorian had taken Langston to the airport to see her off to Colombia, John headed to the airport and Blair joined him.

Dorian, Langston, Starr, Markko, and Cole arrived at the airport. While the teens tried to come up with a solution to protect Langston from Ray, a relaxed Dorian approached Ray and appealed to him to allow the family to spend a few moments longer with Langston. Insisting that he didn't want to miss the flight to Colombia, Ray suggested that he and Langston prepare to go through security. After learning that the flight had been delayed, Ray agreed to give Langston more time to say goodbye to everyone.

Meanwhile, a few feet away, Jackie McNaughton's hired assassin snuck into a storage room. He removed a gun from a large suitcase. As he loaded his weapon, he received a call from Jackie inquiring about the status of the job. Jackie told the hit man that his client was disappointed that the contract hadn't been executed, and he related that his client didn't want any of her loved ones caught in the crossfire. The assassin announced, "The only flight that Ray Montez will be taking is with the angels!"

Realizing that they were spending their final moments together, Starr and Langston expressed their love for one another and reminisced about special moments they shared as friends. On the verge of breaking down, Starr demanded to know what Dorian intended to do about keeping Langston in Llanview. With a look of confidence, Dorian assured her niece that she was doing everything possible to ensure that Langston didn't leave town with Ray.

Clint arrived at the airport and approached Dorian. Lashing out at Clint, Starr and Markko accused him of sending Langston to another country with a murderer. As Dorian listened, Clint advised the teens that Dorian held the power to determine Langston's fate. The teens were horrified when Clint informed them that he had agreed to send Ray away if Dorian would sign over control of Buchanan Enterprises to him. Surprised, Ray quietly observed the confrontation.

Angered by Clint's revelation, Starr and Markko immediately chastised Dorian for choosing her desire for revenge over Langston's safety. Justifying her actions, Dorian told the teens that she didn't trust Clint or Ray. She believed that they would double-cross her and Langston would still be sent away to Colombia.

Refusing to listen to her friends' accusations against Dorian, Langston spoke up and defended Dorian. To everyone's surprise, Langston agreed with Dorian and criticized Clint for disrupting her life because of his hatred for Dorian. As Clint stood speechless, Langston commended Dorian for standing her ground and begged her to not give in to Clint's demands. Dorian beamed with pride as Langston told her that she was proud to have been adopted by a woman like Dorian. Langston was confident that Dorian would find a way to bring her back to Llanview. The two embraced. and Dorian promised Langston that she would be surprised by how soon things would change.

Disgusted by the chain of events, Clint pulled Ray to the side and ordered him to take Langston to Colombia. Citing that the deal didn't involve him actually leaving town with Langston, Ray refused to be responsible for a teenager. Clint reminded Ray that he would be sent back to prison if he didn't comply, and walked away.

Meanwhile, in the storage room, the hit man changed into a pilot's uniform and placed the gun in his waistband. Unseen, he exited the storage room and headed off to carry out the hit on Montez.

Starr and Cole watched as Langston and Markko shared a tearful goodbye. Walking off to purchase Langston a few magazines for her trip, Dorian still appeared in control. After choosing a few fashion magazines, Dorian placed the periodicals on the counter to pay for them. To Dorian's horror, Mel, the apparition she had encountered at the hospital several months earlier, appeared. Revealing the magazines that Dorian was purchasing, Mel demanded to know if she really wanted to spend her money on the items. Instead of fashion titles, the magazines were now entitled, "Guns" and "Vengeance." Mel questioned if Dorian was the type of person who would resort to such actions, and asked Dorian to consider what Langston would think if she ever learned the truth. Filled with guilt, Dorian promised to stop the plan that she had already put into motion.

Dorian called Jackie and pleaded with him to cancel the hit on Montez. Balking at Dorian's change of heart, Jackie informed her that the hit was already in progress and that it was too late to cancel it. Refusing to accept no as an answer, Dorian asked Jackie to describe the hit man. Jackie told her that he never met the man. He offered her a bit of advice - a hired hit man would dress in a way that would cause him to blend in with the crowd. At that very moment, the assassin, dressed as a pilot, walked past Dorian. She didn't pay him any attention.

Meanwhile, Clint returned home and encountered Nora. Beginning to feel remorse, Clint blamed himself for sending an innocent girl off to another country with a murderer. Nora questioned whether or not Clint could reverse his decision. After hesitating briefly, Clint replied, "It's not too late!" Clint placed a call to Ray.

As Sarah, Antonio, and Talia headed towards the security line, they were startled to see Cris walking through the airport with Vanessa and Lola. As Vanessa and Lola watched, Sarah and Cris embraced. After Cris introduced everyone to his companions, he explained his ordeal in Colombia to them. Cris offered to take Vanessa and Lola to the Angel Square Hotel and get them settled in. Elated, Vanessa and Lola followed close behind Cris and Sarah.

Ray announced that it was time for him and Langston to depart. Looking around for Dorian, Langston pleaded with Ray to allow her to say goodbye to her foster mother. Meanwhile, Dorian searched the crowd for the assassin she had contracted.

Cris, Vanessa, Lola, and Sarah walked through the airport and found themselves suddenly standing face-to-face with Ray. Unaware of his wife and daughter's presence, Ray answered Clint's phone call. In an urgent tone, Clint ordered Ray to leave Llanview without Langston. Before Ray could respond to Clint's demand, Ray noticed Vanessa and Lola. As Clint screamed for Ray to answer him, a shocked Ray hung up the phone. When Vanessa warned Cris that Ray was in their presence, Cris ordered Ray to stay away from the women. Antonio and Talia questioned what was going on. Ignoring Cris's warning, Ray approached a terrified Lola and told her that he had planned to return to her in Colombia.

Vanessa demanded that Ray stay away from Lola. John and Blair arrived at the airport in time to witness the confusion. As Vanessa and Cris argued with Ray, Dorian noticed Mel again. Dorian observed Mel bump into the hit man and expose his weapon. Realizing that the man dressed as a pilot was actually the assassin, Dorian screamed that he had a gun. As everyone ducked for cover, the assassin pulled out his weapon and aimed at Ray. Before the hit man could fire off a round, John shot him and his weapon fell to the ground. As John restrained the hit man, Vanessa picked up his gun and shot Ray. Everyone in the airport watched as Ray clinched his chest and fell.

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