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January 6 to 10, 2003
Caleb tried to coax Livvie out of Tess. Rafe and Alison planted cameras at Stephen's in order to find out how and why Caleb had made it seem like Alison and Rafe were siblings. Lucy left Kevin. Ian tried to figure out the secret of Caleb's water.
January 13 to 17, 2003
Ian continued researching Caleb's water, which almost had a disastrous effect on Chris. Tess married Jack. Stephen sent Joshua to keep an eye on Alison and Elizabeth on their vacation, but Rafe followed to ensure Alison's safety. Caleb enlisted Kevin's help to get Livvie back -- and succeeded.
January 20 to 24, 2003
Elizabeth killed Joshua. Rafe made a deal with the captain for information about Alison's father. Lucy took Ian to his cabin, but he had a hard time controlling his urge to feed. Caleb panicked when he thought that Tess was dying.
January 27 to 31, 2003
Rafe and Alison rejoiced in the fact that they were not siblings. Lucy chose Ian over Kevin, but Kevin kidnapped her in order to get her back. Caleb apologized to Tess. After discovering that Caleb, Reese, and Caz were vampires, Marissa's angel sister, Casey, rescued Marissa from the group. Casey posed as Marissa.
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February 3 to 7, 2003
Ian rescued Lucy from Kevin, who was promptly arrested. Chris informed Jack that Tess suddenly had DNA. Caleb learned that Alison and Rafe knew they were not siblings. Caleb found the hidden cameras. Elizabeth tried to kill herself after Joshua haunted her.
February 10 to 14, 2003
Jamal learned that Marissa was actually Casey and offered to help her act more like Marissa. Caleb ordered his vampires to feed on the residents of Port Charles, but Tess stopped it. Joshua revealed himself as a vampire. Tess turned back into Livvie.
February 17 to 21, 2003
Jack learned that Caleb's music box had the power to turn Tess into Livvie. Using Tess and the music box, Alison, Rafe, Jamal, Jack, and Lucy put their plan to get rid of Caleb in motion.
February 24 to 28, 2003
Caleb was successfully killed, but Tess's tears revived him. Tess offered to turn back into Livvie, but Caleb admitted that he wanted Tess. Jack told Tess that their marriage was over. Reese admitted to Rafe that the key to destroying Caleb was contained in the first notes of Stephen Clay's song "Naked Eyes." Caleb tried to kill Lucy.
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MARCH 2003
March 3 to 7, 2003
Using the music box, Kevin made Livvie reappear, but Caleb smashed the music box to pieces. "Naked Eyes" was discovered to have a different effect on humans, vampires, and slayers. Rafe and Alison, and Lucy and Ian tried to figure out the secret message in "Naked Eyes." Lucy, Ian, and Kevin found the healing hot spring.
March 10 to 14, 2003
Lucy and Ian discovered that the entrance to the hot spring had been bricked up. Rafe and Ian broke into Caleb's loft in order to get to the hot spring. Elizabeth teamed up with Joshua to defeat Caleb. Ricky learned that Casey, who blew her cover to Caleb, was a guardian angel. Tess shacked up with Caleb.
March 17 to 21, 2003
Jack and Reese got closer. The hot spring cured Elizabeth but not Ian. Rafe realized that it was because Elizabeth had fed, but Ian had not. Elizabeth broke things off with Joshua.
March 24 to 28, 2003
Kevin blackmailed Lucy into returning to him, but Victor helped Lucy get the upper hand. Caleb made Livvie and Tess one person again and turned Livvie into a vampire. Rafe and Ian put their plan to destroy the town's vampires into motion.
March 31 to April 4, 2003
After the pool cured Caz, Reese, and Caleb, Joshua blew the hot spring up with Caleb, Rafe, and Lucy inside. Joshua convinced Livvie that Caleb was dead and that Joshua could protect her. Casey had visions of Lucy's death. A mortal Caleb escaped from the hospital.
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APRIL 2003
April 7 to 11, 2003
Joshua took Caleb hostage. Rafe and Ian found photographs of Livvie and Alison at Joshua's. Livvie vowed to help Rafe get rid of Joshua. Rafe moved Alison to Lucy's for safety. Joshua attacked Frank.
April 14 to 18, 2003
Ian found a list of names on Joshua's computer, with Frank's name at the top. Joshua turned Frank into a vampire and sent him to get Alison. Livvie found Caleb in his own dungeon and ended up in the dungeon, along with Alison and Rafe. Lucy and Elizabeth searched for clues of Alison's whereabouts in Joshua's hideout but found a pair of wedding rings instead.
April 21 to 25, 2003
Rafe got himself, Alison, and Caleb out of the dungeon, promising to return for Livvie. Lucy and Ian realized that Lucy was losing her slayer powers. Ian's test on Lucy's blood revealed that there was a toxin in her blood, most likely from the hot spring. Joshua slashed Caleb's throat, and Alison and Rafe fought to keep him alive.
April 28 to May 2, 2003
Joshua was revealed to be the new owner of the Recovery Room and renamed it Elixir. Frank turned Victor into a vampire. Joshua got hold of Caleb's ring, poisoning Livvie's fangs in the process. Caleb, Rafe, and Alison finally got to Livvie and discovered Joshua's plans to turn Port Charles into a "vampire nation."
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MAY 2003
May 5 to 9, 2003
Rafe and Alison hid from Joshua after finding out that Joshua wanted to marry Alison. Ian rushed Lucy to the hospital after she passed out. Caleb, Livvie, Rafe, and Alison faked Alison's death in order to get to Joshua.
May 12 to 16, 2003
Rafe got his hands on the antidote to cure Livvie's poisonous fangs but lied that there was no antidote. Elizabeth stabbed Kevin. Alison learned that a devastated Joshua had turned Amanda into a vampire and that he had forced her to sign her wealth over to him.
May 19 to 23, 2003
Alison's friends held a memorial service for her. Caleb attacked Joshua. Jamal was turned into a vampire. Ian had trouble fighting his vampire urges. Elizabeth slept with Kevin.
May 26 to 30, 2003
Jamal swore his allegiance to Joshua. Ian worried about controlling his urge to bite Lucy, so he left Lucy. Out of jealousy, Livvie caused Joshua to kidnap Alison. Caleb and Livvie enlisted Chris's help in order to formulate Livvie's antidote.
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JUNE 2003
June 2 to 6, 2003
Elizabeth took Lucy to the hospital after Lucy passed out. Jamal instructed Joshua on how to win Alison's heart. Caleb and Livvie managed to get the antidote from Lucy and Ian, and Livvie bit Caleb. Alison made a deal with Joshua that she would stay with him if he left Rafe unharmed. Karen tried to help wean Kevin off of Joshua's drugs.
June 9 to 13, 2003
Livvie successfully turned Caleb into a vampire. Chris confirmed Casey's guess that Lucy was dying. Joshua drugged Alison so that she would obey him. Rafe and Caleb formulated a plan to save Alison and kill Joshua. Ian believed that Rafe's blood would save Lucy.
June 16 to 20, 2003
Ian suggested to a dying Lucy that he could bite her in order to help her live. Rafe rescued Alison, but Joshua had already brainwashed her. Ricky admitted to Casey that he had tried to get her pulled back up to heaven permanently but hadn't been able to go through with it.
June 23 to 27, 2003
Caleb told Ian that Lucy would need a transfusion from an angel in order to live. Casey was called back to heaven after making love to Ricky, ruining Lucy's chances of survival. Alison believed she had killed Rafe after being brainwashed to see him as Joshua, but Caleb and Livvie saved Rafe. Karen was hit by a car and died.
June 30 to July 4, 2003
Joshua sent Frank to kill Jamal, but news of Karen's death interrupted Frank. Karen's blood saved Lucy's life. The whole town watched the VH1 special about the Stephen Clay Experience but was surprised to hear at the end of the special that Joshua had been found dead. The town celebrated, but Rafe killed a furious Joshua. Jamal vowed to keep Caleb's ring away from everyone.
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JULY 2003
July 7 to 11, 2003
Casey returned, but was only visible to Ricky. Jamal discovered the power of Caleb's ring after meeting Imani. Children's Social Services investigated Lucy and Ian, thanks to Kevin, who dropped the complaint after Jamal made a wish on the ring.
July 14 to 18, 2003
Alison and Rafe found their gym trashed. Caleb and Rafe made a truce. Caleb named Jack as the band's new manager. Jamal blurted out to Imani that he was a vampire. After another of Jamal's wishes on the ring, Alison and Livvie seemed to switch personalities, puzzling Rafe and Caleb.
July 21 to 25, 2003
Caleb and Rafe broke up the fight between Alison and Livvie, who returned to acting like themselves after the church bells rang. Everyone was suspicious of Imani. Jamal admitted to Caleb that Jamal had the ring. Jack stole the ring from Jamal, but Jamal knew it.
July 28 to August 1, 2003
Jack and Jamal threw the ring into the river, but Christina found it. Jamal found Imani ready to skip town, but promised to protect her from whatever was scaring her. Caleb visited his father in Hades and learned how to get his ring back.
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August 4 to 8, 2003
Christina kept making wishes on the ring. Alison and Rafe held a fashion show to open their gym, at which Caleb's band played. Caleb wrote a song for the event to draw out the person who had the ring. Livvie planned an "accident" for Alison, but Kevin got hurt instead. Caleb found his ring at the gym.
August 11 to 15, 2003
A partially paralyzed Kevin agreed to move in with Lucy and Ian while recuperating. Livvie bit Imani, who instantly recovered. As a result, Livvie became ill. Livvie tried to convince Rafe to leave town with Alison. Alison tried to convince Caleb to leave town with Livvie.
August 18 to 22, 2003
Rafe tried to use Jack in order to con Livvie into giving Rafe the ring, but Livvie discovered the plan. Alison wanted to help get Caleb's ring. Jamal found Imani's room in shambles -- and no trace of Imani.
August 25 to 29, 2003
Jamal found Imani and convinced her to move in with him so that he could protect her. Lucy and Ian decided to move Kevin back to his own place, and Kevin agreed. Reese and Ricky got closer. Rafe found Caleb's book of rituals. Rafe visited Caleb's father in Hades. Livvie replaced Caleb's ring with a fake one.
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September 1 to 5, 2003
Jamal investigated Imani, who admitted to having a dangerous stalker. Chris gave Ian an experimental drug. Alison begged Caleb to help her get Rafe back. Rafe finally returned from Hades on his own. Livvie wished on the ring for Caleb to have a night of passion that he would never forget. As a result, Alison and Caleb made love.
September 8 to 12, 2003
Caleb and Alison agreed not to tell Rafe or Livvie about their night together. Caleb demanded his ring back from Livvie and kicked her out. Ian injected himself with Chris's untested drug. Lucy and Chris saved Kevin from being attacked by Ian. Alison hastily planned her wedding to Rafe. Caleb fired all of his band members.
September 15 to 19, 2003
Jamal tracked Imani to Alabama, where Imani saved Jamal from Madea. Casey returned to tell Ricky to let go of the past. Ian left Lucy so he could try to learn how to control his cravings. Jack and Livvie planned a date, but she went home with Caleb instead. Alison struggled with lying to Rafe about her night with Caleb.
September 22 to 26, 2003
Imani's stalker asked questions around Port Charles. Caleb proposed to Livvie. Elizabeth tried to make Chris jealous. Kevin made great strides in his recovery. Rafe and Alison received a gift of a wedding reservation at a bed and breakfast from a gym customer, who turned out to be Caleb.
September 29 to October 3, 2003
After almost biting Elizabeth, Ian saved Christina from a potentially fatal fall. Lucy convinced Ian to embrace his "curse," and the two cemented their relationship. Alison and Rafe finally got married. Jamal discovered that Imani was a werewolf. Livvie learned at her wedding to Caleb that Alison was pregnant with Caleb's baby.
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