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January 6 to 10, 2003
The list of suspects in Colin's death continued to grow with Tony, Shawn, Hope, Nicole, Victor, and even Bo leading the list. Jack and Jennifer covered for each other, but were cleared. Sami and Shawn kept mum about their connection to, and knowledge of Colin's activities that could give each of them a more compelling motive for murder. Brandon was shocked that Sami knew of his affair with Lexie. Sami told Lexie that it was hands-off on Brandon. Abe, Lexie and Brandon were still in the dark that Brandon was really the father of Lexie's baby. Tony asked Marlena to be a mother to the twins, but she refused. Dr. Rolf de-programmed Cassie and Rex on Tony's orders. Marlena and Bo tried to help Hope who refused to admit her post-traumatic hallucinations of Larry as well as the events that occurred at Victor and Nicole's wedding. The new Mrs. Kiriakis learned the true meaning of for "better or worse" as Victor took control of his new bride.
January 13 to 17, 2003
Tony caused Grandpa Shawn's heart attack after he revealed to a shocked gathering at Colin's memorial that he and John were brothers. John explained to the Brady's and his family that he was not a DiMera, but that he and Tony shared the same mother, and that he was later adopted by the Alamain family. John was not receptive to the twins invading his life and thinking of Marlena as their "mother image." Shawn told his grandfather that he was holding out information about Colin's murder, but was unaware that Cassie also knew his secret. Hope finally confided in Bo about her visions of Larry and her state of emotional turmoil. Chloe was thrilled and relieved to learn that she was still in remission. Sami was up to trouble again; first a blow out with Lexie that almost revealed the truth about Brandon fathering her child, and then caught red-handed by Brady "kissing up" to Tony.
January 20 to 24, 2003
Hope continued to be haunted by what she thought were "visions" of Larry unaware that he was alive and taking advantage of her shaky emotional state. Alice celebrated a special birthday with the Horton clan. Jennifer struggled with her guilt over Colin that kept her reconciliation with Jack at bay. Marlena helped Hope and Jennifer deal with their feelings, but couldn't find peace with her own memories of the past and lost time with her children and turned to Kate for comfort. Tony was determined to get revenge on John through Marlena and John's children. Marlena's meeting with Cassie and Rex didn't go quite as planned. Cassie told Shawn that she saw him shoot Colin, and he didn't deny it, but Belle was not privy to their secret. Hope tried to convince Bo that she murdered Colin! Nicole turned the tables on Victor and reminded him that he had more motive to murder Colin that she did, while Sami was busy taking suspicion away from Brandon and more than pleased to implicate Nicole.
January 27 to 31, 2003
Nicole busted Sami trying to frame her for Colin's murder and made sure Brandon heard the news first hand. Bo tried to convince Hope that she did not murder Larry and vowed to find and imprison the real killer, unaware that their son, Shawn, appeared to be the real culprit. Victor suspected that Bo may be covering up Hope's actions on the night of Colin's murder. Cassie used Shawn's secret to seal the Belle and Shawn's split. Belle, heartbroken over her breakup with Shawn, decided to leave Salem to take a course in Paris. Tony's surgery seemed successful and was elated to learn that Rex and Cassie may be his biological children. Marlena and John were concerned that she may also be related to the twins, and decided to find out once and for all by returning to the DiMera island complex. Jack was perplexed as to why Jennifer continued to push him away. In a very emotional moment, the family bond between Hope and Jennifer encouraged them to confide in each other their deepest fears and secrets.
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February 3 to 7, 2003
Tony's surgery was a success, but he was keeping it a secret. When Rex and Cassie rejected Marlena, she and John decided to return to the DiMera island complex to determine if Marlena really is the twins' biological mother. Belle and Shawn had a passionate, but sad goodbye, while Cassie's plan to break up Salem's sweethearts seemed to be going her way. Bo found evidence that proved Hope didn't kill Colin, while Larry plotted his next attack on Hope by switching her medication. Jennifer was heartbroken, as Jack could not accept that she may be pregnant with Colin's baby. Brandon questioned whether or not he and Sami were meant to be, while Roman warned Kate to stay away from Tony and offered her his help. Against Craig's wishes, Nancy secretly inquired into the cover up of Chloe's birth and subsequent adoption.
February 10 to 14, 2003
Bo told Hope that Larry might still be alive and has been trying to gaslight her into believing the she killed Colin. Larry continued his plan to wreak havoc on the Bo Brady family. Jennifer was overjoyed to learn that she was not pregnant and that she could finally be together again with Jack. Sean's behavior spiraled out of control as his guilt and tampered drugs turned him into a stranger to his family and friends. Belle prepared to leave for Paris. John and Marlena discovered more about the twins parentage on DiMera island. Tony's therapy had him almost back to normal and on John and Marlena's trail. Kate almost confided to Roman about her ordeal with Stefano. Brandon told Lexie that he wouldn't interfere with her life with Abe, but she seemed suspicious of his motives.
February 17 to 21, 2003
Alice, Hope, and Shawn started to feel the effects of the carbon monoxide trap Larry had engineered at the Brady household. Belle cancelled her trip to Paris and returned to Salem to find out what had gone wrong with her relationship with Shawn. Cassie finally told Rex that Shawn had murdered Colin and that she had been a witness. The Salem Police Department uncovered evidence that Shawn had struggled with Colin. While being questioned about Colin's murder, Shawn had a violent drug reaction to Larry's doctored pills and was admitted to the Emergency Room. Bo was shocked when Shawn confessed to killing Colin, a conversation that Roman happened to overhear. Roman was torn between duty to his job and loyalty to his family. A cruel and controlling Victor informed Nicole of her new role as his "serf." Belle and Hope were caught in Larry's deadly trap with no way out.
February 24 to 28, 2003
Bo and Shawn rescued Hope and Belle, and Larry was arrested for his nasty crimes. Family and friends shunned Roman after he arrested Shawn for Colin's murder. Belle and Shawn resolved their differences after Shawn was taken into custody. Marlena remembered her past while at the DiMera complex and that Dr. Rolf attended to her during the birth of the twins confirming that she and Tony are Rex and Cassie's biological parents. Bo's investigation was on the verge of proving that someone else actually fired the shot that killed Colin unaware that Victor was pulling the strings that could free Shawn; Nicole actually accidentally shot Colin, and Larry was being set up to take the fall, again. Jack and Jennifer enjoyed an intimate and romantic night and then made plans to remarry. Lexie had a pregnancy scare, Sami and Lexie had a strange encounter, and Brandon decided to move in with Sami and Will, but not without Lucas giving his "two cents" worth on parenting rights. Brandon and Kate comforted their loved ones, Nicole and Roman respectively, during troubling times. Brady and Chloe rushed to the hospital after they learned that Nancy went into labor
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MARCH 2003
March 3 to 7, 2003
Victor continued to inflict his wrath on Nicole as her punishment for cheating on him with Colin and as her price to stay out of prison for accidentally shooting Colin. Brandon and Sami's living arrangements had its ups and downs. Shawn was released from jail after Larry was coerced into a confession facilitated by Victor's manipulations for his own agenda. Belle took comfort in her reconciliation with Shawn after learning that Cassie and Rex were her half-brother and sister. Marlena and Tony bonded with their children. John warned Tony that he would still be watching his actions towards Marlena. Nancy, Craig, and Chloe welcomed their new addition; Joy Wesley, and the hope that Joy's birth would be the answer to Chloe's future.
March 10 to 14, 2003
Thanks to Victor and Tony's manipulation of the justice system, Larry finally agreed to the plea bargain and was remanded to prison for most of his crimes, while all of Salem was in the dark about who really killed Colin. All of Chloe's dreams were about to come true as she awaited her bone marrow transplant from new sister Joy. Jack and Jennifer made Abby's day. Hope and Kate joined forces to bring Roman and Bo together. Kate admitted to Bo that she was falling in love with the "good cop", Roman Brady, but was determined to push him away for fear he would learn about her sordid past and her association with Stefano. Everyone seemed to think Brandon and Sami were not meant to be. Bo and Hope celebrated, and Bo insured Hope's permanent "peace of mind." Marlena was fed up with John's vendetta against Tony, now the father of her new found twins.
March 17 to 21, 2003
Cassie and Rex celebrated their first St. Patrick's day at the Brady pub. Rex pushed Mimi away so as to try to avoid the pain of someone hurting him. Brady and Belle both confided in John about their "loved ones." Nancy and Craig tried to support Chloe at the low point in her illness and give her hope for a future as she prepared for her bone marrow transplant. Marlena was wise to Tony's manipulations and secrets about the twins childhood days. Belle and Shawn had another difficult episode in their stormy romance. Faye's visit to Sami and Brandon's apartment was a disaster after Brandon was called back to work. Roman vowed to learn about Kate's past. Bo's temper and anger for the DA got the best of him after the death of a victim of the Salem gangs. Victor continued to control Nicole, and now others were beginning to notice. Lexie thought it odd that Brandon offered to be a birthing coach for a complete stranger.
March 24 to 28, 2003
Hope, Jennifer and Jack tried to help Bo find out DA Carson's secret, and if he was involved in allowing the crime world to escape prosecution. Isabella helped Brady guide Victor to bring out the best in him. Tony gave Victor an ultimatum that he wasn't sure he could execute. Tony found a way to cause problems in John and Marlena's relationship, and to Tony's delight, Marlena viewed John as the culprit. Mimi tried to find a way to hold Rex's interest. Cassie's drinking and carousing with the wrong people sent her down the path to harm's way. Lexie told Brandon to stay away from her and Abe, and to stop worrying about her baby. Sami and Lexie were both furious and worried over Brandon's continued obsession with Lexie's baby.
March 31 to April 4, 2003
Belle and Shawn's night of romance was foiled once again when Belle was upset with Shawn for making fun of her underwear??? Cassie turned to John and Marlena after her scrape with the police. Tony learned parenting skills from Marlena, while Marlena and John's parenting skills were tested trying to deal with Belle's animosity with new sister Cassie. Brandon and Sami's relationship hit some rough spots. Chloe's transplant proceeded according to plan. Victor offered Brady a job at Titan much to Nicole's displeasure. Bo and Roman teamed up to solve the gang wars case, while Hope and Kate bonded in concern over the men in their lives. In a weak moment and public display, Kate finally told Roman that she loved him. Jack and Jennifer were shocked at Bill's gift to them, a new TV talk show of their very own!
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APRIL 2003
April 7 to 11, 2003
Hope, Jack and Jennifer took matters into their own hands and scored big by collaring one of the key suspects in the drug ring in Salem. Jack and Jennifer prepared to air the first segment of their TV talk show. John and Marlena came to an understanding regarding his undercover role with ISA and his investigation of Tony. Belle, Cassie and Mimi made a big hit as they debuted as "fighting for their mystery man like stray alley cats" in their reality television dating game. Shawn was horrified at Belle's behavior on TV and why she was unwilling to commit to their relationship. Rex continued to work on his secret "bomb-making like project." Not even Brandon could help Sami escape Lucas as he taunted her into being his administrative slave with his new role on the hospital board.
April 14 to 18, 2003
Jack and Jennifer, and the Salem PD got the goods on Carson Palmer and had him arrested live on-air for his involvement in the gang drug wars. Shawn and Belle found their way back to each other, while Cassie and Mimi carried on with their reality dating game. Chloe told Brady that Victor's job offer was his ploy to end their relationship. Tony's date with Kate sent Roman after his woman, while Kate's heartfelt confession about her past indiscretions fell on deaf ears. John was shocked at Marlena's assessment of the cause of his recent behavior toward Tony; jealousy! Rex put the final touches on his mysterious project and then literally pulled the "rug" under and off of Professor Putman, a.k.a the good Dr. Rolf.
April 21 to 25, 2003
Kate and Roman danced around their "real" feelings for each other. Bo found it difficult to obey Abe's orders to play by the rules. Jack and Jennifer's talk show was a smashing success. Rex's plan to "shake up" Salem backfired when he was kidnapped. Lexie fell victim to Rex's experiment. Chloe's transplant was a success and "music" to she and Brady. Victor seemed to have a moment of regret regarding his control over Nicole and recalled past moments when they were happy and in love. Brandon was interrupted by hospital business just as he was about to propose to Sami. John and Tony were contacted by the kidnapper and asked to pay 1m dollar ransom unaware that Cassie had rescued Rex via their twin telepathy. John, Tony, Kate and Lexie were all placed in peril by the aftershocks of the laser.
April 28 to May 2, 2003
Tony left John for dead after the Salem "quake" and then tried to put the moves on Marlena. Roman rescued Kate, who was convinced that she had no future with the police captain. Nicole saw a softer side of Victor as a result of her actions after the accident. Lexie and her baby's brush with death forced Brandon to admit his animosity toward Abe after recalling some painful memories about his past. An ISA experimental drug awakened Roman's true feelings for Kate, but would he find her time? John and Marlena worked together to get to the truth behind Tony's motives. The teens gathered at the DiMera mansion and learned that Cassie was the first to be eliminated from "The Blind Date" TV show, and Mimi and Belle were the finalists.
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MAY 2003
May 5 to 9, 2003
Shawn saved Belle's life after he suspected that Vince and Chaz laced a drink intended for him while partying at the DiMera mansion for the "Love is Blind" show. Roman went live on Jack and Jennifer's TV show to declare his love to Kate. Meanwhile, across town, Sami accepted Brandon's very romantic marriage proposal. Could Lucas and Sami's continuing verbal discontent for each other be fueling another fire between Will's mom and dad?? There were some uneasy moments for Lexie and Eugenia when Sami crashed Lexie's baby shower. Kate and Victor declared a truce while discussing Philip's deployment overseas. Both Kate and Eugenia battled over whether or not to reveal their secrets to Roman and Brandon respectively. Bo resigned from the police force after the life-threatening incident involving Shawn and Belle due to the department's delayed response to ridding Salem of crime, and that he would just have to do things his way.
May 12 to 16, 2003
Bo quit the force and then left Salem to search for Ramsel, but Hope stood by her man. Jennifer asked Hope to be her matron of honor. Lucas tried to save Sami from harm's way, but her plan to put all the blame on Lucas backfired when Brandon didn't believe her. Good news and bad news for Lucas, who fell off the wagon after his near death experience, but was rewarded with a new job compliments of Tony DiMera for his bravery and quick thinking. Belle won the Love is Blind contest and earned her date with the mystery "hunk" who turned out to be Philip Kiriakis claiming he was asked to be a contestant as "PR" for the marines. Brady was jealous of Chloe and Philip's reunion. Rex and Shawn were annoyed with Belle and Mimi's new celebrity status. Tony forbid Cassie to date Philip. Marlena was perplexed by John's layback attitude regarding her relationship with Tony.
May 19 to 23, 2003
Bo faced danger in his quest to find and punish Vince Ramsel. Jack and Jennifer prepared for the wedding day that would be telecast live on their television show. Marlena warned Sami to stay away from Tony and to find a way to make peace with Lucas. Tony forbade Cassie to date Lucas. Chloe received a surprising offer from Madam Maren, but had no idea that Victor had a hand in her newfound success. Victor's cruelty toward Nicole reached new heights after she got wind of his sinister plan to break up Brady and Chloe. Philip's actions seemed more criminal than military. Rex lost interest in Mimi after he discovered that he might not be related to Marlena and Belle after all. Kate was concerned for Lucas when she learned that he was working for the DiMera organization. Tony made a move on Marlena that forced Marlena to join forces with John to stop Tony.
May 26 to 30, 2003
Jack and Jennifer were re-married on national television and shared their happy day with their friends and family, and were especially pleased that Laura was to share this day with Jennifer. Kate and John tried to warn Lucas to resign his position with Tony, but Lucas stayed firm relishing his first assignment that sealed a deal with Victor. Hope met Bo on the road and they decided to get Vin Ramsell one way on another. Victor gave Nicole the scare of her life, then gave her some long-awaited freedom. After Lexie gave birth to her new son, many lives changed as secrets were revealed: Brandon told Abe, Lexie and Sami that he was Abe's biological son, Lucas learned that Brandon was actually the father of Lexie's baby and not his brother, and Lexie told Abe that she slept with Brandon. Sami tried to cover her lies and convinced Brandon to elope while Lucas plotted her fall from grace as he enlisted Kate and Nicole to witness the show. John was shocked to learn that Philip was his new ISA undercover subordinate. After running multiple DNA tests, Rex confided to Mimi that Tony, and perhaps Marlena, were not he and Cassie's biological parents after all. Belle suspected that Philip was hiding something, and also decided not to tell Shawn about their innocent "kiss." Chloe decided to give up her career for her man.
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JUNE 2003
June 2 to 6, 2003
After Brandon told Abe that he was his son, Sami forced him into a "quickie" wedding to cover her tracks. Disaster quickly followed after Lucas, Kate, Roman and Nicole witnessed Sami's downfall when Brandon learned that Sami changed the lab results and that he was the baby's father. Lexie had the last laugh when she told Sami that she and Tony set her up and that Abe was the baby's father after all. In a rage, Sami confronted Tony and was critically injured in an accident at the DiMera mansion. Brandon and Abe reconciled and then Brandon decided to leave Salem and start a new life. Marlena and Roman were drawn together after Sami's accident. Bo and Hope captured Vin Ramsel and decided to go into to the bounty hunting business. Unbeknownst to Chloe, Brady sacrificed his love for her so that she could follow her dreams. Lucas's guilt over Sami's accident pushed him off the wagon and reminiscing about better times when he and Sami were friends. Rex confirmed that Tony and Marlena were not his biological parents, but that Roman was he and Cassie's father, but that he still did not know the identity of his mother.
June 9 to 13, 2003
Bo and Hope continued their new jobs as bounty hunters with great success, meanwhile Shawn found a new career in Uncle Mickey's law office. Jack and Jennifer returned from their honeymoon and back to work at their TV show as husband and wife. Roman and Marlena were heartbroken over the news of Sami's prognosis and recovery. Marlena informed Tony that she would never forgive him for the part he played in Sami's accident. Mimi helped Rex dispose of Dr. Rolf's body that became the answer to Nicole's problems after making a pact with Larry to eliminate Victor. Chloe finally realized Brady's sacrifice and accepted Madam Marin's offer to become her opera protégé in Europe, and then prepared to leave Salem with the Wesley's who were relocating to New York. Cassie made a play for Lucas against Tony's wishes, and Belle ended up in harm's way as a result of Philip's undercover work for the ISA.
June 16 to 20, 2003
Rex and Mimi finally made love, and then agreed to keep secret Dr. Rolf's untimely demise and Rex's true parentage. Meanwhile, Victor questioned Brady and Nicole's new found "friendship", while Nicole kept Dr. Rolf "on ice." Bo and Hope told Shawn their plan to sell the "fancy face" in order to finance their business as bounty hunters. Bo and Hope reminisced about love and romance of the past and present at the Horton cabin. Sami was distraught when she learned that she was unable to speak due to the injuries sustained in her accident. John was furious that Philip's undercover work put Belle in serious danger. Maya seemed to be working with both the DiMera and Kiriakis organizations. Philip pretended to reject Maya's idea to break up Belle and Shawn so that he could use it as a means to go undercover on the inside to complete his assignment for the ISA. Cassie went looking for comfort in the wrong place and was mistakenly arrested for solicitation, and Roman had no idea that he was actually arresting his own daughter. Cassie was devastated when Rex told her that Tony and Marlena were not their biological parents, but that in fact Roman Brady was their father.
June 23 to 27, 2003
Belle learned that John and Philip were working together for the ISA, but was upset that she couldn't tell Shawn and confused by his attraction to Maya. Tony was unaware that Maya was working both he and Victor in their smuggling ring. Nicole continued with her crazy plan to eliminate Victor from her life by keeping Larry hidden in the barn, but Brady was suspicious of her behavior. Cassie hinted to John that Marlena may not be her mother. Sami dreamed about Lucas in a romantic way, and he was touched at seeing her soft side after so many years of anger toward each other. Alice told Hope that her trust fund investment lost most of its value due to the state of the economy and stock market. Bo and Hope found themselves in another dangerous situation in their new jobs as bounty hunters.
June 30 to July 4, 2003
Bo and Hope wiggled their way out of a dangerous situation and vowed to be more careful on future assignments. Victor informed Bo and Hope the good news about Larry Welch's "death" unaware that Nicole pulled a body switch and hired Larry as the hit man to knock off Victor. Brady convinced Victor to let Nicole manage the Blue Note. Shawn was determined to find out Belle and Philip's secret mission. John left town to get the goods on Tony, but soon learned that both their lives were in danger. Sami and Lucas's hot and steamy sexual fantasies and attraction to each other had Kate and Roman baffled. Rex uncovered the real truth about his parentage and that Kate and Roman now have two more children to add to their already entwined family trees. Rex and Mimi were frantic to find the unaware half siblings, Lucas and Cassie, before they consummated their relationship.
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JULY 2003
July 7 to 11, 2003
Hope saved Bo's life again in their new profession as Salem's "best bounties." Belle was thrilled to move into Brady's loft and flaunt her independence. Cassie rebuffed a confused Lucas and informed him that they could never be together. Lucas later comforted Sami in a family crisis and old feelings surfaced for both. Nicole had a change of heart about her plan to "kill" Victor after Larry accidentally almost hit Brady, but Larry had a plan of his own. John and Tony came to a brotherly understanding and agreed to disagree after a close brush with death. Roman and Kate confided in Abe and Lexie about their romantic future and the endless possibilities. Shawn got the goods on Maya and her connection to Tony and reported the information to Philip and the ISA.
July 14 to 18, 2003
Mimi was upset with Rex's mood swings and severe headaches and encouraged him to see a doctor and reveal to all his biological parents Kate and Roman. Kate was furious that Philip had decided to spend time with Cassie, unaware that she was insulting her own daughter, but Cassie, troubled by her past and dysfunctional family, was happy to find a real friend in Philip, her half-brother. Nicole changed her mind about the hit on Victor at the last minute, and Brady was able to save the day. Brady and Nicole pursued Larry, with Brady totally unaware that Nicole and Larry were partners in crime. Lucas and Sami accidentally spent the night together, but Lucas continued to be jealous over Tony's attention to Sami. Marlena was upset over Belle's involvement with ISA, but happy that John was ending his feud with Tony. Bo and Hope shared memories and romance at Salem's 200th anniversary party.
July 21 to 25, 2003
Sami was surprised at her romantic feelings for both Lucas and Tony. Lucas was jealous of Tony's interest in Sami. Rex's strange behavior and medical problems continued, while Kate and Roman were confused by Mimi's comments. Philip befriended Cassie with a special friend that she named "whiskers", but couldn't keep his feelings for Belle a secret. John told Philip that he would support his controversial actions to the ISA. Shawn declared his college major; pre-law. Hope finally said goodbye to old foe, Larry Welch, and plugged her and Bo's new business on Jack and Jennifer's talk show. Nicole started to open up to Brady about her past, but was horrified that Victor revealed her life as a "teen porn queen." Sami regained her speech just in time to try to save Tony from Maya's hit man, but may have put Tony in more danger as he was critically wounded. Kate was disturbed at Lucas's continued involvement in the DiMera organization as well as the obvious attraction between Sami and Lucas.
July 28 to August 1, 2003
Philip told Belle his true feelings for her and then surprised her with a kiss. Mimi gave Rex the boot when he refused to listen to reason regarding his obsession with his DNA and his true parentage. Brady was sympathetic to Nicole's past life of parental abuse but was upset at Victor's continued lack of understanding towards Nicole and their marriage unaware that Victor was blackmailing Nicole with Colin's murder. Marlena was indifferent to John's refusal to pursue his investigation into Tony's business dealings. Sami regained the use of her voice just in time to resume her wicked ways against Nicole, Cassie, Rex, and even Lucas who couldn't muster the courage to reveal his romantic interest in Sami. Mickey offered Shawn the opportunity of a lifetime. Bo employed Jack and Jennifer's help to find Hope after his strong-arm tactics with Maya didn't seem to work.
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August 4 to 8, 2003
Bo rescued Hope from harms way once again and Cree revealed the mystery substance to be a powerful explosive. Bo and Hope destroyed the substance and Hope found another way to help the children of Cree's tribe by having the proceeds of the fashion show donated to the reservation. Salem teens, parents and friends modeled in the fashion show to benefit the Horton foundation. Brady convinced Victor to put the past behind him, but health problems prevented Victor from doing so leaving Nicole's secret exposed. Celeste had a bad premonition about Lexie's family. Rex's mood swings and strange and hostile behavior were out of control. Lucas's commanding presence and management of the DiMera empire was a romantic turn-on for Sami who was back to her old tricks and causing havoc for her new half siblings, Rex and Cassie. Bo and Hope were found seriously injured as the fashion show drew to a close.
August 11 to 15, 2003
Prayers from family and friends were answered as Bo and Hope recovered and were spared from a vicious assault at the fashion show. The Salem PD and ISA investigated the attack on Bo and Hope and the DiMera's seemed high on the list of suspects, especially Tony and Rex. Mimi was torn over her feelings for Rex and reporting his strange behavior to the authorities. Jennifer was concerned over Jack's obsession to find Bo and Hope's attacker and to change his image from talk show host to a more credible investigative reporter whose actions could place his family in danger. Abe was forced to reopen the Colin Murphy case and Nicole was frantic that Victor would implicate her. Brady treated Nicole to a day of carefree fun without care or worry. Sami tested the patience of family, friend and foe by her continued devotion and alliance with Tony.
August 18 to 22, 2003
Bo and Hope recovered and were released from the hospital, but Alice and Celeste had a "feeling" that their lives were still in danger. Shawn, Philip, and Belle got closer to learning the identity of Bo and Hope's attackers, and Rex was high on the suspect list. Tony awoke from his coma to a grand homecoming but more determined than ever to revive the DiMera/Brady feud after Bo and other Salemites accused him of being behind the attack on Bo and Hope. Sami was devastated when the hospital board terminated her employment for her part in switching Lexie's paternity test results, but she was even more crushed after receiving annulment papers from Brandon to dissolve their farce of a marriage. Victor continued to keep Nicole under his thumb by threatening to reveal her as Colin's killer. Kate struggled with memories of her sordid past as a prostitute for Stefano, and that pushed her away from making a commitment to her relationship with Roman. Lucas and Tony tried to give Sami comfort, but Sami wanted only Tony as her friend, unaware that he was using her vulnerability and family problems for his own agenda against the Brady and Black families.
August 25 to 29, 2003
Shawn was determined to "beat" the truth out of Rex regarding the attack on his parents. Cassie offered Philip a rather underhanded way to win Belle's affection. Victor put the squeeze on Nicole just as she was about to skip town. Unbeknownst to them, Bo and Hope were stalked by someone lurking outside of their home. Alice and Celeste continued to have disturbing premonitions about the death of a loved one. Sami's hurt and resentment toward John and Marlena about the affair years before that rocked their family resurfaced in a hurtful way towards other members of the Brady family. After a freak car accident with Sami, Kate regretted her decision to work and supervise Sami in her new career at Basic Black. Tony considered eliminating annoying Abe from his business and Lexie's life, and then warned Jack to mind his own business. Tony manipulated Sami into making her believe that he strong-armed John into hiring her. Sami had a terrible confrontation with Abe and Lexie over Brandon.
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September 1 to 5, 2003
Alice and Celeste continued to receive spiritual warnings of danger surrounding their loved ones. Abe confided to Mickey that Tom Horton's spirit had called out his name. Jack and Abe wanted to protect their families and asked Mickey to draw up new wills without Jennifer or Lexie's knowledge. Mimi's brassy and uncouth mother, Bonnie, pulled a fast one on Mimi by cleaning out her bank account, and selfishly set out to ruin her Mimi's future in an attempt to solve her own personal problems. Shawn told Bo and Hope that Rex might be their attacker. Tony continued to manipulate Sami by stirring up her hatred for John and convincing her not to trust her parents or John and Kate, and he insisted that he was her only friend. Shawn and Rex had another confrontation after Rex found a way to become Shawn's roommate. Rex told Tony his plan to keep an eye on Shawn, but explained his move to Mimi as way to be closer to her. Celeste warned Tony to stay away from Abe for Lexie's sake, and when she had a feeling that Stefano was still in control, Tony revealed that Stefano was indeed alive and working with Tony to cause move havoc for his Salem nemesis.
September 8 to 12, 2003
Mimi decided not to tell Belle that her mother was the person that squandered the money in her bank account. Belle and Mimi planned a dinner party to try to find a way to get Shawn and Rex to work out their differences, but it only made the situation worse. Abe offered Bo and Hope their jobs back on the force after he is "gone." Jack and Abe took their investigation into Colin's murder in different directions that took them both closer to danger. Nicole insisted that Victor "take care of" Abe before he named Nicole in Colin's murder. Sami continued her impossible dream of believing that she would win back Brandon's love, and that her parents would reunite. Maggie told Mickey and Jennifer that she believed there was evil in Salem and that Alice and Celeste's premonitions may indeed be true.
September 15 to 19, 2003
Victor caught Jack snooping at the mansion and later Jack almost lost his life when someone took a shot at him. Lexie and Jennifer were terrified that Abe and Jack's investigation into the Murphy murder and Bo and Hope's attack would put them in harm's way and pleaded with their husband's to be end their pursuits. Celeste was certain that her premonition of Abe's death was inevitable. Bo and Hope decided to rejoin the force after Abe's retirement. Shawn and Rex remained foes. Rex's headaches continued. Sami was determined to find a way to get Brandon back in her life. Roman talked marriage to Kate, and then decided to surprise her with an engagement ring unaware that Abe's discovery of her past with Stefano could destroy their happiness. Several Salem residents had reason to want Abe and Jack dead; Sami, Rex, Tony, Kate, Lucas, Nicole and Victor. Abe and Jack were targets as they set off to the church for Theo's christening.
September 22 to 26, 2003
Abe's life hung in the balance as Roman, John, Bo and Hope tried desperately to put together clues that would lead them to Abe's attacker. Abe struggled to name his shooter as the clues started to point toward Salem's seven: Lucas, Sami, Rex, Nicole, Victor, Kate with Tony, the most obvious suspect based on his revealing phone calls and conversations with the very alive and well Stefano, who seemed to be pulling all the strings. In the event of Abe's death, Tony informed Celeste that he had prepared a place at the mansion for Lexie and Theo. Jennifer had difficulty controlling Jack's reporter instincts that could spell danger for the Deveraux family. Shawn continued to push Rex's buttons about his involvement in the crimes against his parents and Abe, and that only triggered his violent headaches and more erratic behavior. Mimi wondered about Rex's innocence, as did Brady about Victor and Nicole.
September 29 to October 3, 2003
Salem's long time Commander Carver passed away but not before uttering a strange deathbed warning of some kind to Maggie Horton, who could be the killer's next victim. Tek, Roman, John and Bo worked feverishly to narrow the field of suspects and seek justice for Abe's death. To the disappointment of family and friends and in Lexie's grieving state, Tony convinced her that she and Theo would be safer if they moved into the DiMera mansion. Marlena returned home to find friends and family in turmoil over Abe's death, and the shocking reality that Rex, while suffering one of his mood altering headaches and blackouts, might have become violent and be the cause of Salem's deadly crime wave. Shawn couldn't convince Belle that they should continue with their plan and that they would have a future together. Mimi decided to break things off with Rex, but he had another agenda for his unsuspecting girlfriend.
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October 6 to 10, 2003
Lexie pushed Maggie to the breaking point when she tried to use hypnosis to help her identify Abe's killer. Tension mounted as Roman was heartbroken to learn that both Sami and Kate became serious suspects in Abe's murder investigation. Marlena heard Sami vow to get revenge on John. Maggie continued to be the object of Salem's serial killer. Rex declared his undying love for Mimi, while Shawn continued to doubt Rex's innocence. John cautioned Brady about Victor and Nicole, while Marlena also feared for John's safety. Shawn convinced Belle to have hope in their future. Jack's on-air warning to Salem's serial killer placed Jack in serious danger.
October 13 to 17, 2003
Jennifer, the entire Horton family and friends were in shock over Jack's death, another victim of the Salem serial killer. Roman begged Kate to tell him her secret or their relationship was off, and Kate's fear of her sordid past with Stefano forced her to leave the man of her dreams. Bonnie tried to convince Mimi to snatch Rex the old fashioned way by getting pregnant as soon as possible. Brady and Philip had a confrontation over Nicole, meanwhile Victor sent Nicole back to her employment roots. Will blasted Lucas and Sami for disrupting his life with their selfish shenanigans and for being suspects in Abe's murder. Lexie and Jennifer decided to combine funeral services for Abe and Jack. Maggie heard the children's voices warning her that she would be the next victim of the serial killer, while Tom's spirit visited Alice with more disturbing news that Hope may be in danger.
October 20 to 24, 2003
Hope was attacked again at the police station by Salem's serial killer. Rex submitted to a polygraph test that fooled almost everyone to believe in his innocence, but then failed one important question about the true identify of his biological parents. Tony, John and Tek wondered about the identity of Rex and Cassie's parents. Sami and Lucas bonded for Will's benefit. Philip, Cassie and Mimi followed Rex on a disturbing trip to the scene of each crime. Bonnie continued to wish her way into a life of wealth and social acceptance. Jennifer mourned Jack's death as Jo and Vern tried to help Abby cope with her loss and anger toward Jennifer. Jennifer saw Jack in a new "light" as his soul and spirit gave her the courage to go on with her life, coupled with good news for the future and a warning for the present. Shawn tried to help Belle's dreams for a happy future together. Maggie agreed to another hypnosis session with Marlena that confirmed that she witnessed Abe's death and the assailant, but all she was able to remember were the evil eyes of the serial killer. Maggie's life was in danger.
October 27 to 31, 2003
Jack's spirit visits Maggie with news that she is likely to be the next victim of the serial killer, while Celeste has a similar premonition about Maggie. John and Shawn arranged for Belle to leave Salem to keep her out of harm's way. Philip alerted Bo and Hope that Rex may be the killer, while Shawn continued to agitate Rex to force him to confess. Rex continued his strange behavior and was concerned that he had experienced so many blackouts. Kate finally told Roman of her sordid past as a prostitute under Stefano's control. Sami wreaked havoc at Will's school Halloween party, as Will, Lucas, etc. looked on in horror! A confused Brady was surprised that Victor granted Nicole her divorce but was unaware of all the conditions and strings attached.
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November 3 to 7, 2003
The Salem serial killer focused his/her wrath on Mickey and Maggie as the Horton's kept vigil at the hospital and prayed for Maggie's survival. Celeste and Bonnie had their own brush with the serial killer on their way to the Brady pub. Shawn, Mimi, Philip and Cassie searched frantically for the "MIA" Rex while the killer's video of the Horton attack appeared on the Salem PD's computer. Sami had a vision of Maggie and Mickey's attack, and Rex's Halloween costume not only matched the killer's, but was covered in what appeared to be blood; bottom line was that all seven suspects had no alibi's for the time of Maggie and Mickey's attack and Roman's hands were tied to make an arrest.
November 10 to 14, 2003
Maggie succumbed to the serial killer's attack, and Salem residents bid a formal farewell to Abe, Jack, and Maggie. Rex was arrested for Maggie's murder and was being held as the prime suspect for the other murders. Victor finally came clean to give Caroline an alibi for the night of Maggie's murder. Nicole and Brady, and Lucas and Sami each shared a special kiss and some tender moments in their confusing relationships. Belle and Mimi were concerned with Shawn's obsession that Rex was the serial killer. Celeste received a premonition that Caroline Brady would be the next victim, and Bo, Roman and Hope received a computerized warning that the murder would take place within the hour. With no explanation or reason, a fourth coffin with Caroline's name mysteriously made its way to the funeral chapel. All clues seemed to point to Rex planning the next murder from his jail cell.
November 17 to 21, 2003
The Brady family and friends said goodbye to yet another victim of the serial killer, this time the beloved Caroline Brady. Kim returned to Salem to be with her family, but couldn't seem to comfort Bo's hurt and anger as he, Hope, Roman, John and others were determined to avenge the deaths of Caroline and the others. Shawn was on a vigilante crusade to prove the DiMeras were responsible for all the death of his friends and family. Sami and Lucas and Roman and Marlena bonded over the tragedy befallen their families. Nicole and Brady had "steamy" visions of each other, as did Bonnie of Mickey, while Victor made plans to bring Chloe back to Salem to keep Nicole and Brady in line. Marlena agreed to help a new patient, Belle's one and only nemesis, Jan Spears. Caroline gave Celeste a message of warning from beyond, Roman received a new message on his Palm Pilot, and shortly thereafter Marlena fainted at Caroline's wake.
November 24 to 28, 2003
Marlena survived the serial killer's attack, meanwhile Caroline's spirit continued to appear to Celeste who warned a speculative Bo that the murders would continue. Caroline also informed Celeste that John would put Marlena's life in danger. A shocked Brady family learned that Roman and Kate were Rex and Cassie's biological parents. Victor told Brady that Chloe would be home for Christmas and foiled Nicole's plan for a relationship with his grandson. Sami continued her crusade to unite Roman and Marlena at all costs. Thanksgiving was a sad time for the Horton and Brady families, but Bo and Hope were determined to maintain tradition for the sake of their children. Cassie learned and then tried to reveal the identity of the serial killer to Roman and Rex, but the killer was too quick and smart and claimed her as the 5th victim before she was able to expose him/her.
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December 1 to 5, 2003
Roman was forced to arrest Kate for Cassie's murder but vowed to clear her name. Celeste held a séance to help Lexie and Jennifer cope with their grief. Abe returned to Lexie for a short time and finally put his spirit to rest. Later, Jennifer was also visited by Jack's spirit for the last time. After being a first-hand witness to the séance where Abe warned that "John would kill Marlena," an already "out of control" Sami convinced Roman that John was the serial killer and that Marlena's life was in danger. John was determined to clear his name and find the killer, as was Bo, who received a visit from Caroline's spirit, who warned him that more pain and suffering would befall the Brady family. Nicole's plan to foil Chloe's return went awry. Jan continued to follow an unsuspecting Shawn, while Rex had difficulty dealing with Cassie's death and rejected Mimi's attempt to console him.
December 8 to 12, 2003
The serial killer managed to pit friends and relatives against each other as Bo received another computer message that Roman would be the next victim. Caroline was finally put to rest. Victor warned Sami that he and Kate were about to reveal her lies regarding how she won custody of Will. Victor's surprise for Brady upset's Nicole's plan to win Brady's affection. This time, the Brady's believed Rex's theory that Roman's life was in danger, meanwhile Roman vowed to catch the killer by setting himself up as a target. Bo, Hope, Roman and Marlena all agreed that John could not be the killer and agreed that he should be part of the plan to arrest the person responsible for these horrendous crimes. Lucas and Sami grew closer out of necessity and Sami's desperation to keep members of her immediate family out of harm's way. Jan continued to secretly stalk Shawn.
December 15 to 19, 2003
Roman decided to put his life on the line and become a target so that he could capture the Salem serial killer. Sami's close call with death seemed to forge a closeness between her and Lucas. Rex and Shawn found common ground and helped Roman search for the killer as it was apparent that several of the suspects were present during the latest attacks clearing their name. Belle returned home from Paris for a romantic reunion with Shawn unaware that Jan was stalking their every move. Nicole tried unsuccessfully to seduce Brady, but his thoughts were focused on Chloe's return. Julie and Doug's gift to Bo and Hope caused a panic at their tree trimming celebration. Kate feared for Roman's life, and Bonnie helped Mickey find some Christmas cheer.
December 22 to 26, 2003
Chloe returned to Salem and to Brady, while Nicole was left to plot a way to win over Brady's heart. Roman and Rex almost caught the serial killer, but did learn more clues as to his/her identity as Kate, Rex, Lucas, and Sami were exonerated as suspects. Abby forgave Jennifer when she learned that her mom was going to have a baby; an incredible Christmas gift from her Dad. Roman proposed to Kate and set a date to be married before the New Year, but the stalker continued to transmit threatening messages via Roman's PDA. Marlena was in a funk having thoughts that John might be the serial killer after all and hearing news of Roman's nuptials, old memories and loving feelings surfaced again for Roman. Tony's behavior was questionable, and even Rex began to have doubts. Celeste warned Sami that she would regret the actions of her hatred and ill will toward Roman and Kate's union if she interfered with their happiness and fate. Rex and Mimi said goodbye to Cassie.
December 29, 2003 to January 2, 2004
Tony was arrested as the Salem stalker, but continued to claim his innocence and warned the Salem PD that Roman's life was still in danger. Marlena initially refused Kate's offer to be her matron of honor, and later agreed to stand by her at the wedding and gave her and Roman her blessing for a happy life together. Sami refused to accept Roman and Kate's decision to marry and disowned Roman shortly before the ceremony. Roman and Kate were married on New Year's Eve despite some disturbing interruptions while Celeste continued to have premonitions about Roman and warned guests that he would die on the stroke of midnight. During the ceremony, everyone learned that Tony made bail, and Bo, Hope, John and Roman set out to make certain that everyone was safe. Sami confided her remorse about fighting with Roman to Marlena. Kate tried to make peace with Sami as a wedding gift to Roman. Roman came face to face with the serial killer, but became the killer's sixth victim before he was able to tell his family and friends the identity of the stalker.
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