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January 2 to 6, 2023
Gabi told Stefan and Chloe the truth about the brainwashing, but he rejected Gabi. Eric stashed Rachel with Sloan. Nicole used restraint with E.J. Johnny and Wendy decided to date. Alex annoyed Stephanie by acting territorial with Chad. Sarah told Justin and Bonnie that Xander had been the kidnapper. Leo warned Gwen that Sarah had told Bonnie about Xander's clownish ways. Rafe finalized his divorce. Sarah told Xander she wanted a divorce. Bonnie punched Xander and went to the police. Alex and Stephanie decided to sleep together. Brady demanded the orchid in exchange for Rachel. The orchid disappeared. Eric told John and Marlena about Kristen's blackmail. Rachel returned home. Kayla and Marlena's health declined. Kate's heart stopped, and Rex declared her dead.
January 9 to 13, 2023
Alex turned off Stephanie's phone so that Chad would not interrupt them. Lucas attacked Orpheus over Kate's death. Kayla died before Stephanie arrived at the hospital. Eric held Kristen at gunpoint. Brady kicked Kristen out. Gabi rejected Li. Johnny confessed to Stefan that he had spoken to Rolf in Jakarta. Brady told Chloe the truth about their breakup. Chloe admitted she had feelings for Stefan. Kristen blackmailed E.J. Stefan told Gabi that he believed her, but that he did not want to be with her. Li begged Wendy to help him. Stefan agreed to undergo a procedure to reverse Rolf's work. Rolf disappeared. Family and friends mourned Kate and Kayla's deaths. Lucas told Rex that Philip was alive. Stephanie confronted Alex and dumped him. Gwen refused to testify against Xander. Will overheard Leo talking to Sloan about his involvement in a crime. Sloan sued Chanel.
January 16 to 20, 2023
Bonnie urged Sarah to give Xander a second chance. Will told Sonny he had overheard Leo confess he had helped cover up Xander's crime. Gwen counseled Xander to fight for his marriage and his freedom. Sarah caught Xander in a compromising position. Leo realized he was in love with Sonny. Chad consoled Stephanie. Sonny confronted Leo. Johnny stopped Steve from strangling Kristen. Steve secretly recorded Kristen's confession to Johnny. Li relocated Rolf to a new safe house. Brady stopped Gabi from asking Marlena for help. Stefan told Gabi he was disgusted by her selfishness. Brady kissed Chloe. Johnny agreed to testify against Kristen. Kristen attempted to kidnap Rachel. Police arrested Kristen. Belle said goodbye to Marlena. E.J. made a confession to Stefan. Johnny and Chanel helped John set up a romantic scene for Marlena. Marlena died in John's arms.
January 23 to 27, 2023
Marlena died in John's arms. Allie was upset when she saw Chanel comforting Johnny. Johnny punched Tripp then apologized. Eric went on a bender after Marlena's death. Abe comforted John. Will accepted a job offer in New Zealand. Paulina asked Stephanie for help. Allie gave Alex hope about his relationship. The devil greeted Marlena in the afterlife, disguised as Susan. E.J. fired Li. Gabi accepted Wendy's apology. Nicole hugged Eric then fought with Sloan. Belle agreed to represent Paulina. Stefan drugged E.J.'s drink. Gabi kidnapped Stefan before he could drug E.J. Nicole ingested E.J.'s drugged drink. E.J. and Nicole decided to date. Johnny and Wendy agreed to go out in the future. Chanel temporarily moved out when she and Allie agreed to a break. Gabi seduced Li so that she could access his burner phone to call Rolf.
January 30 to February 3, 2023
Jack gave Gwen an ultimatum, and she chose Xander over her father. Xander threatened Leo. Stefan begged Vivian for help. Li ordered a hit on Rolf. Gabi ordered Stefan's deprogramming, despite the risk of side effects. Sarah convinced Xander to sign divorce papers. Jack urged Chad to explore his feelings for Stephanie. Alex saw Stephanie kiss Chad. Stefan woke up from Rolf's procedure in love with both Gabi and Chloe. Gwen told Xander about her sacrifice, and they had sex. Stephanie and Chad slept together. Chanel stormed out when she found Alex's underwear in Allie's couch. Allie warned Wendy not to date Johnny. Sarah was devastated to learn that Xander had slept with Gwen. Steve, John, and Roman agreed to kill Orpheus. Marlena, Kayla, and Kate unwittingly signed papers for the devil.
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February 6 to 10, 2023
Orpheus tempted Lucas. Nick revealed that Marlena, Kayla, and Kate had sold their souls to him. Chad talked to Doug and Julie about Stephanie. John, Roman, and Steve plotted to murder Orpheus with Lucas' help. Stephanie told Alex that she did not hate him. Rolf agreed to give a statement against Li and Kristen, but Sloan intervened. Stefan drugged E.J.'s drink. Chloe moved out. Joey helped Tripp woo Wendy away from Johnny. Chad told his kids that he was dating Stephanie. Chanel fought with Allie after she saw Allie with Alex in a bar. Xander berated Jack for his treatment of Gwen. Rex told Sarah about Philip. Wendy broke things off with Johnny. Sarah had rebound sex with Rex and told Xander. Leo convinced Gwen and Xander to blackmail Jack. Johnny and Chanel decided not to sleep together. Allie slept with Alex, and she decided not to tell Chanel.
February 13 to 17, 2023
Chanel caught Allie in a lie. Allie confessed she had cheated, and Chanel ended their relationship. Jack gave the paper to Gwen. E.J. struggled at work after Stefan dosed his drink. E.J. and Nicole ran into Sloan and Eric on Valentine's Day. Jada and Rafe had a friendly dinner together. Brady was frustrated by Chloe's absence. Stefan called Gabi by Chloe's name, and she spent the evening with Li instead. Kayla's spirit visited Steve to ask for help. Nicole slept with E.J. Wendy and Johnny had a date. Sonny, Ari, Allie, and Henry decided to move to New Zealand with Will. Marlena made a deal with the devil. Kayla and Kate refused to let Marlena sacrifice herself for them. Kate reached out to Roman and convinced him to stop the plot to kill Orpheus. Orpheus told John and Steve that he knew who had really killed their wives.
February 20 to 24, 2023
Roman stopped Steve from killing Orpheus. Orpheus said a DiMera had stolen the orchid. Jake told Kate, Kayla, and Marlena that they were not dead. Chanel and Allie said goodbye. Brady told Eric he suspected that Sloan's real client was Li. Li pressured Gabi into taking his shares of DiMera Enterprises if she agreed to delay their divorce. Johnny confronted E.J. about a vial of drugs he had found. Eric convinced Rolf to sign the statement. Brady kidnapped Stefan. Sloan ended her fling with Eric. Rafe arrested Li. Rolf finished deprogramming Stefan. E.J. and Nicole plotted revenge on Stefan. Jake convinced Nick to let Marlena, Kate, and Kayla return to their bodies. John and Steve pinpointed Megan Hathaway as the orchid thief. Marlena, Kate, and Kayla woke up in sleeping pods under the watchful eye of Megan.
February 27 to March 3, 2023
Nicole and Eric discussed their relationship statuses. Megan told Marlena, Kayla, and Kate that she had staged their deaths and that they were her captives. Sloan convinced Trask to release Li. Rafe arrested Brady for kidnapping. Rolf accepted an offer from Li. Wendy welcomed new roommates Tripp, Li, and Gabi. Stefan told Chloe that he no longer loved her. Chloe pushed Brady away. E.J. and Nicole plotted to dose Stefan with his own drug. Chanel told Johnny about her breakup. Stefan told Gabi that he loved only her. Li informed Stefan of his agreement with Gabi. Sonny said his goodbyes. Leo wrote a gossip column about Alex. Victor named Maggie CEO. Sarah confessed to Rex that she was pregnant with Xander's baby. Jack and Jennifer left town. Xander and Sarah refiled their divorce papers. Sarah told Xander she had taken a job in Chicago.
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MARCH 2023
March 6 to 10, 2023
E.J. switched drinks with Stefan. Belle refused to represent Eric. Brady made bail. Li obsessed over Gabi. Stefan convinced Gabi to stay married to Li. John talked to Rachel about her anger issues with Chloe. Johnny realized E.J. was drugging Stefan. Sloan offered her services to Eric. Li offered an out to Gabi, but she refused. Eric told Nicole that he did not care about doing good. Sloan froze Paulina's assets. Alex butted heads with Maggie over Bella's future. Chanel hired Jada's sister Talia at Sweet Bits. Xander's divorce was finalized. Gwen kissed Xander, and he rejected her and quit the paper. Chad lost his temper with Leo and let some gossip slip. Jada asked Rafe if he was interested in her. Wei Shin told Wendy he was proud of her for dating Johnny. Johnny stole Tripp's work badge. Johnny warned Stefan about E.J.
March 13 to 17, 2023
A drugged E.J. made a fool of himself in front of Wei Shin. Wendy was furious that Johnny had stolen Tripp's badge, and she grew closer to Tripp. Maggie contemplated hiring Xander. Gwen and Alex slept together, and Gwen told Xander. Stefan agreed to ask Trask to drop the charges against Eric and Brady. Johnny urged Stefan to make peace with his brother. E.J. and Stefan declared war on one another. Alex threatened Leo. Johnny apologized to Tripp. Xander ordered Alex to stay away from Gwen. E.J. offered to help Li keep Gabi. Paul told John that his relationship with Andrew had not worked out. Megan told Kate that she needed the orchid for multiple patients. Andrew gave Steve intel. Paul and Andrew gave their relationship a second chance. Steve and John ran into Hope during their search for Megan's hideout. Marlena and Kayla questioned Rolf about the unknown captive. Bo thwarted Kate's escape, and Megan ordered him to kill Kate.
March 20 to 24, 2023
Megan confided to Rolf that Bo did not love her, despite Rolf's brainwashing. Li convinced Gabi to meet with Saxton's about a fashion line. Nicole plotted to help E.J. trick Stefan into breaking Gabi's fidelity clause. Sloan urged Eric to open a gallery. Jada was shocked to learn that Talia intended to be a baker instead of a doctor. Belle got Sloan's civil suit dismissed. Kristen called Chloe to harass her, and Leo overheard. Chad and Stephanie had their first sleepover. Xander and Alex fought, and Alex refused to give up Gwen. Leo double-crossed Chloe. Brady forced Kristen to write to Rachel on Chloe's behalf. Someone trashed Paulina's office. Kate's last words spurred Bo to read his case file. Ciara learned that she was pregnant. Harris underwent shock treatment to regain his memories. Ciara interrupted a kiss between Harris and Hope. John and Steve located Megan's hideout based on Harris' memories. Bo ran into Kayla as they both escaped Megan's facility. John found Marlena asleep in her cryogenic tube.
March 27 to 31, 2023
Harris apologized to Ciara. Rolf used the serum to wake up Marlena for John. Kayla refused to leave without Marlena, so Bo forced her at gunpoint to leave. Stefan and Gabi met up. Sloan helped Eric look for gallery space. E.J. tipped Li off about Stefan and Gabi's meeting. Rafe questioned Sloan. Chanel and Talia told one another their secrets. Li burst in on Stefan in bed with Trask. Talia helped Paulina through a panic attack. Sloan told Eric that she was innocent of vandalism. Paulina received a threatening note. Rachel sneaked out to visit Kristen. Kristen told Rachel that she was okay with Brady dating Chloe. Xander edited Leo's column to omit Chloe. Tripp fantasized about Wendy. Leo photographed Xander and Chloe hugging. Bo took Kayla to Greece and ordered her to finish Rolf's youth serum. Kayla and Marlena's families learned they were alive. Steve made a deal with Megan for the name of Kayla's kidnapper.
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APRIL 2023
April 3 to 7, 2023
Megan lied about Kayla's kidnapper. Kayla called Stephanie and told her that she was in Greece. Harris struggled with his conscience. In front of Brady, Rachel and Chloe yelled that they hated one another. Leo showed Gwen his photo of Xander and Chloe's hug. Paulina suffered a panic attack when she confronted Sloan. Sloan secured a restraining order. Chloe cried on Xander's shoulder, and Gwen saw them. Chanel gave Leo a story for his column. Rafe and Jada resisted their attraction for one another. Gabi noticed that Wendy and Tripp were interested in one another. Stefan and Trask continued their fake affair. Tripp told Wendy that he had feelings for her, and they kissed. Stefan and Gabi made love in the wine cellar, and E.J. recorded them. Abe urged Eric to dump Sloan. Wendy accepted a date with Tripp. Alex attempted to bribe a Greek cop for the prisms, but Maggie stopped him. Bo impersonated Shane, and Steve caught him.
April 10 to 14, 2023
Tripp canceled his date with Wendy to visit Joey in the hospital. Kayla read a collection of Victor's letters to Caroline Brady. Stephanie asked Marlena for help. Steve was kidnapped and reunited with Kayla. Brady was unhappy with Xander and Chloe's friendship. Stephanie and Chad obtained a list of Victor's Greek properties. Xander kissed Chloe to annoy Gwen. Jada searched Sloan's apartment. Sloan ordered Leo to retract his column. Chanel and Sloan had a physical fight. Rafe and Jada admitted that they were interested in one another. Sloan briefly dumped Eric. E.J. told Stefan that he had pictures of Stefan in bed with Gabi. Talia drugged biscuit dough, which caused hallucinations and loose inhibitions among Salem residents. Under the influence, Eric slept with Nicole, Johnny proposed to Chanel, and Rafe hit on Jada.
April 17 to 21, 2023
Marlena counseled Alex about Stephanie. Steve pushed Bo to act. Megan confided in Kristen. Harris found Bo, but he kept it a secret. Chad caught Thomas Banks. Megan convinced Kristen to keep quiet about Bo. Chloe accidentally threw a dart into Xander's chest. Li let go of Gabi, but he kept his shares. Nicole neglected to tell E.J. that she had slept with Eric. Wendy surprised Tripp in Seattle. Nicole confided in Anna about Eric. Sloan asked Eric to be exclusive. Li helped Johnny. Tony advised E.J. to focus on Nicole's happiness. Stefan moved Gabi into the mansion. Andrew extracted the truth from Megan. Roman learned about Marlena, Kayla, and Kate's fates. Stephanie and Chad found Kayla in a research facility. Harris sent Hope to Victor's cottage, and she saw Bo.
April 24 to 28, 2023
Harris told Shawn that Bo was alive. Hope talked Bo through his urge to kill her until Bo broke through Megan's programming. Shawn shot Bo. Harris saved Kayla, Stephanie, Chad, and the prisms from Banks. Bo lapsed into a coma. Johnny told Wendy about the biscuits. The bakery's business crumbled. Stefan hired Gabi as an efficiency consultant, and E.J. hired Nicole in response. Talia's partner in the biscuit scheme was Sloan's brother, Colin. Chanel asked Alex to seduce Sloan, but he declined. Xander and Chloe decided to be roommates. Eric counseled Brady not to worry about Xander. Sloan told Leo about Rafe's drug-induced harassment of Jada. Harris apologized to Hope. Ciara and Shawn kept a vigil at Bo's side. Andrew pulled a video off the microchip that had been in Bo's brain. The video confirmed that Kate was alive. Hope begged Bo to wake up.
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MAY 2023
May 1 to 5, 2023
E.J. offered the DiMera jet to Belle to be with Shawn. Harris apologized to Shawn, but Shawn was still overwhelmed by guilt. Roman, Steve, and Chad coordinated to track down Kate. Andrew asked Harris for help. Steve reluctantly agreed to work with Harris. The health department shut down the bakery. Jada learned that Talia had had access to Paulina's keys. Colin asked Talia to break Chanel's heart. Xander and Chloe moved in together. Alex dumped Gwen. Talia kissed Chanel, and they went on a date. Chloe ended her relationship with Brady. Maggie allowed Alex to run Titan while she went to Greece with Victor. Talia's lie about a key calmed Jada's suspicions. Sloan told E.J. that Nicole had slept with Eric. E.J. punched Eric. Alex asked Stephanie for help. Nicole learned she was pregnant. Kate met her captor on the ship, and she knew them.
May 8 to 12, 2023
Kate learned that Dimitri von Leuschner was her captor. Nicole confessed to Kayla that she didn't know the paternity of her baby. Nicole kept her pregnancy hidden. Gabi and Stefan revised Nicole's performance review for Stefan. Rafe told Abe and Paulina about a new suspect. Colin sent a threatening text to Paulina. Xander told Jada about Talia's boyfriend. Wendy told Tripp that she was not ready to choose between him and Johnny. Chanel advised Johnny to play it cool with Wendy. Talia and Chanel almost slept together. Jada questioned Colin. Sloan learned her brother was in town, and she advised him to give up his vendetta. Nicole confided in Anna. Wei Shin ordered E.J. to take anger management classes. Talia covered for Colin with Jada. Alex blew Maggie's Titan deal, and she fired him. Steve, Harris, and Chad tracked down Kate. Marlena celebrated her years as a psychiatrist.
May 15 to 19, 2023
Shawn was guilt ridden. Stephanie failed to convince Maggie to rehire Alex. Chad, Steve, and Harris rescued Kate. Roman and Kate reunited. Stephanie and Alex discussed his therapy. Xander opened up to Chloe, and they almost kissed. Megan told Kristen that Dimitri was her son. Dimitri told Harris that his second hostage was Andrew. Colin moved hideouts. Trask asked Abe to fire Rafe. Sloan talked to Eric about Colin. Nicole confided in Anna about her pregnancy fears. Eric told Sloan about Nicole's menopause. Sloan saw Nicole with prenatal vitamins, and Nicole admitted the truth to her. Rafe discovered Colin was Sloan's brother. Marlena forced Eric and Belle to reconcile. Stefan and Gabi got engaged. E.J. proposed to Nicole. Talia made a confession to Chanel. Colin attacked Abe. Sloan told the police about Colin, and Jada arrested her. Colin ordered Paulina at gunpoint to jump off the roof while Chanel watched.
May 22 to 26, 2023
E.J. told Nicole that he loved her, but she declined his proposal. Abe suffered a cranial hemorrhage. Talia and Colin fell off the roof. Sloan promised Eric not to keep secrets, but she did not tell him about Nicole's baby. Jada arrested Colin and Talia. Chanel told Rafe about Talia's confession. Gabi gave Li their signed divorce papers. Wendy told Johnny that she was not ready to choose between him and Tripp. Shane freed Dimitri and Megan in exchange for Andrew's release. Kristen forced Megan to include her in Dimitri's deal. Marlena and Kate reunited. Kristen demanded to see Rachel, and she got in a yelling match with Brady. Dimitri told Chad that he was Chad's nephew. Xander offered Chloe a job at the paper. Harris moved to Salem to keep an eye on Megan. Tony figured out Anna's secret. Megan and Kristen moved into the DiMera mansion. E.J. allied with Megan, while Stefan allied with Kristen. Sloan offered to help Nicole collect a DNA swab from Eric.
May 29 to June 2, 2023
Leo harassed Wendy and Johnny on their date. Stefan and E.J. vied for their sisters' loyalty. Eric supported Sloan's decision to represent Colin, and they said "I love you" to one another. Sloan secured a DNA sample from Eric. Sarah asked Bonnie not to tell anyone that Xander was the father of Sarah's baby. Xander convinced Gwen to hire Chloe. Justin begged Maggie to give Alex another chance. Alex accepted a job with Brady. Abe woke up with amnesia. Eric forced Sloan to tell him Nicole's secret. Colin escaped custody. Talia refused to believe she had been in an emotionally abusive relationship. Nicole and Eric discussed her pregnancy. A cat-crazy nurse kidnapped Abe and pretended to be Paulina. Nicole told E.J. about her pregnancy. Stefan and Gabi made a pitch to Megan and Kristen. Megan agreed to help Kristen secure full custody of Rachel. Steve declined Harris' help. Nicole, E.J., and Eric waited for the test results together.
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JUNE 2023
June 5 to 9, 2023
Megan ordered Dimitri to marry Kristen in order to secure his trust fund money, but they refused. Sloan told Jada about Nicole's pregnancy. The paternity test revealed that Eric was not the father because Sloan had used her own DNA. Xander convinced Chloe not to quit, and he kissed her. Chloe agreed to consider dating Xander. Megan ordered Dimitri to woo and marry Gwen. Jada appealed to Leo's conscience. A drunken Shawn snapped at Belle. Talia tipped off Chanel that Colin was hiding in Talia's room. Rafe arrested Colin. Tripp returned to Salem. Julie comforted Paulina. Abe was wary of Whitley. Wendy grew closer to Tripp when Johnny stood her up. Jada encouraged Talia to talk to Marlena. Abe saw old news footage of his election as mayor. Rafe questioned Whitley. Leo was devastated after a visit with his mother. Kate asked Harris to kill Megan.
June 12 to 16, 2023
Chad removed his wedding ring. Xander turned down Maggie's job offer. Dimitri charmed Gwen, but Leo was suspicious. Bonnie told Justin that Sarah was pregnant. Nicole was disgusted to learn that Chloe was dating Xander. E.J. declined to team up with Stefan and Gabi. Megan tied up E.J. to stop him from warning Stefan about her plan to murder him. Whitley told Abe that he had been impeached as mayor. Wendy told Li that she was proud of him. Gabi worried her marriage was doomed. Harris agreed to help Kate. Kristen found E.J., but Megan tied up Kristen, too. Megan asked Li to recall Rolf to Salem to brainwash Harris. A drunken Shawn interrupted Harris' plan to disappear Megan. Nicole learned that she would likely carry her baby to term. Kate convinced Eric and Sloan to have a baby. Dimitri and Gwen gave in to their passions.
June 19 to 23, 2023
Theo gave Abe's Juneteenth speech. Mama Olivia comforted Paulina. Abe recovered new memories. Whitley altered Abe's wedding photo to ease his suspicions. Eli and Julie rehashed their past issues with Gabi and Stefan. Dimitri proposed to Gwen after they had sex. Leo warned Megan not to hurt Gwen. Maggie and Alex argued about a stolen client. Xander confided in Chloe about Bonnie's odd behavior. Chad and Stephanie decided to move in together. Maggie offered Chad a job. Bonnie told Sarah about Xander's new girlfriend. Rex rebuffed Sarah's advances. Belle advised Brady to wait for Chloe. Xander and Chloe agreed to take things slow, since they still loved their exes. Whitley hired an actor to play Theo. Kate encouraged Jada to date Rafe in secret. Eli questioned Whitley. Trask recommended community service for Talia rather than prison. Chanel told Paulina about Talia's abusive relationship. Whitley decided to kill Abe.
June 26 to 30, 2023
Whitley said Jerry was Brandon when Abe remembered Theo. Rafe and Jada gave in to their feelings. Stefan found Kristen's phone. Megan got the drop on Harris. Jerry helped Whitley stage Abe's fake death. The police announced Abe's death. Tripp took Wendy on a mini date. Johnny comforted Chanel. Leo begged Gwen not to marry Dimitri. Xander and Dimitri threatened one another. Nicole and Chloe agreed not to disparage one another's love interests. Sloan and Eric worked on making a baby. Eric told Nicole about Abe's presumed death. Dimitri convinced Leo to give his blessing. Gwen asked Dimitri for time to decide on his proposal. Xander and Chloe had sex. Megan used memory-erasing serum on E.J. and Kristen. Rolf brainwashed Harris. Leo found E.J. and Kristen in the tunnels. Eric supported Nicole through a scare. Harris entered the engagement party with a gun.
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JULY 2023
July 3 to 7, 2023
Nicole kissed Eric. Leo freed E.J. and Kristen. Harris told the party that Li had hired him to kill Stefan. Harris accidentally shot Megan when Gabi jumped on his back. Nicole told E.J. that she loved him. Rafe arrested Li for attempted murder. Abe recognized Jerry on the soap opera. Lani visited Salem on a furlough from prison. Steve and John decided to dig deeper into Abe's disappearance. Lani reluctantly celebrated her anniversary with Eli. Abe confronted Whitley as a liar, and she drugged him. Rafe and Jada celebrated the holiday together. Paulina encouraged Chanel to forgive Talia. Megan lied to Dimitri about the kidnapping. Kate talked Harris through his altered state. Marlena helped Kristen and E.J. remember. Li convinced Gabi and Stefan that Megan was responsible for Harris' brainwashing. Gwen accepted Dimitri's proposal. Megan escaped with Rolf in a submarine. Shawn was drinking on the job. Gwen agreed to marry Dimitri before his birthday. Leo found the details of Dimitri's inheritance. Dimitri kissed Leo.
July 10 to 14, 2023
Alex moved out. Dimitri seduced Leo. Chad and Stephanie leased an apartment. Gwen interrupted Xander and Chloe's intimacy at work. Rachel ran away from camp. Kristen hid Rachel to force a revision to the custody agreement. Chad accepted Maggie's job offer. Wendy told Li that she was ashamed of him. Harris recovered his memory of Rolf's instruction to kill Stefan. Harris' testimony set Li free, but Stefan and Gabi remained suspicious. Wendy chose Tripp. Rafe suspended Shawn for drinking on the job. Shawn's attempt at blackmail backfired, and the new mayor fired Rafe. Marlena committed Harris to Bayview. Kate made a confession to Kayla. Shawn asked Marlena for help. John could not shake the feeling that Abe was alive. Salem mourned Abe. Whitley planned to leave Salem with Abe. Brady ripped up the custody agreement. Jerry cracked under Lani's interrogation. Whitley threw suspicion on Jerry. Lani found Abe.
July 17 to 21, 2023
Brady pulled a gun on Kristen. Rachel called the police. Jada arrested Brady. Whitley foiled Lani's rescue of Abe. Rafe lied to the prison about Lani. Gabi held Li at gunpoint. E.J. and Stefan made a truce. Kristen blackmailed Dimitri for a cut of the inheritance. Leo told Gwen that she had his blessing to marry Dimitri. Xander gifted Chloe a dartboard for their anniversary. Trask and Li bonded on their blind date until she ruined it. Alex interrupted Chad and Stephanie's romantic evening. Bonnie told Maggie that Sarah was dating Rex. Johnny told Rafe about Nicole's pregnancy. Li interrupted Tripp and Wendy. Sloan's pregnancy test was positive. Kate gave Paulina hope. Jerry told John and Steve that Lani had gone to rescue Abe from Whitley. The US Marshal tracked Lani's ankle monitor and found her body dumped on the docks.
July 24 to 28, 2023
Stephanie called out Alex's intrusive behavior. Alex apologized, but he continued to be a pest. Whitley attempted a murder-suicide. Marlena stopped Whitley. Lani survived an overdose. Abe was reunited with his family. Tripp told Wendy about Haley. The doctor ran a genetic test of Nicole's baby. Sloan bonded with Trask. Kristen agreed to rescind her statement to the police about Brady if he signed the shared custody agreement. Li and Trask shared drinks. E.J. and Nicole learned that Sloan was pregnant. Marlena helped Whitley. Gwen almost caught Leo cheating with Dimitri. Abe struggled to recover his memories. Lani returned to prison. Paulina slapped Whitley. Dimitri refused to give up Leo. Stefan agreed to a double wedding. Sloan stole the lab results that proved Eric was the father of Nicole's baby. Leo interrupted the wedding.
July 31 to August 4, 2023
Gwen married Dimitri, over Leo's objections. Stefan and Gabi remarried. Eric was disappointed in his family's reaction to Sloan's pregnancy. Sloan doctored Nicole's test results to cover up the paternity. Brady lost custody of Rachel to Kristen. Theo left Salem. The court sentenced Colin to 20 years in prison. Talia and Chanel admitted that they missed their friendship. Abe moved in with Steve. Li bailed on his date with Trask. Nicole told Eric that Sloan had intercepted her test results. At Bayview, Harris met up with his old acquaintance Eve Donovan. Sloan turned down Eric's proposal. Kate confessed to Roman that she had asked Harris to kill Megan. Alex promised Chad that he would leave Stephanie alone. Trask promised to keep Sloan's secret about Nicole's baby. Maggie asked Xander to make up with Victor. Xander proposed to Chloe. A drunken Leo told Tripp about his affair with Dimitri.
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August 7 to 11, 2023
Chloe thought about Xander's proposal. Sarah begged Maggie not to tell Xander about his child. Nicole and E.J. got engaged. Sloan accepted Eric's second proposal. Dimitri invited Leo on his honeymoon. Mayor Rawlings hired Shawn as the commissioner, and he shut down Chanel's bakery on a technicality. Kayla helped Abe with his memory. Talia admitted to Rafe that she had feelings for Chanel. Harris convinced Ava to visit with Tripp. Marlena encouraged Talia to talk to Chanel. Johnny and Chanel talked about Allie's new life. Abe decided to return to his job. John thwarted Brady's attempt to kidnap Rachel. Belle worried about Shawn's job. Stephanie forced Alex to come clean about Chad. Rex proposed to Sarah. Xander told Brady that he was engaged to Chloe. Stephanie and Chad argued. Belle and Chloe fought. Brady kissed Chloe. Victor's plane went missing.
August 14 to 18, 2023
Brady begged Chloe for a second chance, but Chloe said she wanted to be with Xander. Maggie decided not to tell Xander about Sarah. Li and Melinda decided to start over. Steve and Kayla cautioned Abe not to return to work. The press overwhelmed Abe with questions at his press conference. Johnny overheard Chanel and Talia make a date. Gabi overheard Kristen talk to Rachel about a secret. Chad apologized to Alex. Leo told Gwen he was in Iceland for a secret Madonna concert. Rawlings ordered Shawn to arrest Paulina. Victor died in a plane crash, and Salem mourned. Roman counseled Kate to tell Philip about Victor's death. Chloe told Xander that she loved him. Abe appointed Paulina as his successor as mayor. Shawn drank because he blamed himself for Victor's death. Kate and Chloe had a friendly conversation. Kate told Philip about Victor. Sarah revealed her pregnancy to Xander. Maggie reminisced about her life.
August 21 to 25, 2023
Sloan refused to break the law for Melinda. E.J. asked Nicole to elope. Sarah told Xander that she was pregnant with Rex's baby. Despite Brady's warning, Chloe accepted Xander's proposal. Sarah agreed to marry Rex. Sloan suffered a miscarriage caused by an autoimmune disease. Nicole and E.J. felt the baby kick. Wendy told Chanel that Johnny had feelings for Chanel. Johnny was unable to tell Chanel that he still loved her. Li and Melinda had sex. Kayla offered to help Talia get a job as a doctor at the hospital. Ava was haunted by a vision of Susan. Wendy and Tripp made more plans to be together. Gabi followed the Von Leuschner attorney to discover Kristen's secret. Roman and Marlena offered to throw a baby shower for Sloan. Melinda looked through Li's phone for evidence. Harris asked Marlena to help Ava. E.J. wanted revenge against Ava. Melinda convinced Sloan to keep the paternity of Nicole's baby a secret. Chloe was suspicious about the paternity of Sarah's baby. Maggie pleaded with Sarah to tell Xander the truth. Rex visited Kate. Philip surprised Chloe.
August 28 to September 1, 2023
Shawn bristled at Belle's pleas for him to quit drinking. Philip came clean to Chloe. Sarah's confession to Xander was interrupted by Braxton Hicks contractions. Philip confessed his misdeeds to Brady, and Chloe begged Brady not to have Philip arrested. Steve encouraged Abe to ask Paulina out. Paulina offered Rafe his job back. Shawn submitted to a 24-hour psychiatric hold. Stefan and Gabi learned Dimitri's secret. Chad advised Alex to fix his relationship with Maggie. Sonny reunited with Alex. Leo posed as Gwen, and the lawyer took pity on Dimitri's situation. Brady decided not to press charges against Philip. Paulina reinstated Rafe after the dating rule was changed. Jada and Rafe admitted that they were falling in love with one another. Steve convinced Abe not to give up on Paulina out of fear. Shawn was eager to return to work and therapy. Marlena agreed to help a John Doe track down his son. Theresa returned to Salem.
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September 4 to 8, 2023
Theresa asked Brady for another chance. Under hypnosis, Ava remembered that Susan was alive. E.J. asked Xander to murder Ava, but he refused. John Doe danced with Doug and Julie. Harris helped thwart Ava's murder by an assassin. Philip told Rex that he loved Chloe but that he would not pursue her. Sloan suggested adoption to Eric. E.J. told Johnny that he had been wrong about Chanel. Kayla hired Talia on a provisional basis. Harris and Ava escaped from Bayview. Johnny told Chanel that he still loved her. Tripp and Wendy finally made love. Alex flirted with Theresa. Salemites and Chelsea attended Victor's funeral. John learned that John Doe was actually his father, Timothy Robicheaux. Sarah had her baby, but there were complications. Justin learned that Victor had canceled his will. Vivian announced that she was Victor's legal spouse and official heir.
September 11 to 15, 2023
Sarah named her baby Victoria Margaret. Justin confirmed that Vivian was Victor's sole heir. Brady and Alex went to Greece to investigate why Victor had destroyed his will. Ava spoke to a psychic vision of Susan, who directed Ava and Harris to London. Chanel told Johnny that she wanted to be with him. Talia started work at the hospital. Rafe warned Shawn about his drinking. Wendy helped Ava and Harris make fake passports. E.J. acted as the assassin's attorney to cover his tracks. John introduced his father to his family. Shawn and Talia commiserated over drinks then made out in Jada's room. Brady was furious that Theresa turned up in Greece. Maggie moved in with Julie to regroup. Stefan and Gabi blackmailed Dimitri. Dimitri's refusal to pay Kristen forced her to tell Gwen about Dimitri's affair, but Gwen admitted that she already knew.
September 18 to 22, 2023
Gwen told Kristen about Dimitri's affair. Shane gave Victor's briefcase to Theresa. Dimitri and Leo declared their love for one another. Stefan advised Gabi not to push Dimitri. Dimitri told Leo he planned to kill Stefan and Gabi. Jada forced Talia to admit she had slept with Shawn. Johnny and Chanel eased into their romance. E.J. and Wendy squared off about Ava. Rafe interrogated Tripp about the passports. Shawn lied to Belle about Talia. Ava told Harris about Jake. Vivian fired Maggie. Chad quit Titan when Vivian asked him to sell illegal drugs. Theresa slept with Alex. John talked about his father with Steve. Xander convinced Chloe to elope. Vivian was unable to convince anyone to work with her at Titan. Tate was expelled. Maggie opened Victor's briefcase, and it contained Victor's new will. Chloe overheard Rex tell Philip that Xander was Victoria's father.
September 25 to 29, 2023
Victor's new will gave half his estate to Maggie, and the other half to his unacknowledged son, Alex. Chloe eavesdropped on Rex's confession. Chloe told Xander that Victoria was his daughter. Rex married Sarah. Alex was devastated to learn that Justin was not his father. Tripp and Wendy said "I love you." Chloe told Philip she had feelings for him. Rafe tricked Tripp. Xander vowed to be a part of Victoria's life, despite Sarah's objections. Li dumped Melinda, and Paulina fired her. Nicole told E.J. not to dismiss Ava's story. Ava and Harris found Susan's ex-husband, Crumb. Crumb drugged Ava and Harris and kept Susan chained in a bedroom. Rafe and Jada waited for Ava and Harris. Maggie kicked Vivian out of the Kiriakis mansion. Gwen stole Dimitri's money and confronted Leo about his affair. Vivian shot Dimitri before he could shoot Stefan.
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October 2 to 6, 2023
Stefan forced Dimitri to sign over his shares in exchange for medical help. Belle learned of Shawn's affair, and she rejected Shawn's apology. Gwen told Leo about Kristen's threat to Dimitri. Leo blamed Gwen for Dimitri's shooting. Marlena realized that Shawn cheated with Talia, and she confronted Talia. Ava and Harris awoke chained up like Susan in Edmund's apartment. Edmund pulled a gun on Rafe and Tripp. Chloe broke up with Xander. Harris subdued Edmund and freed Susan. E.J. sent a hit man for Xander. Susan returned home to her son. Chloe and Philip left for New York together. E.J. stopped the hit on Xander but blackmailed Xander to keep quiet. Kate convinced Sarah to divorce Rex. Susan reunited with Marlena. Alex ousted Maggie from Titan. Gabi ratted out Vivian to the police to protect Stefan. Vivian and Gwen both left Salem. Jada arrested Dimitri.
October 9 to 13, 2023
Brady escorted Tate back to Salem. Theresa convinced Alex to go out. Stephanie lied to Chad. Nicole chatted with Abe. Tate was smitten with Holly, but she only had eyes for Johnny. Abe made unexpected progress. Marlena questioned Harris' feelings for Ava. Susan declined to press charges against Ava. Holly interrupted Johnny and Chanel's date. Ava and Harris were released. Brady told Chloe that he would always love her. Philip encouraged Belle to save her marriage. Justin asked Alex to move back in. Maggie invited Konstantin to stay at the mansion. Alex asked Brady to move Basic Black to Titan. Shawn announced that he was going to a rehab facility near Bo to work on his issues. Xander hired Sloan. Sarah was shocked to see Susan alive. Rex agreed to a divorce. Harris kissed Ava. E.J. obsessed over who had delivered Susan to Crumb.
October 16 to 20, 2023
Sarah rescinded her offer of shared custody when she learned that Xander had pursued full custody. Chad asked Lucas to stay away from Clyde. Ava and Harris admitted their feelings for one another. Clyde coordinated an attack against Tripp as leverage against Ava to do his bidding. Rafe hired Harris. Talia left Salem. Tate offered to act as a go-between for Brady and Rachel. Stefan and Gabi schemed against Kristen. E.J. learned that Stefan and Gabi had Dimitri's shares. Clyde revealed that he was behind Susan's disappearance. Chad struggled with his anger at Clyde. Tate apologized to Holly. Leo helped Dimitri escape custody. Marlena encouraged Paulina to make new memories with Abe. John urged Abe not to let go of Paulina. Xander decided to argue that Sarah was an unfit mother. Alex invited Theresa to live with him. Konstanin was in cahoots with Theresa. Melinda warned Sloan that the adoption was in jeopardy because of Sloan's past. Nicole obtained a new copy of her genetic report.
October 23 to 27, 2023
Xander questioned Alex's good fortune. Konstantin and Theresa conspired to keep the secret that Xander, not Alex, was Victor's son. Sloan scrambled to switch Nicole's test results a second time but failed. Rafe hired Wendy at the Salem PD. Kate cautioned Harris to distance himself from Ava. Dressed as ghosts, Leo and Dimitri eluded police. Harris started work at the Salem PD. A man named Gil forced Ava to accept a job as the manager of the Bistro as a front for Clyde's drug business. Brady helped Stefan and Gabi make Kristen look like an abusive mother. Harris was suspicious of Gil. Gil ordered Ava to use her relationship with Harris for inside information. Kayla hired Sarah. Maggie asked Xander to make peace with Sarah, but Sarah refused. Steve told Chad to end things with Stephanie if he did not see a future with her. Sarah overheard Konstantin mention Xander. Stefan and Gabi blackmailed Kristen. Brady was furious that Stefan and Gabi double-crossed him. Chad and Stephanie fought about Abigail. Someone stalked Stephanie.
October 30 to November 3, 2023
Li confessed his crimes to Marlena, and he asked her for help. Stephanie's ex Everett told her that he had not left her willingly. Chad told Kate that he was worried he had moved on too soon. Nicole convinced E.J. to be less rash for the sake of their relationship. On Halloween, Chad, Holly, Sloan, and Paulina had nightmares about their love interests. Holly told Johnny that she had a crush on E.J. to avoid telling him that Johnny was her real crush. Li discovered the root of his obsession with Gabi. E.J. and Nicole wed. Stefan and Gabi blackmailed Li for his shares. Eric had a heart-to-heart with Marlena about his lingering feelings for Nicole, then he married Sloan. The shareholders ousted E.J. Stephanie opened up to Everett about Chad. Stefan found Gabi holding a knife next to Li's body.
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November 6 to 10, 2023
Harris arrested Gabi when Li identified her as his attacker before he died. Chad was jealous of Everett. Gabi told Rafe everything, and he believed she was not Li's killer. Paulina appointed E.J. as the D.A. Wendy vowed revenge. Maggie struggled through her first wedding anniversary without Victor. John and Marlena celebrated their anniversary. Sarah dug in against Xander after Eric received a summons. Steve caught Konstantin in a lie. Alex asked Theresa to run Bella. Wendy took her anger out on Jada. E.J. gleefully helped send Gabi to prison despite Belle's efforts. Dimitri knocked out Jada when she blocked his and Leo's escape. Melinda was unable to secure a baby for Sloan. E.J. advised Chad to undermine Everett and buy the paper. Everett hired Stephanie to do PR. Dimitri skidded toward Nicole's car on his way to Rolf's submarine.
November 13 to 17, 2023
Leo helped Nicole deliver her baby. Jada suffered a concussion. Eric stayed with Nicole until E.J. arrived at the crash site. Dimitri took Nicole's baby to Sloan. Melinda and Sloan hatched a scheme to pass off Nicole's baby as an adopted child. Holly rebuffed Tate. Leo told Dimitri to save himself. Dimitri hired Sloan for Leo then left Salem. E.J. and Nicole mourned the "death" of their son. Sarah warned Maggie to be careful with Konstantin. Steve suggested that Black Patch investigate Konstantin. Chad accused Stephanie of using Everett to force him to propose. Theresa took the job at Bella. Xander declined to sell the paper to Chad, so Chad bought Gwen's half instead. Everett warned Stephanie that Chad was possessive. Brady agreed to accept Alex's offer from Titan. Konstantin ordered Theresa to kidnap Victoria, then he pretended to rescue the baby. Xander offered to drop his custody case.
November 20 to 24, 2023
Xander and Sarah decided to co-parent. Paulina ordered Rafe not to investigate Gabi's claims. Gil attempted to rape Ava, and she shot him. Sarah asked Konstantin to stay for Christmas. Theresa told Brady about her fling with Alex. Sloan struggled with her conscience. Chanel told Johnny that Holly had a crush on him. Abe comforted Nicole. Stefan offered DiMera to E.J. in exchange for Gabi's freedom, but E.J. declined. Ava stole Harris' keys for Clyde. Clyde asked Stefan to run his drug ring with Ava in exchange for protection for Gabi. Holly convinced Tate to help her break up Johnny and Chanel. Abe and Paulina kissed. Everett attended the Horton Thanksgiving. Chad hid his deal with Gwen from Stephanie. Melinda delivered Nicole's baby to Sloan and Eric. Nicole saw Eric with his baby. The police charged Leo with felony murder. Dimitri returned to Sloan's apartment.
November 27 to December 1, 2023
Stefan broke into the evidence room. Dimitri accused Sloan of kidnapping Nicole's baby. Nicole believed Eric's baby was her son. Sarah gave Xander a revised birth certificate and the possibility of a fresh start. Steve warned Sarah that he believed Konstantin had kidnapped Victoria. Xander fired Everett after an irresistible offer from Chad. Chad told Stephanie that he wanted to repair their relationship. Alex punched Xander after Xander insulted Theresa. Nicole apologized to Holly. Konstantin told Maggie and Steve that Victoria's kidnapper was the Greek mafia. Maggie offered to pay off Konstantin's debt, and she asked him to leave. Theresa and Alex had sex. Nicole asked Sloan why Sloan had taken her baby. Sloan convinced Dimitri to trade his freedom for Leo's. Tate interfered in Chanel's date with Johnny. Eric agreed to Holly's request to DNA test the baby.
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December 4 to 8, 2023
Jackie Cox failed to convince Dimitri to let Leo go to prison. Sloan made a deal to free Leo. Tate pretended that he was dating Holly. The DNA confirmed that E.J. was not the baby's father. Sloan and Eric named their baby Jude. Stefan and Ava discussed having Clyde killed. Harris blamed himself for the evidence theft. Harris and Ava had their first date. Stephanie and Everett learned that Chad owned the paper. Vivian refused to help Stefan. Stephanie moved out. Rafe asked Jada to move in. Konstantin told Maggie that he could never return to Greece. John and Steve found a photo of the kidnapper. Everett told Chad that he wanted Stephanie. Everett did not tell anyone that Jada was his ex-wife. The adoption lawyer apologized to Eric for failing to secure an adoption. Tate asked Holly for a date. Dimitri told Leo the whole baby story. Leo visited Nicole.
December 11 to 15, 2023
E.J. and Nicole refused to listen to Leo. Melinda had Dimitri transferred to supermax prison. Chad rehired Everett. Alex attempted to reconcile Chad with Stephanie, but it backfired. Leo was angered by Dimitri's move to a supermax. Steve consoled Jada on the anniversary of her father's death. Nicole gave a baby gift to Eric and Sloan to apologize. Clyde ordered Stefan to sell drugs at the Bistro. Jada and Stephanie bonded over drinks. Tate refused to return to boarding school. Paulina was devastated that Lani's release was postponed. Nicole and E.J. spread their son's ashes in the garden. Xander and Sarah asked John and Marlena for romantic advice. Tate refused to help Holly. A drunken Stephanie slept with Harris. Sloan decided to tell Eric the truth about the baby after Jude was kidnapped. E.J. found Nicole with baby Jude in the wine cellar.
December 18 to 22, 2023
Chad and Stephanie broke up. Nicole returned Jude. Eric convinced Sloan not to press charges. Harris told Stephanie that they had not had sex. Abe helped Paulina with her speech. Stefan accidentally told Chad that Clyde was a danger to Gabi. Ava dumped Harris. Brady worried about Theresa's sobriety. Andrew told Theresa that he knew she had kidnapped Victoria, and he covered for her. Tripp cheered up Wendy. Alex rejected Xander's offer of a truce. Maggie advised Alex to give up Bella. Jada told Rafe she was not ready to move in together. Sarah and Maggie invited Xander and Konstantin to the Horton Christmas. Kate, Marlena, and Kayla reminisced with their husbands about past Christmases. Chanel forced Paulina to see a doctor. Holly spent a drunken birthday alone. Tate decided to stay in Salem. Stephanie helped Chad with the kids. Doug and Julie reminisced about past Horton Christmases.
December 25 to 29, 2023
Kayla suspected Paulina might have cancer. Holly told Nicole about her crush on Johnny. Stefan asked E.J. for help with Clyde, but E.J. said no. Holly had a birthday brunch with Nicole, Eric, and Jude. Leo pressured Sloan for support. Chad, Everett, and Harris discussed the drug problem in Salem. Alex ruffled feathers at the Kiriakis Christmas gathering. Konstantin intentionally injured his foot in order to stay at the Kiriakis mansion. Ava lied to Harris about a romantic relationship with Stefan. Wendy and Tripp decided to move to Hong Kong. Holly asked Tate out on a date. Nicole started therapy. Steve threatened Konstantin. Rafe and Jada spent the holidays in bed. Everett rehired Leo. Chad saw Everett and Stephanie kiss on New Year's Eve. Xander and Sarah kissed. Holly overdosed on pills.
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