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January 3 to 7, 2005
John continued to medicate himself that was leading him to a path of serious drug addiction. After Kate and Jan sabotaged Belle and Shawn's attempt to talk to each other before the wedding, Shawn took drastic measures and crashed through a stained glass window of the church in an attempt to stop Philip and Belle's wedding injuring him and others. Bo broke his promise to Hope and left with Billie for Europe to find George unaware of Shawn's predicament and arrest. Sami became aware of John's drug dependency and toyed with how to use it to her advantage. Kate maliciously meddled in all her children's love lives at the expense of others. Belle was taken back by Philip's domineering ways so soon after their wedding vows. Jack managed to escape from the DiMera castle and was eyeshot away from being rescued by Billie. Chelsea was determined to win over Patrick's body and soul at any cost. Hope was furious and hurt when she realized Bo left her to be with Billie.
January 10 to 14, 2005
Brady, Nicole and Kate had an unsuccessful intervention with John in an attempt to ask him to get help for his drug addiction problem. Hope continued to lament to everyone about Bo's attentiveness to Billie and his lack of interest in his own family, especially the situation regarding Shawn's pending trial. Shawn was desperate to talk to Belle and win back her love; all too little to late. Mimi tried to run interference for Shawn, but Jan, Rex and Philip wanted desperately to keep him away from Belle. Philip and Belle managed to have a happy wedding night after all. Jack was close to his dream of returning to his family.
January 17 to 21, 2005
Kate found proof that John had a drug problem, and alerted Brady that she would help him through his first night of withdrawal; meanwhile Tony made certain that Roman and Marlena were able to view an out of context video of John and Kate in bed together unaware that Kate was helping John through the worst night of his life. Lucas prevented Sami from spilling Mimi's secret abortion to Rex. Shawn could not accept that Belle was no longer interested in him and was determined to change his and her fate. Bonnie refused Maggie's bribe and then planned to use the gesture against her to Mickey. Philip prepared to ship out with his unit. Nicole was shocked to see Chloe, but Brady was sure she was "seeing things."
January 24 to 28, 2005
Philip prepared to leave for his military assignment overseas, while Belle continued to struggle with her real feelings for Shawn who was determined to find out the real reason he and Belle split over the summer. Mimi decided to follow her heart and help Shawn and Belle regardless of Jan's threats and the potential of losing Rex in the process. Patrick and Hope caught up with Billie and Bo in Europe and as they were all about to leave for the states, Billie and Bo appeared to have found a young girl who could be Georgia. Sami was furious that John gave Marlena's pearls to Belle for her wedding when they were meant for her and was off on a mission to destroy John and Kate. Eugenia and Kate manipulated Brandon to return home to be with an ailing Abe with the hopes to foil Sami and Lucas's wedding.
January 31 to February 4, 2005
Belle finally admitted to Shawn that she loved him and they frantically set out to tell Philip the truth before he shipped out overseas, but Jan made certain that they were unsuccessful. Mimi confessed her deepest secret about her abortion to Rex, but her words fell on deaf ears. Bo, Billie, and Hope learned that Georgia was not the real "Georgia" courtesy of another sick twist of fate by Tony. John continued to struggle with his rehab process. Kate and Eugenia went into full force with their plan to separate Lucas and Sami on the night before the wedding by playing on Sami's weakness, luring Brandon home to visit Abe, and then drugging both Brandon and Sami so that they would be found together in a compromising situation, both unaware of the circumstances.
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February 7 to 11, 2005
Bo couldn't seem to keep his mind off of Billie and the search for Georgia despite Hope's plea and insistence to think before acting and to put together a safe plan of action. Bo hated Patrick's attachment to Billie, and Hope hated Billie's dependence on Bo for everything in her life. Kate and Eugenia's plan was almost a winner as Lucas was headed off to the Jetway Hotel to find an unsuspecting Sami and Brandon in bed together thanks to Kate's master plan and manipulation of the entire situation. Philip left for combat, but Shawn pressured Belle to email Philip that their marriage was over. Mimi was rushed to Salem U, and it appeared that Rex would finally learn the truth of her prior abortion. Brady and Nicole just missed meeting Chloe was in the clinic recovering from plastic surgery that may not have gone as well as originally expected. Brady intercepted John who was found buying drugs off the street in an attempt to ease his suffering. Jennifer longed for Jack who she could never imagine was actually on his way home to his family.
February 14 to 18, 2005
Sami's worst nightmare came true as Lucas called off the wedding after he witnessed her supposed tryst with Brandon staged by the crafty Katie and her partner in crime, Eugenia as payback revenge on Sami. Bonnie regretted forcing Mimi to have an abortion that resulted in her serious medical condition. Maggie vowed to win back Mickey with some old fashioned romance. Hope was furious at Bo's constant attention to Billie, and then had enough when crossed signals found Bo and Billie naked in their shower. Belle and Mimi both struggled to tell the men in their lives secrets that could change many lives forever. Roman and Marlena drew closer after misinterpreting another "out of context" romantic moment between John and Kate. John tried desperately to win his battle over drug dependency for the sake of his family.
February 21 to 25, 2005
Sami buried her personal losses in revenge, and then started to receive strange messages from an outside sources offering to help get her "REVENGE." Billie continued to be a thorn in Hope's side despite Bo's gallant efforts to prove that romance and family security were constant in their relationship. Belle was guilt-ridden and unable to tell Philip that she wanted out of their marriage because she was still in love with Shawn for fear that he may not return from his dangerous mission. Rex proposed to Mimi minutes before she learned that she needed a special procedure before the doctor's could issue an accurate prognosis and she could tell Rex about her abortion. Jack got closer to home, and Tony's evil continued to cause pain for John, Marlena, Roman and Kate.
February 28 to March 4, 2005
Sami's transition was completed and her plan for revenge set in motion by her anonymous benefactor, Tony DiMera. John was tempted to take drugs at the hands of the "new Sami." Kate was furious after she learned that Belle and Shawn had reconciled and that Belle planned to end her marriage with Philip. Mimi was devastated to learn that she could never have children, a complication of the abortion, a fact that Rex did not know. The enemy -- Tony's reinforcements -- captured Philip, which was another part of Tony's evil plan to destroy and torment the residents of Salem. Jack finally found his way home to a shocked Jennifer. Meanwhile, Patrick had eyes for Jennifer, Chelsea had eyes for Patrick, and Billie still couldn't get Bo out of her dreams.
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MARCH 2005
March 7 to 11, 2005
Belle told Kate that Philip was MIA, and John finally learned that Belle wanted her marriage annulled because she still had feelings for Shawn. Jan blackmailed Mimi again about threatening to tell Rex about her abortion unless Mimi convinced Belle to stay away from Shawn while Philip was MIA. Bo and Billie awaited the DNA results regarding Georgia, meanwhile Chelsea, who is probably the real Georgia, tried every trick in the book to hook Patrick. Jennifer kept Jack from his children and family claiming that she wanted to spend alone time with him, but was it really the Jennifer we all know and love, or another twisted part of Tony's master plan for revenge for the unknowing Jack? John alerted the ISA to search for Philip unaware that his real captor was Salem's nemeses, Tony DiMera. In an effort to try to help the family, John succumbed to Sami's temptation and took the drugs that he thought were from street dealer. Kate was determined to see her children happy no matter at whose expense.
March 14 to 18, 2005
Bo and Billie's DNA confirmed that they were a match to the hair sample and that Georgia was alive somewhere. Bo continued to put Billie and Georgia first in his life, while Hope was left to deal with the backlash of Shawn and Belle and a very angry Kate who was determined to keep a MIA Philip and Belle together no matter the consequences and Billie back into Bo's life. Alice and family celebrated her and Tom's 75th wedding anniversary. Julie encouraged Maggie to fight for Mickey, while Bonnie was determined to keep her man. Chelsea continued her obsession with Patrick. Stan/Sami continued her revenge everyone in Salem that wronged her, but almost lost focus when she accidentally bumped into Lucas and Will one night while forcing John back to his drug habit. Stan/Sami learned that Chloe was still alive, and Nicole came very close to discovering her secret as well. Jennifer couldn't shake the feeling that Jack was trying to contact her. Jack couldn't believe that he had been duped again by Tony and company after realizing that his reunion with Jennifer was a hoax and Jennifer had no idea that he was still alive, and that he was Tony's prisoner yet again.
March 21 to 25, 2005
John threatened Kate that he could not help Philip in the investigation unless she allowed him to take the drugs, but Kate refused unaware that John managed to salvage a few in the fireplace. Hope gave Bo an ultimatum about their marriage and family after Shawn was injured again in a motorcycle accident, one that could have been prevented if he had not been involved with Billie and their search for Georgia. Patrick was revealed to still have ties with the DiMera organization but was cooperating for fear that loved ones and friends might be injured. Jack was returned to the DiMera castle and learned that Marlena and Roman were still alive, while Jennifer was sensing Jack's presence in her home. Marlena and Roman gave in to their passion after witnessing what appeared to be John and Kate making love. Abe was frustrated with his disability, and Stan/Sami put her "get even plan with everyone in Salem" into high gear as she tormented Billie and Mimi.
March 28 to April 1, 2005
John lied to Kate about his drug dependency while all attention focused on a plan to rescue Philip. Tony fooled his adversaries again as he continued to force Marlena and Roman, and John and Kate together, while he had Stan/Sami torment Billie, Mimi and Hope each fighting their own demons and insecurities. Shawn and Bo, and Hope and Belle helped each other through their relationship problems. Lucas confided to Mimi about Sami unaware that Stan/Sami was listening and vowing revenge on most of Salem. Abby made Patrick promise that he would not pursue Jennifer romantically, a turn which Chelsea viewed as her opportunity to win over Patrick.
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APRIL 2005
April 4 to 8, 2005
Stan/Sami was very evil and very busy making everyone's lives miserable, i.e. she/he got John hooked again on drugs, threatened Jan that led to a serious fight between Mimi and Jan that could put Mimi behind bars, had Chelsea go over Billie to get him away from Patrick, and was off to ruin Kate. Billie pursued Patrick after unknowingly drinking a spiked cocktail courtesy of Chelsea and brought him to the Brady house for some serious love making. Bo and Hope found peace and romance aboard a Fancy Face look a like, but there marital bliss soon ended when Bo told Billie that he did not want her to spend time with or to date Patrick. Kate slapped Belle during a stressful conversation about Philip. Nicole was very suspicious over Nancy's visit to the mansion where Nancy almost told Brady that Chloe was still alive.
April 11 to 15, 2005
Bo and Hope reached an understanding regarding Billie. Bonnie gave bad motherly advice again to Mimi by convincing her not to go to the police her involvement in Jan's accident. Shawn's memory returned as did his hatred for Jan and his love for Belle. John and Kate drew closer as Shawn and Rex approached Brady to go behind John's back with a plan to help rescue Philip. Nicole fainted at the "sight" of Chloe; meanwhile Chloe was determined to get Brady back and consented to very risky cosmetic surgery to remove her scars. Jack rescued Marlena and Roman and then searched for Cassie, but the rescue was "going up in smoke" as a fire erupted in the middle of their exit. Jennifer remembered Jack while planning a special birthday surprise for Abby.
April 18 to 22, 2005
Jack, Roman, Cassie and Marlena escaped the burning DiMera castle after Jack shot Tony and disabled him so that he would not interfere again in their escape. Victor and Caroline also escaped unbeknownst to anyone else that they were even alive. Billie blamed Hope not telling Bo about Abby and Chelsea car accident that ended up costing Chelsea's parents their lives. Billie authorized surgery for Chelsea as the dying wish of her mother to take care of her daughter. Jennifer was angry at Hope for hanging up on Billie when she was trying to get Bo to expedite the rescue efforts for Abby, Chelsea and her parents. Brady, Lucas, Shawn and Rex head on their plan to rescue Philip with Kate, John, Belle, and Mimi not far behind to try to stop them. Stan/Sami tortured Nicole about losing Brady if she did not follow instructions to get rid of Chloe before Brady learned that she was alive.
April 25 to 29, 2005
John and Kate were unable to stop Brady, Rex, Shawn and Lucas from rescuing Philip, who was close to deaths door. Sami/Stan came face to face with Philip and was immediately taken prisoner since they were unaware of who he/she was due to Tony's death and/or disappearance. Marlena, Roman, Cassie and Jack arrived in Salem to the disbelief, joy and shock of their family and friends. Jack accused Patrick of still being on the DiMera payroll, and Jennifer and Hope reconciled over the accident and death of Chelsea's parents due to her jealously over Billie and not informing Bo that Billie had tried to contact him about the accident. Bo and Billie went off on another wild goose chase to find Georgia and, as usual were in trouble and danger again, with Hope left behind frantically trying to locate them with the news of the return of family and friends. John proposed to Kate unaware of the momentary reunion of Marlena with him and Roman with Kate and then John had to blurt of the news that he and Kate were engaged to a dumbfounded and horrified Roman and Marlena. Mimi and Belle comforted each other at the possibility that Rex and Shawn and the others may not return to Salem alive.
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MAY 2005
May 2 to 6, 2005
Hope had a physical confrontation with Billie after she dragged Bo on another wild goose chase after Georgia, and then made love with him while he was delirious from gas poisoning, thinking she was Hope. Sami/Stan learned that Tony was her "boss" and cut a deal with the count to save her skin and Philip's, see her parents, and get her revenge. The "men" from Salem prepared to infiltrate the bunker to try to save Philip. Kate and Roman, and Marlena and John, reunited, but with many secrets untold, especially the one that Marlena and Roman had slept together; a secret Marlena and Roman decided to keep to themselves, unaware that the other person who knew their secret, Tony, was still alive. Caroline and Victor were trying to adjust to lives of once again being Tony's prisoners, and the fact that everyone in Salem was probably certain that they had really died this time around. Belle and Mimi prayed for Philip, Brady, Lucas, Rex, and Shawn's safe return.
May 9 to 13, 2005
Hope tells Bo that he slept with Billie thinking it was her, and that he once again failed to be there for his family because of Billie and her obsession with finding Georgia. Hope warned Billie to stay clear of Bo. Marlena and Belle had a heart warming reunion, while Kate and Roman and John and Marlena had many issues to resolve during their absence from each other. Jack told Jennifer that he made love to her imposter, and John told Marlena that he was a drug addict. Billie learned that she was a perfect match to donate blood to Chelsea. Jan was conscious long enough to lie and name Mimi as her attacker. Belle tried to make things right with Kate, but Kate could not forgive her for wanting to be with Shawn. Tony manipulated Sami to lead the rescue team directly to Philip so that he could launch the next part of his plan of ultimate revenge. Abe was happy to learn that Jack was alive, but seemed to take his frustrations out on Tek and accused Lexie of cheating on him with Tek. Lexie cautioned Abe about his state of mind and that he must learn to deal with his blindness and impotence or he would ruin their marriage. Maggie helped Mickey with Mimi's defense as Tek closed in on Mimi as the prime suspect in Jan's alleged attempted murder.
May 16 to 20, 2005
Rex, Shawn and Brady were captured thanks to Stan/Sami and reunited with a thankful Philip; meanwhile Lucas shot Stan/Sami, but was also captured and soon to learn that his victim was Sami. Bo and Abe were reunited with Roman who was back at the job as commander. Billie told Chelsea the fate of her parents and vowed to Kate that she would watch after her. Billie made Kate realize that she may be in love with both Roman and John. Belle tried to comfort Mimi who was determined that she should be punished for all her wrong doings. Abe seemed mad at the world due to his blindness, but took most of his anger out on Tek who was eventually forced to take action against Mimi for Jan's attempted murder. Celeste had another ominous vision at Abby's birthday party. Nicole passed contaminated instruments to infect the OR and caused a major problem could affect any future reconstructive surgery for Chloe and her reunion with Brady.
May 23 to 27, 2005
Mimi pleads guilty to trying to murder Jan as a horrified Bonnie and Belle look on, but later visit the jail and convince her to fight for her life and Rex and that John has put up her bail bond. The good people of learn that Tony is still alive and that he has been holding Philip hostage all this time along with the other young men. Roman and Marlena are shocked to learn that Sami is in the bunker along with the boys. Lucas told Sami that he believed that she was Tony's prisoner while the others tried to convince Lucas not to believe her and that she was probably working with Tony. Marlena agreed to take on Chloe as a patient to try to convince her to tell Brady that she is alive, but Nicole was able to manipulate Chloe and acted as her friend in an attempt to make her feel that though Brady would stand by her, Chloe would never want to interfere in Brady's life or career and that a disfigured bride would hinder a young ambitious businessman. Hope was livid with Bo and Billie over Shawn's capture and how their search for Georgia once again interfered with her child's safety. Billie invited Chelsea to live with her until she made a more permanent decision about her life. Celeste got bad vibes over Tek, and Jack fainted while talking to Billie.
May 30 to June 3, 2005
The Marines rescued Philip, the boys and Sami, but Philip insisted on returning to active duty. Tony escaped once again, but not without warning Sami that her dirty deeds would be revealed to all, including her alter ego Stan, and informing Brady that Chloe was very much alive. Nicole continued to manipulate Chloe so that she would not reconcile with Brady, and Philip was seriously wounded in combat in a mine field. Belle was frantic that Shawn and Philip would be killed and that she was to blame, and Kate made it clear that she would never forgive Belle for all of Philip's pain, mental and physical. Hope and Jennifer planned a family trip to the Horton cabin, but Jack was rushed to the hospital with what could be a serious setback to his homecoming. Billie and Chelsea bonded, and Billie and Bo had faith that Tony could lead them to Georgia.
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JUNE 2005
June 6 to 10, 2005
Kate, Belle, and friends and relatives learned the extent of Philip's injuries, and Belle packed her bags and planned to leave for Germany with John and Kate to be by Philip's bedside. Brady got very close to Chloe, but Nicole managed the impossible; convincing him that Chloe was really dead. Nicole taunted Marlena about her and Roman's "secret" after Marlena warned Nicole that Brady and Chloe would eventually find their way back to one another. Mimi blurted out to Rex that she couldn't marry him because she would probably be in jail. Everyone warned Shawn that it was best that he keep his distance from Belle because her place was at Philip's side. Tony pressured Sami into her continued help with his master plan -- or else he would reveal to Lucas and her family that she was really Stan. Nicole's cryptic call from Tony led her to be the first to know that Sami was Stan.
June 13 to 17, 2005
Belle, Kate and John flew to the military hospital in Germany to be with Philip. Belle was heartbroken as she told Philip about his devastating injury and the loss of his leg and realized that she must stay with Philip or else he would never recover. Shawn feared that he would lose Belle to Philip for good if he did not go to Germany to be with Belle, but his plans were affected by his new court date (courtesy of Kate) to appear for trial for the mayhem he caused at Belle and Philip's wedding. Hope defied Bo with Shawn's promise to return to Salem in time for his hearing. John and Kate discuss Marlena and Roman's bond while held captive by Tony, as well as their lingering feelings for each other and then decided to renew their marriage vows as two couples starting over. Sami and Nicole formed an alliance to keep their secrets safe so that they could hold on the their men; Lucas and Brady. Marlena was shocked to learn that she is pregnant with what appears to be Roman's child, a result of their lovemaking while in captivity. Jack continues to hide his health symptoms from Jennifer, and Chelsea turned to other demons to cope with her depression. Philip told Kate and Belle that he could never survive without Belle as his wife. Mimi decided to keep the truth about her abortion from Rex and go to jail, and that it was best for everyone. Brady let Nicole think that he believed Chloe was dead, while he intensified his search.
June 20 to 24, 2005
Kate, John and Belle were upset to see that Shawn arrived in Germany to be with Belle. Philip was suspicious of the closeness between Shawn and Belle and demanded the real truth regarding Shawn's visit and Shawn decided to tell Philip the truth whether or not Belle agreed. . Sami continued to lie to Roman and Lucas about her involvement with Tony. Marlena was confused as to what to do about her pregnancy as was Mimi about her lie to Rex regarding her abortion. Jack learned that he has a fatal illness and has only three months to live and made Lexie promise not to tell his family. Jack put Patrick on notice. Max Brady returned to Salem as a famous race car driver and put the moves on a very willing Chelsea. Billie blasted Hope for allowing Shawn to go to Germany to be with Belle. Hope was upset that Bo agreed with Billie. Nicole did everything in her power to keep Chloe away from Brady, but he was convinced that she was alive and was determined to find her one way or the other.
June 27 to July 1, 2005
Shawn leveled with Philip about his feelings for Belle, but Belle, guilt ridden about her feelings for Shawn and her obligation to Philip, broke it off with Shawn and promised to remain married to Philip. Max and Frankie Brady arrived in Salem; Max as a famous race car driver, Frankie as the successful lawyer; harboring secrets about Max's troubled sex life of which Chelsea had already become a part. Jack confided in Marlena about his terminal health situation and Marlena urged Jack to tell Jennifer the truth. Brady dumped Nicole after he learned that Chloe was alive and that Nicole did not tell him of Chloe's whereabouts. Bo and Hope disagreed about Shawn's pursuit of the married Belle, however, in the meantime, Bo had a special surprise in store for Hope to help keep the romance in their lives.
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JULY 2005
July 4 to 8, 2005
Belle chose Philip over Shawn even though she knew that she still loved Shawn, she felt Philip needed her more. Shawn vowed to win back Belle, but in the meantime missed his court date and his future was about to fall apart, in good part, thanks to Kate. Marlena's pregnancy was no longer a secret, as Mimi and Roman became aware of her situation and dilemma. Patrick and Rex found a way to clear Mimi's name and she was released from prison. Mimi prepared to tell Rex the truth about her abortion knowing that it may end their relationship forever. John suspected that Marlena and Roman were keeping a secret. Jennifer knew that Jack was acting strange and asked Frankie to help her find out why. Max continued to pursue Chelsea who was playing a dangerous game with an unstable playboy to get Patrick's attention. Sami and Nicole bonded out of desperation. Sami told Lucas that she could prove that Kate set her up to break up her and Lucas. Roman told Marlena that if Kate was the cause of Sami's breakup to Lucas that their marriage was over. Philip arrived home with the assumption that life with Belle was back on track.
July 11 to 15, 2005
Bo was forced to arrest Shawn for missing his court date, while Kate took pleasure in the entire event and urged Belle to make love to Philip so that he would feel their relationship was on solid ground. Mimi told Shawn about her abortion while visiting him in jail, and Shawn convinced her not to ruin her life with Rex by telling him the truth. Belle learned the truth about Marlena's pregnancy and that Roman was the father, but told her mother that she understood the circumstances. Meanwhile, Belle fainted at the hospital while on a visit with Philip's doctors and Lexie decided to take a pregnancy test. Jack's illness was starting to take a toll, while Frankie continued his investigation of Patrick. Billie and Chelsea moved in with Patrick. Mickey decided to re-marry Maggie, but Bonnie thought that Mickey had chosen her to be his wife. Sami was looking for evidence that Eugenia and Kate set her up and Lucas was close to believing that it might be true. Kate was furious that Philip made a deal with Karen to release Shawn on bail after learning that Kate had not been totally honest with her about why Shawn missed the hearing. John and Kate were almost ready to spring their surprise wedding on Roman and Marlena, but little did they know the secret their respective spouses were yet to reveal to them. Brady convinced Chloe to come out of hiding and let everyone know that she was alive.
July 18 to 22, 2005
Maggie and Mickey renewed their vows, while Bonnie was devastated over Mickey's choice and demanded her fair share of the Horton finances. Mimi struggled about whether or not to tell Rex the truth. Meanwhile, John and Kate received shocking news that not only was Marlena pregnant, but Roman was the daddy! Marlena tried to stop John and Roman from fighting the resulted in a fall jeopardizing her and the baby's health. With this new found news, Sami had high hopes that Marlena and Roman would reunite and blamed John and Kate for Marlena's hospitalization. Belle admitted to Shawn that she still loved him, but also loved Philip too but felt that she could not leave him in his condition. Belle's health condition seemed to worsen over the stress of her parent's marriage and her very different feelings for two men. Lucas believed Eugenia over Sami and decided that a reconciliation was impossible unaware that this time Sami was telling the truth. Bo, Hope, Jack and Jennifer received a dangerous reminder of the DiMera presence while celebrating on the Fancie Face III. Bo and Jennifer felt that something was not right with Jack. Billie and Patrick found a way to draw Max away from Chelsea. Frankie and Jennifer remembered their past love unaware of Jack's presence.
July 25 to 29, 2005
Strange things were happening on the Fancy Face III courtesy of Tony??? Mimi and Belle had a falling out when Rex left Mimi after overhearing Belle tell Mimi to come clean about her abortion. Belle told Philip that she was pregnant with his child, and Shawn's dreams of he and Belle's future were slowing becoming the "impossible dream." Mimi was out for revenge against Belle. Marlena not only lost her and Roman's baby, but her memory as well. John was out to get Roman who couldn't seem to stay away from Marlena leaving Kate on the outside looking in even though Roman tried to convince her that his love for her was constant. Brady and Chloe made plans for a future together, while Nicole plotted with Sami to get back their man; Lucas and Brady by planning another dangerous scheme. Billie confided in Max about Georgia and Max brought Billie up to speed on Chelsea's romantic interest in Patrick. Jack told Billie that he was dying and to keep his secret from Jennifer and the children. Patrick was shocked to learn that Chelsea had feelings for him, when he showed Billie who was number one in his life.
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August 1 to 5, 2005
Sami and Nicole worked together to get the goods on Kate and Eugenia, and then Nicole could get Sami to help her break up Brady and Chloe. John and Lexie hired a specialist to help Marlena with her amnesia who seemed to have a secret agenda and history with his new, but very familiar patient. Kate tormented Roman over his affair with Marlena. Shawn couldn't convince Belle to tell Philip the truth about her feelings for him because she was too driven with guilt over her pregnancy and need to be loyal to Philip and his recovery. Jack was determined to make sure that Jennifer ended up with Frankie after his demise, and then confided in Billie to make sure that his plan worked. Max and Billie knew that Patrick was hiding some secret. Tony managed to lead Bo and Hope's voyage on the Fancy Face III into dangerous waters and then kidnapped Hope to lure Bo into his trap. Sami nailed Kate and Eugenia and proved that they set her up the night before her wedding in front of family and friends at Lucas' surprise birthday party. Lucas seemed to disappear after the trauma of learning the truth about his mother.
August 8 to 12, 2005
Kate suffered the aftermath of her and Eugenia's plot to break up and Sami and Lucas. Kate gave Roman an ultimatum regarding their relationship and did her best to repair the damage to her non-existing relationship with Lucas. Lucas and Sami made wedding plans, while Sami's happiness hung in the balance with Nicole who could burst her bubble of happiness if she revealed that Sami was "Stan." John and Roman were hesitant about Dr. North's plan of therapy to separate Marlena from friends and family in order to speed up her recovery and restore her memory. Tony captured Hope in a plot to lure Bo to the island. Jack continued to try to push Jennifer and Frankie together so that Frankie could take of her after he was gone. Jennifer grew suspicious of Jack's strange behavior. Frankie decided to leave town before it became obvious to everyone that he still had feelings for Jennifer. Bo asked for Billie's help from the ISA to find Hope, but was furious when Patrick came along for the ride. Patrick appeared to be still working for Tony and responsible for Bo's capture. Hope's reunion with Caroline and Victor was bittersweet.
August 15 to 19, 2005
Bo, Hope, Billie and Patrick capture Tony and finally bring him to justice. The Brady Pub was the place of a reunion for families and friends who have been terrorized by the DiMeras. The very mysterious Dr. Alex North convinced everyone in Salem that he needed to be totally alone with Marlena to help her recover. Marlena started to recall memories in her past with Dr. North in what appeared to be the life she shared with Roman. Mimi and Shawn bonded with the possibility of a mutual romantic interest. Philip was concerned that Belle refused to accept the fact that Shawn and Mimi may become a couple. Belle was shocked to find Philip in bed waiting to make love to his wife. Jack convinced Frankie to marry Jennifer after he dies. Victor surprised Nicole with his return from the dead and took pleasure as he and Brady ousted her from Kiriakis mansion. Nicole vowed to get back at Brady and Victor. Max found his conscience and tried to convince Chelsea that sex was not the answer to her problems and that she should give Billie the benefit of the doubt and forget about Patrick. Patrick suggested to Billie that Tony's clues regarding the whereabouts of Georgia may mean that Chelsea is in fact the missing daughter of Bo and Billie.
August 22 to 26, 2005
Kate gave Nicole a helping hand in return for the goods on Sami. Lucas had no idea that his happiness was going to be short lived yet once again because of Sami's past connection to Tony. Marlena almost made love to Alex as she continued to have memories of being in love with him and making love to him, but the good/bad doctor convinced her that it was transference of her love for either Roman or John. Caroline was concerned about the relationships of her two sons, Roman and Bo and their respective spouses. Jack did everything he could to try to make Jennifer fall back in love with Frankie so that she wouldn't be along after he dies. Chelsea was determined to remove Billie from her life so that she could have Patrick to herself. Tony summoned Sami to his jail cell and threatened to expose her secret life as "Stan" unless she helped him find a way to escape. Bo thought that Patrick was hitting on Chelsea and then he and Billie received shocking news and then proof that Chelsea is "Georgia."
August 29 to September 2, 2005
Philip continued to insist that Shawn and Mimi would make a great couple, while Belle was jealous at every minute the two spent together. Philip's recovery was on path after being fitted with his new prosthesis. An angry and frightened Chelsea just would not accept Billie and Bo as her biological parents, and seemed to have a high level of hatred for Billie which seemed to make matters worse. Tony ordered Bart to make sure Sami found a way to facilitate his escape or else everyone in Salem would know she is Stan. Victor helped Kate start to close in on Sami's connection to Tony; unfortunately Lucas nor Roman had an interest in her suspicions. Lucas announced that Austin would return for he and Sami's wedding. Chloe and Brady prepared for the wedding. Alex continued to manipulate Marlena and make sure that she had no interest in seeing her familiar allowing her to believe that this was all her idea and part of her recovery. Frankie learned something about Patrick, but Patrick learned that Frankie worked for the government. Jack's condition worsened as he desperately tried to make sure that Jennifer and Frankie were bonding; a situation Jennifer couldn't quite figure out as she confided in Hope.
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September 5 to 9, 2005
Dr. North continued to manipulate Marlena away from her family and loved ones and made her feel totally dependent on his every word. Sami tried to keep one step ahead of Bart in order to keep Lucas and her entire family from finding out that she was Stan. Sami prayed that her assistance in helping Tony escape would keep her secret and allow her to marry Lucas. She was totally unaware that her dad had planted a trap in the computer program. Brady and Chloe prepared for their wedding day, but not without hesitation as to the outcome of Chloe's surgery. John and Nicole both asked for Kate's help to win back the loves of their lives. Belle had a scare regarding the baby, but Mimi felt she was using it to get Shawn's attention. Roman, Abe, and Tek had a plan to capture Tony and his associates, and it worked, but not without a warning from Tony that Roman was in for some devastating news about a loved one as a result of his recapture. Chelsea schemed by playing up to Billie and Kate in her attempted to win over Patrick. Chloe walked down the aisle in a "veil" of mystery.
September 12 to 16, 2005
Brady and Chloe celebrated the wedding of their dreams with family and friends, while Sami and Lucas looked forward to their soon to be wedding providing Kate and Tony did not reveal to Roman, Lucas, Will and the rest of Salem Sami's dirty deeds as "Stan the man." John made headway with Marlena by putting Dr. Alex North in his place; much to Alex's displeasure with losing ground on his mystery laden plot to wreck what appears to be more Salem lives. Marlena helped Belle admit her feelings for Shawn and Belle and later admitted to Shawn that she still loved him. Abby questioned Jack about pushing Jennifer and Frankie together; meanwhile, Max got some conscience and tried to do the right thing by Chelsea. Bo and Billie struggled with their parenting skills toward new found daughter, Chelsea. Bonnie pushed Mimi at Shawn while Mimi called Belle a common whore and home wrecker by keeping both Philip and Shawn on a string and for not allowing Shawn to move on with his life with her ex best friend.
September 19 to 23, 2005
Sami's wedding day approached, but not without interruption. Shawn and Mimi continued to bond, but not without thoughts of their true loves, Belle and Rex. Jack's conditioned worsened as Lexie pleaded with Jack to tell Jennifer the truth, and Jack prepared to disappear from Salem and die alone. Chelsea continued to make a spectacle of herself dressed in revealing apparel and used her emotional problems and sex appeal respectively to manipulate her parents, Max and Patrick. Lexie caught Alex hypnotizing Marlena and threatened to expose her affair with Tex if she informed John what she suspected. Marlena became Alex's pawn in his mysterious mission to separate Marlena from her family and friends and control her to depend solely on him. Frankie was overwhelmed after finding an old love letter from Jennifer and couldn't help but wonder what his life would have been like with her had he known about her real feelings for her at that time. Kate crashed Sami and Lucas's wedding disguised as "Stan the man" and then revealed to everyone that she had proof that Sami was actually disguised as Stan for months and working with Tony DiMera. Belle went into labor at the church, but she thought that it was too soon to deliver her baby.
September 26 to 30, 2005
Sami managed to jinx yet another one of her wedding days thanks to Kate's reveal that she was Stan. Lucas prepared for a life without Sami or Kate. Austin returned to Salem and befriended Sami as well as Nicole much to Kate's disapproval and horror. Mimi and Shawn bonded after the birth of Belle and Philip's child. Marlena started to remember her past with John, but Alex tried to thwart her progress at every turn. Abe asked Lexie for forgiveness and to start over unaware the Alex was blackmailing Lexie over her affair with Tek if she told John about his unorthodox treatment plan for Marlena. Kate and Nicole continued their love/hate relationship as they relished at their revenge and Sami's demise. Chelsea played Bo against Billie and Hope so that she could get what she wanted. Belle and Philip asked a dumbfounded Mimi and Shawn to be Claire's godparents.
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October 3 to 7, 2005
Austin became Sami's best friend after her "no wedding from hell" to Lucas much to Kate and Lucas's fury. Nicole set her sites on Austin. Sami was arrested, but Austin found a way to get all the charges dropped thanks to an unknowing slip by Kate. Chelsea continued to find ways to annoy Billie, con Bo, and use Max to get what and who she wanted; Patrick. Alex continued to manipulate Marlena via hypnotic suggestion and made her ask a stunned John for a divorce. Shawn kissed Mimi and both wondered if they might be the answer to each other's love life. Jack plotted his swift death and disappearance after realizing that Frankie was really in love with Jennifer. Jennifer learned that Jack was taking a drug for patients who are terminally ill.
October 10 to 14, 2005
Austin's arrival caused problems with his family members when he decided to be Sami's friend in her time of need. John was determined to "save" Marlena from Alex's mind control. Belle returned home from the hospital with new baby Claire, but all the stress in her life, and Mimi and Shawn obviously being a couple, was more than she could handle and seemed to push her over the edge, as Lexie diagnosed her with postpartum depression. Kate asked Victor to help Lucas and Austin. Victor offered Brady's position at Titan to Austin, but Austin had plans for his own business, and then offered the job to Lucas, who was determined to prove his worth to everyone. Nicole set her sights on Austin, much to Sami's dismay. Jennifer, shocked by the discovery of Jack's terminal illness, had the most difficult task of all as she and Jack broke the news to a heartbroken Abby. Chelsea pulled through for Abby in her time of need.
October 17 to 21, 2005
Jennifer and Abby tried to deal with the shock of learning that Jack was dying. Bo and Hope consoled Jennifer, as Chelsea tried to help Abby come to grips with her father's terminal illness. Chelsea played Billie against Kate; meanwhile Lucas celebrated a new job at Titan and a new female friend, Sophie. Bo just couldn't give Patrick a break regarding Patrick. Kate was seething over Austin and Sami's growing friendship unaware he planned to move in with her and give her a job in his new company. Roman and Bonnie enjoyed each other's company. John was convinced as was Roman and others that Alex was brainwashing Marlena and taking her away from her family, but neither could prove the good doctors ill deeds. Alex hypnotized Marlena for he thought was the final step in his plan to completely erase her memories of John and her family, but a "timely" reminder from past may have negated the effect of her post hypnotic suggestion and taken her a step closer to John without Alex's knowledge. Alex revealed to Marlena that he and she were once lovers and married!!
October 24 to 28, 2005
Jennifer decided to fight Jack's illness via a vitamin and herbal therapy as a way to delay to the illness pending a miracle or medical breakthrough; meanwhile Billie refused to help Jack with his wacky plan for assisted suicide. Chelsea wasn't too happy about Max's new business, but it was a great opportunity for Shawn to become Max's partner in his new venture. Alex finally managed to get Marlena to sign divorce papers, but the memory of John's love for Marlena prevented Alex from completely controlling Marlena even with all his hypnosis and parlor tricks. Hope advised Bo that Chelsea needed parental guidance. Mimi got a job at Sallyanne's thanks to Billie. Sami, Austin, and Nicole became the team from hell; working and living together under the same roof with both Sami and Nicole outsmarting each other in an attempt to win over Austin for themselves. Victor warned Lucas that Austin and company would be formidable competitors.
October 31 to November 4, 2005
Hope is concerned about Shawn's future and his decision not to go back to college, and then she and Bo argued over Chelsea's spending spree's. After Jack fainted while dancing at Alice's, Jennifer convinced herself and Jack that she might be able to extend Jack's life with herbs and vitamins unaware that Jack has contacted some underground sources to guide him through an assisted suicide. John was outraged that Alex stated that he and Marlena were in love just as Marlena had a breakthrough and was remembering their life together. John asked Fr. Jansen to intervene and find a way to make Marlena realize that she and John must honor their marriage vows. Shawn and Mimi agreed to watch Claire so that Philip could try to calm Belle whose postpartum depression was affecting their entire family. Shawn had to take over Claire's care when Mimi started to panicked when Claire was crying. Alex couldn't understand why Marlena couldn't push John out of her mind, even under a post hypnotic suggestion. John savored his first victory over breaking Alex's hold on Marlena.
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November 7 to 11, 2005
Marlena started to remember some of her past with John. John almost convinced her that Alex had her in some kind of mind control over her when Alex produced information that would help Marlena decided her future and put him in her favor. Philip was overwhelmed as to how to deal with Belle's depression and being a new father. Mimi's visit to St. Luke's enabled her to forgive herself, and Belle, and move on with her life and a possible union with Shawn. Austin, Sami and Nicole squabbled their way through another week of working and living together as Austin and Lucas competed for the same account. Eugenia was hired to work as Lucas's assistant, and Sami was so upset at the news that she leaked valuable information to Lucas about Austin's pitch to this new account. Austin teased Billie by almost telling her the name of the woman he loved from or living in Salem. Jennifer continued to hold out hope for Jack whose condition worsened by the day. Frankie and Hope agreed to Jack's plan to help Jennifer after Jack's death, while Jack and Jennifer tried to savor some special time together. Marlena summoned John, Roman, Alex and Kate to the penthouse to inform them of her decision and reveal the contents of Alex's document.
November 14 to 18, 2005
Mimi and Belle hashed out their mutual feelings for Shawn leaving both uncertain about their future with the "man of their dreams." Lucas almost let alcohol comfort him after he lost the Clear Visage account to Austin and company, but then Sophie found a way to help Lucas outsmart the winner's by blackmailing Dr. Snitzler's fiancée into returning the account to Titan. John, Roman, and Kate were shocked and outraged about Alex's so-called past marriage to Marlena and her previous bout with hysterical amnesia when she thought Alex was killed years ago before she married Roman. Alex and John were both determined to win back Marlena's love, but it was clear that she felt committed to her very first marriage vows that she believed were with Alex!!! Nicole convinced Austin to move into Brandon's old loft, an idea somewhat uncomfortable for Sami. Jack decided to end his life with an overdose, but later regretted his actions when he realized he never said goodbye to Abby, who was caught in an ice storm with Jennifer and Frankie desperate to find her and Chelsea. Belle and Shawn were forced into an evening together with Philip and Belle. Billie was left to deal with Jack's medical emergency.
November 21 to 25, 2005
Austin was shocked to learn that Lucas won back the Clear Visage account and realized his pre-mature investments might mean the end of his new venture with Nicole and Sami. Jack's attempt to make Jennifer's Thanksgiving Day a happy one turned tragic as Jack turned up missing after his car went over the bridge in the ice storm. Marlena and Alex talked about their past love, but were later confused when she got the wrong impression about John and Kate's relationship after viewing Kate massaging John's back spasm at the penthouse, but Alex used it to manipulate the situation to his benefit. Unbeknownst to Claire's medical emergency and that Philip and Belle and grandparents were all at the hospital, Shawn and Mimi took their relationship to a high level and made love for the first time. Hope, Jennifer, Maggie, Mickey, Doug and Julie prepared a special web site as a holiday surprise for Alice and named it "Alice's Family Tree" where many special moments of love and romance were recalled by the Horton family. While waiting for results on Claire's condition, Kate stumbled upon a revelation in Claire's medical file that could change many lives in Salem.
November 28 to December 2, 2005
The frantic search for Jack continued as Jennifer refused to believe that Jack was dead even though there were no signs of his body or near his car. Lucas received the shock of his life when he met High Style's new CEO, none other than Carrie Brady. Sami was hoping that Lucas would win the High Style account to make Nicole look bad in Austin's eyes. Belle and Philip and families kept vigil as baby Claire struggled to get well. Belle's postpartum depression complicated her mental state about the real cause of Claire's illness. Kate learned the truth about Claire's parentage and that Shawn was actually her biological father. Belle was devastated when Marlena decided to live with Alex and honor her first marriage vows to him, her first husband. John was determined to win back Marlena. After Philip confided to Kate that he didn't think he could go on if something happened to Claire or Belle, Kate decided to find a way to keep the truth from everyone so as not to ruin Philip's world. Mimi was on to Kate's approval of her relationship with Shawn. Sami was horrified to learn that Austin's was still carrying a torch for Carrie.
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December 5 to 9, 2005
Two crisis rocked Salem, baby Claire's deteriorating health and Jack's alleged death in a car accident during the Thanksgiving holiday. Kate decided to change the medical records so that no one would find out that Shawn was Claire's biological father, but she got caught in the act. John and Belle were devastated when Marlena chose to "stay married" to Alex and almost drove Belle over the edge. Mimi and Shawn were happy for the moment as a romantic couple unaware of the revelation that would destroy their relationship. Kate offered Mimi Belle's old job at Basic Black to get on her good side and try to insure that she and Shawn would remain a couple so that Philip's "happy" life would remain in tact. Sami was furious that Austin was still holding a torch for Carrie; meanwhile Lucas was secretly spending time with Carrie in CA and hoping that their friendship may evolve into something more serious. Jennifer started to believe that this time Jack was really gone, but suddenly while out tending to his special roses, he miraculously appeared.
December 12 to 16, 2005
As baby Claire's condition worsened, Kate confessed to Victor that Shawn was actually Claire's biological father. Victor tried to convince Kate that Philip needed to know the truth about Claire. Jack's ghost appeared to Jennifer to ask her to move on with Frankie, but Jennifer couldn't accept the truth. Bo and Hope welcomed Chelsea to their home, but later, Chelsea's anger placed her life in danger. Bonnie pressured Mimi to make sure that Belle and Shawn stayed apart, as Mimi was concerned about Shawn's preoccupation with Claire's well-being and with comforting Belle. John was convinced that he had lost Marlena to Alex forever. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Sami, Austin, Lucas, and Carrie kept crossing paths without meeting face-to-face. Carrie confided to Lucas that she still had feelings for Austin, but after misunderstanding why Austin was kissing Sami, she decided not to get involved in another triangle with Sami and the men they loved. Lucas decided that Carrie might just be the woman to help him get over Sami.
December 19 to 23, 2005
Jennifer held a memorial service for Jack; meanwhile Frankie prepared to leave town at Jennifer's request. Baby Claire suffered another setback as Belle and Philip learned that Claire would not survive without a liver transplant. Austin and Carrie kept crossing each other's paths. Carrie decided to return to Salem for the holidays and tell Austin that she still had feelings for him. Lucas and Sami's dreams of starting over with each other's siblings seemed to be more a fantasy than a potential reality. John learned from a reputable source that Alex had been an abusive husband while married to Marlena, and he and Roman left Salem to find and save Marlena from suffering yet another emotional crisis when and if she remembered her past life with Alex. Shawn was asked to read the Christmas story at the hospital, while everyone in Philip and Belle's family prayed for Claire's recovery. The Horton family gathered for the traditional hanging of the ornaments led by matriarch, Alice Horton. Jack was back, seen outside the Horton house, or was it the Ghost of Christmas Past?
December 26 to 30, 2005
Roman and John had Alex arrested due to testimony of a former medical colleague of Alex and Marlena that Alex was a threat to Marlena. Sami and Lucas kept secret from Austin that Carrie was the CEO of High Style with the intent that Austin and Carrie would split after the take over and the result would be that Sami would win Austin and Lucas, Carrie. Frankie's freak accident forced him to remain in Salem to comfort Jennifer. Jack seemed to be alive and well and wandering Salem. Lexie gave little hope to Belle and Philip for Claire's recovery as John, family and friends prayed for a miracle. Victor temporarily agreed to keep secret the fact that Shawn was Claire's biological father. Shawn proposed to Mimi. Chelsea had another car accident, but this time Zach was the victim of her carelessness. Alex pleaded with the Salem PD that he was not the threat to Marlena, but no one believed him. Meanwhile, Marlena's life was in peril.
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