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January 5 to 9, 2009
Bo had another vision that Theo was in danger. Lexie and Abe were grateful to Bo and Daniel for saving Theo's life. Hope suggested to Bo that he seek counseling to explain his visions. Nicole was furious with Brady after he ruined her chances to adopt Mia's baby. Max and Chelsea had another uncomfortable conversation about their friendship. Stephanie and Philip decided that they were ready to make love. Kate ended her romantic relationship with Daniel. Chelsea told Lucas that she suspected that Daniel probably moved on to another love interest. Kate decided to host a surprise engagement party for Lucas and Chloe, and asked Daniel to attend. Daniel and Chloe recklessly gave in to their passion for each other, unaware that Lucas was not far behind. Sami played nurse to Rafe. Hilda warned Sami to be careful because they were about to close in on the killer. Later, Hilda came face-to-face with the mayor's assassin. After Rafe fell asleep, Sami decided to leave the safe house to meet with Sister Theresa. John agreed to hypnosis and remembered a past reunion with Marlena, and that she was the love of his life.
January 12 to 16, 2009
Sami sneaked out of the safe house to meet with Sister Theresa while Rafe was asleep. Sister Theresa agreed to help Sami in any way possible. The assassin murdered Hilda when she would not reveal Sami's whereabouts. At Chloe and Lucas's engagement party, Victor warned E.J. that Nicole would ruin his life. Kate ended her relationship with Daniel in order to spend more time with her family. Lucas interrupted Chloe and Daniel from making love in one of the upstairs bedrooms at the Kirakis mansion. Later, Kate almost caught Daniel and Chloe red-handed making love in his apartment. Kate told Stefano that she decided to concentrate on her life and family, and that she could not accept his marriage proposal. Melanie's testimony at Nick's hearing reduced his sentence and saved him from facing a life in prison. Maggie and Philip observed a new and charitable side of Melanie. E.J. pumped Melanie for information about Nick's alternative fuel project to try to persuade her to do business with the DiMera organization instead of Titan. Nicole begged Mia to agree to the adoption and convinced her that the baby would have a wonderful and loving home. Tony suspected Nicole was up to something when he bumped into her escorting Mia around the mansion. Tony advised E.J. to verify that Nicole was counseling unwed teens at the youth center. Chelsea and Max continued to ignore their feelings for each other and insisted that they were only friends. Charlotte lied to John and told him that hypnotherapy was not working, and that he would never remember his past. She tried to convince him to leave Salem and make a new life for himself away from everyone. Charlotte harbored some unknown animosity toward Marlena, and seemed determined to make sure that Marlena and John would never share a life together. John confided in Marlena about Charlotte's news and asked for her opinion. Marlena confronted Charlotte and questioned her methods. Charlotte became enraged just as Kayla arrived to overhear the argument. Charlotte apologized to Kayla after she realized that her behavior was arousing suspicion. Brady broke into Charlotte's office and showed Marlena the video of John's hypnosis session that proved that John remembered his past. They were shocked to learn that Charlotte kept this a secret from everyone.
January 19 to 23, 2009
Sami was devastated to learn of Hilda's murder, and that the assassin was closing in on her and Rafe. Rafe asked Sister Theresa to keep Sami and her baby safe at the convent. Rafe's fate was in the hands of the killer. E.J. questioned Nicole about Mia. Chloe and Lucas had a fight after Lucas learned that Sami was in trouble and needed his help. Chloe, upset with Lucas, turned to Nicole, and told her that Sami was pregnant with E.J.'s child, and that she was hiding in a convent out of town. Nicole raced to the convent and overheard Sami's conversation with Sister Theresa. She devised a plan to take Sami's baby and claim it as her own. Chloe and Daniel risked everything to be together one more time. Charlotte injected John with a paralytic drug because she blamed Marlena for her dysfunctional relationship with her father. Bo and Hope arrested Charlotte. John's memory of Marlena, his family, and friends returned, but the drug damaged his nervous system and left him temporarily paralyzed. John and Marlena remarried, and then left Salem for a private clinic in Lucerne, Switzerland, where John might have the best chance to recover from his injuries.
January 26 to 30, 2009
Philip and Brady learned that Melanie talked to E.J. about the alternative fuel project. Max advised Philip not to get involved with Melanie. Brady and Melanie bonded. Kate was suspicious of Daniel's behavior and his unwillingness to open up to her. Daniel and Chloe could not resist their passion for each other and continued their dangerous affair. Bo confided to Steve that he had another vision-and that Hope and Kayla were in danger. The killer taunted and tortured Rafe to learn of Sami's whereabouts. Rafe broke free of his restraints, struggled with the killer, and both suffered stab wounds. Later, Maggie found the killer unconsciousness outside of the safe house. Mia and Sami gave birth simultaneously to baby girls. Nicole persuaded Dr. Baker to switch the babies so she could claim Sami's baby, E.J.'s biological child, as her own. Kayla thought that she recognized her new patient. Maggie was shocked to see Chloe and Daniel kissing in the doorway of his apartment.
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February 2 to 6, 2009
Maggie pressured Chloe and Daniel to end their affair or she would tell Lucas the truth. Philip and Stephanie admitted their love for each other. Nicole pulled off the baby switch of the year. She presented E.J. and Stefano with their new grandchild, Sydney Ann DiMera, Sami and E.J.'s biological child. E.J. was thrilled about his new daughter, especially when he noticed a distinctive DiMera birthmark. Hope accidentally shot Kayla during a hostage situation at the hospital that ended in the killer's death. Hope and Steve were furious at Bo for not warning them about his vision of the event beforehand. Bo informed Hope that Internal Affairs would investigate the shooting. Sami and the sisters nursed Rafe back to health. Rafe and Roman told Sami that she would be able to return home soon. Sami told Rafe that she named her baby, who she did not realize was Mia's biological child, Grace. She told Rafe that she needed more time to decide what do about Grace. Lucas reminded E.J. that Sami would be returning home soon. Kate was anxious to move up Lucas and Chloe's wedding date. After Melanie realized that a relationship with Philip would never be, she decided to give the rights of the alternative fuel project to the DiMera organization. Chloe and Daniel struggled with ending their affair.
February 9 to 13, 2009
Hope told Bo that she was moving out of the house to think clearly about Kayla's shooting, and the fact that he did not confide in her about his vision. Melanie played a dangerous game with Philip and E.J. regarding the rights to the alternative fuel project. Kate forced Lucas and Chloe to set a Valentine's Day wedding. Chloe's guilt over her affair with Daniel forced her to cancel the wedding and break things off with Lucas. Chloe begged Daniel to leave Salem with her, but he encouraged her to stay in town and tell everyone the truth about their relationship. Kate confided in Daniel about Lucas and Chloe's broken engagement, unaware that he was the cause. Dr. Baker put the squeeze on Nicole for more money to keep his silence about the baby switch. Victor caught Brady stealing money from his safe and was furious that Nicole was somehow involved. Sami learned that E.J. and Nicole set a wedding date and that she and Nicole gave birth to baby girls on the same day. Stephanie questioned Philip's business tactics, and if she should continue her relationship with him. Brady threatened Dr. Baker to stay clear of Nicole or else face the consequences.
February 16 to 20, 2009
Chloe received "heavenly" advice about her romance dilemma. A despondent Lucas fell off the wagon. Maggie finally told Lucas the truth about Chloe's affair with Daniel. Kate told Victor that she planned to rekindle her relationship with Daniel. Daniel told an elated Kate that she was in remission. Before Kate could tell Daniel that she wanted to get back together with him, Daniel convinced her to tell her children the good news. Hope was devastated over her suspension from the force. Bo expressed sadness and disappointment when Hope told him that she needed more time alone to think about everything that had happened. Nicole was upset when E.J. told her that Sami might return home soon. Nicole and Brady's friendship grew stronger. Tony advised E.J. to stay clear of causing friction between the DiMera and Kiriakis families. Max and Chelsea came clean about their feelings for each other. Chelsea told Stephanie that Chelsea might have a future with Max. Stephanie decided to break things off with Philip after she caught him making out with Melanie. Melanie gave Philip the cold shoulder after she told him she knew he was playing her in order to keep the alternative fuel project at Titan. In a fit of drunken rage, Lucas went to Daniel's apartment to confront him about his affair with Chloe. As he was about to enter Daniel's apartment, part of the building exploded due to a gas leak, and Chloe and Lucas were injured in the blast.
February 23 to 27, 2009
Lucas and Chloe survived the explosion at Daniel's apartment. Lucas did not remember that he went there to confront Daniel about Daniel's affair with Chloe. Philip suspected Nicole was having an affair with Brady. He threatened to tell E.J. unless she helped him retain the rights to the fuel project. Nicole's problems with Philip, guilt over Sydney's birth, and Sami's return to Salem, caused problems in her relationship with E.J. E.J. warned Nicole never to threaten to leave him or to take away custody of Sydney. Hope told Bo that she wanted to return home under one condition; he must never lie to her again about any of his premonitions or visions. Victor advised Philip on the Kiriakis way to handle women. Stephanie ended her relationship with Philip. Kate caught Daniel and Chloe kissing, but rather than confront them, she decided to get revenge in her own way. Rafe visited Grace at the church, but told Sister Theresa not to tell Sami that he was there. Sami returned to Salem to see Allie and Johnny and then had a bittersweet reunion with E.J. E.J. warned Sami and Nicole to stop bickering with each other for the sake of all their children. Sami visited Lucas in the hospital and was shocked to learn that he fell off the wagon. Sami lied to Lucas, told him that her baby was stillborn, and made him promise never to tell anyone that she was ever pregnant. Lucas and Sami got a surprise visit from Will. Bo had a vision of what appeared to be Hope cheating on him. Nicole handed Philip the formula for the alternative fuel project in return for his silence.
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MARCH 2009
March 2 to 6, 2009
Chloe and Lucas renewed their commitment to each other and moved forward with their wedding plans. Kate's manipulative plan for revenge kept Daniel and Chloe on edge. E.J.'s jealousy caused problems for Sami and Rafe. Nicole was shocked to learn that Sami told Lucas that her baby was stillborn. Nicole's nervous behavior made Stefano suspicious. Stefano's contact followed Nicole to the convent. Sami warned Nicole about the danger of living in the DiMera mansion. She suggested that they mend fences for the sake of the children. Lucas came clean to Will about his recent battle with alcoholism. Brady suspected that something was up between Chloe and Daniel. Philip and E.J. rejected Melanie's alternative fuel project. Max and Chelsea made love. Chelsea moved out of the Brady house to make her own way. Bo told Hope that he had a vision of her making love to another man, but he didn't tell her that the man was Daniel. Stephanie told Philip that their relationship would never work out. E.J. wiped out Titan's computer database.
March 9 to 13, 2009
Chelsea decided to break off with Max after she heard him talk to Will about having a family of his own. Max comforted Chelsea and assured her that they could still be happy together even is he could not have biological children. Will was unsettled about Lucas' pending marriage to Chloe, and Sami's newfound friendship with Rafe. Sami begged Rafe to stay in Salem to help her find a way to bring Grace home. Bo and Hope celebrated her reinstatement to the force. Hope's camaraderie with Rafe unnerved Bo. Victor and Kate devised a plan to expose Chloe's infidelity. Kate taunted Daniel about his relationship with Chloe and tried to force him to admit his affair with her. Kate was furious when Will told her that Chloe and Lucas left for Las Vegas to elope. The viewers learned that Stefano set up the hit on Mayor Marino. Melanie vowed revenge on E.J., and Tony showed he might be a willing ally. Philip blamed E.J. for erasing Titan's fuel project database, and then he threatened Nicole to help him or else. Nicole panicked and asked Brady for help.
March 16 to 20, 2009
Lucas and Chloe finally said "I do" in a Las Vegas wedding chapel, but Kate was not far behind to shatter the happiness of the newlyweds. Bo disliked Hope's newfound friendship with Daniel. Tony manipulated Melanie into making her believe that they would work together on the alternative fuel project. Max learned that Melanie stole Nick's blueprints for the fuel project to make a deal with Tony. Philip vowed revenge on the DiMeras, especially E.J. and Tony. Nicole, E.J., and the DiMera clan prepared for Sydney's christening. Mia arrived in Salem to reclaim her baby. Tony met Mia and suspected that Sydney was her biological child; however, they had no idea that Nicole switched the babies, and that Sydney was actually E.J. and Sami's child. Later, Will found Mia crying down by the pier and befriended her. Rafe confided to Sister Theresa that he cared deeply for Sami and Grace, and vowed to protect them from the DiMera family. Rafe assured Sami that he would protect her and Grace. Tony kept Nicole in line by threatening to expose her secret. E.J. overheard Sami tell Sister Theresa that she wanted to bring her baby home to Salem.
March 23 to 27, 2009
Sami told Stefano and E.J. that she adopted a baby while she was away in the witness protection program. Nicole felt pressured by Tony's threats, and asked Brady to help her pull off a plan to ensure that Sydney's parentage remained a secret. Victor fired Philip after he learned that Philip failed to win back the rights to the alternative fuel project from the DiMera family. Chelsea and Stephanie decided to share an apartment together. Max and Theo connected. Daniel convinced Maggie that he made the right decision, and congratulated Lucas and Chloe on the news of their marriage. Kate continued to look for ways to enact her revenge on Chloe. Sami and Rafe admitted their feelings for each other. Sami asked Rafe to be Grace's godfather in a christening ceremony at the church before taking Grace home to Salem. Philip and Tony's conversation on the pier ended in a fight. Tony turned to leave, slipped on the stairway, and was impaled on a metal spike. Chloe's bout of nausea prompted her to panic after she realized she had forgotten to take one of her birth control pills.
March 30 to April 3, 2009
Tony succumbed to his wounds and died before he could tell E.J. about Sydney's parentage. Nicole exonerated Philip and told Hope that Tony's death was an accident. Stefano was furious that Nicole was not loyal to the DiMera family. Stephanie comforted Philip. Stefano warned E.J. that Nicole could not be trusted and that she would break his heart. Nicole and Philip came to an understanding. E.J. questioned Nicole about why she was at the pier the night of Tony's accident, but later defended her honor to Stefano. Anna showed up at the DiMera mansion, slapped Stefano, and blamed him for Tony's death. Chloe learned that she was not pregnant, and agreed to accept Kate's job offer. Sami convinced Lucas that she adopted Grace. Kate forged Daniel's signature to use in her master plan of revenge against Chloe. Chloe inadvertently ended up under Daniel's care. Daniel made peace with Chloe and wished her well in her marriage to Lucas. Mia's friendship with Will placed her in close contact with Grace. Sami considered telling E.J. the truth about Grace after talking to Bo. Bo had another vision of Roman and Hope together, and told Roman to stay away from Hope until further notice.
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APRIL 2009
April 6 to 10, 2009
Stefano blamed Philip for Tony's death, and warned Philip that he would pay dearly for his crime. Victor apologized to Philip and asked him to move back to the mansion and to reclaim his position at Titan. Stephanie and Max were at odds over her relationship with Philip. Kate distracted Melanie and stole a drug from the medication tray. Chloe received a job offer for the lead role in an opera in Vancouver. Lucas and Kate were reluctant for Chloe to accept the job for their own personal reasons. Sami struggled over whether or not she should tell E.J. about Grace, unaware that Grace was Mia's child and Sydney was her child. Sami tried to convince Rafe that she no longer had feelings for E.J. Nicole and Mia were surprised to learn that Dr. Baker was working at the hospital. Kate squashed Daniel's blind date. Nicole was distraught over E.J.'s reluctance to proceed with their wedding plans. Brady encouraged Nicole to tell E.J. the truth about Sydney. Nicole realized that she recognized Rafe.
April 13 to 17, 2009
Nicole prepared for her wedding to E.J. Mia threatened to expose Nicole's baby plan, but Nicole convinced her that it would not be best for Sydney. Brady pleaded with Nicole not to marry E.J. and then told her that he loved her. Melanie comforted Brady with a sexy kiss. Nicole feared that something would go wrong at her wedding. Dr. Baker decided to crash Nicole's wedding ceremony, and reminded her that one wrong move on her part could end her fairytale lifestyle. Rafe seemed determined that Sami still cared for E.J. and decided to leave town. Will and Mia bonded with Grace. Sami told Lucas that Grace was E.J.'s biological child, and that she planned to tell E.J. the truth before his wedding to Nicole. Chelsea learned that Max applied to medical school. Bo was relieved to learn that his vision of Roman and Hope together in a hotel room was actually a police stakeout. Kate continued her twisted plan to ruin Daniel and Chloe's lives. Stefano and E.J. ordered a hit on Philip to take place during E.J.'s wedding ceremony so that they would have an alibi.
April 20 to 24, 2009
Melanie found a badly beaten Brady on the docks and took him to the hospital. A DiMera hit man successfully shot Philip. But Stephanie got Philip to the hospital in time for Daniel to save Philip. Moved by Philip's recovery, Kate promised to drop her revenge plan for Chloe and lead a happy life. Victor knew that Stefano ordered the hit on Philip and Brady's beating. Victor vowed revenge on the DiMera family. Bo and Roman investigated Philip's shooting. Despite numerous interruptions, Nicole and EJ officially married, but decided to postpone their reception and honeymoon until the feud between the DiMeras and Kiriakises settled down. Sami balked at telling EJ the truth about Grace. When Sami heard that Rafe got a new job, she rushed to the airport to talk to Rafe before he left. Mia held Sydney but felt no connection to her. Stefano worried that he might have been poisoned.
April 27 to May 1, 2009
Lexie told Stefano that Victor did not poison him, but that he had diabetes. Stefano decided to leave town for medical treatment, and left E.J. in charge of the DiMera business. Hope warned Nicole that her life as a DiMera would threaten her future happiness. Brady disowned Nicole. Stephanie tried to persuade Philip to leave Salem with her in order to avoid the violence in their lives. Mia and Will drew closer, but Will seemed confused about Mia's reluctance to discuss her past. Sami and Rafe almost made love, but E.J. interrupted them, and made Rafe feel like he was a substitute in Sami's life. Sami was upset after she saw Rafe with another woman. Lucas promised Sami that he would keep her secret about Grace. Chelsea learned that Billie was in a serious accident, and decided to leave Salem and relocate to London to help her mother recover from her injuries. Kate told Daniel that she knew about his affair with Chloe.
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MAY 2009
May 4 to 8, 2009
Sami was surprised to find out that Arianna was Rafe's sister. Nicole tried to convince Dr. Baker to leave town before Stefano and E.J. learned the truth about the baby switch. E.J. suspected that Dr. Baker was behind Stefano's disappearance. Brady warned Victor that revenge would only cause more pain for everyone. Victor informed E.J. that he had kidnapped Stefano. Stephanie confronted E.J. and blamed him for the second attempt on Philip's life. Philip was furious when he learned that Stephanie had challenged E.J. Kate told Chloe that she knew about Chloe's affair with Daniel. Will was upset to learn that Mia had a drug problem. Maggie befriended Mia and realized that Mia wanted Will to believe the lies about her past. Sami and Rafe almost made love by the river before the police interrupted them for trespassing. Chelsea bid farewell to her family and friends in Salem.
May 11 to 15, 2009
Victor kidnapped Stefano and forced E.J. to turn over DiMera Enterprises to him in order to save his father's life. Philip and Stephanie's engagement bliss was short-lived. Caroline warned Stephanie to be wary of marrying a Kiriakis. E.J. ordered Owen to kidnap Stephanie in order to disrupt Victor's plan. Arianna seemed concerned about Rafe's involvement with Sami. Rafe persuaded Dr. Baker to leave town. Kate taunted Chloe and Daniel about their affair. Lucas was suspicious of Kate's negative attitude toward Chloe, and Chloe's evasiveness regarding Daniel. Stefano awakened and seemed confused about his health and whereabouts. Bo had another vision that Ciara was in danger. Mia confided to Brady that she would rather have Will believe that she was a recovering drug addict than for him to find out that she gave up her baby for adoption.
May 18 to 22, 2009
Owen kidnapped Stephanie per E.J.'s orders and held her prisoner at the morgue. Owen lied to his father about his new career plans. Owen softened toward Stephanie after she tried to escape. Philip told Victor that they had no choice but to trade Stefano for Stephanie. Brady was suspicious of Philip's apology and alerted Bo that something big was going down. Stefano taunted Victor with the fact the E.J. found a way to outsmart him. Mia confided to Brady that she lied to Will so that he would not find out that she'd had a child. Rafe asked Sami if he could adopt Grace and give her the family she deserved. Will reacted badly when Sami told him that Rafe wanted to adopt Grace, and told Mia that he thought Sami was keeping a secret from him. Mia continued to have strong ties to Grace. Arianna warned Rafe about getting involved with Sami or he might risk history repeating itself. Bo was hot on Victor's trail. Owen double-crossed E.J. and decided to run away with Stephanie to save her life.
May 25 to 29, 2009
Brady confided in Bo that Victor and Philip were involved in Stephanie's disappearance. Victor disowned Brady for being disloyal to the Kiriakis family, and then blasted Bo for being disrespectful to his birthright. Bo arrested E.J. for his part in Stephanie's kidnapping. Lexie warmed up to Stefano again, much to Abe's dismay. Melanie agreed to help Philip find Stephanie. Brady threatened Nicole that he would reveal her connection to Mia if she did not help him locate Stephanie. Nicole stayed true to E.J. and refused to help Brady, but was concerned to learn that Mia and Will were friends. Brady caught up with Philip and Melanie and decided to help them find Stephanie. Stephanie's plan to trick Owen backfired and triggered his dangerous side. Owen found Melanie and Brady snooping around the morgue and locked them in the mausoleum. Philip and Stephanie found themselves side-by-side at the morgue. Sami told Caroline that Rafe planned to adopt Grace. Sami seemed disappointed in Rafe's new job as a construction worker. Will's attraction to Mia grew stronger. Lucas started to remember what happened the night that he fell off the wagon. Chloe confided to Daniel that being married to Lucas did not make her as happy as she thought it would. Later, after Victor demeaned Chloe, Kate caught Daniel and Chloe in a compromising situation.
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JUNE 2009
June 1 to 5, 2009
Bo, Hope, Brady, and Melanie rescued Philip and Stephanie from their ordeal at the morgue. The police arrested Owen, but Stefano had his own plans for the former DiMera employee. Kate caught Daniel and Chloe in an innocent, but comprising, situation. Daniel convinced Kate to keep their affair a secret to for Lucas' sake. Kate went forward with her plan to destroy Chloe. Daniel continued to struggle with his feelings for Chloe and tried to distract himself with work. Nicole told a distressed E.J. that Rafe planned to adopt Grace. Lucas met Mia and erroneously learned that she had recently been in rehab, and then forbade Will to continue his relationship with her. Will defied Lucas and asked Maggie to help Mia find a way to stay in Salem. Maggie invited Mia to move in with her. Arianna warned Rafe that Sami would end up breaking his heart. Sami rushed Grace to the hospital, but later became distraught and emotional when she learned that Grace's diagnosis of bacterial meningitis could be life-threatening. Sami considered telling E.J. that Grace was his child. Rafe arrived at the hospital to comfort Sami. Stefano told a frantic Nicole that he knew that Sydney was Sami's child, and that Mia was Grace's biological mother. Stefano assured E.J. that he was back in control and that he would take care of Owen and Stephanie.
June 8 to 12, 2009
Sami, Rafe, family, and friends mourned Grace's unexpected and tragic death. Stefano promised Nicole, for the sake of the family, that he would not tell E.J. that Sydney was Sami's biological daughter. Chloe was furious with Lucas after he told her that that he knew that E.J. and Sami were Grace's biological parents. Chloe, upset with Lucas, ran to Daniel for comfort. Chloe admitted to Daniel that she still loved Lucas, but that she loved Daniel more. Daniel struggled with his feelings for Chloe, but convinced her to go back to Lucas and make her marriage work. Sami told a shocked and angry E.J. that Grace was his daughter. E.J. accused Sami of causing Grace's death, and vowed revenge on her and Rafe for keeping him from being a father to Grace. E.J., overcome with grief, spent quiet time with the lifeless body of the daughter he never knew. Kate moved ahead with her dangerous plan for revenge against Daniel and Chloe. Lucas became suspicious of Kate's new medication. Victor invited Brady to move back into the mansion. Victor met with Stefano and asked him to consider a truce for the sake of both families. Chelsea returned to Salem and asked Max to move to London with her.
June 15 to 19, 2009
Stephanie lied to the police about her kidnapping in order for the Kiriakis and DiMera families to call a truce. Kate manipulated Daniel to host the medical television segment with Chloe by offering to donate his salary to cancer research in memory of his late wife, Rebecca. Kate fantasized about Chloe's passing. Chloe confided to Father Matt that she still loved Daniel. Melanie was excited and intrigued to meet Maggie's grandson, Nathan. Max said goodbye to friends and family. Melanie told Max that she had decided to stay in Salem to pursue a career in nursing. Will was furious that Sami lied to him about Grace, and then told her that he was moving out of the penthouse. Salem bid farewell to Grace. Mia couldn't help feeling a strong connection to Grace during her funeral service. Nicole tried desperately to hide the truth about Grace and Sydney's parentage from E.J. E.J., consumed with grief about Grace, and his hatred for Sami for lying to him, filed for custody of Johnny.
June 22 to 26, 2009
E.J. petitioned the courts for permanent custody of Johnny. Nicole's guilt over switching the babies prompted her to suggest that E.J. not to pursue full custody of Johnny. Nicole told Sami that she would find a way to help her. Rafe quizzed Mia and Nicole about their interest in Grace's life and death. Chad returned to Salem, but Mia told him that she had made a new life, and that she wanted nothing more to do with him. Maggie set Nathan straight about Melanie and Nick's relationship. Nathan apologized to Melanie for pre-judging her. Kate continued to manipulate Daniel's words and actions to her advantage. Sami begged Stephanie for her help to fight E.J.'s lawsuit. Stephanie overdosed on her prescribed medication and ended up in the Emergency Room. Melanie encouraged Stephanie to tell Philip about her emotional problem and use of prescription drugs. Chloe suggested that Stephanie talk to Father Matt about her personal problems. Someone leaked the story of Hope's financial donation to the hospital. Bo had a vision of Zack warning him that Ciara could be in danger.
June 29 to July 3, 2009
Nicole ignored E.J.'s wishes and took Johnny to visit Sami. Sami and Rafe had words over Emily and his reasons for keeping her identity a secret. Stefano and E.J. pressured Judge Fitzpatrick to rule in their favor at Johnny's custody hearing. Nicole's guilt over Grace's death, and sympathy toward Sami in Johnny's custody suit, surprised and puzzled E.J. Rafe grew suspicious of Nicole's connection to Mia. After talking to Father Matt, Stephanie ended her engagement to Philip. Brady and Arianna continued to tell each other that they were not interested in a relationship. Melanie had her eyes set on Nathan, but decided to help her friends and arranged for Brady and Arianna to spend more time together. Kate ensured that Chloe ate one of her poisoned apples. Chloe became ill and fainted in Daniel's arms. Bo finally admitted to Hope that he had a vision of Zack warning him that Ciara might be danger.
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JULY 2009
July 6 to 10, 2009
Rafe told Sami more about his relationship with Emily and revealed that she had died on their wedding day. Stefano investigated Rafe and Emily's background to use against Rafe, if necessary. Stephanie ended her engagement to Philip, and later held her ground with Victor and told him that there was no turning back. Nicole learned that Stephanie planned to testify at Johnny's custody hearing on Sami's behalf, and implicate E.J. in her kidnapping case. Stefano warned Nicole that he knew that she had arranged for Johnny to visit Sami. Stefano and Nicole agreed to disagree about keeping secrets from E.J. because it was for his benefit. E.J. was furious at Nicole for always taking Sami's side, but she convinced him that she was worried about how the outcome would affect Johnny. Melanie's arranged date for Brady and Arianna to spend time alone at the Horton cabin ended in Nathan's unexpected arrival, and a game of strip poker that drew the foursome closer together. Chad started working at the Java Café and was angry at Mia's rejection. Jealous of Mia and Will's friendship, Chad decided to fill Will in on his past relationship with Mia. Hope told Bo that she was concerned over his visions of Ciara, and that they needed to do whatever was necessary to keep her safe.
July 13 to 17, 2009
Melanie's matchmaking didn't work out as planned for Arianna and Brady, or Stephanie and Philip. Philip told Brady that he couldn't live without Stephanie in his life. Stephanie started her new job at the hospital and confided to Nathan about her troubled relationship with Philip. Lucas left on a business trip out of the country. Chloe told Nicole that she loved Lucas but was jealous that Daniel might be with another woman. Kate manipulated Chris to gossip to Maggie about Daniel's attraction to Chloe as the reason that he had resigned from the show. Kate planted the necessary evidence in Daniel's apartment to ensure that he would be the suspect in Chloe's anticipated mysterious death. Chloe fell victim to Kate's poisonous plan of revenge and was hospitalized in serious condition. Lexie seemed baffled at Chloe's refusal to have Daniel consult on her case. Lexie felt certain that Daniel's sudden resignation was connected to Chloe in some way. Chad seemed confused about Mia's alleged drug addiction and subsequent rehabilitation, and he pumped Will for more information. Rafe facilitated a reconciliation between Will and Sami. Mia and Will went on their first official date. Nicole convinced E.J. to drop the custody suit against Sami. Sami questioned Nicole about her comment about also losing a child, but Nicole managed to talk her way around it. Sami and Nicole decided to call a truce for the sake of their children. Stefano assured Nicole that he would take care of Rafe. Arianna said no to a date with Brady, even after they almost kissed at the Horton cabin. She told him that she was not ready to get involved with someone who was a recovering addict. Arianna did not share that she had a secret and was not who she appeared to be. A stranger confronted Ciara in the park at her birthday party.
July 20 to 24, 2009
Kate manipulated Maggie and Chris as unknowing players in her evil plot to murder Chloe, and then planted evidence that would implicate Daniel as the culprit. Chloe told Daniel that she loved him and would ask Lucas for a divorce as soon as he returned from Hong Kong. Chloe collapsed at the production set, and Daniel called the paramedics and accompanied her to the hospital. Lexie and Daniel learned that Chloe was poisoned. Chloe remained in a coma while Bo and Hope investigated the incident and questioned everyone about the attempt on Chloe's life. Bo advised Daniel to hire an attorney. Meanwhile, Daniel recalled numerous conversations with Kate that aroused his suspicions of her. Melanie's date with Nathan was a bust. Stephanie wrongly accused Melanie of making a play for Philip, and told a surprised Nathan that he would be wise to stay clear of Melanie. Thanks to Brady, Stephanie apologized to Melanie for the misunderstanding and for ruining her date with Nathan. Sami met Meredith, Emily's sister, in the park and questioned her about Emily's death. Nicole warned Chad to stay away from Mia, and convinced him that his interference might cause Mia to relapse. Mia told Will that she and Chad dated at Salem West. Stefano and Nicole convinced E.J. that their secret meetings were to protect him, and that his suspicions of them were unwarranted.
July 27 to 31, 2009
Victor suspected that Kate poisoned Chloe and framed Daniel. Victor warned Kate to exonerate Daniel or else he would tell Lucas the truth. Kate manipulated her family into believing that Daniel betrayed everyone, while she continued to play the part of the concerned parent and mother-in-law. Based on the evidence, the D.A. forced Bo to arrest Daniel for the attempted murder of Chloe Lane. Bo and Hope believed Daniel's story that Kate might be the real culprit in Chloe's poisoning. Lucas was outraged when he learned the truth about Chloe and Daniel's affair. Daniel told Lucas the truth about his affair with Chloe, and warned him that Kate poisoned Chloe to get back at her for hurting her son. Nicole poured her heart out to a comatose Chloe. Rafe told Meredith that he loved Emily and was sorry about the accident that caused her death, but that he moved on with his life. Sami and Rafe found a way to accept their past indiscretions and committed to their love for each other. E.J. confided to Stefano that he loved Nicole and his family, but that he still had feelings for Sami. Stefano, who arranged for Meredith to return to Salem, prodded her to explain the circumstances surrounding Emily's death. Brady rushed to Arianna's rescue, kissed her, and convinced her to go out on a date with him. A mysterious stranger handed Arianna a small package in return for cash. Kinsey agreed to help Chad break up Will and Mia.
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August 3 to 7, 2009
Kate taunted a comatose Chloe as she anticipated her demise. Hope encouraged Daniel to remain positive while she and Bo searched for another suspect. Kate artfully manipulated Lucas until he believed that Daniel poisoned Chloe and that they both betrayed him. Melanie passed on a date with Nathan, and then he asked Stephanie to go out with him as a friend. Philip told Stephanie about Carlo's shooting, and that she was better off without him. Stefano convinced Meredith to tell Sami that Rafe murdered Emily. Sami confronted Rafe about Meredith's claim that he was responsible for Emily's death. Rafe walked out on Sami after he refused to answer her questions. Arianna seemed involved in some sort of drug smuggling ring that she purposely kept secret from Brady. E.J. ordered a new stone for Grace's grave. Nicole's guilt over Grace's death and switching the babies made E.J. wonder if Nicole was keeping secrets from him. Father Matt asked Lucas to consider forgiving Chloe for loving him and Daniel, but Lucas could not find it in his heart to do so. After Lucas left Chloe's room, she muttered Daniel's name. Victor managed to arrange bail for Daniel, even after the courts denied his release. Daniel asked Victor if he knew that Kate poisoned Chloe. Abe and Lexie received good news about Theo's progress.
August 10 to 14, 2009
Sami tried to reconcile with Rafe, but he insisted their relationship was finished. Will and Mia kissed, prompting Chad to want to investigate Mia's secret. Victor bailed Daniel out of jail, but he refused to help Daniel prove that Kate was guilty. Chloe's brain activity improved, but Lexie cautioned that it could be a sign that Chloe's body was shutting down. The district attorney warned Bo and Hope not to investigate any other suspects, or else they would face a suspension. Dan begged Lexie to try an experimental treatment on Chloe. Lucas yelled at Maggie for not telling him about the affair. Dr. Baker asked Nicole for more money in order to pay off his gambling debts. E.J. felt conflicted about his feelings for Sami, but he promised Nicole that he loved her more than he ever loved Sami. Rafe overheard Nicole on the phone with Dr. Baker and decided to stay in Salem and investigate. Justin returned to town to take Daniel's case. Ciara was lured away by a man at the carnival, causing Bo's vision of her disappearance to come true.
August 17 to 21, 2009
Dr. Baker blackmailed Nicole for $100,000 in order to pay off his gambling debts. Justin asked Victor to provide the ransom money needed to pay off Ciara's kidnappers. Bo had a frightening vision of Ciara's death, and called off Hope's rendezvous with the kidnappers. Hope and Bo argued about the best way to get their daughter home safely, unaware that Ciara's abduction was an inside job. Daniel had harsh words for Kate when he bumped into her on the dock. Nathan told Lucas that he must make all decisions regarding Chloe's health care. Philip fought with Nathan after he saw him cozying up to Stephanie. After Stephanie rejected Philip, he hooked up with Melanie, and they made love in a sleazy motel out of town. Victor told Stephanie that Philip disowned the Kiriakis family in an attempt to reconcile with her. Melanie was devastated after Philip told her that he wanted to get back together with Stephanie. Though hurt, Melanie told Philip that she would keep their affair secret. E.J. decided to order DNA tests for the entire family. Stefano promised Nicole that E.J. would never learn that Sami was Sydney's biological mother. Rafe and Sami split, but he still cared for her and seemed convinced that there was a connection between Nicole, Dr. Baker, and Grace's birth. Brady found a packet of cocaine at the Brady Pub on Arianna's watch. Arianna convinced Brady that she would handle the situation. Philip and Melanie were unaware that the motel manager taped their romp in the hay and planned to use the video to his advantage.
August 24 to 28, 2009
Bo and Hope were indebted to Officer Dean for his heroism in helping to rescue Ciara, unaware that he was the mastermind of the kidnapping attempt, and that he murdered his two accomplices. Will thanked Chad for saving Mia's life. Philip and Stephanie made plans for their future together. Dr. Baker pressured Nicole for more blackmail money after he learned that Grace had died. Rafe was hot on Nicole and Dr. Baker's trail. He was convinced that they were hiding something about Grace's birth. Stefano promised Nicole that he would take care of Dr. Baker. Nicole comforted a distraught Sami after she received a strange call from Dr. Baker. Sami and Rafe separately headed off to the Dominican Republic to learn more about Dr. Baker. Nicole was frantic that Sami might learn Sydney's identity. Craig returned to Salem to discuss Chloe's health with Lucas. Brady believed Daniel's story that Kate was responsible for Chloe's medical condition and agreed to his plan that might just save her life. Brady spotted Arianna in a comprising situation with the same man that had attacked her in the park. Daniel used Kate's attraction to him as a way to keep her occupied and away from Chloe.
August 31 to September 3, 2009
Melanie, Nathan, and Brady arranged for Daniel to visit Chloe so that he could administer a drug that might save her life. Chloe emerged from the coma for a few m,inutes and Lucas heard her call Daniel's name. Kate tried to convince Lucas to honor Chloe's wishes and take her off life support. Craig warned Lucas to do the right thing by his daughter. Stephanie accepted Philip's engagement ring, again, and agreed to move forward with their relationship. Stefano put out a hit on Dr. Baker. Rafe convinced Sami that he did not murder Dr. Baker, and she helped him escape in time to avoid arrest. Unbeknownst to Stefano, the hit man, Rafe, and Sami, Dr. Baker showed signs of life. Stefano and Rafe were hot on the trail to retrieve the letters Dr. Baker requested sent to Sami and Mia in the event of his death. Lexie told E.J. that she was concerned about Stefano's health and stress level. Nicole intercepted Sami's letter just as Rafe arrived at the penthouse. Will and Mia officially announced that they were a couple. Chad stole Mia's keys, and was determined to find and read her journal. Bo and Hope continued to argue over the way Bo handled Ciara's rescue, as well as the reward money payout. Arianna and Brady made love. Victor learned that Arianna was one of the top dealers working with his people. Victor told Justin to back off his investigation of Kate, and to find another way to clear Daniel. Daniel made small talk with Kate after she caught him in her room; she was unaware that he had already found the evidence he needed to implicate her in Chloe's poisoning. Philip and Melanie's sexy night at the motel ended up on the Internet.
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September 7 to 11, 2009
Stephanie broke off her engagement to Philip after she saw the sex tape of him and Melanie making love. Victor confronted Arianna and told her he knew about her "other" job as a drug dealer, and forced her to end things with Brady. Rafe connected Nicole to Grace and the convent, but Stefano covered Nicole's tracks before Rafe could find sufficient evidence to implicate her. E.J. was not pleased about Nicole and Sami's newfound friendship, and seemed equally puzzled by her involvement with Rafe. Roman told Sami that she needed to trust her own feelings about Rafe. Rafe and Arianna consoled each other about their lost loves. Dean held Hope and Ciara hostage, and then shot Justin when he tried to save them. Bo arrived just in time to save Hope, Ciara, and Justin, and then nearly beat Dean to death for his role in Ciara's kidnapping. The police arrested Dean for kidnapping and murder charges. On his way to police headquarters, Dean screamed at Bo and blamed him for everything that went wrong during the kidnapping. His harsh words triggered feelings between Bo and Hope that could cause more problems in their already troubled relationship. Nathan's reaction to the sex tape made things awkward between him and Melanie. Maggie caught Chad breaking into her home. Chad confided to Maggie that Mia was the love of his life, and told her that he was certain that Mia was keeping a secret from him. Will, jealous of Mia's past with Chad, broke up with her. Chad suspected that Mia's secret had something to do with their past relationship.
September 14 to 18, 2009
Arianna, who had been working undercover for Roman, told him that she could no longer continue on the job because she had become personally involved with Brady. Mia told Will that she had Chad's baby, and gave her up for adoption. Roman arrested Melanie and Nathan for their role in helping Daniel administer a drug to Chloe that Daniel told them might save her life. Daniel confronted Kate and forced her to confess that she had poisoned Chloe and then framed him for the crime. Daniel's plan went awry when Kate turned the tables on him and he nearly became another of her victims. Kate panicked when Lucas phoned to tell her that Chloe awoke from her coma. Kate reluctantly asked Stefano to help her; he agreed but not without a steep price for his efforts. Chloe vindicated Daniel and told Roman that he could never have poisoned her. Chloe tried to convince a doubting Lucas that Kate was the real culprit. Rafe realized that Nicole switched Grace with Sydney after he learned that Nicole had a miscarriage. Nicole was relieved that Will did not tell E.J. about Mia's pregnancy, and then planned a long-awaited honeymoon to France with E.J. and Sydney. Rafe set out to prove that Sami was Sydney's biological mother, unaware that Meredith, who had been following him, had her own plan to avenge Emily's death.
September 21 to 26, 2009
Bo was furious when Hope told him that she and Ciara planned to leave town as part of Ciara's therapy to help her cope with the kidnapping and Justin's shooting. Bo warned Hope that another separation might be more than their marriage could withstand. E.J. and Nicole left for their long-awaited honeymoon in Paris. Daniel and Chloe were finally reunited and happy. Philip, Lucas, Victor, and all of Salem were shocked at Kate's decision to marry Stefano, but soon realized that marriage was Stefano's price to keep Kate out of jail for her crimes against Chloe and Daniel. Melanie seemed pleased with the attention from Philip and Nathan. Lucas and the Kiriakis family disowned Kate after she said, "I do" to Stefano. Lucas, overwhelmed with another failed marriage and Kate's decision to marry Stefano, fell off the wagon and landed in the hospital. Sami, Maggie, and Will convinced Lucas to enter a rehabilitation program out of town. Meredith kidnapped Rafe and held him prisoner as part of her sick plan to avenge Emily's death. Brady told Arianna that he was still confused about why she broke it off with him. In the heat of the conversation, Arianna blurted out to Brady that she knew of Nicole's miscarriage. E.J. was stunned to learn that Stefano married Kate. Brady called Nicole to warn her that her secret was out, unaware that E.J. was on the other line. Daniel proposed to Chloe.
September 28 to October 2, 2009
E.J. and Nicole were shocked to learn that Stefano had married Kate. Stefano welcomed Kate as the new mistress of the DiMera mansion. E.J. hired a DiMera minion to follow and tape Nicole's conversation with Brady. In a fierce confrontation with Nicole, E.J. recounted all her lies, especially that she'd had a miscarriage while married to him. E.J. demanded that Nicole tell him the truth about Sydney's biological parents. Meanwhile, Chad overheard Mia admit that she'd had his child, and he was furious that she had given the baby up for adoption. To keep Sydney safe, Mia lied to Chad about the adoptive parents and then promised that she would break up with Will and get back together with Chad if he would end his search for their child. Will was upset that Mia broke up with him, and asked Sami for advice. Sami vowed to start a new life without Rafe. Victor was less than pleased at Daniel's decision to marry Chloe. Maggie cautioned Nathan and Philip about starting a relationship with Melanie. Crazy Meredith began her plan of revenge to bury Rafe alive. Arianna became suspicious of Meredith's behavior.
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October 5 to 9, 2009
Chloe received annulment papers from Lucas so that she and Daniel could move forward with their plans for a future together. E.J. forced Nicole to admit that she lied to him and had a miscarriage. E.J. was devastated to learn that Sydney was not his and Nicole's child. Nicole deliberately omitted the fact that Sydney was actually E.J. and Sami's biological child. Stefano suffered a major heart attack and most everyone thought Kate to be the cause of her new husband's critical medical condition. Carly murdered Lawrence and then booked a flight home to Salem. Carly desperately tried to contact Bo from the plane, but weather problems interfered with reception. Bo confided in Justin about his marital problems and his need to spend time with Ciara. Nathan and Melanie went to the Cheatin' Heart on their first date. Stephanie's invitation to Nathan, and Philip's flirtation with Melanie, didn't work out as planned. A distraught E.J. confided in Sami about Nicole's betrayal. Nicole blamed Brady that E.J. found out about her miscarriage and kicked her and Sydney out of the mansion.
October 12 to 16, 2009
The news of Lawrence's murder reached Salem. Carly and Rafe took turns saving each other's lives as the duo headed back to Salem. Hope and Ciara returned to Salem, but Hope told a disappointed and hurt Bo that she needed more time away to build back the trust in their marriage. Sami asked Grace to safeguard Rafe. Nicole's lies returned to haunt her after Chad learned that Mia had given their baby to Nicole and E.J. Mia told Will the truth about why she had broken up with him, and that Sydney was her and Chad's child. Chad confronted E.J. and Nicole and told them that he would fight to win custody of Sydney. E.J. threw Nicole and Sydney out of the mansion. Sami pleaded with E.J. to allow Nicole to keep Sydney, unaware that she and E.J. were Sydney's biological parents. Nicole asked a comatose Stefano for guidance and then decided that Chad might be a means to an end. Victor told Daniel and Chloe that he would accept their relationship, but he hoped for a different ending for Daniel. As part of his rehabilitation process, Lucas forgave Chloe for their failed marriage. Later, Chloe had the opportunity to blast Kate for meddling in her life and for her heinous crimes. Chloe and Daniel rejoiced in the news that the church had approved the annulment.
October 19 to 23, 2009
E.J. disowned Nicole and Sydney and sent them packing. Nicole's efforts to seduce Chad and Brady for Sydney's benefit failed. Chad seemed determined to fight Nicole, E.J., and Mia for custody of Sydney. Sami, unaware that she was giving away her own child, befriended Nicole and gave her money to leave town with Sydney. Brady and Arianna resumed their secret relationship even though Roman warned Arianna of the risk. Daniel told Chloe that she might have a problem conceiving a child. Philip ordered Kate to stay out of his life. Stefano regained consciousness and realized that E.J. had learned part of Nicole's secret, but that E.J. had no idea that Sydney was his biological child. Stefano ordered Nicole to return to Salem with his grandchild. Carly stole antibiotics from the hospital to help save Rafe's life. Maggie told Melanie and Nathan that she would not tolerate a sexual relationship between them in her home. Victor offered Hope and Ciara a safe haven at the Kiriakis mansion until Hope reconciled with Bo.
October 26 to 30, 2009
Justin helped Hope move into the Kiriakis mansion. Bo caught Carly breaking into his house, but agreed to protect her from Lawrence's minions when he learned she killed Lawrence in self-defense after living a life of abuse. Stefano and Nicole strongly suggested that Mia tell everyone that she did not know who fathered her baby so that the DiMeras could continue to provide Sydney with a happy life. Mia, still unaware that Grace was her biological child, reluctantly agreed to go along with their plan for Sydney's sake. Stefano told Nicole that he would not tell E.J. and Sami that they were Sydney's biological parents. E.J. delighted in the discovery that Arianna was a drug dealer in his new territory. Sami continued to befriend Nicole, who kept the truth about Sydney's parentage from her. Sami and Brady had a heart-to-heart talk about Nicole's dilemma. Hope blasted Bo for not telling her that he had an unknown female houseguest living with him. Rafe left the boat and barely made his way to Arianna's apartment. Arianna told Rafe that everyone in town knew that Nicole adopted Sydney and that the baby was Mia's biological child. Rafe had surprising news for Arianna about Sydney. Philip told Melanie that he, not Nathan, was the right man for her. Chad did not believe Mia's story that she slept around after they broke up and that she did not know who fathered her child.
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November 2 to 6, 2009
Hope found Carly sleeping in her bed and learned that she was Bo's female houseguest. Hope blasted Bo for agreeing to help Carly hide from the law and for placing their family in danger. Justin pleaded with Carly to come clean about why she murdered Lawrence, or else he could not defend her. Vivian's people learned that Carly had fled to Salem for refuge. Rafe returned home to Sami and ,after committing themselves to each other, they made love. Brady learned the horrifying truth that Arianna was a drug dealer and he ended their relationship. Roman warned Arianna that Brady could never know that she was working undercover. Caroline seemed stunned that Arianna resigned her job as manager of the Brady Pub. Rafe told Arianna that he planned to move forward to prove that Sydney was Sami and E.J.'s biological child, even if Sami and E.J. ended up back together. Stefano and Nicole continued to manipulate Mia and Chad to ensure that Sydney remained a DiMera. Mia, forced to lie to Will and Chad for what she thought was Sydney's well-being, confessed to having many lovers before returning to Salem. Lexie cautioned Chad to be careful when dealing with Nicole. Stefano told Nicole that he felt confident that E.J. would invite her and Sydney back to live at the mansion. E.J. and Sami shared a special moment at Grace's grave. Melanie couldn't stop thinking about Philip, even while on a date with Nathan. Stephanie and Nathan bonded when he saved someone's life at the pub. Sami confided to Nicole that Rafe was back in town, they were back together, and that he was working on a secret case that could change her life. Nicole panicked at Sami's news and rushed off to Stefano for help.
November 9 to 13, 2009
Rafe obtained DNA evidence that proved Sydney was Sami's biological child. Nicole panicked and ran to Stefano for help to stop Rafe. E.J. overheard Stefano put out a hit on Rafe, and intervened just in time to save his life. E.J. warned Stefano to leave town, but before doing so, Stefano asked Kate to take charge of certain business matters. Chloe learned that she might not be able to conceive a child. After struggling with her conscience, Arianna confided to Brady about her past jail time, and that she was working undercover with the police to break up the drug ring in Salem. Justin arranged for Carly's release to Bo's protective custody. Vivian decided to take matters into her own hands and travel to Salem to find Carly. Hope told Bo that she and Ciara wanted to return home, but Bo refused her request, because Carly's life was in danger and there would be too much risk for his family. Hope felt devastated at what she believed to be Bo's rejection, and turned to Justin for advice. Stephanie and Nathan realized that Philip wanted Melanie for himself. Will had no sympathy for Mia, but she found a new friend in Carly. Rafe told a shocked and jubilant Sami that Sydney was her biological child. Sami and Rafe worked together to expose Nicole's crimes and return Sydney to her parents.
November 16 to 20, 2009
Nicole felt Sami and E.J.'s wrath and soon-to-be punishment for switching Sydney and Grace at birth. The police arrested Nicole for illegal baby trafficking. Sami and E.J. enjoyed a few brief moments as Sydney's parents before the police arrived to question E.J. about Rafe's attempted murder. E.J. confronted Stefano about his betrayal and alliance with Nicole to keep the baby switch secret for so many months. In a fit of rage, E.J. violently attacked Stefano for his part in the despicable scheme. Bo and Justin received word that Carly was no longer a suspect in Laurence's death. Vivian visited Carly at Bo's house and both recalled their unusual and sinister past. Bo warned Carly that Vivian was a threat to her safety. Hope told Justin that she thought her marriage was in danger. Bo and Hope had an unpleasant meeting after Bo saw Justin comforting Hope. Brady accused Victor of holding back information about the drug dealing in Salem. Gabby, Rafe and Arianna's younger sister, arrived in Salem. Stephanie tried to tell Nathan that Melanie would eventually break his heart. Philip arrived just in time to help Melanie escape a problem from her past. Mia accidentally learned that Nicole switched Sydney and Grace at birth, and that her baby, Grace, died months before. Mia confronted Nicole in jail and prayed that she would get the punishment she deserved for all the pain and hurt she caused so many people. Brady bailed Nicole out of jail, but was unaware of the extent of her crimes.
November 23 to 27, 2009
Kate was shocked to learn that Vivian had returned to Salem. E.J. and Stefano were at an impasse regarding Sydney's welfare. Saddened at the news that Grace was their biological child, Chad and Mia put aside their differences and mourned their loss at Grace's graveside. Will apologized to Mia and agreed to help Chad get to know Grace through Will and Sami's photographs that were taken during the time when they believed that Grace was part of their family. Hope asked Abe for a job, but he refused and advised her to work things out with Bo. Carly asked Maggie if she could rent a room in Maggie's home and said that she would explain why later. Bo and Carly revealed the truth about why she killed Laurence; Laurence forced Carly to give away her daughter, and then threatened to kill her when he learned that she was in Salem and living in Maggie's house. Melanie confided to Philip that she wanted to be with him, but that Nathan was better for her. Sami blasted Brady for posting Nicole's bail and the fact that he knew Sydney was not Nicole's biological child. Gabi thought Arianna was dealing drugs again, but Ari and Rafe agreed that they must keep her undercover work secret. Nicole kidnapped Sydney, and Gabi unknowingly helped them leave Salem. Nicole changed her appearance to avoid capture.
November 30 to December 4, 2009
Roman, Rafe, E.J., and Sami tracked Nicole to Cleveland, Ohio. Arianna and Brady broke up again over his obsession with helping Nicole. Stephanie told Nathan that Melanie would break his heart and that she would be a better match for him. Vivian tried to mother Philip and make up for lost time, but Philip wanted no part of surrogate mom Alamain. Nathan caught Melanie and Philip kissing, dumped Melanie, and told her that she was free to be with Philip. Philip tried to apologize to Melanie for his part in ending her relationship with Nathan, but she was upset with her own behavior and told Philip that she didn't want to be with anyone. Melanie and Arianna commiserated over their love lives. Mia told Carly to stay out of her business, and later Melanie had an unusual encounter with Carly. Mia and Melanie were not happy with Carly as their new roommate, and were unaware that one of them was Carly's biological daughter. Bo was disappointed that Hope still refused to move back to the house. Gabby, upset about her part in Sydney's disappearance, continued to berate Arianna about dealing drugs. Arianna, sure Gabby would blow her cover, had to tell the girl that she was working undercover for the police. Arianna seemed determined to get her life back on track and nail the top person responsible for drug trafficking in Salem. Brady's conversation with Nicole convinced her that she had nowhere else to go but home. Nicole, alone and broke in Cleveland, decided to do the right thing and return to Salem with Sydney. During her phone call to Sami, an unknown person kidnapped Sydney and left Nicole bleeding and unconscious. E.J., Brady, Rafe, and Sami arrived at the hospital shocked to find Nicole barely conscious and unaware of Sydney's whereabouts.
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December 7 to 11, 2009
No one believed that Nicole did not know of Sydney's whereabouts. Melanie convinced Ari to fight for Brady, so she left for Cleveland to help in the search for Sydney. Later, Nicole escaped from the hospital in an attempt to find Sydney. Rafe and Brady found Nicole at the bus terminal, disoriented, and determined to find Sydney, They called Roman, who later took Nicole into police custody. Fay, shocked at Nicole's betrayal, deception, and lies over the past year, seemed overwhelmed with the news and of Nicole's arrest. Hope learned that Carly's plans to move into Maggie's house had fallen through, and was angry with Bo when he invited Carly to move back into their house. Hope told Justin that she planned to investigate Carly and learn her secret. Victor and Lillian joined forces to get revenge on Carly by pretending to be romantically involved. Justin caught Bo and Carly in a compromising situation. Carly asked Maggie's help to secure a position at University Hospital. Maggie questioned Carly about her feelings for Bo. Philip told Victor that he was outraged that Vivian was living at the mansion. Nathan, upset over an encounter with Melanie, reached out to Stephanie for comfort. Melanie, upset with Nathan, sought out Philip. Justin learned that Carly and Daniel had a past friendship, which derailed his plan to ask Daniel's help to drive Carly out of town. Viewers learned that E.J.'s suspicions right, and Stefano had arranged for Sydney's kidnapping in the hands of a mysterious, yet familiar, woman. Kate questioned Stefano about Sydney's disappearance. E.J. shared a plan with Sami on how to trap Stefano into revealing Sydney's location.
December 14 to 18, 2009
Sami, Rafe, and E.J. frantically searched for Sydney. Rafe and Roman believed Nicole when she remembered that a woman wearing designer boots had kidnapped Sydney. Brady grilled Victor and demanded that he reveal the name of the drug ring supplier. Mia saw Gabi and Will together, and afterward Maggie was there to help Mia through a difficult time. Arianna and Brady agreed to disagree about Nicole and E.J. respectively and moved on with their personal relationship. Bo and Hope remained at odds as Bo refused to reveal Carly's secret to Hope. Philip asked Melanie to spend a private Christmas with him. Carly started her new job at the hospital, but not before Vivian dropped off a corpse as a welcome gift. Melanie learned that she and Carly would be working together at the hospital. Vivian and Kate continued to fight over who should mother Philip. Rafe drugged Stefano with truth serum, but did not get the expected results. Anna DiMera was revealed as Sydney's kidnapper.
December 21 to 25, 2009
Viewers learned that Anna DiMera kidnapped Sydney to keep her safe from Stefano and his criminal activities. Sami, Rafe, and E.J. held a public vigil and television broadcast on Christmas Day to plead for Sydney's safe return. Julie tried unsuccessfully to reconcile Bo and Hope for a Christmas miracle. Mia seemed jealous when she spotted Chad and Gabi slow dancing at the school's holiday dance. Maggie asked Nathan to read the Christmas story to the children at the hospital. Nathan and Stephanie kissed, and Melanie accepted Philip's surprise proposal. Kate and Victor were distressed at Philip's Christmas Day announcement of his upcoming marriage to Melanie. Vivian stuck her foot in her mouth when introduced to Chloe. Arianna was upset that Brady hired an attorney to represent Nicole, but they later agreed to disagree and put their relationship back on track. Nicole could not place a familiar voice that she remembered hearing at the time of the kidnapping. E.J. received Anna's anonymous note that she held Sydney captive.
December 28, 2009 to January 1, 2010
Chloe told Brady that Victor informed her and Daniel that Arianna was dealing drugs. Brady tipped off Arianna that her cover was in jeopardy. Troy threatened Arianna. Vivian and Victor learned that Carly gave birth to another child and they were hot on her trail to find the father and child. Hope misunderstood a kiss between Carly and Bo, and then told Bo that she was doubtful about their future. Hope overhead Vivian tell Victor about Carly's secret, and asked Justin to help her search Vivian's room for clues. Victor and Vivian found Justin and Hope in a compromising situation. Maggie suspected that something was up between Mia and Gabi. Daniel seemed disgusted with Victor's constant rude behavior toward Chloe. Philip asked Melanie to elope with him on New Year's Eve and they planned a Las Vegas wedding. Daniel convinced Nathan to talk to Melanie and resolve his feelings toward her. On his way to talk to Melanie, Nathan and Philip ended up in a nasty fistfight that ended them in jail. Melanie and Stephanie received word of Nathan and Philip's arrest.
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