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January 5 to 9, 1998
Jack, Jenn, and Abby had a close scrape with the FBI, but got away and headed toward the Grand Canyon. Peter attacked an FBI agent in a fit of madness, but got away and headed back to Salem. Susan and Elvis landed in England, where sparks flew for Susan and a shopkeeper's son named Edmond. Stefano told his men to comb the world, looking for Susan and Elvis; he blamed Kristen for their escape. Roman collapsed from the shock of seeing John and Marlena's intimacy and ended up back in the hospital with dangerously high blood pressure; Kristen convinced him not to confront John and Marlena. Eric and Sami worked on a plan to stall John and Marlena from telling Roman the truth. Franco and Billie schemed to use Billie's vulnerability to keep Bo and Hope apart. Bo was prevented once again from telling Hope the full extent of his relationship with Billie.
January 12 to 16, 1998
Jack and Jenn joined a traveling circus, whose ringmaster, Jasper, becomes an ally. Peter got back to Kristen and Stefano, but his jungle madness got worse. Stefano gave Peter a device to help him track Jennifer. Stefano's men nearly caught Susan in England, but Edmond and his mother Violet threw them off the trail, heating up the relationship between Susan and Edmond. Roman was released from the hospital without telling Marlena that he knew about her and John, and he let everyone know he intended to wait as long as necessary to make Marlena his wife. Tension between Sami and Carrie disrupted Roman's homcoming, and Roman tried to set Sami straight about giving up her obsession with Austin. Hope discovered Billie's schemes to keep her from Bo, and Bo told Hope that he loved her, but not that he had made love to Billie. Billie fainted again and was overjoyed when Mike Horton told her she was pregnant -- but Hope, who overheard them, was shocked.
January 19 to 23, 1998
Laura's plan to nab Peter by misleading him about Jennifer's location backfired when she coincidentally sent him to Dayton, Ohio, the very place Jack and Jenn's circus was headed. Peter kept track of Laura through the bugged earrings Stefano had sent her, which she thought were from Jennifer. Susan and Edmund grew closer in England. Vivian found out Jonesy was worse and tried to hurry up their marriage so she could inherit his "wealth." Stefano reclaimed the penthouse from Jonesy. Roman kept his knowledge about John and Marlena a secret, with Kristen egging him on. Franco surprised everyone, including Sami herself, when he kissed Sami. Carrie experienced irrational jealousy about Mike and his new girlfriend, Ally. Hope confronted Bo about Billie's pregnancy and broke up with him, convinced it was finally over between them.
January 26 to 30, 1998
The close encounter in Dayton between Peter, Jennifer, Jack, Abby, the FBI, and the Salem police ended with no one getting caught. Peter headed back to Salem. Jack encouraged Jasper to take the circus to Salem to increase revenue -- and to help Jack and Jenn finally nab Peter. Stefano hid Peter in the townhouse, while Jonesy took Vivian to his ancestral village in England, where they ran into Susan and Edmund and promised to keep their secret. Roman told Marlena and John he knew about their love affair, and Marlena explained about Kristen's deceit. Kristen finally realized John hated her and sunk into a nearly suicidal depression. Sami's interest in Franco increased. Carrie continued to have mixed feelings about Mike. Bo promised to stand by Billie throughout her pregnancy and forgave her for her schemes against Hope.
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February 2 to 6, 1998
Peter tracked Jack and Jenn down to the Salem Circus through Laura's bugged earrings, and he kidnapped Jennifer, nearly strangling her in his madness. The FBI recaptured Jack. Stefano went to the jungle to get a cure for Peter's madness, while Kristen watched over Peter in the townhouse. Vivian and Jonesy were married, with zany Edmund and Susan standing up for them. Marlena went away by herself to think about her situation. Roman gave her the space she needed, but remained optimistic about his chances to win her back. John was hurt that she didn't choose him immediately. Eric and Sami realized all was not lost between their parents, even though Roman had discovered the truth. Eric and Roman had heated confrontations with Kristen, who was left without a friend or ally in Salem. Franco aroused Lucas and Austin's suspicions by continuing to court Sami's favor, but Kate was happy to see her plan working. Sami doubted Franco's motives, but was flattered by his attention. Carrie was unable to confront Mike about his feelings for her. Bo saved Hope from a maniacal Peter, whose attack landed her in the hospital.
February 9 to 13, 1998
All of Salem was devastated when Peter's high speed chase of Jennifer resulted in a deadly crash, and Jennifer was apparently killed. Laura snapped and began to track down Kristen, armed with a gun. Peter attacked Jasper, who was hospitalized and in a coma before he could pass on crucial information to Abe. Stefano returned from the jungle with Peter's cure, only to have Kristen accidentally inject it into Celeste, infecting her with jungle madness. Jonesy was hit by a car while crossing the street after his wedding to Vivian, but survived. Susan's fax to Marlena revealed her location to a spying Kristen, who implemented a vicious plan to get Elvis back by kidnapping Susan's sister, Mary Moira. Marlena was no closer to a decision about John and Roman, and her worries were sidelined by Jennifer's death. Franco continued to woo Sami, but Lucas told her that Franco couldn't possibly want her for herself. Carrie proved a great source of comfort to Mike. Hope recovered from her attack and was crushed to hear about Jennifer's death.
February 16 to 20, 1998
Bizarre happenings abounded at Jennifer's memorial. Peter appeared to claim Jennifer's body, but an angelic vision of Jennifer got him to confess his original intention to kidnap her and Abby, and the fact that his shooting by Jack was an accident. Peter was immediately arrested, and the newly freed Jack soon learned that Jennifer was indeed alive, and that the circus people had faked her death, but Jasper had been unable to tell them she was alive before Peter attacked him. Susan and Laura both went after Kristen, who ended up lying facedown in a pool, but it was unclear who did it. At the airport, Abe and Roman stopped Susan from escaping Salem. Hope and Bo were drawn closer together by Jennifer's return, while Kate learned about Billie's addiction in Rome, and Billie learned that Kate had kept Bo and Hope apart. Franco turned away from Sami while Carrie grew closer to Mike -- and Austin noticed. Celeste's jungle madness gave her nightmare visions. Everyone was overjoyed to learn that Jennifer's death had been faked.
February 23 to 27, 1998
Edmund joined Susan in Salem as she faced questioning about Kristen's death, although she denied killing Kristen. Laura seemed strangely untroubled by Kristen's death, and was ecstatic when Jack proposed to Jennifer. Bo and Hope continued to pine for each other, but didn't do anything about it. Billie was concerned her addiction jeopardized the health of her unborn baby. Franco continued to manipulate Sami, who finally realized it was pointless to try to make Austin jealous. Mike decided to apply for the coveted University Hospital Chief of Staff position and hired Carrie as his PR person. Stefano mourned Kristen's death, but was more worried that Lexie would find out what had happened to Celeste. Celeste, still having hallucinations, sought out Sister Mary Moira for help. John, Roman, Abe, and Bo collaborated on the investigation of Kristen's death, with Roman as the lead investigator. Marlena's choice was delayed once more. Vivian got Jonesy to sign the will, unaware that it was worthless.
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MARCH 1998
March 2 to 6, 1998
Despite Vivian's attempts to convince him otherwise, Jonesy wanted to stay in England as opposed to going to Salem. In a convent with Sister Mary, Celeste revealed the evil she saw surrounding Kristen, as Stefano got back to Salem, wondering where Celeste was. Carrie told Austin that she was going to help Mike get the chief of staff job, and they both noticed Eric's interest in the new waiter, Nicole. Sami and Franco joined the group, and all were shocked when they learned that Kristen was dead. Edmund got down on one knee and proposed to Susan. At the police station, Abe was worried about Lexie getting caught up in Stefano's evil, and Abe, Lexie, John, Marlena, Stefano, and Roman identified Kristen's body; John confirmed that she had killed herself. Ivan poured his heart out to Violet about his love for Vivian. Vivian was thrilled when Jonesy gave her an expensive gift. Hope told Alice that Billie's baby was keeping her and Bo apart, and admitted that she thought Kate was conspiring against her. Kate showed up and asked Hope to stop pursuing Bo, and to let Bo, Billie, and their baby be happy together. Caroline and Shawn encouraged Bo to keep trying with Hope. Stefano refused to believe that Kristen had committed suicide, and Marlena agreed. Vivian shocked Ivan when he saw how happy she was with Jonesy. Billie asked Kate to stop trying to make Bo love her. Bo told Kim that the only reason he was not with Hope was Franco. Sami was surprised when Hope said she didn't want to work for Titan. Kate called Franco and told him that she thought Hope was catching on. Back at the police station, Stefano assured Susan and Edmund he wouldn't take their baby. When Edmund went to get some water, it was revealed that it was not Susan in the room, but Kristen. John found a message from Kristen on his answering machine, and remembered how much he had once loved her. Kate asked Franco to stop using Sami, because she was afraid Sami would talk. Sami was about to tell Hope the truth, but first Hope, then Franco, interrupted, and Franco convinced her to keep quiet. Billie and Roman talked about their love for Bo and Marlena. John blamed himself for Kristen's suicide. At the police station, Kristen flashed back to the night of the murder, and how Susan had been holding a letter opener to her throat, then accepted Edmund's proposal when he considered returning to England. Somewhere unknown, the real Susan banged on a door to be let out. Eric realized he was being followed, and headed into the Java Cafe, where he met Nicole again, and talked with Sami. Stefano and Roman talked about their love for Marlena. Laura expressed doubt about Kristen's suicide, then there was a flashback of Laura at the Blake house with a gun. Kim babysat Belle and Brady so Marlena and Roman could date. Sami offered Nicole a modeling shot at Titan, and Eric got his hands on the person who had been following him.
March 9 to 13, 1998
Kristen's death was ruled to be a suicide, getting Susan off the hook, but unknown to anyone, Susan was actually Kristen in disguise. Kristen assumed Susan was the one who had died, but Susan was actually kidnapped as planned by the turban man and had been taken to a sultan's harem. Laura showed up t Kristen's funeral in bright red. Jack and Jenn were troubled by Laura's vengeful behavior. Hope decided to look into her past as a way to forget Bo. Franco decked Lucas for insulting Sami and continued to manipulate Sami's emotions. Carrie threw herself into the PR campaign for Mike, neglecting Austin. Celeste stayed at the convent, having horrible visions of Kristen, Susan, and Stefano. Roman and Abe focused on the investigation of Kristen's suicide, while John wrestled with feelings of guilt after hearing a desperate message Kristen had left on his machine. Jonesy turned out to be the best lover Vivian had ever had, but died in her arms on their honeymoon.
March 16 to 20, 1998
Stefano suffered a heart attack at Kristen's funeral, drawing Lexie closer to him than ever. Edmund and "Susan" announced their engagement, as did Jack and Jennifer. Kristen, disguised as Susan, was unable to leave Salem. Susan plotted to escape the harem before the sultan could execute her for her lousy dancing. Roman and Abe found that a controlled drug called Placidin had been in Kristen's system when she died -- the same drug Marlena had prescribed to Laura. John and Marlena nearly made love, but were interrupted. Bo prevented Billie from leaving town while Hope asked Stefano about her past at Maison Blanche. Franco and Sami used one of Austin's boxing coaches in the next phase of their plan to break up Austin and Carrie. Carrie's feelings for Mike deepened as she continued to work on his PR campaign. Vivian mourned Jonesy, but returned to the townhouse in Salem, not knowing it was actually Stefano's.
March 23 to 27, 1998
Stefano was desperate to leave the hospital to make sure Hope did not discover whatever was in the townhouse basement -- not knowing that Vivian and Ivan had taken up residence in his townhouse. Lexie prevented Stefano's departure. Edmund helped Maggie and Caroline plan a surprise for Susan, but continued to notice her odd behavior. Kristen, disguised as Susan, learned that Laura might be responsible for Susan's supposed death. Susan and Maya planned an escape from the harem. Roman broke with police policy by allowing Marlena to question Laura about her possible role in Kristen's death, infuriating Abe, who decided to take Laura in for questioning. Laura denied having a role, even as she remembered shooting at Kristen. Bo and Billie watched their baby's heart beat on ultrasound. Sami and Franco launched Sami's new Faces campaign without Kate's approval, hiring Eric as the photographer and the waitress Nicole as a model. Carrie and Mike learned that his medical school rival, Craig, was running for chief of staff against Mike. Austin continued to fantasize about boxing while Carrie neglected him for Mike's campaign.
March 30 to April 3, 1998
Stefano got out of the hospital and tracked down Celeste, giving her the cure to the jungle madness. Edmund planned a surprise wedding for Susan and took Violet and Elvis to Salem just before Kristen was ready to escape to England to kidnap the baby. Susan was caught trying to escape and was scheduled for execution. The evidence against Laura continued to pile up, forcing Abe and Roman to reopen the investigation into Kristen's death. Eric and Nicole's secret photo shoot went well, and Sami vowed to make Kate accept her new campaign. Mike's rival, Craig, taunted him about his failed relationship with Carrie, renewing Carrie's commitment to the campaign at the expense of her time with Austin, who started to brood about Carrie's devotion to Mike.
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APRIL 1998
April 6 to 10, 1998
Celeste started to remember what had happened the night of Kristen's death, and Stefano was surprised to learn that neither Celeste nor Laura could have been the killer. "Susan" and Edmund were married, despite Kristen's attempts to escape. Edmund's conscience was disturbed by a secret he had not revealed to Susan about the night Kristen died. The real Susan dodged execution by saving the leader's life; her recollections about the fourth Banks sibling, Penelope Kent, who had been adopted by an English couple, provided clues as to what happened the night Susan had been kidnapped. Laura got into a car accident and was arrested for Kristen's murder, but said that although she had shot at Kristen, she had not killed her. Vivian tempted Sami with an offer to help her get her New Faces campaign accepted by Kate. Carrie continued to spend too much time with Mike, causing tension between her and Austin.
April 13 to 17, 1998
Billie warned Bo that helping Hope find out about her past could endanger him. Hope asked Celeste to tell her about her missing four years, but hit a brick wall. Stefano took Celeste to the courthouse to clear Laura of Kristen's murder. The judge sentenced Laura to a mental institution for her attempted murder of Kristen, and Laura was terrified. Edmund confessed to Kristen's murder, prompting Kristen -- in her Susan disguise -- to leave him, but she was confronted with the real Susan, who had escaped from her prison and had a gun. Edmund and Susan were joyously reunited. Sami's scheme with Vivian to get Kate to accept her campaign almost worked -- until Kate overheard them talking. Carrie did magnificent damage control on Mike's chief of staff campaign, but Austin chafed at her constant absence.
April 20 to 24, 1998
Kristen's penicillin-poisoned candy misfired when Belle ate it and was only saved by Roman's quick action. Roman saw John and Doc bonding over their sick daughter and told Marlena he had decided to let her go. Hope quit Titan after she, Billie, and Kate had it out over Billie's drinking. Billie decided to pretend she was drinking in order to hold on to Bo. Stefano pressured Celeste to work for him to convince Hope to stop probing into Maison Blanche. John foiled Laura's attempt to hide out at the convent. Susan and Edmund sent Kristen to the Caribbean harem for the rest of her life, where she wallowed in anger and self-pity. Susan and Edmund concocted pictures and phone calls to convince Stefano that Kristen had gotten away safely with the baby, while they returned to England and lived happily ever after. Kate grudgingly accepted Sami's new campaign, and Eric and Nicole were hired as photographer and model. Craig got the Intruder to print a damaging article about Mike and his mother, but Mike's passionate defense impressed the board members and melted Carrie.
April 27 to May 1, 1998
Billie and Roman reminisced about Paris, and Bo promised to be there more for Billie while they waited for the results from her amniocentesis. John and Marlena recreated a first date in the sixties as they began to enjoy their time together. Hope decided to go to New Orleans to trace her past, starting with the doctor who had performed her surgery, who said he had something for her. Celeste thought Hope had given up the search and told Stefano not to worry. Vivian had Ivan sell one of the art treasures in the penthouse; Stefano saw it in a store and assumed Jonesy had stolen from him. Kate and Roman were very uncomfortable to realize that Stefano had inherited 49% of Titan from Kristen. Sami overheard Franco telling Kate he didn't want to be with Sami anymore. Franco got a telegram from the INS telling him he would soon be deported and realized he'd better get back on Sami's good side. Carrie danced close with Mike at the board members' dinner, prompting Austin's jealousy and her own confusion. Eric had a touching encounter with a homeless girl named Madison.
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MAY 1998
May 4 to 8, 1998
Billie and Bo awaited the results of the amniocentesis. Billie and Roman grew closer as Billie begged him not to take the ISA assignment in Paris. Hope was disturbed when she saw a picture of herself before her surgeries as she uncovered her past in New Orleans. John and Marlena flew to New Orleans for vacation, where they became engaged. Stefano learned Jonesy was dead and that Vivian had inherited the townhouse and treasures. Vivian's dinner party was filled with tension as Stefano played off Kate against Vivian, reminding Kate of their secret past. Franco made up to Sami as he schemed to get her to marry him to avoid deportation. Mike began to avoid Carrie for her own sake; Carrie was disturbed. Eric and Nicole grew closer as Nicole almost blew her first Titan shoot, and Eric helped her over the rough spots.
May 11 to 15, 1998
Bo joined Hope in New Orleans, where two bayou men, protecting a mysterious swamp girl, attacked them. Billie and Roman went to New Orleans to brief the ISA chief on the Paris case; Billie's file disk proved invaluable. Billie's amniocentesis was normal, but she couldn't find Bo to tell him. John and Marlena encouraged Bo to help Hope. Stefano solicited Kate's help to become an accepted member of Salem society and defended Kate against Sami. Franco bought an engagement ring for Sami and set up a dinner to ask her to marry him. Eric and Nicole were chosen for a Miami photo shoot. Carrie saw Mike dating Ali again and was jealous. Laura's evaluation was postponed. Lucas' drinking escalated and resulted in increased tension between him and Sami.
May 18 to 22, 1998
Hope and Bo got trapped in the bayou overnight, and Swamp Girl stole Hope's compact and buried it near the river. Billie went into the bayou to find them, but went into labor at Wayne and Earl's and delivered a baby girl prematurely. John and Marlena dug into John's past in New Orleans and uncovered a clue to Hope's past. Franco got Sami to sleep with him and gave her an ankle bracelet. Eric and Nicole got closer, but Nicole wouldn't reveal her secrets. Carrie and Mike got closer as Mike interviewed for chief of staff, making Austin jealous. Austin was tempted to start boxing again. Lucas questioned Sami's suitability as a mother while Sami continued to criticize Lucas' drinking.
May 25 to 29, 1998
Billie's baby, Georgia, was tragically stillborn, but she buried it in the bayou without telling anyone. She found Hope's compact and kept it, thinking it was a sign from the gods. She returned to Salem and got into a car crash after a fight with Hope. Hope and Bo heard of Billie's wreck and raced out to find her. John and Marlena returned to Salem, more determined than ever to find out the secrets of the past. Franco and Sami embarrassed Kate when Lucas set them up. Vivian tried to steal Kate's clients. Nicole and Eric's shoot was switched to Los Angeles, causing Nicole to panic. Austin sparred with a young fighter and was tempted to resume his boxing career. Mike made the cut for the last two finalists for chief of staff, drawing him closer to Carrie.
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JUNE 1998
June 1 to 5, 1998
Billie got Dr. Applebee to conspire with her to convince Bo and Hope that her fight with Hope had caused the car wreck that had caused her to lose her baby, concealing the fact that she had lost her baby in the bayou before she returned to Salem. Hope was consumed with guilt while Bo was anguished and confused. John showed Hope the picture he had found in the ruins of Maison Blanche of Hope as Gina. Sami threatened to take Will from Lucas when Lucas passed out drunk while Will wandered off, causing a panic before they finally found him. Vivian got into Stefano's freezer, but only after everything was cleared out; Stefano enlisted Rolf to make a potion to control Vivian. Someone in Los Angeles recognized Nicole and called her Nicki, upsetting her. Carrie saw Austin boxing and wondered if she should have a baby to save their marriage. Mike and Lexie antagonized Craig by second-guessing him on an unnecessary surgery Craig had tried to perform to impress the board members. Ali got closer to Mike. Jennifer, Jack, and Abby went to Africa for the summer to visit Jennifer's father, while Marlena arranged for Laura to have her therapy on an outpatient basis.
June 8 to 12, 1998
Billie told Kate about the compact and confessed how she had really lost the baby; Kate was shocked, but agreed to keep her secret. Hope and John blew up the picture and asked Vivian and Celeste if they knew where it might have been taken. Sami hired a woman to try to seduce Franco. Stefano got Vivian to go to dinner at his house, where he planned to have Rolf perform a procedure to control her. Eric and Nicole's Los Angeles shoot was marred by Jay, who harassed Nicole. Carrie was hurt that Austin hadn't told her he was boxing again. Mike and Ali grew a little closer.
June 15 to 19, 1998
Billie told Bo to get out of her life and then regretted it and took it out on Hope. Bo drove his motorcycle to New Orleans to search for Swamp Girl. Kate was furious that Vivian had stolen two of Titan's most popular authors, and the two declared war on each other again. Dr. Rolf implanted a device in Vivian's tooth that allowed Stefano to control her moods with the touch of a remote control button. Sami believed Franco had cheated on her and plotted revenge. Franco thought he had escaped her trap and was more determined than ever to marry her to avoid being deported. Nicole told Eric that Jay was her junkie cousin and was only bothering her for drug money. The chief of staff race was stepped up when Craig's nasty wife Nancy entered the picture.
June 22 to 26, 1998
Bo made contact with Swamp Girl by dirtying himself up to look like her. Billie grew closer to Roman while Hope discovered a new artistic talent she had never had in her pre-Stefano days. Ivan, Celeste, and Kate were all alarmed by Vivian's radical mood swings, caused by Stefano's programming. Sami's revenge on Franco backfired when Sofia told her that Franco hadn't cheated on her; Franco took advantage of the situation by publicly proposing to Sami, who joyfully accepted. Eric invited Nicole to the Horton-Brady Fourth of July picnic. Roman warned both Sami and Eric to be careful about their new love interests. Mike was cruelly set up by Craig and Nancy to be publicly embarrassed on the night of the chief of staff decision. Tension between Austin and Carrie grew.
June 29 to July 3, 1998
Bo was intrigued when Swamp Girl hummed a tune that was special to him and Hope. John gave Hope a lead on where the Gina picture had been taken, and Hope decided to go to Switzerland to trace down her past. Billie lost track of her compact, which Roman picked up. Vivian's alarming mood swings continued as Kate derailed her plan to embarrass Titan in front of a top finance specialist. Stefano was pleased that Dr. Rolf's device to control Vivian was working so well. An INS officer was assigned to investigate Franco and was surprised when Franco and Sami announced their engagement at the Brady-Horton picnic. Craig and Nancy's setup of Mike backfired when Carrie tracked Shelley down and convinced her to tell Winston and Lewis that she had been hired to set Mike up. While Austin wondered where his wife had been all day, Mike joyfully told Carrie he had been offered the chief of staff position, and in their excitement, they kissed passionately.
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JULY 1998
July 6 to 10, 1998
Bo continued to get closer to Swamp Girl, who was beginning to trust him but still wouldn't show him her face. Hope found an inscription on her comb that led her to believe her past was in Lugano, Switzerland, where she intended to go. Roman took the ISA assignment in Europe, and Billie begged to be allowed to go with him. Stefano programmed Vivian to embarrass herself in front of Steven Tate, prompting him to back Titan instead of Alamain International. Franco was newly disgusted with Sami's viciousness, but vowed to marry her anyway to avoid being deported. Craig and Nancy decided to take Mike down by convincing the hospital board to hire Carrie as a permanent PR director. Carrie and Mike couldn't forget their stolen kiss. A drunken Lucas dropped Will on the floor while playing, sending Sami into a panic. Nicole's lies were nearly unmasked, but she moved into a fancy apartment in time to fool Eric.
July 13 to 17, 1998
Swamp Girl recognized Bo and screamed out his name, much to Bo's surprise. Hope and John arrived in Lugano and followed leads to the house in the picture, where the lady of the house, Ms. Faversham, recognized Hope as "Princess Gina." Billie and Roman also arrived in Lugano for their ISA mission. Sami falsely accused Lucas of abusing Will, and the hospital and Social Services department got involved, placing Will with Austin and Carrie while they investigated. The Lucas issue prompted Carrie to take the PR job at the hospital without consulting Austin, who believed Sami's side of the story. Franco stood by Sami to further his scheme to marry her to avoid deportation, despite the fact that he was growing to hate her. Eric discovered that Nicole might have been lying about her apartment.
July 20 to 24, 1998
After Bo was struck by lightning, Swamp Girl nursed him until Wayne and Earl captured her and put her in a cage for her own protection. Hope and Billie ran into each other shopping in Lugano, where Billie realized she had Hope's compact. Things got even more complicated when Roman and Billie, disguised as Jesse Bob Colton and Ruth Ann James, ran into John and Hope at Ms. Faversham's, where Hope searched for her past as Princess Gina, and Roman and Billie hoped to get leads on the smuggling ring. Alice Horton took Lucas in and got him to admit he had a drinking problem and to enter rehab. Marlena told Carrie she had seen Carrie kissing Mike. Nancy and Craig engineered it so that Carrie got the office right across from Mike's. Sami decided to stick with the child abuse story about Lucas, but knew she needed to see Will to get him to corroborate her story. Kate fought with Marlena about the abuse accusations. In an up mood, Vivian decided to go skydiving with Celeste, but was returned to normal as she jumped, causing her to panic. Nicole managed to convince Eric that she wasn't lying.
July 27 to 31, 1998
Wayne and Earl captured Bo, but Bo escaped and tried to convince Swamp Girl that he wanted to help her. John and Roman agreed to work together to find out what they could from Ms. Faversham. Hope learned Ms. Faversham was connected to "Garden at Twilight" and intended to leave her estate to Princess Gina. Lucille drugged Hope's champagne, making her pass out briefly. Billie caught Lucille going through Hope's purse and decided she might make a good ally. Sami and Lucas faced a judge, where Lucas' lawyer exposed Sami as a blackmailer when the child abuse case started to go against Lucas. Austin and Carrie fought about Carrie's new job, but Austin decided to be supportive. Vivian was hospitalized after her skydiving scare, and Stefano prevented her from having an MRI that might have scrambled the implanted information. A mysterious man in prison gazed at Nicole's picture on the Bella website. Nicole worried that someone from her past might try to contact her at work.
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August 3 to 7, 1998
Bo fell off a cliff in a cave while escaping Wayne and Earl with Swamp Girl. Lucille found Hope's passport and called her a fraud in front of Ms. Faversham. John found a picture of himself as a priest at a Renet auction with Ms. Faversham 15 years earlier. Lucas was cleared of child abuse, but was restricted to supervised visits with Will until he was proven sober. Austin decided to move him and Carrie to Kate's, for Will's sake, without consulting Carrie first. Mike and Carrie grew closer as Carrie began her new job, while Craig and Nancy egged them on. Stefano romanced Vivian after getting her out of the hospital. Jay and the prison man contacted Nicole via email, so she stalled them while she got closer to Eric. Eric and Nicole agreed to stand up for Sami and Franco at their wedding. Eric met an earnest, pretty cleaning lady named Taylor at Titan. Sami's birthday surprise for Franco turned disastrous when an assassin's bullet intended for Franco hit Sami instead.
August 10 to 14, 1998
Swamp Girl and Bo grew much closer as they explored the catacombs and read Shakespeare together. Marlena joined John, Roman, Billie, and Hope in Lugano. Ms. Faversham proved Hope was Princess Gina by showing her a birthmark under her hair. Hope agreed to go to an art gala in Bulgaria with Ms. Faversham. Lucille plotted to drug Ms. Faversham, who collapsed, gasping. Stefano invited Vivian to the Bulgarian art gala. Kate romanced Stefano and wondered if he would help her get rid of Sami. Sami's gunshot wound turned out to be minor, but Franco got her a gun for self-defense. Lucas sneaked in to see Will unsupervised and was slapped with a restraining order when Sami caught him. Franco cheated on Sami with Candy. Austin saw Franco at the strip club. Taylor and Eric grew closer after talking at the photo lab. Nicole confronted Taylor, seeming to know her from the past.
August 17 to 21, 1998
Bo was blinded by a bat attack and Swamp Girl attended his wounds. Marlena, John, Roman, and Billie returned from Lugano for Sami's wedding and to check on her progress after the shooting. Marlena and Sami grew much closer as they shopped for wedding dresses, but John warned Marlena to be careful of Sami's sudden change of heart. Hope continued to struggle with whether or not she was Gina while preparing for her trip to Bulgaria; Lucille plotted to accompany them. John, Ivan, and Celeste were dismayed to learn of Vivian's plan to go on vacation with Stefano. Kate learned that the INS might have information on Franco. Lucas started drinking again. Carrie and Austin continued to argue about Sami. Taylor turned out to be Nicole's sister, but Nicole made her promise never to reveal that to anyone, especially Eric.
August 24 to 28, 1998
Swamp Girl conquered her fear of fire to save Bo's life and decided to clean up for him, even though he still couldn't see. Kate found out Franco's immigration status. Shawn and Caroline threw a party for Sami and Franco; Austin, Roman, and Marlena's suspicions were almost confirmed when Kate plotted to have Candy, Franco's mistress, be the stripper who jumped out of the cake. Franco smoothed it over, but Austin, Roman, and Marlena still didn't trust him. Carrie agreed to go to Sami's wedding with Austin only because Mike suggested she make peace. Nicole and Eric grew closer, while Taylor developed a crush on Eric and met Lucas. Lucas plotted to take Will out of the country. Billie fretted about Bo. Hope and Ms. Faversham boarded the Empress Express, where nearly everyone remembered Hope as Princess Gina. Stefano and Vivian also boarded the train in the next compartment, where Stefano was incognito as Rudolfo. Ivan, Celeste, and a suspicious Lucille managed to board the train as servants.
August 31 to September 4, 1998
Celeste tried to keep Stefano from discovering Hope on board as Princess Gina, and Stefano arranged for Celeste and Ivan to be arrested and taken off the train. Swamp Girl cut her hair and cleaned the mud off her face, and Bo regained his eyesight. Carrie confessed to Marlena that she had feelings for Mike. Lucas got passports and rented a car, ready to take Will out of the country. Kate learned the whole truth about Franco's reasons for marrying Sami. Franco cheated on Sami on their wedding day, but Austin learned about it and told Sami. Sami, hell-bent on revenge on Franco, ran off to find him. As Kate was confronting Franco, he was about to kill her when he was shot.
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September 7 to 11, 1998
Swamp Girl revealed her face to Bo. Billy headed to the bayou to find Bo. Lucas shot Franco, who was about to kill Kate. Sami walked in and fainted upon seeing Franco's dead body, and Kate used this opportunity to frame Sami for the murder. Lucas kidnapped Will then crashed the car. Will was in a coma, and Lucas was unconscious at the hospital. Roman was suspicious of Kate. Hope learned that she had never had plastic surgery and had never been burned. Greta revealed to Bo that she was the one that was in the cage, not Hope.
September 14 to 18, 1998
Sami was arrested for Franco's murder and was sent to jail. After Hope fell off the end of the train, Stefano rescued her. Vivian had a ghostly encounter with Jonesy, who warned her that she couldn't trust anyone. Bo asked Greta to go to Salem. Hope continued to play the role of Gina, and Stefano was pleased. Carrie told Mike that she was committed to her marriage with Austin. Billie stumbled on Bo and Greta in the catacombs. Billie befriended Greta, who saw the compact in Billie's purse. Austin continued to support Sami, much to Carrie's dismay. Lucas began to wake up.
September 21 to 25, 1998
Greta's knew Billie's secret about Georgia. Wayne and Earl didn't recognize Greta. Bo, Greta, and Billie tried to escape the bayou. Hope threw a party on the Empress Express, and the guests began to tell her about her life as Princess Gina. Hope exposed Rudolpho as Stefano DiMera. An explosion brought the Empress Express to a halt. Sami was charged with first-degree murder, and the D.A. was seeking the death penalty. Kate paid Sami's bail. Carrie defended Sami in the newspapers. Carrie was dreaming more of Mike. Kate was desperate to get to Lucas, but Roman questioned him first. Lucas lied to Roman about that day. Jay questioned Taylor about Nicole's life.
September 28 to October 2, 1998
Jay confronted Nicole and tried to rape her. Eric saved Nicole from Jay. Lucas felt guilty about lying about Sami and the murder of Franco. Will emerged from his coma after Sami and Austin prayed for him. Bo, Billie, and Greta returned to Salem. Bo and Hope were reunited and discussed what they both had learned. Billie and Greta fought about Bo. Vivian knew Lili Faversham, and the two were not the best of friends. Roman learned of Franco's impending deportation and that Kate had known the whole story. Marlena convinced Vivian to see a doctor. Kate made up a story to Sami of how Sami had shot Franco, and Sami started to believe it. Carrie arranged a party for Mike's birthday, but Ali took the credit for it. Carrie fantasized of dancing in Mike's arms.
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October 5 to 9, 1998
Eric discovered the truth about Nicole and Jay, and he dumped her. Hope and Greta met, and Greta recognized Hope's voice as Gina. Sami tried to strangle Lucas, but Roman interceded. Sami began to believe the story Kate had told her about shooting Franco. Austin agreed to be guardian of Will, without consulting Carrie. Ali made plans to seduce Mike and become the new head nurse. Sami learned the truth as to why Franco had wanted to marry her. Vivian saw Marlena professionally.
October 12 to 16, 1998
Carrie and Mike discussed her starting a family with Austin. Carrie agreed to sign the custody papers allowing her and Austin to raise Will if needed. Taylor was assigned to Lucas' physical therapy case. Nicole visited the mystery man in prison. Sami was set to plead guilty to manslaughter, but a haunting vision of the future made her change her mind and go to trial. Stefano sent Vivian and Celeste to France for a vacation at a spa. Stefano learned someone had been in the catacombs of Maison Blanche and learned Bo had taken Greta back to Salem. Ali and Mike made love.
October 19 to 23, 1998
Stefano recruited Wayne and Earl to find Greta. Billie worked on Greta to leave Salem. Greta was on her way out of town when she peered into the pub and saw a familiar face from the past. Eric was curious about Taylor's fascination with Nicole's career. Wayne and Earl were overwhelmed by Stefano's wealth. Eric and Roman had a heart-to-heart discussion about Nicole. Nicole asked Taylor to lie to Eric. Greta's mother was the real Princess Gina. Billie saw Wayne and Earl outside the pub, and she screamed. Kate fired Sami, and she vowed revenge. Greta started to fill John in on their time together. Wayne and Earl delivered Georgia's casket to the Kiriakis mansion.
October 26 to 30, 1998
Austin learned Kate had fired Sami. Vivian returned from the clinic, refreshed and unaware that Stefano still had plans for her. Billie covered when Hope asked her what was in the crate. Billie had the crate moved to the garage, but Roman found it. Carrie walked in on Mike and Ali kissing. Roman and Billie shared a passionate moment. Vivian continued to hallucinate. Stefano put Vivian in an up mode at the Penthouse Grille, and she made a fool out of herself. Sami slapped Vivian, and it was captured on film. Nicole told Eric that she and Taylor were sisters, but that Taylor wanted to keep it a secret.
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November 2 to 6, 1998
Nicole rushed to Titan to keep her lies from being exposed. Bo saw a future for him and Hope. Bo went to ask Billie for a divorce. Roman tried to get through to Billie. Nicole signed her new contract without reading it. A jealous Carrie saw Mike and Ali kissing. Billie struck a deal with Wayne and Earl. The boys helped bury Georgia again in exchange for Greta's whereabouts. Mike and Carrie ended up kissing. Vivian signed over power of attorney to John. Celeste found Stefano's remote control device. Hope learned Billie had tipped off Wayne and Earl. Hope confronted Billie at the graveyard, after hearing Billie's confession about Georgia. Greta told Bo the real truth about Billie and the bayou.
November 9 to 13, 1998
Kate hired Taylor to help with Lucas' therapy. Nicole promised to never lie to Eric again; they sealed it with a kiss. Lucas was determined that once he got well, he was going after Nicole. Stefano wanted to make sure John did not get his art treasures, and reminded Rolf that John and Hope's memories were all contained on a couple of CDs, and he had to turn Hope back into Gina. He was concerned that Greta might tell John what she knew, so he told Bart and Rolf about the tracker he had put in the cell phone. Wayne and Earl would lead them straight to Greta. Billie told Roman how she had made everyone believe Hope had caused her to miscarry her baby, but that her baby had really been stillborn in the swamps of Georgia. Greta confirmed she had seen Billie bury her baby in the bayou. Billie started blaming Hope, but Roman told her to apologize to Bo; he added that it all reminded him of how he had found out about John and Marlena's affair. Austin and Carrie discussed Sami shooting Franco. When Mike discharged Lucas from the hospital, he said that he could not believe Sami could do such a thing. Sami was fired; Eric was unable to get Kate to change her mind. Sami remembered lying about Lucas hitting Will. Greta arranged to meet Wayne and Earl at Green Mountain Lodge, despite Bo's offer to protect her. While she waited for the boys, Stefano grabbed her. When Bo caught up with the boys, they were headed back to New Orleans, telling Bo they thought Stefano had Greta. Up at Green Mountain, Stefano and Greta were having words; she stepped back and fell off the cliff, and he rescued her. She remembered him caring about her safety in Maison Blanche and hugged him. Bo, Hope, John, and Marlena disbelievingly witnessed the scene, and heard Greta tell Stefano how she had told the others about the cage, Ernesto, Father John, and more. Back in Salem, Roman reenacted Franco's murder, having an officer fire a gun, while he was upstairs, seeing if it could be heard. Later he told the officer he was convinced Kate was hiding something, and was going to check phone records for that day.
November 16 to 20, 1998
Kate pretended that she did not know Roman was listening when she told the bartender that she wished she had heard the shot that had killed Franco. Stefano vowed to keep his promise to the real Princess Gina that he would take care of Greta. Hope momentarily felt she was Gina. Stefano proposed to Vivian, who accepted. Mike cooled his involvement with Ali until he named a new head nurse.
November 23 to 27, 1998
Mike told Ali that she had not gotten the head nurse's job. Upon learning that, Craig tried to convince Ali to file sexual harassment charges against Mike and the hospital. Nicole tried to show Eric how much she loved him by removing her tattoo. Vivian ignored another "visit" from Jonesy, who warned her not to marry Stefano. John and Celeste realize that Jonesy and Stefano had a connection. Kate suspected Stefano had had something to do with Vivian's behavior at the Titan board meeting. Lucas went to the hospital to see Will, but learned that he had been released and sent home with Sami. Ali walked in on a compromising situation between Mike and Carrie. Roman learned another piece of information regarding Kate and Franco.
November 30 to December 4, 1998
Lucas and Taylor were upset to see Nicole and Eric kissing. Lucas looked for some booze after Austin said he has to stay away from Will until he proved he had changed for the better. Lucas wondered if Kate knew something about Franco's murder that she had not told him. Carrie was not thrilled that Austin had assumed she would babysit Will while Austin attended Sami's murder trial. Sami had a nightmare about shooting Franco. Eric convinced Candy to testify that Franco had almost strangled her. Hope momentarily became Gina in front of Greta. John, Marlena, Celeste, and Ivan took Vivian to a sanitarium. After modifying the mood device to rack down Vivian, Stefano arrived in time to prevent her from receiving an MRI.
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December 7 to 11, 1998
Hope invited Lily to Salem for Christmas. Craig continued to undermine Mike, to get the chief of staff job. Ali wouldn't believe Mike dumped her. Sami's trial began, with Lucas trying to help, but making things worse. At Greenhaven, Stefano was determined to get Vivian out and marry her. Celeste was drugged, and Stefano talked to Vivian through the tooth microchip, engineering the escape. Rolf nearly had the satellite ready to turn Hope back into Gina. Marlena hypnotized John, and with Greta's help, got him to remember some conversations with Princess Gina and Greta, when he was the priest, Father John. Lucas began to try to romance Nicole, but Kate told him to keep his focus on staying strong.
December 14 to 18, 1998
John followed Vivian's trail after learning she was missing from Greenhaven, but was unable to prevent her from marrying Stefano. Vivian survived a fall from the hot air balloon where she and Stefano said their marriage vows. Kate hired a detective to investigate Nicole after she threatened to tell Roman that Kate had hired Candy as the stripper at Franco's bachelor party. Lucas came on to Nicole, upsetting Eric. Carrie's testimony at Sami's trial was damaging to her case. Carrie later admitted to Austin that she did not want to raise Will, which Sami overheard. Ali continued to pursue Mike, even after he repeatedly told her that they were through as a couple.
December 21 to 25, 1998
Billie signed the divorce papers, freeing Bo. Stefano pestered Rolf to hurry with the satellite and change Hope into Gina, before she got back with Bo. Sami's trial produced damning evidence against her. Ali continued to pursue Mike, refusing to accept he did not want her. Vivian heard radio broadcasts, which were emanating from the microchip Stefano had planted in her tooth. Sure she was dying, Vivian makes a will leaving all the paintings to John, Ivan, and Celeste, enraging Stefano. Greta finally agreed to see the plastic surgeon. The Salemites all attended the midnight mass at St. Luke's, where Sami finally remembered that Franco was had already been dead when she entered the room.
December 28, 1998 to January 1, 1999
Stefano told Celeste and Ivan that he had saved Vivian when she fell off the balcony, but Vivian insisted that she had jumped because voices had told her to. Vivian phoned a dentist at the moment Rolf advised Stefano against removing the mood device in her tooth. Kate and Lucas visited a hospitalized Victor. Kate told Victor about Franco's murder and all the lies she had needed to tell to cover it up. Mike admitted to Carrie that he loved her. Roman, learning that Lucas was back in town, set up a dummy in the exact position that Franco had been found, covered in blood. Lucas walked into his house and saw the dummy. Stefano had Shawn-Douglas kidnapped so that Bo and Hope would stop looking into her past. Hope had more Gina memories. Stefano learned that all the priceless art treasures that Gina had copied were in Jonesy's townhouse, under the art that was hanging on the wall.
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