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January 1 to 5, 2024
Paulina told Abe about her medical condition, and he told her he loved her. Nicole was devastated to learn that Holly was on a ventilator after a drug overdose. Theresa and Alex butted heads over Tate. Holly lapsed into a coma. To prevent Brady from falsely confessing in his place, Tate confessed to Rafe that he had had the drugs at the scene. Ava called in a favor with her cousin to get Clyde's tainted drugs off the street. Eric comforted Nicole. E.J. threatened Stefan, but he refused to help with Clyde. Everett asked Chad to fund his investigation. Sloan forced Leo to follow a budget. Chad agreed to move in with Julie permanently. Johnny and Chanel slept together. Tate's bail was revoked. Tripp decided not to leave with Wendy because he was worried about Ava. Xander asked Sarah to move in. E.J. gleefully sent Tate to jail instead of juvie.
January 8 to 12, 2024
Wendy decided not to leave Salem. Nicole told Maggie that she didn't blame Tate. Chad questioned Stefan and Ava's relationship and their part in the drug trade. Melinda convinced Sloan not to tell the truth. Eric showed compassion to Theresa. Konstantin teased Steve about Steve's past. Kristen gave Brady a second chance after he missed a visit with Rachel. A prisoner gave Tate a black eye in jail. Brady asked Nicole for help with Tate, but she refused. Paulina showed Abe a video of their wedding. Stephanie admitted to Jada that she was interested in her ex. Harris offered to release Lucas if he became an informant, and Lucas agreed. Alex fired Justin, but Brady rehired him. Brady and Theresa vowed not to give up on Tate. Alex opened up to Chad. Nicole and E.J. discussed Holly's guilt and her possible transfer to a clinic in Italy.
January 15 to 19, 2024
Salemites celebrated MLK Day and the National Day of Service. Leo's first new column was about Bayard Rustin. Jada and Rafe discussed inequality issues with Johnny and Chanel. Nicole gave Sloan advice. Sloan accidentally got drunk and ruined her dinner with John and Marlena. Justin secured a transfer for Tate into a rehab facility. Harris raided the Bistro but found no drugs. Sarah moved in with Xander, and they kissed. Everett joined the Johnson family dinner, and they coordinated a scavenger hunt. Stefan kissed Ava passionately to drive off Harris. Chanel agreed to remarry Johnny on Valentine's Day. Theresa got high. Tripp and Wendy worried about Ava. Ava fought the temptation to tell Harris the truth. Nicole left for Italy with Holly. Lucas recovered from an attack in prison. Clyde summoned Harris to talk. Theresa sobered up, and Alex saw her kiss Brady.
January 22 to 26, 2024
Clyde threatened Harris. Maggie urged Konstantin to leave town for his own sake. John was troubled by nightmares. Steve reluctantly agreed with John to back off Konstantin. Alex and Theresa talked about her relapse and their relationship, and he convinced her to stay in Salem. Maggie counseled Brady to let her handle Theresa's recovery. Stefan convinced Chad not to mention the Bistro in the paper's drug story. Paulina learned she had thyroid cancer. Xander worried about the expenses of the paper. Brady asked Kristen to stop turning Rachel against him. Leo hired Eric. Johnny and Chanel celebrated their engagement. Everett threatened to resign. Ava slapped Harris when he kissed her. Xander and Sarah resisted their attraction to one another. Everett decided to make a confession to Stephanie. Alex realized he was in love with Theresa. Theresa was determined to make amends with those she had hurt.
January 29 to February 2, 2024
After an innocent night together, Stephanie told Everett she no longer wanted to be just friends. Leo spotted Stephanie leave Everett's hotel room, but he promised not to tell anyone. Steve told John that Konstantin knew about the Pawn. Harris smuggled Lucas into the pub. Sarah helped ease Paulina's fears. Ava interrogated Wendy about her feelings for Tripp. Chad reluctantly agreed to be Johnny's best man. Xander told Stefan about a mysterious phone call. Alex asked Brady for advice. Sloan was frustrated by motherhood. Brady helped Theresa at work. Lucas did an interview with Chad and Everett. Maggie advised Alex to break up with Theresa, but he joined a support group instead. Maggie asked Brady to talk to the board about rehiring her at Titan. Stefan and Ava had drunken sex. Konstantin insulted Xander over a family dinner and angered Maggie.
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February 5 to 9, 2024
Chanel remained committed to marrying Johnny, despite his family. Everett and Stephanie confessed their feelings. Wendy told Tripp about Ava's interrogation of her. Stefan and Ava agreed that sex had been a mistake. Abe and Paulina made love. Konstantin accidentally activated John as the Pawn. Paulina's surgery conflicted with Chanel's wedding date. Harris' drug bust did not go as planned. Clyde made threats. Kristen and Alex agreed to work together to keep Brady from Theresa. Ava worked with Harris to take down Clyde. John told Steve about his meeting with Konstantin. Sloan complained that Eric prioritized Jude over her. Theresa and Brady supported one another at an A.A. meeting. Everett avoided making plans involving Jada. Theresa found an engagement ring. Xander resisted Sarah's advances. An assassin shot Harris as another shot at Lucas across town. In the Horton house, a hooded figure set fire to the living room.
February 12 to 16, 2024
Ava found a bleeding Harris. Kate shot at Lucas' attacker and drove them away. Chad received a threatening call after his family escaped the Horton house fire. The Salem PD investigated Clyde's three-pronged attack. Sarah and Xander made love. A lead in the shootings led to Xander's arrest. Steve and Kayla reminisced about their past weddings. Johnny and Chanel got married at the hospital so that Paulina could attend before her surgery. Alex and Theresa joined John and Marlena's Valentine's picnic. Ava prayed for Harris to recover. Evidence mounted against Xander. Nicole and Holly returned home. Theresa anticipated a proposal, and she was upset to learn that Alex did not plan to propose. Jada met Everett and believed he was Bobby. Officer Goldman took Tripp and Wendy to a "safe house." Sloan spent Valentine's Day evening with a friend after Eric fell asleep with the baby.
February 19 to 20, 2024
Paulina had a heart attack after a successful surgery. Johnny serenaded Chanel. Jada proved that Everett was her ex, Bobby. Konstantin told Maggie about the death of his daughter, Catharina. Theresa moved out. Marlena advised Alex that he had done the right thing not to get engaged. Roman and Kate celebrated Valentine's Day after they relocated Lucas to a new safe house. Tom's chair and the Christmas ornaments survived the fire. Thomas discovered a Horton time capsule. Theresa and Brady's visit with Tate went poorly. Goldman held Tripp and Wendy captive. Everett had no memory of his life as Bobby and fainted after an argument with Stephanie. Ava told Rafe about her deal with Harris. Ava told Steve the truth about her involvement with Clyde. Clyde ordered Stefan to finish the job of killing Harris. Harris woke up. Stefan framed Xander, but Sarah believed Xander was innocent.
February 26 to March 1, 2024
Tripp helped keep Wendy calm. Everett talked to Marlena about his amnesia. Kayla asked Marlena if Everett could be lying. Harris told Rafe he had no memory of the shooter. Kayla informed Chanel and Abe that Paulina might need a heart transplant. Jada questioned Everett's connection to Clyde. Everett told Chad about his past as Bobby. Holly woke up. Lani and Eli visited Paulina. Theresa refused to speak to Alex. Stephanie toured the burned Horton house with Chad. Tate transferred to a halfway house in Salem. Eric set up a romantic evening for Sloan. Harris thwarted Stefan's second attempt to murder him. Steve and Ava studied the hostage video of Tripp for clues. At Konstantin's urging, Steve confessed that he had been there when the Pawn had shot Catharina. Theresa told Tate the truth about how Brady had lost custody to her. Holly lied to E.J. and Nicole about the drugs.
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MARCH 2024
March 4 to 8, 2024
Everett talked to Julie about his past. Harris told Rafe about Goldman but not about Stefan. Clyde told Ava to break him out of prison, or he would kill Tripp. Goldman closed the air vents on Tripp and Wendy's tank. Ava convinced Steve and John to help her free Clyde. Kate and Roman visited Lucas in a monastery. Stefan handed over all his assets to E.J. in exchange for help. Holly confirmed Tate was innocent, but she could not prove it. Everett told Marlena that he had no memory of his father. Sarah and Victoria visited Xander. Brady told Tate that Holly had not cleared him. Tate sent Holly a message. Sloan filed a complaint against E.J. Leo babysat Jude. Nicole offered to throw a christening for Jude. Ava double-crossed Steve and John. Clyde double-crossed Ava and escaped with Goldman. Tripp and Wendy "married" one another as their air dwindled away. Paulina said goodbye to Abe as she started to slip away.
March 11 to 15, 2024
Lexie's spirit fully restored Abe's memory and healed Paulina's heart. Tate asked Holly to tell the truth, and she refused. Steve realized that Wendy signed the word beer in her hostage video. Steve, John, and Ava found Tripp and Wendy at the brewery and revived them from death. Harris lied to Sarah about his shooting. E.J. had Tate arrested, despite Holly's objections, but he did not press charges. Harris recuperated in Ava's bed, but he was suspicious of her. Steve credited Kayla for his ability to save Tripp and Wendy. Eli and Lani decided to stay in DC. Maggie admitted to Julie that she was drawn to Konstantin. Eric told Roman that Sloan was jealous of Jude. Harris told E.J. that Stefan had shot him, not Xander. Konstantin confronted John about Catharina's murder. Steve told Marlena that the Pawn had murdered Konstantin's daughter.
March 18 to 22, 2024
Eric asked Brady to be Jude's godfather. E.J. taunted Stefan about his escape plans. Marlena attempted to talk John out of turning himself in to the police for Catharina's murder. Harris and Ava made love. Xander was out on bail. Harris ordered Stefan to cover for Ava, or Harris would identify Stefan as the shooter. Johnny and Chanel honeymooned at the Salem Inn. Paulina and Kate celebrated their friendship. Abe told Roman about Lexie's help. Chanel threw her mother a welcome home party. Konstantin pushed Theresa to reunite with Alex. Leo secured an interview with Paulina. Abe moved back in. Stefan apologized to Chad. Sloan talked with Nicole about her misgivings about the reception. Stefan secured a sentencing deal from E.J. and a return of his assets. Ava and Harris worried about their plan with Stefan. John apologized to Konstantin. Konstantin said he forgave John.
March 25 to 29, 2024
Sarah and Xander disagreed about Konstantin. Alex and Kristen pretended to date to make Brady and Theresa jealous. Konstantin forgave John, but John struggled to forgive himself. Tripp and Wendy decided to wait to marry. Alex played hard to get with Theresa. Brady rejected Kristen's advances. Everett backed out of hypnotherapy. Holly called Tate, and he told her to protect her mother. Xander talked to Harris about the shooting. Jada yelled at Stephanie for her continued support of Everett. The family attended Jude's christening. Leo almost told the truth about Jude. John continued to obsess over Catharina's death. Holly confessed to Eric, Brady, and her parents that the drugs had been hers.
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APRIL 2024
April 1 to 5, 2024
Holly told everyone the truth. Paulina was pronounced cancer free. E.J. dropped the charges against Tate. Everett was disturbed by the darkness he experienced under hypnosis. Johnny and Chanel planned to honeymoon at the Horton cabin. Stephanie helped Julie with renovations. Chad struggled with his guilt. Xander showed proof of his innocence to Rafe. Harris and Ava shared a romantic dinner together. Wendy talked to Tripp about her PTSD symptoms. Everett told Stephanie that he still loved her. Rafe informed Jada that she was still married. Paulina told Marlena about Lexie's visit. Theresa moved back in with Alex. Alex advised Tate not to forgive Holly. Nicole butted heads with Holly. Kate visited a lonely Lucas. Everett refused to sign Bobby's name on his divorce decree. Chad urged Stephanie to distance herself from Everett. Tate gave Holly a burner phone. Brady and Nicole forbade Tate and Holly to see one another.
April 8 to 12, 2024
Kayla was furious when Steve told her about his part in Clyde's escape. Brady warned Alex not to play with Theresa's emotions. Clyde ordered Ava to retrieve his incriminating black book. Kristen forbade Holly from spending time with Rachel. E.J. dropped the charges against Xander. Everett refused to sign the divorce papers. Eric was suspicious of Sloan's budget expenses. Kristen plotted to take over the company. Jada apologized to Stephanie. Leo agreed to cut back his expenses for Sloan. Ava told Harris about Clyde's phone call. Konstantin told Maggie that he needed to leave the country because his visa had expired. Everett lost his temper with Stephanie. John's mood improved after his conversation with Harris. Tate and Holly met in secret. Everett refused to continue hypnotherapy. Thomas stole Konstantin's red card. Paulina refused to stop working during her radiation treatment. Julie interrupted Johnny and Chanel's honeymoon at the cabin.
April 15 to 19, 2024
The judge accepted Stefan's plea deal, despite E.J.'s underselling of it. E.J. gave a limp public apology to Tate. Chanel disappeared on Smith Island, and an irradiated Paulina left the hospital and found her. Stefan threatened to tell Nicole that E.J. had known about the drug trade if E.J. did not return Stefan's fortune. Xander and Sarah discussed whether Stefan had framed him. Eric overheard Sloan push Leo to help secure work for Eric. John learned Konstantin's wife had disappeared. Maggie proposed to Konstantin. Alex shut down Bella, and Theresa quit. Tripp worried about Ava's motivations. Wendy struggled with anxiety. Stefan colluded with Kristen to make her CEO and free Gabi. Alex rehired Maggie. Konstantin intimidated Thomas to return the stolen red card. Everett signed the divorce papers. Jude helped John let go of his guilt.
April 22 to 26, 2024
Kayla unleashed her anger on Ava. Roman refused to let Ava stay at the pub, but Harris talked him into a temporary stay. Tate and Holly flirted with one another on the sly. Theresa contemplated her future. Brady and Nicole agreed to be friends again. Everett behaved strangely. Kristen offered a scholarship in Li's honor. Harris and Ava decided to break into the Bistro. Tripp talked to Stephanie about Wendy's struggles, and he bought tickets to Hong Kong. Kristen's staged sex with Alex turned into an actual night of passion. Theresa confessed to Brady that her breakup with Alex had been a mistake. Konstantin told Steve that he blamed him for Catharina's death. Alex was livid at the news of Maggie's engagement. Maggie asked Konstantin to sign a prenup. Johnny turned down E.J.'s job offer. Chad hired Nicole as a reporter. Eric feared Sloan was cheating, but he discovered she was only helping Leo pay his bills. Paulina and E.J. butted heads. Chanel felt woozy while apartment hunting.
April 29 to May 3, 2024
Rachel asked Brady if he had a girlfriend. Tripp and Wendy left for Hong Kong. Konstantin threatened Theresa when she refused to steal the only signed copy of Maggie's prenup. Theresa was devastated to learn about Alex's night with Kristen. Chanel exhibited symptoms of radiation poisoning, and Kayla confirmed Chanel was pregnant. Chad interviewed various people about the Smith Island incident. Maggie told Julie about her engagement. Everett lied to Stephanie about why his therapy had ended. Sloan begged Leo to keep quiet, since he was cut off. Dimitri dumped Leo. E.J. plotted to destroy his enemies. The Pawn stole Maggie's prenup on Konstantin's orders. Marlena helped Holly deal with her anxiety. Sloan lied to Eric about Leo's blackmail. Leo told E.J. that Jude was E.J.'s son. E.J. confronted Sloan, and she confirmed that Jude was Eric and Nicole's baby.
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MAY 2024
May 6 to 10, 2024
Johnny and Chanel decided to keep the baby. Everett switched personalities again. E.J. and Sloan agreed to work together to save their marriages. Jada moved in with Rafe. John revealed to Steve that he knew Konstantin had used the red card on John. Victor's estate probate ended. Maggie announced she would give away most of her money. Alex kept Theresa waiting in favor of sex with Kristen. Eric apologized to Nicole for his past mistakes. Clyde ordered Ava to email a scan of his book. Sloan updated Melinda on the baby secret. Eric and Nicole went on their first assignment. Holly and Tate set up a double date for prom. Sarah pushed Xander to open up about his mother. Marlena, John, and Steve made a plan with Maggie to take down Konstantin. Harris left town to work on Clyde's recapture. Holly made a public scene when Nicole refused to let her go to prom. Chanel asked Paulina for space. Rolf confirmed to E.J. that Jude was Eric and Nicole's baby.
May 13 to 17, 2024
Leo passed out before he could make a confession to Eric and Nicole. E.J. paid Leo to keep quiet about Jude's parents. The police confirmed the blood on Clyde's notebook belonged to Li Shin. Ava told Kristen about the break in Gabi's case. Tate convinced Holly not to dump him. Theresa and Alex got back together. Brady confided to Marlena that he was worried that Alex would supplant him as a father figure to Rachel. Chad discovered from Abigail's journal that she had been working on a story about the drug trade. E.J. refused to reopen Li's murder case. Leo confided to Sloan that his conscience was bothering him. Alex warned Konstantin that he might have to move out when Alex moved into the mansion. Maggie enacted a plan to tempt Konstantin to embezzle from Titan. Xander and Sarah got engaged. Jada asked Steve for help with Clyde's book. Alex continued his fling with Kristen after he had reunited with Theresa. Paulina fired E.J. A nasty fight with Holly spiraled Nicole into a drunken kiss with Eric in front of E.J. Ava told Steve that they needed a permanent solution for Clyde.
May 20 to 24, 2024
Leo caught Tate and Holly in a kiss, but he promised to keep their secret. Chanel and Johnny picked names for their baby. Johnny didn't tell Chanel about a job offer he received. Paulina rehired Melinda as D.A. E.J. did not tell Nicole that he had seen her kiss with Eric. Chanel continued to avoid Paulina. E.J. gave Sloan 24 hours to hand over Jude to Nicole and leave town. Everett punched Eric after he saw Eric argue with Sloan. Chad asked Steve and E.J. for help with Abigail's murder case. Roman formally hired Ava. Steve told Ava he would not interfere with her plans for Clyde. Tate confessed to Aaron that he was still secretly dating Holly. Chanel hired Felicity. Alex asked Theresa to move into the mansion with him. Chanel and Johnny decided to announce her pregnancy. The Hortons moved back into their home. Everett switched personalities in front of Jada and Marlena. Stephanie agreed to convince Everett to start therapy for DID. Sloan told Eric that Jude was Nicole and E.J.'s baby. Eric returned Jude to Nicole.
May 27 to 31, 2024
Nicole bonded with Jude and made up with Holly. Ava sent a traceable email out to Clyde. Maggie was thrilled by Sarah's engagement. Sloan skipped town before Eric could return with Rafe. Melinda told Stefan she would look into reopening Li's murder case. Rafe questioned E.J. and Melinda about Sloan. Alex moved into the mansion with Theresa. Bonnie told Theresa it was okay to love Alex's wealth if Theresa loved Alex, too. Harris, Ava, and Lucas went to Montana to track Clyde. Lucas captured Goldman. Stephanie told Chad about Everett's DID. Everett apologized to Eric. Alex bounced between Theresa and Kristen's beds. Stefan asked Theresa to run the Bistro. The ISA cracked Clyde's code. Alex told Theresa that he wanted an open relationship. Rafe arrested Melinda. Sloan returned to confront Nicole, and she was cornered by Eric. Bobby vowed to protect Everett. Leo asked E.J. to revise their agreement.
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JUNE 2024
June 3 to 7, 2024
E.J. helped Sloan escape again. Roman banned Leo from the pub. Melinda blackmailed Rafe. Harris stopped Ava from murdering Clyde. Kayla forced Steve to choose her over revenge. E.J. threatened Melinda to keep her quiet about Jude. Nicole decided not to change Jude's name. Clyde told Chad that Abigail was alive. Lucas advised Ava to come clean to Harris. Rafe and Stefan agreed to work together to free Gabi. Kristen told Alex she wasn't into him. Maggie admitted to Julie that she had a plan for Konstantin. Alex confessed to Kristen that he believed Theresa had a secret. Theresa seduced Brady, and he felt used. With Xander's blessing, Sarah left a voicemail for his mother. Alex committed to Theresa. Maggie enacted her plan to frame Konstantin. Konstantin ordered the Pawn to kill, but John revealed that he had been deprogrammed. Konstantin confessed that he had sabotaged Victor's plane.
June 10 to 14, 2024
Konstantin took Theresa hostage and shot Steve. Xander shot Konstantin before he could identify his accomplice. John struggled with the effects of the red card. Melinda declined to press murder charges against Xander. Alex asked Theresa to move into his room. Steve promised not to keep any more secrets from Kayla. Bobby went to Bayview when Everett did not reemerge. Johnny and Chanel decided to move to L.A. for his dream job. Eric moved back into the pub. E.J. refused Abe's plea to stop the mayoral recall. Eric asked E.J. to be his divorce attorney. Leo asked Marlena for help. Lucas was freed. At Rafe's direction, Chad interrogated Clyde about Abigail. Kristen gave Stefan help with his escape but unwittingly directed Stefan to Jude's paternity results. Paulina and Chanel made up. Kristen was named CEO of DiMera. Clyde directed Chad to a security deposit box.
June 17 to 21, 2024
Nicole helped Eric post notice for his publication divorce. Tate yelled at Theresa for having broken Brady's heart again. Stefan blackmailed E.J. over Jude's paternity. E.J. withdrew his mayoral recall in exchange for Paulina rehiring him as D.A. Jack visited unexpectedly. Xander confessed to Maggie that he had made an intentional choice to kill Konstantin. Sarah's hunt for Xander's mother hit a dead end. Marlena counseled Leo to learn to love himself. Alex told Theresa that he loved her. Eli and Lani visited for Juneteenth. Chad and Julie found a video of a woman that looked like Abigail. Johnny and Chanel said goodbye to Salem. Theresa fought her feelings for Brady. Steve agreed to confess to having helped Clyde break out. Nicole encouraged Holly to go to the prom with Aaron. Sophia ratted out Tate to Theresa. Brady and Theresa busted Tate and Holly at the Salem Inn.
June 24 to 28, 2024
Theresa and Brady caught Tate and Holly at the Salem Inn. Harris broke up with Ava and left Salem to pursue Megan. Alex extended an olive branch to Maggie. E.J. confessed to Nicole that he had seen her kiss Eric and that he feared losing her. Alex and Theresa got engaged. Leo confronted Diana about their abusive relationship. Lucas moved to Phoenix. Paulina declined to hire Abe. Theresa scrambled to keep Sarah from reaching out to Xander's mother. Leo was disappointed to learn Mark had a girlfriend. Bonnie suggested a double wedding. Brady theorized to Alex that Theresa had read Victor's will before she had slept with Alex. Chanel blamed Paulina for her miscarriage. Eric decided to leave Salem to take time to heal. Nicole and Xander had a heart-to-heart about their mothers. E.J. gave an immunity deal to Melinda in exchange for the black book. Gabi was freed. Melinda promised E.J. that she would blow up his life and tell Nicole about Jude's father.
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JULY 2024
July 1 to 5, 2024
Eric accepted a job in Paris. E.J. bribed Kristen to hire Melinda. Gabi left prison. Kristen hired Ava at DiMera. Kayla informed Chanel, Johnny, and Paulina that the cause of the miscarriage had been a genetic issue. Abe and Kate decided to produce a soap opera. Jada processed Steve for his part in Clyde's escape. Stephanie begged Jada for help with Everett. Alex's growing doubts about Theresa were calmed when she insisted on a prenup. Tate and Holly plotted to run away together for the summer. Xander refused an inheritance check from Maggie. Bobby told Jada that he had information about Li's murder. Gabi forced Stefan to tell her about Jude, and then she announced the truth at a press conference. Connie was revealed as Li's murderer.
July 8 to 12, 2024
Connie blamed everyone else for her murder of Li. Bobby told Jada that he had seen Li's real killer. Gabi exposed E.J.'s lies. Nicole dumped E.J. E.J. swore to destroy Gabi and Stefan for ruining his life. Nicole told Eric he was Jude's father. Stefan and Gabi butted heads about her actions. Tate set his plan to spend the summer with Holly in motion. Nicole asked E.J. for a divorce. Holly told E.J. that she understood why he had lied about Jude. Jack reluctantly let Chad exhume Abigail's grave, and the coffin was empty. Bonnie edged the two engaged couples closer to a double wedding. Theresa signed the prenup. Leo turned down sex with a fan. Connie made a deal with Bobby to keep quiet about Li's murder. Bobby pretended to be Everett to secure his release. Connie stabbed Rafe.
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