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January 1 to 5, 2001
Philip professed his love to Chloe as Shawn and Belle discovered the body in the lake during Bo and Hope's wedding reception. Lexie feared that the body could be Marlo and was terrified that her life with Abe and Isaac was at risk. Jan and Mimi planned to "expose" Chloe in their plan of ultimate revenge. Belle confided in Hope about her family problems, unaware of Hope's part with her parents. Bo and Hope celebrated their love. Austin and Greta overcame their "virtual" world as Greta greeted the orphans and prepared for her coronation as princess. John pleaded with Marlena to return home and then blasted Brady when he learned that Brady's continued threats toward Marlena were keeping John's wife away from the family. Nicole tempted Victor into another liaison, as Kate got Victor to sign a new codicil to the will. Sami rebuffed Austin and said no marriage to a very disappointed Brandon. Angela kept the tape at arms length, and left for Italy to help her father recuperate from his recent heart attack.
January 8 to 12, 2001
John convinced Marlena to return home, but Brady's continued game of psychological warfare heightened her insecurities and depression. Abe confronted Brandon, but the bond between Sami and Brandon continued. Kate and Sami were off to Italy, and each had their own agenda to acquire the "tape," as Nicole decided to join Victor in Mexico. Austin drew close to Greta as they enjoyed the Paris nightlife, and Greta prepared to become a princess. Lexie tried to convince Abe and Roman to drop the investigation of the body in the lake for fear it was Marlo and could ruin her life. Bo's suspicions of John's interest in J.T. continued. Alice understood Jennifer's need to leave the Horton home. Philip and Belle both thought there was something more going on between Brady and Chloe.
January 15 to 19, 2001
John supported Marlena's decision to take a leave of absence from her job, but home life was not improving, as Brady was determined to blame "Doc" for everything and get her out of their lives permanently. Chloe got Philip's letter sweater, and his undying affection. Lexie plotted with Stefano against her better judgment -- and -- Abe to keep Marlo's murder a secret. Austin learned of Sami's real whereabouts, but committed to stay with Greta for her coronation, and deal with his personal issues afterwards. Belle and Shawn kept avoiding their real feelings for each other. Nicole and Victor were trapped in the earthquake in Mexico. Kate and Vincent romanced each other for their own agendas, and plotted Victor's demise. Vincent told Angela to postpone her wedding to Brandon, to Sami's displeasure.
January January 22 to 26, 2001
Stefano forced Lexie to choose between Isaac and Abe over the "Marlo's murder" incident. Victor came clean to Nicole about the five million dollar scam. She returned the favor and filled him in on Kate's fake codicil trick. The two plotted revenge against Kate. Most of Salem boarded the flight to Greta's coronation, with much uneasiness amongst the passengers, courtesy of Stefano. Brandon and Angela barely said, "I do," with Vincent and Kate arriving just in time to grab the "real" tape. Sami planned to crash the coronation and get back the tape. Jennifer opened up to Julie about her father, Jake, and a mystery man. Shawn's nephew, Colin, arrived from Ireland to assist "the organization" in the DiMera cover-up. Brady goaded Roman about his feelings for Marlena and guilt over his accident. Fay and Abe bonded. Kate ordered a separate hit on Sami.
January January 29 to February 2, 2001
The Salemites arrived in Paris for the coronation. Shawn gave Mimi a romantic moment to remember. Hope got flashes of her Princess Gina life, as the Blacks and the Bradys' friendship was tested over the secret of J.T.'s daddy. Philip took it hard when Victor told him the truth about Kate's fake codicil, then was devastated when he found Kate and Vincent together. Austin and Greta prepared for her coronation, but Charles had vengeance planned for the big event. Sami took desperate measures to get the tape and custody of Will. Nicole played on Victor's vulnerability. Brady escalated his lawsuit against Roman and Abe. Jennifer decided to take Alice's place in Paris. A distraught Philip confided in Chloe. Brandon, Sami, Nicole, and Victor all had their own plans to stop Moroni's hit and get back at Kate and Vincent. Kate had a change of heart and demanded that Vincent cancel the hit, but he refused and then ordered a hit on Sami and Brandon when he learned of their betrayal of his Angela.

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February 5 to 9, 2001
Most of Salem arrived in Paris for Greta's coronation. Marlena's marriage could be in jeopardy if Hope's memories of her time as Princess Gina included John. Alice's plan to reunite Jack and Jennifer in Paris seemed to cause more bad memories for Jack and Jennifer -- and the beginning of a custody battle for Abby. Belle and Chloe confided in each other about boys and sex. Kate and Victor had a hostile meeting and called an end to their relationship in more ways than one. Sami's disguise wore thin as several guests recognized her, but she and Brandon were determined to retrieve the tape and win custody of Will, regardless of the price. Austin and Greta raised the needed funds for the orphans from their guests. Philip couldn't forgive Kate. Both Vincent and Victor were confident that their respective plans would destroy the other, and Kate's efforts and pleas to stop the hit fell on deaf ears.
February 12 to 16, 2001
The coronation turned into a bloodbath as Charles and Moroni's hit resulted in fatalities: Angela gave her life for Brandon, Vincent committed suicide over the guilt, and Salemites Mimi, Greta, and John were seriously wounded. It also appeared Victor was mortally wounded -- or was he? Bo, Hope, Jen, and Jack, absent during the massacre, comforted their family and friends. Jen confided to Hope about her marriage. Chloe found a friend in Stefano, and Marlena forbade Lexie to offer his help to assist John. Sami came clean to Austin about her plan to get Will back, and managed to maneuver her way back into Austin's life and get him out of Greta's. Kate was frantic, as her entire life was closing in around her, and all she and Sami could think about was "the tape." Brady learned of John's condition from his nemeses, Roman and Abe. Hattie was looking more like Dr. Marlena every day.
February 19 to 23, 2001
Salem learned of Victor's "death." Philip had a hostile meeting with Kate over Victor and then coldly informed her that he'd had Victor cremated; he showed her Victor's memorial urn and ashes. Brandon and Sami put the squeeze on Kate and Lucas, but Kate seemed to think she had a way out. Chloe sensed that Philip was keeping a secret from her. Nicole reassured Philip that she would help him with his relationship with Chloe, but that their plan needed to be their first priority. Chloe confided in Belle and Shawn about Philip. Stefano took pleasure in Abe and Lexie's differences. Abe saw the DiMera side of Lexie as she more or less threatened him to drop the investigation into Marlo's/the "mystery woman's" murder. Brady arrived in Paris to visit John and continued his manipulation and vendetta against Marlena after learning of Victor's death; after another tragedy in his family, directing his anger at Marlena seemed a just way to ease his pain. Brady convinced John that Marlena had physically abused him in his disabled state and pushed John to take his side against "doc," resulting in a serious relapse.
February 26 to March 2, 2001
Victor revealed himself as alive, well, in control of Kate, and holding all the cards. Philip was guilt-ridden over keeping the secret from Chloe. Victor and Gene planned Kate and Lucas' fall from grace, personally and professionally. Brandon and Sami made love. Mickey found a way to get Sami full custody of Will. Brandon warned Lucas. Mimi contemplated a real romance with Shawn, but was drawn back into Jan's plan against Chloe after seeing Belle and Shawn together. Jan's family problems were revealed. Brady continued to keep his hatred and behavior a secret from Belle and John. Philip saw another bad side of Kate. Lexie swore Hope to secrecy about her Marlo theory. Shawn and Bo discussed their feelings for Victor. Lexie "DiMera" Carver's aggressive behavior and cover-up plan disturbed Abe. Nancy refused to tell Chloe the identity of her father, and Chloe ran off with Philip as they decided to take the next step in their relationship.

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MARCH 2001
March 5 to 9, 2001
Chloe and Craig pressured Nancy for the name of Chloe's biological father. Nicole and Victor enjoyed watching Kate's demise. Austin discovered Kate and Lucas' deception and disowned them to stand by Sami. Sami and Brandon were victorious as Kate and a heart-broken Lucas reluctantly signed away all rights to Will in order to stay out of jail. Chloe accused Philip of rape after she realized Victor was alive, after all. Chloe was devastated that Philip had lied to her. Brady gave John a terrible ultimatum: either him or Marlena. Abe was outraged at Lexie's behavior as well as her plan to leave the country to retain custody of Isaac. Marlo's boyfriend stepped forward to the police and decided to claim his child.
March 12 to 16, 2001
Hope got Bo to keep the lead on Marlo's boyfriend quiet until Abe and Lexie returned from their trip. Lexie tried to get Brandon to put aside his anger for Abe, without much success. Celeste couldn't seem to calm Lexie's fears. The Carvers had no idea that Glenn, Isaac's biological father, was vacationing at the Green Mountain Lodge. Kate tried to comfort a heartbroken Lucas, but Lucas was determined to get Will back, whatever it took. Sami was shocked that Will kept asking for his Daddy, and manipulated Austin into thinking he was there to comfort Will, Sami really wanted him in her bed, not in Greta's. Belle and John saw the "black" side of Brady. Marlena and John reconciled, and he issued rules to keep his family together. Nicole convinced Victor to use drugs on Kate to sweeten the revenge on his unsuspecting "widow." Brady saved Chloe from her own lie, and Belle and Kate learned that Philip might have raped Chloe. Chloe filled in Philip, and they reached an understanding -- but Craig misunderstood and went after Philip.
March 19 to 23, 2001
Philip was falsely arrested and accused rape by the Wesleys, and Nancy forced Chloe to submit to the required medical exam that ended up proving that she had not been raped. Belle stood by a very emotional and humiliated Chloe. Craig pressured Nancy and asked her if Chloe had been conceived from a rape. Austin had some regrets about making love to Sami, as Nicole advised Brandon to forget about her. Lucas had one more stolen moment with Will, and in a state of depression went off on another binge. Jack and Jennifer realized that their troubled relationship was having a very negative impact on Abby. Philip and Kate had some semblance of a reconciliation. Lexie and Abe were shocked to meet Glenn, Isaac's real dad, and wife at Green Mountain Lodge, but Abe was even more shocked at Lexie's plan to get rid of them and keep Isaac safe. Nicole and Victor's "horrific" plan of revenge against Kate went awry; Kate caught on to the scam, and in a drugged state, attacked Victor and set the house on fire, not realizing Lucas was still inside.
March 26 to 30, 2001
Victor and Philip were rescued from the fire; Chloe kept Victor's secret, and she and Philip spent another "friendly" night together. Kate was devastated to learn that Lucas had been trapped in the fire and was in a coma from which he might not recover. She was perplexed why no one had discovered Victor's body. Austin told Sami their relationship was on hold, and then made a decision to stand by Kate. Brandon couldn't forget about Sami. Nicole had one kind gesture toward Lucas, but continued to shower Victor with attention and flattery, encouraging him to get his revenge on Kate. Lexie turned in a great DiMera performance, thinking she had gotten rid of Glenn and Barb's claim on Isaac. Abe and Hope were puzzled over Lexie's behavior. Craig apologized to Philip and Victor apologized to Chloe, but Chloe was relentlessly unforgiving towards Nancy, who was more convinced than ever to keep Chloe from learning the identity of her biological father. Maggie turned on Marlena for not confiding in her as a friend. Brady pushed John into a corner, and Roman and Abe individually tried to come to terms with the "Brady Black" lawsuit.
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APRIL 2001
April 2 to 6, 2001
J.T. had another medical emergency that drew Bo and Hope into Glenn's search for the "real" Isaac. Jan and Mimi went forward with their plan to "expose" Chloe on the Internet. Shawn was jealous of Belle's new friend. Brady was determined to get Abe and Roman. Chloe and Brady connected in an odd way, and she inadvertently told him that Victor was alive. John and Marlena had another run-in with Maggie at Tuscany over their family problems. Kate's world fell apart as Lucas fell into a deep coma. Victor conveniently sent Philip out of town to handle the details of Lucas' medical care to keep him away from Kate and Chloe. Greta decided to manipulate Sami in order to show Austin her true colors, and Brandon continued to try to win the love of his Samantha. Austin told Greta that making love to Sami had been a mistake. Jennifer agreed to move in with Jack for Abby's sake. Lexie plotted with Stefano to keep Isaac and gave Abe a terrible ultimatum. Glenn and Barb found some answers at the hospital and put their own plan into motion for the Carvers.
April 9 to 13, 2001
Brady was reunited with Victor and then agreed to help split up Chloe and Philip. Belle ended her friendship with Chloe. Brady had second thoughts about Chloe. Marlena and John's romantic week ended after he learned of J.T.'s hospitalization. Marlena had nasty encounters with Hope about J.T., and John and Brady over the lawsuit, and then decided to leave town. Lexie planned her counterattack against Glenn and Barb in real DiMera fashion. Greta's plan to expose Sami's two-timing with Brandon backfired and caused Austin to desire her even more. Kate started her life over with determination after Nicole replaced her on a personal and professional level. Victor explained the rules of office demeanor and cohabitation to an overconfident and cocky Nicole.
April 16 to 20, 2001
Kate suffered a medical emergency and was forced to seek treatment at a free clinic. Nancy tormented a weakened Kate over Chloe's involvement with Philip. Nicole and Kate tangled over the ownership of Kiriakis treasures buried in the ashes. Kate vowed to get even with everyone. Hope tried to convince Jennifer to reconsider her living arrangements with Jack. Jennifer misinterpreted Greta and Jack's actions and redecorating enthusiasm. Mr. Woods helped Chloe through a bad time, and in turn, Chloe tried to help Susan, another Salem High outcast. Sami played hard to get, and Austin gave in to passion. Kevin, Jan, and Mimi's chemistry lab experiment almost backfired, but it seemed to "expose" Chloe as they planned. Lexie convinced Brandon to help her switch Isaac's DNA so she and Abe could retain full custody. Austin and Greta, and Sami and Brandon continued their unusual liaisons.
April 23 to 27, 2001
Kate started her new job at the diner -- a shock to many residents of Salem. Roman befriended Kate as she suffered another medical crisis. Abe refused the D.A.'s offer to sacrifice Roman's reputation and future for his freedom in Brady's lawsuit against the Salem Police Department. Jennifer was at odds with Bo, Hope, and Shawn about her stay in Ireland. Austin and Sami found comfort with others: Greta and Brandon. Brandon put Sami on notice and asked her to decide between him and Austin. Lexie and Brandon put their DNA baby switch into action with Stefano unaware of their plan. Dr. Rolf and Hattie continued their liaison. Belle nearly "uncovered" the plot to "expose" Chloe. John suspected Brady's interest in Chloe. Chloe and Susan formed a strange bond, and Susan and Nancy had an uncomfortable conversation about a topic of mutual interest. Philip returned home and defied Victor about continuing to see Chloe; Chloe and Philip continued to be at odds, this time over his disrespectful attitude towards Susan. Kate was overwhelmed with grief as Victor ordered Lucas transferred to a long-term care facility. Craig asked Marlena's advice about his home life.
April 30 to May 4, 2001
Nicole tormented Greta that she would never win Austin's affection. Belle and Chloe made up while Mimi and Jan prepared to launch Chloe's nudie website. Brady and Chloe actually had a normal conversation. Marlena's testimony at Brady's hearing caused more damage than anticipated on the home front, though Roman and Abe were exonerated. Marlena blasted John for not trusting her personal and professional opinion regarding Brady's behavior. Kate's new profession embarrassed Philip. Brandon substituted J.T.'s DNA in place of Isaac's and was shocked that Glenn and J.T.'s samples tested positive. Brandon questioned Lexie about the confusing DNA results and pressured her to reveal the identity of J.T.'s biological father. Lexie lied to Abe to buy time to decide her next move. Jennifer confided in Hope about Colin and her stay in Ireland, and Jack was determined to secure Abby's happiness at all costs.
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MAY 2001
May 7 to 11, 2001
Jennifer's mystery man from Ireland, Colin, turned out to be Shawn's nephew. Lexie discovered that Isaac and J.T. had been switched at birth, and that Isaac was Hope's biological child. Stefano pulled Lexie into his web of deceit, as they plotted to keep the truth from everyone about Isaac and J.T. Bo pressured Hope and Marlena for the identity of J.T.'s biological father. Bo suspected John was the daddy. John finally acknowledged that Brady needed help, as Brady continued to taunt Roman. Philip and Jason were arrested after slugging it out over Chloe, as Victor was determined to split up Philip and Chloe. Nicole and Brandon faced a disturbing reality: their father was being released from prison. Austin fell for Sami's "hard to get" routine. Nancy asked Craig a difficult question about her appearance, and tensions mounted at Tuscany for the Wesleys, Bradys, Blacks, and DiMeras. Maggie seemed to be getting on everyone's bad side.
May 14 to 18, 2001
Sami humiliated Kate at the diner as Austin and Roman justified her outlandish behavior because of Kate's past wrongs against Sami. Shawn and Belle continued to keep their feelings for each other silent. With Belle's help, Brady decided to get his life back. Jack and Greta helped each other out for the sake of friendship. At Tuscany, Victor grilled Chloe about her real feelings for Philip. Chloe was embarrassed by Nancy's visit to the Kiriakis table, and then later, agitated by Craig and Chloe's attitude, Nancy suffered what appeared to be a heart attack. Lexie struggled with her conscience over keeping Isaac from his real birth mother, Hope. Hope and Marlena, and John and Bo faced off at Tuscany regarding the many issues involving J.T.'s birth father. Lexie pressured Marlena to reveal the identity of J.T.'s father. Rolf embellished Stefano's plan and caused a series of disasters endangering the lives of many of Salem's finest.
May 21 to 25, 2001
Nancy's medical emergency turned out to be a "gas." Stefano saved Maggie, and then was devastated to learn that Lexie had been seriously injured in the explosion at Tuscany. Stefano blasted Rolf for his outrageous and dangerous actions. John went into "Rambo" mode and took over the rescue efforts for most of the residents of Salem, including his children. Jennifer and J.T. were in a horrible crash at the bridge; Jack managed to save Jennifer, but J.T., fell out of the car and was presumed missing/dead. Jennifer, Jack, and the Brady and Black families were overcome with grief, waiting for news of J.T.'s fate. Brady once again rejected Marlena. At the hospital, Nancy overheard a semi-conscious Lexie talking about a baby switch. Stefano warned Nancy to keep quiet, or else. Philip and Chloe spent a special night together by the river and shared their innermost joys and fears. Later, an angry Glenn and Barb thought they rescued Isaac from the river.
May 28 to June 1, 2001
Barb pleaded with Glenn to return "Isaac" to the Carvers. John missed an opportunity to rescue J.T. Lexie, coached by Stefano, managed to convince Nancy that Nancy had misunderstood what Lexie was saying about a baby switch. Brandon encouraged Lexie to return Isaac to his birth mother, Hope. Alice and Jack tried desperately to comfort and inconsolable Jennifer. Philip convinced Chloe to try to call a truce with Nancy, which didn't turn out as expected. John and Marlena finally learned the root of Brady's hatred for Marlena; John had promised Brady that he couldn't love any other woman the way that he had loved Isabella, then and in the future, and Brady was crushed when Marlena told him that he was adopted. Roman told Austin of Kate's worsening medical condition. Another incident at the diner caused Austin to reconsider his relationship with Sami. Chloe thought she might know something about J.T.'s disappearance. Hope blamed Jennifer for the situation with J.T.
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JUNE 2001
June 4 to 8, 2001
Philip's jealousy seemed to get the best of Chloe and friends. Bo and Hope made a television appeal to Glenn and Barb to return J.T., and Barb realized that Glenn had taken the wrong baby. After a warning from Stefano, Dr. Rolf decided to silence Hattie, but she outsmarted him and sought police protection. Roman was optimistic of nailing Stefano with Hattie's help. John realized that Brady had been aware all along that Marlena was insecure about his love for Isabella and thus Brady was a reminder to Marlena of John's special bond with another woman. Mimi's sick plan to "expose" Chloe was on schedule for the Last Blast dance. Kate tried to help a family at the shelter, suffering at the hands of domestic violence. Austin put Sami in her place about his feelings for Kate. Lexie blasted Stefano for the turmoil in her life regarding Marlo's death, the baby switch, Hope, and all the other secrets she had to keep, but later found she still needed him to bail her out of the mess so she could keep Isaac. Abe was totally confused about Lexie's behavior. Hope and Jen agreed to meet to talk things through.
June 11 to 15, 2001
Stefano managed to once again elude the Salem Police Department by using Lexie as a human shield to escape. John, aware of Stefano's involvement in the J.T. caper, joined Roman in pursuit of Stefano, but was shot during Stefano's escape. Abe, Roman, and John were all incensed and disappointed at Lexie's behavior and loyalty to Stefano. Lexie decided to keep Isaac's identify a secret. Rolf went after Hattie before Bart could give him Stefano's message not to harm her. Jennifer and Hope worked out their differences. Jennifer confided to Hope that she might still have feelings for Jack. The Bradys celebrated J.T's return and first birthday. Bo didn't know that Glenn and Barb had been taken into custody. Marlena and Brady called a truce. Shawn asked Belle to the Last Blast dance, and Jan and Mimi prepared for Chloe's demise.
June 18 to 22, 2001
Marlena and Hope reconciled. Lexie promised John that she would not reveal that he was J.T.'s birth father. John was pleased that Marlena and Brady seemed to reach an understanding. Jack and Jen struggled to find common ground in their relationship. Rolf convinced Hattie not to testify against Stefano, as "the Phoenix" eluded the Salem Police Department once again. Brady overheard Mimi and Jan's plans to humiliate Chloe. Belle was excited about her date with Shawn for the Last Blast dance. Belle and Chloe thought they had made a truce with Mimi, but Jan destroyed her confidence again. Kevin befriended Susan. Chloe was vague about her summer job. Kate reluctantly accepted Fay's offer of accommodation, and then formulated her plan as a chaperon at Philip's dance. Victor ordered Brady and Nicole to attend the dance together to watch Philip and keep Kate in line. The Carvers and Reibers awaited the results of the new DNA test on Isaac. Meanwhile, all parties were unaware that Glenn's previous DNA test of J.T. while he was on the run was a perfect match. Lexie's behavior continued to baffle Abe.
June 25 to July 29, 2001
John told Hope that Lexie knew he was J.T.'s father, and Hope pressed John to tell her about J.T.'s conception. Lexie blasted Sami and told her to mind her own business. Chloe told Belle about Brady's "spy mission" for Victor to break up her and Philip. Shawn had a case of "cold feet" about his date with Belle. Philip and Victor argued over Chloe and Kate. Victor suspected Kate was using Philip to get to him. Fay made Roman think about how he really felt about Kate. Marlena met face-to-face with Hattie. Brady tried to figure out Jan and Mimi's sinister plan for Chloe at the dance. Kevin and Susan bonded. Marlena snapped at Hope again, and Roman and Bo blamed John for Stefano's escape. Stefano still had Lexie under his control as Abe reluctantly agreed to move into the DiMera mansion with Lexie and Isaac. The teens were excited and anxious about the Last Blast dance.
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JULY 2001
July 2 to 6, 2001
The Salem teens were dressed and groomed "to the nines" as they all made their grand entrance at the Last Blast dance. John suspected Brady had feelings for Chloe. Hope pressured John to reveal the details of J.T.'s conception when they both ended up as chaperons for the dance. Each with their own agendas, Roman and Kate, and Nicole and Brady were unlikely couples to chaperon the Last Blast dance. Kate's rags to riches plan had hidden flaws. Mimi and Jan executed their plan to seal Chloe's fate.
July 9 to 13, 2001
The Last Blast dance turned into a disaster after Jan and Mimi's slide show of a naked Chloe and her Internet website filled the room. Chloe was devastated over Philip's lack of trust, betrayal, insults, and rejection of her over the incident. Philip was on a roll as he also walked out on Kate for embarrassing him at the dance with her shoddy appearance. Roman suspected something more to Hope and John's intense conversations. Brady was blamed for the "slide show" fiasco, but later convinced Chloe that he was not the culprit and offered his support. Mimi's confession interrupted Shawn and Belle's first kiss. Susan, Kevin, Shawn, and Belle joined forces to prove Chloe's innocence and set things right. Nancy vowed to make Jan and Mimi pay for their bad deed. Philip learned the truth too late and realized that he had single-handedly ruined his relationship with Chloe. Victor and Nicole celebrated their victory a bit too prematurely. Alice told Jennifer the story about her stolen ruby necklace. Jennifer caught on to Jack's clumsy attempt to make her jealous via Greta.
July 16 to 20, 2001
Chloe and the D.A. had a special punishment for Jan and Mimi as they prepared to face the music for their actions at the Last Blast dance. Belle urged Chloe to forgive Philip after viewing his unusual and heartfelt apology. Brady and Victor told Philip to move on with his life and forget about Chloe. Hope told Jen that she was still in love with Jack. Barb decided not to tell Glenn that he was really J.T.'s biological father. Lexie and Abe turned to Brandon and Fay respectively as problems in their relationship, and differences in opinion seemed to push them apart. Fay told Abe that she had ended their relationship to protect him from Paul. Paul returned to Salem, and Fay reluctantly resumed her wifely duties. Brandon and Nicole feared how Paul's return would affect their lives. Philip helped Kate turn the tables on Victor as he was forced to give in to her financial demands. Chloe, Shawn, and Belle learned that their mysterious can involved stolen jewelry including Alice's ruby, but they had no idea that Paul was a major player in solving the puzzle.
July 23 to 27, 2001
Chloe saw to it that the court handed out justice, and Jan and Mimi were sentenced to a year of humility and prohibited from attending or participating in school social activities. Abe was disappointed that Fay allowed Paul back into her life. Paul visited a shaken Nicole, who warned Brandon that "Dad" was back. Paul learned that Shawn knew about his treasure and followed the teens to Puerto Rico. Brady and Chloe, and Kevin and Susan bonded. Jen admitted to Hope that Greta's friendship with Jack was somewhat unsettling. Jen's fight with Jack over her father's infidelity caused her to have memories of her relationship with Colin and Jack. Colin arrived in Salem but feared Stefano was tailing him. Hope and Greta reminisced about Princess Gina, and Hope asked Greta about her father. Lexie was upset that Hope and Nicole thought she and Brandon were an item. Nancy and Chloe shared a special moment. Belle attempted to reconcile with Mimi. Chloe rushed off the plane after she learned Philip had decided to go on the school trip, but Brady just happened to be there to comfort her. John convinced a reluctant and somewhat jealous Marlena that Hope needed to know the truth about J.T.'s conception.
July 30 to August 3, 2001
Brady accepted a job at the family business, Basic Black, and sparked up a friendship with Chloe. Philip told Belle it was over with Chloe, and it was time to move on, thanks partly to a manipulative Jan and Jason. Belle and Mimi worked out their problems. Shawn and "Captain" Paul made plans for their side trip. Mr. Woods questioned the "Captain" about the changes in the trip itinerary, and then a sailing mishap caused injuries at sea. Marlena warned Hope that John was "hands-off" during the search for her past as Princess Gina, but later agreed that John could tell Hope the truth. Colin and his outspoken fiancée arrived in Salem to meet Uncle Shawn. Colin was shocked when he caught a glimpse of Jennifer at the Brady Pub. Greta shared some of her mother's memories with Hope. Lexie freaked out when Hope suggested that there might have been a baby switch at the hospital. Dr. Rolf encouraged Lexie to turn Hope back into Princess Gina. Shawn warned Bo never to return to Ireland and to end his investigation of Stefano. Bo blasted Shawn and Hope for keeping secrets about the past. Jack kissed Jen for Abby's sake, but was disappointed in Jen's reaction.
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August 6 to 10, 2001
The teens and teachers reached the island safely after a minor accident left Mimi and Belle shaken. Shawn and Belle shared some romantic moments as well as a long-awaited first kiss. Nancy was dead set against Chloe and Brady's blossoming friendship. Philip and Mimi shared their feelings with each other and rekindled their friendship. The teens began to have doubts about "Uncle Paul" and his real agenda while on the island. John was concerned that Hope might turn back into Gina, while Dr. Rolf encouraged Lexie to do whatever was necessary to keep Isaac. Hope told Lexie that she was beginning to mistrust Lexie. Jack and Jennifer shared some sad and happy memories of their past together. Jack spoiled Jennifer's non-date with Brandon, and Greta told Jack to stop using their friendship to make Jennifer jealous. Jennifer and Colin kept missing each other. Greta seemed romantically drawn to both of Jennifer's past and present love interests, Jack and Colin.
August 13 to 17, 2001
Belle tried to deal with her new feelings for Shawn. Jan was an easy mark for Paul who had plans for her to star in his "porn" flicks. Philip and Paul rescued Shawn from a diving mishap while he was trying to retrieve one of the clues to find Alice's missing ruby. Philip and Shawn had their doubts about Paul's motives in helping them find the treasure. Brady and Chloe got closer after she opened up to him about her past and the death of her foster parents. John warned Hope not to trust Lexie, and then Bo confronted John and Hope about their mutual secrets and lies. Lexie and Dr. Rolf were determined to keep Hope preoccupied so she would forget about the possibility of a baby switch. Nicole warned Fay about staying away from Paul. Alice and Julie collaborated to encourage a Jack and Jennifer reunion, as Greta grew closer to Jack. Craig nixed Colin's employment at University Hospital after he discovered his connection to the Horton family.
August 20 to 24, 2001
Austin told Greta and Kate that he wanted a serious relationship with Sami that included children. Brandon gave Sami a dose of relationship reality regarding Austin. Greta told Jennifer that she wanted more than a friendship with Jack, and Jennifer warned Jack not to lead Greta on or to hurt her. Jennifer kept missing Colin. John told Hope more about her past as Gina and their relationship together. Brady and Chloe connected artistically and spiritually through music as their relationship blossomed. Philip's jealousy hurt Chloe once again as Belle tried to comfort him. Chloe confided in Nancy about her feelings for Philip. Mimi prevented Shawn and Belle from making love and forced them to think about proper protection and their future. Paul continued to lure Jan into his scam. Bo's anger at Hope over her secrets and lies reached the boiling point. John and Marlena toured the new offices at Basic Black. John agreed to interview Sara, who was really Kate, for an executive position. Victor prepared to take on his new competitor.
August 27 to 31, 2001
After another mishap rock climbing, Shawn got closer to finding Alice's ruby. Belle was disappointed that Shawn thought that they should wait to have sex and not be caught up in the moment. Kate revealed herself to John as Sara Burton, but not the rest of her plan to use Basic Black to get revenge on Victor. John reprimanded Brady for his unprofessional behavior toward Kate and Chloe. Brady made Chloe feel the music of the night. Chloe asked Craig to help her better understand Nancy's reasons for not revealing the identity of her father. Jennifer had her first counseling session with Marlena, and told Hope that she might consider reuniting with Jack if he changed his ways. Contrary to Jennifer's hopes, Jack told Greta he was gay so as not to hurt her feelings, but then immediately used the lie so that she could help him in a new scam in Vegas. Lexie was running scared and desperate as Bo was relentless with his investigation into the baby switch theory that was beginning to seem like a reality.
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September 3 to 7, 2001
Nancy and Chloe reached somewhat of an understanding about Nancy's reluctance to reveal the identity of Chloe's father. Victor declared personal and professional war against John and Basic Black. Nicole and Brady were concerned about Philip, Belle, the teens, and Paul's possible involvement with the mystery can and missing jewels. Mimi and Kevin connected romantically. Shawn and Belle made a decision to wait to have sex until they were both really ready. Susan and Penny declared their independence to the teens, Philip saw the right to all his wrongs, and the teens bonded in a group celebration. Shawn rescued Jan as she confided to him that Paul had raped her. Susan and Mimi befriended a very emotional Jan, unaware that Paul had threatened to kill her, and her family and friends if she told anyone about the rape. Jennifer told Alice that Shawn might be trying to find her stolen ruby necklace. Hope was disturbed at Bo's investigation to prove that J.T. might have been switched at birth with another child. Lexie and Rolf were in "Stefano" mode to make sure that Bo's investigation went south. Abe was once again disheartened at Lexie's "Stefano-like" behavior. Shawn, Philip, and Belle were unaware that Paul was on their trail as they pursued the last clue to find the ruby.
September 10 to 14, 2001
Due to news coverage of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, this week of shows was pre-empted for every day but Monday.
September 17 to 21, 2001
Paul left Shawn, Belle, and Philip on the island, endangering their lives. Jennifer admitted to Marlena that she was jealous of Greta and Jack's relationship and later told Jack that she was undergoing counseling. Lexie decided to have a party for Hope and then convinced her and Bo to forget about the DNA tests and investigating a possible baby switch. Bo agreed to go along with things, but continued to have serious doubts about the entire situation. Victor, Nicole, Brady, Chloe, and Mimi desperately tried to locate the missing teens and feared for their safety. Victor gave Nicole a gun, and she confided to him that she suspected Paul was up to no good. As her medical condition worsened, Jan outwardly accused Paul of rape and infecting her with an STD. Jan's friends suspected something was up with her and Paul, as did Nicole. Shawn, Philip, and Belle tried to keep survival as their main focus. Jack surprised Jennifer with a birthday bash that he hoped would win her back.
September 24 to 28, 2001
Brady, Chloe, and Mimi raced on jet skis in the middle of a hurricane to rescue Shawn, Philip, and Belle. Jennifer was shocked by Jack's marriage proposal, and Jack was devastated that she refused. Jack went to Greta for comfort, and Jennifer was miffed again at Jack's behavior. Greta confided in Austin about her nonexistent love life. Nicole shot Paul after he tried to seduce her, and was later arrested. Victor destroyed the crime scene to protect Nicole. Jan's condition worsened, and she was forced to undergo a series of medical tests that confirmed her fears; she had contracted an STD from Paul and could be had HIV exposure. Shawn, Philip, and Belle were close to the point of no return and badly in need of a helping hand.
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October 1 to 5, 2001
Jennifer found it hard to resist Jack's romantic side and old memories of happy times together. Victor had Nicole released from jail. After quite an adventure at sea, Brady, Chloe, and Mimi arrived on the island just in time to save Shawn, Belle, and Philip from Paul, who eventually escaped. Shawn saved Alice's ruby, but Philip suffered more serious injuries and remained in a coma. In Salem, Marlena, John, Bo, Hope, and Kate were relieved to learn that the kids had not drowned as reported on the news, but Kate was devastated to hear of Philip's condition. John arranged to take Kate to Puerto Rico to be with Philip, and Marlena warned Hope to keep the secret of J.T.'s parentage secret forever. Jack, Jennifer and Greta tied one on with Alice after hearing the good news about the kids. Greta almost let Jack's secret "out of the closet." Alice handed the press a taste of their own medicine with the help of her friends and family. Chloe's love for Philip and her growing friendship with Brady surprised everyone. Salemites, near and far, prayed for Philip's recovery. Victor encouraged Chloe to reach out to Philip.
October 8 to 12, 2001
Kate and John arrived in Puerto Rico. After a scare, Philip emerged from his coma with the support of family and friends. Paul attacked Jan again and, while trying to escape, held Nicole at knifepoint. In the confusion, Jan shot Paul and seriously wounded him. Brady and John tried to comfort Jan and Nicole, but Nicole insisted she be there for Jan. Mimi and Victor had words with Chloe for not being more attentive to Philip who only had Chloe on his mind. Belle and Shawn spent a little quality time together. Lexie and Abe's night with Bo and Hope turned sour when Bo continued to harp on Stefano's wrongdoing and a possible baby switch. Bo later agreed to go along with Lexie's plan for Hope's party at the DiMera mansion. Alice tried to advise Jennifer about her relationship with Jack, but Jennifer was focused on learning Jack and Greta's big secret. Colin met Marlena and prepared for his first day of work at University Hospital.
October 15 to 19, 2001
Both Jan and Nicole suffered the aftermath of Paul's shooting and ultimate death; Jan had to deal with the trauma of Paul's rape that only Shawn was aware of, as well as fassing possible criminal charges for shooting Paul. Nicole was forced to relive her tortured past as an abused child at the hands of her father. Brandon and Nicole were shocked at Fay's reaction to Paul's death. Philip apologized to Chloe again and was determined to win her back. The Brady Pub served as the gathering of family and friends for the teens' return. Chloe and Susan got a glimpse of Jan's unhappy home life when her mother arrived at the airport and literally dragged her home. Belle and others were confused and suspicious over Shawn's concern and attentiveness to Jan. Hope prevented Bo and Colin from a fight about his days in Ireland and the DiMera vendetta. Jennifer fretted over Jack's potential marriage to Greta. Greta confided in Colin, not knowing his connection to Jennifer or the Bradys. Alice was overjoyed when Shawn and Belle returned her precious ruby, a special gift from Tom. Philip flipped when he found Brady in Chloe's bedroom.
October 22 to 26, 2001
Paul's death affected Nicole and Jan more than either of them realized. Nicole and Brandon were angered at Fay's sympathetic reaction to Paul's death. Philip and Brady vied for Chloe's affections, and she didn't seem to be interested in either of them. Belle encouraged Philip not to give up on Chloe, and Brady told Chloe he would always be her friend. Mimi hassled Shawn over his attentiveness to Jan and asked him about what had really happened to her on the island. Belle was confused as to why Shawn was spending so much time with Jan, not realizing he was helping her to get rape counseling. Jan confided in Colin about her rape and eventually got help at the teen center. Nicole gave Sami a taste of her own medicine and warned Austin to keep his personal business out of the office. Nicole was impressed with Austin in more ways than one, and Sami told Brandon that Jennifer was the wrong woman for him. Greta had no idea that her plan to act as Jack's date was turning him on and then proceeded to play matchmaker for an unknowing Jack, who was furious that Jennifer had agreed to go on a date with Brandon. Colin learned that Jennifer was in Salem and no longer married to Jack. Marlena was appalled to find Shawn and Belle in a comprising situation in a hospital linen closet, and at Belle's attitude and disrespectfulness when she refused to discuss with Marlena whether or not she and Shawn were having a sexual relationship.
October 29 to November 2, 2001
John and Marlena discussed how to handle Belle's defiance and intensifying relationship with Shawn. Mimi and Kevin got romantic. Jason couldn't figure out Jan's attraction to Shawn, nor could Belle and Mimi. Philip begged Chloe to forgive him, as Chloe and Brady continued their growing friendship. Belle and Marlena mended fences, but Belle made it clear that the intimate aspects of her relationship with Shawn were off-limits. Marlena's gift to an emotional and grateful Brady prompted him to call her "mom." Shawn told Bo that Belle was pressuring him to have sex and that he wasn't quite ready to move their relationship to that level. Bo shared this surprising news with Hope. Bo and Hope put the past aside for old-fashioned love and romance. Greta's matchmaking of Harold with Jack went downhill after she realized Jack was using her again to make Jennifer jealous while out on a first date with Brandon. Jennifer and Brandon managed to have a good time despite Jack's interference. Lexie convinced Brandon to help her with the plan to restore Hope's memories of loving John, unaware via Dr. Rolf that the procedure could actually cause serious medical problems for Hope.
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November 5 to 9, 2001
Hope investigated her past as Princess Gina, much to John's dismay. Lexie agreed to Barb's blackmail demands -- provided she keep secret about Isaac being Hope's son, and that J.T. was really Glenn and Marlo's biological child. Alice cautioned Sami to let Austin do the proposing. Nicole started to confide in Austin about Paul, but couldn't get Jan to confide in her about what Paul had done to her on the island. Philip pleaded with a very emotional Chloe to take him back, while Mimi accepted Kevin's offer to double date with Shawn and Belle. Susan agreed to keep quiet that Shawn knew Jan's secret. Shawn assured Belle that nothing was going on with Jan, but that he was helping her with a problem. Hope stopped a chance meeting between Colin and Jennifer and later told Jennifer that he was engaged to be married and only thought of her as an acquaintance. Jennifer accepted another date with Brandon, and Greta was stumped over Jack's obsession with Jennifer and lack of interest in Harold. Colin let on to Marlena that Jan had some serious problems.
November 12 to 16, 2001
Glenn lost his job and was more agreeable to going along with Barb's blackmail scam with Lexie. Rolf tried to convince Lexie to take drastic steps to eliminate the Reibers permanently. Abe blasted Lexie for treating him like one of the servants. Greta was somewhat confused when Jack admitted to her -- in an attempt to stall her matchmaking -- that he had never been with a man. Brandon asked Jennifer if her interest in him was sincere. Kate tried to cheer up Philip with some romance advice for her lovelorn son. However, her own plan to win back Victor wasn't working as well as she thought. Nicole warned Austin about making a commitment to Sami, and in the next breath manipulated Victor right where she wanted him. Austin decided to surprise Sami with the engagement ring she had picked out, but was shocked at the price. Philip's plan to use Cynthia to make Chloe jealous backfired as Brady proved to be just what Chloe needed to get Philip off her mind when she decided to accept Brady's invitation and double-date with Shawn and Belle after all.
November 19 to 23, 2001
John told Marlena that he was going to remove the chip in Hope's brain to keep their horrible past a secret, and that Hope had agreed to have him perform the procedure. Bo was upset that Hope wouldn't pump Colin and Elizabeth regarding Stefano's activities in Ireland. Jack and Jennifer continued to argue over their dating choices. Sami was surprised that Brandon was still dating Jennifer. Belle and Shawn anxiously awaited and prepared for their official second date, while Belle and Marlena lost more ground over the very subject of dating. Barb was viciously attacked and needed plastic surgery. Rolf denied his involvement, but Lexie knew better. Barb and Glenn decided to blackmail Lexie for more money, since they suspected she had put the hit out on Barb. Meanwhile, Lexie befriended Elizabeth to keep Bo in line. Philip and Chloe couldn't help thinking about each other even though they were dating others. However, that didn't seem to stop Cynthia's interest in Philip or Brady's pursuit of Chloe. Marlena finally learned John's terrible secret past: he had been a cold-blooded murderer while under Stefano's control.
November 26 to 30, 2001
Greta's final attempt to get Jack and Harold together over a relaxing massage left everyone very tense. Jennifer and Brandon had a close encounter with a "massage" as the catalyst. Brady was hurt when he thought Chloe had left their date to be with Philip, but later learned Philip and Chloe had had a fight and Philip had left with Cynthia. Later, it was Brady to the rescue when Chloe was nearly attacked. Brady and Chloe's friendship and relationship strengthened as a result of the evening's events. Bo, Hope, Marlena, John, Mickey, and Maggie enjoyed an evening together and reminisced about happy times in their lives, making everyone realize their special friendship and the bond they all shared with each other. Philip couldn't go all the way with Cynthia because he was thinking about Chloe, then made Cynthia promise not to discuss what had happened, but she had her own plans and conditions for Philip. Belle and Shawn decided to wait to make love as they enjoyed just being with each other on their official second date. Belle and Chloe made up, and Belle tried to cheer up Chloe and convince her to give Philip another chance. Hope prepared for her big party at the DiMera mansion, while Lexie and Rolf plotted to turn her back into Princess Gina so Lexie wouldn't lose custody of Isaac. Jennifer was apprehensive about seeing Colin, Brandon, and Jack at the party. Glenn and Barb planned to crash Lexie's society party and tell all unless she came through with another $50,000.

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December 3 to 7, 2001
Cynthia played up to Philip without much success, and Chloe confided to Brady that she still loved Philip regardless of all his faults. Brady and Philip had it out over Chloe. Chloe had a heart-to-heart talk with Nancy about romance. Nancy convinced Chloe to attend the party. Brady waited anxiously for her arrival, but Philip decided to attend, as well, unbeknownst to everyone. Marlena was more than pleased when Belle told her that she and Shawn had decided to wait to make love. Austin proposed to Sami in a surprising way. Philip begged Victor to reconcile with Kate. John was onto Lexie's plan to turn Hope back into Princess Gina and tried to warn everyone, but Hope ignored him and was determined to go to the big party in her honor. All of Salem arrived at the mansion, decked out in their finest attire. Jennifer and Jack arrived at the party separately, but together. Jennifer and Colin caught each other's eye for the first time since Africa. Glenn and Barb crashed the party as Lexie stressed and Rolf tried to calm her down via the electronic microphones and cameras throughout the mansion. Rolf turned the switch, and John watched helplessly as Hope started to emerge as Princess Gina.
December 10 to 14, 2001
Barb continued to harass and threaten Lexie at various moments during the party, saying that she would reveal the baby switch secret if she didn't get her money. Lexie's tense behavior and abruptness was becoming more noticeable to everyone at the party. Brady's ego was deflated when Philip crashed the party, professing his love for Chloe, and when Chloe responded with concern. Jennifer and Colin's brief conversation was unsettling for both of them. Sami annoyed most of the guests at Hope's party by wanting to steal the spotlight by announcing her engagement to Austin. Victor and Kate reached an understanding over Philip's welfare, and Victor admitted that he had drugged Kate the night of the fire and was partly responsible for Lucas' condition. Belle, Shawn, Chloe, and Brady discovered the secret room in the DiMera mansion. Lexie kept trying to stall Bo and Hope from leaving the party so she and Rolf could pull off their sinister plan to turn Hope back into Princess Gina by reactivating the chip in her brain. Hope finally realized what was happening and begged John to help her as she struggled to maintain her identity. As Rolf used Lexie to try to stop John from performing makeshift surgery on Hope to remove the chip, he increased the voltage on the memory surge device to permanently obliterate Hope's memories, and it appeared as though Princess Gina was back for good.
December 17 to 21, 2001
After Bo slugged it out with John, he learned the truth that John was J.T.'s biological father and that Hope, Marlena, and John had been lying to him all along. Brady and Chloe overheard the secret and argued over whether or not they should tell Belle and Shawn, but Brady won out and decided their parents should be the ones to tell them about J.T. Bo was hurt and devastated at Hope's deceit and found solace at the Brady Pub. Bo's dad advised him to trust his feelings and go home and work things out with Hope. Belle and Shawn suspected that something serious had happened at the party, involving their parents, but they consoled each other and decided to enjoy the rest of their evening together. Jennifer sought advice from Julie about her past and potential future love interests: Jack, Colin, and Brandon. Brandon advised Nicole to drop Victor and get someone new in her life. Rolf drugged Barb, and she was rushed to the hospital just before she was able to tell the Blacks and the Bradys Lexie's secret. Abe suspected that Lexie was hiding something. Rolf prepared to eliminate Barb against Lexie's wishes, but Glenn foiled his plan. Hope accused Lexie of reactivating her brain with Princess Gina's memories and ruining her life, but Lexie continued to lie and act clueless to her dastardly deeds. Marlena tired to console a broken-hearted Hope and convince her that they needed to work through their problems to try to save their marriages and protect their children.
December 24 to 28, 2001
Bo dealt with the aftermath of Hope's betrayal as Marlena tried to console Hope not to give up on Bo and their marriage. Brady told John and Marlena that he and Chloe had overheard that John was J.T.'s biological father and that they needed to be honest with Belle before she found out from someone else. Bo, Hope, John, and Marlena agreed to meet to discuss how to break the news to Belle and Shawn. Sami was back to her old tricks and determined to distract Austin from his special working relationship with Nicole while Victor was also a bit annoyed by their "friendship." Kate told Austin that she couldn't accept Sami as his wife, but Roman tried to change Kate's mind for the sake of their families. Barb put the squeeze on Lexie, threatening to expose the baby switch, while Glenn was only interested in getting J.T. back from Bo and Hope, who had no idea that they were on the verge of yet more heartache and betrayal in their lives and marriage.
December 31, 2001 to January 4, 2002
Bo reconciled with Hope after realizing that Stefano had been controlling John and Hope when J.T. was conceived, but he also was unsure whether or not his relationship and marriage to Hope could ever be the same. The secret of the baby switch was finally revealed to all as Roman was forced to serve the order to Bo and Hope for another DNA test on J.T. Abe was horrified at Lexie's cruel side regarding Isaac and J.T.'s custody and the lengths she and Rolf were willing to consider in order for her to keep Isaac as her son. Hope was devastated at the thought of losing J.T. to Glenn and Barb. John tried to convince Bo and Hope that he was certain he was J.T.'s father from a previous DNA test, unaware the test had been sabotaged. Bo, Hope, Marlena, and John decided to tell Belle and Shawn the truth about J.T. Marlena tried to comfort Hope, while, to no avail, Abe tried to reason with Lexie that her actions would destroy the lives of their closest and dearest friends. Nicole blasted Fay for mourning Paul. Nicole and Austin put the steam into their pitch for the Perma Lash account. Sami proceeded with her wedding plans, but was not happy about Austin and Nicole's working friendship and was up to her old tricks to make sure Austin stayed true to his woman. Belle and Shawn daydreamed about their future together, unaware of a family secret that could bind them closer, but could also possibly tear them apart.
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