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January 1 to 5, 2007
Lexie was reluctant to name E.J. and warned Tek that she would not jeopardize her marriage to Abe again. John was rushed into surgery, but the prognosis was bleak. Steve continued to have blackouts, but couldn't confide in Kayla or Bo about the death card that he received from Benjy. Kate was suspicious over Sami's heroics to save Lucas. Nick went to see Chelsea and ended up consoling an "off the wagon" Billie, who was depressed over Steve's "goodbye letter," by having sex with her. Shawn and Belle received a court order from Victor that authorized the state to take Claire. Bo and Hope celebrated the birth of their daughter, Meanwhile, Bonnie and Patrick were concerned about Mimi and Max's discovery of the skeleton in the basement of the church that obviously was not a mystery to the rest of the Lockhart family. Bonnie ordered Connor to return home. Abby blasted Max and let him know that she was not happy about his new girlfriend, Mimi.
January 8 to 12, 2007
Belle and Shawn appeared in court, where Victor used everything in his power to make the couple appear as "parents from hell." Billie admitted to Bo that she had a drink and tumbled into an affair with a younger man. Abby learned that Nick slept with Billie. Kayla was concerned over Steve's behavior. Stephanie told Kayla and Steve that she found a new job on the racing circuit and that she was leaving town. Connor returned home and helped Bonnie steal the "corpse" and keep the identity of "Mr. Bones" a secret from Mimi and the police. John responded to Belle by moving his hand, but doctors insisted that he would never recover or come out of his coma. Marlena felt John's presence, but Roman discounted her feelings as emotional trauma. Billie and Chelsea agreed to move into Lucas's old apartment, much to Kate's displeasure. Philip arrived at the courthouse in uniform, fully bandaged and in a wheelchair, to ensure custody of Claire.
January 15 to 19, 2007
Shawn and Belle were devastated after Philip won temporary custody of Claire and Mimi, and Max suspected Kate was in on the plan to keep them in the dark. Marlena struggled with John's illness and his future treatment. Mimi, Max, Belle, and Shawn learned that Philip was planning to take Claire and leave the country. Stephanie left Salem for a new gig. Steve continued to have horrific memories of the past and asked Bo for a job. E.J. contacted Sami just before she was to receive her Samaritan of the Year award and threatened her future with Lucas. Steve heckled E.J. in Mexico and started a fight to gain access to his ID. Sami had her 15 minutes of fame while Kate made the supreme effort to appear to put their hateful past behind them. Shawn, Belle, Max, and Mimi set their plan in motion to kidnap Claire, with Marlena's blessing. Philip went on the warpath.
January 22 to 26, 2007
Lexie and Tek disappeared under suspicious circumstances from Salem after Abe learned that Lexie lied and was with Tek, who actually saw E.J. shoot John. Sami was frantic when she found out that she was pregnant, but couldn't to tell Lucas that the child could be E.J.'s. Steve helped Belle, Shawn, and Claire escape to Canada, but Philip was hot on their trail. Marlena was certain that John was reaching out to her while Kayla was concerned over Steve's behavior and memories from his past. Chelsea sincerely warmed up to Nick, who was torn over whether to tell her that he was her real soulmate-and that he was Billie's anonymous suitor. Chelsea and Abby made a commitment to improving their lives. Victor told Lucas he was fired when he refused to help him find Claire and return her to him. Mimi was horrified when she learned that the bones of the corpse were those of her long lost father-and that Bonnie and Connor had something to do with his death.
January 29 to February 2, 2007
Nick and Chelsea bonded while on a mission to get money to Shawn and Belle before Philip and Willow found them. Victor handed Philip some tough love when he told him to forget his revenge with Shawn and think like a soldier to win back Claire. Kate snowed Sami into thinking that television producers wanted to make a movie about how she rescued Lucas, but she was determined to prove Sami a liar and prove it to Lucas. Out of necessity, Lucas accepted E.J.'s offer. Sami and Lucas decided to keep her pregnancy a secret. Mimi and Max told Roman about the skeleton, but didn't tell them they thought that Bonnie and Connor might have murdered her father. Shawn ended up in jail to save Belle, Claire, and the others before the police found them.
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February 5 to 9, 2007
Sami got her sweet revenge on Kate after learning the movie deal was a fake to prove that Sami lied about the night she "saved" Lucas. Lucas warned Kate not to force him to choose between her or Sami. Sami and Kate warned Billie not to get involved with E.J. John visited Marlena in her dream to warn her that Steve's life was in jeopardy. Steve's hypnosis session revealed that the DiMeras tortured him, but he chose not to reveal the information to Kayla or his doctor, and instead escaped from his room to confront E.J. Belle, Shawn and Claire managed to get passage on a cruise ship and escape Philip, at least for a time. Philip accepted Willow's plan for revenge against Shawn. Kate and E.J. managed to make good out of Sami's attempt to ruin Mythic and their reputations.
February 12 to 16, 2007
Lucas asked Sami to marry him again, but the joy was short-lived as E.J. threatened Sami and was suspicious that she might be pregnant with his child. Mimi was devastated to learn that the bones that Bonnie and Connor buried were really those of her father. Steve and Kayla confronted E.J. about Steve's past, but E.J. still had the tarot card that controlled Steve's erratic behavior. Celeste agreed to move in with Abe and Theo. Chelsea went over the edge when she found out that Nick was really Dr. Shane Patton and that he had lied to her all along. To make matters worse, Bo refused to forgive Chelsea for what he believed was her conspiracy with Patrick to destroy Hope and his family. Hope pleaded with Bo to forgive Chelsea and then feared the worst as she and Billie tried to keep Chelsea from doing something she would regret. Willow and Philip located Belle, Shawn, and Claire on the cruise ship and were determined to take Claire away again when the ship docked, but Shawn had other ideas to prevent that from happening. Abby and Max had a heart-to-heart talk and admitted that they both had a crush on each other.
February 19 to 23, 2007
Shawn and Belle planned a daring escape with Claire to elude Philip and the law. Philip's anger and threats warned Willow not to cross Philip again. Marlena convinced Kayla to turn Steve in to the authorities before he killed someone while under DiMera control. E.J. had Steve right where he wanted him and ordered him to deliver John Black. E.J. found out about Sami's pregnancy and vowed to Stefano that he would keep his promise and father a Brady child for his sweet revenge. Abby held her own with some of the new guys at school. Meanwhile, Chelsea thought she would get back at Nick by using Dr. Rebert to make him jealous, totally unaware that the good doctor was a total sleaze. Mimi knew that Bonnie was hiding something regarding her father's death, even though her silence might mean going to prison, so Mimi and Max decided to find out the truth. Marlena panicked when she learned that John was missing from his room at the hospital.
February 26 to March 2, 2007
Shawn, Belle, and Claire desperately struggled to stay alive on the island while their feelings for each other intensified. Jed warmed up to Abby in an attempt to make Max jealous. Willow was revealed to be Jed's sister. Chelsea redeemed her image with Nick's help and reported Dr. Rebert's bad habits to the hospital, which ended in his termination on the grounds of sexual harassment. Maggie helped Hope realize that it was right to help Willow if she was really carrying Shawn's child. Bonnie finally came clean to Mimi and explained that Mimi killed her father in self-defense to save Bonnie, but had blocked out the memory immediately afterward and the discovery in the church caused the ugly truth to surface. Mimi left town to join Connor in Arizona, and Bonnie was left to stand trial.
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MARCH 2007
March 5 to 9, 2007
Shawn and Belle were confronted with a difficult decision on whether or not to risk leaving the island after learning Claire had blood poisoning. E.J. played Billie to accomplish his own agenda. Kayla went head-to-head with E.J. about Steve. Willow was forced to accept E.J.'s offer to break into Bo and Hope's house, but then turned to Philip for financial security after informing him that she was sure that Hope knew that Shawn, Belle, and Claire were still alive. Lucas was confused as to why Sami was so afraid that she felt like she had to leave Salem for good, but later learned E.J. had something to do with it. Celeste encouraged Sami to get rid of E.J., one way or the other. Nick and Chelsea's relationship escalated and afterward Nick told Abby and Billie that he was going to tell Chelsea the truth about him and Billie so that he could move forward with Chelsea. Maggie warned Abby about Max. Billie was forced to tell a shocked and hurt Chelsea about her affair with Nick, an event that ended her relationship with both of them forever. Steve manipulated his psychiatrist to get word to E.J.
March 12 to 16, 2007
The fallout from Billie and Nick's one-night stand rocked Salem residents and turned Chelsea's life upside down, with no love lost on Chelsea's part for "Mommy Dearest." Shawn and Belle decided to accept Gabriella's help on the island so that Claire could recover, but there appeared to be more to Gabby's island hospitality. Willow made sure that Chelsea took the fall for the fire at Bo and Hope's, but then found out E.J. had double-crossed her and refused to give back her check. E.J. continued to harass Sami while Celeste plotted with Benjamin to find a way to get rid of E.J. with Sami's help. Stefano's health wavered, and Steve used Kayla to escape from the psychiatric center, then appeared at Billie's apartment, asking for her help so that he could get out of town. Abby's attraction to Max heightened despite Maggie's warnings.
March 19 to 23, 2007
Marlena and Kayla teamed up to try to save Steve from more trauma and from hurting others, and had him re-committed to the psychiatric facility where Kayla used tough love to try to get Steve to fight back against E.J. Chelsea was onto Willow, but Roman and Bo seemed certain that Chelsea set the fire at Bo and Hope's home. Chelsea told a heartbroken Billie that she could never forgive her even though Billie stood up for Chelsea and believed that she was innocent of setting the fire. Willow matched wits with E.J. to get what she wanted. E.J. tried to manipulate Nick into getting information on Sami's paternity test. Kate pleased Lucas by agreeing to run a shower for Sami. Celeste played nice with E.J. to keep him in line, even though she knew he might have had his own sister killed. Belle told Shawn that she couldn't make love to someone who was so controlling after arguing; Shawn agreed to be more understanding. Gabby sabotaged Shawn and Belle's efforts to contact home. Lucas was suspicious of Sami's nervousness every time E.J.'s name was mentioned.
March 26 to 30, 2007
Hope found some evidence that implicated Willow in the fire, and knew that could take the pressure off of Chelsea. Duck warned Belle that Gabby had a liking for Shawn and other young men. Kayla enlisted Max's help to go on a dangerous journey to Italy to see Stefano and prove that the kidney transplant was for him. Philip and E.J. made a deal to get back at Shawn. Steve's stay at the hospital only managed to antagonize the guards and cause Steve more problems than he realized. E.J. crashed Sami's shower, then Celeste and Sami decided on payback for E.J. by faking the paternity test that proved Lucas was the daddy. E.J. pretended to believe Sami. Philip arrived at the island and questioned Gabby about Shawn, Belle, and Claire.
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APRIL 2007
April 2 to 6, 2007
Maggie found out that Max visited Abby in New York and hid it from Jack. Duck and Gabby helped Shawn and Belle "duck" Philip and Kate at the island. E.J.'s control over Sami, and his threat to take her child, pushed Sami to go along with Celeste's plan to kill off E.J. Roman was furious when he learned Max and Kayla went to Italy to see Stefano to prove E.J's involvement in brainwashing Steve. E.J. threatened Kayla to back off. Willow was forced to admit to Philip that she was hired by E.J. to break into Bo and Hope's house. Nick put his job on the line to help Chelsea. Lucas found evidence that E.J. was skimming profit from Mythic and told Billie. Sami convinced E.J. that she wanted to leave Lucas and marry him. Kate told Abe that Sami and Celeste were up to no good.
April 9 to 13, 2007
April 16 to 20, 2007
April 23 to 27, 2007
Kayla was determined to free Steve of his nightmare and electric shock brainwashing, even though it appeared Stephanie turned her back on her "papa." Sami's romantic night with Lucas turned disastrous after her bungled attempt to "kill" E.J. with Celeste failed, and E.J. continued to torment Sami by leaving her clues of his bloody presence to make sure she knew he was still alive and out to get her. No one believed Kate's story that Sami and E.J. were together and that resulted in all of Kate's children turning against her and blaming her for all the bad turns in their lives. After contacting Marlena, Belle finally got over her jealous streak of thinking Gabby and Shawn were together, and the couple finally made love and committed themselves to each other. Philip and his security bugs overheard Hope and Marlena reveal Claire's whereabouts, and Bo warned Shawn to get off the island.
April 30 to May 4, 2007
Sami couldn't withstand E.J.'s continued pressure and was rushed to the hospital. It was revealed that Celeste set up Sami to do E.J.'s dirty work after E.J. promised Celeste he would reveal Lexie's whereabouts. Lucas was determined to learn what E.J. was holding over Sami's head. Stephanie returned to Salem angry and bitter over Steve's condition. Adrienne also returned to Salem to help Kayla and Roman find a way to release Steve from the psychiatric clinic where E.J.'s medical plants continued to torture and brainwash Steve. Nick decided to help Willow, and Chelsea admitted to Abby that she cared about Nick, but refused to admit it to him. Philip arrived at the island determined to take back custody of Claire. Kate located the evidence she needed to prove Sami was once again lying to Lucas. Shawn became Duck's victim in the struggle to keep Belle and Claire away from Philip.
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MAY 2007
May 7 to 11, 2007
Shawn recovered from his wounds while Philip kidnapped Belle and Claire and planned his escape from the island. Bo left Sami's wedding early to go to the island to help Shawn. Adrienne, Kayla, Roman, and Bo managed to break Steve out of the hospital, but once he was home getting professional mental de-briefing, E.J. re-captured Steve and ordered him to the island to kill Bo. Sami and Lucas said "I do," but E.J. and Kate planted their bombshell to expose Sami at the reception. However, it backfired as Lucas stood by his new bride. Sami came clean with Lucas and revealed that E.J. raped her and that E.J. might be the father of her baby, but Lucas proclaimed that Sami was his soulmate and that he loved he-and somehow they would be a happy family. Stephanie, Chelsea, and Nick's detour from the wedding cost Chelsea her license (again) and landed Stephanie in the hospital. Willow schemed to ruin Nick and Chelsea's relationship after learning that they both had serious feelings for each other.
May 14 to 18, 2007
Despite many obstacles, Sami and Lucas began their honeymoon in New Orleans only to find Maison Blanche and more secrets involving the DiMeras, and yet another encounter with E.J. Stephanie told Hope that Steve went to Tinda Lau to kill Bo and Shawn. After Hope's warning, Bo was hesitant to accept Steve's offer to find Philip, Belle. and Claire, who Gabby was tracking on the computer system. Belle tried desperately to convince Philip to work things out, but the weather worsened and Philip's anger intensified. Chelsea couldn't understand Nick's reluctance to have sex with her, unaware of his predicament with Willow. Celeste had bad news for E.J.
May 21 to 25, 2007
In the midst of a life-threatening storm, Belle, Philip, and Shawn made peace in the custody battle over Claire. Kayla defied the odds and decided to help Steve return to a world of love and trust by using her own methods to break the DiMeras' hold over him. Willow tricked Nick and caused a riff between him and Chelsea. Chelsea told Nick to fess up or their relationship was over. Celeste used her powers to inform E.J. that he was the father of Sami's unborn child. E.J. was torn by his duty and instructions from big brother Tony to save Stefano by using the child's stem cells and the love and protection of Sami and his child. Claire was missing and presumed dead and, saddened and shocked, everyone returned to Salem. Belle was in a state of shock, but her hopes revived when John came to Belle in a dream and told her that Claire was still alive.
May 28 to June 1, 2007
John awoke from his coma and returned to family and friends, but without the full memory that E.J. was the one who had shot him. Bo found evidence that proved that Claire might still be alive and might have been kidnapped. Shawn was honest with Belle about Willow's pregnancy and admitted that he was the father. Nick was still under Willow's control. Sami welcomed John back to the family and apologized for her past indiscretions, and then informed Marlena, Hope, Bo, John, and Lucas about her brush with death and her proposed deal with E.J. to end the feud between the Bradys and DiMeras. Hope and Marlena were surprised at Shawn Sr.'s reaction when asked about the root of the Brady/DiMera conflict. Belle, Shawn, and Philip continued their pact of togetherness when Philip offered Belle and Shawn room and board at the mansion so they could work together to find Claire. Bart kidnapped Sami, and Tony allowed E.J. to rescue her to prove the power of the DiMeras. Tony won the first round with Bo and John. Stephanie welcomed Jett Carver and Jeremy Horton to Salem, while Max headed straight for trouble as he decided to front the investment for their airline business despite Chelsea's warning.
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JUNE 2007
June 4 to 8, 2007
Sami teamed with E.J. to meet with Stefano against Lucas's wishes. Stefano called Sami Colleen, and told them to ask Grandpa Shawn if they wanted to know who she was, but Shawn refused to talk to anyone about the mystery woman. Doug, Julie, Bo, and Hope decided to explore the tunnels under Doug's abandoned club to try to uncover the entire truth behind the Brady and DiMera feud and learn the identity of Colleen. John met with Stefano and the games began again. Willow tried to get more money from Nick, but in the struggle she fell, hit her head, and died. Nick and Chelsea told Bo and Roman the truth about the hairbrush and how Willow was blackmailing Nick. Belle and Shawn moved into the Kiriakis mansion. Marlena questioned Belle on her feelings for Philip. Philip found a couple who had spotted Claire after the accident and learned that she was alive.
June 11 to 15, 2007
Stefano told Sami that he would end the DiMera/Brady feud if she would marry E.J. and raise her child as a DiMera. After she flatly refused, Lucas saved Sami and his lives after Tony tried to run them down. Nick was off the hook after Willow's death was ruled an accident, but miscommunications between him and Chelsea sent him drinking, and Chelsea was comforted by Jett, causing a rift in Nick and Chelsea's relationship. Shawn learned that he was not the father of Willow's child. Belle, Philip, and Shawn found the person who kidnapped Claire and they were close to learning her whereabouts. Julie, Doug, Bo, and Hope, while investigating the tunnels under Doug's club, found a disoriented, wretched woman in dire straights who unbelievably turned out to be the missing, presumed dead, Lexie Carver. Lexie told Hope that Bo was in danger. Steve and Adrienne walked in on Stephanie and Jeremy in a compromising situation and, after the confrontation, Stephanie packed her bags and left to find Jeremy.
June 18 to 22, 2007
Bo and Hope were injured in the tunnel explosion. Sami and Lucas identified Anna DiMera as the mystery woman who had offered to help the Bradys. Shawn Sr. warned the Bradys and Blacks not to probe the murder of Colleen Brady. Stefano told E.J. that a Brady had murdered Colleen, and Shawn Sr. told his family that a DiMera had murdered his older sister. E.J. learned that his resemblance to Santo was as strong as Sami's was to Colleen. Jett was hot for Chelsea, and Chelsea was hot for Jett. Nick confronted both about their feelings for each other and demanded to know where he stood with Chelsea. Lexie was reunited with Theo as she prepared to face Abe and try to get her marriage back on track. Tony was determined to run the DiMera family and ignored Stefano's directives.
June 25 to 29, 2007
Sami and Lucas were shocked to learn that she was having twins and that both babies could be E.J's. Roman and Anna rekindled old flames with good and bad memories, and Hope challenged Bo that they both still had feelings for each other. Hope infiltrated the DiMera mansion to obtain copies of letters that Santo wrote to Colleen, but was caught in the act. Steve covered for Hope by pretending that they were having an affair, but seemed to be working his own agenda and told the DiMeras of her mission. Kate blackmailed Nick into changing the results of Sami's DNA test to make E.J. the daddy, or else. Chelsea didn't see stars after becoming intimate with Nick, and later unknowingly ignored his predicament and enjoyed her first Las Vegas run, Jett, and the excitement of the moment. Jeremy bribed Max with money, women, and entertainment to make sure that he did not pull out of his "Touch the Sky" financial backing.
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JULY 2007
July 2 to 6, 2007
Steve decided to give Jeremy another chance. Kayla returned from the medical conference and the Johnsons celebrated the Fourth at the Brady cookout. Chelsea learned that Jett's fiancée was cheating on him and was determined to save the day, even though Nick warned her to keep out of it. Roman couldn't help feeling something for Anna. Stefano relapsed after a family argument. Marlena was concerned over Belle's "friendship" with Philip. Shawn decided to turn down Philip's job offer and go back to running Max's garage service business. Bo was concerned over Max's involvement with Touch the Sky Airlines and their sleazy side business that involved a DiMera. Sami and Lucas remained in the safe house as they learned to deal with the fact that the father of Sami's twins was E.J.-or were they?-something only Nick knew for sure. Shawn Sr. was disturbed over his family's insistence on pursuing what happened between Colleen Brady and Santo DiMera.
July 9 to 13, 2007
Bo and Hope traveled to Ireland to find Shawn Sr. after he left over the emotions being relived regarding Colleen's death. E.J. tipped Roman off that Tony was going to take Sami's babies to save Stefano, and warned Sami and Lucas to leave the safe house. Nick told Chelsea that Kate was blackmailing him again over the hairbrush and was upset that Chelsea seemed to not care about their relationship but was instead concerned about Jett's feelings. Chelsea told Max, Jett, and Stephanie that she didn't trust Jeremy, unaware that Max learned that Jeremy was involved in some kind of sex trade and more. Anna told Roman that Tony was an imposter after she decided to kiss him and was convinced she was kissing another man. Roman believed his ex-wife and alerted Marlena, but his interest in Anna continued to get under his skin. Steve and John saved E.J. after he risked his life to save Sami and the babies, but Lucas was still non-forgiving over the rape and Sami's willingness to think about forgiving him. Kayla "teased" Steve about having another child while babysitting for Bo and Hope. Shawn Sr. told Bo and Hope that he was the person responsible for Colleen's death in that he "killed Colleen" and had decided to return to the U.S. and leave things alone.
July 16 to 20, 2007
The translated letters of the past recalled more about the forbidden romance of Colleen and Santo. Roman showed Sami an old photo of Santo, who just happened to be E.J.'s double. E.J. and Lucas called a truce for the sake of the babies. Stefano pressured Shawn Sr. to reveal how he was the one who murdered Colleen, which led to a shocked Brady family. John, Marlena, and Anna had a bittersweet reunion with the real Tony who had decided to return to Salem to deliver justice to Stefano. Shawn was mum about his trip to visit with Mimi. Meanwhile, Philip asked Bo for help in finding out who was calling him becaue the voice on the other end of the line was the sound of a baby crying and claiming abandonment. Chelsea and Nick's romance was on a downward spiral. Chelsea and Jett grew closer after she leveled with him and told him that his fiancée was cheating on him. Jett's real identity was intriguing, as he asked Max to team with him to get the goods on Jeremy. Nick discovered a beeping basket of flowers in front of Sami and Lucas's door, left by Dr. Rolf, just as he was about to reveal new results of Sami's amniocentesis.
July 23 to 27, 2007
More information about Colleen and Santo's attraction was revealed. Max was determined to find out Jeremy's secrets about the scam he was running, but it was beginning to look more and more like he was a high-priced pimp running girls to high rollers in Vegas. Nick was hurt in the explosion meant for Lucas and Sami, and then couldn't remember what he wanted to tell them about the DNA test. Nick's personality went over the edge due to his head injury and he jumped on a plane to Vegas to propose to Chelsea, only to find her caught up in a comprising position with Jett. Nick won big in Vegas and set up a sting to try to win Chelsea over after she turned down his marriage proposal. Shawn proposed to Belle, and Belle proposed to Shawn, but even when questioned, Shawn continued to lie about Mimi's phone call and his trip to Indianapolis, the same place Philip was receiving anonymous calls from that claimed he deserted his child. Roman didn't want to admit that he was jealous of Tony and Anna's romantic reunion. Andre and Stefano "smoked" E.J., Lucas, and Sami, kidnapped Sami, and prepared her for stem cell surgery aboard a private jet. Lexie agreed to help John and Bo trap Andre. Kayla begged Steve to have another child. Stephanie started to catch on to Jeremy's wheeling, dealing, and cheating, thanks to Max and Chelsea.
July 30 to August 3, 2007
Andre shot Roman, but fortunately he recovered. Sami and Lucas learned that Lucas was the biological father of the twins and the reason Stefano released Sami unharmed. E.J. went off the deep end and went into a drunken stupor, then refused to help Kate win back Mythic and threatened Kate that Lucas might not be long for the world. Shawn and Belle proceeded with their plans to marry. Nick turned the tables on Kate at significant personal risk to himself and his future career and relationship with Chelsea. Chelsea learned that Jett and Danielle were undercover cops and agents trying to bust Jeremy. Stephanie moved out of the house after Steve revealed Jeremy's bad side to her and told her that he was no good, and advised her to stay away from him. Andre and Tony's duel to obtain the key to the Brady/DiMera feud ended in the tragic death of Bart, who swallowed the key and died before he was able to reveal its whereabouts. Julie received another segment of the translation involving the romance of Colleen and Santo, and it was looking more and more like a passion was brewing deep within each of them.
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August 6 to 10, 2007
More letters from the past clearly identified that a serious romantic relationship existed between Colleen and Santo. Billie and Philip learned that the surrogate never terminated the pregnancy as requested and she was out to scam Philip by presenting him with his son, Tyler Kiriakis. Belle decided to attend nursing school. Shawn and Belle were both keeping secrets-Shawn about his visit to Indianapolis and knowledge of Philip's son, and Belle about her gift of clothing from Philip that she told Shawn were from her mother. Nick and Chelsea were about to make up when China Lee arrived from Vegas claiming to be Nick's wife! Bo and Hope headed off to Ireland in search of a church tabernacle that they hoped would be opened with Stefano's gold "key" that was the means to end the Brady/DiMera feud. Abe and Lexie finally discussed their past mistakes and hoped that they could salvage their marriage. E.J., desperate to win Sami's affection and raise the twins, locked Lucas in a freezer truck to die.
August 13 to 17, 2007
Andre surprised Bo and Hope in Ireland and stole the contents in the tabernacle in a Galway church that would supposedly unlock the answers to the Brady/Dimmer feud. E.J. saved Lucas even though he was the one that tried to kill him. Max forced Jeremy to find a way to make right on his female smuggling ring, but Jett was hot on Jeremy's tracks and determined to bring him down regardless of his change in heart. Philip learned that Shawn knew about his baby and vowed his friendship was over with Belle and Shawn as a result. Max and Stephanie reconnected behind Jeremy's back. China Lee let Nick off the hook over their "arranged" marriage but then stuck the good guy with her two kids. E.J. taunted Lucas that Kate and Stefano were an item and that's where she got the money to keep going while the SEC tied up Mythic's funds. Kayla and Steve's foster care brought back lots of memories of Stephanie and the fact that Steve missed out on so much of her life. Steve and Stephanie mended their fences. E.J. proposed a way to end the feud by Sami and Lucas would have to partner in with him.
August 20 to 24, 2007
The saga of Colleen and Santo continued through flashbacks as their passion reached a boiling point, and the Brady's waited for more letters to be translated. Lucas and Sami forced Kate to help them get the folio from Andre after they learned that she and Stefano were literally "in bed together" so she could get enough money to bail her out of debt over the Mythic scandal. Nick ended up with China Lee's sons after she landed in jail, and Chelsea dumped Nick as she watched his life spiral out of control because of China, and found comfort in Jett's arms. Jeremy's actions caught up with him and Max and Stephanie wondered about their infatuation with each other. Stefano's condition worsened and E.J. agreed to become a liver donor to save him, mostly due to Sami's persuasion.
August 27 to 31, 2007
Nick was crushed at Chelsea's decision to be with Jett. Dr. Rolf had Stefano's goons capture Benjy and remove part of his liver to save Stefano. Steve went off the deep end and threatened Stefano's life; he was almost arrested after learning what happened to Benjy. Stephanie and Max discussed their romantic encounter while Jeremy was looking for a "get out of jail free card" and asked Jett for help. Max told Shawn he was going to lose his business and that Shawn had no job, prompting Shawn to look at other career alternatives. Philip asked Belle to help him find his son. Sami, Lucas, and E.J. were caught in Andre's reign of terror. Lucas saved E.J.'s life, against his better judgment. Sami was hell-bent on ending the vendetta, while Stefano had visions of Santo and was more determined than ever to make sure no one found out the truth about Colleen and Santo.
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September 3 to 7, 2007
Max, Jett, Chelsea, and Stephanie hoped that Jeremy would come through to help the ISA take down the human smuggling ring of Eastern European women, but Jeremy bailed out and Jett was seriously wounded, which left Max and Stephanie in a life-threatening situation. Jett proclaimed his love to a shocked Chelsea. Nick told Billie that something was not right with China Lee's sons and a stranger with interest was not far behind. Bo, Roman, Steve, and Tony hitched a plan to "kill" Stefano so they could trap Andre. Kate's life was threatened and Roman asked her to move in with him. Sami and E.J. learned that Coleen and Santo's bond of love and passion culminated in their torrid affair. Lucas suspected that Sami had feelings for E.J. but that she was fooling herself by not admitting her connection to the DiMeras.
September 10 to 14, 2007
Stephanie and Max were honest about their feelings for each other after their near death "flight from hell" left them stranded in cave in the mountains of Nevada. Andre impersonated a clown mime and threatened Sami and her family by pressuring her about information surrounding Stefano's "death." Shawn took Claire and went to Tulsa to check up on Belle and Philip, who were there to find Tyler, an incident that drove more of a wedge between Shawn and Belle. Hope warned Shawn to accept Philip and Belle's friendship, or risk losing Belle forever. E.J. was determined to prove that Stefano's death was a fraud. The passionate love story of Colleen and Santo continued with his proposal of marriage.
September 17 to 21, 2007
China Lee asked Nick to continue to watch "her children," as they were in grave danger from sources high up in international government. Billie told Nick she couldn't find any parentage on the children -- like they didn't exist. Chelsea asked Billie to find Jett a job. Shawn recovered from his wounds and urged a torn Belle to go help Philip find Tyler. After rushing Pocket to the hospital with a high fever, Steve learned that Pocket might have been poisoned. Sami was conflicted about her love for Lucas and connection to E.J. over their sordid family past. Kayla forced Stephanie to turn in Jeremy, while Jeremy played the guilt card on Stephanie, blaming her for breaking up their relationship over Max. Stephanie told Kayla that she was moving out for her mother turning her back on Jeremy. Andre got the better of Steve and wounded him in a scuffle while trying to help Bo capture him. No one could find Roman, who was buried in a coffin in Stefano's fake burial site.
September 24 to 28, 2007
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October 1 to 5, 2007
Sami asked Lucas for a divorce. Will returned to Salem. Sami told E.J. about her complicated feelings. Steve threatened to kill Stefano unless Andre returned Roman alive. Later, Kayla threatened Stefano's life. Bo saved Hope from Andre.
October 8 to 12, 2007
Lauren revealed that Tyler was alive. Philip kissed Belle. Grandpa Shawn watched as Andre died. Belle realized that Pocket could be Tyler. Sami backed out on her promise to marry E.J. John was hit by a speeding car.
October 15 to 19, 2007
Stefano enlisted Tony's help in running the DiMera empire. Jeremy left Salem. Philip and Belle shared a kiss. Sami agreed to divorce Lucas and marry E.J. Pocket found a new foster family. Stephanie spied on Max and Morgan. Salem solemnly gathered for John's funeral.
October 22 to 26, 2007
Marlena delivered Sam's twins. Philip and Shawn fought. Bo figured out that John's death was all part of the vendetta. Sami and Lucas had a second DNA test performed. Chelsea was grabbed by an attacker. Lucas threatened to kill E.J. Belle and Philip had sex. Stephanie was furious over Max and Morgan's relationship.
October 29 to November 2, 2007
Nick came to Chelsea's rescue. Stephanie opened up about Max to Steven and Kayla. She later exposed Ford as the college campus rapist. Bo blocked Stefano and E.J.'s plan to kidnap baby John. Belle told Sami about her affair with Philip. Sami and Lucas' son was revealed to be E.J.'s son. Roman questioned Kate's attack. Artemis and DeMarquette left Salem. Marlena spoke to Hope about revenge.
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November 5 to 9, 2007
Hope told Bo about Philip and Belle's affair. Max ejected Ford from the benefit. Shawn and Belle planned a Thanksgiving wedding. E.J. was shot after exchanging vows with Sami. Claire was rushed to the hospital. Lucas, Kate, and Steve were all seen hiding guns. Stephanie was haunted by disturbing memories.
November 12 to 16, 2007
Roman's investigation revealed that Sami, not EJ, might have been the target. He later worried that he might have shot E.J. Cordy refused to testify against Ford. E.J. was devastated to learn that he was paralyzed and offered Sami an annulment. Philip told Belle that he wasn't giving up on Belle. Lucas mailed a gun-to himself. Lucas wanted to send Will to Switzerland after he was caught drinking.
November 19 to 23, 2007
November 26 to 30, 2007
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December 3 to 7, 2007
Sami continued to struggle over her feelings for E.J. as Johnny's father and her true love for Lucas. Tony seemed to get through to E.J by warning him to limit Stefano's access to and control of his son. Sami and Lucas couldn't fight their feelings for each other and succumbed to their passions just as E.J. arrived at their doorstep fully aware of what had just happened. Chelsea's plan to get back at Ford with the help of her sorority sisters backfired big time as Ford caught on to their plan and, when the girls tried to help Chelsea get away from him, he stumbled and fell to his death. Max helped Stephanie cover up Ford's death. Bo and Hope became suspicious of Lucas' role in E.J.'s shooting. Kate faked an attack on the Bradys to try to help Lucas win back Sami as payback to get back into his life. Philip continued his quest to have Belle. Marlena asked Roman not to jeopardize his career and to take her in for questioning regarding E.J.'s shooting.
December 10 to 14, 2007
Abe and Roman grew more suspicious of Lucas as he and Kate avoided questions from the police, and he asked Sami to hide the package that contained the gun that had been fired at the church. E.J. bugged Lucas and Sami's apartment and then intercepted the package that was delivered to Lucas. E.J. kept his ability to walk a secret from everyone. Kate kept her promise to Lucas to help him get Sami back when she tampered with Kayla and Steve's car, making it look as though the DiMeras had gone back on their word to end the vendetta and force Sami to end her in-name-only marriage to E.J. Chelsea, Stephanie, and all the sorority women continued to keep secret Ford's accidental death and subsequent burial in their basement. Chloe told Shawn about Belle and Philip at the reunion, and that caused tension between the newlyweds. Chloe tried to get Philip's attention away from Belle. Hope warned Philip not to interfere with Shawn and Belle's marriage.
December 17 to 21, 2007
Stephanie saved Cordy from a suicide attempt and decided to come clean and share with her that Ford had raped her as well. Lucas found himself in big trouble after Bo discovered his gun-and that he was at the church the night of the shooting. They awaited forensics to confirm if Lucas was E.J.'s shooter. Nick was confused over Chelsea's behavior and asked Max for help, unaware that he was the only one who did not know of Ford's demise. Philip negotiated a deal for Kate's role in E.J's shooting by blackmailing the DA, with the end result that Marlena and Kate were only assigned to community service. Bo and Hope were livid when they learned that Philip had set up Shawn's "collar" to impress Belle. Hope and Belle were at odds over Belle's continued relationship with Philip, as Shawn remained in the dark about Belle's premarital one-night stand with Philip. Chloe set her sights on rekindling a relationship with Philip, much to Belle's dismay. E.J. tried to control Sami to save Lucas, but Sami wasn't buying it. Marlena asked Roman to investigate the picture that Hope found of John's "real" mother, who appeared to not be Daphne DiMera. Stefano prepared a new pawn to join the DiMera ranks. Kate encouraged Lucas to leave the country.
December 24 to 28, 2007
Sami decided to leave E.J. just when she found out that Lucas was about to be arrested for E.J.'s shooting and might go to prison. E.J. showed Stefano the progress in his recovery. Bo and Hope celebrated their anniversary and Christmas with the Hortons at Alice's, though many familiar faces were absent for the traditional get-together. Marlena skipped Christmas but was given a gift beyond belief as a psychic informed her that John was "alive." Stefano's new "houseguest" puzzled E.J. and then caused more havoc after escaping from the DiMera house. Belle said "goodbye" to Philip once and for all, but didn't like that he and Chloe were getting closer. Roman and Marlena questioned Chloe regarding Brady's disappearance. Stephanie confided in Kayla about her rape, but the trauma of the incidents lingered on as Ford's father was determined to prove that Ford was a victim of foul play-and pointed the finger at Chelsea and company. Max covered up Ford's body and crime again to protect the sorority sisters. Marlena told Hope about "John's presence," and both were determined to investigate. Stefano's hooded houseguest was drawn to Marlena while at Chez Rouge. E.J. had a change of heart and tried to help Sami track down Lucas and Kate before they left town.
December 31, 2007 to January 4, 2008
Shawn was devastated over Belle's revelation that she slept with Philip, and then asked her for a divorce on New Year's Eve. Bo and Hope vowed to start the New Year off right by putting family first. Chelsea, Stephanie, and Max continued to keep secret Ford's demise. Lucas was arrested for shooting E.J. and Sami was overcome with grief and anger that her actions pushed Lucas to commit such an act of violence. Marlena had another mysterious encounter with Crystal ,and then later on Crystal frightened Belle and Claire, but tried to explain to Marlena that she was only trying to warn them that they were in danger. Chloe asked Philip to help her stay out of jail, but thought that the payback was too much to ask as it involved messing with Shawn's future. Stefano's houseguest was restless. E.J. tried to stop Stefano's plan of killing Lucas in his jail cell by getting himself arrested.
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