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January 4 to 8, 1999
Shawn-D escaped his kidnappers by jumping off a boat into the freezing water. The kidnappers told Bo that Shawn-D was dead. Nicole faked a fall down the stairs to keep Lucas from confessing that he had shot Franco while Roman reenacted the shooting. Roman was suspicious of Nicole's fall and told Eric. When Eric confronted Nicole, she lied about what had happened. The D.A. rested his case against Sami, after damaging testimony from Marlena, Eric, and Austin. Carrie typed up her letter of resignation. Greta prepared to go into surgery to remove her scars. Marlena accepted John's proposal of marriage.
January 11 to 15, 1999
Lucas felt guilty when Eric accused him of letting Sami take the rap for Franco's murder. Suspecting Sami was trying to trick Lucas into admitting he had shot Franco, Kate kept Lucas from meeting with her. Bo rescued Shawn-D, who nearly drowned. During a violent encounter, Stefano caused Hope to hit her head, which knocked her unconscious. Bo and Shawn-D later took Hope away from Stefano. Hope was upset to learn she had once been an art thief and had given Stefano some paintings she had stolen from Lili. Greta had surgery to remove the scars on her face. Lucas saved Will from choking. Ali pretended to be nice to Carrie, hoping to get on her good side. Carrie later learned that Ali was still pursuing Mike.
January 18 to 22, 1999
As Hope lay unconscious after crashing her car during a snowstorm, Rolf told Stefano to push the button and activate the microchip implanted in Hope's brain that would change her into Gina. At the hospital, Bo warned Stefano to stay away from Hope. Bo later proposed to Hope, but she slapped him in the face after thinking she was kissing Stefano. Hope told Bo that she couldn't marry him until she found out about her past. Hope then went to see Stefano, who was unsure if she was Hope or Gina. The verdict was read in Sami's trial, and the jury found her guilty. Austin took Sami and Will away before she could return to the courthouse to hear the verdict. Carrie turned to Mike after reading the note Austin had left her about taking Sami and Will. Ali believed that Carrie was a threat to her relationship with Mike.
January 25 to 29, 1999
After Mike refused going home with Ali, she said she had been attacked in the parking garage of the hospital. Carrie did not believe Ali's story. Ali later was in contact with the attacker and asked that he do her a favor. Later, Carrie was attacked in the garage, but Austin scared the man away. Austin told Carrie that he was with Sami and Will to protect them, then left to go back to the two who were in a mountain cabin. Gina fooled Stefano and Rolf into thinking she was Hope, but later admitted that Gina was back. Greta had strange dreams that her mother was alive and in Salem. Billie and Roman made love. Lucas vowed to break up Eric and Nicole. Dr. Wu found the mysterious chip in Vivian's tooth, and she realized that Stefano had played her for the fool.
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February 1 to 5, 1999
When Carrie urged Mike to wake up to the fact that Ali was manipulating him, he blurted out that he had broken it off with Ali because he loved Carrie. Carrie told Mike that Austin had rescued her from the mugger. Ali thanked the mystery person for attacking Carrie, then talked about getting rid of her permanently. Ali was stunned to see her mother, Claire, who was also a doctor. Claire doubted Ali when she said that she was going to marry Mike. Sami worried about Austin, who hid in an air vent to secretly tape Lucas telling his mother that the truth could set Sami free. Greta's bandages were removed. Tracey, the owner of the mountain cabin that Sami and Will were hiding in, believed that Sami was innocent and that Candy had killed Franco.
February 8 to 12, 1999
Carrie admitted Austin had saved her from the mugger after Roman said he knew Austin had helped because he had been caught on a surveillance tape. Austin met Carrie on a rooftop, then escaped from the cops, even though she begged him to turn himself in. When Austin played his tape of Lucas admitting Sami had not killed Franco, Kate covered, saying Franco had been in trouble with the mob and that a hit man had killed him. Eric tried to infiltrate the mob to learn more about Franco's involvement. Lucas continued to put the moves on Nicole, who politely rebuffed him. Austin told Sami and Tracey of Kate's theory, and Sami believed that it was a hit man, not Lucas, who had killed Franco. Mike was upset when Ali's mom, Claire, toasted his and Ali's impending marriage. Later, Claire slapped Mike when he said Ali had probably kept silent that they had broken up because Claire was so critical of her. After being comforted by Marlena, Carrie decided to go to Green Mountain to think. Gina visited Greta in the hospital and questioned her about Father John.
February 15 to 19, 1999
Ali was upset that Mike said she should not be working at the hospital if she couldn't accept the fact he didn't love her. Mike followed Carrie to Green Mountain Lodge, where the two shared a kiss and he told her he would always love her. Austin, who eluded the police, was caught in an avalanche. After escaping the avalanche, Austin was upset to see Carrie and Mike kissing. Sami saw Roman's plea to return to Salem. Tracey took Sami to Green Mountain Lodge, and Sami saw Mike and Carrie together. Lexie told Abe that she was not pregnant. Gina had a dress made like the one she had worn when dancing with Father John. At Tuscany's, Gina made a grand entrance, wearing the dress, and John had a flashback to his waltz with Princess Gina. Greta and Lili believe that Hope was Gina.
February 22 to 26, 1999
Austin refused to let Sami turn herself in to the cops. Austin met with Eric and Billie, who tried to find out if there was a mob hit out on Franco. When Carrie felt guilty about admitting to Mike that she loved him, he reminded her that Austin had betrayed her first. After crashing their car on the way back to Salem, Mike and Carrie found themselves at Tracey's cabin. Vivian learned Stefano owned the art works she had thought were Jonsey's. Vivian told Stefano that she wanted his shares in Titan, then lied that she was dying. Gina was devastated to learn that John and Marlena were getting married.
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MARCH 1999
March 1 to 5, 1999
Sami and Austin hid after seeing Mike and Carrie, who stopped at Tracey's cabin, looking for help after crashing their car. The television was on in the cabin when the judge sentenced Sami to death by lethal injection for killing Franco. Eric kept tabs on Billie, who did a striptease to get Roberto's attention in hopes he would tell her who had killed Franco. Austin told Sami that he had seen Carrie and Mike together at the lodge. Vivian continued her plan to trick Stefano into giving her his shares of Titan by telling him she was dying. Nancy went in for a mammogram, and was concerned that she might have cancer. Ali ran out of the operating room after Mike chastised her for not doing her job
March 8 to 12, 1999
Bo rejected Greta's theory that Father John had been the love of Gina's life. Hope told Lili that she thought the real Gina was dead, but she felt more and more like Gina. Hope also said her heart belonged to a man other than Bo. Marlena told Bo, John, and Greta about Hope's strange behavior, then told John she thought he might have been involved with Gina during his past. Vivian let Ivan think she was dying then faked a collapse when he and Stefano argued. Lucas warned that he would never forgive Kate if she ruined his chance to get Will back. A mystery person burst in and shot Roberto after he told Billie the mob had put out a hit on Franco. Sami, in disguise, met with Joe Moroni and blackmailed him into giving up his hit man, who Sami thought had killed Franco. Joe had his hit man follow Sami. Lucas used Taylor to get Nicole jealous. Austin met Carrie, but did not tell her that he knew she had been at Green Mountain with Mike. Austin refused to turn himself in and escaped when he heard sirens.
March 15 to 19, 1999
Roberto died just as Roman tried to quiz him about Franco's death. Kate got Roberto, who had revived, to keep mum about their relationship. Roman and Marlena were upset that Roberto was on a ventilator, so they were unable to get a sworn statement that would save Sami from the death sentence. Sami decided to turn herself in after her encounter with Maroni, but a hit man shot her as she was on her way to Salem. Abe arrested Sami again when she was released from the hospital. John had flashbacks about Gina and being involved in a military-like maneuver, and of his face being bandaged.
March 22 to 26, 1999
Austin refused to tell Lucas where Will was. As retaliation, Lucas pressed charges against Austin for kidnapping. Tracey took Will back home. Sami pleaded with the D.A. to drop the charges, and he did. At the hotel in Capri, the desk clerk revealed Gina had habitually painted for hours and had frequented the Grotto restaurant. There, the two asked questions about Gina, but no one was talking. Outside, some thugs jumped Bo, but he fought his way out of it. Ali secretly watched Carrie and Mike, hopeful they didn't end up in bed together. Later, Carrie pulled the drapes and Ali couldn't keep tabs on the lovebirds. Carrie and Mike ended up in a passionate liplock. Marlena was deeply disturbed when she returned home to find "Hope" and John in a somewhat intimate embrace. Stefano stunned Rolf when he explained that John had never been ordained, thus he had never been a real priest. John was shocked by the news that Vivian was dying. The two talked, and Vivian remembered a nanny that had taken care of him when he was young. Gina convinced Stefano to let her go to Europe.
March 29 to April 2, 1999
Nicole told Eric that she could not quit working for Titan -- and therefore Lucas -- but kept mum that Lucas had information on her sordid past. Eric did not believe Taylor, who said Nicole was wrong for him because she only wanted power and money. Lucas was upset Nicole rejected his marriage proposal because she loved Eric. Vivian forced Stefano to agree to give her his shares in Titan by threatening to have their marriage annulled and to take everything - including his art treasures -- and move away to Europe. Still following Carrie and Mike across the country, Craig and Nancy were upset that Ali refused to believe Mike and Carrie were having an affair. Ali continued to fantasize about herself and Mike. Gina arrived in Capri and changed information in the hotel's computer records. Bo almost caught Gina, who hid outside on the window ledge.
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APRIL 1999
April 5 to 9, 1999
Marlena told John that she doubted he was romantically involved with Gina, since he was a priest, but worried when John said he was not sure he was a priest. Bo and Greta got close to seeing Gina dancing with an old friend in Capri. Unaware Gina had tampered with the computer, Greta told John that he had never been at the Capri hotel with Gina, but John sensed he had been. Gina took off when Bo got upset she had sent Shawn-D to boarding school without consulting him. Rolf reminded Stefano that he loved the real Gina, not Hope. Carrie learned that Austin and Sami were back in Salem, but was upset that he had not tried to contact her. Marlena and Austin were at odds about Austin's marriage with Carrie and her involvement with Mike. Kate offered Roberto lots of cash to keep mum about her knowledge of Franco's problems.
April 12 to 16, 1999
Taylor was angry Nicole was leading Lucas on and was keeping the sports car he had given her. Kate fumed that Lucas had given Nicole the car and warned that Nicole was only after his money. Taylor threatened to tell Eric that she had seen Nicole kissing Lucas. Nicole was jealous when Lucas made a big deal of his date with a pretty lawyer. Kate secretly put Roberto in a coma again by switching his medication with saline solution. Kate became worried when Billie later said Roman planned to find out who had tampered with the medication. Bo found a photo of Hope hugging Stefano. Wanting to cause trouble for Bo, Gina planted the seed in Billie's mind that Bo was still in love with her. Mike bought Carrie a dress and diamond necklace for their night on the town. Ali secretly took photos of the two dancing and later heard Mike tell Carrie that he loved her.
April 19 to 23, 1999
A furious Ali took photos of Carrie and Mike kissing after he won big at the craps table in Las Vegas. After taking other photos of the duo, Ali had them emailed to Austin. Realizing that Ali had flipped out mentally, Claire rushed to her Las Vegas hotel room and found Ali in the bathtub with her wrists slashed and "MIKE" written in blood on the wall. A bandaged Ali later told Claire she could not live without Mike. Claire vowed to pay Mike back for what he had done to her daughter. Austin, who was thinking divorce, told Sami about the photos. Sami begged Austin not to divorce Carrie, as that could affect Will's custody hearing. At the family dinner, Eric was upset to hear Roman tell Nicole he did not trust her. Later, Eric proposed to Nicole, who accepted. "Hope" told Bo, Marlena, and John that she wanted to begin therapy with Marlena. "Hope" then suggested that Marlena hypnotize John, in hopes of triggering the memories of when John was in love with Princess Gina.
April 26 to 30, 1999
Taylor was stung when Eric said he and Nicole were engaged. Taylor kept mum about the engagement to Lucas, who was convinced Nicole would marry him, which could help him get custody of Will. A stunned Kate told Victor that Nicole had refused when she had offered to pay Nicole five million dollars to marry Lucas. In Las Vegas, Austin was furious when he found Carrie in bed with Mike. Carrie begged Austin not to give up on their marriage, but he handed her his wedding ring. Nancy and Craig were thrilled when Claire said she intended to make Mike and the hospital pay for what he had done to Ali. Under hypnosis, John began to remember giving Princess Gina a gift, but a severe migraine cut the session short. The gift was the compact that Greta had stolen from Hope in the Bayou, which Billie had found and kept.
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MAY 1999
May 3 to 7, 1999
In Chicago with Lucas for a personal appearance, Nicole was stunned to see two thugs from her past. One of the thugs threatened Nicole with a knife, demanding she pay him what she owed him. Nicole considered the check Kate had given her when the man threatened to tell the tabloids about her past. Victor, who went on his first outing since his stroke, assured Kate that Nicole would accept her check and marry Lucas. Nicole cashed the check and hailed a cab to take her to the airport. By following Greta, Gina learned that Billie had the silver compact. Carrie returned to Salem and visited Sami in prison. There, she said that she would do anything to make sure she and Austin got custody of Will. Carrie told Marlena that she had slept with Mike. Mike surprised Carrie by also returning to Salem, and she told him that what they had done was wrong and to leave her alone.
May 10 to 14, 1999
Sami was hysterical when the judge gave Lucas and his new wife, Nicole, full custody of Will. At the prison, Sami collapsed and was taken to the infirmary, where she was faking her illness. Austin was upset the judge said he couldn't see Will for at least 60 days. Eric vowed to prove Nicole had been blackmailed or somehow manipulated into marrying Lucas. Kate warned Nicole to follow orders when she wanted to split, since Lucas had Will. John told Stefano he intended to find out about his past. Bo and John suspected Stefano was behind the theft of Lili's paintings. John believed he and Hope would know where the paintings were if they regained their memories. "Hope" arranged for Billie to be mugged on the pier to gain the compact, but a grown-up Nicholas Alamain fought the mugger. Nicholas recognized Hope as Princess Gina, but she did not recognize him.
May 17 to 21, 1999
Even though Ali didn't want to file a sexual harassment suit against Mike, Claire insisted to Craig she was going ahead with the lawsuit. Convinced that Carrie loved Mike, Austin said he wanted to officially end their marriage. Sami faked unconsciousness, drugged her female guard and stole her uniform, then left the prison hospital. Tracey helped Sami, who kidnapped Will and headed for Canada. Acting on a tip from Tracey, Roman learned Sami's whereabouts and met her on the train. Ali vowed revenge on Carrie and almost ran her down on the street. John saw the compact and had flashes of kissing Princess Gina. "Hope" insisted to John that they search for their past together, but John said that he was stopping the quest and focusing on his future with Marlena. Gina swore she would make John love her again. Gina learned from Rolf that by deactivating the memory suppression chip in John's brain, he would become the man he had been when he worked for Stefano. Stefano was curious why Nicholas had returned to Salem. Bo convinced Victor to attend Vivian's party.
May 24 to 28, 1999
Bo was stunned when "Hope" said it was over between them, adding that sometimes she wished she was Princess Gina. John told Bo that he suspected Hope was experiencing Gina's former feelings for John. Gina threatened to tell Stefano that she had once saved Rolf from ratting on him to an ISA agent if Rolf didn't perform microsurgery on John to deactivate the microchip in his brain. Roman took Sami and Will back to Salem, then was furious when he learned D.A. Palmer had gotten a judge to deny all appeals and to order Sami's death by lethal injection at midnight. To shield Lucas from Sami's execution, Kate arranged for him and Nicole to spend their honeymoon at Green Mountain Lodge. Eric got drunk and pounded on the door of the Kiriakis mansion, calling Nicole's name. Outside, Nicole told Eric, in front of Lucas, that it was over between them, but not before Lucas found out that they had been engaged. Lucas questioned Nicole's loyalty, but she said that she was committed to their marriage of convenience, but she did not love him. Gina was pleased to learn that John and Marlena had postponed their wedding.
May 31 to June 4, 1999
Kate pressured a dying Roberto to confess to Franco's murder before checkout then fumed when all he told Roman was that Franco had not been killed by a hit man. After making love with Nicole on their honeymoon, Lucas was stunned to hear that Sami was about to be executed. Realizing that Kate had sent him away, Lucas rushed back to Salem, said he had killed Franco, then later recanted his confession. Family and friends watched as Sami was taken to the death chamber and then given the lethal injections. As Sami lay near death, the governor ordered a stay of execution, then Kate told everyone that Roberto had confessed to the murder. Austin saved Sami by praying for her to wake up. Roman still believed that Lucas had killed Franco, even though the D.A. had officially overturned Sami's conviction and proclaimed Roberto the killer. Bo and "Hope" shared a passionate kiss.
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JUNE 1999
June 7 to 11, 1999
John and Marlena set a wedding date after he said he no longer wanted to know about his past. Gina denied Marlena's suspicion that John was the reason she couldn't commit to Bo. Gina pressured Stefano to turn John into the "old" John, but covered up about her true feelings for him. John warned Stefano that he was beginning to remember his time with Gina. John attacked Stefano, but Stefano used the command "at ease," and John had a flashback to when he was a mercenary under Stefano's control. Worried, Stefano ordered Rolf to get back his pawn, the "old" John. Vivian planned a party during which she intended to give away her paintings as part of her plot against Stefano, and to get control of Titan. Mike comforted Carrie after Austin made her move out. To ease his guilt, Lucas offered to share custody of Will with Sami.
June 14 to 18, 1999
As Sami tried to reconcile Carrie and Austin, Carrie was served with divorce papers. To protect Carrie from a major scandal, Mike forced her to resign from her hospital job. Craig refused when Nancy wanted to end their plot to get Mike ousted as chief of staff. Ali told a worried Craig and Nancy that she would never give up Mike. Mickey told Mike they needed to prove Ali was mentally unhinged. Marlena saved John from jumping to his death from a balcony railing on what he believed was an order from Stefano. Gina fumed when John and Marlena announced their engagement at Vivian's party. Nicholas spent time with Kate so that Vivian could try to win her way back to Victor. "Hope" fainted before Vivian could give away the Gauguin masterpiece. Stefano later learned that Gina had not completed all the forgeries and was furious that she had almost gotten them caught. Bo and Greta believed that Hope was working with Stefano.
June 21 to 25, 1999
Bo and Greta broke into the townhouse, spotting the seascape painting. Bo wondered why Stefano only cared about the painting when "Hope" keeled over. Bo thought there might be something hidden in the frame. Carrie got her divorce papers. Ali was suing Mike, and had to be examined by a psychiatrist. Nicole shocked Lucas with the news that Brandon was her brother. While Marlena and John planned their wedding, Princess Gina plotted to demagnetize the chip in John's head, causing all memory of Marlena to be erased. The art expert told Bo that the same person had painted all the masterpiece paintings, and the seascape might just be covering a true masterpiece.
June 28 to July 2, 1999
Unaware that Gina had switched the painting, Bo was surprised she said she didn't care if his art expert examined all of Vivian's collection. Bo lost control of his truck while tailing Gina, who threw his keys away after insisting she could take care of herself. After Greta revealed Hope had a "copy" of the compact, Billie realized that "Hope" had set up the mugging incident to get possession of the compact. After Nicholas suggested Kate should keep close tabs on her enemies, Date shocked Vivian and Billie when she announced Vivian would be working at Titan again. Claire was afraid Ali would fail her psychiatric exam. As John and Marlena continued preparations on their wedding, Gina lured John to a remote area where Dr. Rolf hid so they could perform the demagnetization procedure.
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JULY 1999
July 5 to 9, 1999
Stefano was furious that John and Gina had never gotten on the plane to join him in Europe as planned. Stefano was also angry when Rolf phoned and told him John and Marlena were married. Stefano and Rolf worried about Gina's actions at the wedding where she told off all the guests because it was similar to a tantrum the real Princess Gina had had after Stefano took John away back in 1985. On their honeymoon in Hawaii, Marlena was horrified when John disappeared while trying to save a woman who was apparently drowning. The woman injected John to render him unconscious and pulled him underwater to a submarine where Gina was waiting for him. After the chip was demagnetized, John woke up and believed it was 1985. John and Gina shared a passionate kiss. Bo thought Hope had all of Gina's memories. Sami told Austin that he should talk to Carrie, who wanted them to see a marriage counselor to save their marriage. Mike, Craig, and Nancy learned that Ali had passed her psychological evaluation.
July 12 to 16, 1999
When Carrie iced quitting her job with Mike, Austin said their marriage was over. Carrie was devastated when Mike admitted he had slept with Ali. Carrie and Mike were stunned Ali had passed her psychiatric exam. Claire, who was nearly bankrupt, hoped Ali won her lawsuit against Mike so she could cash in on the profits. Wanting to prove he was not guilty of sexual harassment, Mike nixed Mickey's suggestion that he settle out of court. As Marlena and Bo waited for the Coast Guard to find John, he and Gina were in the submarine. John and Gina made love. After the sub resurfaced, Stefano tracked the two down. After a struggle, John stabbed Stefano, but Stefano's henchmen subdued John and tossed him overboard. An unconscious John washed ashore, where Marlena found him.
July 19 to 23, 1999
Sami was unable to get anything from Brandon to prove her theory that Lucas and Nicole had not married for love. In front of Austin, Sami steamed open a letter from Rosa, who thanked Kate for paying for Roberto's funeral and giving his family money. Sami suspected -- rightly -- that Kate had offered to take care of a dying Roberto's family if he confessed to Franco's murder. Austin asked Kate to let him live in the guesthouse as part of his plan to see that Sami got full custody of Will. When Brandon showed an interest in Sami, Lucas warned she was poison. Eric told Nicole he was glad he hadn't married her because she was a liar. Eric agreed to help Greta find her mother. Kate was falling for Nicholas.
July 26 to 30, 1999
After faking a heart attack, Vivian handed a stunned Stefano the microchip he had gotten Rolf to implant in her tooth. Stefano was stunned when Vivian later revealed she was not dying. She then promised not to tell anyone about his efforts to kill her as long as he let her keep the Titan stock -- and the townhouse and its contents. It hurt Stefano to learn Lexie had been helping Vivian. Worried that Stefano might harm Lexie, Abe begged her to sever all ties with her father. In Paris, Eric and Greta vowed to find information on her mother's death. The real Princess Gina was mentally out of it and still waited for John to rescue her.
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August 2 to 6, 1999
Kurt, who cared for the real Princess Gina, spied on Bo and "Gina." In a safe deposit box in Paris, Eric, Bo, and Greta found cash, jewelry, deeds to two homes, and fake passports for Gina and John. Greta was surprised the deeds were for her mother's Paris house and a chateau in the country. Princess Gina wanted to see the "guests" -- Greta and Eric -- but could not escape her locked room. Stefano ordered "Gina" to steal the last Renet painting. Stefano decided Bo would help "Gina" and then gave her a potion that would turn Bo into Stefano's pawn. At the arbitration hearing, the judge ordered that Ali's claims were valid. Kate was furious when Austin said that Sami was living with him at the Kiriakis mansion. After confronting Kate with Rosa's letter, Sami called Rosa, pretending to be Kate, and learned that Kate had given Roberto's family enough money to live the rest of their lives quite comfortably. Brandon overheard Sami's phone call but kept mum. Marlena and John returned home with a 15-year-old Belle.
August 9 to 13, 1999
Ali fumed that Mike kept his chief of staff job after his arbitration hearing, and the hospital was ordered to pay Ali three million dollars. Ali, who lost her hospital job, was pleased the hospital board demanded Mike's resignation after she made sure they found out about his affair with Carrie. Nancy and Craig were thrilled the board asked Craig to take over as chief of staff. Austin nixed trying to work things out with Carrie, adding that their marriage ended when she slept with Mike. The real Princess Gina was stunned when Kurt admitted Stefano had taken her to the castle to keep her from learning that John was never going to rescue her. Stefano had "Hope" give Bo a potion that turned him into Stefano's pawn again. Stefano had Bo dress like a mime, perform in a park, then walk into traffic...all to prove that Bo was under his control. Stefano ordered "Hope" to continue to give Bo the potion.
August 16 to 20, 1999
Kurt nearly caught Princess Gina in the process of digging her way out of her locked room. After finding the supposed grave of her mother, Greta agreed with Eric that Gina's body should be exhumed to prove she was dead. Kurt heard Greta and Eric talking to John, who said he would get the French authorities to allow the examination. Stefano and Rolf had Gina/Hope give Bo another dose of the potion that would turn him into Stefano's pawn -- and a killer. Mike and Carrie conned Ali into believing their relationship was over. Belle continued to gossip about her family's troubles. Ali planned to get revenge on Nancy for not inviting her to Craig's congratulatory party. Austin and Sami shared a tender moment.
August 23 to 27, 1999
Mickey and Mike were upset to learn Alice had suffered a mild stroke but had not told them. Vivian fumed when Kate taunted that she and Victor were going to marry as soon as he was well. Kate later learned that Victor had suffered a setback. At Craig's party to celebrate his chief of staff position, Nancy shocked everyone with a striptease routine after Ali secretly drugged Nancy's champagne. Nancy later slugged Ali, and Craig warned her to leave town -- or else. Ali's thug, Tony, accosted Mike. Later, Ali sped down the highway with Mike tied up in the back seat. Carrie signed the divorce papers. Princess Gina escaped from the secret room and found a sleeping Greta in the master bedroom. Nicole began drinking to forget her troubles.
August 30 to September 3, 1999
Nicole and Brandon discussed her not being all that happy about marrying Lucas for the money from Kate. Craig and Nancy tried to explain to the hospital board how Ali had drugged Nancy, so she was not responsible for the Gypsy Rose Lee number. Carrie found the Carrie doll and realized Ali had gone off the deep end. Ali was on the road with a tied-up Mike, still professing her love for him. In Paris, Stefano urged Gina to keep giving Bo the potion. Meanwhile Bo told John that he was losing chunks of time and didn't know why. Tony had been arrested for kidnapping, while Ali was getting a psychiatric exam. Mike was proved to have been the victim. Claire was ordered to return the settlement money and Ali was to go to a hospital. Mike was given an apology and his chief of staff position back, but he turned down the job and took a leave of absence. He kissed Carrie, said he loved her, and left.
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September 6 to 10, 1999
Sami suspected Lucas or Kate had paid Nicole to marry Lucas. Kate hid her jealousy when she learned Nicholas had made a date with Billie. Victor told a surprised Kate that he was following Nicholas' advice to get his life back. Brandon told Sami that he would be there for her if her plan for a future with Austin failed. Belle had a crush on Brandon. Carrie denied she intended to go after Austin since Mike had left town. At Bo's request, Hope's father and stepmother, Doug and Julie, went to Paris to help rid Hope of her Gina personality. While reminiscing with Bo, Doug, and Julie, Gina/Hope reverted back to Hope, but her Gina personality quickly returned.
September 13 to 17, 1999
Kate hid her jealously while listening to Billie rave about her date with Nicholas. Vivian reminded Nicholas that he was supposed to be keeping tabs on Kate. Vivian beamed when Victor complimented her on changes she had made at Titan. Vivian vowed to find a way for Victor to get his health back, and to make him love her again. Princess Gina got close to seeing John, then Kurt recognized John from drawings Princess Gina has made of him. Princess Gina asked Kurt to take her to the Harrisons' party as part of her plan to get revenge on Stefano. After Hope overcame her "Gina'' personality, Bo said he would protect her from Stefano. Greta was upset that an autopsy on the body in her mother's grave was "proved'' to be her mother. Carrie saw Austin and Sami sharing a family picnic with Will.
September 20 to 24, 1999
After Austin said he trusted her, Sami decided to admit her claim that Lucas had once hit Will was a lie, but she kept mum when Carrie approached them. Lucas was furious when he learned Sami had let Austin go with her when she took Will to preschool for the first time. Sami admitted to Lucas and Austin that she had purposely hid Will's preschool announcement. Austin was disappointed that Sami had lied, which concerned her. Sami realized that Belle was smitten with Brandon. Brandon accepted the challenge of boxing Austin for the hospital charity event. Kurt learned from Eric that John was married and had no interest in delving into his past with Princess Gina. Princess Gina, who had Kurt escort her to the Harrimans' ball, could not stop staring at Greta, her daughter. Hope arrived and was announced as Princess Gina, as Kurt looked on in disbelief. Eric became jealous when an old school friend of Greta's asked her to dance. The real Princess Gina approached Stefano, as he gazed at the Renet painting.
September 27 to October 1, 1999
At the Harrimans' ball, Stefano and Bo did not recognize the real Princess Gina, who fainted just before she was going to reveal her true identity to the partygoers. Stefano's appearance prevented Countess Ilse -- the real Princess Gina -- from telling Greta that she was her mother. After learning Stefano had implanted her memories in the mind of the fake Princess Gina, Gina warned her impostor -- Hope -- that Stefano would destroy her. Stefano planned to take care of Bo so he couldn't interfere when Gina/Hope stole the last Renet painting from the Harrimans. Eric and Greta almost kissed. Sami and Austin patched up their friendship, but Austin warned Sami not to pull any more stunts with Lucas. Nicole told Lucas that she wanted to give him a baby, if that would make him happy. The two made love after skinny-dipping in the pool. Sami was furious to learn that Carrie and Austin were posing for publicity pictures.
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October 4 to 8, 1999
Stefano's henchman, Bart, hung Bo by his feet from the ceiling of a warehouse, then set the place on fire. Bart later told Stefano that Bo had escaped. Gina/Hope kept mum to Bo that she had stolen the Renet painting and left her forgery in its place. Gina escaped, but Duke Harriman caught Bo, who was jailed on charges of attempted art theft. Stefano agreed when Gina/Hope refused to give him the Renet until he guaranteed Bo's safety and agreed to give Gina/Hope her freedom. Hope woke up to find Countess Ilse -- the real Gina -- standing over her. Lexie was impressed when Brandon gave a dying girl her wish of getting her parents back together. Eric and Greta shared a kiss, then she confessed that it was her first kiss.
October 11 to 15, 1999
Carrie and Austin continued to rebuild their friendship. Learning that they had to go to the capital to finalize the joint custody agreement, Sami and Lucas took the Titan helicopter and fought the whole way. In court, Sami refused to sign the papers as long as there was even a slight chance she could get full custody. Flying home in a helicopter, Lucas and Sami were stunned when the pilot had a heart attack, and the helicopter crashed when Lucas tried to land it. Lucas and Sami, who suffered a leg injury and was unconscious, were later rescued. Left alone to care for Will, Nicole ignored the boy, who started to drink from Nicole's champagne glass. Eric's arrival prevented Kurt from telling Greta that "Ilse" was her mother, Princess Gina. After encountering a Princess Gina apparition, Hope returned to her own personality. Hope conspired with "Ilsa" to take down Stefano, even though it meant lying to Bo. The real Gina revealed herself to a stunned Hope.
October 18 to 22, 1999
Bo was upset with Shawn, formerly known as Shawn-D, for running away from boarding school, but admitted he was happy Shawn was home. At Salem High School, Philip Kiriakis and Shawn were both attracted to Belle. Craig boasted to Nancy that he was a hero after performing surgery that saved Sami's injured leg. Austin fumed to find Lucas in Sami's room, trying to get her to sign over joint custody of Will. Kate lashed out at Nicole after preventing Will from drinking Nicole's glass of booze. Kurt refused to release Hope, who was Gina's captive. Stefano was stunned when "Ilse" revealed that she was Gina. Greta spied Nicole and Eric at the hospital and got the wrong impression. Greta and Eric made plans to go out on their first date.
October 25 to 29, 1999
Kurt was relieved Gina survived a fall from a bridge during a struggle with Stefano. Kurt prevented Hope's escape, but realized she had heard Stefano lie to Kurt that Gina had taken off for parts unknown. Kurt was unaware Gina had gone to Salem and was pretending to be Hope. Hope/Gina insisted Bo go after Shawn, who felt left out during Hope/Gina and Bo's reunion. During their charity boxing match, Brandon nearly beat Austin to death when he was reminded of the times his father had beaten him.
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November 1 to 5, 1999
Stefano and Rolf set off the transformation laser. The real Hope tried to swim her way to freedom, only to be overcome by the laser. After being rescued by a fisherman, she awoke with no memory and was shocked to hear Kurt call himself her husband.
November 8 to 12, 1999
Brandon thanked Lexie for bailing him out of jail, which did not please Abe. Sami visited Austin in the hospital, angering Kate, but did not seem to bother Carrie. Vivian, disguised as Dr. Su Lee visited Victor in the nursing home, determined to find the truth about his "illness." Gina, pretending to be Hope, spied on John and Marlena. An amnesiac Hope, meanwhile, thought she was Kurt's wife. Mimi asked Shawn to the dance, on bended knee. Gina, masquerading as Hope, pretended to let Marlena hypnotize her.
November 15 to 19, 1999
Disguised as Dr. Lee, Vivian got Dr. Bryce to talk about the management of the nursing home. John told a heartbroken "Hope," who was really Princess Gina, that nothing in the past mattered since he had Marlena. Marlena was upset by her fortune cookie message: He who denies the past is destined to relive it.
November 22 to 26, 1999
"Hope" told Lili she had closed the book on Princess Gina and would be known as Hope Williams from that point on on. She explained that since she couldn't have John, she could at least have Bo. Craig learned that Nancy had lied about her father's illness. Meanwhile, Nancy tried to buy off her "little problem," only to learn that the girl with the beautiful voice was her daughter. Stefano vowed to find Hope and learn how the transformation had gone. Victor stopped Dr. Bryce from using a deadly injection on Vivian.
November 29 to December 3, 1999
Gina and Greta shared secrets, and Gina tells Greta she was her mother. Nicole got Lucas to hire Eric back to work for Titan. Shawn and Belle continued to bicker, and Philip got into deeper betting trouble. Victor was released from the hospital and went home. Nancy continued to try to hide her secret child. Hope tried to escape from Kurt and the police as she continued to have memories of her past with Bo.
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December 6 to 10, 1999
Nancy schemed to try to get Craig to let her take Chloe home with them. Victor's homecoming was joyful for some and awful for others. Vivian continued to believe she would wed Victor, while Victor proposed to Kate with conditions. Philip got into more trouble with the bookie. Shawn and Belle grew closer as did "Hope" and Bo. Greta continued to hide Princess Gina's secret. Hope went back to Paris with Kurt.
December 13 to 17, 1999
Nicole continued to try to break up Eric and Greta. Philip continued to have problems with his bookie. Austin gave Sami a special Christmas gift. Hope remembered Bo and her life in Salem, and begged Kurt to let her go. Lexie and Abe worked on getting pregnant. Brandon went to visit his mother. Gina and Bo made love at the Horton cabin, and Bo started to think they should get remarried. Nancy was hit by a car. Vivian helped Philip out of his debt. Victor was displeased with Kate over the money she had given Nicole. Stefano and Gina played a dangerous game of cat and mouse.
December 20 to 24, 1999
Nancy fought for her life while Craig sat at her bedside. Kate and Nicholas continued to fight their attraction as Vivian caught on to them. Gina locked Hope and Stefano up in the country house in Paris. Rolf and Bart tried to erase John's memories. Bo announced his engagement to "Hope" at the Horton Christmas party.
December 27 to 31, 1999
"Hope" and Bo announced their engagement at midnight mass, and then she began making wedding plans with Lili. This disconcerted the rest of the family. Marlena and "Hope" argued about who Hope really was. Shawn told Belle his mom was not his mom. Lexie and Celeste went to visit Stefano at the mansion, but he was still not there. When John arrived, Lexie noticed the incision on his neck where the microchip had been inserted. Mob bookies beat up Philip, and Victor sought revenge. In Europe, Stefano tried to fix an old radio he had found to transmit signals. Hope gave him her bracelet to help. In Salem, Bo was uneasy with "Hope," as he felt real Hope's connection to him.
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