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January 5 to 9, 2015
Brady and Melanie realized they were more than just friends. Serena had it out with Nicole for snooping in her hotel room. Nicole and Daniel made love. Nicole received a strange phone tip about Serena's past. Sonny told Chad the new club had failed, and all their money was gone. Rafe accused Chad of sending the letter that got him fired. Chad made Sonny believe he was on Sonny's side then lied to Jordan and told her he had not set up Rafe. Will asked Paul if he was gay. Paul told Will he was gay then made love to Will. Theresa thought about what her life would have been if she had been pregnant with Brady's child. Victor offered Rafe a job. Victor purchased a new club for Sonny. Adrienne told Lucas that she thought Justin might be having an affair. Sonny was surprised when he stopped by to see Paul and almost caught Paul in bed with Will.
January 12 to 16, 2015
A stranger offered Nicole dirt on Serena, but she passed on it to keep her promise to Daniel. Ben slipped and told Jordan that Clyde had donated the money for her project. Jordan and Clyde had an intense meeting. Clyde pushed Jordan to face a painful memory about her past. Chad told Kate that Jordan was off-limits. Paige was on a mission to find the woman she thought had slept with J.J. Victor and Clyde were at odds. Serena had a big secret. J.J. told Jennifer he had slept with someone else, and it was why he had ended things with Paige. Eve almost told Jennifer that she had slept with J.J. Maggie walked in on Brady and Melanie in a passionate kiss. Paul told Will he had changed his mind about coming out in the article. Serena picked a fight with Nicole at Victor's club opening.
January 19 to 23, 2015
Nicole and Serena's fight caused problems for Eric and Daniel. Nicole and Daniel kissed and made up. Victor warned Clyde to stay out his business -- or else. Ben called Clyde "Dad." Paul tempted Will to cheat on Sonny again. Will and Sonny argued. Marlena urged John to follow his heart. Chad goaded Ben into a fight. John had no choice but to arrest Ben. Chad went ballistic when he saw Rafe and Jordan kissing. J.J. was upset to find Paige talking to Cole. Daniel was not happy when Melanie told him she and Brady were dating. Theresa hooked up with Clint. J.J. and Eve could not keep their hands off each other. Jennifer pressured J.J. to tell her why he was with Eve. Nicole's source gave her dirt on Serena. Nicole struggled with whether or not to go after Selena. Aiden panicked when Chase invited Hope and Ciara to their beach house in Puget Sound.
January 26 to 30, 2015
Victor's operative shot Clyde and left him for dead in the park. Nicole thought she had Serena where she wanted her, but Serena beat Nicole at her own game. Daniel told Nicole they were through. Paul opened up to Will. Will told Kate he had slept with Paul. Kate convinced Will to keep his secret from Sonny. Kate could not understand why Clyde had not returned her calls. Abigail asked Victor to hire Ben at the new club. Stefano told Chad to end things with Jordan and get back together with Abigail. Chad realized that Jordan had not lied about her feelings for him. Chad promised Jordan he would make things right for Ben. Melanie and Brady's date did not go as planned. Victor warned Brady to keep his distance from Theresa because she still had feelings for him. Melanie had a sense Clint was up to no good. Serena found what she had been looking for at Eric's apartment.
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February 2 to 6, 2015
Aiden seemed anxious to carry out his strange plan while at the ocean house. J.J. told Paige he was still seeing someone. Paul told Sonny he wished he had agreed to marry Sonny when they'd been together. Theresa gave Paige advice on how to get the goods on J.J. Sonny learned that Will had been cheating on him with Paul. Someone stabbed Sonny and left him for dead. Paul was shocked to learn he had saved Sonny's life. Will could not shake his guilt over cheating on Sonny. Eric was confused at Serena's reaction to a romantic night out of town. Serena was out to get what she wanted at all costs. Lucas was there for Adrienne when she needed him. Brady and Melanie moved forward in their relationship and made love. Nicole shared a warm moment with Melanie.
February 9 to 13, 2015
Hope found a disturbing video from Aiden's late wife. Hope was determined to learn the truth about Meredith's death. Aiden found out what Hope had learned. Paige told Eve she was moving out. Cole told Paige he knew who had slept with J.J., but Cole's information proved wrong. Clyde turned up alive and well. Victor learned his attempt on Clyde's life had put Sonny in harm's way. When Sonny woke up, he had no memory of Will and Paul's affair. J.J. and Eve had sex again, and Paige nearly caught them. J.J. refused to tell Jennifer and Abigail what had been going on in his life. Nicole told Daniel that she loved him more than ever. Nicole walked in on Serena as she was about to carry out her plan. Brady received a reminder of his past with Kristen. Clint continued his plan to keep tabs on Theresa for Dr. Mandrake.
February 16 to 20, 2015
Hope and Aiden played a dangerous game, each unaware of what the other knew. Aiden broke down and told Hope that Chase had accidently shot his mother. Hope assured Aiden that what she had learned would stay between them. Melanie asked Serena's help to get the goods on Dr. Mandrake. Eve and J.J. had hate sex yet again. Paul told Sonny he loved him and wanted to be with him again. Paul learned the shocking truth that Will was Sonny's husband. A devastated Sonny told Will and Paul he knew they had been together. Will went numb when he learned Paul was Sonny's former lover. Sonny's talks with Paul and Will turned their lives upside down. Marlena learned shocking news from Paul. Victor made Clyde think he had won. Rafe suspected Victor was not quite through with Clyde. Justin and Adrienne were at odds. Justin looked for Adrienne and found her with Lucas. Jennifer had another run-in with Eve.
February 23 to 27, 2015
Serena asked Eric to get the statue back for her. Eric realized how much the statue meant to Daniel's son and did not ask him to return it. Melanie asked Nicole to get the goods on Dr. Mandrake and offered to put in a good word for Nicole with Daniel. Theresa did a nice thing for Brady. Dr. Mandrake was shocked to receive a phone call from Theresa. Will begged Sonny to forgive him. Paul's mother asked him to return home to San Francisco with her. Kate blurted out to Jordan that Chad had gotten Rafe fired from the police force. Jordan broke things off with Chad. Chad asked Stefano to help him take Kate down. Clyde was furious with Kate for breaking up Chad and Jordan. Abigail feared Chad would take his anger out on Ben, but Chad agreed not to press charges. Jordan realized how much Clyde loved Ben. J.J. convinced Paige that Roxanne was his new girlfriend. Eve was jealous of Roxanne's deal with J.J.
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MARCH 2015
March 2 to 6, 2015
Sonny asked Paul about his affair with Will. Sonny told a shocked Will that he was leaving town. Will told Paul he would never get Sonny back. Jennifer went wild and attacked Eve when she caught her and J.J. in the sack. Jennifer put the screws to Eve and forced her to make a tough choice. J.J. thought he might have a second chance with Paige. Tori tried to avoid John. Serena learned of the whereabouts of the statue. Theresa had it out with Melanie for digging into her past. Brady lashed out at Melanie for meddling in Theresa's life. Nicole wanted Daniel to decide if she had a place in his life. Adrienne learned Will had cheated on Sonny with Paul. Ben got some good news for a change. Jordan received a great job offer in New York and made plans to leave Salem.
March 9 to 13, 2015
Adrienne ripped into Will for cheating on Sonny. Justin had harsh words for Lucas for trying to move in on Adrienne. Jordan said goodbye to Rafe. J.J. asked Paige to take him back, but she refused. Stefano asked Victor to help him take down Kate. Stefano, Victor, and Kate each had their own agenda for the board meeting. Chad helped Abigail out a jam with Anne. Serena's plan to switch the statues did not go as planned. Nicole and Daniel decided to take things slowly. Jennifer had to keep a secret from Daniel. John talked to Paul about a project that would keep him in Salem. Will found out Tori had been lying to Paul. Will blackmailed Tori and forced her to convince Paul to leave Salem. Lucas asked Paul to let Will and Sonny work things out in their marriage.
March 16 to 20, 2015
The board voted out Kate and Chad and put Stefano back in charge as CEO at DiMera. Clint drugged Brady and took a sample of his blood. Theresa had no idea that Clint was a danger to her. Will continued to pressure Tori to get Paul out of town or else Will would tell Paul that Tori had lied to him. Will was certain that Paul was DiMera by birth. Lucas warned Will to focus on his marriage, not his career. Sonny returned to town but ran into Paul before he had a chance to talk to Will. Sonny and Will talked about the state of their marriage. Adrienne had it out with Justin. J.J. played his heart out for Paige at the musical showcase. J.J. pleaded with Paige to take him back. Paige told Eve that she wanted to give J.J. a second chance. Daniel and Nicole had a close moment. Eric told Nicole that he and Serena had each owned a statue. Serena made good on her mission to get the contents of the statue.
March 23 to 27, 2015
Nicole told Eric that Serena had lied to him. Nicole asked for Eric's help. Ben asked Abigail to move in with him, but she told him she had to think about it. Clint drugged Theresa and took a blood sample from her. Nicole met Xander, a handsome stranger in town. Xander caught up with Serena and told her to give him back the diamonds -- or else. Xander asked Nicole out on a date. Paige admitted to Daniel that she thought he had slept with her mother. J.J. was surprised when Daniel had asked him about the jacket J.J. had borrowed from him. Daniel told Jennifer he knew J.J. had slept with Eve. Jennifer told Daniel to stay out of her life. J.J. was frantic after he realized Daniel knew the truth about him and Eve. Nicole was desperate to get Daniel to listen to her. Eve asked Cole to help her break up Paige and J.J. Theresa was crushed to learn Clint had dumped her again. Brady said something to Melanie that made her suspect Clint and Kristen had teamed up and were up to no good.
March 30 to April 3, 2015
Melanie tried to piece together why Clint had drawn blood from Brady and Theresa. Will was upset when he learned Sonny had seen Paul before him. Chad tried to charm Abigail. Ben and Abigail had words about Chad. Stefano was pleased to hear Chad was making progress with Abigail. Sonny learned that Paul had saved his life. Will told Tori he would reveal she had lied to Paul if she did not get Paul out of town. J.J. admitted to Daniel he had slept with Eve. Eve was there for Theresa when Theresa needed her. Eve asked Cole to help her break up Paige and J.J. John was shocked to see Tori in Salem. John told Marlena about a woman he had met in Salem who he had been involved with in his past life. Marlena learned from Will that Paul might be John's son. Will begged Marlena to keep quiet about Paul for fear he would lose Sonny. Paul and Sonny shared a sexually charged moment. Lucas and Adrienne made love. Will's affair with Paul went public, and chaos followed.
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APRIL 2015
April 6 to 10, 2015
Melanie was close to proving that Theresa had been pregnant with Brady's child. Brady asked Melanie what she had been doing in hospital lab. Daniel had harsh words for Jennifer. Eve learned Daniel knew she'd had an affair with J.J. Paige found the jacket of the man she thought had slept with her mother. Paige questioned Eve about the jacket. Victor threatened Will. Nicole and Xander met for a drink. Serena tried to tell Eric the truth about her past. Xander and Victor had more going on than uncle and nephew. Kate was not happy Lucas was with Adrienne. Hope questioned Rafe about Clyde. Sonny read the article Will had written about Paul's birth father. Will made John believe the worst about Paul. Sonny told Paul his mother had lied to him about his father. Marlena talked to Tori about her past with John. John was shocked to learn Paul might be his son. Chad continued to move in on Abigail by causing problems for Ben. Ben asked for Clyde's help.
April 13 to 17, 2015
Tori admitted to John that he was Paul's father. John was angry with Marlena and refused to talk to her. Will was jealous of Sonny's friendship with Paul. Sonny pushed Will away. Kristen had been raising Theresa and Brady's child as her own. Kristen ordered Clint to deliver Theresa to her. Theresa was the only one who could save her and Brady's baby. Melanie told a shocked Brady he and Theresa had a child out there. Theresa and Nicole had a brawl in Horton Square. Brady asked Victor to help him find Kristen. Melanie made a risky move to be with Brady, even though he had told her to stay in Salem. Daniel and Nicole wanted to try to make things work between them. Kate used Victor to put a stop to Lucas and Adrienne's affair. J.J. and Paige made love. Eve went wild when she realized J.J. and Paige had been together. Jennifer was not happy that J.J. had had sex with Paige. Xander put the screws to Serena to get him the diamonds -- or else. Xander and Serena's attempt to get back the diamonds did not go as planned.
April 20 to 24, 2015
Kate betrayed Lucas to Victor to take Lucas' job at Mad World. Xander yearned for Victor to think of him as he though of Brady and Daniel. Eric learned of Xander's bad boy past. Adrienne told Sonny and Justin she'd had an affair with Lucas. John tried to make things right with Paul. Serena had a run-in with Nicole when she was removing the diamonds from Daniel's apartment. Nicole and Daniel had words again. Serena learned Xander planned to remain in Salem. Clyde ordered a hit to clear Ben's name. Jennifer tried to reach out to Eve about her past, but it seemed to make things worse between them. Brady faced off with Kristen. Melanie found Brady's child in a secret room at Kristen's mansion. Kristen put Brady and Melanie in harm's way when Brady asked to have the baby tested. Will asked Marlena for help after he learned Victor had badmouthed him to Sonny.
April 27 to May 1, 2015
Brady and Melanie were in harm's way when they arrived at Kristen's villa. Theresa learned of Clint's deceit and that he was working with Kristen. Kristen was shocked to see Marlena at her door. When Brady and Melanie tried to escape, Brady fought with Clint and shot and killed him. Kristen fell to her death during a struggle with Marlena. Theresa and Brady met their son for the first time. The police held the group from Salem for questioning in Kristen and Clint's deaths. Lucas broke up a catfight between Kate and Adrienne. Justin paid a surprise visit to Paul. Chad kissed Abigail and told her he still loved her and wanted her back. Serena tried to break ties with Xander. Daniel had words with Nicole again. Eric and Nicole had a nice talk. Stefano broke the news of Kristen's death to Chad. Victor moved forward with his plan to get back at Stefano.
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MAY 2015
May 4 to 8, 2015
Nicole pushed Daniel away when he tried to work things out with her so that she could find out about Xander and Serena's secret. Serena asked Eric to move to Hawaii with her. Justin caught Adrienne and Lucas in a hot kiss. Justin and Adrienne had it out about the state of their marriage. Paul texted Sonny and said he would be on the next flight to Salem. Clyde threatened Will then lied to Kate about it. Will left town to do research about Clyde. Stefano was out for revenge against Marlena and blamed her for Kristen's death. J.J. and Paige planned a bright future together, but Eve and Cole had their own plan for them. Theresa played nice with Melanie while secretly planning a life with Brady and their child. Melanie did not know if she would have a future with Brady. John was there for Marlena when he learned that she had been in danger. John met his new grandson.
May 11 to 15, 2015
J.J. tried to convince Roman that he was not dealing drugs. J.J. decided to have it out with Eve for the last time. Stefano took Marlena hostage to get his brand of justice for Kristen's death. Stefano wanted Marlena to die in the same way that he thought she had murdered Kristen. Roman and Abe asked Chad for his help to find Marlena. Chad told Stefano he would disown him if Stefano did not spare Marlena's life. Brady and Theresa thanked Melanie for giving them back their child. Chad surprised Abigail with a passionate kiss, and she did not fight her feelings for him. Abigail was upset with Ben for changing his name. Abigail and Melanie walked in on Paul and Sonny in a tense moment. Will sensed bad vibes during his trip to Poplar Bluff. Daniel caught Serena in a lie. Nicole played up to Xander to find out his and Serena's secret.
May 18 to 22, 2015
J.J set a trap for Eve so she would stay out of his and Paige's life. Paige blasted Cole about framing J.J. Paige lashed out at her mother after she learned of Eve's affair with J.J. Paige disowned Eve and said she never wanted to see her again. At her birthday party, Paige shocked family and friends and revealed that J.J. had slept with her mother. Serena's chat with Daniel caused trouble for Nicole. Xander and Serena figured out that Nicole was onto them. Will provoked Paul into a fight then Will used the incident to get Sonny to take his side. Paul told Sonny he still loved him. Stefano released Marlena but blamed her for ruining Kristen's life and for her death. Paige ended things with J.J. for good. Eve vowed to make Jennifer pay. Theresa was upset that Kimberly was in town. Brady asked Melanie to marry him.
May 25 to 29, 2015
Theresa used Tate as a way to get between Brady and Melanie. Theresa told Melanie she would leave town with Tate if Melanie did not leave Salem. Melanie refused to marry Brady as a way to ensure that he could have a better life with his son. Brady was furious with Theresa when he learned that she had tried to force Melanie to leave town. Kimberly and Brady battled. Kimberly and Victor let their past stand in the way of Tate's future. Hope and Rafe secretly joined forces to find out more about Clyde. Clyde pushed Aiden to be his lawyer in all legal matters. Victor pulled rank on Justin and Kate. Serena told Nicole it would be a mistake to get involved with Xander. Paige was furious with Jennifer for lying to her. J.J. and Eve were frantic to find Paige. Melanie shocked Brady with the news that she would be leaving Salem.
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JUNE 2015
June 1 to 5, 2015
Brady was stunned that Melanie gave up her own happiness for him and Tate. Melanie and Brady shared happy and sad tears as they said goodbye. Eric broke up a fight between Eve and Jennifer. Eric was shocked to find a photo of Serena and Xander in bed together. Victor blasted Xander and told him to stay clear of Nicole and Daniel. Nicole realized that being with Xander was more trouble than she had thought. Sonny and Will had another fight about Paul. J.J. tried to explain his actions to Paige. Abigail and Chad could not fight their feelings for each other.
June 8 to 12, 2015
Eric was furious with Serena and asked her to tell him the truth. Nicole almost told Daniel all about Xander. Paul and John got closer. Hope asked Victor to give her the goods on Clyde, but Victor warned her to leave it alone. Rafe agreed to help Hope. Clyde warned Ben that Chad might try to make a play for Abigail. Clyde learned Hope had spoken to Victor about him. Clyde warned Victor to keep their agreement -- or else. Sonny and Will had words at Arianna's birthday party. Justin told Adrienne it was her call if she wanted to save their marriage. Abigail felt guilty when she woke up in Chad's bed. Chad suspected that Stefano had a reason why he wanted Chad to be with Abigail. To protect Abigail, Chad made her believe that he had only slept with her because he'd known he could. Paige wrote off Eve and J.J. for good. Eve schemed to get revenge on Jennifer through Laura.
June 15 to 19, 2015
Eric and Serena had it out. Eric learned the truth about Serena's past. Daniel tried to get the truth out of Serena about why Eric had broken things off with her. Serena tried to help Eric before she left Salem. Eric saved Nicole from a crazed Xander. Xander's quest for revenge turned deadly. Nicole and Eric opened up to each other as they tried to keep Xander at bay. Xander was close to getting what he wanted. Hope tried to warn Aiden about Clyde. Hope and Rafe stayed clear of Clyde to protect their loved ones. Ben almost learned of Abigail's affair with Chad. Bev offered to comfort J.J. Kate made Paul a job offer. Will's plan to keep Sonny with him began to fall apart.
June 22 to 26, 2015
Xander left Eric and Nicole to die. Thinking that death was near, Nicole and Eric shared an intimate moment. Eric and Nicole survived but had to deal with what they had done. Daniel realized how much he loved Nicole. Victor made Xander pay for his crimes. The police had Serena on the hot seat. Abigail wanted to move forward with Ben. Ben learned about Abigail's affair with Chad but kept the news to himself. Tate and Theresa moved in with Brady. Paul told Sonny they should be together. Chad kissed Zoe. Kate warned Will that Sonny was not a fool. Chad warned Sonny to be wary of Stefano. Sonny learned Will had lied to him again.
June 29 to July 3, 2015
Sonny learned that Will had slept with someone other than Paul. Sonny told Will they had a tough road ahead of them if they wanted to save their marriage. Paul and Derrick bumped into each other at the park. Ben told Clyde that Abigail had cheated on him with Chad. Ben decided he could deal with Abigail's affair with Chad. Abigail heard of bad news about an old friend from Ireland. Abigail was drawn to Chad by a request from Theo. Paige saw J.J. and Bev kissing. Paige wanted to make J.J. and Eve pay. Eve found what she needed to get back at Jennifer. Theresa thought of a way to get Brady back into her good graces. Kate tried to convince Lucas to hire Paul. Adrienne was shocked that Justin had filed for divorce. Daniel asked Nicole to move in with him. Eric was torn about whether or not to tell Daniel that he and Nicole had almost made love. Nicole asked Eric to keep their secret.
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JULY 2015
July 6 to 10, 2015
Nicole was shocked to learn that Xander was free. Nicole told Daniel she wanted to move in with him. Serena agreed to help Eric set a trap for Xander. Roman asked J.J. to go undercover to help break up the drug ring in Salem. Paige set up Eve to get revenge on her mother. Stefano and Victor met to discuss how to deal with Clyde. Will tried to make Sonny think Paul and Derrick were together. Paul and Will got into it at the picnic. Abigail was upset when she learned Chad had invited Zoe to the picnic. Ben and Abigail spent the day with Chad and Zoe. Abigail was frantic when she thought she might be pregnant. Nicole faced off with Serena. Nicole and Daniel were surprised Serena had plans to meet with Eric. Theresa schemed with Anne to get close to Brady. Adrienne told Sonny that Justin had filed for divorce.
July 13 to 17, 2015
Abigail tried to deal with being pregnant. Abigail told Will that Chad might be the father. Hope promised she would keep Abigail's secret. Nicole gave Serena a piece of her mind. Serena tried to get the goods on Xander. Daniel warned Xander to stay clear of Serena. Brady asked Victor not to take on Xander. Eric told Nicole he was still in love with her. Nicole feared Serena had learned the truth about her and Eric. Theresa's scheming to get back in Brady's good graces paid off. Eve put drugs in Jennifer's drink. Eric helped Eve see the light. Romance was in the air for Hope and Aiden. Stefano told Chad that new money was why he wanted his son to be with Abigail. Clyde planted a bug in Stefano's home and that learned Chad was still in love with Abigail.
July 20 to 24, 2015
Clyde learned Abigail was pregnant and that Chad might be the father. Clyde walked in on Abigail and Chad in a tense meeting. Clyde caught Abigail in a lie. Will made peace with Paul. Kate befriended Justin in his time of need. Daniel asked Nicole to marry him. Eric told Serena she was out of his life for good. Nicole tried to get Serena out of town. Eric told Brady he was still in love with Nicole. Paige warned Jennifer that J.J. was up to no good. J.J. told Jennifer that he was working undercover as a drug dealer. Serena listened in on Eric's confession and learned that he and Nicole had almost made love. Brady and Xander went at it. Marlena helped Chad sort out his feelings.
July 27 to 31, 2015
Eric told Nicole that he would always love her but wished her a happy life with Daniel. Daniel was shocked to hear Serena's news about Nicole and Eric. Daniel asked Nicole to tell him the truth. Nicole could not believe the extent of Daniel's love for her. Serena's plan to get revenge did not go as planned. Lucas offered Justin some wise advice. Kate and Justin had kind words for each other. Paul had his first run-in with gay bashing. Will's plan to push Derrick and Paul together was on track. Chad asked Will for a favor. Will asked Abigail to hear what Chad had to say. Chad poured his heart out to Abigail. Chad did his best to convince Abigail that they should be together. Clyde pressured Ben to take the next step with Abigail. Ben asked Abigail to marry him.
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August 3 to 7, 2015
Chloe's return to Salem started on the wrong foot between her and Nicole. Chloe told Nicole she would not be a good influence for Parker. Daniel made it clear to Chloe that Nicole was his future. Theresa faked an injury to spend more time at the mansion. J.J. moved in on Kyle even though Roman advised him to lay back. Paige fell for Kyle's sob story. Eric told Brady he was at peace about his feelings for Nicole. Eve found a way to get back at Jennifer. Kate walked in on Paul and Derrick together. Paul told Sonny that his fling with Derrick did not mean anything. Will told Derrick not to give up on Paul. Victor put the screws to Xander to keep him in line. Martin pulled through for Clyde. Abigail had mixed feelings about the test results. Chad pleaded with Abigail to choose him, but she pushed him away when she learned Ben was her baby's daddy. Abigail told Ben that she would marry him. Caroline had a health scare. Brady caught Theresa in a lie and told her to leave the mansion. Kate grew suspicious of Clyde. Aiden cut ties with Clyde and Ben.
August 10 to 14, 2015
Caroline thanked Serena for saving her life. Eric and Serena made peace with each other. Ben taunted Chad about his and Abigail's news. Abigail told Jennifer and J.J. her good news. Ben could not help but think that Chad might be the father of Abigail's baby. Clyde tried to convince Ben that Chad was not the father of Abigail's baby. Ben told Abigail they should leave Salem. Brady forced Theresa to tell him the truth. Theresa thought Xander might help her cause with Brady. Nicole and Xander had it out. Aiden and Hope had an uncomfortable run-in with Clyde and Ben. Aiden continued to probe Clyde's past. Clyde paid a chilling visit to Aiden. Clyde's attitude was a turnoff to Kate. Paul learned about Will's deal with Derrick. Paul blasted Will. Eve found a new way to cause trouble for Jennifer. Paige told Jennifer that J.J. was dealing drugs again. Adrienne talked to Sonny about his marriage.
August 17 to 21, 2015
Eve planted a bug at Jennifer's house. Stefano asked Abigail if she would give Chad a second chance. Clyde squashed Ben's plan to leave Salem. Will and Paul were heartbroken when Sonny left town. Aiden and Clyde clashed. Clyde attacked Aiden and warned him to stay out of his business -- or else. Aiden lied to Hope about the attack. John noticed Rafe had feelings for Hope. Marlena was upset with John because he had not told her that he planned to go back to work for the ISA. John made things right with Marlena. Paige covered for J.J. with Kyle. Paige was confused about her feelings for J.J. Eve learned that J.J. was working undercover and decided to destroy his plan to nab Kyle.
August 24 to 28, 2015
Stefano made Chad pay the price for his betrayal. Abigail met with Chad and lied to Ben about it. Brady called out Theresa on her stunt with Xander. Nicole made Xander and Serena pay for their crimes. Nicole shared her plans for the future with Daniel. Aiden caught on to Rafe's feelings for Hope. Aiden talked to someone about how things were going between him and Hope. Chad and Serena's night on the town ended in tragedy. Eric was shocked to find Serena's body in the park. Chad panicked when he heard the news about Serena's murder. Clyde was quick to name Chad as a possible suspect. Eve told Kyle that J.J. was working for DEA. Jennifer and J.J. were the talk of the town and were cited as drug lords, thanks to Eve. John and Paul bonded. Steve showed up in Salem with Joey in tow. Caroline had a disturbing dream about Bo. Aiden asked Hope to marry him.
August 31 to September 4, 2015
Aiden had a motive other than love for asking Hope to marry him. Aiden made a phone call that revealed a secret he was hiding from Hope. Steve talked Bo up to Aiden. Rafe took Chad in for questioning. Justin used his power as the new D.A. to blame Chad for Serena's murder. Justin pressured Rafe to arrest Chad. Stefano told Chad he would help Chad if Chad would go after Abigail. John romanced Marlena and promised her that she would be first in his life. Theresa, Kate, and Nicole set their sights on Basic Black. J.J. learned Clyde was the head of the drug ring in Salem. Clyde had Kyle murdered. Clyde kept J.J. in line by threatening him and his loved ones. Hope asked Aiden to give her more time before she gave him an answer. Steve told Kayla he was back in Salem for good. Kayla tried to get through to an angry Joey. Steve and Victor joined forces to find Bo. John's work almost ruined the mood between him and Marlena.
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September 7 to 11, 2015
Paige was the killer's next victim. Eve was devastated to learn about Paige's death. Justin and Marlena did their best to try to comfort Eve. Chad poured his heart out to Abigail. Stefano was revealed as Aiden's boss. Stefano told Aiden to get Hope to marry him -- or else. Steve and Aiden butted heads again. Hope defended Aiden to Steve. Hope told Aiden she would marry him. Bo was held captive and tortured in an unknown prison. Rafe found a clue that tied Chad to Paige's murder. Justin pressured Rafe and Roman to arrest Chad. Steve asked for John's help to find Bo. John told Marlena and Brady he needed the ISA to learn about his past. Adrienne broke up with Lucas. Justin and Adrienne wanted to try to work things out between them. Caroline thought Shawn was trying to contact her. Nicole was unaware that Theresa was working with Kate on the Basic Black deal.
September 14 to 18, 2015
With Marlena's blessing, John reopened his investigations into his past. Hope and Aiden told their children about their engagement. Rafe seemed disappointed to learn that Hope was engaged. Joey lashed out at Hope for divorcing Bo. Steve read Bo's last letter to Hope, and he apologized to her. Still worried about Bo, Steve used his and John's connections to find Bo. Abigail defended Chad to Stefano. After stopping Chad from leaving town, Abigail convinced him to undergo hypnotherapy with Marlena. Stefano had a heart attack. Chad decided that Stefano had not framed him for murder. Ben confronted Abigail about her feelings for Chad. Ben told Abigail about his tracking app, and he made Abigail promise not to spend time with Chad. Clyde told the police that he had seen Chad outside Paige's dorm before her murder. J.J. told Jennifer that Clyde was the drug kingpin, but Clyde stopped him before he could tell Roman. Gabi was released from prison. Will told Gabi about his affair with Paul and his separation from Sonny. Chad remembered Clyde had talked to him at the bar the night of Serena's murder.
September 21 to 26, 2015
Steve found Joey aboard Victor's jet while on his way to find Bo. Steve tried to prove to Joey his true love of family. Steve found a lead that might lead him to Bo. Eve and Kate shared a common bond. Marlena was in harm's way. Chad saved Marlena's life from the killer, but she told the police that he was the one who had attacked her. Ben was furious when he caught Abigail and Chad sharing a special moment. Ben pressured Abigail to leave Salem or else their engagement was off. Ben was revealed as the necktie killer. Eduardo showed up in Salem with ties to Eve, Paige, Rafe, and Gabi. Stefano refused to pay Aiden for a job well done. Aiden was in trouble with his loan shark. Adrienne had a health scare. Bo's attempt to escape his captors failed. Andre DiMera arrived in Salem to help Stefano.
September 28 to October 2, 2015
Chad's search for an alibi fell through. Chad turned to Stefano and Andre for help as the police closed in on him. Aiden told Hope about his gambling debts but not about his deal with Stefano. Stefano and Andre kept Aiden in line. Ben had nightmares about his crimes. Abigail was thrilled when Ben told her that he did not want to leave Salem. Abigail asked Theresa to design a dress for her wedding. Marlena told Rafe she was not sure if Chad was one who had attacked her. Rafe told Eduardo to stay away from Gabi. Eduardo tried to comfort Eve, but she pushed him away. Justin helped Eve deal with Paige's death. Theresa stayed strong for Eve. Eduardo helped the police find Chad. Adrienne was tested for the breast cancer gene. Caroline's family and friends feared for her health as her mental state worsened. Kayla was not convinced that Victor's treatment plan for Caroline was the way to go.
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October 5 to 9, 2015
Steve learned that Bo had been tortured and murdered by his captors. Steve returned home and gave Victor the bad news. Caroline had a vision that Bo had been hurt. Bo escaped and headed home. Rafe put Eduardo in his place. Chad, Andre, and Stefano planned to prove that Clyde had framed Chad. J.J. and Roman's plan to trap Clyde worked. Aiden got his payback against Clyde. Aiden told Hope he had lied to her about Clyde to protect her and their children. Hope wondered if Aiden had more secrets. Abigail had a health crisis. Lucas helped Adrienne when she was about to learn the results of her tests. Adrienne and Justin seemed at odds about their future. Justin and Rafe decided to work together to find the killer. Will was in danger when he found a clue to the Necktie Killer in Ben's apartment. Ben panicked when he realized Will was onto him. Ben murdered Will. Ben struggled with his guilt.
October 12 to 16, 2015
Sami returned home in the wake of tragedy. Will's death shook Hope and Rafe to the core. Chad accused Ben of being the Necktie Killer. Ben nearly beat Chad to death. Ben lied to the police and Abigail to cover his tracks. Chad remained in a coma under police guard. Marlena and Lucas seemed troubled about Sami's state of mind. Sami finally broke down when she went to Will's apartment. Theresa stood her ground with Kate and Nicole. Daniel asked Nicole to set a wedding date. Lucas and Kate were there for each other to mourn Will. Sami, numb with grief, tried to kill Chad for murdering Will. Marlena stopped Sami just in time to save Chad's life. Sonny's return to Salem was bittersweet. Adrienne told Justin that she had the BRCA gene. Stefano pleaded with Chad not to give up hope. Paul helped John with the search into his past. Stefano told Abigail to stay clear of Chad. Rafe questioned Ben, unaware that he was the real killer. Sami received a letter from E.J.
October 19 to 23, 2015
Family and friends mourned Will at his funeral, and they bid him a sad farewell. Sonny said a tearful goodbye to Salem. Adrienne was there for Lucas. Andre made his presence known in town. The DiMeras gave Aiden no choice but to plan Hope's death so he could claim the life insurance and pay off his debt. Ben admitted to Clyde that he was the Necktie Killer. Rafe thought something was off with Ben. Abigail urged Chad to wake up, and she still believed in him. Steve was in harm's way in Mexico. Bo longed to be with Hope as he tried to find his way home. Rafe told Gabi that Eduardo was their father. Ben was ecstatic to learn that he had earned the reward money for Chad's capture. Jennifer and Abigail were outraged at J.J.'s decision to join the police force. Steve and Bo were together again but not in the best of situations. Shawn-Douglas returned to town to surprise Hope. Nicole and Daniel moved forward with their wedding plans.
October 26 to 30, 2015
Steve told a shocked Bo that Hope was getting married. Steve and Bo escaped and headed home. Shawn did not approve of Hope's choice in Aiden. Shawn later gave his mom his blessing. Aiden was in turmoil at the thought of murdering Hope to save Chase. Aiden tried to tell Hope the truth but lost his nerve. Hope asked Aiden if he wanted to postpone the wedding. Bo tried to call Hope, but he could not get through to her. Ben's rage and hatred of Chad frightened Abigail. Chad woke up from his coma and was arrested. Chad tried to convince the police he was innocent and that he had no memory of the murders. Marlena told Chad that she believed him. Eric told John and Marlena that he had heard from Sami and sensed that she was in danger. John left town on an ISA mission. Theresa held her ground with Kate. Steve and Bo risked their lives to get home in time to stop Hope's wedding. Hope prepared for her wedding. Caroline had another troubling vision of Bo.
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November 2 to 6, 2015
Family and friends gathered for the big gala and Hope and Aiden's wedding. Abigail was shocked to learn Ben was the Necktie Killer. Ben kidnapped Abigail to keep his secret safe. Abigail tried to get free from Ben, but he caught her. Aiden felt he had no choice but to go through with his plan to murder Hope. Bo called Caroline and told her that he was on his way home. Caroline faked being ill to delay the wedding. Bo and Steve arrived home too late to stop Hope's wedding. Hope and Aiden were finally married. Aiden made a deadly choice on his wedding night. Hope experienced her worst nightmare when she realized Aiden was trying to kill her. Hope stabbed Aiden in an attempt to save her life. Bo arrived at the house and found Aiden attacking Hope. The ISA sent John a message. Someone sent a warning to Steve. Sami returned to town with news for John and Marlena about E.J.
November 9 to 13, 2015
Bo killed Aiden in a fight to save Hope's life. Hope struggled to deal with Aiden's turn to the dark side. Hope learned what had happened to Bo while he'd been gone. Chase and Ciara were at odds. Bo, Hope, and Ciara tried to help Chase cope with his father's actions and death. Hope needed time alone to sort out her feelings. Jennifer was there when Hope needed her. Chad was a free man again. Chad tried to contact Abigail, but Ben was in the way. Abigail begged Ben to let her go, but her pleas fell on deaf ears. Abigail tricked Ben and let Chad know she was in danger. Brady and Theresa made love. Sami told John and Marlena she had the goods to destroy the DiMeras. Kate made a new friend in Eduardo. Nicole met an old friend from Daniel's past. Kayla and Steve agreed to work together to keep their family safe. Steve told Joey he would protect the family at all costs. Kayla had devastating news about Bo's health.
November 16 to 20, 2015
Bo learned he was dying. Bo and Hope made love. Bo told Rafe about his health and asked him to take care of Hope. Sami tried to bargain with Andre, with no success. Marlena and John found the flash drive that could help save Sami's life. Abe told Theo that Lani was his sister. When Abigail went into labor, Ben refused to take her to the hospital. Ben went over the edge and held Wendy and Abigail at gunpoint. Chad asked Marlena to help him remember what had happened between him and Ben. Bo's family threw him a surprise party, unaware he was at death's door. Caroline had a vision of Bo and Hope crying. Ciara told Caroline she wished that her parents would reunite. Hope was upset and confused about why Bo had left the partly so abruptly. Steve encouraged Bo to tell Hope the truth about his illness. Steve helped Kayla deal with Bo's illness. Bo told Hope he was very ill and had little time to live. Hope and Bo remembered their life together. Later, Bo collapsed and died in Hope's arms.
November 23 to 27, 2015
Family and friends mourned Bo. Hope shut out her loved ones after Bo's death. Bo's words gave Hope the strength to seek justice for him. Hope asked Steve to help her track down the people who had kept Bo from his family. Abigail begged Ben to take her to the hospital. Wendy helped Abigail give birth to a baby boy after a stressful labor. Ben lost it and shot and killed Wendy. Chad remembered that Ben was the Necktie Killer. Chad asked Rafe for help to find Abigail. Belle and Claire arrived in Salem. Belle told John and Marlena that she and Shawn were getting a divorce. Paul gave John news about his past. Eduardo tried to make things right with his family. Justin and Eve hooked up for the holiday.
November 30 to December 4, 2015
Steve and Kayla shared a passionate kiss thanks to Joey playing cupid. With Rafe's help, Chad got a lead about where Ben and Abigail were hiding out. Victor forced Brady to make a difficult choice. Brady resigned from Titan, and he and Theresa moved into their new house. Anne told Theresa they were no longer best friends. Hope wanted answers from Claudia about Bo's captors. Hope almost lost it while questioning Dr. Malcolm. Rafe stopped Hope from making a big mistake. Dr. Malcolm called an unknown contact. Belle reluctantly agreed to help Sami out of a jam. Shawn said goodbye to Belle and Salem. Lani and J.J. joined the search for Abigail. Chad tried to save Abigail, but Ben won out in the end. Ben took the baby, tied up Chad and Abigail, set the cabin on fire, and left them there to die.
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December 7 to 11, 2015
Abigail and Chad escaped from the fire. J.J. and Lani tracked down Ben and took him into custody. At the police station, Abigail pleaded with Ben to tell her where he had left the baby. Chad found the baby and took him home. Hope, consumed with getting revenge for Bo, told Roman she quit the force. Hope captured Dr. Malcolm and used a stun gun on him to get answers. Ava Vitali was back in town with plans of her own. Ava lied to Joey and told him she would help him reunite Steve and Kayla. Joey was in too deep with Ava, but he didn't know it. Steve and Kayla made love. Steve asked Kayla to marry him again. A mystery woman gave Eduardo orders. John told Marlena that Eduardo had lied to him about his past. Philip and Brady butted heads over Philip's plans to run Titan. Rafe realized Hope was in trouble and tried to reason with her, but she refused to listen. Hope's deal with Dr. Malcolm spiraled out of control, placing Ciara now in the line of fire.
December 14 to 18, 2015
Hope was able to rescue Ciara from a kidnapping. Hope was arrested for Dr. Malcom's murder. Rafe and Roman were on the case to find Dr. Malcolm's killer and discover who had framed Hope. Hope hired Belle to represent her. Philip pushed Victor to go public with the drug that had cured Caroline. Chad and Abigail shared some alone time. Belle and Philip bumped into each other and talked about the past. J.J. kissed Gabi. Ciara was upset that Theo was being bullied. Andre programmed Chad to get close to Belle, hoping she would lead them to the DiMera fortune. Andre's plan forced Chad to break up with Abigail. Abigail was hurt and confused that Chad had abruptly ended things with her. Eduardo told John he had been hired to kill John. Eduardo filled John in on some of the missing pieces about their past. Kayla was shocked to see Ava at her front door. Ava told Kayla she was dying and wanted to make amends for her past crimes.
December 21 to 25, 2015
Ava altered her blood test and made everyone believe that she was dying. Belle did not buy into Chad's good looks and charm. Abigail fumed when she saw Chad and Belle having dinner. Abigail told Andre and Stefano that she knew that they were controlling Chad. Chad pushed Abigail away again. Philip and Brady went at it about the drug that had saved Caroline's life. Philip was jealous of Victor's love for Brady. Rafe found a clue about Dr. Malcolm. Rafe asked Hope to let him do his job and to stay out of police business. Caroline had a vision about Victor's health. Caroline moved in with Victor and Maggie. Belle thought Claire should go back to Maine to live with her father. John told Marlena about the hit that was ordered on his life. The Horton clan gathered to decorate the tree. Kate spent time with Eduardo. Steve asked Kayla to marry him, and she said yes. Kayla found it in her heart to forgive Ava. Steve gave Joey a special gift. Ava's secret had something to do with a baby.
December 28, 2015 to January 1, 2016
Hope copied Rafe's file on Dr. Malcolm. Abigail asked Marlena to help her find out what had happened to Chad. Shawn sent Belle divorce papers. Andre warned Chad to pull through for the family. Stefano seemed to give up. After Thomas became ill, Jennifer and Abigail rushed him to the hospital for tests. Philip consoled Belle and invited her to go out with him. Ava showed up at the Basic Black party with a date, and Joey was jealous. Nicole gave Kate a piece of her mind. Theresa's designs were a big hit. Abigail was shocked to learn that Chad was Thomas' father. Chad made headway with Belle, and Abigail found Chad with Belle. Abigail shocked Chad by revealing that he was Thomas' father. Eric refused to wait for a taxi home and left the party drunk in his own car. A car accident was about to change many lives.
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