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January 1 to 5, 2018
Vivian introduced Stefan O. DiMera to Salem. A former corporate raider, Stefan announced that the board had named him the new CEO of DiMera Enterprises. Stefan and Vivian moved into the DiMera mansion after a new DNA test confirmed Stefan was Stefano's son. Andre told Kate about his feelings for her. Brady seduced Eve, but Eve was wary of his motives. After kissing Paul on New Year's Eve, Will broke things off with Sonny. The hospital offered Theo a spot in a clinical trial in South Africa for rehabilitation. When Theo balked at leaving his loved ones, Claire offered to go with him. Ciara confronted Rafe about his affair, and Rafe offered to tell Hope the truth. Jennifer was devastated to learn from Anna that Eric was still in love with Nicole. Vivian congratulated Andre on their successful plan to take over the company.
January 8 to 12, 2018
Ciara decided not to tell Hope about Rafe's affair. Claire told Trip about Theo's rehabilitation plan for South Africa, and Tripp told Ciara. J.J. quit his job. After learning she was pregnant, Lani decided to abort her pregnancy, but J.J. overheard her and asked her to reconsider. Jennifer gave up on Eric. Steve had blurred vision but told no one. Anna asked Steve to track down Stefano. Sonny decided to throw himself into work after Will moved out. Gabi finalized her deal with DiMera Enterprises. Abigail walked in on Stefan when he was naked, and she begged for her and Chad's jobs back. After agreeing to give their marriage a shot, Kate slept with Andre. Chad hired John to investigate Vivian and Stefan. Plotting with Vivian, Andre worried that his family would learn that he had been working with her. Vivian plotted with Stefan behind Andre's back.
January 15 to 19, 2018
J.J. convinced Lani to keep her baby. Kayla warned Lani not to lie about her baby's paternity. J.J. started therapy with Eric. Eli confided to Valerie that he had slept with Lani. Abe overheard that Lani was pregnant, and he told Valerie. Eli and Gabi made love. Anna's preoccupation with Tony's ashes drove a wedge between her and Roman, and they broke up. Theo said his goodbyes and left for South Africa. Jennifer went on a date with Dr. Henry Shaw at the pub, and Eric served them their meal. Projections for Gabi Chic appeared strong, and Kate complained to Andre that Stefan would get the credit for her work. Stefan continued to push Abigail's buttons and flame her jealous feelings about Chad and Gabi. Vivian cautioned Stefan not to fall for Abigail. Chad offered a truce with Stefan. John informed Chad that someone inside DiMera had sabotaged the company, and the evidence pointed toward Andre. Chad caught Vivian eavesdropping. Andre professed his love for Kate, and after talking to Lucas, Kate told Andre that she loved him as well. Andre fired Gabi. After exiting rehab, Lucas asked Chloe out on a date. Vivian urged Stefan to kill Andre. Andre was murdered.
January 22 to 26, 2018
Will moved into the Martin house. Paul was uncomfortable with his new neighbor, but he and Will bonded over music. John spiked Steve's drink. Steve continued to have blurred vision and dizziness. Valerie told Eli that Lani was pregnant. Eli confronted Lani, but she lied about the paternity of her baby. Jennifer pushed Eric away. J.J. told Jennifer about his baby. A horrified Abigail found Andre's body in his office. After finding Tony's urn at the crime scene, the police arrested Anna for the murder. Anna showed Roman a threatening letter she had received, and he provided her an alibi. Roman hired John to investigate the letter. Gabi asked Stefan to rescind Andre's decision to fire her, but Stefan deferred the decision to the board. Brady and Sonny continued to fight. Abigail accused Gabi of murder. The police watched video surveillance from the crime scene.
January 29 to February 2, 2018
Will gave Sonny divorce papers. Eve and Victor advised Sonny to sign the papers, and he did. Victor warned Brady not to fall in love with Eve. Brady asked Eve to take their relationship to the next level. A doctor diagnosed Steve with an unknown autoimmune disease. John had another vial of poison to slip into Steve's drink, but he crushed it underfoot after Steve told him about his diagnosis. Paul told Will that he had overheard John tell someone on the phone that he was poisoning Steve. Lani told Hope about her pregnancy. A suspicious Valerie stole Lani's medical file. Eli and Rafe reviewed the security footage of Andre's office before the murder. Rafe questioned Stefan about an hour's worth of missing video footage. Carrie returned to town to represent her parents after Hope arrested them. Carrie advised Rafe to tell Hope about his affair with Sami. Hattie broke out of prison to attend Andre's funeral. John determined the threatening letter sent to Anna had originated in Statesville Prison. Anna accused Hattie of murdering Andre.
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February 5 to 9, 2018
Anna explained that Andre had taken Tony's urn from her when she had confronted him, but she maintained that she had not murdered Andre. Hattie admitted that she had sent the letter to Anna in the hopes that it would ruin her relationship with Roman. Valerie told Lani that Lani needed to tell Eli the truth -- or Valerie would. Lani told Eli he was the father of her baby. J.J. researched the EMT training program as his next career. Brady and Eve decided to restart Bella magazine. The police reviewed new video footage from the night of the murder and learned that a woman that looked like Gabi had been at the scene. Gabi protested her innocence but was arrested. Steve collapsed. An ISA agent ordered John to poison Steve. Will and Paul confronted John, and he fired a gun at them.
February 12 to 16, 2018
Claire and Ciara fought over Tripp. Eli and Rafe confessed to one another about their affairs. Eric interrupted Jennifer's date to tell her he wanted to be with her. J.J. proposed to Lani. Eli agreed with Lani to keep the baby's paternity secret. Stefan deleted a voicemail from him on Andre's phone. Abigail told the police that Gabi had threatened to kill Andre. The D.A. charged Gabi with murder, and Chad bailed her out of jail. Gabi refused a plea deal. Chad confided to Gabi that he believed Stefan had been working with Andre and had murdered him. John aborted an attempt to inject Steve's I.V. with poison. Kayla told Steve that she had found traces of poison in his blood. Billie shot the agent blackmailing John. Steve caught John when he made another attempt to inject fluid into Steve's I.V. Stefan found Abigail dressed in Gabi's coat, holding the murder weapon and wearing a wig, standing in his room.
February 19 to 20, 2018
A wig-wearing Abigail revealed her alternate personality, Gabby, to Stefan. Gabby had Gabi's coat and ID as well as the murder weapon, which she attempted to plant in Stefan's room. Abigail had no memory of Gabby's antics. Billie helped John take down Pam at the ISA and give Steve the antidote to his poison. Pam took Tripp and Ciara hostage to force John to kill Steve, but Ciara distracted Pam long enough for Tripp to kill Pam instead. Will and Paul grew closer after their ordeal with John. Maggie discovered Victor and Brady's plans for Eve, and she ordered them to tell Eve the truth. Brady was angry to learn that Eric and Jennifer were dating. Tripp told Steve that he loved him. Claire secretly recorded Ciara and Tripp's conversation to discover their secret. Maggie moved out of the mansion.
February 26 to March 2, 2018
Gabby attacked Vivian, but Stefan intervened. Gabby kissed Stefan. Eli asked Trask for her alibi for the night of Andre's murder. Hope and Rafe eloped on Smith Island, but they decided to still have their wedding with their friends too. Stefan promised Gabby that he would help her frame someone else for Andre's murder. Steve learned he was going blind. Claire struggled with whether to tell Hope about Rafe's affair, and Marlena cautioned Claire to think about how destructive the truth could be. Ciara discovered Claire had recorded Ciara'say conversation with Tripp about Rafe's affair. Despite Ciara's effort to stop Claire, Claire blurted out the truth in front of everyone at the wedding.
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MARCH 2018
March 5 to 9, 2018
After Claire interrupted Rafe and Hope's wedding, Rafe confessed to Hope about his affair. Hope told Rafe that she needed time to think. Ciara lost her temper and punched Claire for ruining the wedding. Hope forgave Claire for interrupting the wedding with the truth. Ciara pleaded with her mother to think about saving her marriage. Jennifer also urged Hope to think about saving her marriage to Rafe. A guilty Eli confessed to Gabi about his affair with Lani. Eli lied about the paternity of Lani's baby. Lani was hospitalized after severe cramping, but Kayla approved her to return to work. Eli was overly protective of Lani's pregnancy. Ciara overheard Claire talking about submitting herself for the cover of Bella magazine. Abigail started to notice that she was losing time. Stefan planted the evidence for Andre's murder in Arianna's overnight bag. Lani caught a panicked Gabi after Gabi attempted to dump the evidence in the trash. Stefan confronted Gabby and met another alter, Dr. Laura. Maggie refused to reconcile with Victor until he told Eve about his scheme with Brady. Brady proposed to Eve. During the wedding, Eve interrupted her vows to say that she refused to marry Brady.
March 12 to 16, 2018
Maggie moved back in with Victor. Paul and Will made out until Sonny interrupted them. While taking photos of Claire, Eric encouraged her to make up with Ciara. Tripp took photos of Ciara, and she used them to enter the Bella contest against Claire. Tripp and Ciara kissed. Adrienne asked Steve to lean on her. A worried Abigail went to Kayla for tests to understand why she had lost time, but Dr. Laura took over and walked out. Stefan talked to Gabby and convinced her to impersonate Abigail to avoid Kayla's suspicions. Chad found Andre's phone in Stefan's desk and contacted the police. Valerie pushed J.J. to postpone the wedding, upsetting him. Eli reconsidered his decision not to claim Lani's child as his own. Eve broke things off with Brady after Victor told her about their scam to reacquire Basic Black. Brady hatched a plan to win back Eve with the Bella contest.
March 19 to 23, 2018
Gabby convinced Chad to let her go to Hong Kong with Stefan, but Chad decided to follow them. Paul and Will went on their first date. Vivian catfished Sonny on a dating app. Hope had Belle draw up annulment papers. A shadowy man was following Chloe. J.J. passed his EMT test. Kayla told Abigail that there appeared to be nothing medically wrong with her. Chad saw a dark-haired woman outside Stefano's room. Eli pleaded with Lani to tell J.J. the truth about her baby. Lani confessed in court that she had slept with Eli and then told J.J. he was not the father of her baby.
March 26 to 30, 2018
Stefan had a man plant drugs in Chad's suitcase, but Belle got the charges dropped. Dr. Laura took over a panicked Abigail's body and ordered Stefan to take her home to Salem. Paul and Will slept together. Vivian hired an escort named Leo to date Sonny. Gabi broke things off with Eli once Lani confessed that Eli was the father of her baby. A hurt J.J. pushed Lani away. Steve lost his eyesight and asked John to buy out his stake in their agency. A secret admirer pursued Chloe. Eve asked Brady to sell Bella to her, but he refused. Abe was furious when he heard that Valerie had read Lani's medical records. Dr. Laura testified in court that Gabi had confessed that she had murdered Andre.
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APRIL 2018
April 2 to 6, 2018
Abe yelled at Valerie for protecting her son at the expense of his daughter. Dr. Laura lied in court and claimed that Gabi had confessed to her that Gabi had murdered Andre. Chad played Stefan in chess in order to extract information about Andre's killer but was frustrated when Stefan revealed that the killer was named Gabby. Kayla diagnosed Lani with placenta previa. Valerie reconciled with both Abe and Lani. Dr. Laura and Gabby fought for control of Abigail's body. A panicked Abigail reached out to Marlena for help, and Dr. Laura revealed herself to Marlena. Chad theorized that Stefan had brainwashed Abigail. Adrienne hired Will at the Spectator. Tripp grew closer to his father after Steve informed him that he was totally blind. Sonny slept with Leo, who revealed he worked at Titan. The jury returned a verdict in Gabi's trial.
April 9 to 13, 2018
Lucas urged Chloe not to take the job offer in Mexico, but she was uncertain. Ciara took a large lead over Claire in the Bella contest. Feeling sorry for Claire, Tripp voted for her. Ciara was angry at Tripp, but she kissed him when he told Ciara that his heart belonged to her. Claire asked Theo to hack the website and help her win the contest. Brady bet Eve that Claire would win the Bella contest or else he would stop pursuing her. Sonny broke things off with Leo when he learned that Leo had taken a job at Titan. The jury found Gabi guilty of murder. Chad refused to believe that Gabi was guilty. Marlena suspected that Abigail had dissociative identity disorder. Marlena met and confronted Gabby. Gabby knocked out Marlena, and Stefan locked her up in the tunnels. Adrienne asked Will to write an article about his resurrection from the dead. Hope gave Rafe annulment papers, but he hired Justin to fight the annulment. Paul overheard Vivian and Leo plotting against Sonny.
April 16 to 20, 2018
John looked for Marlena when she failed to return his calls. Marlena appealed to Stefan to get help for Abigail. In Abigail's head, a vision of Andre encouraged Abigail to face the truth about his death, but she refused. Claire won the Bella contest by one vote, which drove a wedge between Ciara and Tripp. Tripp accused Claire of cheating to win. Eve grudgingly agreed to honor her bet with Brady. Leo refused to give up on seducing Sonny, but Paul was suspicious when he saw Leo with Vivian. Chloe turned down Miguel's job offer. Lani returned her engagement ring to J.J. Hope and Rafe discovered Abigail was the dark-haired woman in Hong Kong. Vivian, Marlena, and Kate were all held captive in the tunnels after each learned that Gabby was an alter of Abigail. Stefan and Gabby made love, and Chad walked in on them.
April 23 to 27, 2018
Hope and Rafe discovered that the dark-haired woman in Hong Kong was Abigail. After Chad beat Stefan within an inch of his life, Rafe arrested Chad. Chad told Hope that Stefan had raped his wife. Lou Raines's girlfriend beat up Gabi in prison. Sonny and Will buried the hatchet. Marlena supported Vivian's theory that Abigail had killed Andre. Stefan urged Gabby to leave town, but she was caught. Ciara discovered texts on Wyatt's phone, proving that Claire had rigged the Bella contest. Ciara confronted a tearful Claire. Eve believed Brady had helped Claire cheat, and she broke things off with him. Brady was accidentally drugged by a drink that Miguel had meant for Lucas. At gunpoint, Miguel forced Chloe to accompany him to Mexico.
April 30 to May 4, 2018
Leo continued with the plan to seduce Sonny. Vivian told Kate that Andre had helped her sabotage the company. Dr. Laura told Gabby that she had cut off the air supply to the room in the DiMera tunnels, so Gabby made an immunity deal with the D.A. in exchange for information about where to find Vivian, Kate, and Marlena. John, Paul, and Hope rescued the three women in the tunnel but had to perform CPR breathing to revive them. Marlena told the police that Gabby had dissociative identity disorder. Brady recuperated in the hospital after being drugged, and Eve was hesitant to forgive him. Abigail confronted Ben in her mind then retook control of her body when she heard Chad's voice. Claire told Eve that she had rigged the contest. Ciara promised Claire that she would push a story about a technical glitch rather than publicly expose Claire as a cheat. Chloe woke up in Mexico City and was greeted by another prisoner: Theresa.
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MAY 2018
May 7 to 11, 2018
Roger gave Rolf's notebook to Will, and Will and Paul examined it for clues about the mystery drug. Will learned how Rolf had revived him and that there were other test subjects. Vivian attempted to shoot Kate after Kate threatened to tell the board about Vivian's scheme with Andre. Vivian attempted to shoot Kate, but Kate fought over the gun and shot Vivian. A man injected a drug into Vivian's corpse at the morgue. Stefan swore to avenge his mother's death. After Abigail learned about her disorder, Gabby said goodbye to Stefan as Gabby and Laura integrated into Abigail. After she recovered her memories, Abigail confessed to the police that she had murdered Andre. Rafe promised Gabi that she would be released from prison soon. Chloe told Theresa about Brady's relationship with Eve. Eve forgave Brady, and he proposed to her. Victor interrupted Brady's proposal, stating that he had news for Brady. While Chloe distracted Mateo, Theresa stole the keys to his office and found a hard drive with the evidence she needed for Shane. Xander surprised Theresa in Mateo's office.
May 14 to 18, 2018
Kate blackmailed Leo into continuing his seduction plan. Leo sent incriminating texts from Sonny's phone. Leo told Sonny that he quit. Elated, Sonny had sex with Leo in his office, unaware that a camera was recording their encounter. Lucas asked Paul to investigate Chloe. Victor offered Titan to Brady in exchange for breaking off Brady's engagement to Eve. Xander caught Theresa in Mateo's office, and he ratted her out. Xander asked for Theresa as part of his business deal, and Mateo agreed. Theresa agreed to help Xander with Victor. Steve asked Roman to take over his job at Black Patch. John asked Marlena to remarry him. Ciara covered for Claire at Bella and told Claire that she hoped they could be friends again. Claire left to see Theo. Hope told Rafe that there was a chance at reconciliation, and they threw out the annulment papers. Abigail told Gabi that she planned to plead guilty to Andre's murder. Gabi told Abigail that one of Abigail's alters had slept with Stefan. Hope questioned Kate's claim of self-defense. John found a robotic option for Steve to regain his sight. Abigail accused Stefan of rape. Xander returned to Salem with Theresa.
May 21 to 25, 2018
Abigail wanted to have Stefan charged with rape but decided to drop the matter in order to prevent Stefan from having Chad charged with assault. Chad convinced Trask to go easy on Abigail, who ultimately accepted a plea bargain that hinged on the completion of court-mandated therapy sessions instead of prison time. Stefan vowed to avenge Vivian's death. Rafe assured Kate that Vivian's death would likely be ruled an accident. Kate was thrilled because, unbeknownst to anyone else who was still alive to tell the tale, she had intentionally killed her archenemy. Vivian awoke in an unfamiliar place and saw a very familiar face. Will discovered hidden entries in Rolf's diary. Leo sued Sonny for sexual harassment. Xander's return to Salem left many people on edge. Brady and Eve found out why Theresa had really left Salem. Theresa tried to convince Brady and Eve to end their relationship. Brady confided in Marlena about feeling torn between Eve and Theresa. John and Paul went to Mexico City to save Chloe, unaware that Theresa had warned Mateo to expect intruders. Tripp planned a romantic dinner for Ciara, but things went awry when they tried to take their relationship to the next level. Gabi found herself in danger again at Statesville.
May 28 to June 1, 2018
Dianne choked Gabi in the prison infirmary. When Gabi awoke, a murdered Dianne was on the floor next to her. Gabi's release was delayed pending new murder charges. Eve gave up Brady. The sanitarium informed Marlena that they were going to release Ben. After an examination, Marlena determined that Ben was no longer delusion and showed remorse for his actions. Laura returned to Salem and invited Abigail to Boston for treatment. Stefan offered Kayla his bionic eye technology in exchange for information to destroy Kate. Ciara broke up with Tripp when she could not stop thinking about Chase. Hope convinced Ciara to talk to Marlena about her rape. After Theo dumped Claire, she returned home and kissed a wounded Tripp. Will found a formula to recover his memories. Mateo held John and Paul at gunpoint, but Chloe saved the day and killed her captor. Victor fired Sonny as CEO. Chloe reunited with Lucas. Eve told Chloe that Theresa was alive. Xander attempted to blackmail Theresa for a job at Titan. Chloe and Eve confronted Theresa as Brady watched in horror. Brady asked Theresa to leave, but she refused to go without her son.
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JUNE 2018
June 4 to 8, 2018
The sanitarium released Ben. Theresa was unable to convince Brady to take her back. Brady and Eve reconciled, and he planned to move out of the mansion with Tate. Maggie ordered Victor to sleep in the guest room until further notice. J.J. offered Theresa a place to stay. Ben apologized to Will. Chad drove Ben to the city limits and dumped him on the side of the road. Marlena counseled Will not to take Rolf's formula, but Will was determined to recover his memory. Kayla convinced Ciara to talk to Tripp about her rape. Kate hired an unscrupulous lawyer to sue Sonny, using Leo's fabricated evidence. Stefan threatened Kate with a gun. Kayla offered information about Kate to Stefan in exchange for his bionic eye research. A newly single Claire attempted to hook up with Tripp, but Tripp stopped before they had sex. Ciara walked in on Claire and Tripp together. Ciara confessed to Tripp about her rape, and she told him she could never forgive him and Claire. An emotional Ciara crashed her bike, and Ben found her unconscious in the road.
June 11 to 15, 2018
Jennifer did not approve of J.J.'s houseguest, Theresa. Theresa begged Eric to talk to Brady on her behalf. Xander asked to take over as CEO of Titan, but Victor turned him down. Xander broke into Victor's safe and stole the recording of Brady accusing Nicole of killing Deimos. Victor put Theresa in charge of Bella. Theresa offered Bella back to Brady if he agreed to sleep with her one last time, but he declined. Sonny was hopeful that Will would remember him if Will took the serum. The serum was reproduced, and Marlena administered it to Will. Kayla made a deal with Stefan. Ted pursued Kate, and Kayla saw Ted leave Kate's hotel room. After comparing notes, Hope and Tripp realized that Ciara was missing. Eli found an informant with information to help Gabi. Lani forgave Valerie. Ben set Ciara's broken leg. Eve made an agreement with Stefan to use Ciara as the face of Gabi Chic instead of Bella.
June 18 to 22, 2018
Sonny asked Will to write a story about his version of events with Leo. Will had a memory of Sonny from his past. Lani went into early labor and lost her baby. The police found Ciara's crashed motorcycle. Ben talked Ciara into calling her mother. Hope was desperate for Ciara to return home, but Ciara refused. Ciara confided to Ben about catching her boyfriend with another woman. Kayla told Will that she was not allowed to give him another dose of Rolf's serum, so Will stole the remaining vial from the hospital. Leo rejected a settlement offer from Victor. Kate rebuffed Ted's advances. Chad convinced Victor to hire him as CEO of Titan. Kate confessed to Chad that she was behind Leo's lawsuit, and she urged Chad to use Titan to take down Stefan. Kayla learned about Ted's connection to Kate. Gabi returned home.
June 25 to 29, 2018
Lani and Eli named their stillborn baby David Abraham then said goodbye to him. Hope realized that Ciara was with Ben. Ben overheard Ciara's call to Tripp, and Ben talked to Ciara about her rape. J.J. supported Theresa as she faced Brady and Eve in court over custody of Tate. The judge denied Theresa's request for full custody. Abigail returned home and discovered that she was pregnant. Stefan hired Gabi to run Gabi Chic. With Paul's help, Will took a second dose of the serum and recovered another memory of Sonny. Will told Paul about both memories, and they said they loved one another. Kayla took photos of Kate meeting with Leo, and she gave them to Stefan in exchange for the bionic eye technology. Stefan threatened Kate with the photo. After Kate told Leo to call off his harassment suit, Leo told Sonny he would end the lawsuit if Sonny married him.
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JULY 2018
July 2 to 6, 2018
After stealing DNA from Stefan and Chad, Abigail tested the paternity of her baby. Gabi overheard Stefan blackmail Kate. Kayla confided in Marlena about her deal with Stefan, which was against Steve's wishes. Chad struggled with his guilt over hurting Stefan at the expense of Sonny. Will convinced Sonny to turn down Leo's proposal, causing Leo to attack Will. Sonny pushed Leo away, and Leo hit his head on the fireplace, killing him. Will helped Sonny dump Leo's body. In court, Maggie testified that Brady was an addict and had manipulated Eve. Chloe testified in court that Theresa had abandoned her in Mexico. Claire admitted to Tripp that she liked him, but Tripp said he wanted to be with Ciara. Ben grew delusional after he ran out of medication and was unable to obtain more. Brady admitted to Eve that he knew who had murdered Deimos. A fire broke out at the cabin while Ciara was alone.
July 9 to 13, 2018
Brady told Eve that Nicole had killed Deimos. Eve wanted Brady to tell the police about Nicole to help with his custody case, but Brady refused. Rafe and Hope saved Ciara from the burning cabin. Ciara told Hope that she believed Ben had not set the fire. Hope vowed to put Ben away for life. Will and Sonny plotted to hide Leo's body, but Leo's car and his body disappeared. Ciara defended Ben to Hope and Tripp. Kate slept with Ted. Stefan ordered Kate to get him insider information about Titan. Kayla informed Gabi that she might never be able to carry another child. Abigail's paternity test results were delivered to Kayla's office while Gabi was there. Eve plotted with Victor to help Brady win the custody case. Brady and Theresa agreed to share custody of their son. On Victor's orders, a social worker planted drugs at J.J.'s apartment before Eve could stop it. The judge suspended Theresa's visitation rights, so J.J. claimed the drugs were his in order to protect her. Abigail reviewed her paternity test results.
July 16 to 20, 2018
Chad offered Kate a job at Titan. Stefan threatened Kate to help him take down Titan, or he would expose her part in Leo's lawsuit. J.J. lied in court and claimed ownership of the drugs in his apartment. Theresa took custody of Tate. Gabi changed the results on Abigail's paternity test to make Stefan the father. Abigail decided to abort her baby, and Gabi tipped off Stefan to prevent Abigail's plan. J.J.'s boss suspended J.J. from his EMT job. Theresa left town to take care of her mother. Citing Isabella, Brady told Theresa that he understood why she needed to leave. The preliminary forensics report from the cabin said the fire had been intentionally set. Jennifer suspected that Eve was involved in planting the drugs at J.J.'s apartment. Someone left a threatening note for Will.
July 23 to 27, 2018
Victor sided with Chad over Sonny as the head of Titan. Stefan convinced Abigail to keep her baby. Abigail told Chad about the paternity test, and he walked out. Ciara hired Ted to defend Ben, and the police released Ben from custody. Jennifer forced the social worker to confess to J.J.'s boss that he had planted drugs in J.J.'s apartment. Kate and Ted fought over his legal representation of Ben. Unbeknownst to Kate, Ted continued to send threatening letters to Will about Leo's disappearance. Steve's optic nerve responded to the bionic eye implant, and he could see again. Brady and Eric agreed to jointly walk Marlena down the aisle. Jennifer found evidence that Victor was behind the drugs in J.J.'s apartment. Ciara reconciled with Claire. Eve attacked Ben, but Rafe intervened before Eve could kill him.
July 30 to August 3, 2018
Victor admitted to Jennifer that he had planted the drugs in J.J.'s apartment. Eve told Jennifer the truth about why Nicole had left town, and Jennifer struggled with whether she should tell Eric everything. Lani returned to work. Brady and Eric brokered a truce. Marlena worried that she had not heard from Sami about returning for the wedding. Ciara and Ben continued to bond, but Hope and Rafe urged them to stay away from one another. Eric proposed to Jennifer, and after deciding not to tell Eric about Nicole, Jennifer accepted. Gabi confessed to Kate about changing the paternity test results. Gabi and Kate agreed to help one another destroy Stefan. Chad struggled to accept Abigail's pregnancy, but he agreed to make an effort. Leo hinted to Will and Sonny that he was the blackmailer. Brady confronted Victor about planting the drugs.
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August 6 to 10, 2018
Lani received David's death certificate. Kate encouraged Abigail to leave Chad. Chad agreed to make an effort to be a father to Abigail's baby but changed his mind after seeing Stefan feel Abigail's stomach when the baby was kicking. Chad moved into the Kiriakis mansion. Brady told Victor that Victor was dead to him, but Victor did not tell Brady about Eve's involvement in the custody case. Eve promised Victor that she would help him reconcile with Brady. Ben underwent hypnosis and remembered the night of the fire. Ciara asked Tripp to make love to her, but they stopped because she could not stop thinking about Ben. Hope offered to drop the charges against Ben if he agreed to leave Salem. Ciara begged Ben to stay in Salem. Sami told Marlena she would not be at the wedding. Gabi told Arianna the truth about her absence, and Arianna forgave her. Stefan threatened Kayla that he would take back Steve's eye if Kayla did not keep him updated on Abigail's baby.
August 13 to 17, 2018
Paul suspected that Will and Sonny were having an affair, so Sonny told Paul about Leo's death. Abigail was uncomfortable with Gabi's growing closeness to Chad. Stefan threatened to turn off Steve's bionic eye if Kayla did not keep him updated on Abigail's baby. Steve grew suspicious that Kayla was hiding something from him. Jennifer struggled with whether to tell Eric about Nicole. Eve aggressively pushed Brady to forgive Victor. Marlena convinced Claire that Ben was not a danger to Ciara. Claire argued that Ciara wanted to be with Ben instead of Tripp. Will told Kate that Ted had blackmailed him over Leo's death, and Kate agreed to pay Ted off. After a fight about Ben, Ciara invited Ben to move in, and Claire voted with Ciara against Tripp's wishes. Hope was horrified to learn that Ben had backed out of their deal to drop the case. Kate pulled a gun on Ted.
August 20 to 24, 2018
Sonny confessed to Will that he still loved Will, but Will said he loved Paul. Hope begged Ciara not to let Ben move into the loft, but Ciara stood up to her mother. Steve captured Bonnie. Steve continued to push Kayla to tell him her secret. Susan sent a doll dressed exactly like Marlena had been at her first wedding to John. Kate pulled a gun on Ted. Susan crashed Marlena's bachelorette party and finagled an invite to the wedding. Someone stabbed the Marlena doll. Belle and Shawn returned for the wedding and were angry with Claire for letting Ben move into the loft. Will regained his memory. Sami crashed Marlena's wedding and revealed that one of the guests was Kristen. Kristen offered to return E.J. alive to Sami if Sami shot John. Sami fired the gun.
August 27 to 31, 2018
After Eric tackled Sami, she protested that she had not pulled the trigger and that the gun had fired on its own. Sami shot Marlena. Kristen escaped the wedding then kidnapped Eve in order to draw out Brady. Marlena's heart stopped, but she recovered enough to survive surgery. Belle accused Sami of intentionally shooting their mother. Rafe arrested Sami so that he could question her about the shooting. Hope interrogated Sami. Will recovered his memories and told Sonny that he wanted to be with Sonny. Sami knocked out Rafe so that she could join Paul in the search for Kristen. Kristen threatened to kill Eve if Brady did not make love to her. Eve escaped captivity and found Brady with Kristen. Sami found Kristen and begged for news about E.J. Kristen confirmed that E.J. was alive. Paul wrestled Kristen for her gun, and they fell out of a window.
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September 3 to 7, 2018
Federal agents arrested Steve for espionage, and Kayla realized that Stefan had used Steve's bionic eye to steal classified documents. Roman swore to help Kayla. Stefan dealt with Kate in exchange for information on Chad's business deals. Will planned to break up with Paul until he learned that Paul had been injured saving Sami. Kristen went to Stefan for help, and he agreed to hide her in the tunnels. Julie urged Eli to confess his feelings to Lani, and he did. Abigail pushed Gabi to admit that Gabi blamed both Abigail and Stefan for her imprisonment. Marlena went into septic shock and was placed on a ventilator. Brady urged Will to reconsider breaking Paul's heart. Paul survived surgery after his fall, and he woke up when he heard Will's voice. Will told Paul he had regained his memories, and Paul realized that Will had remembered his love for Sonny. Bonnie told Lucas he was the father of her child.
September 10 to 14, 2018
Bonnie asked Lucas to keep her out of prison for their daughter's sake. Lucas remembered sleeping with Bonnie, and he agreed to take a paternity test. Kayla told Paul that his leg paralysis might be permanent. Will and Sonny agreed to break off their relationship because Paul needed Will. Belle delivered Marlena's advance directive to Kayla, who informed the board. John told Belle he would never forgive her for giving the directive to Kayla. Ben restored Bo's bike for Ciara. Hope arrested Ben for setting the cabin fire, based on new evidence she had found at the scene. The family said goodbye to Marlena, and Kayla disconnected Marlena's life support.
September 17 to 21, 2018
John, Roman, and Kayla conspired to switch out the real Marlena for Hattie. Impersonating Marlena, Hattie pretended to wake up from a coma. Hattie yelled at Sami and Belle for almost killing her. Based on new evidence, Hope arrested Ben for the fire, and Ben claimed that Hope had planted the evidence. Rafe asked Hope if she had framed Ben. Ciara accepted the idea that Ben had set the fire. Gabi drugged Abigail to make it appear that Abigail was losing time. Lani told Eli that she had feelings for him but that she did not think they should date. A paternity test proved that Lucas was the father of baby Bonnie. Lucas convinced Adrienne to drop the charges against Bonnie. Jennifer told Eric that she had lied to him. Marlena remained in a coma.
September 24 to 28, 2018
Jennifer told Eric the truth about Nicole. Eric told Brady they were no longer brothers. Jennifer forced Eve to tell Brady the truth about the custody case. Lucas helped to secure Bonnie's release from prison in exchange for access to his daughter. Ciara told Hope that she did not believe that Ben had intended to set the fire. Hattie blackmailed John into marrying her. Will promised Paul that he wanted to be with Paul even though he had recovered his memories. Justin secured Sami's release. Kristen refused to leave Salem without Brady. Stefan asked Kristen whether E.J. was alive, and Sami pushed Stefan to tell her what he knew about E.J. Eric looked for Nicole, and Jennifer returned her engagement ring to him. Abigail feared her alter Gabby had returned. Shawn found proof that the accelerant evidence had been planted. Kristen found Marlena, and Marlena woke from her coma.
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October 1 to 5, 2018
The police released Ben after Shawn concluded that the fingerprint had been planted at the scene of the fire. After making love with Tripp, Ciara asked Ben to move out of the loft. Marlena woke up when Kristen found her, and Kayla protected Marlena. Kristen convinced Brady to leave Salem with her. After Victor told Maggie the truth about Brady's blackmail, Maggie told Eric where to find Nicole. Marlena told John that someone other than Sami had shot her, and the police dropped the charges against Sami. At Gabi's urging, Chad searched Abigail's room for evidence of Gabby, and he found the black wig that Gabi had planted. Bonnie led Lucas to Mimi's baby. Roman asked Kate to help him take down Stefan. Chad and Jennifer confronted Abigail about Gabby. Eric found Nicole.
October 8 to 12, 2018
Mimi was livid that Bonnie had given Mimi's daughter to Lucas because it was not his child. Eric found Nicole and learned that Xander had blackmailed Nicole into marrying him. Abe and Sheila clashed. Brady slept with Kristen to win her trust and discover her secrets. Hope apologized to Sami. Xander admitted to Eric that Eric had been the intended target of the shooting. After Eric promised to find and destroy Nicole's confession, Nicole and Eric made love. Stefan confirmed to Sami that E.J. was alive. The police issued an APB for Xander. Sami accidentally maced Nicole. Brady followed Kristen, and he found E.J. alive.
October 15 to 19, 2018
Claire and Ben agreed to work together to break up Ciara and Tripp. Kristen caught Brady snooping in her lair before he could confirm that E.J. was there. Sami and Eric followed Xander to the hideout. Mimi continued to cover for Bonnie, but the police prevented Mimi from leaving town with her daughter. Abigail accused Gabi of drugging her and dressing her like Gabby, but Kate lied and backed up Gabi's story. Mimi told Belle that baby Bonnie was her daughter with Rex. Rex returned to Salem. Kristen held Eric hostage and admitted that she had several people in the facility, including E.J. Nicole found the facility.
October 22 to 26, 2018
Lani convinced Abe to offer Sheila a job. Roman agreed to woo Hattie. Paul told Sonny that he was moving in with Will. J.J. doubted Gabi's story. Mimi confessed that Rex was the father of her daughter, but Rex did not know. Chloe figured out that baby Bonnie was Mimi's child. Belle agreed to represent Bonnie in the custody dispute. Rex revealed to Kate that he was engaged to Sarah Horton. E.J. started a fire in Kristen's lair when he attacked Dr. Rolf. Brady rescued Holly from the burning building, but Eric was unable to free Nicole from the rubble. Firefighters did not find Nicole's body. Sami rescued a burned man, believing it to be E.J. With Kate backing Gabi's story about Abigail, Chad and Jennifer agreed to commit Abigail. Abigail married Stefan so that she could not be committed.
October 29 to November 2, 2018
Rex and Sarah returned to Salem. Newlyweds Abigail and Stefan showed a united front against Chad and Jennifer to prevent committing Abigail to an institution. Eric told Jennifer about Nicole, but he struggled to tell Holly about her mother's death. Ciara agreed to help Ben find work, and she pulled away when he leaned in to kiss her. Claire accused Tripp of planting the accelerant at the cabin. Hattie saw through Roman's ruse to woo her. After a nightmare, Hattie agreed to sign John's divorce papers. Brady told Eve about his fling with Kristen, and Eve ended their relationship. Bonnie flirted with Lucas. A suspicious Chloe questioned Belle about the parentage of baby Bonnie. Sami stole DNA from Susan to prove that the burned man was E.J. Chloe stole Mimi's water bottle to prove that Mimi was baby Bonnie's mother. Maggie offered to throw an engagement party for Rex and Sarah, and Sarah invited Mimi to the party. Kayla gave DNA test results to Sami and Chloe.
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November 5 to 9, 2018
Chloe revealed that baby Bonnie was Mimi's daughter. Mimi admitted that Rex was the father of her baby. Devastated by Rex's cheating, Sarah broke up with Rex. Hattie convinced Bonnie to turn herself in and return to prison with her. Belle and Sami made up. A DNA test confirmed that the burned man was E.J. Susan discovered that E.J. was alive, and she attempted to steal him from the hospital. Sami appealed to Susan and convinced her to let Sami take E.J. to Italy for treatment. After Hattie and John's annulment, Abe married Marlena and John in the square. Ciara and Ben almost kissed. Tripp admitted to Claire that he had framed Ben. Hope and Rafe suspected Tripp had planted evidence. Chad paid Ben to help him kidnap Abigail. Abigail went into labor while locked in a cabin with Chad.
November 12 to 16, 2018
Ben confessed his feelings to Ciara, and she gently turned him down. Rafe and Hope questioned Tripp about the arson. Chad helped Abigail give birth to baby Charlotte. Gabi confessed her scheme to Stefan and convinced him not to turn her in to the police. Wyatt confessed to framing Ben for arson. Chad agreed not to leave town with Abigail's baby if Stefan agreed to sign Abigail's commitment papers. Brady told Paul about Will's love for Sonny, and Paul broke up with Will. Sonny left town before Will could reunite with him. Rex left Salem to see his daughter. Stefan bonded with baby Charlotte. Gabi visited Abigail in Bayview. Ben told Ciara that Tripp had framed him.
November 19 to 23, 2018
Gabi confessed her gaslighting plan to Abigail. When Abigail attacked Gabi, Chad intervened. A hospital in D.C. offered Valerie a job as chief of staff, and Abe reacted poorly to the news. Sheila was late to her first day of work after suffering food poisoning. Lani was jealous of Sheila and Eli's friendship. Paul left Salem. Ben told Ciara that Tripp had framed him for arson. Ciara confronted Tripp, and Tripp broke up with Ciara because of her feelings for Ben. Jennifer lashed out at Chad for kidnapping Abigail. Victor drove everyone away on Thanksgiving. After Sarah saved Victor from choking, he had a change of heart about his behavior. Lani and Sheila convinced Abe to support Valerie's decision to accept her job offer. Abe and Valerie decided to have a long-distance relationship. Sonny returned to Salem and reunited with Will.
November 26 to 30, 2018
Tripp moved out. Ben threatened to turn Tripp in to the cops, but Claire convinced Ben to back off. Sarah urged Eric to become Holly's permanent guardian. Ciara told Hope that she had feelings for Ben. Will and Sonny reunited and were surprised to learn that Leo was alive. Ted asked Hope for protection in exchange for evidence against Ben. Ben and Ciara kissed. Stefan promised to help Steve. Kate told Roman that Ted had blackmailed her and that Stefan had gotten rid of Ted. Roman hired Ciara at the pub. Ben convinced Stefan to hire him as his head of security. Leo told Sonny and Will that Kate had been behind the sexual harassment lawsuit. Abigail told Chad she would never forgive him. Kayla interrogated Gabi about her pill prescription. Abigail told Stefan that she was Gabby.
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December 3 to 7, 2018
Kate agreed to clear Sonny's name. Leo had photos of Sonny and Will covering up his attempted murder. Abigail convinced Stefan that she was Gabby, and he got her released from Bayview. Gabi plotted to plant the real paternity test results in Stefan's safe, but Abigail caught Gabi in the house. Ciara and Ben went on their first date. Tripp decided not to move out of the loft. In a sting operation, Ted met with Ben to discuss the fire, but Hope had to intervene before Ben confessed to any crime. Rafe tracked Hope around town and found her in a hotel room with a half-naked Ted. After witnessing Brady and Eric throwing punches, Maggie refused to let Eric raise Holly because he was not stable. Lucas broke up with Chloe. Sheila made Lani jealous, and Lani and Eli kissed.
December 10 to 14, 2018
After Hope's sting went bust, she told Rafe about Ted. Ciara agreed to a second date with Ben. Lucas said goodbye to Salem. Eli and Lani revealed their romantic relationship to J.J. Kayla told Tripp the truth about Steve's absence. Sonny wed Leo. Gabi did not believe that Abigail was Gabby, but Chad did. Abigail confided in Julie, and Julie sneaked into the DiMera mansion to find evidence against Gabi. Kayla caught Abigail snooping in her office at the hospital. Maggie gave Eric her blessing to adopt Holly, but Maggie changed her mind when Chloe gave Maggie a letter from Nicole asking Chloe to raise Holly with Parker. Eric accused Brady of pushing Chloe to fight him for custody of Holly. Kayla offered Sarah a job in Salem. Chad made a move against DiMera Enterprises.
December 17 to 21, 2018
Julie discovered the paternity results, and she accidentally fell down the stairs after struggling with Gabi over the evidence. Ciara and Hope butted heads over Ben. Victor fired Chad. Sonny told Will that they had to remain apart in case Leo had them under surveillance. Eric took over Will's apartment lease. Leo implied he had slept with Sonny, and Will punched him. Abigail started the process of divorcing Stefan while she kept Stefan at arm's length. Sarah yelled at Maggie for giving Holly to Chloe. Gabi contemplated smothering an unconscious Julie because she was worried about going to prison. Abigail secured a divorce from Stefan and gave him the papers on Christmas Eve. Kate and Gabi both wrestled with how to tell Chad the truth about his daughter. Julie woke up.
December 24 to 28, 2018
Sara started working at University Hospital. The Horton tree decorating party moved forward once Julie was awake. Abigail took Charlotte and moved back into the Horton house after she divorced Stefan. Julie remembered the paternity test, and Abigail and Stefan confirmed Charlotte's father with help from Kayla. Will and Sonny kissed on Christmas. Abigail told Chad that he was Charlotte's father. Gabi confessed what she had done to Abigail and why. Chad wanted the police to arrest Gabi. Haley asked J.J. to keep his distance from her, but she agreed to go with him to the New Year's Eve party. Ciara and Claire grew friendlier to one another. Ben kidnapped Gabi at Stefan's direction, but after confronting Gabi, Stefan let her go. Gabi turned herself in to the police. Jennifer agreed to date Henry again. Eve returned to Salem and crashed the Horton Center fundraiser.
December 31, 2018 to January 4, 2019
Jack returned to Salem with Eve but had no memory of his past life or where he had been for six years. When Abigail paid him a visit, Jack recalled his memory of his elevator accident. Hope and Rafe argued about Gabi's misdeeds. Kayla suspended Haley from her job. Abigail refused to press charges against Gabi, and they agreed to move on with their lives. Jack confirmed to Jennifer that Rolf and Xander had nursed him back to health in Nashville. Xander returned to Salem to collect a flash drive from Eve as payment for giving her Jack. Abigail refused to forgive Chad. Gabi told the police that Stefan had kidnapped her. In front of Ciara, Hope questioned Ben about the kidnapping. Eve encouraged Jack to embrace his dark side, and they kissed. Rafe arrested Stefan for treason.
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