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January 2 to 6, 2017
Chad stopped short of making love to Abigail. After Gabi broke up with J.J., they shared a tense moment at J.J's workplace. Lani and J.J. got together for a friendly drink to celebrate his promotion. Hope was stabbed in a prison fight. Rafe told Hope that Stefano had been spotted in Prague. Joey and Jade lost their baby. Nicole told Deimos that she loved him. Nancy made sure that Nicole had little time with Holly. Nancy tampered with Brady's DNA sample of Holly to keep Chloe's secret. Nicole said a sad goodbye to Holly. Kate pulled a fast one on Eduardo. Emotions ran high when Chad and Abigail bumped into Gabi at the square. Ciara was happy to see Abigail, though she had once told Chad that she was in love with him. Valerie set Theo straight for spying on her. Ciara yelled at Claire for her part in spying on Valerie. Chad told an upset Gabi that he still cared for her. Abigail poured her heart out to Andre.
January 9 to 13, 2017
Carrie and Austin showed up in Prague in time to bail Anna and Marlena out of jail. Hope failed to take Hattie's advice. Hattie's mystery man turned out to be Andre. Hattie worked out a plan to break Hope out of prison. Joey tried to comfort Jade. Steve, Rafe, and Paul prepared for a meeting with a man they thought might be Stefano. Chad and Abigail had a date night. Deimos stole the microchips from Eduardo's office, but Eduardo thought it was Kate who had betrayed him. J.J. warned Gabi that her family might be in trouble with the law. Deimos asked Nicole to marry him, and she said yes. Brady did not react well to Nicole's good news. Chloe woke up from her coma. Deimos and Andre made threats against each other. Chloe held off telling Nicole that Holly was her child after learning that Nicole and Deimos were engaged. Nicole and Chloe walked in on Deimos planning a hit on Andre.
January 16 to 20, 2017
Chloe ended up back in the hospital after she collapsed. Sonny tried to talk Deimos down. Joey, Jade, Ciara, Claire, and Theo moved in together. Abigail wondered if Chad still had feelings for Gabi. Dario told Eduardo that Deimos had stolen the hard drive, not Kate. Kate told Eduardo that they were through. Carrie and Austin searched for Anna while Paul and Steve pursued Stefano. Eric found Hope by the roadside and took care of her. Eric hid Hope from the police. Hope learned why Eric had been paroled. Jennifer learned that J.J. was working a case on the docks. Sonny, Dario, and Chad's meeting did not go as planned. Abigail and Gabi joined forces to help their loved ones. Chloe told Nicole that their friendship was over if she married Deimos. Brady asked Chloe if Holly was Nicole's child.
January 23 to 27, 2017
Nicole stabbed a hit man to save Deimos. Brady forced Chloe to admit that Holly was Nicole's child. Nicole's good deed landed her in jail. Nicole learned that Holly was her and Daniel's child. Chloe hired Belle to sue for full custody of Holly. Justin got Nicole bail. Deimos shared the happy news about Holly with Maggie and Victor. Carrie helped Rafe deal with his concerns about Hope. Belle was back in town to help Claire move. Claire was jealous of Ciara and Theo's friendship. Jade found it difficult to fit into the group. Sonny asked Chad to help him fight the Hernandez family. Gabi and Chad had an awkward moment. Abigail and Gabi teamed up to help end the family wars. Abigail and Chad made love. Kayla surprised Steve in Prague. Rafe and Steve came to blows about the best plan to help Hope. Hope was in for the fight of her life. Anne talked to Adrienne about a job. Shane told the group in Prague that Stefano was alive. Marlena offered to be bait to draw out Stefano.
January 30 to February 3, 2017
Nicole tried to convince Chloe to return Holly to her. Valerie talked to Jennifer about her past. Jennifer was shocked to see Eric in Salem. Hope's fever caused her to leave the farmhouse. Eric found Hope just in time. Jennifer could not believe that she had to work with Anne. Deimos ordered a hit on Dario and Andre. Nicole had words with Deimos and walked out on him. Maggie reached out to Nicole. Deimos held Chad and Gabi hostage. Deimos had the upper hand on Kate, Andre, and Eduardo. Jennifer learned that Drew Donovan was the key to the Orwell hard drive. Kate helped Eduardo through a difficult time. Belle did not agree with Chloe's latest tactic. Nicole lashed out at Chloe about Holly. Justin told Nicole to stay clear of Chloe if she wanted to win full custody of Holly.
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February 6 to 10, 2017
Hope learned that Hattie had been injured and left the farmhouse to visit her in the hospital. Raines pursued Hope and almost captured her. The team in Prague captured Stefano to clear Hope of all charges. Anna and Marlena had a few choice words for Stefano. Steve and Kayla asked Carrie and Austin to return to Salem for their upcoming wedding. Paul and Sonny made time in between work to be together. Julie had words of wisdom for Ciara. Jennifer helped to keep Drew safe. Drew worked to destroy the Orwell software. Deimos held Chad and Gabi hostage. Deimos pleaded his case to Nicole and asked her to trust him again. Andre, Kate, and Eduardo teamed up to find Chad and Gabi. Dario vowed to make Deimos pay for going after him and Gabi. Brady asked Chloe to do the right thing and drop the custody case. Shawn backed Chloe to get custody of Holly. Gabi told Chad that she loved him. Chad told Gabi that he loved her as well, but that he was still in love with Abigail. Shane and Steve's master plan was revealed.
February 13 to 17, 2017
Steve and Shane talked about the success of their plan to free Hope. Shane and Steve had concerns about the Stefano ruse. Dario confided in Abigail. Hope learned that she was free, left Eric's safe house, and returned home. Hope promised Eric that she would keep secret that he had saved her. Chad and Gabi, thinking that they might die, shared a warm embrace. Deimos was outraged to find the police searching his home. Victor told Deimos to clean up his act. Jennifer, Adrienne, and Anne put their plan in motion to help Drew. Stephanie returned home to attend her parents' wedding. Hope and Rafe arrived just in time to celebrate with Steve and Kayla. Carrie and Austin spent time with Kate. Steve and Kayla said, "I do." Theo gave Claire a bracelet for Valentine's Day. Claire caught the bridal bouquet, but she gave it to Doug and Julie. Valerie told Abe that she was leaving town. Anna had it out with Andre about Tony. Andre's men kidnapped Sonny to force Deimos to release Gabi and Chad. Julie learned of David's death. Nicole and Chloe faced off as Holly's custody trial began.
February 20 to 21, 2017
Chloe won custody of Holly. Nicole blamed Deimos for losing Holly and told him that they were through. Paul and J.J. rescued Sonny from Andre's thugs. With Shane's help, Drew destroyed the Orwell. Hope was elated to learn that she was free of all other charges. Marlena met up with Eric at the farmhouse and begged him to return home. Chad and Gabi kissed. Abigail and Dario found Chad and Gabi almost naked and near death. Chad told Abigail what had happened between him and Gabi while they'd been held captive. Dario comforted Abigail and told her to fight for a future with Chad. Chad was honest with Gabi and told her that he wanted to spend his life with Abigail and Thomas. J.J. asked Lani out on a date. Brady tried to convince Chloe to let Nicole to be part of Holly's life. Chloe told Brady and Maggie that she was moving to New York with Parker and Holly. Julie said her goodbyes to David. Eli could not forgive his mother for not telling him that David was his father. Abe was there for Valerie when she needed him.
February 27 to March 3, 2017
Nicole told Deimos that they were through for good. Brady told Nicole that Eric had been paroled. Brady tried to cheer up Nicole. Deimos had a plan to kidnap Holly. Nicole could not reason with Chloe and kidnapped Holly before Deimos could get there to stop her. Jennifer and Eric shared a kiss. Gabi was jealous when she saw J.J. kiss Lani. Sonny told Victor that he wanted in as top dog at Titan. Jade learned that her father needed a liver transplant. Hope and Rafe had a fun and romantic night together. Anne took Lucas by surprise when she kissed him. Dario shocked Gabi when he told her that he had feelings for Abigail. Gabi and Paul had concerns about Sonny's mission to take down Deimos. Hope got her job back. Roman retired, but it left Raines in charge. Chad and Abigail asked Andre and Kate to move into the mansion. Abigail noticed the bond that Chad had with Gabi and Arianna. Andre told Abigail to find a way to keep Chad and Gabi apart. Eduardo told Kate that he would not give up on her. Nicole went on the run with Holly.
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MARCH 2017
March 6 to 10, 2017
Nicole stayed on the run with Holly. Brady forced Dr. Lee to tell him what he knew about Nicole. Brady had it out with Chloe. Tiffany and her friend double-crossed Nicole, stole her money, and left Holly in an alley. Brady found Nicole and Holly and offered to help them. Ciara told Hope how she felt about Theo. Lucas, Justin, and Anne helped Adrienne through a bad day. Dario could not get Abigail off his mind. Chad asked Gabi for help. Chad was on a mission to take down Deimos and all his holdings. Deimos threatened Chloe and told her that he would find a way to give Holly back to Nicole. Maggie told Deimos to stay away from Nicole. Joey was there for Jade before her surgery. Jade told Joey that she loved him. Hal attacked Kayla and blamed her for his failed surgery. Jade talked Hal down to save Kayla. Steve learned that he'd had a son with Ava. Steve told Kayla and Joey about his past. Kate told Eduardo that they could never be together. Eduardo and Chloe shared a common goal. Deimos found Brady, Nicole, and Holly.
March 13 to 17, 2017
Deimos tried to convince Nicole to accept his help, but his pleas fell on deaf ears. Eric agreed that it was time to return home after he had a talk with his mom. Eric kissed Jennifer after he told her he would take the job at the Horton Center. Chad and Abigail held a press conference. Chad could not stop thinking about Gabi. Jennifer warned Chad to be true to his marriage after she had seen how close he and Gabi had become. Kate advised Chad to keep his feelings for Gabi to himself. Abigail walked in on Chad and Gabi in an awkward moment. Adrienne got help from her friends. Claire made a big decision after Ciara told her that she still had feelings for Theo. Claire told Theo that she wanted him to make love to her. Rafe lured Hope to his house for a special surprise. Steve and Kayla left for Arizona to look for Tripp. Joey told Jade that he only wanted to be friends, but she had other ideas. Eli received a warm welcome from Julie and all the Horton clan. Eli continued to give his mom the cold shoulder. Abigail fixed up Eli and Gabi on a date. Kate warned Eduardo to stay clear of Chloe and her agenda. Brady made plans to take Nicole and Holly to Canada. Dr. Lee gave Eduardo a lead about where to find Holly. Ciara walked in on Claire and Theo as they were about to make love.
March 20 to 24, 2017
Chad told Abigail about his feelings for Gabi and said he would do what was right for their family. Gabi and Dario could not be with the ones they loved. Chloe kissed Eduardo and told him that she would help make Kate jealous. Nicole and Holly settled into their new home in Canada. Brady told Nicole that he would protect her and Holly at all costs. Nicole told Brady that she was worried her neighbor would find out that she and Holly were on the run. Deimos poisoned Abigail and Gabi and forced Chad to choose whom he would save. Deimos' plan to get revenge on Chad backfired, and both women survived. Claire lashed out at Ciara for ruining her special night with Theo. Abe asked Lani to talk to Eli about Valerie. Steve and Kayla found Tripp. Joey asked Jade to keep his secret that he had killed Ava. Joey cared for Jade. Jade put herself in harm's way to get Joey's attention. With friends and family by her side, Adrienne prepared for her breast cancer surgery. Hope planted a bug in Deimos' house. Rafe asked Sonny to help him take down Deimos. Eric felt the need to reach out to Nicole. Brady urged Eric to move forward with his life and leave the past behind. Brady realized that he was in love with Nicole.
March 27 to 31, 2017
Dario told Abigail he loved her. Chad got revenge on Deimos. Steve told Tripp how Ava had died. Adrienne was declared cancer free then chose Lucas. Deimos learned Brady was on the run with Nicole. Victor lashed out at Eric. Eric pushed Jennifer away. Brady told Nicole he loved her. Nicole feared Hillary and Scooter were a threat. Andre had a warning for Gabi.
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APRIL 2017
April 3 to 7, 2017
Marlena thought about John and hoped that he would be home soon. Sonny told Paul that he was going to work with the police to take down Deimos. Paul and Sonny made love. Gabi learned that Chad and Abigail planned to renew their vows. Gabi went out on a date with Eli to try to forget about Chad. Abigail asked J.J. how she could get past Chad and Gabi's feelings for each other. Abigail put Kate in her place. Nicole and Brady had dinner with Hillary and Scooter. Scooter learned of Nicole's true identify and her past life as a porn star. Scooter told Nicole to fulfill his sexual needs or else he would turn her and Brady in to the police. Tripp learned more about Ava and that he was heir to the Vitale fortune. Hope urged Ciara to move on. Theo asked Chad for advice about when to have sex with Claire. As part of his own agenda, Deimos told Sonny that he was the new CEO of Basic Black. Maggie tried to get through to Deimos. Eduardo told Dario that he had a plan to make them rich. Hope and Rafe prepared to take down Deimos. Eduardo hoped that he could work things out with Kate. Kate was upset that Eduardo stood her up. Deimos set up Eduardo so Hope would think that Eduardo was the guilty party.
April 10 to 14, 2017
Rafe had no choice but to arrest Eduardo. Hope tried to cheer Rafe up. Eduardo said goodbye to his family and to Kate. Rafe warned Dario not to go after Deimos. Tripp faced off with Steve and Kayla and blamed them for hurting Ava. Marlena had harsh words for Victor for judging Eric. Eric tried to write a letter to Nicole. Chad was furious with Abigail for not telling him that Dario was in love with her. Chad and Abigail planned to renew their vows. Gabi walked in on a get-together for Chad and Abigail then ran out in tears. Eli was there for Gabi when she needed a friend. Julie told Eli to stay away from Gabi. Kate pressured Gabi to go after Chad. Chad and Lucas discussed what to do about missing company funds. A high school photo made Abigail realize that Chad and Gabi should be together. Scooter pressured Nicole to have sex with him. Nicole had her own plan to ward off Scooter. Theo and Claire made love. At their vow renewal, Abigail told a shocked Chad that he should be with Gabi.
April 17 to 21, 2017
Jennifer and Andre had words with Kate for trying to convince Chad that he should be with Gabi. Abigail told Chad she was leaving him so he could be with Gabi. Chad told Gabi that Abigail had left him. Gabi urged Chad to make his marriage work. Dario tried to be a friend to Abigail. John returned home to be with Marlena. Brady walked in on Hillary and Scooter in bed. Scooter promised Brady and Nicole that their secret was safe with him. Steve asked Tripp not to take the Vitale money. Tripp had too much to drink at the Brady Pub, and Roman arrested him. Kayla helped Tripp and talked to him. Steve filled Adrienne in about Tripp. Kayla caught Jade lying to Joey. Joey asked Jade to move out. Tripp asked Jade to move in with him. Jade told Claire to make a sex tape with Theo to boost online interest in her music. Julie played up her fainting spell to make Gabi look bad in Eli's eyes. Sonny told Eli that Julie hated Gabi. Eli saw Gabi in a new light. Abigail tried to go it alone. Eric told Jennifer that things would work out with Abigail. Chad romanced Abigail to try to win her back. Kate told Dario that he and Abigail would be good together.
April 24 to 28, 2017
Ned arranged for Samira's visa to be extended six months. Nina ordered Nelle to spy on Valentin. Valentin tried to return the watch Anna had given him, but she easily manipulated him into keeping it. Tracy made plans to run away to Costa Rica with the painting, but she stopped off at the Quartermaine mausoleum, where she suffered an injury when A.J.'s plaque fell and hit her on the head. Tracy found herself on trial for her life because of all the choices she'd made in the past, but she earned a second chance when she expressed regret and a desire to do better. Tracy decided to give Samira the painting. Jax was disappointed when Carly turned down his offer to leave the country with him. Diane reminded Sonny that he had signed over his fortune to Carly months earlier when he had prepared to confess to being responsible for Morgan's death. Carly vowed to take everything from Sonny. Jason and Elizabeth were troubled when Jake had a strong reaction to seeing a picture of Jason prior to facial reconstructive surgery. Hayden agreed to give Finn a second chance when he completed rehab.
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MAY 2017
May 1 to 5, 2017
Xander shot Brady then took Nicole and Holly hostage. Sonny and Paul rushed Brady to the hospital. Deimos said he hadn't known Xander was alive and denied knowing Nicole and Holly's whereabouts. Chad was surprised to see Eli and Gabi kissing. Kate planned it so that Chad would see Abigail with Dario. Abigail made it clear to Dario that they were just friends. Chad told Abigail that he was not going to give up on her. Snake learned Lani was a cop and forced her to overdose. J.J. reached Lani in time to save her life. Hope had lunch with the Hernandez family. Eric asked Jennifer out on a date. Brady asked Eric to find Nicole and Holly. Xander caught Nicole when she tried to escape. Xander locked Nicole in a cage and took Holly away from her. Theo cheered up Claire when her record deal fell through. Wyatt asked Ciara to be his girlfriend. Rafe went to the hospital to arrest Brady. Valerie told Rafe that Brady's life was on the line. Eric and Jennifer searched for a lead on Nicole.
May 8 to 12, 2017
Deimos told Maggie that he would win Nicole back. Eric got a lead on Nicole. Chad was furious to see Abigail and Thomas spending time with Dario. Chad made plans to go to Greece to pick up the stolen amulet. Hope and Andre tried to convince Chad not to pursue the amulet. Lani asked Eli not to tell anyone that she was still suffering effects from the drug overdose. Gabi and Abe arranged for Eli and Valerie to talk out their problems. Tripp helped Joey out of a jam. Kayla cut off Jade, who then threatened to tell Tripp that Joey had killed Ava. Jade lied to Tripp about Ava's murder. Theo was upset with Wyatt and said that they should tell Ciara the truth. Wyatt told Theo to butt out of his love life. Victor called Claire on her jealousy of Ciara. Sonny, Paul, J.J., Lani, and Eli left for Greece and went after Deimos. Gabi learned Eduardo would serve two years in prison. Xander caught Eric tying to make a run for it with Nicole. Nicole let her rage out on Eric and told him that she could never forgive him for ruining her life. Brady asked Justin make changes to Brady's will in case he did not survive. Chloe told Brady she was sorry for everything that had happened.
May 15 to 19, 2017
Chad was shocked to receive divorce papers from Abigail. Deimos' scheme was not going as planned. Sonny and Paul were on Deimos' trail. Nicole was thrilled to be with Holly again, but she could not leave Greece without Eric. Xander caught Nicole while she was trying to rescue Eric. Gabi stowed away on the Titan jet and later bumped into Chad in Greece. Chad told Gabi about the curse of the amulet. Gabi told Chad that the amulet was bad luck. Lani told Eli to go after Gabi. A thief held Chad and Gabi at knifepoint to steal the amulet. Abigail assumed Chad and Gabi had made plans to be together in Greece. Thinking that Chad had moved on with Gabi, Abigail told Dario that she would marry him so he could get his green card. Eli saw Chad and Gabi in an embrace. Eli broke things off with Gabi. Chad and Gabi went off to drown their sorrows at the nearest bar. Dario told Kate that he had tricked Abigail into marrying him, hoping that she would fall in love with him. Lucas blamed Chloe for all of Nicole and Brady's problems. Kayla gave Brady bad news about his prognosis. John returned home to be at Brady's side. Theo told Ciara that he had fixed her up with Wyatt.
May 22 to 26, 2017
Tripp planned to set up Kayla. Ciara dumped Wyatt, told Theo she loved him, and left Salem to spend the summer in Hong Kong. Guy ratted out Xander and Deimos to Hope. After seeing a text, Nicole realized that Xander worked for Deimos. With Eric's help, Nicole knocked out Xander and held Deimos at gunpoint until the police arrived. Hope escorted Deimos back to Salem, but her chief witness, Guy, died in custody. Victor handed control of Titan to Sonny. The Titan jet crashed on an island, and Gabi blamed Chad's amulet for their bad luck. Brady's health declined, and Nicole rushed home to see him.
May 29 to June 2, 2017
Jennifer worked out a plan to give Nicole and Holly time to visit with Brady. Justin told Deimos that he was out at Titan and no longer owned the mansion. John and Marlena prayed for Brady. John had harsh words for Chloe while she was visiting Brady. Eric stalled Chloe so that Nicole and Holly could visit with Brady. Nicole and Holly willed Brady to live. Marlena urged Chloe to give Holly back to Nicole. Rafe arrested Nicole, and Chloe took Holly away from her. Steve started on a new case. Adrienne told Lucas she was ready to make love. Abigail had second thoughts when she learned what would be expected of her if she married Dario. Rafe did not approve of Dario's deal with Abigail. Lani and J.J. found a human skull on the island. Gabi learned that Chad had not destroyed the amulet. Abigail sensed that Chad was in danger. Eli helped Gabi realize that she still loved Chad. Gabi and Chad told each other how they felt and then kissed. Paul became ill after an insect bit him. Jade secretly taped Claire and Theo making love. Victor told Deimos that he wanted nothing more to do with him. Hope and Rafe realized that the Kiriakis jet had gone down.
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JUNE 2017
June 5 to 9, 2017
Chad and Gabi grew closer and stayed strong for their children. J.J. and Lani found a diary on the island that gave them cause for concern. Eli returned to camp and told everyone that Paul had attacked him. Chad warned everyone that Paul might have jungle madness. Sonny searched for Paul after he had attacked Gabi. Abigail asked Raines for a favor. Abigail told Jennifer that she had to marry Dario to keep him safe. Hope tried to pump Myron about Dario but came up empty. To save the company, Kate asked Andre to marry her. John and Marlena learned that Paul was missing. John put his family before the ISA. Claire learned what Jade had done and was furious. Julie lashed out at Valerie for keeping Eli out of her life. Abe was proud of Theo for helping Julie and Valerie make peace. Adrienne and Justin prayed that Sonny and the others were alive and safe.
June 12 to 16, 2017
Tripp thought of a way to make Kayla pay for Ava's death. Steve was shocked to learn that old foe Angelica Deveraux was the cause of Adrienne and Jennifer's problems. Chloe pleaded with the judge not to press charges against Nicole. Brady and Nicole made plans for the future. Andre and Kate tied the knot. Abe and Hope learned about Claire and Theo's sex video. Jade admitted that she had taped the sex video. Claire pushed Theo away because he did not trust her. Joey tried to help Jade deal with the fallout. Eli made Lani realize that J.J. was the right man for her. Chad and Gabi got closer. Sonny's love got through to Paul. The castaways confined Paul, who later realized that he had attacked his friends and was in desperate need of help. Gabi and Chad made love. Dario tried to convince Abigail to file for divorce as soon as possible. Abigail told Dario that she had to tell Chad first before filing for divorce. The castaways prayed that they would be rescued.
June 19 to 23, 2017
John and Marlena arrived on the island in time to rescue the castaways and save Paul. Steve warned Adrienne about Angelica Deveraux. Tripp played up to Kayla to gain her trust. Steve almost caught Tripp and Jade discussing their plan to frame Kayla. Chloe decided to give Holly back to Nicole. A judge turned the tables on Nicole and placed Holly in foster care. Nicole told Brady that she would be strong for Holly. Abigail was hurt to see Chad and Gabi together. Chad was shocked to learn that Abigail planned to marry Dario. Andre and Kate told Chad that they got married to save the company. Andre warned Gabi that she was on notice. Jennifer found the letters Eric had written to Nicole then broke things off with him. Sonny made threats against Deimos, who then sought his own revenge. Rory proved to Rafe and Hope that Deimos was the "Candy Man." Sonny had his dream job but not without a warning from Victor. Marlena talked to Claire about sex, Theo, and their feelings for each other. Eli made up with his mother. Julie gave Eli the Martin House as part of his history in Salem. John left town to complete his mission with the ISA.
June 26 to 30, 2017
Anjelica called in Adrienne and Jennifer's loan. Theo broke up with Claire. Kayla overheard Jade talking to Joey about the sex tape. Joey urged Jade to meet with Eric, and Eric advised Jade to love herself first. Tripp used Kayla's tablet to alter the dosage of morphine for a deceased patient to make her look negligent. Nicole warned Eric to keep his distance, but she helped Eric organize the fundraiser. Abigail and Chad's divorce was finalized. At the fundraising party, a disguised Deimos knocked out Paul then dosed the party drinks with Halo. Under the influence, Abigail and Chad recommitted to their marriage; J.J. and Gabi danced together; a jealous Lani kissed Eli; a tipsy Rafe proposed to Hope, but she declined; and Nicole and Eric had a shared vision of Daniel asking them to forgive themselves and each other. When everyone woke up at the Martin house later, they had no memory of the previous evening, and they found Deimos dead in the main room. Lani remembered that J.J. had attacked Deimos. After the police arrested J.J., Marlena hypnotized him, and he confirmed Lani's memory. Hope had a bad reaction to the Halo. At the hospital, Tripp changed Hope's dosage, alarming Kayla who felt she had made a costly error.
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JULY 2017
July 3 to 7, 2017
As the evidence piled up, Hope had no choice but to arrest J.J. for Deimos' murder. Chad and Gabi were shocked to walk in and see Abe marrying Dario and Abigail. Nicole lied to Brady about what had happened between her and Eric at the Martin house. Later, Eric told Brady the truth. Nicole witnessed the kind and giving side of Eric. Sonny remembered that he'd had a fight with Deimos. Steve made Roman a job offer. Tripp's plan to frame Kayla caused trouble for her at work. Tripp started to have second thoughts about his plan. Hope was shocked when Rafe asked her to marry him but later said yes. Hope and Julie tried to give Claire advice about Theo. Marlena helped Lani and J.J. recall the night of Deimos' murder. Gabi and Chad tried to forget about the night at the Martin house and get on with their lives. Sonny told the police that he had murdered Deimos.
July 10 to 14, 2017
Sonny was arrested for Deimos' murder. Hope and Rafe enjoyed some time together. Rafe warned Dario not to expect Abigail to fall in love with him. Kayla helped Steve dig up some dirt on Angelica. Justin and Lucas reached common ground for Adrienne's sake. Kate, Kayla, Marlena, and Valerie enjoyed a fun night out. Rafe, Hope, Lani, and J.J. found a lead that might help Sonny's case, but it did not pan out. Victor was upset with Sonny for confessing to Deimos' murder. Chad offered Theo a job. Nicole and Eric felt unsettled about what they had remembered about the night at the Martin house party. Nicole told Brady that she and Eric had kissed. Tripp felt that Jade was not being honest with him. Jade told Joey that she was leaving town and going to live with her mother. Kayla was suspended from the hospital. Kayla's talk with Tripp hit a nerve with him about his mother. Abigail was shocked to learn that Dario was involved in money laundering.
July 17 to 21, 2017
Marlena hypnotized Sonny to try to jog his memory about the night of the murder. John returned home to Marlena only to leave again to help Paul clear Sonny's name. Abe talked to Marlena about his feelings for Valerie and his past love for Lexie. Hope and Rafe learned that the DNA results from the hotel room were not a match with Xander. Chad and Abigail were on each other's minds. Dario turned on Abigail and told her that if she turned him in, he could prove that Chad had murdered Deimos. Unaware that Justin had paid off their loan to the bank, Adrienne and Jennifer saved the paper. Lucas had harsh words for Justin for trying to move in on Adrienne. Angelica hired Hattie so they both could get the men in their lives to love them. Hattie stopped by the prison to visit her old friend Bonnie. Steve told Tripp that he thought that nurse Shelly had framed Kayla. Kate told Abigail that Dario had tricked her into marrying him. J.J. and Lani took time for some romance. John and Paul questioned Xander. Abigail walked into the club just as Hope and Rafe had arrested Dario.
July 24 to 28, 2017
Jennifer had harsh words for Brady about Eric's feelings for her. Xander tried to make a deal with John and Paul in exchange for the name of the person who had murdered Deimos. Bonnie and Hattie set their plan in motion. Abigail, Tony, and Theo worked to clear Chad. Gabi was upset and hurt after she found Abigail's ring in Chad's coat pocket. Chad and Gabi had a fight about the ring. Abe learned that Theo was working for Chad. Steve and Kayla found time for romance. Steve and Kayla packed up her office. Joey talked to Roman about his guilt over Ava's death. Steve overheard Tripp berate Kayla. Steve learned more disturbing news about Tripp from Claire. Dario threatened Abigail and told her that he would turn Chad in to the police if she did not go with him into the Witness Protection Program. Gabi was shocked to learn of Dario's arrest. Gabi told Chad that Dario had tricked Abigail into marrying him. Chad begged Abigail not to leave town and to tell him what she was hiding. Theo removed the photo of Chad from Dario's phone just in time. Dario pushed Chad into harm's way.
July 31 to August 4, 2017
Dario, fearing for his life, left town for places unknown. Chad, Jennifer, and J.J. prayed that Abigail would make it through surgery. Hope and Rafe searched for Dario and the hit-and-run driver. Gabi told Chad that Abigail had married Dario so that he could get his green card. Chad learned that Dario had a photo that could prove that he had murdered Deimos. Chad realized the extent of Abigail's love for him. Chad declared his love for Abigail. Andre told Chad that he was clear, but Chad still wanted to turn himself in to the police to free Sonny. Eric was there for Jennifer when she needed him. Adrienne and Justin tried to keep up Sonny's spirits. Roman was not happy that Eric and Nicole were friends again. Nicole asked Eric not to tell Brady that she had forgiven him. Brady caught Nicole in a lie. Paul and Brady learned that Victor had hired Xander to murder Deimos. Hattie drugged Marlena and took over her life. John worried when Marlena went missing. Steve told Joey that Tripp had set up Kayla and that he was trying to harm her. Tripp took Kayla hostage and accused her of murdering his mother.
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August 7 to 11, 2017
Brady learned that Victor had hired Xander to murder Deimos, but things had not gone as planned. Brady thought that Nicole and Eric were having an affair. Gabi let Chad go so that he could be with Abigail. Chad decided to turn himself in to the police. Chad promised Abigail that they would have a happy life. Chad and Sonny tried to recall their part and the night that Deimos was murdered. John and Eric told the police that Marlena was missing. "Marlena" told John that they were through. Angelica's plan to switch Bonnie with Adrienne worked like a charm. "Adrienne" dumped a stunned Lucas. Justin told Sonny that he was still in love with Adrienne. Joey told Tripp the truth to save Kayla. Kayla blamed Steve for Tripp and Joey's predicaments. Tripp thought it would be best to leave Salem. Valerie was touched at Abe's special gift to her. John told Eric that "Marlena" had broken up with him. Brady and Lucas tied one on. Chloe found Lucas in a drunken state. Marlena tried to reach John to tell him that she had been kidnapped. Brady broke into Eric's room and found the amulet.
August 14 to 18, 2017
Marlena tried to connect with John, but the guard caught her before she could tell John what had happened to her. Eric did not know what to think when he walked in on "Marlena" and "Adrienne's" party. Tripp apologized to Kayla and tried to make things right with the family. Kayla tried to convince Joey not to turn himself in to the police. Abe was upset with Theo for destroying evidence in Chad's case. Rafe and Hope arrested Abe. Eli told Abe that Dario could prove that he and Abe were partners. Valerie was upset with Eli for his part in Abe's arrest. Abe vowed to sue the police department for slander. Claire and Theo had a close moment. Chloe asked Brady if he had been drinking, but Victor covered for him. Chloe helped Lucas the day after his binge. "Adrienne" felt bad for Lucas. "Marlena" made a pass at Roman. John punched Roman in a fit of jealousy. Roman kissed Kate with Andre looking on. Nicole told Brady that she was not having an affair with Eric. Brady told Nicole that Eric had murdered Deimos. Eric told Chloe that he was still in love with Nicole.
August 21 to 25, 2017
Brady assured Nicole that he would keep secret the fact that she had killed Deimos. Chad and Abigail got engaged, as did Sonny and Paul. Steve and Kayla gathered family and friends to say goodbye to Joey before he left for prison. "Adrienne" had to play her part when Steve stopped by for a visit. Jennifer thought the way "Adrienne" had broken things off with Lucas was odd. Abe convinced Theo that he had not done anything wrong. Eli talked with Abe about the next part of their undercover plan to nail Raines. Eric started to write a letter to Nicole to tell her that he still loved her. Nicole wanted to tell Eric that she had killed Deimos. Victor told Brady that he would keep his and Nicole's secret about Deimos' death. Marlena and John knew that Hattie had needed help to pull off the switch. John told Marlena that he would find a way for them to escape. A drunken Lucas broke into "Adrienne's" room and made love to her. Lucas caught on that something was amiss with "Adrienne." Angelica keeled over and died while fighting with "Adrienne."
August 28 to September 1, 2017
Hattie and Bonnie left a dead-drunk Lucas in bed with Anjelica's dead body. Lucas panicked and thought that that he had slept with and somehow killed Anjelica. Hope and Rafe worked with Abe to expose Raines. Chad and Abigail, and Sonny and Paul said yes to a double wedding. Andre asked "Marlena" how she had known about him and Hattie. John and Marlena worked on a plan to escape. Kate told Paul about the last time she had seen John. Paul could not get a straight answer from "Marlena" about why she'd broken up with John. Hope and Rafe pressured Myron to work with them. Brady forced the judge to award custody of Holly to Nicole, or else Brady would ruin his career. Maggie had harsh words for "Adrienne" about how she had dumped Lucas. Kayla talked to Valerie about her feelings for Steve and Tripp since Joey had left to serve time. Kayla was hurt when she thought she saw a happy meeting between Steve and Tripp. Rafe got a lead on evidence from Dario about Raines. Gabi found herself in harm's way.
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September 4 to 8, 2017
Kayla resisted Tripp's offer to donate his inheritance to the hospital. Steve convinced Kayla to accept the donation to help Tripp make amends. Claire invited Tripp to move into the loft, but Theo was jealous. Claire reminded Theo that he had said they were only friends. Gabi intercepted Dario's evidence against Raines. Raines took Gabi hostage, but Eli shot and arrested him. Abe was freed. Bonnie was furious that Hattie had left a dead, half-naked Anjelica in her hotel room. While questions about Anjelica's death swirled, an autopsy confirmed Anjelica had died of natural causes. Bonnie hit on Victor to get her revenge. Andre set up a press conference to announce that Kate was cheating on him and that he was mentally fit to take over DiMera Enterprises. At the press conference, Hattie betrayed Andre and declared him mentally incompetent. Hattie had Andre committed and ordered electroshock therapy for John and Marlena. Andre learned that Hattie was impersonating Marlena. Paul was suspicious of Marlena's behavior, and he talked to Hope about John's disappearance. Hope realized that Hattie had been impersonating Marlena and confronted her. Nicole reunited with Holly. Brady continued to be jealous of Eric. Abigail was released from the hospital. Jennifer worried about Adrienne's strange behavior. The real Adrienne bribed an inmate to deliver a note to Justin. With Chloe's help, Lucas fought to regain his sobriety.
September 11 to 15, 2017
Hope felt for Hattie but arrested her for all she had done to harm friends and family. Roman and Paul saved John, Marlena, and Andre from a shocking fate. Hope stalled Rafe on setting a wedding date. John gave Brady advice about how to make things work with Nicole. Brady did his best to convince Nicole to accept the job at the Horton Center. Bonnie made a deal with Sheila that would keep Adrienne in prison. Abigail tried to keep peace between Kate, Andre, and Chad. Maggie made it clear to "Adrienne" that she would be watching Sheila's work. Bonnie begged Hattie not to turn her in to the police. Sheila told Adrienne that she was not going to get out of prison anytime soon. Theo told Claire that he wanted her back after Tripp had told him that he wanted to ask Claire out on a date. Kate fired a drunken Lucas. Eli told Abe that he had been fired. Gabi told Lucas that he could not visit with Arianna while he was drunk. Eli told Gabi that he would be by her side if she decided to go to the wedding. A plastered Lucas made a scene at St. Luke's with Sonny, Paul, Chad, and Abigail. Abigail tried to convince Lucas to get help. Lucas saw Will in church.
September 18 to 22, 2017
Will's spirit reached out to Lucas and begged him to get help. Lucas checked himself out of the hospital, even though family and friends begged him to stay. Abigail and Gabi put the past behind them for the sake of love and friendship. Sonny talked to Chad about the incident at the church with Lucas. Nicole realized that she had feelings for Eric. Abe helped Nicole sort out her feelings. Brady went off the wagon again after he learned that Eric still had feelings for Nicole. As Victor's advised, Brady forced Eric to fire Nicole to keep her away from him. Abe tried to lure Roman back to the force, but he refused. Hope and Rafe both wanted the job as commissioner, but each told the other that they would be the best person for the job. Later, Hope and Rafe both applied for the job. Chloe and Julie found themselves as the new owners of Dario's club. Chloe told Eric that she thought that he had told Brady about his feelings for Nicole. To keep peace in the family, Eric left his job and Salem. Abigail asked Chad to wait until they were married to make love. Sonny did not tell Paul that he was still thinking about Will. Brady and Sonny had words about who would be in charge at Titan.
September 25 to 29, 2017
Sonny was honest with Paul about his feelings for Will. Bonnie made a move on Victor. Bonnie overheard Victor admit that he had hired Xander to kill Deimos. Abe told Valerie that he would help Eli find a job in Salem. Brady felt guilty for having forced Eric to make such a bold move. Marlena went to see Eric at the farmhouse to find out why he'd left his job and Salem. Nicole's attempt to get Eric to tell her why he left town failed. Andre planned an unusual bachelor party for Chad. Paul's ex, the stripper, made one last play for Paul before the wedding. Hope and Rafe talked romance with Steve and Kayla. Claire and Theo were back to being in love. Jennifer gave Abigail the wedding veil Jennifer had worn when she'd married Abigail's dad. Andre and Kate agree to have a civil marriage and show a united front to keep the company strong. Family and friends gathered at St. Luke's church for the weddings of Abigail and Chad, and Sonny and Paul. A male patient who had escaped from the sanitarium burst into the church and stopped the wedding. Julie gave Doug a surprise that was a reminder of his past and part of his future.
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October 2 to 6, 2017
Ben Weston stopped the weddings and shocked family and friends with news that Will was alive. Ben pushed Sonny's patience to the limit. Sonny said that he could not marry Paul until he knew if Will was alive. Abe named Hope as the new police commissioner. Ben pushed J.J. over the edge. Hope, the new commissioner, had no choice but to suspend J.J. from the force for his actions. Chad and Abigail finally said, "I do." Andre stood by Kate after she learned that Will might still be alive. Chloe told a stunned Lucas about Will. Sonny and Paul asked Lucas to exhume Will's body, but Lucas refused. Brady turned to the bottle to soothe his guilt over Eric. Eli and Gabi kissed. Rafe told Eli to stay clear of Gabi. Paul and Sonny asked Marlena to talk to Ben. Ben told Marlena that he'd learned from a visitor that Will was alive. Chloe told Nicole that Eric was still in love with her and that Brady had lied to her. Brady and Sonny fought to control Titan and asked Victor to make a decision. Nicole rushed to the farmhouse to talk to Eric.
October 9 to 13, 2017
Eric told Nicole that he'd left Salem because he was still in love with her. Nicole told Eric that she loved him, too, and then they made love. Brady learned that Nicole had lied to him about where she had spent the night. Nicole told Brady the truth about her and Eric and that she wanted to plan a future with Eric and Holly. Brady was enraged and shocked Nicole with his plan of revenge. Brady told Nicole to break up with Eric and then leave Salem or else spend her life in prison for Deimos' murder. Bonnie tried her hand at blackmail, but Victor was not buying it. Theo asked Tripp if he had feelings for Claire. Chloe gave support to Paul after Sonny postponed the wedding. Kate went to visit Clyde at the prison. Clyde told Kate that Dr. Rolf was the one who'd told him that Will was still alive. Kate shared the news with John, Roman, and Marlena. Marlena and Roman called Sami with news that Will might still be alive. Maggie asked Julie's advice about "Adrienne." Julie and Chloe fought about what name to call Club TBD. John and Paul were about to exhume Will's body when Sami arrived at the gravesite and stopped them.
October 16 to 20, 2017
Brady blackmailed Nicole to either dump Eric or go to prison for murdering Deimos. Nicole complied and broke Eric's heart. Devastated, Eric trashed his cabin and broke down in tears. After informing Brady that the job was done, Nicole left Salem with Holly. Sami returned to Salem and stopped John and Paul's exhumation of Will's body. While Sami visited Will's grave, a drunken Lucas turned up, and Sami begged him to stop drinking. Lucas refused. Gabi confided to Eli that Arianna had been having nightmares about Will. Paul was impatient for answers, and the rift between him and Sonny deepened. Chad convinced Andre to help him track down Dr. Rolf. After Dr. Rolf made contact, Andre sent Hope to the planned meeting. Rafe questioned Hope's decision to reinstate J.J. After Gabi's plea to Rafe to give Eli a chance, Rafe agreed. Hope offered Eli a job, and he accepted. Kayla told Tripp that she accepted him as part of the family. Theo was jealous of Claire and Tripp's friendship. Questions about Adrienne's behavior multiplied, and Steve visited Hattie at Statesville for answers. Hattie refused to tell Steve anything, and Steve warned Hattie not to cross him. Adrienne convinced Hattie to help her or face the wrath of Steve. Adrienne used Hattie's phone card to call home, but Bonnie intercepted the call. Maggie interrupted Bonnie's wedding to Victor.
October 23 to 27, 2017
Jennifer bandaged Eric's bloody hand. Eric realized that Brady had threatened Nicole and confronted his brother. Brady contemplated sending Nicole to prison. Brady told Chloe he reveled in Eric and Nicole's misery. Jennifer questioned Kate's leadership at DiMera Enterprises; Chad and Abigail stopped the tense interview. Kate told Chad that every deal she had worked on recently had failed. Chad called Andre the most likely suspect, but Kate disagreed. Abigail encouraged Jennifer to explore a relationship with Eric. Victor stopped his wedding to "Adrienne." Justin revealed that there had been no divorce. Steve and Kayla announced that the woman posing as Adrienne was Bonnie Lockhart. Bonnie said she had followed Anjelica's plan so Bonnie could exact revenge on Maggie for stealing Mickey. Bonnie escaped, and Justin and Kayla delivered Adrienne's medical records to the prison to prove that Adrienne was not Bonnie. A relieved Adrienne kissed Justin. Adrienne was set free, but Lucas was too drunk to understand when Justin explained that Bonnie had replaced Adrienne. Sheila asked Eli for help leaving town. After telling Gabi that he had used Sheila to advance his career, Eli agreed to help Sheila. Hope confronted Dr. Rolf, but Sami interrupted. Rolf admitted that he had injected a serum into Will's body. Sami stole Hope's gun and threatened Rolf. While Hope and Sami argued, Rolf ate a cyanide capsule and died. Hope arrested Sami. A search of Rolf's room turned up a tablet computer. Marlena bailed Sami out of jail. Sami, Marlena, John, Sonny, and Paul flew to Memphis to find Rolf's employer.
October 30 to November 3, 2017
Eve arrived at Deimos' grave and told Victor and Brady that she was his widow. Sami, Marlena, John, Paul, and Sonny went to Memphis to follow up a lead about Will at the home of an Elvis impersonator. Sonny was hurt at the Memphis house. Sami went too far and was arrested. Paul heard Sonny speak Will's name at the hospital. Paul told John that he was afraid that he was going to lose Sonny. Sonny, Justin, Adrienne, and Lucas arrived in Memphis. Abigail's spooky nightmare found Ben's victims back from the dead. Abigail and Chad learned that Ben had escaped again. Claire convinced Tripp not to move out of the apartment. Eli helped Gabi out of a jam. Eve moved into the Kiriakis mansion. J.J. and Lani had a tense lunch with Abe and Valerie. J.J. and Eve shared a moment about Paige. John, Marlena, and Sami were surprised to find Susan Banks living at the Memphis house. Susan told Sami that Dr. Rolf had not revived Will. Adrienne told Lucas that Bonnie had switched places with her, but in the end, she chose to try to make things work with Justin. Adrienne told Justin that she wanted to make a fresh start with him. Theo had a lead for Kate, who was frantic to find out who was sabotaging DiMera. Paul tried to help Lucas. Paul saw Will tending bar at a Memphis pub.
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November 6 to 10, 2017
Susan told Sami, Marlena, and John that Will was dead, but Sami did not believe her. Abigail, Chad, and Gabi learned that they might all be working together again. Eve told a stunned Victor and Brady that she was Basic Blacks' new CEO. Victor told Brady to stop drinking or else. Brady lashed out at Eric. Brady framed Eve for Deimos' murder, but his plan backfired. Theo told Kate that he would risk being caught to help DiMera. Andre swore that he was not trying to take over DiMera. Kayla told Kate that Tripp was the major donor to the hospital. Kate learned a secret about Tripp. Claire and Theo were at odds about the response to her song. Tripp crushed on Claire. Sami asked Rafe to exhume Will's body. Rafe and Sami learned that Will's grave was empty. Paul finally told Sonny that Will was alive. Sonny walked out on Paul for lying to him. Sonny went to find Will. J.J. planned a surprise birthday party for Lani. Lani and J.J. responded to a break-in call after the party. J.J. shot Theo, unaware he was the burglar.
November 13 to 17, 2017
After a fight with Theo, Claire and Tripp grew closer and almost kissed. J.J. shot Theo, who was rushed into surgery. Complications during the surgery caused a stroke, and Theo was in a coma. J.J. tortured himself over the shooting, and he told Abigail that he believed he had seen Theo's face before he had pulled the trigger. Abe blamed J.J. and the DiMeras for the shooting. Abe lashed out at Jennifer, and Eric comforted her. An upset Claire fainted twice. Tripp discovered Theo's phone. Worried about evidence, Kate blackmailed Tripp to give her Theo's phone by threatening Kayla's job. Hope suspended J.J. and ordered him not to have contact with Theo. In Memphis, Will told Sonny, Sami, and Rafe that he was Susan's son, E.J. Will was reluctant to believe anyone but Susan. Sami punched Susan, and Susan attempted to leave town with Will while Sami was in jail. Sonny hoped to reconcile with Will. Paul worried that Sonny would never forgive him. Sami stopped Susan before she could leave town with Will.
November 20 to 24, 2017
Hope was furious with Rafe for helping Sami and leaving Hope to deal with Theo's shooting. J.J. was haunted by guilt. Abe refused to leave Theo's side. Lani told Eli she was conflicted about J.J. because Abe was angry, but she saw J.J.'s point of view. Eli questioned Lani about the night of the shooting. J.J. visited Theo's room when Abe was in the cafeteria, and he apologized for shooting him. Abe rushed in and ordered J.J. to leave. In Memphis, Adrienne and Justin made love. At the police station, John masterminded a plan to use Roger to confront Susan. At the bar, Sonny and Paul argued about Paul's lie. Later, Will, Sonny, Paul, Sami, John, Marlena, and Roger confronted Susan, and Roger told Will all he knew about Will's death and resurrection. Marlena admitted Susan to a psychiatric hospital, and Roger urged Will to leave town so that Susan could recover. Susan's sister Kristen was not only alive but might be hiding an alive E.J. Will returned to Salem with the group, and Abigail and Chad visited him at the penthouse. Sami invited Will to Thanksgiving, but Will declined. Marlena asked Sami to give Will space. Gabi visited Will with Arianna and assured him that they would love him whether he remembered anything or not.
November 27 to December 1, 2017
Will met Arianna but did not remember her. Frustrated, Will asked Marlena to hypnotize him, but he did not remember anything. Sami plotted to reenact Will's death by kidnapping Ben and forcing him to choke Will until he remembered his old life. After Will met Lucas, Sami's goons kidnapped Will. When Ben choked Will, flashes of his death went through his mind. Panicked, Ben stopped then told Will what Sami had done. Will told Sami he never wanted to see her again. Abe threw J.J. out of Theo's hospital room and ordered Hope to fire J.J. When Hope refused, Abe fired her. Rafe defended Hope, but Abe refused to reinstate Hope. Abe appointed Rafe as commissioner. Hope accused Rafe of stealing her job. Rafe accused Hope of not wanting to marry him. Hope admitted that was true. Rafe broke things off. Sami and Rafe ran into one another in the square then retired to her hotel room and kissed. Hope realized she had pushed Rafe away because she was afraid of losing him like she had lost Bo. Chad blamed Andre for Theo's shooting and ordered Andre to move out. Abigail changed Chad's mind. A guilty Kate admitted to Andre that she was to blame for Theo's predicament. Andre kept Kate's secret and agreed to work together. Tripp confided in Steve about Kate's blackmail. Tripp helped Claire organize a vigil for Theo. Ciara returned to Salem.
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December 4 to 8, 2017
Kate pleaded with Lucas to stop drinking, but he refused and got into a car accident. Sami offered to help Lucas get out of jail if he promised to quit drinking. For his children, Lucas promised Sami he would work to stay sober. Rafe and Sami found comfort in one another's arms and slept together. Hope told Sami that she still wanted to be with Rafe. Hope admitted to Rafe that she had been scared to lose him and then proposed to him. Rafe started to tell Hope that he had slept with Sami, but Hope stopped him and offered a fresh start. Shawn and Belle returned to town with Ciara, who had a grudge against Claire for stealing Theo. Ciara blamed Claire for Theo's coma. Tripp told Steve that Kate had blackmailed him. Belle told Will that he had cheated on Sonny with Paul. Curious, Will talked to Paul about their affair and kissed him. After talking to Chad, Sonny decided to end things with Paul and work to save his marriage to Will. Eric convinced Will to give Sami a second chance. Eve pushed Maggie's buttons. Brady asked Paul to investigate Eve for leverage.
December 11 to 15, 2017
Eli learned Theo had been investigating a cybersecurity breach for DiMera Enterprises. Kayla confronted Kate about her blackmail efforts. J.J. was consumed with guilt, and Eric urged him to forgive himself. Eric told Jennifer that he did not believe J.J. could move forward unless Theo woke up. Will reached out to Sami, and they made a truce. Ciara overheard Rafe confess to sleeping with Sami. Ciara did not confront Rafe, but she lashed out at him in anger repeatedly. Sami said goodbye to everyone and left Salem. Gabi delayed her answer to Kate's buyout proposal when Eve made a counteroffer for Gabi Chic. Lucas detoxed. Rafe and Hope agreed to marry as soon as possible. Sonny learned that Will had kissed Paul. Sonny convinced Will to give their marriage another chance and move into the mansion. Brady attempted to force Eve out. Steve tricked Kate into confessing her part in Theo's shooting and blackmail while Chad recorded the conversation from the hallway. Internal Affairs reached a decision about J.J.
December 18 to 22, 2017
Internal Affairs cleared J.J. of wrongdoing in Theo's shooting. Abe refused to accept the report. Overwhelmed, J.J. planned to commit suicide, but Gabi learned of his plans and stopped him. Gabi stayed overnight with J.J. to keep him company, and Lani saw them together in bed. Mistaking the nature of the embrace, a heartbroken Lani ran into the arms and bed of Eli. Jennifer reminded Abe of how he had felt when he had mistakenly shot Brady in the past, and she asked Abe to forgive J.J. After hearing Kate confess to her part in the shooting, Chad forced Kate to resign and threw her out of the mansion. Andre encouraged Kate to close the deal for Gabi Chic, and Gabi agreed to sign the deal with DiMera. Ciara grew more aggressive. Paul was shattered to learn Will was moving in with Sonny. Brady and Victor set a trap for Eve.
December 25 to 29, 2017
After a night of passion, Lani and Eli learned that Gabi had spent the night with J.J. to prevent his suicide. Lani and Eli agreed to pretend their night together had never happened. Abe forgave J.J. and invited him to see Theo. Theo woke from his coma and appeared to be fine. J.J. told Jennifer about his attempted suicide, and he spoke to Eric about therapy. Ciara and Claire bickered over Theo. Ciara confessed her love to Theo, and Tripp admitted his feelings to Claire, but both were rejected. Andre admitted to Abigail that he had feelings for Kate. Chad refused to forgive Kate, but Theo did. Kate confessed the truth to Abe, but neither she nor Theo was charged with a crime. Abe reinstated Hope as commissioner. Belle and Shawn left town. Gabi agreed to sell her company to DiMera, but Eve convinced her to give Titan a second look. On New Year's Eve, Brady kissed Eve, Andre kissed Kate, Eric kissed Jennifer, and Will kissed Paul. At the gala, Vivian Alamain made a dramatic entrance.
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