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January 6 to 10, 1997
Sami survived surgery after Austin hit her with his car, but she landed in a coma. Jennifer asked Kristen to go with her to the hospital to try to help Laura regain her memory. Marlena was suspicious of Kristen. Hope said it was over with her and Bo. Vivian and Ivan snooped in Sami's apartment and ran into Kate, who was doing the same. Laura was to undergo hypnosis to regain her memory, but Kristen plotted with Dr. Kay to prevent it. Father Jansen was called in to give Sami last rites. The distraught family gathered for their last goodbyes to a dying Sami. Jack planned to plead guilty to spare Jennifer, but she wouldn't hear of it. Bo was convinced Jill was helping Franco. Billie told Kate about Bo and Hope's breakup. Laura's dream took her sleepwalking to the Blake house, where she remembered being in chains as Stefano's prisoner -- and the laser. Alice convinced Hope to fight for Bo, who also decided to try once more with his wife. However, he found a letter Billie had written, followed her to the pier, and proclaimed his love, as Hope listened nearby.
January 13 to 17, 1997
Austin took the wedding tape to the hospital. Sami was still sleeping, so Austin lied and told her that he loved her. Carrie overheard and thought it was the truth. Marlena explained everything to Carrie. Sami responded and opened her eyes. Bo told Billie he loved her as a friend and loved Hope as his wife. Hope did not hear the part that he loved her. Kate told Billie to go to Bo. Hope went to Franco for comfort. Billie heard Bo saying that he still loved Hope. Hope asked to take a case that was dangerous. Billie decided to go to Paris. Hope went to the airport to stop her. Laura thought that she could remember everything. Laura told Jennifer everything. Jennifer thought that Laura was just confused. Kristen called Stefano and gave him an update. Lynn overheard everything and told Kristen that she was working for Stefano. Lexie was reminded of Stefano again by getting a bill for the safe deposit box. Susan went into labor. Marlena was right by Susan's room.
January 20 to 24, 1997
Kristen told Father Jansen everything, and he said that he could not marry John and Kristen. Marlena went to find John to tell him about Kristen. Marlena found out that the baby was a boy. When John arrived, "Kristen" was gone. They went home and Kristen, not knowing that Susan was in labor, was there. Kristen yelled at Susan for not telling her what was going on. Father Jansen told John that he would not marry them. Susan thought a doll was a real baby. Kristen got her blood taken, and the samples didn't match. Susan entered and took the second test. Hope told Billie to stay so Bo and she could have closure on their relationship. Bo could not believe Hope was doing that. He said that he only loved Hope. Billie decided to go to Paris, but then changed her mind and decided to fight for Bo. Bo got put on a drug case. Hope went with Franco on a modeling job so Bo and Billie could be together. Sami asked for Roman. She said that she had seen him right before the accident and described what had happened. She thought that it was four years earlier. Jennifer was mad that Jack was pleading guilty. Jennifer decided to tell Jack that she loved him so he would change his mind. He saw a tabloid that called Jennifer a black widow then decided to plead guilty.
January 27 to 31, 1997
Hope arrived in Santa Rosa with Franco and began her modeling shoot, but she was nearly overwhelmed by memories of Bo and almost returned home. Franco's passion for Hope deepened. Bo began drinking and had a brawl with Abe, resulting in Bo leaving the police force. The same night, Bo lost the Fancy Face in a pool game. Billie tried to support him, but he refused her help. A mysterious stranger trailed Bo and Billie all week, reporting to an anonymous employer. Sami continued to improve physically, but still did not remember the last four years of her life. Her mental condition impeded her annulment from Austin. Marlena continued to be suspicious of Kristen, but had no proof. Kristen had a scare when her blood tests did not match those given by Susan earlier, but she was able to call Susan in to retake the tests so that they matched. Vivian needed Kristen's votes at Titan to keep from being ousted, so when she began to suspect Kristen had a secret, she investigated her medical records and found out about the non-matching blood tests.
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February 3 to 7, 1997
While Sami slept, Marlena told Caroline that Sami was paralyzed from waist down. Sami woke up, learning she had amnesia, as much time had passed. She finally recalled the previous four years. Carrie and Austin were happy, as it enabled them to be married. Sami only remembered being happy in love with Austin, and all were told not to tell her anything else. Vivian and Ivan played census takers to snoop at Susan's apartment. Kristen hid her friendship with Susan. Vivian donned a wig, pretending to be Susan, and outed Kristen. She wondered why Kristen needed someone to look like her, asking if perhaps Kristen had miscarried in Paris, and had not told John; out popped the pregnancy pillow, proving her right. Vivian blackmailed Kristen for her vote at the Titan board meeting. Jack pleaded involuntary manslaughter, while trying to prevent Peter from kidnapping his wife and child. The judge went to chambers, and found Stefano waiting for him.
February 10 to 14, 1997
Bo was despondent after finding the Fancy Face burned, and went to dinner with Billie, but saw Hope with Franco and misunderstood. He headed back to the docks, where he was unwittingly left holding "dirty" money. That later led King to attempt to blackmail Bo. With Jack sentenced to prison for Peter's death, Marlena tried to hypnotize Laura into recalling seeing Peter alive. Kristen constantly interrupted and managed to drug Laura so she wouldn't remember. Susan went into labor while in her Kristen disguise and collapsed. The 9-1-1 paramedics insisted on taking her to University Hospital, and in a panic, called Kristen's cell phone. Marlena had it and answered.
February 17 to 21, 1997
Marlena learned that John and Kristen were married minutes before the baby's birth. John and Marlena were both unaware that Susan had stood in for Kristen during both the marriage and the birth. Marlena despaired that she had lost John forever. Vivian acted as Kristen's ally during the wedding and birth. Sami was in pain when Mike Horton weaned her off of the pain medications, and demanded all of Austin's attention, ruining his plan to spend Valentine's Day with Carrie. Jack was sentenced to life in prison for Peter's murder, and spent his last night of freedom with Jenn and Abby. Bo continued to work undercover, playing a crooked cop for J.L. King, but distanced Hope, fearing for her safety if he appeared to care about her.
February 24 to 28, 1997
Marlena tried to tell John about Kristen's deceit, but a health crisis with the baby prevented her. Kristen nearly seduced John into making love to her a day after the baby's birth. Vivian continued to scheme against Kate and to help Kristen. Kate tried to get Sami to remember the location of the blackmail papers, but Lucas interrupted, furious with Kate for treating Sami harshly. Mike ran tests on Sami, discovering that her paralysis might be permanent. Carrie continued to grieve over the enforced charade that Austin and Sami were happily married. Laura began to remember bits and pieces of her abduction, but Lynn rushed in with a pill to stop her. Jack's first day in prison was perilous. He angered the prison bully and befriended an inmate named Travis, who was an agent of Stefano. Bo continued to play bad cop, busting through a high-tech security system to steal the King files from Abe's office. Hope suspected he was working undercover, but Abe threw her off the track. Billie and Hope were both grimly determined to win Bo back, and showed up at a dangerous place, the Snake Pit, just as Bo was about to make contact with King.
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MARCH 1997
March 3 to 7, 1997
Sami learned that her paralysis might be permanent and was filled with despair, but Kate's offer to send her to a private rehabilitation facility in Hawaii gave her hope, especially after she discovered that Austin and Will could live there with her. Vivian and Ivan continued to help Kristen scheme to keep Marlena from telling the truth to John. Kristen named the baby John Junior and had him baptized, with Marlena and Shawn Brady as godparents. The baby underwent successful heart surgery, leaving Marlena free to tell John she loved him, and about Kristen's deception. Susan continued to behave erratically, naming the baby Elvis and refusing to leave Salem without him. Bo, fearing that his undercover association with King could harm Billie and Hope, rejected both of them. Hope turned to Franco for comfort, but was still determined to find out what was wrong with Bo, especially after a juvenile drug dealer attacked Shawn-D. Billie was caught eavesdropping in King's office when King offered Bo a full-time position on his payroll. Jennifer visited Jack in prison, and Travis reported to Stefano that she still seemed to be in love with Jack.
March 10 to 14, 1997
Bo's undercover assignment turned dangerous when a nosy Billie was caught in King's office, and Bo had to pretend she was his girlfriend in order to save her life and his. Hope assumed Bo had really returned to Billie and was devastated. The news of the baby's successful surgery freed Marlena to tell John about Kristen. Although she was prepared to do just that, Marlena ended up realizing that John couldn't get his marriage annulled, since he had entered it willingly, so she decided to keep silent, sparing John the pain of breaking his vows or living in a loveless marriage. Kristen was relieved and ecstatic, although Marlena made it clear that one slip would cost Kristen her marriage. Susan's instability continued, and she almost blew Kristen's cover, but Vivian and Ivan helped get her out of the way. Hope happened upon Susan by chance and referred her to Marlena for help. Jack realized that by killing Peter, he hadn't given Jennifer a chance to deal with her feelings for Peter. Calling from prison, Jack apologized to Jennifer for Peter's death. Jennifer, in tears, took off Peter's wedding ring, and finally realized that she still loved Jack. Austin, realizing that if Sami went to Hawaii he would have to go with her, arranged for her to have therapy in Salem.
March 17 to 21, 1997
Kristen was forced to use Susan again when she realized John expected to see her nursing John Junior. Susan, depressed over losing "Elvis,", talked to Marlena professionally, but did not reveal her secret. After nursing the baby, she became more determined than ever to get him back for herself. Carrie and Austin planned to get away, but were almost thwarted by Sami's plans for Austin. Lucas had another falling-out with Kate over Austin. Kate had Austin's apartment redecorated as an excuse to look for Sami's blackmail envelope. Vivian accidentally injected Ivan with the anti-lactation drug meant for Susan. Ivan nearly tricked her into making love to him as part of the "cure," but Vivian caught on in time and set him up with his old nemesis, Olga. Jenn threw a wedding/baby shower for Kristen. Hope became increasingly depressed over Bo's seeming return to Billie. Billie nearly told Hope about Bo's undercover work, but Bo got her into the witness protection program and out of town. King questioned Bo about Billie's whereabouts and threatened him with a gun when Bo said she was out of town.
March 24 to 28, 1997
Things got ugly between Sami, Carrie, and Austin when Sami returned home unexpectedly while Austin and Carrie were together. Although Austin and Carrie managed to sneak Carrie out unseen, Sami gathered enough evidence to guess that Austin was having an affair, and a chance remark by Carrie led Sami to accuse the two of them. They managed to convince her that she was mistaken, but the opportunity to tell Sami the truth and end the charade almost overwhelmed Carrie. Sami was remorseful about accusing her beloved husband and sister of treachery, and more needy of Austin than ever. Carrie began to have serious doubts about her relationship with Austin. After several near-misses with Susan, Kristen took John Junior home from the hospital without telling her, hoping she would drop out of their lives. Instead, Susan felt betrayed and stormed over to the DiMera house, intending to confront John with the truth about the baby. Vivian and Ivan continued to jump through hoops to help Kristen, although Vivian was increasingly disgusted by Kristen's demands. Lucas schemed to get Sami home from the hospital early. Bo's well-intentioned plan to put Billie in the witness protection program nearly ended in disaster, as a mistrustful King prepared to kill Bo and had Max wire the Horton house to explode, with Hope, Shawn-D, and Alice Horton all inside. Only Billie's last-minute return prevented disaster, as King let Bo go and try to defuse the bomb. Bo disarmed the bomb with Billie's help, and Hope never knew she was in danger, but did see an affectionate embrace between Bo and Billie, and immediately assumed the worst. A passing illness of Abby's nearly unhinged Jack, who traded for another inmate's phone call by offering to do two months of backbreaking boiler room duty. Jenn finally realized she loved Jack, but their call was disconnected before Jack could hear her confession.
March 31 to April 4, 1997
Susan's newfound sense of power, prompted by her visits with Marlena, enabled her to push the issue of "Elvis" with Kristen, so that Kristen was forced to hire Susan as a baby nurse rather than risk having her expose the truth about John Junior's parentage. Marlena learned that Roman had disappeared during a dangerous assignment. Vivian and Ivan continued to help Kristen conceal her secrets, annoying John in the process. John was disturbed by Kristen's choice of Susan, who was clearly unstable, and tormented by continuing feelings for Marlena. Prompted by Lucas, Sami convinced Mike it was time for her to go home to Austin and Will, spoiling vacation plans for Austin and Carrie. Carrie reached her limit and had a date with Lucas while Austin sat home with Sami. Kate continued to fret about the blackmail papers, by chance failing to search the one doll where the documents were probably hidden. Hope was hurt and confused by mixed signals from Bo and Billie, especially when she learned they were moving in together. The deception tore Bo and Billie apart, nearly causing each of them to reveal the undercover operation to Hope. Jennifer continued to mourn Jack's imprisonment. Shawn-Douglas disobeyed Hope and went out with friends one night; the boys stumbled into a drug deal in an alleyway -- and a thug fired a gun, presumably shooting Shawn-Douglas.
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APRIL 1997
April 7 to 11, 1997
Shawn-D was critical for a while, but Mike was able to remove the bullet with surgery, and Shawn-D began to mend. Hope continued to be confused about Bo's feelings for her when she overheard him telling Shawn-D that he loved her and wanted to be a family, but Bo, fearing for her safety while he worked to expose King, told her he had lied to Shawn-D. Meanwhile, Bo tracked down Viper, Shawn-D's assailant, and scared him into naming King as his boss, but did not get a sworn statement. Billie told others that she was engaged to Bo, but everyone noticed she was not as happy as she should be about it. Lucas and Carrie grew closer as Austin's guilt over Sami's accident allowed Sami to take over Austin's life, pushing Carrie away. Sami even took away the haven of work by installing a state-of-the-art computer system at the apartment. Jack discovered that Jennifer loved him, but his appeal was denied when Stefano bought off the judge. A visit from Abby cheered Jack up, but broke his heart. Susan continued to fantasize about being with John. Stefano's contractor showed up to build a secret room onto the house so Kristen could stash Susan away if need be. Marlena had nightmares about Roman's safety and asked John to find out if he was all right, but a call from Shane appeared to upset John.
April 14 to 18, 1997
Viper escaped police custody without giving a sworn statement that King was his employer. A showdown in an alleyway outside the Snake Pit resulted in Viper's death and Bo getting shot, but Bo was unhurt because he was wearing his vest. A ballistics report revealed that neither Abe nor Bo had fired the fatal shot, leading them to suspect King but unable to prove anything. John heard from Shane, confirming the worst -- Roman Brady had been tortured and killed by terrorists in the Middle East while on a very dangerous undercover assignment. Marlena, devastated, felt responsible for his death because her affair with John had resulted in Roman's alienation. The news of Roman's death caused a hysterical Sami to have a memory flashback, and she remembered her mother's affair with John. The revelation left her needier than ever, and widened the growing rift between Austin and Carrie, while Lucas stood by to take advantage. John and Marlena grew close to admitting their feelings for each other. Susan hatched a plan to take over Kristen's identity permanently and began studying how to act and talk like her. Laura began to remember her kidnapping and returned to the Blake house, where an anxious Kristen, who had been following with Nurse Lynn, knocked her out from behind. Lynn returned Laura home and tried to convince Laura that the whole Blake house incident was a dream, but Laura insisted that Mike and Jennifer take her back. Kristen, still at the house and unprepared for them to return, was trapped in the secret room, with only her desperate strength keeping Laura from opening the secret room door and revealing all of Kristen's lies. At the prison, Travis convinced Jack to start looking for another man for Jennifer -- on the Internet.
April 21 to 25, 1997
Marlena wasn't convinced the body was Roman's until Major Dodd arrived with a confirmation letter from Shane. Laura tried to tell everyone at Peter's house about the secret room, but couldn't convince them. Kristen found Susan in John's bed, forced her out, and then took her place. Marlena's suspicions about Kristen continued to grow. Kate badgered Billie to marry Bo as soon as possible. Someone taped Roman's funeral. Austin kept getting interrupted when he tried to tell Sami the truth. Susan successfully fooled Vivian into thinking she was Kristen. Both John and Marlena received letters from Roman, giving them his forgiveness for their affair, and his blessing for their marriage. Austin told Sami he was going to explain about her missing four years.
April 28 to May 2, 1997
Bo was determined to take the drug cartel down, as he worked undercover. Hope thought Billie was using when she spotted her with a vial of cocaine. Bo called Billie to the pier. Hope followed with a cop, which upset Bo's plan, and Billie was arrested. John told Kristen that Marlena was moving in. Kristen showed Vivian and Ivan the secret room where she intended to keep Susan, who learned all about it. Kristen connived to have baby John Junior no longer be breastfed. The Brady clan gathered to bid Kim goodbye, as she returned to Los Angeles. Austin didn't tell Sami about Carrie. Susan thwarted Kristen's plan to get her into the secret room, and managed to get both Vivian and Ivan locked in it instead. John returned home with Marlena and the kids, with Kristen not knowing Susan was in her "Kristen" disguise upstairs.
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MAY 1997
May 5 to 9, 1997
Billie was stabbed in her prison cell as she awaited arraignment on drug charges. She was not badly hurt, but her close call convinced Bo not to tell Hope the truth, which would endanger her, too. The rift between Bo and Hope grew. Billie's arrest also widened the rift between Carrie and Austin, because Carrie believed Billie was guilty and Austin couldn't believe she didn't have more faith. Sami completely supported Austin, earning his gratitude and respect. Kate was also disappointed with Carrie's opinion. Lucas, realizing Austin would never let Carrie go if he knew Lucas was waiting in the wings, hatched a scheme to set Carrie up with Mike Horton to throw Austin off the trail. Mike, sad about the distance between him and his son, had the potential to be vulnerable to Lucas' schemes. Travis set up a scheme to convince Jack that Jennifer needed a man to protect her and Abby. Jennifer was more devoted to freeing Jack and being with him than ever, but Jack was beginning to have doubts. A series of clues led Marlena to the discovery of Kristen's schemes involving Susan, the baby, Laura, Peter, and Stefano. A confrontation between them turned violent, but no one was seriously hurt. Vivian and Ivan's part in the scheme was also uncovered. Marlena waited at the DiMera home for John to arrive so she could tell all.
May 12 to 16, 1997
Marlena figured out Kristen's evil schemes, but before she had a chance to tell John, Kristen overpowered her and locked her in the secret room. Everyone assumed Marlena's disappearance meant that Stefano was alive and had kidnapped her, except Celeste, who sensed that Susan had something to do with it. Franco got Billie out of prison, and the rift between Bo and Hope widened, as Bo seemed to blame Hope for Billie's arrest. Mike and Carrie got closer, because Austin needed to spend more time with Sami to deal with the news about Marlena. Lucas encouraged Mike to be with Carrie, thinking it would be easier to get Carrie away from Mike than from Austin. Austin started to feel jealous.
May 19 to 23, 1997
Knowing that a big drug deal was going down, Bo told Billie to have Kate get Hope and Franco out of town on a modeling assignment. The assignment was in Rome -- coincidentally, the site of the big drug deal where Bo and Billie would be going. They all left for Rome the same day. Kristen's scheme started to unravel when Laura got an order to have Peter's body exhumed. Kristen, Vivian, and Ivan were forced to dig up the coffin themselves. Susan discovered the video monitor, which showed Marlena. Carrie and Mike got closer when Mike bought a new car and Austin was forced to spend even more time with Sami. Austin wondered if he was losing Carrie. Lucas was there when Sami received a massive electric shock, which restored her lost memories.
May 26 to 30, 1997
Laura was determined to exhume Peter's coffin, but Kristen, Vivian, and Ivan got there first. The cremation of Daniel Scott's body got Kristen an urn of ashes to pass off as Peter's. Sami regained her memory, but faked still having amnesia to Austin. Bo and Billie, and Hope and Franco, arrived in Rome, not knowing the other couple was there. Susan attempted to get Marlena out of the secret room, but Kristen stopped her. Laura confronted Kristen about the exhumation; Kristen drugged her, which caused a breakdown. At the hospital, Lynn drugged her further. Marlena was a witness, through the monitor in the secret room. Carrie saved Will from drowning, and landed in the hospital. When Kristen went to check on Marlena, Susan followed and pushed her into the room, too, intending to impersonate her with John.
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JUNE 1997
June 2 to 6, 1997
King pushed Billie and Bo to get married in Rome, while Franco confessed his love to Hope and schemed to make her forget Bo. Sami and Lucas were up to their old tricks, scheming to push Austin and Carrie apart and Carrie and Mike together. Kate almost gave away Sami's secret, but the blackmail leverage Sami had prevented her. Lynn sedated Laura in the hospital. Susan locked Kristen in the secret room with Marlena and assumed Kristen's identity, fooling even Ivan and Vivian, until they spotted a double of Susan in a nun's habit and followed her back to the DiMera house, where Susan seemed shocked to see her. Marlena and Kristen, trapped like two bears in a cage, finally had a fistfight.
June 9 to 13, 1997
King pushed a reluctant Bo and a secretly delighted Billie to the altar in Rome, arranging a cruel surprise for everyone -- Hope and Franco as anonymous witnesses. Franco showed a new compassionate side, deepening Hope's friendship for him. Kristen and Marlena chafed at their enforced captivity, and both were tortured by images of Susan as Kristen nearly making love to John. Susan's scheme was almost unraveled by a tattoo on her ankle, which she managed to conceal. Sami and Lucas successfully drove Carrie and Austin further apart, using Mike as a wedge. Kate finally called Sami's bluff by arranging for Austin and Carrie to go away on business. Victor was so agitated by their fighting that he rose from his chair, only to cause another collapse and possible stroke. Laura began to emerge from her medicated haze, due to a miscommunication between Vivian, Lynn, and Susan. Vivian and Ivan nearly kidnapped Susan's twin, who was a nun, and wound up scrubbing floors at a convent for penance. And last, but certainly not least, the Phoenix had risen again -- Stefano DiMera returned to Salem.
June 16 to 20, 1997
Sami coerced Kate into offering Austin a fat promotion, which would take him away from Carrie at work, and a country house for him, Sami, and Will, which would take him away from Salem. Austin went along with the plan when he thought Carrie and Mike were getting too close. In spite of himself, Mike began to fall for Carrie, although her heart still belonged to Austin. Victor's stroke was confirmed, and he was unconscious. Stefano arrived to take Marlena away, never noticing that Kristen was actually Susan. Lynn spirited a semiconscious Laura away from the hospital to avoid Stefano's men. Jennifer met a new neighbor, Trent -- actually Jack's prison friend, Travis. Hope survived Billie and Bo's forced wedding, and Franco confessed his love for her again. The last stages of the drug deal were put into place. Vivian and Ivan helped sneak Stefano into the DiMera mansion on the wedding day, in return for the promise of Kristen's Titan shares. The wedding was shaping up to be a fiasco when Susan's bizarre costume choices, reminiscent of a Las Vegas Elvis revue, were revealed. Marlena and Kristen busted a hole through the wall of the secret room, but hit a gas line, filling their prison with the smell of gas.
June 23 to 27, 1997
All hell broke loose as Marlena and Kristen were found and Kristen was exposed. Aided by Lynn, Laura broke out of the hospital, a few steps ahead of Stefano's goons, and made her way to the DiMera house to astound the wedding guests with her accusations. Susan's identity was exposed, and Ivan told John where Kristen and Marlena were. He found them just in time to keep them from dying of carbon monoxide poisoning. After a vicious argument, John finally believed Marlena's side of the story, and Kristen broke down and confessed to the evil things she had done. Jennifer realized that Jack might be freed if Peter were alive. Just before she could be arrested, Kristen pulled a gun and threatened to shoot Marlena. In Rome, a crooked Interpol agent exposed Bo and Billie to King, and King imprisoned them aboard a drug ship. Sami tightened her hold on Austin, but noticed something strange about Will's blood type.
June 30 to July 4, 1997
With the help of the Roman police, Bo and Billie busted King, and Abe finally told Hope about the undercover operation just as Franco was about to get close to her. Together, they headed to Rome to meet Bo, unaware that Billie had requested that Bo make love to her one last time before he reunited with Hope. Sami discovered for sure that Lucas, and not Austin, was Will's father, and left the apartment late at night without her wheelchair to falsify the hospital records, but she was seen entering the hospital and, as she broke into the computer, was unaware that a suspicious Austin, Carrie, Mike, and Lucas were searching for her just feet away. Kristen, all her schemes exposed, snapped and tried to shoot Marlena, but John prevented tragedy, and Kristen, Vivian, and Ivan were arrested and jailed for kidnapping and conspiracy. John learned the whole truth about Kristen as he and Marlena finally admitted their feelings for each other and began to be intimate. Jennifer was ecstatic to learn that Peter was alive and Jack could be freed, but apprehensive when she realized Peter would go after her. Laura happily reconciled her differences with Jenn and Mike, and her sanity was fully vindicated. Susan and Elvis moved in with Marlena.
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JULY 1997
July 7 to 11, 1997
John and Marlena made love, and John asked Marlena to marry him. She joyfully accepted, after they cleared the way with Susan. Susan was only too happy to agree, thinking Elvis would return to her. She was still keeping a big secret about her baby's father's identity. Kristen, Vivian, and Ivan spent a day in jail until bail was set. Kristen still believed John would forgive her. A vengeful Kate kicked Vivian and Ivan out of the Kiriakis mansion. Hope's joy at learning about the undercover operation was dashed when her surprise visit to Rome ended in disaster -- she saw Bo and Billie passionately kissing and half-clothed on the bed. She assumed the worst, not telling Bo what she had seen and not sticking around to discover that Bo did not go through with it. King learned that Billie was alone in Rome after Bo left, and sent Max to eliminate her. Bo returned home and learned from Mrs. H. that Hope didn't want to see him. Sami was almost caught when she went to the hospital to alter Will's records -- unsuccessfully -- but managed to explain her sudden ability to walk by claiming she was worried about Marlena. Mickey devised a plan to free Austin of Sami. Jennifer visited Jack, and they hoped that they could prove Peter to be alive, although they were both worried that he might go after Jennifer. Travis/Trent installed the alarm system. Lucas wondered why Sami was suddenly so cold to him regarding Will, and resolved to get to the bottom of it. At the Penthouse Grill, John and Marlena announced their engagement, only to be shockingly interrupted by an animal howl from Kristen, who had shown up thinking John was throwing a birthday party for her.
July 14 to 18, 1997
Bo found Hope and Franco on Smith Island, just as Franco was slipping a friendship ring on Hope's finger. Kristen threatened to jump off a ledge and into John and Marlena's engagement party. Stefano posed as a waiter to try to kidnap Marlena. In Rome, Max grabbed Billie, tied her up, and held her prisoner. Vivian agreed to turn state's evidence against Stefano and Kristen, to stay out of jail. She had to divorce Victor, plus give up all her assets. Jack got out of jail. Kristen agreed to help Stefano with the wedding present he had for Marlena. On the wedding day, Kristen found Marlena alone in the church...and had someone wheel in her "gift," a wheelchair-bound man, face all bandaged, and apparently asleep. Marlena was shocked as she realized it was Roman Brady.
July 21 to 25, 1997
The Brady clan received the shock of their lives when Kristen took a man who claimed to be Roman Brady, whose death they had verified weeks before, to John and Marlena's wedding. Their shock was compounded when they learned that the man was indeed Roman, and he was dying of an incurable bacterial infection. John and Marlena were torn between joy at Roman's return, fear for his life, and fear that they would never be together. Sami used Roman to cement her future with Austin, although she had no idea Roman was dying. Carrie's despair drove her into Mike's willing arms, while Austin, who had received the annulment papers, misinterpreted everything he saw. Kate worried about Billie, and Bo flew to Rome to find her. Hope thought Bo was still with Billie and began to think about moving in with Franco. Billie fought for her sanity as Max injected her with heroin, and she had flashbacks of her junkie days with Curtis. Jack and Jenn's reunion was joyful, while Trent/Travis sweated it out in the house next door. Kristen and Stefano continued to plot to separate John and Marlena, but they were obviously less than thrilled with each other.
July 28 to August 1, 1997
Max got Billie hooked on heroin again. Bo looked all over Italy for Billie, but had no luck. Eric Brady returned home, where he was amazed to find his father weak, but alive. He promised Carrie he'd try to find out what Sami was up to, but hit a brick wall. Roman believed John and Kristen were happily married, Marlena was alone, Sami and Austin were happily married, and Carrie was in love with Mike. No one had the heart to tell him the truth. Sami found out that Roman was dying. Carrie and Mike flew off to Los Angeles to attend a medical conference, hoping to find information on Roman's illness. Austin walked in on Sami looking at the annulment papers. Hope was trying to get over Bo and looking for a place of her own. Jennifer and Jack nearly uncovered Trent/Travis' dual identity as Jack worried that he would be sent back to prison. Vivian and Ivan were penniless and moved into a sleazy part of town.
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August 4 to 8, 1997
Kristen lied to Roman about Marlena and John, giving him hope. Sami learned her marriage to Austin had been annulled. In Los Angeles Carrie pretended to be Mike's girl to offset Craig's teasing. Vivian tired of living in squalor and vowed to get a job. Roman had a seizure, but Marlena saved his life, with John's help. Sami plotted to win Austin back. Austin thought Carrie was over him, while out in Los Angeles, Carrie was upset thinking Austin had dumped her. John plotted to nab Stefano by putting a transmitter in Kristen's purse. It worked and led John and Abe to Stefano's hideout, where they arrested him.
August 11 to 15, 1997
Austin in Salem, and Carrie in Los Angeles, played telephone tag, constantly missing each other, at all the wrong times. Sami put a speaker in Austin's bedroom to transmit Will's voice, and sent Austin on a guilt trip. John and Abe led a manacled Stefano to see Roman, before taking him to jail. Stefano refused to admit Peter was alive, and insisted Jack had murdered Peter. In Rome, Bo searched for Billie, not realizing she had become hooked on drugs again. At Jack's trial, Stefano convinced Kristen to lie with him about Peter being alive. Mike and Carrie got in a rural car accident; he carried her unconscious body to a nearby barn, stripped off her wet clothes, and got under a blanket with her to warm her.
August 18 to 22, 1997
Bo found Billie in Rome and tried to talk her into going home, but she felt so worthless because of the drugs that she told him to leave her alone and be with Hope. Jennifer was devastated to lose Jack again as he was taken back to prison. Kristen plotted with Stefano to get him released. Vivian and Ivan were reduced to handing out coupons for a living and Susan and Kristen publicly humiliated them in a department store. Sami got Austin to propose to her again, but nearly blew her plan by leaving the incriminating baby book where Lucas could find it. Lucas and Eric both wondered why Sami was behaving so oddly. Kate was furious that she couldn't expose Sami. John told Marlena that Stefano claimed to have a cure for Roman, and they decided it was worth taking the chance of releasing him to find it. Abe told them the D.A. wouldn't allow it, so John decided to take matters into his own hands. Austin tried to contact Carrie again, but when he was unable to reach her, he assumed she was vacationing with Mike and had forgotten about him. Mike nearly lost his life when a rattlesnake bit him, but Carrie's quick thinking and help from a tow truck driver got him to the doctor in time. The doctor prescribed a drug cocktail that might extend Roman's life. Sami told Carrie about the upcoming "renewal" of vows.
August 25 to 29, 1997
Bo arrested Max and discovered what he had done to Billie. He found her and promised to help her. Jennifer visited Jack in jail and said she would find a way to get him out soon. John got unexpected help from Lexie when she revealed where Abe kept the security code to Stefano's cell, but both of them lost Abe's trust when he discovered John breaking into his computer. Abe reluctantly agreed to look the other way and let John break Stefano out. Sami's wedding was delayed after Eric told Roman that something was going on, and Roman faked a fall in the church to give Eric time to investigate. Carrie and Mike returned from Los Angeles. Carrie learned that Austin had gotten the annulment, but was marrying Sami, anyway, due to a twisted sense of obligation. Eric and Carrie's last-minute investigation led them to the hospital, where they asked Mike, who had confessed his love for Carrie to Laura, to help them stop the wedding for good.
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September 1 to 5, 1997
Bo helped Billie through the first stages of withdrawal in Rome. Hope visited Stefano at the jail and told him she'd soon remember her missing years at Maison Blanche, and he'd better watch out. Stefano engineered it so that Lexie, Abe, and John conspired to release him from prison to look for the cure for Roman. Susan revealed that Elvis Presley was her baby's father, but in a Stefano flashback, it was revealed that it was only Stefano disguised as Elvis. Vivian and Ivan ran into an eccentric millionaire named Jonesy who had a soft spot for Vivian, who thought he might be the key to regaining their fortunes. Carrie and Mike discovered that Will was not Austin's son, and rushed to the church just in time to stop Sami from marrying Austin. Lucas looked at the blood test results and realized that he was Will's father, and announced it to the shocked wedding guests. Roman was still sick, but stronger after using the drugs Carrie and Mike had found out about. Everyone was shocked by Sami's lies. Austin proposed to Carrie, and Mike asked her to postpone the wedding, but didn't tell her he loved her.
September 8 to 12, 1997
Carrie finally married Austin, despite Sami's best attempts to ruin the wedding. She did manage to ruin the reception by running in insanely and snatching the bouquet from Jennifer, who hoped to catch it as a sign of her future with Jack. Austin and Carrie had a happy, romantic wedding night, even though Sami got him to go over and comfort Will. Mike was depressed at losing Carrie, but happy for her. Lucas and Austin reached a new understanding, united by their love for Will, who they finally knew was Lucas' son and not Austin's. Sami threatened to expose Kate again. Billie was going through withdrawal hell in Rome, with Bo helping her every step of the way. They called Kate and told her they were touring Italy, so Hope believed her chance with Bo was gone. Franco invited her to go away with him, but she refused. John sprung Stefano from prison, and they got on a plane to the jungle, where the cure for Roman would be found. Kristen accompanied them, and they had a surprise stowaway -- Hope, who wanted to remember Stefano's secret. Susan's sister Mary vowed to uncover the secret of Elvis' parentage. Stefano paid a visit to his baby son. Marlena worried about John and his reputation once the story that he had helped Stefano escape was leaked.
September 15 to 19, 1997
Vivian and Ivan endured more humiliating jobs, and Vivian decided to impersonate Jonesy's Flora Dora, dressing like a flapper and dancing with the eccentric millionaire, until he asked her and Ivan to locate his "Baba." Carrie and Austin went on their honeymoon to Rome, where they tried to hook up with Bo and Billie but kept missing them. Billie got out of her room and tried to score drugs, but Bo and Petra had arrested Dino; Bo found Billie on a park bench and took her back to her room. She was haunted by hallucinations of Curtis and almost died, while Bo's spirit did battle with Curtis'. Sami plotted to get Austin back and got a scolding from Sister Mary about respect and righteousness. Roman found out John and Stefano were gone and assumed John was trying to catch Stefano. Roman tried to romance Marlena. Jennifer went undercover as her cousin Hope to get a job as a prison guard, where she was reunited with Jack. Travis tried to block her every move. Stefano revealed the depths of his obsession in the jungle, where a whole room was dedicated to Marlena; he imprisoned John and Hope, but they escaped, and he finally showed them the lab where his scientists were working on a cure for Roman. Stefano was afraid of what Hope might remember from Maison Blanche.
September 22 to 26, 1997
Bo defeated Curtis in a spiritual battle for Billie's soul, symbolizing Billie's victory over drug addiction. Billie and Bo finally met up with Austin and Carrie in Rome. Sami engineered getting a job at the hospital and sent Mike Horton to Rome for a medical conference, making sure he was booked at the same hotel as Carrie and Austin. Laura and Kate had a vicious confrontation in which Laura vowed that Kate would one day be repaid for her gloating. Vivian and Ivan held a wacky sťance to convince Jonesy that they could bring back his dead Baba -- with Ivan in drag -- again -- as Madame Marais, the seer, and Vivian disguised as none other than Elvis Presley, while Susan and Sister Mary looked on. Jennifer started working as a guard, using Hope's credentials, at Jack's prison. TC and Travis continued to work against Jack and Jennifer for Stefano. Roman declared his undying love for Marlena again, and Marlena almost told him the truth about her love for John, but stopped short. John and Hope grew closer as they tried to uncover Stefano's secret in the jungle, but didn't find anything out. When a lab assistant dropped the one precious vial containing Roman's cure, everyone thought there was no hope of retrieving the essential flower to make a new batch, which grew ten miles away through hostile jungle, with the natives in a deadly uprising -- until John Black volunteered to go. In Salem, Marlena had a premonition of danger for John.
September 29 to October 3, 1997
John and Hope set off in search of the orchid for Roman's cure, through hostile jungle, where they encountered danger at every turn. They saved each other's lives a few times, but ended up weaponless and vulnerable on a ledge halfway down a cliff with a fire approaching. Stefano and Kristen waited at the compound, Kristen furious that Stefano wouldn't allow her to accompany John, and Stefano relieved that one way or another, Hope was out of the picture for a while. Back in Salem, Jennifer and Jack figured out that Stefano was probably behind Jack's sentencing, and Jennifer tried to load a program into the warden's computer to help Jack access the Internet, but TC caught her, and he had ideas of his own about Jennifer. Sami was satisfied that her scheme to break up Carrie and Austin was going full speed ahead with Mike in Rome. Mike ran into Deborah, a gorgeous old colleague who had just gotten divorced. They encountered Carrie and Austin at a festival, and Mike realized his feelings for Carrie were as strong as ever. A misleading conversation with her gave him false hope that she might love him back. Mike prescribed drugs to help Billie through her withdrawal, and Austin found out about the sham marriage and Billie's re-addiction. In Salem, Vivian found out Baba was actually a sheep and pulled off a scheme to convince Jonesy that it was okay for him to see his Flora Dora, but was unaware that Jonesy was just a caretaker, and all her effort to land a rich man was wasted. Marlena was close to telling Roman the truth about her love for John.
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October 6 to 10, 1997
Hope and John escaped the fire in a cave, where Hope saved John's life once more. Natives captured Hope, and John saved her life. They found the flower by accident, but before they could get it, Stefano and Kristen arrived in a helicopter to rescue them. Hope went up the ladder, but John stayed to get the flower, until he was clubbed by a native and fell down the cliff into the water, where he was left for dead. TC attacked Jennifer, and Jack rescued her. Jenn got locked in Jack's cell overnight and was nearly caught. Sami blackmailed Kate to fly her to Rome so she could work on breaking up Carrie and Austin. Mike decided to try to make things work with Deborah once he realized Carrie and Austin really loved each other. Billie began to recover from her addiction with the help of Mike's prescription and Bo's decision to try to recapture their love, since Kate jad told him Hope was with Franco. Vivian and Ivan moved into Jonesy's townhouse and found out all might not be as it seemed. Roman and Marlena went to the cabin on Smith Island, where they recaptured some of their old feelings, but Roman had a relapse and ended up in the hospital, fighting for his life.
October 13 to 17, 1997
TC almost caught Jenn when Abby recognized her in her guard disguise while visiting Jack, but some fast talking threw him off the trail. Jenn promised to get the warden's password for Jack. Abby had a birthday party with Maggie, Mickey, Alice, and Jenn. Sami flew to Rome, and Franco confronted her; he finally agreed to be her accomplice if she could help him get Hope, warning her that if she screwed up, she would pay. Sami stole Carrie's diary and got some information to help her with her plan to encourage Carrie to fall for Mike. Mike and Deborah got closer, but there was an obvious tension between Mike and Carrie that Carrie didn't even recognize. Billie and Bo got closer, but Bo kept sensing that Hope was in danger. A fortuneteller told Billie that Bo's other love was in great danger, but Billie chose not to pass on the message. Roman had a talk with Eric and told him he was going to have to be the man of the family after Roman died. Marlena began to realize she still had feelings for Roman, and was more concerned about him than about John. In the jungle, John survived the fall from the cliff, but natives captured him. He escaped and made it back to the compound area in time to see Hope, Kristen, and Stefano preparing to leave, with the natives between John and safety. A native aimed a poison dart at Hope.
October 20 to 24, 1997
Jennifer and Jack were no further along toward obtaining the warden's password, but TC and Travis figured out that there was a connection between the new guard "Williams" and Jennifer Deveraux when Travis picked up TC's call to Williams at Jennifer's house. In Rome, Sami and Franco used a special song Sami had read about in Carrie's diary to make Mike and Carrie think about each other. Carrie finally realized her feelings for Mike might not be completely innocent. Deborah learned that Mike loved Carrie. Bo committed himself to Billie again and decided it was time for him to forget about making a life with Hope by making love to Billie. In Salem, Celeste had a vision about Susan and led her to a strange house, which she said was connected to the father of Susan's child. Roman, hanging by a thread, told Eric that his final wish was to be married to Marlena before he died, and Eric told Marlena. Marlena talked to John and learned that he was safe, but that they couldn't get the cure for Roman. John, who had been hit by a poison dart, was saved in the nick of time, but during his delirium, he hallucinated that Hope was Marlena. Her decision to give John strength by preserving his illusion probably bought him enough time to save his life. Hope and John were on the verge of breaking in to Stefano's secret room.
October 27 to 31, 1997
TC exposed Jennifer's disguise, nearly got her arrested, and had all of Jack's privileges taken away. Jenn tried to give Jack the password to the warden's computer in an illicit phone call, but TC found them and promised to throw Jack in solitary. Bo and Billie went to a romantic inn in Italy to try to recapture their love. Bo had a premonition of danger for Hope. Debra was about to tell Carrie that Mike loved her when Austin told Carrie that Roman was dying and they had to get home. Sami overheard and got on the same plane to Salem as Mike, Carrie, and Austin. Celeste and Susan infiltrated Jonesy's house in Halloween disguises, but were found out when their attempt to get into the cellar set off an alarm, alerting Vivian, Ivan, and Jonesy. Roman and Marlena decided to get married in St. Luke's and began to take their vows. Dr. Rolf completed Roman's cure, and Stefano, Kristen, John, and Hope left the compound and made it back to Salem, despite various misadventures, only to discover that Roman was neither in his hospital bed nor in the hospital chapel, as they had been told.
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November 3 to 7, 1997
Vivian discovered a cache of jewels and money in Jonesy's mansion and held a fake marriage ceremony, with Ivan dressed as a pastor, to get Jonesy to write her into his will. Hope, John, Stefano, and Kristen burst into St. Luke's with the cure, just in time to stop Roman from remarrying Marlena. Mike returned from Rome with Carrie and Austin, and arrived at the hospital in time to analyze and administer the cure for Roman, but although it stabilized him at first, Roman's body began to reject the cure. Marlena had conflicting feelings about whether she loved John or Roman more. Eric got angry at Marlena for still having feelings for John, but they reconciled. Sister Mary Moira caught Sami in her nun disguise, and punished her by exposing her Rome adventure to Carrie, Austin, and Mike, and by making her wash habits in the convent. Bo and Billie remained in Italy while Hope went home to Shawn-D. Stefano gave needed blood antibodies to Roman in exchange for a promise from Marlena to forgive him for his past atrocities and to try to help him become accepted in Salem society. Lexie rushed to accept Stefano, but Abe and Celeste were more cautious. Stefano met with his son Elvis again, although nobody else was aware that Susan's child was Stefano's son. Jennifer made Stefano promise that nothing would happen to Jack in prison. Unable to contact Stefano, Travis and TC decided that Jack was getting too dangerous and nearly had him killed in a machine press -- until a last-minute phone call from Stefano saved his life. Jenn worried constantly about Jack's safety, and they began to pass notes to each other through a trustee's girlfriend -- until TC caught Herb, the trustee, handing Jack a note. Travis and TC decided that if they couldn't hurt Jack, they'd go after Jennifer, and Travis went to Jenn's house with a gun.
November 10 to 14, 1997
Vivian enlisted Dr. Wu's help to keep Jonesy awake long enough to write his will out in her name, but he didn't quite get around to it. Stefano dramatically saved Roman's life again by devising a special drug cocktail that Roman's weakened body could accept. John made Marlena promise they would tell Roman they were in love as soon as he woke up. Eric continued to resent John's presence in Marlena's life. Lucas threatened Sami that he would take Will from her if her evil schemes ever affected his well-being. Mike received a pocket watch from Carrie and Austin, and continued to pine for Carrie. Celeste continued to have premonitions about Susan's child. When she told Susan her baby's father was coming for him, Susan assumed she meant Elvis Presley and began to prepare for his arrival. Kristen learned that Stefano was little Elvis' father, and made him promise to let her raise the child with John if she would help him with his master plan. She gave Susan a drugged peanut butter and banana sandwich so that Stefano could gain access to the child, but Susan woke up and caught Stefano about to cut a lock of the baby's hair. Travis kidnapped Jennifer and threw her family off the trail, until Mickey learned the true identity of "Trent" from Jack. TC listened as Jack and Mickey figured out that Jenn had been kidnapped.
November 17 to 21, 1997
Roman began to recover rapidly, and Eric suggested that he move in with Marlena at the penthouse, much to Marlena and John's chagrin. But Marlena felt so guilty about her affair with John that she said yes. Susan figured out that Stefano was Elvis' father, but he threatened to take the child away from her if she ever blabbed, so she moved into the convent for protection. Everyone was shocked to learn of Jennifer's kidnapping, and Laura was beside herself with worry about Jennifer, and anger at Peter and Stefano. Jennifer nearly escaped Travis several times, but he always caught her. Herbie showed Jack an old blocked escape tunnel, and Jack drew on superhuman reserves of strength and busted out of prison, making his way to Laura's room and Trent's house to pick up clues about Jennifer. Hope, Bo, and Billie were reunited at Jenn's house, and Billie was dismayed to see that Hope and Bo were obviously still very much in love. Carrie and Austin were blissful newlyweds, oblivious to Mike's love for Carrie.
November 24 to 28, 1997
Roman moved back into Marlena's penthouse and began to try to romance her, planting big kisses on her at the slightest excuse. John simmered and had dinner with Kristen, but refused to tolerate her insinuations about Roman and Marlena. John, Bo, Abe, and Roman worked on Jennifer's kidnapping case together. Lexie got Stefano to admit that Peter was alive. Kristen convinced Susan that baby Elvis would be better off with Kristin raising him, because only she could protect him from the DiMera curse. Jennifer and Travis left the hotel in disguises, while Jack kidnapped TC, who led him to the hotel only seconds after Jennifer and Travis had gone. Jack tracked them to a gas station, where he saved the owners from a gunman and escaped. Jennifer got a message to Jack through Abby that they were headed toward the Grand Canyon, and Jack let Abe and his men know. Jennifer and Travis made it to the Grand Canyon, where Peter was scheduled to pick Jennifer up, but Jennifer jumped out of the car when they heard police sirens. Peter, in the jungle, was bitten by some sort of poisonous bug and began to get delirious. Hope and Bo cleared up their misunderstandings, but wondered if they would have a chance to get back together. Billie vowed that she would never lose Bo again, and Franco vowed not to lose his chance with Hope. Sami called Kate's bluff by exposing some corporate secrets to a tabloid, but Kate and Lucas knew there was much more where that came from, unless Kate did Sami's bidding. Lucas told Austin and Carrie that Sami was blackmailing Kate, but they did not learn the details.
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December 1 to 5, 1997
Roman began to have his suspicions that things about John, Kristen, and Marlena were being kept from him, especially when he had dinner with Eric, John, and Kristen and noticed the tension between Kristen and John. Sami tried to pry Eric's secrets out of him, but he insisted there were none, and suggested they focus on their common goal -- getting John out of the way so Marlena and Roman could get back together. Susan began to have nightmares about baby Elvis growing up to be demonic like his father Stefano, and prepared to hand the child over to Kristen. Marlena overheard Kristen telling someone she was about to get her baby back. Jennifer left a message for Jack in the dirt of the cave in the Grand Canyon, and he figured out that Travis had taken her to his parents' cabin. Jack was nearly captured by a separatist militiaman. The man let him go, but informed him that Travis was very dangerous. Travis took Jenn up to his parents' cabin, where it soon became apparent to Jenn that something about the cabin put Travis on the edge of a nervous breakdown. Peter's mosquito bite worsened into jungle madness, which made him abnormally strong, but delusional and in great pain. He called Stefano to ask for help, and Stefano told him to go to the compound in the jungle, where Dr. Rolf met him. Billie began to turn the neediness screws on Bo, telling him that she would need his support if she testified against Max, and reminding him of all the promises he had made to her in Rome. Hope ran into Max at the station, and he told her about Billie's addiction in Rome.
December 8 to 12, 1997
Roman became suspicious of John's relationship with Marlena after hearing a message on Marlena's answering machine from John, and learning about the garnet necklace John had given Marlena. Before Marlena could tell him the truth, Roman decided that the necklace and phone calls were gestures of friendship, and apologized to Marlena for ever doubting her and John. John figured out Peter's location after Lexie overheard Stefano having a conversation with Bart, and headed to the jungle, but bad weather prevented him from landing, and he had to return to Salem. Eric plotted to keep Marlena and Roman together by digging up a box of family mementos at Caroline's. Sami badgered Kate into giving her Vivian's old job and office at Titan; Lucas, Austin, and Carrie wondered what she was up to. The story about Kate's corporate ruthlessness broke in the tabloids, causing Kate embarrassment, but Sami assured her it was nothing compared to what she would feel if her children and the world found out about her past as a hooker and her plot with Franco to break up Bo and Hope. Susan changed her mind about giving Elvis to Kristen, but Kristen drugged her eggnog and tricked her into signing papers for Kristen to adopt Elvis. When Susan realized she had signed over custody, she fell into despair. Marlena nearly uncovered Kristen's plot, and warned her that if she messed with Susan and Elvis, Marlena would make her sorry for it. Jack climbed up the mountain toward Jennifer, but fell and was injured several times. Travis saw him and rolled a boulder down on him, thinking he killed him, but Jack survived the fall. As a precaution, Travis called in an anonymous tip to the park rangers about Jack's whereabouts. Meanwhile, Jennifer got into the cabin cellar and uncovered the truth about Travis -- that he had murdered his parents. She became terrified that Travis would kill her, too, if he found her down there. Peter realized he had left Jennifer's necklace behind, and in a maddened state, he left the compound, and a tiger attacked him. Rolf finished the cure, but couldn't find Peter. Hope told Bo she knew about Billie's addiction and told him to stay with her until after the trial, fully expecting that they would be together afterward. Bo didn't tell her of the commitment he had made to Billie when he thought Hope was with Franco. Franco tried to talk Hope out of committing to Bo again, and Billie tried to seduce Bo.
December 15 to 19, 1997
Eric enlisted the help of Sami, Carrie, and Austin to surprise Roman and Marlena at the penthouse with a Brady family tree-trimming party. Marlena and Roman shared some happy memories, leaving John feeling like an outsider, which was just fine with Eric and Sami. Marlena and John decided to wait until after the holidays to tell Roman about their love. John, Marlena, and Celeste all became suspicious of Kristen's involvement with Susan, and figured out that Stefano was probably the father of Susan's baby. Celeste and Marlena discovered that Susan had left the convent, while John pretended to forgive Kristen in order to lure her into giving away her evil plan. After contemplating suicide in her despair, Susan took a train to Capital City and consulted with a mysterious figure named Thomas, who agreed to return to Salem to help her get her baby back. Stefano continued to lie about Peter, all the while warning Kristen not to get involved in his plans for baby Elvis. Billie's attempt to seduce Bo failed, and he admitted he still loved Hope. Billie, prompted by Kate, vowed to do anything to hang on to Bo. After single-handedly killing a tiger, Peter took the cure for the jungle madness, but left his medication behind when he flew toward the Grand Canyon to pick up Jennifer. A park ranger captured Jack, but Jack assaulted him and stole his uniform and gun to find Jennifer, making Jack an armed and dangerous felon. Jennifer attacked Travis and escaped the cabin, locking him in the cellar, but Travis got out and shot Jack in the arm. After a scuffle with Jack on a cliff, Travis tumbled to his death, while Jack was reunited with Jennifer.
December 22 to 26, 1997
Dr. Wu pronounced Jonesy healthy as could be, and Jonesy wanted to consummate his marriage to Vivian. While Salemites shopped in Salem Place, Jack and Jen hid in a cave near the Grand Canyon, while Peter was flying overhead, looking for them. The man found dead in the Canyon was Travis. Salemites gathered to light the Salem Mall tree and sing carols. Susan returned with Thomas to get her baby, Elvis. Kristen opened the door to Sister Moira, and Kristen and Thomas were astonished to meet "the Banks triplets." The Hortons hung their traditional ornaments. Bo read the Christmas story at the hospital. The Bradys celebrated Kim being there with Andrew and Jeanie. Salem celebrated Christmas everywhere. Stefano helped John to give Susan her baby back. . Jack and Jen got back safely, but Peter, who was very ill, was still looking for Jen. Roman gifted Marlena with their old house, hoping to get a clean bill of health, so they could be married.
December 29, 1997 to January 2, 1998
Laura helped Jack escape the Horton household without the FBI -- or Jennifer -- knowing about it, but Peter returned to Salem in time to follow Laura and hide out in the back of Jack's rental car. John and Marlena devised a plan to outwit both Kristen and Stefano and get Susan legal custody of Elvis and smuggle her out of town. Stefano revealed his paternity of Elvis and vowed to get the baby back. Carrie and Mike had more trouble hiding their feelings from themselves and others as they got closer at the New Year's Eve fundraiser. Franco convinced Sami to try to make Austin jealous by hanging out with Franco. Eric and Sami vowed to find love in 1998. Billie fainted after watching Hope and Bo have a heart-to-heart. Roman got a clean bill of health and bought an engagement ring for Marlena. Kristen, infuriated by Elvis and Susan's escape and Marlena's gloating, sent Roman to the Alamain jet, where he saw Marlena and John locked in a passionate embrace.
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