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January 7 to 11, 2013
Sami blasted Kristen and Brady about their relationship then said that she would make things right again in the family. Brady played into Kristen's hands and cut off ties with his family to be with her. Marlena admitted to John that she had known about Brady and Kristen's affair for a long time. John decided that he needed some time away from Marlena to sort things out and checked into a hotel. Caroline and Kayla received news from Stephanie that would change Daniel's life. Chloe showed up at Daniel's apartment and said Parker was his biological son. Daniel was overjoyed to see and spend time with his son. Later, Daniel reassured Jennifer that he loved her, and that Parker would not get between them. Chloe told Nicole that she wanted Daniel back and found an ally in an old friend at the hospital that might help her. Kate and Chloe had a run-in about Parker, and Kate was determined to get revenge. Cameron realized that Nick was not the father of Gabi's baby. Gabi met with Cameron to ensure he kept her secret, but while they talked, someone eavesdropped. Gabi asked Will to be the godfather of her baby, but Nick convinced them that it was not a good idea, and alienated Will again in the process. Rafe told Sami that he wanted to be with her after the wedding. Chad accepted Abigail's offer to be her date at the wedding, with his own agenda in mind. As Gabi and Nick's wedding was about to conclude, Chad announced to shocked guests that Nick was not the father of Gabi's baby.
January 14 to 18, 2013
Chad revealed that Nick was not the father of Gabi's baby led Rafe and Chad to blows. Will admitted to family and friends that he was the father. Sami was furious with Gabi for lying to her about the baby's paternity and trying to pass Nick off as the father. Later, Sami and Rafe had an intense argument over her son and his sister. Nick learned that Lucas had gone to prison to protect Will. Cameron defended Abby when Chad tried to apologize to her. Marlena confided in Hope about her rocky marriage and how she wished she could make Brady see the truth about Kristen. Marlena's plan to get Kristen to admit her plan on tape failed after Kristen caught on to what she was doing. Brady was curious about a torn note he found in Kristen's room. John learned the reason that Marlena hadn't told him about Kristen and Brady's affair. He told her that he was leaving town and needed time to think about their marriage. Kristen told Stefano about her plan to take down Marlena. Brady caught up with Chloe and learned that Parker was Daniel's son. Kate told Jennifer about Chloe's past as a prostitute and encouraged her to tell Daniel for Parker's sake. Jennifer decided not to tell Daniel about Chloe's past. Chloe used what Jennifer knew, and with Anne's help, set Jennifer up to look bad in Daniel's eyes. Sami did her best to give Will advice about becoming a parent.
January 21 to 25, 2013
Rafe accused Sami and E.J. of manipulating Gabi and Will. E.J. offered to help Will fight for custody of his child. Nick asked Justin for legal advice on how to win custody of Will's child. Nick pressured Will to give up the legal rights to his baby, but the plan backfired. Will was elated to see the first sonogram of his daughter. Sonny couldn't forgive Will for lying to him. Adrienne and Sami had words over their sons. Lucas and Sami argued over her erratic love life, but they put their personal feelings aside and agreed to support Will as his parents. Chad apologized again to Cameron, who seemed more receptive the second time around. Eric forced Brady and Kristen to resign from the church board. Eric told Brady that his actions were causing a rift in John and Marlena's marriage, but Brady didn't seem to care. John and Marlena shared an emotional goodbye, while Kristen enjoyed the moment. Chloe played on Jennifer's good heart and made Jennifer feel guilty about her relationship with Daniel. Later, Chloe asked Daniel if she and Parker could move in with him.
January 28 to February 1, 2013
Nicole tried to frame Kristen so that she would look guilty in Brady's eyes. Brady was suspicious of Kristen when he found Titan files on her computer, but later realized that Nicole had set her up. Brady confronted Nicole and warned her to stay out of his personal life. Marlena blasted Kristen about her plan to ruin Brady's life. Marlena admitted to Brady that she had worn a wire to try to prove that Kristen was using him to get back at her and John. Brady was furious that Kristen had lied to him, but she covered her tracks and coaxed Brady back into her bed. Jennifer asked Daniel to go on a romantic trip after a run-in with Chloe. Billie accepted a new job in Europe and said a tearful goodbye to Kate. Rafe told E.J. that he and Sami had planned to reunite before the turn of events at Nick and Gabi's wedding. Sami and E.J. got back together. Rafe warned Sami to stop harassing Gabi. Will was heartbroken when he saw Brian and Sonny kissing. Nick was not happy that Rafe convinced Gabi to postpone the wedding. Nick planned to use Will's criminal past to get what he wanted. Abigail and Cameron agreed to meet and talk things out. Chloe was determined to find a way to interfere with Daniel and Jennifer's plans.
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February 4 to 8, 2013
Brady fought with Sami after he learned that she and E.J. had reunited. Kristen thought of a new way to get back at John. She tried to convince Brady to marry her so that she could dump him at the altar. Gabi asked Nick about his scar, but he told her that he didn't want to talk about what had happened to him in prison. Rafe and Sami had a terrible fight about the custody of Will and Gabi's baby. Will gave his apartment key back to Sonny. Hope questioned Nicole about the stolen Titan files. Sami urged Will to get a paternity test to establish his rights to Gabi's child. Jennifer asked Nicole to fill her in on Chloe's plans for Daniel. Jennifer, Daniel, Brady, and Kristen drove to Chicago for a night on the town. Jennifer lied to Chloe about where she and Daniel were going on their date. Kristen acted drunk to try to get Brady to propose marriage. Chloe and Anne devised a plan to get between Daniel and Jennifer. Parker ended up at the hospital with a high fever, and Chloe was frantic to contact Daniel. Nicole fought her feelings for Eric. Nick devised a plan to keep Will away from Will's baby girl. Nick sent Lucas an anonymous text message. Lucas panicked, called Will, and then asked him who else knew that Will had shot E.J. Nick taped Lucas and Will's conversation as part of his plan to get Will out of the way permanently.
February 11 to 15, 2013
Kristen faked being drunk to show her vulnerable side to try to get Brady to propose to her. Brady explained to Kristen the reason why he couldn't marry her. Kristen seemed truly moved by Brady's feelings and considered calling off her plan for revenge. Parker's brief illness caused Daniel and Chloe to spend time together. Jennifer had a run-in with Anne and realized that Anne and Chloe were scheming to break up her and Daniel. Jennifer and Daniel argued over why she had lied to Chloe the night that Parker was sick. Marlena did not react well to Sami's news that she and E.J. were back together. Sami thought that E.J. had bought her an engagement ring. Sami was embarrassed when she learned that the ring she'd found in E.J.'s pocket was part of an advertising campaign. Nicole thought about telling Eric the truth about her feelings for him. Stefano called Kate and ruined her day. Kate and Rafe commiserated about their love lives, had too much to drink, and woke up the next morning in bed together. Rafe and Kate confronted Nick in order to protect Gabi and Will's rights. Nick continued to lie to Gabi about his plan to keep Will away from the baby. Will and Lucas tried to figure out who had sent them the threatening text message. Will misunderstood the meaning of Sonny's Valentine gift. Victor spent time with Caroline, his past love. Cameron learned something interesting about Abigail's past.
February 18 to 22, 2013
Chloe purposely provoked Victor so that he would throw her out of the mansion. Chloe couldn't wait to tell Jennifer that she and Parker had moved in with Daniel. Jennifer and Daniel argued about Chloe's mission to break them up. Jennifer told Daniel that he had to cut all ties with Chloe or else their relationship would never work out. Nick had memories of a traumatic event from his time in prison. Nicole couldn't deal with her feelings for Eric and decided to leave town. Nicole walked in on a junkie who held Eric at gunpoint. Eric was injured in an attempt to save Nicole from the robber. While Nicole believed Eric was unconscious, she told him that she loved him. Marlena's run-in with Kristen prompted Kristen to say yes to Brady's invitation to move in with him. Later, Kristen told Brady that the only way that they could live together was if he moved into the DiMera mansion with her. Brady told Kristen that he could not accept her ultimatum and walked out on her. Brady's actions forced Kristen to move forward with her plan for revenge. Sami and Gabi argued about why she had not scheduled the paternity test. Gabi soon developed stomach pains, and Will and Rafe rushed her to the hospital. Sami's attempt to apologize for her actions seemed to cause more problems for everyone. Gabi and the baby were out of danger, but the doctors warned the family that Gabi had to avoid stress. Nick was furious with Sami and handed her a stern warning. Sonny and Will bonded during the baby crisis. Sonny read Will's heartfelt letter. Cameron learned that Abigail was still a virgin.
February 25 to March 1, 2013
Kristen lied to Brady about Stefano's health and convinced Brady to move in with her. Brady was furious when he overheard Kristen tell Stefano that she had tricked Brady to move in with her. Kristen panicked and reeled Brady back in when she shared with him the horrible things that had happened to her during the time that she had been away from Salem. John and Marlena tried to reach each other with Brady's news, but they couldn't connect. Sonny and Will reconciled then made love. Nick went to see Will and demanded that he give up his parental rights to the baby. When Will refused, Nick revealed that he had proof that Will, not Lucas, had shot E.J. Nick encouraged Will to do the right thing or else face prison time. Nick told Gabi to name him as the baby's father on the birth certificate and not to worry about Will or Sami. Nick assured Gabi that he would protect her and the baby. Will told Lucas that Nick knew the truth about E.J.'s shooting. Sami's attempt to threaten Nick backfired after she learned Nick had blackmailed Will. Lucas and Sonny tried to talk Will out of turning himself in to the police. Nick had Will and his family right where he wanted them. Nick handed Will a legal document and forced him to sign away his parental rights. Lucas, Sami, E.J., and Sonny stood by, powerless to help Will. Eric's life was in danger again, but he talked down the junkie that had attacked him and Nicole earlier. Nicole almost told Eric the truth about her feelings for him. Eric asked Abe to help start a prisoner's outreach program. Chloe and Abigail came to blows in Horton Square. Jennifer told Daniel that she wanted to break up with him.
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MARCH 2013
March 4 to 8, 2013
Will confronted Nick, who admitted that he had forced Will to give up his parental rights because he was gay. Nick justified his actions and told Will that he and Gabi would provide a more stable home for the baby. Nick moved up his plans to marry Gabi. Nick started to open up to Gabi about his time in prison, but she was concerned about what he did not tell her. Sami and E.J. plotted to get Nick out of Will's life. Kristin invited Chad to move into the mansion. Nicole almost confided in Chloe about her feelings for Eric but changed her mind. Victor and Maggie learned of Brady's plans to move into the DiMera mansion with Kristen. Nancy arrived in Salem to help Chloe with Parker as well as to help her get Daniel back. Kayla and Maxine's plan to get Daniel and Jennifer back together didn't work out as planned. Anne called Chloe and reported that Daniel and Jennifer had left Maxine's party and planned to meet in Horton Square. Nancy, to clear the way for Chloe, found a way to ruin Daniel and Jennifer's evening. Later, Chloe took full advantage of Daniel, who was quite drunk. Kate asked Rafe about the status of their relationship. Chad reached out to Abigail, who was upset about her fight with Chloe. John surprised Brady with a visit to the DiMera mansion. John gave Brady a special gift to remind him of his mother, much to Kristen's displeasure. Stefano was happy to be home. Roman comforted Marlena, who was worried about the state of her marriage; just then, John walked in.
March 11 to 15, 2013
John and Marlena's reunion did not go as well as she had hoped. Brady and Stefano made an effort to get along with each other to please Kristen. Brady seemed skeptical of John's change of heart toward Kristen. As a sign of good faith, John invited Brady and Kristen to dinner so that they could try to work things out. Kristen taunted Marlena with the news that she, Brady, and John planned to have dinner together without Marlena. Marlena seemed upset at first until she realized that John had his own plan to get Kristen away from Brady. Chloe drugged Daniel then set it up so that Jennifer would believe that she and Daniel had slept together. Nancy covered for Chloe and returned to Daniel's room to get the bottle of sleeping pills that Chloe had left there. Chloe was thrilled after she overheard Jennifer break it off with Daniel. To cover her tracks, Chloe told Jennifer that nothing had happened between her and Daniel. Sami was furious with E.J. because he hadn't told her that Stefano was back in town. E.J. asked Sami and the children to move into the DiMera mansion with him so that Stefano could help with Will's case. Sami thought about it but realized that moving in with Stefano and Kristen would be a disaster. Kate feared for Rafe's safety when she learned that Stefano was back in Salem. Meanwhile, Nick warned Will to think twice about telling Gabi the truth or else face going to prison. Gabi and Rafe were still unaware that Nick had blackmailed Will into giving up the rights to his child. Nick and Gabi finally married, the same day that Vargas was released from prison. Eric and Hope did not know of Vargas' connection to Nick and or bad blood between them.
March 18 to 22, 2013
Brady overheard John and Marlena discussing their plans to get Kristen out of Brady's life. Brady confronted John and Marlena about lying to him and said that they were no longer part of his life. Brady left them, rushed off, and proposed to a shocked Kristen. Later, Brady told a stunned John that he had asked Kristen to marry him. Sami and E.J. agreed to move into the DiMera mansion. Daniel, who was on his way to a conference in San Francisco, decided to delay his trip so that he could talk to Jennifer to clear the air. When Daniel arrived at Jennifer's house, Kristen was there and told him that Jennifer had left for Smith Island. She told Daniel what Jennifer believed had happened in his hotel room and why Jennifer was so upset. Daniel, frantic to find Jennifer, left for Smith Island to make things right with her. Daniel explained to Jennifer that Chloe had kissed him, but that they had not slept together. Daniel and Jennifer reconciled and made love, but they were unaware that Chloe was outside watching them. Ready to give up, Parker inspired Chloe to devise a new plan to break up Daniel and Jennifer for good. Abigail witnessed Cameron conducting a shady business deal with an unknown person. Eric and Hope took Vargas out for lunch at the Brady Pub, where Vargas learned that Gabi was Nick's new wife. Gabi questioned Nick about why he didn't want Will involved in the baby's life. Nick admitted to Gabi that he had convinced Will to sign away his parental rights because he knew something that could harm Will and his family. Nick told Gabi that he had made the decision because he wanted to protect her and the baby. Sonny punched Nick for his anti-gay taunts.
March 25 to 29, 2013
Will met with Sami and told her that he would accept Stefano's help to eliminate Nick. Sami and E.J. moved into the DiMera mansion, where they were surprised at Stefano's warm welcome. Lucas warned Kate not to press Will about the reason that he had signed away his parental rights. Kate contacted Stefano and told him that she had moved on. Kate told Rafe that she wanted to end their relationship. Later, Rafe convinced Kate that they should still see each other, regardless of what Stefano might think if he found out about them. Cameron and Abigail's brunch was headed south but ended on a happy note. Nick opened up more to Gabi about the horror of his prison term. Nick was shocked to see Vargas in Salem. Daniel learned that Kate and Rafe were seeing each other, but he agreed to keep their secret. Brady bumped into Marlena and told her about his plans to marry Kristen. Shortly after, John arrived, but an argument started, and it seemed to make matters worse. Just when Kristen thought that everything was going her way, her past with Sy, the man she had hired as a mugger, returned to haunt her. Chloe and Nancy schemed to split up Daniel and Jennifer. As part of Choe's bizarre plan, Nancy took Parker out of the country. Meanwhile, Chloe showed up at Jennifer's house and outlined the terms of her ultimatum: give up Daniel or else he would never see Parker again.
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APRIL 2013
April 1 to 5, 2013
Chloe's scheme forced Jennifer to break things off with Daniel, who was unaware that Chloe had threatened to take Parker away from him if Jennifer did not comply with Chloe's demands. Daniel suspected that Chloe had played a part in Jennifer's decision, but she denied that she'd had anything to do with the breakup. Chloe, still not convinced that Daniel believed Jennifer, pressured Jennifer to return the necklace he had given her as a gift. Jennifer humiliated Daniel in front of the hospital staff and told him that they were through. Maggie blasted Jennifer for hurting Daniel in such a cruel and public way. A devastated Daniel went back to his apartment and turned to Chloe for comfort, but before things went too far, he told her to leave. Hope and Kristen both visited Jennifer and tried to figure out the real reason behind her sudden change of heart. Sy approached Kristen again, but with E.J.'s help, she turned the tables on him before he showed the photos of his meeting with her to Marlena. Vargas was surprised to learn that Nick was free and living in Salem. Vargas pressured Nick to help him with a new scheme. Kate warned Nick to tell her the truth about why he had forced Will to give up his parental rights or suffer the consequences. Will learned about Kate and Rafe's affair. Abigail and Chad followed Cameron and learned that he was a male stripper. Cameron told them that he needed the money to pay off student loans and help his mother. Nicole was relieved to learn that Eric's transfer papers turned out to be a clerical error.
April 8 to 12, 2013
Chloe's scheme began to fall apart after Nancy returned to Salem with Parker. With Rafe and Nicole's help, Daniel learned the extent of Chloe's deception and realized that she had used Parker to force Jennifer to break up with him. An enraged Daniel confronted Chloe about her lies and deception, and he told her that she would never take Parker away from him. Frustrated that she could no longer cover up her lies, Chloe threatened Daniel that he had no legal rights to Parker. Daniel appealed to Chloe's motherly instincts and asked her to reconsider her actions and to do what was best for Parker. Chloe finally realized that Parker needed both of his parents and agreed to allow Daniel to be part of his son's life. Jennifer went to see her mom and confided the real reason that she had broken up with Daniel. Later, Jennifer told her mom that it would be too painful to continue to live in Salem and that she had decided to move to London to be with J.J. Sy continued to annoy Kristen. Rafe was upset with Kate for pressuring Gabi to sign a legal document that would protect Will's rights to his child. Kate also neglected to tell Gabi all the other details contained in the document. E.J., Sami, Will, and Sonny met to plan Nick's downfall. Nick was distressed after he and Gabi bumped into Nicole and Vargas at the Brady Pub. Gabi and Nicole were both surprised when Vargas revealed that he and Nick had known each other in prison. Chad and Abigail kept Anne at bay to save Cameron's job at the hospital.
April 15 to 19, 2013
Daniel tricked Jennifer into returning home and told her that he knew that Chloe had blackmailed her so that he would not lose custody of Parker. Chloe, sincere and regretful of her actions, told Daniel and Jennifer that she planned to leave Salem to get her life back on track. Chloe asked Daniel to take care of Parker until she returned. Chloe said goodbye to Nicole and Anne, who was still determined to take down Jennifer. E.J. was ecstatic that Sami agreed to marry him. Victor, Brady, and Kristen's meeting was interrupted just before they opened the envelope to reveal the incriminating picture of Sy and Kristen together. Stefano decided to take care of Sy but told Kristen that the photograph was still missing. Kristen was frantic to find the missing photograph, unaware that Ciara had found it on the floor at the coffee shop. Hope told an excited Ciara that Bo would soon be returning home. Gabi learned that Rafe and Kate were together, even though he tried to convince her that they were over. Rafe apologized to Kate, and they agreed to try the couple thing again. Vargas continued to pressure Nick to honor their deal. John gave Kristen a gift that was reminiscent of a special time in their past. The gift was part of John's master plan to expose Kristen's true agenda. Maggie told a shocked Brady the significance of the baseball shirt that John had given to Kristen. Sonny, Will, and friends shared some happy times together.
April 22 to 26, 2013
Brady tore into John for giving Kristen a special gift and warned him to stay away from her. John stirred up feelings in Kristen that created tension between her and Brady. Brady asked Kristen if she still had feelings for John. Hope received a call from Bo that upset Ciara just as Ciara was about to show the photograph of Kristen and Sy to Brady. Eric walked in on Nicole and Vargas as they were about to make love. Upset with Eric, Nicole decided to quit her job. In Nicole's room, while they were in bed together, she called Vargas "Eric." Vargas got angry and ended things with Nicole. Eric confided in Father Matt about his feelings for Nicole. Eric talked to Nicole and convinced her to keep her job at the rectory and work out their differences for the sake of their friendship. Jennifer and Maggie made up with each other. Anne's plan to get Cameron fired went bust, thanks to Abigail and friends. Adrienne offered to help Sonny spy on Nick. Sami, Will, and E.J. hinted to Stefano that they needed his help to eliminate Nick's threats against Will.
April 29 to May 3, 2013
Cameron and Abigail enjoyed a special night out on the town. Vargas gave Nick $30,000 and told him to invest the money and yield Vargas a big profit. Stefano told Sami, Will, and E.J. that he would make the evidence at the police station disappear. Roman blasted John for the way he treated Marlena. Victor forced John to tell him about his plan to take down Kristen. John told Victor that his plan might end his marriage to Marlena and alienate Brady, but it was the only way to get Kristen out of their lives. Kristen assured Stefano that she was determined to follow through with her plan. Ciara mixed up the envelopes in her backpack and showed Kristen and Brady the wrong photograph. Rafe questioned Nick about why he did not want Will to be part of his child's life. Sami and Sonny searched Nick and Gabi's room and found the evidence that they needed to clear Will. In a rush to leave Nick and Gabi's room, Sami grabbed the envelope with the $30,000 in it that she thought belonged to Nick. Nick threatened Sami to return the $30,000 that he knew she had stolen from his room. Gabi demanded answers from Nick about his strange behavior or else she planed to leave him. Vargas threatened to reveal Nicole's feelings for Eric to keep her in line. Kate gave Sami a gun as an engagement gift. Kate broke up with Rafe to protect him from Stefano. E.J. asked Justin for help in destroying Stefano. Sami told E.J. that Stefano planned to double-cross them.
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MAY 2013
May 6 to 10, 2013
Kristen taunted Eric about Marlena and John's past indiscretions. Kristen was overwhelmed when Brady offered to adopt a child with her. Touched by his kindness and love for her, Kristen went to the secret room at the DiMera mansion to think. John followed Kristen to the secret room, where they talked about the happier times in their past. Brady nearly caught John and Kristen in the secret room together. Sami failed to convince Stefano's associate to give her the evidence against Will that he had stolen from the police station. Jennifer and Abigail were surprised to see J.J. back in Salem. Jennifer was furious when she learned J.J. had been expelled from school for dealing drugs. J.J. told Jennifer that he could explain his side of the story and hoped that she would believe him. E.J. and Justin continued their plan to take down Stefano. Rafe told Nick he knew Nick had forced Will to give up his parental rights because Will was gay. Rafe threatened Nick and said that he planned to tell Gabi about what Nick had done to Will. Nick attacked Sami and forced her to return the $30,000 that she had stolen from him. Nicole continued to fight her feelings for Eric. Someone attacked Rafe on his way to meet E.J.
May 13 to 17, 2013
Kate found a badly beaten Rafe in an alley behind Horton Square. Kate accused Stefano of hiring one of his associates to beat up Rafe because she though that Stefano knew that she and Rafe were lovers. Sami was shocked to learn that Kate and Rafe were lovers. Gabi became distraught when Rafe's health took a turn for the worse. Family and friends prayed that Rafe would recover from his injuries. Will and Sony suspected that Nick was behind Rafe's attack, but the evidence seemed to point to E.J. John agreed to divorce Marlena so that she would not catch on to his plan to take down Kristen. Brady and Kristen were at odds when he accused her father or brother of Rafe's beating. Kristen shocked Brady and told him that she wanted to call off the wedding. Later, Kristen's chance meeting with John encouraged her to go through with the wedding to get her revenge, unaware that John set her up from the start. J.J. caused problems for Daniel. Gabi and Hope told Sami that they had found more evidence against E.J., which forced Sami to ask E.J. if he was responsible for the attack on Rafe. Johnny snatched the photo of Kristen and Sy from Ciara's backpack.
May 20 to 24, 2013
Jensen kidnapped Nick and Gabi and held them captive on Smith Island. Sonny and Will attempted to rescue Nick and Gabi, but their plan went downhill when Gabi went into labor. Sonny delivered Gabi's baby in a shed on the island. While Will was trying to save Nick's life, Jensen shot Will. Hope arrived, shot Jensen, and then called for medical help as Will struggled to stay alive. Sami and family members rushed to the hospital to be at Will's side. Nick's world fell apart after family and friends learned that he had been a victim of rape while in prison. Kristen finalized her plan for her revenge on John and Marlena, and John set his plan in motion to take down Kristen. Kristen and John had second thoughts about going forward with their independent plans, for fear of hurting Brady, but they moved on regardless. Brady realized that Nicole had feelings for Eric and tried to get her to talk about it. J.J. went after Daniel for trying to take Jack's place with Jennifer.
May 27 to 31, 2013
Kristen and John's bizarre plans of deception came to a surprising end. Marlena got hold of the photograph of Kristen paying off Sy to prove to Brady that Kristen had used him. Kristen desperately tried to convince Brady that she truly loved him and that her feelings were real. Brady, enraged at Kristen's months of deception, walked out on her and then called off the wedding. Kristen enjoyed telling Marlena that John had gone to her hotel room earlier that night to have sex with her. In a moment of despair, Brady was tempted to buy drugs from a dealer as a source of relief. Nicole arrived in time to comfort Brady and stayed with him through the night. Hope questioned Kristen at the police station and asked her about what she had been doing in the photograph with Sy. Gabi panicked when she thought that her baby was missing. Will met Arianna for the first time. Nick told Gabi the truth about his ordeal in prison. Stefano, E.J., and Chad rallied around Kristen after Brady called off the wedding. In a surprise turn of events, Kristen decided that she did not want things to end with Brady and went to see him. Marlena made John face the consequences of his actions.
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JUNE 2013
June 3 to 7, 2013
Kristen begged Brady for a second chance. Stefano's jealousy over Kate's feelings for Rafe drove him to order a maiming on Rafe. Daniel began to suspect J.J. when he learned that his car had been vandalized again. Jennifer seemed concerned about J.J.'s behavior, so she told Daniel that she should spend more time with her son to help him work things out. Kate accused Sami and E.J. of stealing Mad World's secret formula. E.J. overheard Sami and Kate arguing over their feelings for Rafe. Upset at what he had heard, E.J. decided to find out Sami's true feelings for Rafe. Daniel blasted J.J. for putting Parker in danger. Gabi and Will admired their new daughter. Cameron and Chad both had Abigail on the brain. Nick told Gabi that he had married her for all the wrong reasons. Adrienne advised Sonny about all of the changes and demands that he would face in his future with Will.
June 10 to 14, 2013
John admitted to a stunned Marlena that he still had unresolved feelings for Kristen. John said that he was remorseful about his dark plan to break up Kristen and Brady, but Marlena told him that they were through. Kristen and Nicole fought over their feelings for Brady. Sami shot Detective Bernardi to save Rafe's life, but E.J. was there for her when she needed him. Sami felt guilty and was sad for Bernardi's wife and son, but she stuck to her story and told Hope and Roman that Bernardi had tried to kill Rafe. Hope arrested Sami when the police did not find the weapon to verify her story. Kristen vowed to get her revenge against Marlena. Sonny surprised Will and suggested to him that Gabi and Arianna should move in with them. Later, Gabi decided to move in with Will and Sonny. Kristen told John that she was free of him forever. Jennifer believed J.J. when he told her that he had not vandalized Daniel's car and that he was sorry about what had happened with Parker. Daniel told Jennifer that he still had his doubts about J.J., and that led to an argument between them. Daniel tried to explain his position, but Jennifer walked out on him. Kristen met with a mysterious man as part of her plot to get back at Marlena. Stefano left town.
June 17 to 21, 2013
Kristen planned to use an unknown drug on Eric as the means to get her revenge on Marlena. Someone attacked Sami in her jail cell. Marlena blasted Adrienne after she heard Adrienne urge Sonny to end things with Will. Under hypnosis, Sami revealed that Bernardi had held a razor and not a knife to harm Rafe. Chad and Abigail showed E.J. the video of Sami attacking Bernardi. Sonny, Abigail, and Chad, agreed not to tell the police about the video. Later, E.J. told Chad to destroy the video. Brady and Nicole tried to keep their secret from Eric. Adrienne and Justin fought over his decision to take on Sami as a client. Justin and E.J. prepared Sami for her bail hearing. J.J. stole drugs from the doctor's lounge. Kate fired Nick, who later met with Vargas and made him a surprising offer. Brady asked Nicole to go away with him. Later, Jennifer told a stunned Brady that Kristen had told Jennifer that she loved Brady long before the breakup. Kristen moved forward with her twisted plot just as Brady decided to reach out to her. Jennifer made excuses for J.J. that put her at odds with Daniel. Sonny told Will the truth about Sami's run-in with Bernardi before the shooting.
June 24 to June 28, 2013
Nicole found Eric unconscious in his hotel room and then rushed him to the hospital. Kristen ran into problems, trying to flee the hotel after she left Eric's room. When Kristen returned home, she was furious when Dr. Chyka told her that there was a flaw in the chemical formula. Daniel shared his suspicions with Brady and Nicole that Eric had been poisoned. Kristen was relieved to learn that Eric did not remember what had happened to him. Satisfied that she had things under control, Kristen moved forward with the next step in her evil scheme. Eric returned to the rectory and learned that Nicole saved the school project. Sonny, E.J., and Sami convinced Will not to go to the police and to let Justin work on Sami's defense. Sami realized the extent of Kate's feelings for Rafe and almost felt sorry for her. Chad told Abigail about his feelings for her, and then told Cameron, "May the best man win." Kristen and Marlena had strong words for each other when they met. Jennifer was livid when she learned that J.J. had been arrested for shoplifting. E.J. moved forward with his plan to take down Stefano. Sami prepared to testify before the grand jury. Sonny warned Adrienne not to make him choose between her and Will. Will was touched that Sonny defended him to Adrienne.
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JULY 2013
July 1 to 5, 2013
Sami had an emotional run-in with Marge at Marge's husband's funeral. Later, the grand jury ruled in Sami's favor. E.J. received good news about his plan to take down Stefano. J.J. schemed to keep Daniel and Jennifer apart. Jennifer broke up with Daniel so that she could spend more time parenting J.J. full-time. Eric almost found out that Kristen drugged him the night he stayed at the hotel, but Kristen quickly covered her tracks. Things began to grow tense between Gabi, Sonny, and Will. Brent, an old friend of Sonny's, stopped by to visit Sonny and questioned his new lifestyle. After Will overheard Sonny and Brent talking, Will felt that he would burden Sonny by asking him to spend his life tied down with a child. Kristen warned Brady that a dismal future was in store for him and his family. Eric collapsed in the shower when symptoms of his illness returned. Daniel urged Eric to have more tests to learn what might have caused his mysterious illness. Jennifer laid down some rules with J.J. after she found him at home with an older woman. Jennifer suspended J.J.'s punishment for the day so that he could join the family for a picnic, but he could not wait to get away to meet his friends. Abigail was at odds after meeting up with Chad and Cameron at the picnic. The video of Sami and Bernardi popped up on Adrienne's cell phone.
July 8 to 12, 2013
Rafe reacted badly to Sami after he emerged from the coma. Later, Rafe asked Kate why Sami had tried to kill him. Jennifer met Theresa, her new assistant, and was surprised to learn that Theresa was Kayla's niece. Jennifer warned Theresa to focus on her job and to stay away from J.J. E.J. and Justin's attempt to take over DiMera Enterprises worked out as planned. E.J. kicked his father out of the mansion. Stefano vowed revenge against his son. Brady told Maggie that he still had feelings for Kristen. Kristen decided to move forward with her twisted scheme to destroy Marlena. Later, she had second thoughts when she watched Eric interact with the children at the rectory. Sami was furious with E.J. because he had lied to her about his plan to take down Stefano. Sami soon forgave E.J., and they made up by making wild, passionate love. Lucas asked Will about how things were going with Sonny after Lucas learned that Sonny had gone out on the town with Brent. Sonny warned Adrienne to stay out of his love life. Cameron and Abigail advised Chad to think things through before moving back into the mansion.
July 15 to 19, 2013
Brady overheard Kristen tell Jennifer how much she loved him but also that she knew that things were over for good between them. Kristen bumped into a nearly naked Brady at the lake, where he accused her of manipulating him. Later, Brady realized that he was still attracted to Kristen and decided to ask John about what had happened that night in her hotel room. John told Brady that Kristen had been the one to pull back. John lied to Kristen about what he had told Brady. Brady tried to talk to Kristen about what John had told him, but she was distracted and focused on her scheme to destroy Marlena through Eric. Kristen tracked down the bishop to show him the sex video of her and Eric. Kate felt that she was to blame for Rafe's setback. Nick made his annulment to Gabi official. Adrienne discovered the video of Sami and Bernardi on her cell phone and planned to use it as a way to control Sami. E.J. hinted to Father Eric that Nicole had romantic feelings for him. Eric told Nicole about his talk with E.J., but she assured Eric that she thought of him only as a good friend. Abigail was shocked when she realized that Theresa was smoking pot in Jennifer's office. Marlena told Sami that she was worried about Sami and the children. J.J. played on Jennifer's guilt and managed to keep her and Daniel apart.
July 22 to 26, 2013
Brady confessed to Kristen that he still had feelings for her. Kristen lied to Brady and told him that she had not been with anyone else during the breakup. Nicole confronted E.J. about what he said to Eric. Nicole was shocked when she found out that Brady and Kristen might get back together. Sami's arrest caused major chaos at the reception for the new school. Adrienne made a rash decision to turn in new evidence against Sami to the police. Sami realized that the case against her was strong. Eric and Nicole had words about Sami. Justin and Sonny were outraged to learn that Adrienne was the one who had turned over video evidence to the police. Will told Justin that Sami's legal problems were his fault because of a crime Will had committed when he was a child. Chad promised Abigail that he would protect her from any legal action. J.J. agreed to buy drugs for Theresa. J.J. ignored Jennifer's house rules and continued to lie to her. Abigail asked J.J. how he knew Theresa. Jennifer warned Theresa to shape up or ship out. Eric agreed to Daniel's plan to find out who had poisoned him. Kate was happy to learn that Rafe remembered how much she meant to him. Kristen turned to her past to help solve her future problems. Rafe became distressed when he found out that Sami had killed Bernardi. Abigail pushed Jennifer to let Daniel be part of her life again.
July 29 to August 2, 2013
Sonny could not forgive Adrienne, but Will seemed more understanding because he knew that she had been trying to protect Sonny. Chad told Justin that he had known about the video. E.J. tried to give Sami hope and promised her that he would find a way to get her out of jail. Lucas and Will's love and support touched Sami. Melinda forced Abe to testify against Sami so that the judge would deny her bail. Kayla found a discrepancy in an autopsy report that might help with Sami's case. Marge asked Rafe to help her get justice for her husband. Maggie told Nick that he was not dealing with what happened to him. Rafe had a serious talk with Nick. Kate asked Kayla for special protection for Rafe for fear that Stefano would try to harm him again. Will worried that he was holding Sonny back. Cameron gave Chad bad news about the results of his CT scan. Chad decided to keep his medical condition a secret. Stefano vowed to Chad that he had not sent Bernardi to murder Rafe. J.J. used Lucas to get his way and then sweet-talk Jennifer. J.J. and Nicole clashed. Theresa tried to get closer to Daniel, but her efforts failed. Eric asked Hope if she thought that Nicole had feelings for him. Kristen prevented Daniel's detective from learning that she had been in Eric's hotel room the night that Eric became ill.
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August 5 to 9, 2013
Kristen managed to elude Eric and Daniel before they could speak to her. Rafe asked Nicole about her feelings for Eric. Jennifer made a bold move to get back together with Daniel, but her terms infuriated him. Theresa and Anne joined forces. Marge visited Sami in jail and promised Sami that she would get justice for Joe. Brady encouraged Nicole to tell Eric that she had feelings for him. Theresa flirted with Nick, but she lost interest in him after J.J. told her about Nick's past. The judge agreed to have Bernardi's body exhumed, but Marge shocked everyone with the fact that she'd had Joe's body cremated. Eric was shocked to learn that Nicole and Eric had had an affair. Nicole allowed Eric to think the worst of her so he would not catch on that she had feelings for him. Kristen accepted Father Matt's offer to work with Eric on the school project. J.J. offered Will moral support. Nicole and Kristen butted heads. Marlena was shocked when she learned that Brady and Kristen were back together. Later, Marlena had a fight with Kristen and attacked her. Sami had a talk with Sonny and told him not to be too hard on Adrienne. Adrienne worried that her marriage was falling apart, but she was happy that Sonny had forgiven her. Rafe feared that he would never walk again. Cameron and Abigail kissed while Chad received bad news. Chad met with a specialist who told him that he was dying.
August 12 to 16, 2013
Someone sent Sami a threatening message in jail. Gabi showed Sami a video from Rafe that moved Sami to tears. E.J.'s plan to frame Bernardi backfired. The judge granted Sami a closed trial but upheld the order to deny her bail. Sami and Kate learned the gruesome truth behind Stefano's actions against Rafe. The book club members who met at Jennifer's house accidentally ate the doughnuts that J.J. had spiked with marijuana. Daniel told Jennifer that he could not be with her on her terms, but later had second thoughts about his decision. J.J. was happy when he thought that Jennifer was no longer dating Daniel. Chad told Cameron that he would fight hard against his brain cancer. Will confronted Brent about his feelings for Sonny. Later, Sonny reassured Will that no one would ever stand between them. Eric seemed moved by Kristen's compassion for children. Brady nearly caught Kristen with a home pregnancy test kit. Kristen told Jennifer that she might be pregnant, but that Brady would not be the daddy. Brady and Nicole remembered Madison a year after her death. Rafe met his female physical therapist. E.J. asked for Rafe's help to free Sami, but Rafe told E.J. that he could not break the law. Jennifer, Abigail, and J.J. remembered Jack at the memorial service. Nicole caught a glimpse of Kristen holding a home pregnancy test kit.
August 19 to 23, 2013
Jennifer reassured Daniel that she was not pregnant and that Nicole had misunderstood what had happened. Kristen later told Jennifer that she was not pregnant. Sami and E.J. fought about Rafe. Rafe was upset when his physical therapist told him that he had a long road to recovery. Chad asked Abigail to be his date for the club opening. J.J. continued to make Jennifer feel guilty about Jack so that she would not get back together with Daniel. Victor convinced Marlena to help him break up Brady and Kristen. Marlena told Victor that she had learned about something that they could use to take down Kristen. Will and Sonny attended the club's grand opening. Cameron worried about Chad's health after Chad was injured in a club brawl. Victor gave Nick his walking papers. Gabi found comfort with Nick, and they made love. Nick wondered if he still had a future with Gabi. Theresa pursued Daniel, to no avail, and then she made a date with Vargas. Theresa and Vargas' date had a bad ending. Thanks to Theresa's scheming, Vargas was sent back to prison. Hope questioned Theresa about Vargas and warned her to clean up her act. E. J. had Bernardi's bank statements fudged in order to help Sami. Kate confronted Stefano about what he had tried to do to Rafe. Melinda offered Sami a reduced sentence if she would agree to turn in E.J. and Stefano. J.J. walked in on Daniel and Jennifer and saw them kissing.
August 26 to 30, 2013
J.J. accused Jennifer of lying to him about her and Daniel. Jennifer took a stand with J.J. and told him that she wanted to get back together with Daniel. At the same time, Daniel realized the importance of being a single parent; he told Jennifer that he loved her, and that was why he had to let her go. Jennifer was heartbroken at Daniel's decision. Justin warned Sami that her arrangement with Melinda might make things worse for her case. E. J. convinced Sami to reject Melinda's deal. Later, E.J. reassured Sami that they would find a way to prove her innocence. Will told Gabi that he did not approve of her relationship with Nick. Gabi accused Will and Sonny and told them that they were trying to ruin her life. Nick tried to get closer to Gabi, but she was unsure if she wanted to move on with him. Will confronted Nick about their past, and Will said that he did not want Nick near Arianna. Sonny smoothed out things with Gabi. Kristen's "from the heart" advice to Jennifer touched Brady. Brady proposed to Kristen, and she accepted. Cameron broke things off with Abigail, but she wondered why he seemed determined to push her towards Chad. Eric and Nicole shared a sad moment due to the tragic death of a young parishioner. Eric talked to Father Matt about how his dreams were inferring with his daily work. Eric's dreams of making love to a mystery woman continued to haunt him. Marlena asked Roman for his help so that she could get the upper hand on Kristen.
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September 2 to 6, 2013
Sonny and Gabi fought when Sonny found out that Gabi was sleeping with Nick. Nick suggested to a frustrated Gabi that she should move out of Will and Sonny's apartment. Gabi threatened Sonny that she would move out if he told Will about her and Nick, and Will would have less time to spend with Arianna. Caroline gave Nick a piece of her mind. Brady asked Eric to marry him and Kristen. Kristen told a surprised Brady that she did not want Eric to marry them. Eric had more flashbacks of a mysterious woman the night that he got sick. ?Stefano visited Rafe at the hospital and made sure that he was unable to call for help. Kate threatened Stefano and warned him to stay away from Rafe. Kate tried to rattle Jordan. Marlena and Nicole teamed up to take down Kristen. Adrienne found evidence that might help Sami's case. E.J. pushed Justin to move forward with Sami's trial, even though Justin advised against it. Later, Justin asked E.J. if he had planted the money in Bernardi's son's account. Jennifer was beside herself when she learned that J.J. had been arrested for dealing drugs. Jennifer told J.J. that she was onto him and blasted him for lying to her since his return to Salem. Theresa learned of J.J.'s arrest and worried that he would name her as a party to the drug deal.
September 9 to 13, 2013
Sami's trial got off to a bad start. Kate, Rafe, Will, Sonny, and Nick's testimony seemed to do Sami more harm than good. Nicole was upset that Brady had asked Eric to marry him and Kristen. Kristen thought about getting rid of the flash drive, but then changed her mind. Nicole bumped into Kristen holding the flash drive and asked her what she was hiding. Chad was upset when he heard Cameron tell Abigail not to get too serious with anyone. Cameron urged Chad to tell his loved ones about his prognosis. Father Matt asked Nicole to help Eric forget about the night that he had gotten sick so that he could move on. Kristen talked to Daniel about having a child with Brady. Maggie asked Nick if he still had feelings for Gabi. Marlena's plan to tap into Kristen's phone did not go as planned. Marlena told Nicole that she was not sure if she could trust her. Marlena suggested that Eric try hypnosis to get his memories back about the night that he had gotten sick. Later, Daniel suggested that Eric might remember what had happened to him if he went back to the hotel. J.J. and Jennifer had a terrible fight, and then he decided to move out of the house. J.J. told Rory that he had plans to get back at Daniel for the problems he had caused J.J. and his mother. Abigail learned that Theresa had been buying drugs from J.J.
September 16 to 20, 2013
E.J.'s plan to help Sami backfired when an FBI expert testified that the money in Timmy's account had been planted there after Bernardi had died. Realizing that he was out of options, E.J. reluctantly turned to Stefano for help. Stefano agreed to help E.J., but not without forcing E.J. to pay a heavy price for the favor. Abe and Hope received a tip that led them to new evidence in Sami's case. Justin used social media to leak a rumor about the evidence so that Melinda wouldn't be able to hide it from the judge, forcing her to drop all of the charges against Sami. Sonny reluctantly continued to keep Gabi's secret from Will after she reminded Sonny of what was at stake. Nick got possessive when he witnessed an innocent moment between Gabi and Cameron. Chad and Abigail took their relationship to the next level. Chad later started the next phase of his plan to make Cameron believe that Chad was receiving treatment for a brain tumor that was actually nonexistent. After overhearing a conversation between Abigail and Gabi that made him realize that Abigail had slept with Chad, Cameron confronted Chad and warned him to refrain from hurting Abigail. Jordan emerged from her shell a bit as she continued to treat Rafe. Kristen started to suspect that Nicole might have been faking her earlier drunken state. After a return visit to the Capitol Plaza Hotel that raised troubling new questions, Eric asked Marlena for some information about hypnosis. Jennifer fired Theresa after learning that Theresa had stolen money from the hospital. J.J., who had been having trouble finding a new place to live, learned that Daniel's apartment was going to be empty for one night because Daniel was taking Parker on an impromptu trip to see Chloe.
September 23 to 27, 2013
Jennifer fired Theresa from her job at the hospital. Kristen and Victor had words. Theresa asked Caroline and J.J. for their help so she could stay in Salem. Eric agreed to hypnosis but could not remember the woman in his dream. Jennifer was heartbroken that she and J.J. were still at odds. Victor talked to Brady about his unusual take on marriage. Kristen had an uneasy feeling about her and Brady. Eric struggled to remember the woman in his dream. J.J. and his friends partied at Daniel's apartment while Daniel was out of town, visiting Chloe. Daniel noticed that things were not right at his apartment. Daniel tried to make things right with J.J., but only increased the tension. Jennifer blamed Daniel for making things worse between her and J.J. Stefano issued his first set of demands to E.J. Theresa joined forces with Anne to get revenge on Jennifer. E.J. used Chad's secret about his bogus health condition to force Chad to move back into the mansion. Cameron tried to accept Abigail and Chad as a couple. Chad gave Abigail a copy of Jack's book. Will went ballistic when he caught Gabi and Nick about to make love, and they had a terrible fight. Will blasted Sonny for not telling him about Nick and Gabi. Rafe realized that he had not known Jordan as well as he had thought. During Brady and Kristen's Pre-Cana meeting, Eric had a flashback of the woman in his dream. Nicole received an enticing job offer.
September 30 to October 4, 2013
Kristen panicked when she realized that Marlena had the flash drive of the sex video. Eric was shocked when Nicole quit her job at the rectory. E.J. helped Will and Sonny sort out their differences. Gabi gave Kate advice about Rafe. Jordan stepped in to help Rafe after Marge went on a tirade. Sami was stunned at the extent of E.J.'s sacrifice for her. Sami, angry at first, stood by E.J., then gave Stefano a piece of her mind about his house rules. Marge was on a mission to destroy Sami. Justin and Adrienne talked about getting their marriage back on track. Kayla let something slip while talking to J.J. about Jack. J.J. was determined to find out what had happened between his father and Kayla and turned to Adrienne to find out the truth. Anne and Theresa joined forces to get back at Jennifer. Theresa planned to make Jennifer believe that she had slept with Daniel. Abigail asked Cameron why he had lied to her. Cameron questioned Chad about his medical history. Chad asked E.J. to help him cover up his fake illness from Abigail. Will was upset that Sami had agreed to live at the mansion with Stefano. Nick planned his future with Gabi, unaware that she had planned to break things off with him.
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October 7 to 11, 2013
J.J. learned that Jack had raped Kayla many years before. J.J's anger landed him in jail, and he refused to have any contact with his family. Jennifer tried to get through to J.J., but she had to push Daniel away to do so. Sami and E.J. had an encounter with an angry Marge. Gabi ended things with Nick. Kristen told Brady that she had been hiding something from him, lied, and then said she had consulted a fertility specialist. Eric told Brady and Kristen that he would marry them. Kristen hired a thug to attack Marlena and steal back the flash drive, but Nicole chased him off before he could get it. Parker found the flash drive and gave it to Daniel. Kristen's thug lied to her and told her that he had destroyed the flash drive. Daniel gave Eric a clue about who had poisoned him, but Eric reached the wrong conclusion. Cameron told Chad that he had proof that Chad had faked his illness and threatened to expose him, but E.J. stepped in to help his brother. Kate, Rafe, and Jordan ended up at E.J. and Sami's engagement party. Rafe warned Stefano that they were not finished. E.J. and Sami were all smiles at their engagement party until Marge burst in with a loaded gun and bent on revenge.
October 14 to 18, 2013
Marge aimed a gun at E.J. but shot Chad by mistake. To save Chad's life, E.J. had to tell Cameron the truth about Chad's bogus medical condition. Sami told Stefano that if Chad died, it would be his fault. Daniel saved Chad's life. Stefano was elated that Chad made it through surgery and vowed to God that he would change his evil ways. Daniel and Eric almost got a look at what was on the flash drive. Roman warned Sami to think long and hard before she married E.J. Nicole told Brady that Kristen had cheated on him. Brady and Nicole had a falling-out over Kristen. Eric met with Margaret and asked her about what had happened to him that night at the hotel. Eric reached the wrong conclusion about who he'd had sex with the night that he had become ill. Kristen gloated to Marlena that Eric had agreed to marry her and Brady. J.J. finally realized how much legal trouble he was in during his hearing. The judge released J.J. to Jennifer's custody, but soon after, he was back to his old ways. Sami and E.J. discussed their future. Kate looked into Jordan's past. Jennifer threatened Theresa and warned her to stay away from J.J. or else.
October 21 to 25, 2013
Jennifer asked Hope to arrest J.J. as the means to keep him out of prison. Jordan caught Kate checking up on her. Will made plans for his trip to California. Nick continued to plan a future for him and Gabi. Eric overheard Nicole tell Brady that she loved Eric, and Eric assumed that Nicole was the woman he had been with that night at the hotel. Nicole, shocked by Eric's accusations, desperately tried to convince him that she had not drugged or had sex with him. Brady told Kristen what Nicole had been saying about her. Theresa went after Daniel, but she did not get the results that she had wanted. Stefano made Daniel an offer to take care of Theresa, but Daniel refused. Both high, Theresa and J.J. had sex, but then things quickly went downhill for J.J. To protect J.J. from going to prison, Daniel lied to Jennifer about why he had been at Theresa's apartment when she overdosed. Jennifer was shocked and hurt that the rumors about Daniel and Theresa might be true. Kayla told E.J. that Chad needed more surgery. Chad confessed to Abigail about his health fraud. Lucas told Sami that he did not want Allie to continue to live at the DiMera mansion. E.J. assured Sami that things would work out. Will told Sami the good news about his trip to California.
October 28 to November 1, 2013
Jennifer was shocked that Daniel had slept with Theresa. Theresa's drug overdose was a wake-up call for J.J. Nick still thought that he had a future with Gabi. Jordan realized that Kate was still interested in finding out about her past. Nicole tried to make things right with Eric, but he refused to believe her. E.J. blackmailed Lucas. Brady asked Sami to stand up for him at his wedding. Cameron and Chad argued over Abigail and her feelings for them. Eric was upset with Brady for never telling Eric that Nicole had been in love with him since day one. Abigail broke up with Chad. Will asked Cameron to watch out for Gabi. Kristen panicked when she found out why Eric was upset with Nicole. Marlena found the flash drive. Kristen walked in on Marlena just before Marlena could look at what was on the flash drive. Maggie put Victor on notice after she learned about his and Marlena's plan to take down Kristen. Daniel took the heat by covering for J.J. J.J. realized that Daniel was a man of his word. Nicole told Daniel why she and Eric had had a falling-out. Jennifer was shocked when she found Daniel and J.J. together.
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November 4 to 8, 2013
Daniel tried to talk to some sense into Eric, but he was convinced that Nicole had drugged and raped him. Daniel had to keep lying to Jennifer about Theresa so that he could protect J.J. J.J. felt guilty that his actions had hurt Jennifer and Daniel. Theresa could not remember what happened to her the night that she overdosed. Jordan and Rafe bonded, much to Kate's displeasure. Kate told Lucas that she had learned some disturbing news about Jordan's background. Gabi received a call from a modeling agency, unaware that Nick had been working on her behalf. E.J. was horrified when Kristen told him that she'd had sex with Eric to get back at Marlena. Kristen played the family card and forced E.J. to keep her secret from Sami. Kristen, nervous that her secret might be exposed, took a gun to the wedding. Victor was shocked to learn that it had been Eric who'd had sex with Kristen. Victor tried again to convince Brady not to marry Kristen, knowing what she had done to him. Marlena told Victor that she would switch Brady's DVD wedding tribute to Kristen with the video from the flash drive. Eric and Kristen's sex video was revealed to shocked family and friends at Brady and Kristen's wedding. Daniel and Nicole bonded and tried to forget their troubles. Cameron told Abigail that he planned to leave Salem.
November 11 to 15, 2013
Brady ended things with Kristen after family and friends learned what she had done to Eric. Eric lashed out at Marlena. Kristen tried to convince Brady that she was Eric's victim. Kristen pulled a gun on Marlena. Nicole finally learned the truth about what had happened to Eric. Eric tried to apologize to Nicole, but she was not in a forgiving mood. Maggie walked out on Victor after she learned that he had used Marlena to expose Kristen. Maggie turned to Daniel to help her sort out her feelings. Brady forgave Victor for his part in exposing Kristen. Gabi learned that she would have to move to New York if she accepted the modeling job. Nick's plan to be with Gabi seemed to be going well. Jordan got a strange telephone call. Rafe and Jordan grew closer. J.J. refused Rory's offer to get high on a new drug. Nicole went after Kristen in a car chase that ended in a terrible accident. At the accident scene, Kristen was nowhere in sight. Sami found a message on E.J.'s phone that proved that he had known about Kristen's plot. Sami kicked E.J. out of her bedroom. Father Matt told Eric that his job was at risk. Brady set out to find Kristen to make her pay for her crimes. Gabi did not tell Will and Sonny all the details of her job offer.
November 18 to 22, 2013
During their visit to Salem, Shane and Kimberly worked things out with Theresa. Justin wanted no part of E.J.'s offer. Jennifer told Theresa that she could do her rehab in Salem but that she had to stay clear of J.J. Kim and Theresa patched things up with each other. Gabi went to Justin for advice about her modeling contract. Gabi fought with Will and Sonny about her modeling job in New York. Everyone was unaware that Nick had arranged the job offer for Gabi so that he could be with her in New York. However, Sami and Kate realized what was happening and teamed up to stop Nick from accomplishing his plan. Will told Sonny not to make him choose between Sonny and his daughter. Marlena raged at Victor for using Eric so that he could destroy Kristen. Eric packed up his belongings after news of his suspension. E.J. relayed a message to Abigail from Chad. Abigail was angry at E.J. for keeping Chad's secret. Daniel and Nicole kissed but agreed that they should remain just friends. Nicole and Eric shared a tense moment. Jennifer confessed to Eric that she had known that Kristen had had an affair while she and Brady were apart. Rafe took his first steps. Gabi told a shocked Nick that she had decided not to move to New York.
November 25 to 29, 2013
Sonny and Will fought about Gabi's move to New York. Sami and Kate teamed up to stop Nick and Gabi from moving to New York. Gabi learned about Nick's scheme and told him that she did not love him and refused to move to New York with him. Nick followed Gabi into the woods and attacked her. In the struggle, Gabi hit Nick in the head with a rock. Sami and Kate found Gabi in the woods and realized that she had accidentally killed Nick. Just as Sami, Kate, and Gabi dumped Nick's body into the river, he briefly regained consciousness, but they all agreed that it was best to let him go. Sami and Kate convinced Gabi that they had to cover up Nick's death. J.J. decided that it was time to make things right between Jennifer and Daniel. Nicole learned that her first assignment was to interview Eric. Caroline blamed Victor for using Eric to force Kristen out of Brady's life. Brady's lead on Kristen went cold. Gabi thought about telling Sonny and Will what had happened to Nick. Eric realized that E. J. had known more than he let on about Kristen's plan.
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December 2 to 6, 2013
Sami worried that she had left evidence at the crime scene. Theo found Sami's earring at the river. Theresa pulled through for Daniel. Anne was livid at Theresa for not going along with Anne's plan. The flash drive that Nick had given to Kate crashed the computer network at Mad World. Rafe and Jordan kissed. A video from Kristen drove Brady to relapse back on drugs. Brady, high on drugs, bumped into Maggie. E.J. tried to learn what Sami was hiding. Gabi turned to Rafe for help. Kate tried to prevent Gabi from revealing the secret of Nick's death to Rafe. Sami fought with Nicole after she learned that Nicole had decided to report a story about Eric. Victor wanted Maggie to move back home, but she refused. Jennifer invited Maggie to move in with her. Daniel found a way for Eric to clear his name. Nicole and Eric fought, but she agreed to cover his story. Jennifer did not believe that Theresa's apology was sincere. J.J. got discouraging news about his court date. Jennifer was shocked to see J.J. and Daniel together having a friendly chat. Kate, Sami, and Gabi panicked when a stranger claimed to know what they had done. Theresa asked Daniel for his help. Stefano called Kate and told her that he was a changed man.
December 9 to 13, 2013
J.J. opened up to Jennifer about his past mistakes. Theresa made fun of J.J. when he told her that he was the one that she had been with the night that she overdosed. J.J. was stunned that Theresa had everyone fooled and was back on drugs. Theresa blackmailed J.J. into buying drugs for her or else she would give the courts evidence that would send J.J. to jail. Sami, Kate, and Gabi worried that someone knew their secret. Daniel and Jennifer had a strained meeting at Horton Square. Will asked Gabi, Sami, and Kate what was going on. Abigail seemed touched at E.J.'s sensitive side. Rafe let Kate down gently. Kate warned Jordan not to hurt Rafe. E.J. and Sami had an emotional talk about their future. Will told Sonny that he thought Sami, Kate, and Gabi were planning a surprise party for him. Sonny overheard Sami, Kate, and Gabi admit that they had murdered Nick. Brady was shocked to run into J.J. while trying to buy drugs. Eric agreed to tests that might prove his innocence. Nicole told Eric that she forgave him. Abigail caught J.J. hanging out with his old friends. Adrienne and Will got closer. Theresa filled Anne in on her plan to take down Jennifer.
December 16 to 20, 2013
Will bugged Sonny to tell him about what he had overheard. Nicole lied to Eric about her and Daniel so that Eric could move on. Victor was furious to learn that Nicole was living with Daniel. Brady told Jennifer that he had bumped into J.J. in a bad part of town. Daniel agreed to keep Nicole's secret to help Eric. Will talked to Sami and told her that he did not want a surprise party. Gabi, Kate, and Sami were horrified when they learned that Sonny knew the truth about what they had done to Nick. Sami, Kate, and Gabi stopped Sonny from telling Justin their secret. E.J. and Abigail talked about Jack. J.J. tried to get Theresa off his back but his plan backfired. Adrienne set up Jennifer on a blind date. E.J. tried to trick Gabi and Sonny into telling him about the big secret. Sami had a fight with Ciari about the earring Sami had lost. Bo called Hope and told her that he was not returning home for Christmas. Daniel was shocked to meet Jennifer's date. E.J. quizzed Sami about something he had found by the river. Kate, Gabi, Sonny, and Lucas took Arianna to meet Santa. Eric had a troubling dream about Nicole. Kate was not happy to run into Jordan at Rafe's new apartment.
December 23 to 27, 2013
Sami came clean to E.J. about Nick. E.J. offered Sami his support to help her cover up Nick's death. Kate, Sonny, and Gabi panicked when they learned that Santa was the man that they had met in the woods. Stefano asked Kate to meet with him. Hope talked to Ciara about why Bo was not returning home for Christmas. Jordan sent an email to a mysterious person. Victor and Maggie found their way back to each other. Eric asked Father Matt to help him sort out his dream about Nicole. The Horton family gathered on Christmas to hang their ornaments on the tree. Anne tried to ruin the Horton reading of the Christmas story. Julie quizzed a nervous Gabi about Nick. Victor made things right with Eric. Brady tried to talk Maggie out of moving back into the mansion. Abigail was surprised when J.J. told her that he wanted their mom to get back together with Daniel. Rafe sent Jordan a surprise gift. A photo shoot reminded Nicole and Eric of when they first met. Brady lied to Daniel about J.J. to cover up his own drug buy. Theresa asked J.J. for a favor that had to do with Daniel. Sami had a terrifying experience in the woods. Will thought that Gabi and Sonny were hiding something from him. Brady lost control of himself during the interview with Nicole. Daniel arrived and accused Brady of being back on drugs.
December 30 to January 3, 2014
Brady fought with Daniel after Daniel accused him of using drugs again. Brady agreed to go to an A.A. meeting, but instead he went off to buy more drugs. Daniel and Nicole saved Brady from danger in the park. Daniel, Eric, Nicole, and Maggie offered Brady their support. Gabi, Kate, Sami, E.J., and Sami were concerned that Will would not keep their secret. Down at the riverbank, Will ran into the man who could reveal the secret about Nick's murder. Jennifer called J.J. on his stunt to ruin her date with Liam. To help Sonny, Sami and E.J. helped tend bar on New Year's Eve. Nicole tried to fight her attraction to Eric, and Eric told Father Matt that he had feelings for Nicole. E.J. gave Sami an ultimatum to pick a date for their wedding. Sami demanded that E.J. first come clean to her about Kristen's plan to drug Eric. Gabi panicked when Abigail got a text message from Nick. Gabi told E.J. that Abigail might tell Hope about the text messages from Nick. Kate asked Lucas to help her reveal Jordan's mysterious past.
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