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January 4 to 8, 2010
Vivian told Bo that she and Victor had caught Justin and Hope kissing. She was unaware that the kiss was a distraction so that Justin and Hope could search Vivian's room to find out Carly's secret. Bo and Hope's misunderstanding of each other's actions pushed their relationship to the breaking point. Philip and Melanie proceeded with their wedding plans, but Melanie kept thinking about Nathan. Stephanie gave Nathan the cold shoulder because of his continued interest in Melanie's welfare. Troy ordered a hit on Arianna. Brady testified on Nicole's behalf, much to Arianna's dismay. Nicole received her sentence of twenty years at the state penitentiary from the courts. Gabi found out the hard way that Chad and Mia had a child together. Mia, jealous of Gabi and Chad's new friendship, manipulated the facts and let Gabi believe that she and Chad would always be soul mates. Will seemed fed up with Mia's lies and explanations, and he broke up with her. The FBI reinstated Rafe so that he could officially work on Sydney's kidnapping case. Rafe suspected that Sami was hiding something from him. The audience learned that E.J. and Anna had worked together to kidnap Sydney. E.J. told Anna that he had no immediate plans to tell Sami that Sydney was safe, or to mention her whereabouts. Vivian spooked Carly into confessing that she killed Laurence. Bo showed up just in time to comfort Carly, who appeared frazzled and in an emotional state. Maggie and Hope were shocked and devastated at the news of Mickey's sudden death.
January 11 to 15, 2010
The Horton family said farewell to their beloved Mickey. In a reflective moment at Maggie's, Nathan kissed Melanie, who realized that she still had feelings for him. Melissa confused Stephanie with Melanie. Philip and Melanie decided to postpone their wedding until February out of respect for Maggie. Hope was devastated to learn that Bo had slept with Carly. Hope blasted Carly in front of friends and family for sleeping with Hope's husband. Rafe encouraged Will to make up with Mia, but Mia continued to lie to Will about her feelings for Chad. Chad invited Gabi to go away with him for a weekend at the Winter Olympics. E.J. continued to play the desperate parent searching for his missing daughter, while he and Anna kept Sydney hidden from Sami and her entire family. E.J. tried to convince a clueless Sami not to tell Rafe about the alleged ransom notes and cash request. Rafe suspected that E.J. was hiding information about Sydney's whereabouts. Vivian told Victor that she thought Mia was Carly's secret daughter. After he learned that Carly had slept with Bo, Victor ordered Vivian to take down Carly. Carly was emotionally distraught that Melanie hated her. She told Bo that it was time to tell Melanie the truth -- that she was Melanie's mother. At the Brady Pub, Brady walked in on Al, Troy's hit man, who was there to kill Arianna.
January 18 to 22, 2010
E.J. continued to keep Sydney's whereabouts a secret from Sami and Rafe. He told Anna that he wanted to enjoy watching Sami squirm and suffer because she never told him that she was pregnant with his child. Anna feared that E.J.'s kidnapping scheme would go on indefinitely and seemed truly worried about Sydney's welfare. Bo misled Philip about his relationship with Carly in order to throw Vivian off track and distracted to keep her from finding Carly's daughter. Vivian told Hope that Carly returned to Salem because she never stopped loving Bo. Hope, devastated that she had lost Bo forever, turned to Justin for comfort. Abe warned Bo that lying to everyone about his relationship with Carly could destroy any chance of reconciliation with Hope. Carly attacked Vivian after seeing her chumming out with Melanie, actions that aroused Vivian's curiosity and left Melanie perplexed as to why Carly continued to interfere in her life. Nathan and Stephanie decided to keep their relationship a secret for the time being. Maggie, still raw from Mickey's death, resumed her role as mother hen and told Kate to butt out of Melanie's life. Troy tried to strangle Arianna, but coincidently E.J. dropped by in time to save her life. Roman arrested Troy, and while in custody, Troy connected the pieces and blurted out in front of everyone that Arianna was an undercover narcotics agent!
January 25 to 29, 2010
Hope was devastated at Bo's indifference toward her, and shocked that he took off his wedding ring. Later, she confided her feelings to Justin and found comfort in their friendship. Justin pleaded with Carly to rethink her affair with Bo, as it was ruining Bo's marriage and family. Carly went berserk after seeing Vivian helping Melanie plan her wedding. Vivian confirmed to Victor that Melanie was Carly's long-lost daughter. Bo, Daniel, and Maggie all asked Melanie to give Carly the benefit of the doubt and get to know her better. Lawrence appeared to Vivian and ordered her to kill Melanie as his revenge against Carly. Victor warned Vivian to stay away from Melanie, but Vivian had her own agenda for Carly's offspring. Chloe yearned to give Daniel a child. Maggie considered taking a drink to numb the loss of her beloved Mickey. Stephanie seemed uncertain of Nathan's feelings for her. E.J. saved Arianna from Troy's bungled hit. Rafe convinced the Feds to temporarily keep Arianna out of jail. Stefano suspected that E.J. knew of Sydney's whereabouts. E.J.'s master kidnap plan finally took its toll on Rafe and Sami's relationship. Arianna accidentally intercepted Anna's phone call to E.J. Melanie softened her feelings toward Carly after learning that Carly had lost a daughter many years before.
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February 1 to 5, 2010
Mia lied to Chad's father and ruined Chad and Gabi's weekend getaway to the Olympics. E.J. continued to mastermind Sydney's kidnap plan. Anna had second thoughts about her part in the plan after a brief visit with Sami. Ari won her freedom and celebrated the event with Brady. Clara acted out against Carly after viewing a web cam of her Daddy kissing Carly. Hope threatened Bo for full custody of Ciara as long as he decided to play house with Carly. Stephanie reluctantly accepted Nathan's invitation for a romantic weekend away, even though she suspected that he still had feelings for Melanie. Melanie and Carly bonded while others became curious of Carly's interest in Melanie. Kate asked Carly's help to bring down Vivian. Vivian ignored Victor's warning and went forward with her plan to kill Melanie on her wedding day as revenge for Lawrence's murder. E.J. ordered Stefano's eviction. Rafe seemed suspicious of Anna and her connection to E.J. Rafe and Sami put aside their differences and reconciled. Chloe wished for a miracle.
February 8 to 12, 2010
Chloe learned that she was pregnant and surprised Daniel with the good news. Abe reinstated Hope to the Salem PD. Brady gave Arianna his mother's bracelet as a token of his love for her. Rafe and Sami reconciled, much to E.J.'s dismay. Lucas warned Philip that Melanie and Nathan might still have feelings for each other. Melanie had unresolved feelings for Nathan and considered cancelling the wedding. Vivian forced Melanie to go through with the wedding so that she could move forward with her ultimate revenge on Carly: murdering Melanie on her wedding day. Gus kidnapped Carly. Victor assured Hope that Melanie would be safe from Vivian. Hope figured out the truth that Melanie was Carly's daughter and that Victor switched the tiaras. Hope's attempt to rescue Carly and arrest Vivian went awry when Gus intervened on Vivian's behalf; Hope and Carly were injured in the scuffle. Carly called Bo for help as Hope lay unconscious. Stephanie selfishly intercepted Melanie's note to Nathan and told her that Nathan didn't read the note when he saw it was from her. Melanie resolved to forget about Nathan and married Philip amidst an unusual crowd of well-wishers. Nathan arrived at the Kiriakis mansion to stop the wedding, but changed his mind at the last minute.
February 15 to 19, 2010
Bo rushed to Hope's side after she was injured trying to help Carly. Carly tried to stop Vivian from killing Melanie and accidentally shot Melanie. Vivian manipulated Melanie's shooting to use against Carly. Daniel and Lexie performed emergency surgery on a critically injured Melanie. Philip, Maggie, and Brady sat vigil at Melanie's bedside. Abe forced Bo to arrest Carly for Melanie's shooting. Hope remembered what happened and told Justin and Bo that Vivian kidnapped Carly so that Vivian could murder Melanie. Victor warned Vivian that he would not allow her to ruin Philip's happiness. Kate warned Philip to be wary of Vivian. Justin told an enraged Philip that Victor knew of Vivian's intentions to murder Melanie with a poisoned tiara. Bo admitted to Hope that he posted Carly's bail. Hope realized that Bo loved Carly and that their marriage was over. Chloe and Daniel learned the sad news that she had a false pregnancy. Daniel suggested that due to her emotional state, Chloe should consider counseling. E.J. planted an article of clothing stained with Sydney's blood in the Salem River to prove to Sami and Rafe that Sydney was dead. E.J. told Anna he was ready to finalize his plan and take Sydney and Johnny out of the country and away from Sami forever. Nathan and Stephanie made love. Stephanie lied to Nathan about Melanie's note. Maggie tried to reach Nathan to tell him about Melanie, but he shut off his cell phone so that no one would interrupt his vacation with Stephanie. Carly convinced Daniel to allow her to visit Melanie. Melanie awakened to Carly's voice.
February 22 to 26, 2010
Philip was thrilled to learn that Melanie would recover from her gunshot wound. Carly told Melanie the truth, except the identity of her biological father. Philip disowned Vivian. Stefano and Rafe seemed suspicious of E.J.'s indifference over Sydney's assumed death. Victor and Stefano reached a business understanding about personal and professional business. E.J. caught Sami and Rafe in bed together, which prompted him, with Anna's help, to change his plan to leave Salem with Johnny and Sydney. Chloe confided in Philip over her false pregnancy and her difficulty in making Daniel understand her feelings. Bo and Hope worked together to incriminate Gus to flush out Vivian so that they could exonerate Carly. Hope forced Bo to admit that he loved Carly. Vivian backed out of her plan to kill Melanie after hearing about Melanie's horrible life with Trent and the lack of love in her life until she arrived in Salem. Melanie covered for Vivian when Bo and Hope questioned her. Vivian admitted to Victor that she reconsidered harming Melanie. Carly told a shocked Daniel that he was Melanie's father. E.J. met with Sami in private and told her that he had received another ransom note and that Sydney might still be alive.
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MARCH 2010
March 1 to 5, 2010
Carly told a shocked and furious Daniel that he was Melanie's biological father. Carly accidentally told Chloe that Daniel was Melanie's father. Mia continued to manipulate Will, Chad, and Gabi so that she could worm her way back into Chad's life. Maggie kept her health symptoms a secret from everyone. There was trouble in paradise for Daniel and Chloe. Carly couldn't seem to say or do anything right for anyone. Justin decided to represent Carly. Bo questioned Melanie about her shooting, and Melanie implicated Carly and defended Vivian. Daniel, Philip, and Victor warned Vivian to stay away from Melanie or else. Ari told Brady that she could not commit to him until he resolved his feelings for Nicole. E.J. made Sami believe that Sydney might still be alive and then convinced her not to tell Rafe about the new ransom note. Rafe seemed suspicious of E.J.'s behavior and attitude. E.J. taunted Sami with Sydney's fate. Anna pleaded with E.J. to stop torturing Sami and bring Sydney home. Nathan rushed to Melanie's side after he learned about her shooting. Stephanie ended Nathan and Melanie's reunion and kept Melanie's letter a secret from him. Hope confided to Justin that she still loved Bo but realized that she lost him for good to Carly. Philip encouraged Hope to fight for her man. Daniel told a shocked Melanie that he was her father. Sami and Rafe were stunned with the miraculous return of Sydney in E.J.'s arms.
March 8 to 12, 2010
Daniel told a shocked Chloe that he was her biological father. Melanie lied to Bo and told him that Carly meant to shoot her, not Vivian. Sami asked Rafe to forgive her for lying to him about the last ransom note. E.J. continued his plan to come between Sami and Rafe after he asked Sami if he could spend the night at her apartment with the excuse to spend time with Sydney and Johnny. Brady asked Arianna to marry him twice, and she finally accepted. E.J. offered Arianna a job. Chloe visited Nicole in prison to tell her that Sydney had returned home safely. Nicole told Chloe that she was on the verge of remembering the familiar voice of the woman who kidnapped Sydney. Daniel told Victor that he was Melanie's father. Victor promised Daniel that he would protect Melanie and welcome her into his family. Carly decided to change her plea to guilty to keep Melanie safe from Vivian. Daniel learned that Maggie's myasthenia gravis had returned and urged her to get treatment. Maggie confided to Melanie about her health condition. Rafe worked relentlessly to find the person behind Sydney's kidnapping. Rafe located the cottage where Anna and Sydney lived for the past few months.
March 15 to 19, 2010
E.J. settled into Sami's apartment under the ruse that he wanted to be near the children. Carly and Hope came to an understanding. Melanie testified on Carly's behalf. Vivian was furious after learning that Carly was free and hatched another plan for revenge. Nicole remembered that Anna kidnapped Sydney. Nicole blackmailed Anna and threatened to implicate her in Sydney's kidnapping if the governor did not pardon her. Anna promised the governor that she would do anything for him as long as he pardoned Nicole. Daniel learned that Chloe lied to him about her therapy appointments. Chloe confided in Nicole about her relationship with Daniel. Daniel warned Vivian to stay clear of Melanie and Carly or else. Sami and Rafe celebrated Brady and Ari's engagement. Rafe nixed Sami's idea to apply for a job at the FBI. Rafe was closer to learning the identity of Sydney's kidnapper. Kate maneuvered a way for Stefano to visit Sydney. Chad told Gabby that he still had feelings for Mia and that they could only be friends. Mia, on the other hand, kept Will in the dark while she cheated on him with Chad. Stephanie was determined to find a way to have Nathan forgive her for not telling him about Melanie's letter. Theo told E.J. that Johnny told him that Sydney was safe with her daddy all along. Philip and Melanie moved in to Maggie's house to help her through her medical crisis.
March 22 to 26, 2010
Anna blackmailed the governor and forced him to pardon Nicole. After he talked to the governor, Rafe put the pieces together that Anna kidnapped Sydney and that she was working with an unknown accomplice. Sami was horrified to learn that Anna had taken Sydney. E.J. panicked after he learned that Nicole received a pardon and that Anna orchestrated the deal. E.J. threatened the governor and then tried to cover his tracks to keep Rafe from learning that E.J. was the mastermind behind Sydney's kidnapping. Will learned that Mia cheated on him with Chad and ended their relationship. Thanks to Gabi, Chad realized that Mia was using him against Will and dumped her. Bo warned Victor to convince Vivian to end her vendetta against Carly or else he would eliminate her. Victor offered to marry Vivian if she would forget about getting revenge against Carly. Melanie lied to Nathan about her true feelings for him. Nathan asked Stephanie for another chance. Ari and Brady left for Santa Domingo to elope. Nicole left prison on a quest to find Brady and win him back, unaware of his plans to marry. Nicole put a snag in Ari and Brady's wedding plans. Fay tried to convince Nicole to forget about Brady and make good on her second chance for a normal, happy life. Bo and Carly celebrated her freedom. Hope played matchmaker for Adrienne and Justin, and neither appreciated the gesture. Adrienne learned that Justin was in love with Hope. Kate suggested to Stefano that E.J. knew more than he told Rafe about Anna's role in Sydney's kidnapping.
March 29 to April 2, 2010
Carly's quick response to assist Daniel after a freak accident caused Melanie to see her mother in a new light. Philip witnessed Nathan comforting Melanie after Daniel's accident. Chloe felt insecure about Daniel and Carly's parental bonding. Vivian told Philip that she and Victor planned to marry. Kate went ballistic at Vivian when she heard the news of Vivian and Victor's marriage plans. Victor set limits for his bride-to-be regarding their upcoming marriage of convenience. Victor confided in Maggie about his unconditional love for Philip. Nathan told Stephanie that he still had feelings for Melanie and cancelled their planned date. Stephanie confided in Adrienne about Melanie's letter to Nathan. Adrienne, Justin, and Hope remained at odds. Nicole's return to Salem was anything but welcoming. Sami and Nicole's first encounter ended in a down and dirty fistfight on the pier and a visit to the Salem police station. Rafe was reluctant to accept Sami's offer to reconcile. Nicole seemed suspicious of E.J.'s uneasiness and sensed his fear about something that involved Anna. E.J. told Nicole not to take her freedom too lightly and that she should be wary of a DiMera's revenge. E.J. confided to Lexie that he was still in love with Sami. Rafe grilled Benny about Sydney's kidnapping. Anna blew off E.J. and resumed her life of luxury, unaware that Stefano was nearby.
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APRIL 2010
April 5 to 9, 2010
Caroline called Bo to tell him that Kimberly had leukemia, and that she needed a bone marrow transplant. Bo left Salem for L.A. to be with his family and asked Daniel to watch over Carly. Hope questioned Rafe as a suspect in the attack on D.A. Woods. Sami made matters worse when she lied to Hope to give Rafe an alibi. Rafe told Sami that he did not think that they could overcome their differences and make their relationship work. Melanie observed Carly and Daniel during surgery and decided that she wanted to rejoin the nursing program. Stefano forced Anna to give him proof that E.J. masterminded Sydney's kidnapping. Stefano confronted E.J. about his evil ways and said that E.J. needed to face the consequences of his actions. E.J. broke down under the stress and finally realized the damage and hurt that he caused to everyone that loved Sydney. Sami was furious at Will's decision to move in with Grandma Kate at the DiMera mansion. Brady told Nicole to butt out of his relationship with Arianna. Daniel asked Chloe if Carly could move in with them until Bo returned from L.A. Nicole encouraged Chloe to stand her ground with Daniel. Roman tried to convince Sami to tell E.J. to move out and to try to mend her relationships with Rafe and Will. Vivian thought Chloe might be an ally against Carly. Chad's mom took an unusual interest in Gabi and promised that she would help Rafe despite her husband's testimony and dislike of him.
April 12 to 16, 2010
Madeline was instrumental in Rafe's release from jail. Melanie re-enrolled in the nursing program. Justin's mugging, and whether or not he would recover, temporarily reminded Adrienne of how much she loved Justin and the life they shared together. Hope investigated Justin's attack. Justin told Hope that it was over between him and Adrienne. Carly moved in with Adrienne to give Daniel and Chloe privacy. Daniel assured Chloe that he loved her whether or not that could have children together. Philip confronted Melanie about her feelings for Nathan and asked her why she sent Nathan a love letter on her wedding day. Melanie told Philip that he was the only man she loved, and that she and Nathan were only friends. A patients' death drew Melanie and Nathan together. Sami seemed puzzled over E.J.'s willingness to allow Stefano to spend time with Sydney and Johnny. Rafe was livid when he learned that Sami allowed her children to spend the night with Stefano. Stefano warned E.J. to keep the terms of their arrangement, or he would tell Sami and the authorities that E.J. kidnapped Sydney. Kate seemed concerned that Madeline Woods was back in Salem. Stefano was shocked to learn that E.J. was in love with Sami again. Brady told Nicole that she should leave town, but Nicole ignored him and continued to cause problems between Brady and Arianna. Unbeknownst to both women, Arianna and Nicole would soon be working together on the Roving Reporter show.
April 19 to 23, 2010
Rafe seemed suspicious of E.J.'s sudden reconciliation with Stefano. Sami and Rafe were still at odds over her lies to him about Sydney's ransom notes. E.J. asked Sami and the children to move in with him and then almost told her that he was still in love with her. Rafe told Sami that E.J. was manipulating her and not to give in to his charm. Will questioned Sami about moving into the DiMera mansion. Abe was the third high-profile person mugged. Hope acted strangely toward family and friends and appeared to be off leading a mysterious nighttime double life. Dr. Baker was alive and well -- and in Salem. Dr. Baker accidentally bumped into E.J., who was shocked that the good doctor was still alive. Dr. Baker, unaware of Hope's identity, unknowingly agreed to work with her. Philip misunderstood the kiss between Melanie and Nathan. Vivian manipulated Chloe into thinking that Daniel and Carly were having an affair. Philip and Chloe consoled each other and made love to forget about their problems. Daniel's surgery was a success. Philip and Chloe realized that they'd made a terrible mistake after learning the truth about their respective mates. Sami, hellbent and enraged, rebuffed Stefano's offer of a truce as well as E.J.'s suggestion to live with him, Stefano, and Kate at the mansion. Nicole and Arianna decided to struggle through a bad working situation. Arianna refused Brady's suggestion to work elsewhere at Titan. Justin blasted Victor for his attitude towards him.
April 26 to 30, 2010
Nicole held a news interview with E.J. about his mugging, but later destroyed the tape when E.J. implicated that his attacker was in some way connected to Nicole. Arianna understood Brady's loyalty to Nicole. Hope hauled Nicole down to police headquarters for questioning in E.J.'s attack. Dr. Baker was shocked when Hope did not recognize him. Chloe and Philip were frantic and guilty about their recent tryst and scrambled to cover their tracks. After Vivian's plan failed to get revenge on Carly by tricking Chloe, Vivian blasted Carly for being a home wrecker. Nathan learned that Chloe and Philip slept together but agreed to keep her secret. Melanie suspected that Philip was troubled about something. Philip thought about confiding in Stephanie about his affair with Chloe. Chloe was determined to find out who lied to her to make her believe that Daniel and Carly were having an affair. Julie and Hope's doctor questioned her dependence on sleeping pills. Hope was clueless that she was the perpetrator of the crimes that she was investigating. Hope's nighttime double life seemed to be a side effect of her medication that caused amnesia while sleepwalking. Nighttime Hope confronted Dr. Baker just as he was about to leave town and forced him to act as her accomplice. Caroline told Sami that moving in with the DiMera family was a big mistake. E.J. was jubilant about Sami's decision to move into the mansion. Rafe got a lead on Anna and left town without telling Sami why. Mia tried to make headway with Madeline about helping her win back Chad. Stefano warned Madeline to keep her distance from him and Kate. Madeline and Kate respectively asked Chad and Will to stay away from each other. Chad and Will were finally onto Mia's manipulations.
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MAY 2010
May 3 to 7, 2010
Nighttime Hope attacked Brady and branded him with an Irish symbol that represented feminine power. Arianna learned that her nemesis, Nicole, rescued Brady after his attack. Hope blamed Ciara for playing with her makeup. Dr. Baker seemed confused at the behavior of his new partner in crime. Chloe and Philip continued to deal with the guilt over their one-night stand. Chloe blasted an unknowing Carly for interfering in her relationship with Daniel. Daniel tried to convince Chloe that she had no reason to be jealous of Carly. Melanie confronted Stephanie about tossing her birth control pills in the trash and threatened to tell Nathan the truth. Will and Chad seemed puzzled over the photo of Kate and Madeline. Madeline avoided Chad's questions and then warned Kate to cover her tracks or else everyone would pay the price. Stefano ensured that Sami and the children remained under the DiMera roof. Sami told E.J. that he kissed her while he was semi-conscious after the mugging. E.J. seemed pleased with himself as Sami warmed to his affections. Rafe manipulated Calliope, who was in dire straights with the IRS, to spy on old friend Anna and force her to spill the name of her accomplice in Sydney's kidnapping.
May 10 to 14, 2010
Rafe's plan to use Calliope to persuade Anna to identify her accomplice in Sydney's kidnapping backfired. Arianna and Brady set a wedding date. Nicole blackmailed Dr. Baker to help her frame Arianna for the Salem muggings with the hope that she could win back Brady's love. Carly was stunned at Hope's behavior and forgiving nature. Daniel and Chloe's relationship continued to unravel. Victor and Maggie saw each other in a different light. Vivian was pleased with her plan to take down Carly, but upset with Victor's interest in Maggie. Melanie thought about telling Nathan the truth about Stephanie's plan to trap him. Will was disgusted and disappointed that Sami was drawing romantically closer to E.J. Kate and Madeline had something in common that they wanted to keep secret; both were prostitutes many years before with close ties to Stefano. Madeline was desperate to keep her secret from Chad, family, and business associates for fear of losing the career and life she worked so hard to achieve.
May 17 to 21, 2010
One of Stefano's minions poisoned Anna just before she could tell Rafe who had masterminded Sydney's kidnapping. Stefano took credit for Anna's silence. Sami continued to fall under E.J.'s charm, unaware that his secret could destroy her world. E.J. tried to help Will and Sami reconcile; meanwhile Stefano seemed able and willing to guide Will down the DiMera path. E.J. and Stefano disagreed about child rearing. Sami and Will clashed over her lifestyle. Nighttime Hope attacked Roman, but was unaware that Nicole forced Dr. Baker to incriminate Arianna for the mugging crimes. Hope arrested Arianna based on the DNA evidence. Nicole's plan to implicate Arianna to win back Brady seemed to work like a charm. Nicole played the sympathetic friend to a clueless Brady. Chloe told Philip that Nathan knew she cheated on Daniel. Carly overheard Chloe and Nathan arguing and later realized that Chloe had cheated on Daniel. Daniel almost caught a guilty Philip in a lie. Daniel sought couples advice from Father Matt. Melanie and Stephanie had a drag-out fight at the nurse's stations about Nathan. Maggie asked Melanie why she thought Stephanie might hurt Nathan. Stephanie put her plan in motion to trap Nathan. Bo returned from Los Angeles to learn that the muggings continued, and this time Roman was the victim.
May 24 to 28, 2010
Rafe ended up as a prisoner in a South American jail before Anna could tell him that E.J. was her accomplice in Sydney's kidnapping. Rafe learned that his new cellmate was none other than the infamous FBI agent, Shane Donovan. Hope arrested Arianna for the Salem muggings. Arianna's past criminal life shocked Brady as Nicole's plan to win back Brady seemed to be working perfectly. Brady told Arianna that someone framed her but that he still loved and believed in her. Nicole ordered Dr. Baker to stop the muggings so that the police would believe that they arrested the true perpetrator. Dr. Baker explained to Nicole that his partner called all the shots. Bo returned to Salem to learn of Ciara's so-called psychological problems and a mysterious treasure box. Ciara insisted that Hope kept her treasure box hidden under her bed at the mansion. Stefano befriended Will to help him deal with Sami and E.J.'s feelings for each other. Madeline forbade Chad to associate with Will after she saw Stefano, Will, and Chad engaged in a friendly conversation at the Brady Pub. Carly warned Chloe to tell Daniel about her affair, or Carly would. Victor and Vivian's sham wedding had some surprise twists that pleased Victor, but put Vivian on edge. Hope arrived back at the mansion just in time to see Carly catch the bridal bouquet.
May 31 to June 4, 2010
Victor and Vivian wed, but Victor spent his wedding reception with Maggie until she forced him to go home to his new bride. Philip's guilt over his affair with Chloe had him consider coming clean to Melanie. Caroline was horrified to learn that Victor married Vivian. Carly almost told Daniel about Chloe's infidelity when she learned Daniel planned to marry Chloe immediately. Chloe panicked and decided to accept Vivian's offer to eliminate Carly. Arianna's relationship with Brady was on shaky ground, but E.J. lifted her spirits when he agreed to represent her. Arianna remembered that Nicole was her alibi the night Justin was attacked. E.J. grilled Nicole and hinted that he knew she framed Arianna, and it was only a matter of time before he could prove it. Dr. Baker realized that Bo would be Hope's final victim. Hope seemed surprised at Dr. Baker's concern for her. Hope recovered "the treasure box items" from Ciara before Ciara showed them to Bo. Bo told Caroline that he felt guilty for causing his daughter emotional problems, and was unaware that Hope was the one that desperately needed his help. Stephanie confided in Adrienne that she had stopped taking her birth control pills without telling Nathan, and that she might be pregnant with his child.
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JUNE 2010
June 7 to 11, 2010
Arianna was wise to Nicole's plan to snatch Brady. Chloe changed her mind about her and Vivian's plan to knock off Carly, and suffered serious injuries as a result. Carly warned Chloe to tell Daniel the truth about her affair. Philip panicked when Chloe told him that Carly knew she had an affair. Daniel asked Father Matt to marry him and Chloe at the hospital. Madeline was uneasy with Chad and Will's friendship. Chad and Will decided to investigate the connection between Madeline and Kate. Stefano told Kate that he had a plan to silence Madeline, but that he needed her help. E.J. threatened Nicole and told her that he would find proof that she framed Arianna to win back Brady. Philip found a friend and confidant in Maggie. Melanie offered encouraging words to Arianna, and later advised Brady to wise up about Nicole's intentions. Victor and Brady came to an understanding and agreed that family was the most important part of their lives. The Horton family members gathered from afar, as word spread that Alice was gravely ill and would probably not survive. Carly witnessed a close moment between Bo and Hope. Hope was devastated to learn that Bo had filed for divorce, but tried to hide her deep sadness from him and other family members.
June 14 to 18, 2010
Shane and Rafe escaped from their hellhole South American prison and headed back to Salem. Anna was MIA. Dr. Baker drugged Brady when he came close to learning the truth that Nicole had framed Arianna. Brady was devastated that Arianna believed that he fell off the wagon, and Nicole made sure she was close by to comfort him. Nicole warned Dr. Baker not to mess with Brady again, or else. Chloe and Daniel's wedding plans remained uncertain. Chloe admitted to Nicole and in confession to Father Matt that she was unfaithful to Daniel. Carly and Father Matt pleaded with Chloe to tell Daniel the truth before she married him. Nicole pressured Chloe to marry Daniel regardless of her indiscretion. Melanie feared for Daniel's happiness. Daniel questioned Chloe's unstable behavior and asked her to tell him the truth. Bo and Carly recalled fond memories of Alice. Horton family and friends, including Bill, Marie, Doug, Julie, Laura, Jennifer, Melissa, and Kayla, arrived in Salem to pay one last visit to a seriously ailing Alice. Kate's visit to the Horton home stirred bad memories for Laura. Caroline gave Victor the cold shoulder about his marriage to Vivian. Maggie received good news from Daniel that her myasthenia gravis was in remission. Will was disgusted with Sami when she announced that she planned to live permanently at the DiMera mansion. Julie counseled Sami to be wary about a renewed relationship with E.J. Kate impersonated Madeline at the bank so that she could steal a tape that might incriminate her, Madeline, and Stefano. Chad's parents were unhappy with his decision to attend University of Salem and remain friendly with Mia and Will.
June 21 to 25, 2010
Kate accidentally uncovered Madeline's big secret and decided to keep the news from Stefano. Madeline persuaded Mia to leave Salem to pursue her dreams of dance in New York. Nicole's quest to hook Brady seemed to be falling into place after Brady told her that he and Arianna were over. Maggie told family and friends that Alice had passed. The remainder of the Brady and Horton clan returned to Salem to bid farewell to Alice. Mike, injured in a car accident on his way home to Salem, was distraught that he could not attend his grandmother's funeral. Hope delivered a heartwarming eulogy to Alice that brought everyone to tears. Doug, Kayla, Caroline, and other family members told Bo to reconsider his living arrangements with Carly and find his way back to Hope. Doug told Hope that Alice felt strongly that she should not give up on Bo. Adrienne hinted to Kayla that Stephanie would do almost anything to be with Nathan. Carly interrupted Daniel and Chloe's rushed wedding to announce that Chloe was pregnant. Daniel was excited to learn that he would be a father again, but Chloe feared that Philip might be the daddy. Rafe and Shane returned to Salem to surprise Sami and Kimberly. Shane was shocked at Kimberley's cold reception. Carrie and Sami cleared the air about their past. Carrie told Sami that it was time for her to pick Rafe or E.J. Lucas told Will and Kate that he was thinking of moving to Hong Kong permanently.
June 28 to July 2, 2010
After paying tribute to Alice at the funeral and Horton home, out-of-town family and friends left Salem with special memories to last a lifetime. Hope caught Ciara telling more stories about her missing treasures. E.J. told Sami that he loved her and challenged her to express her true feelings for him. Sami's lingering feelings for Rafe complicated her relationship with E.J. Rafe kissed Sami goodbye and then vowed to help Arianna prove her innocence. Rafe almost heard Nicole talking to Dr. Baker. Shane told Kimberly that he had resigned from the ISA, and begged her to give him another chance. Madeline cautioned Kate to keep her secret for fear of how the truth could affect people in both of their lives. Daniel seemed suspicious of Chloe's questions about the baby's date of conception. Carly confided in Jennifer, without revealing the facts, to determine whether or not she should tell Daniel the truth about Chloe's infidelity. Kayla asked Melanie to end her friendship with Philip. Kayla reminded Philip of the child he had left behind. Melanie forgave Philip for giving away his child, but asked him if fatherhood might be part of his future with her.
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JULY 2010
July 5 to 9, 2010
Sami confided in Caroline about her conflicted feelings for E.J. and Rafe. Kim and Shane returned to Los Angeles as a couple. Carly and Chloe learned that Vivian orchestrated all of the events now complicating both of their lives. Carly promised Chloe that she would not tell Daniel about her affair if Daniel was the father of her child. Daniel surprised Chloe with a christening gown for their child that has been in his family for years. Carly asked Bo if he was ready to move on permanently without Hope. Ciara told Justin that she saw his wallet in her mother's room. Hope hit on Justin to keep him from learning the truth about her secret nightlife, and then covered her tracks when Adrienne walked in on them. Will overheard Madeline tell Kate about her past life as a professional call girl. Later, after an intense argument with Chad, Will took pleasure in sharing the news with Chad. Nicole learned that E.J. and Anna kidnapped Sydney and used the information to her advantage. Caroline chastised Maggie for befriending Victor. Philip accidentally learned that Chloe was pregnant.
July 12 to 16, 2010
Hope's doctor warned her that continued use of sleep medication could cause disturbing side effects. Melanie's matchmaking attempt to reconcile Brady and Arianna didn't work out as planned. Nicole kissed Brady, and he kissed her back. Carly and Adrienne told Bo that they were concerned about Hope's strange behavior and that she was acting like a different person. Philip and Chloe feared for their future -- and the futures those that loved them -- if he turned out to be the father of Chloe's baby. Melanie seemed unsettled over Philip's lack of enthusiasm to start a family. Nicole taunted E.J. with her discovery that he manipulated Anna to kidnap Sydney and threatened to tell Sami on her timetable. E.J. asked Sami to go away with him and the children. Madeline admitted to Chad that she was a prostitute in her past life. Madeline pleaded with Chad to keep her secret, and when she ran after him, accidentally fell down a flight of stairs at the pier. Stefano told Kate that they needed to keep Madeline from revealing the truth about the congressman's death. Hope told Carly that she admired her for having the courage to kill Laurence. Hope told Dr. Baker that she planned to murder Bo.
July 19 to 23, 2010
Chad was devastated and guilt-ridden at Madeline's sudden death, and he was heartbroken that his father blamed him for the accident. Arianna and Brady went their separate ways, but Brady continued his quest to prove Arianna's innocence. Brady told Nicole that he was not ready for another relationship, and he was uncertain if she could ever be more than a special friend to him. Daniel was confused and angry over Chloe's constantly changing behavior toward their wedding plans and parenthood. Chloe confided in Father Matt about her pregnancy woes. Stephanie was thrilled when Nathan suggested they should live together. Victor continued to pursue Maggie. E.J. agreed to Nicole's terms so that Sami would never learn of his part in Sydney's kidnapping. Rafe and Sami were at odds over her decision to live permanently at the DiMera mansion. Sami and E.J.'s relationship continued to move forward. Rafe moved closer to learning the truth about Sydney's kidnapping. Hope's cycle of madness reached dangerous levels when she attempted to burn down her home with Bo inside. Dr. Baker averted the tragedy and saved Bo's life by calling 9-1-1. Later, Hope arrived at the hospital to finish the job.
July 26 to 30, 2010
Stefano was upset that Kate befriended Chad. Chad asked Kate about Madeline's past. Nicole continued to manipulate Dr. Baker and E.J. Nicole forced E.J. to comply with her demands. Carly scheduled Chloe's paternity test at another hospital, unaware that Daniel would be there at the same time for a medical consultation. Rafe decoded Nicole's diary and grew closer to learning the truth about what she was holding over E.J.'s head. Stefano was enraged when E.J. said that he y planned to marry Sami. Sami admitted to Caroline that she was still in love with Rafe but confused about her feelings toward the fatherly, more loving, and kinder E.J. of the past few months. Sami told Rafe that he cared more about his job than her. Sami was touched at E.J.'s creative marriage proposal. Brady bumped into Dr. Baker and was suspicious of Nicole's reaction when he told her about it. Carly tried to help Bo remember what happened the night of his attack. Bo questioned Theo and Ciarra about Hope's treasures. Vivian's theory about who attacked Bo fueled nighttime Hope's plan to get her revenge against Bo. Nicole hired a thug to take care of Dr. Baker. Rafe paid a visit to Fay to learn more about Nicole's plan to blackmail E.J.
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August 2 to 6, 2010
Fay destroyed the evidence that Nicole had mailed to her, which left Rafe with more unanswered questions. Sami told E.J. that she could not marry him because she was still in love with Rafe. Daniel and Melanie were moments away from walking in on Chloe during her paternity test at St. Mary's Hospital. Carly helped Chloe hide from Daniel, but Melanie told Daniel that she felt that Carly seemed rattled and nervous about something. Chloe ran into Daniel on her way out of the hospital and lied to him again, about why she was at the hospital. Bo was horrified to learn the truth that Hope was the Salem mugger and that she had tried to kill him. Bo, devastated at the depth of Hope's pain, realized that he was indirectly responsible for her overuse of sleeping pills and the acts of violence that followed. Hope forced a reluctant and heartbroken Bo to arrest her, and insisted that punishment for her crimes was the only road to redemption. Dr. Baker refused to implicate Hope. Brady and Nicole's romantic reunion ended abruptly when Brady learned that Nicole had blackmailed someone for five million dollars.
August 9 to 13, 2010
Hope faced all of her victims and told them that she regretted her actions, apologized for the pain she caused them, and said that she was prepared to face the punishment rendered by the courts. Hope was inconsolable when she asked Doug and Julie to care for Ciara while she was away. Hope told Bo and Abe that she did not want legal representation and to move her case along swiftly. Bo and Carly continued to feel responsible for Hope's breakdown. Arianna blasted Hope for framing her and ruining her life, and told Hope that she wanted her locked up for a very long time. Arianna, of course, was unaware of the part Nicole played in her arrest and breakup with Brady. Rafe went ballistic after he accidentally overheard E.J. tell Stefano that Sami had accepted his marriage proposal. Rafe and Sami's passion for each other almost led to them making love until Rafe told Sami that he would not stop her from marrying E.J. if that was what she really wanted. Sami, reeling from her encounter with Rafe, asked E.J. if they could move up with their wedding plans. E.J. and Sami announced their marriage plans to Will, Stefano, Kate, and the children with mixed reactions. Victor was distressed to learn that Brady's behavior was due to his never-ending lust for Nicole. Nicole decided against doing the right thing, and went to Brady with an outrageous story about her five million dollar stash, batted her eyes, and suckered him right back into her life again. A curious Stephanie broke into Daniel and Chloe's apartment and learned that Philip might be the father of Chloe's baby. Stephanie, frantic to keep Nathan in her life and Melanie out of his, decided to break into the records at St. Mary's hospital and take matters into her own hands.
August 16 to 20, 2010
Bo's testimony, plus that of family and friends, persuaded the judge to significantly reduce Hope's sentence. Hope was grateful to be able to spend time with Ciara, and get the much-needed treatment to deal with all of her actions over the past months. Justin and Adrienne reflected on the happy times in their marriage. Brady was determined to rid himself of his addiction to Nicole. Kate befriended Chad and then recalled a conversation with Madeline revealing Stefano as Chad's biological father. Kate asked Lexie how she'd felt when she learned that Stefano was her father. Vivian continued to plot to find a way to end Victor's growing friendship with Maggie. Nathan and Melanie bonded after they were attacked at the free clinic. Chloe and Carly frantically awaited the results of Chloe's paternity test. Meanwhile, Stephanie urged Ian to hack into St. Mary's computer files to get Chloe's paternity test results. E.J. told Arianna about his marriage to Sami. Rafe pretended to seduce Nicole to get the goods on E.J. Sami misinterpreted Nicole and Rafe's liaison, and then told E.J. that she wanted to get married immediately. Rafe forced Nicole to come clean about what she knew or else face more prison time. E.J. and Sami's wedding ceremony began just as Rafe learned E.J. had kidnapped Sydney.
August 23 to 27, 2010
Dr. Baker refused to implicate Hope in the mugging crimes and pleaded guilty. Later, he taunted Bo for causing Hope's emotional and physical breakdown. Carly realized the extent of Bo's love for Hope after he anguished at her heartbreaking testimony during Dr. Baker's hearing. Rafe interrupted Sami and E.J.'s wedding and revealed the truth to Sami that E.J. had paid Anna to kidnap Sydney. Kate was furious that Stefano kept E.J.'s big secret from her for months. Sami dumped E.J. and walked out with children in tow even after he humiliated himself, begged her forgiveness, and declared his undying love for her. Sami devastated E.J. further when she told him that the only reason she pushed up the wedding day was that she thought Rafe had moved on with Nicole. Rafe, Roman, and Caroline celebrated Sami's non-wedding to E.J. E.J. stormed out of the house and told Stefano that he planned to kill Nicole for betraying him and taking away everyone and everything that he loved in his life. Nicole asked Brady to protect her from Stefano and E.J., but he refused and left her to fend for herself. Sami and Kate tried desperately to contact Will to tell him why she'd cancelled the wedding. Philip paid off an associate to change Chloe's paternity test. Chloe was elated at Carly's news that Daniel was her baby's father, unaware of how many others were involved in changing the original test results. Stephanie wondered who changed Chloe's paternity test results and what would happen to her relationship with Nathan if the truth came out. Daniel and Chloe announced her pregnancy to Victor's mixed reactions. Vivian set her plan in motion for Maggie's disappearance and Vivian's bizarre obsession to bury Maggie in Isabella's sarcophagus.
August 30 to September 2, 2010
E.J., drunk and out for revenge, attacked Nicole at the docks. Daniel rescued Nicole from E.J. and encouraged her to stay in Salem and to testify against him. Sami went to the DiMera mansion in the middle of the night, found E.J. drunk in bed, and then shot him. Later, Sami said yes to Rafe's surprise marriage proposal but decided not to tell him that she had left the apartment earlier and shot E.J. Stefano pleaded with Daniel to save E.J.'s life. Kate warned Stefano to make sure that Will understood that she did not know that E.J. had kidnapped Sydney, or else their marriage was over. Vivian continued with her bizarre plot to bury Maggie alive. Maggie offered Brady advice on surviving the Kiriakis legacy. Victor cautioned Stefano for violating their business agreement. Melanie helped Nathan during a critical surgery. Bo's feelings of guilt about Hope and Ciara were obvious to Carly, who offered to bow out of their relationship for the sake of his family.
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September 6 to 10, 2010
Family, friends, and foe sat vigil at the hospital waiting for news on E.J.'s fate. Stefano was outraged that E.J. had named Sami as his health care proxy. Stefano told Kate that he was certain Sami had shot E.J. with the gun kept at the house. Rafe continued to support Sami's alibi, unaware that she actually had shot E.J. Will confronted Sami and told her that he had seen her at DiMera mansion the night E.J. was shot, and she'd been holding what looked like a gun. Sami admitted to Will that she'd shot E.J., but he covered for her when Rafe questioned them. Kate worried that her phone call to warn Sami that E.J. planned to run away with the children had fueled Sami to go after him. Nathan seemed suspicious of Ian's frequent visits to the apartment. Stephanie convinced Ian to find out if Philip had changed Chloe's paternity test results. Vivian forced a nervous Gus to test the audio and visual in the sarcophagus. Gus warned Vivian to abandon her plan before it backfired. Nathan and Chloe had an uncomfortable conversation about her one-night stand. Chloe confessed to Carly that Vivian had instigated the entire elevator accident that was meant to kill Carly. Later, Carly confronted Vivian and warned that she would be watching Vivian's every move. Melanie tried to convince Maggie to postpone her cruise, and suggested that perhaps the reason that Maggie planned to leave Salem was due to unresolved feelings for Victor.
September 13 to 17, 2010
Brady uncovered Vivian's sick plan to bury Maggie alive. Later, he turned the tables on Vivian and entombed her in Maggie's sarcophagus. Ian and Stephanie realized that neither Philip nor Chloe had tampered with the paternity test results, and wondered who else wanted to keep the truth a secret. Melanie seemed rattled after she heard Nathan mumble in his sleep that he loved her. Maggie decided not to leave Salem, partly due to her feelings for Victor. Brady continued to taunt Vivian via remote control, and told her how he planned to make her disappear from Salem. Tina attacked Hope in their prison cell. Ciara told Bo that she wished for a miracle that would bring her mommy home. Will promised Sami that he would keep her secret, at least for the time being. Kate told Will that she would stand by him no matter what he knew. Lexie called family members to the hospital and told them that E.J. had taken a turn for the worse. Sami's was furious when Rafe suggested that Will might have shot E.J. Rafe cautioned Sami that if E.J. died, his shooter would face murder charges. Lexie told Sami that she should honor E.J.'s wishes and remove him from life support because he did not want to go on if there was no chance to live a normal life. After much thought, Sami gave the order to turn off E.J's life support.
September 20 to 24, 2010
Stefano cleared Will's name as a suspect in E.J.'s shooting, but determined that Sami's fingerprints were on the gun drawer, so she was still a suspect. Rafe suspected Will and confronted him about it, but Sami defended her son and told Rafe that she'd had access to the gun and motive. Arianna visited E.J. in the hospital, and he opened his eyes and asked for Sami. Isabella's memorial was held in the mausoleum, and no one but Brady knew that Vivian was really alive in Isabella's sarcophagus and watching everything. Victor believed that Vivian had left him and was overjoyed. He told Maggie that Vivian was gone, hoping they could explore their feelings for one another. Hope was attacked in jail, and the warden notified Bo. Meanwhile, Bo believed at first that Vivian had left town for good. Carly suspected it was a ruse, so Bo decided to investigate. Kayla returned to town because she was concerned that Stephanie was having trouble in her relationship. Meanwhile, Ian accessed Daniel's cell phone and notified Stephanie that Daniel was not the one who had changed Chloe's DNA test results. At Chloe's baby shower, a drunk Nicole almost let slip that Chloe had cheated on Daniel, but Nicole covered with Melanie, saying that she was just drunk and was mouthing off because she was jealous. After the debacle at the baby shower, Chloe kicked Nicole out of her life, and Nicole warned her not to trust her new BFF Carly.
September 27 to October 1, 2010
Kayla forced Stephanie to tell her the truth about Stephanie's latest scheme with Ian. Later, Kayla had an uncomfortable meeting with Daniel. Lexie urged Sami to continue to pretend to be married to E.J. to ensure his full recovery. E.J. confided to Stefano that he was feigning amnesia so that he could buy time to get his kids back from Sami. Stefano told E.J. that his wound was not self-inflicted. Rafe surprised Sami with a new house for her and the kids. Rafe begged Sami to tell him the truth about E.J.'s shooting. Carly asked Chloe if Chloe had engaged in an affair with Nathan. Nicole was shocked to learn that Brady had entombed Vivian in Isabella's crypt. Kate struggled with whether or not to tell Stefano the truth about Chad. Melanie and Philip told Victor that they were moving into the mansion with him after losing the deal on their new home.
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October 4 to 8, 2010
Nicole promised Brady that she would not tell the authorities of Vivian's whereabouts. Victor questioned Brady's judgment about his renewed romantic interest in Nicole. E.J. manipulated Arianna to help him prove that either Sami or Will had shot him. Melanie overheard Nathan tell Stephanie that Chloe had cheated on Daniel. Melanie blasted Nathan for lying to her. Later, she confronted Chloe and forced her to confess to the affair. Kayla encouraged Stephanie to be honest with Nathan. Justin told Bo that Hope had signed their divorce papers. Vivian managed to contact Gus, but he refused to help her. Kate decided to reconsider her job offer to Chad. Sami told Will not to trust Arianna.
October 11 to 15, 2010
Sami came clean to Rafe that she had shot E.J., not Will, as everyone suspected. Rafe resigned from the FBI to protect Sami and her children. Bo and Hope agreed to work together to help Ciara through a rough time at school. Carly and Philip convinced a reluctant Melanie not to tell Daniel about Chloe's affair. The news of Chloe's affair seemed common knowledge to most everyone in Salem except Daniel. Nicole feared that Daniel would soon learn of Chloe's affair, and that the truth would destroy many lives. Stephanie worried that she would eventually lose Nathan to Melanie. Sami, Rafe, and Roman informed E.J. that he would face prosecution for his crimes, and until then, he would have no access to his children. Daniel and Chloe finally tied the knot amidst several delays, lies, and cover-ups surrounding Chloe's affair. Victor blasted Brady for his involvement with Nicole and pressured him to explain why she was living with him at the mansion. Gus finally agreed to help Vivian escape from the sarcophagus. Melanie refused to accept Carly's apology or reasons for keeping Chloe's affair a secret from Daniel. Arianna learned that Sami had shot E.J. and felt obligated to tell E.J. the truth to help him win back his children.
October 18 to 22, 2010
Hope had an emotional and heartfelt visit with Ciara. Hope's suspicions about the sudden death of a young inmate concerned the warden. Chad's visit with Stefano reminded Stefano of his early relationship with E.J. Carly felt the consequences of her lies and deception to keep Chloe's affair a secret from Melanie, who later told Maggie that Maggie was her real mother, not Carly. Kayla told Stephanie that she would meet with Sister Ann and try to learn the truth about Chloe's paternity test. Melanie apologized to Nathan and asked him and Stephanie to keep Chloe's affair a secret from Daniel. Sami and Arianna had a vicious fistfight over the tape that could prove that Sami had shot E.J. E.J. was frantic to hear news from Arianna that could prove that Sami had shot him. Arianna was overwhelmed with the stress from everyone trying to convince her to protect Sami and the kids and keep the truth from E.J. After a heated argument with Will, Arianna ran off into the street and was severely injured by a hit-and-run driver. Bo seemed unsettled about Sami and Will's account of why each of them had fought with Arianna. Sister Ann chastised Carly for lying to her and threatened to tell Daniel the truth about Chloe's paternity test.
October 25 to 29, 2010
Arianna died before she could tell E.J. the truth about who had shot him. Victor seemed determined to keep Maggie in his life. Kate learned that Victor and Brady held Vivian captive in the sarcophagus. Kate told Victor that she would keep mum about Vivian. Kate had a mysterious document delivered to Chad. Stefano agreed to help E.J. find the evidence that proved that Sami had shot his son. Sami and E.J. each ransacked Arianna's room in search of the missing camera. E.J. wanted justice for Arianna, and was determined to learn the truth. An unknown man had possession of Arianna's camera and some of her personal belongings. Kayla advised Bo to reconsider his feelings for Hope and his relationship with Carly. Kayla told Caroline that she believed that Carly had changed the results of Chloe's paternity test and that she planned to tell Bo the truth. Kayla was surprised when Caroline insisted that she keep her suspicions to herself. Hope told Bo that she thought an inmate, April, had died under suspicious circumstances. Melanie stayed firm and rebuffed Carly's affections and motherly plea to forgive her. Daniel and Chloe returned from their honeymoon. Melanie told Daniel that she had to tell him the truth. Nicole told Chloe that she would find a way to get Sydney back in her life again. Nathan proposed to an elated Stephanie.
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November 1 to 5, 2010
Vivian failed to bribe her way out of the sarcophagus. Kayla and Stephanie were shocked after Caroline admitted to them that she had switched the results of Chloe's paternity test. Melanie pretended to be happy about Nathan and Stephanie's engagement. Hope told Bo that she suspected that another inmate had met an early death. Sami went ballistic after she caught Nicole and Kinsey in cahoots. Family and friends celebrated Arianna's life at a memorial service at the Brady Pub. E.J. vowed that he would get justice for Arianna and prove that Sami had shot him. Stefano ordered a hit on E.J.'s shooter. Justin arrived at the memorial service and announced that Arianna had retained him as her attorney before she died. Kate taunted Nicole about Brady's past feelings for Arianna. Victor, Kate, Nicole, Brady, and Philip formed a strange alliance and toasted to Vivian's continued imprisonment and pending demise.
November 8 to 12, 2010
Justin gathered Arianna's relatives and friends to watch the video recording of her last will and testament. Arianna left Brady a box with her personal belongings. Unbeknownst to Brady, Nicole accidentally found Arianna's video camera that proved that Sami had shot E.J. Nicole blackmailed Sami, but promised that she would not tell E.J. the truth in exchange for the chance to be a part of Sydney's life. Rafe warned Nicole to keep her end of the bargain or else. Melanie told Chloe that she planned to tell Daniel the truth about the affair. Chloe followed Melanie to the Horton cabin to stop her from spilling the beans to Daniel, but then went into unexpected labor. Daniel and Philip arrived at the cabin just in time to help Melanie deliver Chloe's baby. Stephanie changed her mind about telling Roman the truth about the baby switch after she saw the happy and proud parents at the hospital. Philip told Melanie he was ready to become a father, unaware that he was already one. Daniel and Chloe name the baby Parker. Jennifer returned to Salem to help convince Hope to fight for an appeal to her case. Carly supplied Hope important information about the suspicious deaths at the prison. Hope's life was in danger. Kate's secret plan to reveal Chad as Stefano's son was going as expected. Stefano continued to use his resources to find the person who had shot E.J. Gus freed Vivian from the sarcophagus, and then entombed Maggie in her place. Vivian and Gus manipulated Victor into making a bad decision that had the potential to cost Maggie her life.
November 15 to 19, 2010
Nicole double-crossed Rafe and Sami and offered E.J. the proof he needed to get revenge on Sami and win back custody of his children. Rafe cautioned Nicole that E.J. might never give her access to Sydney. Vivian continued to taunt Maggie. Stephanie told Caroline that she planned to tell Nathan the truth about the baby switch. Philip was smitten with Parker and thought fatherhood might be in his near future. Melanie and Nathan contracted a life-threatening virus while treating a patient at the hospital. Chad took drastic steps to learn if Stefano was his biological father. Isabella reappeared to Brady, who then told Kate that he needed to release Vivian from the sarcophagus. Victor grew suspicious of Vivian's cocky new attitude and feared that Maggie's sudden disappearance was Vivian's doing. Jennifer returned to Salem to help Hope with her appeal and to reconnect with family and friends. Carly realized that Bo and Hope's relationship was not over. E.J. told Sami that she had 24 hours to turn over the children to him.
November 22 to 26, 2010
Doug and Julie pulled a few strings at the prison and had a loving visit with Hope. Hope's snooping into prison records to learn the truth about the cover-up landed her in solitary confinement. Nicole poured her heart out to E.J. about her love for Sydney. Nathan and Melanie bonded and shared their true feelings for each other as their health deteriorated. Chad confronted a shocked Stefano with the news that Stefano might have another son. Rafe and Sami married, but their happiness was short-lived when E.J. arrived and demanded custody of Johnny and Sydney in exchange for Sami's freedom. Rafe, Roman, Caroline, and family members assured Sami that they would find a way to get her children back from E.J. Victor rescued Maggie from the sarcophagus. After hearing about the sordid details, Maggie gave Victor the boot. Vivian turned the tables on Victor and Brady and left the police station free as a bird. Bo seemed suspicious of Vivian's sudden return to Salem and warned her that he would be watching her every move. E.J. toasted in delight to his victory over Sami and Rafe.
November 29 to December 3, 2010
Carly injected herself with an experimental drug to offset the effects of the Loma virus and saved Melanie's and Nathan's lives. Nathan and Melanie fought off their true feelings for each other and returned to a life with their respective others. Sami pleaded with Nicole to let her visit with Sydney. Rafe was unsuccessful in trying to convince E.J. to allow the children to spend time together during the holidays. Vivian told a hospitalized Maggie that Victor, Nicole, Philip, and Kate had helped Brady to keep Vivian entombed in the sarcophagus. Philip explained his part in Vivian's captivity to Melanie. Hope put her life in danger when she mistakenly confided in the warden about the suspicious deaths of young inmates at the prison. Stefano ordered Kate out of the mansion after he realized that she had betrayed him to Sami and that she had kept Madeline's secret about Chad's parentage. DNA tests confirmed that Stefano and Chad were father and son. Chad seemed determined not to follow in the footsteps of the DiMera legacy.
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December 6 to 10, 2010
Stephanie decided to keep Caroline's secret from Nathan and then asked him to marry her. Caroline asked God for forgiveness for her role in changing the results of Chloe's paternity test. Daniel misinterpreted a kiss between Philip and a co-worker. Warden Jane roughed up Hope in order to keep her quiet and then lied to Bo about the reasons Hope was in solitary confinement. Later, Warden Jane was upset that Bo had the governor intervene to cancel Hope's transfer. Hope sent Bo a clue in the letter warden Jane forced her to write to him. Jennifer confided in Carly about Jack's absence. Dr. Ben and Warden Jane discussed their arrangement that revealed the reason for the mysterious deaths at the prison. Sami found a way to get into the DiMera mansion, unnoticed, to visit with and reassure Johnny that she still loved him. Johnny kept crying for Sami, but after E.J. told him that he couldn't see his mother anymore, Johnny said that he hated E.J. Nicole and Kate berated E.J. for his cruel method of payback to Sami at the expense and happiness of his children. Will and Gabi connected, while Rafe tried to assure a brokenhearted Sami that he would find a way to get Johnny and Sydney back to her. Maggie continued to rebuff Victor's advances. Victor and Brady planned a way to protect their loved ones against Vivian and her evil ways. Victor asked Kate to move back into the mansion for her own protection, but also as a way to stick it to Stefano for throwing her out.
December 13 to 17, 2010
Jennifer and Bo discovered a clue in the strange letter that Hope had written to Bo, and they were determined to learn the truth and find a way to help her. Warden Jane tormented Hope and left her in a terrible state of fear and loneliness. Bo gave Ciara a special Christmas gift from Hope. Abe was jealous of Ben and Lexie's friendship. Rafe was upset that Sami put her freedom in jeopardy even if for the sake of trying to steal some time with Johnny and Sydney. Sami, E.J., Rafe, and Lexie were frantic to learn that Johnny might have a serious medical condition affecting his vision. E.J. was furious that Sami and Johnny shared a special "I love you" code with each other. Daniel went ballistic on Philip after he learned that Philip had cheated on Melanie. After much discussion, Philip convinced Daniel not to tell Melanie about his one-night stand for the sake of their marriage and future happiness. Philip and Chloe did damage control to ensure that no one would ever learn of their liaison. Melanie told Stephanie that Nathan still had feelings for her. Daniel warned Stephanie and Caroline never to mention Philip's affair to anyone, especially Melanie. Melanie was concerned about Bo and Carly's relationship. Bo prepared to leave Salem.
December 20 to 24, 2010
After E.J. and Sami learned that Johnny's surgery was a success, E.J. banned Sami from visiting Johnny. Jennifer went undercover as part of Bo's plan to rescue Hope and then found herself trapped in the prison lockdown. Bo and Hope barely made it out of the prison before Warden Jane called for the state police to stage a "shoot to kill" manhunt. Ciara told Julie, Doug, and Jennifer that she wished for a Christmas miracle to bring her mommy and daddy home for the holiday. Doug, Julie, and Jennifer continued the Horton ornament tradition. Bo cautioned Hope that there would be no outside contact while they were on the run from the law. E.J. told Stefano that he wanted Nicole in his life for the sake of Sydney and Johnny. Vivian bought out enough Titan stock to take over the company and the Kiriakis mansion, and to get Victor, Kate, Philip, Nicole, and Brady right where she wanted them. Nicole told Brady that Vivian had pictures of them making love at the DiMera home and feared that she would never see Sydney again if E.J. learned the truth. Carly told Daniel, Chloe, and Melanie that she feared that her relationship with Bo was over. Nathan accepted a job offer in Baltimore, and he and Stephanie planned to leave Salem. Philip and Chloe expressed relief at Nathan's new position and imminent departure, unaware that many other Salem residents knew about their one-night stand.
December 27 to 31, 2010
The Horton family hung their ornaments on the Christmas tree. The truth about Parker's paternity came out just after Parker's christening. Daniel and Melanie left Chloe and Philip, respectively. Caroline came clean about switching the paternity test results and then had a stroke. Sami attacked Nicole when Sami learned that Nicole had moved into the DiMera mansion. In an attempt to make Sami go crazy, E.J. proposed to Nicole. Rafe warned Sami to stop losing her temper. Brady and Kate planned to send Vivian to one of Victor's private islands.
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