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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 29, 2010 on DAYS
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Monday, March 29, 2010

The officiant who was supposed to marry Brady and Arianna told them that the wedding could not take place. At first, Arianna blamed Nicole, but the officiant explained that there was a hurricane headed to Santo Domingo, and everyone was ordered to evacuate the island. Brady went to book a flight for him and Arianna. Nicole told Arianna, "tough break," but Arianna knew that Nicole was happy that Arianna and Brady didn't get married.

Nicole said that she just wanted Brady to be happy. Arianna said that was good, because Brady was extremely happy. Then she went to her room to pack. Brady asked Nicole where Arianna went, and Nicole told him. Brady was glad Arianna had left, because he had something to say to Nicole. Brady apologized to Nicole, and she wondered why, because he was in love and planned to get married. She said there was nothing to be sorry about and her idea of them finally being together once she was free was foolish.

Brady tried to convince Nicole not to return to Salem, because there was nothing left for her there. Nicole felt that Salem was her home, so of course, she would return there. Brady thought she needed to start over somewhere new. Nicole said she was friends with Chloe and Brady. She asked if Brady was still her friend. Brady said that he was starting a new life with Arianna.

Nicole asked if that meant that he didn't have time for her. Nicole's mother, Fay, ran in to warn them that they needed to leave right away. He left to find Arianna. Nicole wanted to leave when Brady left. Fay reminded her that Brady was marrying another woman, but Nicole was undeterred.

While Arianna was packing, Gabi called. Arianna filled her in on Arianna's wedding getting canceled, and said, "Fate has other ideas." Arianna explained that a hurricane was on its way, and she promised to call when she landed. Brady walked in to check on her and said he felt terrible about the hurricane and Nicole. They both pledged to get married and not let Nicole stop them. Brady went downstairs to get their boarding passes. Arianna decided that the broken pearl necklace wasn't a sign, but a wake-up call to protect what was hers. She vowed that no one would take Brady away from her.

On the way to pick up the boarding passes, she literally bumped into Fay. She asked if Brady was still in love with Nicole. He said he only felt concern and worry for Nicole, and he only wanted to see her happy. Adrianna met Brady downstairs so that they could leave. After they left, Nicole asked if Fay talked to Brady, and Fay said she could see in his eyes that Brady still had feelings for Nicole. Fay reminded Nicole that Brady was marrying another woman. Nicole thought there was a chance Brady wouldn't get married. Nicole said she planned to return to Salem.

On the plane, Adrianna and Brady talked about postponing their wedding. Arianna was glad that they had put it off, because they could take their time and make sure they had everything exactly the way they wanted it. Nicole boarded the plane and told them to buckle up. Brady asked if Nicole was going back to Salem for good, and Nicole said that home was where the heart was. She thought to herself, "I'm never giving up on you, Brady, never."

Hope saw Justin at the Kiriakis mansion. She felt awkward as she explained that she was going to drop off Ciara's things at Sarah's house, because Ciara was spending the night with her friend. Hope apologized to Justin and said she thought she was doing the right thing by luring Adrienne into town. Justin said it was the wrong thing to do, and Hope realized that.

Justin asked what Hope told Adrienne after Justin had left the room. Hope said she explained that Justin was in such pain over his split with Adrienne that he thought he was in love with Hope. Justin said that Hope's explanation was the truth as she saw it. He believed that Hope had tricked Justin's ex-wife into flying into town to humiliate him. He demanded that Hope run any idea she had about him and his marriage past him the next time.

Julie overheard the ruckus as Justin was leaving and asked Hope what had happened. Hope admitted that she had messed up. Julie assumed that Hope wanted Adrienne to know that Justin was in love with Hope, but Hope said she had believed that once Adrienne saw Justin, they would reunite. Hope felt bad for lying to Adrienne to get her to Salem by saying that Justin was in trouble. Julie realized that Hope thought that if Adrienne and Justin could get past their differences, it would give Hope hope that Hope and Bo could do the same.

Julie asked if Bo knew that Hope wanted him back. Hope said she never said that she wanted him back, but it was obvious to Julie. Hope felt it wasn't that simple. Julie blamed it on Carly. Hope warned Julie not to placate her about Carly. Hope felt guilty for making the situation worse with Justin and Adrienne. Julie suggested that Hope go find Adrienne and explain that Adrienne needed to fight for the man she loved.

Stephanie ran into Adrienne at the Java Café. Adrienne explained that she was in town to see Stephanie's Uncle Justin, and it was a catastrophe. Adrienne told Stephanie about Hope tricking her into returning to Salem. Stephanie asked if there was hope for Adrienne and Justin, but Adrienne said it was over. Stephanie excused herself to make a phone call. Justin saw Adrienne and apologized to Adrienne, especially for Hope's lie.

Adrienne didn't blame Justin. She said she realized that she missed Salem. He asked why she didn't return earlier and why it took a phone call from Hope to get her back into town. Adrienne said she needed a good reason to return to Salem, and since Justin was the father of her children, and Hope said that he was in trouble, Adrienne was concerned.

Justin needed to go to a meeting, but he asked if he would see Adrienne again before she left. She wasn't sure what her plans were. Justin told her to take care. Stephanie told Adrienne that Hope was onto something. Justin watched Stephanie and Adrienne talking from outside the Java Café. Stephanie thought that the way that Adrienne and Justin looked at each other, Justin seemed like he still had love in his eyes. Adrienne said that that was normal, because they shared kids, but she said that they had grown apart and the marriage didn't work anymore.

Stephanie apologized for being insensitive, but Adrienne understood that Stephanie was just saying it because she cared. Hope showed up and tried to talk to Adrienne, but Adrienne didn't want to hear it. Hope tried to apologize. Adrienne felt stupid for flying across the world only to find out that Justin was in love with another woman. Hope said that Justin wasn't in love with Hope. Adrienne decided to move to another table.

Hope tried to convince Adrienne to give Justin another chance. Adrienne felt that Hope was projecting her feelings for Bo onto Adrienne and Justin. Adrienne asked Hope to leave her alone. Hope admitted that it wasn't her place to interfere, but she encouraged Adrienne to try to rekindle her love for Justin.

Daniel and Melanie met for coffee at the Brady Pub. As they were walking in, Chloe emerged from around the corner and saw them. Chloe went into the pub to say hello to Daniel and Melanie. She was picking up some coffee on her way to her therapy session. Daniel gave Melanie a necklace that belonged to his mother. She opened it up, and there was a picture of his mother inside. Daniel thought his mother would have loved Melanie. She wanted to hear more about his mother and the rest of his family.

Carly entered her office, and Philip -- who was hiding in the dark -- surprised her. He was there demanding to talk to Carly. He ordered her to stay away from Melanie. Carly told Philip to stay away from Carly, and she tried to leave, but he slammed the door shut. He told Carly that Melanie didn't need Carly's drama. Carly said all she tried to do was be kind. Philip said that Melanie hated Carly and didn't want Carly in Melanie's life. Carly refused to stay away from her own child. Philip said they had a big problem.

Carly insisted she wasn't the villain that Philip's family tried to portray her as. She said all she ever wanted to do was protect Melanie. Philip said that Carly had the chance to protect Melanie and failed, so it was Philip's turn to do that, which meant keeping Carly out of Melanie's life. Carly vowed to never be intimidated by Philip or anyone else when it came to Melanie, and she decided she would never give Melanie up again.

Chloe ran into Philip at the hospital, and she told him that she had an appointment with a therapist after Daniel found out she hadn't been going. Chloe felt she owed it to Daniel to give therapy a chance, but Philip said she owed it to herself. Chloe said she was fine with her fertility issues, and Philip thought she might want to talk to someone about other issues, like Melanie being Daniel's daughter. Chloe didn't feel that Carly would be a problem for her, because Daniel didn't want anything to do with Carly.

Chloe didn't think that Daniel would forgive Carly for lying to him for years. Philip guessed that if Carly were so desperate to have a relationship with Melanie that Carly would be around and would lean on Daniel to help her get closer to Melanie. Philip felt there was no competition. She felt that she couldn't compete with Carly being the mother of Daniel's child. Philip said Chloe would be Daniel's wife, the woman Daniel loved, and Chloe realized that Philip was right. She vowed not to let Carly worm her way into Daniel's life. Chloe wondered how she could compete if Carly and Daniel worked things out and became a happy family.

Daniel reminded Melanie that he wasn't Melanie's only family, but Melanie didn't want to hear it. Daniel said he was trying to see things from Carly's perspective, and he encouraged Melanie to get to know Carly. Melanie didn't ever want to forgive Carly. While they were talking, Carly showed up and asked Melanie to understand how much pain it caused Carly for having to give Melanie up.

Kinsey thanked Gabi for helping Kinsey get a job at the Brady Pub. Kinsey noticed Melanie and Carly together and gossiped to Gabi about it. Gabi had to leave, because her shift was over. Meanwhile, Melanie got angry with Carly for referring to herself as Melanie's mother. Melanie said that the more Carly tried to force a connection with Melanie, the more that Melanie would hate Carly. Carly agreed to leave Melanie alone for the time being, but she refused to agree to leave her alone forever.

Melanie considered Daniel to be her only parent, and she rushed off. Daniel ran after her. When he got outside, he slipped on something and hit his head on the concrete. Carly tended to him.

Justin talked to his son on the phone. Hope ran into Justin at the park. He thought that she was playing the victim. Hope tried to apologize again, and Justin felt that Hope brought Adrienne back to town to shoot him down and mess with his head. He said he got the message. Hope tried to explain herself, but Justin didn't want to hear it.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

At the police station, Rafe worked to track down Nicole in Santo Domingo. Sami approached Rafe's desk and asked why he had not returned her calls. Rafe explained that he had been busy tracking down Nicole and had not been checking his personal messages. "Don't shut me out. It's killing me," Sami said quietly. "Is it fair how you've treated me?" Rafe countered. Rafe told Sami that he would talk to her when he had more information.

Roman checked in with Rafe for an update on Nicole. Roman informed Rafe about his conversation with Carrie and noted that she was surprised to hear about Anna's involvement with the kidnapping. Rafe confirmed that he had a list of Anna's real estate properties, including her Bora Bora compound, and that there was no sign of Anna. Rafe lamented that he had lost Anna's trail, and he asked Roman not to call Sami until they had news about Anna. "I think you should apologize to Sami for kicking her when she's down," Roman responded.

Rafe was defensive and argued that he did not feel the need to apologize to Sami since she lied to him and aligned herself with E.J. Roman reminded Rafe that Sami was concerned about finding Sydney and likely was not thinking clearly. Raising an eyebrow, Roman asked Rafe whether he was angry that Sami had trusted E.J. rather than Rafe. Roman cautioned Rafe to get over the fact that Sami trusted E.J. or else their relationship would be over.

Back at Sami's apartment, a smiling Sami informed E.J. that Grandma Caroline was getting worn out form her time with the twins but was loving every minute of it. Sami joked that Sydney might turn out to be the "mellow" child in the family. Laughing, E.J. agreed. Sami marveled at how well adjusted Sydney seemed to be in light of the kidnapping, and she admitted that Anna seemed to have treated Sydney well while she was holding her for ransom.

When Sami complained about what an "idiot" she was, E.J. urged Sami not to beat herself up for believing Anna. Shaking her head, Sami explained that she was talking about Rafe. Sami said that she had put her heart on her sleeve for Rafe at the police station but that Rafe had walked away like "he didn't care at all." "I guess I just now have to deal with the fact that we're just not getting back together," Sami said quietly. "Maybe that's for the best," E.J. said.

"You are thrilled that we're splitting up," Sami argued. E.J. said that he was in Sami's "corner" and supported her. "I really only want what is best for you and I don't want to see you hurt," E.J. said. Sami explained that her separation from Rafe was what was hurting her. E.J. asked Sami how she would feel if she got back together with Rafe and then he went out on another big case. "What if Rafe felt that he wasn't able to let you into that world, his world, because of a lingering lack of trust? How would that make you feel? Is that the life you want?" E.J. asked. Sami said that she would not have changed any of the decisions she made concerning Sydney.

"I think this is indicative of the way Rafe feels about you. I think it means that you already have lost him," E.J. said quietly. "You're right. It's probably over. And now I have to figure out how to move on without him." Sami began to break down, and E.J. hugged Sami and urged her to concentrate on her children. E.J. suggested that Sydney loved Sami more than anyone in the world because Sami was her mother.

"Let's be honest, E.J. Sydney hardly knows me," Sami said sadly. E.J. disagreed with Sami and noted that he believed that Sydney always knew who her real mother was. "You're home now. Home with your family," Sami cooed at Sydney, as E.J.'s smile fell from his face. When Sami noted the look on E.J.'s face, she teased him about having a human side. Sami handed Sydney to E.J. and asked him to watch her while she went to the market.

Once Sami was gone, E.J. stared blankly at the wall. Fighting back emotions, E.J. shook his head. "It's not supposed to happen. It's not supposed to be like this. No. Oh, my God, what have I done? What have I done? I love her. I love your mother," E.J. whispered to Sydney.

On the plane flight back from Santo Domingo, Brady looked at the back of Nicole's head and wondered what he was going to do about Nicole. When Arianna returned to her seat, she gave Brady a note from the flight attendant. Brady read the note and explained that it was from the pilot who previously flew the Titan jet. When Arianna suggested that Brady go talk to the pilot, Brady declined the suggestion. With a snicker, Arianna theorized that Brady did not want to talk to the pilot because he was afraid to leave her alone with Nicole.

Arianna urged Brady to go talk to the pilot because she did not "need a babysitter." With a slight smile, Brady grudgingly left to visit the pilot. No sooner had Brady walked down the aisle than Arianna got up and sat next to Nicole. Arianna lifted the headphones off of Nicole's ears and whispered, "Rise and shine." As Arianna picked through the empty liquor bottles on the tray next to Nicole, she explained that Brady was talking to the pilot and giving them time to "catch up." Nicole warned Arianna not to judge her drinking since Arianna was a convicted drug dealer. Arianna countered that her past did not compare to what Nicole had done with Sydney.

"And to think I actually supported the two of you getting together," Nicole said dryly with a smirk. "I thought you would be good for him. In my absence," Nicole added. When Arianna asked if Nicole felt that Arianna was a placeholder for her, Nicole said yes. With a heavy sigh, Arianna headed back to her seat. "He doesn't love you," Nicole added.

Angry, Arianna leaned over Nicole's shoulder and said, "What? You think he's in love with you? A lying drunk? A screwed up selfish woman who tricked another man into marrying you?" Arianna added that there was no way that Brady could respect Nicole. With a smile, Nicole noted that Brady stood by her through everything and that was proof that he still loved her. "He was there for me every step of the way. Through every despicable thing I did. If that isn't love, what is?" Nicole growled into Arianna's face.

Annoyed, Arianna ordered Nicole to leave her alone and sat back down in her own seat. Nicole sat down next to Arianna in Brady's seat and cautioned her to remember that Brady was still in love with Nicole. Arianna argued that Brady was "disgusted" with Nicole. Nicole noted that if Arianna was confident that Brady loved her, she would not bother to spar with Nicole. When Brady returned, Nicole sauntered back to her seat quietly.

Once back in Salem at the Kiriakis mansion, Arianna apologized to Brady for her behavior on the plane. Brady told Arianna that he was not thinking about Nicole or the plane and that he wanted to continue not to think about either issue. Brady reminded Arianna that he had proposed to her multiple times and that it should be proof that he loved Arianna only. "How about we plan a wedding?" Arianna said with a smile. After Arianna left, Brady called Nicole and left a voicemail telling her that they needed to talk.

At the Java Café, Chloe called Daniel and left him a voicemail. Victor sneaked up behind Chloe and suggested that Daniel was avoiding her. "You won't be doing just fine for very long unless you listen to me and listen hard," Victor said. Chloe vehemently refused Victor's offer, but he cautioned her to listen to his advice or else she might lose Daniel to Carly. Defensive, Chloe warned Victor that she would not let Victor "undermine" her. Victor explained that although he wanted Carly out of Bo's life, he was not attempting to remove Carly by sacrificing Daniel. Victor added that his concern was that Carly would not interfere with Daniel's life.

"Wait. Are you actually rooting for me and Daniel? You want us together?" Chloe asked in disbelief. "Finally she gets the picture. Yes. Yes I do. I would rather have you in my godson's life than a psychopathic murderess," Victor said gruffly.

In the Brady Pub, Melanie told Carly, "You don't exist!" When Melanie ran out of the pub, Carly started to pursue her. Gently grabbing her wrist, Daniel advised Carly to hang back and let him talk to Melanie. Daniel followed Melanie outside and, in his haste to catch up to Melanie, he slipped on an ice patch on the sidewalk. Daniel fell backward, slamming the side of his head on the concrete, and knocking himself unconscious. Startled, Melanie stared in disbelief at her father as Carly exited the pub and dropped to her knees next to Daniel in order to examine his injury.

"This isn't happening! Carly, do something please!" Melanie called out in terror. As Melanie called 9-1-1, Carly rattled off Daniel's possible injuries for Melanie to communicate on the call. Carly asked Melanie to fetch clean tablecloths and a first aid kit, while she pleaded quietly for Daniel to hang on. Melanie returned with the first aid supplies, and Carly checked Daniel for skull fractures. Melanie begged Daniel not to leave her, while Carly watched helplessly.

At the hospital, the doctor stabilized Daniel and scheduled an MRI for him. Still shaking, Melanie excused herself to go clean up. In the hallway, Melanie stared at the locket that Daniel had given her at the pub and thought about what he had said about his mother. As Melanie started to put the locket around her neck, Carly entered the hallway and offered to help. Carly fastened the locket, and Melanie attempted to hold back tears. Melanie noted that Daniel had given her the locket, and Carly assured Melanie that Daniel's fall was an accident.

"Why, do you think it's my fault?" Melanie asked startled. Melanie lashed out at Carly and blamed her for interrupting their lunch at the pub. "If it's anybody's fault, it's yours!" Melanie screamed before running down the hallway.

As Chloe walked past the entrance to the Brady Pub, she saw Kinsey mopping the sidewalk. When Chloe inquired about what Kinsey was mopping up, the annoyed teenager explained that it was blood from Daniel's fall on the ground. Worried, Chloe called the hospital and learned that Daniel was stable. As Chloe started to leave for the hospital, Kinsey stopped her and explained that Daniel had fallen after he had slipped on the ice. Shaking her head, Chloe ran out the door with Kinsey shouting that she believed Carly was to blame for the incident.

Melanie was sitting at Daniel's bedside in the hospital when he woke up. "Are you okay, dad?" Melanie said. Outside in the hallway, the doctor was telling Carly that the results of Daniel's tests did not look good when Chloe marched up to the nurse's station. "What happened? What did you do to Daniel?" Chloe barked at Carly.

At the Brady Pub, Nicole ordered a coffee at the bar. Kinsey recognized Nicole and called her "the baby switcher." Excited, Kinsey took her picture with Nicole and posted the picture online. Annoyed by Kinsey's exuberance, Nicole walked out of the pub. "What a diva," Kinsey joked.

Arianna met Rafe at the Brady Pub and he informed her that they had a suspect in Sydney's kidnapping. When Rafe added that Nicole had been released, Arianna informed Rafe that Nicole was back in Salem.

Down at the pier, Sami was staring out over the water when Nicole called out her name. Shocked, Sami slowly turned around to find Nicole walking toward her.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

At the Java Café, Nathan offered to pay for Stephanie's coffee. She politely refused, noting, "It's not like you're ready to forgive and forget, right?" Nathan assured her that he had gotten over the whole thing with Melanie and the letter, and hoped that he and Stephanie could start over. To demonstrate, he asked Stephanie to go to dinner with him that night. She agreed.

As Nathan was leaving, Adrienne arrived, so Stephanie made quick introductions. After Nathan left, Adrienne asked with a sly grin if Nathan was the guy about whom her brother had emailed her-and with whom Stephanie was supposedly in love. "I'm pretty crazy about Nathan," Stephanie confessed, beaming. She added that although they'd had some problems, they had gotten past them.

In his hospital room, Daniel was taken aback, but pleased, when Melanie called him "Dad." Blubbering, she explained that when he'd fallen, she'd been frightened that she would never be able to tell him how much he meant to her. Daniel's vision blurred, and suddenly he was seeing two of Melanie, who could instantly tell that something was wrong.

In the hallway, Dr. Williams told Chloe and Carly that Daniel had blood in his occipital lobe from the head injury, which could cause double vision. He added that it could likely be corrected with surgery if it didn't resolve on its own. Although Dr. Williams assured her that Daniel should fully recover, Chloe flipped out.

Just then, Melanie rushed out of Daniel's room and told Dr. Williams that there was something wrong with Daniel. Melanie, Chloe, and Carly hurried in behind the doctor, but when Daniel said that he felt pressure on the occipital lobe, Dr. Williams asked the women to wait outside.

Once in the hallway again, Chloe angrily blamed Carly for Daniel's condition. Melanie gently interceded, asserting that it wasn't Carly's fault. Melanie was explaining what had happened-and blaming herself-when Dr. Williams emerged from Daniel's room. He informed the group that he would have to run more tests before he could give them a prognosis of Daniel's condition.

Chloe went inside and found Daniel trying to focus his eyes on one of his hands. Chloe was clearly terrified, but Daniel reassured her that he would be fine. She sat next to him on the bed and leaned her head onto his shoulder, and he put his arm around her comfortingly. Daniel declared with a grin that there were much worse things than seeing two of Chloe, but she was more concerned about whether the problem with his eyes would eventually get better.

Near the nurses' station, Carly handed Melanie a cup of coffee and noted quietly, "It was very good of you to stick up for me with Chloe." Melanie wanted to know if her dad was really going to be all right, but Carly emphasized that no one could know that for sure. Melanie anxiously started blaming herself again, but Carly argued that Daniel's fall was an accident. Melanie finally acknowledged that Carly was right, and added, "Now he's just got to get better."

Melanie entered Daniel's room just as he was trying to assure Chloe that his eyes would eventually be all right. Chloe left to give Daniel and Melanie some privacy. When Daniel said that there had been no change, Melanie admitted sadly, "I'm just sorry that you got stuck with me for a daughter." But Daniel wouldn't let her take the blame for his accident, and pointed out that people slipped on the ice every day.

Melanie was boasting about how Carly had known exactly what to do when Carly walked in and overheard. "Your daughter was quite the professional herself," Carly declared. "You would have been very proud." Melanie grinned, clearly touched, but quickly excused herself.

Carly and Daniel were both concerned for their daughter, who thought of herself as a jinx. Daniel noted with a chuckle that Melanie was a tad high-strung, and Carly was relieved to see him smiling again. She took Daniel's hand, just as Chloe arrived outside and was dismayed to witness the intimate moment.

On the pier, Melanie was talking to Daniel's doctor on her cell phone. As she hung up, she ran into Nathan.

As E.J. held Sydney in his lap at the townhouse, an appalling realization dawned on him. "Oh, my God, what have I done?" he whispered over and over, cradling his daughter's head as he remembered Sami's joy upon Sydney's homecoming. "I love her. I love your mother."

E.J. had just put Sydney in her playpen for a nap when Lexie rang the doorbell. Lexie could immediately tell that something was going on with her brother, and he confessed that he should have listened to what Lexie had said about his feelings for Samantha. Lexie was relieved that E.J. had finally admitted he was still in love with Sami.

E.J. argued, "How can somebody who causes me so much pain-how can I love that person?" Lexie asked if he planned to tell Sami how he felt, but E.J. didn't know how Sami would react, even though she and Rafe had broken up. Lexie offered to stay with Sydney while E.J. went for a walk to think about what he wanted to do, before Sami returned home. E.J. agreed that it was a good idea.

At the Brady Pub, when Arianna informed a dismayed Rafe that Nicole was back in town. Arianna filled her brother in about how she and Brady had attempted to elope, but Nicole had helped to ruin their plans. Rafe left a message for Sami, to warn her that Nicole was back in town. Arianna then assured him that she still planned to marry Brady, but the wedding would be in Salem-and she would not let Nicole interfere again. Rafe left to find Nicole and question her about how she'd gotten Anna to pull the governor's strings and arrange Nicole's pardon.

E.J. went to work out at the Salem Health Club, where he found Arianna furiously pedaling a stationary bike. Arianna explained that she needed to blow off some steam, because her elopement with Brady had been ruined-thanks to E.J.'s ex-wife. E.J. quickly understood why Nicole had shown up in Santo Domingo, and expressed his sympathy for Arianna. She then stunned him with the news that Nicole had returned to Salem on the same plane as Brady and Arianna. After Arianna left, E.J. worried that Nicole would figure out that he and Anna had been working together.

Sami was walking along the pier, deep in thought, when Nicole startled her. "Long time no see," Nicole stated evenly. Returning the greeting with a glare, Sami snarled, "I can't believe, after what you did, you have the nerve to come back here!" Nicole icily maintained that she was back for good-and Sami had better get used to it.

Sami slammed her purse down onto a bench, and threatened, "Leave Salem, or I swear to God I will kick your ass." She ordered Nicole to stay away from Sydney. Nicole wanted to know how the little girl was, and Sami replied that Sydney was doing well, despite what she'd been through. The two women traded accusations, ending with Nicole pointing out bitterly, "Somehow, you ended up with Sydney and your lover boy Rafe to boot. Happy ending for you."

When Sami rolled her eyes, Nicole guessed that Rafe and Sami had broken up, but Sami refused to discuss it. Nicole asserted heatedly that in prison she'd realized, "If you hadn't lied to E.J., none of this would have happened... You caused it, because you couldn't help what you do best. And now Rafe figured you out-and the one good thing that you had going in your life, you blew it, Sami!"

Fed up, Sami hauled off and punched Nicole in the face, hard enough to nearly knock her down. Nicole pretended that her jaw was broken, and when Sami moved closer, Nicole slugged her. Sami charged at Nicole, and things swiftly escalated into a brawl, with Sami punching Nicole in the kidneys while Nicole tried to hoist Sami up and throw her. Sami got free by shoving Nicole into a pillar, but Nicole recovered quickly and furiously attacked Sami. The two women fell over a park bench, and continued pummeling and trying to strangle each other on the concrete.

Rafe arrived just as Sami seemed to get the upper hand, and pulled her off of Nicole. While he tried to reason with Nicole, and pointed out that she would end up back in prison if she weren't careful, the two women continued shouting and lunging at each other, and Rafe had to break them apart more than once.

Soon, Rafe was escorting a shrieking Sami and Nicole into the police station with the help of a uniformed officer. Only Roman's angry shouts got the two women to stop trying to kill one another. Roman ordered Officer Conway to take Nicole into an interrogation room, but first Nicole warned Rafe, "Don't turn your back on her. You may think you're out of her life, but she won't quit. She'll hurt you every chance she gets." Rafe had to stop Sami from savagely charging at Nicole again.

Once he had calmed Sami down, Rafe cleaned her split lip and other facial lacerations. Sami complained irritably, but good-naturedly teased him about how she'd had to take care of him the last time he'd been sick. They remembered how her nursing him had "led to other things," but just as it seemed that Rafe would kiss Sami, Officer Conway returned to tell Rafe that Roman had finished questioning Nicole.

As Rafe went in to talk to Nicole, Roman apologized for making Anna visit Sami. Sami reminded him that no one knew Anna had kidnapped Sydney, then added, "Besides, maybe some good did come from Nicole coming back her and us having that stupid fight." Sami explained for her confused dad, "I think Rafe still loves me...and I think we really are going to find our way back to each other."

In the interrogation room, Nicole crossly declared that she wanted to press charges against Sami. Ignoring her, Rafe demanded to know how long Nicole had known that Anna had kidnapped Sydney, and threatened to charge Nicole with obstructing a federal investigation if she didn't answer. "You're good; I'll give you that," he added. "But something tells me that even you would have a little trouble coming up with a second pardon." Nicole conceded, "All right, since you won't quit, I'll tell you. I'll tell you everything."

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Vivian went to the hospital to mock Carly and blame her for Daniel getting hurt. Carly ordered Vivian to leave, but Vivian kept chastising Carly. Justin overheard what was going on and ordered Vivian to leave. Vivian announced to them that she was marrying Victor. After Vivian left, Justin asked Carly why Victor wanted to be connected to Vivian. "Guess," Carly said.

Justin realized that Victor was marrying Vivian to send Carly a message. As long as Carly and Bo were together, Justin started to say. Victor would keep "the deadly snake around ready to strike whenever he gives the word," Carly said, finishing Justin's sentence. Adrienne stopped by the hospital and said hi to Carly. Adrienne mentioned Carly being back with Bo, and said she never dreamed that would happen with Hope around.

Carly said that she was surprised to be back with Bo, also, but they were happy to be together. Adrienne asked how Bo and Hope's daughter was handling it. Carly said she wouldn't know. Adrienne said that she always felt worse for the children, because they were the ones who suffered the most. Adrienne rubbed Bo and Hope's history in Carly's face. "No matter what they've gone through, they have always, always made it back to each other," Adrienne said.

Carly asked Adrienne what point she was trying to make, and Adrienne said, "It's advice, really." Carly said sarcastically that she couldn't get enough advice. "Oh, I'm sure," Adrienne said. "Don't get too comfortable, not with Hope around," Adrienne said.

At the Java Café Adrienne tried to get Stephanie to talk about her relationship with Nathan. Stephanie felt guilty for keeping Nathan from reading the letter that Melanie wrote. Stephanie explained what had happened with the letter, and she asked Adrienne to tell her that Adrienne understood and wasn't disappointed in Stephanie, but Adrienne couldn't do that. Adrienne said that Stephanie should have followed through on her promise to give the letter to Nathan.

Stephanie knew she had made the wrong decision in keeping the letter from Nathan, one that was only best for Stephanie. Yet, she said that Nathan didn't know what was in the letter and could never found out. Adrienne asked if Stephanie only delayed the inevitable by getting rid of the letter, but Stephanie said that Nathan was smart and practical and besides, Melanie was married.

Adrienne said that might be true, but she said feelings had a way of returning whether you wanted them to or not. Adrienne said that just because someone was married, it didn't mean that person might not have feelings for someone else or that someone else might not have feelings for her. Adrienne said goodbye and left.

At the park, Melanie was upset about Daniel's condition and allowed Nathan to console her. Phillip walked by. Melanie saw him and ran to him. Philip held Melanie and told her that Daniel would get through it. Philip told Nathan that he could leave. Nathan told Melanie that he was leaving to check on Daniel. After he was gone, Melanie explained to Philip that Nathan was just being nice.

Melanie explained that she was on the phone with Daniel's doctor discussing Daniel's condition, and she was feeling emotional when Nathan walked up. Melanie told Philip that he was the one she wanted to be with. Melanie wondered if she should go to the hospital and check on Daniel, and Philip was supportive of whatever she wanted to do. Melanie decided that they should just go back to Maggie's house and get in bed. Vivian interrupted them with "wonderful news." Vivian told them that she and Victor were getting married.

Philip didn't believe Vivian. Vivian said that Victor had "virile needs." Philip thought that Victor would have to be "nuts" to be with Vivian. Vivian asked Melanie what she thought about Vivian's pairing with Victor, and Melanie didn't know what to say. She wanted to leave, but Vivian urged her to stay. Vivian said he hoped that once Vivian and Victor got married, Philip and Melanie would move back into the mansion so they would be "one big happy family."

After Vivian left, Melanie asked if Philip wanted them to move back into the mansion, and Philip said there was no way they would live there with Vivian and Victor. Melanie didn't care whether Vivian and Victor were getting married -- she just wanted to be with Philip.

E.J. knocked on Benny's hotel door and told him about Anna getting Nicole pardoned for kidnapping Sydney. Benny asked whether Nicole knew that Anna and Benny were watching Sydney for E.J. Benny assured E.J. that Benny wouldn't let anyone know that E.J. was involved. E.J. said Benny had become a liability. E.J. reached into his jacket pocket. Benny assumed that E.J. was reaching for a gun, and he promised that he would never give E.J. up. E.J. pulled out an envelope of cash and told Benny to leave and never return to Salem.

At the police station, Rafe questioned Nicole about how long she knew that Anna was the kidnapper. Nicole wasn't willing to answer his question at first, so Rafe said that even though Nicole was pardoned, she might be facing obstruction of justice charges in the investigation into Anna taking Sydney. Nicole told him that Anna and she were partners.

Rafe asked if Nicole and Anna were working together when Sydney was kidnapped. Nicole knew that Rafe wanted to believe that Nicole was guilty, but she said that she and Anna had to endure the DiMeras and had suffered together, so that was what made her and Anna partners. Rafe asked if Nicole was saying that Anna considered her and Nicole to be sisters, and felt sorry for Nicole being locked up, and that was why she called the governor and asked for a pardon. Nicole said that Rafe's explanation was right, so she got up to leave, but Rafe ordered her to sit down and tell him the truth.

Nicole said she was telling the truth, but Rafe still didn't believe her. He gave his theory about how Nicole got pardoned, but Nicole said he was wrong. Nicole insisted that she and Anna had a connection because of what they both had endured in the DiMera household. Nicole insulted Rafe by saying it was no wonder Sami decided to lie to Rafe, because he wasn't useful to Sami anymore. Rafe asked Nicole why she decided to return to Salem, where everyone hated her. Nicole said she returned to take what was hers, and she told Rafe to tell Arianna hi.

Rafe asked an officer for the list of stores near the cottage where Sydney had been held. Rafe assumed that there would be no pictures of Anna at any of the stores that sold baby products. Rafe noticed a picture of Benny with a gun in his jacket. Roman had seen the picture, too, and ordered facial recognition. The information that they found revealed Benny's identity.

Nathan couldn't get Melanie off his mind. He went to the Java Café to talk to Stephanie. Stephanie guessed that the ER had called, so Nathan had to cancel his dinner plans with her. Nathan said he couldn't go out with Stephanie, and when she asked why, Nathan said it was because of Melanie. He said it wouldn't be fair for him to date Stephanie anymore, because he still had feelings for Melanie.

At the Brady Pub, E.J. called Benny, who was on his way out of town. E.J. reminded Benny never to contact him again. After E.J. hung up, Benny ordered a drink at the bar while he waited for his flight. Nicole whispered in E.J.'s ear and asked if he missed her. She joked that her world was empty without E.J. Nicole told E.J. that not only was she pardoned, but her record was expunged, so she could even join the police force.

E.J. asked what Nicole was doing back in town. He noticed the bruises on her face and surmised that not everyone had welcomed her back. Nicole said she planned to make a fresh start in Salem. E.J. predicted that Nicole would be back to lying and scheming in no time. "Come on, E.J. You committed how many crimes? I can't even count. Can't I just have this one time?" Nicole said. He said that Nicole would still be in jail if Anna didn't know the governor.

Nicole said that E.J. must be really angry at Anna for having Sydney all those months and then double-crossing him. E.J. asked why Nicole would say that. He explained that he was never close to Anna, so he wondered how Anna could betray him. Nicole said that E.J. and Anna were buddies while Anna lived at the mansion, and he was supportive of Anna once Tony died. E.J. claimed that it was because Anna was alone. Nicole said she was surprised when Anna had hurt E.J. by taking Sydney. Nicole said she knew exactly why Anna took Sydney. E.J. grabbed Nicole's wrist and demanded to know why.

Nicole pulled back from E.J. and asked what was wrong with him and why he was so interested in what Anna had said to Nicole. E.J. explained that he was having a hard time recovering from Sydney's kidnapping, and since one of Sydney's kidnappers was back in town, he was feeling paranoid. Nicole didn't buy E.J.'s explanation. She said he wasn't paranoid, traumatized, or even just curious. She said E.J. was really worried about what Anna had said to Nicole, and she asked him what exactly Anna could have said to Nicole.

Rafe went to the bar at the airport where Benny was and sat right next to him. Rafe asked for a beer, and Benny offered to pay for Rafe's drink. Rafe struck up a conversation with Benny after noticing all the money that Benny had. Rafe claimed he wanted to find a female friend of his who ran into some trouble and left town. He claimed he wanted this woman back so bad he could "taste it." Benny asked what the woman's name was, and Rafe said, "Anna. Anna DiMera."

Benny tried to leave, but Rafe said he had six men watching Benny. He invited Benny to sit down. Then Rafe introduced himself as a special agent with the FBI. Rafe showed Benny the picture of Benny at the store picking up diapers. Benny played dumb, but Rafe said he ran Benny's DNA from the prison file and were able to prove that Benny handled the stuffed animal that Sydney loved to play with that was left behind in the cottage.

Benny demanded to see his lawyer. Rafe claimed that he could help Benny, but Rafe needed to know whom Anna was working with and where she went. Rafe asked Benny if he would agree to a deal -- Benny would give up information on Anna and the person Anna was working for, and Benny would get off for time served. Benny told Rafe that Rafe couldn't keep questioning him, because Benny had asked for a lawyer. Rafe said okay, and he ordered the officer to arrest Benny.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Victor was on the phone at the Kiriakis mansion, and was ordering an update on all the Alamain properties in North Africa, when Vivian arrived home with armloads of shopping bags and bridal magazines. She poured Victor a stiff drink to soften the blow, and then informed him that she'd told Philip about their upcoming nuptials.

Victor was livid, and ordered Vivian to stay away from everyone in his family, and if she didn't, "The things you've done to Carly will seem like pranks compared to what I'm going to do to you!" Vivian insisted that she'd only told Philip so that he could see how happy his father was. She sat in Victor's lap, but he shoved her off. "I have to be...someplace else," he declared, and then stalked out the front door.

Over coffee at the Java Café, Melanie and Philip were discussing Victor's impending marriage to Vivian. Philip noted with chagrin that all of his father's wives had tried to kill someone. As they tried to figure out why Victor would voluntarily marry Vivian Alamain, Kate arrived and was appalled at what she overheard.

Kate declared that she would not let Victor marry "that woman." Philip angrily argued that Victor was only doing it to get back at Kate-and Philip was fed up with their sick games. After an uncomfortable Melanie left, Philip urged Kate to try to act like an adult when Vivian gloated about marrying Victor.

"Do you really think I need your advice on how to deal with Vivian?" Kate asked testily. Just then, Vivian walked in. "Well, we're about to find out," Philip declared. As Philip predicted, Vivian boasted that she and Victor were getting married, but Kate quite calmly asserted that the wedding would never happen. The women traded barbs until Vivian referred to Philip as her son, which enraged Kate. She grabbed Vivian by the beaded lapels, but Vivian merely chided, "Ah-ah-ah, don't do that."

Melanie went home to Maggie's, and as the two women talked about Philip's family situation, Victor knocked on the kitchen door. He surprised Maggie by announcing that he was there to see her, not Philip. Maggie asked Melanie to give them some privacy, so Melanie left to look for Philip.

Maggie bluntly told Victor that he was wasting his time if he wanted her to help smooth things over with Philip, because she didn't think Philip's turning his back on his father was such a bad idea. Victor apologized if he seemed manipulative, but stressed that he did love Philip.

Maggie changed the subject to Victor and Vivian's wedding. "I hope we are [friends]," she declared. "I wouldn't want to miss that fiasco!" She pointed out that Vivian had tried to kill Philip's wife, and Kate had married the man who'd tried to kill Philip. "People shouldn't have to get over their parents marrying murderers!" Maggie proclaimed. Victor stated with an air of sadness that he didn't have a choice about marrying Vivian, but would explain nothing else beyond, "I just think that it would be the best thing for my family."

Maggie couldn't fathom how that could possibly be true, but she could see that Victor believed it. "I always thought Mickey Horton was the luckiest man in the world," Victor noted. "I can't imagine having a wife who not only makes sense, but she isn't scheming for my money-or my life." Maggie tried to cheer him, "Maybe you and Vivian will be very happy together, and maybe she'll change." They both burst out laughing. Victor was sincerely glad that Philip and Melanie were with Maggie, if they couldn't be at home with Victor. "Sometimes I think you could be a decent man, Victor," Maggie said, eyes twinkling. "If you weren't you."

While Vivian and Kate argued, Philip sneaked out, and Melanie returned as he was watching the fireworks through the front window. Philip suggested that they head home, but Melanie declared happily that she had a better idea, and led him away by the arm.

Kate grew fed up with Vivian, and looked around for Philip. When she realized he wasn't there, Kate declared, "Of course he left-he didn't want to be in the same room with you. I just wish someone could throw a bucket of water over you and everything would get back to normal." As Kate strode out, she and Vivian glowered at each other.

As Philip and Melanie arrived at the hotel room she had arranged, Melanie noted, "It seems to me that even though we're not going to get our honeymoon yet, we should probably spend some time alone." Philip agreed that it was a perfect idea. "For the first time in my life, I know what I want," he said after they made love. "And that's to be with you, to start a family. I love you."

Vivian returned to the Kiriakis mansion ahead of Victor, and hurried to arrange herself casually on the davenport, with a drink and bridal magazine in hand. Victor arrived home, and reluctantly admitted to Vivian, "Most of my problems with Philip are of my own making-but I still want you to keep clear and not interfere." Vivian gaily vowed to devote herself to making Victor happy, at which Victor rolled his eyes and muttered, "Oh, God, what have I done?"

Will arrived at the townhouse to find Sami chatting to Sydney about Rafe. Sami's bruises and split lip from her fight with Nicole alarmed Will, but Sami assured him, "I gave as good as I got." He was still furious because Nicole had gotten out of prison-and because he'd learned that Anna had kidnapped Sydney. Sami promised that Rafe would make sure Anna paid for what she'd done.

In an interrogation room at the police station, Rafe questioned Benny about his role in Sydney's kidnapping. Benny called his lawyer, but didn't get the answers he was looking for. Rafe pointed out that Anna DiMera's lawyers were likely more powerful than Benny's-and besides, she had obviously hung Benny out to dry.

Just as Sami confided to Will that she was feeling "cautiously optimistic" about her love life, Rafe knocked on the door. While Rafe filled Sami in about arresting and questioning Benny, Will got Sydney bundled into her stroller to take her to the park.

Once Will and Sydney had gone, Sami acknowledged that Will must have known she wanted to be alone with Rafe. "Ever since I left the police station, I've been thinking," Sami began, and then reached up and kissed Rafe ardently. As they moved to the sofa, they rolled onto a squeaky toy, but when Rafe removed it from underneath him, he also found one of E.J.'s monogrammed dress shirts-which effectively killed the amorous mood.

Rafe announced that he had to return to the police station, and when Sami protested, he pointed out, "You said we were taking a break, Sami." Sami insisted, "I don't want a break. I want us to be together." Rafe sadly noted that even though they loved each other, love wasn't always enough. Sami cried that since they had Sydney back, it was their turn to be happy, and she wanted Rafe to move back in.

"Sami, I love you. God, you know that I love you," Rafe stated. "But I don't know if we have the same idea of what love is. I'm not judging you; I just don't think that love takes breaks or keeps secrets." He added that his moving back in wouldn't solve their problems. "You don't think it's worth it to try to solve our problems together?" Sami asked. Rafe spotted E.J.'s shirt again, said a hasty goodbye, and quickly left. Outside, his eyes filled with tears, while inside, Sami wept miserably.

At the Brady Pub, Nicole wondered why E.J. wanted to know what Anna had told her. E.J. tried to play it cool, but Nicole could tell that he was scared. E.J. calmly argued that Nicole had made a huge mistake when she'd blackmailed Anna to get her out of prison. Ignoring his threats, Nicole vowed to find out what E.J. was so afraid of.

Kinsey approached Nicole and blathered some nonsense about how the two of them could make a fortune by selling Nicole's autograph online. E.J. coldly but politely ordered Kinsey to go away, and as soon as she realized who he was, she backed away, apologizing. E.J. quietly demanded that Nicole tell him everything Anna had told her.

Once Nicole had divulged what she knew, E.J. asked, "So that's it?" Nicole noted with suspicion, "That's all she told me-but now I know that's not everything. You're scared of what Anna didn't tell me." E.J. countered that for all he knew, Anna and Nicole had been working together, but Nicole hotly denied it. E.J. icily asserted, "I do know that there isn't a punishment bad enough for what you did to Samantha."

E.J.'s concern for Sami puzzled and dismayed Nicole, who accused him of being up to something. E.J. shrugged off her suspicions. Nicole angrily maintained that E.J. would never again be as happy as he'd been with her, and that the love she'd had for him had become "ice-cold hate." E.J. snidely inquired of the bruises on her face, "Did you walk into a door, or a couple of doors-or did you bump into an old friend?"

Nicole warned E.J. to stay away from her or she would share her suspicions about him and Anna with Agent Hernandez. As Nicole stormed out, E.J. chuckled to himself, unconcerned about what she might do. The next instant, he received a text message, which obviously infuriated him.

While Anna did yoga with Carter at the spa, she confided that she had been scared for a long time. "I took a very big risk, but it paid off," she added with a giggle. "And now I'm home free!"

E.J. called Anna from outside the pub to inform her that Benny had been arrested. An unworried Anna pointed out, "The unvarnished truth is that I'm okay; you're not. So if Benny spills, that's your problem, not mine." Carter arrived with a tray of tea, so Anna cheerfully bade an exasperated E.J. farewell.

E.J. made another phone call. "So Benny's taken care of? You're sure, right? Yes, that's all." He hung up with a relieved sigh. "Okay. Clear sailing from now on."

While Will and Sydney were playing in the park, they ran into Nicole. Will refused to let Nicole anywhere near Sydney, and began pushing the stroller in the opposite direction. Nicole begged him to let her say goodbye to Sydney. Will softened, so Nicole knelt in front of the stroller.

"I have to say goodbye to you now," Nicole began, and Sydney burbled, "Mama!" Nicole's eyes welled up as she apologized for everything she'd put Sydney through. "But I'm not your mama, and I never will be again," she stated sadly. "You have a mommy, and she loves you very, very much. You don't need me, but I will never forget you. Be very, very happy." Nicole thanked Will, who was clearly touched, and then she left the pier.

Anna moaned blissfully as a massage therapist worked on her. Suddenly another set of hands began kneading Anna's shoulders. "Ow! That hurts!" she exclaimed, and she was startled to hear Stefano's voice growling menacingly in reply, "Really? That's nothing compared to what's coming."

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