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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 29, 2010 on ATWT
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Monday, March 29, 2010

IIn the Lakeview, Craig was stuck in the elevator and began hollering for help. The lights kept flickering, so he took out his phone and called Margo. He screamed that he was fighting for his life because someone was trying to murder him. Margo went to the hotel, and the maintenance crew pried the doors apart, and Craig ran out into the lobby. He swore that someone had sabotaged the elevator just to trap him, but Margo laughed and made a joke about the "elevator fairies" being after her brother.

Craig told Margo that he was convinced that he had a stalker who had broken into his room and stolen confidential papers. Then he showed his sister the threatening note he had received at the launch party for Monte Carlo, but she assumed that Craig had yet again ticked off someone who was angry enough to want him dead.

At Metro, Jack and Carly found an unconscious Dusty lying behind the bar. Jack said it appeared that Dusty had been shot and had lost a lot of blood. He asked Carly to get a towel to staunch the bleeding, while he called 9-1-1. The paramedics arrived and assessed Dusty before calling in a gunshot wound with massive blood loss and a request for a neurosurgeon to stand by. Jack asked Carly to go to the hospital with Dusty because he had to "take care of something."

Janet talked to Liberty on the phone and told her about the house Dusty had bought them. She said she took that as a sign that everything would be okay. She hung up and was sitting at the kitchen table and putting together mail for Liberty when Jack walked in. Janet stood up when she saw the blood on his hands, and she immediately guessed that it was Dusty's. Jack said Dusty was still alive, but that he had been shot at Metro. When Jack refused to say how bad it was, Janet collapsed sobbing into a chair.

Janet demanded to go to the hospital to be with the man she loved. She knew he was fighting for his life, but Jack was thinking of the baby and wanted Janet to lie down and rest. Finally, he reluctantly agreed to drive Janet to Memorial, in spite of his concerns for their baby.

At the hospital, Luke approached Dr. Oliver, who had forgotten that he and Luke were supposed to meet at the Lakeview with the architect of the new wing at Memorial. Luke informed the doctor that he could not wear scrubs to the meeting, so he had to wait until Reid changed his clothes. Luke also said that he had talked to a few neurosurgeons, all of whom were undoubtedly "inferior" to Dr. Oliver, but he still had some suggestions and alterations in the plans.

The two of them left for the Lakeview, and they discussed some of Luke's proposed revisions to the wing. They argued about the need for a "lounge," where family members could wait during surgeries. Dr. Oliver refused to give up lab space to pander to humanity and have comfortable facilities to make life easier for those who waited. They got into the same elevator that had trapped Craig a few minutes earlier, and as soon as the door closed, a hotel employee put an "Out of Service" sign in front of the elevator.

The elevator began to ascend, but soon stopped, and the lights flickered. Reid shouted, but no one responded. He began to sweat, and Luke teased him about being claustrophobic. Luke got carried away and started mentioning the fear of spiders and other usual phobias, but Reid physically restrained him. Reid was close to panic, and the two had a close, intense moment. Reid was worried that Luke would spread the word "around the water cooler," that a world-famous neurosurgeon had "cracked up in a confined space." Luke said he would not say anything, as Reid received a 9-1-1 page from the hospital.

Luke asked Oliver to focus on someplace he liked very much, although the doctor asked if Luke had picked up that "load of crap in a magazine in the dentist's office." Luke continued to ask Reid to visualize his favorite place, and then asked where it was. Reid said his favorite place was a brain, any brain, because there was nothing so amazing in the world. Luke was pleased that he took the man's concentration off his terror, and Dr. Oliver began to relax a bit. The elevator began to descend and finally opened on the lobby. Reid told Luke to reschedule the architect, and he dashed for the hospital.

At the hospital, Carly found out from a nurse that a bullet fragment had lodged in Dusty's skull, and they were trying to locate Dr. Oliver. The nurse gave Dusty's personal belongings to Carly to hold until family arrived, and Carly took out his phone, which displayed a photo of little Johnny. Carly immediately called Craig, who promised to be there as soon as possible.

Margo and Craig found Carly, so Craig offered to stay with her so that Margo could go to Metro and check out the crime scene. They sat down, and Carly showed Craig the picture of Johnny. She offered to go with him when he broke the news about "Daddy Dusty," but Craig said he would tell Johnny himself. Jack and Janet arrived, and Carly told them that Dusty was awaiting surgery as soon as they could locate the surgeon. Craig gave Janet his condolences and left to pick up Johnny. Janet begged to see Dusty, who was being prepped for surgery. The nurse gave her just a minute with him, but Dusty was not conscious. Janet held his hand and talked to him.

Jack facetiously asked Carly if he was going to have to drag Dr. Oliver off some golf course. He was frustrated because Janet was so upset, and he vowed to find whoever did that to Dusty. Finally Jack yelled that he just couldn't stand around; he had to help Janet and the baby by finding "the guy who did that to Brad." Carly realized Jack's slip of the tongue first, and she declared that Dusty's shooting would not end the same way as Brad's. Jack pondered over whether he and Carly were "cursed," but she insisted they weren't. She told Jack that she would be lost without him, and Jack promised he would be strong for Janet's sake. They kissed, and Janet returned with the news that Dusty was headed for the operating room, although Dr. Oliver was not there yet. "Who did this?" asked Janet, and she asked Jack to find him for her.

Luke and Reid arrived at the hospital, and Luke introduced the doctor to Janet. Dr. Oliver said he didn't care who his patient was; he was there to do his job. Luke reassured both Carly and Janet that if anyone could save Dusty, it was Dr. Oliver, despite his lack of tact and warmth. Carly offered to take Janet out for some juice, but Janet said she had someplace else in mind. They went to the hospital chapel, and Janet asked Carly to pray with her. Afterwards, they talked about how Carly had to learn to take one day at a time. Suddenly Janet began experiencing terrible cramps again, and Carly went for help.

At Metro, Margo and Jack discussed whether the shooting had been a bungled robbery or a personal grudge against Dusty. They looked at the security tapes, and they could tell that the shooter wore a leather jacket and had dark hair. Margo remarked that he and Dusty had a long conversation before the shooting, and she wondered if they knew each other. They decided that the perpetrator was not after money but had a personal reason for attacking Dusty.

Jack left Metro and returned to the hospital, only to find that Dr. Morgan had admitted Janet overnight in a bed for observation. Carly was with her, and she said that a sonogram had shown that the baby was all right, but Dr. Morgan was concerned about the cramping. Janet was frantic to have news of Dusty's surgery, so Carly offered to go find out about it.

Luke walked through the hospital and saw Noah sitting on a chair. Noah said he had an appointment with Dr. Oliver, so Luke explained that the surgeon had an emergency. Noah asked how Luke knew that, so Luke explained that he had been with Oliver when the doctor received the page. He explained that they were stuck in the Lakeview elevator, and that amused Noah. Luke then told his ex that he was donating a lot of money to the hospital to fund a new neurosurgery wing. He expected Noah to scold him for interfering in Noah's life again, but Noah was excited about how much Luke was doing with his foundation.

Dr. Oliver joined them and said that his patient would recover. Noah understood and went off to reschedule his appointment. Reid tried to thank Luke for talking him through the elevator incident, but just then a process server appeared and handed the doctor a subpoena. Reid opened it and told Luke that the father of the girl who had died in Texas was suing him for malpractice.

Craig walked through Old Town, but he got a creepy feeling and kept looking over his shoulder. He picked up Johnny and took him to Al's for a sundae. The boy asked for an olive on top of his sundae instead of a cherry, because his "other dad" loved olives. Craig said that Dusty had been in an accident and had gotten hurt, so Johnny asked if Dusty would die like Johnny's mommy. Craig said that Dusty had really good doctors, so he would be all right. Craig promised that neither of his dads would leave the boy. Johnny said that was what he had told "the guy at school."

Craig asked, "What guy?" and Johnny said that someone he didn't know had approached him on the playground and asked questions about Craig. Johnny didn't know the man's name, nor was he sure he would recognize the man if he saw him again. The boy was more interested in trading his olive for a cherry, after all.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Liberty did a live stream broadcast from her hospital bed in Minneapolis, and she mentioned that she would find out that day whether her second round of treatments had worked. She talked about the ups and downs of life, as two teen girls snubbed Faith, who was walking in Old Town with Holden. Then Liberty spoke of how parents protected their young and kept them safe, as Craig talked to Johnny about speaking with strangers at school. Next, the girl said how difficult her illness had been on her mother, as Janet, in her hospital gown, worried about Dusty and admired her engagement ring.

Jack showed up to be with Janet and helped her back to the exam room where the obstetrician was going to examine her again. Liberty explained how she had originally opposed her mother's pregnancy, but she had begun to realize that a baby was still a blessing. She said very soon a guy she barely knew would tell her if she had a chance to live. Whatever he said, Liberty's life would change, and she would have to deal with it. She signed off by saying, "Wish me luck."

Parker sat with Liberty and assured her that she was going to get nothing but good news. Liberty was glad that her friend was there, but she worried why her mother wasn't there as she had promised to be.

Waiting for her obstetrician, Janet complained that she should not be in a bed in Memorial Hospital when she should be in Minneapolis with her daughter. Jack offered to call Parker, who was with Liberty, to see if there was any news, and Janet agreed, but she cautioned him not to mention Dusty's shooting. Jack took out his phone, which then rang with a call from Parker. Parker asked about Janet and why she wasn't there with Liberty, so Jack handed the phone to Janet. Janet asked to speak with Liberty, and she told her daughter she was stuck in Oakdale because of "fog." Janet asked the girl to "stay positive," and to call her as soon as they had any news about her treatments.

Liberty's doctor finally arrived at her room and went over her chart carefully. Liberty quipped that if cancer didn't kill her, the suspense would. The doctor said that her blood count was much improved, almost to normal, so the treatment was obviously working. Parker asked if Liberty needed to still be in isolation, and when the doctor zipped open the bubble, Parker asked if he could give Liberty a hug. "If she wants you to," the doctor said with a smile. Parker jumped on the bed and hugged his friend.

At Carly's, Molly paid a visit, but she was actually looking for Jack. She wanted to do a story about Dusty's shooting, but she had missed him. Carly said Jack was already at the hospital with Janet. When Molly asked how her cousin was handling the crisis, Carly answered, "One step at a time." Molly asked if Carly trusted Jack, and Carly said that Jack was so honorable that he would do the right thing by Janet and the baby. Molly asserted that she was there to keep Carly on the right path.

Carly said that Molly couldn't be too pleased about all the family obligations Holden had that pulled him back to Lily, and Molly said both she and Carly needed a weekend away. Carly said she couldn't possibly get away, and then Craig walked in, saying that the door had been unlocked. He told Carly that they had a meeting that morning, so Molly said her goodbyes. Craig said Carly looked as if she were about to explode, and he checked out her sketches. He remarked that Carly had eight unfinished sketches, but nothing to take to manufacturing yet. Carly drew a bow on one dress and said the meeting was over because she had to go to the hospital to support Jack.

Carly arrived at Memorial and ran into Craig again, who claimed he was "looking after" his investment. He said everyone had someone to support him except Carly, so that was his job. Carly walked into Janet's exam room and found both Janet and Jack listening to their baby's heartbeat. She realized that she was intruding on a private moment, so she retreated and told Craig that she was "talked out," and wanted to be alone.

Faith and her dad sat outside in Old Town and drank cappuccinos. She told Holden that the girls who had snubbed her were "totally lame." She claimed not to care how they treated her, but Holden could see that she was hurting. He tempted her with the offer of her favorite chocolate chip cookies from Al's, and Faith agreed that she would like one. Holden left to get the cookies, and Gabriel walked by. Faith jumped up, but Gabriel remarked that he was having a very bad day. He said that his good deed of helping Faith steal a dress from Fashions had gotten him fired. He said he would manage, but Faith felt very guilty.

Holden returned, and Faith introduced him to her friend. She also said that Holden should hire Gabriel, who was looking for a job. Faith lied that Gabriel used to live in Oakdale, but he had moved away and only recently returned. Gabriel said that it was not necessary to give him a job, and he walked away. Faith and her dad returned to the farm, and as they walked into the kitchen, the girl accused him of "scaring off" Gabriel. Molly was pouring coffee, so Faith appealed to her as a referee. Holden noticed some discrepancies in the girl's story, and he demanded to know what was going on.

Faith said that Gabriel was working at Fashions but he got in some trouble that wasn't his fault and got fired. Holden pinned her down and Faith said she had "accidentally" put a dress in her purse to try on, but she had forgotten it and had walked outside with it. Unfortunately, Gabriel had gotten fired for stealing the dress. Molly questioned why the security alarm had not sounded when Faith left the store, but the girl threw up her arms in disgust and stormed out. Both Molly and Holden realized that Faith had stolen the dress, but Gabriel had taken the heat. Molly asked to speak with Faith first, and Holden agreed.

Molly and Faith sat on the porch, and Molly said she needed Faith to talk with her. Faith said that her dad was being "totally unfair," but Molly disagreed. She said Faith had stolen a dress, and the teen admitted it. Faith said she felt awful that Gabriel had lost his job because of her, but Molly asked her why Holden should trust someone who had helped Faith steal a dress. Faith wanted to make up for it, but she didn't know how. Molly had an idea, and she asked to borrow Faith's phone.

Carly went to the Monte Carlo office and found a congratulatory bottle of wine addressed to Craig. Carly could not keep her eyes off the bottle, and she finally picked it up and realized it had a screw top. She laughed at the irony of that, and she opened it and smelled the wine. Then she poured some into a coffee cup and was about to drink it when she heard someone knock. Gabriel walked in and said he had gotten a call from someone about a job at the fashion company.

Carly was confused until Molly ran in and explained that Gabriel was a friend of Faith's who needed employment, and Carly had remarked that she needed a staff at Monte Carlo. Gabriel gave his pitch, and Carly agreed to hire him, although she was still reluctant. Gabriel promised to be there the next morning, and he made his exit. Molly noticed that her cousin was a bit "shaky," but Carly said she just had a lot on her mind. After Molly left, Carly dumped the wine into the trash.

Holden joined Faith on the porch, and he explained that he asked so many questions of her because he and Lily were worried about her. Faith apologized, but her dad said that she needed to trust them. The girl admitted that she could relate to Holden, but not to her mother. Faith was unhappy about Liberty's situation, and she called herself a "screw-up and a trouble maker." She cried and her father comforted her.

Molly returned and told them that Carly was going to give Gabriel a shot at a job. Faith explained to Holden that Molly had convinced Carly to hire Garbriel at Monte Carlo. Holden thanked Molly and called her a "peacemaker," and they kissed. Then he left to find Lily and fill her in on the latest developments.

The doctor dismissed Janet, just as her phone rang. The caller was Liberty with her good news, and she asked when her mom could get there. Janet said that she was sorry but she had fibbed to Liberty until the girl had some good news under her belt. Janet explained that a robbery gone bad had resulted in Dusty's being shot at Metro. She reported that her fiancÚ was unconscious, but he was stable. They hung up, and Jack said that Janet needed to go home and rest, even though she wanted to stay at the hospital to be nearby when Dusty wakened.

Janet also told Jack that she didn't think she had a home any longer. He said she would stay with him at Carly's, but Janet still wanted to be by Dusty's side. Jack said that was too stressful for her, but Janet reminded him that he hadn't even checked with Carly about the living arrangements. Jack won the argument and drove Janet home with him. Carly walked in and was surprised to find Janet there. She was gracious and told Janet she was welcome, and then she went to the kitchen to prepare some food. She took a cucumber and a huge knife, and she mutilated the vegetable on her cutting board.

Craig approached the building that housed Monte Carlo, but he thought he saw someone following him. He called out to whoever it was to "stay the hell away" from him. The man ran off, and Craig gave chase, but he lost the man in the parking lot. Craig turned back, and after a while, Gabriel stood up from behind a parked car.

Liberty told Parker that her mom must be "going nuts" worrying about Dusty. She reasoned that since she was out of her bubble, she could have her treatments anywhere. Parker was more concerned that Liberty should stay put, and he said he wouldn't help her get out of the hospital in Minneapolis. He thought she should see her treatment through to the end right there. Liberty agreed, and then she asked him to get her a soda. When Parker left the room, she called Faith and asked for Faith's help to get home.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lily offered to give Faith a ride to school, but the girl made cracks about being a prisoner. Lily said that it would take time to build back trust between them again, but Faith continued to make rude comments. When Lily left the room, Faith logged off from a low-cost plane fare website on her computer, and ran to find a specific book on the shelves. She opened it and took out a wad of money, which she put in her purse. Then she picked up her backpack and headed out the door.

In Minneapolis, Liberty packed for home and told the doctor that she was not changing her mind about leaving. She promised not to miss any of her chemo appointments, but she declared that her mother really needed her at home. Liberty's phone rang, and the caller was Faith, who said she was on her way to get Liberty, and no one knew about it.

Holden visited with Molly at WOAK, and they closed the door to her office and began flirting. Molly said she needed a "hands-on" point of view for a piece she was writing, and she claimed to also need "research," as she unbuttoned Holden's shirt and began nuzzling his chin. They started kissing, but suddenly Holden's phone began to vibrate. Molly asked if the caller was Holden's "favorite flower," and he answered that it was a text that Lily needed to see him about Faith. He apologized and invited Molly to go with him, but she declined. He left with his shirt flapping, but Molly stopped him and buttoned it.

Holden went to Lily's, and she complained that Faith could barely stand to be in the same room with her. Holden said their daughter was all talk, but Lily noticed that a book was out of place in the bookcase. She opened the book and swore when she realized that Faith had taken about $700 in cash from it. She ran to the phone to call the police, but Holden stopped her and suggested that perhaps Faith had not taken the money. Lily was sure their girl was "on the streets, scoring drugs." They shouted at one another until Holden told Lily to take a deep breath and calm down. Lily began to cry, but Holden insisted they do things his way.

Parker called Liberty and left a message saying that he was leaving for school and asking her to call him back. Jack walked in the door as Parker opened it on his way out, and Parker reported that the previous evening had been awkward with Jack's pulling an all-night shift at the police station. He said there was not much conversation between Janet and Carly, and Parker also told Jack that Janet had disregarded Jack's advice to stay quiet and had left for the hospital to see Dusty. Jack was upset that Janet sometimes failed to look at the big picture.

At Memorial, Janet sat with Dusty and prompted him to open his eyes and wake up. Jack entered the room, and Janet cried out, asking who could have hurt Dusty. Her father, Rocco, listened outside the partially open door. Jack said the cops had found no distinctive fingerprints in Metro, and the lab was still working on the bullet fragment and the security tapes. He gave Janet his take on how the shooting went down, and Rocco closed the door and walked away. Jack insisted that Janet go with him to get some breakfast, so they left the room, as Rocco placed an emergency phone call to the Federal prison where Ralph Manzo was an inmate.

Jack scolded Janet for making breakfast out of an energy bar from a vending machine. They returned to Dusty's room to find Rocco standing over Dusty's bed. "What are you doing here, Pop?" asked Janet. Her father said that Teresa had told him about Dusty's accident, and he complained about the "punks" who terrorized small business owners like him and Dusty. Jack reminded Rocco that he was "connected" to Ralph Manzo, but Mr. Ciccone called that kind of protection "an urban legend." Jack went outside to take a call, and it was from Holden, who explained about Faith's actions.

Holden was sure that his daughter was not out buying drugs with the stolen money, but he was trying to keep Lily from completely freaking out. Jack promised to help, so he went back to Janet and said he had to leave. Rocco offered to keep an eye on Janet, who took her dad aside and said she had not been completely honest with him about what was going on with her. Janet stammered around until Rocco said that he knew the whole story from Teresa. He was not happy about Janet's divorcing the father of her baby, but he said he was more "live and let live" than he had been in the old days.

Janet hugged her father and then remembered to tell him the good news that Liberty's treatments were a success. She turned back to Dusty and said everything would be fine when he awoke. The door flew open and Liberty and Faith walked into Dusty's room. Janet rushed to hug her daughter, as Liberty explained how Faith had helped her get home. Faith backed out of the family reunion and smiled.

Janet had to agree to go home with Liberty in order to get the girl to leave the hospital. Rocco volunteered to stay with Dusty, so Janet and Liberty left. Rocco got a return call from Ralph Manzo, and he told Ralph that he hadn't meant for Dusty to get hurt so badly. It was starting to look, however, as if it would be better for all concerned if Dusty never woke up. Jack walked in on Rocco, who quickly hung up. He told Jack that Janet had taken Liberty home, and he was sitting with Dusty. Jack wondered why Rocco was so suddenly interested in Janet after all the years he had ignored her, but Rocco refused to explain himself.

Jack warned Mr. Ciccone not to hurt Janet again by treating her like dirt as he had before. They walked out of Dusty's room, and Jack finally calmed down. He still had his suspicions, however, and he said he would always care about Janet, Liberty, and the new baby. He said that, as Janet's father, Rocco owed her the same.

Janet and Liberty went to Carly's, and Liberty found it hard to believe that her mother was living there with her ex and his ex. They talked about the house that Dusty was buying them, and Liberty, who had seen a photo of it, was delighted.

Holden reassured Lily that Jack would find Faith without terrifying her. Lily agreed that calling Jack had been the right thing, but then she blamed the whole fiasco on Molly. Meanwhile, Molly had a surprise visit from Parker, who asked if she had any idea where Faith was. When Molly said no, he told her that Faith had not shown up at school, plus some money went missing at Lily's house. Molly volunteered to help hunt for the girl, so she left with Parker and went to Lily's house. They walked in, and Molly felt completely out of place. She turned to go, but Jack rushed in, looking for more information about Faith's "dealer."

Lily and Holden were horrified, but the door flew open and a cheerful and excited Faith walked in. She was dumbfounded that her parents were so upset with her. Lily reminded the girl that she had stolen money and flown to Minneapolis while skipping school and lying about where she was. Faith mentioned how glad Janet was to see her daughter, which Lily took as a slam that she didn't love Faith the same way. Holden intervened, but Parker had something to say. He called Faith "an idiot" for thinking that she knew what was best for Liberty, who had been in an isolation bubble and then ridden on a commercial jet with a planeload of people with germs. Parker said he hoped Faith got "grounded for life," and he walked out. Molly turned to go, as well, but Lily asked her to stay.

Outside, Faith told Parker that the doctor in Minneapolis had said that it was okay for Liberty to travel, and Faith was just "trying to help a friend." Parker was irate that Faith had no clue how serious any exposure was for Liberty, and he took off. Lily walked out and ordered Faith to go to her room and stay there. Faith defied her mother and said, "Forget it," and she ran away. Lily went inside and begrudgingly asked Molly for help. It was obvious she was distraught and desperate, so Molly agreed to try.

Faith headed to Old Town, and Molly caught up with her when the girl stopped to light a cigarette. Molly bought the cigarette for $20 and then crumpled it into pieces. Faith started to walk, but Molly stopped her and demanded respect. She also had a proposal for the girl: the next time Faith had an important decision to make but did not want to involve her parents, Molly suggested that she run it by Molly.

Lily was agonizing about having to ask Molly for help, and Holden realized how difficult that had been for his ex-wife. Molly walked back in, followed by Faith. "Here I am," Faith declared. "Let me have it." Holden stepped up and lectured his daughter about her behavior. He said she needed to prove to him that he didn't need to ground her, and she hugged and thanked her dad. Lily sent Faith to her room with instructions to get her school assignments from a friend. Faith went upstairs, and Lily and Holden both thanked Molly, although it was excruciating for Lily to have to say the words. Molly reminded Holden that she still had something for him at the office, so they left together.

Parker went home and saw Liberty. He said what she had done was a "bonehead thing," so Liberty went upstairs until he had calmed down. She approached Parker again, and they both decided that it was "Řber weird" for all of them to live in a house together. Liberty promised that she would see the oncologist at Memorial the next day to continue her treatments, and she put her head on Parker's shoulder.

At the hospital, Janet told Dusty that Liberty was home, and she needed him to return, as well. Jack watched as Rocco turned away and could not look or listen to his daughter's pain.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Carly and Jack ganged up on Janet and would not let her help with the dishes. Janet went to see if Liberty was awake yet, and Jack suggested that he and Carly get away by themselves for the day. Carly was excited, and she went to powder her nose, while Jack answered the doorbell. He signed for the delivery of a large manila envelope, and he opened it. Inside were his and Janet's divorce papers, and Jack commented that once he and Janet had signed them, he would be "a free man." Carly asked if that wasn't what he wanted, and Jack answered yes, but he was sad.

Carly got sarcastic and said she would cancel the fireworks and marching band. Janet returned and said Liberty was still asleep. Jack told her about the papers, so they prepared to sign them. Carly was irritated that her "date" with Jack had apparently been put on the back burner, so she announced she was going to Monte Carlo. Jack went after her, but Carly was still miffed, and she blew him off.

Jack went back inside, and he and Janet discussed the ending of their marriage. Janet took a call then from Dr. Oliver, who reported that there was no change in Mr. Donovan's condition. Janet was discouraged that Dusty might not be in her future after all. She looked through the divorce papers and said that she had changed her mind about settling the child custody issue after the divorce. She reminded Jack that they had conceived the baby to donate bone marrow to Liberty, but it looked as if that was not needed. Janet said she wanted the custody issue settled in the divorce and before they went further. Jack said they could still be fantastic parents, and he was determined to honor his commitment.

At Monte Carlo, Gabriel snooped through papers on Craig's desk, but he heard someone approaching, so he ran back to working on wiring. Craig and his finance man, Ellis, walked in, and before they noticed Gabriel, Ellis wondered aloud what Carly would think when she found out who was floating the bill for the place. Suddenly Craig spotted Gabriel and yelled, "Who the hell are you?" Then he ordered Ellis to call the police, as Gabriel asked if burglars usually took the time to rewire a whole office. Craig asked Ellis to hang up, and asked Gabriel why he was in the office.

Gabriel said that Craig's partner had hired him to fit the office for Wi-Fi. He introduced himself as Gabriel Carras, and he showed Craig the key that Carly had loaned him. Craig took the key back and told the boy that he could only be in the office when he or Carly was present. Carly walked in and found Gabriel packing up his tools. She asked what was up, and Craig said he thought he was the one who did the hiring for the company. Carly said she was sorry, but unless Craig knew how to run a wireless network, they needed Gabriel. Craig gave in and ordered the boy to "go fix something."

Carly showed Craig her finished sketches for eveningwear, and he raved about them. He hugged her, and then took off. Carly showed her drawings to Gabriel, who quickly maintained that he didn't know a thing about women's fashions. Carly said she just wanted his impression of her work, and Gabriel glanced at them and announced that they looked like other clothes he had seen. Carly appeared unhappy, and then studied her work. Then she declared that Gabriel was right; her designs were boring, and they stank. She wondered why Craig had raved over them so loudly, and Gabriel offered the opinion that "that guy" would do anything to keep Carly around.

Carly said she didn't need a "yes man," she needed someone who believed in her talent like Maurice, their New York investor. "If you say so," said Gabriel, and that comment bothered Carly. Gabriel then asked if Maurice had personally told her that he loved her work on those pieces, but she said that Craig was the one who dealt with the investor. "Okay," said Gabriel, who went back to work. Carly fretted, and then she called Maurice in New York and spoke to his secretary. That woman gave Carly the stunning news that Maurice had turned down Craig's offer to invest in Monte Carlo months before. Carly realized that the man had not put a dime into her company.

Craig returned with the good news that their designs were "in" for fashion week in Milan. Carly glowered at him, as Craig prattled on about how great their exposure would be for the European market. Finally Carly hurled her tape dispenser at Craig's head and called him an "arrogant slimy creep." She accused him of lying to her, and she said she had called their "investor" in New York, who, it turned out, was nOT their investor. She demanded to know who had financed her company. "Me," said Craig. "I'm the investor."

Carly was fearful that the 20something demographic for whom she was designing would consider her pieces "boring and predictable." Craig asked Carly to trust him, but she picked up her purse and coat and walked out. Craig motioned Gabriel over and promptly fired him.

Carly went home, and she asked Jack to hold her before she lost her mind. Janet walked in and said that Jack was about to drive her to the hospital to sit with Dusty, and she asked Carly to check on Liberty in case the girl got hungry. Carly agreed, but as soon as they had left, she ranted and vented. The doorbell rang, and there stood Gabriel. He said that Craig had just fired him, and he wanted to be paid for work done. Carly officially rehired him and said she would tell Craig. She also asked him to keep his "eyes open." Gabriel went back to the office and eavesdropped on Craig and Ellis. He heard Craig say that "Carly would never connect the dots to Parker."

Jack returned to Carly's and told her that he had dropped off the signed divorce papers at Tom's office. He suggested they take advantage of their "comfy couch," and they kissed and dropped onto the sofa.

In the Lakeview lounge, Bob saluted Kim with a flute of champagne for 25 wonderful years of marriage. He claimed they were not old but "classic." Dr. Oliver approached their table and told Bob that they had to talk, so Bob's lunch with his wife could wait. Kim was not pleased, but she offered to go talk to Barbara for a while so Dr. Oliver could talk with Bob. Reid said that the father of one of his patients in Texas had filed suit against him for malpractice. He was worried that if he got dragged through the mud, the hospital, and especially the new wing, would get its reputation damaged. Bob said that whoever attacked one of Memorial's doctors had to go through him, but Dr. Oliver asked what was in that for Bob. Bob responded that, for a genius, Dr. Oliver was "clueless."

Katie told Chris Hughes that his appearance on her show had generated too many calls for the switchboard to handle. Chris was not interested in a television career, but he said that he needed Katie's help desperately. He explained that he was in charge of decorations for his parents' surprise anniversary party that evening, and he was stuck. He had a lovely picture of Bob and Kim, and he asked if Katie thought he should enlarge and frame it. Katie said she could take care of that right at the studio, and then Chris agonized over what kind of a gift he should give them.

Katie was bitter about how everyone did not get a fair shot at love, so Chris gave her a pep talk about how she would find love again when she least expected it. Katie said she was tired of ending up alone. They framed the photo, and then Chris asked Katie to go with him to Tom and Margo's to help him decorate. His other challenge was how to get the guests of honor there without tipping them off. Tom had been in charge of that, but he had been called to court before he had come up with a plan. Chris hated to say it, but he admitted that his father was relating best to Reid Oliver lately, so they went hunting for Reid at the hospital.

Chris and Katie approached Reid and asked him for help, but the doctor was not in a humanitarian mood. Then Chris mentioned that he knew that Oliver was facing a malpractice lawsuit, and since Tom was the hospital's lawyer, he suggested that Reid call Bob over to Tom's house that evening to have a powwow about the law suit. Amazingly, Dr. Oliver agreed.

Up in Barbara's suite, Kim complained that her 25th anniversary was looking like any other dull day. She said she had very much wanted it to be special, but Barbara replied that there was no better way to celebrate than to just be in the middle of her regular life. Kim looked at her niece and said, "Shut up, Barbara." Then Kim said she should have learned in 25 years that, with Bob, medicine always won out when challenged by life. Bob called Kim and asked her to return, so she said goodbye to Barbara. As soon as Kim left, Barbara took out a beautiful silver candelabrum and began to wrap it. She also took a call and told the caller that Bob and Kim would be "very excited" if that person showed up at the party.

The anniversary couple resumed their romantic champagne date in the lounge, and Bob talked about leaving Memorial a better hospital when he retired and put the place in the capable young hands of physicians like Reid and Chris. Kim recognized that their son was very happy in pediatrics and had no desire to do administrative work. Bob said if he left the hospital in Dr. Oliver's hands, it would be his greatest achievement. When he saw his wife's face, Bob quickly added, "Second only to our marriage, of course." He reached for Kim's hand, but she pulled it away.

Barbara walked up to Bob and Kim and congratulated Bob on 25 years of marriage to "a force of nature." She urged Kim to give Bob his gift, so Kim handed him a framed photo of their cabin in the woods. Kim explained that she had arranged a complete renovation of the place and it had been completed that very day. She was eager to start off the second 25 years of their marriage with a private vacation beginning the next day. Kim had worked very hard with Bob's secretary to clear his schedule for a few days, but Bob said it was no longer clear because of complications with the plans for the new wing. He had to meet with the architect the next day, but perhaps he could get away in a few weeks.

Kim was very disappointed, but Bob went on to say that he needed advance warning about being away from the hospital. He wanted to leave behind a great legacy, and he couldn't turn his back on the new construction. "You and your job," grumbled Kim. She said she wanted to feel as if she was Number One in her husbands' life, and she asked him to prove it by taking a few days alone with her.

At Tom and Margo's, Katie and Chris put the finishing touches on the decorations, despite a scolding from Barbara for using "tacky" paper bells. Chris took all the blame, and he warned his aunt not to beat up on Katie about it.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Chris and Katie finished decorating for Bob and Kim's surprise party at Tom and Margo's house. Outside on the patio, Barbara received a phone call and learned that her "surprise" for the party had been delayed, but she assured the caller that nothing could ruin the celebration of Bob and Kim's 25th wedding anniversary. Barbara joined Chris and Katie inside, and they all agreed that Bob and Kim were a very lucky couple.

Katie left to pick up the catered food from the diner, and Tom arrived immediately thereafter. Tom asked Chris whether anyone had called the house, but Chris said no. Chris asked who Tom was expecting to hear from, but Tom said it was a surprise that he and Margo had planned for the anniversary party. Barbara told Tom that she, too, had planned a surprise. Tom smiled and said he was pretty sure Barbara couldn't top his surprise, but Barbara replied, "We'll see!"

Chris went to the hospital to remind Reid Oliver to trick Bob and Kim into showing up at the party. Reid told Chris that he would make the call to Bob when the time was right, which made Chris think that Reid had actually forgotten about his role in the surprise. Reid denied it, but Chris seemed unsure and told Reid not to blow it off.

When Katie arrived at the diner, she saw Henry sitting alone at the counter, drinking coffee, and she overheard him talking to himself. Henry had been thinking about a passionate encounter with Barbara and had tried to shake those thoughts by telling himself, "Stop it, stop it, stop it!" Katie asked what Henry was talking about, and he said he was reminding himself not to drink his hot coffee too quickly. Katie asked if Henry was sure he hadn't been talking to Brad again, but Henry promised Katie that it wasn't anything like that.

Henry asked Katie if she was a little glum because of the anniversary party and the fact that she had lost Brad, and Katie admitted that it was sad to think that she and Brad had only had one anniversary together. Henry reminded Katie that the short time Katie and Brad had together had been packed with happiness, and Katie smiled and agreed. She then asked Henry if he would be her date for the anniversary party. Henry declined at first, and said that the party would be for family, but Katie began listing the people who would be there. When Katie mentioned Barbara's name, Henry quickly changed his mind and told her he'd be happy to escort her to the party.

As Margo left work, she called Casey and asked him to pick up some club soda for the party. She could tell Casey wasn't in a very good mood, but he assured his mother he would act happy at the party. After Casey hung up, Alison approached him and asked how his visit with Will, Gwen, and baby Hallie had gone. Casey told her that Will and his family were doing great and that the baby had really grown up. Alison asked whether Casey had pictures he could show her, so Casey let Alison look at some of the pictures he'd taken of Hallie with his cell phone camera.

Alison mentioned that she'd heard it was Bob and Kim's wedding anniversary, and she offered her congratulations by remarking on how wonderful it was that two people could stay married for 25 years. Casey pointedly said it was almost enough to make him believe in marriage again, and then he walked away.

Alison found Casey in Old Town and asked why he'd been so abrupt with her at the hospital, because she'd thought that even if they couldn't still be friends, they were at least trying to get along with one another. Instead, she felt like Casey was acting as though he hated her. Casey snidely replied that he didn't hate her, and Alison asked him to turn the sarcasm down a notch or two. Alison told Casey that patients and staff at the hospital would pick up on the negativity between them, so Casey suggested they simply stop talking to one another, because "I can't be sarcastic if I'm not talking." Frustrated, Alison told Casey to do whatever worked for him, and she walked away.

Chris, who had overheard the end of the conversation, walked over to Casey and asked why he was being such a jerk to Alison. Casey reminded Chris that Alison had cheated on him and that he'd been about three minutes away from marrying Alison when Alison's lover had strolled into the church. Casey said that he didn't want to listen to Chris, and Casey walked away.

Katie approached Chris and asked what had just happened. Chris explained that he had been trying to get Casey to ease up on Alison and invite Alison to the party. Katie asked why Chris wanted Alison there, and Chris said for the same reason that he had invited Susan: he wanted the families to put their feuds behind them. Katie then asked Chris if he could help Henry load the food into her car, because she had one more thing she needed to do.

Katie went to Java and saw Alison, who was having coffee and reading a book. Katie sat down and told Alison that she thought Alison should attend the anniversary party, because if Alison wanted to still be friends with Casey, then Alison needed to keep showing up and proving to Casey that it was possible. Alison said she didn't think getting in Casey's face was the right approach, but Katie said she thought the party was the perfect opportunity to make peace, because everyone would be sentimental and in a good mood. Alison said she would think about it, and Katie replied, "Great! See you there!" and left.

Margo arrived home and greeted everyone who was there preparing for the party. Margo said she'd been disappointed to learn that Andy Dixon wouldn't be able to attend, because Andy's daughter, Hope, was sick with the flu. Barbara said she hoped Andy's possible appearance wasn't the surprise that Margo and Tom had planned, but Margo said it wasn't.

In the lobby of the Lakeview, Bob asked Kim if she would ever seriously consider ending their marriage just because Bob wouldn't agree to spend a couple of days at the cabin with her. Kim tried to make Bob understand that she'd gone to a lot of trouble to plan a getaway weekend at the cabin for their anniversary, which included having improvements made at the cabin. Bob told Kim that things at work were very busy, and he reminded her that they had only recently returned from a cruise. Kim retorted that the cruise was the first real vacation the two of them had had in years, and she was angry that he wouldn't put aside more time on their anniversary.

Bob told Kim that they could celebrate, but he couldn't leave the next day. Kim told Bob there might not be a "tomorrow," and she reminded him that they both had almost died the year before. She felt that Bob needed to slow down and take care of himself, but Bob angrily replied, "Stop trying to guilt me into this!" Kim retorted, "I'll stop when you stop putting our lives second!"

At that moment, Bob's phone rang, and he took the call, which was from the hospital. Kim sat down in the lobby and sighed, then thought back on the day Bob's father died. She recalled her conversation with Bob about what a wonderful man his father had been, and she remembered telling Bob how lucky she was that he was like his father "in every wonderful way." When Bob finished his phone call, he interrupted Kim's reverie and asked what she'd been thinking about. Kim told him, and Bob recalled that Kim had said his father was "unselfish with his time." Kim agreed and said that was how she wanted Bob to be.

Bob asked, "Why does it have to be either/or?" Bob felt that he should be able to handle things at the hospital and have a getaway with Kim later, but Kim stressed that time was fleeting, and they would never get back the time he spent at work. Kim asked Bob why he'd taken the call from the hospital in the middle of their discussion, but Bob said that Kim had told him it was okay. Kim said she'd been trying to be considerate, which was more than she could say for him.

Bob wanted to know why Kim was so surprised that Bob was dedicated to his work, since he'd always been that way. His phone rang again, and Bob answered it. When Bob heard Reid's voice, he told Reid that he was in the middle of something and couldn't talk. Bob picked up a menu, but Kim said that she'd lost her appetite and would leave for the cabin so that Bob could get back to work.

Once again, Bob's phone rang, and once again, it was Reid. Reid asked Bob not to hang up on him, and then he lied to Bob, saying that Tom wanted to meet with the two of them immediately about a problem with the lawsuit against Reid in Texas. Bob said that he was with Kim and couldn't leave, but Reid said that Tom wanted Kim to be at the meeting, too, because it was a potential public relations nightmare.

Bob told Reid that he would meet him at Tom's house, and he hung up and looked at Kim. Kim said, "I don't even want to know. Just go. Happy anniversary." Kim walked away, very upset.

Chris arrived back at Tom and Margo's with the food, and Katie and Henry followed. Barbara ran into them on the patio, and she was pleasantly surprised to see Henry. Katie went inside, so Barbara asked Henry where Vienna was. Henry replied simply, "Not here." Katie walked back out and told Henry to hurry up, so they all went inside.

Margo asked her guests whether they thought Kim had any idea about the party, but Barbara said she was pretty sure that Kim was clueless and thought they had all forgotten it was Kim and Bob's anniversary. Susan replied, "Good! That way, she can enjoy the surprise!" Barbara then mentioned that she had seen Kim and Bob earlier and that things had seemed a little tense between them. Lisa remarked that whatever had happened earlier had probably been forgotten after a good dinner and an exchange of anniversary gifts, and it was probably "a love fest" by that point.

Chris spotted his dad's car pulling into the driveway and told everyone to get ready. When the door opened and Bob walked in, everyone yelled, "Surprise!" But behind Bob was Reid Oliver, not Kim, and Chris asked where Kim was. Bob replied, "That's a good question." Bob explained that Reid had been very convincing about the meeting. Lisa suggested that Bob simply call Kim and let her know everything was okay. Bob said it wasn't that simple, because he and Kim had had a disagreement, and Kim was very angry with him. He said he had tried to call Kim, but she had turned off her cell phone, and he had no idea where she was.

Barbara said that she would look for Kim. She thought Kim might even still be at the Lakeview, because Kim had a key to Barbara's suite. After Barbara left, Nancy asked Bob, "What really happened?" Bob replied, "It's an old argument, Mom, but I've never seen her so mad." Glancing at Susan, Bob amended that to say, "Well, almost never," and he thought back to the night when Kim had learned about his affair with Susan. Kim had told Bob that if he thought she would forgive him, "You can forget it, pal!" and she had stormed out of the house. Seeing Bob's face, Nancy asked, "It isn't that serious?" but Bob replied, "It might be to Kim."

Kim went to Barbara's hotel room and sat looking through one of Barbara's old photo albums. One old photograph of Bob and Kim together brought back memories of a romantic dinner during which Kim and Bob had sung "And I Love You So" to one another. Barbara walked in and asked Kim if she was going to let a little fight with Bob ruin her anniversary. Kim asked whether Barbara had spoken to Bob, and Barbara told her about the surprise party.

Kim was shocked to realize that Barbara hadn't forgotten the anniversary after all. Barbara said she had remembered, as had Tom and Margo, Lisa, Susan, "and Frannie, too." Kim gasped, and Barbara nodded and told Kim that she had arranged for Frannie to make a brief visit to Oakdale. Barbara explained that Frannie's twin, Sabrina, couldn't make it because Sabrina was already in Haiti, helping with the earthquake relief effort, and Frannie was on her way to Haiti, too, but would be able to stop by Oakdale first.

Kim said she'd had no idea about the surprise, but when Barbara suggested they leave, Kim asked whether Bob was still at the party. Barbara asked, "Are you really that angry with him?" Kim sighed and replied, "Today, of all days, he couldn't put his work aside, not even for a few minutes!" When Kim mentioned the calls Bob had gotten, Barbara asked if they'd been from Reid Oliver. Kim said some of them were, and Barbara explained that Reid's calls were part of the ruse to get Kim and Bob to the party.

Kim said that didn't explain the other calls Bob had taken, and it didn't excuse the fact that Bob had refused to consider taking the whole weekend off to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Kim told Barbara that she wasn't much in the mood for a party. Barbara implored Kim to reconsider, and reminded her that Bob and Kim were "everybody's favorite couple." Barbara said that everyone took it for granted that Bob and Kim would always work through any problems they might have.

Kim said that was the problem, that Bob took her for granted. Barbara said that although Bob might get too focused on his work, there was no disputing the fact that Kim was the love of his life. She reached out her hand to Kim and said, "Let's go." Kim took Barbara's hand, and they left.

Back at Tom and Margo's house, Casey walked outside just in time to run into Alison. Alison explained that Katie had invited her to the party, and she apologized for being late, because she had stopped to buy a gift. Casey informed Alison that she hadn't missed anything yet because Kim wasn't even at the party, and he wasn't sure if there would even be a party after all. Sensing Casey's discomfort, Alison said perhaps that was for the best, and she left. Katie walked out and asked Casey if that had been Alison who had just left. Casey said yes and told Katie that Alison had decided not to stay.

Inside, Chris asked Reid why he was still there. Reid said that he'd wanted to be sure that Bob made it to the party, since it was his job to get him there. Chris asked what Reid had thought when he'd realized that Bob was alone, and Reid said, "Well, then I had to see what happened when he walked in alone!"

Casey went upstairs and found his great-grandmother sitting in his room and looking at pictures. Casey asked Nancy what she was doing, and she told him she was just looking through some of his old family photos. Casey said he was glad she was there, because he wanted to give her something. He took out the box that held her wedding ring and told her that he wanted to give it back to her. As Nancy looked at the ring, she thought back to her 50th wedding anniversary party with her late husband, Chris, and she recalled the love they had felt for one another. Nancy told Casey to keep the ring, because one day he could give it the smart girl who chose to be with him for life.

Downstairs, Bob told the gathering that Kim believed his work was the greatest object of his affections. Lisa remarked that she remembered that feeling all too well. Reid asked, "What did you do about it?" and Lisa responded, "I left him, honey!" Lisa thought back to the days of her marriage to Bob and an argument they'd had about where to live. Lisa had wanted to live far away from the hospital, and in an apartment rather than a house, because a house seemed too permanent.

Barbara and Kim arrived, but before they went inside, Kim told Barbara that she wasn't sure she should be there. Kim didn't want Bob to think that all was forgiven and that things were back to normal. Barbara asked Kim to put that aside for the time being and to concentrate on enjoying her family and friends who had gathered inside for the party. When they walked into the house, everyone clapped. Chris told Reid that he was free to leave, but Reid said he wanted to stick around, because "this family is a hell of a lot more interesting than it looks!"

Margo received a phone call and asked Tom to step outside so she could discuss it with him. When they walked back in, they told everyone that they had a bit of bad news to announce. They had tried to arrange for the minister who had originally married Bob and Kim to make a surprise visit to the house so that he could perform a ceremony for Bob and Kim to renew their vows. However, Margo had just been told that the minister was in jail and that he was a con man who had spent years deceiving people into thinking he was an ordained minister when he actually was not.

Margo then announced that the news meant that Bob and Kim were never actually married. Chris asked, "What does that make me?" and Reid happily replied, "I always knew you were a bastard. I just didn't know it was official!" Kim began laughing, and her friends and family worried about her reaction. Kim said, "What a surprise party! Twenty-five years and poof! You're not married!" She turned to Bob and asked, "Don't you think it's ironic?"

Barbara said it probably didn't matter, anyway, and she asked Tom if Bob and Kim were considered to be married by common law, but Tom replied, "Not in Illinois." Chris then said they could arrange for a judge to perform a wedding ceremony the next day, so that Bob and Kim could be legally married, but Kim told Bob, "I'm not sure I want to marry you at all." Kim said that the error might actually be a "gift," because it offered them a chance to reevaluate things. Bob said, "I know you're angry with me because I didn't take our anniversary seriously enough, but we belong together!" Kim responded, "I'm not so sure about that." Upset, Bob said, "I've had enough of this! Are you going to marry me or not?"

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