One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 29, 2010 on OLTL

Schuyler learned that he had been switched at birth, and his parents were Roxy and Mitch. Brody gave Mitch an antidote. Mitch called Allison a "Judas" for keeping the truth from him about his son. Schuyler gave Sierra Rose to Oliver, the infant's real father. Roxy was heartbroken. David blackmailed Kim into divorcing Clint.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 29, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, March 29, 2010

Starr told Langston that Langston had to decide what to do about being caught between Ford and Markko because continuing to cheat on Markko was not fair. Langston wanted to figure out what to do before anyone found out about her affair. She begged Starr not to say anything to Markko, just as Markko walked in the apartment door. Langston convinced him that she and Starr were talking about casting for the musical and that they had just gotten carried away. Langston was relieved when Starr backed her up. Markko told the girls how everybody had been tense lately. He told them about the run-in with Ford at the Buenos Días and asked if Langston was sleeping with Ford.

At the Angel Square Hotel, Marty reassured John that Roxy was probably just doing laundry downstairs when Marty suddenly passed out. John caught her and covered her with a blanket. Fish arrived as John called an ambulance. John tried to coax Marty into waking up. When she did, she asked what happened and how long she had been out for. She wondered if something was wrong with the baby. John informed her that he had called 9-1-1, but told Fish to notify Kyle.

Natalie hysterically knocked on Schuyler's door and called his name through the door. Téa, also headed to Schuyler's, saw Natalie and asked what she was doing there. Natalie said that she needed to talk to Schuyler. Téa wondered if it had to do with the custody hearing, but Natalie said that she was worried about Roxy and wanted to know if Schuyler had seen her. Téa questioned why Natalie thought Schuyler would know where Roxy was. Natalie, noticeably frazzled, reminded the lawyer that Schuyler used to live in Roxy's hotel. Téa speculated that Natalie's worry had something to do with Allison Perkins. Natalie denied the assumption, but Téa suggested that they find the superintendent to let them into Schuyler's apartment anyway.

At the infirmary at Statesville, Schuyler blocked the double entrance doors with a crutch. Mitch inquired about his getaway car, but Schuyler informed Mitch that, unless Schuyler got his daughter back, Mitch wasn't going anywhere. As the prison guard banged on the door to the infirmary, Bo entered with two cops intending to talk to Mitch. Kelly let Bo know that she wasn't leaving until she asked Mitch about her mother's death. Bo enlightened Kelly and Todd about the danger of talking to Mitch, and about the fact that Allison Perkins was at large. Bo ordered the guard to open the door, but the guard was unable to because it was locked from the inside. As the guard attempted to open the door, Schuyler ordered Mitch to call Allison that second, and told Mitch that, if Schuyler didn't get his daughter back, Mitch would be a dead man.

At Rex's apartment, Rex and Gigi tried to relax after getting back from court. Gigi updated Rex on Schuyler's recent odd behavior. Gigi was convinced that it wasn't just because of Téa that Schuyler wouldn't let Gigi see Sierra. Gigi thought something was wrong with Schuyler and that he was hiding something from her. Rex knew that it was hard to deal with, but he implored Gigi to forget about Schuyler and Sierra for the time being. He assured her that by the same time tomorrow, they would be taking Sierra home. Gigi reminded him that they couldn't count on that, and said they needed to prepare for Schuyler getting custody of Sierra.

Inside Kyle's room, Allison told the bound Kyle and Roxy that Schuyler was going to break Mitch out of Statesville because she had Sierra. Kyle attempted to convince Allison that there was a good chance of mistaken paternity -- Schuyler might not be Sierra's father. Thinking Kyle was talking about Rex, Allison told him that the baby's paternity was old news, and that Schuyler was definitely the father. Making an effort to convince Allison, Kyle confided that Stacy had tried to seduce him as well. Allison informed him that she was aware Stacy was "a harlot" as she pointed her gun at Kyle. She respected Kyle for his distraction attempt, although she didn't appreciate the mind games. Suddenly, there was knocking on the door as Fish arrived to get Kyle's help for Marty.

In London, Viki looked at a picture of herself and Charlie as her phone rang. She answered her phone for the "unavailable number" and found that it was Dorian. Viki asked if there was something wrong. Dorian replied by again telling Viki to give Charlie another chance. Dorian asked if, since there were three thousand miles between Viki and Charlie, Viki wanted to spend the rest of her life alone. Viki guaranteed that she was only traveling for the sake of Jessica and Bree. Dorian pointed out that Viki wasn't perfect, and asked why Viki couldn't forgive Charlie. Viki wondered how it was any of Dorian's business.

Markko explained to Langston and Starr the argument he overheard between Hannah and Ford at the diner. He told them that Hannah was convinced that Ford was sleeping with Langston, but the teens attributed the accusation to the possibility that she had become a stalker. Langston wondered where the idea could have come from. Markko believed that, since Ford apparently takes girls into his office, Hannah saw Langston there waiting for Markko and invented the whole thing out of jealousy. Because of this, Markko wanted Langston to stay away from Ford as a favor. As Markko headed off to take a shower, Langston expressed her disbelief that Hannah thought Langston slept with Ford. Starr asked, "why, if it's true?"

Mitch warned Schuyler not to test him. Allison had instructions if Schuyler failed to break Mitch out of jail. Bo's knocks on the door were met with a reply from Schuyler threatening Mitch's life. Since Schuyler knew that Allison wouldn't take chances with Mitch's life, Schuyler upped the ante by stabbing Mitch with a syringe filled with a liquid that could stop Mitch's heart for real.

The warden realized that Schuyler wasn't even on the schedule for that night, and speculated that Schuyler had a score to settle if he went so far out of his way to get Mitch alone. As Todd told Bo to let Schuyler kill Mitch, Kelly revealed that she had been researching the custody case and that there was no connection between Schuyler and Mitch.

Gigi told Rex that it seemed like Schuyler wanted to tell her something, but Téa wouldn't let him. Rex said that Schuyler was acting odd because it was probably Schuyler's last night with his daughter. Gigi disclosed that Schuyler had said he needed to protect his daughter, but Gigi was sure he wasn't talking about her. Rex thanked God that Sierra wasn't related to Mitch, who would probably be the biggest danger to her. As the two parents worried about Shane, Gigi headed out to pick her son up at Mo and Noelle's. Gigi walked out, and Rex looked miserable that she was already gone.

As Fish begged Kyle to leave his room and help Marty, Allison pointed her gun at the door. Unexpectedly, Allison's phone rang. She happily greeted Mitch as he implored her to get to Statesville immediately with Sierra or else he was a dead man. Before Allison left, she pointed her gun at her two hostages.

As John and Marty tried to keep one another calm, Marty wondered where the ambulance was. John assured her that it would be there as soon as Marty took the blanket off of herself. John noticed blood on the blanket and tried to hide it from Marty, but she asked him what was wrong. He said nothing was wrong, but Marty started to get upset when she spotted the blood on the blanket. Fish returned to the lobby of the hotel without Kyle. He began to look for Kyle's room key in Roxy's desk as the medics arrived. While Marty worried about a miscarriage, Natalie called John. John ignored the call and comforted Marty while the medics wheeled the stretcher out of the hotel.

Dorian accused Viki of fleeing Llanview when her family needed her: Dorian enlightened Viki that Allison Perkins was on the loose and, "anything can happen." Viki already knew because Clint had called her, and she wasn't worried because her daughters had police protection. Dorian became frustrated, implying that Mitch had something to do with her sister's sudden death. Viki vowed to return home if her family really needed her.

Starr was appalled when Langston told her that Langston needed to hear Ford's side of the story about whether or not he was sleeping with her and Hannah at the same time. Before Starr could leave to find Cole, Langston begged her not to tell Cole. Starr told Langston that she felt bad lying to Cole and Markko. Langston confessed the same, but Starr said Langston apparently didn't feel bad enough to stop cheating on Markko. Against her better judgment, Starr agreed to keep Langston's secret, "for now," and left to find Cole. With Starr gone, Langston and Markko had the beginnings of a romantic night in.

Schuyler asked Mitch if he felt the effects of the drug yet, and said that he would give Mitch the antidote as soon as he got his daughter back. After banging on the infirmary door some more, Bo asked Todd and Kelly why they were still there, and promised to arrest them if they didn't leave. Bo decided to put the two into a room with a guard to ensure their safety because, "anything can happen." Suddenly, Allison, holding Sierra Rose, held a guard at gunpoint and demanded to be let into the infirmary. Once she was inside, Schuyler demanded to have his daughter back. Allison pointed her gun at Schuyler and told him that he wouldn't get his daughter back until he gave Mitch the antidote.

Fish finally got into Kyle's room and found Kyle and Roxy tied up. While Fish untied the pair, Kyle explained what had happened with Allison and Roxy ran out of the room. Fish immediately phoned Bo and informed him about Allison. After getting off the phone with Bo, Fish decided that it was time to find out whether or not he was Sierra's father. He found the envelope and, with Kyle's full support, opened it. Looking shocked, Fish divulged, "I'm a match. I am Sierra's father."

After the super let the women into Schuyler's apartment, Natalie confided to Téa everything that had happened with Allison Perkins at Foxy Roxy's that day, including the fact that Allison had disappeared with Roxy and Sierra Rose. Natalie was distraught when John didn't answer her call about Allison, so she left Schuyler's to go find Rex. Rex had no idea where Roxy was. A minute after Natalie walked into Rex's apartment, however, so did a dazed Roxy, telling her children that Allison had Sierra Rose.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A worried Marty was wheeled into the emergency room with an equally anxious John by her side. The doctor arrived and John explained that Marty had been dizzy and overheated and had passed out. She had also been spotting. The doctor asked John to wait outside while she examined her patient and Marty urged John to check in with the station. John looked at his missed call from Natalie, but he received a call from Bo. He told the police commissioner about Marty, and Bo advised John there was no need for John to show up at the prison.

After she examined Marty, the doctor called John back into the exam room. She explained that the baby was all right, and Marty promised to take better care of herself. The doctor informed the couple that since Marty had high blood pressure and toxemia, which was dangerous to both mother and baby, the doctor considered the pregnancy high risk. She warned the couple that Marty would need more checkups and would have to cut back on her workload. Marty would also have to make sure to get eight hours of sleep each night and take naps during the day. The doctor also wanted to admit Marty to the hospital for observation overnight.

Marty promised to do whatever she needed to ensure that the baby was safe, and she apologized to John for putting him through the scare. They joked about her having to take naps, and John admitted that he wanted the baby and had been afraid they would lose it. They had suffered some anxiety and realized what was important to them, Marty stated. They kissed, and John teased Marty about doctors being the worst patients. They bickered lightheartedly but the conversation turned serious when John demanded that Marty move in with him. He considered it to be about their future and their kid. Marty smiled.

"See, I told you we can work together," Jessica purred to Cristian in the high school gymnasium. As they worked on painting the set for the musical, Jessica admired Cristian's physique instead of the set piece he had created. Suddenly, the two were engaged in slopping paint on each other, and when Layla arrived, she found the couple laughing and chasing each other with paint-laden brushes.

Sarcastically, Layla announced that she was there to pick up her boyfriend, who was supposed to be working with the students. Layla made sure to emphasize both boyfriend and students as she looked at Jessica accusingly. Just then, Cristian received a call from Brody, who assured the art teacher that Allison had been located, and Cristian was off the hook for keeping an eye on Jessica. Cristian told Jessica that it was time to clean up. He assured Layla that he had a good explanation for what she had seen.

After Jessica went off to get washed up, Cristian made it known that he had been watching Jessica for Brody because of Allison Perkins. He would get other students to work on the crew and besides, Brody and Jessica were dating, he added. He leaned over to kiss Layla, who squealed that she wasn't "into paint." Cristian removed his shirt and advised her that she was the one he would return to when he went home. As they began to kiss, Jessica looked on.

At the Buchanan mansion, Clint let Kim know that Allison and the baby had been found, which brightened Kim up considerably. She was positive that Sierra would soon be in their possession. She thought that Gigi was nervous about the possibility that Clint and Kim might have custody of Sierra Rose, but Kim figured that Schuyler didn't count. Because he was a lying thief and addict, she was sure that Schuyler didn't stand a chance in court. Kim wondered if Clint was ready to raise another child after he had finished with his own children. Laughing, he assured her that parents were never done if they loved their kids.

Kim was sure she would need parenting tips from Clint, but he surprised her with a gift. She was disappointed to see that it was a book about raising children, but Clint sweetened the deal with a diamond necklace. He admitted that he enjoyed seeing her smile, and they decided to have some fun for the evening. When the phone rang and Jessica asked her dad to pick her up at school, they regretfully agreed to put their fun on hold. "I did it, Stace," Kim said out loud after Clint left. She had the life she always wanted.

Oliver was in shock as he sat in Kyle's room after finding out that Sierra was his baby. He had convinced himself that she wasn't his, but he knew all along that she was, he confided to Kyle. He was unable to describe his feelings but it was different from the usual sense of responsibility he felt as a cop, he added. Kyle suggested that paternal was the word that Oliver was looking for and Oliver agreed. Oliver was sorry that the disclosure would affect so many people because he should have known and stepped up earlier. "I'm a father," Oliver said incredulously. He blamed himself for the mess that everyone found themselves in.

At Rex's place, Roxy divulged details of her kidnapping to Rex and Natalie and told what had happened from the time Allison had taken her and Sierra to Kyle's room. She explained that Oliver had set her and Kyle free, and Allison had escaped with the infant. She muttered that there was nothing worse than worrying about a baby, and she began to cry that she didn't know. Natalie assumed that her mother was crying about Sierra Rose, but Roxy admitted that she wasn't and that Allison had told her something about Rex.

Hesitatingly, she revealed that Allison had lied to her, and Mitch Lawrence was not Rex's father. As she explained the series of events that had happened many years in the past, she had flashbacks to the time spent in the hospital. An unhappy Rex voiced his opposition to playing another round of "Who's your daddy?" but Roxy insisted that she needed to get it all out. She admitted that she did indeed have sex with Mitch, and she had been pregnant. Allison, who was Mitch's disciple, checked on her every day.

Roxy cried that she hated the kid and pretended that the father was someone else, but Allison was always there to remind her of the truth. She always drank to drown her sorrows and the baby was sick when he was born. She took it to the hospital and waited in a cubicle for news as Allison sought out her sister, a doctor at the hospital. She had prayed for the baby to die because it was Mitch's. Natalie interrupted, exclaiming that they knew what had happened, and they knew that Roxy loved them. She knew it wasn't Roxy's fault.

Bo was angry at the warden at Statesville for allowing Allison to take the baby into the infirmary. Rex called, but Bo urged Rex to remain at home. Brody arrived to help, though Bo explained to both Brody and the warden that they would be unable to negotiate with Allison since she was a psychopath.

Inside the infirmary, Allison demanded that Schuyler give Mitch the antidote, but Schuyler refused because he wanted his baby first. Allison suggested that she would hurt Sierra, and they were at a stalemate. Schuyler didn't believe Allison would cause harm to Sierra, but Allison reminded him that she was crazy and "There's no telling what I'll do," she said happily. A worried and sweating Mitch pointed out that Allison's "loyalty knows no bounds." Suddenly, Mitch gasped and put his hand to his chest. He ordered Allison to give the baby to Schuyler and insisted that Sierra was not Rex's child. Allison coyly responded that Sierra was indeed Mitch's granddaughter.

As Mitch cried out in anguish, Allison clarified that Mitch was Schuyler's father, and Schuyler should care about Mitch. Schuyler told Allison that she was out of her mind, as his father had left when he was a child. Mitch chimed in that he didn't know a Leah Joplin, but Allison added that Leah was not Schuyler's real mother. As she explained the scene from the past, she flashed back to the past and the incident in the hospital that had led to her disclosure. She was sure that Schuyler wouldn't let his father die.

Allison explained that Roxy had arrived at the hospital with the ill baby and, since Allison's sister was a doctor at the hospital, Allison sought Leah out for help. Allison ordered Roxy to wait in a cubicle while Allison located her sister, Dr. Perkins. As it turned out, Leah had married and was no longer Dr. Perkins, but Dr. Joplin. She tried to save Roxy's baby, but it looked as though he wouldn't make it.

"My mother was your sister?" a dumbfounded Schuyler asked Allison. He didn't think it was true that Allison could be his aunt. Mitch continued to have issues as his heart began to fail. Allison continued her story, and explained that she couldn't tell the messenger that his child was sick, but the problem was solved when fate stepped in. There was an abandoned infant at the hospital at the same time, and she heard all of the nurses talking about him. She had rushed to the infant, called out, "My baby," and continued to gush over him as if he were hers. She exclaimed that she had changed her mind and wanted him back. The nurses believed her and, since she needed a healthy baby, she believed it to be "God's will."

Roxy continued her own story and swore that she would love Natalie and Rex even if they weren't her children, and Rex would always be her "Rexy." She would understand if he didn't want to be around her after he heard the rest of her story, but she loved him and she should have known that a smart, handsome, and funny guy could never really be Mitch's son. She was concerned about what Mitch might do to Natalie, as she recalled that she waited for what seemed like forever for Allison to return with news of the ailing baby. Allison did finally return with a healthy newborn, and Roxy was disappointed that it wasn't the miracle she had hoped for.

Roxy recalled that Allison had convinced her that it was the same baby Roxy had arrived with and warned her not to say anything to Mitch. Roxy left the hospital with a kid that wasn't really hers and headed to the prison so that Mitch could see his son. Rex was actually the one who had been abandoned at the hospital and therefore Mitch was not his father. She was not his mother, either, Roxy sobbed. Natalie attempted to comfort her mother as Rex walked away, stunned.

Roxy concluded that she had arrived at the prison and shown Mitch his son. Mitch had vowed to return for the baby someday and said the boy would be a "king among men." He declared that the baby's name was Rex. Natalie was doubtful and asked Roxy if she really believed what Allison had told her. Roxy confessed that she had known the truth deep down inside. Rex, still in shock, started to speak. "If this is true..." Roxy assured him it was. "You're not my son," she said sadly. Rex wondered who he was as Roxy clutched him.

In the prison infirmary, Mitch was livid that Allison had passed off a "foundling" as his son. He accused her of lying to him. Allison felt that her sister had stepped up and looked after the sick baby. He was alive and well, but she couldn't go after Roxy, who had already left the hospital, and Allison thought that Mitch was better off with the healthy baby. Allison lied to her sister and claimed that the baby had been hers, but she hadn't mentioned it previously because she thought he was a "goner." She advised her sister that she wasn't maternal and she didn't want him. Leah had been appalled, so she accepted the baby as her own. She raised the child and turned out to be the mother of Mitch's biological child.

Schuyler found it difficult to digest the fact that Leah had accepted the child without further questions. He couldn't believe that he had been the sick infant. Leah had named him Schuyler.

Oliver arrived at the prison as Bo and Brody managed to pinpoint another way into the infirmary via the blueprint they had in front of them. Oliver asked for permission to lead the unit into the infirmary. Brody advised him it was covered, but Oliver had an announcement. He was the baby's father, and it would have to be him.

Jessica said goodbye to Layla and Cristian and advised them that her ride had arrived. Cristian promised that there would be a full crew to help them out the following day. He turned to Layla and told her that it was obvious that Jessica was better. "I hope," Layla replied. Out in the hallway, Jessica ripped down the crew sign-up sheet from the bulletin board, crumpled it up, and tossed it into the trashcan. Clint walked in and she told her dad she had a great day.

As Kim lounged on the couch and flipped through the baby book, the doorbell rang. When no one else arrived to answer the door, she got up herself. "What do you want?" she asked coldly when the opened door revealed a smiling David Vickers.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Outside the Buenos Dias Cafe, Starr walked up to the door, but stopped short as she spotted Cole and Hannah inside. Inside the restaurant, Hannah was once again venting her anger and frustration about Ford, who Cole called scum. Hannah wanted to make Ford pay for his cavalier treatment of women, and ruin his reputation the way he'd ruined hers, but Cole wasn't sure revenge was the best option.

Starr walked up to them, interrupted the discussion about Ford, and asked if anything was wrong. Feeling like a third wheel, Hannah chose to leave, and Cole asked a distracted Starr if she was okay. However, Starr's mind remained on Langston's confession about her affair with Ford.

At the Buchanan mansion, Kim was disgusted to find David Vickers at her door. She asked him why he'd returned to Llanview, and assumed he was there to continue to mooch off the family fortune, but David said he had another purpose: he was there for her. Uninterested, Kim ordered him to get out, but David reminded her she couldn't kick him out of his "ancestral home." Kim told him that as Mrs. Clint Buchanan, she had all the power, and he couldn't do a thing about it. But David begged to differ; he could get Kim to leave Clint, because her lies had finally caught up with her.

Kim laughed off David's vague threats, and reminded him that her past misdeeds were an open book; Clint had heard them all, and accepted her anyway. She liked him, admired his integrity and strength, and wouldn't give up her new life with him and Sierra Rose for anything or anyone. David ignored her bravado, and told Kim she'd be divorcing Clint, "tonight!" He produced several papers and handed them to Kim, who was mortified by their contents. David asked her how she'd thought no one would find out what she'd done.

Back at the Buenos Dias, Clint and Jessica shared a meal of ice cream and compared notes about their day. Remembering her romp with Cristian at the gym, Jessica told Clint, "I learned how to paint." She said she was enjoying working on the school stage crew, but that didn't surprise Clint, who'd always felt she'd had an artistic streak. Jessica credited her newfound prowess to "a good art teacher," who Clint accurately surmised was Cristian. He was surprised there were only two people on the stage crew, and Jessica neglected to mention that she'd torn down the sign-up form.

Clint was unsure of Jessica's renewed friendship with Cristian, but Jessica defended herself and asked how he could judge her given his sudden marriage to the very young Kim. She was angry that he'd kept the news from her, and Clint said he hadn't wanted to upset her during a trying time. Jess softened, and said she'd always wanted him to reunite with Viki but she was willing to be happy for him if Kim made him happy, to which Clint replied in the affirmative. He thanked Jessica for her support, and Jessica responded in kind, thanking him for understanding her choice to "finish" her senior year at Llanview High so she could correct the "mistakes" of the past. Clint asked her if she was talking about losing Cristian.

Jessica insisted that she was over Cristian, and that they both had moved on; she was even going out on a date with Brody, a piece of news that thrilled Clint. Clint called Brody a fine young man, but Jessica feared he was "too intense" for her. Clint reassured her that Brody was right for her even if he seemed "wrong" at first, much like Kim hadn't always seemed "right" for him.

Clint got a business call from Buchanan Enterprises and prepared to head into the office. Jessica told him she'd stay and get a ride with Starr, and Clint left.

Across town, Cristian and Layla returned home, with Cristian ready to relax after a long day at Llanview High. He couldn't believe how tiring his new job as a teacher was, but Layla couldn't help but wonder if it was one student in particular monopolizing all his time and energy: Jessica. She warned Cristian she didn't want to have to give a certain high school senior a "beatdown." Cris was amused by the surreal situation, but Layla didn't find it so funny. Cristian told her not to feel threatened and insisted that Layla was his girlfriend, end of story. He sealed his words with a kiss.

As Cristian headed to the shower, Layla told him she'd meet him there, but stopped short when she discovered something sticking out of his bag: the old note Cristian had written to Jessica during their high school days. When Cris returned to the living room, Layla questioned him about the note, and he explained that Jessica had dug it up and given it to him in the hopes of taking him back into memories of their past. "Did she?" Layla asked. "No," Cris insisted, but when Layla decided to throw the note out, Cris grew hesitant. Layla wasn't buying his weak protestations, and told him she couldn't handle him holding onto old mementos while hanging around Jessica all the time.

"Fine," Cristian snapped, tearing up the note and tossing the scraps into the trash. Upset, he stormed out of the apartment. After he left, Layla retrieved the torn-up note from the trashcan and laid the scraps of paper on the kitchen counter, mystified.

Still seething, Cristian headed over to the Buenos Dias in search of Carlotta, but found Jessica instead. She asked if he wanted to share an ice cream with her, but Cristian decided to head home. Jessica claimed her ride had ditched her, and Cris offered to give her a lift. Thrilled, she followed him back out of the diner.

At Rex's loft, Roxy, Natalie, and Rex struggled to process Allison's shocking revelation. Rex wanted to know who he was if he wasn't Mitch and Roxy's child, and Roxy said she didn't know; all Allison had told her was that Rex's biological parents had abandoned him at the hospital. Natalie wondered if the story was just another elaborate hoax by Allison, and suggested a DNA test. Rex agreed, and Roxy said they needed to be sure, but she suspected it would only confirm what she knew in her heart. Sobbing, she said she'd suspected something all those years before, but her heart and mind had blocked it out, and kept her from realizing that her real child had died without her having the chance to say goodbye.

Tearful, Roxy said it was ironic that she'd kept what she'd thought was the truth hidden from Rex for years, only for it to turn out to be another lie. The bright side, she figured, was that he wasn't the son of two lousy parents. Natalie rushed to Roxy's defense, but Roxy insisted that she was a rotten mother unworthy of either child she'd raised. Natalie said that she loved Roxy like her mother, blood or no blood, and she was sure Rex felt the same. Their eyes turned to the shell-shocked Rex, and searched his face for a reaction.

Getting his bearings, Rex told Roxy that he was confused, upset, and angry, but the truth didn't change how he felt about her; she was still his mother in all the ways that counted. Overcome, Roxy embraced him and Natalie. She told them she needed to leave and get some rest. After she left, Natalie asked Rex to tell her the truth; she suspected that he wasn't really all right. Broken, Rex shook his head, and Natalie hugged him.

At Statesville Prison, Oliver gave Bo and Brody the good news: Sierra Rose was his daughter. Bo congratulated Oliver, but told him that didn't change their plans for the assault team, and he was required to step back; no personal feelings could interfere with their strike. Ignoring Oliver's protests, Bo, Brody, and the warden examined floor plans for the prison, and worked on a way to get into the infirmary.

Inside the infirmary, Allison told the horrified Schuyler that he was Mitch's son, which made Sierra Rose was Mitch's granddaughter. "Be a good boy and don't murder your daddy!" she said. She demanded the antidote, but Schuyler refused, and said Mitch meant nothing to him. Brandishing her pistol, Allison asked him how much Sierra meant to him, and said the Messenger had to live on. Schuyler doubled down on his demand, and told her that if she didn't hand over both the gun and the baby, he'd drain the syringe containing the antidote, and leave Allison nothing to save Mitch.

"Okay!" Allison cried, frightened. "You win!" She handed over both Sierra and her weapon. Watching from the gurney, the weakened Mitch was pleased. "I look forward to our reunion, son," he croaked. "Die," Schuyler spat, and flung the syringe across the room.

Hearing Allison's cries from the outside corridor, Bo told Brody that there was no time to find another way in; they had to take the infirmary in a frontal assault, immediately.

As Allison scrambled to reach under a medicine cabinet and recover the syringe, Schuyler opened the infirmary doors and walked out with Sierra. While Bo, Brody, and the police rushed in, Allison strained to reach for the syringe, but Brody pulled her away. Allison screamed and ranted, pleading with the authorities to save "the Messenger" before it was too late.

As the paramedics began their examination, Allison told them that the contents of the syringe were the only thing that could save Mitch's life. Much to her relief, Brody recovered the syringe from under the cabinet, and Allison begged him to administer it to Mitch. "I don't think I can," Brody said, staring at the syringe.

In the outside corridor, Oliver watched helplessly as Schuyler held Sierra and comforted her, promising her that "Daddy" would take care of her. Schuyler vowed never to let anyone take her from him again. As Schuyler prepared to leave, Oliver stopped him, and claimed Schuyler was needed for more questioning. Schuyler protested, and said nothing would keep him from leaving with his daughter. "She's not your daughter!" Oliver cried.

At Llanview University, Langston arrived at Ford's office, but rebuffed his seduction attempts. She had another reason for visiting: Starr knew the truth about them. Ford was upset, but calmed down when he learned that Langston had managed to keep Starr quiet. "Then everything's good," he concluded.

Langston disagreed; everything was out of control. She was cheating on Markko, more people knew the truth, and Hannah was talking about them all over town. She asked Ford if he'd slept with Hannah, and he admitted they'd had a fling, but said he'd given Hannah up for a shot at true love with Langston. Langston was surprised by his casual attitude to sex, but he reminded her she was sleeping with Markko as well as him. Langston asked if that bothered him, and suggested that she could break up with Markko.

Searching for any sign of commitment, Langston asked Ford if she should break up with Markko, and told him that Starr had suggested she dump him instead. Ford scoffed at Starr's complaints, and told Langston that her friend was young and immature, ill-equipped to understand adult love.

Just then, Hannah arrived outside, knocking on the office door and demanding Ford speak to her. Ford slipped into the hallway and confronted her, and ordered her to leave him alone and stop making up stories about him and Langston. Langston listened in to Ford and Hannah's argument as Ford called his ex crazy and a stalker, while Hannah called him a manipulative user. Hannah threatened to go to the dean, but Ford said it was her word against his, and the administration would side with him. He told her she was a nice girl who deserved a nice guy, but it wouldn't be him, and she had to get over it.

After Hannah left, Ford returned to the office, and Langston. Langston was charmed that he'd stood up for her, while Ford feigned concern for Hannah's well-being. He claimed he felt bad for the girl, but said Langston was the woman he really cared about. He told Langston that she didn't need to be torn apart by divided loyalties, and suggested she stay with Markko for the time being, at least until she was finished with high school, as "people would talk" if word of their romance got out.

"Are you dumping me?" Langston asked. Ford assuaged her fears, and said they'd only stay away from each other until the end of the semester. He promised to wait for her. "Trust me," he purred.

Back at the Buenos Dias, Starr was still preoccupied by her knowledge of Langston's infidelity, and asked Cole if it was ever right to keep a secret. Misreading her, Cole assumed she'd discovered he'd stayed with Hannah at the dorms overnight, and began to explain himself. "You lied?" Starr asked, surprised. Cole explained that he'd stayed with Hannah after she'd overdosed on sleeping pills, and said he'd only lied to protect her reputation. Stunned, Starr concluded that Hannah needed help, but Cole said what she really needed was a good friend.

Hannah returned to the restaurant, but stopped in the doorway and watched as she saw Starr and Cole talking. As Cole vented about Ford's abuse of Hannah's affections, Starr told him she understood why he'd kept her secret, and kissed him. Devastated by the romantic scene, Hannah turned and left the Buenos Dias.

Inside, Cole continued beating himself up about his white lie; he was sure Starr wouldn't have kept a secret from him, even for a friend. Consumed with guilt over Langston and Ford, Starr swallowed hard and turned to Cole. "I need to tell you something," she began.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kim glared at the document that David presented her at the Buchanan mansion. "How did you find this?" she wanted to know. David figured that if he had been able to find it, then anyone else would, too, and he wanted her gone from Clint's life. Kim insisted she wasn't the same person any longer and she ripped the file up. "It'll kill Clint," she said. David assured her that he had made copies and he wanted her to leave. "I can't leave Clint," Kim pleaded. David made it clear that he was protecting his family and there was room for only one "gold digger" and that was him.

Kim attempted to make David an offer, and she suggested that Vickers move into the mansion. He refused and told her she had to disappear. Kim knew that Clint was a good person who didn't deserve the fallout from her past. David wanted her to leave before Clint's heart was broken and said he had already ordered Kim a car. Kim stated that she had already broken Clint's heart. She picked up a photo and muttered, "So long, cowboy. Thanks." David assured her she was doing the right thing and promised to visit her at her pole in Vegas. As Kim headed out the door, Clint was on his way inside.

Elijah was set to have a romantic dinner with Blair at La Boulaie, but Dorian interrupted when she found them outside on the patio. An apologetic and embarrassed Blair assured Elijah that she thought Dorian had other plans, as her aunt wanted to understand what Elijah's intentions were. Blair quickly spoke up that the intention was to have dinner, but Dorian all too knowingly pointed out that it merely started with dinner. She reminded the couple that Elijah's brother had held her niece at gunpoint.

Blair called attention to the fact that Dorian had promised not to meddle anymore and mentioned that at least Elijah's last name wasn't Manning. Dorian was determined to pursue the couple's relationship, but the doorbell rang and Blair urged her aunt to answer it, as Blair had given the household help the evening off. Dorian vowed to keep her eye on Elijah and ordered him not to hurt Blair. Dorian hurried to the door as someone knocked non-stop from the other side.

Blair apologized for her aunt's behavior and explained that Dorian was protective. Elijah understood and suggested that they have dinner out if Blair would feel better. Blair wanted to stay put and warned Elijah that Dorian was part of the package. Elijah wondered how Dorian acted around her own daughters. Blair made a face and promised that things would be different if they moved forward. Elijah assured her he would be able to handle Dorian. Blair asked if he felt the same about her kids, who were her "heart and soul." She declared that her kids needed her and she needed them. "I would expect nothing less," Elijah responded. Blair reminded him that she had lots of baggage, including a crazy ex-husband.

Elijah recollected that he had arrived in Llanview for family, though it had not turned out so well. He would be able to handle hers and he looked forward to meeting them all. Blair laughed and instructed him not to ever play cards with Jack because her son cheated. The air grew chilly and the outdoor heater wasn't helping much. Elijah grabbed a blanket from indoors and wrapped it around Blair and himself.

Dorian answered the door and found Markko, who was looking for Langston. Dorian assured him that Langston was not there, but Markko pushed his way inside and refused to take Dorian's word for it. After it was determined that Langston was not there, Dorian worried that her daughter was missing and Mitch might be behind it. Markko thought maybe he had confused the details and, as Dorian frantically searched for her phone to call the police, Markko called Langston. Cole answered Langston's phone and assured his buddy that he and Langston were at the diner.

Markko was sorry for alarming Dorian, who wanted to know if Markko and Langston were having problems. Markko firmly told her that he and Langston had been busy with conflicting schedules, but he loved Langston and they would be sticking together. Dorian admitted that she had been hard on Markko but she knew that he made Langston happy and she wanted them to stay together. After Markko left, Dorian started out to the patio but smiled in spite of herself when she spotted Blair and Elijah wrapped up together and kissing. The couple pulled apart quickly.

As Kelly and Todd waited in the secured room at Statesville, they wondered what was happening in the infirmary. Todd only hoped that Mitch died a "slow, painful death." The pair attempted to leave their guarded room but they were stopped at the door. The guard advised them that Allison and a baby were in the infirmary with the others. Todd explained that Allison was Mitch's "zombie" and did Mitch's bidding. Kelly assumed that Allison was involved in Melinda's death and she vowed to look Allison in the eye for details.

Todd described Allison's mental state in several ways, among them the fact that she was a "cup and a saucer short." He didn't think Allison would be able to tell Kelly anything, but Kelly was confident that she would be able to look at Allison and just recognize what she needed to. She couldn't ignore the fact that she had received two phone calls from someone who had sounded scared and told her that her mother was murdered.

Todd thought that they had made things worse for Kelly by showing up at the prison, and he didn't know if Kelly would be able to speak to Allison. Kelly wondered why he had bothered to go with her if he was so pessimistic. He was trying to help her, he admitted, but her mother was history and she should let it go. Kelly questioned whether Todd would feel the same if it were someone he loved who had been murdered. Kelly continued to press Todd for his answer, even while he protested that it wasn't about him. Todd was all about revenge, Kelly prompted. This was about murder, and she wasn't about to let it go.

In the infirmary, Brody held onto the antidote and refused to inject Mitch with it. Brody was of the opinion that Mitch's life was hardly worth saving after all of the evil he had perpetrated. As Bo attempted to persuade Brody to do the right thing and not ruin his own life, Allison screamed continuously at the top of her lungs and pleaded for someone to save the messenger. Bo remained calm and spoke quietly to Brody. He insisted that Brody wasn't a killer. Finally relenting, Brody stabbed the needle, which held the antidote, into Mitch.

Mitch opened his eyes almost instantly as Allison shouted her thanks. Mitch demanded that "Judas" be kept away from him. She had lied about his son. An hysterical Allison begged for forgiveness, but Mitch demanded that she be taken out of his sight. The remaining cops wondered what had happened to Allison's gun, and they began to search for it without success.

Out in the hallway, Oliver broke the news to Schuyler that Oliver was Sierra's father. Schuyler refused to believe him and revealed that he'd already had a bad day and found out that his parents were not the ones he'd known his entire life. He was not in the mood for games. Oliver remorsefully explained that he was trying to fix a mistake and Schuyler had to understand that Oliver was Sierra's father. Oliver had slept with Stacy and he had the DNA results to prove it.

Schuyler recalled that he didn't remember sleeping with Stacy himself and had only heard it from Kim and Stacy when he found them putting the padding around Stacy's stomach. Oliver held out the test results to an angry Schuyler. A tear ran down Schuyler's face as he looked at the report. He called himself an idiot as he realized how much this entire episode had cost him because he thought Sierra was his. He had done some terrible things. Oliver gently assured him that Oliver and the baby were not going anywhere and perhaps they could arrange visitation time with Schuyler. Oliver asked Schuyler to give him the baby. Schuyler kissed Sierra and handed her to Oliver, who praised Schuyler for taking good care of the infant and saving her life.

Schuyler tucked Allison's gun into his pants when a guard arrived and asked him to give a statement. Allison was led from the infirmary and screamed in protest when she saw that the baby was with Oliver. Todd and Kelly finally emerged from their guarded room and found themselves in Allison's path. She gloated at Kelly as they looked into each other's eyes. Oliver bonded with Sierra. Bo continued to search for the gun and asked Mitch if he had seen it. Mitch reminded Bo that he had been out of it but if he had the gun, he would have made a martyr out of Allison. Bo smirked at Mitch and declared his profound happiness that Rex was not Mitch's son. Suddenly, he sucker-punched Mitch and knocked him out. "My bad," the police commissioner murmured.

Natalie comforted Rex at his place and soothingly told him he was still her brother, even if they weren't blood-related. Besides, they'd already known they weren't blood-related and he was still the same guy he'd always been. Rex felt otherwise and indicated that nothing was the same. Natalie thought he should talk to Gigi, who bounded through the door in that instant and proclaimed that she had heard the news. Natalie and Rex were speechless until Gigi anxiously told them that there was a baby at the prison and it had to be Sierra.

Natalie divulged that she had seen Sierra at Foxy Roxy's, and the baby had been okay. Gigi, on the verge of hysterics, wanted to go to the prison but Rex assured her that Statesville was probably locked down. He was positive that the baby would be protected as long as Bo was present. Natalie told Gigi that there was something else Gigi needed to be aware of, but Rex tried to stop her. He said he was fine, but Natalie disagreed. Rex surrendered and gave Gigi the good news first. He announced that Mitch wasn't his father, and Shane would not need to send the man a card on Grandparents' Day. His bad news was that there would be no need for a card for Roxy, either, as she wasn't his mother. He didn't know who he was.

Natalie and Rex gave Gigi all of the details and Rex agreed that while he would get a DNA test, he believed it all to be true. Gigi assured him that it didn't change the "important stuff," but Rex didn't want to talk about it any longer. Gigi asked how Mitch Lawrence's stem cells had saved Shane if he wasn't related. The trio was perplexed. Rex offered to walk Natalie to her car, and Gigi attempted to find out about Sierra over the telephone. When she heard someone walk in, she assumed it was Rex and turned around towards him. She was shocked to see Schuyler, who hid Allison's gun behind his back.

At the Buenos Dias, Starr was about to reveal her secret to Cole about Langston when Langston herself interrupted them. Langston demanded to know what Starr was doing. Starr firmly told her that she and Cole were talking, but Langston wasn't about to be put off and she requested that Starr step aside and talk to her privately. The girls headed into the kitchen.

Starr accused Langston of making things awkward. She explained that Cole had confessed a secret to her and she felt obligated to do the same thing. An angry Langston reminded Starr that they were best friends and Starr had promised not to tell Cole what Langston had been up to. Langston pointed out that they hadn't even known Hannah for very long and Starr's loyalty was to Langston first. Starr thought that Langston might be okay with lying to Markko, but Starr was not going to lie to Cole.

Starr was sure that Cole would be quiet about what he heard, but Langston didn't agree. She wanted to tell Markko about her affair herself, but it just wasn't the best time. Langston confessed that she had heard about Hannah from Ford when she went to see him. Starr was annoyed, since Langston was supposed to be with Markko, and Starr expressed her opinion that Ford was a "creep" and Langston should break things off with him. Langston adamantly refused and admitted that she believed Ford's story. Hannah was a stalker. Starr disagreed and she acknowledged that she could no longer be a part of Langston's lies.

Langston apologized for putting Starr in the middle, but she didn't want to discuss her situation any longer. Starr protested that she merely wanted Langston to see what her new boyfriend was like. Langston assured Starr that she would keep a secret for Starr in the same situation, but Starr noted that she would never cheat on Cole. Sarcastically, Langston uttered that Starr and Cole were perfect. At that point, Cole walked into the kitchen to look for the girls, who had begun to raise their voices. He asked if the girls were fighting.

Langston assured him that they had argued over the musical, and Starr added that there was a problem with the Langston and Markko portion of it. Langston promised to fix it. Cole advised the girls that he had heard from Markko, who was looking for Langston. Once Langston walked back into the dining area, Cole asked Starr what the disagreement had really been about. It had been too intense to merely be about the musical, he told her. Markko arrived and wanted to know why Langston had lied to him about her whereabouts.

Friday, April 2, 2010

At the Buenas Dias Café, Cole commented on the way that Starr looked at Langston and remarked that any difference that Starr and Langston had was not just about the play. After Starr remembered about promising Langston not to tell Cole about Langston's relationship with Ford, Starr informed Cole that "it's not just a play, you know, it's about real people." When Cole wondered why Starr was so upset, she said that Langston had made bad choices that would mess up the rest of Langston's life and that Starr did not know what to do about it. Cole advised Starr to wait it out because Langston one day would need her best friend.

In another part of the café, Langston insisted to Markko that she did not lie. But Markko reminded Langston that she had said that she was going to Dorian's. Yet Dorian had claimed that she had not seen Langston all day, stressed Markko. Insulted, Langston remarked that Markko did not even want to consider that maybe Dorian was not home when Langston had arrived. Langston exclaimed that Markko just wanted to "put the worst possible spin" on the situation to make her seem guilty.

Langston informed Markko that he was just treating her like a criminal; Markko responded that Langston had been treating like him like a stranger. Markko maintained that Langston and Markko were constantly missing each other throughout the day. Langston explained that it was because she would just lose all track of time. Markko asserted that Langston had mentioned sheet music before and then he requested to see the sheet music. Langston announced that Starr had it just as Starr and Cole walked up to them.

Langston asked Starr to show Markko the sheet music, which Starr retrieved out of her bag. As Markko apologized, Langston stated that she was leaving and that she hoped that Marko didn't hire someone to follow her. Langston left and Starr followed.

Outside the café, Starr warned that Langston could keep lying to Markko all she wanted but that Langston had to quit asking Starr to lie for her. Langston reminded Starr that Starr had promised not so say anything to anybody, even Cole. Starr replied that she had always kept her promises.

Inside the café, Markko stated that he knew that something else was going on with Langston and requested that Cole ask Starr about it. Outside, Starr called Ford and declared that she needed to see him.

At the Buchanan Mansion, Clint caught Kim as she was preparing to leave. Unnoticed by Clint, David scurried out of the room with an apple in his mouth. As David listened behind the living room door, Clint asked Kim if she were going somewhere. Kim exclaimed that she was leaving him and David silently said, "Atta, girl."

Clint appealed to her by asking what he had done and Kim offered that it was nothing that he had done but more of what she had done. When Clint insisted on knowing, Kim proclaimed that she just wanted a clean break. As Clint escorted her back to the living room and as David hid behind the sofa, Clint replied, "What is best for both of us is for us to put all of our cards on the table because this is just crazy and I deserve an explanation." Kim claimed that she had done something bad and that Clint would never forgive her. When Clint refused to let Kim leave, David held up the document from behind the sofa to remind Kim that she had to go.

Kim pleaded that Clint had to let her go because she and Stacy had kept a child from her father. Kim further explained that she and Stacy had kept Sierra Rose from Oliver Fish while knowing that he was Sierra's biological father. Clint informed Kim that the information about Fish would take away any chance for custody of Sierra Rose. Kim remarked that Sierra Rose was the reason for Kim and Clint to be together, so their marriage was over. Clint replied, "It doesn't have to be" while, from behind the sofa still, David mouthed, "What?"

Clint reflected that he was sure that there were reasons for Kim and Stacy to do what they did, but that was over, Stacy was gone, and Kim would never be put in that position again. Clint continued that since none of it was about them, he urged Kim to give their marriage another chance. When David frantically waved the document from behind the sofa, Kim informed Clint that she had cheated on Clint with a man from her past. Clint pointed out that since he and Kim had agreed that infidelity was something that he would not tolerate, Kim sadly kissed him and cried, "I'll never forget you, Clint Buchanan." Clint stated that he would take a shower and by the time he went into the living room for his brandy, he hoped that Kim would be gone.

After Clint left the room, David popped out from behind the sofa and told Kim that, for a minute, she had him worried. Kim vented that all David cared about was the money. Then Kim exclaimed that she would win her husband back and that once that happened, she would destroy David. As soon as Kim left, David closed the doors to Buchanan Mansion.

At the Angel Square Apartments, Roxy exited the linen closet door with a handful of towels. Natalie found her and asked Roxy what she was doing. Roxy emphasized that she did not want to lose her business since it was all she had left. When Natalie hinted that Roxy might not lose as much as she thought, Roxy cried, "What about my Rexy...see, I can't even say that anymore. He's not mine and he never was." But Natalie reminded Roxy that Roxy loved Rex like he was her son and that it was not true that Roxy had lost Rex.

Roxy insisted that Rex could only see lies when he looked at her. But Natalie stated that Rex was trying to deal with what he had just found out and that he was not the only one hurting. Natalie asked, "What about you, Rox...finding out after all these years what really happened to your baby?" After Natalie commented that Roxy must have a million questions, Roxy handed Natalie the towels while asking her to deliver them to John's room, and, after declaring that she had something else to do, Roxy left.

In John's apartment, as he was informing the police department that he did not want to be disturbed "unless something broke in Allison Perkins' case" and that he intended on spending time with Marty at his home, Natalie knocked on John's door to deliver his towels. When Natalie questioned why so many towels, John announced that Marty was moving in. After Natalie congratulated him, John informed her that Marty was having complications with her pregnancy, but he also insisted that Marty was fine.

John commented that he thought that Natalie was in London, but Natalie revealed that she had made it up to get rid of him. Natalie exclaimed that Allison had a gun pointed at her so Natalie had no choice but to get rid of him. After John asked why Natalie did not give some sort of signal, Natalie explained that Allison had said that she would kill the baby, Roxy, and John, so Natalie could not take that chance. Natalie apologized to John for lying but also pointed out that "sometimes it comes in handy." Natalie related that "being held at gunpoint was nothing compared to the little bombshell that Roxy dropped today."

After Natalie informed John that Rex was not who he thought he was, she told John of how Allison had switched Roxy's baby for an abandoned baby, and said that Roxy had thought the abandoned child was hers all this time. When John comforted Natalie, she cried that she needed to leave because "I need to find a friend who does not have a pregnant, living girlfriend."

At Statesville Prison, as Kelly and Todd accompanied the guard who was escorting Allison, Kelly demanded that Allison tell her about her mom's death. Kelly and Todd both claimed that Mitch had contacted Allison and had ordered Allison to kill Kelly's mom, Melinda. As Allison yawned, Kelly demanded to know how her mother died and Allison told her to pull up a chair.

When Kelly asked if Mitch had threatened her Aunt Dorian, Allison replied that Dorian had betrayed Mitch and was the cause of Mitch's daughter being shot. When Kelly reminded Allison that Charlie was aiming at Mitch, not Jessica, Allison declared that was why Dorian needed to be punished. Mitch had informed Allison that any Cramer woman would do, and Allison reflected upon hearing the potential candidates, "I considered Starr first. But I settled on Cassie." But then Allison had heard that California was sunny, so she headed west - towards Melinda.

While Allison did not admit to actually killing Melinda, she admitted to going to Melinda's clinic. "It was all planned out. I was going to sneak past security, find her room. It was going to be a snap." But Allison insisted that she got caught and that Kelly's mother was already dead when Allison found her. When Kelly asked Allison about the phone calls from the man stating that Melinda was murdered, Allison emphasized," I can't help you there."

Roxy then barged in to stop Allison from ever hurting anyone else again. Kelly and Todd left. Roxy begged Allison to tell her what happened to her baby and where he had been buried. Allison looked confused and asked Roxy why he would have been buried.

Still in the prison, Todd asked Kelly if she thought that Melinda had died of a heart attack as Allison had claimed. But Kelly did not understand why she kept receiving phone calls from some man saying that her mother had been murdered. However, Kelly informed Todd, if her mother had died from a heart attack, Kelly needed time alone and would find her own way home. Kelly then thanked Todd and left.

After Natalie left John's apartment, John was pulling out a key left by Natalie in an envelope when he heard knocking on his door. It was Kelly urgently requesting John's help.

At Statesville Prison, Brody and Bo questioned where Allison's gun was, and observed that Schuyler had gone. Brody told Bo that the guards were escorting Schuyler to the secure area but that they had never gotten there. Rex called Bo and Bo informed him that Sierra Rose was rescued. Rex asked when Gigi had been informed of her rescue, but Bo revealed that the news had not been released yet. Knowing something was amiss, Bo yelled at Brody to find Schuyler Joplin.

At Rex's apartment, Schuyler surprised Gigi, who inquired if he was okay. Schuyler informed Gigi that something had happened at Statesville Prison. After Gigi asked Schuyler if Sierra Rose was well, Schuyler lied and remarked that Allison had escaped and that she had taken Sierra Rose with her. However, Schuyler insisted, he knew where Allison and Sierra Rose were and said he needed Gigi to go with him. When Gigi requested to call Rex first, Schuyler claimed that there was no time and that they had to leave immediately.

When Rex arrived, Gigi was nowhere to be found. Shortly after Rex found Gigi's cell phone in his chair, Bo entered and asked if there would be a reason for Gigi to take off on her own. Rex informed Bo that Gigi would not leave without her purse.

Brody arrived and stated that he'd found the guards locked in the supply closet but that Schuyler had not been found. Bo immediately put out an APB out on Schuyler, and Rex asked why the police were looking for Schuyler. Bo informed Rex that Schuyler had just found out something that would be hard for him to handle. Bo added that Oliver Fish showed up at the prison with a DNA test proving that Fish was Sierra Rose's father.

When Rex indicated that he understood how Schuyler felt, Bo revealed that he knew about Mitch not being Rex's father. However, Bo was stunned to find out that Roxy was also not Rex's mother. When Bo showed Rex his concern, Rex refused to feel sorry for himself and stated that his only concern was to find Gigi. Bo bet that Gigi was with Schuyler, which relieved Rex because he knew that Schuyler loved Gigi and that Gigi would be safe with him. When Bo asked Rex if Rex knew of a special place that both Schuyler and Gigi would go, Rex had a clue.

At Vikki's cottage, after Schuyler ripped out the phone, Gigi demanded to know where Sierra Rose was. Schuyler admitted to lying to her about Allison's escape and about Allison taking the baby with her. Schuyler revealed that Allison had actually been arrested and that Sierra Rose was fine. He declared that Sierra Rose was with her father. After Gigi questioned what he meant by Sierra Rose and Stacy's lies, Schuyler declared, "Without all those lies, I never would have lost you, Stacy never would have died, Sierra would never have gotten kidnapped...but your sister set it all in motion. She condemned us!" He also insisted that none of it would have ever happened because Sierra Rose was not his child.

Schuyler revealed to Gigi that Oliver Fish was Sierra Rose's biological father and a DNA test proved it. Schuyler begged Gigi to give them another chance at the very place where Gigi first told him that she loved him - at Vikki's cottage. He stressed that he had never slept with Stacy, but Gigi reminded him that he still had lied about the baby.

When Gigi found the phone dead and requested to use Schuyler's phone to call Rex, Schuyler claimed to have forgotten it, apologized, and told Gigi that she was all he had left. When Gigi said that she needed to see Sierra Rose and said, "I'm sorry, I have to go," Schuyler answered as he pulled out a gun, " Well, Gigi, I'm sorry, too, but you're not going anywhere."

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