The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 29, 2010 on Y&R

Katherine and Victor hosted a masquerade ball. Daisy, Ryder, and their mother went to the ball in eerie masks. Adam blackmailed Patty into helping him escape from the hospital. Chloe rejected Chance's marriage proposal. Billy and Victoria slept together.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 29, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, March 29, 2010

In Phyllis' hospital room, Patty held a pillow above Phyllis' face and said, "Adam interfered with my marriage, too. I took care of him and now it's your turn." Phyllis' phone rang just as Patty lowered the pillow. Phyllis awoke with a start, and Patty hurriedly set the pillow aside. Phyllis was surprised to see Patty.

Phyllis answered her phone and learned from Nick that Faith was indeed his and Sharon's baby. After the call ended, Phyllis asked why Patty was in Phyllis' room. Patty casually responded that she'd just left the bedside of another patient and thought Jack would want her to check on his friend. After chitchatting awkwardly with Phyllis, Patty left. Phyllis seemed baffled by Patty's unexpected attentiveness.

Nick stopped by later and told Phyllis that he left the ranch for a while because Faith was sleeping. Phyllis showed Nick a hand-drawn card from Summer, and she asked Nick how they would explain to their child that she had a baby sister. Nick said that he'd sought advice from Dr. Gallatin. Phyllis planned to create a nursery for Faith, but Nick explained that that for a while, only he and Sharon would be able to interact and bond with the baby. Phyllis swallowed hard but said that she understood.

Nick told Phyllis that Sharon planned to move to a suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Phyllis asked Nick how he'd be able to spend the night near his daughter, but Nick just shrugged his shoulders. Nick kissed Phyllis and told her that he loved her. After Nick left, Phyllis researched on the Internet for information about bonding with an infant. Phyllis sighed heavily when she read that a strong bond might take months or years to develop. Phyllis looked tense as she perused the crayon-drawn card from Summer expressing the youngster's wishes for her mommy and daddy to return home soon.

After arriving home at the Abbott mansion, Patty called out to Jack. The phone rang and Patty answered. It was Jack, and he told Patty that he wished to continue their earlier discussion about her unusual behavior after he arrived at home. Patty's facial muscles stiffened after Jack explained that she wasn't acting like herself.

After Patty hung up, she glared at Emily's portrait and said, "He wants me to be like you! I wish I could take his brain out and wash away all of the memories of Emily. He needs to remember why he loves me and how we're such a perfect couple." Emily scurried up the stairs while muttering that she might know how to accomplish her goal.

After Jack returned home, Patty greeted him and was wearing a flowing, baby blue robe and matching, lacy undergarments. She carried her wilted bridal bouquet as she descended the stairs. Jack, curious, asked Patty what she was doing. Patty responded, "I want to remind you that I am still the woman you married." Patty agreed that she hadn't been herself lately because she missed being with him. Jack explained that he had to take care of Ashley because he didn't want her to become nuts like Patty by fixating on one particular point in time. Patty cringed and retorted, "Let's not use that derogatory word." Jack, believing he was addressing Emily, responded, "I don't want to lose what we have."

Patty quickly changed the subject and told Jack that henceforth, she would become Dr. Emily Abbott. Jack embraced Patty and said that he'd been thinking about the early days of their relationship on his way home. Jack recalled being surprised to learn that his new love interest used to play hockey, and he asked Patty which position she'd played. Patty stuttered a bit before changing the subject again and recalling their passionate wedding night. Patty added that she never wanted to leave their bed.

Jack succumbed to Patty's overt advances and kissed her passionately. With his tie loosened and his shirt undone, Jack's eyes sparkled as he told Patty that he had missed the loving, passionate woman he'd fallen for. Jack agreed to fetch a bottle of wine and meet Patty upstairs. After Jack stepped out, Patty waved her faded bouquet at Emily's portrait and remarked in a singsong voice, "Too bad, so sad-Jack is mine, again!"

Outside Ashley's house, Victoria and Billy gave in to their amorous desires and kissed passionately. Victoria suddenly pushed Billy away and remarked, "What are we doing? I am still married, and I am angry at you for publishing that article." Billy explained that he didn't approve the publication, and pointed out that Victoria's brother was at fault for his sister losing her baby. Before Victoria walked away, she said, "That kiss shouldn't have happened."

Billy went home to his trailer. Victoria showed up a bit later. Victoria asked Billy how it was possible to loathe someone but always want to be around him. Victoria approached Billy and kissed him on the mouth repeatedly. Billy led Victoria into his bedroom. The couple kissed passionately as they peeled off layers of clothing. After Billy and Victoria made love, they, wrapped in silk, chartreuse sheets, awkwardly considered their next step. Victoria said that she should leave, but she insisted that she didn't regret making love to Billy. Victoria suggested they not let it happen again, but Billy kissed Victoria, and they picked up where they'd left off.

At Ashley's house, Jack tried to comfort Ashley after she learned that Faith wasn't her baby. Traci arrived unexpectedly and consoled her sister. Billy returned and greeted Traci. Jack and Billy stepped out to give their sisters some privacy. Traci found one of Faith's favorite toys.

Ashley sobbed and asked, "How do I do this?" Traci sat down beside Ashley on the sofa and listened as Traci explained that Faith would understand why her mommy was gone. Traci said that at least Ashley would have an opportunity to tell Faith how much she loved her. Traci added that she would never be able to spend one more moment with Colleen. Traci commiserated with Ashley as she cried, "It just hurts so much."

Abby phoned to check on her mother. Ashley told her daughter not to worry. After Ashley hung up the phone, she told Traci that Victor had phoned Abby and told her about Faith. Ashley worried about Abby having already lost Brad and Colleen. Ashley told Traci that she couldn't stop thinking about the baby she had been carrying. Ashley recalled that Adam had insisted she'd given birth to a healthy baby. Traci reminded Ashley about Dr. Taylor's note, and she asked her sister why she thought the doctor would have lied. Traci told Ashley that she should undergo a medical examination to determine whether she'd had a miscarriage.

After Traci and Ashley returned from the clinic, Ashley shook her head and said she couldn't believe that she'd been so out of touch with her own body not to realize that she'd suffered a miscarriage. Ashley lamented that she'd even developed a "baby belly" and had suffered real labor pains. Traci reminded Ashley that her doctor had explained that hysterical pregnancies seemed very realistic. Ashley sobbed and said she didn't know how to find peace and closure.

Traci suggested that Ashley find a way to say goodbye. Traci led Ashley outside and gave her a red balloon. Traci explained that letting go of the balloon would symbolize letting go of the baby she lost. Ashley held the end of the string tied to her balloon, but she refused to release it. Traci seemed troubled when Ashley cried, "I can't move on until I know what happened to my child. Where is she now?"

At the Newman ranch, Sharon and Nick relished time with their baby, Faith. Sharon told Nick that a psychologist recommended that Faith's parents become the baby's sole caregivers, so the infant could forge a strong bond. Nick was taken aback and reminded Sharon that Phyllis would help him care for the baby whenever Faith visited his house. Sharon showed Nick a brochure from a specialist and pointed out that for the next few months, she and Nick would have to practice attachment bonding to ensure that their baby formed meaningful relationships in the future.

Nick expressed concern because Phyllis would be present whenever Faith stayed with him. Sharon explained that Faith could not spend the night away from her mother for a while yet. Nick responded that at least he would be able to see the baby frequently at the ranch. However, Sharon announced that she and Faith would move in to a suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club until she could find a place for them to live.

Sharon hovered over her sleeping baby. Before Nick left, he said, "You're making it hard for me to see my daughter and spend time with her. I hope Phyllis will understand this as much as I do." Sharon wrapped Faith in the baby's favorite yellow blanket and soothed the infant by telling her that Mommy had her. Nick returned and held his baby. Sharon beamed at her baby and cooed, "Got your daddy?"

In New York City, Chance proposed to Chloe in the back seat of a cab, stalled in rainy night traffic. Chloe turned down Chance's proposal. Chance was stunned, and he told Chloe that he hadn't expected her response. Chance explained that when he planned their trip, he realized that he didn't want to have one night of sex without a commitment. Chloe sighed heavily and said, "You're a hopeless romantic, but I feel sandbagged."

Chance seemed disheartened when Chloe told him that their trip was a mistake. Chance said, "We can't ignore this. Are you not in love with me?" Chloe replied that they seemed to be on different planets because she wasn't ready to commit forever to a relationship." Chance told Chloe that their relationship could work, but she would have to want it to work. Chloe suggested that their relationship might be more successful if they didn't marry because marriage wasn't trouble-free.

Realizing their trip wouldn't play out as expected, Chance directed the cab driver to take him and Chloe back to the airport. Back at the Chancellor mansion, Chloe apologized to Chance and told him that what happened didn't change the way she felt about him. Chance responded, "Goodnight, Chloe, sleep well," and he stepped alone into his bedroom. Chloe stood haggard and crestfallen in the hallway just outside Chance's bedroom door.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

At Crimson Lights, Billy ran into Heather. Heather said that the article on the Restless Style website about Adam might cause problems with Adam's prosecution. Billy told Heather that Jill was responsible for the article. Heather said that she wasn't sure how she was going to explain the article to her boss.

J.T. and Reed showed up at the coffeehouse. Billy, staring at J.T., remembered having sex with Victoria the previous evening. After J.T. and Reed left, Heather said that the article about Victoria that had appeared in Restless Style probably was a major factor in the Hellstroms' upcoming divorce. Heather received a phone call -- she told Billy that it was about Adam's case.

Still hospitalized at Genoa City Memorial, Phyllis called Nick and left him a message letting him know how bored she was. Victoria stopped by for a visit. She told Phyllis that J.T. was still trying to get full custody of Reed. Phyllis said that there was no judge in the world who would deny Victoria shared custody. Phyllis opined that what had happened between Victoria and Deacon was a mistake, and not a reason to deny Victoria shared custody. Phyllis said that it wasn't as if Victoria had been slipping up since Deacon. Victoria's silence and her expression led Phyllis to believe that perhaps Victoria was seeing someone.

Victoria tried to change the subject by getting Phyllis interested in some of the magazines that she had bought and delivered, but Phyllis kept fishing for information. Victoria reminded Phyllis that Victoria hadn't admitted to seeing anyone. Phyllis said that it was okay for Victoria to be dating -- after all, she was separated from J.T.

Phyllis talked about the beginning of her romance with Nick -- that even though they had tried to stop themselves from becoming involved, there was an inescapable pull that had developed between them. Victoria finally confided that she was seeing someone, and could empathize with the "pull" that Phyllis had described.

Without telling Phyllis who she was seeing, Victoria said that when she was around "him," she could feel herself blushing. She told Phyllis that she wasn't going to allow herself to see "him" again, because she was a mother. Phyllis reminded Victoria that she wasn't dead -- or a nun. Victoria said that she wasn't going to lose her head because she found the guy to be mildly appealing. Phyllis said that "he" probably made Victoria feel good and sexy -- and there wasn't anything wrong with that. She warned Victoria to be careful and to keep her eyes open. Victoria agreed, saying that J.T. already had enough ammunition to use against her, and she didn't want to lose Reed.

At the Athletic Club, Katherine, Victor, and Jack discussed the Policemen's Benevolent Fund Masquerade Ball, scheduled to be held later in the week. Jack thought that it was a strange time to plan a party, but Victor felt that the ball would be a welcome distraction. Katherine commented that it was pleasant for Victor and Jack to be working together, but Jack said that "problem" would be rectified shortly. Patty, still disguised as Emily, showed up.

Katherine mentioned how happy she was that "Emily" was scheduled to be a featured speaker at the ball. Jack agreed, saying that "Emily's" speech would be the highlight of the evening. Patty clearly didn't know anything about what they were talking about, and said that, with everything that had been going on, she didn't even remember the topic of her speech. Through the conversation, she learned that it was supposed to be about victims of violence.

Billy and Heather showed up at the club. Billy picked Patty up and spun her around. Jack told his brother to put "Emily" down. Heather said that, thanks to "Emily," Adam had been deemed competent to stand trial, and that he was scheduled to be moved from the hospital to the county jail on the same night as the ball. Jack kissed Patty, and thanked her for making sure that Adam would be going to jail.

Victor and Heather left. Billy joined Jack, Patty, and Katherine and proposed a toast to "Emily," the "genius" who was responsible for Adam paying for his crimes. Jack mentioned that Adam would probably try to use the Restless Style article to get himself off the hook. Billy chided Jack for ruining the celebration. Katherine said that Jill should have known better than to post the interview with Adam. Katherine and Billy walked to the bar to get drinks. When they were gone, Jack kissed Patty and said that, thanks to her evaluation, Adam was going to stand trial. Patty said that Adam was a hurtful, dangerous young man -- and she never wanted to see him again.

At the bar, Katherine told Billy that Jill was out of control at Restless Style. Billy agreed that Jill had "gone rogue," but promised that it wouldn't happen again. Murphy showed up -- he had just picked up the tuxedo that he planned to wear at the ball. Katherine teased her husband by saying that she didn't want to hear any jokes about "monkey suits." Before Katherine and Murphy walked off, she warned Billy to stay under the radar and out of hot water. After they were gone, Victoria entered the club. She and Billy stared at each other.

Billy and Victoria joined each other at the bar. He told her that the judge had decided that Adam was fit to stand trial -- the first "non-crappy" thing that had happened recently. Billy asked her if she was planning to go to the ball. Victoria wasn't sure -- she said that she might find herself distracted there, and that she needed to concentrate on her divorce and what was going on with Reed. Billy said that it was all right if Victoria had some fun. Victoria smiled, and, referring to her tryst with Billy, said that she had already had fun. Billy said that it was okay for her to enjoy herself more than once -- and that there was nothing sexier than a secret romance. He told her to buy a mask, then walked away.

At the Newman ranch, Sharon had a nightmare. She dreamed that, while Faith was crying, Adam showed up at the front door and said that he was there for his girls. Sharon woke up with a start. Nick was there, and Sharon related the dream. Nick said that he was at the front door and heard Faith crying, so he thought that he had better let himself in.

Faith continued to cry, and an obviously exhausted Sharon said that the baby hadn't slept at all the previous night -- that she probably was waiting to hear Ashley's voice. Nick suggested that he take Faith for a walk so that Sharon could nap. Sharon said a nap wouldn't solve anything. She told Nick that she couldn't live in the same house that she had briefly shared with Adam.

Sharon said that she was planning to move to the Athletic Club that day. Nick felt that Sharon was rushing things, and that she was better off staying at the ranch. He said that being at a hotel with a baby who wasn't sleeping would be difficult. He agreed that leaving the ranch made sense, but urged her to wait. He told Sharon that Victor and Nikki were at the ranch, and they could help with the baby. Nick also reminded her that she had lived at the club with Adam.

Sharon called for Bonnie, the maid, and told her to pack a bag for Sharon and Faith. Bonnie overheard as Nick said that he wished that he could get his hands around Adam's neck. He said that if he ever saw that "son of a bitch" outside a prison cell, he would kill him.

Sharon said that she wasn't interested in what Nick wanted to do to Adam. She told him that Faith was with them, and that was all that mattered. She agreed that Adam had robbed them of time with Faith, but Sharon couldn't dwell on that. Bonnie handed Sharon the bags that she had packed. Sharon left a note for Victor. Sharon and Nick stared at Faith in her bassinet. Sharon said that it wouldn't be easy to get past what Adam had done, but that, for Faith's sake, they had to. Nick agreed.

Nick went to see Phyllis and told her that Sharon was moving to the club. He said that it was too hard for her to stay at the ranch. Nick said that none of it should have happened -- and that it was all Adam's fault. Phyllis said that she realized that Nick wanted to rip Adam apart -- she said that she felt that way too. Phyllis told Nick that he didn't want to be a man seeking revenge -- that would be a miserable existence for Nick.

Mac showed up at the Hellstroms' with a gift for Reed -- a book about pirates. J.T. sent Reed upstairs to wash up, and Mac noticed the invitation to the ball among the rest of the mail. Mac wondered if J.T. would be attending, but he said that partying wasn't high on his things-to-do list. He told Mac that Reed wouldn't care whether or not J.T. went to the ball. Mac told him that Reed wanted his daddy to be happy. She said that she knew what J.T. and Reed needed, and called Reed to return downstairs.

Mac, Reed, and J.T. dressed up as pirates and began playing. Reed jumped on J.T. and began tickling him. J.T. looked at Mac and mouthed a silent "thank you." They continued the pirate game. Victoria walked in and saw Mac on top of J.T. There was a moment of awkwardness, but Victoria said that their game was fine.

Victoria went through the mail and saw the invitation to the ball. J.T assumed that she was going, since Victor was one of the hosts. Victoria thought that J.T. might use her attendance at the ball against her in the divorce. J.T. surprised Victoria by saying that the ball was being held for a good cause, and that everyone deserved a little fun. He told her to go and to enjoy herself. Victoria excused herself to make a phone call from outside the front door. Mac told J.T. that she had to go to see the Ashbys.

Victoria called Billy and told him that she would be attending the ball. Billy said that he knew that she would go. Victoria teased Billy by telling him that she wasn't sure whether or not she would speak to him there. As Mac exited, Victoria abruptly stopped talking. When Mac was gone, Victoria finished up her conversation with Billy and hung up.

At Genoa City Memorial Hospital, Adam called for a nurse. He told her that he needed to see his psychiatrist, and said, "I believe she refers to herself as Dr. Abbott now." The nurse told Adam that the doctor wasn't around. Adam remembered being in the potting shed with Patty, and realizing that her cat was stuffed. Patty had said that Mr. Kitty had met an untimely demise.

Ashley and Traci showed up to see Adam. Ashley said that she wasn't there to attack Adam. She reminded him that there was a time when she and Adam were friends, and she hoped that Adam would tell her what had happened to her baby. Ashley told Adam that she had turned to him during her moments of fear the previous summer, and that he had been a great source of comfort to her. With tears in her eyes, Ashley said that she wondered what had happened the night she had miscarried. She continued to beg Adam to give her some information. After a long silence, Adam said, "Ashley, I don't know what happened." Ashley jumped on Adam and began strangling him, as Traci called for a guard.

The guard and Traci pulled Ashley off of Adam. As Traci escorted Ashley out of the room, Ashley wailed, "I know you know." In the hallway, Traci and Ashley crossed paths with Victoria. When Victoria entered Adam's room, Adam said, "Don't you have a custody battle to prepare for?" Victoria said that they hadn't gone far enough at the Abbott cabin -- and that if she lost custody of Reed, Adam had better pray that he would be placed in solitary confinement -- where Victoria couldn't find him.

Heather and Victor showed up in Adam's room and they asked Victoria to leave so that they could speak with him privately. Heather told Adam that, thanks to "Emily's" evaluation, he had been declared competent to stand trial. Adam said that was impossible. Victor said that there was no way out for Adam this time.

Heather told Adam that he was scheduled to be transferred to the county jail at the end of the week. Adam reminded Heather of what had happened to him the last time he was at the county jail. He also told her that she used to love him. Heather said that Adam had stolen a woman's baby, and had tried to drive another woman insane. Before she left, she said that she wished that he could receive the death penalty for his crimes. After Heather was gone, Adam said that he assumed that Victor had gotten what he wanted -- to see Adam lose everything. Victor said that Adam had no idea what Victor wanted.

Victor wondered what kind of man Adam was. He reminded his son that Ashley, Sharon, and Heather had loved him, and that Rafe had defended him, yet he had betrayed all of them. Adam said that Victor had knocked him unconscious and had presided over a "kangaroo court." Adam said that he was going to call Dean Hunt, the attorney who had arranged for Adam's house arrest sentence to be shortened. Adam was sure that Dean would be able to extricate him from the situation. Victor said that he had called Dean's office, and that Dean would no longer represent Adam. Adam wondered what Victor had done -- if he had offered Dean money, or had threatened him. He ordered Victor out of his room. Victor said that Adam no longer gave orders -- and that Victor wasn't finished with Adam yet.

Victor told Adam that he had formally disowned Adam, and that any trace of Adam's existence at the Newman ranch and at Newman Enterprises would be erased. Victor said that he wished he had stopped Adam before Adam had caused so much damage. As Victor exited the room, Adam yelled, "That's it? You're not going to stand here like a man?" After Victor was gone, Adam called for a nurse. He told her that he needed to get a message to someone right away.

Jack and Patty were finishing up their meal at the club. Jack noticed Sharon and Faith in the club's foyer and called them over. Jack offered to give Sharon any help that he could, which clearly did not sit well with Patty. Sharon said that she would be fine. Patty received a phone call. She said that she needed to take it, and stepped away from the table.

The call that Patty received was from Adam's nurse. The nurse told Patty that she had a message from Adam -- that he remembered her from the potting shed. Patty said that Adam was just spouting nonsense. The nurse said that Adam had asked her to say one more thing, "Meow." Patty was clearly panicked. Adam, who had been listening to the nurse's side of the phone call, smiled.

Traci and Ashley returned to Ashley's house. Ashley said that she realized that she had gone over the top by physically attacking Adam. Traci said that she couldn't blame Ashley. Traci said that she was going to call Steve and tell him that she needed to spend more time with Ashley in Genoa City. Ashley said that Traci had already done enough. Ashley said that she would handle the rest on her own -- and that she needed to see Victor.

Ashley went to the Newman ranch, where Victor told her that Sharon and Faith had moved to the Athletic Club. Ashley told a surprised Victor that she had visited Adam to try to get some answers about what had happened to her and Victor's child. Victor correctly guessed that Adam didn't have any answers for her. He said that Adam had no decency, no conscience, and no remorse. A teary-eyed Ashley said that they might never know what happened to their child. Victor said that he wished that he could say otherwise -- but he couldn't.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Daisy returned home to the Baldwins' condo. She told Lauren that she needed to leave for work at Fenmore's, but Lauren informed her that the boutique was closed -- toxins had been discovered in the wallpaper glue that had been used in Lauren's office. Lauren told Daisy that the toxins had been the cause of Lauren's debilitating headaches. Daisy feigned surprise and concern.

For Daisy's benefit, Michael and Lauren were acting as if there was still residual tension between the two of them because of the photographs of Paul and Lauren kissing. Michael said that he was going to the office to begin preparing a lawsuit against the contractor who had hung the wallpaper in Lauren's office.

After Michael left, Daisy apologized to Lauren for having taken the pictures, and then lied, saying that she wished she had deleted them before Ryder had stolen her camera. Lauren said that she had apologized to Michael for kissing Paul, but that Michael was still giving her the cold shoulder. Lauren told Daisy that she had a headache -- this one stress-induced, and took aspirin out of her purse. She asked Daisy for some water to help wash the pills down. Daisy handed Lauren a water bottle out of her purse, and Lauren faked taking the aspirin. Daisy went to her room, and told Lauren to let her know if there was anything that she could do to help.

Clearly aware that Daisy was planning on eavesdropping, Lauren placed a call to Paul and told him that Michael was still furious with her. She told Paul that she would meet him at Jimmy's. Lauren left the apartment. Daisy tailed her.

At Jimmy's, Paul and Lauren sat at the bar counter. Lauren flirted with Paul. At a nearby table, Daisy, barely disguised in a hat, recorded video of Paul and Lauren. After a drink, Paul and Lauren decided to leave. After they were gone, Daisy followed them out. She opened the door to the bar and found Lauren standing there, waiting for her. Lauren asked Daisy why she was there. Daisy lied and said that she was concerned about Lauren. Daisy said that it looked like Lauren was fine and Daisy tried to leave, but Paul approached her from behind and yanked the video camera out of her hands.

Michael returned home and remembered his conversation with Lauren, during which the Baldwins had deduced that Daisy was probably the person trying to hurt Lauren, and that she was very possibly involved in Jana's disappearance. Chance showed up at the condo with an electronic device which, when plugged into Michael's laptop, would make it appear that messages being sent from Michael's computer were originating from Daisy's cell phone.

Chance hooked up the device, got Ryder's cell phone number from Michael, and text messaged Ryder, "Urgent. Come to apartment." Ryder received the message, and, thinking it was coming from Daisy's phone, replied, "Can't. Restraining order." Michael typed, "No one here but me." Still thinking that he was hearing from Daisy, Ryder texted back, "On my way." Michael said, "Got him!"

Ryder showed up at the Baldwins' and knocked on the door. Michael answered the door and told Ryder that he had made a big mistake. Chance showed Ryder his police badge and said that he had a few questions for him. Ryder asked Chance if he was under arrest. Chance replied, "Not yet." Michael, although obviously knowing the answer, asked Ryder why he had stopped by the Baldwins' when there was a restraining order in effect preventing him from doing so. Ryder lied and said that he stopped by to see if there was any news about Jana.

Michael wondered why Ryder hadn't simply asked Kevin about Jana. Ryder said that Kevin became upset whenever Ryder asked about Jana. Michael said that Ryder obviously didn't care about upsetting the Baldwins, who had issued a restraining order against him. Ryder said that he was concerned about Jana, and was on the same side as Michael.

Ryder was stunned when Lauren and Paul showed up with Daisy. Michael said that Chance was just about to question Ryder about Daisy's stolen camera. Ryder said, "What stolen camera?" Ryder denied knowing anything about Daisy's camera. Lauren said that perhaps the Baldwins hadn't been fair to Ryder -- and added that whenever anything strange happened, Daisy blamed Ryder. Lauren wondered why Ryder put up with the abuse that Daisy subjected him to. She wondered what Daisy had on him. Ryder said that she didn't have anything.

Michael asked Ryder why he would violate a restraining order just because Daisy had asked him to go to the Baldwins' condo. Daisy said that she had never texted Ryder. Michael said that, technically, Chance had texted Ryder, but the point was the same -- Ryder jumped when Daisy called. Lauren reiterated that Daisy always blamed Ryder when things went wrong, and would probably accuse Ryder of putting drugs in the water that Daisy had given Lauren to take her aspirin. Daisy looked frantic and said, "Drugs?"

Lauren told Daisy that she hadn't actually sipped the water that Daisy had handed to her, but instead had turned the bottle over to the police lab for drug testing. Michael said that when the results of the tests arrived, Daisy could be charged with anything from reckless endangerment to attempted murder, depending on the quantity of drugs found in the water.

Paul said that the police could also charge Daisy with stalking, and he handed Chance the video camera that Daisy had been using at Jimmy's. Michael said that the only thing they could probably charge Ryder with, for the time being, was conspiracy. Lauren wondered if Ryder had anything to say in his own defense. Michael said that he had a lot of pull in Genoa City, and that Ryder didn't really want Michael working against him. He added that, with Daisy's cooperation, Ryder would probably take the fall for everything that Daisy had done.

Chance said that Ryder needed time to think things over. He decided to take Ryder and Daisy in separately, so the two wouldn't be able to coordinate their stories. Chance handcuffed Ryder, began reading him his rights, and led him out of the apartment.

With Ryder gone, Lauren lit into Daisy. She accused Daisy of pretending to be the Baldwins' friend while trying to break up their marriage. Lauren wondered what Daisy stood to gain. Paul felt that something bigger was going on -- that someone was manipulating Daisy and Ryder. Lauren asked Daisy who was in charge. Daisy remained silent. Lauren said that she knew how these things happened -- and that even her own son, Scotty, had been tricked by a devious woman into giving Lauren a poisoned necklace. Lauren told Daisy that the person who was using Daisy was a liar -- just as Sheila had lied to Scotty all those years earlier.

Lauren said that Scotty had no idea that the woman who was using him was the same person who had kidnapped him as a child, and then returned years later to try to kidnap Fen. Paul said that Lauren was right -- that Daisy's boss was obviously a master con artist. He asked Daisy how she knew that she wasn't being conned. Michael said that there was enough evidence to lock Daisy up for decades. Lauren said that the only person who could save Daisy was Daisy. Daisy remained silent.

Chance returned and took Daisy to jail. Paul, Michael, and Lauren decided that Daisy was afraid -- but not of Ryder. Paul said that he would begin an investigation and try to learn more about Daisy and Ryder's relationship. After Paul took off, Lauren hugged Michael and said that she couldn't believe that she was being targeted again. Michael said that they were closing in on the perpetrator of the scheme -- and that his or her mistake had been using amateurs to do the dirty work. Michael was sure that Daisy or Ryder would crack after a few days in jail.

At the jail, Chance showed Daisy to her cell. She looked frightened. In the men's section of the jail, Ryder sat on the cot in his cell, and looked lonely and terrified.

In her room at Genoa City Memorial, Phyllis spoke to Summer on the phone. After she hung up, Nick showed up for a visit. He said that he wanted to sign Phyllis' cast. When he pulled out a pen, Phyllis said that the pen wouldn't work -- that he needed to use a marker. Nick insisted on using the pen -- he said that Victoria had purchased it in Dubai and had given it to him as a gift.

Phyllis said that she couldn't wait to get home to Summer, and to tell their little girl that she had a baby sister. Nick said that he thought it would be a good idea to wait to tell Summer about Faith. Phyllis seemed relieved. Nick had some good news -- he had spoken to the doctor and Phyllis was going to be released from the hospital later that day. The thrilled Phyllis kissed Nick.

At the Athletic Club, Patty, still disguised as Emily, couldn't believe what Adam's nurse was telling her -- that Adam needed to speak with "Emily" about the potting shed -- or he would be forced to discuss the potting shed with someone else. Patty told the nurse that she would be right over. Rejoining Jack, Patty said that she wouldn't be able to spend a quiet evening at home -- she had to go to the hospital to deal with a patient whose mental condition was deteriorating.

In his hospital room, Adam thanked the nurse for making the phone call to "Emily." The nurse said that she would go to the gift shop and pick up the item that Adam wanted. Jill showed up in Adam's room. Adam feigned disappointment that Jill hadn't taken him flowers. Jill said that she should have bought him a plant. She told Adam that a plant would flourish with all the fertilizer that Adam was spreading around. Jill said that she knew that Adam had used her, and that he was going to regret it.

Adam told Jill that the story that he had told her was true. Jill reminded Adam that he had left out one detail -- Billy had been at the Abbott cabin the night of Adam's mock trial. Adam snidely said that it had been a traumatic evening, and Billy's presence must have slipped his mind. Jill said that she was considering another article, questioning Adam's credibility. Adam told Jill to leave. Jill smiled and said that at least she could leave and go wherever she wanted -- unlike Adam, who wouldn't be going anywhere for a long time.

In the hallway outside Adam's room, Jill ran into Nick. Nick scolded her for "aiding and abetting" the enemy. Jill said that Adam had lied to her -- just like everyone else. She told Nick that it was a good thing that "Emily" had deemed Adam competent to stand trial, and that Adam was just one guilty verdict away from being out of their lives for good.

Nick entered Adam's room and noticed that Adam wasn't in his bed. The guard indicated that Adam was in the bathroom. When Adam emerged, Nick told Adam that he hoped that Adam enjoyed having a private bathroom -- it would be the last one he would have for a long time. Nick continued to needle Adam, and said that Sharon was out of Adam's life, and that Nick and Sharon had gotten Faith back. Adam and Nick began pushing each other, but the guard quickly separated them. Adam said that Nick was wrong -- that Sharon wasn't out of his life. Nick said that if Adam got within a mile of Sharon or Faith, that Nick would kill him. After Nick left, Adam admired Nick's pen, which he had obviously lifted from Nick's pocket during their tussle.

Patty arrived at the hospital to see Adam. Adam chided her for taking so long to arrive. Patty said that she had been having dinner with her husband. She told Adam that, while dining with Jack, she had seen Sharon and Faith, and that seeing them together reminded her of just how cruel Adam had been. She asked Adam about his gibberish about a potting nursery. Adam corrected her and said, "Potting shed."

Patty said that Adam's games wouldn't work -- that she had years of training in psychiatry and had treated many sociopaths. Patty was startled when she heard a cat meowing. Adam looked under his sheets. Patty told Adam that he wasn't allowed to have a cat in his room. Adam said that Patty Williams had a cat named Mr. Kitty. He told Patty that Mr. Kitty had told him a few secrets about Patty and Emily -- that the two women had switched places. Patty looked terrified.

Patty ripped Adam's blanket off of the bed, which revealed the cat toy that the nurse had purchased for him. She asked Adam what was wrong with him, and wondered why he was tormenting her. Adam snidely said, "Tormenting you? The eminent Dr. Emily Peterson Abbott? I don't think so. But Patty Williams might be tormented by a toy cat. Hello, Patty." Adam began petting the toy.

Patty said that she was concerned about Adam's erratic behavior, and was going to recommend heavy sedation. Adam admired Patty's cunning in pulling off the switch with Emily. He wondered if Emily was locked away in a psych ward. Patty said, "I am Dr. Emily Peterson. You're delusional." Adam began calling Patty, "Mary Jane." He told her that what had tipped him off to the switch was a phrase she had used in her Emily disguise that she had also used when she was posing as Mary Jane -- that she wasn't obsessed with Jack, she was in love with him.

Adam said that it was a shame that he was going to have to expose her. Patty said that no one would believe him. Adam was sure that he could convince Paul to have a DNA test run on Emily, which would prove that the woman in the psych ward wasn't Paul's sister. Adam warned Patty that he could be very convincing. He said that if she were Emily, she should just walk out of the room. Patty said that she was curious as to what Adam wanted. Adam said that he wasn't going back to prison. Patty said that a judge, using "Emily's" evaluation for guidance, had already ruled that Adam was fit to stand trial. She said that he would be in the county jail the next day, and there wasn't anything that she could do about that. Adam said that he knew that.

Adam told Patty that he wanted a disposable cell phone. He said that she was to recommend heavy sedation when he was transported from the hospital to the jail -- and then she should show up to administer the sedation. Patty said that she couldn't do that. Adam wondered if she would rather be in a straitjacket, sitting in a padded cell. He said that he would only keep her secret if she helped him escape the following night -- the night of the masquerade ball. Patty mulled Adam's threat over.

Nick returned to Phyllis' room and told her about his visit with Adam. He said that it was good that "Emily" had seen through his act. Phyllis thought that it was all wonderful -- Adam was going to prison, she was going home, and Nick had his baby back. Nick said that he would show Phyllis how to relax, and he began massaging her shoulders. He told her that he planned to be at her beck and call during her recuperation.

Phyllis and Nick gathered up her things in preparation for her leaving the hospital. He told her that they would be attending the masquerade ball the following evening. Phyllis said that she couldn't possibly attend with a cast on her leg. Nick insisted that Phyllis was going to the ball -- he had her dress altered, he had hired a hair stylist and makeup artist to pretty her up before the ball, and he had even watched some Internet videos on how to dance with someone who was confined to a wheelchair. Phyllis said that Nick was her Prince Charming, and that Prince Charming had a date for the ball.

As an orderly began wheeling Phyllis out, she told the staff that they were probably glad to be rid of her. The nurses and orderlies all laughed. Phyllis said that she hated to be cooped up -- that she preferred to be around people. Nick said that she would see the whole town at the ball -- even though they would all be wearing masks. Nick predicted that they would have a night that they would never forget.

At the Athletic Club bar, Jack was pleased to run into District Attorney Pomerantz, "the man who was going to take Adam Wilson off the streets." When Pomerantz responded "We'll see," Jack wondered what the DA meant. Pomerantz said that it was going to be difficult to make a case against someone when the only witness was a dead alleged sexual pervert. Pomerantz told Jack that Jack's band of vigilantes made it seem like Adam was the victim, and that the story was all over the Internet. As Jill entered the club, Jack said, "There's the woman who's responsible for that."

Jill joined Jack and Pomerantz at the bar. She said that she had visited Adam, who had admitted that his recollections of the night in question's events were fuzzy. Jill said that she was going to publish a retraction online. Pomerantz warned her not to -- he said that the story was already out there, and added that, knowing Jack and Victor, they probably did try to take the law into their own hands.

Jack reminded Pomerantz that Ashley had begged his office to investigate Adam. Pomerantz said that there would definitely be an investigation, but, if he had his own way, he would throw the whole lot of people who had been at the Abbott cabin in jail. Pomerantz told Jill and Jack that the case could be thrown out because of what had happened at the cabin -- and that the jury pool had been tainted because of Jill's article.

After Pomerantz left, Jack accused Jill of having made a mess of things. She reminded Jack that he was the one who had organized the "lynch party" that had included Billy. Jill was shocked that Adam could walk away a free man. From behind a tree, Pomerantz eavesdropped on Jack and Jill's conversation. Jack said, "That bastard won't walk. Not after what he did to Sharon and my sister. Adam's not gonna get off scot-free, no matter what I have to do."

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The dining room at the Athletic Club was decorated for the Policemen's Benevolent Fund Masquerade Ball. Several guests had arrived. Jack, carrying his mask, was upset when Patty, still disguised as Emily, told him that she had to leave to take care of some Adam-related business. He reminded her that she was expected to give a speech. She assured him that she would be back in plenty of time.

As Patty walked off, Victor approached Jack and asked him where "Emily" was going. Jack told Victor that she had to leave temporarily to make sure that Adam was transported to jail. Victor said that he would be glad when the situation with Adam was over with. Jack said that there might be a problem -- Owen Pomerantz, the district attorney, was angry about Adam's mock trial. Victor wondered if Pomerantz was planning to launch an investigation into what had occurred at the Abbott cabin.

Nick and Phyllis arrived at the ball -- Nick wheeled his wife, confined to a wheelchair, into the club. After the Newmans made some small talk with Jack and Victor, Nick asked them to look after Phyllis so that he could go upstairs and visit with Faith. Victor told Nick that he wanted to talk with Nick about something, but the arrival of Billy and Katherine interrupted them. Katherine said that Murphy would be arriving at the ball after his lodge meeting.

Katherine walked off to attend to some ball business. Victor and Jack told Billy that, because of the "trash" interview with Adam that Jill had posted on the Restless Style website, the district attorney was launching an investigation into what had happened at the Abbott cabin on the night of Adam's mock trial. Jack said that the article could undermine the case against Adam. Jack warned Billy to be careful at the ball, and told his brother that Pomerantz was going to be there. Victor said that there was no way that Adam could be allowed to go free.

Nick visited a harried-looking Sharon in her suite. She said that she couldn't believe that there was a possibility that Adam might be set free. She told Nick that she would have something else to obsess about while she was up all night tending to Faith. Sharon said that she hadn't been able to leave the suite since she and Faith had checked in. Nick suggested that Sharon go downstairs and visit with some of their friends, and added that he wouldn't mind some alone time with their daughter. Sharon clearly liked the sound of Nick saying "our daughter." Sharon agreed to clean up and go to the ball for a while.

While Sharon was preparing to go downstairs, Nick talked to Faith. He told her that Cassie had predicted that he and Sharon would have a new daughter. Nick said that he would always be there to love Faith, and to keep her safe.

At the Hellstroms', J.T. was playing with Reed when Victoria, wearing an elegant gown, entered the living room. J.T. took a picture of Reed with Victoria, and reassured her that he didn't mind her going to the ball -- that he wouldn't try to use it against her in his suit to gain full custody of Reed. He said that if he and Victoria were trying to raise a child together, they had to trust each other. Victoria wondered, if J.T. meant that, why he was seeking sole custody of the boy. He told her that it wasn't an appropriate time to discuss that, and he urged her to go to the ball and have a good time.

After Victoria left, J.T. put Reed to bed. Mac showed up dressed for the ball and carrying a pizza box. She told J.T. that she thought she would drop by a treat before heading for the Athletic Club. She and J.T. devoured the pizza, and she told him all about the weird food cravings she was experiencing during her pregnancy. J.T. ran upstairs when he heard Reed urgently yelling out "Daddy!"

Returning downstairs, J.T. told Mac that Reed had a nightmare -- he had dreamt that there were invisible monsters under his bed. J.T. said that he read a story to his son, but that Reed was asking for Victoria. Mac was certain that Reed was reacting to the tension between J.T. and Victoria, and she suggested that he call Victoria and ask her to return home. When J.T. refused, Mac wondered if J.T. was purposely trying to create distance between Victoria and Reed. J.T. asked Mac why she would think that. Mac said because J.T. was angry with Victoria, and wanted sole custody of Reed. J.T. said that he wanted what was best for his son. Mac said that contact with both of his parents was what was best for the child. She told J.T. that Reed needed his mother.

Victoria arrived at the Athletic Club, and Billy greeted her and asked if she were looking for him. Victoria said that he was being ridiculous -- that she was there to support Victor and Katherine, and told Billy to get over himself. Billy wondered if J.T. had given Victoria a difficult time about her decision to attend the ball. Victoria said that, on the contrary, J.T. had been supportive. Victor approached the couple, and looked none-too-thrilled to see Victoria with Billy. Billy told Victor that he was just about to tell Victoria that the district attorney was investigating Adam's mock trial. Victor told Billy that he would fill Victoria in, and he walked his daughter away from Billy.

Later, Billy sought out Victoria, topped off her champagne, and asked if they could continue their earlier conversation. Victoria couldn't remember where they had left off. Billy reminded her that she was talking about how nice J.T. had been about her attending the ball. Victoria was reluctant to discuss that subject with Billy, but he told her to talk to him -- that confession cleansed the soul.

Victoria told Billy about the battle for custody of Reed. She told him how important it was that she didn't do anything that might make her look bad before the judge. Billy wondered if Victoria could trust that J.T. wouldn't use her attendance at the ball against her. Victoria once again told Billy that J.T. had urged her to go to the ball and to have fun.

Billy said that if Victoria wanted to have fun, then he was her man. He wondered if there was a room available for them at the Athletic Club. Seeing Victoria's shocked reaction to his suggestion, Billy immediately said that going to a room would be inappropriate. He kept pouring champagne for Victoria. She asked him if he were trying to get her drunk. He said that he was just trying to keep her mind off of J.T.

At the Baldwins', Lauren and Michael prepared to go to the ball. Both of them were relieved that Ryder and Daisy were in jail, and were charged with attempted murder, drug possession, and conspiracy. Michael told Lauren that their bail was extremely high. Lauren wondered who was behind Daisy and Ryder's actions -- she wanted to know who was targeting her. She received an emergency call from Amber -- Amber couldn't locate the ball gown that had been ordered for one of their most important customers. Lauren told a disappointed Michael that she had to go to the boutique to find it. Before Lauren left, the Baldwins kissed.

Michael went to the ball and ran into Paul. Michael wondered why Nina wasn't with him. He explained that she had to go to Los Angeles on business. Paul wondered where Lauren was. Michael said that she had to go to the boutique, and that after she finished up there, she was going to meet Michael at the club. Paul wondered if there was any news on Daisy and Ryder. Michael said that they were behind bars, and would hopefully crack in a few days.

Paul told Michael that he had a loose end he wanted to tie up. Michael said, "Oh yeah, the pictures of you kissing Lauren, that all of our friends have seen." Paul said that he was really sorry. Michael reminded Paul that he had already apologized, and told him to move on. Michael walked away, leaving an uncomfortable Paul standing by himself.

On his way to the ball, Neil stopped by Ashley's. Ashley said that she didn't want to go to the club. Neil said that he hated the thought of Ashley being at home alone. Ashley was concerned that she might run into Sharon and Faith at the club. Changing her mind, she told Neil that she couldn't avoid Nick, Sharon, and Faith forever, and agreed to attend the ball with Neil.

Sharon, having freshened up in her suite, went downstairs to join the party. She ran into Neil and Ashley, who had just arrived. Sharon told Ashley that Nick was watching Faith. Ashley was thrilled when Sharon invited her to go look in on Faith. Phyllis overheard Sharon extending the invitation to Ashley.

Ashley went upstairs, where Nick greeted her and invited her in. Faith was asleep in her bassinet. Ashley became teary-eyed as she stared at the baby. She told Nick that she had forgotten to tell him and Sharon that Faith loved to eat mashed-up avocado. She said that she missed Faith.

Downstairs, Jack and Sharon visited with Phyllis. Sharon reported that Nick was watching Faith. Phyllis said that she thought that Sharon's telling Ashley that she could visit the baby was a lovely gesture. Jack was touched hearing about it. Phyllis asked Jack if she could speak with Sharon privately for a moment.

After Jack walked off, Phyllis said that she understood why it was important for Sharon and Nick to be the only people allowed to bond with Faith for the time being. Sharon made it clear that she wasn't trying to keep Faith away from Phyllis -- Sharon was just following the advice that the experts had given her. Phyllis said that when she did start taking care of Faith, that she would treat her with the same love that she felt for Noah and Summer. Sharon said that she knew that Phyllis was a great stepmother to Noah, and hoped that she would be as good a stepmother to Faith.

Sharon returned to her suite and watched as Nick talked with Faith. After they teased each other about whether Faith would end up being a Cubs fan or a Brewers fan, Sharon reported that she had a good talk with Phyllis. Sharon thanked Nick for allowing her the time to get out of the suite for a little while. Nick said that he had enjoyed spending time with Faith, and told Sharon that he thought it was nice that she had invited Ashley up to visit the baby. Nick handed Faith to Sharon, and told her to call him if she needed anything. Sharon told Nick to have fun with Phyllis. After Nick left, Sharon looked very alone in the room.

Lauren showed up at the ball and said that the mix-up about her customer's gown had been Daisy's fault. Michael said that even though Daisy was in jail, she was still trying to ruin their lives. Lauren asked if they could refrain from discussing Daisy for the rest of the evening -- she wanted to have fun. Michael said that he wanted to settle the issue of the pictures of her kissing Paul that their friends had seen. Lauren agreed that they should get that over with.

The Baldwins walked over to speak with Paul, Neil, Katherine, Victor, and Jack. Although Katherine and Victor insisted that Michael and Lauren didn't owe them any explanation, Michael said that Jack had been correct -- the photographs were a setup to try to discredit Lauren. Victor asked if Michael had any ideas about who was causing the trouble. Michael said that it had all been handled. Referring to Adam, Jack said that he wished that he could say the same about their problem.

After returning from her visit with Faith, Ashley rejoined Neil. She told him that she couldn't believe how much pain the loss of Faith was causing her. Neil said that she wouldn't be human if it didn't hurt. He told her that when he learned that Lily wasn't his biological daughter, he had tried to find solace in alcohol, but that didn't work. He said that you couldn't get rid of the pain -- you just had to walk through it. Ashley said that she knew that Faith was where she belonged, but she would always wonder about the baby who she had lost.

Michael and Lauren visited with Phyllis. Phyllis explained that Nick was seeing Faith. Initially, Lauren was confused, thinking that Faith was still living at the Newman ranch. Phyllis explained that Sharon and Faith had moved to a suite at the club, and that Nick was upstairs. Phyllis said that she was doing well, that Nick was being great, and that she felt secure in her marriage. When Michael walked off to take a phone call, Lauren told Phyllis that she was glad that Nick was "stepping up," but she couldn't believe that Phyllis was doing well. Lauren urged Phyllis to open up to her. Phyllis said that she wasn't going to allow her doubts to get to her anymore.

At the jail, Ryder and Daisy were placed in a cell together. Ryder said that he was worried about Jana -- he told Daisy that since the Baldwins were on to them, things were spinning out of control. "Mama Bear" entered their cell and said, "They certainly are. Do you know how much it is costing me to bail the two of you out?" Daisy promised that they would make it up to "Mama Bear." "Mama Bear" said, "Damned right, you will -- but now we're going to a party." She handed face masks to Daisy and Ryder.

After getting off the phone, Michael looked around frantically for Paul. He told Lauren that the call had been from the jail -- someone had paid the high bail amount to get Daisy and Ryder released from jail. As Lauren reacted, "Mama Bear," Ryder, and Daisy entered the Athletic Club -- their identities completely concealed by their face masks.

In his room at Genoa City Memorial, Adam used the pen he had taken from Nick to unlock his handcuffs. To himself, he said, "Better not back out now, Patty." Nikki entered his room. Thinking that she was there to gloat, Adam told her to leave. Nikki said that she was there to offer Adam one more chance at redeeming himself.

Nikki said that she wasn't there to lecture Adam about the choices that he had made -- those were between Adam and God. She said that if he had any shred of decency, he would tell her what had happened to Victor and Ashley's baby. Nikki guessed that Adam was carrying around a lot of guilt, and that he might feel better if he unburdened himself. Adam snidely said, "The sensitive approach. Nice." Nikki told Adam that she had known Hope well, and that Hope hadn't raised Adam to be an evil person.

Adam congratulated Nikki on using guilt, religion, morality, and his mother. He said that he had underestimated Nikki -- that she and Victor were a vicious team. Nikki said that Hope's dying wish had been for Victor and Adam to give each other a chance. She begged Adam to tell her the truth -- for Hope, for Victor, and for himself.

Adam wondered if Victor had sent Nikki, then brushed her off, saying "Don't you have a ball to go to?" When Nikki said that she knew that deep down Adam wanted Victor's approval, Adam placed his hand on his chest and sarcastically said, "You see to the very core of me." Nikki reminded Adam that Ashley had been his friend. Adam said that he cared about Ashley. Nikki said that there was something that Adam could do for Ashley -- tell her what had happened to the baby she had miscarried.

Adam said that he wasn't buying Nikki's "holier than thou" act. He said that Nikki owed him a favor -- that his evil deeds had driven a wedge between Ashley and Victor, and given Nikki an opportunity to "snatch" Victor up again. Adam predicted that Victor and Nikki's reconciliation wouldn't last long -- that Nikki was no longer a young, hot stripper. Nikki became incensed, and said that she had never met anyone as vicious as Adam. Adam said, "Except for the father of your children."

Nikki began yelling at Adam, and the guard entered the room to tell her that she had to leave. As Nikki left, Patty arrived with a garment bag. She told Nikki that she was there to supervise Adam's transfer to jail. Adam yelled after Nikki, and told her to send hugs and kisses to Victor. After Nikki was gone, Adam asked Patty if she had gathered up everything that he had asked her for. Patty said that she had. Adam said, "Good girl, Patty. Hand it over."

At the ball, Victor and Katherine joked that they couldn't recognize any of the guests. Victor said that he had almost kissed a complete stranger when he thought that she was Nikki. Nikki walked up behind Victor and joked with him about kissing a strange woman. Katherine said that she knew that Victor and Nikki had gone through a lot, and she toasted her two dear friends.

When Katherine left to mingle with the other guests, Nikki told Victor that she hadn't gotten any information from Adam. Victor said that Adam was pure evil. Nikki admitted that Adam had pushed her buttons and she had "lost it." Victor said that Adam had thrown away his last chance at redeeming himself. Nikki said that she didn't think that she was going to be able to enjoy the evening -- her heart just wasn't into it. Victor said that he couldn't blame her -- with the district attorney snooping around, he couldn't enjoy himself either.

Back at the hospital, Adam checked on the items that Patty had gathered up for him -- a tux, a mask, a cape, a hat, and a disposable cell phone. He wondered where the syringe with the sedative was. She was about to hand it over to him, but wondered if she could trust him.

Adam assured Patty that he wouldn't expose her unless she crossed him. He removed his handcuffs. Patty tried to inject Adam with the sedative, but, before she could, he grabbed her hand and took the syringe from her. He said that they had to act quickly.

The guard entered Adam's room and said that it was time to shackle Adam for transport to the county jail. He noticed that Patty was motionless on the ground. As the guard leaned over to check on her, Adam injected the guard with the sedative. The guard immediately fell to the ground, unconscious. Patty got up and handcuffed the guard. She and Adam dragged him into the bathroom.

Friday, April 2, 2010

At the Chancellor mansion, Chance told Murphy how nice he looked in his tuxedo. Chloe joined them and said that she wasn't planning on attending the ball -- she was feeling a little under the weather. Murphy, not quite believing Chloe's excuse, left and told her that he hoped she felt better. Chance asked Chloe to sit down -- he had some things he wanted to say to her.

Chloe mentioned that Chance had barely spoken to her since they returned from New York, where she had turned down his marriage proposal. She said that she certainly understood him giving her the cold shoulder. He said that he had been doing some thinking, but just as he was about to chat with Chloe, Delia began crying and Chloe rushed upstairs to tend to her.

Chloe rejoined Chance in the living room, and said that they had a lot to talk about. Chance said that she seemed to be "in two different places." Chloe wondered if her turning down his proposal meant that their relationship was over. Chance said that he wouldn't be honest if he said that her rejection didn't hurt him, but he didn't want to walk away from her because she hadn't accepted his proposal. Chance said that he had hoped that she would attend the ball as his fiancée, but he wondered if she wanted to go as his date. Chloe said that she would love to go with Chance.

In Adam's hospital room at Genoa City Memorial, Patty was frantic that people would realize the truth -- she had helped Adam escape. Adam told her not to worry. He walked up behind her and injected her with sedative -- he hadn't used the entire syringe on the guard. Patty immediately fell to the floor, unconscious. Adam wore a tuxedo and a hat. He rifled through Patty's wallet and took the cash. He grabbed his full-face Phantom of the Opera mask and left.

At the ball, Jack was concerned that "Emily" hadn't yet returned from the hospital. He told Victor and Nikki that she had gone to the hospital to supervise Adam's transfer to the county jail. Jack went to get a drink, to toast to Adam's imprisonment. Victor said that if there were any justice in the world, Adam would be in jail for a long time. District Attorney Pomerantz approached Victor and Nikki and told them that he was investigating what had happened on the night of Adam's mock trial at the Abbott cabin. The DA said that anyone who had been involved in the "kangaroo court" would be charged -- no matter how influential they were. Victor said that he would cooperate fully with the district attorney's office.

Nick, having returned from Sharon's suite, handed Phyllis a glass of champagne. He said that Faith was awesome. Phyllis said that it had been nice of Sharon to invite Ashley up to see Faith. As the Newmans watched Ashley and Neil dance, Nick commented that Ashley wasn't in a good place. Phyllis was happy that Ashley had Neil to lean on, and proclaimed him one of "the good guys," like Nick. Nick asked Phyllis to dance, even though she was wheelchair-bound. Phyllis laughed as Nick wheeled her to the dance floor, and Phyllis rolled around as Nick danced around her.

Victor joined Ashley and Neil and told them that Nikki had questioned Adam, but hadn't learned anything more about the night that Ashley had miscarried. Ashley said that whatever punishment was doled out to Adam wouldn't be nearly enough. They were unaware that District Attorney Pomerantz was listening to their conversation from a nearby table.

Sharon sat with Faith in her suite, and asked her, "Wasn't it fun seeing Daddy?" She looked over at the bed and remembered Nick playing with the baby there. She told herself that she was lucky to have Faith, and wasn't going to cry over what might have been with Nick.

Nikki stopped by Sharon's suite to visit the baby. She told Sharon that she knew the ground rules -- that she shouldn't hold the baby, because it might disrupt the bonding process between Sharon and Faith. Sharon remarked that it was probably a relief for Nikki to learn that Faith wasn't Victor's daughter, because Faith had represented an emotional tie between Victor and Ashley. Nikki, who seemed offended by the remark, said that she felt devastated for Victor and Ashley, but was happy that she had gained a new granddaughter in Faith.

Nikki asked Sharon if she planned to raise Faith with Nick. Sharon said no -- that she was on her own. Nikki mentioned all the recent instability in Sharon's life. She felt that had led Sharon to rush into marrying Adam. Nikki thought that Sharon might turn to Nick for stability. Sharon said that she had no expectations as far as Nick was concerned, and added that Nick was married to Phyllis and had his own family with her.

Nikki reminded Sharon that Nick had planned to leave Phyllis when he had learned that Sharon was pregnant with his child. Sharon said that Phyllis and Nick seemed to have worked out whatever problems existed in their marriage, and that all she hoped was that Phyllis would be a good stepmother to Faith. Nikki hoped that Sharon wouldn't use Faith as leverage to try to reconcile with Nick.

Downstairs at the ball, Paul and Michael were still in shock after learning that Daisy and Ryder had been bailed out of jail. Lauren called Gloria, who was watching Fen, to ask her to be extra vigilant in case Daisy or Ryder showed up at the Baldwins' apartment.

Across the room, "Mama Bear," in a full-face mask, told Daisy and Ryder, whose faces were also hidden by masks, that the Baldwins must have heard the "good news." Daisy said that the Baldwins had no idea who they were dealing with. After "Mama Bear" made sure that Daisy and Ryder were sure about their plan, she left them alone and went to mingle. Ryder said, "What we did to Jana was bad enough. And now this? Here?" Daisy told Ryder not to be such a wimp.

"Mama Bear" walked up to Nick, Phyllis, and Katherine and began making small talk. She suggested that they try the punch. Her conversation with the threesome was awkward, since they had no idea who "Mama Bear" was. "Mama Bear" asked how the fundraising was going. Katherine told her that they were taking in a lot of donations. "Mama Bear" said that it was definitely going to be a memorable evening. Nick, Phyllis, and Katherine exchanged suspicious glances.

The district attorney approached Nick and Phyllis about Adam's claims of what had happened the night of his mock trial. He told the Newmans that whoever was the first to tell the truth about what had happened would get off with the least severe charges. He said that someone from his office would be getting in touch with them.

Michael told Paul and Lauren that someone named Sarah Smythe had bailed Daisy and Ryder out. The name meant nothing to any of them. Paul walked away to check with his contacts on the police force to see if he could get any information about Sarah.

Murphy joined Katherine and Victor at the ball. Victor noticed that Victoria and Billy were sitting alone at a table and drinking champagne. Victoria continued to flirt with Billy, and accused him of trying to get her drunk. J.T. called Victoria and told her that Reed had a nightmare. He asked her to sing a song for Reed, and put the little boy on the phone. Victoria sang "London Bridge is Falling Down," and Reed took comfort from the sound of his mother's voice. Victoria thanked J.T. for calling her, and wondered if she should return to the house. J.T. said that there wasn't any reason for Victoria to go home. Victoria was clearly not pleased when she heard Mac's voice in the background.

While Victoria was on the phone with J.T., Victor walked up to Billy and reminded him that Victoria was going through a divorce and a custody battle. Billy told Victor that he and Victoria were merely friends. Before he walked away, Victor said, "You stay away from my daughter -- you got that?" Victoria rejoined Billy, and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.

Later, Billy walked up to Victoria and accused her of avoiding him because of Victor's warning. Jack, still obviously concerned about "Emily's" whereabouts, walked by as he left her yet another voicemail message. After Jack hung up, he told Victoria that he was surprised that she was speaking to Billy after the article about Victoria that Billy had published in Restless Style. Billy joked that Victoria must be hard up for conversation. Jack said that Adam's mock trial had led to some strange bedfellows. When Jack and Victoria walked away, Billy stared at Victoria across the room and said, "I couldn't have put it better myself."

At the Hellstroms', Mac helped Reed make a paper airplane, which J.T. admired. J.T. held a pile of DVDs and told Reed to pick one out. As Reed made his decision, J.T. smiled at Mac. Mac called Katherine and said that she wasn't going to be able to make it to the ball. Katherine was concerned that something was wrong, but Mac assured her that everything was all right. After hanging up, Mac joined J.T. and Reed on the couch as they watched the video that Reed had chosen. They looked very much like a happy family.

Katherine and Murphy were thrilled when Chance and Chloe arrived at the ball. Chloe told Katherine what a wonderful party it was, and she and Chance handed Katherine an envelope containing their contribution to the Policemen's Benevolent Fund.

Adam, in full masquerade disguise, entered the Athletic Club. As he looked around the room, he saw nearly all of the people who had proclaimed him "guilty" at his mock trial. Nick, wheeling Phyllis, walked by Adam. When Phyllis dropped her purse, Adam gallantly picked it up and returned it to her.

Nikki returned from her visit with Sharon. At the bottom of the stairs, a frantic Jack asked her how long it could possibly take "Emily" to tranquilize someone. Nikki said that perhaps Adam was being difficult. Jack said that if he didn't hear from his wife soon, he was going to go to the hospital.

Nikki ran into Victoria, who was leaving the club. Nikki was concerned that something was wrong, but Victoria said that she just wanted to go home and spend time with Reed. After Nikki walked away, Billy, wearing a new costume and mask, blocked Victoria from leaving. He said that he wanted to make sure that Victor wouldn't recognize him. He convinced Victoria to remain at the ball. She and Billy walked back into the dining room. Adam watched the couple.

Katherine was busy trying to round up the people who were scheduled to speak at the event. She wondered where Emily was. Nikki said that she had seen Emily at the hospital in Adam's room. Ashley told Katherine that Jack hadn't been able to reach his wife. Neil said that Adam was probably stirring up trouble at the hospital, delaying Emily. Katherine said that they would have to start the evening's program without Emily. Victor joined the group and told them about the DA's investigation. He reminded Neil and Ashley that Adam's mock trial had borne fruit -- they had learned the truth about Faith's parentage. Victor expressed his hope that Adam would be jailed for a long time.

Neil and Ashley danced, and Neil wondered if she was feeling better. She said, "A little bit." Neil said that Ashley's fear of having people stare at her wasn't coming true. He told her that he was the only one in the room who couldn't take his eyes off of her. The couple kissed.

"Mama Bear" examined the buffet spread. Adam stood right next to her. She rejoined Daisy and Ryder, and chided her children for looking nervous. They assured her that they weren't getting cold feet. "Mama Bear" said that it was time for them to make their move. Daisy began walking, purposely bumped into Lauren, and dropped some food on Lauren's dress. Lauren shouted that the person who had bumped into her was very rude. Lauren, of course, didn't realize that it had been Daisy. Paul rejoined Michael and Lauren and told them that he was expecting a call, which would hopefully yield some more information on the mysterious Sarah Smythe.

Lauren went to the restroom to try to wash the food stains off of her dress. "Mama Bear" followed her in, and stared at her in the mirror.

While Lauren was washing up, Paul told Michael that he had learned that Sarah Smythe didn't seem to have a criminal history -- but her name had turned up in a police report about a car accident. The driver of the car had been Tom Fisher. Michael was stunned and said, "The person who bailed out Daisy and Ryder is..." Paul finished his sentence, saying, " somehow connected to Terrible Tom."

In Adam's hospital room, a guard helped Patty stand up. She asked what had happened, and the nurse who was examining her said that Patty would need to supply that information. Patty, who the nurse thought was Emily, said that Adam had grabbed the syringe containing the sedative and had stabbed her with it. Patty checked her purse and noticed that her cash had been taken. Patty called Jack, who was about to leave the Athletic Club for the hospital. Relieved to hear from her, Jack asked if everything was okay. Patty said, "No -- everything's not okay. Adam got away."

Sharon entered the living room of her suite and saw the back of a man hovering over Faith's bassinet. Sharon initially assumed it was Nick. The man picked up Faith and turned around. He removed his mask. Sharon was horrified to see that it was Adam.

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