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Monday, March 29, 2010

In her room, Steffy made a morning call to Oliver and flirtatiously asked him to spend some time with her. He declined because he had some business to do. She asked if he were sure that he didn't want to "take care" of her, but he assured her that it was a bad idea. She figured that he wanted to, but he was afraid to admit it. Oliver said that he had to run, and Steffy teased that he'd better get going, because she liked the chase. Oliver stifled a smile as he ended to call.

In Taylor's living room, Whip couldn't believe that Taylor had accepted his proposal. Taylor fretted about announcing the engagement and throwing together a last-minute wedding. Whip worried that the kids wouldn't like it that their parents wouldn't reunite, but Taylor figured that the only person who'd be happier than the kids would be Brooke.

In discussing where to live, Taylor invited Whip to move into her house. Whip grimaced and mentioned all the other people already living there, one of whom was Stephanie, who'd never laid down the Ridge and Taylor torch. Taylor flashed her big, imploring eyes at Whip, but he begged her not to pull his chain. She promised that she'd talk to Stephanie.

Thomas and Steffy entered, and Whip tried to make himself scarce. Taylor made him stay, and she wiggled her ring at her kids. Whip blurted out that he and Taylor were getting married-unless the kids threw a "hissed fit," because they felt that there was no man for Taylor, but Ridge. Whip threatened to elope, if they said anything other than congratulations and welcome to the family.

"Would you two say something?" Taylor urged. Whip said that he understood if the kids wanted Taylor to be with Ridge, but Whip thought that they could have a cool family with him, too. Thomas and Steffy said it was obvious how Whip and Taylor cared for each other, and they congratulated the couple. Steffy agreed with Taylor's request to be maid of honor, and Whip said that he intended to ask Oliver to stand up for him. Steffy looked hopeful at the prospect.

As Whip and Taylor reviewed their guest list later, Whip suggested that Taylor invite Ridge to the ceremony. Whip felt that it would be good for Ridge to see a man committing to Taylor in a way that Ridge never could. As Whip worried about Stephanie's reaction to the engagement news, Stephanie entered the room. Stephanie munched from a breakfast tray and listened as Whip nervously announced the engagement. He said he'd asked Oliver to be his best man, and it should work out well, since Steffy and Olivier had a thing for each other.

Whip and Taylor anxiously awaited Stephanie's thoughts, and after chewing, Stephanie remarked, "I didn't know Steffy was interested in Olivier." Whip wondered if Stephanie had heard what he'd said about the engagement, and she assured him that she had. Stephanie asked if it wasn't too sudden, but Taylor asserted that she was ready and happy. Stephanie was happy for Taylor, because Stephanie hadn't seen Taylor glowing that way in a long time.

Stephanie realized that they'd have to adjust the living arrangements. Taylor stated that Whip would move in with her, and Taylor asked Stephanie to stay on, too. Whip shook his head in vigorous disagreement, but when Stephanie looked at him, he said that if Stephanie wanted to stay, they'd make it work. Stephanie realized that if Whip would agree to that, then he was "bonkers" for Taylor. "Of course I'm going to move out!" Stephanie exclaimed, chuckling.

Stephanie said that Taylor was precious, and Whip had better treat Taylor right. Stephanie left, and Whip pulled Taylor into his arms. He said Taylor was the greatest blessing that he'd ever had, and he'd never take her for granted. Stephanie smiled at them from the stairs.

In Eric's office, Hope prepared to present her parents with the music submissions for the Hope line commercial. Oliver entered, looking for Hope. Ridge stared incredulously as Hope jumped into Oliver's arms. Ridge rose to greet Oliver and invited Oliver to stick around, since he was musician.

Hope played submissions from the top contestants. Brooke and Ridge sort of liked them, but when Hope played the last sample, they absolutely loved it. Ridge wanted to contact the composer, but Hope said he was standing right there. Ridge said that Oliver had exactly what they'd been looking for, and Ridge and Brooke went to prepare a contract for Oliver.

Oliver hugged Hope and thanked her. She felt that his talents, not her, had gotten him the job. Steffy slunk up to the door in time to hear Hope's ulterior motives for getting Oliver the job. Oliver held Hope as she said that having him work on the campaign would give them more time together. He assured Hope that time with her was the best part.

Oliver kissed Hope, and Steffy flashed to when she'd kissed Oliver by the pool. Thomas sneaked up behind Steffy and caught her spying on the Hope and Oliver. Thomas got Steffy to admit that she might have a thing for Oliver. Thomas figured that Hope liked Oliver, too, and Steffy quipped that Hope was just a kid. "He needs a woman, not a teenager," Steffy decided. She figured that romance would be in bloom at the wedding, and that was when she'd make her move. Steffy flounced back to the door and continued spying on Hope and Oliver kissing.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

by Pam

On the rooftop at Forrester, Whip asked Oliver to be his best man. Oliver appeared nervous because he had never been a best man before. Whip explained that it was easy and Oliver agreed. Whip told him that Steffy would be the maid of honor. Whip called a friend to make final arrangements for the wedding, and the friend was impressed that Whip had gone all out for a woman. He told Whip that she must be a very special woman. Whip agreed.

At Forrester Creations, Eric confirmed that his office belonged to Ridge. Eric, Brooke, and Ridge were chatting when Taylor entered flashing her engagement ring. Taylor shared that she and Whip were engaged and planning to marry the next day. She invited everyone to the wedding, but later she asked Eric not to invite Donna because it would be awkward.

Taylor explained that Stephanie had helped plan and coordinate all the wedding details. Eric kissed Taylor, and agreed that Donna would not attend. Brooke and Ridge congratulated Taylor. When Brooke said that she was happy for Taylor, Taylor was a bit snarky and insinuated that Brooke was probably relieved. Taylor announced that Steffy would be her maid of honor while Oliver was Whip's best man. Brooke pointed out that it was not a good idea to have Oliver and Steffy together since Hope was dating Oliver.

Taylor reminded Brooke that Hope was in high school, and they needed to remember that the rest of them were not in high school. After Taylor left, Brooke wondered if Taylor would be able to take vows with anyone other than Ridge since she had nearly married Thorne and Rick, but both relationships had failed. Brooke added that Taylor had not been able to commit to anyone but Ridge and Nick in recent years.

In the hallway outside Ridge's office, Hope and Steffy shared the news that Taylor was getting married. Hope said that she was glad that Taylor would be happy, and Steffy commented that the marriage would certainly make Brooke happy. The girls both laughed. Oliver showed up, and Steffy reminded everyone that he was working for her.

Steffy correctly guessed that Oliver had never been a best man, and she said that she would be there to help him out. She said that her family had a lot of experience with weddings. She added that it would be like being on a date, and they were going to be at the altar together. Steffy instructed Oliver about his responsibilities as a best man and said that he was charged with taking care of the rings.

Steffy flirted with Oliver and pawed at his pants when she suggested that he keep the rings in his pocket. Hope intervened. Steffy walked away stating that romance was always in the air at weddings and that she anticipated romance with Oliver after the ceremony. After Steffy left, Oliver told Hope that he planned to be kissing Hope after the wedding, and not Steffy. He sealed the promise with a kiss.

Later, on the rooftop, Eric met with Donna and he told her that she was not invited to the wedding. Donna was hurt, but Eric reminded Donna that she had never been close to Whip nor Taylor. Eric added that he had been close to Taylor for years when she was his daughter-in-law, and she was the mother of his grandchildren.

Stephanie showed up and told Donna and Eric that she was looking for Taylor. She said that she would see both of them the next day. Stephanie added that she was looking for a place to live since Whip would be moving into Taylor's home. Eric quickly invited Stephanie to move into the guesthouse. Donna balked that she and Stephanie brought out the worst in each other, but Eric wouldn't hear of Stephanie living in a hotel when the empty guesthouse was available.

At Taylor's house, Stephanie entered and eyed up the sample flowers that she had ordered for Whip and Taylor's wedding. She relived a few romantic moments spanning the decades of Taylor and Ridge's love story. She reminisced about them kissing and the lovely proposal on the Forrester runway. Taylor showed up and Stephanie asked if she was sure that her love story with Ridge was over.

Taylor insisted that she was happy with Whip and she would never again feel second best to Brooke or any other woman. Taylor reminded Stephanie that they both knew how it felt to be second to another woman. Taylor added that Whip loved her and only her. Stephanie said that she hoped Taylor didn't have any second thoughts when she was taking her vows.

At Jackie M, Owen and Bridget continued to whine about their guilty feelings, and Aggie was eavesdropping at the door. Bridget realized someone was outside and called out to see who was there. Aggie entered and said that Whip wanted everyone to attend a meeting.

In Jackie's office, Nick, Aggie, Owen, Bridget, and Jackie waited for Whip and discussed what Aggie's new role would be at Jackie M. Jackie suggested that Aggie could become Bridget's assistant, and Bridget tried to hide her displeasure. Whip entered, and Nick wondered why Whip had called a meeting.

Nick told Whip that even if Whip had a terminal illness, he was not leaving Jackie M. Whip joked that he didn't have an illness, but he was terminally in love with Taylor, and they were getting married the next day. He invited all of them to the wedding.

The Jackie M gang hugged Whip. Aggie asked if Whip's mother would attend the wedding, but he said that she was on a cruise. Bridget was busy sketching and said that she had an idea for Taylor's wedding dress. Whip thanked her and promised to get Taylor over to the office right away.

Aggie realized that she would become the only unmarried person in the group. Jackie assured her that someday she would find love. Bridget and Owen looked uncomfortable as Jackie prattled on about love and monogamy.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

by Pam

At Forrester, Pam teased Donna about her exclusion from Taylor's wedding. She added that Stephanie was clearly working her way back into Eric's life and returning to the guesthouse at the Forrester mansion. Pam warned Donna that it was only a matter of time before Donna lost Eric for good. Pam left, and Hope entered.

Donna was snacking on lemon bars and potato chips. Donna and Hope shared their displeasure at being among the uninvited to Taylor's wedding. Donna said that she knew Stephanie was flitting around directing all of the events. Hope agreed, and she added that Steffy was surely batting her eyelashes and flirting with Oliver.

Donna and Hope also agreed, however, that it was a day that Brooke could finally stop worrying about Taylor pursuing Ridge. While Donna and Hope talked, Hope started to unpack Ridge's boxes and came across an old photo album. Donna opened it and saw wedding pictures of Ridge and Taylor on a beach. Donna assured Hope that Taylor's love story with Ridge was ancient history.

At Taylor's house, preparations were underway for the wedding. Whip knew he wasn't permitted to see Taylor before the wedding, so he called her on her cell phone. He was in Steffy's room and was dressing for the ceremony. He teased that he wanted Taylor to help him with his cufflinks. Taylor laughed and insisted that they maintain the tradition of good luck where the groom does could not see the bride until the ceremony.

Taylor told Whip that she was grateful that he and Bridget came up with a stunning wedding dress design overnight. She claimed that they had pulled off a miracle. Whip was excited about getting married, and told his bride that he looked forward to seeing her soon.

Downstairs, Stephanie thoughtfully placed a photo of Phoebe on the mantel among the candles and flowers for the wedding. Eric arrived and spotted Stephanie making last last-minute adjustments. He noted that the flowers were the same flowers Stephanie had selected for their first wedding. Stephanie was impressed that Eric remembered. He reminded her that he was an artist and easily noticed such details.

Later, Stephanie and Ridge shared a moment together. Ridge told his mother that he was happy for Taylor. Stephanie thought it was strange that Taylor would be sharing the house with Whip. She said that it was odd that Whip would be living in the same house where Taylor and Ridge had raised their kids. Brooke interrupted their discussion and noted that Ridge didn't seem to be himself.

Outside, Thomas and Steffy chatted on the terrace and he quizzed her about her interest in Oliver. Steffy, dressed in a radiant royal blue gown, said that she planned to make a move on Oliver, and Thomas wondered if she really cared about him or just wanted to steal him from Hope. Oliver showed up with slicked back hair and a suit. Steffy pushed Thomas out of the way and welcomed Oliver by nearly knocking him over with a hug.

Steffy and Oliver complimented one another on their appearances, and Steffy said that Oliver looked so hot that it made her want to go for a swim. Oliver said that he recalled the night at the pool where he and Steffy kissed. Steffy said that she didn't remember Oliver fighting her off when she kissed him.

Oliver left to spend some time with Whip. They met in Steffy's room, and Whip teased that it was the first and last time that Oliver would ever see her bedroom. Aggie showed up and Oliver presented Whip with their grandfather's flask as a sentimental gift. Whip thanked them. They all joked that it might have been the reason their grandparents had a 60-year marriage.

Whip said that he couldn't believe that Taylor was going to marry him. Oliver teased that he and Aggie agreed. Oliver and Aggie left, and Ridge entered. Whip told Ridge that he knew it would be awkward for them to get along, but he wanted them to be on friendly terms.

Whip promised to take care of Taylor and the kids, but he knew the kids were having a tough time accepting him. Whip said that he understood the kids didn't need a father because they already had a great dad, but he wanted to be a friend to them. Whip said that he also understood that Ridge was having a difficult time. Whip said that it couldn't have been easy for Ridge to give up Taylor.

Down the hall, Steffy visited with her mother. She told Taylorsaid that she was happy for her Taylor because Whip obviously loved her. Taylor agreed. Steffy left, and Stephanie entered. She started to talk about Ridge, but Taylor interrupted and begged Stephanie to stop. She asked Stephanie to be happy for her.

Stephanie left, and Taylor recalled some special romantic moments with Ridge -- even the time when Ridge had a beard. She stopped daydreaming when Ridge knocked on the door. He said that he wanted to say something to her, but he was speechless, and he embraced her instead.

Downstairs waiting for the ceremony to begin, Brooke relived all the moments that Stephanie had told Brooke that Ridge and Taylor would end up together again because they were meant to be together. Bridget interrupted Brooke's thoughts and told her not to worry.

Brooke and Bridget wondered where Ridge had gone. Eric and Stephanie also wondered what had happened to Ridge. Stephanie was hoping that Ridge was with Taylor. Eric reminded Stephanie that her dream of seeing Ridge and Taylor together was about to end.

Pam, Owen, Jackie, Agnes, and Nick caught up with Eric and Stephanie before the ceremony. Eric said that he hoped there were no hard feelings that he had stolen Stephanie away from Jackie M. Jackie laughed and said that she missed her friend. They all agreed that they missed Stephanie.

The minister arrived and asked everyone to take a seat. Ridge showed up and sat next to Brooke. The music started and Steffy entered ahead of Taylor. She smiled at Oliver and took her place near the minister. The wedding guests stood to honor Taylor when she entered. She wore a beautiful strapless white gown and smiled at Whip when she stood by his side. He told her that she was a beautiful bride, and she told him that he was a dashing groom.

The minister welcomed everyone and discussed that Whip and Taylor were about to enter into commitment, and Bridget and Owen looked guilty. The ceremony progressed until the minister asked if anyone had anything to say. Ridge stood up and shocked the crowd when he said, "I'm not going to let this happen."

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hope found Donna eating and crying in Eric's office. Donna said that she felt as if she were being pushed out by Stephanie, both at work and at home. It hurt Donna that Eric questioned her loyalty, because he'd always been her priority. Hope reasoned that Stephanie might be back, but Eric was married to Donna. Donna kept telling herself that; however, Eric was at the wedding with Stephanie, who'd use the event to her full advantage.

Hope griped that Steffy was doing the same, and Donna imagined Stephanie complaining about Ridge and Eric being stuck with the Logans. Hope disliked seeing Donna so filled with doom and gloom. Donna realized that the pull of the past was strong, and she fretted that every moment that Eric spent with Stephanie made it worse.

At Whip and Taylor's wedding, everyone gasped as Ridge strode down the aisle and stated that he couldn't live with himself if he didn't speak up. Ridge said that he loved Taylor, their children, and the life that they'd shared in that home. He felt that Phoebe was smiling down on her exceptional mother. Ridge realized that Whip loved Taylor the way she deserved to be loved, and Ridge saw happiness in her face once again. He couldn't let the day proceed without letting Taylor know that. Ridge kissed Taylor's cheek and shook Whip's hand.

The wedding continued with Aggie reciting "Love is a Challenge." Next, Stephanie read an Emily Dickinson poem about hope. The whole time, Eric couldn't take his eyes off Stephanie. The minister instructed Taylor and Whip to make their declarations of consent. Taylor hesitated, and the minister asked if she would indeed marry that man. "Taylor?" Whip prompted.

"I will! I mean, I do!" Taylor exclaimed. The couple then committed personal vows to each other. Whip said that Taylor had completed him, and he wanted to give her the world. He wished they'd have endless days of sunshine, but he knew they'd face challenges. He vowed to give her what she needed and to be more than she expected.

Taylor said that Whip had given her the greatest gift that she'd ever had: certainty, the foundation of a strong marriage. She loved that he made her laugh. She vowed to never lose the joy he'd given her, because their love had grown out of laughter. It would last until death parted them.

Whip and Taylor exchanged their rings, and the minister pronounced them man and wife. The guests cheered as the newlyweds shared a lingering kiss.

During the reception, Oliver warned Aggie about blatantly ogling Nick. Taylor told Ridge that it wasn't nice to scare the bride on her wedding day. Ridge said he'd been compelled to let the newlyweds know that they had his full support. Stephanie received a phone call, and when she answered it near the terrace, she was surprised to hear Donna on the line.

Stephanie asked if Donna were checking up on Eric. Donna said that she was calling about the living arrangements. Stephanie agreed that it was a tense situation, but Eric would be offended if she declined. "Yes, well, I'll be offended if you say yes," Donna retorted. Donna thought it was embarrassing for Stephanie to live somewhere that she wasn't wanted. "Do us both a favor and not walk through that door tonight," Donna advised and clicked off the line.

Oliver captured everyone's attention to make a toast. He said that even in their childhood, Whip had fashioned goals. Oliver's goal had been to be nothing like Whip-ever. Though Oliver had never wanted to be like Whip, Oliver envied Whip that day. Oliver said that Whip had been bound to get it right eventually. Everyone toasted the newlyweds.

Steffy uttered to Oliver that it was her turn, and then they could have some fun. In her toast, Steffy took credit for the union, since she'd pushed Taylor into online dating. Steffy said love happened when one least expected and sometimes with a person that one least expected.

Next, Whip thanked everyone for the support-especially Ridge, who'd surprisingly hopped on board. Whip reflected on being nervous when he'd met Taylor at Insomnia that night. He admitted that he'd wanted to run, but he couldn't bear to see her stood up. She'd had him before they'd even said "hello," and he'd known that she was the one. He called Taylor the love of his life, and he thanked her for making him the happiest man on earth. Whip kissed his wife and told his guests, "Go home now." Everyone laughed as Whip and Taylor continued kissing.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Hope and Donna went to Donna and Eric's house. Donna thanked Hope for accompanying her. Donna said that she used to love the house -- but that night, it seemed very lonely. Hope reminded Donna that Eric was merely attending a wedding. They reminded each other that they hadn't been invited to the wedding.

Hope suggested that she and Donna make a pact -- Hope wouldn't worry about Oliver being with Steffy, even though she knew that Steffy was probably throwing herself at him, and Donna wouldn't worry about Eric with Stephanie. Donna thought that Stephanie was probably throwing herself at Eric. Hope said that they should let them each have their innocent little night with the enemy.

Oliver called Hope from the wedding. Hope said that she was shocked that Steffy had let him out of her clutches. Oliver said that he had managed to slip away. Hope wanted to know Steffy's "quarterback rating," as she was sure that Steffy had thrown several passes Oliver's way. Oliver said that all of the passes were incomplete. Hope warned Oliver not to let his guard down. She thanked him for calling and told him that it meant a lot to her.

Hope wondered how long the reception was going to last. Donna said, "Too long." As Donna stuffed her face with candy, she said that she didn't want Stephanie to stay in the guesthouse.

Taylor and Whip's wedding festivities continued. The guests clinked their champagne flutes as the couple kissed. Steffy and Oliver eyed each other as Thomas looked on.

Pam mentioned to Stephanie that she had just seen Ridge and Brooke leaving. Pam offered her sister some champagne, and said that it took the edge off. Stephanie said that she would wait for the "afterparty." Pam asked Stephanie what she was talking about. Stephanie said that Donna had called her and said that she didn't want her in the guesthouse. Pam sarcastically said, "We always do what Donna says -- don't we?"

Pam said that it was really happening -- that the "hot tamale's" days were numbered. Eric approached the sisters and asked them what they were grinning about. The women didn't respond, and Eric said that their conversation must have been interesting. Pam lied and said that they were talking about how fabulous everyone looked -- especially Stephanie. Stephanie told Pam to stop fishing for compliments. Eric said that Stephanie looked beautiful.

Taylor talked with Nick and Bridget. Nick complimented Taylor on her dress, which Bridget had designed. Nick told Taylor that perhaps Whip was the right guy for her. Taylor said, "Spoken like a very sensitive ex-husband." Aggie listened to the conversation from across the room.

Jackie told Owen how much she enjoyed being among family and friends. Owen said that, because they had been married in Hawaii, their loved ones hadn't been present for their wedding. Jackie said that she felt that their beach wedding was just perfect, and told Owen that she was even more in love with him than she had been on their wedding day. Owen glanced at Bridget, which Aggie noticed.

Oliver walked up to Aggie and said that he wished that she could forget that she had seen the video of Owen and Bridget making love. He told her to let it go. Aggie wondered if Bridget and Owen had let it go. She didn't think so.

Steffy went up to Oliver, undid his tie, and said that she was removing his first item of clothing for the night. She said that they had one more official duty, then they could disappear. Steffy and Oliver got the guests' attention, and presented Mr. and Mrs. Whip Jones' first dance.

Whip said that he had wanted a special way to tell Taylor what she meant to him, so he had enlisted the aid of his friend, Bo Davidson, to put his feelings into song. He told Taylor that the song was his wedding gift to her. Bo began playing his guitar, and sang a beautiful ballad as Whip and Taylor danced. As they whirled around the room, they remembered the important romantic moments that had led up to their wedding. When the song concluded, they kissed passionately.

The wedding continued, and the guests danced. Steffy danced with Oliver. Bridget danced with Nick, and Jackie danced with Owen. Nick cut in on Owen and Jackie -- he wanted a dance with his mother. This left Bridget and Owen in the awkward position of having to dance with each other. Aggie watched as Bridget told Owen that she felt uncomfortable dancing with him. Owen reminded her that they were at a wedding, and that no one would suspect anything.

Thomas told Steffy that he had seen her dancing with Oliver. Thomas wondered if she was in love with Oliver, or if it was an infatuation. Steffy replied, "Neither." Spotting Oliver, Steffy admonished him never to abandon his maid of honor. Oliver said that he thought that she would be safe with her brother. Thomas rolled his eyes. Steffy said that she didn't want to be safe.

Oliver thanked Owen for allowing him to stay at Owen's friend's beach house. Owen seemed confused, and said that he had forgotten about that. Oliver said that if Owen talked to his friend to thank him again, and, if he needed Oliver to leave, to let him know. Owen said that he would pass the message along. Owen, seemingly eager to end the conversation, asked Oliver to excuse him. Owen walked off.

Eric asked Stephanie if she were ready to leave. She told Eric that Donna had called and had made it clear that she didn't want Stephanie to stay in the guesthouse. Eric said that he had invited her to stay in there, and he wondered if Stephanie didn't want to. Before giving Stephanie a chance to answer, Eric said that he would get the car.

Oliver watched as Aggie approached Bridget and asked her if she meant what she had said about giving their friendship another chance. Bridget said that she was wondering the same thing about Aggie. Bridget said that sometimes, when Aggie looked at Bridget, she felt like Aggie was accusing her of something. Aggie wondered what she would have to accuse Bridget of. Oliver intervened and told the ladies to lighten up -- that they were at a wedding. He took Aggie away to take a picture. Nick walked up to Bridget and said that it was good to see her and Aggie talking.

Oliver told Aggie to lay off Bridget. Aggie said that Bridget was a guilty woman. Steffy walked up to Oliver and told him that the guests were almost gone, and the newlyweds were going to go upstairs. She told Oliver that they had the entire downstairs of the house to themselves.

Pam gave Whip a wedding gift. She suggested that Whip not shake it -- and said that if he didn't open it right away, to put it in the refrigerator. Whip sarcastically said, "I wonder what it could be." Referring to Whip, she said it was something that she had baked for a guy she still had a crush on. She joked that Taylor should sample the food first -- and then wait to see if anything happened.

Taylor made a little speech thanking her children for being there for her. She told the rest of the crowd how grateful she was that they were there to share her special day. She also paid tribute to Whip, whose energy and love could be felt in every corner of the room. Whip and Taylor kissed as the guests applauded.

In the bedroom, Whip and Taylor discussed the wedding and how successfully it had gone -- their only scare was when Ridge had interrupted the ceremony. They looked at each other passionately and began to make love.

Hope showed up at Taylor's to meet up with Oliver. He said that the wedding was good, and she suggested that they go out for some ice cream. Steffy entered the living room in a bikini and was shocked to see Hope there. She told Hope that it was considered rude to attend a wedding that she wasn't invited to. Hope said that it looked liked the wedding was over.

Hope told Steffy that she wasn't staying -- that she and Oliver were going out for ice cream. Oliver left to retrieve his iPod from Thomas. Steffy gave Hope some advice -- that women who clung were a turnoff. Hope said that it seemed to her that Steffy was the one being clingy. Steffy said that she didn't mean to be rude -- but Oliver was an adult and Hope was just a kid.

Steffy wondered why Hope and Oliver were going out for ice cream when there was wedding cake right there in the living room. She began handing Hope a knife to cut the cake, but purposely dropped it on the floor. When Hope bent over to pick up the knife, Steffy knocked the entire three-tiered cake on top of Hope. Hope sat on the floor, and was covered with cake, and looking completely embarrassed. Before Steffy left, she said, "Now you can have your cake, and eat it too." Oliver returned to the living room, kissed Hope, and said, "Chocolate. My favorite." Hope laughed.

Eric arrived home, and Donna was thrilled to see him. She said that she had made dinner. Donna's happiness quickly faded when Stephanie stepped in and said, "Would you mind setting the table for three?" Donna asked Eric what Stephanie was doing there. Stephanie said that she would just be in the guesthouse for a few days. Donna told Eric that she loved him, and that he had transformed her life -- but that there was a point where he had to leave the past in the past.

Donna continued to lecture Eric, and told him that he had to be loyal to her, not to Stephanie. Donna said that she could put up with Stephanie at the office, and that she could even put up with Stephanie's sister Pam, but that she had to draw the line at her home. She asked Eric to tell Stephanie to go.

Eric said that Stephanie was staying in the guesthouse. Donna said that she couldn't accept that. Eric wondered if Donna was giving him an ultimatum. Donna told Eric that she couldn't even put up with Stephanie for one night. She once again asked Eric to tell Stephanie to go.

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