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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 29, 2010 on AMC
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Monday, March 29, 2010

At the Chandler mansion, a process server handed an envelope to Adam and then requested Adam's signature. Meanwhile, Annie demanded to know what Colby was up to. Colby confidently informed Annie that Adam would never forgive Annie for filing for divorce. Annie quickly realized that the process server had delivered the divorce papers that Annie had requested from Liza. As the process server sneezed, Annie dashed into the foyer, snatched the envelope, and then raced to the fireplace to toss the envelope into the fire.

Everyone was stunned by Annie's odd behavior. Annie explained that the envelope had been covered in germs. According to Annie, she had been afraid that JR's recovery might have been jeopardized by the process server's illness. Brooke offered to fetch the process server to find out who had sent the envelope. Adam declined because he was certain that Barry had sent the papers regarding a shareholder's meeting. Annie relaxed and then announced that she intended to disinfect the house.

Colby followed Annie out of the room. Colby warned Annie that Adam would eventually learn that Annie had tried to serve him with divorce papers. Annie argued that she had never asked Liza to send the divorce papers. Colby smiled with satisfaction as she held up a recorder to show Annie that she had Annie's message on tape. "You little bitch. You set me up," Annie accused. Colby was unrepentant. Colby believed that Adam deserved to know exactly what Annie had destroyed in the fireplace.

Annie dared Colby to tell Adam. Annie was certain that it would be Annie's word against Colby's. Annie didn't think that Adam would believe his troubled daughter over his loving wife. Annie smiled maliciously as she promised that Colby would be stuck with an "evil wicked stepmother from hell," until the day that Annie died.

A short time later, Annie returned to the parlor and was wearing a pair of rubber gloves and carrying a sponge and can of disinfectant. Annie pretended to be determined to provide JR with a safe environment to recuperate in. Adam was grateful for Annie's concern. Annie soaked up the praise as she insisted that she just wanted to help in any way that she could. Colby hovered in the background and watched Annie. After Annie left the room, Adam wondered if Colby had something on her mind. Colby shook her head and then offered to let JR know that it was safe to return to the parlor.

In the hallway, JR demanded to know why Scott had not told JR about the shareholder's lawsuit. Scott explained that he had everything under control, so he hadn't wanted to worry JR while JR had been battling cancer. JR thought that the family business had taken a backseat for too long; he insisted that they couldn't afford to lose focus. Marissa walked up moments later. She insisted that it was too soon for JR to concern himself with work. Scott suggested that JR was consumed with work; he wondered if it reminded Marissa of someone else in the house.

Colby caught up with JR a short time later. She quickly told him about the divorce papers that Annie had destroyed in the fireplace. JR admitted that he never would have thought that Annie would file for divorce because of the prenuptial agreement. Colby confessed that it was unlikely that Annie would proceed with her plans after Colby's stunt. Colby was frustrated. She just wanted things the way that they had been when the family had been happy and healthy.

JR chuckled and then reminded Colby that they hadn't always been happy. Colby wondered if Adam would believe her about Annie's divorce papers. JR doubted it; he was certain that Adam would side with Annie. JR wanted Colby to trust him to handle the situation his own way.

In the parlor, Adam thanked Brooke for putting Annie on the cover of Tempo magazine. He explained that it had helped smooth things over between him and Annie. Brooke was glad that she could help, but she was concerned that she had overstayed her welcome. Brooke offered to move out, but Adam refused to let her. Later, Brooke revealed that Annie's website had over two thousand hits in one hour. Brooke was confident that they wouldn't have any problems selling the issue.

Adam was delighted to hear the news. He admitted that he wouldn't have known what to do without Brooke. Adam recalled how badly he had treated Brooke during their marriage. He regretted all of the lies and hurt surrounding Brooke's desire to have a baby. Brooke reminded Adam that something good had resulted from it: JR. Brooke credited Adam for never giving up on JR. She believed that it was one of the reasons that JR had turned out to be a wonderful man.

Adam leaned down to kiss Brooke on the top of her head. Afterwards, Adam didn't pull away. JR peeked into the parlor to see Brooke and Adam with their heads pressed close together. JR smiled and then stepped away from the doorway before Brooke or Adam spotted him.

Later, Adam took the opportunity to acknowledge all of those who were important to him. Adam officially welcomed JR home and Marissa into the family. Everyone raised their glasses to a smiling AJ and then Adam thanked Scott for taking care of the family business. Annie beamed with joy as Adam thanked her for saving JR's life. Annie's smiled turned guarded when JR expressed his gratitude for Annie's generosity.

At last, Adam turned to Brooke. Adam credited Brooke for drawing the family together; he believed that everyone was closer than ever because of Brooke's influence. Annie glared at Brooke as everyone stood up to go to the dinning room. JR lingered behind to once again thank Annie for saving his life. Annie suggested that JR drop the act. She hadn't bought any of it because she knew that he hated her.

Annie was shocked when JR revealed that he knew that Annie had planned to divorce Adam and that Annie had burned the papers to keep Adam from discovering her secret. Before Annie could respond, AJ returned for his father. AJ had saved the seat between him and Adam for JR. "That's exactly where I want to be," JR admitted.

Tad took a picture of Damon as Damon reached the bottom of the steps. Tad wanted Damon to have a reminder of the hangover. Tad lectured Damon on the dangers of drinking and taking pills. Moments later, Kathy and Jenny raced into the living room and then threw themselves at their father. They were excited about school and wanted to play a game. Krystal followed behind the girls; she suggested that Damon might not be up to playing. Damon disagreed. He swept up the girls into his arms and then started to leave the room, but Tad stopped him. Tad made it clear that he intended to finish their discussion later.

After Damon left the room with Kathy and Jenny, Tad grumbled about the noise that the girls had made. Krystal refused to ask the girls to tiptoe around just because Damon had a hangover. She confessed that she didn't really trust Damon around Kathy and Jenny. Tad pointed out that it wouldn't be a problem because Damon would be busy juggling community service and a job. "What job?" Krystal wondered.

Tad explained that he had something in the works. Moments later, Tad's cell phone rang. It was Randi. Randi was returning Tad's call. Tad wondered if there was work available at Fusion. Randi admitted that they didn't have any openings that paid, but there was an internship available, which would give someone a foot in the door.

A short time later, Damon returned to the living room. Damon announced that he wanted to take the girls to see the new Alice in Wonderland movie. Tad revealed that the girls had the original version on tape in their room. Tad told Damon about the job opportunity at Fusion and then suggested that Damon change clothes.

Later, Tad and Damon arrived at Fusion. Randi led them to Erica's office, where Randi intended to interview Damon for the job. Damon didn't waste any time flirting with Randi. Tad was taken aback by Damon's unprofessional conduct. Tad quickly informed Damon that Randi was married and then suggested that Damon focus on the interview. After Tad left, Randi told Damon about the job.

Randi revealed that the job offered school credits. Damon admitted that he wasn't interested in attending school, so it didn't matter. Randi wondered if Damon had any references. Damon confessed that he didn't have any, but there was a girl named Cherry at the hospital who could vouch for him; however, Damon didn't know her last name. "Cherry Patterson?" Randi wondered. Damon was surprised that Randi knew her. Randi revealed that her husband was a doctor at the hospital and her mother-in-law was the chief of staff.

"You're a Hubbard?" Damon groaned. He admitted that Angie might not give him a glowing recommendation because Angie considered Damon to be a slacker. Randi assured Damon that Tad's reference was sufficient. She let him know that he had the job if he wanted it. Damon eagerly accepted the job until Randi assigned him to help with the inventory. Damon appeared overwhelmed by the spreadsheets. He confessed that he had changed his mind about the job and then rushed out of the office.

At home, Tad revealed to Krystal that Damon had torn out of Fusion, but Tad had no idea why. Krystal suspected that Randi might not have told Tad everything that had transpired during the interview. Tad disagreed; he explained that Randi wouldn't have any reason to hold back. Tad debated telling Damon about the paternity test. Krystal warned Tad that the truth might cause more problems.

Tad insisted that something needed to be done before Damon ended up wrapped around a telephone pole. Moments later, Damon returned home. Krystal quickly excused herself while Tad questioned Damon about the job interview. Tad was careful not to reveal that he knew about Damon's hasty exit. Damon claimed that the interview had been a bust. Tad offered to help Damon find another job, but Damon wasn't interested. Damon explained that the numbers on the spreadsheet had overwhelmed him.

Tad laughed, thinking that Damon had been joking. Damon was humiliated; he explained that he hadn't graduated from high school. Tad tried to talk to Damon about it, but Damon ran out of the house before Tad could stop him.

Greenlee tracked David to Liza's apartment, but Ryan was close behind her. Greenlee was furious that Ryan had followed her. As Greenlee yelled at Ryan, David tried to slip out of the apartment. Ryan quickly blocked the exit and then physically restrained David. Jesse arrived moments later and promptly placed David under arrest. Greenlee's temper flared when Jesse thanked Ryan for calling.

Liza revealed that she was David's attorney. She claimed that David had intended to turn himself in. As proof, Liza claimed that she had called Jesse to make the arrangements. Jesse checked his phone to confirm that Liza had called. Liza explained that she hadn't left a message because she and David hadn't worked out all of the particulars. David backed up Liza's story.

At the police station, Greenlee demanded to know what David's options were. Liza admitted that she couldn't mount a reasonable defense without Greenlee's testimony; however, David wouldn't consider it. Liza implored Greenlee to discuss it with David. Greenlee was curious what Liza was up to. She questioned Liza's motives because of Liza's connection to Tad.

Liza argued that David had trusted Liza enough to hire her. Greenlee didn't care; she didn't trust anyone, especially Liza. Ryan hovered nearby and listened to the exchange. After Liza went to check on David, Ryan tried to talk to Greenlee. Ryan insisted that he had been honest with her at the casino. Greenlee believed that Ryan cared about her. Greenlee explained that the problem was that no one seemed to care enough to respect her choices.

Ryan didn't want to see Greenlee hurt. Greenlee admitted that she was disappointed because she had thought that they could actually be real friends. Greenlee accused Ryan of suffering from a "white knight" complex because he had a need to rescue women. Greenlee assured Ryan that she was capable of taking care of herself; she had done it her entire life.

Jesse pulled Ryan aside to thank him for not blowing Natalia's cover. Ryan was relieved that David was finally where David belonged. Jesse wanted Ryan to let Jesse do his job. Ryan agreed because he realized that he had made David a martyr in Greenlee's eyes.

Jesse admitted that seeing David behind bars made Jesse's job worthwhile. David suggested that Jesse enjoy it while it lasted. David vowed to be a free man soon. After Jesse walked away, Liza approached David. David made it clear that he didn't want Greenlee anywhere near him or his legal troubles. Liza warned David that Greenlee refused to go anywhere.

David wondered why Liza had agreed to represent him. Liza confessed that two million dollars wasn't anything to sneeze at. David was frustrated because he was in jail. Liza pointed out that David had only himself to blame because he had known that Ryan and Jesse had been tracking Greenlee's every move. However, she believed that Greenlee was also the key to David's freedom. David didn't want to hear it; he didn't have any intention of involving Greenlee.

Later, Liza informed Jesse that David would be arraigned the following day. Jesse wondered if Tad were aware that David had hired Liza. Liza made it clear that her clients were her business, not Tad's. Jesse was curious what Liza gained from representing David. Liza explained that she would get a huge retainer and lots of publicity.

Jesse confessed that she sounded like the same Liza who had once falsely accused him of rape to drive him out of town. Liza was hurt that he would remind her of that time. She pointed out that Jesse wasn't in any position to judge her because he had compromised himself for his job on a few occasions. Jesse accused Liza of sounding just like David.

Greenlee went to visit David. She apologized for leading Ryan to David. David assured her that the cops would have eventually caught him, so he didn't blame her. Greenlee wondered why David had hired Liza. David believed that Liza was his best shot at freedom. Greenlee wanted to help David. She was confident that she could make a difference, but David didn't want to drag her into his mess. Greenlee argued that it was her right because she was his wife

David insisted that their marriage would be over when the trial ended. He reminded her that they had never planned on staying married. David pointed out that Greenlee had only married him to get back at Ryan. Greenlee caught a glimpse of Ryan out of the corner of her eye, so she realized that Ryan was eavesdropping.

Greenlee confessed that David mattered to her more than she had realized. Greenlee claimed that she loved him. David watched Greenlee intently as Greenlee repeated her declaration.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

At the hospital, a nurse told Jake that he had one more patient to see before his night shift ended. He wandered into an exam room to find his wife seductively perched on a table with a serious case of insomnia that only one doctor could cure. After kissing her, Jake figured that her new job, not missing him, had made her restless.

Amanda worried that the job would consume their lives. Jake promised that it would be okay, and she decided to tell Erica that family was Amanda's first priority. Jake reassured Amanda that nothing would interfere with their family. He also refused to be called "Mr. Amanda Dillon" or "Mr. Amanda Martin." Jake proposed that they dub themselves "Jamanda." Amanda giggled as Jake announced that "Jamanda" was leaving the building.

On his morning jog, Ryan encountered Tad, who'd been looking for Damon all night. Discussing David's arrest, Ryan remarked that Greenlee claimed to have fallen in love with David. Tad figured that Greenlee would see the light, but Ryan was done waiting on the obstinate Greenlee. Tad asked if Ryan would really let Hayward have Greenlee.

Ryan said that if he fought, Greenlee would fight back harder. Ryan realized that she harbored hatred against him for her lost year. Tad quipped that if he'd pulled a "Rip Van Winkle," he'd be angry, too. Ryan stated that Greenlee couldn't forgive him for the accident, and he couldn't forgive himself, either.

After Tad left, Madison happened by Ryan's bench as he rested from his workout. She asked him to accompany her to breakfast. "Why not?" he asked.

Later, Tad returned home without Damon. Krystal offered to call Jesse, but Tad wanted to wait. He felt that Damon would eventually realize that his best option was to return home.

In the interrogation room, Jesse surprised Angie with a special breakfast. As they celebrated the demise of David Hayward, Angie was shocked that Liza would defend the man. Jesse asserted that David would go down, with or without Liza.

Since Jesse and Angie hadn't spent much time together, Jesse proposed taking her on a getaway to anywhere in the world. Angie suggested the "corner of Valley Road and Route 40," which was the site of the Evergreen Motel. She said she couldn't think of any place better than where they'd spent their first honeymoon. "Don't forget to pack the daffodils," Angie instructed.

Angie took a troubling call, but before she told Jesse about it, she asked him to listen as a husband, not a cop. Angie explained that Damon had disappeared, and Jesse replied that he'd have to respond as a cop if Damon had skipped town. Angie asked Jesse to give Tad time to find Damon. Angie wanted to help Damon, because he reminded her of Jesse in his "gangster" youth. Jesse joked that Damon had better watch out, because Angie had him on her radar.

In the mansion attic, Colby saw Damon pop out of the shadows. He said he'd had no place else to go. He'd just wanted to talk to Colby, because he had no one else.

Damon explained his frustration with Tad, Krystal, and Angie, who were on his case about getting drunk. Damon wished that they'd back off, but Colby thought that it was cool how they cared for him. Damon didn't want them meddling in his life, and Colby asked what he was hiding. Damon cut the conversation off and headed for the door. Colby stopped him and explained that she could use a friend, too.

Colby confided to still having contentions with Liza over divorcing Adam. Colby talked about Adam's preoccupation with Annie and his worries about JR. Colby felt that she had to scream just to be heard around there. Colby wanted to matter in life, and Damon assured her that she would. They talked about how cool it would be to figure out why they were on the planet. They fist-bumped each other and grinned.

Greenlee showed up at the jail with David's suit for his arraignment. "You said you love me," David uttered. Greenlee affirmed that she'd meant it. He figured that she'd only said it for Ryan's benefit. She admitted that she'd wanted Ryan to hear her say it, but it was true.

Greenlee claimed that she didn't love Ryan anymore, but David said that denial wouldn't make it disappear. She reasoned that love wasn't all hearts and flowers; it was two people who needed each other and couldn't wait to be together. David told her to go home to get some sleep. She asked why he wouldn't believe her, and he exclaimed that he had to protect himself.

Greenlee stated that he didn't have to protect himself from his wife. She'd already realized his feelings from the moment that he'd kissed her, but she hadn't been ready to respond. David insisted that she still wasn't ready. He claimed that he was a heartless "bastard," who decimated the women in his life. Greenlee pressed him to about his feelings until he finally confessed that he loved her, and it was scaring the "hell" out of him. "And that's why it has to end right now! And if it doesn't-then God help us both!" he exclaimed.

David, who doubted that she shared the depths of his feelings, said his love crushed people. Greenlee reached for him, but he pulled back. He said he'd sworn to protect her, even if it meant protecting her from himself. He ordered her to never say that she loved him again unless she meant it. If she ever did say it again, he'd fight until the day he died to be worthy of her love.

David stroked Greenlee's chin and suggested that she go home to rest. She told him to rest, too, because they had a long day ahead. She left, and David uttered, "Till the day I die."

In the mansion parlor, Annie encountered JR, who said he couldn't stay asleep due to the homecoming excitement of the previous night. Annie felt that JR was restless because he couldn't wait to nail her over the divorce papers incident. JR said the papers didn't matter, because she'd burned them. He assumed that meant that she wasn't planning a divorce after all.

Annie figured that Colby and JR were still after Annie, but JR said that he'd asked Colby to back off, because Annie had saved his life. Annie didn't buy his gratitude routine. JR stated that he'd hated Annie for the transplant, but after he'd awakened morning after morning to discover that he was still alive, he realized that Annie had given him a second chance with his family. He wanted to use the chance to create common ground with her. Annie didn't buy that either. JR retorted that he didn't believe that her donation had been selfless, but he hoped that she was just as willing as he was to let go of some of the hatred between them.

AJ rushed in with Marissa close behind. Having seen JR's bed empty, AJ had worried that JR had gotten sick again. JR explained that it wouldn't happen, because Annie had saved JR's life. AJ hugged Annie, and Annie went upstairs to get some sleep.

JR put his son to bed and returned to the parlor, where Marissa revealed that David had been arrested. She hadn't wanted to tell JR because she'd felt guilty for wishing that her own father would vanish. "I've had that thought-more than once," JR replied. He promised to stand by her. Marissa said that holding her hand was the last thing he needed after all he was dealing with, but JR said that her hand was the only hand that he ever wanted to hold.

Upstairs, Annie slipped back into bed. Adam awakened and beamed that everything was great for their family. Annie asked him to say that he loved her and that things would get better from there. He dreamily complied, and she lay on his shoulder. As he slept, Adam rolled over and cuddled Annie in bed. In his dream, however, he was holding Brooke.

While having breakfast at a café, Erica was surprised to see Brooke enter. Brooke unenthusiastically greeted Erica, and the ladies caught up on business. Brooke asked how Greenlee handled Erica's input at Fusion. Erica stated that not every woman competed with Erica the way that Brooke had.

Erica changed the subject to Brooke's love life. Brooke vaguely said that she was happy. Erica wondered if Brooke noticed how Annie traipsed around the house barely dressed, but Brooke said she hadn't. Erica suggested that Brooke take note, if she wanted a shot at Adam.

As Brooke stood to leave, Erica apologized for jumping to conclusions, but she felt that Adam needed all the help he could get with that "gold digger" in the house. Erica insinuated that Adam needed an older, wiser woman in his life. "I'm not on the market," Brooke declared.

Just then, Jack entered and welcomed Brooke back to town with a hug. Brooke noted the look in Erica's eyes as Erica asked Jack to join her. Brooke hugged Jack goodbye and whispered in his ear that she was praying for him.

When Brooke returned to the mansion later, JR thanked her for her support. He remarked that he'd seen her and Adam together the previous night. "Leave it alone," she said and went upstairs. JR grinned.

Back at the café, Jackson told Erica that Brooke would put the magazine back on track. Erica quipped that all Brooke had was her work. He stated that everyone needed love. With a pointed gaze, Erica stated that she and Jack had done it before, but it always fell apart. Jackson said that no matter how many times they parted, they inevitably wound up back in each other's arms. Erica called him dramatic, and she rose to leave. Jack drew her in for a parting kiss. He said, "See ya," and walked out, leaving Erica amazed.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

In the park, Jake, Amanda, and Trevor met Jane, a prospective nanny for Trevor; Jane also worked for Krystal. Jake and Amanda liked Jane, but they were anxious about leaving Trevor with someone for the first time. As an experienced nanny, Jane understood their fears.

Jake took everyone for a "test drive" lunch at ConFusion. Once there, Jane offered to stroll Trevor through the park. The Martins agreed, but Amanda was reluctant to hand the child over. Jake coaxed his wife into letting Jane and Trevor go. As Jane left with Trevor, Amanda tittered on the verge of tears. "I don't think I can do this," she said.

Jake reassured his wife that it was something that they'd get used to. He felt that they should be celebrating how great their life was. Amanda calmed down and left for the bathroom. Around the corner, she called Jane, who reported that Trevor was doing just fine. At the table, Jake called Jane, too, but got her voicemail.

Amanda returned to find Jake behaving anxiously. He excused himself to the men's room, but went around the corner to call Jane again. As Jane reassured him, Amanda left Jane a message. When Jake returned to the table, Jane called him and asked him to put her on speakerphone. Jane ordered the Martins to chill, because Trevor was just fine. After the call, Jake figured that they'd "pissed off" the best babysitter in town.

When the Martin's retrieved Trevor, Jane said it wouldn't work out. Six calls and six voicemails within an hour were too much for her. Jake promised that they'd change, but Jane just didn't think their family was ready for the "two career thing."

At ConFusion, Erica thought it was kismet to see Jackson twice in one day; however, she soured when Brooke approached and thanked Jackson for his lunch invitation. Brooke invited Erica to join them. Erica declined, but asked Brooke to stop into Fusion to talk after lunch. Jackson grinned, watching Erica leave, and Brooke noted that it was more than a friendly smile.

Jackson didn't know where things stood with Erica, but he'd been bored with Paris, because something had been missing. "Erica?" Brooke asked. He hoped that Brooke had been serious about praying for him, because he needed all the help he could get with Erica.

Jack asked why Brooke was at the mansion. Brooke snarled that she wasn't there to break up Adam's marriage. She apologized for snapping, but she was tired of people thinking that she wanted Adam. Jack suggested that she stop the gossip by moving out, but Brooke felt that she needed to be there. With all the bustle and turmoil in the mansion, Brooke feared that something could happen with Adam's heart, and no one would even know.

Over lunch at Erica's desk, Opal assumed that she'd been summoned there to discuss Jackson. "Maybe there are some sparks between us," Erica considered. In a huff, Erica said that it had never worked between her and Jack, and it probably never would. Opal figured that Jack loved Erica, but Erica needed to be honest about her feelings.

Erica asserted that Greenlee would quell a sequel to the Jackson and Erica saga. Opal reasoned that Erica's excuses didn't matter, because the feelings were still there. Erica realized that any woman would be lucky to have Jackson, but she worried that she'd miss out on her soul mate if she went down the wrong path with Jack again. Opal said that while Erica busily looked under every rock and bush for "Mr. Right," he could be right in front of her.

After lunch, Brooke arrived in Erica's office, and Erica asked if the magazine could do a feature on Amanda Dillon. Brooke said she'd have someone call to set it up. As Brooke turned to leave, Erica asked how lunch had gone. Brooke said it had been lovely to catch up with Jack, but she wondered what Erica felt for him. Erica claimed that she and Jack were just friends-sort of like Brooke and Adam. Brooke stated that if Erica cared about Jack at all, she'd do him a favor. "And what? Leave him alone?" Erica assumed. Erica said that if they needed Brooke's advice, they'd be sure to ask for it.

As Colby sneaked Damon out of the mansion, Tad, Krystal, and Angie stood in the Martin house contemplating calling Jesse in on the search for Damon. Krystal feared that Damon would get his probation revoked, and Tad worried that Damon was drunk in a gutter somewhere. Tad figured that it was Karma for him to have a kid so well versed in ways to get into trouble.

Just then, the jovial Colby and Damon breezed in but stopped laughing when they saw Tad's stern face. Tad asked where the "hell" Damon had been, to which Damon said, "Out." Tad lectured Damon about not calling, and Damon retorted, "You're not my daddy, so back off!"

Tad stated that he just needed to know that he could trust Damon. Angie suggested that Tad not monitor Damon's every move, but in return, Damon be open to sharing his whereabouts with Tad. Damon agreed, and Tad apologized for his wrath. Tad offered to get Damon a tutor, and Colby volunteered to do it. Damon said he'd consider it, and Angie took Damon to the hospital for his shift.

Later, Krystal told Tad that she was meeting with Jackson to end her candy store contract. She'd figured that it was the wrong time to start a business, but Tad guessed that she'd quit the idea because of Rob. Tad wished that she'd let him help, but she indicated that he had a lot going on with Damon and Liza. He confided that he'd cooled things with Liza. Krystal said she was sorry, but Tad reasoned that it was like Krystal had said: he had enough to deal with.

At the casino later, Tad called to ask Bolo to break into the Ohio mainframe to find out any information about Damon Miller.

At Jackson's new office, Jackson told Krystal that all she had to do to get out of her contract was to cover prep costs. She said that she'd wanted a career that she could be passionate about, but the candy store just wouldn't work. Jack noted that she was sorting his law books, and she said she'd been a paralegal. "Really? How do you get along with computers?" he asked.

Krystal hadn't expected to be offered a job, and Jackson hadn't expected to be asking. She joked that her last boss was more interested in her legs than her brains, but Jack assured her that it wouldn't happen in his office. Just then, Erica arrived to see them laughing together.

While mopping at the hospital later, Damon overheard a young boy named Charles arguing with hospital staff. Charles was a runaway who'd twisted his ankle while escaping after a shoplifting attempt. Angie sent Damon to clean the boy's room, and once Damon entered, Charles called him a jerk. "Wanna see something cool?" Damon asked. Angie strode up to the door in time to see Damon teaching Charles some card tricks.

In the mansion parlor with JR and Annie, Marissa told JR to stay away from her, because she was getting a cold. She left for a doctor's appointment, and Annie hoped that it wasn't serious. "You do care!" JR exclaimed. Annie retorted that she indeed cared. In fact, she'd been trying to keep the peace in the family, while Colby and JR had busily spread the hate. Annie asked him to excuse her for not buying the "I want to be your friend" act.

JR realized that Colby and he had been jerks, but he'd figured out how Annie had been there for Adam while JR had been drinking. He knew that Annie had also stood by Adam through all the family struggles. JR figured that Adam would have been dead had it not been for her. Annie said that JR could go to "hell," because she knew how much he hated her. JR asserted that it wasn't hate that he felt; it was jealousy.

Colby slipped into the house and eavesdropped on the conversation from the parlor door. Annie figured that JR must have been drinking again to say something like that. JR claimed that almost dying had changed his perspective on things, and he owed that to Annie. Just then, Colby entered, and JR said that he was telling Annie that they all needed to get along.

Annie left to take a call, and Colby lauded JR for his believability. Colby realized that JR wanted to save Adam, but she wondered how far JR would go. He replied that he'd go as far as necessary. "All the way to the bedroom?" Colby asked. JR said he didn't have to seduce Annie to get rid of her.

Annie rushed back in to announce that Congressman Wilton had loved the Tempo article about them, and he wanted them to testify before a congressional subcommittee to get more funding for research. Annie was afraid to do it, but JR figured that once it fell into place, he'd have the okay to accompany her. Annie still fretted, but JR said she couldn't refuse a great cause. He urged her to focus on the good, and insisted she'd be an inspiration.

Just then, Marissa called JR to say that she had H1N1, which meant that she couldn't be near JR. She planned to stay at Tad and Krystal's house, but she hated leaving JR. He told her to concentrate on getting better. Glancing at Annie, he said he'd be well taken care of.

Brooke entered the parlor, and JR announced the news about the congressional hearing. Brooke asked what Adam thought about it, but Annie said that she'd let a tired Adam sleep in. Brooke raged that it was past noon and strode off to check on him. Stopping Brooke, Annie asserted that she'd do it because she was his wife. "Then start acting like it!" Brooke yelled.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

At Fusion with Greenlee, Natalia explained that she'd gotten her police job back. Greenlee remarked that it wasn't every day that one turned down five grand to write speeding tickets. Natalia's mouth fell open, and she repeated the amount. Natalia asked if it were possible for her to moonlight at her modeling gig, because she wanted both jobs. Greenlee figured that a real woman, working by day and hitting the town at night, could enhance the ad campaign, and she asked Madison to draw up Natalia's contract.

In a jail cell after David's arraignment, Liza said that David could have made bail if he'd turned himself in as she'd instructed. David was glad that Greenlee hadn't shown up in court, but Liza felt that pushing Greenlee away would undermine his defense. He retorted that excuses were for losers, and he demanded to hear Liza's plan to win his case. Liza recommended destroying Nurse Gayle's character, and David asked what Liza was waiting for. "Get out there and find someone to take her down," he instructed.

Later, Greenlee arrived to explain that she hadn't been at the hearing because she'd already known it was a done deal. Instead, she'd taken the time to tie up Fusion business, so that she could be at his trial every day, whether he liked it or not. David warned that if she showed up in court, people would only see her as his victim, but she quipped that she was no one's victim.

Greenlee said that he didn't buy his excuses any more than she did. She knew that she could help him, but she didn't know why he wouldn't let her. Greenlee vowed to figure out why he was alienating her, but David swore that he was just fighting for his life. She figured that he didn't fear what would happen if she attended court; instead, he feared that she'd discover something that had already happened. She demanded to know what he was trying so hard to hide.

"You two sound like you were having fun," Erica said to Krystal and Jackson as Jackson welcomed Erica into his office. Krystal thanked Jack for the job and took off to deal with a text message that she'd received. Erica reasoned that Jackson was "Mr. Popular." He quizzically stared at her, and she said, "First Brooke, then Krystal."

Erica questioned Jack's decision to hire Krystal, but Jack said he'd rather hire someone he knew than wade through several employees to find the right one. Erica persisted that Krystal might not be best, and Jack said that Erica wanted to stir things up. Erica claimed that Jack always blamed her for nonexistent problems, and she never should have let him kiss her.

Jackson contended that he'd stolen that kiss fair and square. He accused Erica of playing games with him, and said it would be flattering if it weren't so annoying. He asserted that if she wouldn't let him into her life, she couldn't dare control his. Erica was sorry that he couldn't handle being friends. He asked if she actually had a reason for being there. "To ask you out on a date, but you can forget about that now," she huffed and left.

When Erica arrived at Fusion, Jackson stormed in behind her and demanded to speak to her in her office. Madison and Randi uncomfortably looked on as Erica ordered Jack to speak on the spot, because she was quite busy. Jack demanded that she stop reeling him in and tossing him back. He ordered her to stop playing games and to stop running from him. An offended Erica said she didn't run from anyone; she just wanted him to go away. As she strode into her office, Jack told Madison and Randi, "That's her running away."

Jackson pursued Erica into her office and called her scared. Erica retorted, "Read my lips. I am not scared!" He challenged her to prove it by asking him on the date. "Now, right here! Downstairs, ConFusion!" she barked and grabbed her purse.

At the casino, Tad was $10,000 in the hole. From across the room, Ryan nodded when Tad asked Craig to double Tad's credit limit. Tad lost more and decided to try another table. Ryan caught up to Tad, who said he hadn't figured out who was stealing from the casino customers yet. Ryan worried that the grifter had a partner, but Tad said he had a partner, too. At a table, Krystal donned sunglasses and a hat. "Momma needs a new pair of shoes!" she hollered.

Ryan questioned Krystal's abilities, but Tad warned that Ryan wouldn't do that if he'd played just one hand with her. Tad joined Krystal's game, and they pretended to be fun-loving strangers. Ryan strode over, and Tad asked about Krystal's hat. She said it belonged to her ex-mother-in-law, and Ryan sarcastically asked what man was fool enough to let Krystal go. "Read them and weep," she said, picking up her chips.

Tad and Ryan watched the casino like hawks as the cards and chips exchanged hands. Tad zeroed in on Craig and glanced at Ryan, who was also observing Craig. Tad nodded, and Ryan pursued Craig into the bar, where Ryan flipped open Craig's palm to reveal a chip that he'd swiped from Krystal's stack. Tad and Krystal approached to bolster Ryan's claim that Craig had stolen the chip, and security arrived to lead Craig away.

Ryan, Tad, and Krystal congratulated each other. Tad gave the victory to Krystal, who'd been counting her chips. Krystal left, and Ryan realized that he was out of a casino manager. Ryan wondered if Tad were in the market for a new job. Tad said that he loved Ryan, but he had too much on his plate. As Tad walked around the place, he seemed to still be pondering the offer.

"One question," Tad asked, reapproaching Ryan, "Can I wear a tuxedo like they do in The Sting?" Ryan said Tad could wear whatever he wanted, and the men shook on it.

Krystal went to the hospital, where Liza was gathering character witnesses against Gayle. Krystal lambasted Liza for representing David and figured that it was why Tad had left Liza. Liza rasped that Krystal really should stop playing innocent in regards to Tad.

Krystal was still clueless, so Liza elaborated that Krystal was playing Tad's "wifey." Liza thought it was ironic that she'd help exonerate the man who'd broken up Tad and Krystal's marriage. "I'm gonna go get him off, so you can do it again," Liza quipped. Liza realized that she got blamed for many things, but at least her dirty cards were on the table.

Krystal returned home, where a sick Marissa was considering checking into the Yacht Club. Krystal wouldn't hear of it, and Marissa said that Krystal deserved a lot of credit for the home that she'd created. Marissa felt guilty for leaving JR; however, she noted that things had calmed down at the mansion, and JR was even making peace with Annie.

Adam entered the mansion parlor as Annie and Brooke argued over who'd check on him. Annie remarked that Brooke seemed to think that he was on death's door for some reason. JR told Adam about Marissa's illness and then announced the news about the congressional subcommittee hearing to increase funding for bone marrow research. Annie still worried about speaking before Congress, but Adam thought that she'd do just fine.

Adam left with Brooke pursuing him to discuss business, and JR remarked that Annie didn't like Brooke. Annie said that everyone fawned all over Brooke, but Annie didn't trust the woman. JR claimed that exes could be friends, and people's feelings of love and hatred sometimes evolved. Annie figured that he wasn't just talking about Adam and Brooke anymore, but Annie still wasn't buying JR's newfound sincerity toward her. JR retorted that he had better things to do than pummel her into friendship.

JR called Marissa to check on her, and he announced the news about the hearing. Annie listened in the background as Congressman Wilton called on the other line. Once off the phone, JR said that the congressman needed an answer. Annie groaned with anxiety, but after failing to sell her on the idea of saving people's lives, JR asserted that they were attending the hearing.

Annie left to get dressed, and JR called Congressman Wilton to thank him for doing the Chandler family a favor by calling witnesses, even though it wasn't the normal course of action. JR asked Wilton not to tell Annie that it had all been JR's idea.

In the park, Brooke nagged Adam about having some ice cream. She assured him that she hadn't told anyone about his health, but it was hard being the only one who knew about it. Adam told her to step in at any time, because it was good to know that someone without motives cared for him. He offered her a spoonful of ice cream, and she giggled.

Later, Brooke seemed down, and Adam asked what was wrong. Brooke was sad that her children were spread around the globe, and she hardly got to see them. Being back in Pine Valley had caused her to have "empty nest syndrome," and they joked about Adam's inability to let his children go.

Brooke apologized for being concerned in front of Annie about him sleeping late. Adam said that after his dream, he'd awakened well rested and happier than ever. Brooke wondered about his dream, but he couldn't remember it. Suddenly, his mind recalled him sleeping beside Brooke. He looked surprised, and Brooke asked what was wrong.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Adam initially told Brooke that he couldn't remember what he'd dreamed about the night before. He admitted that he'd woken up happier than he'd felt in a long time. With that, Adam flashed back to his dream, and revealed to Brooke that she'd been involved. Brooke laughed nervously, but Adam assured her that it was purely platonic.

Adam said that in his dream, he and Brooke were dancing. He was amused because it had been so long since that had actually happened. Brooke noted that Annie probably wasn't happy to be on the sidelines, but Adam said that Annie wasn't in the dream.

After Adam returned with some coffee, Brooke said that they needed to talk. Brooke stated that because things had fallen in line with JR's health and Scott's handling of the business, Adam had plenty of time to work on his marriage. Brooke said that Adam needed to cut the cord between the two of them and start to share more of himself with his family -- especially with respect to his health.

Adam said that he wasn't ready to tell his family the truth about his health. Brooke wanted to know why. Adam told her that the choice was easy because he could confide in Brooke. Brooke said that their arrangement was meant to be temporary. When Adam asked if it could remain temporary a little longer, Brooke said that it wasn't her place to be his confidante.

Adam admitted that he'd moved on with his life while Brooke was gone. He told her that things changed for him when she showed up again. Brooke insisted that she had returned for Tempo, but Adam thought she needed to reconnect. Adam told her that he felt grateful whenever she was around. Brooke told him that they both needed to respect his marriage.

Later, Adam returned home and when he entered the living room, he saw a woman silhouetted by the window. Without a second thought, he called out Brooke's name.

When Colby met up with her mother at ConFusion, she told Liza that she would receive course credits for being a tutor. Liza was excited about the prospect until she found out that Damon was the student. Liza was convinced that Damon would never amount to anything and asked Colby why she wanted to be with him.

Liza spun a tale of how someone like Damon could reel Colby in and be exactly who she wanted him to be until he broke her heart. Colby insisted that she wouldn't get hung up on someone who wasn't really interested in her. Liza though that Colby liked the role of savior. Colby fired back that Liza was doing the same thing for David. Colby asked why playing hero was okay for Liza but not for Colby.

Liza swore that her situation with David and Colby's with Damon were two different things. Liza warned her daughter that there was danger in sticking with Damon. Liza told the story of what Tad had been like at Damon's age and how Liza had forgiven all of his faults. Colby understood that Tad had broken her mother's heart at one time but said it didn't matter because Liza and Tad were together.

Liza avoided eye contact, and Colby realized that there was more going on than she knew. She called Liza out on letting her personal drama warp her view of Colby's friendship with Damon. Furious, Colby grabbed her things and stormed out.

Angie called Tad to the hospital and filled him in on the patient that had been there. Angie said that Damon had defied all odds and made a connection with the young boy. Tad was amazed, and Angie wanted to know how Damon had been so successful. Damon, who was mopping down the hall, caught sight of them.

Angie and Tad moved into the nearby waiting room. Tad wanted to know why Angie was concerned. Angie said that the two sides of Damon -- the troublemaker and the talented communicator -- didn't fit. Tad thought that perhaps the sides weren't supposed to fit, and that their job was to make sure the better side won.

Their conversation stalled when Damon showed up in the doorway and wanted to know if Tad was checking up on him. Pride swelled in Tad's voice as he filled Damon in on what Angie had shared. Damon didn't think it was a big deal, but Tad thought Damon might have a gift. Damon was sure he hadn't done anything special.

Tad thought that Damon could build a career on the natural skills he had, but Damon just wanted to be left alone so that he could go back to work. Tad refused to comply until Damon confessed why a future was so difficult to talk about. Damon said that he was only good for manual labor, but Colby walked in and said that things would change.

Colby showed Damon the documentation what would allow her to tutor him. Tad and Angie listed off a number of people that did great things with their life after they obtained their GED. Damon started to shake with anger and asked if there was any other part of his life they wanted to control. Tad said that they all just wanted to help, but Damon forbade them from further attempts at assistance.

Tad continued to try to convince Damon of his potential. Damon got overwhelmed because Tad refused to stop talking. Damon said that he needed to go for a drive, but Tad didn't think Damon would get very far without a car. Damon quickly grabbed Colby's keys and took off. Colby called after him, but when she saw that Damon hadn't stopped, she ran after him.

Tad told Angie that he was frustrated over not being able to connect with Damon. Tad said that he'd tried everything he could think of but nothing had worked. Tad showed Damon's transcripts to Angie and said that he'd procured them in an attempt to get to know his son better. Angie thought that Tad knew how to be a great father because he'd already helped to raise two terrific sons. Tad said that Damon was different because he acted just as Tad did at that age.

Tad admitted he was unsure of what to do to reach his son. Angie suggested that as long as Tad honored the vow of silence Hillary had taken, Tad would have a parenting disadvantage. Tad decided to take a walk and think things over. Angie realized belatedly that she'd not returned Damon's transcripts. Before she could call Tad back, she spotted something of interest on the papers.

Colby caught up with Damon just before he took off in her car. She told him that she wanted to help him find a way to control his temper. Damon said that he just wanted everyone to back off and let him live his life. As he drove erratically at a high rate of speed, he confessed that he missed his son. He told Colby that he'd requested a new picture of Stuart and was angry because Bailey hadn't complied.

Damon decided that he needed to text Bailey again immediately. Colby worried that they would have an accident if Damon didn't pay attention to the road. She told Damon to hand over his phone and said that she would text Bailey for him. Damon completed the message and hoped that Colby would stop worrying. Before he could set the phone down, they realized the car was headed directly into oncoming traffic.

Jack and Erica went to ConFusion on their "date" and immediately butted heads over seating. The server thought they might be happier at separate tables but Jack was determined to make the most of his time with Erica. As Jack pulled out Erica's chair, she told him not to make her regret their date. After they got settled at the table, Erica asked why they were maintaining the ruse of enjoying each other's company.

Jack told a tale from his high school years where he'd had the reputation of a ladies' man. He told Erica that he'd been proud of that reputation until an intimidating girl had asked him out. Jack turned her down and the young woman never looked his way again. Erica surmised that Jack wanted to avoid dealing with that kind of situation again. The server approached and squashed any additional conversation. Erica started to ask about the special, but Jack took the menu from her hand and placed an order for both of them. Erica was stunned at the bold move. When the server walked away, Erica asked if the young woman from high school knew how rude Jack was.

Jack reminded Erica that after the first time they'd made love, she noted that she only needed three things from a man: his complete focus and attention, to be looked out for, and to feel special. Jack explained that he had done each of those things -- the table choice ensured his focus, and he had looked out for her because her meal choice contained an ingredient she despised. Erica asked how his high school tales fit into what she wanted. Jack said that he felt privileged and honored that she'd asked him out and added that Erica was more than special -- she was extraordinary.

Greenlee was bound and determined to find out why David refused to allow her at his trial. David insisted that he had nothing to hide, and simply pointed out that he wished to better his chances. Greenlee knew all about David's selfish side but said that she didn't believe his tale because he always put her first.

Greenlee said that she'd been amazed by David's dedication to her over the previous few months. During that time, Greenlee felt like she'd gotten to know David well enough to tell when he was lying. She pushed again for the truth, and finally, David said he would tell her everything.

David insisted that during his trial, everything that happened in the previous year would be laid bare for all to see. David felt that Greenlee needed to avoid a confrontation of her old demons. Greenlee felt that she could handle whatever was thrown her way, but David didn't believe her. Greenlee told him that she was capable of making her own decisions, and would do what she could to take the stand in his defense.

David thought that Greenlee would be unable to prepare herself for the effect the trial would have on her. David begged and pleaded, but Greenlee refused to be swayed. A short time later, the guard escorted Greenlee out. The guard then took David to a nearby cell so that he could meet with Liza. David told Liza that if she wanted to earn her retainer, she would kidnap Greenlee and keep her away from the trial.

Liza said that Greenlee had practically begged to get on the stand. David said that there were things that Greenlee didn't know. Liza thought that David needed to focus on what would help him regain his freedom, but David refused to position Greenlee in a way that would crush her.

Moments after Erica stepped away from the table, Greenlee showed up at ConFusion and asked Jack to help her testify at David's trial. Jack said that he couldn't make something like that happen. Greenlee was sure that if the jury could hear how David had protected her, they would be sympathetic. Greenlee said that she planned to expose all of the things that had happened the night of her accident. Erica returned just in time to hear Greenlee note that she would expose all of the horrible things people had done in the year she was gone.

Erica thought that Greenlee and Jack had important things to discuss and offered to leave. Greenlee was surprised that Erica would be scared off so easily. Erica said it had nothing to do with fear and everything to do with needing to get her new product line launched. Greenlee wouldn't let Erica get away so easily and convinced Erica to stay.

Greenlee asked what she'd interrupted, and Jack confessed that he and Erica were reconnecting and trying to decide if they wanted a relationship again. Jack added that Greenlee was their one bone of contention. Erica said that she wanted Jack to put Greenlee first and discuss things privately. Greenlee fired back that Jack should always put his daughter first. Erica said that she and Jack just wanted everyone to be happy.

When Greenlee left, Erica wanted to know what Greenlee had to say about the night of her accident. Jack revealed that Greenlee had actually stopped by to talk about testifying for David. Erica was marginally relieved, but it was short-lived. Jack stated that Greenlee would eventually have to know that Kendall was the cause of the accident.

Liza pointed out that the main things that could hurt Greenlee -- that Ryan slept with Greenlee's best friend and archenemy in the year that Greenlee was gone -- were things Greenlee knew. Liza couldn't think of anything else that could derail the progress Greenlee had made. David finally revealed that Kendall was the driver of the car that ran Greenlee off the road. Liza was stunned. Liza understood why Zach covered up that detail, but asked why David had chosen to do the same. At that moment, Greenlee sat in the Fusion offices and began her search into what really happened the night she "died."

Jack tried to convince Erica that the truth about Greenlee's accident would be uncovered. Jack said that he wanted to try to prevent Greenlee from being blindsided. Erica refused to give in, as she was more concerned with keeping Kendall safe. She told Jack not to push the issue and walked off.

Erica went back to Fusion and walked silently past Greenlee. Greenlee followed Erica into her office. Greenlee confronted her rival about the accident. Greenlee said that while David and Jack had stonewalled her questions, she knew that they were trying to protect her. Because Greenlee's well-being was not a priority for Erica, Greenlee demanded that Erica divulge the whole truth.



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