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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 10, 2010 on DAYS
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Monday, May 10, 2010

Nicole received an assignment to investigate the underground gambling scene, and she was determined to cover it without Arianna in order to impress Brady.

Brady checked himself out of the hospital, but Arianna told him not to leave. She realized that he was going to try to catch the mugger, so she insisted that he let the police handle it. He didn't want to leave it up to the police, so she decided to join him in his investigation.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Brady was against Arianna risking her life. She asked how it was okay for him to risk his life. She pointed out that the mugger only went after guys who were alone, so if they were together, Brady was safe. Brady theorized that if Arianna was with him, they could both be in danger, and he refused to let her go with him. She asked who he was playing hero to -- her or Nicole.

Arianna told Brady that Nicole made it seem like Nicole and Brady got together behind Arianna's back. Brady admitted that Nicole was at the house, but he kicked Nicole out. Arianna said that when she saw Nicole, Nicole's blouse was unbuttoned. Brady asked when Arianna would believe him and not Nicole. Arianna said that Nicole was good at playing Arianna like Arianna was "a total ditz."

Brady reassured her that she was not a "ditz" and he loved Arianna a lot. He asked Arianna to "work with that." Arianna asked Brady to say that he didn't have feelings for Nicole anymore. Brady said he wasn't going to look for the mugger that night -- he would concentrate on Arianna in the meantime. She promised to concentrate on him too.

Hope told Abe that increasing patrols would help catch the person behind the muggings. Hope said that according to E.J., there were two people involved, and Hope thought that the symbol that was inked on Brady's chest confirmed that the leader was probably a woman. She showed the Celtic symbol to Abe and explained that it was a sign of female empowerment.

Melanie tried to warn Nathan about Stephanie, but he assumed that he knew what she was going to say. He thought that Melanie was still bothered that Stephanie and he were seeing each other. Melanie asked if Nathan thought that he and Stephanie were moving too fast. He asked why that was Melanie's business, and she said it was because Nathan was her friend, and she didn't want to see Stephanie hurt him.

Melanie said she wasn't trying to make trouble. She just felt that Stephanie didn't want a "nice and easygoing relationship," Stephanie wanted to "jump into things." He asked if Stephanie told Melanie that. She said that Stephanie didn't say it, but Melanie advised him to take things slower. Stephanie walked in the room and asked what they were talking about. He said they were talking about Stephanie. "You told him, didn't you?" Stephanie asked Melanie.

Melanie tried to explain, but Nathan beat her to the punch and said that Melanie didn't want him to get hurt. Stephanie asked her if that was all she said. Melanie confirmed it. She told Stephanie that she didn't think Nathan was as serious as Stephanie was, but Stephanie said that was something that she and Nathan could discuss by themselves. Stephanie was paged, and she and Nathan made plans to meet up later. After Stephanie left, Nathan told Melanie that he didn't want or need Melanie's advice.

Victor was worried about Maggie's health. She explained that her illness had returned but she was under the care of a doctor. Victor encouraged her to tell her family, but she felt there was no need to. She said she had forgotten to take her medicine. Victor insisted on taking her to the hospital.

Anna felt like Calliope was grilling her, and she got suspicious about what Calliope was really doing on the island. She asked what Calliope's angle was. Anna asked who put Calliope up to grilling her -- Roman or Carrie. Then she realized that Calliope might tell her story to the tabloids. Calliope denied it but asked how much Anna thought that Calliope could get. Anna refused to continue their conversation.

Anna asked Calliope to tell her about Calliope's life. Calliope felt like her life was too boring to share. Anna said it felt like Calliope was on the island only to grill her and it was like Calliope was working with the cops. Anna said that Calliope had to have sold out to someone and was about to sell Anna out too. Anna said that she didn't have to stay in the hotel or even in the country, and if Calliope didn't tell Anna what was really going on, Anna would leave.

Calliope told Anna that she was right and it wasn't a coincidence. Calliope said it was fate that led her to the same island as Anna. She called Anna "a mess" and recounted all the tragedy that Anna had to endure. Calliope said that Eugene wasn't deep sea fishing - he had left Calliope. Anna felt sorry for her and asked why Eugene left her.

Calliope said that he wanted to run off with a belly dancer, so Calliope decided to go as far away as she could and didn't want to run into anyone. Calliope said that Anna happened to be at the same island, and she said she hoped that Anna would have a good life. Calliope started to leave, and Rafe -- who was watching via a camera that was planted on Calliope -- wondered what Calliope was doing.

Anna expressed sympathy to Calliope for Eugene "leaving" her. Calliope said the old Anna never doubted Calliope, and Calliope missed that Anna. Anna admitted that she didn't kidnap Sydney by herself, but Anna fell asleep before she could tell Calliope the name. Rafe told Calliope that when Anna woke up, she would have a hangover and would be vulnerable, so Calliope needed to get back to Anna and find out who Anna was working for.

Sami gave E.J. a massage, but she was too rough at first, so after he objected, she massaged him softer. E.J. said that she was so good that she should have thought about going to massage school. Sami said she had planned to do that before, but it didn't work out. E.J. told Sami that she was a very gifted person, and just when they were about to kiss, Will walked in and demanded to know what Sami was doing.

Sami explained that she was just massaging E.J.'s shoulder. Will asked why Sami really moved into the mansion -- to be with the kids or to be with E.J. E.J. scolded Will and told him to show Sami more respect. Sami sent E.J. out of the room as she explained to Will that there was nothing going on between her and E.J., but Will didn't want to hear it, because he didn't want Sami to lie to him again. Will just wanted to know if Sami ever really loved Rafe or if she just needed to have some guy around and it didn't matter who.

Will asked if Sami had feelings for E.J. She thought back to the kiss she shared with E.J. after he was mugged and admitted to Will that she had feelings for E.J. Sami explained that E.J. was Johnny and Sydney's father and had forgiven Sami for lying to him. She said E.J. was also the reason they got Sydney back. Will asked if she was in love with E.J. again. She said she was grateful to E.J., but she was not in love with him. Will didn't believe her, and he called her out on her lie.

Sami said she was hurt that Will called her a liar. He said that when someone you love lied to you, it hurt also. Sami said that she was heartbroken when he decided to move out, so she moved into the mansion to be with him, not because she missed Rafe or was in love with E.J. Will asked if Rafe was returning, but she didn't answer him. She asked him to remember that E.J. was not the answer.

Stefano noticed that E.J. was upset about something and asked what happened. E.J. explained that he and Sami were doing fine until Will showed up with drama. Later, E.J. saw Sami in the living room, and she explained that she had been looking for her cell phone, and since she found it, she was going to bed. E.J. told her that she couldn't avoid him forever. E.J. asked if Sami was avoiding him because of what almost happened between them. Sami told him that they had kids together and that was it. Sami left the room, and E.J. said that there was more between them.

Dr. Baker tried to join a poker game by giving up a cheap watch, but Charlie wouldn't let him join them. He said if Dr. Baker had another money clip like he bet the other night, he would be allowed to join them. Dr. Baker explained that it was a one-time thing, so Charlie told him to go home. Dr. Baker decided to stay and see if his friend would show up and then his luck would change.

Maggie told Hope that she wouldn't be able to watch Ciara after all, so Hope had no one else to watch Ciara. Hope explained that she didn't want the nanny to watch Ciara overnight with the way that Ciara was acting lately. Abe told her that the case wouldn't necessarily break that night. Hope agreed with Abe and said she would have to assign someone else to the case.

Charlie let Nicole join him and the other poker players after she gave him a fake name. Nicole cleaned out everyone at the poker game. Nicole told Charlie that he was "$200 light" and asked if he was planning on giving her "a marker." Charlie put Brady's money clip on the table and said that it should be worth a couple hundred dollars. She looked at it and remembered that Brady had one just like it.

Nicole met Charlie later in the park and asked where he got it. She informed him that the money clip was stolen property. Charlie said he didn't have to answer her questions and started to walk away. She took out a video camera and explained that he had aided in a felony, so he started to talk.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Hope read Ciara a story, and Ciara drifted off to sleep. Hope took her sleeping pills and climbed back into bed next to Ciara. Hope was glad that the stakeout didn't happen that night.

Melanie asked why Maggie didn't call her. Maggie said that it happened suddenly and Victor was wonderful enough to catch her when she started to fall, and she didn't know what she would have done if he wasn't there. After Victor left, Melanie checked Maggie's chart to make sure the medicine was working.

Maggie asked if something was worrying Melanie. Melanie denied it at first, but then Melanie told Maggie that she refrained from telling Nathan something that would have made him break up with Stephanie on the spot, but she didn't, because she was happy with Philip. Maggie was proud of Melanie for taking the high road. Maggie asked Melanie to make amends with Victor.

Melanie found Victor in the hallway and thanked him for being there for Maggie. She said that Victor could be a terrible person, but other times, he was very sweet like when he helped Maggie. She encouraged him to sit with Maggie. Victor thanked Maggie for encouraging Melanie to forgive him.

Nathan told Stephanie that he was crazy about her and wanted to spend as much time as he could with her, but he wasn't done with training and had a lot of tough years ahead of him. Therefore, he said, they needed to take things slowly. Stephanie agreed with him. Nathan started to kiss Stephanie but was paged to the hospital. He made plans to meet with Stephanie at her place. After he left, Stephanie decided that Nathan was ready and all he needed was a little push. She threw her birth control pills away again.

Dr. Baker got word that Charlie would front him the money so Dr. Baker could continue to gamble. Dr. Baker went back to the apartment to play cards, but when he got there, Nicole was there, and they were both surprised to see one another.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hope awakened, escaped detection by Ciara, and left the mansion. Later, Carly had a puzzling encounter with Hope.

Nicole came face-to-face with Dr. Baker and he revealed the mystery of how he cheated death. Nicole made it clear she knew that Baker was behind the muggings and vowed to turn him in. She refused all pleas for a deal. Meanwhile, Arianna learned the attacker might be a woman. Nicole went to the police station and witnessed Brady and Arianna kissing. She also heard Arianna reiterate that she had no alibi for Brady's mugging. Later, Nicole called Baker, who was with Hope, and told him they could make a deal - if his next victim was Arianna.

While Chloe had it out with a puzzled Carly, Daniel confronted the motel clerk. However, the motel clerk convinced Daniel that he'd never met Chloe. Later, a devastated Chloe overheard Daniel tell Carly he had doubts about Chloe's story. Carly comforted him as Daniel took the blame. At the same time, Vivian reset herself as Carly's enemy to Chloe, and suggested they work together. Chloe considered taking the bait.

At the hospital, Victor and Maggie bonded. When Vivian showed up, she noticed and was not happy.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

At the Brady Pub, Chloe admitted to Vivian that she hated predatory, manipulative women like Carly. "Oh, Chloe, I'm so glad you understand," Vivian declared. "This way, we can stop her!" Chloe didn't understand what the two of them could do. Vivian maintained that Carly liked to poison men against the women who loved them because she couldn't stand to see anyone else happy.

Chloe blamed herself for the situation, because she hadn't trusted Daniel, but Vivian didn't want to see Carly destroy Chloe and Daniel's happiness. Although Vivian tried to talk her out of it, Chloe made up her mind to apologize to Daniel, and then walked out. "I'm not giving up on you, Chloe," Vivian muttered to herself. "You're my ticket to make Carly pay for what she did."

As Philip and Melanie packed some things to take to Maggie in the hospital, Melanie became emotional. She explained that she'd gone from not being able to trust anyone before arriving in Salem to having four people-Carly, Daniel, Maggie, and Philip-whom she trusted completely. Philip remembered his tryst with Chloe and felt guilty.

In the park, Daniel confided to Carly that he and Chloe seemed to have lost the strong connection they'd felt when they first met, like they'd somehow gotten out of sync. He added that he didn't know how to help Chloe after her hysterical pregnancy, especially since she'd become so paranoid about Carly.

Carly listened with a sympathetic ear, and then asserted firmly that Daniel and Chloe would get through it. Daniel wasn't convinced, because Chloe thought he had cheated on her with Carly. Carly pointed out that Chloe's hysterical pregnancy had been a traumatic-and humiliating-experience, and she obviously hadn't gotten over it yet.

Melanie called Daniel just then to ask him to check in on Maggie. After learning that Maggie had collapsed, Daniel was concerned that she might have relapsed, and willingly agreed to meet Melanie at the hospital. He tried to ease Melanie's fears, and she was grateful that she could call on her father the "hot-shot doctor" for favors. After Daniel hung up, Carly offered to go with him to the hospital, but he assured her that he could take care of it.

Vivian was just leaving the pub when Carly arrived. Carly cheerfully compared Vivian to an opportunistic infection-the kind that had to be killed before it could do serious damage. "A good doctor keeps watch, keeps vigilant," Carly added. "I'm a good doctor, Vivian. I'm never gonna stop watching you."

As Carly went inside, Gus arrived and asked Vivian how things had gone with Chloe. "She's very sensitive, volatile, fragile," Vivian replied contemplatively. "She could be a really great danger to the good doctor."

When Daniel arrived at the hospital, Melanie confessed that Philip had told her about Chloe's false pregnancy. Daniel was surprised, since he hadn't known that Chloe and Philip were close enough for her to have confided something so personal. Daniel cautioned that, because of Chloe's emotional state, it would be best if Chloe didn't know that Melanie knew about it.

Meanwhile, Philip listened to Chloe's message, in which she'd sadly declared, "Carly's won. Daniel believes her and not me."

Melanie noted with regret, "The timing wasn't great, was it? You finding out you have a kid when she finds out she probably never can." Daniel reassured Melanie that learning about her was one of the best things that had ever happened to him, but Chloe still needed time to adjust to everything. Melanie understood. "How about this?" she offered agreeably. "You look after Chloe, and I'll look after you."

Philip found Chloe outside the Java Café and asked her to clarify what she'd meant in her message. "I saw Daniel with Carly in the park," Chloe replied with a defeated sigh. "He thinks I made everything up." She became even more upset as she worried about having slept with Philip because of her mistaken belief that Daniel had cheated with Carly first. Philip urged Chloe to calm down, but she was determined to confess everything to Daniel.

Philip admitted that he felt guilty, too, but pointed out, "You've got to think about what this is gonna do to Daniel and Melanie." Frowning suspiciously, Chloe deduced, "Or what it would do to you." Philip maintained that in keeping quiet, they were taking care of the people they loved. He tried to reassure Chloe that everything would get better. After he left, Chloe told herself with a resigned sigh, "Yeah, it's gonna get better-when I tell Daniel the truth."

Philip returned to the hospital to pick up Melanie, and surprised her with a big kiss. "What was that for?" Melanie asked, grinning, and Philip replied, "I just want you to know how much I love you." They left hand-in-hand.

When Chloe arrived home, Daniel was already at the apartment. He told her that they needed to talk, and she agreed-but she wanted to speak first. "I did a terrible, terrible thing," Chloe began shakily.

Dr. Baker was pleading with Hope-rather, her alter ego, the mugger-not to let him take the fall for their crimes, when the phone in his hotel room rang. It was Nicole, who offered not to turn Baker in, as long as he made Arianna Hernandez his next victim. Baker maintained that his new partner would never go for it, but Nicole ordered him to meet her at the pier immediately. As Baker hung up, Hope warned, "You make sure no one knows who I am, or you're toast."

When Baker met up with Nicole, Hope followed him in the shadows to make sure he did as he was told. While she was spying, however, a frightened Ciara called Hope. "Mommy, I woke up and you weren't here," Ciara cried. Hope promised that she would go home right away.

When Hope arrived at her bedroom at the Kiriakis mansion, she apologized to Ciara for not being home, but explained that she'd been working. Ciara declared that she was thirsty, so Hope left to get a glass of water for her daughter.

Brady and Arianna were in bed at the Kiriakis mansion when Arianna got a text message. She was furious when she read it, and explained to Brady that Nicole had checked out the video equipment and was following a news story. Although Brady tried to talk her out of it, Arianna was determined to protect her job by stopping Nicole.

Brady followed Arianna downstairs to the foyer, and continued to plead with her not to let Nicole's manipulations get to her. Arianna argued that the equipment was her responsibility, and refused to let Brady dissuade her. Conceding, he urged, "Don't let Nicole become too much of a priority for you. Don't let her start running your life." Arianna maintained that she needed to prove to the higher-ups at Titan that she could handle Nicole-plus, she was tired of letting Nicole walk all over her. "If Nicole wants to fight, bring it on," Arianna declared.

"Oh, it's going to be more like a war than a fight," Hope announced as she arrived from upstairs. She added that they could all learn something from Nicole, who always got what she wanted. Hope then wished Arianna luck in doing battle with Nicole. Arianna was surprised that she and Hope felt the same way about Nicole, but Hope maintained that she merely didn't want to see Nicole hurt any more people. Hope then alluded to the torch that Brady still carried for Nicole.

Brady indignantly reminded Hope that he was going to marry Arianna, and he resented Hope's implication. After apologizing to both Brady and Arianna for her cynicism, Hope noted that she was exhausted from working such long hours-and since Gabi had given Nicole an alibi, Hope was no closer to solving the muggings. Brady asserted that while Nicole might be capable of conking guys over the head, he didn't believe she would ever brand someone. Hope admitted that part scared her, because she feared that the perpetrator was just getting started.

After Hope went back upstairs, Arianna told Brady that she'd decided she'd rather spend the night with him than do battle with Nicole, so she wasn't going to work. A relieved Brady took her into his arms, kissed her, and suggested that they pick up where they left off. Once they were upstairs, Arianna shut off her phone, so they would have no more distractions.

Hope delivered Ciara's water, and asked how Ciara was getting along with a little boy at school. "He was mean to me," Ciara complained. "And now he's friends with Sadie." As Hope kissed her daughter goodnight, she cautioned, "The problem with people is that they can always let you down."

On the pier, Baker explained to Nicole about his partner, "She's got a thing about men. She's not going to attack this Hernandez dame." Nicole clarified that she'd actually meant that she wanted Baker to help her frame Arianna for the muggings. Baker wanted to know why Nicole hated Ms. Hernandez so much. "She has something I want," Nicole replied. "And you know how I get when that happens."

Baker deduced that the "something" was a man, and when Nicole hotly denied that the man was E.J., Baker quickly figured out that it was Brady. Baker asserted sarcastically, "I think this is an even better plan than switching babies!" Nicole irritably ordered him to shut up and do what he was told. Baker cautioned her that the plan was going to blow up in her face. "You'd better hope that it doesn't," she countered testily. "Either Brady and I head off into the sunset together, or you end up keeping house with Bubba in Cellblock C."

Baker demanded to know what Arianna's motivation supposedly was, and why anyone would buy her as the mugger. Nicole proposed that Arianna was jealous of Brady's feelings for Nicole, and informed Baker that Arianna had a criminal record. Baker worried that his partner would never go along with it. "If she doesn't, you're in big trouble," Nicole replied, adding that Baker should let her worry about the rest of the details.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Daniel returned home to find Chloe asleep on the couch. He thought about their earlier conversation when she started to confess to doing "a terrible, terrible thing." Chloe woke up, and Daniel told her about how he had to treat victims of a car accident and lost a patient. Chloe wanted him to get ready for bed, but he wanted to finish their earlier conversation. He asked what she meant when she said she had done a "terrible thing." Chloe thought about when she cheated on him with Philip, and she told Daniel that she was afraid that once she told him her confession, Daniel would leave her forever.

Chloe said that she did something she would regret until she died. Chloe told Daniel that she saw him and Carly in the park talking about how Chloe was wrong to think that Carly would possibly want to hurt Chloe and Daniel's relationship. Chloe asked if he felt she couldn't even think about that or worry about it. He said he wasn't saying that. Chloe said that ever since her hysterical pregnancy, she felt like Daniel thought that Chloe just made things up. He denied it, but she insisted that he did, and she was beginning to think that he might be right.

Chloe said she might have heard what she wanted to hear because she hated that Carly was back in Daniel's life. She said she might have twisted things up in her head about her conversation with the hotel clerk, because she didn't feel like she deserved Daniel. Daniel didn't understand why Chloe felt that way. Chloe said he didn't understand what one ended up doing to make that feeling go away. Daniel asked if Chloe was going to tell him what she did when she felt like that.

Chloe started to explain that Philip stopped by, but Daniel cut her off and told her not to say anything, because he said he knew the rest. Chloe tried to explain that she didn't mean for it to happen. Daniel said he drove her to Philip.

"You couldn't talk to me. You can't talk to me, so you talked to Philip. You told him how you feel about Carly, about the pregnancy that didn't happen, and how I reacted. You told him all those things, because I wouldn't let you say them to me, and I'm sorry, honey I am so sorry," Daniel said. Daniel assumed that she was trying to tell him that she opened up to Philip when Daniel closed himself off to her.

Chloe tried to explain that it wasn't his fault. Daniel said it wasn't Chloe's fault. "I don't care what you did. I don't care about anything that's happened up until two seconds ago, because all I care about is you and me -- right here, right now," he said. Daniel vowed that he and Chloe were going to fix whatever was wrong together. Daniel made an appointment for him and Chloe with a therapist, so they didn't go on keeping things from each other. "No more secrets ever again," he told Chloe.

Vivian left a message for Victor to return home so they could select the flowers for the wedding. Gus sensed Vivian's frustration. She vented that Victor should have at least pretended like he wanted to marry Vivian if Vivian could pretend that she wasn't going to kill Carly.

Victor was at the hospital visiting Maggie, and he noticed that Vivian had left 20 messages for him, even though his phone had been off for 20 minutes. Maggie joked about Victor carrying Vivian over the threshold. Victor accused Maggie of pouring salt into his wounds. Maggie asked if he was marrying Vivian just to give Maggie a reason to smile. Maggie laughed, and Philip and Melanie walked in.

Philip asked what Victor was doing there, and he said that he was there to take Maggie home. Melanie explained that she and Philip had planned to do that, but Victor said his limo would take Maggie home. Philip asked Victor to step outside so that he could have a word with him.

Philip told Victor that he was on to him -- Victor was playing nice with Maggie to get back into Philip's good graces. Victor said he "didn't give a rat's ass" about Philip's "good graces." Philip said it might be more effective for Victor to cancel the wedding to a woman who tried to murder Melanie. Victor said that his feelings for Vivian had nothing to do with his feelings for Philip or Melanie.

Philip asked if Victor wanted Philip to "gloss over" what happened at Philip's wedding. Victor blamed Carly for the shooting, but Philip blamed Vivian. Philip warned him to leave Maggie alone, and said that Maggie was a good person. Victor said that Maggie was "a fine woman with a clear head and a lot of courage; they don't make women finer than her."

Vivian overheard the last part of Victor's statement and assumed that he was defending Vivian, but Philip corrected her and said that Victor was referring to Maggie. Vivian said she and Victor wanted to invite Philip over to the house to discuss the wedding plans. Philip asked if Vivian was trying to decide whom to poison this time. Vivian said that Victor was too shy to ask Philip to be his best man.

Melanie asked Maggie to sit down while Melanie finished packing. Maggie said she was fine, and all the doctor did was to adjust her medication. Melanie knew that, but she was concerned, because Daniel had said he would be at the hospital by then.

When Melanie and Maggie left Maggie's hospital room, Philip asked Melanie about Vivian's dinner invitation and asked if Melanie was feeling lucky. "I'm gonna leave the pretending everything's fine when really we all hate each other stuff to you guys, because you're just so much better at it than I am," Melanie said. She left to look for Daniel, and Philip took off after her.

Vivian gave flowers to Maggie, and Maggie told Victor that Melanie and Philip would escort her home. Vivian pretended that she thought it was thoughtful of Victor to offer Maggie a ride home. Maggie said that Vivian and Victor would be "blissfully happy." "Yeah, blissful. That's the word I was looking for," Victor said.

A nurse told Melanie that Daniel went home, and Melanie wondered why Daniel didn't answer his phone.

E.J. and Johnny played soccer in the DiMera living room. Sami told them not to play ball in the house. E.J. said he felt it was okay, but Sami thought that Johnny might break something. Then she thought about the prospect of Johnny breaking something that belonged to Kate, and she felt it was okay. E.J. asked how the townhouse was, and she said the construction was still taking place. Sami delivered a gift to Johnny from Rafe -- an FBI jacket.

E.J. got upset, and Sami sensed it, but E.J. lied and said he wasn't upset, but he thought the ties had been cut between Rafe and Johnny. Sami said she thought so, too, but Rafe had made a promise to Johnny, and he kept his promises, like E.J. did. Johnny sat on the couch and looked forlorn, so Sami asked what was wrong. Johnny said it was because it wasn't fun without Rafe.

Sami told E.J. that they could get Johnny a mobster jacket and then E.J. would be even. "I didn't say anything," E.J. said. "Your not saying anything is very loud," Sami said. Sami reminded E.J. that she moved into the mansion with her kids so that the kids could be close to E.J., but she reminded him that he couldn't shut them out from the rest of their lives. She said that E.J. would have to deal with the fact that Johnny loved Rafe. E.J. said he realized that. Sami knew that E.J. didn't like it.

Sami picked up her cell phone. When E.J. asked Sami who she was calling, she told him she was calling Rafe to thank him. E.J. asked Sami not to call Rafe. Sami was indignant that E.J. was trying to dictate to her that she couldn't call Rafe. She reminded him that she just lived in the mansion -- it didn't make E.J. her boss. She said if the roles were reversed, he would "go ballistic" on her. E.J. clarified that he wasn't telling her not to call Rafe, he was asking her if he could call Rafe.

Sami was surprised. E.J. thought that he should extend an olive branch. "Nice save, not sure I buy it," she said. E.J. said he thought that Sami was right about how important Rafe was to E.J.'s son, Johnny, and he thought that it was time for E.J. to smooth things over. "Sure, you should text him. You could meet him for a pint at the pub and become mates, but maybe not in this millennium," Sami said. E.J. said okay and left the room.

Calliope told Rafe that she didn't sleep at night, because she felt guilty for lying to Anna. Rafe told Calliope to just keep Anna from drinking and passing out again. She asked what Rafe should do if she couldn't go through with it. Calliope asked if Rafe thought that Sami was still in danger. He didn't think Anna was a threat, so Calliope asked if he thought that the person who hired Anna was a threat.

Rafe explained that he wasn't with Sami anymore, but he considered Sami and her kids like family to him. Rafe asked for Calliope's help to keep Sami and the kids safe. Rafe showed Calliope a picture of Sydney and told Calliope to do what she thought was right. Calliope said she would see what she could do. Then she left to find Anna.

Anna made a drink for herself to cure her hangover and then vowed never to drink again -- at least until lunch. Anna remembered talking to Calliope, but she couldn't remember what she'd said.

Rafe got a call from Sami. He asked if something happened. She said she was calling to say thank you for the jacket that Rafe sent. As she was talking, Sami overheard Calliope's voice and asked who it was. Rafe said it wasn't a good time to talk. He explained that he would be undercover for a few weeks and they shouldn't talk for a while. Sami asked if it was dangerous, but he rushed her off the phone.

Anna told Calliope that she'd said some things that she wished she hadn't. Anna suggested that she and Calliope get facials so Anna could apologize for the "terrible things" she said. Calliope asked if Anna was going to tell her whom she was working with to kidnap Sydney, but first, Anna wanted to talk to Calliope about something else.

After their facials, Anna told Calliope that they should travel the world together. Calliope thought that was a great idea, but she said she couldn't, because she was hiding from the IRS and needed to lay very low. Anna said she would be doing the same thing. Then she asked Calliope how much she owed, because Anna had the money to pay it off. Calliope started feeling guilty, and she told Anna that fate didn't bring them together. Anna hugged Calliope to comfort her, then she discovered the wire that Calliope was wearing.

E.J. told Sami that Sydney was awake and Johnny wanted to make Sydney his new partner. Sami told E.J. that she thought Rafe was so mad at her that he refused to talk to her. E.J. said he thought it was because Rafe was still in love with her. Sami was surprised that E.J. thought so. She asked whether E.J. thought that she should move on and forget about Rafe, and E.J. said she should, but that didn't mean Rafe wasn't in love with Sami.

Sami explained that the jacket wasn't about her -- Rafe was just honoring a promise to Johnny. E.J. said he knew that. Sami thought it wasn't like E.J. to let it bother him so much. "Because I was once a little boy, and I know what little boys want their fathers to be, and I'm not that. That's what Rafe is," E.J. said. E.J. said that Rafe was the good guy, and E.J. wasn't. E.J. worried about what would happen when Johnny got older and realized what E.J. and Stefano did for a living.

Sami said that E.J. could always do something else other than what DiMeras did. E.J. didn't think it was that easy. Sami said that E.J. was his own person, and she reminded E.J. of all that he did for Sami. "E.J., you're not a good guy. You're a great guy," she said. Sami said she was surprised that after she said something nice to him, E.J. reacted like she "slugged" him. "You kind of did," E.J. said.

Sami told E.J. that he wasn't like Stefano. "I know sometimes you're influenced by him, but inside you're ... well let me just say that I hope someday Johnny grows up to be a man just like his father," she said. Sami told him that part of what made him a good father was that he worried about his kids. She said that Johnny and Sydney loved E.J. and no one would ever take his place in their hearts, and he wouldn't have it any other way.

At the Java Café, Chad told Mia and "T" that he got accepted to Wake Forest. T said that the next year would seem like it was taking forever, but he said he and Mia would get through it by joining more extracurricular activities. Mia said she didn't think she would be there the following year. Mia said she was thinking about moving to New York to study dance.

Chad asked if she had talked to Maggie about it, and Mia said Maggie had other things on her mind. Plus, Mia hadn't told her own mother, because she didn't think her mother would care. Chad thought that Mia was running away and it was a mistake. T left to let them talk in private. Chad said she needed to get a high school diploma to get into college. Mia said that was what Chad wanted, but she didn't know what she wanted -- she just wanted "to be gone."

Mia asked Chad if he would be able to forget Grace when he went off to school. He said, "Of course not." Mia said she was afraid of Chad leaving, because he was the only other person she knew who would never forget about their child. After Chad left, T asked Mia if she was really going drop out of school and go to New York. She said she wasn't sure. She asked if T was going to miss her. T said he would miss her, but not as much as Chad would. "Maybe once, but not anymore," she said.

Madeline told Chad's father that she wanted to send Chad away to school. She admitted that she was doing it to keep Chad from hanging around the DiMeras. Madeline explained that Chad was friends with Will, who was living with DiMeras, and she didn't like the idea of Chad going to the mansion. Chad's father said that Chad was at the age where they couldn't tell him who he could and couldn't see anymore. Chad's father said that Chad should spend the summer in Salem and remain there until he went to college. He said they needed to trust Chad.

Chad met with his mother and told her that he wasn't sure that he wanted to go to Wake Forest -- he wanted to stay in Salem.

Maggie, Melanie, and Philip returned home, and Maggie went upstairs to unpack. Philip told Melanie that Maggie thought he should give Victor another chance. Melanie asked if that meant they give Vivian another chance too. Philip said he couldn't see Victor going through with the wedding. Melanie told Maggie that she was worried about Daniel.

Vivian vented to Gus about how Victor offered Maggie a ride home, "like a little school boy, offering to carry her books. Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth." When Victor walked in, Vivian told him that she'd pushed up the wedding date, and he spit out the drink he was drinking.

Friday, May 14, 2010

At the Brady Pub, Arianna and Brady were giddy with anticipation after finally agreeing on a wedding date. Nicole walked in and overheard Brady and Arianna discussing their honeymoon. Muttering to herself, Nicole warned, "Wherever you go, Hurricane Nicole will follow."

Nicole then stepped outside to call Dr. Baker. She declared that it was time to put her plan in motion, which meant he had to mug a wealthy man so that she could pin the crime on Arianna. "Shouldn't there be an easier way to a man's heart?" Baker asked. "My mother always said it was through a pot roast." Nicole retorted that she already had Brady's heart, and added, "It's just his head that needs to catch up."

Brady walked out of the pub just as Nicole hung up. She seemed a little jumpy, so he assured her that he hadn't overheard anything. He wanted to know why Nicole didn't trust Arianna with the details of the undercover story she was working on. Nicole claimed that she was merely protecting her source. Brady cautioned her to be careful.

When Arianna joined them, Nicole reminded her they still had work to do before that night's broadcast. As Arianna kissed Brady goodbye, Nicole had to turn away to hide her hurt and jealously.

As Nicole and Arianna sat at a table inside, Arianna asked, "You finally going to tell me about this undercover story that you're working on?" Nicole maintained that she didn't want to waste Arianna's time if it didn't pan out. Arianna suspected that Nicole was up to something shady in her ongoing plot to get Brady back. They bickered about Brady-and about how much they bickered-until Nicole suggested that they get a bottle of wine to try to break the ice and get along better.

Later, Nicole complained that Arianna didn't look any happier, despite having drunk some of the wine. Arianna was worried that Nicole had drunk too much of it, but Nicole cheerfully insisted that she felt fine. Just then, Dr. Baker called Arianna's cell phone, but didn't identify himself. "Is this WXIR News?" he whispered. "I've got a tip."

While Arianna stepped outside to take the call, Nicole stealthily took Arianna's hairbrush out of her purse. She quickly removed a few strands of hair, shoved them into a plastic bag, and stuffed the bag into her own purse. "Exhibit A," Nicole declared gleefully. She picked up Arianna's wine glass with a napkin, and was about to do the same thing with it, when Arianna returned. "What are you doing?" demanded a bemused Arianna.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami was telling E.J. that their kids adored him, when Will walked in. "'Barely tolerate' is more like it," Will snapped, and then left in a huff. Sami apologized to E.J. for Will's behavior, but added that her son's belief that she was a bad parent was correct. E.J. assured Sami that she was a very good mother-after all, she'd even moved into the DiMera mansion for her kids.

Sami admitted that living there was not without its perks, but being with her kids was the most important thing, and E.J. had helped make that possible. E.J. confessed that he was surprised and relieved the two of them were getting along so well. Sami didn't know how E.J. had forgiven her for all the lies she'd told him, but he countered that there was no point in dwelling on past mistakes, since everyone made them.

When Kate ran into Will in the foyer, he returned the picture he'd found of her and Madeline Peterson-Woods. "How come you never told me you knew Chad's mom?" Will demanded.

As they arrived at the Java Café, Will irritably told Kate that offering to buy him coffee wouldn't distract him from wanting to know what was up with her and Chad's mom. Kate asserted that she merely knew Chad's parents from charity events and the like, but they hardly knew each other.

E.J. found Sami gazing down wistfully at the ring Rafe had given to her, with the birthstones of all her children set in it. E.J. saw how emotional she was, so he gave her his handkerchief. "It just doesn't feel right to wear it on my finger," Sami explained. "Maybe I'll get a chain or something for it."

Stefano entered and considerately asked Sami if there were something wrong. She assured him she was fine, but then quickly left the room. "It seems that your wiles are working their magic," Stefano stated, but pointed out that all he had to do was say the word, and Elvis and Samantha would be finished. "You just love it, don't you?" E.J. asked with a resentful smile. "You get to remind me of all this power that you have over my life."

Stefano chuckled, but conceded that because Samantha was a part of their family, he wouldn't say a word. E.J. was pleasantly surprised, but asked Stefano not to interfere. Stefano reassured him, "I'm going to leave that absolutely up to Samantha, because she has a really long track record when it comes to making trouble."

Johnny entered, wearing a chocolate mustache-and the FBI jacket that Rafe had given to him. An appalled Stefano good-naturedly ordered the child to take it off, but Johnny didn't want to. E.J. sent the boy off to change so he didn't get chocolate on the jacket, and then blasted Stefano for telling E.J.'s son what to do. Stefano apologized for losing his patience with "Giovanni," although he didn't understand why the boy thought so highly of FBI agents.

Stefano then got a phone call that infuriated him. When he hung up, Stefano told E.J., "Anna missed her scheduled check-in. Boy, she had better be incapacitated-or she will be soon."

In the park, Madeline excoriated Chad for wanting to attend Salem University instead of Wake Forest. Chad argued that he couldn't play ball at Wake Forest. Madeline heatedly pointed out that since it was a sport that he didn't even excel at, he could play it in an intramural league. "You are going away to college, and that is that," she declared.

Madeline guessed that Chad's real reason for staying in town was his "new, so-called friends," and Chad knew that she meant Will Horton specifically. "I thought you'd be happy I was staying so close to home," Chad stated, his voice breaking with emotion. "So how come it suddenly feels like you can't wait to get rid of me?"

Sami arrived at the Java Café and tried to sneak back out when she saw Will sitting with Kate, but Kate spotted her and insisted that Sami join them. Kate then left so that Will and Sami could talk privately. Will did not want to talk to his mom, but Sami gently countered that she would always be there, whenever he was ready to talk about how he felt.

Chad and Madeline arrived at the Java Café just as Kate stepped outside. Chad greeted Kate politely, and then went inside to start his shift. Madeline icily suggested to Kate that the two of them should go elsewhere to talk, and Kate agreed.

Will demanded to know what was going on with Sami and E.J., and pointed out that he'd caught them about to kiss twice. Sami stated that they were supposed to be talking about Will, not about her. "Do you really need me to tell you how I feel?" Will asked. "I hate you, Mom."

As Sami fought back tears, Will spotted Chad, and got up to discuss a homework assignment. Sami quickly composed herself, and then told Will as he left, "Hate me if you want, but I will always love you."

After Will left, Brady joined Sami, and informed her that he and Arianna had just set a wedding date. A thrilled Sami threw her arms around Brady in congratulations, and offered to be in charge of making sure Nicole didn't ruin the wedding. Brady wanted to know why Sami had been so upset when he'd arrived, and she told him that she'd fought with Will. Brady reassured her that Will was just being a teenager, and things would get better.

Sami told Brady about how Rafe had practically hung up on her when she'd called to thank him for the jacket he'd sent to Johnny. She confided that although she wanted to stick by her decision to move into the mansion, so as not to constantly be uprooting the kids, being around E.J. all the time made her feel vulnerable. Brady asked somewhat critically, "Are you telling me that you still have feelings for that guy?"

In the park, Madeline blamed Kate for Chad's desire to stay in Salem for college, but Kate didn't see how that was her problem. Madeline was furious that Will had found the picture of her and Kate, because she didn't want their connection exposed lest it ruin her and her husband's impeccable reputation.

The two women sniped at each other about their "wayward" children, but Madeline struck a nerve when she alluded to Chelsea killing Zack. As Kate began to storm off, Madeline pronounced, "Once a whore, always a whore." Kate turned and coldly countered, "And it would take one to know one, wouldn't it, Maddie?" Refusing to engage with Kate further, Madeline left.

In the cabana in South America, Anna found the hidden camera Calliope was wearing, ripped it off, and dunked it in a pitcher of Bloody Marys. A frightened, upset Calliope asked what Anna was going to do. Furious, but obviously sad that her friend had betrayed her, Anna retorted, "I'm going to run, of course. And if you get in my way, so help me God, I'll run you over like a bull in Pamplona!" She stormed out.

Meanwhile, Rafe was listening and watching them from his laptop in a nearby room, and wondered what had gone wrong with the wire. "Calliope, don't do anything stupid!" he told the screen as it went blank. He made a quick phone call to alert his team that the equipment had malfunctioned, and he might need them to intervene. "If I go in now, it's all over," Rafe added.

In her hotel room, a panicked Anna hurriedly grabbed her passport and a couple of other items. She rushed back out the door-but Rafe was blocking the doorway. "Leaving paradise so soon?" he asked. Anna nervously pointed out that Rafe had no extradition there and couldn't touch her. "Watch me," Rafe countered.

After a knock at the door, Rafe admitted an FBI agent with a handcuffed Calliope. Anna complained that she'd offered to help Calliope financially, but Calliope had chosen to trust Rafe instead. Calliope meekly apologized. Rafe offered to give them both their freedom, as long as Anna gave him what he needed, and Calliope and her husband made restitution to the IRS. Anna was livid and hurt to find out that Calliope had lied about Eugene leaving her.

"I don't know what's happening with you, because I am the one who was supposed to be selfish," Anna whined, petulantly folding her arms across her chest. Calliope pleaded, "Can you just focus on all the hems I did for you for free in the middle of the night? And good times? Please?" As the FBI agent pulled Calliope back out the door, she shouted imploringly, "Hasta la vista, Anna!" Pouting, Anna yelled after her, "Hasta la...never!"

Rafe told Anna that if she helped him, he would help her. "You don't help me," he added, "you can say goodbye to anything and everything you ever held dear." Anna remained silent, so Rafe reminded her that whoever truly was behind Sydney's kidnapping was still walking around free. Anna suspected that Rafe wanted justice because he still loved Sami.

Rafe countered that he needed to know if Sydney were still in danger, but admitted that he loved Sami. "Then you're a fool," Anna asserted. Ignoring her, Rafe declared that if Anna didn't cooperate, she would go to prison. "I think you just need to ask yourself one little question," he said. "What kind of life would Tony want for you?"

At last Anna conceded, and stated that Benny had been her accomplice in Sydney's kidnapping. Rafe argued that after Anna had left the country, someone had bailed Benny out of jail-and, just as her accomplice had been afraid Benny would talk, Anna was afraid that person would find out she had been talking to Rafe. Anna replied with mock obsequiousness, "All right, Rafe: Ask and ye shall receive." Relieved, Rafe reiterated his question, "Who were you working with-or shall I say, who were you working for?"

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