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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 10, 2010 on ATWT
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Monday, May 10, 2010

In the hospital, Craig and Parker learned that Gabriel was undergoing emergency surgery. Craig stopped a nurse and asked about the boy, and the nurse said that Gabriel had suffered a collapsed lung. Parker asked why Craig was so worried about Gabriel, but Craig answered that he would be a "monster" if he were not concerned about a "kid" who worked for him. Craig then questioned Parker about why he was so worried about Gabriel, and Parker replied that he didn't personally trust the boy, but Liberty seemed to care about him.

Parker then accused Craig of starting the Monte Carlo fire, and he stated that Craig's angst was not so much "concern" as about "guilt" for wanting Gabriel dead. Craig vehemently denied that, but Parker said no one would believe him, especially Jack. Parker decided to go home, so he left Craig to wait for more news.

At Carly's house, Jack did not believe she was serious about asking him to move out of the house, but Carly rationalized that it was because Janet was having his baby, and Jack needed to be close by, not across town. She stressed that it was only until the baby arrived, and then Jack was welcome back. Carly begged him not to make the situation harder, but Jack was not convinced and asked what Carly's real reason was for throwing him out. Carly looked at a framed photo of Jack and Parker and said she was only trying to "do the right thing."

Jack was doubtful, and he finally announced he knew exactly why Carly was asking him to move out: she was "mad as hell." That did anger Carly, who shouted at Jack and asked him if she had to get pregnant or have a child with a life-threatening disease in order to get his attention. Jack called that "unfair," but Carly explained that they could not be a couple until she was the only woman in Jack's life. They argued loudly, but Carly insisted that Jack could not live with her while he was worrying about Janet.

Jack asked if Carly was throwing him out of just her house or her entire life, but she described it as giving a fighting chance to what they already had. Carly said that after everything was "settled," Jack could return. Jack called that a "monumentally bad idea," but Carly declared it not up for discussion. Jack went upstairs to pack his bags.

Parker returned home and told Carly that Gabriel was undergoing surgery for a collapsed lung. He said the lung problem was a result of the fire, not the blow to the head, but it was still serious. Carly was upset, and she wanted to know why Craig was hanging around the hospital and waiting for news of the boy. Jack walked downstairs with his bags and told Parker that he was moving out while Janet was pregnant, but Parker was skeptical and worried about how Sage would take the news. Jack left reluctantly, and Carly said that waiting around for news would drive them nuts, so she suggested they take in a movie or go get something to eat.

Parker could not believe that his mother had forced Jack to leave the house, and he didn't believe the reasons she had given. He said he knew that Carly was afraid that Parker would "blow it" in front of Jack about his involvement with Gabriel if they were both in the same house. Parker declared himself just as guilty as Craig of putting Gabriel in the hospital, and he stormed out the door to go confess to his dad. Carly stopped the boy and said they both needed to keep their distance from Jack until the police had the case against Craig nailed down.

Tom went home and found Margo doing paperwork on Craig's case on their kitchen table. Margo admitted that her brother was facing some very serious charges, such as grand theft, arson, and attempted murder. Tom asked who was going to represent Craig's defense, and Margo began some persuasive coercion. Tom declared that no way would he be representing Craig Montgomery, but Margo urged her husband to at least talk to Craig and get his side of the story. Tom said he had to trust a client he represented, and he could not believe a word out of Craig's mouth. Then he asked if Craig even wanted Tom to represent him, and he suspected that it was more Margo's idea.

Margo left and drove to Memorial, where she walked up on Craig's instructing a nurse to keep him posted on the condition of Gabriel Caras. Margo asked her brother if he was rooting for or against the boy's recovery, and she wondered if Gabriel would tell the same story as Craig once he regained consciousness. Craig got emotional then, and he blurted out, "There is no way I would murder my own -," and he stopped. He quickly filled in the blank with "employee," when Margo pushed him. Tom joined the two of them and announced that it was time to get Craig as far away from Gabriel Caras as possible.

Tom also said he was thinking about taking Craig's case, so Margo spoke up and said that as Craig's sister, not as a cop, she strongly advised him to tell Tom everything. The men adjourned to the Lakeview where they went over Gabriel's medical file. Craig said he had not hurt the boy, but Tom reminded him that the fact that Gabriel was blackmailing him made Craig's denial suspect. Craig realized he was looking at a murder one charge, but he wanted to talk about the boy's head injury. Tom explained that according to the forensic report, Gabriel was in some type of fight before he was knocked out. Craig said he never hurt Gabriel and was willing to take a lie detector test.

Meanwhile, Liberty sat in Java with her laptop and searched for Gabriel on "Friendbook." She found him, but his site had no personal information whatsoever. She closed her computer and said out loud, "Come on, Gabriel, who are you?" She got an idea, and she walked to the Lakeview. She caught Dusty waiting for an elevator, so she approached him. Liberty said that Gabriel was having surgery in the hospital, but he had no one to support or help him. She hoped there was some information in his room that might lead them to his family or at least some contact in town, but she had no way to get access to the boy's room.

Dusty suggested the two of them go to Gabriel's room, so they got into the elevator. They got inside the room with Dusty's help, but they found nothing that would point to Gabriel's family or background. The only thing of interest was the strand of pearls that Gabriel said had belonged to his dead mother. Liberty wondered if it might help the boy awaken if she put the pearls in his hands, and Dusty said it couldn't hurt. Liberty thanked Dusty and remarked that her mother was crazy if she let him slip away. They went to Memorial, but Gabriel's room was still empty. Dusty said he would check on her later, and he walked out.

Dusty went to Janet's new apartment across town, and Janet arrived almost at the same time. She was very surprised to see him, but Dusty said he just wanted to check on her new neighborhood. Janet reminded him that she had asked for some breathing room, just as a deliveryman wheeled a new washer and dryer up the walk. He asked Dusty to sign for them, but Janet jumped in and said that Dusty was not the landlord, and she gave him directions to the landlord's apartment. Janet promised to invite Dusty to her new place as soon as she was settled, and she walked inside.

The deliveryman returned, having had no success in finding the landlord. Dusty slipped him some money and said he would sign, and then he instructed the man to do a top-notch job of installing the new appliances. He also said he would appreciate it if the man kept his mouth shut about who had ordered the items.

Janet soon went to the police station and spoke with Jack. She said she had moved into her apartment, and then she noticed Jack's suitcases piled next to his desk. Jack said he was staying at the station at night, and he blamed it on his concentration on Craig's case, but Janet figured out immediately that Carly had thrown him out because of his concern about her. Janet offered Jack the extra room in her new apartment, but Jack just laughed, and they both decided that was a lousy idea. Janet walked out just as Jack took a call from her brother, Eddie Ciccone,

Jack was surprised to hear from Eddie, and he mentioned how nice the "inheritance" was that Eddie and his siblings had received from Rocco's estate. When Eddie said he had no idea what Jack was talking about, Jack was perplexed, so he told Eddie he would look into it and call him back. It didn't take Jack long to figure it out, and he took off walking towards Old Town. He got lucky and ran into Dusty, just the man he was looking for.

Jack told Dusty about the call from Eddie and said how odd it was that only Janet had received a check. According to Eddie, Rocco died $15,000 in debt. Dusty said he had done what he had to do, and he cautioned Jack to "leave it alone." Jack thought about it for a while, and then he agreed to keep quiet, and the two men shook hands.

Liberty continued to wait for news about Gabriel, and Janet walked by. She explained to her mother what was happening with her friend, and Janet asked about the pearls. She also noticed that her daughter was pale, and urged her to eat and take care of herself. She took Liberty by the arm and steered her to the cafeteria, just as Dusty returned to check on Liberty.

At the police station, Margo talked with Tom about Craig's case. Jack walked in and listened to their conversation, as Tom told his wife that he thought the cops were looking in the wrong direction. He explained that Gabriel had been in a fight before he was knocked out, and whoever did it left the boy in the Monte Carlo offices before the fire started.

Parker continued to agonize about lying to his dad, and he informed Carly that what they were doing really stank. He walked out, saying that he had to think, but he promised that he would not go running to Jack. Carly quickly called for an AA meeting schedule, as Craig walked in on her and announced that they needed to have a long talk about Parker.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

At the police station, Margo asked Jack what he knew about Gabriel Caras. Jack said the boy had moved to Oakdale a few weeks earlier, he lived alone in the Lakeview Hotel, and he had worked at odd jobs around town until Carly hired him at Monte Carlo. No one knew of any family or local connections, so Margo wondered why Gabriel had settled in Oakdale if he didn't know anyone. She said they needed to find out who the kid was.

The two detectives went through Gabriel's hotel room, and searched for any kind of a clue as to why the boy was there. They found nothing until Jack discovered a large manila envelope stashed under the bed. He pulled out a folder that contained many newspaper articles and photos of Craig Montgomery. Jack also found some expensive electronic gadgets hidden, as well, and Margo concluded that Gabriel had not just stumbled upon Craig as his blackmail victim. It was obvious that the boy was looking for Craig, and Jack offered the theory that Craig and Gabriel were fleecing Parker. Margo, however, tended to think that her brother might have been a victim, too. Margo complimented Jack on how Parker was not holding a grudge against Gabriel.

Carly asked Craig if he was at her house to return Parker's stolen money, and when he said no, Carly said that she was not interested in anything Craig had to say about her son. Craig asserted that he had nothing to do with Gabriel's being beaten up, and he stated that the medical examiner's report said that someone had punched Gabriel in the face and hit him over the head. Craig hinted that he had a good idea who had done it, so Carly let him in the door. Craig said he felt responsible for their employee, but he wondered why Parker was "keeping vigil" at the hospital, since he had every reason to hate the boy.

Carly yelled that first Craig had robbed Parker blind, and then he wanted to blame her son for something that Craig had done. Carly threw him out, but not before Craig wondered aloud if Margo would listen to his theory. Carly begged Craig to stay out of her family's business, as Jack walked in and asked what was going on. Craig lied and said he had tried to apologize to Carly, but she had refused to accept it. Craig continued out, as Jack told Carly that he thought Parker needed their help.

Jack also told Carly that he and Margo had gone through Gabriel's room, and it was obvious that the kid had gotten hold of some of Parker's money. Jack went on to say how angry Parker must be at Gabriel for blackmailing Craig instead of turning him in to the authorities, and Jack was wondering if Parker had done anything about it. Carly said she was sure that Parker was handling it, and she agreed that she would keep on top of it. Jack left, but the silence between them was awkward, and Carly was worried. She grabbed her purse and jacket and headed out.

Parker and Faith walked along the path in the park, and he told her that Craig had set the fire at Monte Carlo. He said if Gabriel died, Craig would probably get charged with murder. Parker felt terrible because he had left the boy lying in the office, but Faith said the only way the police would find that out was if Gabriel told them. She was very surprised to learn that Carly knew about Parker's involvement, and that she had told her son to keep his mouth shut. "My mother would turn me in in a heartbeat," grumbled Faith. She was further impressed that Carly had kicked Jack out of her house so that he wouldn't suspect Parker of anything.

Parker was miserable, and he considered turning himself in because it was just too complicated a secret to keep. Faith discouraged him from that and counseled him to keep quiet. They went to Java for coffee, and Parker thanked Faith for being his sounding board. She said she would be available if Parker needed to talk, and she suggested that they have a code word. Parker thought of "community service," and the two began working on a secret handshake. Jack walked in and asked to speak to the teens.

Jack explained that he and Margo were trying to figure out how Gabriel had ended up unconscious in the Monte Carlo building, but they also wanted to know what had led the boy to Oakdale in the first place. Jack asked why Gabriel had even taken a handyman job with Carly, and Faith spoke up and said it was because of her. She explained that she had asked Molly to find a job for Gabriel after he got fired at Fashions. Faith claimed she didn't know why Lisa had fired the boy. Jack next asked if Gabriel knew Craig before he had arrived in town, but Parker and Faith did not know. Parker almost stumbled when Jack asked if he had seen Gabriel after their altercation in Old Town, but Faith jumped in and "reminded" Parker that he had been helping her study for her math exam that day. Jack thanked the kids and walked out, but Parker was in a dismal mood.

In Craig's suite, he poured himself a drink and then opened the door to Carly's knock. She asked why Craig hadn't told Jack that he thought Parker had been the one to beat up Gabriel and leave him in Monte Carlo. Craig's answer was that he had wanted to protect Carly's son. He also claimed to have only used Parker's money to fund Carly's company and to pay off Gabriel's demands. Carly said Craig was crazy, but then he asked if she and Jack were done with their relationship. Carly denied that and reiterated that Jack had moved out to help Janet. Carly asked what the price of Craig's silence was, but he said he didn't want to see Parker suffer. On the other hand, Craig was not about to sacrifice himself, either. He wanted Carly to help him and Parker, and he said all Carly had to do was to trust him.

Jack met with a Mr. Yeager, a representative of the bank that held Parker's trust fund, and he asked about the possibility of recovering some of the money. Yeager covered his back by saying that he had personally told Parker about the missing funds as soon as the bank had discovered it, but Jack disagreed. He had distinct memories of Parker's going ballistic and hurling a vase at Carly's wall when Jack broke the news.

Parker walked Faith back to the farm, and as he said goodbye, he raised his arm to give their secret salute. Faith, however, stepped up and kissed Parker on the mouth. When Parker asked her why, the girl smiled and told him she had just wanted to see what it was like.

Emily was very excited that she was taking Eliza to their very first "Mommy and Me" session, and Paul was sorry that he couldn't share in the fun. Emily was concerned that Meg was watching them all the time because of the custody hearing, but Paul promised to take care of Meg, and then everything would work out. Paul put the baby in her car seat and kissed Emily goodbye, and he headed for a business meeting at the Lakeview.

At the Snyder farm, Emma was giving Meg a baking lesson. She said if the judge sent someone to see Meg's living situation, Meg could show him how responsible a homemaker she was. "By baking a pie?" asked a befuddled Meg, but Emma answered that baking was a "normal" activity for a mother. Meg grabbed her coat and said she had to run an errand, but she promised her mother that she would be "normal."

Meg drove to Memorial Hospital and inquired about getting her nursing job back. Her supervisor, Hannah, said that first Meg would have to undergo a psych evaluation from the doctors at Memorial, and then she would have to produce references. Meg was discouraged, so she went back to the farm and complained to Emma about all the rules. Her mother warned Meg that Emily wanted Eliza for her own, so Meg shouldn't waste time in getting into a normal track for her life.

Meg decided that Paul would be a great reference for her, and if he stated that Meg was trustworthy enough for her to take care of the baby by herself, she would have no problems being reinstated at the hospital. She called Paul, who was just entering the Lakeview for his business meeting, and asked him to meet her at the hospital. Paul was reluctant, but he agreed. Meg powdered her nose and told Emma her plan, but Emma insisted that first she needed to talk to Meg.

Emma was angry, and she asked her daughter if she had any idea what she was doing by turning to Paul. She reminded Meg that Paul had custody of the baby, and he wanted to keep it.

Emma was sure that Paul would not help his ex-wife because Emily wanted to raise Eliza herself. Meg argued that she was only asking Paul for a recommendation, but Emma was sure that was not all Meg wanted. She was frightened because she didn't know how to help her daughter anymore. She wanted Meg to "think like Emily," not turn to Paul. Meg insisted that she knew what she was doing, and Paul would help because he was Eliza's father.

At Memorial, Paul joined Meg, and she asked him to speak with Hannah and convince her that Meg was ready to go back to work. Paul could not understand why the supervisor would be interested in his opinion, so Meg explained that the fact that Paul would stick up for her would mean a lot. Paul said he would go with her if that were what Meg wanted, but he had to tell the truth. Meg got upset and demanded that Paul say that he trusted Meg alone with Eliza, but Paul said that was not true. Meg called his attitude "unfair," but Paul continued to say that he thought Deerbrook had released Meg too soon. He blamed Emma for pushing Meg in order to punish him.

The two shouted until Meg claimed that Paul's attitude was emanating from Emily, but Paul denied that. Paul stormed out, but Meg followed and played innocent when he accused her of sending Emily on a wild goose chase during the custody hearing the week before. Paul stated firmly that Meg was just not ready to be totally responsible for Eliza yet. He wanted Meg to continue her therapy, and then she could see the baby. Meg was very angry and said none of it was her fault, but Paul told her she had to deal with it. She kept twisting Paul's words and finally declared that Emma was right: Paul would always choose Emily over Meg.

On her way to the class with Eliza, Emily took a phone call, and she got a lead about a breaking news story. A bank robber whom Emily had written about several years before had escaped and had supposedly been spotted in a certain neighborhood. Emily got excited, but then she remembered that she had Eliza with her and was not actually working that day. She did drive to the rundown neighborhood where the call had originated, but she saw no one out on the street. She called her source and reported in, but she was sorely tempted to do a bit more surveillance.

Emily stepped out of her car and reassured Eliza that "Mommy" was right there. She was talking to the baby through the open window when someone grabbed her from behind and clamped a hand over her mouth. The assailant was Carmody, the bank robber, and he demanded to know if Emily was a Federal agent. Emily shook her head no, and then he asked if she knew him. Again Emily mumbled no, so he dragged her away into an overgrown back yard. He shoved her and removed his hands, and Emily identified herself and reminded Carmody that she had written several fair things about him.

The escapee remembered those articles, but he said Emily was his only leverage at the moment. She kneed him in the groin and then bashed him in the head with a garbage can cover. She threw the gun into the weeds and took off for the car. She jumped in the driver's seat, only to realize that Eliza was not in her car seat.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Molly had a long break from work, so she went back to the farm. She found Holden sawing some boards, but she tried to tempt him away with the promise of a secluded picnic. Holden, however, was still angry about Molly's using Silas Whitman to try to make him jealous. Molly went inside and made some lemonade for Holden, but he was upset that she had tried to manipulate him with a man who had once tried to kill her. Molly apologized for being so insecure, and Holden took her in his arms and promised to do everything he could to make sure Molly knew how much he cared for her. They kissed and began playing around in the kitchen.

Dr. Oliver woke up Luke, who had collapsed in a chair in the waiting area of the hospital, and he said that Noah was beginning to show signs of waking up. Oliver said they were transporting Noah to radiology to do tests for brain function. Lily showed up and picked up on certain vibes between her son and Dr. Oliver, so after the doctor excused himself, she asked Luke if something was going on between the two of them. Luke told his mother that Reid had admitted to having "feelings" for him.

Lily was upset that Dr. Oliver might be taking advantage of her son, but Luke said that the doctor had been very straightforward the whole time. After all, Luke reminded Lily, he and Noah had broken up. Lily, still shocked, asked how Luke felt about Reid, and Luke answered honestly that he did have feelings, but he couldn't define them. Luke admitted that he liked Reid's abrupt manner and confidence. Lily was sad because she had wanted Luke and Noah to love each other forever.

Luke went into Noah's room to wait for his return, so Lily said she was headed home. She paused, however, and thought about something, and then she took out her phone. She called Holden and interrupted his playtime with Molly. Lily said she was leery about going home alone since Craig was out of jail, so Holden agreed to meet her at her house. Holden kissed Molly goodbye and reminded her of his promise. Molly was bummed, and she called Silas Whitman on her phone and told him they needed to talk. Whitman refused to go to Molly's office, however, and he insisted that she meet him in his hotel room.

Molly arrived at Silas' room, which he said was for "privacy," but she was still reluctant. Whitman made crude remarks about Molly's "farm boy," but she said that Holden would not be stopping by. Molly said that she didn't want to do the exclusive interview that Whitman had promised her, nor did she want any kind of personal relationship with him. Molly turned to leave, but Silas stopped her and said he didn't believe a word she said. Molly called him "delusional," but Whitman was sure that he and Molly could be together out in the open since he was divorced.

Whitman grabbed Molly and kissed her hard, but she pulled away and wiped her mouth. Molly warned him to stay away, but then Whitman changed his tack and reminded her of the "seductress" who had gone to his hotel room in Vegas while wearing only a red teddy. He tried to persuade Molly that she still needed the thrill of the fast life. Molly was angry, and she went for the door. Silas stopped her again, but he told her to think of him the next time her "farmer" was "respecting" her.

Lily walked into her house, but Holden had gotten there first. He had checked out everything, and nothing was amiss. Lily apologized for disturbing him, but Holden said it had been a good idea. Both of them thought Craig would not leave his anger unresolved, and Holden remarked that it was clear that Lily needed help, but it just could not be from him. He said they would hire a private security firm, and he wrote down a phone number for Lily. Lily was not pleased with that solution, but she agreed.

Holden said a security team would protect the family, while he would figure out what Craig was up to. Lily said that Holden was nothing like Craig, and therefore he could not begin to track such a diabolical schemer. She suggested that she and Holden work together to try to stay ahead of Craig. Holden said that was okay, but he made it clear that he could not spend a lot of time at Lily's.

He said that was partly because of Molly, but also because of who he and Lily were and what they had meant to one another. He did not think it was a good idea for them to spend time together because they could not go back.

After Holden left, Lily sat at home and looked at old photograph albums of happier days with her family. Seeing Holden in so many pictures made her depressed, however.

Silas Whitman walked into Fashions and bought a very skimpy red teddy, and he asked to have it delivered to WOAK. Meanwhile Molly was back working at the station when Holden walked in and surprised her. He said he had taken care of Lily's problem and wouldn't be so involved with her anymore. Molly said she was keeping a promise, too, and she told Holden how she had let Silas know that she had no further interest in him. The two of them kissed, and then an intern delivered a package labeled "Urgent" for Molly. Molly said it might be about a story she was working on, so she opened it. She saw the red lingerie and managed to stuff it back into the box before Holden spotted it. She said it was about a story, but she had decided not to do it.

Noah returned to his room, and Luke asked Reid how the tests had gone. The doctor said he was about to go analyze them, and Luke apologized for walking all over Reid because of his anxiety. Reid left, and Luke sat by Noah and spoke with him. Noah's eyes fluttered and then slowly opened. Luke asked if Noah could see, and his ex looked up at Luke and said he was the most amazing thing he had seen in all his life.

Reid walked in and saw Luke hugging Noah. He asked Luke to leave so he could examine his patient, and then he gave Noah some memory questions. Noah's brain was obviously working well, so the doctor told him that even though his vision was blurry, it would continue to improve. Noah said he was going to make it up to Luke, since he was the one who had made the miracle happen. Dr. Oliver went out and called out to Luke that Noah was all his. When Luke walked in, Noah said he really wanted to go outside, so Luke went in search of a wheelchair.

Luke wheeled Noah up on the roof of the hospital, and Noah reveled in seeing the sky and all the colors. Noah said Luke had been wonderful throughout the surgery, and he hoped that their relationship was strong enough to weather it all and survive. Luke looked surprised, and he spluttered that the important thing was to focus on Noah's health, not their relationship. Noah said he could hear and feel that something in their relationship had changed, and he asked what it was.

A doctor walked by in the hall and congratulated Dr. Oliver on his "miracle case." Reid was surprisingly modest and said that case was done, so he was moving on.

A frantic Emily searched all around her car for the missing Eliza. She ran back to where the bank robber, Carmody, was struggling to his feet, and she demanded to know what he had done with the baby. Carmody had no idea what Emily was talking about, and he was afraid of her. Emily ran back to the car and stopped a passerby who knew nothing either. She got hysterical and began wailing, holding on to one of Eliza's toys.

In Memorial, Paul and Meg continued their conversation about Meg's getting her nursing job back. Paul was uneasy about her going back full-time because it was such a stressful occupation. He took a call from a sobbing Emily who said that Eliza was "gone." He and Meg drove to Emily's location, where Emily admitted that she had had gotten out of the car but had been taken hostage and dragged away by a bank robber. Paul and Meg were incredulous that Emily had put herself in that position with a child with her, and Meg went ballistic. She screamed at Emily about how irresponsible she was.

Emily countered by recounting the time Meg had taken off with the baby with half of her wires uncrossed in the dead of night. Paul called the police, who asked them to go immediately to the police station. They drove there and the officer asked them to go into the interview room where Emma sat with Eliza in a car seat. Emma explained that a passing policeman had driven by and seen the baby crying inside Emily's car, so he had taken her in. Meg picked up her daughter as Emma said that Margo had recognized the little girl and had called her. The officer let Emily off with a warning, but when she stepped forward to take the baby home, Emma intercepted her.

Emma chewed out both Paul and Emily for pretending to be better than the Snyders and having nothing but money and carelessness to offer her granddaughter. Emily suddenly realized that it was possible that Meg had set up the whole incident, and she said as much. Emma reminded Emily that she was the one who had gotten out of her car, but Emily claimed a man with a gun had dragged her away. Paul finally stepped up and demanded that Meg hand him the baby because they were going home. Meg was upset, but Emma hustled her out and said they had an important call to make.

At Fairwinds, Paul and Emily had drinks, but the mood was hostile. Paul was sullen and did not want to talk. Emily said her instinct to go after the robber was a spur-of-the-moment decision, and it was a lousy one, but Paul said he didn't "give a damn" about it. He shouted that his "crazy wife, Meg" had never abandoned their daughter to run after a gun-toting lunatic, nor had she ever "lost" the child. Paul asked how Emily could call Meg crazy after what she had just done. Emily snarled that Meg was crazy and Paul was a hypocrite.

Then Paul brought up the fact that Emily had shot him once, so she reminded him about leaving Eliza alone in a car in the freezing cold in upstate New York. Paul yelled that Emily's stunt could cost him custody of his daughter, and Emma Snyder was "gunning" for him anyway. Emily said that wouldn't happen, but Paul felt everything was in jeopardy. Emily asked Paul to forgive her, but he said he was taking Eliza for some ice cream -- alone. Emily was not invited.

Emma spoke with her lawyer and gave him all the details of the incident. She told Meg that it sounded as if little Eliza would be home soon to stay.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

On Katie's television show, she talked with Chris Hughes about advice for new mothers. As she was signing off, Katie mentioned that Chris was not only an experienced pediatrician, but he was also one of Oakdale's most eligible bachelors. She encouraged all interested single gals to send in a video, saying why they would like to date Dr. Chris, to the WOAK website. Chris looked uncomfortable at Katie's suggestion, especially after she announced that the winner would get a date with him. As soon as the episode concluded, Chris turned to Katie and said, "What the hell was that?"

Chris was upset, and he accused Katie of "pimping" him out on the Internet, but Katie just laughed and told him to "lighten up." He said he liked his life just the way it was, and besides, he hated blind dates. Katie said she would screen all the videos, and then a technician walked up and said they already had 14 submissions for the "Date the Doc" contest. Katie was very excited, but Chris declared that he wanted no part of it. He lectured her about trying to get over Brad's death by taking over Chris's life.

Katie said that everything she did reminded her of Brad, from sunrise to sunset, and she resented Chris's throwing that in her face. Chris apologized for going too far, and they hugged. Katie began to cry, however, and she complained that she would never find anyone she could love as much as Brad. They talked about Brad, and Chris wrote down all the things that Katie had loved about him. He said maybe he would play matchmaker, too, but Katie said she actually would not want someone so much like Brad because she would always be making comparisons.

Katie said she wanted someone with a great sense of humor, good-looking, not in television but dedicated to his work, who loved to travel, and was passionate about his family and helping others. Chris complained that Katie had set the bar too high, but she said no, she just wanted a "good guy," someone like Chris.

Barbara walked out of her cancer checkup, and asked when her test results would be in. The oncologist said that everything had appeared to be good, but she promised to give Barbara the word as soon as possible. Henry approached Barbara and said he had been waiting for her. When she questioned him, Henry said he knew she would be worried, and he thought she should not go through it alone. Henry promised to find a way to distract Barbara until her blood work was finished. He said that they would find a way to take her mind off "the big C."

Vienna took a call from Casey, who was sitting in Al's Diner thinking about his "quickie" with Vienna the other day. Casey asked her if she wanted to get together later, as Alison sat down near Casey in the restaurant. Vienna wanted to know why Casey was bothering her, so he said they had such an amazing time that he was wondering how terrific they could be with some "practice." Vienna said what had happened before was not about to happen again, and she hung up on him. Casey suddenly noticed that Alison was listening to his part of the conversation, so he pretended to still be talking to Vienna, and then he signed off.

Alison looked at Casey and asked if he was seeing someone, but he replied that was none of her business. He was very curt with her, and he said he owed her no apology since she was eavesdropping on his conversation. Alison asked why it was impossible for them to be friends, and Casey said that it was because she had no concept of boundaries. Casey walked out, but not before he said he was seeing someone who was "really special and hot."

Henry and Barbara headed to the elevators in the Lakeview, and they ran into Vienna. Henry tried to avoid a conversation with her, but Vienna wanted to talk. Barbara said she was going to her room, so Vienna told Henry that she had cancelled all their wedding orders and plans. Henry suggested that they start all over again as "friends" and let the relationship evolve from there. Vienna complained that could take years, but then she agreed, saying they might be back together before Henry knew it.

Barbara went upstairs and suffered a panic attack. She had difficulty breathing, so she called Henry, who promised to be right there. He excused himself and told Vienna to wait for him in the lounge while he took a conference call. Henry headed for the elevator and found Barbara in trouble in her room. He had her breathe into a paper bag, and then he massaged her neck muscles. Henry said he wanted to be with her, and he tried to think of a "creative distraction" for them. Henry suggested poker, but Barbara said she didn't know how to play, but Henry couldn't think of anything else.

Henry showed Barbara some card tricks, and then they began to play poker. Barbara ran out of money in her wallet, so Henry suggested they abandon the money stakes and play for clothes. He could not believe that Barbara had never played strip poker before, and she was reluctant but finally said, "Okay, what the hell." Barbara did insist on dealing, however. A half an hour later, Henry was down to his boxers, and Barbara was laying down a straight flush. She insisted that Henry divest himself of his shorts, so he dropped them to the floor. Then Barbara began yawning, so she stood up and escorted Henry to the door. She fast-talked him right out the door, which she locked immediately.

An au naturel Henry hollered and pounded on the door, but Barbara just laughed. Henry found a housekeeping cart on the floor, and he picked up a washcloth but soon discarded it. Next he found a bath towel, which he was wrapping around himself when a woman walked by and saw Henry in all his glory. "Good heavens!" she cried, as Henry screamed at Barbara to let him in.

Downstairs in the bar, Vienna wondered what was taking Henry so long. She finished a flute of champagne and called him on his cell phone. Henry lied and said he was in a meeting, and he hung up. Vienna opened her purse and saw another pregnancy test kit. She left the bar and went to her room, where she went in the bathroom and took the test. She was disappointed in the result, but she said aloud, "I'm not giving up on you, Henry." Then she grabbed her purse and ran out.

Casey and Alison had walked back to work, and Vienna arrived and asked to speak privately with Casey. When they were alone, she told Casey that she had lied about the speaking part, but they did need some privacy. She hustled him into an empty room, and they began kissing and shedding their clothes. Afterwards, Casey wanted to know why Vienna had such a change in attitude, and she said coyly that it was a woman's prerogative. They walked into the hall, and Casey grabbed her and gave her a big kiss. Alison saw that, but she could not believe her eyes.

On her next break, Alison walked to WOAK and told Katie she had changed her mind; she wanted Katie to find her a good man. She said that she and Chris always crashed and burned, and besides, he was another Hughes, but there had to be someone out there for her. Katie kept promoting Chris, however, and she said she would figure out a way to get things rolling.

Up on the roof of the hospital, Luke declared to Noah that "everything" had changed since his surgery. He reminded Noah that the day before he had been blind, but that day he could see. Noah was aware of that, but he was talking about a change in Luke. Luke said a lot had happened, but Noah pressed him to tell if he still felt the same way about him. Luke admitted that he had changed, and it stunned Noah. Luke reminded Noah that before the surgery, Luke had chosen to be 100% in the relationship, but Noah had chosen "nothing." Noah said he hadn't pushed Luke away because he had stopped loving him, but Luke complained that when things got tough, Noah had no longer been part of "us."

Noah said he was angry and hated that Luke felt sorry for him, but Luke remembered that the two of them hadn't been happy for a long time, and he was not at all sure they could get it back. Dr. Oliver walked out on the roof and chewed out the boys for being outside right after Noah's surgery. He and Luke exchanged some looks, as Luke pushed Noah back into the hospital.

Luke found Alison and Casey both working at the same station but not speaking to one another. He said that Noah had regained his sight and had no permanent brain damage. Alison was thrilled, and she gave Luke a big hug. Luke told them to visit Noah, but he said that Dr. Oliver had banned him from visiting because of the roof stunt; however, he planned to ignore it.

Dr. Oliver examined Noah and found no damage from "Luke's stupidity." Noah didn't understand why Oliver was being so rough on Luke, and he mentioned that he thought the doctor and Luke had been getting along better since their Texas trip. Noah wanted Oliver to give Luke a break, if only because Luke had helped him avoid a malpractice suit and to keep his license. Oliver said that he had wanted something, and Luke was able to help him get it; therefore, he had "made nice" with Luke. Since Reid had gotten what he wanted, he explained that he didn't have to "fake it" anymore. Luke was listening at the door, so he burst in and said, "So that's all it was? You were just using me?"

Noah asked exactly what was going on between them, so Reid said he had hurt "Mr. Snyder's feelings," but at least Luke and Noah had each other. Luke looked very hurt, and Noah was commenting on that when Alison and Casey walked in. Casey complimented the boys on their relationship's making it through the tough times. Luke handed Noah a DVD of his movie, and Noah took Luke's hand and held it. Dr. Oliver watched through the room window, and then he walked into the room and broke up the party. He ordered Noah to lie down and let his brain heal. Noah argued that hanging out with friends was equally as restorative as bed rest, but Oliver got caustic and made some rude cracks.

Alison and Casey went back to work, but Noah did not want Luke to leave. Dr. Oliver told Noah to suit himself, since he had already given his opinion as to what was best for his patient. Oliver stormed out, so Noah decided to watch his movie. Luke left him alone so that Noah didn't have to pretend that he liked Luke's editing.

Luke stopped Reid in the hall and asked why he was treating him so badly. Reid said he was sorry, but he was also responsible for protecting his patient. Luke said he was trying to "be there" for Noah, but Oliver argued that Luke was trying to make up for the fact that he and Reid had shared a kiss. Oliver gave as an example that Luke was playing the role of "devoted boyfriend" to the hilt, and it sickened him. Luke asked if Reid was jealous, and he reiterated that Noah was no longer his boyfriend. They argued until Dr. Oliver walked out.

Luke followed the doctor and apologized for possibly jeopardizing Noah's recovery. He said Reid couldn't admit that he couldn't stand to see Luke and Noah together. Oliver said they needed to go back to the fractious relationship they shared before they went to Texas, and Luke should leave him and his patient alone. He yelled that Noah needed him more than he needed Luke, and he warned Luke to stay away. Luke got in the doctor's face and said, "You're lying!" Reid asked Luke what he wanted from him, and he put his hand tenderly on Luke's face.

Noah watched his movie and approved of Luke's edits. He called for Luke, but got no answer, so he got out of bed. He walked out into the hall and looked into the room across, just in time to see a blurry image of Dr. Oliver's touching Luke's face.

Friday, May 14, 2010

At Al's diner, Johnny rushed up to Janet with a carnation, and she smiled when Dusty entered. Dusty had assumed that she'd be receptive to flirting if Johnny did it. Dusty and Janet discussed how she enjoyed shopping for her new apartment, and then Johnny and Dusty left.

Liberty entered and announced that she was doing better, and her doctor wanted to take her off radiation immediately. Mother and daughter hugged and decided to meet at the Lakeview to celebrate over lunch. Janet took off, and Liberty called Dusty to ask him to meet her for lunch.

Later, Janet and Liberty met at a table in the Lakeview lounge, and they toasted to Liberty's health. Liberty expressed that she wanted her mother to be happy, and Janet said she hadn't been that happy in a long time. "Am I late?" Dusty asked, approaching the table.

Janet took Dusty aside to say that he wouldn't wear her down. Liberty intervened to explain that she'd invited Dusty to lunch, because Dusty had played a big role in her recovery. Though delighted about Liberty's good news, Dusty decided to leave the ladies to their lunch. Liberty, however, urged him to stay while she went to see Gabriel at the hospital. Liberty whispered for Janet to just give it a chance.

Liberty left, and Janet told Dusty that things hadn't changed between them. Dusty admitted that he'd made a mistake with Rocco, and Dusty was sure that he'd make more. He said that he needed her, but he felt that she was mad at him. Janet replied that she wasn't mad; she just wasn't sure that she could trust anything. Dusty proposed that they just decide whether they wanted to be together, and then they could take it from there.

Just then, the nanny took Johnny in because he'd started crying uncontrollably. Dusty asked what was wrong, and Johnny asked if Craig would go to jail. Dusty wasn't sure what was happening with Craig, but he stated that everyone made mistakes. Dusty said that because Craig was family, they'd give him the benefit of the doubt. Dusty explained that Craig would need Johnny's support. Janet seemed moved as she looked on.

Dusty took Johnny back upstairs to the nanny, and when he returned to Janet, she stated that they could start their relationship over and take things slowly. Dusty wondered if they'd pretend that they'd never met, but Janet suggested that they just start with a date. "Will you go out with me, Janet?" he asked. She replied that she'd think about it, and they laughed.

In Gabriel's hospital room, Liberty placed his mother's pearls into his hand. As she left, the unconscious Gabriel squeezed the pearls. Later, Craig entered, and upon seeing the pearls, he recalled giving them to Gabriel's mother. Lily arrived and assumed that he'd try to strangle Gabriel as he'd tried to strangle Lucinda. A nurse entered and said that Craig wasn't allowed in there, because he'd tried to kill the patient. Lily pulled Craig out of there and said that he'd go with her before he self-destructed.

Craig took Lily to his hotel room, but when she was reluctant to enter, he dragged her inside. He said he wasn't in the mood to kill her that day, so she was safe. Lily apologized for the Gabriel secret, but Craig didn't "give a lick" about her feelings. She asked what she could do. "Get me off the hook, Lily. Make them drop all the charges against me," he challenged.

Craig suggested that Lily lie for him and get Lucinda to pay off some judges. Lily was outraged, but Craig felt that her secrets had landed Gabriel in the hospital. Lily worried about what would happen if she created an alibi for Craig, but the police tore it apart. She said she was a mother, and she couldn't risk it. Craig wondered why she thought her children mattered more than his did.

At the police station, Jack closed his file on the fire as Margo approached. He behaved evasively as Margo tried to discuss the case with him, and she stated that Craig shouldn't have to pay for a crime that he hadn't committed. Jack vacantly nodded, and Margo figured that they needed to find out who'd been angry enough with Gabriel to leave him to die.

At Carly's house, Carly implored Parker to act as if things were normal. He asserted that Gabriel could die, and she'd kicked Jack out of the house. She stated that Parker needed to get on with his life, and that started with his baseball practice.

Parker went upstairs, and Jack arrived to pick up some things and to hang out with the kids. When Parker returned downstairs, Carly hustled him out the door to practice before Jack could say anything. Jack asked why Carly was so "hell-bent" on keeping him and Parker apart. Carly feigned innocence, but then lied that she was trying to shield the kids from their personal situation. Jack said that his move had happened out of nowhere, but she assured him that it was just until things returned to normal.

Carly helped Jack find his sunglasses and thanked him for understanding. When he left, she received a call from Margo, who asked Carly to stop by the police station to divulge all the information that she could on Gabriel.

When Carly arrived at the police station, Margo showed her the file that Gabriel had on Craig. Margo wondered if Carly had picked up on anything strange between Craig and Gabriel. Carly only knew that Craig didn't want Gabriel there. She assumed the tension between the men had resulted from Gabriel's blackmail plot. Margo asked if Carly knew about any contentions between Gabriel and anyone else, but Carly said she didn't.

Off the record, Margo asked if Carly thought Craig would try to kill Gabriel over the trust fund siphoning secret. "Wouldn't anybody under a specific set of circumstances be capable of murder?" Carly asked. Margo disagreed, and Carly said that she'd wanted to believe the best about Craig, but he'd disappointed her again and again. Margo said that Craig was many things, but not a cold-blooded murderer. Carly considered that Craig had tried to kill Rosanna. Carly thought that Margo knew Craig well enough to know what he was capable of.

Later, Margo went to the hospital to see Gabriel and found Liberty with him. Margo noticed the pearls, and Liberty said they belonged to Gabriel's mother. Margo added that they were made in a little jewelry shop in Montaga. Margo took off for the police station and called immigration about Gabriel. During the call, she learned some disturbing information.

Margo rushed to the Lakeview and saw Lily and Craig exiting the elevator. Margo started to ask them questions, but Craig refused to talk without Tom. Margo explained that Gabriel's mother had worked for Craig, and Gabriel had amassed information on Craig. Margo said that it didn't look good for Craig, and she implored him to tell her the reason that he wanted Gabriel dead. Lily piped up that Craig didn't want Gabriel dead, because Gabriel was Craig's son.

Jack decided to pick Parker up from practice early, even though Carly had said she'd do it. Jack felt that Parker could help him with something, and Parker agreed to leave. Jack took his son to the burned out Monte Carlo building and hoped that Parker could help him piece together what had occurred there that day. A nervous Parker decided that he shouldn't have left practice. He turned on his heel, but Jack grabbed his shoulder and said it would only take a minute.

Jack clarified that he hadn't spent a lot of time in the office, so he hadn't a clue how it had looked before the fire. Parker relaxed upon realizing that Jack just wanted help recreating the scene. Jack told Parker to pretend that he was Craig, who was being manipulated by Gabriel. Parker didn't know how to do that, so Jack started throwing out scenarios that could have led to Craig and Gabriel fighting about the money. Jack said that Craig had been humiliated and his plans had been ruined. In his mind, Parker recalled his own anger that day, and he remembered punching Gabriel. Parker yelled that he didn't know anything and he rushed out.

As Carly figured out that Jack had picked Parker up from practice, Jack and Parker went home. Jack gently pressed Parker about what he'd done the day of the fire. Under Jack's questioning, Parker got his lies confused. Jack deduced that Parker had known about his trust fund, and he'd been angry enough to hit Gabriel over the head with something. Parker yelled that it hadn't happened that way. Parker admitted to hitting Gabriel, but swore it was an accident.

Parker detailed how he'd found out about the trust fund issue. He'd hated lying, but he swore that he didn't want Gabriel dead. Parker said he'd had no idea that the fire would even happen. Jack understood that Parker had been scared, and he believed Parker. Jack wanted to know what had stopped Parker from telling the truth. Just then, Carly barreled into the house, and Jack stared knowingly at her.



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