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Jack saved Emily from the morgue, and Patty was arrested. Billy and Victoria drank heavily and got married on a Jamaican beach. Mac and J.T. kissed. Lily objected to getting stem cells from her twins. Malcolm said that he could no longer work as Tucker's spy.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 10, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, May 10, 2010

On the patio at Crimson Lights, J.T. and Victoria argued about what was best for Reed after the boy accompanied his mother to the police station when Nick was jailed. J.T. announced that he would fight Victoria for custody of Reed. Mac and Billy distracted Reed while the boy's parents continued their verbal barrage.

Billy gave Mac a Snoopy-themed keychain to acknowledge the anniversary of their marriage, which was later annulled. Mac and Billy agreed that they enjoyed being just friends. Billy glanced at J.T. arguing with Victoria out on the patio and told Mac that J.T. was a jerk. Mac defended J.T. Mac rightly guessed that Billy was sleeping with Victoria. Billy insisted that his relationship with Victoria was only a casual one.

Victoria told J.T. that he couldn't stop her from appealing to have the court-ordered custody ruling set aside. J.T. accused Victoria of lying to police in order to protect Nick. J.T. exclaimed, "I am so sick of you people justifying your behavior!" Victoria snapped that she was Reed's mother.

J.T. maintained that no judge would award custody to her after she abandoned Reed for several weeks and didn't show up at the court hearing. J.T. also denounced Victoria for lying to stockholders, helping Victor ambush Adam, and having an affair with Deacon. Victoria charged that J.T. was using Reed to prove that he was a big shot. Victoria maintained that J.T. was jealous because she had the power, money, and success he didn't. J.T. argued that he didn't need anyone's help.

Victoria slapped J.T.'s face when he blasted that she couldn't even manage to be a decent mother. While J.T. massaged his stung cheek, Victoria insisted that she was a good mother and would attack J.T. with everything she had in order to get her son back. When Victoria returned to the main dining room, Reed presented her with a decorated cookie and a card for Mother's Day. Victoria smiled, kissed her son, and announced that she loved him and her cookie. Reed asked his mother why she was crying and why she was mad at his daddy. Victoria insisted that her tears were joyful ones, and she calmly told Reed to go home with his dad. After Victoria quickly exited the coffeehouse, Billy glared at J.T.

Mac accompanied J.T. and Reed to J.T.'s apartment. J.T. suggested they share a pizza after he tucked a slumbering Reed into bed. J.T. complained that Reed missed having his mother around to read to him and tuck him into bed. Mac maintained that nobody did anything wrong when J.T. wondered if Reed blamed himself for his parents' troubles. J.T. cried that he, too, used to be part of a family whose hopes had dissolved into bitterness and anger. J.T. announced that Victoria would seek custody of Reed. Mac observed that Victoria loved Reed as much as J.T. did. J.T. countered that it wasn't so much Victoria's love he questioned, as it was her judgment.

J.T. gave Mac a key to his apartment in case he needed help with Reed. J.T. thanked Mac for her friendship, and she told him that he was a good man. J.T. insisted that Mac was good for him. J. T. and Mac stood facing each other, silent and awkward. J.T. pulled Mac's face close to his and kissed her on the lips.

At her house, Victoria looked forlorn as she gazed at her Mother's Day cookie Reed had festooned with a red-and-white heart. Billy arrived, and Victoria quickly whisked him inside, hoping no one would notice. Billy gave Victoria a cookie that he'd decorated with an image of his boxer shorts. Victoria laughed. Billy and Victoria drank beer, but Billy noted that Victoria wasn't pleasant company. Billy teased that he'd use his journalistic skills to free Nick, imprison Victor, and quash J.T. Victoria didn't react and remained depressed. Billy left, but he lingered just outside the door. Victoria rose and quickly approached the door, but she stopped herself and didn't open it.

At Genoa City Memorial Hospital, Michael and Lauren learned from Gloria that Jana had awakened. Lauren explained that Jana's love for Kevin had pulled her through their horrifying ordeal at the zoo. Lauren added that Jana was granted her wish to be reunited with Kevin on the night of a full moon. Suddenly, Kevin emerged from his wife's room and called for a doctor. Kevin reported that Jana was acting strangely and couldn't remember that he was her husband.

In a robot-like monotone, Jana later acknowledged that Kevin was her husband, but she didn't express an emotional connection to him. Kevin told his family that Jana didn't look or sound like herself. Gloria advised Kevin to give Jana time to sort things out. Kevin responded that Jana's doctor had given him the same advice. Lauren assured Kevin that Jana would soon be herself again.

Dr. Sachs told Kevin that it wasn't unusual for a trauma patient to experience disorientation, and it was not a surprise after everything Jana had endured. After Kevin stepped out, Dr. Sachs evaluated his patient. Kevin watched through a window as Dr. Sachs questioned Jana, who exhibited a blank, unfeeling fašade. Dr. Sachs attempted to elicit an emotional response from Jana, but she said, "I don't feel anything." Jana seemed detached from Kevin and the other important people in her life.

In a waiting area, Kevin, Lauren, Michael, and Gloria learned from Dr. Sachs that Jana was suffering from cognitive dysfunction. Kevin asked about brain damage, but the doctor advised running tests to determine the problem before offering a diagnosis. Dr. Sachs explained that Jana remembered who people were and the places she'd been, but she lacked emotional connections to those people and places. The doctor added that it was as if Jana was watching her life happen to someone else.

Dr. Sachs explained that the part of Jana's brain that controlled emotion might have suffered damage. Lauren, Michael, and Gloria looked worried. As if willing it to happen, Kevin said firmly, "But she will get better, right?" Dr. Sachs replied that he'd refer Jana to a neurologist but cautioned that he didn't want to give Kevin false hope. Lauren left to visit Jana. Kevin, angry, told Gloria and Michael that it was unfair for Jana to endure such a serious illness after she'd fought to stay alive. Kevin, at his wit's end, cried that just being alive wasn't enough for someone like Jana. He asked rhetorically, "What if she doesn't come back?"

Lauren stepped into Jana's room served her a cup of water. Jana recognized Lauren, and instantly recalled the code word they'd used to discern Lauren from Sarah. Jana recalled how they'd fought for their lives after Daisy, Ryder, and Sarah locked them in a cage. Jana recounted the events as mere facts without expressing an emotional reaction. Lauren assured Jana that she, Michael, Kevin, and Gloria would assist with her recovery. Jana said flatly, "I wish that meant something to me." After Lauren left, Kevin told Jana that he had enough love for both of them to make everything okay. Kevin held Jana's hands as he promised her that the feelings and love she had would return. Jana, staring blankly at the wall before her, slipped her hands from Kevin's grasp and slid them under her blanket.

At the Abbott mansion, Paul and Heather stood beneath the portrait of Emily that Patty had sliced repeatedly with a knife. Paul lamented not giving credence to Emily's appeals that she wasn't his sister. Heather consoled Paul and explained that Patty had even fooled Jack. Paul seemed relieved that Heather's friend at the Genoa City Police department had issued an APB on Patty. Heather warned that Patty was desperate, so there was no telling what she might do next. Paul was worried that someone might harm Patty.

At the Walworth County Psychiatric Facility, Dr. Jasper evaluated Patty's health while Jack apologized to "Emily" for being locked up for months. Patty was reluctant to let go of Jack when he stepped out to take a call from Paul, who reported that his sister was still on the loose. When Jack stepped back into the padded cell, Patty latched onto him tightly and purred, "Oh, Jack. Don't ever let me go, okay?" Jack seemed taken aback by Patty's insistent clinginess.

Dr. Jasper apologized to "Emily," and told her that a staff member would supply her with clothing, so she could leave the facility. Patty kissed Jack and thanked him for rescuing her, so they could be together. Patty begged to go home, but Jack responded, "I don't think that's such a good idea." Patty insisted on dressing and leaving at once, but Jack suggested she check into the hospital. Jack's suggestion was met with a resounding, "No!" Jack relented but offered to take his wife to a hotel because Patty had damaged their home. "Emily" said she'd dreamt only of going home, so she didn't care if Patty had left a mess.

Before they could leave, Paul and Heather arrived and announced that Patty was at Walworth because they'd seen "Emily's" name on the sign-in register. Heather added that Patty had been at the hospital for an hour and hadn't signed out. Paul explained that he and Heather had hoped to question "Emily." Patty played it cool when Heather asked why her aunt would have gone to the hospital. Patty responded, "Obviously, she came to get me, but someone stopped her from coming in here." Paul said that he'd alert the hospital and order all exits locked down. Paul also volunteered to search the premises. Jack offered to help. Patty protested and begged Jack to stay.

After Paul and Heather left, Patty briefly chuckled with glee that she'd convinced Jack to remain behind. Patty embraced Jack and thanked him for staying with her. Jack said, "I never want to see Patty's face again." Patty responded, "You don't have to worry. Patty's gone." Patty, her shaggy mane freshly bleached, buttoned the front of a gray, cropped jacket. "Emily" advised Jack to forget about Patty. Jack maintained that Patty was pathetic for obsessing over him for so many years. Patty calmly explained to Jack that "Patty" truly loved him and thought he felt the same about her. Jack said, "I never loved her. Hell, I slept with Diane the night before I married Patty. If she had even two brain cells, she could've figured that out for herself."

Patty grimaced, and the muscles in her neck stiffened during Jack's prolonged tirade. Jack continued, "She's not the woman I need. The woman I need is bright, sophisticated, and educated. She's not some needy, insecure girl who barely made it out of high school." Seeming a bit unbalanced, Patty maintained that the woman Jack scorned had some good qualities. Patty dissolved into tears when Jack insisted that his heart turned cold when he was with Patty, who was no match in bed to Emily. Jack added, "It turns my stomach to even think about being with her." Patty yelled, "Stop! I don't want to think about Patty. I just want to go home." A wave of awareness seemed to wash over Jack, and he stared suspiciously at the trembling woman standing before him.

Patty smoothed the ragged ends of her pale hair and announced that she was ready to leave. Jack asked if they should wait for the authorities to locate Patty. Patty responded, "Patty can go to hell for all I care." Jack, taken aback, replied that she didn't sound like the Emily he knew. Paul and Heather returned and announced that security had locked down the facility. Paul added that police were on their way to begin a room-to-room search. Jack suddenly grabbed Patty's arm and said, "This is Patty." Patty vehemently insisted she was Emily.

Patty denied Jack's charges, but he insisted that the smell of peroxide proved that Patty had just dyed her hair. Jack shoved back the sleeve of Patty's jacket and asked about the scratch on her arm. Patty seemed shocked to see the scratch. Jack explained that he'd been present when a cat scratched Patty, and that Emily was terribly allergic to felines. Patty growled through gritted teeth that she was Emily. Jack grabbed Patty by her forearms, shook her, and demanded she tell him where Emily was. Paul and Heather attempted to calm Jack, but he raised his voice and shook Patty violently as he demanded to know where Emily was. Patty refused to answer, and Jack became aggressive. Paul and Heather wrestled the pair apart.

Across the room, protected by Heather, Patty slowly enunciated her words as she maintained that she was Emily. Jack said, "I know it in my heart. You're going to tell me where Emily is, or I'm going to shake it out of you!" Patty responded, "You don't need Emily. You need me. We can be happy." Patty became unglued and began crying. Paul attempted to comfort his sister, but she flew into a rage and begged "Paulie" to stop when he tried to coax her to tell him where Emily was. Patty cried out to Jack and pleaded, "You don't need anybody else. We can live at the Abbott mansion and go to parties."

Jack calmed himself and told Patty that if she truly loved him, she would tell him where Emily was, so he could help her. Patty gasped, "She's gone." Jack feared the worst as he ran from the room. Paul held Patty back, but she screamed out to Jack as she collapsed onto the floor of her padded cell. Paul begged Patty to tell him what had happened to Emily. Patty begged Paul to help her leave before Jack returned because he would be mad. Paul sobbed pitifully as he asked Patty to tell him why Jack would be mad.

Inside a refrigerated chamber at the morgue, Emily, aware but unable to move or speak, wondered where she was, why it was dark, and why she felt cold. Sudden realization of her predicament prompted a silent scream of terror. A medical examiner pulled Emily out of cold storage and examined her toe tag, which noted that the body was a "Jane Doe." The doctor said, "Let's open you up and see how you died." Emily's voice, pleading for the doctor to realize that she wasn't dead, resounded inside her head.

In her head, Emily screamed, "I am not dead!" The doctor prepared a buzzing bone saw, as Emily lay prostrate on a steel autopsy table. Just as the doctor approached Emily with the whirring saw blade, Jack arrived and ordered the man to stop. Jack cried, "No! No! Emily!" Jack hovered over Emily's motionless body and told the doctor that the woman was his wife. Jack repeatedly apologized and told Emily that he loved her. The doctor busied himself arranging to release the body to Jack, who suddenly noticed tears streaming down Emily's cheeks. Jack alerted the doctor and felt Emily's neck for a pulse. Jack happily announced that Emily was still alive.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

At the Ashbys', Cane and Lily were looking at the sonogram of their twins when Olivia arrived. Olivia was thrilled to see the picture of the unborn twins. Lily said that she was determined to be around for her children when they were born. Olivia told them that she had done some further research into a clinical stem cell trial to extend Lily's life, and that she had managed to procure Lily a place in the trial. The Ashbys were underwhelmed. Olivia said that she thought that they would be thrilled with the news. Cane said that they were thrilled -- it just seemed like everything was happening so quickly.

Olivia said that the trial was highly experimental, and that it certainly wouldn't be a cure for Lily's cancer, but it might buy her six to twelve months, which would allow Lily to become stronger before she underwent another round of chemotherapy. Cane left to pick up dinner. Lily told Olivia how grateful she was that her aunt had fought to get her into the clinical trial. She also told her aunt that whether or not she took part in the trial, she was going to proceed with the chemo, even though she knew it might kill her.

Olivia said that the clinical trial was Lily's best option. Lily asked about the risks. Olivia said that they were minimal. Lily said that she would need to hear more about the procedure before she committed to anything.

At J.T.'s apartment, Mac and J.T. pulled apart from their kiss. J.T. said, "Wow, that was..." Mac finished his sentence, saying, "...unexpected?" Mac smiled and reminded him that they had kissed before. He said that Mac would have to be crazy to get involved with him, since he was in the middle of a divorce and a bitter custody battle. The very pregnant Mac said that J.T. would be crazy to be interested in "a walking incubator." Mac said that she had to leave to go to her prenatal yoga class. She said that she would see him and Reed later -- but still somewhat stunned by the kiss, tried to exit the apartment through a closet. An amused J.T. guided her to the front door.

Mac and Cane ran into each other at the Athletic Club, where he was picking up dinner, and her yoga class was being held. Cane excitedly told her about the clinical trial, in which the unborn babies' stem cells would be harvested from Mac. Mac looked concerned. Cane told Mac that Olivia was in the process of explaining the procedure to Lily, and that she should skip the yoga class and go to the Ashbys'. Mac agreed.

Mac and Cane returned to the Ashbys'. Olivia explained that the procedure would be similar to an amniocentesis, where a long needle would be inserted into Mac's uterus through her abdominal wall. Mac was concerned about the risk to the babies. Olivia explained that there were complications in approximately one out of every 200 procedures, but many of those complications were minor. She admitted that the risk might be slightly higher in Mac's case since she was so far into her pregnancy and was carrying twins. Mac said, "By trying to save Lily's life, we could lose the babies?"

Olivia assured Mac, Lily, and Cane that the procedure was going to be done by the best obstetrician in the state. Mac told the threesome that she had miscarried before -- and was worried that might happen again. Olivia repeated that the chance of a miscarriage was slim. Mac said that she hadn't been prepared for that turn of events, and left to get some air. After Mac was gone, Lily said that understood Mac's reaction and shared some of her concerns.

Olivia said that she realized that it was a huge decision, but she felt that it was a risk worth taking. She told Cane and Lily that they should talk about it -- but that they shouldn't take too long, because she didn't know how long she could hold Lily's spot in the trial. Olivia said that she needed an answer soon -- or the Ashbys might not have another option.

After Olivia left, a subdued Lily told Cane that she was thinking about Mac. Cane thought that they should go ahead and do the procedure. Lily said that she was concerned about the risk, slight as it was, because Mac was carrying the only two babies that they would ever be able to have. Cane said that the babies needed their mother. Lily replied that, as their mother, she needed to put the well-being of the babies ahead of her own.

Cane described the scene in his head -- him, Lily, and their two children playing, having dinner together, and celebrating Christmas together. He wondered why Lily wouldn't want to try the experimental procedure. Lily said that if they decided not to go ahead with the procedure, she was still going to have the chemo. She reminded a worried Cane that he might have to raise their babies alone, as she might not be around.

At the Hellstroms', a troubled Victoria stared at the Mother's Day card that Reed had made for her. She thought about all the recent arguments she and J.T. had about gaining custody of Reed. She remembered J.T. telling her that she wasn't a decent mother. Her attorney, Julia, called her and said that the hearing regarding her appeal of the ruling granting full custody of Reed to J.T. was going to be held the next day. Victoria said, "The sooner, the better."

J.T. was surprised when Victoria showed up at his apartment. She said that she was there to see Reed. J.T said that the boy was asleep, and Victoria promised not to wake him. She said that before she saw Reed, she wanted to talk with J.T. He was concerned that Victoria wanted to argue and threaten him. Victoria said that she wasn't there to intimidate J.T.

He was suspicious that Victoria was there to "make peace," particularly after she had vowed to do anything possible, including using Victor's influence, to try to regain custody of Reed at the hearing the following day. Victoria said that she had no idea how the judge was going to rule, but that things needed to change. She apologized for the way she had acted earlier. She said that she was angry at him -- but also at herself -- because they hadn't kept things civil.

J.T. reminded her that it took two to be civil. Victoria said that the two of them had been in love once, and just because they no longer were, they didn't need to be enemies. She told J.T. that she thought that Reed was suffering because of their bad behavior. Victoria suggested a pact -- that they put Reed's needs first.

J.T. said that he knew that Victoria was a good mother and that she loved Reed, but after recent events -- Adam's mock trial, her arrest, and her involvement with Billy -- he wasn't sure that Victoria should have even partial custody of Reed. J.T. said that Victoria had grown up around that kind of "craziness," but that he wasn't used to it. Victoria accused J.T of twisting everything around and using it against her. J.T. promised to be less judgmental, but told Victoria that she needed to meet him halfway -- he wanted a heads-up about things, as he didn't want to be blindsided by the Newman family's travails. Victoria agreed, and J.T. said that they had to work together. With a truce seemingly in place, J.T. and Victoria walked towards Reed's bedroom.

A few minutes later, the Hellstroms, talking about how cute their son was, returned to the living room. They were surprised to see Mac standing there. Mac said that she had knocked, but they obviously hadn't heard her, and she had used her key to let herself in. Victoria was shocked that Mac had a key to J.T.'s apartment, and wondered if Mac had been spending the night with J.T. J.T. saw that Victoria was getting angry, and said, "Don't do this." Victoria replied, "Do what? I want to know what the hell is going on -- and how often has Mac been helping you with our son?"

J.T. and Mac calmly tried to explain to Victoria that Mac sometimes picked Reed up from school, and needed the key to take him to the apartment. Victoria accused J.T. of seeing Mac. J.T. denied that he was seeing anyone. Victoria said that she didn't realize that Mac was "playing Mommy" to her son. When J.T. said that Victoria was being ridiculous, Victoria said that J.T. was a hypocrite, chiding her for keeping secrets, while he had a girlfriend. When J.T. again told her that Mac wasn't his girlfriend, an increasingly irate Victoria said that Mac had once been J.T.'s girlfriend -- and that she seemed to be making herself at home in his apartment. Victoria turned to Mac and told her that if she had any thoughts about taking Victoria's place in Reed's life, she had better forget it.

The angry Victoria stormed out, saying, "See you in court." Mac wondered what she had walked in on. J.T. said that he and Victoria had been trying to put things in perspective, then added, "But now that's gone."

In the morgue at Walworth Psychiatric Hospital, Jack realized that Emily, still lying on a slab, was still alive. Emily stirred and whispered, "Adrenaline." Jack told the medical examiner to get some adrenaline, but he said that they didn't have any in the morgue. Jack yelled for him to go get some. When the examiner left the morgue, Jack urged Emily to "hang in there."

The medical examiner returned with an adrenaline-filled syringe and injected Emily directly in the heart. Emily began gasping and regained full consciousness. She said, "Jack, you finally came." Jack apologized for taking so long. An alarm sounded in the background, and Emily asked what was going on. Jack said that it must have something to do with Patty.

In Patty's padded cell, a teary-eyed Paul told Patty that he couldn't help her escape. As Heather looked on, Patty said that she would disappear. Paul said that he knew that Patty was in pain, and that if he could go back in time and make it all better, he would. Patty said that she understood -- but that there was another way for her to leave. She pulled a syringe out of the mattress and held it at her neck. Paul begged her to stop. Heather told her aunt that she didn't have to kill herself.

Paul tried to talk Patty into putting down the syringe and started walking toward her. She told him to stop, or she would be dead by the time he got to her. Paul whispered for Heather to get help. Heather left. Paul asked Patty if the syringe she was holding was the same one she had used on Emily. Patty said that it was fitting that she and Emily died the same way. Paul was shocked to learn that Patty had "killed" Emily. Patty said that she had to kill her -- that the walls were closing in, and there couldn't be two of them.

Paul continued to implore Patty not to hurt herself. Patty smiled and told Paul what a good big brother he had always been. They reminisced about happier times when they were growing up. Patty began to weep and said that she had caused a lot of trouble. She told Paul that it would be better if she were dead. Paul looked at the syringe and noticed that it was empty. He asked her if it was the same syringe that she had used on Emily. Patty said, "It's all good." She pointed the syringe at her chest, and said that an air bubble to her heart would do the trick.

As the alarm continued in the background, Paul told Patty how glad he was that she was his sister, and how much he had missed her. Patty said that she had committed sins. Paul told her that she needed to ask for penance and forgiveness. He begged her not to turn her back on her faith -- he was sure that Patty's faith would give her the will to go on. Patty began laughing hysterically and said, "Oh, Paulie."

In the hallway outside Patty's cell, Jack wheeled Emily over to Dr. Jasper and Heather. Heather told them that Patty was threatening to kill herself, and that Paul was trying to talk her down. Emily thought that perhaps she could help. Jack insisted that Emily be transported to Genoa City Memorial, but Emily said that she needed to see Patty -- not "after" what Patty had done to her, but "because" of what Patty had done to her.

Paul continued to talk with Patty, and said that her heart and soul would tell her what to do. Patty said that she wasn't sure that she had a soul -- after all, she had just killed a woman in cold blood. Emily, Jack, Heather, Dr. Jasper, and several orderlies entered the cell. Emily said, "Your plan didn't work, Patty. I'm still alive."

Patty was shocked to see Emily, who she assumed was dead. Still holding the syringe to her heart, Patty said that everyone in the room would be glad to be rid of her. Jack told Patty that enough people had been hurt, and that Patty shouldn't make it worse. Patty lamented that Jack had never loved her -- he had loved Diane, Phyllis, Sharon, and he loved Emily best of all. She told Emily, "Now he's all yours. Say you want me dead." Emily said that was the last thing that she wanted.

Patty was surprised that Emily didn't want her dead -- after all, Patty had put her in the "nut house," married Jack, and almost killed her. Emily said that, despite what Patty thought, Emily still cared about her. She told Patty that she understood why Patty did the things that she had done. Emily said that Patty had been fragile when she had learned of Emily's engagement to Jack, and then she had spun out of control. She told Patty that she and Jack were just as much to blame for the situation as Patty was.

Emily hoped that Patty could forgive her -- for betraying her trust. Emily said that Patty wasn't a bad person -- that she had an illness, and that she had to stop punishing herself. Patty asked Emily if she meant what she said. Emily assured her that she did -- with all her heart. Patty began sobbing uncontrollably and handed the syringe to Paul. Emily collapsed. Jack picked her up to rush her to the hospital.

In the hallway, Heather told Paul that it was finally over. Paul replied, "Kind of." Heather said that Patty was going to be moved to solitary confinement in the local jail, and after her new criminal charges were addressed, she would be moved to another facility. Paul stared into Patty's cell. She was obviously heavily tranquilized and in a straitjacket. She smiled at her brother.

From Emily's hospital room at Genoa City Memorial, Jack called Paul and said that Emily's prognosis was good. Paul thanked Jack, and asked him to thank Emily too. After he hung up, Jack said that he knew that Emily must be upset with him for not seeing the truth. Emily said that she didn't blame him, but that it said a lot that he and Patty had lived as man and wife for so long. Jack said that it wasn't the time to discuss the situation. Emily ignored him, and said that if Jack truly loved her, he would have realized that Patty wasn't her -- and that she wouldn't have been locked up in a psychiatric facility, pleading for someone to believe that she wasn't Patty. Jack said that he was in love with Emily -- and they could discuss it further when she returned home with him. Emily said, "I'm not coming home."

At Walworth, police officers began leading Patty into the hallway. Paul told her that she was being taken someplace new. Patty said that it had been "forever" since she and Paul had been to the lake. She said that she had finished her homework, and wanted to go to the lake. One of the officers said that it was time to go. Paul kissed Patty. The officer led Patty away. Paul began to sob in Heather's arms.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A down-looking Daniel was packing up Amber's stuff at his apartment. Phyllis stopped by and asked him if he wanted to get a cup of coffee. Daniel said that he wanted to finish packing Amber's things. Phyllis said that she would be happy to help him. Daniel replied, "I'm sure you would be," and told her that he knew that she was glad that Amber was gone. Phyllis said that she knew that Amber loved Daniel, but that Amber was reckless, thoughtless, and clueless. Making a grand entrance into the apartment, Tawny, Amber's mother, said, "Hey. Nobody talks about my little girl that way."

Daniel introduced Phyllis to Tawny. Tawny said that she thought that Phyllis was "some cougar" who was hitting on Tawny's son-in-law. Tawny told Daniel and Phyllis that Amber had always had problems with her in-laws, and then bragged that Amber had once been married to a member of the Forrester family in Beverly Hills. Phyllis rolled her eyes and sarcastically said, "Impressive."

Tawny asked where Amber and Eric were and when they would be back. Daniel said that he had no idea. Tawny told Phyllis and Daniel that Eric must be hiding from her -- that the boy was in real trouble for using her credit card to book a flight to Genoa City. Daniel informed Tawny that there were people who were interested in hurting Eric, and those people knew where Tawny lived -- that was the reason why Amber and Eric were on the run. When Tawny asked if she looked like a dumb hick, Phyllis replied, "Well, actually..." Tawny warned Daniel to get Amber and Eric back to the apartment or she was going to call the police.

Unfazed by Tawny's threat, Phyllis told Daniel to hand Tawny the phone so that she could call the authorities. Tawny said that she could send Daniel and Phyllis to jail for kidnapping, but that she didn't want to. She suggested that Daniel simply tell her where Amber and Eric were. Daniel said that he didn't know, and that he wouldn't tell her if he did. Tawny snottily said that she knew that Daniel was broke, and that his art career wasn't going anywhere. She suspected that Daniel saw Eric as a meal ticket, because Daniel knew that Deacon would send a monthly support check for Eric.

Tawny said that Deacon wouldn't write Daniel the same "big, fat" checks that he wrote to her, because Deacon didn't like Daniel. Phyllis wondered if Deacon knew that Tawny took his money and spent it at casinos. Daniel interjected that it looked like Tawny had also spent some of the money buying clothes at swap meets. He wondered if Deacon knew that Tawny had left Eric alone for days on end. Phyllis said that Tawny was guilty of neglect and child abandonment -- and that she was going to call the police and have Tawny arrested.

Phyllis called the Furnace Creek police department and got the phone number for Child Protective Services. Tawny said that Phyllis and Daniel didn't have any proof that she had neglected Eric. Backing down, Phyllis said that she would hold onto the telephone number anyway, in case Tawny bothered Phyllis' "favorite" daughter-in-law.

When Tawny reminded Phyllis that she had said that Amber was reckless, thoughtless, and clueless, Phyllis said that she was seeing Amber in a new light. She thought that Amber had turned out remarkably well, considering that she had Tawny for a mother. Phyllis told Tawny to get out of the apartment. Tawny took off. Daniel was impressed with Phyllis' behavior, and wondered if she meant what she had said about Amber. Phyllis said that she felt bad for Amber -- and that she was rooting for her.

Jill was having breakfast at the Athletic Club when Tucker walked up to her table. He told her that he couldn't save the shirt she had recently ruined by spilling a drink all over him. Jill snapped, "Send me a bill." She told Tucker that she liked him better when she thought that he was a bartender. Tucker suggested that he make Jill the same cocktail he had mixed on the night that they met, to see if she would drink it, or if he would end up wearing it.

Jill and Tucker discussed Jabot. He thanked Jill for advising him to hold on to the company. Jill said that she had the ability to pick a winner -- but, obviously referring to Tucker, she was better at dumping losers and never looking back. Jill walked out.

Cane returned home from his workout and Lily offered him breakfast. Cane said he would skip breakfast because they had a big decision to make and he didn't want to put it off. Lily said that she had already made her decision -- she wasn't willing to risk Mac miscarrying the twins so that their stem cells could be harvested. Cane reminded her that the risk of miscarriage was small. Lily said that her decision might be different if the stem cell therapy could cure her cancer, but the therapy might only give her a few extra months.

There was a knock at the door and Lily wondered who it was. Cane said that he had invited Lily's family over to discuss the situation. Lily was upset, thinking that Cane had told them about the stem cell therapy. She calmed down a bit when he told her that he hadn't mentioned it to them. Lily warned him not to say anything about it.

Cane answered the door and greeted Neil and Malcolm. Lily assured them that everything was all right with the twins. Neil sensed that something was bothering Lily. Olivia showed up and said that she had stopped by because she thought that Neil and Malcolm might have some questions about the procedure. Neil said, "What procedure?" Cane said that he had probably made a mistake by inviting them over -- that Lily wanted to make her decision on her own. Neil and Malcolm wondered what decision Cane was referring to.

Olivia explained the stem cell therapy to Neil and Malcolm. Lily said that she had decided against the therapy because of the danger the amniocentesis might pose to the twins. Malcolm asked if the therapy could cure Lily's cancer, but Olivia said that it couldn't. Malcolm said that Lily should take part in the clinical trial. Lily, obviously upset, said that she didn't need any more pressure, and that nothing they said would change Lily's mind. She stormed out to feed Humphrey.

Lily returned to the living room and said that they were wasting their time. She begged Neil to support her decision. Malcolm said that he couldn't support her. Neil snapped at Malcolm, "Who's talking to you?" Lily said that she was going to be a mother, and that she wouldn't risk her babies' lives. Cane reminded her that the risk was small. He begged her to have faith. Lily said that she wouldn't make any decision that might kill her babies, and wondered if anyone understood.

Neil said that he did -- and that he trusted that Lily would do what was best for her. Lily thanked Neil for his support and hugged him. Malcolm wondered how Neil could stand behind Lily's decision. Jill arrived and Cane filled her in on what was going on. Malcolm told Olivia to pressure Lily into having the stem cell therapy. He became angry with Neil, and said, "Don't you get it? Are Cane and I the only ones who give a damn?" Malcolm told Lily that he knew that he had let her down as a father, but begged her to fight, and said that Drucilla would urge Lily to have the therapy. An angry Neil insisted that he was Lily's father. The situation degenerated into a free-for-all, with Neil and Malcolm nearly coming to blows.

Cane ordered everyone out of the house. Jill said that Malcolm and Neil needed to take their argument outside. Malcolm agreed to leave, still imploring Lily to have the therapy. Lily told Neil and Malcolm to try to work out their mutual animosity. Neil and Malcolm left. Jill said that she needed to leave, but was sorry that Lily had to make such a difficult decision. Jill asked Olivia what Lily should do -- and asked her to answer not as a doctor, but as the woman who loved Lily like a daughter.

Olivia said that she felt that Lily should go ahead with the therapy, even though there were no guarantees of success, as it could give the Ashbys reason to hope -- and hope was the best medicine. She told Cane and Lily that they needed to make their decision quickly, because she couldn't hold Lily's place in the clinical trial much longer. Jill said that she was sure that Lily would make the right decision -- and that her family would back her 100 percent.

Outside the front door, Neil and Malcolm continued to argue. Neil said that, as usual, Malcolm was putting his well-being before anyone else's. He reminded Malcolm that it was Lily's decision, and wondered if Malcolm was willing to take responsibility if Mac miscarried. Neil wondered why Lily becoming a parent was so important to Malcolm, since parenthood was obviously not important to Malcolm.

Neil said that Malcolm still hadn't revealed his real reason for returning to town, but Neil knew that it wasn't because of Lily. Neil suspected that Malcolm was "deep into something" and was trying to dig himself out. Neil told Malcolm that it was too late for that. Malcolm and Neil began physically fighting. Jill, Olivia, Cane, and Lily went outside to see what the commotion was. They broke up the fistfight. Olivia yelled at Malcolm -- she said that he wasn't helping Lily and ordered him to leave.

After Malcolm left, Lily said that she couldn't believe that Malcolm had lost control. Neil said that he was sorry that he wasn't able to get along with Malcolm, but that he couldn't have Malcolm badgering Lily. Jill thought that Malcolm meant well. Olivia opined that Malcolm probably felt guilty. Cane said that they needed to pull together as a family for Lily's sake. Neil said that he doubted that Malcolm could do that.

Malcolm went to the Athletic Club to speak with Tucker, who was sitting at the bar. Tucker wondered if Malcolm had anything new to report. When Malcolm said that he didn't, Tucker wondered what Malcolm was doing there. Malcolm said, "I know we have a deal, but flying under the radar for you is causing problems with my family -- so I'm out. No more spy games." He said that he wouldn't be Tucker's mole anymore.

At J.T.'s apartment, J.T., dressed for the custody hearing, told Reed that Gabby was going to take him to the park, but that they would meet for lunch after J.T.'s meeting. Reed wondered if Victoria was going to join them for lunch. J.T. said that she wouldn't, but told the boy that he would make sure that mother and son got together soon. Gabby called and told J.T. that her mother was sick, and that she wouldn't be able to watch Reed.

At the Newman ranch, Victoria visited with Victor and Nikki. Victoria was worried that Reed was scared about what was going on between her and J.T. Nikki tried to reassure Victoria, and told her that Reed knew that she loved him. A confident Victor told Victoria that Reed would be back with her after that day's hearing. Nikki reminded Victoria that the only reason that J.T. had been awarded custody of Reed was because Victoria hadn't been able to attend the original hearing. Victor said that once Judge Wiley realized that, he was sure that the judge would reverse his decision.

Victoria talked about the previous evening. She said that she and J.T. had agreed to cooperate -- but that their agreement hadn't lasted long. Victor received a phone call and walked to the other side of the room. It was Judge Wiley calling to tell Victor that the custody case had been reassigned to another judge. Victor was clearly unhappy about that.

Victoria continued telling Nikki about what had happened the previous evening -- that Mac had let herself in to J.T.'s apartment with her own key. She said that obviously J.T. thought that Mac was "worthy" of caring for Reed. Victor walked over to the women and said that he couldn't attend the custody hearing -- he had to be elsewhere. Victoria and Nikki were stunned. Victor told Victoria not to worry about anything, and that he would see her later. Victor left.

Victoria and Nikki continued their conversation. Victoria wondered where her and J.T.'s love had gone. Nikki thought that J.T. had lived at the ranch and worked for Victor because he knew that was what Victoria had wanted -- but that J.T. apparently had started to resent it. Nikki told Victoria that Victor had accepted J.T. into the family because Victoria had obviously loved him. Victoria said, "But now it's every man for himself. No holds barred. And Reed is caught in the middle."

Nikki was empathetic to Victoria. She said that she had been in the same situation -- a marriage ending and a child suffering. Victoria talked about the beginning of her relationship with J.T. and how she had been bursting with happiness. Nikki said that perhaps there was still hope for the Hellstroms' marriage. Victoria said that it was definitely over.

Nikki reminded her daughter that she and J.T. would be tied together forever by Reed. Victoria said that things kept getting uglier and uglier. Nikki said that was because both Victoria and J.T. were angry and hurt, but that the anger would fade. She added that if Victoria and J.T. were meant to be together, they would be, and if not, Victoria would find her way to "somewhere else," and that things would still be okay.

Since he didn't have a babysitter, J.T. had to take Reed to the Athletic Club for his meeting with Tucker. J.T. sat Reed at a table and gave the boy a toy to play with. Tucker told J.T. that he had a new project for him -- Tucker wanted to acquire Newman's Beauty of Nature cosmetics line and merge it with Jabot. J.T. asked if Beauty of Nature was for sale. Tucker said that it wasn't. J.T. said that he would be happy to "crunch the numbers" for Tucker. Tucker said that he didn't need J.T. to do that -- rather, he needed J.T.'s insight into Newman Enterprises.

J.T. asked if Tucker wanted him to spy on Victoria's company. Tucker looked at it as an opportunity for J.T. to be helpful, but that he wouldn't require J.T. to do it. As J.T. and Tucker began discussing some other business, someone rolled a red ball toward Reed, who was playing on the floor. Reed grabbed the ball and ran over to the person who had rolled it over. After J.T. and Tucker finished discussing their business, Tucker reminded J.T. that he had a custody hearing to get to and wished him good luck. J.T. looked around for Reed, and became frantic when he couldn't find the boy.

Tucker and J.T. alerted the Athletic Club's security team to search for Reed. Unbeknownst to them, Victor held the boy in the foyer. Reed had the red ball that Victor had rolled over to him.

In the courtroom, the judge was ready to begin the custody hearing. Bruce, J.T.'s lawyer, was concerned that J.T. hadn't shown up. He assured the judge that J.T. would be there -- that nothing was more important to his client than his son. On the other side of the courtroom, Nikki asked Julia, Victoria's lawyer, if J.T. might lose custody if he didn't show up. Victoria was concerned that J.T. might have been in an accident.

J.T. and Tucker found Victor holding Reed in the Athletic Club foyer. Victor chided J.T. for not watching his son -- Victor said that it was lucky that he had been there. Tucker was suspicious of Victor's "coincidental" presence, particularly since Victor had obviously taken the ball to keep Reed entertained. J.T. said that he was going to be late for the hearing, and that he didn't have time to argue with Victor. He grabbed Reed and left. After Victor walked off, Tucker called the courthouse.

In the courtroom, Bruce asked the judge for five more minutes. The bailiff handed the judge a note, which she read to herself. J.T. burst into the courtroom with Reed. Nikki said that Reed shouldn't be in the courtroom, and she took the boy into the hallway.

J.T. began apologizing for being late. The judge stopped him. She said that she had been informed that J.T. would be late -- and that Victoria should be ashamed of herself. Victoria had no idea what the judge was talking about. J.T. said that Victor had tried to stop J.T. from being at the hearing. The judge indicated that she had received information about what Victor had done at the Athletic Club. Bruce said that was typical behavior for Victor. J.T. said that was why it was so important for him to get full custody of Reed -- so that he could keep his son away from Victor.

The judge said that her decision had been made easy because of Victor's actions. She denied Victoria's petition for joint custody. Shocked, Victoria told Julia to do something -- but it was too late. The judge had already left the courtroom. Julia said that Victoria would still have visitation. Victoria said that she wasn't satisfied with that -- she didn't deserve to lose her son. She asked J.T. what had happened. He told her to ask her father. Reed returned to the courtroom and ran into Victoria's arms. He asked her if they could go have fun, but Victoria, trying hard to hold back her tears, said that they couldn't.

In the hallway, Nikki called Victor and asked him what he had done -- that the judge had been told that Victor had intentionally tried to detain J.T., and that Victoria had lost. Victor was stunned. Victor said that they would fight the judge's decision, and that Nikki shouldn't worry about things.

After he hung up, Victor, still at the Athletic Club, walked up to Tucker. Tucker, obviously knowing the answer, asked Victor how things had gone at the custody hearing. Victor said that he had the feeling that Tucker already knew. Tucker said that J.T. was a good kid, "like family to me." Tucker said that he didn't like it when people messed with his family. Victor replied, "Know what I do to people who mess with my family? I reserve a special circle of hell for them -- and that's where you're headed."

Thursday, May 13, 2010

At Crimson Lights, Sharon showed Billy pictures of Faith that she had stored on her cell phone. She told him that she was planning to visit Nick and show him the pictures. She said that it was sad that Nick was missing his chance to bond with the little girl. Billy told her that he smelled a juicy Restless Style story -- that Nick had been arrested for killing the brother who had stolen his baby daughter. Before walking away, Sharon told Billy that if he printed one word about Faith or Nick in the magazine, then he would be joining Adam.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Paul told Heather that the authorities wouldn't let him see Patty -- she was under a suicide watch and in solitary confinement. Heather said that was standard operating procedure in a situation like Patty's. Paul reminded Heather that the hearing to determine whether or not Patty was competent to stand trial was being held later that day. Heather said that she was going to be at the hearing, and would be consulting with Patty's attorney. Heather told her father that she had heard from her sources at the DA's office that Pomerantz was leaning toward prosecuting Patty and asking for prison time.

Paul was upset -- he said that Patty was further gone than when she had been found unfit to stand trial for shooting Victor. Heather said that Pomerantz had taken a lot of heat for not prosecuting Patty for that -- some felt that he was responsible for Patty's escape from the psychiatric facility and the escape's aftermath. Paul said that it wasn't about Pomerantz's reputation -- it was about Patty and what was best for her. He told Heather that Patty wouldn't survive in prison, and that they had to convince the judge not to send Patty there.

Inside the coffeehouse, Billy bounced Delia on his knee as Chloe watched. Chloe said that Chance was supposed to have met her there. Billy wondered if Chance was standing Chloe up, but Chloe said that Chance had been working hard investigating Adam's murder. Billy wondered if Chance spoke with Chloe about the case. Chloe immediately picked up that Billy was looking for a Restless Style story. Billy said that he wanted a Newman scoop in every issue. Chloe said that the only scoop she had was about the latest New York fashion shows.

As Heather walked through the coffeehouse on her way out, Billy handed Delia to Chloe and walked over to Heather. He asked Heather if she would be interested in giving him an interview about Patty for old time's sake. Heather made it clear that she didn't want to talk with Billy, and basically blew him off. An amused Chloe picked up on the vibe between Heather and Billy.

After Heather was gone, Chloe asked Billy if there was any woman in Genoa City whom he hadn't slept with. To Delia, Chloe said, "When will Daddy stop acting like a frat boy?" Billy said that it would probably drive Chloe insane if he got serious about someone. Chloe told him that she loved Chance, who was reliable, trustworthy, and dependable. Billy replied, "So is a dog." Chloe predicted that Billy was going to spend his life alone and miserable.

Outside the courtroom, Patty, her hands and ankles shackled, sat on a bench with a policewoman. Chance approached the bench and asked the officer if he could have a moment alone with Patty. After the officer left, Chance asked Patty if he could talk with her about Adam. He remembered talking with Patty, disguised as Emily, about the stuffed cat that had been found in Adam's hospital room. Patty told Chance that Adam was a bad man who had tricked her. She then began babbling about the stray cat she had found at the Abbott mansion, and began reciting a poem, "Three Little Kittens Who Lost Their Mittens."

Chance realized that his chances of getting any helpful information from Patty were slim, but he continued to try. He asked her if Adam had said anything to her in the hospital, when she had been disguised as Emily. Patty ignored Chance's question and begged him for a cell phone. Chance said that he couldn't give her one. Paul showed up as Patty became frantic and said that she had to call Jack to remind him that her cat was in the pool house. She was worried that the cat might starve to death. Before he left, Chance promised that he would call Jack. The delusional Patty asked Chance to tell Jack to pick her up.

After Chance was gone, Patty told Paul that everyone in the jail had been mean to her. She begged Paul to stop them from sending her back there. Paul hugged Patty and said that he would do everything he could to stop them -- he told her that she didn't belong in a prison. Patty said, "Oh Paulie. You take care of me."

Heather found DA Pomerantz having lunch at the Athletic Club. She told him that Patty belonged in a maximum-security state psychiatric hospital and not in prison. Owen disagreed, saying that Patty was going to be charged with kidnapping and attempted murder -- and that she had been sane enough to hide her identity and establish herself as Emily. Heather said that Patty was sick and not competent to stand trial. She told Owen that a mentally ill woman wouldn't survive in prison -- and that he should think about how his career would suffer if he prosecuted Patty.

Later, at Patty's hearing, Paul took the stand and made his best case for Patty. He said that she was seriously ill and wouldn't get the help she needed if she was mixed into a prison's general population -- that it would be cruel and inhumane to deprive Patty of the help she needed. Heather stood up and said that her aunt was a danger to herself and to others, but her psychosis prevented her from participating in her own defense, and she was therefore unfit to stand trial. Patty sat at the defense table, smiling and making paper dolls. The judge wasn't quite convinced. She said that Patty had engaged in an elaborate ruse to take Emily Peterson's identity, saying, "Ms. Williams is the victimizer here -- not the fragile innocent you claim she is."

Still on the stand, Paul said that he had a letter from Emily Peterson stating that Patty didn't know the difference between right and wrong, and that she needed therapy. Pomerantz interrupted Paul and said that therapy was available in the prison system. Heather responded that the prison system was not equipped to give Patty the type of intensive therapy that she needed. Pomerantz reminded the court that all of these arguments had been made the last time that Patty faced charges -- and that Patty had managed to escape from a medium-security facility, which resulted in grave injury to one person and perhaps the death of another.

A frustrated Paul wondered if the D.A. thought that Patty was fit to stand trial. Patty continued to play with her paper dolls. Pomerantz admitted that Patty wasn't sane. He said that he would stipulate that she was incapacitated -- and that the people wouldn't object if she was sentenced to a maximum-security facility for the criminally insane and fitted with a monitor. The D.A. said that the people reserved the right to reinstate criminal charges against her if her mental condition improved. Paul and Heather looked at each other and nodded. Heather said that she found that solution acceptable. The judge said that she wasn't sure that she did -- she was concerned about the rights of Patty's victims.

Heather continued to speak on behalf of her aunt. She said that Patty had once been functional, employed, and in therapy. Paul said that "certain people" in Genoa City had taken advantage of his sister. He begged the judge to put Patty in a hospital where her family could give her the love and the support that she needed. Paul said that if the judge could do that, then justice would be served for everyone.

Phyllis and Michael met with Nick in the interrogation room at the jail. Michael had a box filled with the district attorney's discovery evidence against Nick. He said that he had gone through the papers and hadn't found anything to exonerate Nick -- and he told the Newmans that Pomerantz was pushing for a grand jury hearing and a quick trial date. Michael asked Phyllis and Nick to help him review the papers, and said that he would feel a lot better if he knew who had really killed Adam.

Phyllis said that since Adam's cell phone hadn't been found during the initial search of the Athletic Club's basement, perhaps an accomplice had planted it later. Sharon showed up at the jail to show Nick the pictures of Faith, as Michael and Phyllis rolled their eyes. Nick said that Adam had taken Faith from him twice. Phyllis said that she was sure that they would find something to get Nick back to his daughters.

Sharon sat down to help the group go through the mountain of paperwork. She found the files of Adam's sessions with his therapist -- Patty, disguised as Emily. Michael reminded the group that no one had ever figured out how Adam had managed to escape from the hospital on the night of his murder. He concluded that Patty was the accomplice who had helped Adam escape.

Michael admitted that he hadn't interviewed Patty. The group wondered why she would have helped Adam. Phyllis said, "She's not the sharpest tool in the shed." Phyllis wondered if Patty could have known what Adam had been plotting, or if Patty might have been Adam's killer. Nick said that Patty had been in the basement the night of the masquerade ball. Michael said that Patty had tried to kill Emily -- and that Adam probably knew that "Emily" was really Patty. He told the group that it was more than possible that Patty was Adam's killer.

Michael left the room for a moment. Phyllis said that no one would have ever suspected that Adam's doctor would have helped him escape -- and that Patty, posing as Emily, had constant access to Adam. Sharon thought that Patty might be the key to Nick's freedom. Nick said, "Great. My fate is in the hands of a psycho." Michael returned to the room and told them that Patty's competency hearing was taking place as they spoke, and they needed to try to speak with her as soon as possible, because, depending on the result of the hearing, she might not be allowed visitors. Phyllis, Michael, and Sharon ran out of the room.

Michael, Phyllis, and Sharon showed up outside the door of the courtroom where Patty's hearing was taking place. Patty, Paul, and Heather walked out. Heather told Michael, Phyllis, and Sharon that Patty had been sentenced to a hospital for the criminally insane. Patty freaked out when she saw Phyllis. Phyllis said that she and Sharon just wanted to talk with her. Patty told them to go away -- that she hated them both. Patty said that Sarah should have killed Phyllis like she had been supposed to.

When questioned further, Patty told them that Sarah was supposed to kill Phyllis because Phyllis couldn't keep her hands off of Jack. Patty then began reciting, "Jack and Jill went up the hill...." Michael realized that had been the reason for Sarah attacking Phyllis. Michael wondered why Sarah would agree to do that. Patty said that in exchange for Sarah killing Phyllis for Patty, Patty was supposed to kill Michael for Sarah. Heather asked Patty how she was supposed to kill Michael. Patty revealed that Sarah had given her a gun.

Michael realized that had been the reason for "Emily's" visit on the night that Sarah had attacked Phyllis -- and why "Emily" had become so upset when Michael received a phone call from "Lauren" -- Patty had realized that Sarah hadn't killed Phyllis. Patty said that Sarah had chickened out. Sharon asked Patty if she had helped Adam escape. Patty said, "Liar, liar, pants on fire... I hate Adam... hate him... hate him."

Patty said that she didn't want to talk with Sharon or Phyllis. Paul asked them to leave Patty alone. Michael asked Patty if she would talk with him. Patty agreed, and told him that Adam said that he would help her and Jack get back together if she helped him. Michael peppered Patty with questions, and asked her if she helped Adam escape and if she had seen him in the Athletic Club basement. Patty became very agitated and asked Paul to make Michael stop. Paul told Michael that he would try to get the answers from Patty.

An officer began to lead Patty off. She yelled to Michael to tell Jack where to find her. As Paul walked off with her, brother and sister began reciting, "Jack be nimble, Jack be quick...." After Patty and Paul were gone, Michael told Sharon and Phyllis that he had another case that he had to take care of, but that he was going to follow up with Paul and get back to them. After Michael left, Phyllis said that she wanted to get more information from Patty before she was transferred. Sharon reminded her that Patty hated both Sharon and Phyllis, and probably wouldn't talk with them. Phyllis said that she knew someone who Patty would probably speak to.

Chance finally met up with Chloe at Crimson Lights. He apologized for being late, and Chloe correctly guessed that he had been working on Adam's murder case. Chance told her that the case was a big deal to him. Chloe said that she thought that she was a big deal to him. Chance said that they were a big deal -- and wondered how he could make it up to Chloe. She smiled flirtatiously and said that she could think of a few ways.

Chloe went to the restroom. Heather showed up and told Chance that Patty was going to a facility for the criminally insane. Chance thought that was good -- that Patty would get the help that she needed. Heather said that she felt horrible and wished that she could do something more. A sympathetic Chance said that she had stood by her family, which was more than many people would have done. Chloe returned, and did not look pleased at what appeared to be a tender moment between Chance and Heather. Chance kissed Chloe and said that he had to return to the police station. When Chance left, Chloe and Heather stared at each other.

Victoria answered her door to Victor. Victor asked her how she was doing. She was clearly angry at Victor -- she reminded him that she had told him not to do anything to J.T., and blamed Victor for her losing at the custody hearing. Victor said that he was only trying to help, and promised that he would fix things.

Victoria said there was no way for Victor to fix things -- that two different judges had ruled that J.T. should have full custody of Reed. Victor said that he wouldn't let her lose. Victoria said that J.T. was right about Victor -- that everything was about winning for him. Victor admitted that he had made a mistake by trying to make J.T. show up late at the custody hearing, and said that he would handle J.T. Victoria vehemently objected, saying that Victor's way of handling things had cost her Reed. Victoria lamented that she didn't have a normal family. Victor said there was no such thing as a normal family. Victoria told her father that she wanted to be left alone. Leaving with his tail between his legs, Victor told Victoria that she knew where to reach him if she changed her mind.

At the Athletic Club and dressed for a workout, Billy called Victoria and asked her how the custody hearing had gone. She told him that it had been a disaster -- that she hadn't regained custody of Reed because Victor had pulled a stupid stunt and the judge had learned about it. There was a knock at Victoria's door and she told Billy that she had to go. Victoria was served with legal papers. She opened the envelope, which contained her "Final Decree of Divorce."

At the Athletic Club gym, Billy watched as Victor worked his frustrations out on a punching bag. Billy walked up to him and said, "I heard you screwed up the custody battle today." Victor told him that was none of his business. Billy said that the way he saw it, Victor had cost Victoria her son. Victor warned Billy to stay away from him and from Victoria. Billy replied, "Or what? I'm not one of your kids. You can't push me around." Victor punched Billy in the face. Recovering from the blow, Billy stared at Victor, who was smiling.

Billy asked Victor if punching him had made him feel better. Victor said that he felt much better, and wondered if Billy was going to hit him back. Billy ominously replied, "I'm gonna hit you back, all right." Victor said that he was looking forward to it. Billy saluted Victor and told him that he would see him "then."

Victor visited Nick at the jail. Nick told his father that Patty might have killed Adam, and that Michael, Sharon, and Phyllis had gone to Patty's competency hearing to try to talk with her. Victor said that he wished he had known how disturbed Patty was before he invited her to Genoa City.

Nick asked Victor how Victoria's custody hearing had gone. Victor informed him that Victoria had lost. Nick wondered if J.T. had used Victoria's tryst with Billy against her. Victor said that other circumstances had been involved, but that he had made it clear to Billy that he was to stay clear of Victoria. Victor said that he would do everything in his power to get Reed back to Victoria -- and to get Nick out of jail.

Billy showed up at Victoria's. She said that she would let him in, but that she didn't want any grief. Billy promised to behave himself. Inside, Victoria asked him how he had gotten a black eye. Billy lied and said that he had a run-in with a doorknob. Victoria said, "Does she have a name?" and told Billy that he probably deserved it. Billy wondered why Victoria was mad at him.

Victoria said that it was nothing personal -- that she was mad at everyone, and she had received her final divorce decree. Billy empathized -- he said that there was something about seeing the end of a marriage on a piece of paper that was very troublesome. Victoria whined about all the dreams that she and J.T. had. Billy reminded Victoria that she still had a son, and that she and J.T. still shared a bond. He said that plenty of people got divorced, and they bounced back. He told Victoria, "Like a phoenix, you've got to be burned to ashes to be reborn."

Victoria wrapped some ice in a towel and applied it to Billy's black eye. Billy admitted that Victor had hit him when he had said that Victor was screwing up Victoria's life. Victoria laughed and said that her life sucked. She told Billy that part of her wanted to hop on the next plane out of Genoa City. Billy said, "What's stopping you? Where's your sense of adventure? Let's do it!"

Billy and Victoria went to the ticket counter at Genoa City International Airport. Billy asked for two tickets on the next flight out to anywhere. The agent informed them that the flight's destination was Detroit. Neither Billy nor Victor was thrilled about going there. Billy checked the flight board and noticed that there was a flight to Kingston, Jamaica, leaving in one hour. Victoria excitedly asked the agents for two first-class tickets. Billy offered to pay, but Victoria said that the flight was on her. She told Billy that he could pick up the hotel tab.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Mac showed up at J.T.'s apartment. She told him how relieved he had sounded when he called to tell her that he retained full custody of Reed. J.T. said that he had returned from the courthouse only to find that his final divorce papers had arrived in the mail -- and that dealing with a divorce wasn't fun. He decided he didn't want to talk about himself and asked Mac how she was doing. She said that she was dealing with the Ashbys and stem cell clinical trials. Mac suggested that they forget their problems for the night and go out.

Reed joined them, and was thrilled when J.T. told him that he was going to be allowed to stay up past his regular bedtime because they were going out for dinner and ice cream. When Reed went to get his jacket, Mac suggested that they drive around in J.T.'s old GTO. J.T. thought that was a great idea. Reed returned to the living room and J.T. told him that the three of them were going to "hit the road."

The threesome ended up at a drive-in theater. J.T. explained to Reed that they showed a movie on a big screen and that you listened to it on your car's radio. J.T. was psyched -- they were featuring a Three Stooges marathon that night.

Later, J.T. and Reed sat in the car's back seat and ate popcorn. Mac sat in the front. Reed seemed to enjoy The Three Stooges. Reed fell asleep and J.T. joined Mac in the front seat. She told J.T. what a great dad he was. He said that he was having a great evening. Mac and J.T. began kissing passionately.

Victoria and Billy arrived in Kingston, Jamaica, wearing tourist-type t-shirts and shorts. Billy showed her the hotel room that he had booked. Victoria was shocked to see that there was no bed in the room -- merely a hammock. She started to think that she had made a mistake by going to Jamaica with Billy. An upbeat Billy wondered how it was possible for Victoria not to love the room.

Victoria began regretting getting on a plane with no luggage, no plans, and no one knowing where they were. She screamed when she saw a lizard scurry across the floor. Billy told her that it was a "love lizard," there to set the mood. He walked Victoria over to the window, where the two of them listened to the sound of the surf and a steel drum band playing in the distance. He showed her the phenomenal ocean view and asked her if she still wanted to go home to their problems. Billy said that he didn't -- he wanted to be with Victoria where it was fun. Loosening up a bit, Victoria said that she wasn't getting in the hammock. Billy said that was fine -- but that they should take a walk on the beach, get some sand between their toes, and see how things progressed.

Victoria and Billy walked on the beach and found themselves in the middle of a party. A couple walked up to them and said that it was their wedding reception. Victoria apologized and said that they would leave, but the newlyweds handed Victoria and Billy drinks and invited them to celebrate. As the steel drum band continued to play, Victoria smiled and watched as Billy did the "funky chicken," to the delight of the wedding guests.

Billy and Victoria ended up getting drunk and sat on the sand. The newlyweds joined them. Victoria asked the bride if she was happy -- the bride said that she and her family were ecstatic. The bride wondered if Victoria's family was giving her a hard time about being with Billy. Billy sarcastically replied that Victoria's family, and particularly her father, loved him. The bride said that she and her new husband had fallen in love at first sight. Billy joked that Victoria had fallen in love with him when she had seen him in his boxer shorts.

Getting progressively drunker, Billy became the life of the party. All the guests gathered around as he talked about his boxer shorts. Referring to what had happened on New Year's Eve, the drunk Victoria said that she had pulled Billy out of the gutter right after he had tried to ruin her life. Billy and Victoria enjoyed more alcohol and a piece of rum cake. Billy listened to the surf and told Victoria that the sirens were beckoning them to the water.

They returned to the party, soaking wet. Calypso music played, and the guests began doing the limbo. Billy complained that being in the water had sobered him up, but that situation was quickly rectified when one of the guests handed him and Victoria beers. They tried to do the limbo, but ended up falling on the sand and laughing hysterically.

A while later, the steel drum band played "Here Comes the Bride." Billy and Victoria stood in front of the minister who had performed the marriage earlier in the evening. He asked Victoria if she promised to love, honor, and respect Billy. Victoria said, "I totally do. Honest." Billy took a large swig of his beer and said that he promised to honor and cherish Victoria. The minister pronounced Victoria and Billy husband and wife as the crowd applauded. Billy kissed his bride.

Expecting to meet Chance, Chloe showed up at Crimson Lights, but he wasn't there. She called him and told him that he had missed her grand entrance. He explained that he was busy handling Patty's transfer to the maximum-security psychiatric hospital. After they finished their conversation, she hung up, looking quite disappointed.

Sharon, Phyllis, and Lauren met at the Athletic Club. Sharon and Phyllis explained to Lauren that Patty had probably helped Adam escape from the hospital and that she might have killed him. They told Lauren that Paul was reluctant to allow them to speak with Patty. Lauren wondered if the women wanted her to talk with Paul.

Sharon and Phyllis filled Lauren in on Sarah and Patty's pact -- that Sarah would kill Phyllis for Patty, and Patty would kill Michael for Sarah. Lauren said that Ryder had told her that Phyllis and Michael were going to be killed, but Lauren didn't know that Sarah even knew Patty. Sharon explained that Patty, posing as Emily, had been Sarah's therapist when Sarah was posing as Lauren.

Phyllis said that Patty didn't know that Sarah was dead -- and that perhaps Patty might give some information about Adam's murder to Sarah. Lauren realized that Sharon and Phyllis wanted her to pose as Sarah, and asked them to give her a minute to think about it. Sharon said that Patty was about to be transferred, and that they didn't have a lot of time. Lauren replied, "So I guess 'Sarah' needs to pay a visit to Patty."

Paul and Patty were in an interrogation room at the police station. Patty wondered if they were going to the lake. Paul told her that they couldn't go to the lake -- but that she was going to a hospital. Patty was happy, saying that she didn't like it at the police station. Paul told his sister that he was going to check on how long it would be before the transfer would occur. He began walking out of the room, then sadly looked back at Patty as she started reciting nursery rhymes.

In the hallway outside the room, Paul ran into Chance. The sympathetic detective told Paul that Patty would get the help she needed in the psychiatric hospital. Paul was far from convinced of that. Heather stepped into the hallway and, unseen, watched Paul and Chance converse. Paul asked Chance when Patty was scheduled to be transferred. Chance said that wasn't going to happen right away -- that he needed to question Patty further about Adam's escape from the hospital as well as his murder.

Paul became upset and wondered if Patty was suspected of murdering Adam. He said that Patty was clearly not in any condition to clear Nick of the murder charges. Paul told Chance that Patty had been damaged enough when Phyllis, Sharon, and Michael had questioned her at the courthouse, and he wasn't going to see his sister harmed any further. Paul left to get information on Patty's transfer.

Phyllis, Sharon, and Lauren went to the police station and explained their plan to Chance and Heather. Heather at first objected, saying that Patty didn't know where she was or what she was saying, and that neither her attorney nor Paul were present. Heather then said that if she were still with the district attorney's office, she would say that their plan was worth a try. Chance wondered if Lauren was up to posing as Sarah. Lauren said, "To deal with the woman who plotted Michael's murder and to clear Nick? I'll do it."

Lauren entered the interrogation room. Patty looked up, became nervous, and said, "Nurse Sarah? What are you doing here?" Lauren replied, "I'm here, Patty, because you've been a very bad girl." Chance, Heather, Phyllis, and Sharon watched the meeting on a monitor in another room. Patty told Lauren that Sarah had lied -- that she hadn't killed Phyllis. Patty then began talking about her cat. Lauren sternly told Patty to focus. She said that Patty had kept secrets from her -- that she hadn't told her about Adam.

Patty said that Sarah and Adam were both users and liars. Lauren asked Patty if Adam had let her down. Patty said that he had. Lauren wondered if that had made Patty mad and asked her if she had wanted to punish Adam. Patty began crying and said that she didn't want to talk about Adam. "Sarah" said, "You're gonna talk about him -- now."

In the other room, Heather said that the plan wasn't working -- that Patty probably wouldn't remember anything about what had transpired between her and Adam. Chloe walked into the room with some takeout Chinese food and told Chance that he shouldn't go without eating, although it looked like he was busy. She looked at Heather and asked her if she wanted some chopsticks. Heather snidely replied, "Some of us aren't here for dinner."

Patty became hysterical and said that she was scared -- she felt like she was in a cage and that she was going to die. Lauren said, "Suck it up, cupcake. You and I are on the same team. Now tell Nurse Sarah what you did to Adam." Patty wondered if "Sarah" would help her escape if she told her things about Adam. In the other room, Phyllis, on the edge of her seat, said, "Here it comes."

Paul entered the room where the group was watching Lauren and Patty on the monitor and became livid when he saw what was going on. He turned the monitor off, and accused the group of taking advantage of a mentally unstable woman. He wondered why they had enlisted Lauren's help, and Chance told him that Lauren was posing as Sarah, trying to cajole some information from Patty. Lauren walked into the room and said that she couldn't continue the ruse. Paul chided Lauren for taking part in the scheme. Lauren countered, "You think this is fun for me? Impersonating a woman who tried to take over my life?" She told Paul that she had taken part in the plan for Nick's sake, but that Patty was begging for her help, and she couldn't take it anymore.

Phyllis became angry with Paul for interfering, and reminded him that Patty had tried to kill Summer, had planned to kill Michael, and might have been involved in Adam's murder. Sharon talked with Paul more calmly. She said that she knew that Paul cared about his family -- but that Nick's family cared about Nick. Lauren said that Paul was the only person who could get Patty to talk. Paul still refused to help. Heather finally convinced Paul by reminding him that he thought of Patty as a sweet little kid -- and that sweet little kid would want to help Nick.

Chance went into the hallway, where he found a sulking Chloe eating the Chinese food out of a container. Chloe told Chance that she realized that this was his job. Chance told her that she looked fabulous, and they would spend a lot more time together soon, but, for the time being, he had to make Adam's murder case his top priority. Chloe said that she understood -- and that she knew that she would blow Chance off when the new fall makeup line was unveiled. Heather entered the hallway and told Chance that Paul was ready to speak with Patty. Chloe handed Chance a carton of Chinese food. Chance gave her a kiss and said that he would see her later.

A despondent Chloe went to the Athletic Club bar and drank a glass of wine. She called Billy, but got his voicemail. She left him a message, saying that he was right about that "whole not settling down thing" that he had talked about.

Chance thanked Heather for her role in getting Paul to speak with Patty -- and said that he would make sure that D.A. Pomerantz knew about it. He thought that it would help Heather get her job back.

As Chance, Heather, Phyllis, Lauren, and Sharon watched on the monitor, Paul began speaking with Patty. He said that he was sorry that "Nurse Sarah" had been mean to her. Patty said that "Sarah" had asked about Adam, and told Paul that Adam had been mean and nasty. Paul asked her if she would talk with him about Adam. Patty wondered if Paul would be happy if she did. Paul said that he would be, and asked her if she helped Adam get out of the hospital. Patty said that she had -- but that wasn't the last time that she had seen Adam.

Patty told Paul that Adam had figured out that she wasn't Emily, and had threatened to expose her to Jack if she didn't help him. Paul asked what Adam had wanted. She said that he had asked her for a costume, a cell phone, and a needle with drugs, which he had then used to sedate her. Paul reminded her that she had just said that she had seen Adam after she helped him escape. Patty said that the costumed Adam had approached her at the masquerade ball and asked her to get something from Jack -- so she had lifted Jack's handkerchief out of his pocket and had given it to Adam in the basement of the Athletic Club.

Paul told her that the handkerchief had been found stuffed in Adam's mouth, and asked her if there was anything more that she needed to tell him. Patty began crying and said that she hadn't hurt anyone. Paul told her, "You did good," and assured his sister that he wasn't mad at her. He told her that it was time for her to go, and promised that he would visit her as often as possible. Heather, Chance, and an officer entered the room. Paul and Patty declared their love for each other before Patty was led off.

In the other room, Sharon said that she thought there was more that Patty wasn't saying. Heather said that Patty had no reason to lie. Phyllis agreed with Sharon, and believed that Patty had motive and opportunity to kill Adam. Phyllis said, "She stuck a hanky in his mouth and a pen in his heart."

Sharon and Phyllis continued to talk about the murder. A catatonic-looking Lauren said that she needed to leave. As she walked out, Phyllis thanked her for her help. Sharon and Phyllis asked Chance to speak with them for a moment. They wondered if what Patty had said would exonerate Nick. Chance disappointed them when he said that it wouldn't -- that Patty hadn't said anything that contradicted any of the evidence indicating that Nick had killed Adam.

After Chance left, Sharon said that the situation was crazy -- that Patty must have said something that would help Nick. They began talking about the cell phone that Patty had procured for Adam. Sharon reminded Phyllis that Adam had recorded the message that pointed to Nick as his killer. Phyllis said that the police must have run records on whom Adam had called, and those records were probably in the box of evidence that the D.A.'s office had sent to Michael. Phyllis said, "Who else did Adam call? His killer?"

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