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Michael got Nick released on bail after an attempt on Nick's life. Ashley and Victor refused to give Abby her inheritance. Lily went to France for cancer treatment. Cane consulted a lawyer to see if he could sue Mac for the twins' stem cells.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 17, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, May 17, 2010

In a jail cell, Phyllis told Nick that she and Sharon had asked Michael to obtain Adam's cell phone records because Adam had likely called his killer the night he was murdered. Victor arrived, and Nick gave his father completed paperwork for a pressing business merger. Nick added that he could work without interruption while locked away from the real world.

Victor advised Nick to forget about business and concentrate his energies on helping Michael build a strong defense. Phyllis interjected that she and Sharon had joined forces for just the same reason. Victor expressed concern that Phyllis and Sharon's past animosity might hurt rather than help. Phyllis snidely remarked that they couldn't hurt Nick any more than Victor had with his past missteps. Victor retorted that Phyllis had better stay out of it if she loved Nick as much as he claimed. Phyllis defiantly told Victor that she would not stay out of the matter because her husband's life was on the line.

Victor announced that the forensics specialist from Washington, D.C., he'd hired had arrived in Genoa City. Nick asked his father to share reported information with Phyllis. Victor didn't respond to Nick's statement, but he admonished his son to turn his workload over to his sister. Nick worried that Victoria had enough problems of her own with her recent divorce and custody battle. Victor responded, "She's a Newman. You focus on your defense. Victoria will handle your business during your absence. You got that?"

After Victor left, Nick said to his fuming wife, "Just be glad that he is on our side." Another prisoner walked up to Nick, recognized him, and bid him good luck with his case. After the prisoner walked away, Phyllis observed that the prisoner's remark was random and weird. Nick agreed that there were many weird people in jail. Phyllis promised that she would work with Sharon and Victor to get Nick freed as soon as possible. Phyllis used her cell phone to record a video of Nick singing "Beautiful Dreamer" for Summer. The weird prisoner who had earlier spoken to Nick watched intently as Nick told Summer on the video that he loved and missed her.

At a resort in Jamaica, Victoria and Billy awoke with a roaring hangover. Wrapped in sheets and suspended above the floor in an indoor hammock, Victoria slowly recalled blurry memories of the previous night. Billy recalled drinking plenty of rum and dancing on the beach. Victoria sat up with a start when she remembered that she and Billy had gotten married. Both quickly concluded that their recollection of nuptials must be a blatant inaccuracy derived from inebriation.

Lively steel-drum music played in the background as Billy answered a knock at the door and took delivery of a fruit basket from a smiling man with dreadlocks. Billy read the card accompanying the gift, sent by their Jamaican friends, congratulating them on their marriage. Wearing a rhinestone-studded tank imprinted with the sentiment "I 'heart' Jamaica," Victoria discovered that Billy was wearing one of her pink flip-flops. Billy cried, "Sorry, but everything is fuzzy." Victoria pleaded with Billy to tell her what to do because it would be crazy for them to stay married.

Billy sobered a bit and admitted that he and Victoria had gazed into each other's eyes and promised to do the limbo for the rest of their lives. Victoria asked Billy if he loved her. Billy didn't respond, and Victoria snapped, "Good! Because I sure as hell don't love you!" Victoria phoned the front desk and summoned an attorney to her bungalow. Billy munched a banana as he reminded Victoria that the booze hadn't played as much a part in their marriage as she believed. Billy added, "It's not wrong. It was fun, and it was good."

When Victoria again asked Billy if he was in love with her, he maintained that he liked her and intended to hang around. Billy asked Victoria how she felt about him. Before Victoria could respond, Victor phoned. Billy stepped out. Victor asked Victoria to meet him at his office later, so she could take over Nick's projects. Victoria hesitated before admitting to her startled father that she was in Jamaica.

Jack phoned Billy and told him about Tucker's offer to appoint Ashley as CEO of Jabot. Jack said he was worried that Tucker was setting up their sister to take a fall. Billy declined Jack's request to warn Ashley about Tucker, and he suggested that Jack was jealous. Jack explained that he was pressed for time because Ashley had to respond to Tucker soon. Billy said, "I have a bit of a logistical problem because I am in Jamaica." Jack pleaded with Billy to return home. Victoria joined Billy outside, and they both agreed that should return to Genoa City immediately. Victoria cried that they should arrange for an annulment as soon as they returned. Billy, seeming reluctant, replied that he would add it to his to-do list.

On their flight home, Victoria told Billy that in recent months, J.T. had made her feel like a rotten person, a rotten mother, and a rotten wife from a rotten family. Victoria commended Billy for making her feel good, but she insisted she didn't love him. Billy agreed with Victoria's assessment that he was amazing. Victoria reminded Billy that she had to consider her little boy. Billy noted that he was an Abbott, and Victoria was a Newman. Victoria insisted they weren't a Shakespearean tragedy, but Billy maintained that Victor and Jack wouldn't agree.

Victoria awoke from a nap she'd taken while using Billy's shoulder as a pillow. Victoria recalled her dream and described their wedding on a beach in Jamaica. Victoria begged Billy to assure her that it had been only a dream. Billy slid a wooden bead loose from a partly braided strand of Victoria's hair as proof that what she'd relived in her dream was also a harsh reality. Victoria berated herself and made Billy promise not to tell another living soul about their marriage. Billy requested something in return, and Victoria menacingly shoved Billy's shoulder and said he could resume his playboy status.

Jack waited at the airport for Billy's flight to arrive. Victor showed up and waited with Jack. Each man sparred with jabs about the other. Victoria and Billy emerged from the same flight. Billy, his right eye still blackened, wore a lime shirt emblazoned with the slogan "Jamaican Me Crazy." Victoria saw Victor and said, "Dad?" Billy said to Victoria, "I thought our day couldn't get worse!" Jack and Victor stared disbelievingly at Billy and Victoria, who attempted to conceal her gaudy souvenir shirt with her tropical-print tote bag.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club dining room, Tucker interrupted Ashley and Neil's intimate dinner and asked Ashley if she planned to accept his offer to become CEO of Jabot. Ashley promised to deliver her answer by the end of the day. Neil was surprised and thought that Ashley had already declined Tucker's offer. Ashley explained that she had first wanted to consult with Jack, who'd been preoccupied with problems of his own. Jack walked in, and Ashley invited him to join them. Neil left, so Ashley could talk to Jack. Jack immediately advised Ashley to accept Tucker's offer because it would provide an opportunity to regain control of their family's company.

Ashley shook her head wincingly as Jack immediately began spouting off ideas and including himself in each of his directives about how Ashley should run Jabot. Jack suggested that Ashley hire Billy and initiate preparations for the upcoming fall line. Jack looked as if he'd been slammed in the face when Ashley finally told him her contract stipulated that no other Abbott, including him, could work for Jabot. Ashley explained that Tucker had told her Jack made too many business decisions based on his emotions.

Jack complained that Tucker was sticking it to him by shutting him out of Jabot. Ashley asked, "Is it always about you? If you could stop thinking about yourself for one second, you would realize that I am actually the perfect person for this job." Jack rose from his seat and asked Ashley to let him make a phone call before she made her decision.

Jack later begged Ashley to wait until Billy returned before accepting Tucker's offer. Ashley told Jack that she intended to accept the offer, and she reminded Jack that although she'd lost her home, her husband, and her baby girl, she was still standing. Ashley dismissed Jack's misgivings and reminded Jack that their family's company would be back in Abbott hands. Ashley also suggested that Tucker might later change his mind about hiring family members. Jack warned Ashley to be careful in her dealings with Tucker.

At the club bar, Tucker joined Neil. Tucker told Neil that he needed to look over a Jabot contract and ensure it met SEC guidelines. Neil reminded Tucker that he was senior vice president, and he insisted that Tucker consult one of his contract attorneys. Neil explained that he was suspicious of Tucker's plan to appoint Ashley as CEO of Jabot. Neil added that he didn't want Ashley to be hurt. Tucker asked why Neil believed Tucker would hurt Ashley. Neil replied, "Maybe it was the way you treated your own mother."

Tucker and Neil moved to a nearby table to continue their discussion. Tucker said that Neil seemed to be testing him lately. Tucker added that if Neil was pissed off, perhaps he should move on. Neil explained that he had gone to work at Chancellor because Katherine valued his input in a way that Victor never did. Tucker realized that after he entered the picture, Neil's situation changed. Neil admitted that he had been testing the waters and pissing off his boss. Neil said, "I am not walking away from the best job I ever had." Tucker was pleased and told Neil to continue speaking his mind.

Neil admonished Tucker to keep his word and let Ashley run Jabot her way if she agreed to become CEO. Ashley later stopped by Tucker's table in the club dining room and accepted his offer to become CEO of Jabot with the stipulated conditions. Ashley said, "I can't turn down an offer to make my father proud." Tucker responded that Ashley would no doubt do so. Ashley pledged to turn Jabot Cosmetics into the company her father had always wanted it to be. After Ashley walked away, Tucker, with a contemplative smirk, followed her with his eyes.

Jack approached Victor, who'd set up a satellite office at the club bar. Jack asked about Nick, and Victor snapped that his son was holding up because he was a Newman. Jack quipped that despite being Victor's son, Nick was a good guy. Victor told Jack that the women in his life had the good sense to raise his children without him. Jack insisted that Nick's good qualities were the result of Jack's influence. Victor laughed heartily and said the only person Jack had influence over was his useless brother. Jack maintained that he'd done something right because Billy had gotten under Victor's skin. Victor replied that Billy was a nut he could squash like a bug. Victor warned that if Billy didn't stay away from Victoria, something would happen to him.

At Crimson Lights, Devon told Malcolm that Lily faced a tough choice in deciding whether to use stem cells from her unborn children in an attempt to save her own life because the procedure could put her babies' lives at risk. Malcolm agreed that his and Neil's fight over the matter had added additional stress to Lily's already complicated predicament.

Devon admitted to Malcolm that he'd recently turned down a position offered to him after graduation at a prestigious firm in New York because he knew his creativity would suffer if he sat behind a desk. Devon asked his uncle to help him explain his choice to Neil, but Malcolm warned that he wouldn't be Devon's best ally. Devon explained that Malcolm understood him in way that Neil didn't. Malcolm relented and said that he'd confronted negative reactions from loved ones while chasing his dream.

Malcolm offered to hire Devon as his assistant. Neil stopped by the coffeehouse and congratulated Devon on his upcoming college graduation. Neil's jubilant mood turned somber after Malcolm asked about Lily. Neil told his brother that until he revealed his true motives for returning to Genoa City, Neil wouldn't discuss anything with him.

After Malcolm left, Devon told his father that he'd turned down a position at Townsend Communications. Neil was perplexed but offered an entry-level position at Chancellor. Devon announced that he'd accepted a job working for Malcolm. Neil told Devon that working for Malcolm wasn't a good idea, and he offered Devon a position at Indigo. Neil warned that Malcolm was trouble. Devon maintained that he had to make up his own mind about Malcolm.

Malcolm entered the club dining room and sat at a table within earshot of Tucker's table. Malcolm pretended to peruse a menu and said, "Got your text. I thought I made it clear that I was done working for you." Tucker replied that he'd tell Malcolm when he was done. Malcolm warned Tucker not to threaten him. Tucker said, "I think you've forgotten. This isn't about just you." After Tucker left, Malcolm sighed heavily and irately dropped his menu on the table.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kevin showed up at Jana's room at Genoa City Memorial with some great news -- the doctor said that she was going to be discharged that night. Jana showed no reaction. Kevin said that he was psyched and was hoping that being in their apartment might spark Jana's emotions. Jana said that she could see that was what Kevin wanted. Kevin told her that he didn't want to put any pressure on her -- if it happened, it happened. He had to leave to take care of some business at Crimson Lights, but said that they would get through this -- it would just take some time. After Kevin left, Jana catatonically stared into space.

At Crimson Lights, Emily was on the phone, job hunting. She was happy to see her patient, Lynne, but the feeling was obviously not mutual. Lynne said that she had heard all about Emily's plight -- but that while Emily had been held against her will, Patty, disguised as Emily, had told a crisis-stricken Lynne to "go to her happy place." Emily said that she was sorry, but that she had been a prisoner at the time. Lynne said that Emily had a responsibility to warn her patients that an imposter was stalking her, and told Emily that she had attempted suicide. She warned Emily to stay away from her, and said that she was thinking of filing a lawsuit against Emily. After Lynne left, the waitress approached Emily and said, "Refill, Mrs. Abbott?" Emily said that she wasn't, nor had she ever been, Mrs. Abbott.

Kevin introduced himself to Emily, who had moved to the patio. They commiserated about having had their names plastered all over the press. Kevin told Emily that Patty had messed up a lot of people's lives -- and that Colleen Carlton had been a good friend of his.

Kevin asked Emily if he could impose on her for some professional advice. He told her that Jana had suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage, and, although she had her memory, she was unable to access her emotions. Emily said that a flat affect was common with that type of brain trauma. Kevin thought that the stress of being kidnapped might be causing Jana's flat affect. He felt that Emily, having been through a similar situation, would be the perfect person for Jana to speak with. Emily said that she would be happy to talk with the Fishers.

Emily and Kevin went to Jana's room. Emily said that she heard that Jana was returning home that night. An overly enthusiastic Kevin said that he was planning to prepare Jana's favorite curry dish and that he had rented some of her favorite movies. Emily asked Jana how she felt all about that. Jana replied that it was a lot to take in. Emily told Kevin that she knew that his concerns about Jana were emanating from a place of love, but, from Jana's point of view, Kevin's plans might seem a bit overwhelming. Emily said that Kevin might need to rethink his approach to the homecoming.

Jana asked Emily when she might start feeling things normally again. Emily said that she would need to talk with Jana's neurologist and do some research, as she had never handled a case like Jana's before. Emily told Kevin to stop projecting his hopes and expectations onto Jana, as even a simple "I love you" from Kevin might cause tension, which could hinder the recovery process. Kevin said that he couldn't apologize for loving Jana, and that, no matter what, he would never lose faith in their relationship. He asked Emily if he had said the wrong thing. Emily said, "No, Kevin. You said everything right."

When Kevin left the room to do the discharge paperwork, Jana asked Emily how she should act when she got home -- if she should pretend to laugh or cry. Emily advised her not to fake her emotions -- to be honest with herself and the people she loved. Jana told Emily that she appreciated her telling Kevin not to push too hard. Emily told Jana not to be afraid of asking her husband if she needed anything.

Kevin and Jana went back to their apartment. Jana entered extremely hesitantly. She looked at their wedding photo, but showed no emotion. Kevin got her Ouija board out of a closet. Jana said that she remembered it. Kevin asked her if she wanted to try it out -- he thought that perhaps the board could give them some answers. Jana said that she had no interest in that.

Kevin asked her if she wanted him to leave the apartment. Jana said that perhaps she could use a night alone there "to let it all sink in." A disappointed Kevin said that was okay -- he could spend the night at the Baldwins'. Jana told Kevin that she knew that it wasn't how he had envisioned her homecoming. Kevin said that he would do whatever it took for Jana to remember how much she loved him and their relationship.

As Kevin prepared to leave, he told Jana that he would just be a couple of floors away -- and that there was leftover vegan food in the refrigerator. She turned her head away when he tried to kiss her. Kevin walked out as Jana emotionlessly wished him a goodnight. In the hallway outside their apartment, Kevin looked very worried.

Tucker and Ashley met in the CEO office at Jabot. Tucker reminded her that the office would belong to her the following day. When the phone rang, Tucker prodded Ashley to answer it, but when she saw that it was security calling, she told Tucker to pick the phone up. Tucker was stunned to learn from security that there was a protest in progress in the lobby of the Jabot building. He asked who was leading the protest.

In Jabot's lobby, the press gathered as Abby told the press that Jabot tested its products on animals. She said that the animals were being harmed in the name of beauty, and she was protesting Jabot's cruel practice. After telling the press that what Jabot was doing was morally wrong, she announced, "I'd rather be naked than wear fur." Abby took her coat off, and the press was stunned that she was standing there wearing nothing but her birthday suit.

Back in the CEO office, Tucker told Ashley that a bunch of "wannabe hippies" were protesting that Jabot tested its products on animals. Ashley became outraged -- she told Tucker that John had always been opposed to animal testing, and that, as head of research and development for many years, she knew that the company had never engaged in the cruel practice. Tucker and Ashley rushed off to the lobby to save the company's reputation.

Ashley and Tucker got off the elevator in the lobby as Abby told the press that she knew all of Jabot's secrets. Ashley was stunned to see her naked daughter standing there, and threw Abby's coat over her. As Ashley pushed Abby onto the elevator, Tucker told the press that the show was over. He told the reporters that Jabot had never, and would never, test products on animals. He even invited them to tour the lab. Tucker said that Ms. Newman was young and had obviously gotten her wires crossed. He asked the reporters to go easy on her, because everyone knew what a rebellious kid could be like.

Ashley ushered Abby into her office and sternly chided her for taking off her clothes. The press followed them into the office, asking Abby to back up her claim. Abby began to tell the reporters that Tucker had stolen the company from her family. Ashley said that her daughter didn't know what she was talking about, then slammed the door. She scolded Abby for telling lies about her grandfather's company. Abby said that the company was no longer in the hands of the Abbott family. Ashley said that Abby hadn't heard the latest news -- that Ashley had been named Jabot's CEO.

Abby said that she was sorry for what she had done, and told Ashley that she was worried about exposing herself in front of the cameras. Ashley said that she would have the legal department work on suppressing the television stations from showing the footage of the naked Abby. Ashley told Abby to keep a low profile, and advised her to leave the building via the loading dock. Abby promised her mother that she wouldn't pull any more stunts, and announced that she was excited that Ashley was running the company again. Abby left the office and closed the door. She called someone on her cell phone and said, "Kent? Did you get the footage we need? Awesome. Meet me at Crimson Lights. It's time for me to meet my adoring public."

At the airport, Jack and Victor were still shocked that Billy and Victoria had obviously vacationed in Jamaica together. Victor wondered if that was Billy's way of "hitting me back." Jack realized that Victor was responsible for Billy's shiner. Victor and Jack began bickering, but Billy and Victoria told them to stop.

Victoria said that she had gotten on the flight to Jamaica of her own free will -- she was single and over 21 -- and that Victor needed to deal with it. Jack pulled Billy away to speak with him. Victor told Victoria that he hadn't raised her to spend time with an "obnoxious punk" like Billy.

Victoria accused Victor of not respecting her. She again reminded him that she was an adult, and wondered why he couldn't stop trying to control his children's lives. When Victor asked her if she was serious about Billy, Victoria began walking away. Victor harshly told her not to walk away from him. She said that she was tired of being lectured to like she was a teenager. Victor told her that she was behaving like a teenager.

Victoria reminded Victor that he had asked her to return to Genoa City so that she could take care of Jabot business, and that she would speak with him later. When she walked off, Victor looked at one of the televisions in the airline terminal. The news was reporting on Abby's protest at Jabot, and Victor was stunned when he saw his daughter drop her coat and say that she would rather be naked than wear fur.

On the Crimson Lights patio, J.T. asked Reed if he had fun at the drive-in the previous evening. Reed said that he wanted to see his Mommy. J.T. told Reed that he lived with J.T., and that Mommy would visit him as often as she could.

A depressed-looking Victoria returned home and picked up one of Reed's books. She was thrilled when, a moment later, Reed showed up at the front door with a bouquet of flowers for her. From the sidelines, J.T. watched mother and son hug.

Reed went upstairs to get a book, which left Victoria and J.T. alone in the living room for a few minutes. Victoria thanked him for taking the boy over, and said that J.T. had no idea how much she needed to see her son. Unaware of Victoria's trip to Jamaica, J.T. said that the past couple of days had to have been difficult on her -- and that it must have been particularly hard for her to return home after she lost the custody appeal hearing. Victoria asked what J.T.'s attitude was about -- she said that he had finalized their divorce, "ripped" her son away from her, and was suddenly acting like everything was normal. She told him that she had the feeling that he was setting her up.

J.T. said that he was serious about the two of them working together to be Reed's parents. Victoria said that was easy for J.T. to say, since he had won custody of the child. J.T. said that nobody had "won," and that he knew that Victoria was an important part of Reed's life. Reed reentered the room with his book, and J.T. said that it was time for him to say goodnight to Mommy. Victoria hugged Reed and told him to be good for J.T. J.T. told Victoria that he would call her about visitation.

After Reed and J.T. were gone, Victoria called Michael's secretary and said that she needed to speak with him about an annulment. When told that Michael wasn't around, she said not to leave him a message. She clutched the beads she had gotten in Jamaica in her hands and smiled. She placed the beads in a jewelry box.

Billy and Jack went to the Athletic Club. Jack scolded Billy for taking Victoria to Jamaica -- after all, she was Victor's daughter. A sarcastic Billy said, "The great Victor Newman! The moustache. Oh, no. I'm in so much trouble." Jack told Billy that if he continued to push his relationship with Victoria, a black eye would be the least of his worries.

Jack continued to lecture Billy -- he said that the situation was incendiary and that Billy would pay for it. Jack told his brother to grow up. Billy told Jack not to judge him -- that at least Billy could tell the difference between his wives beneath the sheets. The livid Jack told Billy to get out of his sight. Billy walked over to the bar and ordered a large bottle of water. While getting out his money to pay, he found his boarding pass for his flight to Jamaica. He stared at it, crumpled it up, and threw it away.

Jack ran into Emily at the club, where she was staying. Jack asked her if they could talk. He reminded her that most of her clothes and her personal items were still at the Abbott mansion. Emily said that she didn't want them, since Patty had used them. She told Jack to donate everything to charity.

Emily told Jack that she was going to rebuild her life on her own. Jack said that he knew that she could -- but wondered if she should. Emily said that, because of Patty, she had patients threatening to sue her, and former employers refusing to take her phone calls. She told Jack that she was moving forward with her life, and that Jack needed to let her go. Jack begged her not to leave.

Emily asked Jack why he couldn't see what had been right in front of him. Jack said that if their positions had been reversed, he doubted that she would have jumped to the "evil twin scenario" conclusion. He told Emily that he had noticed differences -- and had only overlooked them because he loved her. Jack said that it hadn't been four months of wedded bliss -- that it had been four frustrating months of trying to find Emily in Patty. He told Emily that he had felt like he was losing his soulmate. Jack said that he didn't give up then, and he wasn't going to ever give up on her. He grabbed Emily, kissed her, and told her to take as much time as she needed.

Victor went to Jabot to speak with Ashley and try to find out what was going on with Abby. Ashley told him that Abby was trying to "stick it" to Tucker and Jabot's management, and that Abby had been unaware that Ashley was once again a part of the Jabot management team. Victor was shocked to learn that Ashley had signed a contract with Tucker for the CEO position. He said that she shouldn't be distracting herself with work and should be focusing on Abby. She reminded Victor that Abby was no longer a little girl. Victor asked her if she cared that Abby had stripped in front of television cameras, and Ashley said that of course she cared.

Victor told Ashley to remember what was going to happen the following day -- and that perhaps they needed to rethink their decision. Before Ashley responded, Tucker entered the room and told Ashley that she needed to look at some photo proofs. When Ashley left the office, Tucker said that it looked as if Victor wasn't having a great night -- but that Victor needn't worry, as Tucker had taken care of everything with Abby. Victor replied, "The way you took care of Victoria's custody battle?" Tucker smirked and said that he was glad that he had been around when he was needed. Victor sinisterly said that Tucker had been interfering in the lives of the Newman family -- and told Tucker that he planned to repay him "in kind."

Abby met up with Kent at Crimson Lights. She said that she had just heard a DJ talking about her on the radio, and it was "cool." Kent played an edited version of the Jabot protest for Abby. Abby was pleased with the footage -- and seemed especially happy that Ashley's interruption of the protest made Ashley look like "a witch." Kent asked Abby about money -- he said that he needed to pay the cameramen, and that she needed money to shoot her TV pilot. Abby promised Kent that she would pay him the following day. Kent said that there would be a lot of "blowback" from her parents. Abby told him that she could handle Ashley and Victor.

Kent told Abby that "they" were emailing something to him -- and he left the coffeehouse to print it out. Abby looked extremely enthusiastic. Victor stopped by Crimson Lights and told Abby that he needed to speak with her.

On the patio, Abby told Victor that she hadn't meant to embarrass him or Ashley, and that she wanted them to be proud of her. Abby started crying crocodile tears. Victor said that Abby needed to take responsibility for her actions -- and he was happy to see that she was doing that. He told her that he was going to take her home. Abby said that she needed to use the restroom to "fix her face."

Inside the coffeehouse, Abby quickly found Kent, who had returned. She told him that there had been a change of plans -- she had to leave with Victor. Kent marveled at how Abby seemed to have Victor wrapped around her little finger. He took a flyer out of an envelope that he was holding, and said, "Hot off the presses." The flyer featured a picture of Abby about to drop her coat at the Jabot protest, and was captioned "The Naked Heiress." Kent said that he couldn't see any network turning the concept down -- and that by the next day, their reality show would happen. Abby was thrilled.

In the CEO office at Jabot, Ashley told Tucker that she was surprised that he hadn't mentioned Abby's protest. Tucker again said that it was merely youthful indiscretion. He told her that Abby would grow up -- she had a mother who loved her, but wouldn't hesitate to "kick her butt" if necessary. Ashley asked Tucker to leave so that she could make a phone call. She called Victor and said that perhaps Abby wasn't mature enough to handle "this" -- and wondered if he could undo the "arrangements." She said that hopefully Abby wouldn't be too upset to hear that they had changed their minds. Victor said that they were doing the right thing, and that Ashley needed to trust him. After they hung up, Ashley looked extremely concerned.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Billy and Rafe breakfasted together at the Athletic Club. Billy told Rafe how sorry he was about Jill's Restless Style article that revealed that Rafe had taken part in Adam's mock trial, thus leading to Rafe's suspension. Rafe said that being on suspension hadn't been all that bad -- he had decided that he no longer wanted to work in the public defenders' office because of the politics. He told Billy that he wanted to open a private practice, but it would be challenging building up a client base.

Billy offered to be Rafe's first client. Mac walked over to the table and Billy told her that Rafe was opening his own practice. As Victoria entered the club, an excited Mac congratulated Rafe and said that she should throw a party for him at Jimmy's. Victoria mistakenly thought that Mac was congratulating Billy on his marriage to Victoria. The peeved Victoria pulled Billy aside and asked him how he could tell them about the wedding.

As Billy listened, Victoria said that Mac would go to J.T., tell him about the marriage, and that she would never get to see Reed again. An amused Billy finally told Victoria that Mac had been congratulating Rafe on opening his new business, saying that only in an "alternative universe" would Mac offer to throw a party if she ever learned that Victoria and Billy had married.

Victoria said that she wished that she had a time machine so that she could go back and undo the wedding. Billy smiled and asked how Victoria could consider the best days of their lives to be a mistake. Victoria said that their marriage wasn't a mistake -- it was an unmitigated disaster. Mac walked over and asked, "What's a disaster?"

Billy and Victoria tried to cover and talked over each other as they related all sorts of recent disasters to Mac, including Victoria's custody battle and Nick being arrested. Mac asked Victoria if she had pulled Billy away from the table to discuss those issues. Victoria lamely said that Billy's articles in Restless Style had hurt her family -- and she wanted to make sure that the articles stopped.

Victoria walked away. Mac clearly realized that Billy and Victoria had been lying. She told Billy that he was a mess. She reminded Billy that Victoria was a Newman and he was an Abbott. Billy wondered if that made them like Romeo and Juliet. Before she left the club, Mac replied, "And we all know how well that turned out."

It was the Ashbys' first marriage anniversary, and Cane was taking Lily a breakfast tray to serve her in bed, but Lily spoiled the surprise -- she had already dressed and was out of bed. They wished each other a happy anniversary. Lily admired the roses on the tray. Cane said that he would love Lily until the last petal fell off. Taken slightly aback, Lily realized that one of the flowers was plastic and its petals would never fall off. Cane said that he would love her forever.

The couple discussed their year of marriage. Lily said that she couldn't believe that they had been through Cane's possible deportation, her bout with cancer, and were expecting twins. Cane said that their life together was like a miracle -- they had managed to overcome things that would have destroyed other couples. The phone rang. It was Olivia, calling to remind Lily that she needed an answer as soon as possible on whether Lily planned to participate in the stem cell clinical trial. Lily told her aunt that she realized that time was running out.

Cane and Lily once again discussed the pros and cons of the clinical trial. Lily said that the babies might be hurt if Mac got an infection or lost too much amniotic fluid after the stem cells were extracted. Cane said that the risk of those things happening were small, and that having the stem cell therapy would make her stronger so that she could tolerate further chemotherapy. Lily reminded him that the risk of her getting ovarian cancer at her young age was small -- but it had happened. She asked Cane if he could live with losing the babies. He said that it would break his heart -- but that if he had to choose between Lily and the babies, he would pick Lily.

Later, as Lily vacuumed, she told Cane that nothing he could say would change her mind -- she couldn't do anything that might stop her little boy and little girl from being born. She said that if Mac lost the babies because of the procedure, Lily wouldn't want to live. After Cane left, Lily stared at a sonogram image of the babies.

Cane ran into Mac on the Crimson Lights patio. He told her that it was his and Lily's first anniversary -- but that he was afraid that it might be their last. Cane begged Mac to try to talk Lily into going through with the clinical trial. Mac said that she wanted Lily to get well -- but that she agreed with Lily's decision not to risk any harm to the twins.

In bed, Lauren had a nightmare. She dreamed that she turned over to hold Michael, but that Sarah was under the blanket. Lauren woke up screaming. She told a startled Michael that she had dreamt about Sarah. Michael tried to comfort Lauren and told her that Sarah was gone. Lauren replied, "She never will be."

Later, the Baldwins went to Crimson Lights. Lauren said that it was weird not to see Kevin and Jana there. She told Michael that she was upset that she had lied to Fen -- she had told the boy that she had screamed because she had stubbed her toe. Lauren said that Sarah was continuing to hurt their lives, and she dreaded the day when she would have to tell Fen that she had killed two people -- Sarah and Sheila. Michael said that Lauren needed time, but that eventually she would know both in her head and in her heart that Sarah was gone. He told her that it would be best if she got professional help -- as soon as possible.

Kevin returned to the Fishers' apartment after having spent the night on the Baldwins' couch. He called out Jana's name and was shocked when she entered the living room -- she had her hair cut extremely short. Later, the emotionless Jana poured tea for herself and Kevin. Kevin babbled on about Jana's hairdo, and said that Jana always liked to make changes to her hair. Although he seemed not to like Jana's short hair, he lied and told her that it looked great.

Kevin asked her why she had changed her hair. She said that she couldn't sleep, went out, and found a beauty salon that had been open late. She told Kevin that she thought that the change might help. Kevin said that the only thing that was going to help was time.

Later, Michael and Kevin commiserated at Crimson Lights. Michael told his brother that Lauren was having nightmares about Sarah. Kevin said that Jana looked at him like he was a piece of furniture, and sarcastically added that perhaps Jana cutting her hair would nudge along her recovery. He told Michael that Jana didn't act or look like his wife anymore.

Lauren went to visit Jana, and was stunned by her new hairstyle. She asked Jana why she had done it. Jana explained that she had done it for Kevin -- that she knew he wanted things to be the way they had been. She said that she thought if she made a radical change in her appearance, he wouldn't expect as much. Jana told Lauren that she wished she could give Kevin the affection he wanted, but the only emotion she felt was tension.

Lauren told Jana that Michael wanted her to see a doctor. Jana thought that was a good idea, but Lauren said that a doctor couldn't "change the fact that a psycho bitch stole my face and terrorized my family." Lauren began crying as she said that when she looked in the mirror, she saw Sarah there. She told Jana that Sarah had ruined both of their lives, and that she would kill Sarah again if she could. Lauren said that she felt that her life was spinning out of control, and she wished she could be as calm and unfeeling as Jana was.

Lauren and Jana went to Crimson Lights. Kevin was thrilled to see his wife, but became overly enthusiastic and realized that he was talking too much. Michael told Jana that he thought her hair looked great. Lauren wondered if it was too soon for Jana to return to the coffeehouse. Jana said that nothing had changed there while she was away -- and that she should be working. Lauren offered her a job at the boutique, and wondered how Kevin felt about that.

Kevin said that would be "cool" with him. Jana said, "Would you rather I not?" Kevin said that while Jana had been gone, the coffee grinder had broken, and the staff had urged him to throw it away and buy another one. Kevin told Michael, Lauren, and Jana that Jana had always been able to fix the grinder, and, as a sign of his faith that Jana would one day return, he opted to keep the machine. Jana said that she would continue to work at Crimson Lights and, in an almost zombie-like trance, walked away to look at the coffee grinder. Michael, Kevin, and Lauren exchanged concerned looks.

Kevin told the Baldwins that he knew that Jana needed space, and he asked them if it would be all right if he stayed with them for a while. Michael was less than enthusiastic, but Lauren said that it would be fine, and that Fen would love to have his Uncle Kevin there. Kevin thanked Michael and Lauren -- he said that it would give him time to make Jana fall in love with him all over again. Kevin walked behind the counter and asked Jana if she would like to go out on a date with him. He said that he had no expectations -- they could just go to dinner or to a movie. Kevin smiled when Jana said that she would be happy to go on a date with him.

The Baldwins watched Kevin and Jana from a table. Lauren reported that Kevin was smiling, but that Jana wasn't. They agreed that it would take time for Jana to recover. Michael asked Lauren if she had given any further thought to seeking professional help. Lauren said that part of her hated the idea of that -- but that she would do it for Michael and Fen. Lauren then told Michael that she had posed as Sarah, trying to get Patty to confess to Adam's murder, and she felt doing that had contributed to her nightmares. Michael was upset with Lauren, and told her never to do that again. He said, "We will exorcise Sarah from our lives forever."

At Crimson Lights, Abby told Kent that she was amazed by the number of hits that the video of her stripping at the Jabot protest was getting. Three girls approached her and told her that they had sent the clip to all of their friends. Abby thanked them. Kent said that "The Naked Heiress" would be the hottest new reality show. He asked Abby if she wanted to get a production company involved. Abby said that she didn't -- she wanted to retain complete control of the program. Kent said that whoever paid the bills made the rules. Abby assured Kent that she would get a check to him by lunch.

In Ashley's office at Jabot, Victor and Ashley looked at the online video of Abby stripping. Victor said that the whole thing was utterly embarrassing. He told Ashley that Abby was acting out and needed guidance. Ashley replied, "She's about to get more than she bargained for."

Ascending in the Jabot elevator, Kent told Abby how to place her purse on the table -- he had planted a camera in the purse so that they could capture on tape the exact moment when Abby became "The Naked Heiress." Abby entered Ashley's office, put down her purse, and said that she was surprised to see that Victor was there. Ashley said that she and Victor had been discussing what day it was. Abby said that she knew what was happening that day -- she was going to receive her first check from Brad and Colleen's estate.

Victor said that he and Ashley had been left in charge of distributing Abby's annuity -- but that they had decided to hold off on disbursing the funds until she was mature enough to handle the money. Abby became upset. An irritated Kent heard the conversation in the hallway outside the office via a listening device that he had planted.

Victor said that he and Ashley would review their decision in one year, and, in the meantime, Abby would still receive her generous allowance. Abby said, "It's my inheritance. I have a business plan. I am my own mogul and I want my money now!"

Ashley asked Abby to tell her and Victor about her business plan. Abby said that, capitalizing on the public's appetite for glamour, she was going to be a television producer. Victor asked his daughter what the show was going to be about. Abby said that it was going to be about her -- that she was going to follow in the footsteps of Paris and Kim. Ashley wondered if Abby was talking about a reality show. Abby said that the buzzwords were "aspirational living." She told her parents that she was rich, beautiful, and was descended from two powerful families -- and viewers would imagine what it would it be like to live Abby's life.

A stunned Ashley asked Abby if she was serious. Victor asked her if she was prepared to be the butt of late-night television jokes and be on the cover of tabloid magazines. Ashley said that stars like Paris and Kim became "train wrecks." Abby said her message was going to be that she wasn't a spoiled little rich girl -- that she had a social conscience, and had already demonstrated that by protesting for animal rights. Ashley realized that the previous day's protest at Jabot was just a publicity stunt that Abby had pulled. When Abby said that producing the show would entail placing cameras in their homes and businesses, Victor sternly said, "Ain't gonna happen."

Abby said that she understood that her parents probably needed more time to process what she had just told them. Victor said that he paid a large security staff to keep the public's prying eyes away from his family. Ashley said that Abby was talking like she was a commodity -- and that people would feel entitled to know all about her. Abby said that the show would be a goldmine, and that she could become rich on her own. Victor said that Abby could generate an income by working at Newman or Jabot. Abby said that she preferred her own show. Victor once again made it clear that the show wasn't going to happen.

Ashley said that she admired Abby's driven and spirit of independence. Victor said that he would like to see Abby focus her energy elsewhere, and suggested that she get a business or a law degree, and, once she proved herself, they could revisit the issue of her inheritance. Abby went on a verbal rampage about what poor parents and poor role models Ashley and Victor had been. She concluded with sarcasm, saying, "I'm the one who needs to grow up? I've had the best examples, haven't I?" Abby marched out, leaving a stunned Victor and Ashley in silence.

Victor told Ashley that Abby was acting out because of the numerous losses she had suffered recently. He asked Ashley to reconsider working at Jabot so that she could spend more time supervising Abby. Ashley lashed out at Victor, ad asked him how much parenting he had gotten in between arrests. She said that Abby was clearly out of control -- but that it wasn't Ashley's fault.

Victor said that he wasn't holding Ashley responsible for Abby's behavior. He told Ashley that the two of them needed to rein Abby in and present a united front. Ashley said that Abby would probably pout, but Victor said that eventually she would realize that they had Abby's best interests at heart. Victor shook his head and said, "A reality show, for heaven's sake."

Kent and Abby went to the Athletic Club, where Kent told her that he needed money to pay the camera crew and the stylists. Becoming angry, Kent said that he was done flushing his money "down this drain." Abby proudly proclaimed, "I'm 'The Naked Heiress.' As an Abbott and a Newman, I will get the money." Clearly not impressed, Kent took off. Abby noticed Rafe sitting by himself at a table.

In the club's foyer, Victoria and Billy continued to bicker about their marriage. They quickly ended the conversation when they saw Abby approaching. Billy joked that he thought that Abby's birthday was in November -- so he had been surprised to see the video of her wearing her birthday suit in May. When Abby said that she had been taking a stand, Victoria said that all Abby had done was to make a scene. Abby reminded Victoria that years earlier, Victoria had posed nude for a girlie magazine, and that Victor had to buy up all the copies. Abby told Billy that Page Six had declared him "Modelizer of the Year," and that Billy and Victoria clearly were not "beacons of discretion." Victoria told Abby not to act on impulse -- that it would return to bite her.

After Abby walked off, Billy and Victoria began discussing their marriage and the plans for an annulment. They each accused the other of stalling. Victoria said that she had been unable to reach Michael. Billy looked at the table where Rafe had been sitting, which was empty. He said that he had just missed Rafe.

At the bar, Abby spoke with Rafe. She told him that her parents' terrible treatment of him and his Aunt Estella had shocked her. She said that her parents didn't realize that other people had rights and feelings. She suggested that she and Rafe join forces and fight back to show Ashley and Victor that they weren't in charge of "the entire universe." Abby told Rafe that she wanted him to be her lawyer. She explained that her parents were trying to keep her from her inheritance -- and that she wanted his help suing them for what was rightfully hers.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

J.T. went to Victoria's to discuss visitation arrangements. Victoria was depressed, and said that she couldn't stand being in the house without hearing Reed's voice or seeing his toys scattered about. She told J.T. that she needed Reed back in her life. She said that she didn't want to fight -- but that she would do anything that J.T. wanted her to if he would share custody of the boy with her.

J.T. said he understood how Victoria felt. He told her that he sometimes wished they did share custody. He said that, until that point, Tucker had been great about giving J.T. time off to take care of Reed, but he didn't know what would happen in the future. Victoria said that she would be happy to take care of Reed when J.T. was busy. She told J.T. that she would be willing to move off of the Newman ranch. J.T. said that would be a great start.

Victoria said that she would look for an apartment in town. She also volunteered to quit her job at Newman Enterprises if that would appease J.T. He thought for a moment, then told her that moving away and quitting her job wouldn't solve the primary problem -- Victor -- and that being Victor's daughter was a part of who she was. He said he would only feel comfortable if she were totally out of Victor's "orbit" -- and he and Victoria knew that would be impossible.

Victoria said that J.T. was punishing her for being Victor's daughter. J.T. replied that Victoria couldn't grasp the concept of why he didn't want Reed to be around Victor. He said that she had a "blind spot" where Victor was concerned -- and that two judges had decided that he was a better parent than she could be. Victoria said that she didn't care what the judges said -- that Reed was a Newman, and J.T. couldn't change that. She warned him that one day Reed would grow to resent J.T. trying to keep him away from the Newmans.

At Crimson Lights, Tucker was telling someone on the phone that he needed information on the Newmans, and they needed to dig harder to get him that information. Jill overheard the conversation and walked over to Tucker after he hung up. She asked him if he was having problems. He told her that everything was "just dandy," then walked off to the patio.

Billy stopped by the coffeehouse and ran into Jill. She told him that something was up between Tucker and the Newmans -- and whatever it was would make a juicy Restless Style story. She said that if Billy hired her back, she would be happy to investigate the situation. Billy said that Restless Style was "officially out of the Newman business," and was moving on.

Jill said that was ludicrous -- that the readers loved a Newman scandal. Jill began lobbying to get her job at the magazine back by telling Billy that the issue containing her exposť on Tucker had been one of the magazine's best sellers. Rafe entered Crimson Lights and Billy told Jill that they would have to talk later. Billy walked up to Rafe and told him that he had "kinda" gotten married and he needed an annulment. Rafe was shocked.

Rafe asked Billy who the "not so lucky" bride was, and was even more surprised when Billy told him that it was Victoria. Rafe said that he knew that something was up between Billy and Victoria. Billy explained that he and Victoria had gone to Jamaica together, gotten extremely drunk, and had decided that marriage seemed like a good idea. Billy went on to sing Victoria's praises. He said that she had a great personality, was smart, was sexy as hell, and was sweet. Rafe said that Billy didn't sound like a guy who wanted to end things. Billy snapped, "Drink your coffee."

Billy said that the last thing that he wanted was to be tied down -- especially to a Newman. He admitted that Victoria did have a few things going for her -- but not enough. Rafe reminded Billy of all the adoring adjectives he had used just a few minutes earlier to describe Victoria. Billy insisted that he wasn't one to settle down -- and he couldn't imagine having Victor as a father-in-law. Rafe began to chuckle. Billy teasingly told him to wipe the grin off of his face.

Jill joined Tucker on the patio and told him that he looked like he could use a friend. Tucker was surprised that Jill considered herself his friend -- he reminded her that the last time she had seen him, she had called him a loser. Jill began behaving seductively. Tucker said that he was tempted -- but he suspected that Jill was after something, and that her price was probably too high. He told her that even though he was one of the richest men in the world, he probably couldn't afford it. Jill said that Tucker made her sound like a snake. He replied that he didn't want to "get bit."

After Jill went back inside, J.T. joined Tucker on the patio. Tucker said that he needed a favor -- and that he knew J.T. wouldn't like doing it. Tucker said that he needed information on a deal that Victor had made several years earlier -- and that Victoria would have information on the deal. J.T. said that Tucker was right -- he didn't like where Tucker was going with the conversation. Tucker then said that he had gone outside of his comfort zone by helping J.T. win full custody of Reed -- and that he expected J.T. to go outside of his comfort zone to get the information that Tucker needed.

J.T. was surprised to learn that Tucker had intervened in his battle for custody for Reed. As Jill watched from inside the coffeehouse, out of earshot, Tucker explained that he knew that Victor had been trying to make sure that J.T. arrived late to the custody hearing, so Tucker had called the judge on J.T.'s behalf to let her know what Victor had been up to.

Tucker said that he wanted a "peek" at Victoria's files. He told J.T. that several years earlier, Newman Enterprises had some legal problems with a Japanese department store, but that the problems suddenly went away. Tucker wanted to know how everything between Newman and the store had been suddenly and mysteriously forgiven. He told J.T. that he wanted copies of all the sales receipts between Newman and the department store -- it would help Tucker when he made his play to buy the Beauty of Nature cosmetics line from Newman. J.T. said that he was the wrong guy for this task. Tucker complained that he had stuck his neck out for J.T., and was surprised that J.T. was repaying him that way. J.T. told Tucker that he had someplace to be, and left Crimson Lights.

After J.T. left, Tucker approached Jill and apologized for having been so unfriendly earlier. Jill gave him the cold shoulder and said that she assumed that he needed something from her. Tucker said that they might have ended their alliance too soon -- that maybe they could help each other. Jill said, "As in 'Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer?'" Jill told Tucker that he had made a mistake in underestimating her. Tucker asked her if they could call a truce. Telling Tucker that he was a sweet talker, she agreed to the truce.

J.T. went to Victoria's house and began typing on her laptop. He suddenly stopped, picked up a framed picture of Reed, and stared at it. Billy knocked on the door and walked in before J.T. had a chance to answer. J.T. was clearly upset that Billy had shown up there and asked him what he wanted. Billy asked J.T. what he was doing. He said that he was getting one of Reed's toys. The suspicious Billy replied, "On Victoria's computer?" J.T. closed the laptop, showed Billy out, locked the door, and told Billy to leave, and took off.

J.T. returned to Crimson Lights and told Tucker that he hadn't been able to get any information from Victoria's computer. When Tucker told him to try again, J.T. said that he had never agreed to do anything like that as a condition of his employment. Tucker told J.T. that he had been hired to do whatever Tucker wanted him to do. Billy showed up at the coffeehouse and watched Tucker and J.T. as they spoke.

Tucker told J.T. that if he didn't get the information, he should resign. J.T. protested, saying that if he were unemployed, he might lose custody of Reed. Tucker said that J.T. owed him -- and it was time for Tucker to collect. Inside the coffeehouse, Billy approached Jill and told her that she was rehired. She was thrilled that her first assignment was to investigate what was going on between Tucker and the Newmans.

In the visiting room at the jail, Victor spent some time with Nick. A convict approached them and said, "Like father, like son, huh?" Victor told the convict that he was lucky that Victor hadn't run into him when Victor had been incarcerated for Adam's murder. The convict sarcastically said that it was too bad that Adam had met his maker. When the convict walked away, Victor explained that he was Frank Ellis, the man who had helped Adam forge Victor's diary. Before he left, Victor promised that he would get Nick out of there. After Victor was gone, Nick and Frank shot daggers at each other.

A sad-looking Sharon was in the Athletic Club suite that she had shared with Adam. She opened an armoire, took out one of Adam's shirts, and smelled it. Victor knocked at the door and Sharon let him in. She explained that the police no longer considered the suite a crime scene, so she had stopped by to pick up some of her things. Victor hugged Sharon and said that he would help her. She said that she was going to donate Adam's things to charity, but hoped that while going through his stuff, she and Victor might find a clue that would exonerate Nick.

As Sharon hugged a cashmere sweater that had belonged to Adam, she told Victor how glad she was that she didn't have to go through packing alone. Victor said that he and Sharon were family and that he was glad to help. Sharon said that no matter how despicable Adam's behavior had been, he had been Victor's son, and that there was nothing worse than the loss of a child. Victor asked Sharon how long it had been since Cassie died. She said that five years had gone by.

Victor reminded Sharon that Cassie's prophecy that Sharon and Nick would have another baby turned out to be true. He asked her how Faith was. Sharon said that the baby was fine, and that mother and daughter were beginning to bond. She lamented the fact that Nick was in jail and couldn't spend time with Faith. Victor said that he was working to get Nick released. Sharon said that she wanted Adam's murder to be solved, so that the insanity could end and she could move on with her life.

While going through Adam's things, Sharon found a receipt from a parking garage in Minneapolis, dated February 25. She reminded Victor that had been around the time when Phyllis had found Skye's diary and Adam had disappeared for a few days. Sharon and Phyllis had surmised that Adam wanted to get out of town because the diary sketched out Adam's plan to blackmail Dr. Taylor. Sharon told Victor that when Adam returned to Genoa City, he had told her that he had gone to Kansas to visit Hope's grave.

Sharon and Victor both wondered why Adam had been in Minneapolis. Victor made a phone call and learned that Adam had never gone to Hope's gravesite, nor to the Wilson farm. Sharon wondered what they should do with the parking receipt. Victor said that they should show it to "the pompous D.A.," and tell him to look down "different avenues" to find Adam's real killer.

Sharon and Victor met District Attorney Pomerantz at the Athletic Club. Pomerantz said that he didn't see how a parking receipt issued in February could have anything to do with a murder that had occurred in April. Sharon begged Pomerantz to investigate Adam's movements during the weeks leading up to his murder -- she said that she knew in her heart that her husband's killer was still out there. Victor said that the D.A. was only interested in accusing a Newman of the crime.

Pomerantz said that the parking receipt did nothing to change his opinion that Nick was guilty of killing Adam, and that Victor and Sharon were grasping at straws. Pomerantz began to walk away, but Victor called him back. He said that Nick's life would be in danger if he remained incarcerated. Victor warned Pomerantz that he would spend every dime he had to ensure that Pomerantz wouldn't be re-elected. Pomerantz said that Victor was making this personal -- that the D.A. was only doing his job. After exchanging a few barbs with Victor, Pomerantz left. Sharon said with the D.A.'s attitude, Nick would never get out of jail. Victor said that he would see to it that Nick was released.

Outside an interrogation room at the jail, Michael scolded Phyllis for having Lauren pose as Sarah in order to get information from Patty. Phyllis said that Lauren had been onboard with the plan. Michael told her that Lauren had been having nightmares about Sarah. Phyllis said that she couldn't apologize for asking Lauren to help -- that she and Sharon were determined to get Nick released from jail. She told Michael that he couldn't be mad at her. Michael said that he was, but, for the time being, he would put his anger on hold. Phyllis was happy to see that Michael had Adam's cell phone records with him. She said that she wanted to see who Adam had talked to on the night that he had been killed.

Michael and Phyllis went into the interrogation room and showed Nick the cell phone records. The records indicated that Adam had made two calls on the night of his murder -- one was to a pay phone in a fast food restaurant outside Minneapolis, and the other was to a pay phone at a bus stop along Highway 53 -- out in the middle of nowhere. Michael said that there was no way to find out exactly who Adam had called and that perhaps Adam had another accomplice besides Patty. Michael said that the D.A. felt that he had a solid case, and that they had to find solid proof of Nick's innocence. Phyllis said that she was sure that the answers were out there.

The group continued to wonder who Adam might have called. Michael said that he would check Adam's credit card records. Phyllis said that they should go to the fast food restaurant that Adam had called before he died. Nick warned them to be careful -- that Adam might be dead, but his accomplice might be watching them.

Michael and Phyllis took off just as Victoria arrived to ostensibly talk Newman business with Nick. Nick could immediately see that something was bothering his sister. She said that she didn't want to trouble him, but he insisted that she tell him what was wrong. Victoria said that her life was a catastrophe, and she didn't know what to do about it.

Victoria told Nick that she had tried to work out a shared custody arrangement with J.T., but he had told her to forget it. Nick said that Reed needed his mother. Victoria agreed, but wondered how she could fight J.T. when he had the law on his side. Nick tried to reassure Victoria by telling her that things would eventually change for the better. Victoria said that she appreciated Nick giving her a pep talk, considering that he was in more distress than she was.

Nick said that, as Newmans, they lived in a fishbowl. He wondered how J.T. would feel if they tables were turned, and suggested that Victoria hire a private investigator to tail J.T. and see what kind of father he really was. Victoria said that probably wouldn't help, as J.T. was a wonderful father. Nick said that J.T. was bound to make a mistake. He reminded his sister that J.T. had her at a disadvantage, and that she had to do something to make it a fair fight.

Victoria returned home and began an online search for a private investigator. She stopped and stared at the same photograph of Reed that J.T. had looked at earlier.

Michael and Phyllis went to the fast food restaurant near Minneapolis that Adam had called. The manager told them that he remembered a man who was wearing a tux, holding a mask, and waiting for a call on the restaurant's pay phone. The manager gave a physical description of the man, and it sounded like the man resembled Adam. Phyllis showed him a picture of Adam and asked if he had seen that man before. The manager said that he hadn't -- that he only recognized Adam from his pictures in the newspaper. Michael asked if they could talk to the restaurant's employees. The manager said that would be fine. When he walked away, Michael theorized that the man in the tuxedo had gone to the masquerade ball to meet Adam after he left the restaurant. Phyllis wondered who the mystery man was -- and if he had killed Adam.

Phyllis also had a theory. She thought that Adam had asked Patty for a cell phone so that he could call the mystery man at the restaurant, but Phyllis wondered why the mystery man would have killed Adam. Michael thought that perhaps "something went wrong" and the mystery man wanted to hide his involvement.

The manager returned with Tiffany, a restaurant employee who remembered seeing Adam a few months earlier. She said that Adam had met with another man and a little boy. Tiffany told Phyllis and Michael that the little boy had hugged Adam, who then ran out. Tiffany said that it looked as if they had been getting to know each other, and she sensed that their meeting had been important. Michael and Phyllis thanked Tiffany for her help.

In the jail, Frank Ellis threw Nick onto a table and tried to stab him with a shiv.

Phyllis and Michael returned to Genoa City and met with Victor and Sharon at the Athletic Club. They discussed the new developments -- Adam's phone calls, the parking receipt, and Adam's mysterious meeting with a man and a little boy. Michael thought that there was definitely someone else involved in the murder. Phyllis said that since the D.A. wouldn't examine the new clues, they would have to investigate. Victor left to fly to Kansas to try to gather information. After Victor was gone, Michael received a phone call from the jail's warden. After Michael hung up, he told a horrified Phyllis and Sharon that Nick had just been attacked.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Mac visited Lily at the Ashbys'. Lily told Mac that she felt energetic and was trying to enjoy life before she started her next round of chemotherapy. She asked Mac how the twins were doing, and Mac assured her that they were definitely active and kicking. Mac said that she had stopped by to talk about why she had said no to Cane's request -- Cane had wanted Mac to try to talk Lily into participating in the stem cell clinical trial. Lily was stunned -- she had no idea that Cane had spoken to Mac about that.

Lily said that she and Mac were on the same page -- Lily had no intention of participating in the clinical trial, with its inherent risk to the twins. Lily was upset that Cane had gone behind her back to speak with Mac. Mac defended Cane, and told Lily that he was afraid of losing her. Lily said that she wasn't going to change her mind about taking part in the clinical trial.

At the Athletic Club, Cane met with Olivia. He told her that he was terrified about Lily's health and worried that she wasn't strong enough to survive the upcoming second round of chemo. Olivia wondered if Cane had spoken to Mac to see how she felt about the situation. He said that Mac agreed with Lily and wondered if Olivia could again try to talk Lily into enrolling in the clinical trial -- he thought that she might be more inclined to listen to Olivia than to him.

Olivia said that Lily was looking at the situation from a mother's point of view. She told Cane that she could relate to that -- she had refused treatment of her cancer when she had been pregnant with Nate. Cane said that saving Lily was the most important thing in his life. Olivia said that the decision was out of Cane's hands, but told him that there might be another way to go.

Cane and Olivia returned to the Ashbys'. Olivia told Cane, Lily, and Mac about a new trial using adult stem cells to treat ovarian cancer. There was one major catch -- the trial was being conducted in France. Lily seemed very interested and excited about this new option. Olivia said that Lily was healthy enough to travel. Cane asked about the risks, and Olivia said that if the treatment failed, Lily might not be able to undergo another round of chemo.

Olivia told them that it was possible that Lily's body might reject the adult stem cells, which would further weaken her immune system, making it more difficult for her body to fight the cancer, but, if the treatment worked, it could buy Lily some time. Olivia said that the treatment did not have the success rate of the trial where the babies' stem cells were used. Lily was adamant about not risking the lives of the twins, and the French trial sounded like her next best option. Cane said that if Lily wanted to take part in the French trial, he would support her decision.

Olivia made a phone call and was able to secure the last space in the French clinical trial for Lily. Mac said that she had a good feeling about the new trial. Lily said that she had a lot to do -- like pack and find someone to take care of Humphrey. Cane told Lily that he couldn't accompany her, because he wouldn't be allowed to re-enter the United States if he left. Lily said that she couldn't go through the treatment without him. Olivia volunteered to accompany Lily to France. Cane said that everything was settled -- he would stay behind and take care of Humphrey. Lily whined that she wouldn't be able to watch Mac's belly grow. Mac promised that she would email Lily pictures and sonograms. Lily said that she had a feeling that the treatment would be beneficial for her.

Olivia said that she needed to leave and begin packing. Cane walked her outside. After Cane and Olivia were gone, Lily told Mac that she felt like her prayers had been answered. Mac asked Lily if she had talked to Cane about him going behind her back to speak with Mac. Lily said that she had been planning to mention it, but, with the latest development, she didn't see the point.

Outside, Cane asked Olivia what Lily's chances were. Olivia told him that there were no guarantees with any treatment, but she had every reason to believe that the French clinical trial might work. After Olivia left, Cane made a phone call and said, "Did you get the information I emailed you? What's your opinion? Can I sue the babies' surrogate mother for access to the amniotic fluid?"

At the jail, Nick, whose hand was bandaged, told Phyllis and Sharon that an inmate named Frank Ellis had tried to stab him in the eye with a hypodermic needle, but had missed and just grazed Nick's hand. Phyllis remembered that Frank Ellis was the man who had helped Adam forge Victor's diary. Sharon remembered that Adam had said that when he had been in prison, someone poked him in the eyes with a hypodermic needle, and she wondered if it had been Ellis. Phyllis wondered what Ellis was trying to accomplish by stabbing Nick. Nick said that the hypodermic had been filled with saline, so perhaps Ellis was just trying to send him a message.

Michael told District Attorney Pomerantz that Nick was not safe in jail and he wanted a bail hearing. Pomerantz said that Ellis was due to be transferred to another facility in a couple of days, and they could keep Ellis in isolation until then. Michael said that wasn't good enough -- that Nick would still be in danger because he was a Newman. He said that he wanted Nick out of jail immediately.

Michael, Nick, Sharon, and Phyllis reviewed the new information they had recently amassed. They discussed the Minneapolis parking garage receipt that Sharon had found. Sharon reminded them that the receipt had been dated February 25th, but that Adam hadn't been murdered until April 1st. Phyllis said that a worker at the fast food joint in Minneapolis had remembered Adam being at the restaurant in February with another man and a little boy. Michael theorized that the man who Adam met was the killer.

Sharon, Phyllis, and Michael then gave Nick more details about the information they had gleaned from Phyllis and Michael's trip to Minneapolis. Phyllis said that the manager of the restaurant had seen a man in a cape and tuxedo answering the pay phone on the night of April 1st -- the night Adam had been murdered. Nick wondered if Adam had called to tell his accomplice that the plans that they had devised on February 25th were "a go." Michael said that the alleged accomplice then probably went to the masquerade ball.

Phyllis wondered if the mystery man had gone to the ball to help Adam or to kill him. Nick wondered why the man would double-cross Adam. Sharon said that perhaps their plan had gone wrong. Phyllis said that they needed to make another trip to Minneapolis to try to collect more information. Michael said that he couldn't go with Phyllis -- he needed to spend time with Lauren. When Phyllis said that she would go alone, Sharon volunteered to go with her. After Phyllis and Sharon left, Michael received a phone call. It was the D.A.'s office, calling to tell him that a judge had granted an emergency hearing to consider Nick's request for bail. Michael told Nick that he might have spent his last night in jail.

Later, Michael and Nick were thrilled -- the judge had granted bail in the amount of ten million dollars. Michael warned Nick to be careful -- he said that Nick's every move would be watched. While Nick went to have his release papers processed, Nick called Phyllis, who was in the car on her way to Minneapolis, to tell her the good news. Michael had to hold the phone away from his ear as Phyllis shrieked with delight.

Nick changed from his jail uniform into his street clothes. Pomerantz ran into Nick and told him that he had better not leave town. He also asked Nick to leave the jail as soon as possible, because they were about to walk Frank Ellis through.

Despite the D.A.'s warning, Nick hung around long enough to see Ellis. As Ellis was being led away in handcuffs, Nick asked him, "Why did you do it?" Ellis began laughing hysterically and told Nick, "Ask Daddy!"

In the parking garage in Minneapolis, Phyllis and Sharon decided that they needed to question the cashiers and the security guards to see if any of them recognized Adam. Phyllis tore a map of the surrounding area in half and said that things would go more quickly if they worked separately. As Phyllis and Sharon walked away in separate directions, neither of them noticed a missing poster hanging on a post in the garage. The missing man, Richard Hightower, pictured on the poster, was the same man who Adam had met, along with the man's son, on February 25th. The poster said that the man had been missing since April 1st.

Later, Phyllis and Sharon met up in the garage after a fruitless search for information. They said that everyone had recognized Adam's picture from the news, but that no one had seen him in person. They joked that many of the men they had interviewed had hit on them. Phyllis noticed the missing poster. She tore it off the post, stared at it, and said, "Oh, my God. I know this guy."

On the Crimson Lights patio, Abby was trying to talk Kent out of abandoning "The Naked Heiress" television project. He told Abby that she would be better off if she hooked up with a production company willing to produce the show, since she obviously couldn't convince her parents to release her inheritance. Abby said that she wanted to do the show her way. She told Kent that she was worth millions -- and that "The Naked Heiress" was going to be a big hit. Kent gave her until the end of the night to get the money.

Inside Crimson Lights, Daniel complained to Kevin about his lack of work. An excited Kevin told Daniel that he was taking Jana on a date that night -- to the water tower where they first kissed. Daniel lamented the fact that just a few weeks before, they were both married to the two greatest women in the world -- and that had all fallen apart. Kevin disagreed, telling Daniel that he was still married to the greatest woman in the world. Kevin said that Daniel's being alone was Daniel's fault.

Kevin said that Daniel should have left Genoa City with Amber. He told Daniel that he never thought that Daniel would allow Amber to go to California without him -- he thought that Daniel would change his mind. Daniel became angry, accusing Kevin of encouraging Amber to leave him.

Kevin defended himself and told Daniel that he never told Amber to leave him -- but he had encouraged her to get Eric to a safe place. Kevin said that Daniel should have tried being a father to Eric -- and that Daniel had messed everything up. Kevin walked away. Abby entered from the patio and acted flirty with Daniel. She told him that buying her a cup of coffee would cheer him up, so she went to the counter, ordered a coffee, and told the barista to put it on Daniel's tab.

Abby asked Daniel if he had seen her on the news or the Internet. Daniel said that he hadn't. Abby told him that she had become an Internet star and that he should check her out. She walked back to the patio.

Jana showed up at the Baldwins' and asked Lauren if she was dressed appropriately for her date with Kevin. Lauren said that Jana looked just fine. Lauren started crying and told the stone-faced Jana that she couldn't take the memories of being trapped in the cage. She said that she knew that she was being ridiculous, but she still feared that Sarah, Daisy, and Ryder might terrorize them again. She asked Jana to reassure her that Sarah was gone. Emotionlessly, Jana said, "Sarah's gone."

Lauren said that Daisy and Ryder knew where they were. Jana said that Daisy and Ryder wouldn't return to Genoa City, since they would be arrested and put in jail. Lauren said that she had been having nightmares and was afraid to leave the house. Jana said she didn't worry about it -- that events with Sarah, Daisy, and Ryder had happened in the past, and she was concerned about the future. Jana told Lauren that she thought that she might never feel emotions again. Lauren said that she had forgotten that Jana was going through hell. Jana said that she wasn't going through hell -- and that was part of the problem.

Jana told Lauren that she was going on the date with Kevin for Kevin's sake -- she was sure that she was going to disappoint him. Fen went into the living room and said hello to his Aunt Jana. He then went to his room to look for a book. Observing the affection between Lauren and Fen, Jana said that she wished that she could feel things -- and that she would trade places with Lauren if she could.

Before Jana left, she again told Lauren that Sarah was dead, and that Ryder and Daisy were gone. Jana said that the only person tormenting Lauren was Lauren -- she told her to face her fears and not to let them get the best of her. She wished Lauren good luck. Lauren thanked Jana for the pep talk.

Later, Lauren took a nap on the sofa. She had a nightmare -- she dreamed that Sarah was in the room and standing above her. She awoke with a start and began screaming. She looked around the room and saw that it was empty.

Lauren called Michael, who told her that Nick had made bail. Lauren was glad to hear that, but was concerned that meant that Michael was going to be working late. Michael wondered what Lauren had in mind. She suggested that they meet for coffee at Crimson Lights -- she would have Gloria watch Fen. Michael agreed to meet. After she hung up the phone, Lauren said to herself, "You can do this. Sarah, Ryder, and Daisy are gone. You can do this."

At Crimson Lights, loud enough to make sure Daniel could hear, Abby called a jewelry store and said that she was in the mood to make a large purchase. She asked if they could keep the store open after hours for her. She went back out to the patio. Jana showed up, and Daniel told her how nice her new hairdo looked. Jana ignored the compliment and asked him if Kevin was there. Kevin emerged from the back room and greeted Jana. Kevin told her that he had something special lined up, and he thought that she would like what he had planned. Jana asked him to be patient with her. As they were about to leave, Ryder entered the coffeehouse.

Kevin said that he was going to call the police. Ryder told him not to bother -- that he was going to turn himself in as soon as he was done speaking with Kevin. Daniel wondered why Ryder would think that Kevin wanted to hear anything that he had to say. Jana asked the guys to keep their voices down -- that people were staring. Kevin told Ryder that he blamed him and his entire sick family for Jana's aneurysm. Ryder explained that he had been scared -- that he had always done what Sarah and Daisy told him to do.

Ryder told Kevin that he had given Jana medication when she had been suffering with her migraine headaches. Kevin said that Ryder should have taken her to the hospital. Ryder began talking about having no one else in his life aside from Sarah and Daisy -- until he had met Kevin. He discussed his relationship with Daisy, and said that twins were supposed to share a special bond -- but he felt nothing for Daisy. Ryder said that he wanted to make things right between himself and Kevin. Suddenly, Abby rushed over to Ryder, began hitting him, and yelled, "Ryder, you jackass. You lied to me. How dare you come back here?" Daniel pulled Abby off of Ryder and dragged her out to the patio.

Kevin said that he had never expected to see Ryder again. Ryder wondered why Jana hadn't screamed when she saw him enter Crimson Lights. Jana said that she had no feelings at all toward Ryder, but she did remember that he tried to make things better for her and Lauren when they were prisoners in the cage. Jana recalled that Ryder had tried to help them escape. Ryder said that he should have done more -- and Kevin seconded that. Ryder hoped that if he turned himself in, some day Kevin would be able to forgive him.

On the patio, Daniel wondered why Abby had such a visceral reaction when she had seen Ryder. He said, "What did he do except reject you?" He told Abby that everyone knew that she was "crushing on Ryder." Abby said that Ryder had used her for food and supplies. Daniel sarcastically wondered if Abby had given Ryder the food and supplies because she had such a big heart. Abby insisted that she wasn't "crushing on Ryder," and told Daniel that he was delusional. Daniel said that Abby was a brat.

Daniel said that he had known plenty of spoiled brats like Abby in high school -- but none of them were stupid enough to take off their clothes on the Internet. Abby seemed pleased that Daniel had looked at the video of her stripping at Jabot. Abby bragged that she was going to have her own reality show -- and that it was going to be bigger than the Kardashians. She told Daniel that she wasn't totally in it for the money -- and Daniel sarcastically said that she probably would be altruistically giving her money to charity. Abby said that Daniel was a loser, and she understood why his wife had dumped him. Daniel began spanking Abby on her backside. The furious Abby said, "Are you insane? You just spanked me." Daniel said that someone had to. Abby left the patio through the side door, and passed the Baldwins on her way out. Daniel walked back inside the coffeehouse.

On the patio, Lauren admitted that she had been a little nervous about going out. Michael assured her that she had nothing to be anxious about. Michael and Lauren began walking inside the coffeehouse. Lauren began hysterical when she saw Ryder, and screamed, "What's he doing here? Get him away from me!"

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