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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 10, 2010 on B&B
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Monday, May 10, 2010

In the CEO's office with Brooke, Hope worried that being the new "Brooke's Bedroom" spokesmodel would give Steffy the perfect excuse to prance around Oliver in lingerie. Brooke realized that her daughter had really fallen for Oliver. Hope gushed about how much fun he was and how she loved to be with him; however, Steffy kept throwing herself at him. Brooke offered to ask Taylor to have Steffy back off, but Hope didn't want her mother fighting her battles. Hope just kept the faith that she and Oliver would work out.

In Bridget's office, Nick noted that Bridget and Jackie had been acting weird all day. He told the women that they weren't leaving until he got some answers. Before he could get his answers, Nick was called out an emergency, but he warned that he'd be back.

As soon as Nick left, Jackie commanded Bridget to keep quiet about the baby. Bridget said that she couldn't lie to Nick for the rest of his life; however, Jackie stated that Bridget could, and she would. Jackie warned that once the truth was out, Nick would hate Owen, and Nick would end up with Aggie. Bridget panicked and ordered Jackie to stop saying things like that.

Later, Nick returned with Brooke, who had just arrived. To Brooke's surprise, Bridget said that she was pregnant. Though delighted, Brooke delicately asked if they'd discussed the pregnancy's viability with Dr. Caspary. Bridget explained that they'd do a cerclage to prevent premature labor. Jackie noted that there still could be problems, and Nick asked his mother why the "hell" she'd say something like that. Bridget grimaced.

Jackie said she hadn't meant to be morbid, but because of Bridget's history, Jackie was being realistic. Nick was still upset, but Brooke said that Jackie was right to be concerned. Nick believed that the child was a blessing, and he didn't want any negativity surrounding the pregnancy. He thanked Bridget for giving him the greatest gift that a wife could give a husband.

Brooke said it was a wonderful blessing. Bridget hugged Brooke and scowled at Jackie. Once Nick walked Brooke out, Jackie implored Bridget not to explode their peaceful lives. Bridget stated that she'd betrayed Nick once, but couldn't do it for a lifetime. "I'm going to tell Nick the truth. I'm going to tell him that he's not the father of this baby!" she decided.

Jackie begged Bridget to reconsider, but Bridget felt that she had to put the baby first. She didn't think she could carry the baby while under so much stress. Jackie implored Bridget to make peace with the lie, but Bridget said the men deserved the truth at that very moment. Jackie ordered Bridget to keep quiet, because Bridget owed Jackie after sleeping with Owen.

Though Jackie prayed that the baby would survive, she reasoned that they shouldn't tell their husbands anything in case the baby didn't make it. Bridget asked if Jackie would deprive Owen of fatherhood, if the baby did make it. Knowing that she couldn't do that, Jackie decided that they'd reveal the truth only if the baby was born alive. Jackie begged Bridget to agree.

In the hallway, Brooke assured Nick that everything would turn out fine. She realized that she'd forgotten her purse in Bridget's office. Nick left, and when Brooke returned to the office, she looked through the window to see Bridget and Jackie embroiled in a heated conversation. Brooke looked curiously at the obviously upset women.

In the Forrester showroom, Oliver gave Whip a peek at the new campaign, but only a peek because Whip worked for the competition. Staring at computer pictures of Hope and a lingerie-clad Steffy, Oliver admitted that, though he dated Hope, Steffy was on his radar. "When did you go to the Ridge Forrester School for Potential Playboys?" Whip asked with a grimace.

Oliver asserted that Hope was the one he wanted-but Steffy was tempting. Oliver really enjoyed being with Hope, and Whip hoped that Steffy wouldn't be the "fly in the ointment." Oliver figured that Steffy, who was definitely hot, was used to getting what she wanted, but she wouldn't get her way all the time.

Whip cautioned his cousin not to blow a good thing with Hope, and Whip asked if Oliver had ever taken her on a proper date. As Whip schooled Oliver on romance, Hope strolled in with a curious gaze. The men pretended to have been talking about sports, but couldn't agree on what team they'd been discussing. Whip complimented Hope's campaign, and upon leaving, he told Oliver to remember what they'd discussed.

Oliver pulled Hope into his arms, and she assumed that the men had spoken about her. A grinning Oliver said he'd been talking about his girlfriend. Hope wondered who that could be, and Oliver said that he was looking at her. She plied him for more details about Whip's visit, and Oliver said that he'd sung her praises. Oliver felt that he was lucky to be with her.

Hope revealed that she'd been saying the same types of things to Brooke, and Hope said she'd never forget the day that they'd met. She did, however, have one problem, and it was that he hadn't kissed her yet. Oliver eagerly rectified that for her.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

by Pam

ZAt Forrester, Brooke was kissing Ridge and offering coffee to him while he worked, but he said that he thought Brooke needed the coffee because she hadn't slept the previous night. Brooke said that she was worried about Bridget.

Ridge said that it was understandable that Brooke was worried about Bridget because of Bridget's history with miscarriages. Brooke shared that she was also concerned that something was going on between Bridget and Jackie. Brooke told Ridge that Jackie and Bridget were in the middle of an intense argument and seemed very emotional when Brooke walked in on them.

Ridge suggested that Brooke ask Jackie about it, but Brooke disagreed. She said that Jackie seemed very agitated. Brooke added that she was also worried about Hope, and where she was going to go to school in the fall. Ridge noted that schools on the East Coast had expressed a lot of interest in Hope.

Brooke said that she knew it was selfish, but she really wanted Hope to stay closer to home for college. Ridge disagreed that it was selfish. He smiled when Brooke told him that Hope was very excited about the evening's press conference. She crossed her fingers that everything would go well for Hope.

In the studio at Forrester, Brio shot photos of Hope, and asked her to show a little more energy. Hope obliged while Oliver watched. Oliver admired Brio's new camera, and said that he was interested in photography, but admitted that he was an amateur.

Steffy and Pam watched from behind a curtain, and prattled on about getting rid of all the Logans. Steffy expressed her love for Aunt Pam for getting rid of Donna. Steffy added that, together, they had successfully pushed Katie and Donna out of Forrester, which meant two Logans down and only two to go. Steffy wanted to make Forrester a "Logan-free zone."

Steffy entered the studio and warned that Hope had to be great at the press conference, but they were interrupted when Hope had to meet with Ridge. Taylor showed up, and Pam and Steffy prattled on that Hope was a little stiff and boring for the campaign. Steffy sneered that the "Hope for the Future" campaign was a leftover from the Logan era, and Taylor nodded in agreement.

In Ridge's office, Oliver and Hope entered to find Brooke and Ridge meeting with a recruiter from Eastern Valley University. The recruiter announced that the dean of admissions was prepared to offer Hope the full presidential scholarship. Hope, Brooke, and Ridge were very excited. The recruiter suggested that Hope could take a few days to discuss the offer with her parents.

Outside the door, Pam and Steffy scurried around to eavesdrop, and caught the end of the conversation that Hope could very likely attend an East Coast college. Steffy interrupted the meeting to talk with Ridge. Oliver, Hope, and Brooke walked the college recruiter to her car.

Ridge admitted to Steffy and Pam that the launch of the new line might affect Hope's decision on where she would attend school. Ridge left, and Pam and Steffy plotted to make sure that Hope's line would fail, and the unsuccessful campaign would end before it began. They both laughed evil laughs.

Later, Oliver and Brooke chatted when they ran into one another in Ridge's office. Brooke warned Oliver to stay away from Steffy because Steffy was incapable of showing genuine affection to anyone. Oliver said that he and Steffy were friends, but he added that Hope was the only girl for him.

Taylor was eavesdropping outside, and she stormed in after Oliver left. Taylor screeched that Brooke was badmouthing Steffy to "one of the employees." Brooke scoffed and pointed out that Steffy clearly had some emotional problems. Brooke added that Steffy had joined forces with Stephanie in an unhealthy anti-Logan crusade. Taylor mocked Brooke, and said that it must be a conspiracy.

Ridge entered, and Taylor started ranting that Brooke was telling "employees" that Steffy didn't have genuine feelings. Ridge sighed a tired sigh at the constant bickering of Brooke and Taylor. Brooke blathered on that she had been talking to Oliver -- not employees. Brooke worried that Steffy had some unnatural resentment for Brooke and for her family.

Taylor defended Steffy and said that it was only natural for Steffy to resent Brooke and transfer that anger onto Hope. Taylor whined that Brooke should have empathy and tolerance for Steffy. Brooke said that she was worried that Steffy was in a lot of pain and not in control of her actions. Brooked admitted that she did not trust Steffy.

Brooke warned that Steffy had better not do anything to hurt Hope. Taylor and Ridge said that they doubted that Steffy would be foolish enough to sabotage Hope's campaign because she was the head of PR, and it would reflect poorly on Steffy if anything went wrong.

Back in the studio, Madison congratulated Hope on her scholarship offer, and Hope looked surprised. Madison explained that Oliver had already shared the news because he was so proud of his girlfriend. Hope filled Madison in on the fact that the scholarship was a great offer, but the school was located in Boston. Hope admitted that she would miss her family and Oliver. Hope added that Steffy was constantly throwing herself at Oliver, and Hope figured that would continue since Steffy was the new lingerie model.

Steffy entered and Madison left. Steffy and Hope got into an argument about the fashion lines they represented. Steffy sneered that Hope could never model lingerie, and Hope agreed, but they continued to snipe at each other. Steffy handed Hope a huge file, and told her that she had to have it memorized for a speech she would be giving at the press conference later. Hope was shocked at the volume of information. Steffy warned that about 30 important people would be in the audience.

Hope said that she couldn't memorize it in time. Oliver entered and quickly pointed out that Hope could use a teleprompter. Steffy disagreed, but Oliver said that even the President of the United States used a teleprompter. Steffy sneered that it had better not sound like Hope was reading it.

Hope thanked Oliver for saving her new line's launch. Oliver offered Hope some tips on maintaining eye contact and interest with her audience. He promised that it would all work out. Oliver added that Ridge had chosen Hope for the line because he was so proud of her and had faith in her.

Hope and Oliver kissed and then walked out of the studio. Steffy had been spying on them from behind a curtain. Pam joined Steffy, and they snickered together about having a plan to oust Hope. Steffy said that the press conference would be a memorable way to get rid of Hope.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

by Pam

At Forrester, Stephanie and Steffy were chatting in Ridge's office about how they had worked so well together at getting rid of Donna, Katie, Brooke, and Hope. They laughed and complimented one another on "clearing out the bitches."

Stephanie noted that they were cut from the same cloth, as they were both wearing the exact same blue suit. They discussed that Steffy truly was her grandmother's namesake. Stephanie asked where Steffy had gotten a matching brooch, and Steffy reminded her grandmother that she had bought it for her. Stephanie said that she had such good taste. They laughed.

Steffy said that the Logans were just alley cats, and Stephanie called Steffy a brilliant Mini-me. The entire humorous scene was a daydream that Brooke was caught up in. Ridge asked Brooke what she was thinking about, and she shook it off, but said that she was worried about Stephanie and Steffy teaming up against her family.

Ridge said that he thought it was good for Hope and Steffy to be working together. Brooke disagreed. Stephanie entered, and she wondered who was attending the press conference. Ridge said that he understood that Eric didn't want to face the press after his separation from Donna. Stephanie said that it was to be expected, but she added that Ridge was in charge, and he should be speaking for the company. Brooke and Stephanie sniped at one another about Donna and Eric's separation. Taylor entered, and Stephanie warned Brooke that Hope needed to be an excellent spokesmodel.

In the studio, Hope's name was in bright lights on the backdrop with "Hope for the Future" as part of the display. Steffy and Pam conspired that they would be humiliating Hope in the next few minutes. They discussed that Hope would be a big success when she went away to college.

Backstage, Oliver inspired confidence in Hope. But she worried that if she failed, Forrester would drop the clothing line named for her, and Hope would be attending college on the other side of the country. Oliver said that she couldn't fail because he wanted to keep her in college in Los Angeles, where he could keep an eye on her.

Steffy entered and tried to persuade Hope to wear a sexy black dress for the press conference, but Hope opted for a white dress because it was less revealing. Hope thanked Steffy for putting her speech on the teleprompter so that she could read it. When Hope left to change, Steffy told Oliver that it was too bad Hope was so uncomfortable showing some skin because she really needed to be sexy to succeed. Oliver asked Steffy to lay off of Hope.

After Hope returned, Oliver was at her side and Steffy was watching, Pam sidled up to Steffy and noted that Steffy was interested in Oliver. They reviewed assignments to sabotage Hope's debut and laughed about how clever they were. Steffy said that something might "prompt," referring to the teleprompter, Hope to leave the company after her press conference. They laughed again.

Thorne showed up, and Pam started chattering wildly that Hope wasn't ready for the event, and Thorne looked at her oddly. He said it was Hope's big day, but Pam started to yak again when Steffy stopped her. Thorne left, and Steffy warned Pam to stop looking so suspicious. Brooke interrupted and said that she knew Pam had something to do with Donna's exit from the building earlier in the week. Brooke warned that Pam would be hearing about it later.

Pam insisted that she was only getting rid of the pests in the building. Pam and Steffy giggled, and Brooke warned that if anything went wrong during Hope's press conference, they would both answer to Brooke. Steffy and Pam tried to look innocent and Brooke glared at them.

Jarrett entered and asked Steffy for a statement about the new line, but Steffy said that she would let Hope speak for herself. Backstage, Oliver built up Hope's confidence to give her speech. He reminded Hope that there were a lot of young male reporters in the audience. He told Hope to work her magic on them in the same way that she had worked her magic on him. He kissed her. Steffy sneaked around and spied on Hope and Oliver.

In the studio, Ridge gave a speech about how the company had fallen out of Forrester ownership for a short time, but he happily reported that it was back in the family. He said that the next generation of Forresters was introducing their first line. He introduced his daughters, led by Steffy as the head of PR and Hope as the model.

The studio's big television screen displayed a video of Hope modeling. Backstage, Hope prepared to give her speech. Steffy warned Hope to stop looking nervous. Hope anxiously asked if she looked all right, and Steffy sneered and told Hope she should have selected the black dress, but she told Hope that she would be fine. Steffy advised Hope to act like a professional.

In the studio, the announcer introduced Hope to a welcome round of applause. Pam stationed herself by the teleprompter's controls. Looking crazy, Pam held onto the plug for the teleprompter that displayed the lengthy speech that Hope was about to give. Just as Hope read the first lines to thank everyone, Pam unplugged the teleprompter and Hope seemed lost.

Behind Hope, the lights that spelled out her name flickered and read "Ho Logan" rather than Hope Logan. Pam held the plug to that one also. The crowd whispered about how embarrassing the situation was, and Steffy leered her usual grin. The audience started to snicker.

Brooke and Ridge looked puzzled and Stephanie and Taylor appeared disgusted. Oliver turned to see what had happened to the teleprompter. Hope silently and helplessly looked around the room.

At Katie's house, Katie and Donna talked about happier times when their mother was alive. Donna started to cry as she remembered dragging her mother out of the water and trying to administer CPR. Stephen sat down and reminded the girls that Stephanie would pay for what she had done.

Katie shared with Stephen that Pam had played a trick on Donna by sending her out of Forrester in an exterminator's van. Stephen was angry with all the Forresters and vowed to protect his daughters from them. They decided to change the subject.

Katie, Donna, and Stephen discussed that Hope was going to become a big star during her upcoming press conference. Donna thanked Katie for her support during her divorce from Eric, and she added that Bill had been wonderful to her. Katie added that Bill would take care of the Forresters.

Stephen ranted again about the Forresters, but Donna and Katie tried to calm him down. Stephen worried that Beth had wanted him to defend the girls, and he intended to keep them safe. He said that he planned to get back at the Forresters.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

At the press conference, Hope gasped as the crowd laughed at her, and Brooke urged Ridge to do something. Oliver and Hope locked eyes, and Oliver sent her a calming message through his gaze. Hope laughed off the embarrassment and said, "The show must go on." She assured everyone that she wasn't a "ho," and she proceeded to adlib her speech.

Hope confidently discussed the troubled world that her generation had inherited, and she tied the answer to it into creating social consciousness in fashion. She said that the last generation had given them problems, but the new generation would offer solutions, because they were the "Hope for the Future."

Hope thanked her parents and the Forresters. She praised Oliver for the music. Lastly, she asked Steffy to join her on the stage. Hope asked everyone to applaud Steffy for organizing every aspect of the event, and Pam scowled. During the applause, Hope snidely smiled at Steffy.

After the presentation, Steffy looked on as Ridge and Brooke praised Hope, who informed them of the teleprompter fail. Jarrett asked how Hope had felt about the "Ho Logan" sign. She said she'd been mortified. Hope cut herself off upon noticing that Oliver wasn't around. Hope excused herself to find him, and leaving, she shot Steffy a stern look.

Pam approached a disgruntled Steffy and guessed that the plan hadn't worked. Steffy asked what was with the lights on the sign. Pam said it'd been Pam's idea, and Steffy griped that it had all backfired. Pam blamed Oliver, who'd seemed to put a spell on Hope.

Later, Jarrett tried to get a comment out of Pam by hinting that she could be on the cover of Eye on Fashion. Just before Pam gave in, Thorne entered and said they were done there.

Stephanie and Taylor were impressed with Hope's recovery from the mix-up, and Thorne wanted to know how it had happened, since he'd double-checked everything. Brooke thought it was no accident that Hope had almost been humiliated. Stephanie thought they should investigate before crying sabotage, but Brooke already knew that Steffy was to blame.

Taylor grew incensed, but Brooke insisted that Steffy wasn't the sweet girl that they thought she was. Brooke said that Ridge knew what Steffy was capable of, but he stated that there wasn't any proof against Steffy. Taylor warned that she'd had enough, but Brooke urged Taylor to be worried about Steffy's behavior. Ridge vowed to get to the bottom of it.

In the cutting room, Oliver and Hope hugged and raved about the event. Steffy entered to say that Hope had done well. "No thanks to you," Hope retorted. Oliver was shocked that Steffy might have done it, and Steffy unconvincingly stated that it was just technical problems.

Hope thanked Steffy for showing Hope that she could stand up under pressure. Hope said that there was no way that she'd go to Boston. Instead, Hope would stay right there and promote the line. Steffy asked to talk to Hope alone, but Hope said no. Oliver figured that the girls needed to talk about things, and he said he'd meet Hope later.

Steffy told Hope to "come down" off her high horse, but Hope retorted that Steffy meant for Hope to "come down" to Steffy's level. Hope called Steffy's trick cruel, and Hope couldn't imagine what it might have done to the company. Steffy stated that it could have saved the company, because "Hope for the Future" wasn't what Forrester was about. Hope declared that she was the future, and Steffy wouldn't stand in the way.

Hope wondered why Steffy would hurt the company that way, and Steffy remarked that "Hope" and "Ho" were synonymous, because Hope was Brooke's daughter. Hope countered that Brooke had raised Steffy, too. Steffy figured that was ancient history, and she brought up all the men that Brooke had been with, including Deacon. Hope said that she didn't even know Deacon; Ridge had raised Hope, just as he'd raised Steffy.

Steffy claimed that, because of Brooke's seductions, Ridge hadn't raised Steffy. Steffy complained that Hope didn't know what it was like be alienated from her father, and instead of starting in shipping as Steffy had done, Hope had guilt-tripped Ridge and Brooke into making Hope a star. Steffy said that Hope was no star; Phoebe had been the real star. Whenever Steffy looked at Hope, Steffy saw all the things that Phoebe could have been.

Hope said that she missed Phoebe, too, but Steffy seethed that Hope hadn't even known Phoebe. Hope reminded Steffy that they'd once gotten along. Steffy stated that, for them to get along again, Hope should accept her scholarship and leave town. Hope refused to give up her life or Oliver, who was the best part of working at Forrester. Steffy claimed that Oliver would stick around if he cared about Hope, but Hope refused to let Steffy run Hope off.

Ridge entered and said that he needed to know what had gone wrong on the stage. Brooke, Taylor, and Stephanie followed him in. Steffy asked how she should know, and Ridge asked if she'd had anything to do with it. A defensive Steffy asked how he could suspect her. He found her to be evasive, and she claimed that her father was attacking her.

In Ridge's silence, Steffy admitted that she didn't want Hope there. Steffy reminded him that she'd gotten the company back for him, and she was his only living daughter-not Hope. Brooke said that Steffy had decided to do everything she could to destroy Hope's reputation. Stephanie and Taylor raged at the accusation, and Ridge calmed them all down. He asked Steffy again if she were responsible, and she sobbed that maybe she did have something to do with it.

Ridge decided that he needed to make changes. Steffy assumed that he'd pull the plug on Hope's line. "I'm pulling the plug on you, Steffy," Ridge decided. He felt that the company was nothing if they all couldn't respectfully work together. He realized that the line could have been ruined. Since Steffy couldn't support the line, he had to pull her off the campaign.

Steffy sobbed, and Ridge said that she needed to take responsibility for what she'd done to her sister. Steffy raged that Hope wasn't Steffy's sister-Steffy's sister was dead. Steffy claimed that Ridge didn't love her, but he declared that he did. He cupped her head, urging her to understand that. He pulled her into his arms as she sobbed. Brooke and Ridge exchanged worried glances.

Friday, May 14, 2010

In their candlelit bedroom, Whip held his wife and said that Ridge had done the right thing about Steffy. Taylor felt that Steffy was crying out for Ridge's attention, and Ridge was wrong to take Hope's side and remove Steffy from the campaign. Taylor was certain that it would backfire, and she feared what Steffy would do next.

Whip wondered if it were hard for a psychiatrist to see problems within her own family. Taylor got defensive, and he tried to explain that Oliver had mentioned Steffy's "interest" in him. Taylor was sure that plenty of women were interested in Oliver, because he was cute; however, Taylor was also sure that Steffy understood and respected that he was dating Hope.

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Pam asked Steffy if she'd really been fired. A cavalier Steffy said that she'd merely been taken off Hope's campaign. Pam offered to confess her part in the prank, but Steffy didn't want Pam to get into trouble. Steffy claimed that she'd just reload and strike again, and Oliver was her weapon of choice.

Steffy figured that if Oliver broke Hope's heart, Hope would hightail it to Boston. Then, they'd only have Brooke to dispose of. Steffy conveyed that Oliver had taken Hope to his place for a celebratory dinner, but Hope was a little girl who couldn't adequately serve him "dessert." Pam guessed that was where Steffy would take over.

Later, Stephanie entered the office to find Pam alone. Stephanie admonished Pam for being a bad influence on Steffy and for pulling harmful stunts. Pam quipped that Steffy was on her own that night, and Stephanie asked what Pam meant. Pam cooed that Steffy's newest plan was sure to get rid of Brooke and Hope. Stephanie rolled her eyes in frustration.

Stephanie worried that the nonsense would ruin Ridge and Steffy's relationship. Pam asserted that Steffy was just like Stephanie had been at Steffy's age, and Pam recalled how Stephanie had kept Massimo and Eric wrapped around her finger. Pam exclaimed that Steffy would get Oliver, Hope would run away crying, and Brooke would follow. Pam stated that it was all up to Steffy. Stephanie buried her head in her hands.

While celebrating Hope's press conference at Oliver's house, Oliver and Hope felt bad for Steffy. They expressed how sad it was that Steffy had acted like a disgruntled four-year-old. Hope declared that Steffy could brood all she wanted, but Hope wouldn't leave.

After dinner, Oliver suggested that Hope cook him breakfast in the morning. Hope blushed, and he added that she could do it if she returned to his place early the next day. Growing serious, Oliver expressed his deepest feelings about Hope. He felt that she was more than just a girlfriend, and he lived and breathed just to speak to her. He stated that he'd never felt that way before, and he pulled her into a passionate kiss.

Oliver undid a button on her shirt, and she nervously said she'd never done it before. Backing away a little, Oliver said that he knew that, but when their first time happened, he wanted to make it special. He conveyed his desire to make love to her.

Rebuttoning her shirt, Hope said that she wasn't ready. She loved that Oliver was in her life, but she needed more time. She hoped that she was worth waiting for. Oliver stated that she certainly was, and he didn't want to do anything that she wasn't ready for. She decided that she'd better leave, and she blew him a kiss from the door. After she left, a frustrated Oliver groaned.

Oliver went swimming at the beach, and he returned to find his place lit up with candles. He called Hope's name, but Steffy appeared in black lingerie. He suggested that she leave. Steffy had a feeling that he'd heard "no" that night, but she was there to say "yes."

She put his hands on her buttocks and asked him to dance. Oliver said he'd pass. She shoved him onto the sofa and decided that she'd dance. She pranced around and then pounced on him. Pushing her away, Oliver said that he liked her, but he wanted Hope. Steffy implored him to kiss her, and she said Hope wouldn't know a thing. "I'll do anything you want," Steffy uttered.

Oliver didn't know why Steffy was offering herself that way, but he assumed that she only wanted him because he was with Hope. He easily guessed that Steffy wanted to use him to force Hope to go away to college, and Steffy would toss him aside once she got rid of Hope.

Steffy hopped off his lap and warned him that he was walking onto the battlefield in the Forrester war against the Logans. She offered to reward him at work, if he helped her get rid of Hope. Steffy climbed back onto his lap and tried to seduce him with her kisses and the lure of power and money. Oliver deduced that he could have all that if he helped her get rid of Brooke and Hope. Steffy agreed and whispered into his ear for him to take her. As Steffy continued kissing his neck, he stared across the room to a picture of Hope.

As Brooke and Ridge prepared for bed, Ridge said that he'd called Steffy several times, but she wouldn't answer. Brooke advised Ridge to just continue trying to be there for Steffy. Ridge realized that he'd done the right thing, but he expressed that Steffy thought he should be with her and Taylor, not Brooke and Hope. Brooke empathized with Steffy, but Brooke backed Ridge's decision to remove Steffy from the campaign. "Steffy has to be stopped before she goes too far," Brooke concluded.

Ridge thought that it was almost a good thing that it had happened, because it had caused Steffy's feelings to surface. He didn't think that Steffy was bad, just scarred. He hoped that, since it was out in the open, the family could pull together to help her through it.

Later, Hope knocked on Brooke and Ridge's bedroom door. Hope entered on a high from her date with Oliver. She sang his praises and said that he was the only reason she'd made it through the press conference. Brooke and Ridge glanced knowingly at each other.

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