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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 10, 2010 on GH
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Monday, May 10, 2010

In the courtroom, the Corinthos clan was stunned to learn that Michael has been sentenced to prison. Carly and Jason went outside to the hallway where Kristina, Molly, and Morgan were hiding. The siblings overheard Jason tell Carly to hold it together for Michael's sake.

Jason told Carly they had to take it one step at a time. He sent her to the Port Charles Police Station to see Michael and assure him that everything would be okay. Jason said that while she talked to Michael, he would work on getting protection for him in prison.

At the police station, Mac told an incredulous Lucky that Michael had been sentenced to Pentonville. He asked Lucky to accompany Michael, and Lucky said that he would.

When Carly arrived, Lucky told her she could see Michael and then apologized for not looking the other way when Jason tried to get Michael out of the country. Carly said that she wished that he had, but the person she held responsible was Dante.

In the courtroom, Johnny launched into a verbal condemnation of Dante. He said that Dante had saved Sonny again and that he had done it by sacrificing his brother. Lulu defended Dante, but Johnny said that Dante had also ripped away the last shreds of dignity from Claudia also. He said that she would be remembered for sending Michael to prison. Olivia tried to calm Johnny, who angrily left the courtroom.

Mike comforted Sonny and asked if there was anything he could do then he followed Johnny out. Olivia also left. As Lulu and Dante tried to leave, Morgan, Molly, and Kristina confronted them. Each of the siblings roundly condemned Dante for his actions, which they perceived as a betrayal of Michael.

When Morgan screamed at Dante that he was a liar and he wished Dante were dead, Sonny intervened. Sonny told Morgan that Michael would not like to hear him say things like that. When the kids said that they were going to see Michael, Sonny asked Kristina to take them home, but she refused and said that they were going to see Michael because he needed them.

Calling for Diane, Sonny went back inside the courtroom. The kids left to see Michael. Lulu and Dante talked in the hall. Lulu told Dante that it was not his fault, but Dante disagreed. Lulu asked him what he would have felt if Michael was a stranger. Dante said that Michael was not a stranger and that he had made a promise, which had been broken. Lulu told Dante that it was the judge who had let him down.

Sonny found Diane and wondered rhetorically how events had led to this end. He then told her to use every legal weapon at her disposal to get the conviction overturned. Diane told Sonny that getting a new trial would be very difficult. When Sonny said he wanted action, not excuses, Claire, who was sitting at the prosecutor's table said she had a suggestion.

Sonny asked Claire why she was offering to help. She said that her intent had been to convict Sonny, and she did not want Michael to suffer because the judge was mad that the lawyers and all involved in the case had flouted the law.

Claire then suggested that Diane make an appeal for Michael on the basis that his brain damage made it impossible for him to understand the consequences of his actions.

Lucky let Carly visit with Michael in the interrogation room. Carly was tearful as she apologized to Michael and told him to stay strong. She told him how much he had changed and grown. Michael told Carly that he would be all right and that he was glad that he had told the truth.

Morgan, Molly, and Kristina arrived and they all had a tearful reunion with Michael. Morgan said that he would forego Yankee games while Michael was in prison, but Michael said that he would listen to them on TV or the radio and imagine that he and Morgan were together. Morgan thought that was a great idea.

Dante sent Lulu away and confronted Sonny in the courtroom after Diane and Claire left. Dante said that both he and Sonny were to blame for Michael's predicament because both of them had believed that they could selectively use the law. Dante told Sonny that he wished that he had let Sonny go to prison for the crime he did commit when Sonny shot an unarmed police officer. As Sonny stalked away, he said he wished the same thing.

Jax met Skye in the Metro Court bar. He told her that Michael had been sentenced and was facing two years of hard time. Jax wondered how Michael would survive. He told her he was shattered and facing the fact that he had just lost his family.

Skye told him to pull himself together and start using his influence. She told him to step up and help Morgan, who was going to need him even more. Skye told Jax that if he did not, Morgan would turn to Sonny to fill the void. Skye said that someone had to put the kids first and that Carly could not do it alone.

Diane met Max in the Metro Court and gave him the bad news. Max blamed himself, but Diane said that she was to blame because she had known from the beginning that Sonny had not killed Claudia and she had tried to manipulate the court.

Lulu went to Lucky and asked to see Carly. Lulu was sure that Jason intended to kill Dante, and Lulu wanted to ask Carly to stop him. Lucky said it was not the best time to talk to Carly and then sent Lulu away.

At Johnny's request, Ethan stopped by his new penthouse. Ethan was impressed. Johnny said that he liked it because every time Sonny arrived in the area, he would know that Johnny was looking down on him. The guys shared a drink and Johnny told Ethan that he wanted to destroy Sonny just like Sonny had destroyed Claudia.

He told Ethan that Sonny would be vulnerable because he had to keep a low business profile for Michael's sake. Johnny said that he would use the opportunity to raid Sonny's territories and highjack his shipments. He asked Ethan to watch his back.

Ethan told him thanks but no thanks because Johnny was more about revenge than business. Ethan told Johnny when it became about business to give him a call.

Jason went to Pentonville to see Anthony Zacchara. Anthony was amused to see Jason and very interested to find out that Michael had been convicted of Claudia's murder. Jason agreed to keep Johnny safe and, in exchange, Anthony agreed to protect Michael from any prison thug who might try to harm him.

Mac gave Lucky cuffs and told him it was time to prepare Michael for the prison van. Carly, Morgan, Molly, and Kristina were heartbroken as they watched Michael being cuffed and each bade him a tearful goodbye.

Lulu was waiting for Sonny when he got home. She worried that Jason would kill Dante. Sonny told Lulu that even though he was extremely angry with Dante, he would never order his death, but he told her that he no longer had control of Jason and could not be sure that he could stop him.

Morgan, Kristina, and Molly were together when Jax got home. Morgan was angry with Jax but Jax did not respond in kind. When Morgan told Jax to leave, Jax said that it was his home, too, and that it had been built for their family.

Morgan said that family did not send its members to prison. Jax moved next to Morgan and said that he did not want to see Michael in prison and he would have stopped it if he could.

Morgan said that Jax had lied just like Dante had and that he hated Jax almost as much as he did Dante. Jax said that he was really sorry and he was going to do everything he could to get Michael home.

Molly supported Jax by saying that Jax did not mean to hurt Michael and it was not Jax who turned Michael in, but Dante. Kristina said that Dante had not meant to hurt Michael either. She said that there was only one person to blame, and that was their father.

Jason knocked on Johnny's door and told him that he appreciated what he had said in the courtroom in defense of Michael. Then he told Johnny about the deal he had made with Anthony. He told Johnny that Anthony agreed to protect Michael on the inside, and he had agreed that no harm would come to Johnny on the outside. Johnny responded by saying that his job had just gotten easier.

A guard escorted a handcuffed Michael into an interview room. Anthony entered and sauntered up to Michael. Bending near, he smiled and said, "Michael Corinthos the third, fancy meeting you here."

Dante went home to his loft, took out his gun and badge, and laid them on a table. As he was looking at them, Carly entered on the elevator. She asked him if he was considering a change in careers. Then she picked up his gun, pointed it at his heart and said, "It's a little late for that, don't you think? At least where Michael is concerned."

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

At Johnny's penthouse, Jason revealed that Anthony had agreed to protect Michael in Pentonville as long as Jason kept Johnny safe. Johnny smiled when he realized that he had the freedom to go after Sonny without retaliation. Johnny admitted that it made his job easier. Jason was outraged that Johnny was willing to use Michael's situation to his own advantage. Johnny wasn't worried about Michael because he was confident that Anthony would honor his end of the bargain. However, Johnny relished the idea of causing trouble for Sonny because Johnny blamed Sonny for Claudia's death.

At the loft, Carly pointed a gun at Dante, while she vented about Michael's prison sentence. Dante calmly took the gun from Carly and then pointed out that all she had to do was to wait for Jason to take care of things. Dante apologized that his actions had led to Michael's arrest and conviction. He understood everyone's anger, including Jason's, but Dante refused to allow Jason to kill him. Carly surprised Dante by admitting that it was her fault that Michael had been sent to Pentonville.

Carly and Dante sat down in the living room as Carly opened up about how she had fallen in love with Sonny when Michael had been a baby. Carly had told herself that everything would be fine because Sonny was a wonderful and caring father. In the end, though, it had been Carly's decision to raise Michael in Sonny's world. Carly realized that, even as a teenager, Olivia had known better. Carly hated that Dante had told the court about what Michael had done, but she was angry at herself for putting Michael in that situation.

Dante regretted how he had hurt Morgan. Carly confessed that she had liked Dante from the start because of the way that he had treated Morgan, so she didn't want Dante to blame himself for anything. She intended to talk to Jason, so that Dante would be safe. Olivia stopped by to check on her son shortly after Carly left. Dante admitted that he was furious because the judge had sentenced Michael to time in jail.

Olivia tried to assure Dante that it wasn't his fault, but he believed that he deserved to have Jason gunning for him. Olivia refused to allow Dante to throw his life away. Dante assured her that she didn't have anything to worry about; she had already saved his life. Olivia was surprised when Dante explained that Carly had applauded Olivia for choosing to keep Dante away from Sonny. Dante also revealed that Carly blamed herself for what had happened to Michael; however, he still felt responsible for his brother's situation. Olivia reminded Dante that he couldn't have known what the judge would decide. She insisted that Dante had only tried to protect Michael.

At Greystone Manor, Lulu pleaded with Sonny to stop Jason from killing Dante. Sonny reminded Lulu that Michael had a special place in Jason's heart. He didn't think he could stop Jason from going after Dante. Lulu begged Sonny to stop the violence, but Sonny couldn't make any promises.

Carly found a note from Jax, letting her know that Morgan was with him, when she arrived home. Carly glanced at a family picture and then smiled. A knock at the door interrupted her musings. It was Lulu. Lulu wanted Carly to persuade Jason to leave Dante alone. Lulu explained that Dante had never intended for Michael to end up in jail.

Lulu insisted that the judge was to blame for what had happened. Lulu begged Carly to spare Dante's life, but Carly asked Lulu to stop. Carly revealed that she had just returned from Dante's loft and that she had assured him that he was safe. Lulu was stunned when Carly admitted that Lulu had been correct; Dante had been a scapegoat. Carly acknowledged that she had only herself to blame for the way that Michael had been raised.

Carly promised that she would talk to Jason to make certain that he understood that she didn't hold Dante responsible for Michael's jail sentence. Lulu wept with relief as Carly apologized for lashing out at Lulu. Lulu was thrilled that she and Carly would be able to repair their relationship. Carly hugged Lulu and then suggested that Lulu find Dante to let him know that everything would be okay. Carly's smile disappeared as soon as Lulu left.

Jason went to Greystone Manor to let Sonny know that Anthony had agreed to watch over Michael in exchange for Jason's promise to keep Johnny safe. Sonny didn't have a problem with the deal as long as Johnny stayed out of Sonny's way. Jason clarified that Johnny was untouchable even if Johnny were to burn down Sonny's home. "That's not acceptable," Sonny declared. Jason reminded Sonny that Michael's life was at stake.

Jason insisted that Michael was just a teenager who was in a penitentiary surrounded by Jason and Sonny's enemies and all of the other freaks in prison. Sonny clarified that he would take Johnny to the opera to keep Michael safe, but he wanted something from Jason in return. Sonny expected Jason to leave Dante alone. Michael was Sonny's son in every way that mattered, but Sonny couldn't forget that Dante was also his flesh and blood. Sonny intended to deal with Dante in his own way.

Jason was outraged. He couldn't believe that Sonny had ordered Ethan's death for assaulting Kristina once, but he was willing to give Dante a free pass even though Dante's betrayal had cost Michael two years of Michael's life. Jason recalled that Sonny had once told Jason that, "What you do is what you pay for."

It didn't matter to Jason that Dante had never intended for Michael to go to jail. All that Jason cared about was that Dante's actions had led to Michael's conviction. Sonny clarified that Michael had chosen to confess despite their many warnings for Michael to remain quiet. Sonny made it clear that if Jason killed Dante then Sonny would have to kill Jason; he wondered where that would leave Michael.

Jason started to leave, but then stopped. He was curious if Sonny had seen Michael before Michael had gone to Pentonville. "No," Sonny quietly admitted. Jason revealed that he hadn't spent time with Michael either. Sonny appeared sad as Jason walked away.

Sonny went to church a short time later. He quietly approached Olivia when he spotted her in one of the pews. Olivia was startled when Sonny asked her what she was praying for. She quietly confessed that she had been praying for Michael's safety. As Sonny sat down in a nearby pew, Olivia revealed that Carly had promised to talk to Jason on Dante's behalf.

Sonny took full responsibility for what had happened to Michael. He claimed that Olivia had been wrong to suggest that he was poison to his kids; however, he conceded that violence defined his life, so it wasn't fair to expose any children to it. Olivia had never questioned Sonny's love for his children. Sonny confessed that he had been desperate to prove that he was a better father than Mike had been. He realized that if he truly cared about the kids, then he would stay away from them.

Carly was happy to see Jason when he turned up on her doorstep. She told him about her visit with Dante and then admitted that she had been tempted to shoot Dante. However, Carly had opted to tell Dante everything that he wanted to hear, although it had been difficult to hide how much she despised him. Carly also told Jason about Lulu's visit. Carly couldn't believe that Lulu had the gall to expect loyalty and mercy from Carly after she had ignored Carly's pleas to tell her where Dante had hidden Michael.

Carly made it clear that she didn't want Jason to touch Dante. Jason started shaking his head until Carly explained that she intended to make that "son of bitch" and his "back-stabbing girlfriend" suffer as much as they had made Michael suffer. Jason agreed to Carly's request and then inquired after Michael. Carly had been incredibly proud of the way that Michael had comported himself before he had been transferred to prison.

Carly insisted that Michael had been a hero by saving her and Josslyn from Claudia. Carly raged at God when she demanded to know why Michael had been punished. Jason assured her that God had nothing to do with it. Carly disagreed; she believed that all of them, including God, had let it happen. Carly broke down in tears as she recalled the look on Michael's face as he had been led away. It had been reminiscent of when Michael had been a little boy. Jason held Carly tightly as she sobbed in his arms.

At the loft, Lulu told Dante that she had talked to Sonny and then Carly. Dante was impressed by her desire to protect him. Lulu insisted that she loved him, so she didn't want to lose him. Dante was happy that Lulu was in his corner. Lulu was certain that everything would be okay, but Dante couldn't rest until he had made things right by getting Michael out of Pentonville.

At Jake's, Lucky sat down at the bar. Coleman sensed that Lucky was troubled. Lucky admitted that he was bothered by the way things had turned out for his cousin, Michael. Coleman agreed that Michael had been unfairly sentenced. Coleman seemed surprised when Lucky ordered a scotch. He hesitated for a moment, but then poured Lucky the drink.

Maxie entered Jake's in time to see Lucky ponder the glass of scotch. She wondered if it were a good idea for Lucky to drink the alcohol. Maxie sat down next to Lucky as she admitted that she wasn't in a position to preach, but she wanted Lucky to consider what he could lose if he drank. Lucky snapped that it wasn't any of Maxie's business, but she forged ahead anyway. She pointed out that he had seemed committed to his sobriety until Liz and Nikolas had an affair.

Lucky didn't appreciate the reminder. Maxie apologized and then questioned why Lucky was tempted to drink again. Lucky admitted that he feared that he had turned into the man that his father had warned him about. Lucky considered himself a mindless, rule-following, self-righteous drone. Lucky then opened up about his frustration over Michael's sentencing.

Maxie argued that they had been bit-players in Michael's tragedy; Sonny, Carly, and Jason were responsible for what had happened to Michael. Maxie didn't think that Lucky should blame his drinking on Michael's problems. Lucky confessed that he appreciated Maxie's candor. Maxie smiled and then invited Lucky to a game of pool. As Maxie walked away, Lucky's cell phone rang. It was Liz.

Liz knew that Lucky wasn't working, so she had hoped that he would meet her and the boys at Kelly's for dinner. Lucky declined the invitation, but before he could end the call, Liz heard Maxie in the background. Lucky confirmed that he was with Maxie at Jake's. A short time later, Liz showed up at Jake's. When she spotted Maxie and Lucky together, she assumed that Lucky had been drinking. Liz began to berate Maxie for jeopardizing Lucky's sobriety, but Lucky quickly set Liz straight.

Maxie took delight in Liz's embarrassment when Lucky clarified that he had been drinking root beer, not beer. He also credited Maxie with stopping him from indulging in some scotch earlier in the evening. Liz questioned if it were a good idea for Lucky to be hanging out at a bar with his ex-drug dealer. Maxie didn't think that Liz had any room to judge her when Liz had been the one to bed-hop without the benefit of birth control.

Liz shot back that she hadn't resorted to faking a pregnancy, like Maxie had with Lucky. Lucky intervened before things became too heated. He suggested that he and Liz not monitor each other's lives so closely. Liz agreed and then warned Lucky not to race to her rescue the next time that Helena bothered her. Lucky insisted that Helena was a completely different situation. Liz was pregnant with a Cassadine heir, so she didn't think that Helena would harm her.

Lucky vehemently disagreed; he was adamant that Liz let him know if Helena continued to harass her. Liz marched off without further comment, but stopped in the doorway to look back at Lucky, who had resumed playing pool with Maxie.

At Pentonville, Anthony introduced himself to Michael. Michael was curious what Anthony wanted. Anthony assured Michael that Claudia had gotten what she had deserved, so he didn't hold any ill will towards Michael for Claudia's death. Anthony pretended to be concerned about Michael's plight. Michael quickly realized that Jason had arranged for Anthony to protect him in jail. Anthony confirmed his suspicions, but clarified that if anything happened to Johnny then Michael would be fed to the wolves. Anthony promised that they would take delight in the fresh meat.

Later, Michael prepared to spend his first night in jail. Michael lay down on the cot, but he didn't close his eyes. He appeared frightened and alone.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Patrick arrived home to find Robin curled up on the sofa with a book. Robin was surprised to see him. Patrick had signed out early because he had been worried that Robin might be upset about Michael's sentencing. As Patrick joined her on the sofa, he asked her what she was reading. Robin admitted that it was her diary, which she had started when she was Michael's age.

Robin recalled what it had been like to be eighteen. She revealed that Stone had been eighteen when he had been diagnosed with AIDS. She also noted that it was the same age that she had been when Stone had died a year later. Robin was certain that Michael would always associate turning eighteen with going to jail. Patrick couldn't imagine what it had been like for Robin to live through Stone's illness and then her own diagnosis at such a tender age.

Robin warned Patrick that they would have to respect Emma if she were to approach them at eighteen and claim to be in love. Patrick didn't want to have to think about that, so he suggested that he and Robin head to Jake's for some fun and relaxation. Robin wasn't interested, but she urged Patrick to go. She wanted some time alone with her memories.

At Jake's, Steve was happy to see Lisa. He admitted that he had missed her. Lisa was touched, but she didn't think that he had to lay in wait for her at Jake's, in order to see her. Steve picked up a pitcher of margaritas and then led Lisa to a table. Lisa pointed out that Steve had never answered her question when they had gone to the Tim McGraw concert. She reminded him that she had been curious why such a great guy like Steve was unattached.

Lisa was startled that Steve looked as if she had just kicked his puppy. Steve quietly revealed that he had been involved with a pharmaceutical representative and that they had lived together for a year. Patrick approached the table before Steve could continue his story. Patrick seemed a bit taken aback when Lisa made it clear that he had interrupted her conversation with Steve. After Patrick excused himself, Lisa urged Steve to continue where he had left off.

Steve confessed that he had bought an engagement ring for his girlfriend, but before he could propose, she had confessed that she was in love with his best friend. Steve had been crushed, but he had wished them well. Lisa was impressed. She admitted that she didn't play nice when someone stole her "toys." Steve chuckled.

Patrick watched Steve and Lisa from the bar. Coleman confided that Steve and Lisa had been like that all evening, so Patrick decided that he could be a "third wheel" at home. Robin was surprised when Patrick arrived home earlier than she had expected. Patrick claimed that he hadn't been in the mood for the whole "beer and darts thing."

Robin confessed that she had reached the part of her diary when Stone had died. She admitted that it had been at least five years since she had read it. Patrick was curious why Robin had decided to pull out the journal. Robin shrugged and then suggested that perhaps it was because of what had happened to Michael. After Robin went to the kitchen to fetch something to eat, Patrick glanced down to see that she had left the journal on the sofa.

At the loft, Lulu suggested that a walk might help to clear Dante's head. Dante felt responsible for Michael's situation, so he didn't think anything would help. Lulu insisted that Dante had done his job with compassion and that his motives had been pure. Dante hated that the law had failed Michael, so he was determined to find a way to fix things. Dante wondered if Lulu would continue to stick by him. Lulu didn't hesitate to assure him that she would.

They sat down to figure out how they could help Michael. Dante worried that the appeals process would take years, so Lulu suggested talking to Edward. She believed that Edward might have some pull with the right people. Dante agreed, but he also wanted to enlist Claire's help. Dante pointed out that Claire felt guilty about the sentence, so she might be willing to work on getting Michael released. After Dante left to track down Claire, Lulu decided to head over to the Quartermaines'.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Edward explained that he had started making phone calls the moment that Michael had been sentenced. However, no one had been able to do anything for him. Monica revealed that it didn't help that Michael was legally a Corinthos, not a Quartermaine. Monica confessed that no one was willing to assist a mobster's son. Tracy assured Lulu that she had also made some phone calls on behalf of Michael, but no one had returned the calls.

Tracy felt bad for Michael, but she was also concerned about Lulu. Tracy feared that Dante was as toxic to Lulu as Sonny was to Michael. Lulu argued that Dante was nothing like his father. "You're wrong," Tracy warned Lulu.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Jax admitted that he had been surprised by Claire's request to see him. Claire got to the point; she expected Jax to help her right a wrong that he had a hand in creating. Claire wanted Jax to use his influence to get Michael released. She specifically demanded that Jax get either Judge Marvin Kaplan or Judge Annette Black to hear Michael's appeal. Jax agreed, but he was curious why Claire was determined to help Michael.

Claire wasn't happy about her role in Michael's sentencing. She wanted justice to prevail, which meant that Michael should be released from prison. Shortly after Jax left, Dante entered the restaurant. Claire tried to avoid Dante, but he insisted on speaking to her. Claire reluctantly agreed to hear him out. Dante admitted that he was eager to help Michael.

Claire warned him that it wouldn't be easy. Dante suggested that Claire call Michael as a witness for a trial, so that they could have Michael transferred out of Pentonville. Claire pointed out that Judge Carroll would see through the ploy. She didn't have any sympathy for Dante. As far as Claire was concerned, Michael would be free if Dante hadn't chosen to protect Sonny.

Dante and Lulu met up at the loft a short time later. Dante admitted that Claire had been right when she had blamed him for Michael's imprisonment. Dante realized that if he had told the truth about Sonny shooting him then Sonny would have gone to jail instead of Michael. Dante regretted that he had allowed his emotions to get in the way of his better judgment.

At Carly's, Jason tried to persuade Carly not to go after Dante. He reminded her that her plans tended to backfire and that she was usually the one to end up hurt. Jason promised to make Dante disappear. Carly refused to allow Jason to kill Dante because then Sonny would retaliate by killing Jason. Carly couldn't let things get that far.

Carly wanted to dismantle Dante's life piece by piece. She intended to break Dante down. Carly made it clear that Lulu wouldn't be spared. She insisted, "That little bitch needs to learn what happens when you betray your own family." Carly insisted that it was her right, as Michael's mother, to make Dante and Lulu pay.

Later, Jax dropped Morgan off at home, but Carly wasn't around. Morgan thought that it was for the best since Carly was probably still mad at Jax. Morgan took the opportunity to let Jax know that he forgave Jax for what had happened to Michael. Jax appreciated Morgan's support, but he realized that Carly might not be able to let go of her anger. Jax warned Morgan that Carly would likely seek a divorce.

Jason entered the penthouse to find Sam preparing to blow out candles on some cupcakes that Molly had surprised Sam with. Jason immediately realized that he had forgotten Sam's birthday. Molly thought that Jason was joking, but Sam realized that Jason was serious. Molly suggested that Jason still had time to buy Sam something, but Sam refused to allow Jason to leave. Sam explained to Molly that Jason had a lot going on, so it was understandable that her birthday had slipped his mind. Sam assured Molly that they would celebrate later.

Molly wondered if Jason had kept his promise to secure Michael's safety in jail. Jason admitted that he didn't know what would happen, but he assured her that he had done everything possible. Jason apologized to Molly. He had told everyone that he could protect Michael, but he had been wrong. Jason regretted that Michael had paid the price for Jason's folly.

Molly pointed out that things could fall apart, even with the best of intentions, because of fate. No one, no matter how hard they tried, could change the past. Sam beamed with pride as she suggested that Jason listen to Molly's sage words. Sam decided to take Molly home a short time later.

When Sam returned to the penthouse, Jason again apologized for forgetting her birthday. Sam assured Jason that it was fine. After a brief kiss, they talked about Michael's prison term. Sam reminded Jason that Michael was eighteen and that he had confessed. Jason argued that Michael was barely an adult. He felt like a failure because he hadn't been able to protect Michael.

Jason was worried because Michael was surrounded by Jason and Sonny's enemies. He didn't think that Anthony could keep Michael safe, so it was up to Jason to do whatever was necessary to make certain that nothing happened to Michael.

Olivia reminded Sonny that they were in church to pray and to find hope, not to wallow in guilt and grief. She advised him to put the past to rest and then to pray that Michael got through the ordeal of prison with minimal damage. Olivia didn't think that the rest mattered, but Sonny disagreed. He invited her to ask anyone; they would all tell her that Sonny's kids were better off without him. Sonny just needed to find the strength to do what was necessary.

Olivia tried to offer words of comfort; however, Sonny reminded her that even she had kept Dante away from him, so she agreed that Sonny shouldn't be near his children. Olivia conceded that, despite her conviction that it had been for the best, she had seen that Dante had missed not having a father. Sonny explained that he had a relationship with the other three children, which was rich with tradition and history, so it wasn't easy to walk away from them. Olivia reminded Sonny that he had done it once before. Sonny agreed, but he pointed out that the decision hadn't lasted. Carly had made him realize that the kids need him as much as he needed them. Olivia took Sonny's hand and then led him to the altar to pray.

Sonny arrived home to find Carly waiting for him. Carly poured herself a drink as they both expressed their regrets over what had happened to Michael. Sonny wished that he hadn't trusted Dante while Carly acknowledged that they never had a prayer of keeping Michael safe. Sonny refused to allow Carly to shoulder the blame. Carly sarcastically suggested that they blame Liz.

Carly reasoned that if she hadn't seen Liz with Jason at Kelly's on that fateful night then Carly wouldn't have ended up in Sonny's bed. Sonny made it clear that he had desired Carly from the start and that he had wanted a family with her. Sonny reminded her that he had promised her that he could keep her and the children safe. In a moment of brutal honesty, he confessed that he had been lying.

Carly revealed that she had known that it had been a lie. She had allowed herself to be convinced of the lie because she had been as selfish as Sonny. Carly acknowledged that the sex had been good, but that the darkness in Sonny had reinforced the darkness in her, which had made them feel normal. Carly observed that they continued to find each other in a world full of people because they were so much alike.

Sonny knew that it wasn't fair for him to need her; however, he confessed that there were times when it felt as if she were the only woman in the world. Carly crawled across the sofa and then kissed Sonny. Sonny and Carly made love, but reality quickly intruded. Carly didn't want to hurt Sonny, but she thought it would be best if they did for Morgan what they hadn't done for Michael. Sonny coldly noted that Carly was nothing if not consistent; the last time that they had sex, she had pulled out custody papers for him to sign.

Carly reminded Sonny that he no longer had that option because he had relinquished his rights. Sonny had been able to spend time with Morgan because Carly had permitted it. Sonny appeared to relax as he admitted that he was relieved that she had taken the choice away from him. It made things easier for him. He also appreciated that she had stopped Jason from killing Dante.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

At the hospital, Shirley tried to strike up a conversation with Helena by complimenting Helena's jewelry. Helena tried to brush her off, but Shirley revealed that she was a jewelry designer. She invited Helena to view some of her pieces of jewelry, but Helena wasn't interested in an "art project" that Shirley had made in recreational therapy. Liz was furious when she spotted Helena talking to Shirley. Liz ordered Helena to leave Shirley alone.

Steve walked up moments later. Helena claimed that she had been minding her own business when Shirley had accosted her to hawk her wares. Helena pretended to be concerned about Liz's mental wellness, so she suggested that they consider having Liz readmitted to Shadybrook. Helena was certain that they could find a sedative that would keep Liz calm without harming the baby. Liz hustled Shirley away while Steve dealt with Helena.

Steve made it clear that he was tired of Helena harassing Liz and the patients. He gave Helena the opportunity to leave on her own or he would arrange for security to escort Helena out. Helena walked away. Later, Nikolas approached the nurses' station. Steve had called Nikolas because Helena had been roaming the hallways untethered and causing trouble.

Nikolas was curious if Helena had physically harmed anyone. Steve admitted that she hadn't, but he still considered her to be a menace. Nikolas suggested that the real reason that Steve was angry was because he wasn't happy that Nikolas was the father of Liz's baby. Steve insisted that it wasn't personal; he didn't want Nikolas' family issues interfering with the operation of the hospital. Nikolas resented Steve's condescending tone. He promised to make sure Steve went before the board the next time that Steve addressed him in a similar manner.

Helena lurked nearby, smiling. After Steve walked away, Helena approached Nikolas to thank him for defending her. Nikolas explained that he had put Steve in his place because of Steve's tone, not because he had approved of Helena's behavior. Nikolas warned Helena to leave Liz alone. Helena attributed Liz's reaction to histrionics designed to attract male attention. Helena cautioned Nikolas to be careful or else Liz would manipulate his child right out of his life.

Once they were away from Helena, Liz let Shirley know that the woman Shirley had been talking to was Helena. Liz insisted that Helena was extremely dangerous. Shirley admitted that she had known Helena's identity when she had approached her. Shirley confessed that she had been curious about Helena, so she had decided to get an "up close" view of her. Liz warned Shirley to stay away from Helena, but Shirley didn't think that Helena posed much of a threat to a terminally ill woman.

Shirley was in high spirits when she returned to her hospital room. Liz had found a perfect spot for Shirley to set up a table to sell jewelry. Liz didn't want Shirley to be disappointed if there weren't many who appreciated Shirley's unique pieces. Shirley wasn't afraid of failing; she would just pick up the pieces, dust herself off, and then find something else to do. Liz decided to follow Shirley's lead by making another attempt to work things out with Lucky.

Later, Liz approached the nurses' station, where Nikolas was waiting. Nikolas explained that he had asked to see Liz because he wanted to hear from her what had happened with Helena. Liz accused Helena of harassing Shirley. She urged Nikolas to ship Helena off. Nikolas suggested that perhaps Liz was overreacting. Liz was incredulous; she reminded Nikolas that Helena had once kidnapped Lucky.

Nikolas wondered if Liz hoped that the perceived threat from Helena would gain Lucky's attention. Liz glared at Nikolas and then informed him that she already had Lucky's attention. She added that, unlike Nikolas, Lucky viewed Helena as a serious problem. She made it clear that Lucky was unwilling to allow Helena to stalk her and the baby. Nikolas insisted that he would deal with Helena how he saw fit.

Liz warned Nikolas that she intended to raise the baby to appreciate the danger that the Cassadines represented. Nikolas didn't appreciate Liz using Cassadine history to shut him out of his child's life. Nikolas didn't want to fight Liz, but he would if it became necessary. Helena hovered nearby, pleased that everything was unfolding according to her plan. Helena's smile slipped when Thor joined her to let her know that Tracy had been asking questions about the recently deceased lab technician.

Sonny went to the Haunted Star to apologize to Luke for what had nearly happened to Ethan. Luke reminded Sonny that Ethan had nearly died because Sonny had refused to consider that Kristina might have lied. Sonny conceded that it would have been a terrible tragedy if Ethan had been killed. Luke clarified that it would have been the beginning of a bloodbath because Luke would have killed Sonny. Sonny believed that he had paid a price for what had happened because Michael had gone to jail.

Luke didn't know if he would ever be able to forgive Sonny because Sonny had been willing to kill Ethan without trying to get to the truth. Sonny believed that karma had repaid him because Carly had decided that Sonny couldn't be around the children. Luke felt bad for Sonny, but didn't think that they were cut out to be fathers because of the lives that they led. Sonny worried that Morgan would end up feeling as abandoned by Sonny as Dante had. However, Sonny acknowledged that Carly had sole custody of the children, so it was out of his hands.

Ethan entered the casino moments later. Sonny took the opportunity to apologize to Ethan for what had happened after Kristina had been attacked. Ethan graciously accepted the apology and then admitted that Kristina was a good girl. Sonny appreciated Ethan's understanding. After Sonny left, Ethan and Luke went to Luke's office to count some coins. Luke quickly tried to hide the money when Tracy strolled into the office.

Tracy wondered where Luke had been. Luke joked that he had been trying to raise money for "widows and orphans," but Tracy didn't believe him. She had receipts that indicated that he had been spending time in a luxury hotel suite. Luke insisted that it had been a legitimate business expense. Tracy demanded to know what kind of business. "Banking," Luke answered evasively. Tracy pointed out that she didn't have any accounts in Hong Kong.

Ethan piped up that Lorenzo Alcazar had some funds in Hong Kong. Tracy's eyes narrowed as she accused Luke of using her money to take a road trip to help Skye. Luke explained that Skye had asked for his help, but he assured his wife that Skye hadn't accompanied him on the trip. Tracy was curious if Luke wanted to find Lorenzo's fortune, so that he could ditch her to run away with Skye. Luke insisted that he was happily married to Tracy, but she didn't appear to believe him.

Tracy warned Luke that she would not pay the "freight," so that he could take off with another meal ticket. After Tracy marched out, Luke turned to Ethan. He wondered what had happened to Ethan's discretion. Ethan apologized; he had no idea that Tracy would have such a strong reaction. Luke advised Ethan to never again mention Skye and Luke's name in the same breath in front of Tracy.

Tracy met Helena at the hospital. Tracy was happy that Helena had called her because she wanted Helena to know that Luke would soon be available. Tracy intended to fly to Las Vegas for a quickie divorce after her meeting with Helena. Helena explained that there would be a change of plans. Before Tracy could react, Thor slipped into the room and then covered Tracy's nose and mouth with a cloth. Tracy tried to struggle to escape, but the drug on the cloth quickly rendered her unconscious.

At the penthouse, Jason admitted that Sam was an amazing woman. Sam had the distinct impression that Jason was trying to say goodbye to her. He admitted that he was. Jason explained that he couldn't trust Anthony to properly protect Michael, so Jason intended to persuade Claire to arrange for him to be placed in jail with Michael. Sam agreed that Jason's place was with Michael.

Sam assured Jason that he would not lose her again; she would wait for him. Jason wrapped his arms around Sam and then held her tightly. He was moved by her unwavering support. After a brief kiss, Jason left the penthouse to seek out Sonny at Greystone Manor. Sonny revealed that he had talked to Luke and then apologized to Ethan. Sonny was grateful that Jason had stopped him from killing Ethan.

Jason told Sonny about the plans to work out a deal with Claire, so that Jason could protect Michael in prison. Sonny thought that it was a huge sacrifice for Jason to make. Jason felt that it was the only way to ensure Michael's safety. Sonny admitted that he had been uncomfortable with the decision to leave Michael's safety in Anthony's hands. Jason wanted Sonny to promise not to touch Johnny. Sonny hesitated, but Jason insisted that Michael's life depended on it.

Sonny opened up to Jason about Carly's request to stay away from Morgan. Sonny intended to honor her wishes, but he didn't think that a boy should grow up worrying that his father didn't love him. Jason pointed out that Morgan deserved to grow up safe.

At Alexis and Diane's office, Diane reviewed what she would say when Alexis faced the judge for Kiefer's hit-and-run. Diane intended to remind the judge that Alexis had been worried about Kristina's well-being as they had raced to the hospital. Diane noticed that Alexis was unusually quiet. Alexis admitted that she was concerned because she faced a Class-D felony. Diane assured Alexis that, under the circumstances, the judge would likely sentence Alexis to community service. Alexis reminded Diane that they had thought the same thing about Michael's case.

At Alexis' request, Sam arrived a short time later. Sam was embarrassed when she realized that she had forgotten that her mother's hearing was later that day. Alexis understood that Sam had been busy dealing with the fallout from Michael's conviction. Sam was surprised when Alexis suddenly handed Sam a stack of cards. Alexis explained that they were birthday cards for all of Sam's birthdays that Alexis had missed. Sam deeply touched by her mother's gesture.

Alexis revealed that she was worried that she might be sentenced to serve time in prison for the hit-and-run, so she wanted Sam to take care of Molly and Kristina. Sam was stunned. Alexis realized that she had objected to some of Sam's choices, but she loved Sam and so did Molly and Kristina. Sam accepted the responsibility, but she didn't think that it would be necessary. Sam confessed that Alexis wouldn't have to worry about Jason being around Molly and Kristina, but she didn't elaborate beyond that.

Alexis didn't want to pry, so she simply asked if Sam were okay. Sam didn't want her mother to worry, so she hugged Alexis and then said that she loved her mother. Alexis returned the hug and declaration of love. Sam was confident that Alexis wouldn't be convicted, so she promised to see Alexis later. After Sam left, Diane returned to collect Alexis for the court hearing.

Later, Diane and Alexis returned to their office. Both women were unusually quiet and subdued. Diane broke the silence by offering to fetch a bottle of champagne, so that they could celebrate. Alexis was shocked that she had received a suspended sentence and was then ordered to do some community service. However, Alexis didn't think it was anything to celebrate since an eighteen year-old boy had died.

Alexis decided to call home to let Kristina know about the outcome of the hearing. Kristina and Sam were overjoyed to learn that Alexis wouldn't be going to jail. Alexis promised to pick up some pizza on her way home and then ended the call. Alexis invited Diane to join them, but Diane declined. As Alexis and Diane started to leave, Warren suddenly appeared in the doorway. He accused Alexis of getting away with murder. Warren informed them that he intended to file a wrongful death suit to sue Alexis for every penny that she was worth since he couldn't have the satisfaction of seeing her sent to jail.

Morgan entered the living room to find Carly pouring herself a cup of coffee. He was curious where she had been the night before. Morgan explained that Jax had waited for quite some time to talk to her. Carly nodded towards the table to let Morgan know that she had picked up his baseball glove at Sonny's. Morgan revealed that it was Michael's, not his. Carly sat Morgan down to let him know that she and Sonny had made an important decision about Morgan's future.

Carly admitted that she didn't want Morgan to end up in jail like Michael. She explained that Sonny's business was too dangerous, so they had decided that Sonny would not be a part of Morgan's life until Morgan was an adult. Morgan was curious if she would change her mind like last time, but Carly made it clear that she meant it. Morgan was tired of losing everyone who mattered to him, including Jax. Carly promised that Jax would always be a part of Morgan's life, even if Carly and Jax divorced. Carly was adamant that everyone, including Michael, wanted Morgan to be safe.

After Carly left, Sonny stopped by to talk to Morgan. Sonny wanted to know how Morgan felt about the decision for Sonny to stay away from him. Sonny vowed that he would find a way to spend time with Morgan if Morgan wanted it. Morgan showed Sonny three tickets that he had bought for a Yankees/Red Sox game. Morgan admitted that he had destroyed the fourth ticket, which had been for Dante, after Michael had been sent to jail. Sonny didn't want Morgan to blame Dante for what had happened.

Morgan insisted that Sonny take the tickets and then go to the game with Max and Milo. Sonny tried to return the tickets, but Morgan refused to take them back. Morgan's only request was that Sonny save a game ball if he caught one.

Claire was surprised when Carly entered her office. She was curious if she had an appointment with Carly. Carly thought that Claire could give her five minutes since Claire had put Michael in prison. Claire never intended for Michael to go to jail, which was why she had given Diane some legal advice to help with Michael's appeal. Carly blamed Claire for Michael's situation, but Claire insisted that the blame belonged with Carly and Michael for not being honest from the beginning.

"Don't you think that I don't know that?" Carly asked. Claire confessed that she hadn't had any respect for Carly because she had thought that Carly had been protecting Sonny. Everything had changed when Claire realized that Carly had been covering for Michael. Carly didn't need or want Claire's approval. She only expected Claire to find a way to get Michael out of jail. Claire insisted that Jax was Carly's best hope for getting Michael released.

Later, Carly arrived at Jax's office. She told him that she had something to discuss with him, but first she wanted to know why Jax had waited to talk to her the previous night. Jax revealed that he had made some phone calls to start the ball rolling on Michael's release. He admitted that it wouldn't be easy, since he was dealing with the same people who had been eager to put Sonny behind bars. Carly appreciated Jax's efforts on Michael's behalf. Carly then announced that she wanted Jax to adopt Morgan, so that Morgan would have Jax's last name. Carly didn't want Sonny to have any connection to Morgan.

Jason entered Claire's office to confess to a crime on the condition that he would get the same sentence as Michael and that he would be placed in the same cell as Michael. Claire pointed out that they would never find a judge to agree to those terms. Jason didn't care; he expected Claire to make it happen, since she had been responsible for Michael's incarceration. Jason insisted that he needed to go to prison to protect Michael.

Friday, May 14, 2010

At Carly's house, Sonny explained to Morgan why he had to stay away from the boy for a while. Sonny promised that he would still take all his kids to a Yankees game. Morgan didn't want Sonny to make promises that he wouldn't be able to keep.

Morgan wanted to stop hoping for things that would never happen. Sonny told Morgan that it was for Morgan's safety that Sonny kept his distance. Morgan believed that he never got Sonny back as a father after Michael's shooting. Sonny vowed that he would take Morgan to that Yankees game.

At Jax's office, Jax learned that Carly wanted him to adopt Morgan. Jax wondered if Carly wanted to stay married. Carly stated that their marriage was over, but she believed that she and Jax would give Morgan a better life as his parents.

Jax hoped that Carly wasn't asking for the adoption because of what had happened to Michael or as a way to get back at Sonny. Carly insisted Jax would give Morgan a safe and secure future. Jax agreed to adopt Morgan. Carly wanted the adoption to happen as quickly as possible because she wanted to give Morgan the life Michael should have had.

Carly witnessed Sonny's goodbye to Morgan. Sonny planned to stay away from Morgan until Michael was released. Carly told Sonny that she wanted Jax to adopt Morgan.

Sonny refused to let Carly and Jax take his son. Carly pointed out that Sonny had signed away his legal rights to Morgan. She felt that Jax was Morgan's real father and wanted to change Morgan's last name to Jacks. Sonny snapped that he wasn't going to let the adoption happen. Carly told Sonny, "It's already started." Sonny left.

Sonny showed up at Jax's office. Sonny vowed that Jax would never adopt Morgan. Jax believed Sonny knew that Michael's imprisonment was a result of Sonny's flawed parenting. Jax promised to protect Morgan or die trying. Sonny replied, "Believe me, that could be arranged."

Jax dared Sonny to shoot him. Sonny thought that since Jax hadn't been able to throw Sonny in prison, Jax was trying to take Morgan away. Jax reminded Sonny that the issue was about being a good parent to Morgan. Sonny insisted that Jax wasn't going to take his son away. Dante walked in.

At Claire's office, Claire learned that Jason wanted to go to prison so Jason would be with Michael. Claire reasoned that it would be no problem to get Jason prison time, but she doubted that Jason would ever be freed. Jason was willing to take a chance on his release date to protect Michael. Claire assumed that Jason had many enemies in prison. She warned Jason that he wouldn't be able to protect Michael if Jason was killed.

Claire agreed to arrange for Jason to plead guilty to a Class D Felony, which gave Jason the same sentence Michael had. Jason and Claire both agreed they were doing the right thing.

At the police station, Lucky and Dante were frustrated that they weren't able to find any loopholes in Michael's confession. Lucky remained determined to get Michael out of prison.

Lucky and Dante combed Michael's files for anything that might help their cause. Judge Carroll arrived. The judge deduced that Lucky and Dante were trying to free Michael. Judge Carroll assured Dante that Dante did the right thing, unlike Lucky, who didn't follow the letter of the law.

Dante asked Judge Carroll to reverse the sentence on Michael, but Judge Carroll refused, believing that prison would be Michael's best chance to get away from a life of crime. After Judge Carroll left, Lucky proposed that they uncover Judge Carroll's dirty secrets in order to make the judge reconsider Michael's sentence.

Jason arrived at the station to see Lucky. Lucky apologized to Jason for not letting Jason take Michael out of the country. Jason assured Lucky that Lucky wasn't to blame since the entire situation was Dante's fault. Lucky learned that Jason was going to prison. Lulu arrived and heard from Dante that Jason was talking to Lucky. Lulu believed that Jason was trying to turn Lucky against Dante.

Jason informed Lucky of his plan to protect Michael in prison. Lucky believed that the plan to blackmail Judge Carroll was going work, but Jason believed Michael needed protection as soon as possible. Jason thanked Lucky for being a good father to Jake. Lulu told Jason that Carly swore that Dante was safe from Jason. Before Jason left, Jason accused Lulu of choosing Dante over the people that loved her. Dante wanted to go after Jason for maligning Lulu, but Lucky stunned Dante with the news of Jason's plan.

Dante admitted to Lulu that he was glad Jason was going to protect Michael. Lulu was comforted that Dante would safe from Jason. Dante believed he knew someone who was able to dig up dirt on Judge Carroll.

Jason visited Carly. Carly informed Jason of her plan to let Jax adopt Morgan. Jason admitted that asking Sonny to be Michael's father was the worst decision Jason ever made.

Carly was grateful that Jason wasn't fighting her on her decision. Jason revealed his plan to protect Michael in prison. Jason received a call from Claire. Claire informed Jason that his deal was all set, but she warned that Jason probably would have to serve the full five years, if Jason lived that long.

Lulu saw Luke at the Haunted Star . She was grateful Luke wasn't mad at her for standing by Dante. She asked Luke if he had any dirt on Judge Carroll. Luke promised to ask around. Lulu believed that it was Sonny's fault that Michael had a hard life. Luke reminded Lulu that Sonny was always going to be Dante's father.

In Pentonville, Michael met a prison guard named Wright, whose brother was beaten up by Sonny's loan sharks. The guard warned Michael, "Now you're mine." After watching Wright's interaction with Michael, a fellow prisoner offered Michael, "You stick with me. I'll keep you out of his way."

Wright yelled for all the prisoners to line up. When Michael didn't immediately join the line, Wright ripped into Michael and promised that Michael would get treated worse for being Sonny's son.

At Alexis and Diane's office, Diane believed that the Bauers would do anything to prove that Alexis killed Kiefer intentionally in their wrongful death suit. Alexis thought that the Bauers' sole purpose was to destroy Kristina. Alexis was devastated at the thought of what the trial would do her daughter. Kristina entered. Kristina didn't understand why there had to be a trial since Alexis already received a suspended sentence.

Diane explained that the Bauers were bringing a wrongful death suit against Alexis in civil court. Kristina learned that she would be called to testify. Kristina realized she would have to rehash her lies about Ethan beating her up. Kristina blamed herself for what happened to Ethan and for Kiefer's death. Kristina then ran out. Diane kept Alexis from going after Kristina. Diane believed Alexis wasn't able to comfort Kristina without lying.

Kristina saw Nikolas at Wyndemere. She explained that the Bauers were bringing a wrongful death suit against Alexis. Kristina admitted her fear of being called to the stand and having to relive everything that had happened. Nikolas promised, "Don't worry. I'll make it stop."

Nikolas told Kristina that the Bauers' case would never make it to court. Kristina was grateful for Nikolas' help. Nikolas inquired how Kristina was feeling. Kristina informed Nikolas that she understood intellectually that it was wrong for Kiefer to hit her, but she described the guilt she still felt over Kiefer's death. Nikolas believed that Kristina was brave for trying to move on with her life.

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