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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 10, 2010 on AMC
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Monday, May 10, 2010

In Rio, Ryan confessed that he was sorry that he had not been there for Greenlee when she had lost their baby. Greenlee didn't want to talk about it. She admitted that whenever she was with Ryan, she felt too much. She quickly apologized when she realized that she had said too much. Ryan revealed that he felt the same way about Greenlee. Greenlee was uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation, so she tried to bait Ryan into an argument.

Greenlee suggested that Ryan might not like the idea that she was pregnant with David's child and then accused Ryan of wondering if she had gotten pregnant in order to push him away. Ryan assured her that he knew her better than that. Ryan didn't care who the father of the baby was; he hoped that she would be able to carry the baby to term. Greenlee seemed to relax and then tried to attribute her nausea symptoms to a virus.

Ryan didn't want to ignore their history together, so he was eager for them to figure out a way to be around each other without destroying themselves. Greenlee thought that once they returned to Pine Valley, they should smile cordially, nod, and then continue on their way whenever they ran into each other. Ryan dismissed the idea; he pointed out that they always seemed to find each other when they were troubled. Ryan credited her for helping him deal with the fear that he would turn out to be like his father and brother. Greenlee insisted that all she had done was to show Ryan what a good guy he really was.

As they talked, Ryan remarked that they had been friends long before they were lovers, so they shared a special connection. He wanted them to honor that by accepting that they would always be a part of each other's lives. "Can you do that?" Greenlee wondered. Ryan admitted that he already had. Later, Greenlee conceded that she had been behaving like a child. She thanked Ryan for helping her to realize that it was time for her to grow up. Greenlee confessed that once she had calmed down, she understood that Kendall hadn't deliberately run her over.

Greenlee felt much better about everything. She was certain that her pregnancy scare was just her imagination run amok. Greenlee glanced down when her cell phone vibrated. It was David. Greenlee confessed that she wasn't ready to talk to David, so she let the call go to voicemail.

Ryan advised Greenlee get some rest while he went to the meeting, but Greenlee refused to consider it. She didn't want Ryan to have all of the fun. Ryan knew better than to argue, so he simply held the door open for her when it was time to leave. Greenlee and Ryan were in high spirits when they returned to the room. Greenlee wanted to celebrate by ordering champagne. Her smile quickly disappeared when she realized that drinking might not be a good idea if she were pregnant. Greenlee was startled when Ryan pulled out a pregnancy test from his briefcase.

Greenlee decided to go home instead of taking the test, so she tossed the pregnancy test into the garbage. However, Greenlee wasn't aware that the test had fallen into her bag, which had been right next to the garbage can. Greenlee took the opportunity to thank Ryan for his understanding and support. She offered to be there for him, if he ever needed someone to talk to. Greenlee gave Ryan a kiss on the cheek and then left the room.

At Wildwind, Madison tried to call David's bluff. She suspected that David didn't really know anything concrete about her secret. David warned Madison not to test him, but she wasn't intimidated. Madison reminded David that she had lived for years with an abusive father and husband, so David didn't scare her. David was about to respond when his phone rang. It was Liza. Liza confessed that she had learned some interesting information about Madison. "I'm all ears," David admitted with a wicked smile.

After the phone call, David asked Madison some leading questions about Henry's car accident and Madison's whereabouts on that fateful night. Madison insisted that David was wasting his time. David was undeterred; he suggested that he could always ask Jesse about the investigation. David then switched tactics by pointing out that he wasn't asking Madison to seduce a troll. David admitted that, for reasons he didn't understand, women found Ryan attractive. He observed that Madison and Ryan might end up falling in love.

"Is that what you and Greenlee have?" Madison inquired. She couldn't imagine anyone loving someone as possessive and paranoid as David. Madison warned him that going to such extremes to save his marriage wouldn't work. David chuckled at the idea of a woman, who had resorted to murder to end her marriage, giving him relationship advice. Madison accused David of being a "frightened, jealous, little man" who didn't have what it took to hold onto his wife. David warned Madison to lose her attitude.

"Or what?" Madison wondered. She reminded him that he thought she was capable of cold-blooded murder. David ignored the unspoken threat; he gave Madison 24 hours to seduce Ryan. After Madison left, David tried to call Greenlee. He was frustrated when her voicemail picked up the call. Liza dropped by just as David ended the call.

Liza had the paperwork for David to sign that would give him the controlling shares of the hospital. Liza was surprised by David's lack of enthusiasm. David revealed that he intended to join Greenlee in Rio after the papers were signed. Liza was stunned to learn that Greenlee and Ryan had gone to Rio on business. She warned David that it would be a bad idea to check up on his wife. Liza believed that David would either find out that Greenlee's trip had been about business or that Greenlee and Ryan were back together.

Both scenarios were bad for David. If Greenlee were there on business, then she would resent David's lack of trust. If David found Greenlee in a compromising position with Ryan then David would likely kill Ryan. Liza suggested that David was better off staying put and then letting Greenlee know how much he had missed her when she arrived home. She promised that it would save David's marriage. As Liza prepared to leave, her cell phone rang. It was Marissa.

After she made plans to meet Marissa, Liza ended the call. David wondered why Marissa wanted to see Liza. Liza admitted that she had no idea, so David decided to go to the meeting with Liza.

At Fusion, Madison explained that she had to leave town, so she asked Randi for a favor with some work. Randi refused to help until she knew what was going on. Madison revealed that she didn't have a choice; she had to leave town. Randi continued to push for answers until Madison reluctantly admitted that it was the only way to protect Randi and the Hubbards. Madison confided that David was almost certain that she had killed her husband.

Randi demanded to know what Madison had done to attract David's attention. Madison explained that the best way to keep everyone safe would be for Madison to disappear until David lost interest. Randi warned Madison that David would never give up. If Madison ran then David would go after the Hubbards. Madison was sick at the thought of the Hubbards suffering because of her, so she decided to agree to David's terms. Randi wanted to know what Madison had to do, but Madison refused to tell her.

At the Chandler mansion, Annie confronted JR about drugging her. JR didn't have any remorse for what he had done to Annie because he had lost Marissa. "Boo-flipping-hoo," Annie responded. JR snarled that he hated Annie as he shoved her up against a wall. Annie demanded to be released, but JR refused to comply. He observed that she had him up against a wall for weeks, which was why he had decided to tell Marissa the truth. JR wanted Marissa to hear about the affair from him, not Annie.

Annie pulled away from JR as she explained that she knew how to keep her mouth shut as long as she got what she wanted. Annie also reminded JR that he had desired her. She suggested that they explore the attraction further. JR was disgusted. He vowed that he would never touch Annie again. Annie couldn't believe that JR had thought that telling Marissa would be a good idea.

JR ordered Annie to shut up. Annie took delight in trying to torment JR by pretending to be concerned that he would turn to alcohol since he had lost everything that mattered to him. JR called Annie a bitch and then revealed that he had lied to Marissa when he had told her about the affair. JR had claimed that it had been a mistake to sleep with Annie when the truth was that JR had wanted Annie. JR couldn't hurt Marissa by admitting that he had desired "trash" like Annie.

Annie was curious what would happen next. JR smiled with malice as he promised that he would make certain that Annie got exactly what she deserved. Annie warned JR that she would do whatever it took to protect herself. Shortly after Annie stormed out of the house, AJ entered the parlor. AJ missed his "Mommy Marissa." Tears filled JR's eyes as he hugged AJ.

Krystal was concerned when Marissa turned up on her doorstep looking for a place to stay. In the foyer, Marissa broke down in tears as she revealed to Tad and Krystal that JR had slept with Annie. Marissa's heartbreak turned to anger as she admitted that there had been warning signs. Marissa recalled getting weird vibes on several occasions after she had walked in on JR and Annie. Marissa's heart bled for AJ, who had just gotten his father back only to lose Marissa.

Krystal promised her daughter that they would work through things together. Scott arrived moments later to check on Marissa. Marissa was furious because Scott had lied to her. Scott apologized, but Marissa was too hurt. Scott wanted to know how he could help her, so Marissa suggested that he "get the hell out." After Scott left, Krystal tried to comfort her daughter. Krystal didn't excuse JR's betrayal, but she explained that he had a habit of sabotaging his relationships when things went well.

Krystal insisted that Marissa and AJ meant everything to JR; they had given him the will to live. Marissa confessed that she hated what JR had done, but she still loved him. A short time later, Marissa met Liza at BJ's. Marissa didn't appear happy to see that David was with Liza; however, she sat down to explain to Liza that she needed a job. Liza was curious if Marissa had time for work with her busy life. Marissa reluctantly revealed that she had left JR.

David demanded to know why Marissa had walked out on her marriage. Marissa hesitated and then admitted that JR had an affair with Annie. David was livid. He got up and then stormed off. Marissa chased after her father, in an effort to stop him. Minutes later, Annie spotted Liza sitting alone at BJ's. Annie's delight turned to frustration when Liza revealed that she knew about Annie's affair.

Annie realized that her options were limited, so she had decided to accept Adam's terms for a divorce. Liza informed Annie that she was too late; Adam had taken the offer off of the table. After Liza walked away, Scott entered the restaurant. Annie wondered if Scott intended to yell at her for sleeping with JR. Scott suggested that Annie stop pitying herself long enough to recognize how she had hurt AJ and Marissa. He reminded her that Marissa had offered Annie friendship, and in exchange, "I slept with her husband," Annie finished.

Annie appeared to regret that she had hurt Marissa. Annie's remorse was tested moments later when Marissa returned to BJ's. Marissa stood frozen in the doorway and stared at Annie, until Annie stood up to apologize. As Annie started to speak, Marissa grabbed a drink and then threw it into Annie's face. Marissa blasted Annie for betraying her and AJ and then stormed off. Annie confessed that she thought apologizing made a person feel better. Scott explained that the idea behind an apology was to make the injured party feel better.

Tad entered the parlor as JR tried to comfort AJ. After AJ left the room, Tad questioned JR about the affair with Annie. JR was filled with regret; he didn't offer any excuses for his behavior. However, he admitted to Tad that he had thought that Marissa would forgive him. Tad pointed out that even angels had their limits. JR acknowledged that Marissa deserved better than someone like him. JR had no idea how to manage without her.

David was in a rage when he arrived a short time later. David punched JR before JR realized what David's intention was. When JR recovered from the punch, he ordered David to leave. David accused JR of breaking Babe and Marissa's hearts. According to David, Marissa had been an amazing wife and mother. Tad had enough of David's rant. Tad didn't think that David had any room to judge JR after David had wrecked Tad's marriage by sleeping with Krystal.

David was outraged that Tad appeared to condone JR's behavior. Tad shot back that David's reaction was a joke because he had ignored Marissa for over a year. JR once again ordered David to leave. David warned JR to stay away from Marissa and then left. Tad fetched JR an icepack to put on JR's injured jaw. Tad quietly reminded JR that AJ needed his father.

JR realized that Tad was concerned that JR would start drinking again. JR had lost his father and then his wife, so he refused to lose his son.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

In his living room, Jake noted that Amanda had stayed up all night. He told her that Janet was still unconscious. Amanda admitted that she'd thought for a moment that Janet had died, and for that moment, Amanda had felt glad. She knew that she should love her mother, who was sick, but she just wanted it all to stop. She thought that her feelings made her a terrible child.

Jake reasoned that it was terrible that Amanda's mother had killed Amanda's father. He didn't want her to blame herself for wanting to be rid of Janet. Amanda explained that when Janet's eyes had rolled back in her head, Amanda had thought that she'd made Janet have a stroke. Amanda sobbed that she had an evil side to her. Jake replied that Amanda wouldn't hurt a soul; however, she stated that she might have killed her own mother.

Jake said that Janet's stroke had been inevitable, but Amanda expressed guilt for not bothering to visit or call Janet when she'd been locked up. Amanda felt guilty for trying to pretend that her mother had never existed. Jake reasoned that if Janet had never existed, then he wouldn't have Amanda in his life.

Jake went to check on Trevor, and Amanda cringed as she remembered that Janet had exclaimed that Amanda was her mother's daughter. The hospital called Jake in to work, but before leaving, he handed the baby to Amanda and said that only the three of them mattered. As Jake left, Amanda looked uneasy.

At the Martin house, Tad discussed his sons, JR and Damon, with Krystal. Tad wondered what kind of a father he was, and he shuddered to think about what Damon might pull next. Krystal suggested Tad give Damon time. She figured that Damon was acting out, but he'd return when he got hungry, or ran out of clean underwear.

In the Chandler parlor, Colby found Damon shirtless with a mini saw in hand. He asked her to give him a hand removing his cast before he accidentally cut off one of his own. After they got the cast off, they joked around a bit. Damon said that Colby could change her mind about having him stay there, but she replied that she needed him to help her stay sane.

Colby asked how things were with Tad, but Damon didn't know. He couldn't get over knowing that Tad had just left Hillary with a kid. "Isn't that what you kinda did to Bailey?" Colby asked. Damon got defensive, and she explained that she'd just said it to help Damon see Tad's side of it. Damon felt that he stepped up for Stuart, but Colby countered that Tad was trying to do the same thing. "Yeah, but how many years later?" Damon asked.

Colby reasoned that Hillary hadn't ever told Tad, but Damon retorted that all Tad had to do was call Hillary to check on her. Damon didn't know who he was anymore, but Colby didn't think the paternity changed anything. She wished that that Tad and Damon would get along, because she liked them both. Damon said that she was the most sensible person that he knew.

Damon kissed Colby, and upon entering, Liza groaned that they needed to put some clothes on. Liza announced that Bailey had called because she'd been accepted to study abroad for a month. Bailey's parents didn't want to keep Stuart fulltime, so that meant that Damon had to go to Ohio to be a father to his son. Colby asserted that Damon couldn't leave because of his probation. Liza was certain that they could get some sort of "dispensation," but Colby suggested that Stuart just move into the Chandler mansion.

Liza stated that Colby couldn't just move a baby in there, but Colby reasoned that Emma and AJ lived there, so Stuart could, too. Damon said Colby was "so cool" for doing that. Damon left the room to call Bailey, and Liza urged Colby to think things through. Liza wondered why Colby wanted to be with a guy who had a baby.

Damon returned to say that Bailey had agreed to let Stuart stay at the mansion. Colby stared dreamily at Damon as he left again, but she insisted to Liza that Damon was just a friend. Mother and daughter bickered about Damon, and Liza explained that having Stuart fulltime was not the same as babysitting him. Colby roared at Liza to back off, but before agreeing to do so, Liza asserted that Colby should be living her own life, not raising someone else's kid.

Liza left the mansion, but she and Colby ran into each other later on at the hospital. Liza assumed that Colby was pregnant, and Colby agreed that she was. Liza grimaced, and Colby decided that she wasn't pregnant. She said she'd just stuff a pillow under her shirt, adopt a baby for everyone to fall in love with, and then give the baby back later. Colby stalked off, and around the corner, she looked at the birth control pills that she'd just picked up from the doctor.

Damon went to the casino, where he encountered Tad. "So you're my dad," Damon said with an awkward shrug. Tad said that he'd messed up, but Damon reasoned that it wasn't Tad's fault that Hillary hadn't been upfront. Damon revealed that Stuart would live with Damon for a while, and they chatted about Damon's medications. Damon said that he wasn't going to start calling Tad "Dad." Tad recommended Thaddeus, but cringed when Damon said it.

Ryan dropped Greenlee off at Wildwind. David opened the door and greeted her with a hug and kiss. David ushered her inside, and with a polite thanks, he closed the door on Ryan.

Inside, Greenlee announced that, with things settled, she'd kick Erica's butt out of Fusion. David gave her the good news about the hospital, and Greenlee cooed that they were a power couple. He suggested that she relax, but Greenlee needed to take her paperwork to Jack's office. She said that she and David would celebrate that evening.

Greenlee exited, and David called Madison to tell her that Ryan had returned to town. David ordered Madison to get on it. "Or shall I say get on him," David corrected.

At Jack's office, Greenlee bragged about how she'd charmed the Brazilian bigwigs into submission, but then she conceded that she'd had help from Ryan. At Jack's stern gaze, Greenlee insisted that she and Ryan were friends, and they'd gotten along better than they ever had. Jack wished that she hadn't returned home to David, but she reminded her father that David was the reason that she hadn't sunk to the bottom of some river.

Greenlee insisted that she was happy with David, who supported her and challenged her. The best part of it was that she and David had trust, and trust was everything. Jack noted that Greenlee used to say all those things about Ryan. Greenlee stated that she'd accepted that she and Ryan weren't meant to be, and she didn't regret it. She brought up how Jack refused to drop-kick Erica, and he ended the conversation. Before leaving, Greenlee instructed him to file her paperwork and forward the copies to Brazil, because her campaign depended on it.

At Fusion, Randi updated Erica on their gala preparation. Erica wondered where Greenlee had been for two days. When Randi mentioned the Rio trip, Erica remarked that Greenlee was still deluded enough to think that she could win. Erica called Ryan and said that since he'd spent the last couple days with her competition, he should make some time for Erica. He agreed to meet her at BJ's for breakfast.

Later, Ryan grinned as he sat across the table from Erica, who was worked up about him helping Greenlee in the Fusion competition. He said that he'd merely gone to Rio to undo an old deal that he'd made, and it was a deal that Fusion hadn't even needed anymore. Ryan added that in return for his help, he'd gotten Greenlee to recant her statements about Kendall. Erica appreciated that, but she was still bitter that he'd helped her competition. Ryan stated that it was done between Greenlee and him. "Sure it is," Erica skeptically replied.

After Erica left, Madison joined Ryan at the table. She wondered if it'd been weird traveling with Greenlee. Ryan said that it hadn't been, and he changed the subject to Madison. She said she'd just had her third date with a guy, and Ryan hoped the guy was better than Craig.

Later, Erica strode into Wildwind, and David said that he didn't recall letting Erica in. "And I don't recall that you were stupid," Erica retorted, referring to him letting Greenlee go away with Ryan. David said that he trusted his wife, and he didn't feel threatened by Ryan. Erica guessed that David just didn't see the pull between Greenlee and Ryan, and Erica stated that there was nothing keeping them apart. David moved Greenlee's bag to sit down. It fell over, and the pregnancy test tumbled out. "Then again, maybe there is," Erica said.

David looked surprised as he studied the box. Erica noted that the union between David and Greenlee had gone further than expected. He ordered Erica to leave, and she congratulated him as she walked out the door.

When Greenlee arrived home, she excitedly talked about celebrating with David. He said that he was worried about her, but she didn't think there was a reason to be. David whipped out the pregnancy test, and she immediately dispelled the idea that she had the test because of Ryan. David already knew that, but he wondered why his wife was keeping secrets from him.

Later, Erica dropped by Jack's office to see if he'd known about the Rio trip. Jack said that he'd just found out, but he couldn't break father-daughter/attorney-client privilege to say anything more. When Jack wasn't looking, Erica shuffled some papers on his desk and saw Greenlee's Bahia file. Jack left the room to take a call, and Erica stole the file.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

At Adam's direction, Liza arrived at the Chandler mansion with a police marshal and a court order for Annie to vacate the premises within an hour. Annie refused to leave, but Liza advised Annie to get a good lawyer. "Yeah, I had one, but she switched sides on me," Annie quipped. Looking at the amused JR, Annie vowed that she'd be back, and they'd all be sorry.

Annie went to the casino to ask for Ryan's help, because Adam had thrown her out. Ryan offered Annie and Emma a room at the casino, but Annie declined, fearing that Adam would use it against her in court. She declared that she was at war with JR and Adam, and Ryan suggested that she ask Jackson to represent her. Ryan agreed to keep Emma, and he offered Annie a room again. She wouldn't take it, so he forced her to take some cash. She left, promising to repay him.

In the park later, Annie explained to Emma that the girl would stay with Ryan for a while. The nanny picked Emma up, and Annie sobbed on a bench. After recomposing herself, she tried to leave, but a guy accosted her and ordered her to hand over her purse. "You have any friggin' idea of what kind of day I've already had today?" Annie rasped and turned on her heel to leave. The guy jerked her arm, and they began tussling over the purse.

Back at the mansion, JR asked Liza if the court order was for real. Liza replied that it was real, but because it had been passed down by one of Adam's judicial buddies, it could be overturned. JR wondered if Adam had done it just to keep JR and Annie apart. Liza responded that Adam was out to punish Annie, but he hadn't once spoken JR's name.

When JR asked how his father was doing, Liza said that Adam was happy with Brooke and looking forward to moving on with his life. JR wondered if Adam had asked about the family, and Liza revealed that he'd spoken with Colby. "But I don't exist," JR realized. JR asked if Adam would ever understand that JR had acted out of love. Liza advised JR to give it time, and she left. JR cried as he stared at the shattered picture of him, Marissa, and AJ.

At the Martin house, Marissa tried to be strong about her marital problems. She decided to concentrate on her studies, and Krystal reminded Marissa to also take time out to heal. Marissa got defensive and snapped at Krystal for insinuating that Marissa was fragile. Marissa said that she'd been through tougher times than that, and she'd get past JR's infidelity, too.

Krystal went to work, and JR apprehensively entered the office. Krystal stated that she wouldn't judge him, but he looked like "hell." Krystal was sorry about JR and Marissa's problems, but Krystal remarked that she and JR had been there before with Babe and Adam. JR claimed that he'd made a mistake; however, Krystal yelled that he'd made a choice, and he'd chosen Adam and the Chandlers over Marissa and AJ.

JR asked if Marissa still loved him, and Krystal stated that Marissa was heartbroken. Krystal said that JR was just like Adam. JR had obsessed over the Chandler family until he'd lost his wife and father. JR felt that he'd had good intentions, and he'd at least opened Adam's eyes. Krystal figured that Adam had gone onto better things with Brooke, but Marissa was destroyed.

JR reported that AJ was confused, but AJ wanted to see Krystal. She readily agreed to that. As JR strode to the door, she noted that things were hard on him, too. She thought he looked tired, and she suggested that he get some rest.

At Wildwind, David displayed the pregnancy test. Greenlee explained that she'd felt ill on the trip, and because she'd had sex with David, she'd considered that she could be pregnant. She didn't appreciate him going through her things, but he explained that it had fallen out of her bag. The test hadn't been used, so David wondered if she really could be pregnant.

Greenlee dismissed the notion, but David got upset when she mentioned that she and Ryan had discussed it. David wanted her to take the test, but Greenlee didn't even want to be pregnant. David assured her that he'd do everything within his power to keep her safe and healthy during a pregnancy. He felt that it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for him to be a father, but she asserted that she didn't even want children.

An argument ensued, and a defensive Greenlee refused to discuss having children while they were upset. She stated that being married to her meant that there would be no children. David decided that she was right about talking once they'd calmed down, but he felt that they at least needed to know what they were dealing with. She refused to address it, and as she bolted out the door, David shouted after her to just take the test.

Later, Marissa arrived to tell David that she hoped to finish law school within the month. She also wanted to ask him to stay out of her situation with JR. David said that he'd try to back off, and he offered to let her stay at Wildwind, where it was quiet enough for her to concentrate on her studies. Marissa assumed that he wanted her there to keep her away from JR, and she got upset at David for not letting her handle the problem on her own.

David promised to let it go after he said one more thing. David thanked God that she'd escaped JR, and David urged her not to look back. Marissa balked at the statement, but David felt that he knew JR, and David suspected that JR would try to suck her back in. David insisted that JR's promises meant nothing, and he'd break Marissa's heart again and again.

Marissa raged at David for trying to run her life. He said JR left a trail of human wreckage everywhere he went. Marissa countered that David was a fine one to talk. David said that he loved his daughter and wanted to help. She didn't think he understood love, but he asked where her understanding of it had gotten her. Marissa stated that her marriage was in shambles, but she had a son. David doubted that JR would just let her see AJ. Marissa roared that she'd run her own life, and David had to accept that. On her way out, she slammed the door.

At the mansion later, JR took Krystal's advice and rested on the parlor sofa. He held onto his family photo. The doorbell rang, and he answered the door to find Marissa on the doorstep.

At the Yacht Club, Greenlee sought Ryan out to talk about her fight with David. Ryan asked if she were pregnant. She said she still didn't even know, but she'd wanted to talk to him because he was the only one who'd known about the possible pregnancy. She realized that she shouldn't even involve him; instead, she should be talking to her husband. Ryan tried to say more, but Greenlee rushed out.

Greenlee went home, and David apologized for forcing the pregnancy issue. He said that she could do the test on her own time. She accepted his apology and went to take the test. After a few minutes, Greenlee returned and announced that she wasn't pregnant. David hugged her.

At Fusion, Randi implored Madison to talk to Jesse or Frankie about David, but Madison assured Randi that it was under control. Randi warned that David was a user, and she insisted that Madison let Jesse handle it. Madison admitted that David wanted something from her, but she figured that once she did it, he'd go away. Randi didn't believe that for a minute, but Madison declared that she'd handle it without dragging the Hubbards down again.

David called Madison to tell her to get to the Yacht Club, because Ryan had a meeting there. David had set Madison up to meet his friend, Sebastian, there. David said that Sebastian would play along with her, and David didn't want to hear later that the plan hadn't worked.

Back at the Yacht Club, Ryan's meeting concluded, and he saw Madison with Sebastian, whom she claimed to be dating. Ryan briefly chatted with them and left. Satisfied that Ryan had seen Sebastian's face, Madison started to leave. Sebastian, however, said David had instructed Sebastian to assist in the next step. She said that she'd handle the hard part on her own.

Madison returned to Fusion to ask Randi for a favor. Madison couldn't reveal the reasons behind the favor, and an irritated Randi demanded to know what Madison wanted her to do.

Later, Madison called David to say that the plan was on track, and she'd completed the next step. David asked if it looked convincing. "As real as it gets," Madison said, revealing her black and bruised eye.

Back at the casino, Tad told Ryan that someone had duplicated keycards to vacant casino hotel rooms. Tad surmised that someone was risking jail time for a place to sleep. Later, Tad found security footage of Madison using a keycard to enter a vacant room, and he showed the footage to Ryan.

Liza arrived at the casino to sell Tad on a special school for Damon. It was located in New Hampshire, and Tad refused to pack Damon off to boarding school just because Liza didn't trust Colby. Liza asserted that Damon had a big chip on his shoulder, and there weren't a lot of options for someone like that. Tad vowed to give Damon the same love and understanding that the Martins had given Tad. Tad said that such treatment had helped him, and it would help Damon. Tad told Liza to keep her brochure, because Damon wouldn't go anywhere.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

In the park, Annie struggled with a mugger and kneed him in the groin. He pulled her into a headlock before she could escape. Scott dashed onto the scene, punched the mugger, and ordered the mugger to get lost. Annie hollered as the mugger absconded with her purse.

Scott checked out Annie's ankle and guessed that she'd sprained it. Annie fussed at him for letting the mugger take all her money. Scott didn't understand, and she realized that he didn't know that Adam had cut her off and kicked her out of the mansion. She sobbed that she was penniless on the street, and she asked Scott what she'd do. "Collect your Oscar. Best supporting actress in her own drama," Scott quipped.

Annie didn't find it funny. She ranted that she'd lost her home, and Scott had just lost all her money. He tried to take her to the hospital, but a hobbling Annie refused to go. He offered to sneak her into the mansion to wrap her ankle, if she'd just stop yelling at him for letting the mugger get away. Annie agreed, and he swept her into his arms to carry her off.

At the mansion, Marissa wanted to see AJ, but she was concerned that JR wasn't at his scheduled checkup with the doctor. JR acted evasively, and Marissa guessed that he was blowing off the appointment. She asked what gave him the right to do that after all the "hell" that everyone had suffered through during his illness.

As Marissa lectured JR, he said that he'd missed the appointment because he'd been feeling weak. However, he hadn't gone to see her about it, because he hadn't wanted to play the sick card on Marissa. He said that if she ever wanted him back, it should be because she loved him, not because he was some sickly man.

Marissa stated that JR had hurt her so badly that she couldn't imagine returning to him, whether he was sick or not. She called him selfish for not keeping his appointment, because AJ deserved a father who strived to live. JR agreed, and Marissa conceded that she didn't know how she'd react if he were sick; however, if she didn't return to him, it wouldn't be because she didn't care. An emotional Marissa rushed upstairs to see AJ.

Just then, Scott and Annie crept into the house. JR demanded to know why Annie was there. Scott explained about the mugging, but a disbelieving JR scoffed, ordering Annie out of his house. Scott retorted that it wasn't JR's house, and Scott invited Annie to move back in. JR whipped out the paperwork that officially banned Annie from the house, but Scott cited that the gatehouse belonged to him. JR and Annie exchanged venomous remarks, and Scott concluded that he'd move into the main house while Annie stayed in the gatehouse.

Scott and Annie left, and JR called Cynthia regarding the court orders against Annie. Marissa returned downstairs and noted that he hadn't left for his appointment. JR said he had to take care of something. Marissa called it just an excuse, and she drove him to the hospital herself. Once there, the doctor said that Marissa could stay for the appointment. JR looked expectantly at her, but with a regretful shake of her head, Marissa left.

Scott and Annie returned to the parlor to wait for the staff to prepare the gatehouse. Scott said that he was helping Annie because she'd saved Adam and JR, but Scott warned her not to try to butter him up. He told her to keep it real, or she would be finding a new place to live.

At the casino, Ryan and Tad watched video footage of Madison entering a vacant hotel room upstairs. Tad thought Madison was too classy to play "Goldilocks," but Ryan explained that Madison was deep in debt. Ryan said that he'd anonymously paid her rent, but she must have lost her apartment anyway. As Tad and Ryan empathized with Madison's troubles, Tad worried that pulling that stunt elsewhere would get her into trouble. Ryan said he'd handle it.

At Fusion, Randi applied more makeup to Madison's "bruise" and stated that Madison was an abuse victim asking for a fake bruise. Randi insisted upon knowing what David had put Madison up to. Madison conveyed that David would leave her alone once she got Ryan to fall for her. "Basically prostitute yourself," Randi surmised. Madison replied that the proposition made her ill, but she had to keep herself and the Hubbards out of prison.

Just then, Ryan called to ask Madison to meet him at the Yacht Club. Randi whispered for Madison not to do it, but Madison agreed to the meeting.

Later, Madison showed up at the Yacht Club in huge sunglasses. Ryan explained that he knew about her sleeping in the vacant casino hotel rooms. He produced a keycard and offered her a room on the house. She turned her face a little and asked how he could be "so kind" to someone that he barely knew. Ryan noticed her "bruise," and she got defensive. He swiped off her glasses and demanded to know who'd hit her.

Madison claimed that she'd walked into a door. Ryan didn't believe it, but she insisted that it had happened that way. Madison refused his keycard and charged out of the place. He picked up a cell phone that she'd left on the table.

Ryan pursued Madison to a park bench, where she said that she was the last person that he should be involved with. He removed her glasses and asked who'd hit her. She said she'd gotten involved with the wrong man. Assuming that it was her new boyfriend, Ryan grabbed her and insisted that she report the man who'd abused her. She pulled away, saying that she couldn't do it to Ryan.

At Wildwind, Greenlee was ready to forget about the pregnancy test and move on. She reiterated that she didn't want to have kids, and David said that he wouldn't push her or guilt her into anything. She asked if not wanting kids made her seem less committed to the marriage. David smiled and said he knew that his beautiful wife was committed to them. Greenlee assured him that he was all she wanted and needed.

While Jack was figuring out that Erica had swiped the Bahia paperwork from his office, Erica was at the Yacht Club working out a new deal with Bahia's lawyer. The lawyer departed, and Erica opened an envelope to view the contents.

Jackson tracked Erica down at the Yacht Club, and she hid the envelope beneath papers on her table. After plying her with compliments, Jack tried to discuss the Fusion gala, but Erica kept nervously saying that she had to go. He snatched the envelope off the table, and she swore that she was going to return it to him. "How about I just save you the trip," Jack replied.

Jack hoped that Erica had enjoyed reading the contract, even though it wouldn't benefit her. Erica looked suspicious, and Jack asked what she'd done. Erica claimed that Greenlee hadn't had the right to renegotiate that contract without her partner, and Erica had explained that to the leaders at Bahia. She'd also warned that she'd sue if they acted on the deal.

Jack guessed that Bahia had reneged on the contact, and he asked how Erica could betray him. He realized that he couldn't trust her in his office-or outside of it. He started to head off to tell Greenlee about it, but Erica said it wasn't a good time, because Greenlee might be pregnant.

Jack took off, and Erica went to Jack's office, where she scribbled "I'm sorry" on a note pad. To herself, she reasoned, "Well, I'm not that sorry." Erica then headed to Fusion, where David was arranging flowers on a desk for Greenlee. He remarked that he and Greenlee wouldn't have a lot of time together until after she'd regained Fusion. Erica replied that David and Greenlee would have tons of time together, thanks to Erica.

Erica explained that she'd undone Greenlee's deal with Bahia, and David stated that Greenlee wouldn't just accept it. Erica expected Greenlee to kick and scream about it, but that was about all that Greenlee could do. David vowed to help Greenlee, and Randi entered in time to hear Erica tell David that, sometimes blustering and threats didn't get results. As David left, Erica told Randi that they'd have much to celebrate at the gala.

Jack went to Wildwind to tell his daughter that Erica had gotten Bahia's attorney to nullify the contract. As Greenlee raged about it, Jack took the blame for leaving the files on his desk. Greenlee wanted to sue Erica and have Erica arrested. Greenlee stomped toward the door, but Jack grabbed her shoulders to stop her from leaving to confront Erica.

Greenlee squealed in anger, and Jack hinted that she had more important things to focus on than Fusion. Greenlee looked clueless, and Jack stated that Erica had told him about the pregnancy test. "She's got her nose in every part of my business!" Greenlee yelled. Jack was relieved when Greenlee said that she wasn't pregnant, but he hoped she'd take all the precautions possible to make sure that such a scare didn't happen again.

Greenlee said that her marriage wasn't Jack's business, and an argument ensued about David. Jack started to leave, but she asked him to wait, because she couldn't give up on Fusion. Greenlee stared at Jack and said that Erica needed a distraction.

Though Jack hated what Erica had done, he advised Greenlee not to trade cheap shots with Erica. Greenlee warned Jack that at some point, he'd have to choose sides, because the feud between Erica and Greenlee would cause serious problems for his relationship with one of the women.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Greenlee stalked into Fusion. She wryly congratulated Erica on successfully double-crossing her. Erica pointed out that Greenlee had been the first to play dirty. Greenlee admitted that Erica had won that round of fighting. Greenlee added that she would never give up Fusion. Erica wanted to know what Greenlee had planned, but Greenlee refused to disclose any of her ideas.

Erica thought that Greenlee needed to admit defeat because there was no clear alternate recourse. Greenlee pointed out that she'd never given up on anything in her life. Erica thought that perhaps Greenlee's extenuating circumstances might play a role. Greenlee, tired of Erica's vague chatter, demanded that Erica be direct.

Erica mentioned Greenlee's possible pregnancy, and Greenlee assured Erica that there was no baby other than Fusion. Erica reminded Greenlee of how poorly things had gone the last time Greenlee had decided to get rid of Fusion. Greenlee said that she would never truly destroy Fusion; however, Erica was free game.

Greenlee went to see her father and asked for help. Although he hated what Erica had done, Jack refused to help Greenlee sabotage her competition. Jack asked, hypothetically, what Greenlee would have him do if he became embroiled in his daughter's mess. Greenlee said that she just needed Erica out of town for 24 hours.

Greenlee thought that the loss of this competition would be the best thing for Erica, and for a future relationship between Erica and Jack. While Jack was intrigued by the idea of a relationship with Erica that didn't center around his daughter, he refused to grant Greenlee's request. Jack said that he didn't want to be in the middle of Greenlee's feud with Erica. Greenlee hoped that Jack didn't look back one day and regret his decision.

In the park, Ryan expressed concern for Madison once he saw her blackened eye. He told her that he would do whatever was needed to get her help. Guilt overcame Madison and she admitted to Ryan that she had been lying. She proved that the "black eye" she had was fake. Ryan asked why Madison lied to him so egregiously. Madison said that it was David, not her, that wanted Ryan to fall for the abuse scheme.

Madison said that David wanted Ryan to be focused on someone else besides Greenlee. Ryan was irate because he thought he'd made it clear his relationship with Greenlee was truly over. Madison said she would understand if Ryan hated her. Ryan said that their friendship was fine, because he knew how far David would go to get what he wanted.

Ryan then realized that in order for Madison to become David's pawn, David would have to be holding something over Madison's head. Ryan said that Madison could trust him with the truth, but Madison held her tongue. She told Ryan that other people -- good people -- were involved in what she'd done, and she couldn't risk hurting them again.

Madison apologized profusely, but didn't feel like she could say "I'm sorry" enough. Madison felt horrible because Ryan had shown her nothing but kindness. Ryan said that the important thing was that Madison hadn't gone through with the plan. In that moment, Madison realized that it was Ryan who had paid her back rent, not David. She shared this revelation with Ryan, who was not surprised that David hadn't corrected her.

Madison said that her only option was to leave town. Ryan insisted that David would be able to find her, regardless of where she ended up. He said that Madison needed to stay in town and fight. Ryan promised that he would back her up every step of the way, but said that he needed to know what had happened. Madison was skittish because of the other people involved. Ryan said that he would protect the others as well and continued to push. Madison finally admitted that she'd killed her husband.

Madison told Ryan the whole story -- from how she'd found Henry, how she'd unleashed her rage over years of abuse into the lethal blow, and how she'd stepped back and waited for Randi to take the fall. Ryan knew that the investigation hadn't gotten to that point, and Madison said that the Hubbards had stepped in. Madison said that the Hubbards had done nothing wrong. Ryan knew that finding dirt on the Hubbard family, especially given his grudge against Angie and Jesse, would be like a dream realized for David.

Madison was certain that if she left town, David would eventually forget about her. Ryan told her that she was wrong, because David wouldn't stop investigating the story until he hit paydirt. Ryan asked if Madison trusted him. She hesitated only a moment before confirming her trust in Ryan. Ryan told Madison that he would make sure that David never used her again.

David spotted Marissa at the hospital and asked how she was feeling. Marissa admitted that although she was still angry at JR, she didn't want him to die. Down the hall, a doctor gave JR a cursory examination. JR told the doctor that he'd been feeling lethargic the previous few days. However, when the doctor asked if he'd had any stress at home, JR said that everything was fine.

The doctor told JR that the tiredness he felt could have been caused by any number of things. She was pleased with the way he looked, and said that as soon as they got his test results back, they would know definitively where they stood. JR knew that the only thing that he could do was try not to dwell on the results. JR's face fell when the doctor suggested that he take Marissa out for dinner and a movie.

Marissa told her father that JR was at his first post-transplant checkup. Marissa said that she was having a hard time dealing with the conflicting emotions of anger and worry. David tried to express concern for Marissa, but she recoiled because it sounded like the same controlling speech he always gave. David apologized for stepping out of line with her, but he said that his history with JR caused him to act before speaking.

David made it clear that he wasn't comparing Marissa to Babe. David simply stated that Marissa shouldn't have to deal with her heartache alone. He offered to take his daughter to dinner, but Marissa said she had a study session. They agreed to a possible rain check, and Marissa thanked David for his kindness.

Amanda went to see a comatose Janet at the hospital. Amanda ordered her mother to wake up. Amanda tearfully begged her mother to admit that Amanda was nothing like Janet. Amanda wanted to look at her son with love, not fear, and wanted to know that Trevor would grow up to be his own person. Jake stood in the doorway and overheard Amanda wishing that she hadn't inherited any unsavory traits from her mother.

Jake walked into the room and asked if Amanda wanted him to take her home. Because Jake had just started his shift, Amanda declined. Sure that she would be fine, Amanda said that she would pick up their son and take him to the park. Amanda asked Jake if there was anything that could be given to Janet so that she would wake up more quickly. Jake indicated that Janet needed to wake up on her own. Amanda asked him to watch after Janet and make sure that she regained consciousness.

Later, Jake confided in Frankie about his fears for Amanda. Jake knew that Amanda was nothing like her mother, but said that Amanda wasn't as sure. Jake knew that Amanda put on a brave face for her husband and son, but was freaked out inside. Jake said that he wanted a definitive way to help his wife see that she was her own person.

Frankie reminded Jake that when she first arrived in town, Randi had felt similarly to the way Amanda felt. Although the circumstances weren't exactly the same, Frankie knew the position Jake was in. Frankie said that Jake just needed to be patient while Amanda figured out that she really was a good person, worthy of happiness. Frankie also encouraged Jake to tell Amanda that he believed in her.

At home, Amanda chatted at her son. When Trevor started to cry, Amanda heard her mother's voice in her head again. Hearing Janet say that Amanda's relationship with her son would mirror the one that Amanda had with Janet shocked Amanda's system. Instead of picking up her son and comforting him, Amanda backed away and sat down across the room.

Krystal stopped by to check on Amanda and Trevor. They had only talked a few moments before Trevor started crying. Amanda continued to talk as if nothing was amiss. Krystal, somewhat bothered, asked if Amanda planned to check on her son. Amanda hesitated, and then said no.

Amanda said that Trevor had been having problems with falling asleep. Amanda said that she and Jake had been trying to let Trevor cry himself to sleep. Krystal noted that Trevor had been crying for more than a few minutes, so Amanda went to check on him. Just as Jake called to check in and left a message on Amanda's cell phone, Amanda realized that Trevor had a fever.

Erica met up with Opal at the Yacht Club and said that she'd apologized to Jack for interfering with Greenlee's plans. Erica felt that she was justified because Greenlee had attacked first. Opal chastised Erica for her behavior and said that Erica had plenty of other ways she could have triumphed over Greenlee. Opal said that Erica had chosen the one way to retaliate that would smash Jack's heart.

Opal warned Erica not to let the chance at love pass her by. Opal told Erica that after all was said and done, the competition over Fusion wouldn't make her happy. Erica was reminded of the great love that Opal had shared with Palmer and knew that Opal spoke the truth. Opal spotted Jackson as he walked in, and she realized that another opportunity for love was knocking at Erica's door.

Jack strolled over to their table and asked how Opal had been faring. Opal said that she'd been okay because of the love of her good friends. Jack said he'd decided on the Yacht Club as the place to have a quiet dinner alone. Opal wouldn't accept that and decided abruptly that she needed to leave. After her hasty exit, Jack asked if he could join Erica. Erica agreed and as Jack sat down, she asked how things had gone with Greenlee. Jack didn't have good news to share.

Erica apologized again for what she'd done, but felt that she'd acted appropriately. She listed all of the reasons why she shouldn't be harshly judged for her actions. Jack said that he didn't understand Erica's motivations, and didn't accept her apology. Jack told Erica that there was no excuse for what she'd done.

Jack asked Erica if she would, given the chance, take back everything she'd done. When Erica said no, Jack realized they had nothing else to discuss. Erica stormed off, bumping into Opal on her way out. Looking for her lost earring, Opal descended the stairs again. Jack found it near their table. He handed it to Opal and asked her to join him.

As Opal sat down, she voiced her assumption that Erica hadn't apologized. Jack said that Erica had said she was sorry, but in her usual frustrating way. Opal thought that the best option might be for Jack to walk away. Jack agreed, but said that he couldn't truly do so because he loved Erica too much.

David was alarmed when Madison stopped by his house. David asked if anyone had seen her. Madison said that she didn't care because she was opting out of their agreement. David said that she didn't have a choice -- if she didn't act, David would reveal her secret to the world. Ryan entered the house at that moment and said that Madison did indeed have the final decision.

David tried to use additional threats to get Madison back in line. He was shocked to find out that Madison had told Ryan the whole truth. Ryan said that he felt compelled to protect another one of David's victims. Ryan pointed out that David's plan was unnecessary, but David was unconvinced. David refused to let Ryan shatter Greenlee's world again.

David demanded that Ryan get out of his house. Ryan stood his ground and proceeded to list just how much time David wasted on his plan. Greenlee walked into the house via a back hallway and, without being noticed, was able to hear details about David's plan to distract Ryan. Ryan pointed out that if he were madly in love with Greenlee, as David suspected, he wouldn't have jumped into bed with any other woman but Greenlee.

David thought that his plan would have worked if he'd had someone more competent than Madison to rely on. David said that Ryan couldn't help himself when he saw a woman in distress. Ryan facetiously noted that chivalry was a horrible quality to possess. Ryan reminded David that there was no longer a connection between him and Greenlee. Although he didn't believe that David deserved her, Ryan said that David had Greenlee all to himself.

David demanded again that Ryan leave his house. As he eyed Madison, David told Ryan to take the trash with him. Ryan wondered what Greenlee would have to say about David's behavior and latest scheme. David wasn't surprised that Ryan wanted to run to Greenlee and tell her all of the sordid details. Ryan said that he didn't have to, just as Greenlee emerged from the hall. David slowly turned around, and realized his wife had heard far too much.

Marissa walked into BJ's as she wrapped up a phone call. She told her classmate that they could reschedule their study session for another time. When she ended the call, Marissa spotted JR at a table, an alcoholic drink in front of him. Without thinking, Marissa grabbed the glass and downed the potent spirit. JR demanded to know why she'd done that. Marissa said that she wanted to make sure JR didn't drink again. Marissa gulped water until she felt a bit better.

Marissa asked JR if he'd purchased the drink because he'd gotten bad news at the doctor's office. JR told her that he hadn't gotten the test results back but said he was fine for the moment. He told Marissa that he hadn't planned on drinking -- he just needed to stare alcohol down every once in a while to make sure he was still in charge. Marissa apologized for assuming the worst. JR apologized for scaring her. Marissa noted that JR had been apologizing a lot lately, and said that she hated him.

JR said that Marissa had every right to be angry at him, and knew that she no longer trusted him. Marissa took his words the wrong way and responded combatively. She told JR that she had a right to feel whatever way she wanted, when she wanted. Marissa said that she needed to leave because she wasn't in the right mindset to have a heart-to-heart talk with JR. JR didn't think that was such a good idea, and had to catch Marissa when she tried to get up, but collapsed.



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