One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 10, 2010 on OLTL

Hannah continued on her mission to divide Starr and Cole. Starr suspected Hannah of pushing Marty down the stairs. Blair wanted Téa to seek treatment. Rex and Gigi pursued a lead. Natalie wrote John a letter about her feelings and suggested they meet if he felt the same way. The school musical hit the stage.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 10, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, May 10, 2010

In his jail cell, Cole heard someone approaching. Markko appeared and asked if Cole was "hoping I was Starr?" Brody told Markko to hurry it up considering he broke a few rules to get Markko in to see Cole after visiting hours. Cole informed Markko about the "rigged" judge, the fact that he wouldn't be able to get out on bail before his trial, and that Markko would probably have to testify at the trial. Over Markko's protests, Cole told Markko not to cover for him again. He did, however, appreciate Markko's support, especially after Starr chose her dad.

Markko was surprised to learn that Starr was at the hospital with her dad instead of with Cole at the hearing. Cole explained how Starr showed up without apologizing, instead opting to take out her anger on Hannah. Markko insisted that Cole would get out of the mess he was in, and that everything would turn out okay. Cole wondered if he was a jerk for being mad at Starr for choosing her dad and for making Hannah out to be the bad guy.

Markko told Cole to have faith that everything would work out. He was still convinced that Starr was the one for Cole and that he should focus on making her happy. Cole felt guilty about having to miss the prom, but assured Markko that he deserved a good night out. Cole told his best friend that he and Langston were lucky to have Markko. After Markko left, Cole daydreamed about happier times with Starr.

Starr returned home from the courthouse and thanked Langston for babysitting. Langston wondered where Cole was. She was surprised when Starr informed her that Cole would be in jail until his trial date with no bail. She also mentioned that Hannah was there for Cole at the hearing. Starr explained that she would have been there, but she felt ripped in two because of her belief in her father's innocence. She was distressed about the fact that Todd and Cole hated each other more than ever, and that she was almost being forced to choose between the two men that she loved the most.

Starr disclosed that she thought Hannah was lying about seeing Todd push Marty down the stairs. She believed that Hannah deliberately wanted to cause problems in Starr and Cole's relationship because she wanted Cole for herself. Langston wondered if Hannah would go that far, which Starr believed. Starr told Langston about how furious Cole was that Starr appeared to have chosen Todd over him, so he began to accuse Todd again. Starr had defended Todd and blamed Hannah for everything. Langston was convinced that everything would work out and said that Starr and Cole couldn't break up too.

"Too?" asked Starr. Langston clarified that, between Starr's father's arrest and Cole's arrest, a break-up would be too much to deal with. Starr expressed her regret at not being able to go to the prom the next night, but wondered if Cole would want to go with her even if he wasn't in jail. Because Starr decided not to go alone, Langston said that she wouldn't leave Starr at home alone. Langston vowed to stand behind her best friend for anything, but wondered if it was a little extreme for Hannah to lie about something so huge. Starr confided that nothing was too extreme for a girl who had tried to kill herself over Ford. Starr related that it was a good thing Langston had broken up with Ford because then Hannah might be after her.

Starr, trying to take her mind off of everything, begged to see Langston's prom dress. Langston argued that it didn't matter because she wasn't going anyway. Just then, Markko walked in and said that he had seen Cole. Markko and Langston began to argue about whether or not Cole's actions toward Todd were justified, but Starr yelled at them to stop because nothing could be changed. Starr's friends promised to stop talking about it and inquired if there was anything they could do. Starr told them to go to the prom and have fun. As Langston and Markko went to bed, Starr looked at a picture of her and Cole and daydreamed about happier times with her boyfriend.

As Cristian, Layla, and Ford ate pizza, they joked that their apartment single-handedly kept the pizza place in business. There was a knock on the door. Much to Layla's chagrin, Ford opened the door to Jessica, who claimed to have a surprise for Cristian. Because the roommates were in the middle of dinner, Jessica revealed that she was going to go to prom with Brody. Layla questioned why Jessica didn't just post it on her MyFace page, but Jessica insisted that she liked giving her status updates in person.

Jessica suggested that the four of them share a table, but Layla reminded her that Cristian would be chaperoning and Jessica was just attending. Jessica turned to leave, but Ford insisted that there was plenty of pizza. Ford told her how cool he thought it was that she was redoing high school since there were things he would like to redo himself. Layla wondered if Jessica's parents knew where she was. Jessica assured them that they wouldn't be angry since she was technically an adult. As Layla pulled Cristian away to talk, Ford asked how serious Jessica and her prom date were. She looked at Cristian and said that they were free to date other people.

Ford was telling Jess a funny story about his prom and warned her to be careful. Jessica asked if he was still with the girl that he went to prom with, but Ford said that high school romances never lasted. As Jessica objected, Cristian and Layla argued. Layla asked why he was being so protective of Jessica, and Cristian explained that Ford was a dog, and Cristian had to protect his friend. Layla thought that he was jealous as Jessica walked over to the couple and asked if they had any more soda.

Layla said they were out, but Jessica realized that it was probably time to go, and she wanted to visit her Uncle Todd before she went home anyway. She said she'd see them the next day at the prom and left. Ford thought Jessica was interesting, but Layla hoped she would reconnect with Brody. Layla hated that she was jealous, but she just wanted a night out without Jessica throwing herself at Cristian. Cristian promised her that he only had eyes for her as the couple got closer. Ford walked out, and Layla suggested that the couple move to the bedroom. Cristian said he'd be there after he finished cleaning up. When Layla left, Cristian warned Ford to stay away from Jessica.

Brody arrived at the hospital to check on the officer standing guard outside of Todd's room. The officer said that Todd's daughter was in the room with him. The officer said that Todd was being released the next day, but standing outside of Todd's room was better than watching over the kids at prom the next night. He asked Brody if he wanted the shift, but Brody smiled as he informed his fellow cop that he had plans. As if on cue, Jessica arrived in front of her Uncle Todd's hospital room. Jessica and Brody talked about the prom, and Jessica promised surprises for the next night.

As Todd talked to one of his cohorts on the phone and tried to get him to find Hannah, she entered his hospital room. She introduced herself as Todd commented that he didn't recognize her with clothes on. She wondered why Todd wanted to track her down. He answered that he needed her to retract her statement about seeing him push Marty down the stairs. As Hannah stood by her confession, Todd reminded her that lying on the stand in court led to jail time. Todd informed her that he knew why she was there -- she wanted to drive a wedge between Starr and Cole.

Hannah suggested that Todd had forgotten what he had done to Marty when he hit his head, to which Todd replied that he was innocent. He reminded Hannah that he could have her thrown out of his room at any time. She finally told him the reason that she was there -- she wanted Todd's charges against Cole dropped because it was in Todd's "best interest."

Hannah explained that Starr needed Cole at home and reminded Todd that he would do anything for Starr. She then recounted that the stairwell was very dark and that she thought it was Todd pushing Marty, but she wasn't totally sure. Todd made sure that Hannah meant to change her story in exchange for Todd to drop the charges. Todd didn't trust Hannah and stated that she only considered changing her story because it was a lie in the first place.

Todd explained how Téa would rip Hannah to shreds in court, and that Hannah should watch her back when he was found innocent. Todd said that he knew she wanted Cole, but she couldn't use him to get Cole. He said that she had no idea who she was dealing with. He had the means to make her life a living hell or even end it. He told her to pray that she went to jail for perjury because then at least she wouldn't have to look over her shoulder for Todd. She said she'd see him in court and left the room.

As Hannah exited Todd's room, Brody demanded to know why she was in there. She said that she didn't know that she wasn't allowed in, and claimed to be helping Cole. Brody warned her to stay away from Todd, and Hannah left. Brody returned to Jessica's side to learn that she wanted to see her uncle. Brody wasn't sure that it was a good idea, but Jessica promised him that Todd wouldn't hurt her. Brody assured Jessica that he would be right outside the room just in case there was any trouble.

At the jewelry shop in New Mexico, Otto, the jewelry maker, told Rex that the necklace was the most special piece his father had ever made. Rex asked if he knew who bought the necklace. Otto went on to say that the necklace symbolized eternal love that was supposed to "transcend time, distance, and death." On the back, a picture of running water was carved to symbolize constant life. Rex again asked if he knew who bought the necklace, to which Otto said yes.

The old man flashed back to a time when he, as a young man, tried to buy the necklace. This caused Rex to ask if Otto was his father. It turned out that Otto's father had refused to sell the necklace to his son and instead sold it to someone else. Otto couldn't remember the name of the person who bought it because it was a long time before. Rex and Gigi thanked Otto and his daughter for their help and left the shop.

Back at the hotel room, Rex was on the phone with Shane and told the boy to take it easy on Roxy. Gigi got the phone and told Shane that they couldn't get a flight that night, so they would be back the next day. After hanging up, Gigi asked Rex if he thought Otto was telling the truth. Rex believed Otto knew more than he was saying. The pair couldn't do anything about it, so they decided to just go to bed. As Gigi got ready for bed, she watched Rex get ready. She turned the lights out and apologized for the lack of answers as she and Rex got into separate beds. As Rex looked at the necklace sitting on the dresser, he confessed that he believed the answers he was looking for were in New Mexico. Gigi hoped he was right.

Back at the jewelry shop, Otto unlocked a drawer in his desk and took out a box with the same running water carving as the necklace. He opened the box to a collection of jewelry and closed it again. He put the box away and locked the drawer.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

In New Mexico, Rex asked Bo over the phone how he was feeling. Bo said he was all right, then asked how Rex's search was going. Rex confided that he thought the jewelry maker knew more than he was letting on, but then got distracted as Gigi walked out of the bathroom in a towel. Later, Rex returned to the hotel room with coffee for himself and Gigi, still clad only in a towel. Rex said that he would take a shower and then they could leave. "For the airport?" asked Gigi. Rex replied that they were going back to the jewelry store, and he hoped Gigi would go with him. After Gigi accepted, Rex went into the bathroom, saying that he was taking a cold shower.

Rex and Gigi arrived at the jewelry shop and found that it was closed. Gigi suggested that they get some food and then return. She asked Rex if he was thinking about breaking in. "I'm not thinking about it. I'm doing it," he replied. Inside the shop, Rex noticed the locked drawer in Otto's desk. Gigi made sure the coast was clear, and Rex picked the lock. He opened the drawer to find the locked box with the same running water symbol carved into it as the necklace had.

At the diner, Nora asked Matthew if he had ordered Dani's corsage yet. He hadn't, but only because Dani didn't know the color of her dress. Nora gave him money for the corsage when Starr arrived and asked to speak with Nora about how to get Cole out of jail. Bo told Matthew that they should give the ladies a minute to talk, so they got up from the booth. Nora informed Starr that the only way Cole could get out was to prove that Todd had paid off the judge, but Starr truly believed that her father was innocent of everything for which he was being blamed. Nora reasoned that it was natural for Starr to want to believe her father, but Starr insisted that Hannah was lying in order to break up her and Cole.

On the other side of the diner, Matthew scoffed as Nate walked in. Bo wondered if Matthew had a problem with Nate, which Matthew denied. Nate noticed Matthew and asked if he wanted to practice lines, which Matthew agreed to do. After running some lines, Nate expressed how nervous he was to take a girl that he didn't even know to the prom. He suggested that Matthew and Dani double date with Nate and Whitney.

Changing the subject, Matthew asked why he saw Nate gave Dani a phone. Nate explained that she was in the park one night, got upset, and broke her phone after throwing it. He was surprised that Dani never mentioned the meeting to Matthew since "nothing happened." Matthew got up from the table, and left Nate alone. Nate thought back to the kiss he shared with Dani and smiled.

Téa, on the phone with a doctor, was adamant about refusing any kind of treatment because it was still a death sentence. Dani entered and Téa asked how much she had heard. Dani replied that she had heard enough to know that her mother was in trouble. She continued that, if Todd could get the death penalty, her mother's job would be way more difficult. Dani then said that she had to leave for school or she would be late. Téa stopped her daughter and said she would give her a note because there were "special circumstances" that were more important than school.

Deciding at the last minute not to tell Dani about her tumor, Téa realized that the prom was later that night and Dani had no dress. As Dani thought about kissing Nate in the park, Téa said that they had to go shopping. Later, the pair returned to their room with an armful of dresses. Dani said she would try the dresses on after school, but Téa insisted that she try them on that minute. Dani acquiesced, but then didn't like what she saw in the mirror. When she finally modeled a pretty purple dress for her mother, Téa cried, telling her daughter that she wasn't a little girl anymore.

"Wait until Matthew sees you," a smiling Téa told her daughter. She went on about how Dani drove Matthew crazy and that they'd have the time of their lives until Dani yelled that Téa didn't know anything about her. Téa asked if something had happened, but before Dani could answer, Téa received a text message from Todd. Dani told her to go because she knew that her mother wanted to.

At the hospital, Todd was on the phone and trying to find out more about Hannah. Blair walked in and took his phone away. Todd denied the blame for Marty losing her baby, Cole going to jail, and the unfairness of Cole's judge. He related that Starr believed him and demanded that Blair give his phone back. She asked who he was talking about on the phone. Todd explained that Hannah had tried to get Todd to drop the charges against Cole in exchange for her changing her story. Todd began to mouth off about Téa when Blair yelled at him to leave Téa alone.

Todd replied that Téa wasn't the one being accused of murder and wondered what could compare to that. Blair thought about her emotional conversation with Téa and responded that Todd should stop whining because Téa was raising Dani, who had blown up at Téa for defending Todd, all by herself. Todd believed that Téa was too busy to care about whether he lived or died, but did notice that she had been acting strangely. He implored Blair to tell him if something was wrong because it would be too late to do anything about it after the trial started. He reasoned that he and Téa had a child together so he had a right to know. Blair confirmed Todd's suspicions that something was wrong, but wasn't specific.

Todd rationalized that if Téa needed help it should come from him. Blair suggested that Téa was too stubborn and probably scared to open up to him. John and another officer entered to take Todd, who begged for another minute with Blair, to lockup. John ordered Todd to get up and get dressed.

Téa arrived at the hospital and ran into Greg's assistant Emily, who thought that Téa had reconsidered having treatment. Téa refused and excused herself to see Todd as he was being taken out of his room in handcuffs. She wanted a release form from his doctor, but John left with Todd in tow anyway. Todd yelled that he had to talk to Téa as he was taken away. Blair, who was still sitting outside of Todd's room, swore that she didn't tell Todd about Téa's condition, but he knew that something was wrong. Blair urged her to tell him, but Téa said she would deal with it in her own way after she got Todd arraigned.

Marty asked John if she could borrow a book bag to take some books to Cole. She emptied it out and found a baby-sized Phillies jersey. John apologized and vowed that he didn't mean for her to find it. Marty said an apology wasn't necessary and swore she was okay, but said that the loss would always be there. John suggested that he and Marty try to have another baby once they got the all-clear. Marty couldn't try again so soon and just wanted to be alone to pack up all the baby things the couple had accumulated.

John left the apartment and arrived at the diner to get Marty some breakfast. Nora asked about Marty and expressed her intent to visit. She took the food and left to go see Marty. John hoped that Nora would know the right thing to say to Marty. John told Bo that he had to get to work and that he couldn't wait for Bo to return to the station. Matthew returned to his seat next to Bo and voiced his concerns about Dani spending time with Nate. Matthew left the diner to follow Bo's advice to talk to Dani about it.

Nora arrived at the apartment with food for Marty. Nora knew that it would take time for Marty to get over losing her baby, but Marty didn't think that John really understood. She explained to Nora how John wanted to try to have another child, but she couldn't get over the pain of losing the first one. She showed Nora a stuffed animal that she had gotten for the baby and subsequently got upset. Nora wondered why Marty was doing that to herself, but Marty swore she was just packing things away. Nora wanted to help, but Marty insisted that she would be all right alone. Once alone, Marty sadly packed away baby clothes, toys, and books.

Nora returned to the diner and told Bo that Marty was broken-hearted, and needed some alone time. She then reminded Bo that they had a "mission at city hall" to take care of. Both felt that they had never been happier.

Alone in her room, Dani tried on another dress. She looked in the mirror and imagined Matthew holding her hand. Matthew turned into Nate and Dani smiled. After changing out of the dress, Matthew arrived and wanted to talk to Dani about her seeing Nate at the park. Matthew said that Nate told him nothing happened between the two, but that the statement was out of the blue. Dani confessed to Matthew that she and Nate had kissed.

Cole returned to his jail cell from the shower to find a drawing done by Hope that said, "Miss you, Daddy." Hannah arrived and asked about Starr. Cole told her that he wasn't there when Starr had been there, but he didn't really want to talk about her anyway. Hannah informed Cole that Todd had threatened to kill her the day before. Cole questioned why she went to see Todd. She confessed that she did it for Cole. Because she couldn't stand watching him being dragged away, she went to Todd to ask him to drop the charges against Cole. It only made Todd angry, and he told her that people who crossed him were never heard from again.

Cole reassured Hannah by telling her that Todd was just trying to scare her, and that she could have police protection if she wanted it. As Hannah put her hand on Cole's, she said that she wanted to do what Starr wouldn't do for him. Just then, Starr entered and asked if the two wanted to be alone. She thought they were just friends, but she had caught them holding hands. She wondered what lies Hannah was telling to Cole. Hannah decided to leave, and Cole thanked her for everything she had done for him.

Starr inquired why he was thanking Hannah but Cole told her that Todd had threatened Hannah, and that she had asked Todd to drop the charges. Starr retorted that she was trying to help Cole the right way by talking to Nora. She explained that there was nothing to be done unless it could be proven that Todd had paid the judge off. Cole wanted Starr to make Todd admit to it, but Starr knew Todd didn't do it. Each accused the other of lying to themselves. Through Cole's protests, Starr left the jail.

On the way to the holding cells, Todd was yelling about suing the Llanview Police Department for brutality. As Cole looked at Hope's drawing, he heard the unlocking of a cell. Todd was put in the cell right across from Cole.

As Hannah was about to walk into the diner, Starr angrily called her name and grabbed her.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

In the Delgado suite at the Palace, Danielle admitted to Matthew that there was something between her and Nate, and confessed that she'd kissed him. Matthew was floored, but Danielle said she'd been confused and frightened after Todd's near-death experience at the hospital; she'd gone to the park while struggling with her emotions, and Nate had been there to comfort her and make her feel safe. She insisted that the impulsive kiss hadn't meant anything, and that Matthew meant far more to her. Matthew asked if that meant that she didn't like Nate.

Danielle said Nate was just a friend, but Matthew was unconvinced - he'd texted Danielle that night, but she hadn't replied, as she was with Nate instead. Danielle swore that she would have called Matthew if she'd seen his messages, and apologized for not being more upfront. "I don't deserve you," she murmured. Softening, Matthew told her it was all right; she was going through tough times, and he was sure she wasn't really into Nate. Danielle reiterated that Nate meant nothing to her.

Matthew asked if she still wanted to go to prom with him, and Danielle said yes, pointing out the new dresses strewn across the suite. Matthew asked which one she'd wear that night, and Danielle said it would be a surprise. Danielle told him she'd see him at rehearsal after school. Matthew thanked Danielle for giving him the truth, and said he couldn't stay mad at her. Danielle promised to kiss only him from then on, and the teens shared a smooch, but after saying their goodbyes, both kids seemed troubled on either side of the door.

At Llanview Hospital, Blair confronted Téa about her unwillingness to undergo treatment for her tumor. Téa reminded Blair that her condition was terminal, something she couldn't do anything about, whereas Danielle and Todd still needed her. "That tumor has already scrambled your brains!" Blair snapped. She begged Téa to let her help, and asked her rival what she needed to accomplish so badly that she wouldn't fight for her life.

Téa said she needed to make sure Danielle was cared for after she was gone, and that Danielle and Todd were able to forge a loving relationship. Blair admitted that getting Danielle and Todd to become BFF would be hard work, and it wouldn't happen that night; in the meantime, she urged Téa to be with Danielle, and let Todd sweat out a night in jail where he generally belonged. She suggested Téa use the treatment to buy some time to achieve her goals, and take an evening to rest and regain her strength. Téa resisted Blair's ministrations, until Blair put her appeal another way, and asked what she'd say if Danielle or Todd were sick. Blair asked if Téa would tell them to fight, or to give up as she wanted to do.

Téa said she wasn't giving up, just prioritizing, but it all meant the same thing to Blair. She said she'd never known Téa to give up on anything, and pushed her to stay in the game. Téa said it was a pointless endeavor, but Blair insisted miracles could happen. Téa grew maudlin as she recalled her pre-prom shopping spree with Danielle, and how they'd spent a decent day together for the first time in ages; she refused to give those kind of perfect moments up for a fruitless ordeal in a hospital bed. Blair said she understood tough times between a mother and a daughter, but that Danielle deserved all the time Téa could give her, and suggested that Danielle would want her to fight if Téa had offered her the choice.

Blair gave Téa an ultimatum: She had twenty-four hours to spend with Danielle enjoying preparation for prom, then reporting to the hospital in the morning for treatment, otherwise Blair would spill the beans about her illness. Téa was outraged by Blair's blackmail, but her nemesis had no regrets. Stymied, Téa quickly scheduled her appointment with Greg's colleague. A triumphant Blair followed her down the hospital corridor, nagged her not to bail out Todd yet, and ordered her to focus on Danielle for the night. Téa grudgingly agreed, but pointedly withheld Blair's requested hug or "thank you" as she strolled into the elevator.

Outside the Buenos Dias Café, Starr latched onto Hannah's arm, and was determined to confront her about her lies. Hannah struggled to wriggle away, but Starr wouldn't budge. "I'll let go of you when you let go of Cole," she declared. She said Hannah was messing with her family and playing Cole, but explained that Hannah had made a fatal mistake by attempting to work Todd; he'd be out of jail soon, thanks to Téa. "Her specialty's saving my dad," Starr said coldly. "She lives for it."

Starr warned Hannah to leave her family alone or suffer the consequences. Playing the innocent, Hannah asked if Starr was threatening her. Feigning concern for Starr's mental health and her relationship with Cole, Hannah reminded Starr that she'd made mistakes as well; by telling Todd about Hannah's suicide attempt, she'd broken Cole's trust and betrayed him. She offered to "help" Starr and Cole find their way back together, and Starr called her insane. Hannah said she'd only told the truth, then asked a hypothetical question. She wondered who the guilty party could possibly be if Todd hadn't pushed Marty down the stairs.

As Hannah taunted her about the mystery, Starr reached a sickening conclusion - she accused Hannah of pushing Marty because Hannah knew that she could frame Todd and create a rift between Starr and Cole. Hannah swiftly denied it and told Starr that she wasn't only losing perspective; she was also losing Cole. Commenting on the sadness of her "friends'" breakup, Hannah gave Starr her backhanded best wishes. "Have fun at prom," she cooed, then entered the Buenos Dias.

At the police station, Todd confronted Cole as John ushered him into the cellblock. Noting that he was in the cell adjacent to Cole's, Todd assured John he wasn't concerned, and said he had nieces more scary than the teen; in fact, he said John knew one of them all too well, and declared that McBain would dump Marty for Natalie in no time flat with the baby out of the equation. As Cole raged at Todd from his cell, John attempted to calm the boy, but Todd was eager to goad his enemies, and said Téa would spring him soon.

Todd and Cole began to trade barbs, but Todd held the trump card when he revealed that Hannah had visited him at the hospital, and was looking to make a deal. While Cole derided Todd's claim as a fantasy, John's interest was immediately piqued. Todd dismissed Cole as "about as smart as a box of hair," and explained how Hannah had attempted to strike a bargain on her testimony in exchange for Cole's freedom. Cole refused to believe it, singing his friend's praises, but John grew curious. Todd said Cole had a crazy girl trying to get in his pants, and that the police were wasting time believing her tall tale while Marty's true attacker covered his tracks.

John asked Todd who he thought could have pushed Marty. Todd said it could've been anyone, even John's beloved, temperamental Natalie, and said the evidence against him - fibers from a blue jacket - was barely there. Putting on a confident front, John attempted to dismiss Todd's allegations, but Todd told him they both knew the Llanview Police Department had the wrong man. As John turned to leave, Cole assured him that "Hannah's okay." Silent, John exited the cellblock, and left Todd and Cole to their own dubious devices.

After John left, Todd, anxious to call Téa and make bail, called for a guard. When no one responded, Cole jeered that perhaps Téa was tired of saving her ex's hide. Cole said that Starr wanted to believe in Todd, but she had no evidence to defend him; Todd was a murderer, and he was going to fry. Firing back, Todd called Cole an "ignorant punk," a fool who'd lost Starr by believing a "psycho skank's" word. He said he'd be free soon, but Cole would rot on his assault charges, and Starr would never forgive him for what he'd done.

Over at Foxy Roxy's, Natalie, who was back from London, entered and reunited with Roxy. But Natalie had surprising news: she'd liked London so much she'd decided to stay, and she was leaving that night. Horrified, Roxy told her surrogate daughter she couldn't leave for somewhere so far away. Natalie said she needed a change, and wanted to be in London with Kevin, Joey, and Cord. Roxy said it was more than that, and accused Natalie of wanting to escape, to run away from her troubles with John.

Natalie admitted that she hated seeing John and holding onto the feelings she still had. Roxy pleaded with her to stay and said that John would realize he couldn't run from the power of their love. Roxy said Natalie needed to fight for him. Natalie said it wasn't that simple, and that John had chosen Marty, but Roxy said that the baby's death, while tragic, had severed the last tie between John and Marty. Natalie refused to stay, and said that baby or no baby, she couldn't take another rejection and humiliation.

Roxy realized Natalie hadn't told John about her London plans and urged her to do so, but Natalie wasn't about to put her life on hold for another round of "John makes up his mind." Roxy asked what would happen if she told him then and there, that night. Natalie didn't want to give John an ultimatum, but Roxy said she didn't have to, and urged Natalie to put her feelings in a letter, then deliver it to the police station; if John wanted her, he could find her before she flew overseas.

Natalie agreed to Roxy's proposal, and wrote her fateful letter. As she finished it, Roxy reviewed it and called it genius, but told Natalie to add a "rendezvous point," somewhere for John to meet her if he returned her feelings. Roxy had the perfect choice, and suggested they meet at Rodi's at midnight if they wanted a future together. Natalie dutifully added the rendezvous point to her letter. "You can't miss!" Roxy cheered.

In New Mexico, Gigi and Rex examined Otto's mysterious lockbox, and wondered what secrets it hid. Gigi had the answer to all their questions, however: a big hammer to smash the box's lock with. Before she could slam the hammer down, Otto appeared out of nowhere to grab her arm. Rex and Gigi apologized for breaking in, but begged Otto to show them what was in the box. Otto promptly accused them of robbery, and ordered Penny to call the police.

As Rex continued to plead for answers about his parents, Otto softened; he told the couple to leave, and he'd tell the cops they'd escaped. The dynamic duo refused - they knew Otto had the answers they sought, and they'd take their chances with the cops. When the boys in beige arrived, Gigi and Rex were taken in. Rex apologized to Gigi for the trouble, but Gigi promised him they'd get out of their latest mess together.

After Gigi and Rex were carted off, Penny asked Otto if he truly did know the identity of Rex's parents, and urged him to give the visitors the information they were searching for. "It's not my place to tell," Otto intoned.

Back at the Palace, Danielle agonized over her Starr X'd Lovers script, and was shaken by the stage directions indicating her kiss with Nate. When Téa returned, Danielle was surprised to learn that her mother had taken off the day from work and Todd's case in favor of a spa day with her daughter. Téa informed Danielle they were going to live the beautiful life together in preparation for her first prom. "Awesome!" Danielle cried.

At the hospital, Blair ran into Starr outside Todd's vacant hospital room. Starr asked where her father was, and Blair reluctantly informed her that he'd been released and arrested by the police.

At the Buenos Dias, John watched from the front window as Hannah sat at the lunch counter and read a copy of the Sun. Todd's words about the evidence rang in his ears as he noticed Hannah's blue coat. After Hannah walked off, John entered the restaurant and stared at the Sun, featuring an article on Todd with a headline reading "SCAPEGOAT." Troubled, John recalled what Todd had said about other suspects.

As John stared at the paper, Natalie entered the restaurant and stopped short as she saw her ex. Beating a hasty retreat, she walked out unnoticed, then sank against the wall. Remembering Roxy's advice, she clutched her letter. "See you later, John," Natalie whispered. "Please show up." With that, Natalie walked away, leaving the unsuspecting John behind.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

As Clint and Reed tied up their business discussion at the Buchanan mansion, Viki entered the room and interrupted them. She wanted to see Clint about a family matter. Reed left to get ready for his date, and Viki informed Clint that she needed to talk about Jessica and the prom. Clint was happy that Jessica would be attending with Brody, and Viki proudly proclaimed that it had been with Charlie's help that Jessica and Brody would be together. Clint was grateful to Charlie, and Viki told him that things were going well with her and Charlie. She was concerned that Charlie was working closely with Dorian, but it was a project that involved a great opportunity for him.

Viki was upset that Jessica still her had sights set on Cristian, and she was afraid that Jessica would be hurt. She felt that every time Jessica got her life back on course, something happened to ruin it again. She was certain that Jessica's heart would be broken. Clint admitted that he didn't know what was best for Jessica, and he wondered if they should continue to treat her as a teenager. Viki was worried about Bree and speculated when Jessica might accept her responsibilities.

Viki mentioned that Marty thought that prom night was a critical night for Jessica, and she was anxious that Jessica could be stuck in the past if things didn't work out. They decided to call Marty, and Viki arranged to meet with Marty at the Palace so they could discuss the ramifications of prom night.

Natalie arrived at the police station and, finding John's office empty, left her letter in an envelope marked personal, on his desk. She left the office but heard voices and ducked down behind a desk. Layla was talking to John. She told him that she was leaving work early because she was attending the high school prom, but Rita would fill in while Layla was gone. John headed into his office and began to rifle through his mail. Natalie watched him briefly and he didn't notice, but she fled the station when he began to open her envelope.

Just then, Rita arrived to take over for Layla, and John received a phone call. Distracted, he placed the envelope on top of his desk. He left the office after the call. Marty arrived and Rita sent her to John's office to wait for him. Spotting the envelope marked personal, a curious Marty removed the note and began to read it. Natalie had written that she was strongly drawn to John, and she asked that he meet her at Rodi's at midnight if he felt the same. If he didn't show up then, she would realize it was goodbye, she had concluded. John returned and Marty hid the correspondence from him.

John assured her that Cole was okay and that Todd had been taken to the station infirmary. He would make sure to keep the two of them apart. Todd had still denied that he had been the one to push Marty, John summarized. Marty told him she had something to say as she thought about Natalie's letter. She hesitated and finally just apologized for her reaction to John's proposal that they try for another baby. She didn't think they were in the proper position to think about it. She received a phone call from Viki and departed for the Palace. She hid Natalie's letter in her purse.

Brody called Jessica while she was at school to find out what type of flowers she wanted for the prom. Jessica ended the conversation abruptly when she spied Cristian in the gym. She advised Brody that she really didn't care what kind of flowers he had for her. She sauntered over to Cristian and coyly asked him to save a dance for her at the prom. Annoyed, Cristian reminded her that he was a teacher and she was a student, and it wasn't appropriate. Jessica pointed out that he had been jealous when she spoke to Ford on a previous evening. "Was that appropriate?" she asked him.

Cristian insisted he hadn't been jealous and while Ford was a great roommate, Cristian wasn't fond of the way Ford treated women. "You can't judge a book by its cover," Cristian told her. He had merely been protecting her, the same as he would for any other woman. Jess was certain that Layla had noticed Cristian's jealousy, as well, and the fact that Cristian had feelings for Jessica. Just then one of the students, Darren, wandered in and knocked into a ladder, which caused it to topple. Jessica landed in Cristian's arms, and the two stared into each other's eyes.

As Jessica leaned in for a kiss, Darren apologized for being so clumsy, and the moment was ruined. Jessica returned to the previous conversation and she wanted Cristian to swear on his mother's life that he wasn't jealous. Cristian refused, and Jessica triumphantly shouted that she had been right. Cristian was jealous and his silence told her what she wanted to know. She turned to leave because she had to get herself ready for the prom.

Kelly was mortified when Dorian announced that she had hired a bodyguard for Kelly as long as there was a "dangerous killer at large." She introduced Kelly to Shaun, but Kelly promptly turned down Dorian's offer. She cited the fact that she didn't want a stranger to play babysitter, and she didn't need one, anyway, since she was safe. Dorian declared that she would not negotiate and Shaun was ready to start. Kelly noted that she had a date and her dinner reservations were for two people, not three.

Dorian was excited to learn that Kelly had a date, especially when she heard that it was with Reed. She was sure that there was a relationship between the pair that Kelly hadn't divulged, though Kelly insisted there wasn't. As Kelly departed La Boulaie for the hairdresser, Dorian ordered Shaun to follow Kelly.

At Roxy's hair salon, Langston ran into Ford, who was there to use the tanning bed. He invited her to spend time with him that evening, but Langston explained that she couldn't abandon Markko on prom night. He leaned over to kiss her, but she backed away. He tried to persuade her to change her mind and rubbed in the fact that he would have the apartment to himself, since Layla and Cristian would be at the prom. Langston turned down the invitation again, and Ford sighed that he would have to live with it.

Langston made it clear that it would probably be one of the last times she was out with Markko because she planned on breaking up with him. She didn't want to ruin the evening for him. Ford referred to the empty apartment again, but Roxy called out that the tanning bed was ready for him. Kelly arrived with Shaun and revealed that she was stuck with him even if she didn't like it.

As Kelly sat under a hair dryer, Roxy gave Shaun a manicure. Kelly called John for an update on her mother's case and learned that John had received Rodney's autopsy report. He told her that Rodney had died of a heart attack, but Kelly was skeptical. She stated that Rodney was healthy and had been fine when he arrived at her office. John informed her that the case was closed and his hands were "officially tied." She asked if he would be able to work on it, and he replied that he couldn't "answer officially." She told him of her plan to see him to discuss it and hung up before he could reply.

As Kelly made her way out of the hair salon, Jessica walked in. The young women agreed to meet at a later date for some girl talk, though Jessica confessed that she couldn't remember anything that had transpired with Kelly's life. Kelly was in a hurry because she had a date, and Jessica revealed that she was going to the prom. Kelly seemed perturbed, but she didn't say anything. Jessica had to figure out how to be alone with a different guy than the one she was going with, she said. She showed Roxy a picture of a 90's hairstyle that she wanted.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Brody saw Layla, who had arrived to pick up a boutonnière for Cristian that Carlotta had hidden in the refrigerator. Brody revealed that he knew that Jessica had stopped at the apartment to see Cristian and Layla to tell them about her date with Brody. He knew it was to make Cristian jealous, and he was sure that prom night would be the last chance for Brody to win Jessica back. Layla was sorry that Brody was in pain after all he had been through to be with Jessica in the first place, and she hoped all went well. She headed for the kitchen as Natalie walked in and greeted Brody.

Natalie announced that she had either been brave or stupid as she explained what she had done with the letter. She had asked John to choose between her and Marty, and it was Roxy's idea. Brody thought she had been brave, and Roxy was the one who had told him to go after Jessica. Natalie thought it was different because John was with someone else, but Brody disagreed. Natalie wanted to flee, but she would have her answer at midnight. She was distressed, since there were still so many hours to wait. They toasted to the evening. Natalie related that she had seen John begin to open her letter and wished she could see his reaction.

Layla stopped to talk to Carlotta, who assured the young woman that Cristian was quite happy with Layla. She pointed out that Cristian had taken Jessica to the prom a long time before, and she knew that Jessica had her eyes on Cristian again. Layla admitted that she was worried about how Cristian really felt. Cristian walked in as the women chatted and asked if he had interrupted something. Layla hid the flowers, backed out of the door, and exclaimed that she had to get ready for the prom. Carlotta spoke up and advised him that she and Layla had concerns.

Cristian knew that Layla was upset about Jessica, but he assured Carlotta that he loved Layla. Carlotta wanted to know if Cristian had any feelings for Jessica.

Langston returned to La Boulaie to get dressed for the prom, and Dorian was ecstatic that Langston had made that choice. Langston was sad that Starr wouldn't be attending with Cole and, while Dorian shared her feelings, she thought that Langston should be happy for herself. It was an important night, and Langston was about to be a woman, she gushed. Langston assured Dorian that she was already a woman. She was quiet as Dorian chattered on about the evening's festivities and all she had planned for Langston's preparations and pictures. She suddenly noticed that she seemed to be more excited than Langston.

Gently, Dorian expressed her sorrow that Langston's parents weren't there for her, but she would do her best to make up for it. She thought that Langston would feel better after she was dressed up, and she was sure the evening would be memorable. Langston recalled that she had a rehearsal for the musical, and she hastened out. She bumped into Reed, who had arrived early for his date with Kelly.

Dorian was prepared to question Reed and, since Kelly wasn't there, she inquired about his relationship with Kelly. It seemed to be more than a business relationship to her, she stated. Reed advised her that he wanted to get to know Kelly better and Dorian retorted that she planned on getting to know Reed better herself. She invited him in and began to give him the third degree.

After John received the phone call from Kelly, he placed a call to a friend and former agent. He wanted to talk about toxicology and traceable drugs. Later, he looked through his mail and realized that the half-opened envelope was missing. He asked Rita about the rest of his mail or if anyone had been in his office. Rita wasn't familiar with the mail, but she noted that Dr. Saybrooke had been the only one in John's office while he had been gone.

Viki, Clint, and Marty met at the Palace. Marty told them that there was something about prom night and the "rite of passage" as the reason that Jessica was stuck, both emotionally and mentally. She thought that Mitch's rape attempt and the night that Jessica had originally planned on losing her virginity were related. She spoke of Jessica's attempt to alter past events as a way to change the present, and she was trying to connect sex with love instead of violence. She thought that the two worlds might merge, but she couldn't promise that things would change. It was a significant night, and she thought they should "let it play out."

After their meeting, Marty pulled Natalie's letter to John from her purse and began to read it again. She read that Natalie loved John.

Kelly returned home in time to save Reed from Dorian's questions, but she needed to change her clothes. Reed assured her she looked fine and said they would be heading to dinner and a Broadway show in New York City. Shaun asked if they were ready to go, and Dorian ordered him to stick to Kelly like glue because her life was in danger. Shaun wasn't sure what to do about the show, but Dorian suggested he locate a scalper. Outside, Kelly explained her new chaperone to Reed. He was sure he would be able to "liberate" them before the night was over.

Ford was finished with the tanning bed and saw Jessica as he prepared to leave. He told her she was "smokin' hot" and suggested they get together some time. Roxy told Jessica he was a "player," and Jessica assured her she wasn't interested in Ford. She owed him her thanks though, since Cristian admitted he had feelings for Jessica because of Ford. Layla had just walked into the salon and heard Jessica's comment.

Friday, May 14, 2010

In the high school hall, as Starr gazed at the Starr X'd Lovers poster on the wall, and as Cole sat in jail, Starr recalled when she and Cole had met for the first time. Langston spotted Starr in the hall, and they remembered how Cole had saved Starr from "those jocks." Starr proclaimed that Cole had been the first guy that she had ever been with, had ever trusted, and had ever loved. Starr cried to Langston, "I don't know. What would you do? What would you do if you lost Markko?"

Langston evaded the question and asked about Cole. Starr replied that she had found Hannah hanging all over Cole at the jail. Starr told Langston of her suspicions that Hannah had pushed Marty down the stairs. Starr emphasized that Hannah had admitted to being at the hospital at the time, but Langston wondered if Hannah could be so desperate that she would push Marty down the stairs just to get Cole's attention. Langston pointed out that Starr did not have proof that Hannah did it, and Starr responded, "Yet." When Langston told Starr, as they walked to the gym, that she did not want to go to Roxy's alone to have her hair done, Starr suggested that Langston take Dani.

In the high school hall, after Langston left, Starr imagined Cole asking her to the prom. Nate strolled through the hall and broke Starr's illusion.

In the Buenas Dias Café, Brody revealed to Markko that he was taking Jessica to the prom and exclaimed, "Just be glad your date doesn't think she's in love with someone else."

Cristian insisted to Carlotta in the Buenas Dias kitchen that he loved Layla, and that it was over with Jessica. Carlotta begged Cristian not to hurt Jessica, and to look deep in his heart for any love that he might have left for Jessica. Cristian inquired what if he still did. Carlotta declared that Cristian could not have it both ways, and that he needed to make a choice. Cristian stressed that he did not want to hurt Jessica, but Carlotta remarked that maybe Jessica needed to be hurt, so she could snap out of it. Carlotta advised, "I'm telling you, you are going to hurt them both, if you don't make a choice." Cristian's cell phone rang.

In the jail, Hannah took cookies to Cole, as she informed him that Starr was suspicious that Hannah had pushed Marty down the stairs, which had killed Marty's baby. Cole refused to believe Starr's allegations against Hannah.

As Starr watched in the gym, Dani, Destiny, and Nate began the rehearsal for the musical, Starr X'd Lovers, with a song, and the play opened from when Starr and Cole had first met. Darren and Whitney danced the opening number, while Dani sang the solo and was later joined by Nate. The dancers included Matthew and Destiny, who later joined in to sing. Starr loved the opening sequence.

After the first song was done, Destiny and Matthew pondered how they would react at the prom, once they saw Langston and Markko together, since they knew that Langston had cheated on Markko with Ford. After Destiny left, Darren walked up to Matthew and exclaimed that he knew that Destiny was "nuts about" him.

Still in the gym, Matthew walked over to Nate and demanded that Nate keep his lips off of Matthew's girlfriend. Matthew stressed to Nate that Dani had only kissed Nate in the park, because she was upset. Nate did not deny it and replied, "You know, but as far as you and Dani go, it's up to you."

Matthew located Dani, and after Dani asked Matthew to pick her up for the prom at La Boulaie, Langston told her that it was time to leave for Roxy's.

At Roxy's, Jessica told Roxy that Cristian had admitted that he still had feelings for her, as Layla entered the salon. Roxy laughed and joked that Jessica must be kidding about what she had just said. Jessica informed Layla that "Cristian and I are destined to be together. You'll see." When Jessica said that she had only told Cristian that Brody would be her date at Layla's apartment to make Cristian jealous, and that later Cristian had been jealous when Ford had flirted with her, Layla maintained that Cristian had just been concerned about Jessica's condition. Jessica then revealed that Cristian had almost kissed her in the high school gym.

As Destiny, Dani, Starr, and Whitney entered Roxy's, Layla called Jessica a spoiled brat and exclaimed that Cristian would never have kissed Jessica on school property. Destiny made a comment to Langston that Layla and Jessica were talking about "cheating people," and Whitney demanded to know why Dani had been kissing Nate in the park. As all of the girls argued, Roxy yelled, "Quiet!" and stressed, "If you want to keep your girlfriends close, button it."

To emphasize Roxy's point, Langston sang "Our Lips Are Sealed," by the Go-Go's, and Dani joined in with a solo later. The girls danced to the tune, and all of the ladies, excluding Destiny and Roxy, were costumed in pink wigs and red dresses. Langston questioned Destiny on her earlier remark about cheating, and Destiny answered, "It's the lowest, right? Uh, see you at the prom...with your boyfriend, right?" Roxy asked the girls under the hair dryers, who was next.

At the jail, when Hannah mentioned the prom and asked if Cole wished he could be with Starr, Cole related that a few years back, Starr and Cole had gone to the prom together - but with other dates. Somehow, Cole explained, he and Starr had made it back together - and in the rainstorm. At the time, Cole had felt that he and Starr belonged together, but he admitted that he did not know what to believe anymore. Cole sadly replied, "So, do I wish I could be with Starr tonight? If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. Something my dad used to say." Starr, who had been listening unseen, quietly slipped out of the jail.

Still at Roxy's and on the phone, Layla informed Cristian that she was running late, and that she would see Cristian at home. However, Cristian stated that he would get ready for the prom in the Buenas Dias Café and would see Layla later.

At the Buchanan Mansion, Viki and Clint informed Bo and Nora that Jessica was going to the prom, and they asked if Matthew would be at the prom to support her. As Matthew walked through the living room door, Clint requested that Matthew keep an eye on Jessica at the prom. Jessica walked in.

Jessica insisted that it would not be necessary for Matthew to keep an eye on her, because she had "a chaperon" to do just that. However, as Jessica walked back in the mansion lobby, she said to herself, "And if I have anything to say about it, he won't be looking at anyone else."

After the young ladies had left Roxy's, Brody made a grand entrance dressed in his navy whites. Roxy declared that Brody looked nice and left to retrieve her camera to take his picture. Brody strolled out of Roxy's and sang, "Keep on Loving You," by REO Speedwagon, as Jessica put on her makeup at the Buchanan mansion.

At La Boulaie, Dorian claimed to Blair that the prom was a once in a lifetime experience, and that Starr should be there. Blair pointed out that Cole was in jail, just as Téa walked in. Dorian expressed her outrage at Téa's sudden entrance, and Blair stated that she had invited Téa. After Blair sent Téa on an errand within the mansion, Dorian yelled, "Since when have you been cozying up to the enemy?" Blair exclaimed that maybe she was not as mean as Dorian had thought, but then explained that it was for Dani, not Téa. Téa walked into the room, and Dorian stormed out.

Téa thanked Blair for the invitation, and Blair requested that Téa thank her by going to her treatments, as Dani walked in. Dani asked, "What treatments?" Blair explained to Dani that Téa needed hot oil treatments for her dried out hair, as Téa sarcastically laughed. Langston and Destiny saw Dani and grabbed her arm to take her upstairs to get dressed for the prom. Téa followed.

Starr entered La Boulaie through the balcony door and stated to Blair that she did not want to go to the prom without Cole. Blair insisted that Starr had to go to her senior prom and then, as she hugged Starr, sang a beautiful melody, "All the Memories Fade Away." As Blair sang, brief clips were shown, where the parents took pictures of Markko, Destiny, Cristian, Jessica, and Matthew in prom attire. Roxy took pictures of Brody. The Lord girls led Starr upstairs to help her get ready.

After Starr was dressed, she went downstairs, just as the doorbell rang. Starr answered the door to Cole who commented, "Of course, it's me. Who else would take you to the prom? We were meant to be together. You should know that by now." Cole and Starr kissed - all in her mind.

Actually, Matthew and Markko were at the door to pick up their dates, Dani and Langston. As Matthew and Markko walked towards the staircase, Starr sang, "We Belong," by Pat Benatar, as she walked outside in the garden, and clips were shown, where the gentlemen picked up their dates and offered them corsages. Langston and Dani joined Starr out in the garden to harmonize the song. The three ladies walked into La Boulaie, and at the same time, as Brody picked up Jessica, Hannah finished the song at the jail, while she thought of Cole.

On the La Boulaie staircase, Dorian took pictures as Téa and Blair, Langston and Markko, Dani and Matthew, and Starr posed. Outside on the steps, Téa and Blair hugged each other, as the youngsters left for the prom. Inside, as Dorian picked up a framed photo of Starr and Cole, she vowed, "They belong together...especially tonight of all nights. And I am going to make it happen."

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