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January 3 to 7, 2011
Jennifer seemed impressed with Ben's dedication to his patients, unaware that the organs he received were courtesy of his arrangement with Warden Jane and the premature death of prison inmates. Bo and Hope enlisted help from their old friend Leo while they were on the run from the Feds. Brady and Kate put their plan in motion to get rid of Vivian. Rafe encouraged Sami to try to deal with E.J. and Nicole until Johnny and Sydney returned home to them. Sami told E.J. that his marriage to Nicole would never work. Johnny ran away from home, right into Rafe and Sami's arms. Stephanie and Nathan returned to Salem after learning of Caroline's stroke. Daniel asked Chloe and Parker to move out, and then asked Victor to open his heart and provide financial support for Parker. Melanie and Nathan had a bittersweet reunion. Philip was livid when he learned that Stephanie had known that he was Parker's biological father and hadn't told him. Philip asked Melanie to forgive him, but she wanted no part of him or their marriage. Philip comforted a devastated Chloe and promised that he would be there for Parker. The captain of the Kiriakis corporate jet forced Vivian and Gus to parachute from the plane to tropical places unknown. As Stephanie prepared for her wedding day, Nathan learned that she had lied to him from day one about Parker's paternity.
January 10 to 14, 2011
Jennifer accidentally learned that Ben volunteered his time at the prison. Melanie, Philip, Daniel, Chloe, Stephanie, Nathan, Caroline, and family members tried desperately to deal with their shattered lives after the reveal of Parker's parentage and the paternity test switch. Melanie told Chloe that Chloe didn't deserve to be Daniel's wife or Parker's mother. The hospital board cleared Carly of ethics charges thanks to Daniel. Melanie was stunned to learn that she was pregnant. Warden Jane kidnapped Bo when her people caught him spying at the meeting site. Jane later revealed that Stefano spearheaded the organ scam at the prison. E.J., Sami, and family learned that the cancer had spread to Johnny's other eye. E.J. prayed to God that if Johnny's surgery were successful, that he would allow Sami to be part of their children's lives again. Johnny's surgery was successful, and the doctors seemed confident of a positive prognosis. Stefano warmed to Kate. Chad learned about Johnny's surgery and realized that the tragedy affected his nephew. Nathan confronted Philip and warned him to stay away from Melanie. Stephanie blasted Melanie for loving both of the men that Stephanie loved and for ruining Stephanie's life.
January 17 to 21, 2011
Jane roughed up Bo to find out Hope's whereabouts, but Bo held his ground. Jennifer pumped Ben for more information about the goings-on at the prison, but seemed baffled by his response. Johnny's surgery was a success, and E.J. followed through with his promise to Sami to allow her to spend time with their children. In the meantime, Stefano revealed his vile plan to E.J. to remove Rafe from Sami, Johnny, and Sydney's lives forever. E.J. convinced Stefano that his marriage to Nicole would be a means to an end and fit perfectly into their plan. Chad visited Johnny in the hospital. Kate and Rafe were suspicious of Stefano and E.J.'s behavior. Melanie told Daniel, Maggie, and Brady that she was pregnant with Philip's child. Philip learned the good news and begged Melanie to take him back. Daniel told a stunned Carly about Melanie's pregnancy just after Carly warned Philip to stay away from Melanie. Rafe approved of Gabi and Will's budding romance. Daniel rebuffed Chloe and told her it was over between them. Chloe went off on Caroline for ruining her life. Nathan told Maggie that he still loved Melanie and wanted a relationship with her. Nathan was devastated when Melanie told him that she was pregnant and that they could never be together. Maggie told Victor to release Vivian and Gus from the island or to forget about a friendship or anything more with her. Brady called it quits with Nicole. Victor ordered Brady to get Vivian and Gus back to Salem.
January 24 to 28, 2011
Vivian returned from the island and asked Victor for a divorce. Sami refused to sign the custody agreement because E.J. had designated Nicole as the guardian of her children should something happen to him. Sami fought with Rafe about the custody agreement and rushed out of the house in a huff because he disagreed with her. Justin advised Sami to reconsider the custody arrangement. Rafe went after Sami, but the car chase ended badly, with Rafe seriously injured. Justin and Adrienne realized that they still loved each other and spontaneously made love on the "Cheatin Heart" pool table. Chloe's depression over losing Daniel and their life together as a family pushed her to the breaking point. Maggie invited Chloe and Parker to live with her. Kate tried to convince Melanie to take advantage of Chloe's misfortune so that Philip could raise both of his children without interference from Chloe. Victor told Kate that he wanted no part of her plan. Hope prayed for Bo, whose life was in grave danger. Carly told Jennifer that the codes on the inmate medical files confirmed that Lee and Warden Jane had covered up the inmates' murders and sold the organs on the black market. Carly went off to find Bo, and Lee caught Jennifer in a compromising situation. Meanwhile, Ben awaited a heart transplant, unaware that Bo and Jennifer might be the donors. Hope and Carly risked their own lives to try to save Bo.
January 31 to February 4, 2011
Daniel and Melanie saved Jennifer's life after re-transplanting her heart. Abe and Roman placed Jane and Lee under arrest for the illegal trafficking of body parts. Stefano's plant in the Salem PD threatened Jane's life if she named Stefano as her boss. Dr. Walters seemed shocked that the police thought that he was part of the group killing off inmates for their organs. Carly and Hope shared a special moment and reached an understanding. Carly ended her relationship with Bo and urged him to make things right with his family. Hope's freedom was on the line and in the hands of the D.A. Victor seemed torn between whether to help Kate get Parker away from Chloe, or to heed Maggie's warning to say out of Chloe's life. Taylor arrived in Salem to visit Nicole, who was less than welcoming. Abe and Lexie invited Taylor to stay with them. Chad told Lexie of Stefano's recent indifference toward him. E.J. and Stefano kidnapped Rafe and put an imposter in his place. Sami and Nicole thought it odd that "Rafe" and E.J. had decided to become fast friends.
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February 7 to 11, 2011
Sami told Carrie that Rafe was not acting like himself. Victor was shocked to learn that Brady had betrayed him and stolen Titan right from under his nose. Vivian tried to make headway with Stefano. Chloe's depression put Parker at risk. Melanie made Kate's day when she agreed to help Kate take Parker away from Chloe. Philip begged Melanie for another chance, but she insisted that they were over. Daniel seemed to soften toward Carly after learning that she had unselfishly ended her relationship with Bo for the sake of Hope and Ciara. Jennifer and Carly commiserated over the men that they loved, but that were absent from their lives. Hope received good news from the judge, and she and Bo returned home together to be with their daughter. E.J. introduced Rafe to his imposter. Rafe said that E.J.'s plan would backfire, and Sami would figure it out. E.J. and Nicole prepared for their wedding. Taylor arrived in Salem, but Nicole immediately encouraged her to leave town. Taylor and E.J. had a strange encounter.
February 14 to 18, 2011
Hope returned home to Ciara and her family, but then decided to play hard to get with a surprised Bo. Carly moved on with her life. Jennifer played cupid to Daniel and Carly. Maggie and Philip agreed to help Chloe adjust to single motherhood. Melanie told Kate that their plan was in motion to get Parker away from Chloe. Melanie convinced Philip that they would reconcile. Melanie said goodbye to Nathan and told him that she was giving Philip another chance for the sake of their unborn child. Brady and Victor had it out. Rafe escaped but was recaptured before he could tell Sami the truth. Gladys told a confused Sami that she had seen someone drag Rafe down the hallway. The false Rafe beat up on Rafe to punish him for breaking out of his cell, and E.J. told Rafe that Allie and Sami would pay for his actions. E.J. and Taylor's attraction for each continued, but they were unaware of each other's identity. Lexie encouraged E.J. to reach out to Chad. Chad considered joining the DiMera clan and standing up for E.J. at E.J.'s wedding to Nicole.
February 21 to 25, 2011
Stefano and Fake Rafe's attempt to kidnap Allie backfired after E.J. tipped off Kate to have Lucas request Allie visit him in Hong Kong. Kate manipulated Chloe and encouraged her to stop taking her medication as a way to win custody of Parker. Chloe attempted suicide, but Philip arrived in time to save her. Bo and Hope moved closer to reconciling. Roman told Bo that he could resume his position as police commissioner, but that Hope was no longer on the force. Hope was thrilled to spend time at home with Ciara and Bo. Vivian seemed elated after she learned that Brady had taken over Titan from Victor. Nicole and E.J. finally said, "I do," but Nicole was very suspicious of E.J. and Taylor's attraction to each other. Rafe found a way to contact Roman, but Fake Rafe foiled the plan and convinced Roman to ignore Rafe's call to him. Fake Rafe told Stefano to kill off Rafe. Lexie was thrilled to have all her family together, but Abe warned Chad to be wary of joining the DiMera family. Philip sided with Chloe and blasted Melanie and Kate for trying to take Parker away from his mother. Melanie was upset that Kate had indirectly almost caused Chloe's death. Jennifer and Daniel opened up to each other about their troubled lives.
February 28 to March 4, 2011
Philip blamed Kate and Melanie for indirectly causing Chloe's attempted suicide. Melanie, stressed about all the emotional turmoil in her life, suffered a miscarriage. Melanie apologized to Chloe for trying to take Parker away from her. Chloe signed over custody of Parker to Philip until she could get her life back on track. Victor wrote off Brady as his grandson for betraying him. Nathan told Melanie that they belonged together, and that he was not going to give up on their relationship. Abby returned to Salem to visit Jennifer. She was later thrilled to learn that Jennifer and Daniel enjoyed and shared a special friendship. Hope told Julie she was at a crossroads with her career and future with Bo and Ciara. Chad celebrated his first birthday as a DiMera. Sami forced fake Rafe to have an MRI due to his continued strange behavior. E.J. was upset that Stefano injected Rafe with a memory-erasing drug. Brady invited Chloe to live at the Kiriakis mansion and forced Victor to agree or else lose contact with Philip and Parker. Nicole encouraged Taylor to accept a job at Titan working for Brady.
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MARCH 2011
March 7 to 11, 2011
Carly returned to Salem to support Melanie after the miscarriage, and mother and daughter finally reconciled their differences. Daniel refused to give Nathan his blessing to marry Melanie. Melanie broke Nathan's heart and told him that she could not marry him or anyone else at this emotional time in her life. Philip and Chloe talked about how they planned to straighten out their lives and be good parents to Parker. Victor surprised Maggie with an unexpected passionate kiss. Maggie was uneasy after realizing that she had real feelings for Victor. Victor taunted Brady and warned that he would win back Titan. Stefano injected Rafe with a second memory-erasing drug to ensure that fake Rafe could finalize the plan to destroy all things Sami, including her happiness, marriage, safety, and security. Kate was suspicious of Stefano and his blasé attitude toward Sami. Sami confided in Hope about Rafe's odd behavior. Hope, Will, and Gabi all encouraged Sami to be patient and said that Rafe would return to his old self, unaware that fake Rafe was an imposter out to destroy Sami's life. Fay returned to Salem with bad news about her health. Nicole insisted that Fay and Taylor move into the guesthouse so that she and Taylor could help tend to Fay's medical needs. Nicole caught E.J. and Taylor in another awkward moment, but E.J. made up a story that satisfied Nicole's curiosity. Justin proposed to Adrienne, and she agreed to marry him again. Jennifer blasted Jack about his poor excuse for a husband and father routine. Unfortunately, she had to do it via voicemail. Jennifer refused to give up on a Carly and Daniel pairing. Abby seemed intrigued by Chad, but then turned him off abruptly when she learned that he was a DiMera. Gabi was devastated to learn that someone had stolen the special earrings that Will had given her as a gift. A mysterious young man pawned Gabi's earrings and seemed to have business with someone in Salem.
March 14 to 18, 2011
Dario Hernandez, Rafe's younger brother, was arrested for attempting to steal Melanie's necklace. Gabi was shocked to learn that her kid brother was responsible for stealing her earrings and that he was accused of committing a series of other thefts. Fake Rafe's behavior seemed to become more bizarre with each passing day, especially after Sami heard him giving Johnny very bad advice. Stefano and his associates transferred Rafe from the mansion and cut him off from everyone and everything that had meaning in his life. Gabi and Will hired Justin to represent Dario, who made bail, but Melanie was determined to keep him behind bars. Dario told Gabi that he was in Salem to find the person that had killed Arianna. Sami observed the sweet and gentle side of Dario. Fake Rafe went ballistic after Sami told him that she had invited Dario to live with them while he was out on bail. Jennifer told Abby that she had filed for divorce from Jack. Abby pretended to support Jennifer's decision, but was sad that her family was breaking up. Later, Daniel and Jennifer mistakenly received each other's divorce papers and then commiserated over their failed marriages. Abby and Chad shared a special moment. Melanie said a final goodbye to a heartbroken Nathan. Nathan took Daniel's advice to move on, and called John Hopkins, hoping the fellowship they had offered to him earlier was still available. At the DiMera mansion, E.J. and Taylor shared a passionate kiss and then told each other that it didn't mean anything. Nicole seemed clueless about Taylor and E.J.'s attraction to each other. Justin and Adrienne agreed to get married sooner rather than later even though their children would be unable to attend the wedding.
March 21 to 25, 2011
Bo and Hope reflected on some of the happy times in their lives and promised each other that they would find a way make to their marriage work. Ciara mistakenly thought that she was the reason for Bo and Hope's breakup, and decided to run away from home. Sami added antianxiety medication to fake Rafe's coffee, unaware that it contained alcohol. Later, fake Rafe almost spilled the beans about his identity and then went ballistic at Sami for going behind his back. Stefano was displeased with fake Rafe's uncontrollable behavior and decided to end the charade, but was surprised to learn that E.J. objected. Melanie learned about Dario's mission to find the person that had run down Arianna. Stephanie blabbed to Dario about Melanie's past. Dario thought he would warn Daniel of Melanie's shady past and told Daniel to stay clear of this woman of questionable morals, but his advice landed him a punch in the face from Daniel. Dario freaked out when he learned that Daniel was Melanie's dad. Carly told Jennifer to stop trying to push Daniel on her. Jennifer was not happy that Abby was hanging out with Chad DiMera. Chad told Abby that he planned to move into the DiMera mansion. E.J. was jealous of Taylor and Brady's working arrangement and created a diversion to get her away from Brady. Stefano encouraged E.J. to pursue Taylor but warned him to not to be caught cheating on Nicole. Later, E.J. and Taylor couldn't keep their hands off each other. Vivian taunted Kate with the idea that Stefano had a big secret, and she was going to find out what it was. Things soon got of out hand, and Kate and Vivian were in an all-out cake fight at a local restaurant.
March 28 to April 1, 2011
Brady and Victor remained at odds on how to conduct Titan business. Sami confided to Kate that she planned to end her marriage to Rafe, unaware that her instincts about him were accurate. Fay and Nicole almost caught Taylor and E.J. in a compromising situation. Fay realized that something was going on between E.J. and Taylor. E.J. and Taylor agreed to fight their feelings for each other for the sake of their families. Bo and Hope seemed at odds on how to discipline Ciara for wandering off without telling Josselyn. Ciari told Theo that she still planned to run away from home. Melanie said a tearful goodbye to Parker. Nathan left town and accepted the fellowship opportunity at Johns Hopkins. Carly had a meltdown and tried to hide her state of depression from Jennifer, Daniel, and co-workers. Contrary to what she told Jennifer, Abigail seemed drawn to Chad. Dario was shocked to learn of Melanie's financial divorce settlement from Philip and decided to target her as a way to resolve to all his money problems. Vivian tried to convince Nicole to help her take down Kate. Stefano warned Vivian to stay out of his business. Fay overheard Stefano, E.J., and fake Rafe discussing their sinister plot to ruin Sami's life and that they held Rafe captive and had erased his memory. Fake Rafe confronted Fay, and in his efforts to silence her, caused her to have a terrible, life-threatening fall down the stairs at the DiMera mansion.
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APRIL 2011
April 4 to 8, 2011
Fay's condition remained critical, but hopeful. Meanwhile, Sami seemed concerned about fake Rafe's interest and insensitivity about Fay's medical condition. Later, at the hospital, Sami unknowingly interrupted fake Rafe's plan to murder Fay. Nicole and Taylor sat vigil at Fay's bedside, but were concerned as to why Fay seemed so agitated. E.J. told Taylor that Fay possibly suspected that something was going on between them. Fay regained consciousness and whispered two very important words to Nicole "E.J. and secret". Chad asked Abigail to help him move into the DiMera mansion. Stefano and Kate welcomed Chad to his new home. Chad thanked Kate for telling him the truth about his birthright. Melanie's generous reward to find the person responsible for Ari's death impressed Daniel and Carly. Dario, on the other hand, questioned Melanie's motives. Victor invited Maggie to lunch with him in Paris. Brady and Victor remained at odds about family loyalty and business. Justin and Adrienne decided to elope and headed to Las Vegas. Chloe misunderstood Philip's conversation with a social worker, but was relieved to learn that he only wanted the best for her and Parker. Sami told Caroline that fake Rafe was not the man she married, and seemed convinced that the accident was not the cause for his strange behavior. Bo and Hope were upset to learn that some of the kids at school were still taunting Ciari about Hope's time in prison. Bo and Hope finally gave in to their desires and made love. Vivian's special relationship with Nicholas added to Carly's emotional state, and she considered using meds to help get her through her shift. Head nurse, Maxine, almost caught fake Rafe in the hospital supply room, but he talked his way out of a tight jam. Fay awakened and was frightened to see fake Rafe standing over her bedside. Rafe seemed determined to break out of his confinement and learn his true identify.
April 11 to 15, 2011
Fake Rafe murdered Fay. Taylor and Nicole were distraught and shocked at the news of Fay's death. E.J. was there to comfort Nicole, but overjoyed that he could offer Taylor solace in his loving embrace. Sami told E.J. that she was taking Sydney and Johnny out of town with her to visit Eric in Colorado. E.J. and Stefano were pleased that their plan to break up Sami's marriage was working like a charm. Nicole overheard E.J. and Stefano talking about a secret that involved fake Rafe. Nicole seemed determined to find out what Fay tried to warn her about before she died. Fake Rafe made a pass at Nicole when she tried to pump him for information about "the secret." Carly manipulated Lexie to prescribe her pain medication for a bogus injury. Carly lost her temper with Daniel and Jennifer, and later apologized to them after taking the medicine to calm her nerves. Abigail tried to convince Chad to intern at the hospital for the summer rather than work for the DiMera family business. Kate cautioned Stefano about Abigail's influence on Chad. Chloe was devastated when she learned that social services had denied Philip's request for joint custody of Parker. Kate warned Chloe to keep her sites off Philip and concentrate on being a better mother to Parker. Ciara convinced Theo to run away from home with her. Bo, Hope, Lexie, and Abe were frantic over Ciara and Theo's whereabouts.
April 18 to 22, 2011
Bo, Hope, Lexie, Abe, and the entire Salem Police Department searched for Ciara and Theo. Lexie and Bo urged Stefano and Victor to let the authorities handle the search. Kate presented Philip with a taped phone conversation of Chloe's drunken behavior where she threatened to leave town with Parker. Philip confronted Chloe and abruptly decided to move to Chicago with Parker in tow. Chloe said a tearful goodbye to Parker and vowed revenge on Kate. Kate told Chloe that Chloe was responsible for sending Philip and Parker away. On the way to Fay's funeral, E.J. and Taylor's limo crashed. Emotions running high in their brush with death, E.J. and Taylor declared their love for each other. Nicole arrived at the crash site and almost caught Taylor and E.J. in a compromising situation. Nicole questioned Taylor about her letter to Fay and couldn't understand why E.J. and Taylor were acting so guilty. Carly's need for drugs continued as her emotional state deteriorated. Bo, Hope, and Justin seemed alarmed at Carly's near hysterical behavior regarding the search for Ciara and Theo. Adrienne urged Jennifer to pursue her feelings for Daniel. Daniel assumed that Carly's emotional state was due to her missing her son. Later, Jennifer was shocked to see Daniel and Carly sharing a kiss. Troy attacked Melanie and admitted that he was the hit-and-run driver that had killed Arianna. Dario arrived in time and saved Melanie's life. Brady identified Troy as Arianna's drug dealer from when she worked undercover. Dario and Brady had words over Melanie. Dario called fake Rafe and told him that they caught the man that had killed Arianna and begged him to go to the hospital. Fake Rafe lied and said that he had already left town, but he was really with Alicia, a woman he had just met at the Cheatin' Heart. Rafe escaped from his prison cell, hoping the "key" would lead him to his true identify. Victor and Maggie admitted that they were a couple. Maggie invited Chloe to stay at her home, unaware of how it might affect her budding relationship with Victor.
April 25 to 29, 2011
Fake Rafe took the undeserved credit for rescuing Theo and Ciara. Lexie and Abe seemed confused at Theo's indifference toward Rafe. Likewise, Bo and Hope were surprised that Ciara told them that Rafe was mean to kids when there were no grownups around. Rafe escaped unharmed, but his captors assumed he had died in the chase and reported the good news to Stefano. Meanwhile, Rafe continued to seek out the truth about his identity. After completing his civic duty, fake Rafe couldn't wait to get out of town, but Sami showed up at Bo and Hope's house before he could leave. Sami told Rafe that she wanted to talk about their relationship, but fake Rafe thought about finding a way to get rid of Sami -- permanently. Victor and Brady mended family fences thanks to Maggie. A stunned Nicole caught E.J. and Taylor in a passionate kiss. E.J. and Taylor struggled with the consequences that would follow if Nicole learned of their affair. E.J. convinced Taylor that he needed to tell Nicole the truth and ask her for a divorce. Nicole told Chloe that E.J. and Taylor had betrayed her, and that she planned to fight back and get revenge. Nicole and Chloe consoled each other about the loves of their lives and their failed marriages. Nicole awaited the results of the DNA test that she hoped would prove that E.J. had held Rafe prisoner in the DiMera basement. Carly's dependency on drugs continued to affect her personal and professional life. Adrienne told Abigail that she was troubled over Jack's lack of concern for Jennifer's well-being. Daniel and Jennifer kissed, and then Daniel asked Jennifer out on a date. Abigail was thrilled that Jennifer had accepted a date with Daniel and was moving on with her life without Jack. Stefano dropped a subtle hint to Abigail to not encourage Chad to accept the hospital internship. Later, Chad told a delighted Stefano that he had decided to work for DiMera Enterprises for the summer.
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MAY 2011
May 2 to 6, 2011
Victor and Maggie parted ways after Victor refused to accept Maggie's decision to allow Chloe to live with her. Chloe freaked out when she learned that Daniel and Jennifer were going out on a date. Abigail gave Chloe a piece of her mind. Stefano apologized to Chad for not being there for him and promised that going forward, Chad could always depend on his father. Adrienne warned Chad about life as a DiMera. E.J. told Taylor that he planned to ask Nicole for a divorce. Stefano ordered E.J. to postpone his divorce to Nicole because it could jeopardize the master plan to get full custody of Johnny and Sydney. E.J. seemed baffled when Nicole went ballistic after he asked her for a divorce. Nicole presented E.J. with DNA proof that Rafe had been a prisoner in the DiMera basement. Nicole decided to use this information to blackmail E.J. and force him to stay married to her. Taylor was devastated, heartbroken, and confused when E.J. told her that he had decided to stay married to Nicole. She was infuriated that he refused to offer her a good reason for his actions. Sami learned that Rafe had cheated on her and asked him to leave the apartment and stay out of her life. Sami poured her heart out to Caroline over Rafe's one-night stand and said that her marriage was over for good. Sami felt she needed closure and headed off to the safe house, where she had happy memories of when she first met Rafe. Fake Rafe was anxious to leave town, but soon realized that Sami had accidentally picked up his phony credit card, and he was frantic to find her. Stefano told Fake Rafe to find the credit card, gave him a check, and ordered him to leave town. Meanwhile, Sister Rose nursed Rafe back to health and tried to help him solve the mystery of his past. She told him that she knew he was a good man, and that he would find the answers he needed. While asleep, Rafe had flashbacks of his past, and the name of the Convent of the Holy Cross seemed familiar to him. Sister Rose agreed to take Rafe to the convent where Sister Barbara identified Rafe's key as one that belonged to the apartment building near the convent. Fake Rafe and Rafe left for the safe house simultaneously. Rafe arrived first to find Sami inside the apartment. When Sami asked Rafe, "What are you doing here," she was shocked when he said, "Who are you?"
May 9 to 13, 2011
Sami discovered the truth that the DiMeras had switched Rafe with an imposter in order to ruin her life. Sami convinced E.J. to watch Johnny and Sydney for a few more days, and told him that she needed time to sort out her feelings. Meanwhile, Sami was ecstatic that she had found the real Rafe, the love of her life. She told him that they would find a way to make things right and get revenge against the DiMera family. Sami told Rafe about their past together, shared happy and sad memories about her children, and talked about his family. She assured him that he would remember their life together and that they would be happy again. Victor apologized to Maggie for his behavior about Chloe, but then told her that he didn't really think that he could change. Jennifer told Abigail not to be judgmental of Chad's relationship with Stefano just because Jack was less than a father to her. E.J. told Stefano that he had decided to stay married to Nicole, but did not reveal that Nicole was blackmailing him. E.J. confided his true feelings about Taylor to Lexie, but insisted that he had to stay married to Nicole. Lexie knew Nicole had something on E.J., but agreed to keep quiet and deliver his message to Taylor. At the hospital, Jennifer caught a rattled Carly by surprise and told her about Lexie's memo and their plan to catch the person responsible for the drug thefts. Carly had a vision of Lawrence, who taunted her about all of her lost relationships and how she had to rely on drugs to get her through the day. Frantic to get her hands on more drugs, Carly called in a prescription, using her birth name as the patient. As she was leaving the pharmacy, she bumped into Abigail, who thought Carly was acting strangely. Nicole seemed angry and jealous of Brady's attention to Taylor. Bo and Hope found time to celebrate Justin and Adrienne's remarriage. Justin and Hope agreed to put the past behind them and remain good friends.
May 16 to 20, 2011
After spending some quality time with Sami, Rafe got his memory back, and he and Sami made love. Later, Sami and Rafe warned fake Rafe that he and the DiMera's would pay for trying to ruin their lives. Brady offered Victor partial control of Titan in exchange for Troy's contact. Taylor seemed suspicious about what Nicole had on E.J. that would force him to stay married to her. Brady vowed to get revenge for Arianna, and then accidentally blurted out to Taylor that E.J. was indirectly responsible for her death. Stunned by what Brady told her, an emotional Taylor rushed over to the DiMera mansion and confronted E.J. Reluctantly, E.J. admitted to Taylor his involvement with Troy, but explained that he had never ordered Troy to run down Arianna. Angry and repulsed at seeing E.J.'s true colors, Taylor stormed out of the mansion to be alone with her thoughts. Jennifer and Daniel went out on their first date. Later, Daniel felt jealous when Jennifer bumped into an old friend who asked her out a date. Jennifer assured Daniel that she enjoyed his company and did not want to date anyone else. Melanie and Dario seemed at odds, but neither could admit that they were attracted to each other. Victor encouraged Melanie to make things right with Maggie, and Hope told Maggie not to give up on Victor. Chloe hooked up with Quinn again after she saw Jennifer and Daniel kissing. In a flashback scene, E.J. handed over control of the drug cartel to Quinn.
May 23 to 27, 2011
Carly found every reason to continue to pop pills so that she could get through the day. Abigail learned that Carly and Katerina Von Leuschner were the same person. Abigail confronted Carly and asked why she had lied about the name on the prescription. Carly covered her tracks and told Abigail that she had used her other name because she was very ill and didn't want her family to worry about her. Abigail agreed to keep Carly's secret for the time being. Jennifer confided to Carly that she felt inadequate in the beauty department compared to Daniel's ex wives. Carly assured Jennifer not to worry because she could tell that Daniel really cared about Jennifer. After a long talk about their fathers, Chad felt close to Abigail and then he kissed her. Taylor told E.J. that Nicole knew about their relationship. Taylor and Nicole had it out over their feelings for E.J. Taylor told Nicole that she was not going to leave town and that she loved E.J. Nicole used the information that Taylor thought Nicole had on E.J. as a means to keep Taylor and E.J. apart. E.J. was frantic that Taylor cancelled their date, but he had no idea why. Sami and Rafe prepared put their plan in motion against Stefano and E.J. Sami wired Rafe before his visit to the DiMera mansion, where he planned to impersonate fake Rafe in an attempt to get E.J. and Stefano to admit what they had done to him. Stefano and E.J. seemed concerned and perplexed at fake Rafe's sudden return to Salem. Stefano told E.J. that unless he wanted to spend his life in jail and apart from his children, that he must eliminate fake Rafe. Chloe seemed excited about her growing relationship with Quinn, unaware of his line of work or his plans for her. Maggie told Victor that he was foolish to keep finding reasons why they shouldn't see each other, and to call her when he was ready to man up.
May 30 to June 3, 2011
Carly continued to struggle with her drug addiction but rationalized that she could kick the habit if she had a family to return home to every night. Abigail told Jennifer that she had a date with Chad, and both were excited about their date night. Hope convinced Jennifer that she was a beautiful, attractive woman on the outside and inside, and that Daniel would like and respect her for the woman that she had become. After a rough start, Daniel and Jennifer's date had a spectacular ending. Chloe was thrilled to spend time with Parker, and seemed hopeful that she would have longer and more frequent visits in the future. Meanwhile, Quinn wined and dined Chloe, who was clueless as to his real agenda for her. Adrienne teased Dario about his attraction to Melanie. Melanie asked Dario if he wanted to be friends with her or more, and he responded, "What do you think?" Taylor tricked everyone, including Nicole, into thinking that she had left town permanently, but she stayed in Salem to find E.J. and say what she thought would be their final farewell. E.J. was furious that Nicole had forced Taylor to leave town, and out of desperation at losing Taylor, told Stefano that he would personally eliminate fake Rafe. At the pier, E.J. was shocked and overjoyed when he bumped into Taylor. E.J. confessed to Taylor that he had been about to do something evil and felt ashamed, but seeing her again gave him hope to be a better man. Later, E.J. and Taylor made passionate love and experienced a joy and happiness that neither had felt at any time in their past. Rafe's plan to pump fake Rafe for information about his contract with the DiMeras almost backfired. Sami decided to confront fake Rafe and ended up in harm's way.
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JUNE 2011
June 6 to 10, 2011
Rafe stopped fake Rafe from nearly raping Sami. Rafe became so enraged that he was even more determined to find a way to make E.J. and Stefano pay for trying to ruin his life and marriage. Nicole went ballistic on E.J. after she realized that he had spent the night with Taylor. Nicole and E.J. had such a violent argument while at the mansion that Chad and Abigail called the police to intervene. Later, Nicole bumped into Taylor at the park and warned her about the extent of E.J's violent and evil side. E.J. arrived in time to stop Taylor and Nicole from fighting before Nicole could finish her tirade. Afterward, Taylor questioned E.J. about Nicole's accusations, but he asked her to trust him. Melanie warmed up to Dario and they made plans for an informal date. Meanwhile, Abigail walked in on Jennifer and Daniel kissing and had a hard time accepting the fact that Jennifer planned to spend the weekend with Daniel. Abigail rushed over to the Brady Pub to meet Chad, and then ran into his arms and kissed him passionately. Abigail apologized to Chad for being so impulsive, and confided in him about what happened between her and her mom. Abigail and Chad agreed that they cared about each other but that they wanted to take things slowly. Gabi had an emergency appendectomy that sidelined her from attending the prom. Will decided to make the night special, and found a way to bring the prom to Gabi. Nicole convinced Stefano that E.J. needed to end his relationship with Taylor. Stefano became enraged when E.J. disagreed with his plan to murder Rafe. Carly tried to withdraw from using drugs, but when she learned that Daniel and Jennifer were going away together, she broke into the drug supply room, and succumbed to her addiction. Taylor questioned Rafe about why he would have her mother's cameo.
June 13 to 17, 2011
Taylor told Sami that she knew that Rafe had her mother's cameo and demanded an explanation. Sami convinced Taylor to trust her, and that she would explain everything to her soon. Stefano banned Taylor from the mansion and warned her to stay away from E.J. Daniel and Jennifer left for their romantic getaway and then made love. Jennifer admitted to Daniel that she was happy being with him, and he told her that he felt the same way about her. A drunken Brady confronted E.J. at the dock and then beat him to near death for his part in Arianna's death. Melanie covered for Brady after she realized that he had beaten up E.J., and then called Dario and begged him to help her get E.J. to the Salem clinic. Fearing a war of retaliation between the DiMera and Kiriakis families, Melanie called Daniel to help her handle a medical emergency. Daniel and Jennifer immediately left their love nest to help Melanie, but were shocked to learn that E.J. was the patient in crisis. Daniel asked Jennifer to get in touch with Carly, who was not answering her cell phone. Jennifer arrived at Carly's apartment, unaware that Carly was in drug withdrawal. Carly managed to cover her condition from Jennifer and then rushed off to help Daniel and Melanie. Dario left the clinic and wanted no more to do with E.J., the man responsible for Arianna's death. Daniel and Carly agreed to find a way to help Melanie explain why E.J. had not received treatment at the hospital. Chloe found a way to turn the tables on Quinn. Kate pressured Quinn to get proof of Chloe's unsuitable lifestyle to make sure that Chloe would never be part of Parker's life. Chad prepared for his big date with Abigail. Stefano was overjoyed at Chad's decision to join the family business. Nicole learned that Brady had nearly pummeled E.J. to death, and then took care of her good friend. Later, she realized that her life was in shambles and that Taylor seemed destined for the same heartbreak and disappointment. Sami and Rafe confided in Bo and Hope about fake Rafe and their plan to take down E.J. and Stefano. Bo, Hope, Rafe, and Sami drugged fake Rafe who finally confessed to Faye's murder after they reenacted the scene of the crime at the DiMera mansion.
June 20 to 24, 2011
Chloe lied to Justin about her arrangement with Quinn and told him that she would be on her best behavior to win partial custody of Parker. Kate was not happy that she had no solid evidence to use against Chloe. At the hideout, fake Rafe admitted on tape that he had murdered Faye, and implicated Stefano and E.J. for masterminding the plan to switch him with Rafe. Daniel told Lexie that he had found E.J. near death at the pier and rushed him to the nearby clinic to get him immediate medical attention. Lexie called Bo and asked him to find out who had beaten up E.J. Later, Carly and Jennifer helped Daniel and Melanie cover up for Brady who had assaulted E.J. for his part in Arianna's death. Carly and Jennifer came clean to Hope and told her that Brady had beaten up E.J. Taylor believed that Rafe had murdered her mother and could not understand why the police did not arrest him. Taylor, frustrated and angry about her mother's murder, rushed off to tell Nicole what she had learned, and then planned to tell E.J. the news, unaware that he had been attacked and was in the hospital. Victor caught Melanie in a lie to protect Brady, but realized that Brady was responsible for E.J. 's injuries. Victor warned Brady that if Stefano found out that Brady had attacked E.J., many lives would be in danger. Meanwhile, Rafe and Hope tried to stop Taylor from talking to E.J. so that Bo had time to force him to confess to the Rafe switch and his part in Fay's death. Hope found Taylor, but in an attempt to get away from Hope, Taylor knocked Hope unconscious and then fled the scene. To keep the Walker women from blowing his plan with Rafe and Hope, Bo arrested Taylor for assaulting Hope, and then arrested Nicole for some bogus reason to keep them from E.J. Abigail admitted to Adrienne that she was dating Chad DiMera. Chad decided not to tell Abigail that he was working for his father but then felt guilty when Abigail defended Chad to Adrienne. Jennifer became suspicious of Carly and wondered if she was using drugs and responsible for the missing drugs at the hospital. Melanie told Maggie that Brady had beaten up E.J. and begged her to find a way to get Victor out of Salem before real trouble erupted. Gabi made the moves on Will, but after talking to Caroline realized why Will wanted to take things slowly. Kate decided that Abigail could be a threat to Stefano's relationship with Chad.
June 27 to July 1, 2011
Bo warned Brady and Victor to keep quiet about E.J.'s beating. Sami agreed to Bo and Hope's plan to let Rafe take the blame for attacking E.J. so that they might catch Stefano off-guard. Dario and Brady clashed over their feelings for Melanie. Quinn reminded Chloe to keep up her end of their deal or to risk losing custody of Parker. Vivian invited Quinn to dinner. Jennifer realized that Carly still loved Daniel. Kate set up Chad and Abigail to try to break them up. Maggie called Victor's bluff. E.J. left the hospital against doctor's orders and told Stefano that fake Rafe had murdered Faye. Later, Marco told Stefano that someone had mugged him and stolen the cash. Stefano received a cryptic note from someone he thought was fake Rafe. An enraged Stefano told E.J. that fake Rafe was out of control and that he planned to eliminate him. At the park, E.J. proposed to a stunned Taylor..
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JULY 2011
July 4 to 8, 2011
Taylor accepted E.J.'s marriage proposal and then they made love to celebrate their joy. Jennifer confronted Carly about her drug addiction, and offered to help her get through it. Quinn and Vivian plotted together to take down Carly. Jennifer realized that Carly was still in love with Daniel, and later told Daniel that she wanted to take things slowly. Rafe picked up Johnny from school to force E.J. and Stefano to play into Bo and Hope's master plan to put the DiMeras behind bars. Stefano realized that fake Rafe was not working alone. Bo released Nicole from custody, but warned her to keep quiet if she wanted justice for her mother's murder. Later, upset at the news of Taylor's engagement to E.J., Nicole went off on a drunken bender and accidentally discovered that there were two Rafes in Salem. Fake Rafe convinced Nicole that he was the real deal, and then she released him. Nicole called Brady for help just as he was about to tell Melanie that he cared about her as more than a friend. Dario admitted to Melanie that he had feelings for her, and she told him that the feelings were mutual. Brady walked in on Dario and Melanie kissing. Just when Taylor decided to trust E.J., the two Rafes showed up at the DiMera mansion, each claiming that they were the real Rafe. Bo, Hope, and Sami arrived shortly afterward and told Taylor that E.J. and Stefano had created fake Rafe to ruin Sami and Rafe's life, and when Fay had learned the truth, fake Rafe had pushed her down the stairs to her death. E.J. and Stefano insisted that they were innocent and acted shocked at the revelation of two Rafes. Sami attacked E.J. and swore that she would see him rot in jail for what they had done to her, Rafe, and the children. Taylor watched and listened in horror and then begged E.J. to tell her the truth.
July 11 to 15, 2011
Bo and Hope arrested fake Rafe, hoping he would implicate Stefano and E.J., but he was reluctant to finger any of the DiMeras. Taylor walked out on E.J. after he admitted to her that he was in part responsible for creating fake Rafe in order to destroy Sami's marriage and keep Rafe away from his children. A devastated E.J. tried to explain to Taylor that he still loved her, but that he had already been in too deep when he met her to tell her the truth. Taylor told E.J. that she would never forgive him for her mother's death, and that she never wanted to see him again. Taylor and Nicole put aside their differences to support each other as family. Nicole did something nice for Kinsey. Johnny told a brokenhearted E.J. that he wanted nothing to do with E.J. because Johnny had heard on television that his daddy and Nono were very bad men. Brady admitted to Taylor that he had beaten up E.J. to even the score for Arianna's death. Stefano decided not to disown E.J., and promised E.J. that he would never lose his children. Stefano told E.J. that he was determined to find out who had beaten him up and get revenge the DiMera way. Jennifer confided to Adrienne about her conflicted feelings for Jack and the reason that she had broken up with Daniel. Carly almost made a drug buy from one of Quinn's operatives. Daniel confided in Lexie about his relationship problems with Jennifer. Lexie and Chad were horrified to learn that Stefano and E.J. had created an imposter who was ultimately responsible for Fay's death. Chad blasted E.J. for ruining Chad's chance to feel like part of a real family. Jennifer advised Abigail to follow her heart and judge Chad on his own merits. The governor pardoned Hope, and Abe reinstated her to detective status. Bo and Hope continued with their plan to get fake Rafe to spill the beans on Stefano and E.J. Sonny confessed to Victor that he was gay. Sami called Lucas and asked him to send Allie home since the real Rafe was back. E.J. remembered something about the mugging.
July 18 to 22, 2011
A prisoner mistakenly murdered fake Rafe in his cell, thinking that he was Rafe, the FBI agent that sent the prisoner to jail a few years before. The untimely chain of events resulted in Stefano and E.J.'s release and left Commissioner Brady with egg on his face. Sami was outraged that E.J. and Stefano would never pay for what they had done to her and Rafe. Later, Sami was shocked when E.J. gave her full custody of Johnny and Sydney. Vivian ruined Carly's dinner plans with Daniel and arranged for Carly to find him with Jennifer at the restaurant. Carly turned to drugs again to help her through the hurt. Jennifer told Daniel that she cared for him, but that she had pushed him away because of Carly's romantic feelings for him. Chloe asked Quinn for an advance so that she could rent an apartment to prove to social services that she could provide a good home for Parker. Kinsey helped Chloe land a singing job at a local nightclub. Kate made plans to sabotage Chloe's nightclub debut by exposing her as a prostitute. Chad told D.A. Woods that he was happy that Woods was not his biological father. Brady wondered if Nicole still had feelings for E.J. Nicole found E.J. at the DiMera mansion suffering from excruciating head pain, and he begged her to help him. E.J. apologized to Nicole for all the pain and tragedy he had caused her and her family. She believed that he was sincere and rushed him to the hospital for treatment. Brady offered Dario a job at Titan as a way to keep Dario away from Melanie. E.J. remembered that Melanie had been at the pier the night of his attack.
July 25 to 29, 2011
Maggie observed Victor stand up for Sonny after T humiliated Sonny, in front of his friends, for being gay. Maggie and Victor realized that that their relationship had a real chance. Will defended Sonny to T, and told T to respect Sonny for his choices. Vivian, with Gus and Quinn's help, exposed Carly's drug addiction on the Internet. Daniel was furious with Jennifer for not telling him the truth about what had been going with Carly. Carly felt overwhelmed and humiliated after her family learned the truth about her drug addiction. Unable to cope with the fallout, she ran off and passed out in a nearby alley. Quinn found Carly and took her back to his hotel room, unaware of who she was at the time. Quinn seemed sympathetic to Carly's life story, even after he learned that she was his mother's greatest nemesis. Quinn kept Carly's whereabouts a secret from Vivian. Roman took over as acting police commissioner, and Bo and Hope were thrilled to be working as partners again. Abigail told Chad that she felt guilty for not telling Melanie about Carly's drug problem. Chad told a remorseful D.A. Woods that he would never forgive Woods. E.J. remembered that Melanie had been at the pier the night of his attack, and then tried to force her to admit that she had covered up for Brady. Dario stopped E.J. from harassing Melanie, and warned him to his distance. Nicole, Taylor, Melanie, and Dario warned Brady that E.J. would go after him as soon as he figured out that Brady was the person who attacked E.J. Brady did not want his friends to pay for his actions, so he loaded a gun and decided to finish off E.J.
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August 1 to 5, 2011
Vivian gave Quinn a special gift that she had saved for him from his childhood. Quinn felt guilty for keeping his arrangement with Carly a secret from Vivian. T continued to hassle Will for his friendship with Sonny. Will made plans to attend a baseball game with Sonny. Sonny accepted a job with the D.A.'s office. Will told Gabi that he wanted to take their relationship to the next level. Kinsey offered T a friendship with benefits. Bo and Hope joined forces to investigate an attack on a local prostitute. Sami and Rafe enjoyed a fun evening at home. Quinn pressured Chloe to keep up her end of their business arrangement. Kinsey stood up to Kate on Chloe's behalf. Quinn returned the money that Kate had paid him to get evidence against Chloe and told her that their deal was off. Chad cautioned Kate not to interfere in his relationship with Abigail. Carly called Phelps for more drugs when she was unable to cope with severe drug withdrawal symptoms and hallucinations. Jennifer and Daniel admitted that they loved each other. Victor and Maggie finally gave in to their feelings and made love. Taylor and Nicole convinced E.J. not to retaliate against Brady. E.J. and Brady called a truce, unaware that Stefano and Victor had plans of their own. Maggie accidentally intercepted a bullet meant for Victor.
August 8 to 12, 2011
Maggie survived surgery but remained on life support. Roman order Bo and Hope off the DiMera/Kiriakis investigation. Victor, heartbroken over Maggie's condition, promised Bo that he would not retaliate against the DiMera family, but Brady had plans of his own to protect his loved ones. Stefano ordered Marco to leave town. E.J. blasted Stefano for causing another innocent person to be caught in the line of DiMera fire. E.J. and Stefano had a violent argument about Maggie's shooting that caused Stefano to go into diabetic shock. After Chad sided with Stefano, E.J. tried to convince him to make a break from the family while he still had a chance to live a normal life. Taylor learned that E.J. had lied to her about his involvement in Maggie's shooting in order to protect her. D.A. Woods asked Sonny for a favor. Daniel and Jennifer got back together. Stefano told Kate that he had to finish the job that he had started. Chad and Abigail admitted that they loved each other, but he told her that he had no choice but to support his family. E.J. asked Brady for another truce, but Brady didn't believe him, and then moved forward with his plan to retaliate. Rafe seemed shocked that Will and Gabi were on the verge of having sex. Will and Gabi made love for the first time. Sami and Rafe discussed having a child together. Quinn continued to lie to Vivian about helping Carly. Carly saw Melanie's television appeal to her and realized that her family and friends knew about her drug addiction. Devastated and unable to cope with the fallout, Carly left Quinn's hotel room, frightened and alone. Taylor reconsidered giving E.J. a second chance. Dimitri had his sites set on another DiMera.
August 15 to 19, 2011
Chad survived a gunshot wound, but his brush with death convinced him to move out of the DiMera mansion, against his family's wishes. Kate despised Abigail's influence on Chad. Maggie's family took her off life support, but she recovered against all medical odds. Stefano asked Victor to make peace, but Victor refused. Quinn convinced Carly to return to her family and seek professional help for her drug addiction. Later, Vivian told Carly that Quinn was her son, and that he had been part of the plan to destroy her. Carly confronted Quinn, but she didn't believe that he wanted to help her. She was so humiliated that she took more pills before she left with Melanie to sign into rehab. At Carly's lowest point in rehab, a remorseful Nicholas appeared at her side to comfort her. Daniel surprised Jennifer with a picnic for two at the park. E.J. told Taylor that he was in too deep with his family to ever change. Quinn reminded Taylor of their past connection. Justin agreed to help Hope and Rafe investigate the most recent attack on a prostitute, even after Roman ordered her, Bo, and Rafe off the case. Chloe gave Kinsey some good advice about men. Taylor took a job at the Salem Police Department. Sami and Rafe discussed having a child, and then Sami told Rafe that she thought she might be pregnant.
August 22 to 26, 2011
Maggie asked Victor to make peace with the DiMera family. Sami learned that she was not pregnant, but instead needed surgery and might have a form of cancer. Rafe told Abe that Mandy, another prostitute attacked at the pier, was in the hospital with serious injuries. Abe gave the Salem Police Department full resources to launch an investigation. Bo, though reluctant at first, agreed to Hope's plan to go undercover as a prostitute. Quinn threatened to expose his and Taylor's past together unless she agreed to be his informant at her new job at the police station. Taylor panicked when she overheard Hope tell Bo that Mandy was ready to talk about what had happened the night of the attack. Nicole discovered a secret about Taylor's past. Sonny told his parents that he planned to make Salem his home and enroll in the university. Sonny approached Chad and Will about joining him in a new business venture. Tad vowed revenge against Sonny. Chloe saved Kinsey from a dangerous situation. Chloe blasted Kate after she learned that Kate had paid Quinn to set her up as a prostitute so that she would lose custody of Parker. Jennifer and Daniel's love for each grew stronger. Abigail confided to Chad that she missed her father and wished that her family could be together again. Brady told Nicole that he needed more time to think about their relationship. Nicholas' support gave Carly the strength to beat her addiction and look forward to the future. E.J. regained his power base and business savvy, much to Kate's dismay and delight. Rafe and Roman waited for the results of Sami's surgery.
August 29 to September 2, 2011
Lexie told Sami and Rafe that the biopsy showed an abnormality in the tissue sample. She informed them she would refer the test results to a renowned oncologist for a more informed opinion. T caused more problems for Sonny. Taylor blamed Quinn for her past life as a prostitute even though he tried to convince her that she had meant something special to him. Jennifer seemed concerned when Daniel blurted out that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Carly blamed Dr. Norman for forcing Nicholas to admit that he could never forgive his mom for killing his father. Later, Melanie blasted Nicholas for abandoning Carly and convinced him that they should stand by their mom in her time of need. Mandy testified to the police about her assault on the pier. She described a few details about the attacker that might help the police identify him. Chloe decided to meet up with one of her escorts on her own, and later became the attacker's next victim. Kinsey told a shocked Brady and Nicole that Chloe was turning tricks for a local pimp to earn money to provide a good home for Parker. Later, Brady found Chloe at the pier, bloodied, beaten, and unconscious. After talking with Maggie, Hope and Jennifer agreed that she should remain at Victor's to recuperate.
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September 5 to 9, 2011
Brady and Nicole lied to Roman about Chloe's life as a prostitute. Brady told Nicole that he wanted to take things slowly. Quinn tried to convince Taylor that they might have a chance at a life together. Daniel was shocked and upset to learn that Chloe was in a coma and might not recover. Mandy worked with a police sketch artist to help Hope, Bo, and Roman arrest the person responsible for the attacks on prostitutes. Kate offered E.J. advice for the lovelorn. Sami and Rafe received good news from Lexie; Sami learned she was cancer-free. Daniel and Jennifer, Maggie and Victor, and Sami and Rafe celebrated life, joy, and romance at Chez Rouge. Victor invited Maggie to stay at his house as long as she wanted. Gabi confided to Abigail that Will had seemed to lose interest in her since they made love. Chad, Will, and Sonny bonded over Sonny's web design project. Nicholas and Melanie surprised Carly with an offer that she could not refuse. Gus became more and more enraged over Vivian and Quinn's mother and son time together. In a jealous rage, he framed Quinn for the attacks at the pier. Chloe whispered Gus's name.
September 12 to 16, 2011
Brady, Nicole, and Kinsey prayed for Chloe to regain consciousness. Brady told Chloe that he still loved her. Dario was happy about his well-deserved promotion, but sad that he had to leave Salem and Melanie behind. Carly helped Melanie support Dario and encouraged her to do what was best for him and his career. Gabi decided to find a more creative way to stimulate Will's interest in her. Will, Chad, Abigail, and Gabi were thrilled that the university accepted Sonny's proposal. Quinn and Taylor reconnected as a couple and made love. Quinn introduced Taylor to Vivian, and the women quickly became fast friends. Bo, Hope, and Rafe received the DNA results that Gus had planted at the pier, which implicated Quinn as the major suspect in the attacks on prostitutes. Gus finalized his plan to frame Quinn and it led to Quinn's arrest. Maggie decided that it was too soon to move in permanently with Victor. While preparing for the dedication of Horton Square, Hope confided to Bo how much she still missed Gran, Alice. Sami told Rafe that she was frustrated with job-hunting because of her of her lack of qualifications and then, desperate to find work, applied to an ad that Rafe had told her could lead to trouble. Carly made peace with Daniel and Jennifer in an emotional therapy session. She apologized to her good friends and wished them a happy life together. Later, Carly talked to Nicholas about what would be next in her life after therapy. Stefano returned to Salem to surprise Kate. Kate and Stefano seemed baffled at E.J.'s continued passion for Nicole.
September 19 to 23, 2011
Dario said goodbye to Melanie and his family to start his new job in Argentina. Maggie found a way to boost Melanie's spirits. Chloe identified Gus as the person that had attacked her on the pier, but before the police could arrest him, he took Nicole as a hostage. E.J. realized he still had feelings for Nicole. Nicole's brush with death caused her to reflect on her past mistakes with a renewed interest for a better future. Roman handed Chloe the reward check for leading the police to Gus, and then Brady offered her a chance at a new life with Parker in Chicago. The police released Quinn and offered to drop the other charges against him if he agreed to leave Salem. Ivan returned to his Madam a wealthy and powerful man and invited Vivian to leave Salem with him. Taylor and Quinn admitted they loved each other, and then left Salem with Vivian and Ivan. Carly finished rehab, made amends with Jennifer and Daniel, and then left Salem with Nicholas to start a new chapter in her life. Lexie convinced Abe to run for re-election and offered to help him with his campaign. Jennifer coached Sami on the art of the job interview. E.J. and Stefano were certain that E.J.'s big announcement would catch everyone off-guard. Jennifer received a number of strange calls on her cell phone. A bearded Jack Deveraux checked into the Salem Inn. Bo, Hope, Jennifer, Maggie, Doug, and Julie reminisced about Tom and Alice Horton's life together and their love of family. Bo and Hope kept secret about the details of the celebration to dedicate and revive Horton Square in memory of Tom and Alice, as well as the surprise guest list.
September 26 to 30, 2011
The entire town of Salem gathered to celebrate the dedication of the Horton Square. Carrie, Austin, John, and Marlena all returned to Salem to mark the occasion. The four of them caught up with friends and family, and everyone was thrilled to see that John's rehab had been a success and that he could walk again. But, during the party, Rafe received a phone call and had to arrest John for embezzlement and fraud. Jack also attended the party in hopes of talking to Jennifer. However, neither Jennifer nor Abigail wanted anything to do with him. Chloe landed a job in Chicago. Kinsey moved to Chicago with Chloe, as both of them wanted fresh starts away from Salem. Victor proposed to Maggie. At the dedication, E.J. announced that he would run against Abe for mayor of Salem.
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October 3 to 7, 2011
Jack crashed the Horton Square dedication party in his dramatic return to Salem. Abigail unleashed her anger against Jack for not being a father to her and J.J. and a proper husband to Jennifer. Jack tried desperately to apologize to Jennifer and Abigail for abandoning his family, though he had good reason, and then promised to make amends to them for his past mistakes. Maggie tried to convince Daniel not to give up on his relationship with Jennifer just because Jack was back in Salem. Maggie said yes to Victor's marriage proposal and then asked Melanie to be her maid of honor. Victor and Brady purchased Mad World Cosmetics from Madison James as an operating company of Titan. Kate warned Madison that her company could not compete with Countess Wilhelmina Cosmetics. Later, Kate made plans to get the upper hand on Madison. Sami was pleasantly surprised to learn that her new job was working for a childhood friend. The FBI and Salem Police Department arrested John for embezzling funds from Basic Black. Carrie and Austin found themselves on opposing sides of John's case that might cause problems in their marriage. Just when things looked hopeless for John, Carrie stepped in as his attorney and arranged for him to return home under house arrest. John promised Marlena that he would find the person responsible for setting him up to take the fall for the charges filed against him. Brady remained estranged from John. Lexie and E.J. went at each other over his bid to oppose Abe as Mayor. E.J. hired Nicole to head up public relations for his campaign. E.J. filed a class action suit against John Black on behalf of the wronged people of Salem. Bo and Hope continued to investigate Alice's secret bank account, but came up with more questions than answers.
October 10 to 14, 2011
Austin and Carrie found themselves on opposite sides of John's case again. John asked Marlena for a divorce so that he could keep her and the family safe, but she quickly changed his mind and decided to take things into her own hands. The evidence against John mounted, and it appeared that Stefano might be pulling all the strings. Kate and Madison went head-to-head with business strategies that might make their company number one. Madison hired Nate Berkus to help design her new offices, and later tricked Kate into letting her believe that she had the upper hand. Brady's romantic interest in Madison was piqued. Rafe told Sami that he would be supportive of her new job and help her around the house and with the kids. Jack threatened Chad and ordered him to stay away from Abigail, but she stood by Chad and told Jack to leave Salem and never return. Jennifer and Jack had a heart-to-heart talk about their life, children, and possible future as a family. Jennifer told Daniel that she loved him, but that part of her still loved Jack, and that she was confused about her feelings for both of them. Bo and Hope told Jennifer and Maggie about Alice's mysterious bank account. Later, they found information that connected the account to Maggie.
October 17 to 21, 2011
October 24 to 28, 2011
Bo, Hope, and Maggie continued their investigation to try to learn the identity of Maggie's child. Rafe seemed concerned about how to explain to Sami's children that he was out of a job. Sami realized that there was sexual tension brewing between Madison and Brady. Carrie urged Austin to move out of Sami and Rafe's apartment by the time she returned to Salem. Stefano warned E.J. not to get romantically involved with Nicole again because it would spell disaster for everyone. Marlena suspected something odd about Will's relationship with Gabi. Jennifer tried to convince Abigail to reconcile with Jack. Jennifer continued to struggle with her feelings for Daniel and Jack. Salem residents gathered at Horton Square for a Halloween celebration. Abigail was shocked to see Chad kissing Melanie, but Chad explained it as a case of mistaken identify because both the girls were wearing the same costume. John found a way to escape his house arrest and spend some time with Marlena at the Halloween party. Melanie unexpectedly helped Maggie, Bo, and Hope realized that Daniel was Maggie's long-lost son, and that Melanie was her granddaughter.
October 31 to November 4, 2011
Daniel seemed conflicted about the news that Maggie was his biological mother, but agreed to a DNA test. Abigail gave Chad the cold shoulder after his so-called forbidden kiss with Melanie. Bo and Hope found a baby picture in Alice's belongings that Hope recognized, but that she could not place. E.J. tried to work Nicole, but she set boundaries. Will, Chad and Sonny were shocked to discover that someone had hacked into their website to set up an illegal high-stakes gambling ring. While preparing for Maggie and Victor's wedding, Bo and Hope reminisced about their past weddings and proclaimed their undying love for each other. Jennifer accepted Abe's offer to become the publicist for his campaign. Madison told Sami to stay out of her personal life. Carrie returned from Switzerland with good news for John, and offered Rafe a job as the lead investigator for his case. Austin and Sami were furious that Carrie and Rafe would be working together on John's case, but they agreed to not let it affect their marriages. John told Marlena that he had memories that he could not explain that might be damaging to his court case. Marlena's belief in John's innocence was so strong that she convinced him to undergo hypnosis to prove it. Before agreeing to go on their ski date, Jennifer asked Jack if he was spying on her and Daniel at the Halloween celebration at Horton Square. Jack convinced her that he had been visiting London, and that the "new" Jack would never lie to her again. Rafe suggested that Jack seek counseling to help him readjust to life after his hostage crisis, but Jack insisted that he was fine. Later, Jack had a meltdown while on a date with Jennifer after recalling flashbacks of being beaten and tortured when he was held hostage in Afghanistan.
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November 7 to 11, 2011
Maggie and Victor exchanged wedding vows, but a secret from Victor's past might threaten to ruin the new couple's happiness. Jennifer comforted Jack as he recalled the terror while he was held captive in Afghanistan. Jack admitted to Jennifer that he had survived the torture because all he'd thought about was getting back to his family. Abigail apologized to Jack, and he assured her that his family was his priority, and they reconciled. While out jogging, Brady and Daniel stopped by the Horton house and accidentally saw Jack and Jennifer in a passionate kiss. Jennifer told Hope that she realized how much she still loved Jack, but that she also had strong feelings for Daniel. Hope and Jennifer found a paperweight that seemed to connect Alice to the DiMera family. They also found a photograph of a baby that Jennifer thought looked familiar to her. Marlena hypnotized John to conclude that someone might have implanted false memories into his subconscious. Carrie and Rafe hoped that John's key witness would be proof enough to suggest reasonable doubt. Even a night of passion with E.J. wasn't enough to convince Nicole to give their marriage another chance. E.J. pleaded, but Nicole insisted that he sign their divorce papers. She told E.J. that though they connected on a sexual level, there was no real substance to their relationship. Brady teased Madison that they'd had too much to drink the night of the storm and had engaged in sex, but then explained to her that nothing had happened. Later, Madison challenged Brady to make peace with John and man up. Brady and John reconciled, and Marlena thanked Madison for her help in reuniting father and son at such a critical time in John's life. E.J. admitted to Stefano that he was the mastermind behind John's troubles, and that he would succeed in taking him down. Roman gathered the family together at the Brady Pub the morning of the trial to support John. Sami agreed to stand by John and attended with all of her children, who enjoyed visiting and playing with John. As John thanked Sami for her support, a sniper fired several bullets into the pub. In the confusion, Johnny went missing. Stefano and E.J. heard about the shooting at the pub on the news, and a horrified E.J. realized that his plan might have backfired.
November 14 to 18, 2011
Madison felt Sami's pain after she learned that Johnny was missing and then confided in Brady about her own unhappy childhood. Sami lashed out at and blamed John and Rafe for Johnny's disappearance. She also accused Marlena of never being around when Sami needed her and for always choosing John over her. Kate asked E.J. if Stefano was behind John's legal troubles. E.J. told Stefano that he felt responsible for what had happened to Johnny because he had framed John and was blind with revenge. Austin panicked after the pub shooting and feared for Carrie's safety. John told Marlena that he planned to plead guilty to all the charges against him because it was the only way that he could protect his family. John appeared before the judge, pleaded guilty, and was lead away in handcuffs, pending sentencing. Sami went running to E.J. after hearing a frightening report that a dead child had been found wearing a shirt that matched Johnny's. Thinking that Johnny was dead, based on an erroneous news report, Sami and E.J. experienced rage, horror, and disbelief. They screamed, cried, blamed each other for being terrible parents, and then fell into each other's arms in grief. Meanwhile, Rafe and Will found Johnny hiding at the pub but were still unable to reach Sami to tell her the good news that Johnny was alive and well. Jennifer explained to a surprised Jack that he should not assume that they would get back together, because she still had feelings for Daniel. Austin told Bo and Hope that, based on his investigation of Alice's checking account, he suspected blackmail.
November 21 to 25, 2011
Madison and Brady grew closer during Johnny's search and rescue. Will saw Sami and E.J. having sex, but he was too shocked and disappointed to confront her. Sami's guilt haunted her as she celebrated Johnny's safe return with Rafe. Rafe walked in on Will blasting Sami for leaving the family when they needed her the most. Nicole and Madison had a heart-to-heart talk. Nicole decided to give her relationship with E.J. another chance, but she was unaware of E.J.'s recent tryst with Sami. Austin and Abigail's budding friendship spelled trouble for Chad and Carrie. Abe, Lexie, and friends prepared Thanksgiving meals for the homeless. Jennifer, thinking that Jack was up to his old tricks, apologized to him after he told her that he had been offered a teaching job at Salem University. Melanie confided to Daniel that there might be someone new in her life. Maggie celebrated Thanksgiving dinner with Victor, Daniel, and Melanie. Hope grilled Stefano about the connection between him and Alice. The judge handed John 50 years in prison with no chance for parole, which would amount to a life sentence. Marlena was devastated after John's sentence and inconsolable at the thought of spending her life without him.
November 28 to December 2, 2011
Madison and Brady almost made love, but Madison pulled away. Sami struggled with the guilt of her hasty one-night stand with E.J. when they thought that Johnny was dead. Sami could not understand why Will was so hostile toward her, unaware that he had caught her and E.J. in the act. Sami and E.J. vowed to keep their affair a secret. Kate and Quinn solidified their business relationship and plan to ruin Madison. Kate overheard Madison berate Sami for patronizing the competitor's products and services and taking time off from work. Kate told Quinn, and they decided to use the information to their advantage. Roman warned Kate to stay away from Quinn, and then told Madison to be wary of Kate and Stefano. Jennifer and Daniel spent the evening with Bo and Hope and discovered that Alice had a connection to Susan Banks, E.J.'s biological mother. Brady visited John in jail and promised that he would stand by the family. Carrie and Rafe decided to team up to help John. Carrie told John that there might be a way to prove his innocence after all. Jack confided in Marlena about the horrors of his capture in Afghanistan, and the loss of a good friend. Abigail seemed delighted that Carrie and Austin decided to make Salem their permanent home. Gabi was surprised and confused that Will asked her to share an apartment with him. Later, she told him that he seemed unwilling to commit to a loving and sexual relationship and broke up with him. Will, unable to deal with Gabi's decision, went berserk and trashed Maggie's kitchen.
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December 5 to 9, 2011
At his deposition, John accused E.J. of framing him for embezzling funds from his investors, and then warned him that the truth would come out. Stefano told an infuriated Kate that he could not confide in her about his problems for her own good. Hope called Susan Banks in England and questioned her about Alice's connection to Stefano, but Susan panicked and then disconnected the call. Stefano refused to cooperate with Bo and Hope about the true meaning of the note they had found in Alice's Christmas ornament. Sami had harsh words for Carrie for inviting Marlena to her house for a Christmas celebration without asking her first. Will drank too much at the family gathering, lashed out at Sami for berating Marlena, and then implied that his mother was a hypocrite and had no right to judge others. Sami, Rafe, Austin, and Marlena were concerned over Will's nasty and sarcastic behavior, unaware that he was struggling to keep the secret that his mother had had a one-night stand with E.J. Marlena made some progress in her relationship with Sami. Kate offered a surprised Sami business advice on how to get the upper hand on Madison. Abigail's infatuation with Austin prompted her to invite him to attend her awards ceremony at Horton Square. The leader of the gambling ring and his associates kidnapped Chad, Melanie, Gabi, and Abigail, and forced Will and Sonny to get the site up and running again if they wanted to save their friends. Thinking that they would not make it out of the warehouse alive, Chad and Melanie kissed and then admitted that they had feelings for each other. Victor, Maggie, Daniel, Jennifer, Jack, and Rafe waited patiently to hear word of their family members. Bo, Hope, and Austin arrived in time to save the day.
December 12 to 16, 2011
Nicole manipulated the campaign schedule that left Abe with egg on his face and E.J. a shining star. Abe agreed to let Jennifer play dirty if it meant that he could win the election. Daniel decided to be the better man and broke things off with Jennifer. Jack was overjoyed at the news that Jennifer and Daniel were no longer a couple, but Jennifer cautioned Jack not to get too excited because she was not ready to get back with him, and that she still loved Daniel. Melanie and Chad struggled with their feelings for each other for Abigail's sake. Meanwhile, Abigail's feelings for Austin grew stronger, but she decided not to end her relationship with Chad. Melanie felt conflicted about her loyalty to Abigail and uncertain about pursuing a chance at happiness with Chad, whose feelings for her were mutual. Madison gave in to Brady's love and caring ways. Brady treated Madison to a much-deserved day off as well as the experience of feeling the true meaning of Christmas. Kayla returned to Salem with her son Joe to help at the Brady Pub during the holiday season. Kayla's first customers were the lovesick trio of Daniel, Austin, and Jack. Sami told Rafe that St. Luke's was booked for Christmas Eve services, so they would not be able to renew their wedding vows. Rafe suggested that they move the ceremony to Horton Square and renew their vows at Tom and Alice Horton's memorial because they were two people who had shared a happy, loving, and lasting marriage. Rafe assured Carrie that there was proof that someone had tampered with the photo of John at the café and could help clear him. Later, Bo and Hope decided to also use Stefano's IOU to Alice as a way to force him to drop the charges against John. John refused E.J. and Stefano's offer to turn over Basic Black to them. After the frightening experience of being held at gunpoint, the young women of Salem signed up for self-defense classes at Quinn's spa.
December 19 to 23, 2011
Madison and Brady warned Sami to stay out of their personal lives and concentrate on her job. Kate offered Sami a generous salary to switch camps and go to work for her at Countess Wilhelmina Cosmetics. Bo and Hope forced Stefano to make good on his IOU to Alice. Rafe, Carrie, Bo, and Hope figured out Stefano's clues and found the evidence they needed that would clear John. The judge granted John's release, and Marlena received her Christmas miracle when John joined her for Christmas Eve, a free man. In an intense argument with Sami, Will almost blurted out that he knew about her one-night stand with E.J. Sami gave in and welcomed John back home, and then invited him and Marlena to be her and Rafe's guests at their wedding renewal ceremony. Sami and Rafe renewed their wedding vows before family and friends at Horton Square. Abigail confided in Melanie that though she had feelings for someone else, they were not reciprocal, and she still loved Chad and decided not to say anything to him about it. Melanie, feeling guilty about her own feelings for Chad, told him that they should forget about what had happened between them because he belonged with Abigail. Chad reluctantly agreed, but could not shake his feelings for Melanie. Daniel confided in Maggie and Victor about his health concerns, and told them that he did not want anyone else to know about it until he learned the cause of his hand tremors. John's freedom caused concerns for E.J, and John vowed to retaliate against whoever framed him. Doug dressed up as Santa and read the Christmas story to the children. The Horton clan gathered at Alice and Tom's home to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.
December 26 to 30, 2011
After much thought, Sami accepted the job with Kate at Countess W unaware that there was more to the job offer than she realized. Sami handed in her resignation at Mad Cosmetics, but Madison and Brady were furious and called her a traitor and an ungrateful employee. Daniel's initial test results were inconclusive. Kate told Daniel that she would never forget that he saved her life and tried to comfort him when she learned about his medical problem, but he was suspicious about her sudden concern for his welfare. Melanie fought off her attraction to Chad and convinced herself to move on. Marlena told a furious John that Stefano was in part responsible for his freedom. John and Stefano had a volatile confrontation that ended in their usual game of cat and mouse. Stefano had another secret; a letter addressed to him from Alice Horton that apparently held some significance in his next plan for John. John told Marlena that they were broke, but assured him that things would work out for them. Sami and Will's relationship problems continued. Carrie offered Rafe a partnership in her new legal practice, and Sami though not pleased at the news agreed to be happy for Rafe's sake. Will felt stressed at the party at Horton Square, and rushed off to see Marlena. After an emotional conversation, he finally broke down and confided to her that Sami cheated on Rafe with E.J. Abigail and Chad mutually decided to end their relationship. Bo and Hope were missing Zack on New Years Eve. Salem residents rang in the New Year at the Brady Pub and in Horton Square. Chad ran into a lonely Melanie, and then kissed her on the stroke of midnight.
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