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January 3 to 7, 2011
Hope forgave Liam after he admitted that he had awakened next to Amber. Liam insisted that he could not possibly have had sex with Amber because he'd had a concussion. Amber and her mother, Tawny, schemed to convince Liam that he was the father of Amber's baby. Liam begged Bill to forget about touting Liam as the "world's most eligible bachelor," and Bill agreed. Bill said that he understood that Liam truly loved Hope. Whip confessed to Taylor that he had taken the photo of half-naked Brooke and Thomas and posted it on the Internet. Taylor forgave him. Taylor worried to Whip that Thomas had an Oedipus complex where he wanted to sleep with his stepmother. Whip agreed that it was possible. Unbeknownst to Taylor, Ridge had sent Brooke and Thomas to Paris together on the Forrester jet. Thomas confessed to Brooke that he didn't feel anything for any of the girls that he had been dating. Brooke encouraged him to keep dating because he would find love. Brooke shared memories of Thomas as a little boy when Taylor had been gone and Brooke and Ridge had raised Thomas, Steffy, and Phoebe. When Brooke fell asleep, Thomas covered her with a blanket and stared at her.
January 10 to 14, 2011
Taylor fretted to Nick and Stephanie that Thomas had some type of Oedipus complex when it came to Brooke. Nick scoffed, and Stephanie worried about Taylor. In Paris, Brooke and Thomas celebrated a successful press junket. When they returned to Los Angeles on the Forrester jet, Brooke fell asleep and Thomas kissed her on the lips. Brooke awakened and asked what Thomas thought he was doing. Hope confronted Amber and Tawny about Amber supposedly sleeping with Liam. Tawny supported Amber and said that Amber and Liam "had done the deed." Hope refused to believe it because Amber had a history of scamming men to get their money. Oliver asked Tawny and Amber to move out of his place. Tawny begged Amber to consider passing the baby off as Liam's child in order to get money for both of them. Marcus and Amber enjoyed some "friends with benefits" time, and Amber shared that she was pregnant, but that it was not Marcus' baby. Marcus wondered if it was Oliver's baby, and Amber was evasive. She admitted that she might have slipped up with another man, and Marcus guessed that the man was Liam. Ridge, Eric, and Thorne shared memories of Brooke after Ridge shared that Taylor was worried about Brooke and Thomas. Thorne wondered if Thomas was gay.
January 17 to 21, 2011
Doctors had found a spot on Nick's lung, and they worried that it could be cancer. It forced Nick to reevaluate his cigar smoking. Doctors ruled out cancer, but Stephanie demanded that Nick stop smoking for Jack's sake. Nick admitted that he had tried and failed, but Stephanie promised he would not fail with her help. Brooke confronted Thomas about him planting a kiss on her when she was asleep on the Forrester jet. Thomas begged her to forget it and remain silent about it. Brooke said nothing to Ridge, and it bothered her to keep the secret. Amber and Tawny continued to argue about conning Liam into believing that he had fathered Amber's baby. Bill hosted a birthday party for Justin. Donna and Justin reconnected and reminisced. They kissed and agreed to revisit their relationship that had been cut short when they were young. Taylor suggested to Thomas that he had an Oedipal complex where Brooke was concerned. Thomas refused to listen to her. Thomas later shared a kiss with Madison, but he fondly recalled his kiss with Brooke.
January 24 to 28, 2011
After Nick tried nicotine gum and a nicotine patch, he discovered that quitting his smoking habit was harder than he had anticipated. Jackie and Stephanie banded together and confronted Nick about smoking, and he promised to quit. Brooke worried that Taylor's diagnosis of Thomas' possible Oedipal complex might have been on track, but Thomas insisted that he had no romantic feelings for Brooke, only gratitude. Thomas promised never to cross the line again. Through a computer dating service, Tawny hooked up with Carl, the shady hospital lab assistant, who claimed that he could fix any DNA test. Carl and Tawny urged Amber to deliver the news of fatherhood to Liam. Amber balked, but she visited Liam and Hope and blurted out that she was pregnant with Liam's baby. Donna asked Justin to marry her, and Justin presented her with a diamond ring. It wasn't the only wedding news in the Logan family. Pam and Stephen announced that they were getting married. Stephen's news sparked a cool reception from the Logan girls and Stephanie. The Logan girls softened when Stephen said that he was happy for the first time in a long time. Brooke urged Stephanie to accept the relationship as a new beginning for the families.
January 31 to February 4, 2011
Stephanie, Jackie, and the doctor hounded Nick to stop smoking. Stephanie invited Nick to a cancer survivors meeting where a lung cancer survivor shared her story, and it touched Nick. Brooke dished to Katie that Thomas had kissed her on the airplane, and Katie recommended that Brooke tell Ridge about the encounter. Brooke mistakenly thought that Thomas had left a message for her in his office to meet him in the steam room. Brooke angrily burst into the steam room to confront him. Embarrassed, Brooke discovered that Thomas had invited Summer and not Brooke to the steam room. Thomas reminded Brooke that he was not romantically interested in her. Amber announced to Hope and Liam that she was pregnant with Liam's baby. Hope and Liam laughed at Amber, but Oliver later convinced them -- at Amber's urging -- that it was a real possibility. When Hope quizzed Oliver about sleeping with Amber, he deflected the question and insisted that Liam had to do the right thing because Liam was the father. Donna and Justin were married in a tearful ceremony that drew the Logans, Spencers, and Forresters together under one roof at Katie's house, with Stephen and Pam in attendance as an engaged couple. Justin asked Marcus to change his last name to Barber, and Marcus said that he would consider it. Marcus also told Dayzee that he would be working in Paris for a while.
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February 7 to 11, 2011
Nick ceremoniously threw his cigars in the fireplace in a vow to quit smoking in front of Stephanie, Jackie, Aggie, and Owen. Hope confronted Amber about Amber's claims that Liam was the father of her baby. Hope insisted that Amber take a pregnancy test, and Amber complied. Much to Hope's dismay, the test revealed that Amber was indeed pregnant. Amber confidently declared that the baby belonged to Liam and that Hope could move on to other guys because she was rich and beautiful. Bill insisted on a paternity test and set it up with his personal physician. At the hospital, Amber, Brooke, Bill, Katie, Tawny, Hope, and Liam awaited the results of the paternity test. In the lab, Carl busily fixed the test to reveal that Liam was the baby's father even though there was no possibility that Liam was the father. When the doctor retrieved the results, Carl worried that he had given the wrong results to the doctor. Thomas joined Stephanie at Dayzee's. He became enamored with Dayzee and planted a kiss on her.
February 14 to 18, 2011
The paternity test that Carl had fixed revealed that Liam was the father of Amber's baby. When Amber was back in the trailer, Tawny rejoiced, and Carl asked when he could expect his first check. Amber told Tawny to get out of town because Bill Spencer was furious, and he would take it out on everyone close to Amber. Amber promised her mother and Carl money as soon as it started rolling in. When Bill visited the trailer, Amber stood up to him and demanded much more than $500,000 to get out of his life. Bill and Katie visited a home on the cliffs at Malibu that Katie wanted to buy. Bill envisioned Amber on the precipice. Liam visited Amber, and the trailer blew up with him inside when Amber was outside lighting a pilot light. Amber dragged Liam to safety, but he wound up in a coma at the hospital. Bill and Katie accused Amber of trying to kill Liam. When Bill sat at Liam's bedside and poured his heart out, Liam opened his eyes. Steffy returned and assured Hope that she would not be chasing Oliver or Liam. Steffy remarked that Bill and Steffy were a lot alike in that they would do anything for their families. Steffy mused that Bill would take care of Amber.
February 21 to 25, 2011
Thomas set up a romantic dinner for Dayzee at Ridge and Brooke's house. Dayzee told Thomas that he was moving too fast, but she kissed him. Liam recovered slowly at the hospital and continued to experience headaches. At Forrester, Steffy and Brooke battled over Steffy's continued resentment of all things Logan. Steffy told Stephanie that Dayzee's seemed to be a substitute for her family, but Stephanie advised that she was very happy helping the homeless. Amber went to see Stephanie at Dayzee's because she was homeless since the trailer exploded. Stephanie advised Amber to quit wasting her talent. Stephanie reminded Amber that she had a history of trapping wealthy young men. Bill set Amber up in the Malibu house he had purchased because she had no place to live after the trailer explosion. Amber asked what Liam, Katie, and Hope thought about Amber living in the house he had purchased, but Bill said that he had not told anyone she was there. Amber stood on the lookout at the house, and Amber chattered incessantly while Bill hung back and told her to admire the view. Bill had a frustrated look on his face, and he approached Amber, whose back was to him, as she leaned out over the side of the lookout to see Catalina Island.
February 28 to March 4, 2011
Thomas and Dayzee took the Forrester jet to attend a charity ball in San Francisco. Thomas told Dayzee that he had kissed Brooke. Steffy informed Taylor that she was interested in Bill Spencer, and Taylor reminded Steffy that Bill was married. A recovering Liam broke up with Hope because he said he didn't want to drag her into a life that would include Amber and a baby. Bill was devastated by Liam's depression due to Amber. Bill fantasized many times about pushing Amber off the lookout at his new Malibu beach house. Bill had evil intentions when he secretly watched Amber on the lookout, but a branch broke loose from a tree and knocked Amber over the cliff to her death, or so he thought. Steffy showed up, and Bill told her to get in her car and get out. Bill left, and Steffy discovered Amber clinging to the cliff. Steffy pulled Amber to safety and later accused Bill of pushing Amber. Bill told Steffy that a branch had hit Amber and knocked her to her death. Bill wanted Steffy to cover for him when the police found Amber's body. Steffy refused and never let on that she had saved Amber.
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MARCH 2011
March 7 to 11, 2011
Amber shocked Bill when she entered his office. He thought that she had fallen over a cliff to her death. Steffy chastised Bill for even thinking of murdering Amber. Steffy promised to help Bill by becoming his confidante. Donna warned Katie that Steffy was after Bill. Taylor told Ridge that Steffy had shared that she was interested in Bill, but Ridge passed it off as infatuation. Taylor overheard Brooke and Thomas discussing the plane ride home from Paris and keeping their secret that Thomas had kissed a sleeping Brooke. Taylor confronted Thomas and declared that Brooke was a "sexual predator." Taylor also dished the news to Ridge and Stephanie while Thomas admitted his mistake to Steffy. Brooke apologized to Ridge, and he told her that he was hurt that she hadn't told him herself. Ridge later chastised Thomas, who was defiant about his actions. Thomas said that Ridge had done much worse to his own father by sleeping with Brooke when Eric had been married to her. Ridge angrily eliminated the Taboo line, and Thomas was shocked. Brooke tried to explain another lapse in judgment -- not telling Ridge about the kiss that Thomas had planted on her -- to Stephanie. Taylor warned Stephanie not to listen to Brooke's never-ending lies. Stephanie was fed up with Brooke's behavior with the Forrester men.
March 14 to 18, 2011
Ridge asked Madison to send out a memo to the media that he had canceled the Taboo line and the upcoming press conference. Thomas intercepted the memo, and coerced Madison to disobey Ridge's order. Brooke discovered that the media had arrived at the press conference that was supposed to be canceled, and Thomas led Brooke to believe that he was going to announce that Taboo had been canceled. At the last minute, Madison warned Stephanie, Taylor, and Ridge that the press conference had not been canceled. Stephanie, Ridge, and Taylor angrily watched Brooke and Thomas on stage. Thomas defiantly announced that he was adding to the Taboo line, taking it to more cities around the world, and offering a percentage of sales to help the homeless. Brooke, shocked at the announcement, went along with Thomas in spite of Ridge's angry glare from the back of the room. Later, Stephanie and Taylor blamed Brooke for Thomas' action, and Ridge told Brooke that she had undermined his authority. Brooke told Ridge that he had been wrong to cancel the line, and she planned to support Thomas. In Thomas' office, Thomas told Dayzee that he had gone against his father's wishes. Dayzee reminded Thomas that his father was hurt. Thomas told Dayzee that a percentage of Taboo profits would help the homeless. Dayzee and Thomas kissed passionately.
March 21 to 25, 2011
Brooke and Ridge argued about how she and Thomas had defied Ridge's command to cancel the Taboo line. Bill Spencer discovered a memo that Ridge had planned to cancel the Taboo line. Bill told Steffy that he believed something more than advertising was going on between Thomas and Brooke. Steffy scoffed at the idea. Katie overheard Bill admit to Steffy that he had almost tried to kill Amber. Katie went to Nick's boat to get away from Bill for the night. Steffy stalked Bill to his home and dissed Katie, but Bill said he would wait for Katie forever. Ridge took an emergency trip to Paris to handle some company issues, and Taylor tagged along because she insisted that he had to listen to her. Taylor dredged up Brooke's past and her recent disrespect for Ridge and how Ridge always forgave her. Stephanie called and gave Ridge the same lecture. Both Taylor and Stephanie told Ridge that he couldn't trust Brooke. Thomas and Brooke completed another photo shoot for Taboo, and Eric produced designs for the new Taboo women's line.
March 28 to April 1, 2011
In Paris, Ridge forgave Brooke for defying his order to cancel Taboo. He made a public display of his affection with an illuminated sign on the Eiffel Tower that read "Ridge and Brooke." Stephanie and Taylor were furious that he forgave Brooke again. Steffy continued to flirt with Bill and diss Katie. Bill begged Katie to return to him. Steffy stalked Katie and found that she had been staying on the Shady Marlin. Bill went to the Marlin and punched Nick, who was touching Katie's heart surgery scar. Ridge announced that he had cut the Taboo line budget. Thomas was upset, but Brooke tried to soften the blow. She told Thomas that the line was very much alive. Steffy accused Thomas of having romantic feelings for Brooke, and he denied it, but Steffy wouldn't let up on her claim. Amber and Liam met with the doctor and saw the first sonogram of Amber's baby. They bonded emotionally over the baby. Carl saw them and privately reminded Amber that she owed him big-time. Carl visited the beach house and demanded money. Amber and Tawny promised to get back to him soon. Amber tried to seduce Liam, and he softened to her kisses. Hope and Oliver grew closer.
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APRIL 2011
April 4 to 8, 2011
Katie told Bill that she would return to him only if he sought anger management, and Bill refused. Steffy stalked Bill and showed up the minute Katie exited. Wearing a trench coat and lingerie, she cooed and kissed Bill, but he pushed her away. Ridge announced that the Taboo women's line was not good enough to wear the Forrester name. He promised to reconsider at a later time. Brooke met privately with Thomas and she tried on Thomas' showstopper, a stunning red gown designed just for her. Brooke promised to try to get Ridge to reconsider. Thomas admitted that he had romantic feelings for Brooke, and Brooke warned him that it was inappropriate. Amber seduced Liam, and Tawny showed up to congratulate her. Amber promptly called Oliver to tell him the news. Oliver unwillingly told Hope, who was devastated. Oliver tried to seduce her, but had no luck. Liam visited Hope twice and told her that he loved only her. Hope responded that she loved him, but he had to build a future with Amber.
April 11 to 15, 2011
Katie stayed at Brooke's place and continued to beg Bill to seek anger management. She worried that Bill would become like her brother, Storm. Bill softened, but refused the idea and pressured Katie to return home. Donna and Brooke helped Katie stand her ground. Steffy continued to stalk Bill, kissed him, and begged him for sex. She even told him that she loved him. Bill pushed her away, but persistence paid off, and Steffy pulled Bill into a hot, passionate kiss. Thomas boldly persuaded one of the models to wear his red dress during a Forrester family staff meeting to review new designs. Eric praised the design, but Ridge was angry. Eric and Brooke pressured Ridge to show some respect for his son talents. Ridge agreed and gave five percent of his stock to Thomas. Oliver continued to pursue Hope, and Hope and Liam repeatedly met. Hope told Liam that they could no longer be a couple every time they met, but she promised to always be there for him. Tawny showed up at Forrester to persuade Hope to befriend Amber. Tawny got an icy reception.
April 18 to 22, 2011
Katie and Bill sought couple's counseling from Taylor, and it did not go well after Katie blurted out that Bill had plotted a murder. Bill was furious and walked out on Katie and Taylor. Steffy told her grandmother that she was in love with Bill, and Stephanie discouraged the relationship, but Steffy showed up in Bill's office after his therapy session with Taylor. Steffy straddled him and Bill pushed her away at first, but he quickly gave in to Steffy's kisses. Hope and Oliver decided to resurrect their relationship, but Hope admitted that she still loved Liam. Ridge sent Thomas and Brooke off to Australia to announce the new Taboo women's line. Before they left, Thomas received visits from Dayzee and Madison in his office. Summer showed up to say her goodbye on the private jet before it took off. The Forrester jet pilots planned a course that would avoid a tropical storm, but the plane got caught in the storm and plummeted into the Pacific Ocean. Thomas and a barely conscious Brooke floated among the plane's debris. One of the pilots called out to Brooke and Thomas, and Thomas swam to find the pilot. Brooke appeared to lose consciousness and slipped underwater, but Thomas bravely searched beneath the surface and found her. He revived her amid the thunder and lightning of a brutal storm.
April 25 to 29, 2011
Battered and bloody from the plane crash, Thomas and Brooke washed ashore on a deserted island. They slept in a cave but had trouble finding food and water. Brooke discovered some berries, but Thomas warned against eating them. Brooke decided she could no longer go without food and ate the berries. She convinced Thomas to eat them. They became euphoric and frolicked on the beach. They started to have visions of rainbows. Inside the cave, they discovered flowers and a waterfall that appeared to be part of their joint hallucination. They embraced and laughed under the waterfall. Meanwhile, Bill, Steffy, Ridge, and Taylor set out on Bill's private plane to find Brooke and Thomas. Bill called in some favors and got satellite imaging installed on the plane's computer. The satellite spotted Brooke and Thomas when they were on the island beach, but Steffy had distracted Bill, and they missed the images. Ridge and Taylor rented a fishing boat to participate in the search, and Nick advised them on search data. Nick, who was an expert on the Pacific Ocean's currents from his years at sea, sent Ridge and Taylor to a cluster of islands where he believed Brooke and Thomas would have washed ashore. The captain of the fishing boat warned that the islands were rough terrain where hallucinogenic vegetables and fruit were about the only vegetation. In Los Angeles, Katie, Donna, Stephen, Pam, Stephanie, Eric, and Hope awaited word from the rescue team. Dayzee joined them. The Forrester family kept R.J. busy with friends and away from any news that Brooke and Thomas had disappeared.
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MAY 2011
May 2 to 6, 2011
After their joint hallucination of embracing and frolicking in a waterfall and lying naked among flower petals, Thomas and Brooke awakened in the dank cave, wearing their tattered plane-crash apparel. They were sick to their stomachs due to eating the berries, and they wondered aloud what they had done. Ridge rescued them, and Taylor acknowledged that they'd had a life-changing experience. Brooke and Thomas shared with each other that they had no memory of what they had done. Brooke said she thought they had kissed, and she refused to keep another secret from Ridge. Thomas reminded her that they had been hallucinating because of the berries. He had no idea what was real or fantasy. Steffy and Bill kissed passionately on many occasions, and Steffy told Bill that she loved him. Bill responded that he loved Steffy and that he had only said that to one other woman, Katie. Steffy insisted that she would soon make love to Bill and never give up on a relationship with him. In Los Angeles, all the Logans, Forresters, and Marones celebrated that Brooke and Thomas had been found. Katie promised Donna that she would never let her husband go because she loved him. Thomas called Dayzee and said that he couldn't wait to see her.
May 9 to 13, 2011
Thomas and Brooke discussed their joint hallucination in the waterfall after eating the berries. Neither of them could recall anything else. Brooke said it was inappropriate, and she needed to tell Ridge. Thomas tried to dissuade her. Thomas had somehow hidden hallucinogenic berries in his jeans and discovered them at home. Katie returned home with Bill, but Bill was distracted with flashbacks of Steffy telling him that she loved him. At a Forrester press conference, Thomas announced the launch of Taboo for women, and Brooke announced Forrester's plans to donate profits to the war on drugs. She broke down in tears with flashbacks to the island hallucinations with Thomas. Stephanie and Taylor quizzed Brooke about her emotional reaction, and Taylor persuaded her to see a professional. Liam and Hope tortured each other again by kissing and breaking up. Liam insisted they could find a way to be together. Tawny intercepted text messages that Liam had sent to Hope. Tawny replied -- as Hope -- to Liam's text messages, making Liam believe that he had no future with Hope. Amber trapped Liam in another kissing session in her bedroom. His phone vibrated when Hope called, but Liam was in a liplock with Amber and missed the call. Carl again demanded money from Tawny. He threatened to spill the truth about Amber's baby.
May 16 to 20, 2011
Thomas and Brooke repeatedly discussed their joint hallucination on the island. Brooke insisted that they had to tell Ridge that they did not know what had happened while they were reacting to the berries. Thomas refused. Katie and Bill did not have a heartwarming reunion, and Bill had another makeout session with Steffy. Thomas took some berries, which he had stuck in his pocket on the island, to a lab friend for analysis. The lab technician said the berries caused feelings of grandeur, heightened sexual attraction, and more, but had no residual effects. Taylor accidentally consumed one of the berries and hallucinated. She relived a long-before, happy moment when Ridge had proposed to her at St. Thomas. She became amorous when she thought that Whip was Ridge. Whip became concerned when Taylor gasped for breath, and he called paramedics. Thomas showed up and realized Taylor had consumed the berries and had suffered an allergic reaction. Tawny continued to intercept and answer Liam's text messages to Hope. Liam, thinking Hope no longer wanted a relationship with him, agreed to move in with Amber.
May 23 to 27, 2011
Taylor recovered from her allergic reaction to the hallucinogenic island berries. She professed her love for Ridge to Ridge, Stephanie, and Steffy at the hospital, and finally confessed it to Whip. After he removed his wedding band, Whip left her. Stephanie bullied Thomas to tell everyone that he and Brooke had made love on the island. He refused, but she sweetened the deal with a promise of all her Forrester shares in exchange. She promised the shares upon her death, and reminded him that he would have controlling interest in Forrester. Thomas whipped up some tears and dutifully told Ridge and Brooke the lie, and Brooke couldn't understand why she didn't remember it. Ridge said that he couldn't live with the news, and he left the house. Later Thomas almost caved in, but Stephanie persuaded him that it was best for his family and would pull his parents together and make Taylor happy. Thomas demanded legal documents that he would receive the shares. Stephanie laughed and said that her will and her word should be good enough, but he reiterated that he expected paperwork from her attorneys. Stephanie congratulated him on having the guts to make such demands. Stephanie told Taylor never to give up hope that she could reunite with Ridge. Taylor apparently found out about Thomas' recent flashbacks of allegedly having sex with Brooke because she paid Brooke a visit with a look of fury on her face.
May 30 to June 3, 2011
Taylor and Steffy took turns ripping into Brooke for supposedly drugging Thomas with hallucinogenic berries on the island and then seducing him. Thomas complained numerous times to Stephanie about how guilty he felt about lying, but she continued to pressure him to keep his mouth shut about the truth that he'd never had sex with Brooke. Stephanie reminded him that his parents were about to reunite, and he would run Forrester Creations - all because he had said that he'd had sex with Brooke. Liam and Hope confronted Amber and Tawny about stealing Liam's text messages. Liam kicked Amber and Tawny out of the house where Bill was allowing them to live. Taylor sidled up to Ridge and removed his wedding band. She told him that it was a constant reminder of all the horrible things Brooke had done to his family. Ridge met with Brooke and gave her his wedding band. They discussed how they would tell Hope and R.J. about their breakup. Brooke tearfully met with James Warwick, the psychiatrist, who guided her through her memories of everything that had happened on the island. Afterwards, he concluded that she had never had sex with Thomas and that Thomas was clearly lying.
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JUNE 2011
June 6 to 10, 2011
Steffy told Bill that she wanted a shot at hosting The Catwalk. She reminded Bill that they loved each other and she wanted to be closer to him. Although Katie knew nothing about Steffy and Bill's declaration of love for one another, Katie knew that Steffy wanted to get closer to Bill. Katie scoffed at the news about Steffy taking over hosting duties, and she warned Steffy that Bill would never fall for Steffy. Brooke told Hope about Thomas' version of what happened on the island, and Hope blasted Thomas for making up lies about having sex with Brooke. Stephanie interrupted Hope's rant and quickly protected Thomas, but Thomas looked guilty to Hope. Brooke gathered Ridge, Eric, Thomas, Taylor, and Stephanie together to announce her resignation from Forrester and her plans for a foundation in Stephanie's name that would help people. Stephanie refused to have her name associated with the foundation. Dayzee knew that something wasn't right with Thomas, and she shared her concerns with Marcus, who had recently returned from Paris.
June 13 to 17, 2011
Stephanie admitted that Brooke's gesture to start the foundation in her name seemed like a genuine move. Brooke said that Taylor had Brooke's blessing to marry Ridge. Brooke symbolically presented her wedding ring to Taylor, and they embraced. Marcus visited Amber with a baby gift, and Amber suddenly had an a-ha moment that Marcus might be the baby's father. Amber panicked, grabbed a lock of his hair, and forced Carl to perform a DNA test, but her water broke, and the test was postponed. Hope and Liam boarded the private jet for a romantic getaway, but skipped the trip when Liam heard that Amber was in labor. In the delivery room, Carl tried to tell Amber the results, but it was too late. Tawny, Bill, Liam, and Carl were all there as the doctor announced that the baby was crowning. Meanwhile, Oliver managed to whisk Hope away to the Big Bear cabin to get her away from all the drama. He proposed marriage and presented a diamond ring to a speechless Hope.
June 20 to 24, 2011
Amber gave birth to Marcus' baby girl, and they chose to name her Ambrosia. They planned to call her Rosie. Marcus warned Amber that she would not trap him the way she had tried to trap Liam. Bill, Brooke, and Katie celebrated that Amber was out of their lives, and Liam headed to Big Bear to find Hope. Liam interrupted Oliver's marriage proposal to Hope. Liam announced that Amber had given birth to Marcus' baby, but Amber had thought that it was Oliver's baby. Oliver made a quick exit. Hope and Liam celebrated. Brooke told Ridge that he should marry Taylor and put his family back together. Ridge went directly to Taylor's place and proposed while Steffy and Thomas watched. Taylor happily agreed to marry Ridge. Brooke told her sisters that she thought she'd had sex with Thomas on the island when she had eaten the hallucinogenic berries, but she couldn't remember it. Stephanie visited Brooke and shared the news that Taylor and Ridge were going to marry. Brooke was devastated. Bill tried to get information out of Hope about Brooke's resignation and her separation from Ridge.
June 27 to July 1, 2011
Bill kicked Amber out of the Malibu house, and he gave the house to Liam, who spent the night there with Hope. Bill wondered if Liam and Hope had been intimate, but Liam shared that Hope had decided to wait until marriage to have sex. Brooke held a meeting with the board of directors she had assembled for the Stephanie Forrester Foundation, and the meeting made Stephanie feel even guiltier about her lies. Thomas broke down and told Dayzee that he had lied about having sex with Brooke, and Dayzee insisted that he had to tell his mother. Dayzee and Thomas privately confided in Stephanie that Thomas would no longer lie about the island sex. Stephanie was furious and warned them to keep quiet about the truth. Thomas refused. Brooke continued to struggle with her inability to remember anything sexual with Thomas. The Logan sisters bonded with Amber's baby. Hope warned Steffy that Thomas was lying about having had sex with Brooke. Steffy was surprised, and Steffy decided that Hope was in denial because her family had been broken apart.
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JULY 2011
July 4 to 8, 2011
In spite of their guilty consciences, Stephanie and Thomas allowed Ridge and Taylor's wedding to start, and Dayzee was disgusted that neither of them told the truth. In their vows, Ridge and Taylor stressed the importance of honesty, decency, and integrity. Taylor paused to reflect on what an important role model Stephanie had been in her life. When the minister asked if anyone had anything to say before he pronounced Ridge and Taylor married, Thomas stepped forward, but Stephanie beat him to it. Stephanie asked all the guests to leave except Thomas because she had to speak to the bride and groom privately. Stephanie admitted everything that she had done, and she tried to justify it. Ridge and Taylor were disgusted and angry with both Stephanie and Thomas. Stephanie insisted the wedding had to continue. During the wedding, Brooke was at home. She sat alone at her backyard pond where water cascaded down over a series of stones that stretched from the veranda to a pool of water at the bottom of a long stone staircase. Suddenly, rose petals appeared in the water. Brooke looked up and saw Ridge placing rose petals in the water as he stood on the veranda. He smiled at her. She started up the stairs with tears in her eyes and a big smile.
July 11 to 15, 2011
Ridge reunited with Brooke after learning about Thomas and Stephanie's lie. Taylor was devastated by Stephanie's betrayal, and Dayzee dumped Thomas upon realizing that he'd planned to sell his mother out for stock. Thomas apologized to Brooke, who severed their working relationship. Eric was appalled that Stephanie hadn't changed, and she claimed her inability to battle cancer had reignited her battle with Brooke. When Stephanie said she'd do anything to make amends, Brooke forced her to sing for forgiveness at an upscale restaurant, but Ridge later said it wouldn't be that simple. Bill signed secret contracts, and he obsessed about Steffy, who'd gone ballistic upon learning what Thomas had done for financial gain. Steffy begged Ridge to stay with Taylor, but Ridge claimed he loved his daughter no matter who his wife was. Ridge worried when Steffy blazed out of the house during a rainstorm. Bill convinced the distraught Steffy to meet him at the cliff house. As Steffy sought solace with Bill, he revealed that she captivated him, and the two kissed.
July 18 to 22, 2011
Ridge and Brooke reunited, and Ridge ordered Thomas to return his 25 percent of Forrester stock to his grandmother. Ridge demanded that Stephanie give the shares to Ridge to be distributed to the rightful Forrester heirs - his brother, sisters, and all the Forrester grandchildren. Bill advised Taylor that Thomas should not return the Forrester shares. Taylor prevented Thomas from signing away the shares because the shares were held in a trust, and she was the trustee. Taylor refused to return the shares because Ridge had put her family through hell. Stephanie tried to apologize to everyone. Ridge cancelled the Taboo line and told Thomas to report to Thorne in shipping. Steffy dished to Bill that her father had abandoned her, and Bill and Steffy made out. Liam saw Bill and Steffy, but Bill ordered Liam to remain silent. Bill promised that he would never abandon Steffy and he planned to leave Katie. Bill and Steffy made out in Steffy's bedroom at Taylor's and almost made love, but Taylor interrupted. Taylor angrily told Steffy to stay away from a married man. Steffy refused, and Bill told Taylor that he was heading home to tell Katie that he was leaving her because he was in love with Steffy. Katie had other plans brewing at home. As a surprise, Katie had invited a minister and family and friends, including Bill's sister Karen, to a vow renewal ceremony with Bill. When Bill entered, he was overwhelmed.
July 25 to 29, 2011
Taylor, Steffy, and Thomas celebrated that they would be majority stockholders at Forrester. Steffy awaited a call from Bill that he had told Katie about his plans to leave her, but Bill had been ambushed with a vow renewal ceremony. Bill admitted, privately to Liam, that he had planned to leave Katie. Bill went through with the vows instead. Bill told Katie that he would always love her. At Taylor's, Bill later told Steffy that he had to wait to leave Katie because it was in the best interest of his company. Taylor told Bill to take a hike, and she forbade Steffy to be the other woman, but Bill and Steffy ignored her warnings. Steffy had purchased Jackie and Owen's condo as a love nest for Steffy and Bill. They made out at her new place. Taylor visited Katie, but Liam intercepted Taylor and tried to stop her from tattling on Bill and Steffy. Taylor forged ahead and told Kate about Steffy and Bill, and Katie grabbed her chest in a fit of pain as if from a heart attack. Liam tried to call Bill to tell him about Taylor's announcement, but Bill was busy making out with Steffy and refused to answer his phone.
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August 1 to 5, 2011
After Taylor dished to Katie that Steffy and Bill were embroiled in an affair, Katie refused to believe it. She angrily told Taylor to leave. Katie emotionally confronted Bill with Taylor's news. Bill admitted it, but he pointed out that Katie had left him. Katie went ballistic and collapsed with a heart attack. At the hospital, Bill confessed to Brooke and Donna that he had planned to leave Katie for Steffy. Katie took a turn for the worse, and she begged Bill to stay with her. Bill obliged, and Katie miraculously showed signs of recovery. Bill visited Steffy and told her that he was staying with his wife. Steffy refused to let Bill leave her. She promised to wait for him, but Bill said that he belonged with Katie and he loved Katie, too. Steffy tried to persuade Bill that he wasn't responsible for Katie's heart attack, but Bill disagreed. He said that he could lose Katie, and he couldn't live with himself if that ever happened. Katie sneaked out of her hospital room and confronted Steffy. Katie warned that Bill would never leave her, but Steffy said that Bill had admitted to her that he loved both Katie and Steffy. At Forrester, Taylor told Ridge about Steffy and Bill. Taylor dished that Katie knew the truth. Brooke advised both Taylor and Ridge that Katie had landed in the hospital with a heart attack due to Bill's infidelity with Steffy. Taylor and Ridge worried about Steffy's feelings of rejection by Bill. Brooke worried that Katie could die because of heart problems that Bill and Steffy's affair had caused.
August 8 to 12, 2011
Nick grew increasingly anxious to be rid of his new houseguests, Jackie and Owen, and was worried about Katie and the future of Jackie M. Katie returned home from the hospital and decided that she and Bill would get on with their lives together -- after he ended it with Steffy. Hope and Brooke warned Katie that Steffy wouldn't just slink away, and they told their significant others that Steffy was getting what she deserved. When Bill broke it off with Steffy, she flew into a rage and accused him of abandoning her. The inebriated Steffy attempted to take a bath, but hit her head on the tub. Liam arrived at the door as she sank below the water. Ridge punched Bill in the mouth for leading Steffy on. Bill let Ridge get away with the punch, but later talked Nick into selling half of Jackie M to him, so that he could gift it to Katie and bury Forrester Creations.
August 15 to 19, 2011
After Liam saved Steffy from drowning, everyone praised Liam. Steffy decided that she felt more than gratitude for him, and professed it to everyone including Brooke, Ridge, Taylor and Hope. Liam told Bill to stay away from Steffy and let her heal after their affair. Bill was miffed and warned Liam that he and Steffy had strong feelings for one another that would not go away overnight. Steffy repeatedly yakked to Hope about being a virgin. Steffy announced that Liam would fall into Steffy's waiting arms because Hope had made him wait too long for sex. Taylor and Brooke sniped at one another because Steffy was making a play for Liam. Brooke informed Taylor that she would not tolerate Steffy's antics of going after another of Hope's boyfriends again. At the "Hope for the Future" fashion show, Liam proposed to Hope while she was on the runway. Applause erupted and Liam knelt on the catwalk with a diamond ring, but Hope appeared panicked and did not answer.
August 22 to 26, 2011
Liam and Hope celebrated that Hope had accepted his marriage proposal. Liam talked to Ridge about marrying Hope, and Ridge offered his blessing. Ridge and Liam frankly discussed that Ridge did not like Liam's dad. Brooke and Hope reveled in Hope's plans to get married, and Brooke offered advice on sex and lingerie from Brooke's Bedroom clothing line. At Liam's, Hope donned sexy lingerie and scented oil, much to Liam's delight, but she backed out of having sex at the last minute. She asked Liam to wait until they were married. He was very disappointed. Brooke and Ridge wondered if Hope was ready for marriage. Steffy met with Liam after Hope left his house. Steffy tried to persuade Liam that Hope was not the girl for him. Steffy promised sex and much more if Liam got involved with her. Marcus and Dayzee bonded, but Amber interfered. Amber asked Dayzee to step aside and give Marcus and Amber a chance to get back together and raise Rosie as a true family. Dayzee gently reminded Amber that a life with Amber was not what Marcus wanted. Taylor told Ridge that Steffy was hung up on Liam, and that if Hope and Liam's relationship fizzled out, Liam would be the perfect man for Steffy.
August 29 to September 2, 2011
Liam and Hope's night of canceled sex was news to everyone. Hope told Brooke that she didn't want to be like Brooke. Liam told his dad about Hope's wishes to wait until marriage, and Bill offered to gas up the Spencer jet for a quick marriage in Las Vegas. Eric, Thomas, and Thorne accompanied Hope to Paris for a press conference, and Liam was not happy that she left. Hope tried to persuade him that waiting for sex would be worth it. Hope announced her intentions to wait until marriage for sex at her press conference. Eric designed a wonderful wedding dress for Hope, and Hope loved it. Taylor and Steffy discussed that Hope was manipulating Liam by forcing him to wait for intimacy until marriage. Brooke warned Steffy to stay away from Liam. Steffy went directly to Liam's while Hope was out of the country.
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September 5 to 9, 2011
While Hope was in Paris, Steffy visited Liam. Steffy tried to sidle up to Liam, but he defended Hope, and said that she was worth waiting for. Anthony predicted that Taylor would meet the man of her dreams who would show up at her door after a stray cat and thunderstorm. Stephanie tried unsuccessfully to mend her friendship with Taylor. Stephanie offended Taylor numerous times. First, Stephanie was the one who had encouraged Anthony to give Taylor the psychic reading. Second, Stephanie said that Ridge would never have returned to Taylor if Stephanie hadn't persuaded Thomas to lie. Finally, Stephanie presented Taylor with a legal document for Thomas to return the shares of Forrester that Stephanie had given to him. Taylor tore up the agreement and angrily told Stephanie they could not be friends. Nick and Ridge worried about Taylor. At home, during a storm, Taylor saw a stray cat, and someone knocked on her door. She opened the door and acknowledged that she knew the person at her door.
September 12 to 16, 2011
Anthony's prediction that a mystery man would also show up at her door came true when Thorne arrived with good news. He advised that if Taylor combined Steffy and Thomas' shares of Forrester, she would own 55 percent of the company. With majority shares, she could be a decision-maker in who led Forrester -- with a vote on who became president and vice president. Taylor and Thorne vowed to rule Forrester together, and they kissed. Hope returned from a successful promotion trip for "Hope for the Future" in Paris. She and Rick advised that the international market felt that Steffy's lingerie line was too provocative, and Steffy was furious. Ridge agreed that if buyers wanted it toned down, Steffy would have to comply. Thomas begged for another chance to market the Taboo line, but Ridge turned it down. Ridge angered both Steffy and Thomas. Steffy and Bill collaborated on the idea that Steffy would seduce Liam because Steffy professed her love for Liam. Bill felt that Hope was too immature for Liam. At a press conference with Liam in the wings, Hope told the press that she planned to wait for marriage for sex. Liam was embarrassed by the attention, and left the conference. Steffy followed him home and promised that he wouldn't have to wait another night for sex.
September 19 to 23, 2011
Taylor and Thorne plotted to make a difference at Forrester with Taylor taking control of a 55-percent share of the company by combining Thomas and Steffy's shares. Ridge tried to talk Taylor into giving him her voting shares, but she refused. Thorne and Ridge got into a physical battle, and Ridge apologized. Thorne warned that Ridge's time as CEO would end quickly. Bill continued to try to talk Liam out of marrying Hope. Bill suggested that Liam consider other options, namely Steffy. Bill and Steffy plotted to get Hope away from Liam. Hope tried to move up the wedding date for Liam, but the Forresters refused because of the ad campaign they had built around her wedding. Liam was angry that they couldn't move up the date. Bill planned a bachelor party for Liam. Hope decided to give up waiting for marriage to have sex. Hope planned to surprise Liam after his bachelor party by moving in at the cliff house. Steffy visited Liam and tried to persuade him that she was the girl for him - not Hope. Steffy kissed Liam.
September 26 to 30, 2011
Liam asked Hope to move up the wedding date, and she agreed, but the Forrester family put the kibosh on changing the date because an ad campaign had been planned around the wedding. Liam was very upset, but Hope planned to make Liam happy by surprising him and moving into the cliff house while he was at his bachelor party. Hope's plan backfired when Bill coerced Steffy into taking Liam home after the bachelor party. Steffy and Liam made out in her car, and although Liam stopped kissing Steffy and said it was wrong, it was too late. Hope had seen all the kissing, unbeknownst to Liam and Steffy. Furious with Liam, Hope left her engagement ring on Liam's mantel and called to tell him she no longer wanted to get married. She never explained why. Steffy showed up at Liam's, and Liam, holding Hope's engagement ring, lamented that Hope wasn't ready to get married. In a quick turn of events, Liam immediately proposed to Steffy and put Hope's engagement ring on her finger. Liam and Steffy went to bed and had sex. The next day, Taylor and Brooke heard the news while Hope went to Liam's to patch things up. Liam wasn't home, but Hope ran into Steffy, who was wearing Hope's engagement ring. Steffy related that Liam had put the ring on her finger. Hope was horrified.
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October 3 to 7, 2011
Bill made sure that Justin leaked the news of Steffy and Liam's engagement. Bill also sent Liam and Steffy on his private plane to an unnamed destination so that Hope could not find them. Bill ordered Steffy to hide Liam's cell phone to prevent Hope from calling him. Hope visited Bill and begged him to share where Liam had gone, but Bill chastised her for dumping Liam. Bill said that Hope was clearly not the right choice for Liam. Taylor and Brooke argued over who belonged with Liam, and Taylor visited to Bill to tattle that Hope was hell-bent on finding Liam and patching things up. Steffy and Liam took off for their unknown destination with glee. They landed in Aspen and took a romantic tour of the city in a horse-drawn carriage. Hope and Rick tracked them down with help from friends. Rick arranged a secret meeting for Hope and Liam, but Bill and Steffy suspected something was up. They worked together to keep Hope from meeting Liam.
October 10 to 14, 2011
Taylor and Brooke argued continually over which of their daughters belonged with Liam. In Aspen, thanks to Bill's interference, Hope was stuck in a gondola on the way to the mountaintop where she was supposed to meet Liam. Hope watched from the gondola as Steffy, dressed in a funky wedding dress with a long veil attached to her head, met Liam. Bill had helped Steffy hire a minister and witness, and Liam and Steffy were married on the mountaintop. Hope sobbed. Brooke and Rick encouraged Hope to tell Liam how she felt. Everyone in Los Angeles heard the wedding news, and Bill held a wedding reception at the cliff house to welcome the newlyweds home. Katie was angry. Brooke refused to attend, but Ridge attended and wished his daughter well. Brooke drove Hope to the reception and encouraged her to tell Liam what had happened. At Eric and Stephanie's home, Eric had designed beautiful lingerie for Stephanie, but she refused to wear it. She told Eric that she did not wish to be intimate. Eric was insulted that she wanted nothing to do with him, but she had plenty of energy and time for everyone but him. Eric argued that he wanted companionship, but Stephanie did not.
October 17 to 21, 2011
At Forrester, Steffy repeatedly reminded Hope and Brooke to respect her marriage to Liam. Taylor continually chimed in her agreement. Hope refused suggestions from Rick, Thomas, and Brooke to speak to Liam. Brooke took matters into her own hands and visited Liam. Brooke told him the about everything. She explained that Hope had broken off the engagement because she had seen Liam making out with Steffy. Even after that, Brooke said, Hope had tried to set up a secret meeting with Liam on the mountain to apologize, but Liam had married Steffy instead of waiting for Hope. Liam was stunned by the news. Liam immediately went to Hope and passionately kissed and hugged her. Brooke shared the news with Steffy that Liam knew the truth about everything. Steffy looked worried. Pam and Stephen planned their wedding. Stephanie told Eric that she needed time to improve her self-image and promised to become intimate with him again. She tenderly asked him to be patient, and Eric warmly agreed. Jackie told Owen that he belonged with his family: Bridget and Logan. Owen left and told Bridget that he wanted to build a life with her and Logan.
October 24 to 28, 2011
At Forrester, after Hope's revelation to Liam about tracking him down in Aspen, Steffy lied that she had known nothing about Hope being in Aspen to find Liam. Hope was awestruck that Steffy lied and Liam believed Steffy. Hope said goodbye to Liam and wished him luck in his marriage. Thorne tried to persuade Eric and Ridge to make changes at Forrester because Ridge had made poor business decisions recently, but Taylor didn't back Thorne up. Ridge crowed, and Thorne sulked. Eric kissed Jackie at lunch, and Ridge and Brooke witnessed it. Ridge chastised Eric, and Eric told Ridge to mind his own business. Brooke confronted Jackie.
October 31 to November 4, 2011
At Forrester, Steffy told Taylor that she had to finally come clean about her lies to Liam. Taylor warned her daughter not to be hasty in her decision. Steffy told Liam the truth, and he seemed angry, but when she kissed him, he kissed her back, then stopped. Stephanie made fun of Eric's romantic gestures and insulted him. Eric went to Jackie's and kissed Jackie, but Ridge showed up and interrupted. Ridge tattled to Stephanie, and Eric interrupted Ridge. Eric admitted to Stephanie that he had visited Jackie, but told Ridge to mind his own business. Stephanie wondered if Eric was going to stray, but Eric promised to never let her down again. Eric returned to Stephanie, and Stephanie apologized, but Eric was clearly angry. Brooke continued to tell Ridge that Steffy had lied about the Aspen trip to trap Liam into marrying her. Ridge refused to discuss it. At home, Stephanie looked at framed photos of her and Eric and thought about him walking out on her.
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November 7 to 11, 2011
After Steffy told Liam the truth about preventing Hope from seeing him in Aspen, Liam seemed to understand. Later, however, Liam told Katie that he didn't know what to do because he loved both Steffy and Hope. Katie warned Liam to get out of his marriage to Steffy before it was too late. Thomas and Hope spent a lot of time together kissing, and Thomas told everyone that he was romantically interested in Hope. Brooke was unhappy about the Thomas/Hope liaison, and Ridge discouraged Thomas from seeing Hope, but Steffy was elated. Steffy pushed Thomas to turn on the charm and take Hope's mind off Liam. After Liam had seen Thomas kiss Hope, he warned Hope not to jump into a rebound romance, and realized how hollow his words were. Hope chastised Liam and reminded him that they were not friends and never would be. Liam alluded to the fact that his marriage was a mistake, but their conversation was interrupted. Marcus and Dayzee bonded over Rosie. Dayzee said it felt like family. Amber discovered Rick's secret designs, left behind by mistake, at Dayzee's. Amber tweaked the designs, and showed them to Rick. She begged Rick to collaborate with her on his new line. They kissed, and Rick said the designs were exactly what he'd had in mind.
November 14 to 18, 2011
Katie told Hope that Steffy had plotted to trap Liam into marriage and was responsible for Hope getting stuck in the gondola. Hope talked to Liam and begged him to leave Steffy, but he refused. Thomas continued to pursue Hope, and promised to take her mind off Liam. Stephanie confronted Jackie and warned her to stay away from Eric. Pam freaked out that Stephen had gone to Texas and broken their engagement. She worried that he had left her for good. Pam, who had been acting erratically and seemed to be off her medications, set her sights on Nick. Jackie and Nick persuaded Pam to steal Eric's designs. In return, Nick promised to give Pam some romantic attention. Nick swept Pam into a passionate kiss after she delivered the first designs. Brooke and Ridge continued to argue about Steffy's marriage. Ridge told Brooke and Hope that they needed to leave Liam and Steffy alone. Ridge said that Liam had clearly made his decision to stay with Steffy.
November 21 to 25, 2011
Steffy and Liam attended the Forrester family Thanksgiving party, and Hope had trouble being in the same room with them. Ridge insisted that Hope had to get over it and toast Liam and Steffy. Hope argued and Liam said it was unnecessary, but Ridge insisted and Hope obliged. Pam showed up at the party, but angrily left when she realized that Stephanie had ordered catered desserts and had no room for Pam's lemon bars. Taylor arrived as Thorne's date for the dinner, and Ridge wanted to know what was going on. Ridge encouraged Thomas to pursue Hope to get her mind off Liam. Jackie and Nick worried what would happen when Pam stole more of Eric's designs for Jackie M.
November 28 to December 2, 2011
Steffy warned Katie that Bill was tired of Katie's interference in Steffy and Liam's marriage. Steffy asked Katie to forget the past, but Katie refused. Bill told Katie that they needed to be united as a family, and Bill gave Steffy a seat on the Spencer board. Katie was appalled. Katie shared with Bill, and privately with Liam, that she suspected Bill still had romantic feelings for Steffy. Liam refused to believe it. In a private moment with Steffy, Bill flashed back to more passionate moments he had shared with Steffy. Pam continued to deliver stolen Forrester designs to Jackie M. Hope finally decided to give up on Liam, and give Thomas a chance. Thomas made some romantic gestures to win Hope's heart, but Brooke interfered. Brooke told Hope not to give up on Liam. Stephanie offered Dayzee's friend, Beverly, a paid internship at Forrester.
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December 5 to 9, 2011
Donna moved onto the Shady Marlin after she and Justin ended their marriage. Donna cozied up to Nick, and they took the Shady Marlin for a ride. They wound up kissing and watching the sunset. Pam continued to deliver stolen Forrester designs to Jackie M. For a few moments, Jackie regretted stealing designs, but she went on with the show. Bridget was in the audience and sent word to Eric and Brooke that Jackie M had stolen the entire line. After the show, Stephanie visited Jackie backstage and slapped her for stealing the line. Stephanie demanded to know who Jackie had paid to steal the line, but Jackie denied everything. Pam remained hidden during and after the show. In private, she asked Nick for a few kisses and to immediately start her job at Jackie M. Nick and Jackie persuaded Pam to return to Forrester. They worried that if she left too quickly, it would arouse suspicion that she had stolen the designs. Bedlam broke out at Forrester when the family tried to figure out who had stolen the designs. Hope accused Dayzee's friend, Beverly, a paid intern, of stealing the designs and selling them to Jackie M.
December 12 to 16, 2011
Stephanie, Hope, and all the Forresters regretted accusing Beverly of stealing the designs. Stephanie and Hope followed Beverly to her home at a community house for foster children who had aged out of the foster care system. Stephanie and Hope apologized to Beverly. In a documentary format, Stephanie interviewed residents -- who were not actors. Pam realized that the Forresters had blamed an innocent young girl for her theft, and she wanted to turn herself in to the police. Jackie talked her out of it. Eric confronted Jackie about the stolen designs, but Jackie refused to say who had taken them. At Spencer, Bill announced that he had scheduled a romantic family holiday vacation that would include Bill, Katie, Liam, and Steffy. Katie wasn't happy. Steffy begged Katie to accept her into the family, but Katie refused. Bill fantasized about passionately kissing Steffy. Thomas continued to pursue Hope, and he asked for Brooke's help. Brooke said that she knew Hope still had feelings for Liam. Ridge warned Liam to stay true to Steffy, and Liam said that he was committed to their marriage. Liam saw Hope, and Liam flashed back to a kiss he had shared with her at Thanksgiving. Both Hope and Katie warned Liam that Steffy's former relationship with Bill was a huge problem.
December 19 to 23, 2011
The Forresters managed to get Beverly to return to work. Pam discovered that Nick was interested in Donna. The Logans cooked Christmas dinner at the Forresters' because Pam was angry with Stephanie. Brooke, Katie, and Donna burned the turkey. Fortunately, Bill came to the rescue and showed up with a fully cooked bird. The Spencers and Forresters dined together in harmony. Thorne showed up with Taylor. Steffy and Hope put aside their animosity for the day. Stephanie thanked everyone, including Donna.
December 26 to 30, 2011
Beverly and Rick bonded, and Amber interrupted. After Rick left, Amber warned Beverly to stay away from Rick, but Beverly refused to back down. Steffy and Liam enjoyed the resort at Cabo San Lucas, but Steffy discovered that Thomas and Hope were at the same resort. Hope and Thomas were in separate rooms. Steffy worked overtime to keep Hope and Liam from seeing each other. Steffy encouraged Thomas to romance Hope and propose to her, and Steffy enlisted Bill's help to create a romantic setting for Thomas to pop the question. Thomas asked Hope to marry him, and Hope was shocked.
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