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January 3 to 7, 2022
Brooke awakened on New Year's Day with Deacon grinning beside her on the bed. He swore nothing had happened, but Brooke swore him to secrecy and banned him from the house. She grappled to understand why she'd blown her sobriety. She confessed the drinking to Ridge and Hope, but when Ridge asked if Deacon had been involved, Brooke indicated that only she was to blame. Hope blamed herself for pushing Brooke to accept Deacon. Ridge took Brooke to an A.A. meeting. Liam didn't get the significance of Douglas saying he'd seen Grandma kissing Santa. Bill let Hope and Liam know he'd be there when the "crap" eventually hit the fan with Deacon. Sheila visited Taylor again, and Taylor seemed alarmed when Sheila seethed about Brooke. Taylor reminded Sheila that she had a long way to go to heal, and she couldn't come over to the house uninvited. Paris and Carter discussed the events that had led to their kiss and claimed to be just friends.
January 10 to 14, 2022
Steffy and Taylor tried to pry out of Hope what could be bothering Brooke. Steffy's words indicated to Hope that they were no longer one big, happy family, and Hope put Taylor on notice about using Brooke's problems to Taylor's advantage. Steffy declared that the Forresters and Logans were at war with each other, and she and Thomas offered Ridge an alternative to being with the Logans. After talking to Deacon, Sheila gleaned that she might have gotten Brooke to drink. At her A.A. meeting, Brooke lied about drinking alone on New Year's Eve. Deacon visited Brooke without her permission, and as they bickered with each other about him staying away, Deacon professed his undying love for Brooke. Paris' mother, Grace, arrived in town. Zende became preoccupied with the idea that Paris had another man in her life.
January 17 to 21, 2022
Brooke was stunned when Deacon arrived at her house against her wishes and professed his undying love for her and desire to have a future. Sheila figured that if she couldn't get answers out of Deacon about Brooke, she'd pay Taylor another visit, but Taylor's curiosity was piqued by Sheila's intense disdain for Brooke. Taylor offered her friendship and counsel to Brooke, who quickly turned it down. As Ridge lauded Brooke for her honesty, Douglas persisted until Liam and Hope finally believed that he'd seen Brooke kissing a man in a Santa hat. Hope pressed Brooke for answers, and Brooke confessed that she and Deacon had gotten drunk, kissed, and slept on the same bed. Paris was troubled upon seeing a model ask Zende out on a date, but she realized it was for the best when she wound up back in Carter's arms.
January 24 to 28, 2022
Brooke told Hope the whole story about New Year's Eve and set out to talk to Douglas about what he'd seen. Douglas was at a dinner party, regaling everyone with his tale of Grandma kissing Santa, when Hope called him home for a talk. Brooke advised Douglas that the past was gone, and he didn't have to talk about what he'd seen; however, Thomas managed to get Douglas to reveal that he'd seen Brooke kissing Deacon in a Santa hat. Grace was confused when she saw Zende leaving on a date with a model. To her dismay, Grace learned from Paris that Paris and Zende had cooled down their romance. Grace asked Carter to talk to her daughter about what a good man Zende was, but Grace had a rude awakening when she walked in on Paris and Carter kissing.
January 31 to February 4, 2022
Thomas asked Douglas to think hard about the identity of the mystery Santa, and Douglas revealed that his mom's father had been kissing Grandma. Steffy enlisted Charlie's help to break into Brooke's home surveillance footage, and after seeing Deacon on video leaving Brooke's house the morning of New Year's Day, Steffy and Thomas gleaned that Brooke had cheated on Ridge. Grace refused to let Carter hurt another one of her daughters. Insisting that Zende was the man for Paris, Grace ordered Carter to break it off with Paris, or Grace would expose him to the Forresters for pursuing Zende's love interest. Carter invited Paris to a romantic dinner but wound up breaking it off with her instead of moving forward.
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February 7 to 11, 2022
Paris and Carter's romantic evening went south when Carter broke things off with her. Grace was delighted to hear it and warned Carter that she'd be watching. By the time Brooke decided that she had to tell Ridge the full story about New Year's Eve, Steffy and Thomas had already conveyed the information to Taylor, who decided she needed to be the one to tell Ridge. Steffy cryptically berated Brooke for being Brooke until Brooke asked Steffy to leave. Ridge believed that there had to be an explanation for what had happened, and even though Brooke had let him down, he asked her to give him all the details about that night. Ridge concluded that Deacon was the reason she'd taken a drink. As Taylor showed up at Brooke's house for a confrontation, Ridge strode into Deacon's supply closet and sucker-punched him.
February 14 to 18, 2022
Taylor showed up on Brooke's doorstep for a confrontation about New Year's Eve. Ridge accused Deacon of spiking Brooke's drink to take advantage of her. Deacon and Ridge brawled until Brooke arrived and ordered Ridge to stop brutalizing Deacon, who'd done nothing wrong. Feeling that Brooke was siding with Deacon, Ridge said he couldn't do it anymore, and he walked out. As Brooke scrambled to reach Ridge, Thomas hid Ridge's phone from him and deleted messages from Brooke. Steffy and Thomas impressed upon Ridge how much better Taylor was for him than Brooke. Taylor and Ridge spoke alone, and Ridge said he wanted to go home to her if she'd have him. While confiding in Sheila about what had gone on with Ridge and Brooke, Deacon wondered what kind of person would spike Brooke's drink.
February 21 to 25, 2022
Taylor and Ridge informed their kids that Ridge would be home with them. Ridge spent a platonic night with Taylor, and she asked him if he had any regrets. Ridge had regrets about Brooke but said he'd focus on Taylor because Brooke had chosen Deacon. Brooke sent Liam on a failed mission to get a message to Ridge, but the next day, Ridge informed Brooke that he'd spent the night with Taylor. Though he said he loved Brooke with everything within him, he couldn't do it anymore, and he walked out. Sheila found out about Ridge and Brooke's split and told Deacon that his long-awaited chance with Brooke might really happen. No longer able to stay away from Carter, Paris showed up at his doorstep, and the two gave in to a passionate kiss.
February 28 to March 4, 2022
Hope talked Deacon into appealing to Ridge in order to save Brooke's marriage and soon wondered if she'd regret it. Deacon advised Ridge to stop crying to Taylor and work on his marriage, but when Ridge remained insolent about it, Deacon said the marriage ending was for the best. Deacon implored Brooke to break her cycle with Ridge and be with Deacon, but Brooke insisted that her heart belonged to Ridge. Brooke visited Taylor and vowed to fight for her marriage, but in private, Brooke questioned whether she should give up and let Taylor have Ridge. During a cryptic conversation with Sheila, Thomas gleaned that she was responsible for Brooke drinking on New Year's Eve. Carter and Paris could no longer hold back and made love all afternoon.
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MARCH 2022
March 7 to 11, 2022
Thomas was torn about whether to reveal Sheila's secret to Ridge, and after Thomas learned exactly how Sheila had tricked Brooke, he puzzled Steffy with his sympathy for Brooke. Deacon tried to get Brooke to stop beating herself up and to open her eyes about Ridge. Deacon pitched himself as a love interest, but Brooke said her heart belonged to Ridge. Sheila chatted up Taylor, and Taylor revealed her concerns about the mystery that had made Brooke drink. When Ridge stopped by to check on Brooke, she surprised him by offering to let him go and to give him a painless divorce. Although Ridge told Brooke that the only life he wanted was with her, he went to the cliff house and passionately kissed Taylor. Grace expressed her confidence to Zende that Paris would accept a marriage proposal from him. Carter and Paris professed love for each other, and Grace was horrified to find Paris half naked at Carter's place. Grace tried to drag Paris away, but Paris insisted that she loved Carter.
March 14 to 18, 2022
Thomas struggled with the idea of keeping Sheila's secret, but Sheila tried to convince him that his family's happiness depended on it. Steffy became suspicious of Thomas' empathy toward Brooke. Thomas tried to deter Hope from fighting for Brooke's marriage and indicated that he'd do anything to support his parents' reunion. Hope and Steffy clashed when Steffy walked in on Hope telling Ridge that he was essentially cheating on Brooke with Taylor. Sheila persisted in getting Deacon to go after Brooke, but when Deacon visited Brooke with a gift, she told him that she'd decided to fight for her marriage. Taylor slowed things down with Ridge and put off being intimate until he was sure about what he wanted. Grace and Paris argued about Paris' relationship with Carter. Siding with Grace, Carter advised Paris to accept if Zende should propose marriage.
March 21 to 25, 2022
Steffy tiptoed into an alley behind Il Giardino and discovered Thomas embroiled in a conversation with Sheila. Steffy shared the puzzling discovery with Finn, who assumed Thomas might simply be trying to protect his family. Thomas met Sheila in the alley to talk but remained torn about whether to expose Sheila or support his parents' reconciliation. After Eric reminded Ridge of his destiny, Ridge visited Brooke, and she asked him to return home to her. In honor of The Bold and the Beautiful's 35th anniversary, the show aired a stand-alone episode featuring Brooke and her five true loves.
March 28 to April 1, 2022
Eric comforted Brooke and urged her to fight for her marriage. Brooke let Ridge know she intended to fight against the strange forces at work to get their marriage back. Hope and Liam assured Brooke that as long as she was married to Ridge, she had a chance. Bridget informed Brooke that Bridget was working in Los Angeles for a while. Steffy overheard Thomas and Sheila on the phone, discussing Sheila's plot against Brooke. After divulging the information to Finn, Steffy went to Il Giardino and confronted Sheila in the back alley. Sheila begged Steffy not to tell anyone else her secret, but when Steffy vowed to make sure Sheila would be out of Finn and Hayes's lives, Sheila pulled a gun on Steffy and fired. The bullet hit Finn, who'd at that moment rushed into the alley. As Finn lay dying, Sheila turned the gun on Steffy.
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APRIL 2022
April 4 to 8, 2022
Steffy attempted to call emergency services to help Finn, but Sheila shot Steffy in the chest. Horrified by her own actions, Sheila staged a robbery scene and left Steffy to bleed to death beside Finn. Deacon discovered the couple as he took out the trash. He called the police and informed Steffy and Finn's loved ones about the incident. Sheila disposed of evidence in her hotel trash can. She was devastated to learn from Deacon that Finn had died, but Steffy was still clinging to life. Steffy's loved ones gathered at the hospital. Sheila arrived, and though Taylor empathized with her, Li refused to mourn with Sheila or let her see Finn. Thomas asked Sheila if she'd had anything to do with the shooting.
April 11 to 15, 2022
Liam and Hope stood vigil at the hospital, joined by Paris and Zende. Thomas asked Sheila if she'd had anything to do with the shooting. The accusation sent Sheila reeling, and she wound up on the hospital roof. Attempting to save Sheila, Taylor slipped off the building, and Sheila saved Taylor. To Sheila's relief, Steffy woke up unable to recall the events of the shooting. Ridge told Sheila that it was time for her to go, but Taylor advocated for Sheila to stay, saying she'd become a part of them after she'd saved Taylor's life. Steffy stared strangely at Liam and Hope when they left Steffy's hospital room after a visit.
April 18 to 22, 2022
Carter insisted to Paris that there was no hope for a relationship between them. When Quinn returned Carter's loft key to him, she figured out that he'd been seeing Paris. Carter revealed that he'd gotten involved in a relationship that could lead nowhere because he still had unresolved feelings for Quinn. Quinn confided that she missed Carter, and Eric was working and living mostly in the guesthouse. Steffy stunned her loved ones by awakening and calling Liam her sweet husband. Taylor refused to let anyone upset Steffy by telling her who Liam was really married to, but Brooke insisted that Hayes needed his mother. Brooke also suspected that Taylor wanted to drive a wedge between Hope and Liam. Ridge allowed Baker to question Steffy, and Steffy experienced hazy, cryptic flashes of memory from the night of the shooting.
April 25 to 29, 2022
Hope and Brooke questioned the wisdom of keeping Steffy in the dark about Finn. Bridget ended the debate by deciding that Steffy was well enough to hear the truth. With Liam's help, Ridge broke the news to Steffy that she'd been in the alley with Finn, her subsequently dead husband. Finn's memory flooded back to Steffy, and Liam pledged to stand by Steffy through her recovery. As Taylor repeatedly expressed her glee that Steffy had Liam, who comforted her more than anyone, Brooke reminded Taylor that Liam was not Steffy's husband. Sheila contemplated sabotaging Steffy's sobriety and concluded that for her own survival, Sheila had to neutralize Steffy before Steffy's memory returned. Hope seemed leery of Liam's closeness to Steffy. Bridget announced that Steffy could leave the hospital.
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MAY 2022
May 2 to 6, 2022
Hope was disillusioned after Liam had fallen asleep and stayed at Steffy's house all night without calling Hope. Steffy had asked Liam to stay longer and had been grateful that he'd spent the night. Thomas warned Hope that it was just the way it was between Steffy and Liam. Against Deacon's advice, Sheila tried to visit Hayes. After Steffy turned Sheila away, Steffy envisioned just who she'd been in the alley with that night. Quinn and Carter rekindled their friendship as Quinn tried to maintain her faith in her marriage. Carter admitted to Quinn that he'd dated Paris to avoid his feelings for Quinn. Paris told Zende that she had feelings for Carter, and Zende set her free to explore them. When Paris informed Carter of it, he said that he and Paris were just friends. Eric, who'd been distant with Quinn, claimed to be on his way to a Pickleball game; however, he was really meeting Donna to carry on an affair.
May 9 to 13, 2022
Eric felt guilty about his affair with Donna, but he refused to give up the happiness and ease Donna brought to his life. Quinn became worried that Paris would think there was something between Quinn and Carter when there wasn't. Proud of Eric for playing Pickleball, Quinn gifted him a ring with a secret ability to monitor his heart rate. Steffy's memories flooded back to her, and she told her parents that Finn had died saving her from a bullet from Sheila's gun. Taylor, Steffy, and Ridge invited Sheila to the house under the guise of letting her see Hayes. When Sheila arrived, they confronted her about the shootings, and Ridge was shocked to learn that Sheila had been behind Brooke's New Year's Eve drinking binge.
May 16 to 20, 2022
Sheila attempted to flee Steffy's house, but the police, who'd surrounded the place, arrested Sheila and gave Steffy permission to remove the wire she'd been wearing. Ridge revealed to Brooke the true cause of her drinking, and she asked Ridge to return home. Ridge, however, chose to move to Eric's house instead. Bill and Wyatt discussed with Liam how shortsighted the "dressmaker" was for his choice to leave Brooke hanging. When Deacon learned about Sheila's murderous deeds, he wondered why Ridge was dragging his feet on returning to Brooke. Taylor and Ridge confronted Thomas about keeping secrets for Sheila, and Thomas felt as if the secret was the reason Finn was dead. Brooke confronted Sheila at the jailhouse, and Sheila vowed that none of them had seen the last of her.
May 23 to 27, 2022
Steffy was perplexed by Li Finnegan's refusal to hold a memorial service for Finn. Unbeknownst to Steffy, Li was secretly keeping Finn alive on monitoring machines. As Liam continued to support Steffy, Brooke admonished Hope to protect her own family. Grace and Paris went another round about Carter and Zende, but Paris insisted that she'd have Carter. Zende gave Carter permission to see where it would lead with Paris, but Carter said he couldn't date Paris. Paris walked in on Quinn and Carter having a private conversation behind closed doors. Quinn warned Paris not to draw any conclusions about it, but Paris defied Quinn, warning Quinn to be honest about what was between her and Carter.
May 30 to June 3, 2022
An emotional Carter struggled to get over Quinn and admitted to her that he wanted to be a husband in the worst way. He figured he could put more effort into a relationship with Paris, especially if it meant quelling Paris' suspicions about his feelings for Quinn. Even though she was adamant that she and Carter couldn't be together, Quinn refused to let him settle for Paris. Taylor and Ridge talked Steffy into leaving town. Taylor brought Ridge dinner, but when Brooke showed up, wondering if the dinner was a ploy, Ridge asked Brooke to understand that, as parents, Taylor and he needed time together. As Eric and Donna continued their affair, Eric felt guilty about Quinn. Donna wondered if she and Eric could have a future together.
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JUNE 2022
June 6 to 10, 2022
Quinn tried to reason with Carter about Paris, but determined to move on with his life, Carter passionately kissed Paris. Upon witnessing the kiss, Grace reported Carter to Ridge for office misconduct. Quinn expressed concern when Eric's smart ring alerted her to his high blood pressure and heart rate during a "Pickleball" match. Though breaking up was hard to do, Eric ended his affair with Donna. When Deacon showed up unannounced at Brooke's house three times too many, Brooke barred him from the house and let Ridge know that their home would be a Deacon-free zone. Li visited Sheila in prison, and Sheila wondered why Li was speaking of Finn in the present tense. Sheila smiled to herself when she noticed that one of her guards was her former cohort Mike Guthrie.
June 13 to 17, 2022
Deputy Chief Baker informed Ridge and Taylor that Sheila had escaped police custody during a prison transfer. Li was shocked to find Sheila on her doorstep, but Sheila was elated upon discovering that Finn was still alive. After Finn momentarily regained consciousness, Li tried to convince Sheila that Finn needed both of his mothers. Hope happened upon a slightly open door at the club and discovered Eric and Donna's affair. After a heart-to-heart with Eric, Hope advised him to make a decision about his marriage. Carter continued to agonize between desiring Quinn and having a future with Paris.
June 20 to 24, 2022
Quinn failed to talk Carter out of proposing marriage to Paris, who was blown away by the idea that Carter seriously wanted to marry her. Irate about the proposal, Grace tried her best to talk Paris out of a disastrous situation. When that didn't work, Grace appealed to Zende to save Paris. Believing Paris had made her choice, Zende refused to grovel. Ridge pressed Carter to tell the truth about his feelings for Paris and Quinn. Carter confessed to loving Quinn but refused to back down from his imminent wedding plans. Just as Li gained Sheila's trust, Li blew it by attempting to call the police. Li escaped Sheila's grasp, but during a car chase, Sheila rammed her car into Li's. Li's car burst into flames and plunged into a body of water.
June 27 to July 1, 2022
Warnings from family and friends did not deter Paris and Carter from throwing an impromptu wedding at Il Giardino. Paris told her mother not to be there if she couldn't support Paris, but Paris asked Zende, Bill, and Hope to attend. Eric decided to tell Quinn that their marriage was over, but before he could, Quinn and Bridget caught Donna and Eric in bed together at the club, thanks to a waiter who let Quinn know that Eric had been spending all his time in a private bungalow, not on the closed Pickleball court. Eric gently ended his marriage and urged Quinn to stop Carter's wedding because Carter was the man she really loved. Unable to get her car keys from the valet, Quinn raced on a bike to Il Giardino, where she interrupted a wedding in progress. The irate Paris was stunned when Carter left her at the altar.
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JULY 2022
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December 13 to 17, 2021
Steffy and Thomas had a warm reunion with Taylor and Ridge, but Thomas was surprised when Taylor mentioned that it was time to move Douglas out of the Logan house and into a place with Thomas. Sheila poked fun at Deacon for living and working at the bar, but Deacon remained determined to prove himself to Brooke and Hope. While visiting Hope, Deacon discovered that she was into martial arts, and he offered to give her a few lessons. Deacon went to the main house to offer lessons to Brooke, and Ridge blasted Deacon for thinking he could just waltz in. Ridge walked out on Brooke for a second time. Steffy and Taylor commiserated about the Logans stealing their husbands, and Taylor admitted that she still had feelings for Ridge.
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