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January 3 to 7, 2022
Sami convinced Lucas to leave Salem with her. Ava acted offended when Rafe questioned her about Duke. Jack buried the hatchet with Xander and Gwen. Jennifer and Gwen had a heart-to-heart. Jack and Jennifer left for Boston to work on a new paper. Abigail investigated Philip and Sarah's disappearances, unnerving Gwen. Kayla left town with Steve to track down Kristen. Chad told Kate about his alliance with Lucas. E.J. apologized to Nicole, but she refused to take him back. Xander talked to Rex and offered his help to Abigail. Johnny told Marlena that he had scrapped his movie. Susan had a vision that made her violently ill. Paulina threw a wedding reception. Devil Johnny announced at the reception that he did not want to be with Chanel.
January 10 to 14, 2022
Susan told Marlena that the devil was not gone. Abe confided to John that he was glad Paulina was out of his life. Johnny dumped Chanel at their wedding reception. Lani saved Paulina's life. Allie slept with Chanel. Paulina saw Chanel and Allie in bed together. Ben and Ciara debated whether to learn the sex of their baby. Susan realized that Johnny was possessed by the devil, but he used mind control to send her out of town. Belle represented E.J. in court. Devil Johnny plotted to steal E.J.'s stock. Chad had second thoughts about framing E.J. Trask investigated accusations against Rafe. Ava confessed to Gwen that she had helped frame Rafe. Steve and Kayla went undercover at Kristen's convent. Kate asked Brady not to look for Philip. Nancy told Chloe that Craig might have cheated on her. The devil transformed into E.J. and kissed Abigail.
January 17 to 21, 2022
After devil E.J. kissed Abigail, Chad delivered devastating testimony in court against E.J. Lucas provoked E.J. in court. Jake and Gabi offered an alliance to Johnny, and Johnny made a pass at Gabi. Nancy told Chloe that she believed Craig had cheated on her. Craig convinced Nancy he was faithful. Kristen told Kayla she had killed Steve. Kayla fought Kristen for the gun, and it fired. Ava gave Kristen's Sarah mask to Gwen, and Gwen posed as Sarah. Kate told Abigail about when Kristen had kidnapped her. The judge found E.J. guilty. Johnny told Chad he wanted to work with Chad. Abigail believed Gwen had posed as Sarah, but Gwen interrupted Abigail's struggle to remove the mask from "Sarah's" face. Allie told Johnny that he was no longer her brother. Paulina talked to Chanel about Chanel's night with Allie.
January 24 to 28, 2022
Abigail ripped the Sarah mask off Ava at the airport, but Gwen knocked Abigail out. Allie told Chanel about Johnny's pass at Gabi. Chad told Xander about Abigail's theories. E.J. denied he had kissed Abigail. Rafe told Nicole that he wanted to break up with Ava for her. Shawn arrested Rafe. Marlena apologized to Paulina. Chanel talked to Abe about her divorce. Investor T.R. Coates demanded that Johnny deliver his movie. Paulina hid the truth that T.R. Coates was Lani's father, Ray. Nancy pushed Brady to get back together with Chloe. Craig confessed to Chloe that he was in love with a man. Abe asked Shawn to take over as commissioner. Nicole was convinced that Ava had framed Rafe. Kristen held Abigail and Sarah on the same deserted island. Xander proposed to Gwen. Chad learned that Abigail was missing. The judge sentenced E.J. to ten years in prison. Belle convinced E.J. not to go on the run.
January 31 to February 4, 2022
Gwen accepted Xander's proposal. Kate and Chad searched for Abigail. Sarah believed that Kristen was protecting her on the island. Abigail realized that Kristen had kidnapped Steve and Kayla. Steve and Kayla woke up on the island. Craig told Nancy that he was gay, and she ended their marriage. Ben and Ciara moved into a new apartment. Roman cautioned Tripp against proposing to Allie. Chanel told T.R. that Lani was her half-sister. Jake confided in Ben about his plans with Gabi. "Johnny" told Gabi that he would vote to add Victor to the DiMera board. Chanel served divorce papers to "Johnny." Devil Johnny posed as Jake. Gabi overheard "Jake" promise Maggie to cut Gabi out of the deal. T.R. told Lani he was her father. Ava gave Tripp a family ring for his proposal. Devil Johnny overheard Chanel talk to Allie about their night together.
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February 7 to 11, 2022
Days of our Lives did not air due to NBC's coverage of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.
February 14 to 18, 2022
Days of our Lives did not air due to NBC's coverage of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.
February 21 to 25, 2022
Xander gave Gwen a ring. Sarah escaped her room and found Steve and Kayla. E.J.'s new cellmate was Clyde, but E.J. did not remember that Clyde had caused his shooting. Tony helped Chad track down the pilot that had taken Abigail. Jack congratulated Gwen on her engagement after she convinced him that she did not know where to find Abigail. Abigail realized that the serum she had left in the tunnels had been injected into Sarah by Kristen. Sarah believed that she was Renee DuMonde. Eli warned T.R. not to mess with Lani or Paulina. Nicole accused Ava of framing Rafe. Rafe told Ava that he loved Nicole. Nancy talked to Marlena about Craig. Craig asked Chloe to meet his boyfriend. Nicole worked to exonerate Rafe. Ava accidentally told Allie about Tripp's planned proposal. Tripp asked Chanel for advice. Devil Johnny convinced Gabi to get revenge on Jake. Julie suggested to Ben and Ciara that the devil was still in Salem. Ciara guessed that Johnny was possessed.
February 28 to March 4, 2022
Craig's new boyfriend was Leo Stark. Tripp and Allie got engaged. Johnny told Tripp that Allie had slept with Chanel, and Tripp broke off the engagement. Gabi rebuffed Johnny and Jake's seductions. Ben and Ciara decided to tell Susan about their suspicion that Johnny was possessed. Chloe and Brady told Craig about Leo's past, but Craig decided to stand by his man. T.R. asked Paulina to let him make up for the past. Abigail told Sarah that she had been injected with a mind-altering serum. "Renee" foiled Kristen's plan to drug the food on the island. Chad and Tony rescued everyone, but Kristen escaped. Kayla asked Tony to humor "Renee" temporarily. Anna and "Renee" butted heads. Chad interrogated Ava about her accomplice. Ava asked Gwen to give her a reason to stay quiet. Jack told Xander that the real Sarah had not dumped him.
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MARCH 2022
March 7 to 11, 2022
Xander pushed Sarah to remember her life, but she rejected him for Tony. Gwen and Ava threatened to expose one another. Ned the pilot blackmailed Gwen, and she used him to help Ava. Orpheus warned Clyde to silence E.J. before he remembered the shooting. E.J. remembered that Clyde was responsible for E.J.'s shooting. Devil Johnny and Gabi betrayed Jake and took over DiMera. The devil revealed himself to Jake but then wiped Jake's memory. Ben and Ciara told Susan that they believed Johnny was possessed. Susan asked Johnny if he was possessed, and he redirected her suspicion to Belle. Chanel begged Tripp to give Allie a second chance. Ben and Jake discussed whether Johnny was the devil. Marlena's practice fell apart, and she asked Justin for help. John warned Brady not to interfere in Craig's life. Bonnie gave Nancy a makeover. Lani met with T.R. to talk. Eli investigated T.R. At Chloe's invitation, Will and Sonny visited Salem to talk to Craig. Craig was unmoved by Sonny, and he committed to Leo.
March 14 to 18, 2022
Ben told Marlena that Belle was possessed. Susan confronted Belle. Will begged Johnny to change his script. T.R.'s ex-girlfriend Beth told Eli that T.R. was still using heroin. The devil jumped between Belle and Johnny. Marlena sedated and tied up Belle. Eli caught T.R. buying drugs. T.R. shot Eli and framed a drug dealer. T.R. offered Beth a role in his movie to buy her silence. Lani saved Eli. Eli suffered complications after surgery. Allie talked to Will about her sexuality. Maggie committed Sarah after she met "Renee." Abigail accused Gwen of having been Ava's accomplice. Allie told Chanel she was bisexual, and they agreed to date. Chloe told Brady she was ready to be with him. Leo suggested that Craig go after Kayla's job. Will and Sonny asked Chad for help with Leo. John prepared to exorcise Belle.
March 21 to 25, 2022
Sonny appealed to Chad for help. Leo convinced Craig to go after Kayla's job. John held an exorcism of Belle while the devil waited outside. The devil planted evidence at Belle's house. Devil Johnny kissed Gabi. Kate suggested that Chad blame the devil for the evidence Lucas had planted. E.J. remembered that Clyde had ordered E.J.'s shooting. Belle apologized to E.J. Clyde made parole. Jake caught Gabi and Johnny kissing. Jake told Gabi what the devil had done. Xander refused to commit to a future with Gwen. Rafe was acquitted. Abigail suggested consulting Rolf about Sarah. Maggie asked Tony to move in. Ava's warning unnerved Nicole. Seth fired Kayla and gave Craig her job. Abigail asked Leo not to sleep with her husband, then Chad visited Leo to tempt him.
March 28 to April 1, 2022
Nicole and Rafe said, "I love you." Chad's seduction of Leo backfired. Craig proposed to Leo. Clyde moved in with Ben and Ciara. Orpheus threatened E.J. Brady and Chloe made love. Tony asked "Renee" to be patient. Gwen agreed to talk to Rolf. Lani told T.R. that she believed he had changed. Leo told Brady and Chloe that he was engaged to Craig. Nancy blackmailed Craig to save Marlena's job. Belle found evidence that the devil had framed E.J. Roman hired Clyde. Johnny told Tripp that Allie and Chanel were a couple. Beth told Johnny that T.R. had bought her silence. T.R. asked Paulina for another chance. Beth asked T.R. if he was after Paulina's money. Jake moved into his old apartment, and Ava joined him. Devil Johnny and Allie fought until it revealed its demon nature to Allie.
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APRIL 2022
April 4 to 8, 2022
Chad secured an antidote for Sarah, but Gwen switched out the antidote with more of the mind-altering serum. Anna injected Sarah with the "antidote." Shawn arrested Anna for assault. The devil jumped from Johnny into Allie when they fought, and the devil chained Johnny up in the DiMera crypt. Jan told Belle that she was pregnant with Shawn's baby. Ava moved in with Jake. Kate asked Roman to fire Clyde. Gabi was horrified when she found Ava in Jake's bed. Jake refused to give Gabi a second chance. E.J. left prison and asked Clyde to leave Salem. A paternity test confirmed that Shawn was the father of Jan's baby. Belle commiserated with E.J. about their relationships. Devil Allie broke up with Chanel. Ben told Clyde about the devil's interest in the baby. A resurrected Andre forged a goodbye letter from Johnny on the devil's orders.
April 11 to 15, 2022
Victor asked Sonny to be CEO. Sarah regressed to childhood. Xander decided to marry Gwen. Gwen confessed to Ava about switching out the antidote. Paulina comforted Chanel. John advised Belle not to give up on Shawn. Ben and Ciara's gender cake was filled with blood. Devil Allie confirmed that Ciara was pregnant with a boy. Nancy signed divorce papers, despite Chloe's pleas. Maggie decided to take Sarah to the clinic in Florida. Abigail agreed to be Gwen's matron of honor. Nicole warned Jake to steer clear of Ava. Old friends Leo and Gwen caught up, and they decided to have a double wedding. Jack asked Xander if he was marrying Gwen for the right reasons. Craig asked Nancy to attend his wedding. Chad and Sonny went to find Jackie Cox in New York. Leo received a prenuptial agreement. Gabi secured evidence against Ava, and Rafe arrested Ava. Eric returned to Salem.
April 18 to 22, 2022
Chloe sent Leo a prenuptial agreement, and Leo signed it. Ava asked for Abigail's help with immunity in exchange for incriminating evidence against Gwen. Nancy matched with Clyde on a dating app. Brady and Chloe decided to go public with their relationship. Chad interrupted the double wedding to announce that Leo was already married to Jackie Cox. Jackie told Craig that Leo was conning Craig. Abigail told the wedding party about Gwen's misdeeds. Jack disowned Gwen, and Xander abandoned her. Rafe arrested Gwen. Gwen told Abigail that she had killed Laura on purpose. Chanel and Tripp bonded over drinks and kissed. Ben and Ciara agreed to name their son Bo. The devil made plans to kill Ben. After Abe rejected Paulina, T.R. made a pass at her. T.R. accidentally confessed to Beth that he'd been involved in Eli's shooting.
April 25 to 29, 2022
Paulina told T.R. that she wanted to take things slowly. The devil showed Johnny video of a drunken Tripp and Chanel kissing. Paulina stopped Tripp and Chanel from having sex. Devil Allie drugged Ben and chained him up in the crypt. Jake remembered his fight with the devil, and he told Gabi. Eric convinced Belle to move home. Jan convinced Shawn to supervise her house arrest release from prison for medical issues. Eric told Nicole that he wanted her to be happy with Rafe. Devil Allie broke Evan out of prison. Susan remembered that Johnny had been possessed. Undead Andre offered Ben a deal, which Ben refused. E.J. and Susan saved Johnny and Ben before Andre could strangle them. Devil Allie made an unconscious Jake look like a dead Ben. Ciara found Evan with "Ben." Devil Allie knocked out Evan and told Ciara that Ben was dead. Devil Allie drove Ciara to the Horton cabin.
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MAY 2022
May 2 to 6, 2022
Chanel learned about Johnny and Allie's possessions. Marlena hypnotized Jake. Allie took Ciara to the cabin. Gwen gave Xander the antidote for Sarah. Jennifer and Abigail confronted Gwen about Laura's death. Leo promised to get his revenge. Nancy comforted Craig. Leo "outed" Chad in a tell-all tabloid interview. Leo asked Craig for another chance, but Craig decided to leave town instead. Chloe warned Nancy not to date Clyde. Jack cut ties with Gwen. Susan helped Ben reach out to Ciara through their psychic bond. T.R. threatened to kill Beth if she talked. Eli woke up and remembered T.R. had shot him. T.R. convinced Paulina to leave town with him, but Abe stopped them. Susan used Johnny's sibling bond with Allie to locate her. Ciara gave birth, and the devil took her baby.
May 9 to 13, 2022
Eli told Lani that T.R. had shot him. T.R. knocked out Abe. Lani saw T.R. threaten Paulina, and Lani shot him. T.R. died. Paulina told the police that she had shot T.R. Seth Burns rehired Kayla. E.J. asked Chad for a fresh start. Johnny signed E.J.'s shares back over to him. Kate warned Chad not to tell E.J. the truth about the kidnapping. Roman was unable to locate Sami or Lucas. Gabi rehired Jake at DiMera. Sonny took the job at Titan. Maggie gave Sarah the antidote. Sarah regained her memory, but she still believed her baby was alive. Maggie dropped the charges against Anna. Ava offered to break Gwen out of jail. Jack urged Gwen to take a plea deal, and she agreed. Gwen wished Xander happiness with Sarah. The devil plotted to possess baby Bo. Johnny used his bond with Allie to find her. Shawn arrested Evan. The devil started the ritual of transference with the baby, but Ben and Ciara interrupted it.
May 16 to 20, 2022
Ciara and Ben rescued their baby with the help of Bo's spirit. Tripp asked the devil to possess him instead of Allie, then he jumped out a window to end the devil's reign. Jan tested Shawn's boundaries. Tripp died, but Bo's spirit resurrected him. Lucas returned to Salem without Sami. Rafe interrogated Paulina. Lani told Eli that she had shot T.R, and he told her to stick to Paulina's story. Xander was too afraid to tell Sarah that Mickey had died, and Eric beat him to the punch. Allie and Tripp said "I love you" to each other, but Allie did not deny that she still had feelings for Chanel. Johnny kissed Chanel. Jan asked Belle to clean out her office so that Jan could set up a nursery. Gabi made romantic plans with Shin. E.J. called a board vote to oust Gabi, but Kristen interfered.
May 23 to 27, 2022
Johnny asked Chanel to marry him again. Allie admitted to Tripp that she loved both him and Chanel. Tripp asked Allie to let him go. Kristen voted for Gabi and Jake to retain control of DiMera Enterprises. Jan suffered stomach pains after a fight with Belle. Kristen asked Jake to betray Gabi. Rafe and Nicole got engaged. E.J. told Belle that Clyde had been responsible for E.J.'s "death." Leo drugged Sonny and taunted Nancy. Sarah told Xander that she could never marry him, but Eric advised her to forgive Xander. The church defrocked Eric for running an unauthorized exorcism. Ava apologized to Kayla. Gabi slept with Li Shin, and he decided to stay in Salem. Jake slept with Ava. Eli lied to Abe to protect Lani's cover story. Xander asked Chanel for advice. Abe told Paulina that he loved her. E.J. kissed Belle.
May 30 to June 3, 2022
Marlena blamed herself for Eric's defrocking. Sarah remembered her life, and she reconciled with Xander. Abigail and Chad decided to have another baby. Leo and Gwen plotted to destroy Chad and Abigail's marriage. E.J. apologized to Belle for their kiss. Belle asked Shawn for a legal separation, and he questioned her attraction to E.J. Kayla tested Sonny's blood for evidence that Leo had drugged him. Ciara asked Rafe to be Bo's godfather. Ben gave Jan advice. Jan asked Marlena to be her therapist. Nicole and Rafe set a wedding date.
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JUNE 2022
June 6 to 10, 2022
Sonny's blood test had no evidence of drugs. Tripp told Chanel that she was the love of Allie's life. E.J. admitted to Johnny that he regretted that he had not fought for Sami, and he urged Johnny to fight for Chanel. Johnny and Allie both told Chanel that they wanted her. Abigail investigated Sami's kidnapping, but Chad told her Lucas was the kidnapper. Kate warned Lucas to confess because Abigail knew the truth. Xander told Sarah about Gwen. Marlena agreed to be Jan's therapist. Belle lashed out at her parents. Lucas and E.J. fought about Sami. Belle moved into the DiMera mansion. Leo secretly moved into the DiMera wine cellar, and he asked Thomas to keep it a secret. Lucas asked Roman for his blessing to marry Sami. Jan went into premature labor. Sarah suffered hallucinations. Abigail destroyed Gwen's gift for Jack. Belle kissed E.J. Abigail was murdered.
June 13 to 17, 2022
Tripp left Salem. Abigail died. Lucas woke up the morning after Abigail's murder with no memory of the night and a cut on his hand. Chad lashed out at Kate. Kate lied to Chad so that he would not suspect Lucas of Abigail's murder. Kate asked Lucas if he had killed Abigail, and Lucas admitted that he did not know. Jack and Jennifer said goodbye to their daughter. Leo and Gwen accused one another of having murdered Abigail. Jack talked to Gwen about Abigail. Jake and Gabi agreed they had moved on from one another. Ava asked Gwen if she had killed Abigail. Gabi vowed to Chad that she would help him track down Abigail's killer.
June 20 to 24, 2022
Rafe and Nicole postponed their wedding. Paulina married Abe on Juneteenth. Visions of T.R. compelled Lani to confess to his murder. Sarah told Xander about her hallucinations. Ava reminded Gwen she had helped Gwen leave prison the night of Abigail's murder, and she asked if Gwen had killed Abigail. Kate needled Eric and Nicole about their feelings. E.J. consoled Chad. Belle confided in Chloe about E.J. Lucas talked to Brady about his bender. Belle warned Chloe about Clyde. Chad told his children about Abigail's death. Leo asked Clyde to help him fence jewelry. Jan named her baby Shawn. Belle was livid when Shawn told her that Jan was not headed back to prison. Lucas proposed to Sami, but she said no. Belle asked E.J. to sleep with her. Clyde gave Nancy a stolen bracelet. Leo told Brady and Chloe that he no longer wanted revenge. Victor angered Maggie, but he bonded with Bonnie.
June 27 to July 1, 2022
Sami demanded E.J. sign the divorce papers. Roman encouraged Eric to talk to Nicole. John talked to Chad about being a widower. Rafe and Nicole eloped before Eric could tell Nicole that he still loved her. Belle and E.J. slept together. Lucas and Sami announced their engagement. Hope gifted Ben and Ciara a boat. Ben suggested he and Ciara sail around the world. Orpheus told Evan that Evan was the father of Jan's baby. Jack and Jennifer coordinated Abigail's funeral. Jan kissed Shawn. J.J. returned to Salem for Abigail's funeral. A disguised Kristen visited Lani then Kristen turned herself in to Eli. Abe, Paulina, and Beth convinced Trask to agree to a plea deal for Lani. Theo and Chanel talked about their relationships. Sarah confronted Kristen. Abe adopted Lani. Lani called Paulina "Mom." After threats from Vivian at Statesville, Lani was slated for a Maryland prison. Eli decided to move to Maryland. Lani said goodbye to her family.
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JULY 2022
July 4 to 8, 2022
Kate asked Lucas for proof that he had not killed Abigail. Ben asked Marlena to be baby Bo's godmother. Ciara asked Rafe to be Bo's godfather. Despite Orpheus' instructions, Evan told Jan that he knew he was the father of her baby. Ciara asked Shawn if he had feelings for Jan. Salem mourned Abigail's death, and her family held a funeral. Rafe questioned Nancy about her bracelet, and he arrested Clyde. Jan attempted to flee Salem on Ciara's boat with Shawn and her baby, but Belle stopped her. The police could not find Jan's body. E.J. confessed to Rafe and Chad that Clyde had shot him. Belle told Chloe about her night with E.J. Nancy told Leo about Clyde's arrest, and he confronted Gwen. Jake and Ava made travel plans. Ben and Ciara sailed away with baby Bo.
July 11 to 15, 2022
Will told Chad that Lucas had injured himself in a drunken blackout. Allie and Johnny continued to bicker over Chanel. Nicole moved in with Rafe. Chad realized that Lucas could be Abigail's killer, so he confronted Lucas at his wedding. Lucas told Sami the truth, and she left him at the altar. Belle told E.J. that she could not be with Shawn because of the baby. Sami found E.J. in bed with Belle. E.J. asked Sami to start over, but she refused. Kate confessed to Roman, and he broke up with her. Belle broke off her relationship with E.J. Sami told Shawn about Belle and E.J. Roman warned E.J. not to retaliate against Kate for helping Lucas. Lucas pleaded not guilty to kidnapping. Sami told E.J. that she was done with him and Salem.
July 18 to 22, 2022
Will went to L.A. to shoot a TV show. Sonny helped Chad grieve. Chad told E.J. that he had helped Lucas frame E.J. Kristen was Gwen's new cellmate. Rafe hired Marcus Hunter's daughter Jada as a detective. Marlena hypnotized Lucas, and he remembered that he had seen Sarah flee the murder scene. Jada interrupted Xander and Sarah's wedding to question Sarah about Abigail's murder. Johnny proposed to Chanel. After the twins fought, Chanel refused to choose between them. E.J. blackmailed Kate and Chad for their company shares. Orpheus blackmailed the governor into granting pardons for him, Evan, Kristen, Rolf, and Gwen. Shawn and Belle apologized to one another. Paulina pushed Abe to run for governor. Evan told Shawn that he was Shawn Christian's real father. Kristen moved in with Jake and Ava.
July 25 to 29, 2022
Brady stressed about Kristen's next move. Kristen forced Gabi to give her oversight of Basic Black. Eric and Jada hit it off. Eric rescued Nicole from a mugger. Jake proposed to Ava, but Nicole's mugger shot Jake over the engagement ring. Jada shot and killed the mugger. Kristen and Chloe declared war on one another. Sarah attacked Gwen during a hallucination. Sonny's brother Alex returned to Salem. Orpheus made a veiled threat about Steve's children. Kate and Chad gave E.J. their company shares. Tony convinced E.J. not to kick Chad out of the house, but Chad moved out. Jake's ghost said goodbye to Ava. Kate and Gabi consoled one another over Jake's death. Chanel chose Allie. Abe encouraged Roman to forgive Kate. Gabi convinced Ava to act as Jake's widow so that Ava could retain his stock. Rolf and Kristen stole Jake's body.
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August 1 to 5, 2022
Orpheus asked Marlena to treat Evan. Steve suggested to John that they kill Orpheus. Xander threatened Lucas. Thomas acted out, and Chad yelled at him. Sonny comforted Chad. A paternity test proved Evan was baby Shawn's father. Evan attempted to take his son out of town, but Jan intervened. Ava signed Gabi's fake marriage certificate. Marlena hypnotized Sarah. Sarah remembered that Rex was her alibi. Dr. Rolf transferred Jake's heart into a comatose Stefan. Gabi confided in Shin about Ava. E.J. asked Ava to move into the mansion. Jada asked Eric out on a date. Sarah and Xander found a Sarah mask in Gwen's room. Gwen dumped the Sarah mask in a Dumpster, but Leo returned it to her. Victor hired a scheming Alex. Chanel asked Paulina to accept that Allie was her choice. Allie convinced Lucas to change his plea.
August 8 to 12, 2022
Ava moved into the DiMera mansion. Shin advised Gabi to make Ava spy on E.J. Rafe partnered Jada with Shawn. Li told Rolf to delay waking Stefan and to lie to Kristen. Belle moved home. Kristen told Brady that she planned to sue for shared custody. Sonny offered Chad a job, but Alex had already been hired. Xander and Sarah gathered evidence against Gwen. Johnny and Ava bonded. Alex flirted with Chanel and convinced her and Allie to go out to dinner with him. Allie warned Johnny to let go of Chanel. Gwen asked Ava not to tell anyone her secret. E.J. was suspicious of Gwen. Chad apologized to Thomas. Leo asked for a job at Basic Black. Nancy told Clyde that she loved him. Thomas identified Leo as the Tooth Fairy from the tunnels. Clyde identified Leo as the jewel thief. Eric went on a date with Jada.
August 15 to 19, 2022
Gabi refused to take off Stefan's ring for Li. Anna suspected that Kristen was hiding a secret. Chanel and Allie had a night out with Alex. Alex flirted with Gabi. Johnny defended Ava to E.J. Li convinced Kristen to brainwash Stefan to pursue Chloe. Brady considered joint custody. Lucas pleaded guilty and went to prison. Kate told Roman that she had pleaded guilty as an accessory to kidnapping. Kayla warned Steve not to kill Orpheus. Jack interrogated Gwen about Leo. Chad helped Jada collect evidence. Stephanie returned home. Kayla encouraged Chad to seek therapy. Leo's attorney, Sloan, handed over Gwen's Sarah mask to the police. E.J. overheard Ava admit that she had helped get Gwen out of jail. E.J. attempted to blackmail Ava. Kristen threatened to stab Chloe. Brady let Kristen visit with Rachel. Gabi saw Li meet with Rolf.
August 22 to 26, 2022
Gabi saw Li with Rolf. Kristen apologized to Chad. Jack lamented that he had trusted Gwen, but Jennifer did not blame him. Gwen told Rafe that Abigail had been alive when Gwen had left the mansion. Leo told police that Gwen had confessed to Abigail's murder. Stefan woke from his coma. E.J. questioned Ava's romantic intentions with Johnny. Gabi noticed sexual tension between Ava and E.J. Steve interfered with Stephanie's meeting. Orpheus kidnapped Kayla and Marlena. Ava fainted when she saw Stefan. Li returned Stefan to the lab before he could find Gabi. E.J. worried that Ava was unstable. Abe decided to run for governor. Paulina apologized to Allie. Nicole and Eric dreamed about one another. Jada and Eric had sex, and Nicole found out. Alex was smitten with Stephanie after they collided. Roman agreed to give Kate another chance.
August 29 to September 2, 2022
Sonny convinced Stephanie to do PR for Titan, despite her reservations about Alex. Alex refused to give up on Stephanie. E.J. attempted to oust Gabi, but Johnny blocked it because of Ava. Chloe told Brady that Kristen had almost stabbed her. Kristen moved for full custody. Rolf conditioned Stefan to feel pain when he thought of Gabi. Shawn struggled to forgive Belle, but they made love. Orpheus planned a deadly game. Marlena forgave Kate. John, Steve, and Roman saved Kayla, Marlena, and Kate from Orpheus. Stephanie warmed up to Alex after he hassled Leo. Chloe warned Nicole to get over her obsession with Eric. Leo found Sonny with a knife in his back. Chad saw Leo at the crime scene. Leo realized that someone had framed him.
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September 5 to 9, 2022
Victor ordered Stephanie to work with Alex. Will sat with Sonny as he recovered. Jennifer struggled with sobriety. Leo disguised himself as a nurse. Sonny told Leo that he had not seen his attacker. Jack secured a lawyer for Gwen. Xander and Sarah married, and Gwen wished them well. Rafe hunted Leo. Jada lectured Steve and Roman about confronting Orpheus without the police. Stephanie recommended that Paulina should run for office instead of Abe. Orpheus infected Marlena, Kate, and Kayla with a toxin he had stolen from Rolf. Stephanie was furious that Steve had not told her about Kayla's kidnapping. Gabi gave Ava a job. Kristen ordered Rolf to wake Stefan early. Li and Gabi got engaged. Ava saw Stefan again. Johnny kissed Ava. Gabi saw Stefan.
September 12 to 16, 2022
Johnny and Ava almost had sex. Gabi kissed Stefan, and he rejected her. Alex worked to get over Stephanie. E.J. kicked Ava and Johnny out. Rafe had a dream that Nicole cheated on him with Eric. Nicole offered Eric a job. Kate, Kayla, and Marlena fell ill from Rolf's toxin. Xander told Sarah about his fling with Nicole. Sarah dumped Xander. Rafe arrested Orpheus. Chanel appeared jealous of Johnny's relationship with Ava. Kristen used Chloe's past against Brady in court. Li urged Gabi to let Stefan move on. Ava told Allie that she was just friends with Johnny. Johnny asked Allie for a place to stay. Stefan attempted to woo Chloe, but she rejected him. In court, Kristen accused Brady of having murdered Philip. E.J. asked Stefan to help him destroy Gabi. Brady theorized to Chloe that Kristen was behind Stefan's return.
September 19 to 23, 2022
Clyde proposed to Nancy. Leo named Craig as Abigail's killer. Gwen turned in Leo. Maggie convinced Sarah to forgive Xander. Stefan legally requested the return of his company shares from Gabi. Sonny remembered that his attacker smelled like vanilla, and Chad realized that Clyde wore a vanilla cologne. Roman almost told the custody court that Philip was alive. Chloe gave the custody judge footage of Kristen's attack on Chloe. The custody judge awarded sole custody to Brady. Steve attacked Orpheus, but Shawn stopped him. Sonny and Alex fought about Titan. Gwen confronted Jennifer about her drug use, and Jennifer blackmailed her. Clyde pushed Nancy to marry right away. Nicole and Eric confessed to one another about their sex dreams. Sonny remembered that Clyde had stabbed him. Jada discovered that Clyde's alibi had been faked. Chad pursued Clyde with a gun.
September 26 to 30, 2022
E.J. decided to kill Clyde. Chad abducted Clyde from City Hall at gunpoint. Bonnie consoled Nancy after Nancy learned the truth about Clyde. Gwen told Jack about Jennifer's pill addiction. Jennifer talked to a drug-induced vision of Abigail as she drove her car. A car hit Gwen and drove off. Clyde told Chad the details of Abigail's murder. E.J. shot Clyde as Clyde choked Chad. Jack confronted Clyde in the hospital. Julie forced Jennifer to talk about her addiction. Chad spoke to Abigail's ghost. Ava asked Johnny to move in with her. Stefan took back his shares and filed for divorce. Chloe agreed to be friends with Stefan. Rex had a hunch that Kate, Kayla, and Marlena's illness was the same one that Roman had previously suffered. Rolf worked to find a cure for his toxin.
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October 3 to 7, 2022
Xander asked Jack for a job. Will returned to L.A. for work. Gwen and Jennifer remembered that Jennifer had hit Gwen with a car. Gwen promised not to tell the police that Jennifer had hit her. Leo attempted to blackmail Jack. Craig comforted Nancy. Mike returned to Salem to take Jennifer to rehab. Stephanie hired Chad. Mike made plans to meet up in New York with Nancy. Kristen asked Marlena for a favor. Craig and Leo had a heart-to-heart. Rolf gave his orchid to Kristen. John and Rex asked Rolf for help. Sonny urged Alex to get over his obsession with Stephanie. Chad kissed Stephanie. Allie convinced Chanel to have a threesome with Alex. Sloan blackmailed Paulina over Chanel's past.
October 10 to 14, 2022
Chad and Stephanie almost had sex. Sloan blackmailed Paulina over an incident from Chanel's past. Allie and Chanel had a threesome with Alex. Ava came clean about her non-marriage. E.J. forced Ava to leave Salem. Johnny warned Stefan not to trust E.J. Gabi pleaded with Stefan to remember their love. Paulina refused to pay the blackmailer. Stephanie agreed to help Paulina. Alex called Stephanie a hypocrite. Wendy and Johnny investigated Li's secrets. Li blackmailed E.J. with control of Stefan. Gabi told Stefan that she would not give up on him. E.J. was elected CEO. Kate and Roman remarried. The police searched Rolf's lab for the orchid. At Marlena's request, Sami and Belle reconciled on the phone. Joey and Tripp arrived in Salem. Kristen offered the serum to Brady in exchange for a life with him and Rachel.
October 17 to 21, 2022
Rafe confronted Nicole about her closeness with Eric. Kristen rejected Chloe's truce. Marlena volunteered to take the serum. The serum healed Marlena, Kayla, and Kate. Brady dumped Chloe as part of his deal with Kristen. Chad admitted to Kate that he was not ready to let go of Abigail. E.J.'s insults about Gabi upset Stefan and Li. Wendy commiserated with Gabi. Tripp punched E.J. Li manipulated E.J. into promoting Wendy. Stefan gave Gabi divorce papers. Tripp and Joey flirted with Wendy. Gwen refused to spy on E.J. for Ava. Jack declined to hire Xander because he had already hired Gwen. Johnny faked an apology to E.J. in order to spy on him. Nicole fired Eric. Stefan asked Kristen if she had brainwashed him. Li made plans for Rolf to flee to Indonesia. Kristen moved into the penthouse.
October 24 to 28, 2022
Kristen moved into the penthouse. Gabi threatened Rolf. Rolf confessed he had brainwashed Stefan on Li's orders then brainwashed Gabi to forget. Nicole rehired Eric, and she modeled for him. Stefan cheered up Chloe. Paulina hired Leo. Abe decided to move to the capital if Paulina won. Chad distracted Sloan while Stephanie searched Sloan's apartment. Stephanie found Alex handcuffed to Sloan's bed. Maggie advised Sonny to meet Will halfway. Allie agreed to let Wendy stay on her couch. Leo botched Chad's deal with Sloan. Johnny overheard Allie admit that she had had a threesome with Alex. Chanel decided to keep her secret from Allie. John theorized to Marlena that Kristen had blackmailed Brady with the serum. Sloan doubled the blackmail demands. Alex stole Paulina's file from Sloan's apartment. Paulina fired Stephanie. Orpheus sent cards to Kayla, Kate, and Marlena. Tripp invited Ava to live with him. Charlie advised Ava not to give up on revenge. Susan warned E.J. of danger.
October 31 to November 4, 2022
Undead Charlie convinced Ava to get revenge on E.J. Alex sneaked the blackmail file out of Sloan's apartment. Victor pushed Xander's buttons, so Xander moved out with Sarah. Maggie gave Sarah money. Xander accepted Ava's kidnapping job offer. E.J. suspected that Johnny wanted revenge. Paulina rehired Stephanie. Susan saw love in Johnny's future. Gabi was suspicious of Johnny's interest in Wendy. Kristen demanded that Li promote Chloe. Chloe took the promotion. Alex asked Nicole and Eric to model together. Wendy overheard Li talk to Kristen about E.J. and Rolf. Johnny confided in Susan. Stefan talked to Gabi about their wedding. Wendy found a lead on Rolf. Stefan and Chloe kissed. Kristen used Rachel's illness to get closer to Brady. Sarah ripped up Maggie's check. Xander kidnapped Susan.
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November 7 to 11, 2022
Chloe agreed to date Stefan. Xander held Susan captive in the Kiriakis garden shed. Charlie urged Ava to kidnap Henry. Tony was furious when E.J. told him about Stefan's brainwashing. Anna located Rolf for Johnny. Ava demanded a ransom from E.J., and he kidnapped Tripp in response. Stephanie asked Alex to dinner. Paulina and Abe won their elections. Sloan stole her file back. Shawn arrested Chanel for murder. Leo asked Sonny to be friends. Paulina told Abe about Chanel's secret. Rafe fumed about Nicole's work with Eric. Bonnie found Susan in the shed, so Xander kidnapped Bonnie. Xander lied to Sarah about work. Maggie and Victor celebrated their anniversary. Eric and Nicole confessed their love. Nicole told Rafe that she wanted to be with Eric. Jada learned she was pregnant. Ava recruited Steve to help her recover Tripp.
November 14 to 18, 2022
Nicole admitted to Rafe that she had never stopped loving Eric. Eric confessed his feelings for Nicole to Jada. Jada learned she was pregnant. Steve promised to help Ava recover Tripp. Gwen forced Xander to open up to her. Chad convinced Gwen not to publish Sloan's file until she had verified its contents. Chanel told Allie that she had accidentally killed the wife of a former lover. Sloan revealed that she was the daughter of Chanel's victim. Sonny cheered up Leo. Alex and Stephanie kissed. Stefan refused to return Gabi Chic to Gabi. Wendy wore a wire and questioned Rolf in Jakarta. Rolf injected Wendy and Johnny with drugs. Eric told Jada he would support her decision about the baby. Steve and Kayla freed Tripp. E.J. agreed to pay the ransom. Justin went to the shed to look for Bonnie. Charlie urged Ava to kill Susan.
November 21 to 25, 2022
Ava ordered Xander to kill Susan, but he let her go instead. Susan stopped E.J. from shooting Ava. Ava escaped with Susan. Bonnie told the police about her kidnapper. Charlie convinced Ava to drive her car off a cliff. E.J. watched Ava's car explode, and he mourned his mother's death. Johnny and Wendy escaped Rolf. Gabi invited Stefan and Chloe to her wedding. Nicole moved out. Paulina told Chanel about Sloan's motive. Kate encouraged Jada to fight for Eric. Jada and Eric agreed to raise their baby together. Abe coordinated a Thanksgiving dinner for Chanel at the police station. E.J. blamed himself for Susan and Abigail's deaths. Alex and Stephanie had a second date. Xander told Gwen about Susan. Sarah asked Xander if he was the kidnapper. Nicole urged Jada to reconsider her pregnancy, and Jada decided not to go through with it.
November 28 to December 2, 2022
With the help of Gwen, Xander convinced Sarah that he was not the kidnapper. Maggie told Alex and Stephanie that Sarah suspected Xander. E.J. believed Ava might have survived the crash. Chad and Tony believed that E.J. had hallucinated Ava. Jack asked Gwen to call him "Dad." Johnny confronted E.J. about Rolf. Wendy told Li that she knew his secret, and Li admitted he had brainwashed Stefan. Wendy and Johnny decided not to tell Stefan or Gabi about the brainwashing. Jada informed Eric that Nicole had helped her to decide to have an abortion. Paulina asked Abe to breach his ethics. Sloan argued with Chanel. Eric accused Nicole of having manipulated Jada. Trask arrested Paulina. Sonny helped Leo look for a job. Alex saw Stephanie hug Chad. Eric took a drink. Nicole commiserated with E.J. Kristen manipulated Brady and Rachel.
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December 5 to 9, 2022
Alex helped Stephanie and Chad craft a PR response. Will told Sonny that he would not be home for Christmas. A spiraling Eric punched E.J. and Shawn. Kristen refused to give Brady the orchid. Nicole agreed to move into the DiMera mansion. Li warned Johnny to keep his secret. Allie assumed that Wendy and Johnny were dating. Someone vandalized the bakery. Eric spent the night in jail. The City Council asked for Abe's resignation. Paulina decided not to take office. Gabi asked Wendy to be her maid of honor. Stefan confronted Li about the use of the jet. Sister Mary Moira visited her nephew E.J. Eric ended his relationship with Nicole. Eric pursued Sloan. Ava sneaked into the DiMera mansion. Stephanie cut her romantic evening short. Bonnie suffered from PTSD hallucinations. Justin offered to help Xander sue Rednax. Leo asked Gwen for a job. Bonnie realized that Xander could be her kidnapper.
December 12 to 16, 2022
Bonnie accused Xander of her kidnapping. Gwen knocked out Bonnie. Leo told Sonny about his gossip column idea. Chad told Stephanie that he wanted to quit. Jack talked to Sarah about Gwen. Gwen convinced Leo to pose as the clown kidnapper and let Xander appear to rescue Bonnie. Eric slept with Sloan, and Nicole saw them naked the morning after. E.J. defended Nicole to his aunt. Ava planted a bomb at Susan's memorial. Steve asked the police to arrest E.J. for Tripp's kidnapping. Brady mistakenly kissed Sister Mary Moira. John and Marlena plotted to save Brady from Kristen. Sami sent flowers to the funeral. Johnny saw Ava was at the church. Stefan punched Brady. Brady told Eric about Kristen's blackmail. John attempted to manipulate Kristen. Ava intervened when she learned Tripp was at Susan's funeral. The bomb exploded in the church.
December 19 to 23, 2022
Everyone survived the church explosion. Brady told Eric about Kristen's blackmail. Ava blackmailed Xander to help her escape police custody, but she suffered a psychotic break instead. Sonny invited a homeless Leo to move in. Alex asked Stephanie to spend Christmas with him. Tripp supported his mother. Bonnie agreed to talk to a therapist about her PTSD. Eric continued his fling. Paulina resigned. The charges against Chanel and Paulina were dropped. Sloan vowed revenge. Kristen told Rachel not to give up on her Christmas wish for a family. Eric advised Brady to stage a kidnapping. Rex visited for Christmas. Stefan spent Christmas in New York with Chloe's family. Sarah gave Xander his own ornament for the Horton tree. Gwen lied about Xander's gift for Sarah. Eli and the twins visited. Jennifer returned home. The ghost of Abigail visited Chad.
December 26 to 30, 2022
Sonny defended Leo to Victor. Alex and Stephanie's date was cut short by a visit from Chad. Will returned home unexpectedly for Christmas. Bonnie told Sarah why she had suspected that Xander had been the clown. Gwen admitted to Justin that she had created Rednax. Xander told Sarah the truth about the kidnapping. Will left because Sonny refused to kick Leo out. Eli celebrated Christmas with Abe and Paulina. Rafe questioned Gabi's love for Li. Brady and Eric plotted to kidnap Rachel. Gabi encouraged Rafe to date Jada. Eric apologized to Jada. Li and Gabi wed. Gabi remembered her conversation with Rolf, and she tore into Li and Kristen at the wedding. Nicole realized that E.J. had known the truth about Stefan. Wendy cut ties with Li. Johnny kissed Wendy. E.J. kissed Nicole. Gabi found Stefan and Chloe in bed together. Rachel disappeared.
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