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January 4 to 8, 2016
Jennifer, Eric, Brady, and Daniel were in a serious car crash. Daniel did not survive and Maggie learned Daniel was an organ donor. Brady and Eric both needed heart transplants. Maggie had to decide who would receive Daniel's heart. John offered his own life so that both Brady and Eric could live. Based on his injuries, Brady received Daniel's heart. Eric could not bear the thought that he had caused Daniel's death and had injured many of his friends. Nicole and Maggie said their goodbyes to Daniel. Brady was overwhelmed when he learned about everything that had happed to him and his friends. Chad's tests confirmed that he was Thomas' father. Chad snapped out from under Andre's control. Chad told Abigail he still loved her and that they would be a family. Chad let Andre and Stefano think that he was still under their control. Philip was there for Belle when she needed him. Belle told Philip about the money Sami had stolen. Rafe grilled Andre. Hope and Stefano had a battle of words. Hope shot Stefano in a blinding rage.
January 11 to 15, 2016
Rafe was there for Hope after she had shot and killed Stefano. Rafe found a way to protect Hope and cover her tracks. Nicole could not deal with Daniel's death. Parker gave Nicole the strength to go on. Nicole and Brady lit into Eric for causing Daniel's death. Theresa feared she would lose Brady. Melanie, Maggie, and Nicole shared their sadness and tears as they planned Daniel's funeral. Ava told Steve that the baby in the photos was their child. Andre grilled Hope about her meeting with Stefano. Chad thought he found blood on one of Stefano's art pieces. Andre told a surprised Chad that Hope might have killed Stefano. Brady had a dream about Nicole. Chad asked Abigail to marry him. Chad told Jennifer that he loved Abigail and would never hurt her. Hope decided to confess to Roman that she had killed Dr. Malcolm in self-defense. Joey told Ava he was in love with her. Kayla found Joey in Ava's hotel room. Kayla and Ava had it out. Ava hit Kayla and knocked her out.
January 18 to 22, 2016
Hope told Roman she had killed Dr. Malcolm in self-defense. Hope was cleared of all charges. Victor was shocked to learn that Deimos, his younger brother, was in Salem. Victor told Maggie about his past with Deimos. Deimos blackmailed Philip to work with him to destroy Victor. Rafe and Hope almost kissed. Claire tried to keep Belle away from Philip. Belle and Philip made love. Shawn returned to Salem to talk things out with Belle. Ciara asked Hope if she was falling for Rafe. John met his birth mother, who answered questions about his past. John's mother betrayed him. Eric could not deal with the guilt of Daniel's death. Andre told Chad he thought that Hope had murdered Stefano. Abigail made plans for a future with Chad and Thomas. Andre found the site where Hope and Rafe had stashed Stefano's body.
January 25 to 29, 2016
Steve had it out with Ava when he realized that Kayla was missing. Ava forced Steve to search for their child. Andre found proof that Hope had murdered Stefano and Rafe helped her cover it up. Andre vowed revenge. Joey got drunk and caused a scene at Ciara's party. The police arrested Eric as soon as he left the hospital. Deimos refused Victor's offer to leave town. Shawn and Belle drew further apart. Maggie, Nicole, Chloe, and Parker struggled to say goodbye to Daniel on the day of his funeral. Nicole had harsh words for Eric and told him she could never forgive him. Lucas and Jennifer tried to get Eric to go to an A.A. meeting. Brady asked Flynn about his dreams of Daniel when he had lived in California. Hope, Rafe, Ciara, and Chase enjoyed some down time at the cabin. Nicole and Theresa made career plans of their own.
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February 1 to 5, 2016
Steve made a deal with Ava. Ciara lit into Chase for bullying Theo. Chase tried to make amends with Theo. Belle told Eve to stay away from Claire. Shawn and Belle had a moment. Belle decided she wanted to be with Philip. Joey caught Steve making moves on Ava. Eduardo tied up loose ends with his and John's past. Chad made a deal with Adrienne and Justin to sell his share of club TBD. Kate bought out Nicole and Theresa. Brady saw the face of the woman in his dream. Steve had to sleep with Ava to save Kayla. Andre tried to convince Chad that Hope had murdered Stefano and that Rafe had helped her get rid of the body. Chad rattled Hope. Deimos warned Philip to get him results or else. Kate played a cat and mouse game with Deimos. Jennifer was on a path to drug addiction.
February 8 to 12, 2016
Steve and Ava learned their son had died. Steve lied to Kayla about his time with Ava. Joey rejected Steve. Andre used Chase as a way to close in on Hope. Rafe caught a glimpse of Stefano's ring on Andre's finger. Lani shared her concerns about Rafe with Abe. Victor learned of Philip's betrayal from Deimos. Claire pushed Belle away and went to Shawn for comfort. Shawn tried to get through to Belle. A fire started at Hope's house. Hope found the "bug" Andre had planted in her house. Chase walked out on Ciara. Jennifer was in over her head with drugs. Hope and Rafe stormed the mansion, looking for Andre. Ava was out for revenge against Steve and Kayla. Theresa, Nicole, Abigail, Rafe, Ciara, and Ava had dreams about the ones they loved. Doug and Julie remembered the true meaning of love.
February 15 to 19, 2016
Fynn gave Brady answers about the mystery woman. Eduardo saw red when Deimos made a move on Kate. Hope and Rafe put their plan in motion to frame Andre for Stefano's murder. Andre realized Hope and Rafe had set him up. Andre misled a confused Chase, who was in need of a friend. Chase made sexual advances towards Ciara, even though she told him to stop. A very drunk Eric told Jennifer to admit that she had a drug problem. Chad thought that Andre might have killed Stefano. Philip tried to make things right with his father. Belle decided to focus on Claire and get her life back on track. Shawn asked Lani out on date. Ava sent Kayla a video of her and Steve making love. Steve tried to explain why he'd had to have sex with Ava, but Kayla walked out on him. Brady was determined to find the mystery woman from his dreams. Brady ran into Dario, an old friend from Salem, while searching for Summer. Nicole lied to Theresa and left town to join Brady in his search for Summer.
February 22 to 26, 2016
Brady saved Summer from drowning. Summer told Brady that Daniel thought she might be his sister. Brady asked Summer to go home with him to Salem. Ava tried to blame Kayla for attempted murder. Steve and Kayla worried that Ava might get away with her latest scheme. Joey went over the edge and murdered Ava in a fit of rage. Steve took the blame for Joey and told the police that he had killed Ava. Belle's surprise for Claire to help launch her singing career didn't go as planned. Chase kept a close eye on Ciara. Ciara struggled to deal with her feelings about the rape. Nicole and Dario caught up on old times. Caroline had a vision of Deimos and Dr. Malcolm. Hope told Roman she had killed Stefano, and Rafe had helped her frame Andre. Chad cut all ties with Andre. A mysterious call turned Hope's life into chaos.
February 29 to March 4, 2016
Hope told Rafe she might have killed Stefano for something he had not done. Nicole questioned Dario about Summer. Dario called Rafe. Joey told a shocked Kayla that he, not Steve, had killed Ava. Steve continued to lie to protect Joey. Chad came to terms with Stefano's death. Belle told Marlena that Eric could face a long prison term. Eric tried to help Jennifer with her drug problem, but she avoided him. Caroline, Hope, Roman, Marlena, John, Victor, and Kate happily bid good riddance to their old foe, Stefano. Victor confessed to Caroline and Maggie that he had framed Deimos for murder. Victor proved to Deimos that he was in charge. Steve thought of a way to beat the charges against him. Belle could not make up her mind about Philip. Chad and J.J. learned Ben had escaped from the hospital. Ciara freaked out when she learned Claire had made plans to meet Chase. Ciara broke down and told Claire that Chase had raped her. Hope decided to return to her job on the police force.
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MARCH 2016
March 7 to 11, 2016
Abigail did not let Ben's escape ruin her and Chad's wedding day. Jennifer's use of pain pills worsened. Summer told Brady the tests results proved Maggie was her mother. Summer's attempt to get to know Maggie didn't go as planned. John and Eduardo realized that they had to trade themselves to save Marlena and Arianna. Eduardo told Rafe he was an assassin and had worked with John in the past. John and Eduardo faced danger as they tried to rescue their loved ones. Eduardo took a bullet for Rafe in the shootout. Theo, Claire, and Joey helped Ciara confront Chase. Ciara broke down and told Hope that Chase had raped her. The police arrested Chase and charged him with sexual assault. Philip's past returned to haunt him. Deimos helped Philip out of a jam. Claire saw her mother and Philip kissing. Ciara shared her feelings with Theo. A remorseful Chase told Hope he was ready to pay for what he had done to Ciara. John was shocked to learn that his biological father had been alive all these years and was holding him hostage.
March 14 to 18, 2016
Yo Ling told John about his cruel plan to save his own life. John begged his father to spare Paul from the same life that John had endured in his youth. Eduardo gave the police a lead on how to find John. Chad and J.J. lied to Abigail and told her that Ben had left Salem. Chad and Abigail found something disturbing in their hotel room. Eric and Jennifer continued to abuse their drugs of choice. Brady asked Theresa to marry him, and she accepted. Dario returned to Salem and revealed his true connection to Summer. Dario had harsh words for Eduardo. Belle saw Shawn and Lani out on a date. Nicole told Maggie that she did not trust Summer. Deimos lied to Kate and told her he would end his plan of revenge against Victor. Deimos switched Maggie's meds with his own blend. Maggie, who was not herself, reacted poorly when Summer revealed that she was Maggie's daughter. Brady was shocked at Maggie's reaction to Summer's news. Ciara threw a wild birthday party for herself and her friends. Joey told Roman that he, not Steve, had killed Ava.
March 21 to 25, 2016
Ciara talked to Hope about the pain she had felt after the rape. Hope learned that Chase had made bail. A shocked Ciara bumped into Chase in the park. Steve and Kayla thought about leaving town with Joey to protect him. Belle worried about Marlena's plan to help Rafe and Steve rescue John. Rafe figured out where Yo Ling held John captive. Yo Ling tried to brainwash Paul, but John broke free of his restraints in time to save Paul. Rafe rescued his mother from Yo Ling. Adriana was happy to reunite with her children but furious to learn that Eduardo was in Salem. Philip and Belle offered Claire a chance to make it big as a singer. Maggie told Victor about her past and that Summer was her daughter. Maggie told Summer she wanted to get to know her. Deimos tried to make peace with Victor. Abigail told Chad that she wanted to leave Salem. Maggie started to feel the effects of the drug Deimos had switched with her meds.
March 28 to April 1, 2016
Abigail thought that she had seen Ben throughout the house and gardens. Chad tried to keep Abigail's mind off Ben. Steve and Kayla talked about their future. Maggie felt ill and fell down the stairs at home. Deimos told Victor that he had poisoned Maggie and that the antidote would be at a great cost to him. Victor put Maggie's health and his love for her first and signed over his fortune to Deimos. Victor was heartbroken when he learned that Maggie might never walk again. Deimos bragged to Kate about his win over Victor. Kate told Deimos that she would enjoy seeing Victor in the "poor house." Hope helped Ciara deal with the rape. Gabi convinced Eduardo to stay in town and work things out with the family. Chase, desperate, broke, and with no place to stay, stole a woman's purse. Victor told Summer to stay out of Maggie's life. Victor had it out with Deimos. Victor suffered a health crisis.
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APRIL 2016
April 4 to 8, 2016
Nicole saved Victor's life. Kate blasted Deimos for leaving Victor to die. Caroline told a frail Victor that she still needed him. Deimos could not believe how much Nicole resembled a woman from his past. Just prior to her surgery, Maggie learned that Victor had suffered a heart attack. Summer stayed by Maggie's side. Kayla suggested to Steve that they should leave town for places unknown. Kayla met Jade. Kayla and Steve were shocked that Joey had told Jade that he, not Steve, had killed Ava. John used his influence with the ISA to have the charges against Steve dropped. Kayla told Steve that she would always love him but that she could not live in his world. Steve vowed to get Kayla back. Ciara told Hope that she would go to counseling. Abigail tricked Ben then planned a gruesome payback that would get him out of her life forever. Deimos sent Victor a reminder of their past. Maggie confessed to Summer that she had given Summer away at birth.
April 11 to 15, 2016
Chad arrived in time to stop Abigail from burning Ben to death. The police arrested Ben, who had suffered injuries and burns. Chad covered up what Abigail had done to Ben. Chad worried about Abigail's mental health and knew that she needed help. Lucas tried to get through to Jennifer about her abuse of pain pills. Hope told Caroline that she, not Andre, had murdered Stefano. Nicole asked Deimos about his past. Rafe kissed Hope then blurted out that he loved her. Eric and Jennifer tied one on and slept together on his last night as a free man. Marlena blasted Jennifer for her actions and said that she had made things worse for Eric. Maggie's truth to Summer was more than Summer could handle. Summer turned to Brady for comfort. Theresa had harsh words for Summer. Brady was upset with Theresa about how she had treated Summer and walked out on her. Eric broke down as he said goodbye to Marlena, Roman, John, and Jennifer. The judge gave Eric five years in prison. Philip tried to make peace with Victor. Victor thought about his past with Helena and about her death. Maggie's future looked bleak.
April 18 to 22, 2016
Lani made a play for Shawn. Belle gave Shawn signed divorce papers. Theo asked Ciara to the prom, and she kissed him and said yes. Victor asked Nicole to seduce Deimos and take him for all he was worth. Justin and Brady put their heads together to find a way to stop Deimos. Phillip tried to convince Kate to help him get back at Deimos. Deimos asked Kate to run Titan with him. Hope kissed Rafe. At Kayla's request, Steve packed up his things and moved out of the house. Abigail agreed to check into the clinic to get the help that she needed. Joey and Jade made plans to leave Salem. Victor told Maggie that Deimos had poisoned her and caused her fall. Maggie told Summer that she wanted to be part of Summer's life. Nicole spent time with Deimos, who told her about Helena's life and death. Deimos told Hope that he was partly responsible for Bo's capture and torture. Fynn cared for Kayla after she had fainted. Theo went ballistic and attacked Mark, who had made a pass at Ciara.
April 25 to 29, 2016
Jade and Joey made love. Mark played a nasty trick on Ciara and Theo at the prom. To get back at Mark for ruining their prom night, Ciara, Claire, Joey, Jade, and Henry vandalized a car owned by Mark's father, a judge. For their reckless actions, the teens spent the night in jail. Abe told Theo to stay away from Ciara. Rafe found a link between Deimos and Dr. Malcolm. Rafe and Hope almost made love. In a fragile state, Abigail signed herself into the clinic. Abigail had a bad dream about Ben. Chad made a deal with Ciara. Kate and Deimos sealed their business deal. Nicole and Dario made plans to take down Deimos, unaware that Victor, Justin, and Brady had plans of their own. Victor's words to Deimos about Helena were almost more than Deimos could bear. Upset about Claire's arrest, Belle turned to Philip for comfort. Philip said no to Belle's request to get married in Las Vegas. Philip told Belle to sort out her feelings for Shawn. Claire's prom song was a hit on YouTube. Theo was shocked after Ciara told him to stay clear of her.
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MAY 2016
May 2 to 6, 2016
Adriana and Eduardo started to reconnect. The Hernandez family dined together for the first time in years, but the gathering was ruined when Dario lashed out at Eduardo. Steve learned that Joey had been arrested, and he later confronted Kayla about keeping the information from him. Joey had heart-to-heart talks with Kayla and Steve, who didn't realize the conversations were his way of saying goodbye to them. Jade angered Joey when she nearly revealed the truth about Ava's death to Ciara and Claire. Joey stole Steve's leather jacket before heading to Los Angeles with Jade. Abigail had to be sedated after an intense session with her therapist. Chad visited Abigail and was saddened to realize that she was still seeing things that weren't real. Hope reluctantly agreed to let Ciara move into a guesthouse on the DiMera property. Nicole received a tempting offer from Deimos. Kate learned that Nicole resembled someone from Deimos' past. Justin set a trap for Deimos. Victor and Maggie moved into a townhouse and invited Summer to join them there. After accidentally killing a man from her past, Summer enlisted Dario's help to cover her tracks. Theresa discovered that Summer was using an alias. Multiple residents of Salem began exhibiting signs of illness, including Paul and Arianna. Rafe prepared a romantic dinner for Hope, but it was cut short before they could consummate their relationship. Hope was horrified when she returned home after the date and found Aiden waiting for her.
May 9 to 13, 2016
Aiden's sudden appearance shook Hope to her core. Aiden recalled the last six months of his life as a prisoner of the DiMeras. Hope did not believe Aiden's story and arrested him. Aiden tried to convince Hope that the man who had tried to kill her had been an impostor. Ciara asked Claire to move into the DiMera guest cottage with her. Nicole and Deimos were drawn to each other. Steve assured Kayla that he would find Joey. Claire told Steve that Joey and Jade might be in Los Angeles. Paul, Gabi, and Adriana fell ill with an unknown virus. John realized that Yo Ling was responsible for the outbreak of the virus. Kayla and Fynn worked tirelessly to find a cure. Abigail called Chad and told him that she did not want him, Thomas, or her family to visit her anymore. Ciara was there for Chad when he needed her. Andre was of no help to Hope about Aiden's return. Aiden's DNA test proved that he had told Hope the truth about his identity. Aiden went to see Andre.
May 16 to 20, 2016
Aiden agreed to Andre's terms to protect Hope. Fynn found an antidote for the virus. Steve left town to search for Joey. Hope went to Bo's grave for guidance. Aiden asked Hope for a second chance. Brady talked to Belle about Theresa. Theresa asked Anne to help her dig into Summer's past. Dario and Summer tried their best to convince Brady that they were a couple. Victor warned Summer to stay on the straight and narrow -- or else. Eric sent Nicole a letter asking her to forgive him. Rafe opened up to Eduardo about his feelings for Hope. Eduardo's dark past posed a threat to his family. Chad had a dream about Stefano. Ciara dreamed that she and Chad kissed. Deimos told Justin that he would accept his deal. Kate asked Deimos to marry her, and he accepted. Dario helped Nicole make her move on Deimos. Nicole's plan to get close to Deimos worked, and they almost made love. Marlena helped Paul understand that he was not to blame for the virus outbreak. Belle and Shawn talked. Rafe saw Aiden and Hope kiss.
May 23 to 27, 2016
Kate and Nicole had words with each other over Deimos. Rafe was hurt when he saw Hope kissing Aiden, but Rafe did not stay around long enough to see Hope push Aiden away. Roman told Rafe to fight for Hope. Belle and Shawn made love. Claire wondered if Belle and Shawn were back together. Lucas, Doug, and Julie were there for Jennifer in her time of need. Visions of Jack helped Jennifer admit that she was an addict. John helped Steve search for Joey. Fynn went with Kayla to Los Angeles to help her find Joey. Aiden visited Chase in prison. Ciara opened up to Marlena about the rape and her feelings for Theo. Roman put J.J. in his place. Rory went after J.J. for going back on his word. Aiden worked on a plan to get Chase out of prison. Chase was critically wounded in a prison fight. Hope tried to comfort Aiden as they waited to learn if Chase would survive.
May 30 to June 3, 2016
Hope, though conflicted, tried to be there for Aiden. Rafe told Hope to take some time alone to sort out her feelings. Chad went on a bender after Abigail refused to see him. Ciara thought about what it would be like to be with Chad. Steve found Joey, who was in trouble with the police. Kayla and Fynn almost made love. Kayla demanded that John take her to look for Steve and Joey. Henry asked Paul out on a date. Nicole let Dario in on her plans for Deimos. Kate swept Deimos off his feet, and he agreed to marry her. Later, Kate spied on Deimos and saw him making out with Nicole.
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JUNE 2016
June 6 to 10, 2016
Kate had a terrible fight with Deimos, and he fell off the cliff. Kate framed Nicole for Deimos' alleged murder. Nicole told the police that Deimos had been alive when she'd left him. For the right price, Aiden helped Kate prove that she was Mrs. Deimos Kiriakis. Kate shocked Nicole with the news of her marriage to Deimos. Nicole told Dario that she had not murdered Deimos. Nicole feared she would be charged with murder. Ciara took care of Chad. The good and evil men in Hope's past helped her work out her problems. The future was looking bright for Belle and Shawn. Kayla, Joey, and Steve were reunited. Rafe warned Aiden not to hurt Hope. Hope gave Aiden good news. Deimos, who was alive but badly injured, called a friend for help. Chloe arrived to help Deimos, who she had known as Robert.
June 13 to 17, 2016
Doug and Julie moved into the Horton house to help Jennifer with her recovery. Fearing that he would soon be killed for snitching, Rory warned J.J. to stay away from him. Joey got shot during a hostage situation at the commune, but the bullet didn't do any major damage. Kayla reconciled with Steve. Belle and Shawn went on a date together. Philip tried to move on with a new woman, but she got upset when he called out Belle's name while they were getting intimate. Victor offered to help Kate frame Nicole in exchange for control of Titan. Nicole and Dario were arrested for breaking into the Kiriakis mansion to look for proof that Kate was responsible for Deimos' disappearance. Chloe patched Deimos' wounds but told him he could only stay at her place for one night. Justin feared repercussions for destroying evidence. Rafe got upset with Adriana for trying to set him up with Blanca. Hope had an awkward encounter with Rafe while on a date with Aiden. Andre gave Aiden a firm deadline for getting him out of prison and promised to tell Hope everything if the deadline wasn't met. Ciara fantasized about telling Chad she loved him. Marlena agreed to marry John. After a nightmare about losing Brady to Summer, Theresa told Brady she was ready to set a date for their wedding. Chad was devastated to learn that Abigail had been injured in a fire at Shady Hills that she had intentionally started.
June 20 to 24, 2016
Belle warned Nicole to keep a low profile -- or Nicole could find herself another lawyer. Shawn and Belle had good news for Claire. A frantic Abigail told Chad that she wanted to go home. Chad made plans to break Abigail out of Shady Hills. Hope asked Aiden to go away with her. Aiden was upset to see the strong bond between Rafe and Hope. Aiden had no choice but to comply with Andre's demands. Aiden lied to Hope again. Ciara denied her feelings for Chad to Theo. Ciara almost lost it when she bumped into Chase at Shady Hills. Lucas asked Adrienne to marry him. Roman and Rafe tried to find holes in Monahan's confession. Andre was thrilled to be out of jail. Brady had words with Victor and John. Paul agreed to work with John at Black Patch. Kate fired Nicole. Deimos told Chloe that Kate had tried to kill him. After Chloe and Deimos made love, Chloe learned that Nicole was the other woman. Abigail found her way out of Shady Hills.
June 27 to July 1, 2016
Andre and Kate formed a strange bond. Summer panicked when Clark's sister, Janet, arrived in town, asking about her brother. Brady had it out with Summer. Brady told Maggie that Summer had played them for fools. Brady told Summer to pack her bags and leave town. Caroline warned Victor to change his ways or lose the love of his family. Nicole found Deimos alive and well at Chloe's house. Deimos agreed to return to Salem to clear Nicole's name. Kate worried that Deimos was back in town. Deimos and Nicole made plans to confront Kate. J.J. and Chad searched for Abigail. Chad found a disturbing note from Abigail. Aiden and Hope could not shake the memories of their past. Shawn and Belle made plans for the future. A drunken Philip kissed Belle. Rafe learned that Aiden had visited Andre in jail, using another name.
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JULY 2016
July 4 to 8, 2016
Andre told Chad that Abigail had given him the letter from her. Hope and Aiden's time away did not turn out as planned. Aiden kept a secret from Hope. J.J. talked to Chad about Abigail. Jade talked to Joey about her family problems. Theresa told Brady that she had fallen asleep while out with Tate, and Victor had caught her. Summer tried to make amends with Brady. Victor tried to comfort Maggie about Summer. Chloe told Philip that Deimos was alive and back in town. Nicole asked Chloe if she'd had a relationship with Deimos. Philip had Shawn question his future with Belle. Chad let Andre believe that things were good between them. Deimos surprised Kate at the mansion. Kate feared that Deimos would turn her in to the police. Rafe and Shawn found evidence that Aiden had been lying. Rafe ran into trouble at the old DiMera house. Theresa fell asleep again while watching Tate, and when she woke up, he was missing. Summer boarded a plane with Tate in tow.
July 11 to 15, 2016
The search for Tate continued. Theresa told Shawn, Belle, and Brady she was certain that Summer had kidnapped Tate. Theresa lashed out at Brady for being a friend to Summer. Maggie felt responsible for Summer's life of crime. Hope learned that Aiden had lied to her. Hope arrested Aiden, but Justin told Roman they had no solid evidence to hold him. Andre kidnapped Rafe and tied him up to a bomb. Andre told Chad that Abigail might have died in a plane crash. Claire warned Ciara not to act on her feelings for Chad. Theo and Claire talked. Chad's emotions got the best of him. Jennifer and Chad were at odds about who should have custody of Thomas. Dario accepted Eduardo's job offer. Kate agreed to Deimos' terms. Deimos talked to the police, cleared Nicole, and let Kate off the hook. Ciara made things clear to Chase. Chase had a meltdown. Summer made plans to leave the country. Hope tried to save Rafe. As Shawn arrived to rescue Hope and Rafe, the bomb went off.
July 18 to 22, 2016
After the explosion, Shawn and the Salem PD searched the rubble for Rafe and Hope. Rafe cared for an injured Hope. Rafe realized how much he loved Hope. Rafe found his way out of the tunnels and saved Hope's life. Aiden swore to Hope and Shawn that he was innocent. Hope told Aiden to leave Salem. Summer pleaded with Theresa not to tell Roman what had happened to Clark. Summer offered to help Brady and Theresa find Tate. Maggie told Julie she feared Victor had returned to his old ways. Victor told Brady that he had not kidnapped Tate. Steve helped John and Brady look for Tate. Philip made Chloe an offer she could not refuse. Kate said goodbye to Demois and the mansion. Deimos asked Nicole to give him a second chance. Marlena was there for Theresa and Kate.
July 25 to 29, 2016
Aiden moved forward with his life without Hope. Hope was upset that Ciara had talked to Chase. Adriana warned Rafe to stay clear of Hope. Eduardo told Adriana to give Hope a second chance. Claire told her parents that she did not want to go to college. Claire's new job working for Chloe caused a rift between Shawn and Belle. Steve and Eduardo bonded. Steve saw Fynn kiss Kayla. Joey and Jade got back together. Adriana was uncertain about a future with Eduardo. Sonny returned to town with a big surprise for Victor. Deimos gave Maggie and Victor some good news. Sonny had strong words for Deimos. Theresa had a dream and remembered that Summer had kidnapped Tate. Theresa's talk with Summer did not end well. Summer left town. John and Brady asked Deimos some tough questions. Victor and Deimos called a truce. Steve started a new career. Kayla was doubtful that Steve could change his
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August 1 to 5, 2016
Hope got home from the hospital. Jennifer told a shocked Hope that she wanted to hire Aiden to represent her. Chad hired Belle. Sonny and Paul had time to catch up. John and Marlena shared a close moment. The family thought it was Eduardo's past that put Gabi in danger, but Dario was to blame. Chloe told Philip that she was pregnant and that Deimos was the daddy. Deimos told Nicole that he was a better man because of her. Deimos and Nicole made love. Deimos asked Nicole to marry him. Nicole shared her news with Chloe. Chad was devastated at the news that Abigail had died in a plane crash. Jennifer and Chad bonded. J.J. blamed Chad for Abigail's death. Andre enjoyed Chad's grief. Rafe and Hope shared a night of romance. Aiden used Justin's illegal deal to snatch the job as the new D.A.
August 8 to 12, 2016
Days of our Lives did not air due to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.
August 15 to 19, 2016
Days of our Lives did not air due to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.
August 22 to 26, 2016
Philip told Belle that he planned to drop her as his silent partner. Ciara told a shocked Chad that she was in love with him. Chad tried to let Ciara down easy, but she was hurt by his response. Maggie was overjoyed at the news that she would walk again. Nicole pleaded with Deimos to join her at the hospital to celebrate Maggie's good news. Deimos asked Nicole to move in with him. Belle urged Chad not to give up custody of Thomas. Jennifer's grief pushed her over the edge. Belle and Kayla were there for Jennifer when she needed them. Chad learned that Jennifer had relapsed. Theresa, Brady, and John found the woman who had taken Tate. Victor insisted that he had been framed for Tate's kidnapping. Sonny and Justin worked to clear Victor's name. Claire and Theo kissed. Claire told Theo to forget about his crush on Ciara and move forward with his life. Ciara walked in on Claire and Theo kissing. Philip told Chloe that he would agree to say that he was the father of her baby. Kate had harsh words for Chloe. Deimos and Nicole put Kate in her place.
August 29 to September 2, 2016
Paul and Sonny had lunch together, and Paul saw a new side of Sonny. Steve bailed out on his and Kayla's first therapy session. Victor was released on bail. Eduardo left town to keep the family safe. Gabi and Sonny visited Will's grave. Philip told Kate that he was the father of Chloe's child. Kate made sure Deimos knew that Chloe was pregnant. Deimos was certain that he, and not Philip, was the father of Chloe's child. Chloe told Nicole the truth about her baby. Kate bought the Martin House from Doug and Julie. Adrienne, Lucas, Doug, and Julie were there for Jennifer in her time of need. Lucas and Adrienne asked Jennifer to help plan their wedding. Chad prayed to Abigail and promised her that he would make a better life for himself and Thomas. Chad offered Belle a job. Victor could not convince Brady that he had not kidnapped Tate. Philip asked Kate for a loan. Claire was upset to see Theo and Ciara together. Claire turned to Belle for advice. Chad and Jennifer agreed to do what was best for Thomas. Laura arrived in town with news about Abigail.
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September 5 to 9, 2016
Orpheus was shocked to see Marlena at the prison. Clyde, Orpheus, and Xander planned their escape from prison -- with revenge as their main goal. Laura's news about Abigail helped Jennifer deal with her grief. Laura had it out with Chad. Lucas and Adrienne moved into the DiMera mansion to help Chad take care of Thomas. J.J. tried to make amends with Gabi. Maggie was torn about whether or not to move back into the mansion to live with Deimos. Victor and Deimos had proof that Kate had kidnapped Tate. Kate turned the tables on Victor and Deimos. Steve and Joey helped Kayla get through surgery. Eve was back in town to surprise Theresa for her wedding. Hope panicked when she learned that Aiden planned to reopen Stefano's murder case. Chad asked Belle to relocate to Hong Kong.
September 12 to 16, 2016
Shawn decided to go to Hong Kong with Belle. Deimos had Chloe on edge after he told her why he believed she was pregnant with his child. Victor proved to Brady that he had not kidnapped Tate. Victor asked Brady and Theresa to have their wedding at the mansion. Xander was out to get Theresa for lying to the police about the rape. Nicole learned that Xander was after her as well. Orpheus took Eve hostage and stopped the wedding. Paul put himself in harm's way to protect his family. Sonny was proud of Paul. Aiden transferred Chase to a clinic in Oregon and said that he and Hope would join Chase soon. Aiden fantasized about a future with Hope. J.J. walked in on Gabi outfitting Chad for his new work wardrobe. J.J. told Gabi that he was not happy about her job with Chad. Kayla asked Steve to move back home. Clyde taunted Kate and later threatened her life. Chad saved Kate's life and learned that Clyde planned to take Thomas away from him. Clyde, Xander, and Orpheus plotted their next step against the people of Salem.
September 19 to 23, 2016
Gabi shared her feelings about J.J. with Rafe. Eduardo warned Dario about working for Deimos. Eduardo told John about the role he had played in the prison break. The Kiriakis men joined forces to protect their loved ones from the prisoners at large. Steve moved home to take care of Kayla. Kate panicked and pulled a gun on Andre. Orpheus, Clyde, and Xander caused the town of Salem to go dark. The prisoners held Kayla hostage and kidnapped Joey to get revenge on Steve. Hope and Aiden spent time together. Aiden had a plan to win back Hope. Chad and Gabi bonded while trapped in the panic room. Theo had a meltdown. Chloe and Philip turned to Kate for help. Nicole held her ground with Deimos. Justin and Eve had a moment before she left town. Kate agreed to help Philip and Chloe prove to Deimos that Philip was the father of Chloe's child.
September 26 to 30, 2016
John rescued Kate, Marlena, and Claire from harm's way. Chloe told Nicole about her plan to fool Deimos. Kate told Philip and Chloe that she had not had time to alter the paternity test. A shocked Chloe learned that Deimos was not the father of her child. Philip demanded that Chloe tell him the name of the father of her child, but she refused. Abe and Theo took time to remember good times with Lexie. Jennifer told J.J. to move on with his life. Chad and Jennifer shared a special moment. J.J. and Gabi spent time with each other. Brady and Sonny's plan to surprise the prisoners did not go as planned. Orpheus, Clyde, and Xander put their plan in motion. Claire and Joey tried to escape from their captives. Clyde aimed at Aiden but shot Abe by mistake. Theo worried that Abe might not survive. Aiden told Hope he knew that she had murdered Stefano. Hope tried not to let Aiden's claim distract her from her job. John and Steve pursued Orpheus and Xander while the police searched for Clyde. Claire escaped, but the search continued to find Joey. Steve vowed revenge on the trio.
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October 3 to 7, 2016
Nicole felt that Chloe was keeping a secret from her. Chloe left town without telling Philip who the father of her child was. Theo went missing -- with a gun. Aiden forced Hope to break up with Rafe, or else he would make her and her cohorts pay for Stefano's murder. Rafe warned Aiden that his plan would not work. Hope opened up to Jennifer. Steve tried to assure Kayla that Joey would be safe. Andre and Kate convinced Chad to take advantage of the problems at the Kiriakis camp. John, Marlena, Steve, and Kayla made plans to take down Orpheus. Andre questioned Aiden about how he'd convinced Hope to give him a second chance. Marlena asked Kate, Nicole, and Victor to help profile Clyde and Xander. John, Roman, Steve, J.J., and Paul planned to meet the convicts' demands. Paul and Sonny had a moment. John turned the tables on Orpheus. Theo's rash move bungled the capture of the convicts. Joey was rescued.
October 10 to 14, 2016
Marlena briefed John, Steve, and Kayla on her plan to take down the convicts. Brady planned a special day for Theresa. Clyde left Orpheus and Xander and went after Thomas on his own. Kate, Andre, and Chad's plan to capture Clyde worked like a charm with help from Lucas and Adrienne. Hope told Jennifer about the night that she had murdered Stefano. Jennifer assured Hope that she would be there for her. Aiden pressured Hope to meet his demands. Hope told Rafe that she would handle Aiden on her own. Deimos rescued Nicole from Xander with a condition that shocked Nicole. Orpheus planted bombs throughout Salem, injuring people and causing chaos in the city. Sonny saved Paul's life. Eduardo and Dario made things right with each other. Kate forgave Eduardo and told him to do the same for himself.
October 17 to 21, 2016
Theresa admitted to Brady that she had lied about Xander trying to rape her. Deimos faked Xander's death and sent him into hiding in Greece. Deimos lashed out at Nicole after she revealed that Chloe was carrying his child. J.J. lapsed into a coma after suffering a gunshot wound while trying to stop Orpheus, who had taken John hostage after planting a bomb at the pub. Steve saved John, and together they took down Orpheus and delivered him to the police station. Orpheus caused a distraction there and took Marlena hostage. He stole a powerful sedative from her medical bag and gave himself a fatal dose of it, unwilling to be sent back to prison. Hope managed to defuse the bomb with Eduardo's help. Maggie learned that her inability to walk was due to a psychological issue. Julie told Victor that Maggie had experienced the same problem years earlier, when she had been with Mickey, and it had stemmed from a fear that she would lose him if she weren't completely dependent on him. Victor decided to retire from Titan as his way of showing Maggie that she was more important to him than anything else. Philip and Brady both expressed interest in taking Victor's place at Titan. Sonny showed signs of jealousy when he learned that Paul had made plans to hang out with Derrick. Guillermo, a dangerous man from Blanca's past, arrived in Salem and discovered that someone else he knew was living there: Theresa.
October 24 to 28, 2016
Eduardo made moves on Kate and told her he wanted her back in his life. Marlena surprised Andre with a thank you for helping to take down the convicts. Victor retired and named Deimos as the new CEO of Titan. Aiden forced Hope to meet him at his hotel for a date. Rafe and Roman hatched a plan to save Hope from Aiden. Hope convinced Aiden to do the right thing and leave Salem. Deimos lashed out at Nicole for lying to him about Chloe's baby. Kayla and Valerie teamed up to save Abe. Kayla and Steve made plans for the future. Chad and Andre made amends. Orpheus was alive and well -- and out for his ultimate revenge. Hope was shocked to the core at the Halloween charity fundraiser.
October 31 to November 4, 2016
Hope told the D.A. that she had killed Stefano. Chad, stunned by the news, asked Hope to tell him about his father's death. Ciara came to terms with her mother's guilt and agreed to stand by her. Paul and Derrick turned to Sonny for help. Andre helped Steve and John find Orpheus. John and Steve rescued Kayla and Marlena and killed Orpheus. Sparks flew between Adrienne and Justin when he learned that she and Jennifer had purchased the Spectator. Shane warned Theresa that she was in danger. Theresa asked Victor for his help. Shane and Kimberly agreed to go along with Theresa's plan. Deimos asked Nicole if they could try again to make things work between them. Eduardo and Dario made a deal to work with Deimos. Chloe realized that she was carrying Daniel and Nicole's child. Chloe felt that Nicole had betrayed her and that she could no longer trust her.
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November 7 to 11, 2016
Chloe told Philip that Daniel and Nicole were her baby's parents. Brady feared that Theresa was back to her old ways of drinking and drugs. Brady begged Kimberly to help him get through to Theresa. Theresa pushed Brady away to keep him and Tate safe. Theresa turned to drugs as the final step in her plan. Gabi helped Chad out of a jam. Chad started to have feelings for Gabi. Steve asked Kayla to marry him, and she said yes. Shane told Steve that he wanted to help Hope. Kate got through to Andre. Hope made a deal with Andre to clear Rafe and Roman. Sonny asked Justin if he was still in love with Adrienne. Sonny asked Paul to work for him. Abe was released from the hospital. Theo asked Claire to help him keep Valerie away from Abe. Joey tried to break up with Jade until she told him that she was pregnant. Andre and Laura had faked Abigail's death for reasons yet to be revealed. Laura called Andre and told him that Abigail was probably on her way back to Salem. A mystery woman spied on Chad. J.J. told Gabi that he had cheated on her.
November 14 to 18, 2016
Andre told Laura that Abigail was back in town. Andre got Chad out of the house so Abigail could visit with Thomas. In court, Adrienne was there for Justin when he needed her. Justin pleaded with the judge to consider all the facts in Hope's case. Hope's friends and family stood by her as she awaited her fate. Chad and Andre condemned Hope's actions and asked the court for justice for their father. The judge sentenced Hope to twenty-five years without parole. A shocked Jennifer fainted when she saw Abigail standing at her front door. Abigail told Jennifer what she had been up to since she had left Salem. Sonny made Justin think about his past life with Adrienne. Gabi walked out on J.J. after he tried to explain the reason for his affair. J.J. begged Chad to help him get Gabi back. Theresa set up a plan to drive Brady away for good. Victor showed kindness to Theresa when she needed it most. Theresa said goodbye to her parents and Tate and left Salem. Shane made plans to protect Theresa. Victor consoled Brady on one of the worst days of his life. Blanca had it out with Dario about his new business deal. Eduardo made his move on Kate. Jade told Joey that her pregnancy was real. Adrienne and Lucas were about to say "I do" when Justin walked in and stopped the wedding.
November 21 to 25, 2016
Abigail told Jennifer that she did not want anyone to know that she was alive and back in town. After a steamy kiss, Chad asked Gabi if she wanted to be more than just his friend. Sonny tried to help Adrienne with her dilemma. Sonny urged Adrienne, Justin, and Lucas to work things out with each other. J.J. told Rafe that he had cheated on Gabi. Kate advised Chad to move on with Gabi. Gabi told Chad that she was going back to J.J. Abigail almost walked over to Chad but ran away when Gabi showed up. Theo tried to ruin things for Abe and Valerie's date. Shawn told Claire to stay out of Abe's personal life. Kayla was upset to hear that Jade was pregnant with Joey's baby. Blanca left Dario and Salem. Sonny and Chad talked about the lack of romance in their lives. Paul and Steve seemed baffled by the contents of Eduardo's shipment.
November 28 to December 2, 2016
Shawn, Ciara, and Rafe went to visit Hope in prison. Chad and Thomas joined the Horton family for Thanksgiving. J.J. was shocked to find Abigail hiding in the attic. Jennifer told Laura that Abigail was alive then was confused when her mother was not surprised by the news. Jennifer stormed out of the house when Laura admitted she had been treating Abigail since she had left the clinic. Flashbacks of J.J's affair almost ruined his and Gabi's special night. Brady told Marlena that his life was in shambles, and he did not know how to move on. Adrienne fainted before she could tell Justin and Lucas which one of them she had chosen. Rafe asked Steve for help to get Hope out of prison. Hope found a friend in Hattie. Claire and Theo were prepared to move on to the next level. Sonny broke up a fight between Lucas and Justin. Adrienne's test results were in, but she had left the hospital before Kayla could speak to her. Abigail held Thomas in her arms for the first time since she had left Salem.
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December 5 to 9, 2016
Theo looked through Valerie's phone and learned that she had a secret. Claire got the cash she needed from great-grandpa Victor. Ciara was shocked to learn that Rory was her Internet date. Deimos made sure Hope was safe in prison. Chad learned that Stefano had had a terminal illness and might have used Hope to end his life. Gabi was a friend to Chad when he needed it most. Rafe gave Hope news about Stefano's death. Adrienne learned that she had breast cancer. Family and friends gave Adrienne the strength to deal with her illness. Kate was there for Lucas in his time of need. Kate offered support to a shocked Adrienne. Andre tried to talk Gabi out of working for Chad. Gabi had words with Chad when she told him that she wanted to resign. Gabi got in the way of Dario's new business deal. Deimos told Nicole that Chloe might be carrying her and Daniel's child. Dario was shocked to learn that Abigail was alive and well. Abigail blackmailed Dario into keeping her secret. Eve was back in town to help Brady with Tate. Kate thought she and Eduardo had a chance at happiness.
December 12 to 16, 2016
Nicole and Eve shared memories about the loss of their loved ones. Chad told Rafe about what Stefano had told Harold that could help Hope's case. Chad visited Hope in jail to make amends. Hope helped a new inmate. Brady caught Deimos drugging Philip to force him to admit that Nicole was the mother of Chloe's baby. Deimos told Brady about what was going on with Chloe. Brady told Sonny to take Paul and Steve off the Hernandez case. In a dream, Daniel urged Nicole to move on. Kate helped Adrienne through a hard time. Jade had a medical scare. Abigail prepared for the moment that she would tell Chad that she was alive. Gabi learned that J.J. had kept a secret from her. Gabi gave J.J. a chance to come clean, but he lied to her again. Gabi ran to Chad for comfort. Claire let Ciara know that Theo was off-limits to her. Theo thought that Ciara still had feelings for him. Andre told Chad about his new business deal. Abigail walked in on Chad and Gabi in a steamy kiss.
December 19 to 23, 2016
Abigail told J.J. that she saw Chad and Gabi kissing. Gabi told J.J. that they were through. Abigail decided to leave town; Chad had moved on with Gabi, and there was no hope for a future with him. Lani was back in town and gave J.J. the cold shoulder. Chloe went into labor while stranded in a snowstorm with Nicole. Nicole delivered Chloe's baby, unaware that it was her own child. Brady and Deimos arrived in time to rush Chloe to the hospital. Chloe's health was at risk. Nicole chose the name Holly for the baby. Victor warned Deimos not to hurt Philip again or else he would regret it. Philip said goodbye to Victor and Kate. Kate went with Adrienne to her first chemo appointment. Dario caught Paul checking out shipments on the dock. Sonny and Dario were at odds. Rafe cheered up Hope with a visit and a gift. Chad and Gabi exchanged gifts and almost made love. Kayla, Steve, Roman, and Joey spent time together at the pub and made Jade feel like part of the family. The Horton family kept with tradition and placed their special ornaments on the tree. Dario shocked Gabi with the news that Abigail was alive and in Salem. Chad could not believe his eyes when he walked in the nursery and saw Abigail holding Thomas. Chad's joy turned to anger after Abigail told him why she had faked her own death.
December 26 to 30, 2016
Chad had to deal with Abigail's return. Jennifer tried to convince Chad to get back together with Abigail. Deimos and Brady were out to prove that Nicole was the mother of Chloe's baby. Nancy kept Chloe's secret. Shane returned to town with news that Stefano might still be alive. Rafe learned that it was not Stefano buried in Stefano's grave. Kate learned that she and Eduardo were after the same prize. Justin and Lucas made peace. Kate helped Adrienne find humor in her treatment. Andre told a shocked Chad about Stefano. Chad blasted Andre for his part in faking Abigail's death. Gabi was there for Abigail when she needed a friend. Abigail asked Gabi if she was still in love with Chad. Abigail asked Chad to ring in the New Year with her. A shocked J.J. learned that Lani was the mystery woman he had slept when he'd been in Miami. Gabi overheard Lani and J.J's news. Derrick forced Sonny and Paul to admit that they still had feelings for each other.
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