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January 2 to 6, 2006
John was convinced that Alex's escape from jail and attempt to break into Marlena's bedroom armed was proof that Marlena was in danger and reason enough to shoot and seriously injure him. Lois had everyone fooled and was manipulating Alex to take the blame for her obsession to destroy Marlena. Claire was almost out of time, but Belle refused to give up and knew a miracle to save her was forthcoming. Shawn proposed to Mimi much to Bonnie's delight. Bo allowed Chelsea to drive his SUV but in her pattern of negligence was involved in another accident, but unaware that she actually hit Zach and his injuries appeared to be life threatening. Bo, Hope and family prayed for Zach's recovery unaware of the nightmare that was about to unfold. Carrie and Austin re-kindled their love interest on New Year's Eve both of them unaware that Austin's company had become the new owner of High Style; a secret Lucas and Sami shared and relished as their way to win over Carrie and Austin for themselves respectively. Frankie overheard Jennifer admit that she had feelings for him in the midst of her guilt that Jack was barely out of her life.
January 9 to 13, 2006
Frankie found Jack's videotape encouraging him to find a way to be with Jennifer and give her life happiness. Meanwhile, Bo & Hope devastated at Zach's death signed papers so that Lexie could donate Zach's organs and perhaps help baby Claire survive her much needed liver transplant. Alex, who was still in a coma, tried desperately to warn Marlena and John that he was not a threat, but it was Lois who was out to kill Marlena. Austin and Carrie spent time together and started to get their life back on track unaware that Austin Reed and Company's acquisition of High Style could end their new found happiness. Sami and Lucas ended up in bed together each trying to convince each other that they really wanted each other's siblings and to move forward with their lives. The police, Chelsea and Bo all realized that Chelsea was the person who hit Zach ultimately causing his death. Chelsea pleaded with Bo not to tell Hope that she was the one that hit Zach. Jennifer did her best to console Shawn and Hope during this crisis.
January 16 to 20, 2006
Zach's liver was a match for Claire. Zach's spirit appeared to Shawn and Belle in a dream and assured them that Claire will recover and that Shawn and Belle were meant to be together. Kate was determined to keep Shawn away from Belle to secure Philip's happiness. Alex saved Marlena from Lois and proved to John that he was no threat to Marlena. Jennifer accidentally viewed Jack's video to Frankie asking him to take his place in Jennifer's life. Hope was inconsolable over losing Zach and in a rage when she learned that Billie was the one driving the car. Chelsea and Bo kept silent and let Billie take the blame for Zach's death as she tried to protect Chelsea from going to prison. Abby and Max tried to convince Chelsea to go to the authorities and explain that she was driving the car and that Zach's death was an accident. Austin revealed to Carrie that he was the one responsible for High Style's take over as Sami and Lucas relished in the watching the demise of Carrie and Austin for their own selfish motives, when they could each stopped the takeover if they had come forward.
January 23 to 27, 2006
John feared that he had lost Marlena forever after Alex proved that Lois was the real culprit, or was she? Bonnie had Kate right where she wanted her after letting her know that she knew the real reason why she was anxious to marry me off to Shawn and throw them a big Basic Black wedding. Claire's recovery seemed to bring happiness to everyone; even is short lived. Bo tried desperately to convince Chelsea and Billie to tell the truth about how Zach died, but each convinced him not to come forward or more lives would be ruined. Patrick believed Billie, now the special person in his life, was lying about her confession to running down Zach, but could not figure out who she was covering for and why. Hope, a mother desperate, for justice and closure, was inconsolable. Jennifer reconsidered her feelings for Frankie and asked him to stay in Salem. Carrie couldn't find it in her heart to forgive Austin for taking over High Style. Meanwhile Lucas and Sami did all they could to make sure there would be no Carrie and Austin forgiveness or reunion as they continued to manipulate Carrie and Austin to their own selfish means and couldn't wait for the official break up.
January 30 to February 3, 2006
Claire is given a clean bill of health and returned home with her family, but Belle confided to Caroline that she wished that Shawn was Claire's father and unaware that Shawn was actually Claire's biological father. Bonnie slipped to Mimi her conversation with Kate and that Shawn was Claire's father so that Mimi would make immediate wedding plans so as not to lose Shawn forever to Belle when the truth came out. Bonnie faked a heart attack to prevent Mimi from telling Shawn and Belle the truth about Claire's parentage. Bo tells Caroline that Chelsea is the person who hit Zack; meanwhile Patrick found the evidence necessary to clear Billie blurted the truth to Hope that Billie was covering for Chelsea. Hope was overwhelmed to learn the truth about Zack's death, and heartbroken, angry and horrified to learn that Bo knew all along that Chelsea was driving his car with his permission!! Sami manipulated Carrie into allowing her to pursue Austin romantically, but Austin was determined to win back Carrie despite Lucas and Sami's undercover interference.
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February 6 to 10, 2006
Austin tried desperately to convince Carrie to work for Austin Reed & Company; meanwhile Lucas manipulated Carrie into accepting an offer at Titan, while Sami worked her own agenda to conspire with and against Lucas to win back Austin and success for his company. Abe regained his sight thanks to another organ donation from Zack. Abe convinced John to use his ISA influence to get the truth out of Lois, who was indeed conspiring with Alex to ruin John and Marlena's relationship forever. Mimi was torn about telling Shawn the truth that he was Claire's biological father, but Bonnie kept using guilt to keep her from coming clean and encouraged Mimi to plan a quickie wedding to Shawn or risk losing him permanently. Hope was absolutely enraged at Bo's support of Chelsea, and Billie and refused to sit with him at Zack's funeral. She vowed that she would never forgive him for lying to her. Hope physically assaulted Chelsea when she arrived for Zack's funeral. A fight erupted with Bo and Patrick, with Bo causing Zack's picture beside the coffin to smash. Hope and Shawn's rejection of Bo, physically and emotionally, as a result of his lies to try to protect Chelsea, another child in peril, was more torture than Bo could bear.
February 13 to 17, 2006
Bo was inconsolable after Hope asked him to leave their home following Zack's funeral and what she felt was a betrayal of their marriage and son when she learned that Bo supported Chelsea and had her released into Billie's custody. Tek taunted Lexie about a life without romance if she stayed married to Abe who seemed more interested in police work than in his wife. Mimi struggled with whether or not she should tell Shawn that he is Claire's biological father after he presented her with the Horton diamond to seal the deal to their impending marriage. Mimi learned that Bonnie "was faking" her medical condition so Mimi and Shawn would marry "fast". Shawn told Belle that even if they wanted to get back together, they cannot ruin everyone's life and they must make a new life with Philip and Mimi respectively. Kate supported a Carrie and Austin reconciliation even though Lucas warned her against it. John administered truth serum to Lois where she admitted Alexis's evil plan, but before she died, Lois made it appear that John was really the culprit due to her inability to communicate properly, allowing Alex to get off the hook and back into Marlena's open arms.
February 20 to 24, 2006
John took the heat for all of Alex's dirty deeds, and seemingly for not, as Marlena refused to believe Alex was really the bad guy. Shawn confirmed his love for Belle, but told her that they could never be together as too many lives would be ruined and moved forward with his wedding plans to Mimi. The end result of Chelsea's selfish and manipulative behavior to save herself from going to jail was about to destroy Bo and Hope's marriage, her mother's happiness, Abby's friendship, and Patrick's future plans with a life with Billie. Bonnie and Kate continued to plan Shawn and Mimi's wedding to insure their children's happiness to the extent of keeping Shawn from learning that he was Claire's biological father. Calliope Jones Bradford returned to Salem to plan Marlena and Mimi's weddings, but hopefully to stir up some of Marlena's happy memories of her life with John. Bo couldn't understand why Hope was refusing to even speak to him unaware of Chelsea's master plan to split he and Hope up for good.
February 27 to March 3, 2006
Bo's attempt to get to Hope before she left town failed and he again turned to the bottle and Billie to drown his sorrows. Hope and Patrick were shocked to meet each other in Patrick's bungalow on Morgan Island were they each commiserated about their problems. Frankie surprised Jennifer with a special night out, and Jennifer surprised herself and Frankie at her reaction to Frankie's kiss. Alex continued to taunt John as he plotted his revenge against Marlena, John and everyone else in Salem. Lexie and Tek made love again as a guilt ridden Lexie tried to cover for her misdeeds to Abe who was having problems with his night vision, or was he? Mimi's bridal shower was filled with tension as Victor and Mimi told Kate and Bonnie respectively that they planned to tell Philip and Shawn the truth about Claire's paternity. After Philip's emotional speech, Victor decided to hold off, but Mimi told Bonnie the gig was up and returned home determined to tell Shawn the truth, but so she wouldn't lose her nerve, wrote it all in a letter. Meanwhile Belle thinking it was Shawn's embrace on the rooftop was about to confess her love to the wrong man. Marlena started to have romantic memories of her and John together.
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MARCH 2006
March 6 to 10, 2006
Shawn almost read Mimi's letter where she admitted that Claire is his biological daughter, but Belle and Philip interrupted the moment and "not having a clue" Philip was positive he knew what Mimi was trying to say and all was left unsaid. Belle, feeling guilty, told Philip what he wanted to hear. Bo and Billie, and Patrick and Hope comforted each other. Chelsea managed to find trouble again as she was caught and snapped "red-handed" by a Salem photographer finding her incriminating activities on the front page. Sami was fired up about Lucas and Austin's continuing infatuation with Carrie and was determined to change the outcome of events this time around. A disappointed Will heard Lucas tell Philip that he and Sami could never reconcile because he was falling in love with Carrie. John was perplexed by Marlena's sudden memory and love interest in him and Alex. Shawn and Mimi's wedding preparations got off to an awkward start and guilt was still haunting Mimi.
March 13 to 17, 2006
Patrick was there again to help Hope through an emotional and physical crisis and couldn't help thinking about her in a romantic way but did not act on his feelings. Bo and Billie found Chelsea in another tight spot in another bar with another dangerous stranger all leading to making a bad impression on the judge who will decide her future fate. Carrie became ill while out on the town with Lucas, Austin and Sami, that necessitated an emergency appendectomy which may spell more trouble as she contemplates a future family. Sami felt left out as Austin and Lucas fought for Carrie's affections. Sami spied Lexie with Tek and was determined to find a way to use the information for her own benefit. Meanwhile, Marlena was seriously injured at Lois's cabin that Alex caused to explode hoping to get rid of John and Abe, but instead, the shock of the explosion started to trigger Marlena's memory as she remained unconscious and in critical condition at the hospital. As Shawn and Mimi's wedding day approached, Belle decided she would stop the wedding so that more lives were not ruined. Meanwhile, Kate and Mimi just as determined to make sure Belle is stopped, had their own plan. Bo advised Shawn not to marry Mimi if he still has strong feelings for Belle.
March 20 to 24, 2006
Sami forced Lexie lied to Carrie or else lose her home with Abe and Theo due to her affair with Tek, so she told Carrie to re-consider a future with Austin because they both had this genetic marker that could spell disaster if Carrie wanted to have a child with Austin. Marlena's memory was short-lived after Alex realized the gig was up so he injected Marlena with a mind erasing drug that conveniently allowed her to only remember her love for Alex and hatred for John!! John vowed vengeance against Alex. Kate, Bonnie, and Mimi held their secret about Claire and their breath hoping that Belle would not stop the wedding for her own reasons, but in the end, no one disrupted the nuptials and Mimi and Shawn were indeed pronounced husband and wife. However, sadly, Chelsea ruined the day for Bo once again by manipulating her guilt-ridden parents to feel committed to her. Jennifer attended the wedding with Frankie, but could only seem to remember her wedding vows to Jack. At the reception, Belle left the room in tears during Philip's happy Kiriakis family toast to Shawn and Belle.
March 27 to 31, 2006
Carrie made what she thought was her only choice for the future and picked Lucas as her man, however, Carrie still had feelings for Austin, Sami for Lucas, and Lucas for Sami, all of whom were unaware of Sami blackmail plot against Lexie who had to convince Carrie that she could never be with Austin. Marlena's wedding plans moved forward as she had images of her life with John, who was determined to kill Alex to save her. Mimi and Shawn married as the truth about Claire's parentage still haunting Mimi's happiness with Shawn. Belle interrupted Shawn and Mimi's honeymoon when she learned John's life was in danger because of his plot to kill Alex. Chelsea manipulated Hope to keep her away from Bo, meanwhile Jennifer tried to convince Bo to fight for Hope or else Zach's death would be in vain.
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APRIL 2006
April 3 to 7, 2006
Chelsea continued to manipulate Bo and Hope via email to the extent that Bo and Hope were each convinced each other wanted a divorce. Jennifer gave in to her feelings and put her guilt aside and she and Frankie made love at the Green Mountain Inn. Bonnie made certain that Mimi and Shawn had no interference from Belle. Alex and Marlena decided not to press charges against John after their wedding. Meanwhile, John was inconsolable and determined to prove to everyone that Alex intends to murder Marlena. Patrick kissed Hope after she tossed her wedding ring into the ocean thinking it was over between her and Bo. Bo finally put Chelsea in her place, and Chelsea ran away in anger and fell into a construction site manhole. Carrie finally accepted Lucas's marriage proposal even though the only reason she did so is because Sami blackmailed Lexie into telling Carrie that she could never have children with Austin. Sami congratulated Lucas and Carrie and set her sights on Austin. Kate literally passed out after learning that Austin was thinking about getting back with Sami.
April 10 to 14, 2006
Roman put John under guard after a missed attempt on Alex's life during Alex and Marlena's wedding ceremony to renew their vows. After Bo's argument with Chelsea, Bo and Billie soon realized that Chelsea's life was in danger. Marlena awoke during her wedding night and remembered her past life and Alex's evil plan, but not in time to escape before Alex drugged her again. John was unaware that his plant to eliminate Alex was playing right into Alex's evil master plan. After talking to Maggie and Alice, Jennifer was happy that she and Frankie made love and decided that she was ready to move on with a life with him. Hope and Patrick set out by boat to return to Salem. Hope misinterpreting the events of Chelsea's rescue from the satellite TV on board the boat and what appeared to be Bo's commitment to his new life with Billie and Chelsea, called Mickey and asked him to draw up divorce papers. Lexie and Abe were at another romantic impasse, but Lexie was about to face yet another crisis in her life after she discovered a lump under her arm while showering.
April 17 to 21, 2006
Bo was devastated when he learned that Hope filed for divorce. Lexie's medical problems prompted her to clear her conscience and inform both Sami and Alex that she would no longer be blackmailed by either of them and take her chances by telling Abe the truth about her "fling" with Tek. Abby wanted to learn more about Jennifer and Frankie's recent "trip" to Green Mountain lodge. Bonnie warned Mimi that Belle was going to tell Shawn that she still loved him, and Mimi managed to prevent Belle from getting Shawn alone and warned her to keep her distance. Chelsea told Frankie about her plan to keep Bo and Hope apart, and decided to tell Bo the truth no matter the consequences even after several conversations from Kate and a young woman arrested at the station tempted her to change her mind. Alex continued to drug Marlena, and John was just as determined to stop him from going on their honeymoon. Meanwhile, Alex and Sami plotted yet another dastardly plan to stop Lexie in her tracks.
April 24 to 28, 2006
Chelsea chickened out of telling Bo the truth about her interference in the divorce proceedings after re-think a life behind bars. Hope tried to convince Patrick that he was not responsible for Alma's death. Meanwhile, Bo managed to contact Hope via email again, but she shut off the computer before reading the rest of Bo's message that he never wanted a divorce. Frankie tried to convince Bo not to give up on Hope without betraying his lawyer/client privilege with Chelsea. Jennifer was shocked that Hope had been with Patrick since leaving Salem but promised Hope she would keep it between them. Alex found a way to keep Lexie from talking by convincing her that Abe would never forgive for betraying her marriage vows. Carrie, Austin, Lucas were confused about Lexie's "non-informative" meeting and Lucas became suspicious about Sami's role in the entire event and that she was probably up to no good. Lexie realized that Alex and Sami were in cahoots together. Belle tried to forget Shawn and told a surprised Philip that she wanted to have another child with him. Shawn almost opened Mimi's pre-wedding letter. Marlena remembered John and Alex's evil past but not in time before he drugged her again. John was even more determined to save Marlena.
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MAY 2006
May 1 to 5, 2006
The problems in Bo and Hope's marriage escalated as Bo confided to Billie that his marriage was over and maybe they could have a life together, and Hope told Patrick that she wanted to forget Bo and make a life for herself ultimately ending with each "odd couple" making love never realizing that their entire reasons for divorce were all part of Chelsea's manipulations. Chelsea realized she could never come clean about her deeds. Shawn and Mimi thought they found a way to have their own biological child through in vitro fertilization. Belle and Shawn seemed to reconcile with the fact that they would never share a life together. Abby accepted that Jennifer had moved on romantically with Frankie. Carrie still loved Austin, and Sami still loved Lucas but Lucas was determined to be with Carrie as Sami was determined to be with Austin. Alex and Marlena arrived on Morgan Island unaware that Patrick and Hope were also there. Alex set up a deal for John to buy the penthouse fully aware that John would realize that Alex was never taking Marlena home again and Alex was taking his money to boot.
May 8 to 12, 2006
Sami continued to blackmail Lexie who was forced to lie to Carrie again. Alex and Marlena met up with Hope and Patrick on Morgan Island. Marlena told Hope that her memory was returning, but soon after, Alex drugged her again, but Hope remained suspicious of Alex and asked for Patrick's help unaware that Patrick was on Alex's payroll and slated to kill John. John learned of Alex's whereabouts and was off to rescue Marlena. Hope and Bo finally talked on the phone only to learn that they had moved on with Patrick and Billie respectively, again unaware of all the people who were actually keeping them apart. Mimi and Bonnie got the wrong idea about Belle and Shawn who had actually planned a big surprise for Mimi by decorating the second bedroom as a nursery for the "the baby Brady to be". It appeared that Lucas and Carrie and Austin and Sami would truly become couples unaware of Sami's drastic machinations to split up Austin and Carrie so she could win Austin for herself. Frankie told Bo that Chelsea's court date had been moved up.
May 15 to 19, 2006
Bo struggled about not telling Hope that Chelsea's trial had been moved up, even after a brotherly warning from Frankie, Chelsea's lawyer, that he was making the mistake of his life. John arrived on Morgan Island, and with Hope's help, injected Marlena with the drug to counteract Alex's control over her. Shawn and Mimi proceeded with the plan to have a child. Jennifer and Frankie proposed to each other, and everyone celebrated their engagement at the Brady Pub, where Shawn and Caroline held a surprise birthday party for Victor. Chelsea tried to make up with Shawn at Max's request, but Shawn was relentlessness and determined to see that Chelsea was sent to prison. After a slip from Victor at his birthday part, Chelsea figured out that something was not right with Claire and Philip. Kate was horrified when she learned that Austin and Sami were engaged and went to Lexie to find out what they had on each other so she could save Austin from Sami's machinations and a life of misery. Patrick appeared to be working with Alex and seemed about to shoot John at Alex's order when a shocked Hope arrived and started to believe that Bo and John might have been right about him after all.
May 22 to 26, 2006
Kate was determined to learn what Sami was holding off Lexie in order to stop the sham of yet another engagement to Austin. Sami's life felt jinxed with bad karma as she began to contemplate her bad choices in order to "land" Austin again. Fr. Jansen told Mimi that because she lied to Shawn about Claire, they were not married in the eyes of the church. Mimi was conflicted over her lies to Shawn, but anxious to stay married and conceive a biological child with him to lessen her guilt about not allowing Shawn to raise his own child. Marlena's memory returned forever and she and John were finally reunited as Alex literally "bit the dust" and it was revealed that Patrick was working undercover with the police on Morgan Island to help save John and Marlena's life. Bo arrived on Morgan Island to convince Hope to reconcile, but she found out that he did not immediately inform her of Chelsea's new trial date, a fact which once again pushed them further apart than ever before.
May 29 to June 2, 2006
John and Marlena returned as a couple to their friends and family, but Marlena was still troubled by her pregnancy and miscarriage of Roman's child. Chelsea's trial date approached and she continued to find ways to prevent Hope from testifying against her. Bo and Hope had a moment of closeness at Zach's grave, but the reconciliation was short-lived. Mimi and Shawn received good news and awaited the official word that "they" were pregnant. Jack recovered from his surgery and struggled with whether or not he should "return from the dead" to Jennifer and the children. Belle and Philip argued over his determination to become the first disabled race car driver. Max's new friend, E.J., also a racing rival with a seemingly interesting past befriended Sami, Carrie, Austin and Lucas and moved into to their apartment complex.
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JUNE 2006
June 5 to 9, 2006
Chelsea's "day of reckoning" was about to begin after Hope decided that she would indeed testify against Chelsea in court. Chelsea continued to manipulate the break up of Bo and Hope via Bo's email messages. Jack's immune system failed to respond as expected after surgery. Kate used a deal with ARC to try to get Sami out of Austin's life by using EJ to bring out Sami's lust for the wild side. EJ was confused as to why Sami wanted Lexie to be re-tested for breast cancer. Mimi fainted and then doubled over in pain during a shopping outing with Belle. Shawn stood by Hope at Chelsea's hearing as both waited for Bo's testimony. Kate bribed an "dirty" cop to help Chelsea stay out of jail and then let Bo take the blame for missing evidence that Kate was delighted to know would drive an even deeper wedge between Bo and Hope. After hearing the charge against Bo, Hope decided that she had enough and asked Frankie to move forward with the divorce. Steve (Patch), presumed dead, returned to his brother's bedside in a time of need.
June 12 to 16, 2006
Chelsea escaped a jail sentence at her trial after Kate and a "dirty cop" stole the evidence that could have convinced her and had Bo take the blame which could cost him his badge. Hope, shattered by what appeared to be yet another of Bo's betrayal's, signed the divorce papers. Mimi lost her baby, but she and Shawn immediately decided to conceive by way of a surrogate mother. Philip learned that he had a very low sperm count. Frankie and Jennifer prepared for their wedding, while in another place, Jack found his long lost brother, Steve alive and well but suffering from amnesia, and ready to return home to their wives. Kayla returned to Salem to visit but to help Bo and Hope try to find a way back to each other. Kate was delighted that Sami was hired to be the model for EJ's promotional campaign as Sami's romantic infatuation and interest in EJ was rising to a boiling point. Lexie couldn't say no to Tek and they made love, but this time some one other than Sami caught them red handed and was about to let Abe in on their secret.
June 19 to 23, 2006
While at the Horton cabin, and not by choice, Bo made some headway with Hope by helping to remind her of their together. Someone tipped off Abe as he was horrified to catch Lexie and Tek in bed together and then told Lexie their marriage was over and he would sue for full custody of Theo. Lexie and Tek warned Sami that her blackmail gig was over and that Lexie was going to tell Austin and Carrie the truth about Sami's plot to get Austin and Carrie separated permanently. Belle and Mimi's "I want to be pregnant now" in-vitro process was put into high gear thanks to Philip's financial pull and status at the hospital, but Philip, unaware of Claire's paternity, couldn't help but wonder why he and Belle have been unable to have second child when they conceived so easily with Claire! Jennifer finally said "I do" to Frankie, but minutes later two "dead" residents from Salem showed up as guests to the shock, disbelief and job of family and friends as Jack and an amnesiac Steve were reunited with family and friends. There was lots of fainting after the wedding; first Kayla on seeing Steve, Jennifer on seeing Jack, and Hope into Bo's arms at the cemetery.
June 26 to 30, 2006
After Jennifer and Frankie's miss wedding, Lexie decided to tell everyone about Sami's lies, but a mysterious phone call let Sami off the hook and everyone to believe her blackmail of Lexie was for her devotion to Abe, but Kate knew better and was determined to get the real story. Hope learned that she was pregnant, but not sure if the baby was Bo's or Patrick's. Mimi and Shawn made up, and Belle and Shawn convinced Mimi and Philip respectively that they were devoted to their respective wives. Belle and Mimi's eggs were switched by that mysterious black-gloved Salemite. Jack decided to die at home, and Kayla tried to help Steve learn about his past. Meanwhile Frankie temporarily lost the love of his life as did Max when Chelsea turned down his offer to date exclusively thinking she could manipulate Max as she has everyone else in town.
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JULY 2006
July 3 to 7, 2006
Kayla tried to help Steve remember his past, and Jennifer struggled over her love for Jack and Frankie. Bo and Patrick anxiously awaited the results of Hope's pregnancy test to reveal which one of them was going to be a "daddy". Chelsea tried to make Max jealous but her plan was about to blow up in her face. The "black gloved" hand tampered with Mimi and Belle's fertilized eggs. Jack enjoyed the 4th of July picnic with his family thanks to Frankie. Carrie and Lucas's wedding ceremony finally got underway with many doubts from Carrie and Austin about their lingering feelings for each other, and Sami's radar and panic level were in high gear over whether or not Lexie would spill the beans about her manipulations to take Carrie away from Austin. Lexie would not reveal who was threatening her to keep silence and why. Abe was on the verge of giving Lexie another chance, but was stopped in his tracks when he saw Lexie and Tek again in an innocent but what appeared to be compromising situation.
July 10 to 14, 2006
Lucas and Carrie finally tied the knot after many interruptions and Sami and Austin thought they might now have a chance at happiness, but Kate was determined to find out Sami secrets, even after Roman begged her to let Sami be. Max and Stephanie got closer after Chelsea pushed him away, but Max's heart was still with Chelsea. Meeting Stephanie was the inspiration Steve needed to learn of his past. The mystery glove in Salem was successful in switching Mimi and Belle's fertilized eggs. Bo and Patrick waited patiently to see who was the father of Hope's baby, while Shawn confided to Caroline that he just could not forgive Bo for his bad choices in life and his lies unaware that his whole life may come crashing down if ever learning of Mimi's indiscretion. Carrie and Lucas start off their lives in unusual fashion.
July 17 to 21, 2006
Hope learned that Patrick was the father of her baby. The mishap at the hospital, thanks to the black-gloved villain caused havoc in Shawn, Belle, Mimi and Philip's lives when the eggs and sperm were switched so Belle is having Shawn's child, and Mimi via surrogate is having Philip's child. Philip crashed Max's car and was injured out of frustration and anger when Belle refused to have an abortion. Later Mimi almost went off the deep end when she overheard Shawn say that he loved Belle and Belle process the truth that she was happy to be having Shawn's child. . Chelsea was jealous of Stephanie and that meant more trouble. Bo was determined to win back Hope. Jack received a new and perhaps life saving treatment thanks to Frankie who could lose Jennifer in the end. Lucas and Carrie survived their honeymoon fire and Austin, after almost losing Carrie professed his undying love for her even though he loved Sami in a different way. Lexie had news about Carrie's tests. Sami told EJ her secret and he urged her to tell Austin the truth
July 24 to 28, 2006
Hope told Bo that she would give their marriage a chance if he could prove that he did not tamper with the evidence that allowed Chelsea to go free. Bo vowed to Hope that he would win her back and be a father to her and Patrick's child. Philip put his life in danger in a reckless car crash after Belle said that she would not abort Shawn's child and to make matters worse, during his recovery, Philip observed Belle and Shawn bonding about the excitement of having each other's child. Mimi confided to Patrick that Shawn was Claire's biological father. Austin officially proposed to Sami in an elaborate dinner on the roof, but soon after was shocked to hear Carrie tell Lucas that she would have never married him if she knew that she was not pregnant after all. EJ strongly encouraged Sami to come clean to Austin about her latest bad deeds before committing to Austin in marriage. Frankie tried to make life easier for Jennifer as everyone awaited the results of Jack's tests. Chelsea went after Stephanie in her bid to win over Max. Kayla learned of Steve's other life and lover.
July 31 to August 4, 2006
Kayla was crushed when Steve decided to stay in his "old" hangout, but vowed to Della that he was determined to find out who messed with his past and how he lost his memory. Stephanie confided to Kayla that she had a special guy, but didn't say it was Max. Max and Chelsea made up but Chelsea was certain that Stephanie was after Max. Miraculously, Jack was going to recover from his illness as the experimental drugs finally seemed to work. In the aftermath of Carrie's bad news and after Lucas almost caught the mysterious black hand delivering a note to Sami, Carrie and Austin went MIA and made love while Lucas and Sami tenderly reminisced about their past. EJ caught Austin and Carrie and promised to keep their secret with his own agenda in mind. Shawn rushed Belle to the hospital after she experienced bad cramping. While Mimi and Bonnie were watching Claire, Bonnie stumbled on Belle's email diary and forced Mimi to read the fact that Belle was still in love with Shawn. Mimi went berserk and rushed off to confront Belle at the hospital and walked in on Belle and Shawn kissing.
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August 7 to 11, 2006
Mimi and Bonnie read Belle's diary detailing Belle's undying love for Shawn, which sent Mimi spiraling out of control and attacked Belle and told her that Shawn was off limits forever. Kate and Bonnie plotted again to keep a wedge between Shawn and Belle. Austin and Carrie made love, but Carrie's guilt forced her tell Austin that they had no future together and that she was committed to Lucas. Later, Carrie was upset when Austin decided to move up his wedding to Sami. EJ tried to convince Sami to come clean to Austin, but promised Carrie and Austin that he would keep their secret too. Bo and Steve agreed to work together to uncover Steve's past, and Steve would help Bo clear his name so he could make a life with Hope again. Kate and Eve worked together to keep Bo from finding out that she was the one that destroyed the tape that allowed Chelsea to go free. John and Marlena returned to Salem and convinced a broken hearted Belle that she must say goodbye to Shawn and try to make her marriage work with Philip even though she was having Shawn's child (of course, everyone except Mimi and company were unaware that Claire is actually Shawn's child as well, a fact that would change everything). Philip told Mimi that he thought the sperm switch was intentional. Mimi told Shawn, Belle, and Philip that she wanted attorney's to resolve the custody issues before the babies were born. Jack returned home smack in the middle of the romantic triangle he so carefully created for himself, Jennifer and Frankie.
August 14 to 18, 2006
Hope decided to serve Bo divorce papers once and for all, and an angry Bo learned that Patrick was seeing Hope and that he had applied to the police academy. Belle, Philip, Shawn, and Mimi were at terrible odds as to the custody arrangement for their unborn children. E.J. asked Stephanie to be his driver for ARC for the upcoming Salem Grand Prix. Abby was upset that Frankie was interfering with her parents' reconciliation. Bo disowned Chelsea after he learned that she had rewritten all of his emails to Hope and inevitably was the reason his marriage had fallen apart. John went undercover by dating Eve and searching for the missing link as to who could have framed Bo and would have something to gain by the action -- and Kate's name kept surfacing. Sami prepared for her "wedding day" again. The mysterious black glove made certain that Chelsea found the medical file that could prove that Claire was Shawn's biological father, but she was waiting for the right time to use it. Abe told Lexie that their marriage was over and that he was suing for full custody of Theo.
August 21 to 25, 2006
Sami just couldn't seem to get to the church on time as she and E.J. were beset by one catastrophe after another. Meanwhile, Billie seemed to convince Carrie that she and Austin really belonged together as did Lucas and Sami. Shawn and Philip's drinking binge over the custody of their unborn children left Shawn nearly on death's door hospitalized for alcohol poisoning. Bo and Hope seemed to leave their past problems behind them as they stood by Shawn in his moment of need. Chelsea's one time "good deed" of leaving Claire's file in Shawn's hospital room where Belle, Mimi, Philip and Shawn learned that Claire is Shawn and Belle's child was non incidental as no one believed that it was true as Philip convinced everyone that someone was out to ruin their lives. Lexie verified that the file was accurate and insisted on new DNA tests for Belle and Shawn. Abby was determined to keep Frankie from breaking up her parents.
August 28 to September 1, 2006
Lexie told Tek that about the threatening phone calls and perhaps the connection to the Brady's and the mishaps at the hospital. Tek told Roman, Bo and John that Sami and blackmailed Lexie into telling Carrie that she couldn't have children with Austin in order to keep Abe from learning the truth about her affair as well as the mysterious phone calls. Sami left Austin at the altar after receiving another call from the black glove that her secret would be revealed if she married Austin. E.J. was there to comfort Sami after the "no wedding", and Austin remained perplexed at Sami's behavior. Bo and Hope and Steve and Kayla were slowing moving back toward possible reconciliation. Marlena learned of John's undercover work with Eve, who they later found murdered outside the church. Shawn, Philip and Belle did not believe that Shawn could be Claire's father and that someone was masterminded a plot to destroy the Brady's. Abe learned that Lexie may be suspect in the "Brady" plot and reluctantly agreed to Roman's plan to get close to her again to get more information.
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September 4 to 8, 2006
Austin and Carrie declared their love for one another and decided to tell Lucas and Sami the truth, but then learned of Will's disappearance or kidnapping. Marlena said goodbye to friends and loved ones in Salem after receiving a job offer from the mysterious gloved hand. Steve and Billie seemed to understand each other. Jack and Jennifer were thrown into an investigative caper regarding Eve's murder that had them reminiscing about how they fell and love. Roman caught Kate snooping around in Eve's apartment trying to retrieve the disk that allowed Chelsea to go free, but it was the wrong disk and Kate walked. In the middle of the Grand Prix media blitz, Bo arrested Chelsea for what appeared to be tampering with Claire's medical file and confusing all parties regarding her paternity. Max broke up with Chelsea over the incident, only this time she was telling the truth. Philip and Shawn were determined to see Chelsea "burn", and Mimi took every opportunity available to continue to remove Belle from her life with Shawn knowing all along that Claire truly was Belle and Shawn's child.
September 11 to 15, 2006
Steve disappointed Kayla's attempt at a romantic reconciliation, but found comfort and identified with Billie, another person hurt by love. Tek warned Lexie that Abe's interest in getting back together was "of concern". Jack and Jennifer, on yet another caper, managed to warn Bo that they had a lead on Eve's killer from a unanimous informant. Patrick tried to win Hope over to his side, but Alice and Maggie made sure the task would not be easy. Billie came clean in court with all her misdeeds and begged Hope not to give up on her marriage. E.J. rescued Chelsea from more trouble after Max broke it off from her over her part in planting Claire's, "who the real daddy file", in Shawn's hospital room. Bo asked Shawn to take a new paternity test to Mimi and Bonnie's chagrin. Bonnie began plotting a way to once again change the test results so that Shawn would never learn he was Claire's biological father. Immediately following Bo and Hope's divorce hearing, where Bo was a no show, Patrick and Hope returned to his place where Bo and the police where waiting and arrested Patrick for Eve's murder.
September 18 to 22, 2006
Hope was confused as to whether or not she could believe in Bo again, and whether or not Patrick was innocent or guilty of killing Eve. Sami and Lucas were frantic over Will's disappearance. Meanwhile Austin and Carrie struggled to keep their love for each and desires in check during the crisis with Will before they could tell Lucas the truth. Philip went berserk after he learned that Shawn was really Claire's biological father and was determined to remain her legal parent. Mimi and Bonnie commiserated over whether or not finding out that he was Claire's father would ruin her marriage even without Shawn knowing the entire truth about how long Mimi has known that he was Claire's father. Belle was distraught over whether to stay married to Philip now that she knew Shawn was the father of both of her children. Salem, the Horton's and Brady's bid farewell to Jennifer, Jack and Jack Jr. as they left Salem with Jack in good health and taking over the Spectator in London. Bo encouraged Kayla not to give on Steve as he had no intentions of giving up on Hope.
September 25 to 29, 2006
Patrick tried to convince Hope that Bo was trying to frame him for Eve's murder, but Hope was leaning more toward Bo's side of the story. Will mysteriously reappeared unharmed and reunited with Sami and Lucas, just as news broke that Marlena was now missing. Carrie and Austin felt Lucas's wrath after he learned that Carrie was having an affair with Austin. Abe continued his charade with Lexie as Tek grew more suspicious of his plan and that was not to reunite with Lexie. Philip was arrested by almost kidnapping Belle after learning that Shawn was Claire's biological father. Bo reaffirmed his faith in Chelsea's actions; meanwhile Steve told Billie that he decided to divorce Kayla and was interested in pursuing a relationship with her. Max saw the romantic side of Stephanie. Mimi confided to Bonnie that she was afraid that she would lose Shawn forever if he knew that she knew about Claire's paternity before they were married, but as luck would have it, a shocked Shawn heard her confession over the baby monitor.
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October 2 to 6, 2006
Shawn left Mimi after he finally learned the truth that she knew that Claire was his child before they were married. Bo and Hope spent the night together grieving for Zach and discussing a possible reconciliation. Everyone learned that Will ran away from home due to the dysfunction and stress of his family life. E.J. continued his pursuit of Sami not to Lucas's liking. Max and Stephanie drew closer as they prepared for the big race. Philip and Shawn had to make the terrible decision to save Belle's life by terminating her pregnancy. Belle was hysterical and angered at Philip's choice to abort her baby. Steve told Billie that he was going to ask Kayla for a divorce. Max's car exploded on the racetrack and Stephanie was severely injured in the crash thanks to the mysterious "gloved hand". Billie encouraged Steve to stay by his daughter's side during which time he experienced a major memory of being Kayla's husband and Stephanie's dad. Roman received evidence to clear Patrick of all the charges against him that made Hope feel that Bo went after Patrick after all for revenge. Lexie confronted a remorseful Abe about his deception who then begged Lexie for another chance at saving their marriage.
October 9 to 13, 2006
Lucas and Will disrupt EJ's date with Sami and Lucas shocks Sami when he confessed his on-going feelings caused Kate and EJ's plan to keep Sami away from Lucas to go awry. Bo is determined to win back Hope one way or the other. Lexie and Abe moved forward in an attempt to get their marriage back on track. Philip left Belle, Claire and Salem after her learned that everyone had lied to him about Claire's paternity. Mimi and Philip signed away their rights to the surrogate, but Bonnie made a deal to raise Mimi's child. Marlena and John returned home to help Belle deal with her miscarriage and end of her marriage. Shawn depressed over his marriage, Claire and his career, plowed his race car into Victor's living room almost killing Kate, Victor and himself. Bo and Shawn came to an understanding. Shawn pursued a new romantic interest. Patrick's true colors became clear as the audience learned that paid someone off to switch the results of Hope's paternity test and Bo is actually the daddy!
October 16 to 20, 2006
Chelsea played games with Bo, Billie and Patrick's lives to get what she wanted and blamed the idea on Kate's guidance. Billie urged Kayla to make a life with Steve or else he was hers for the asking. Shawn's adventure with Willow caused problems for the future of Bo & Hope and his and Belle's relationship. Sami lost Lucas, Will, Carrie, Austin and perhaps the rest of her family's love and trust after her secret plot to keep Austin and Carrie apart was revealed by the "gloved hand". Kate and Roman agreed to try to help Will through yet another "Sami trauma". Bo lost his badge after attacking Patrick in a bar and Hope took Patrick's side unaware how right Bo's instincts were about Patrick. Tek proposed to Lexie in front of Abe, and then Lexie handed Tek a restraining order to prove she meant business. Austin and Carrie decided to leave Salem and make a life for themselves elsewhere. Carrie vowed revenge on Lexie and warned her that she would take away her job, husband and child for participating in the Sami's blackmail plot. Patrick met with his boss E.J. and E.J. warned Patrick to make sure that Hope did not learn that Bo was really the father of her unborn child.
October 23 to 27, 2006
Carrie destroyed Lexie's career by reporting her to the medical board, but Abe decided to stand by his wife. Tek was determined to find a way back into Lexie's life. Sami received no sympathy from Marlena and Roman and fell right into E.J.'s trap, until Lucas and Will decided that they should all live together as a family, even if Sami and E.J. were not a romantic couple. Carrie and Austin were married and left Salem for Switzerland, but not before Sami tried to disrupt the wedding. Marlena and John were scheduled to be married as well, but the attack on Steve and Kayla by the "gloved hand" postponed the ceremony. that the residents of Salem were unaware that E.J. Wells was the "gloved hand" and that Patrick was taking orders from him to destroy the Bradys. Stephanie was crushed when she learned that Max wanted to break up with her. Max stood up for Mimi in front of Shawn. Bo and John worked together to try to uncover Patrick's actions.
October 30 to November 3, 2006
Kayla's condition worsened and Steve felt helpless to Stephanie's pleas as she begged him to give Kayla the strength to survive. John discovered Kate and E.J.'s romantic alliance and warned Kate to be cautious. Bo and Hope bonded during the Brady family crisis. Shawn and Belle rebuffed Victor's attempts to mend fences. Billie sought advice from Marlena regarding her relationship with Steve. Shawn accepted a job working with E.J. Wells so that he could prove to Belle that he could support Claire and be a good father. Bo was suspicious of Shawn's alliance with E.J. and Mimi was equally suspicious of Patrick's alliance with Shawn and his new found cash windfall.
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November 6 to 10, 2006
Kayla struggled to stay alive as medical personnel search for the antidote. Steve continued to make Kayla believe that he remembered their life together to keep her motivated to get well. Billie was happy and sad when she thought that Steve's memory returned. Hope misinterpreted yet another liaison between Bo and Billie, no thanks to Chelsea. Nick saved Chelsea. Lexie couldn't accept Sami's apology, but it didn't matter as Sami seemed to get her life back with Lucas and Will. Kate spied on EJ. Patrick was furious when Bonnie stole his stash to pay for the rights to Mimi's unborn child. Patrick tried to convince Hope to go away with him.
November 13 to 17, 2006
Steve kept Kayla alive while they waited for the antidote. John and Marlena's plane was sabotaged by the "gloved hand" while on route to get the antidote for Kayla and Marlena had to be rescued by none other than Smokey Robinson in a remote cabin in Canada where he was rehearsing some new music. Steve confided to Hope that he has been lying about his feelings for Kayla and that his memory had not returned and he was still thinking about Billie. Stephanie believed that the Johnson's were going to be a "happily ever after" family again. E.J. pressed Sami who was trying to rebuild her relationship with Lucas. Victor was secretly harboring a badly injured Philip at the Kiriakis mansion and letting Claire visit without Belle or Shawn's permission or knowledge. Hope asked Bo to move back in much to Patrick's displeasure. Shawn did not tell Belle that he and Willow were living together. John wanted in on the investigation of E.J. and Patrick and their vendetta against the Brady's and their friends and family members.
November 20 to 24, 2006
E.J. decided to file charges against the Salem Police Department after he learned that his safety deposit box had been tampered with, and he suspected John Black and the Brady "bunch." Kate apologized to E.J. when she admitted she had spied on him, unaware that he was really the culprit. Lucas and Sami grew closer, to E.J.'s displeasure. Mimi and Max set out to find Philip, unaware that Victor was hiding his whereabouts from everyone. Frankie decided to accept a job in Washington, DC, and leave Salem. Hope offered Lexie a job, while Abe was responsible for Tek losing his badge. Celeste was frightened of E.J.'s threats and was reluctant to help Abe solve the riddle of the tarot cards found in E.J.'s safe deposit box. Kayla recovered, thanks to Nick, but was unsure of Steve's complete commitment to their future. Hope told Billie that Steve still had feelings for her and was faking a full recovery of his memory for Kayla's well-being. Meanwhile, Chelsea's anger at not being invited to the Brady Thanksgiving Dinner prompted her to retreat to her revenge cycle as she decided to email the compromising photo of Billie and Bo to all parties concerned.
November 27 to December 1, 2006
Kayla returned home but was uncertain of Steve's commitment to their marriage and wondered if he truly remembered their life together. Hope, Patrick, Billie and Steve were victimized by Chelsea's email picture of what appeared to be Billie and Bo "together". Patrick blamed Bo for the beating that E.J. rendered and made Hope question her reconciliation with Bo. Bonnie continued her thievery of Patrick's cash stash. Shawn threw caution to the wind and purchased his convertible dream car that he decided to enjoy with Willow at his side. Shawn pleaded Bo's case to Hope. Victor continued to hide Philip as Mimi and Max came closer to the truth of his fate and whereabouts. Steve was conflicted over his feelings for Billie. Chelsea started her own blog after a heart-to-heart with Grandma Kate and her sometimes twisted view of family values.
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December 4 to 8, 2006
Victor manipulated Belle by staging a fake kidnapping of Claire so that he could win back custody for Philip (who he has been hiding at the mansion) after his plastic surgery. Belle learned the truth about Shawn's living arrangements with Willow and his questionable employment with Hope got Patrick to drop the charges against Bo if she agreed to go away with Patrick. E.J. Bonnie went head-to-head with E.J. and then E.J. warned Patrick to keep a leash on Bonnie or else. John and Marlena married in Italy, but not without a warning from the house of DiMera. Max and Mimi learned that Victor knew more about Philip's whereabouts than he let on. E.J. offered Sami a partnership after he told Kate that he wanted Sami to father him a child; a first truth for Kate that Lucas didn't believe. Chelsea thought she fell in love with her ideal man, when in reality, the dream boat was Nick. After Steve broke Kayla's heart by telling her that he didn't remember his past, he magically got his memory back.
December 11 to 15, 2006
Bo and Hope reconciled, but Hope was still committed to spending a weekend with Patrick who continued to pressure her. Steve remembered his wonderful past with Kayla and sealed the deal by making love to his "sweetness". Shawn told E.J. he quit and then told Victor that he was Claire's father and never to forget it. Willow went into a rage when Shawn ended their relationship by setting fire to his apartment and personal belongings. Kate learned that Victor was hiding Philip and worked on her guilt to get her to agree to his plan to make Philip happy after they kept Claire's paternity a secret from him and were indirectly the cause of his recent accident and personal trauma's. Max and Mimi were kidnapped by Victor's thugs to keep them quiet about Philip's whereabouts. Marlena and John found Stefano in a hospital and Stefano agreed to speak with only Marlena. Sami was furious after E.J. told her that Lucas followed her on their business trip. Sami overheard E.J. on the phone and his connection to Stefano.
December 18 to 22, 2006
A married John and Marlena returned from Italy and informed the SPD that E.J. was Susan Banks and Stefano DiMera's little boy all grown up and programmed to kill. Shawn finally got his life in order and committed himself to Belle and Claire, even though he made an enemy of Grandpa Victor in the process. Roman, Bo and others suspected that Victor was hiding Philip and had kidnapped Mimi and Max to keep them silent until after Philips surgery. Billie was crushed to learn that Steve regained his memory and was back with Kayla. A desperate Patrick continued to pressure Hope to go away with him in order to carry out E.J.'s sinister plan. Abby, Stephanie and Chelsea searched for Max and Mimi, but Abby's cause was more personal when she finally admitted that she was in love with Max. Mimi and Max grew closer after they discovered a skeleton in the basement where they were being held hostage and tried frantically to find a way back to their families. Sami found a way to redeem herself and agreed to a set up to nail E.J. with great risk to Lucan, Will and her. Abe was in danger of losing his eyesight.
December 25 to 29, 2006
Couples reunited; Kayla and Steve were serenaded by Clay Aiken on Christmas, Bo and Hope mourned Zack together and recommitted to their love, Shawn and Belle decided to try again, Sami and Lucas made love while stranded on the road, and Mimi found a possible new love in Max. Good tidings were followed by some not so good news as John was seriously injured after E.J. shot him during a confrontation, Abby saved Mimi and Max but was heartbroken when she realized they were "together", Patrick kidnapped Hope and told her that E.J. ordered him to kill her just as her water broke and Bo and the Salem P.D. arrived to "hopefully" save the day. Lucas was injured in a cave in and Sami was forced to surrender to E.J.'s sick demand before he would agree to help Lucas. Chelsea was determined to find her dream man, but in the process was drawing closer to Nick, and Lexie and Tek had to lie to Abe and the police about their truly innocent encounter in order to save John's life.
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