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January 6 to 10, 2020
"Hope" attempted to fire a suspicious Rafe, but department policy thwarted her plan. Xander told Ben that he would hurt Ciara if she did not back off of her investigation. After Ciara confronted Victor about framing Ben, he had a stroke and was rushed into surgery. "Steve" told Kayla that he was in love with another woman, but he refused to tell her who. Kristen made a deal with Gabi to secure a job at Basic Black with Brady. Gabi ordered Lani to leave town; she pretended to cooperate, but she instead stayed with J.J. and told him her secret. Sonny told Evan that he was not ready to get involved until he was divorced, and Evan said he would wait for Sonny. Nicole lied to Kristen and told her that she and Brady were a couple. Jack had an ugly fight with Steve, and he told Kayla to steer clear of her ex. Chad asked Kristen to stop playing games and give him her stock shares. Ben lost his last appeal. Victor asked Xander to tell Ciara the truth. Gina decided that "Marlena must die." Stefano revealed himself to Kristen.
January 13 to 17, 2020
Victor confessed to Ciara that he had framed Will, not Ben. Stefano convinced Kristen that he had been transplanted into the body of Steve Johnson. Clyde begged Ben to escape with him, but Ben refused. Eli proposed to Gabi, and she accepted. Lani told J.J. about Gabi's control over Julie's pacemaker. Jack told Jennifer that he worried about losing her. Kristen told Abigail that she had met with Stefano, and he had left the country. Chad was suspicious of Kate's motives for keeping her DiMera stock. Abe was surprised to hear that Lani had become a nun and returned to Salem without telling him. Kayla informed Julie that the battery on her pacemaker was failing. J.J. was unable to deactivate the pacemaker app on Gabi's phone. Rafe grew more suspicious of "Hope." Gina and Stefano plotted to break up John and Marlena. Kayla confirmed that Mackenzie's chemo had failed and that she needed a bone marrow transplant. Will and Sonny signed the divorce papers. Ciara told Will that he had not killed Adrienne.
January 20 to 24, 2020
The people of Salem remembered the events of Mother's Day 2019. Sarah went into labor. Summer told Maggie that she was dying of cirrhosis, and she blamed Maggie. A despondent Maggie got drunk and ran Adrienne and Sarah off the road on their way to the hospital. Will believed that he was the cause of the accident. Victor and Xander overheard Will's confession to J.J., and they covered up that Maggie was to blame. Adrienne died of her injuries. Xander helped Sarah give birth. Kristen gave birth. In the NICU, Sarah's baby died due to injuries from the car accident, and Victor told Xander to switch the babies to protect Maggie. An emotional Kristen attacked Haley in the stairwell because she blamed Haley for her daughter's death, and she accidentally pushed Haley down the stairs to her death. Will confessed to Sonny, Justin, and the police that he was to blame for Adrienne's death. In the current day, Ciara told Will the truth about the crash.
January 27 to 31, 2020
Kristen told Eric that Nicole had slept with Brady. Brady and Kristen visited the grave of their daughter. Will asked Ciara not to tell anyone that he was innocent. Sonny slept with Evan. Shawn told Rafe that he believed Hope had been brainwashed and was Princess Gina. Lani agreed to let J.J. talk to Theo about Gabi's pacemaker app. Kristen hinted to Chad that Stefano looked different, and she refused to help him take down Gabi. Kate told Hattie that Steve was Stefano and Hope was Gina. "Steve" failed to hold his temper with Anna. Sarah and Eric were not a bone marrow match. Xander pushed Brady to submit Tate for testing. Eric kissed Sarah. Abigail and Chad moved into the guesthouse and found the painting of Steve as Stefano. Hope kidnapped Marlena and tied her up in the loft for "Steve" to rescue. Rolf staged a shooting to make John believe that Steve was dead, then knocked out John and chained him up in a room with Gina. "Hope" told John that Stefano had murdered Marlena. "Steve" told Marlena that Rolf had murdered John.
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February 3 to 7, 2020
Chad and Abigail theorized that Stefano was disguised as Steve, but Kristen denied the accusation. Nicole was suspicious when Xander pushed Brady to submit Tate for the bone marrow registry. Ciara told Ben that Will was innocent. Will decided not to tell Maggie the truth about the accident. Evan destroyed a letter from family services about him. Brady and Kristen reunited. Nicole told Eric the truth about Brady, and they made love. Sarah told Xander that she loved him, and they made love. J.J. and Gabi learned that Julie was getting a new pacemaker. After the court set Ben's execution date, a desperate Ben agreed to break out of prison with Clyde. Ciara and Justin decided to track down David's father. Rafe and Roman flew to Prague to save Marlena and capture Gina. Stefano revealed himself to "Marlena." "Marlena" revealed that she was actually Hattie. In Prague, Gina drugged John and attempted to sleep with him. Gina revealed her true identity to John, and Marlena interrupted with a rescue. Kate confessed to Rafe that Stefano had taken over Steve's body.
February 10 to 14, 2020
Clyde helped Ben escape from prison. Stefano revealed his identity to Chad, and Chad accidentally shot Stefano. Kayla patched up "Steve's" gunshot wound, and he manipulated her to stay in hiding with him. Rafe, Roman, and Kate saved John and Marlena, and they captured Gina. Shawn made an appeal to Gina, but Gina was adamant that Hope was gone forever. Chad and Abigail warned Gabi about Stefano, but she did not believe that he was alive in Steve's body. When there were no matches for Mackenzie's bone marrow, Victor asked Theresa to test Tate. Jennifer remembered the night of her fall and that Gina had pushed her. The new pacemaker was installed in Julie, but Gabi had control over it. Gabi and Eli said their vows, but Lani interrupted the ceremony before Julie could pronounce that Gabi and Eli were married. Ciara helped hide Ben in the DiMera guesthouse, but Ben asked Ciara not to go on the run with him.
February 17 to 21, 2020
Lani told everyone at the wedding what Gabi had done, and Gabi attempted to shock Julie's heart in retaliation. Julie faked a heart episode. J.J. explained that he had intervened with Julie's doctor to replace her pacemaker, and he had told Julie before the wedding about Gabi's phone app. Rafe arrested Gabi. Bill passed away, and Doug reminisced about his 50 years in Salem after he'd met Bill. Will lied to Sonny about why he had not filed the divorce papers. Stefano revealed his identity to Kayla. Eli asked Lani for time to think. Rafe and Justin discovered that Stefano had kidnapped Kayla. Kate and Gabi commiserated about their legal predicaments. Roman told Hattie that he was interested in her. Ben turned himself in to the police. The D.A. offered Gabi a plea deal. Brady grew suspicious of Victor's push to test Tate. The hospital found a match for Mackenzie. Victor interrupted Will's confession to Maggie about the accident.
February 24 to 28
Sarah and Eric told Gabi that she was a bone marrow match for Mackenzie. Gabi rejected her plea agreement, and she demanded that Sarah and Eric convince the D.A. to release her in exchange for her bone marrow. Maggie demanded that Victor and Xander tell her the truth about her car accident. Sonny overheard Victor admit to Maggie that she had killed Adrienne. Rafe discovered that Evan's real name was Christian. The FBI confirmed that Christian's DNA was on Jordan's body. By the time that Ciara told Rafe that Christian/Evan was the killer, Evan had already kidnapped David. Stefano threatened Gabi. Maggie turned herself in to the police. Stefano demanded that Justin give him ten million dollars and Marlena in exchange for Kayla. Will left prison. Evan pulled a gun on Sonny. Ciara called the warden to stop Ben's execution.
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MARCH 2020
March 2 to 8, 2020
Ciara dragged Evan to the prison and saved Ben from execution with Evan's confession. Gabi donated her bone marrow to Mackenzie. Eli was furious to learn that Gabi would not be punished. Dr. Raynor had second thoughts about keeping Mackenzie's parentage a secret. Nicole was suspicious of Dr. Raynor. Victor asked Xander to "take out" Dr. Raynor. Rafe arrested Evan and pushed him for info on David's location. Marlena worked with John and Justin to rescue Kayla from Stefano, but Stefano escaped with Marlena. Shawn informed Gina that she had to submit to testing because she was in Hope's body. J.J. opted to stay with Theo. A letter from Stefano appeared to hypnotize Chad. Chad took directions from the Stefano voice in his head, and the voice told him to eliminate Gabi. John, Justin, and Kayla were locked in a room that was filling with gas.
March 9 to 13, 2020
Rafe interrupted Chad before he could smother Gabi in her sleep. An MRI scan showed that there was a microchip in Hope's brain. Chad made Kate an offer she could not refuse, and she signed over her shares of stock. Stefano ordered Chad to kill Kate. Stefano was frustrated by Marlena's behavior after her surgery. Kristen remembered that her daughter had a heart-shaped birthmark on her neck. Victor ordered Xander to silence Dr. Raynor, but he instead convinced her to leave town. Brady told Nicole about Rachel's birthmark, and Nicole was horrified to see a birthmark on Mackenzie's neck. Sonny and Will made love. The judge threw out Evan's confession, and Evan made bail. Rafe sent officers to tail Evan, but Evan gave them the slip. Evan met up with the man that had been watching his son; it was Orpheus.
March 16 to 20, 2020
Suspicious of Mackenzie's parentage, Nicole gathered evidence. Xander convinced Dr. Raynor to leave town, but she warned him about Nicole's investigation first. Clyde told Ben that he had been partners with Orpheus, and that Orpheus had sent his son Evan to retrieve Clyde's nest egg from Jordan. Rafe searched for David, but Orpheus stayed one step ahead of him. Rolf promised Gina that he would leave in her microchip and give a fake one to Shawn. After the surgery, Hope appeared to be her old self. Evan decided to stay in Salem and fight for his son. Kate warned John to question Chad about Stefano. Xander proposed to Sarah, and she accepted. Stefano hid Marlena in his replica of Maison Blanche, and she fell further under the influence of her microchip. A hypnotized Chad attacked Kate and Gabi under Stefano's orders.
March 23 to 27, 2020
Sonny convinced Evan to do what was best for David and to turn in Orpheus. Ben got out of prison and holed up in a hotel with Ciara. Maggie entered a guilty plea and prepared to go to prison. Xander doctored the maternity test results so that Nicole would believe that Mackenzie was Sarah's daughter. Nicole remained suspicious of Xander. Kayla filled in Hope about the events of the previous year. Stefano sent divorce papers to John. Chad placed Abigail and Kate in the dungeons, and they were rescued by Abigail. Hattie dumped Roman and left Salem. Chad forced Kristen and Tony to watch as Stefano married Marlena. Hope remembered that Stefano had told Gina about his new Maison Blanche. Brady intervened as Chad held Kristen and Tony at gunpoint. John found Marlena with Stefano before they consummated their marriage.
March 30 to April 3, 2020
Nicole went to New York and forced Dr. Raynor to tell her the truth about Mackenzie. Brady jumped in front of a hypnotized Chad's gun when Chad attempted to shoot Kristen, and he was shot in the arm. Marlena helped Stefano subdue John, but she refused to shoot him. Anna whacked Stefano's eye with her shoe while stopping him from shooting Tony, and Stefano was raced to the hospital. Abigail got through to Chad. Marlena remembered her love for John but was still drawn to Stefano. Abe asked Eli and Lani to rejoin the Salem PD. Rolf agreed to remove the chip from Marlena's brain. Brady saw the birthmark on Mackenzie's neck. Eric worried about why Nicole had lied to him.
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APRIL 2020
April 6 to 10, 2020
Nicole told Eric that Mackenzie was not his daughter. Rolf successfully removed the microchip from Marlena's brain, but he refused to remove one from Steve's head. Marlena offered an olive branch to Kristen. Justin reluctantly agreed to officiate Xander's wedding to Sarah. Kayla decided to operate on Steve without Rolf. Stefano plotted his next move, and he said goodbye to his children. Evan apologized to Ben, but Ben felt Evan was not truly remorseful. Eric said goodbye to Mackenzie, and he told Sarah the truth about their daughter. Kayla was forced to remove Steve's microchip quickly when it was set to self-destruct. Steve had no memory of his life, and after he underwent hypnosis with Marlena, Kayla told Steve about their love story.
April 13 to 17, 2020
Eric told Brady that his daughter was alive. Brady told Kristen the good news about Rachel. Heartbroken about Mackenzie, Sarah confronted Xander and dumped him. Sarah left Salem with Rachel. Will and Sonny discussed having another child. Hope recalled more memories of Gina's antics. Kayla told Steve about their divorce and Adrienne's death. Jack convinced Steve to fight for Kayla. Kayla admitted to Jennifer that she was in love with both Steve and Justin. Justin told Steve that Stefano had almost killed Kayla. The ISA dropped the charges against Orpheus, and he walked free. Ben warned Evan to stay away from David. Evan's lawyer, Zoey, revealed herself as Evan's sister.
April 20 to 24, 2020
Rafe asked Justin to fast-track his adoption of David, but Zoey countersued for custody of her nephew. Orpheus antagonized Marlena. Steve urged Kayla to choose Justin, and she did. Anna and Tony said goodbye. Sarah kidnapped Rachel and ran off to Paris. Xander pleaded with Sarah to let him help her, but she refused. Victor asked Will and Sonny not to tell Maggie about her granddaughter. Li Shin named Chad as CEO of DiMera, and he removed Gabi from overseeing Gabi Chic. Gabi saw Stefan's reflection in the square. A furious Kristen stabbed Victor in retaliation for masterminding the baby switch. Victor survived his attack but clung to life in the hospital. Abigail had a hallucination about Ben. Ben found a mechanic that looked exactly like Stefan.
April 27 to May 1, 2020
Ben talked to a mechanic named Jake that looked exactly like Stefan. To protect Kristen, Brady confessed to stabbing Victor. The court moved ahead with the custody dispute over David. Abigail hallucinated, and Chad accused Gabi of drugging his wife. Lani confirmed the drugs in Abigail's system originated at DiMera Enterprises. Kayla told Steve that she could not save his eye. Gabi fainted after seeing Jake then saw him again in the park. Rex ran into Sarah in Paris, and he called the police when she refused to return Rachel to Kristen. Victor woke up and told Eli that Kristen had stabbed him.
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MAY 2020
May 4 to 8, 2020
Kristen confessed to Lani that she had stabbed Victor. Lani helped Kristen escape police custody so that she could track down Rachel. A mistrustful Sarah held Rex captive while he attempted to convince her to return to Salem with the baby. Gabi was confused when Jake insisted he was not Stefan. Abigail had a violent hallucination, and Chad wanted justice against Gabi by any means. Xander told Maggie about Victor and the baby switch. Zoey claimed that Rafe, not her brother, had murdered Jordan. Jeanne Marie found a bound and gagged Rex. Kristen flew to Paris. Two goons attacked Ben in the mistaken belief that he was Jake. Brady and Xander headed to Paris.
May 11 to 15, 2020
Ben proposed to Ciara with a fortune cookie, and she said yes. Sarah handed Rachel over to Kristen. Kristen decided not to return to justice in Salem, and she said goodbye to Brady. Will counseled Maggie not to punish herself. Kate told Jake about Stefan and Gabi's love affair. Rolf told Gabi that Jake was Stefan, and she cut a deal with him for the serum. Ben told Jake about his past as a serial killer. Hope gave her blessing to Ben and Ciara. Abe hired Kate. Eli stopped Lani from confessing to Rafe. A jury found Evan guilty. Abigail asked for help when her hallucinations continued. Zoey told Rafe that Orpheus had planted Maggie at the scene of the car crash and that he was to blame for Adrienne's death. Maggie sent Victor a goodbye letter. Ben stopped Gabi from administering the serum, and he turned the syringe over to Marlena. Chad asked Ben to help put Gabi behind bars.
May 18 to 22, 2020
Maggie attempted suicide, but Xander arrived in time to save her life. Orpheus tied up Zoey and took David. Xander told Maggie that Orpheus had caused the car accident, not her. Brady gave Victor an ultimatum to fire Xander, and Victor caved. Steve vowed to find John and punish Orpheus for killing Adrienne. The syringe that Gabi had obtained from Rolf held the same chemical that had been used to drug Abigail, and the police arrested Gabi for assault. Gabi confronted Rolf at the precinct, and he gleefully told her he had set her up. Justin overheard Kayla call Steve irreplaceable. Sonny convinced Evan to confess to his part in Adrienne's death. Xander found Sarah in Brady's hotel room and told her about Maggie. Sarah told Xander to stay out of her life. Orpheus arranged to meet with Marlena for a ransom drop.
May 25 to 29, 2020
Steve Tasered Orpheus and saved John's life. After Zoey almost shot Rafe, he and Hope let her go so that she could rescue her son. Orpheus planted a bomb in John and Marlena's penthouse, but Hope was able to throw it in a Dumpster before it exploded. Justin attempted to shoot Orpheus, but Steve tricked him into handing over the gun. Abigail left town to start treatment for her hallucinations. Jack confronted Gabi about drugging his daughter. Eli and Lani got engaged, and Lani learned that she was pregnant. Julie agreed to officiate Ben and Ciara's wedding. The goons in search of Jake attacked Ben again, but Ciara intervened. Gabi swore to Jake that she had wanted to save him with the drug cocktail, not hurt him. Hope convinced Steve to tell Kayla that he still wanted to be with her. Will and Sonny decided to have a second child. Brady told Sarah about his plan to destroy Titan. Justin proposed to Kayla.
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JUNE 2020
June 1 to 5, 2020
Lani admitted to Eli that she was scared she would lose her baby. Will and Sonny decided to have another child. Kayla accepted Justin's proposal, and Steve struggled with whether to tell her that he still loved her. Maggie left prison. Brady enacted his plan to destroy Titan, and he angered Nicole and Ciara with his attitude. Brady drove a further wedge between Sarah and Xander when he told her about Xander's part in the fetus-stealing plan at Brookville. Jake told Ben about his past in organized crime. The mob kidnapped Gabi as collateral for Jake to return what he had taken. Claire asked Marlena to help her leave Bayview. Lani and Eli told Abe and Julie about their engagement and pregnancy. Zoey continued to fight Rafe for custody of David. Jake's ex-girlfriend was hidden away at Bayview. Jack and Jennifer argued about whether to tell Kayla that Steve still loved her.
June 8 to 12, 2020
Marlena recommended a trial release for Claire from Bayview. Hope told Ciara that Claire was leaving Bayview. Claire refused to move to Hong Kong, and she asked to stay in Salem with John and Marlena. Marlena agreed to let Claire live with her and John. Eric surprised Nicole with a private wedding, but she turned him down because she wanted to invite Sami. Will and Sonny told Abe that Gabi was missing, and he asked Eli and Lani to search for her. A pregnant Allie returned to Salem, but Eric could not hide her from Lucas. The court awarded custody of David to Zoey. Eli and Lani decided on a July 4th wedding. Xander asked Jack for advice. Ciara put Brady on notice about his actions at work. Sarah told Maggie about Xander and Kristen's failed plan to steal Sarah's embryo. Claire went to visit Ciara. Sarah kissed Brady.
June 15 to 19, 2020
Rafe packed up David's things. Claire asked Ciara to name her as her maid of honor. Julie met Jake, and she warned him about Gabi. Claire told Ciara about her friend Gwen, and Ben and Marlena went to find her. Sarah convinced Brady to sleep with her in order to hurt Xander, but Brady was not able to perform. Xander talked to Maggie about how to repair his relationship with Sarah, and he decided to install a gravestone for Mackenzie. Ben asked Will to be his best man. The mob wanted its book back in exchange for Gabi, so Jake used Victor's copy of the same book to buy more time. Eli and Lani followed Jake and saved him and Gabi from the mob. Allie decided to have her baby in Salem. After Gwen and Jake fought about the mob's book, they kissed. Gabi ran a DNA test of Jake's toothbrush. Chad returned to town.
June 22 to 26, 2020
Allie decided to give up her baby for adoption. Will and Sonny discussed the possibility of adopting Allie's child, but Lucas warned them about the father's rights. Lucas agreed not to call Sami. Rolf confirmed with Rafe that he had framed Gabi, but he did not give Rafe any proof for the court. Chad threatened Gabi. Gwen flirted with Jake. Kayla invited Steve to her wedding, but he said no. Steve and Kayla agreed to be friends. Jake returned the book to Luca. Ciara asked Claire to be her maid of honor, but Ben did not trust Claire. Xander suggested that Sarah adopt Allie's baby, and infuriated, Sarah ordered Xander to move out. Victor confronted Brady about his plans for Titan, and Brady asked Victor to recant his accusation against Kristen. Without an assailant, Eli told Brady that he would go to jail if Victor recanted. Kristen surprised Lani on her wedding day.
June 29 to July 3, 2020
Kristen visited Lani, and then she left town with Brady. Valerie told Eli that his old FBI mentor Billy was her date for the wedding. Brady told Marlena that John had prevented him from making a huge mistake in destroying Titan. Rafe and Hope agreed that they were happy to be friends again. Gabi and Gwen fought over Jake. Lani's mother Tamara collapsed at the wedding but was fine. The jury found Gabi not guilty, and she celebrated by crashing Lani and Eli's wedding. Once the ceremony continued, the wedding was stopped again by a second wedding crasher, Vivian Alamain. Rafe stopped Vivian from shooting Lani. Eli and Lani married. The DNA test confirmed that Jake was Stefan, and he met Vivian. With no memory of his past as Stefan, Jake kissed Gwen. Allie asked Rafe to adopt her child, and he said he needed time to think. Will and Sonny told Allie that they wanted to adopt her child.
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JULY 2020
July 6 to 10, 2020
Eli and Lani enjoyed their honeymoon. Xander moved out of the Kiriakis mansion. Victor asked Sarah to give Xander another chance. Will got ordained so that he could perform Justin's wedding. Marlena asked Allie to reconsider her adoption idea. Justin overheard Hope and Jennifer talk about Steve's unspoken love for Kayla. Kate's Internet stream of the key to the city ceremony had high viewership. Steve decided to leave Salem. Justin told Kayla about Steve's feelings, and Justin left Kayla at the altar. Kayla confronted Steve, and they left town together on a romantic trip. Justin ran into Bonnie at Adrienne's grave. Vivian asked Kate to talk to Rolf in exchange for silence about Kate's attempt to murder Vivian. Gabi told Chad that Jake was Stefan. Jennifer went to Florida in Chad's place. Gabi and Jake made a celibacy pact. Chad cozied up to Gwen for information.
July 13 to 17, 2020
Steve and Kayla holed up in a hotel and talked about their future. Lucas confronted Bonnie at her book signing. Roman gave Eric a letter from Caroline. Ben and Ciara accused Claire of stealing his engagement ring. Eric and Nicole married. Sami crashed the wedding, and she fought with both Allie and Nicole. Allie told Sami about the adoption. Kate gave Jake the serum, and he took it. Gwen and Chad were friendly. Ivan told Vivian, Jake, and Gabi that Jake was Stefan's twin brother. Sami accused Rafe of manipulating Allie. Ciara decided to keep Claire as her maid of honor. Claire restored Ciara's damaged dress. Rafe told Gabi that Vivian was dead.
July 20 to 24, 2020
Vivian faked her death to avoid the police. Gabi told Jake about his family. Ciara was violently ill, and she removed Claire from the wedding. Ben struggled with his demons, but Marlena talked him through it. Belle and Shawn worried that their daughter was still unstable. Sarah could not find any drug in Ciara's system. Ciara and Ben married before a bomb blew up the church. In the search, no one could find Ben in the rubble because his unconscious body had been kidnapped. Ciara accused Claire of bombing the church. Sarah and Xander grew closer. Sami asked Rafe not to adopt Allie's baby. Rafe told Allie that he was not ready to be a father again. Lani had a scare with her pregnancy after the explosion, but Sarah confirmed the baby was healthy.
July 27 to 31, 2020
Allie asked Will and Sonny to adopt her baby. Rafe assured Will that it was his decision not to adopt Allie's baby. Rafe questioned Claire, but she was cleared as a bombing suspect. Lucas told Bonnie not to speak to him ever again. Will and Sonny presented adoption papers to Allie. Nicole told Allie about Sami's interference with Rafe. Clyde suggested Orpheus was to blame for the bomb, but he was cleared. Allie went into premature labor after a fight with Sami, and she barred Sami from the delivery room. Nicole served as Allie's birthing coach. Gwen and Jake moved into the DiMera mansion. Chad asked Gwen to spy on Gabi for him. Ciara and Claire talked through a list of suspects and realized that Eve was the likely culprit. Eve held Ben hostage in a warehouse and told him she would turn him back into the Necktie Killer.
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August 3 to 7, 2020
Ben fought Vincent's brainwashing treatment. Chloe gave Ciara and Hope a lead on Eve. Lucas admitted to Allie that he knew that Sami had talked to Rafe. Allie refused to sign the adoption papers for Will and Sonny because she learned that Will had known about Sami's interference with Rafe. Bonnie begged Justin to help her with her writer's contract. Ciara and Hope found Ben in an abandoned clinic. Steve and Kayla decided to live in her apartment together. Lani and Eli learned that they were having twins. Jack gave Xander a pep talk for Xander's date with Sarah. Gwen spied on Gabi. Gabi schemed against Chad, and she convinced Jake to help her with Li Shin. Xander and Sarah made love. Allie decided to look at her son. Eric urged Sami to give Allie space. Sami apologized to Will and Sonny, but Sonny was still too angry to forgive Will.
August 10 to 14, 2020
Vincent continued to poison Ben in an effort to get him to murder Ciara. Claire decided to stay in Salem. Will forgave Sami, and Sonny forgave Will. Rafe and Hope worried about the aftereffects of Ben's torture. Allie decided she was not ready to be a mother, so she left Salem. Allie left a note stating that she wanted Nicole to raise her son, infuriating Sami. Ben struggled with PTSD. Jake disappointed Gabi at the DiMera meeting, but he managed to close the business deal. Gwen kissed Chad in an effort to make Jake jealous. Abe gave Kate a raise. Justin agreed to help Bonnie with her contract dispute. Sami asked Belle for her legal help. Eve sneaked back into Salem, and when Claire saw her, Claire begged her to get professional help. Gwen warned Chad about Gabi's schemes. Rafe asked Hope to return to the PD, and she agreed.
August 17 to 21, 2020
Nicole and Eric asked Sami to reconsider the restraining order, but Sami was adamant that she would not let Nicole raise her grandson. Victor opposed Justin's legal relationship with Bonnie. Hope and Rafe danced around their romantic feelings for one another. John collapsed from an aneurysm in the middle of a fight with Sami. Post-surgery, John suffered a seizure. Victor appointed Xander as CEO of Titan. Philip returned home and blackmailed Victor to give him the CEO position or else he would leave again. Sonny asked Will to move with him to Phoenix, but Gabi refused to let them take Arianna with them. Ben behaved erratically as he fought against Vincent's subconscious conditioning. Vincent administered the final serum dose to Ben so that he would kill Ciara on the anniversary of Paige's death. Jake reveled in his success at DiMera. Chad helped Gwen make Jake jealous, and he used their fake affair as leverage against Jake for control of the DiMera business.
August 24 to 28, 2020
Nicole overheard Sami confess to Marlena that John's injury was her fault, and she told Belle. Belle dropped Sami as a client in retaliation for what Sami had said to John. Eric lied to the judge in the custody case to protect Nicole. A programmed Ben took Ciara to Paige's former dorm room to strangle her, but he resisted the compulsion. Rafe and Hope kissed, and agreed to date again. Paige's spirit visited Eve and begged her to save Ciara's life. Hope confronted Eve at Paige's grave, and she convinced Eve to tell her where to find Ben. When Hope found Ben, he had no memory of what had happened to Ciara after he had attacked her. Gabi and Jake slept together, and he dumped Gwen. Eduardo told Rafe that the family needed to go into hiding. Gabi entrusted Arianna to Will and Sonny, and she broke things off with Jake before she left town with her family. Rafe said goodbye to Hope.
August 31 to September 4, 2020
Sonny warned Justin to be careful with Bonnie. Will and Sonny said goodbye to Salem. Brady returned to Salem. Philip plotted to gain control of Titan from Xander, and Victor named Philip co-CEO with Xander. Sami offered a surprise witness, Jan Spears, to testify against Nicole in the custody case. Marlena worked with Ben to help him remember that Vincent had taken Ciara. Vincent told Ciara that he wanted revenge against Ben because Ben had murdered his love, Wendy. Tripp returned home to visit Steve. Kristen sneaked into Salem with Rachel to support Brady while he waited for John to heal. Jake told Gwen they were done for good. Gwen set her sights on Chad, but Abigail returned home. Lani asked Eli not to tell anyone that Kristen was in town, and he agreed.
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September 7 to 11, 2020
Abigail returned home. Gwen thought about when she had drugged Abigail and started her hallucinations, and Gwen plotted to do it again. Chad told Jake to move out. Sarah advised Xander to work hard and let Philip fail on his own. After a physical fight with Ciara, Vincent believed that Ciara was his lost love, Wendy. Hope, Shawn, and Ben caught Vincent before his car exploded, and they believed Ciara was killed in the explosion. Tripp returned to Salem to finish medical school, and he ran into Claire. Belle caught up with Philip. The judge awarded custody of baby Horton to Sami. John woke up.
September 14 to 18, 2020
Hope told Eve about Ciara's death. Eli arrested Kristen, and Lani felt betrayed by his actions. John woke up, but his memory was slow to return. Ben dreamed that Ciara was still alive and that they lived a life together. Jan befriended Claire, and Belle objected. Based on a forensics report, Hope believed that Ciara was alive. Brady asked Belle and Victor for help with Kristen. John's temper got the best of him, and he yelled at Sami. Allie returned to Salem. Eric's friend Angie asked him to return to Africa. Xander and Philip butted heads at Titan. Philip threatened Jan, and Xander took note.
September 21 to 26, 2020
Xander made an offer to Jan. Eric left for Africa. Allie asked Nicole to adopt her son. Sami plotted to return to Italy with the baby, but Allie intervened. Eli begged for Lani's forgiveness, and they made up. Brady convinced Victor to help him with the police, but D.A. Trask refused to drop the charges against Kristen. Justin secured a court win for Bonnie, but he firmly rejected her when she kissed him. Bonnie talked to Jennifer about her disappointment. Claire told Ben that Hope believed Ciara was alive, and he left to join Hope in the search. After several thwarted attempts at drugging Abigail, Gwen asked Rolf for help. Allie named her baby Henry. Sami agreed to give Henry to Nicole if Allie agreed to live with Nicole. Gwen asked to be Abigail's new nanny when Abigail returned to work. Kayla gave Tripp her blessing to finish school in Salem. Allie was shocked to run into Tripp.
September 28 to October 2, 2020
Shawn told Victor that Ciara could be alive. Allie told Nicole how she had met Henry's father, Tripp. John continued to struggle with his temper. Jan made a complaint against Philip, and Shawn was forced to arrest Philip for assault. Belle acted as Philip's attorney. Out on bail, Kristen attempted to leave town, but Brady begged her to stay and stand trial. Ben joined Hope, and they located and arrested Vincent. Vincent promised to tell Hope about Ciara. Sarah warned Xander not to return to his amoral ways, or she would leave him. Jake told Abigail to be wary of Gwen, and he asked Abigail for help with Chad. Kristen asked Marlena to be a mother to Rachel if she went to prison. Lani contemplated tampering with video evidence but did not. Melinda told Eli that she would press charges against Lani if he did not find proof of Kristen's guilt. Allie decided to press charges against Tripp for rape. Steve asked Tripp if he was the father of Allie's baby, and Tripp told Steve he had never slept with Allie.
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October 5 to 9, 2020
Vincent told Ben and Hope that he had shot and killed Ciara. Melinda demanded that Eli get her evidence of Kristen's guilt, or she would send Lani to prison. Eli secretly recorded Kristen's confession when he talked to her about Melinda's threats. Bonnie told Justin that she had donated her court-awarded money to Sonny's company in Adrienne's honor to prove that she was genuinely sorry. Allie talked to Lani about her rape. Lani questioned Tripp. Steve and Kayla debated Tripp's innocence. Allie told Claire about her rape, and Claire told Allie about Tripp's past. Tripp confronted Allie about her accusation. Victor fired Xander after Philip told Victor about Jan. After Jan proved to Victor that Xander had urged her to drop the charges against Philip, Victor gave Xander another chance. Philip plotted with an unknown person to take over Titan.
October 12 to 16, 2020
Chad offered Jake an entry position at DiMera, but Jake wanted more. Gwen convinced Abigail to throw a party for Jack and Jennifer with her help. Lani pleaded with Trask to drop the charges against Kristen. Eli convinced Kristen to confess to attempted murder to protect Lani. Brady agreed to keep Eli's involvement in Kristen's confession a secret. After John learned about Allie's allegation against Tripp, John punched him. Belle almost dropped Philip as a client because of his complaints about Shawn. Philip talked to someone about laundering money through Titan. Eli told Abe about how he had convinced Kristen to confess. The forensics report confirmed the metal at the scene was consistent with Vincent's gun casings. Ben stole Vincent's gun from evidence. Nicole told Lucas about Allie's rape. Allie admitted to Nicole that she had difficulty looking at Henry. Kayla suggested a paternity test, and when Tripp said no, Steve gave Tripp's toothbrush to Kayla to run his DNA. Philip hit on Sarah to upset Xander. Kayla took a DNA sample from Henry.
October 19 to 23, 2020
Without telling Tripp, Kayla ran a DNA test to determine if Tripp was Henry's father. John left the hospital and went home. Orpheus, Clyde, and Rolf escaped from prison during a blackout. A vision of Ciara pleaded with Ben not to kill Vincent. Rolf confronted Chad over Stefano's microchip. Clyde made Ben promise to sleep before Ben decided whether to kill Vincent. Orpheus demanded at gunpoint that Marlena help him. Belle talked to John about Jan's friendship with Claire. Rolf escaped with Gwen's help. Jan visited Belle, and they argued before Shawn chased Jan away. Claire helped rescue Charlie from a locked office, and he asked her to dinner. Sarah ordered Xander to apologize to Philip, but Philip played on Xander's jealousy to keep him angry. Frustrated, Sarah kicked Xander out of bed, despite the threats of the blackout.
October 26 to 30, 2020
Lucas told Kate about Allie's rape. Clyde kidnapped Henry to give Orpheus leverage against Marlena. Orpheus forced Marlena to use her privileges to get Christian out of Bayview. Kate tricked Clyde into giving her the baby, and she shot and detained Clyde for the police. Rolf kidnapped Kayla to use as a surrogate for a Stefano fetal clone, but Steve rescued her before Rolf started the procedure. Christian saved Marlena and John from Orpheus, but he ran away rather than return to Bayview. Hope skipped Ciara's memorial, and she left a letter for Jennifer to inform her that she had left town to look for Ciara. Ben knocked out Eli and took Vincent from his cell. As Kristen prepared to go to prison, she said goodbye to Rachel.
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November 2 to 6, 2020
Claire asked Tripp why he had agreed to take part in a DNA test, and he said he had not. John and Steve continued to butt heads. Shawn arrested Vincent and Ben, and Vincent insisted he had shot and killed Ciara. A concussed Eli made Brady promise not to tell Lani the truth about his blackmail. Kayla confirmed that Tripp was Henry's father, and Tripp pleaded with Steve to believe him instead of the test results. Allie decided to press charges against Tripp. Jake flirted with Kate. Justin admitted to Jack that he liked Bonnie. Jake bailed Ben out of jail. John and Marlena celebrated their wedding anniversary. Chad invited Kate to the party, and she asked Jake to be her date. Gwen organized a visit from J.J. and Theo. Steve and Kayla fought about Tripp. Gwen planted a letter in Kate's closet for Abigail to find. Abigail found the letter from Jack to Kate, and Abigail confronted her father in front of everyone at his party.
November 9 to 13, 2020
Jack told Jennifer about why he had had a one-night stand with Kate, and Jennifer slapped him. Abigail confronted Jack, and he yelled at her for hurting her mother in public. Jake and Kate slept together. Gwen celebrated her victory in her plot to drive a wedge between Abigail and her parents. Claire kissed Theo, and Charlie saw it. Xander discovered an irregularity with Philip's finances, but Philip convinced Victor it was nothing. Belle proposed to Shawn. Claire and Charlie decided to date. Philip pleaded guilty to end Jan's case. Sarah overheard Philip's phone call, and she shared her suspicions with Xander. Trask declined to prosecute Tripp, and Tripp asked Allie not to file a case in London. Lani recorded Eli's conversation with Abe, and she asked Brady to tell her about Eli's secret. Ava Vitali returned to Salem and ordered Philip to deal with Xander -- or else.
November 16 to 20, 2020
Tripp learned that Ava had raped Steve. Ava visited Kristen in prison. Lani pressured Brady for the truth, and she threw Eli out after confronting him. Brady told Kristen about his confession to Lani. Tripp asked Allie not to send her case to London. Jennifer refused to talk to Jack. Kate and Jennifer argued, and Kate cautioned Jennifer not to give up on Jack. Roman encouraged Jack to fight for his marriage. J.J. counseled Abigail not to be too hard on herself. Gwen started phase two of her plan to destroy Abigail. Shin offered Jake a job as VP at DiMera Enterprises. Gwen told Rolf why she hated Abigail. Claire asked Charlie to be her date at her parents' wedding. Sarah followed Philip to his meeting with Ava, and then she staked out Ava's apartment with Xander. Jan overpowered Belle and took Belle's place as the bride in the wedding.
November 23 to 27, 2020
Jan forced Shawn to marry her. Brady sneaked out of the wedding to rescue Belle. Jan proclaimed she had killed Belle, so John strangled Jan into unconsciousness. Eli arrested John. Shawn believed Philip had helped Jan, and he found Belle safe in Philip's bed. Kristen urged Lani to forgive Eli. Julie advised Eli to remember that marriage was a partnership. Charlie and Claire shared a kiss. Sarah and Xander discovered Ava'a fake name. Rafe and Gabi returned to Salem. Jack apologized to Abigail. Jennifer told Julie that she could not forgive Jack's lie, even if she understood why he had cheated on her. Gabi saw Jake and Kate in bed together.
November 30 to December 4, 2020
Gabi found Jake with Kate, but Jake rejected Gabi for Kate. Gabi decided to move to Arizona. Marlena told Claire not to blame herself for John's predicament. Belle told John that Jan had survived the attack. Claire and Charlie agreed to date. Abe offered Shawn the job of commissioner, but he said no. Bonnie and Jennifer had drinks with two men while Jack and Justin watched. Claire helped Ben pack up Ciara's stuff. Philip caught Charlie on his computer, and he ordered him to spy on Xander. Philip asked Sarah to help him with a charity event. Xander confronted Kristen about her friend Angela, but Kristen refused to help. Allie forwarded her case to London, and the police decided not to pursue charges against Tripp. Lucas told Allie about Sami's rape. Inspired by Sami's story, Allie threatened to shoot Tripp in the groin. Ava stopped Allie, but Steve saw Ava before she could hide. Lani refused to let Eli be her lamaze coach. Kayla asked Steve to ask Tripp to move out of their house. Nicole hired Brady and Chloe at Basic Black. Allie told Nicole that Ava was alive. Xander and Sarah staged a breakup, and Sarah copied files off of Philip's laptop.
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December 7 to 11, 2020
Philip and Chloe had a heart-to-heart. Ava agreed to advocate for Joey's release if Kayla agreed to drop the kidnapping charges. Nicole told Abe about Ava's return and Allie's legal predicament. Rafe accepted the job of commissioner. Chad asked Abigail if she had slept with Jake. Jake promised to keep his affair with Kate secret rather than end the relationship. Justin asked Bonnie out to dinner, but she spurned him when he was late. Jack told Jennifer that he would never give up. Tripp moved in with Ava. Gwen hinted to Jennifer that Jack was still involved with Kate. Kate advised Allie to bring a civil suit against Tripp. Ava was alarmed by the news that Allie's rape had happened in London. The judge vacated Joey's sentence. Philip suggested to Sarah that they should fake an affair. Xander asked Charlie to be a triple agent. Sarah told Xander that Ava was Angela van de Kamp.
December 14 to 18, 2020
Joey returned home, and he convinced Kayla to let Tripp join them for family dinner. Xander begged Sarah to steer clear of Ava, but Sarah insisted she was the only one to get close to Philip after he had kissed her. Claire agreed to be Charlie's girlfriend. Allie asked Belle to help her sue Tripp in civil court. Ava accused Charlie of raping Allie. Ava refused to keep Charlie's secret, so he kidnapped Ava. Claire told Allie about her boyfriend. Jennifer worried Jack was still with Kate, but Lucas proved her fears were unfounded. Brady and Chloe bonded at work. Tony and Anna returned to Salem for Christmas. Gwen took Jake's gift for Kate and pretended it was for Abigail. To protect his relationship with Kate, Jake lied and said the gift was for Gwen. Rolf apologized to Kristen and Chad.
December 21 to 25, 2020
Brady visited Kristen for Christmas. Xander invited Chloe to Christmas dinner to make Philip jealous. Justin kissed Bonnie. Shawn surprised Belle with a wedding on Christmas Eve. Will visited. Allie met Charlie at the penthouse, and she told him he looked familiar; Charlie was rattled. Charlie stopped Ava before she was able to escape from his apartment. When Eric could not return home, Rafe shared dinner with Nicole on Christmas Eve. Claire gave Ben his tree ornament from Ciara, and Ben felt Ciara's presence. Doug and Julie conspired to get Eli and Lani to reconcile. Lani gave birth to a boy and a girl on Christmas. Allie told Sami about the rape. Joey moved to Seattle. Steve pitched Kayla his theory that Allie's rapist was a relative of Tripp. John and Steve shared a drink on Christmas. Lucas threatened Tripp, but Rafe intervened. Tripp filed a missing persons report for Ava.
December 28, 2020 to January 1, 2021
John agreed to work with Steve to investigate whether a relative of Tripp had raped Allie. Charlie hid Ava in his bedroom when Claire visited his apartment. Abigail guessed that Kate was having an affair with Jake, and he confirmed it. Sarah copied files off of Philip's hard drive. Gwen told Chad that she had seen Jake and Abigail kiss. Jennifer forgave Jack. Sonny and Will rang in the New Year on a video chat. Philip told Chloe about his money-laundering scheme with the mob. Anna and Abigail found press clippings about Abigail's family in Gwen's room, and Anna showed Jack. Eli and Lani named their babies Carver Malcolm and Julia Harriet. Jake broke up with Kate. A drunken Chad slept with Gwen.
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