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January 4 to 8, 2021
Charlie drugged Ava and planned to commit her to a psychiatric hospital. Allie was unnerved by Charlie. Kate confided to Jennifer that she was ashamed of the age difference between her and Jake. Kate and Jake decided to keep dating. Gwen admitted that she had lied about seeing Jake kiss Abigail, and Abigail fired her. Gwen blackmailed Chad to convince Abigail to let her stay. Angelo told Steve and John about Charlie. Tripp told Allie about Steve's DNA theory. Marlena stopped Claire before she slept with Charlie. Rafe rescued Ava, but she was delusional. Chloe asked Brady to help Philip. Xander discovered that Philip was laundering mob money. Dr. Raynor stole the Carver twins.
January 11 to 15, 2021
Brady agreed to help Philip with the mob if Philip agreed to stay away from Chloe. Steve told Tripp about Charlie. Tripp reunited with Ava, but she was delusional. Allie confronted Charlie, but he denied he was her rapist. Ava told Nicole about Charlie's confession to her. Shawn told Claire that Charlie had kidnapped Ava. Gwen convinced Abigail that she had slept with Chad. Bonnie told Eli about the kidnapper, and, from the sketch, Valerie was able to identify the kidnapper as Dr. Raynor. Ivan picked up the twins from Dr. Raynor. Kate advised Chad to tell Abigail about his night with Gwen, but he was too late. Tripp stole Charlie's toothbrush for a DNA test. Charlie made bail. Xander dissolved Philip's shell company, which endangered Philip's life.
January 18 to 22, 2021
Charlie told Tripp about his childhood. Over Brady's objection, Philip accepted Chloe's offer to stay with her. Eli questioned Xander about the twins' kidnapping. Shin hired Jake as CEO, and Kate agreed to coach him. Gabi returned to Salem with a business proposal for Jake. Kate saw Gabi kiss Jake, but he swore he wanted to be with Kate. Maggie was hostile toward Bonnie. Rolf told Chad that Gwen had drugged Abigail and why. Gwen told Jack and Jennifer that Jack was her father. Chad told Abigail that Gwen had drugged her and claimed to be Jack's daughter. Ben convinced Allie to talk to Marlena about hypnosis. Charlie asked Claire to believe him.
January 25 to 29, 2021
Xander called Dr. Raynor to help flush her out into the open. Julie had stress-related heart problems. Lani visited Kristen in prison. Sarah told Maggie about Philip's troubles. Brady begged Chloe not to shelter Philip from the mob, but Chloe refused. A hitman shot Brady. A frantic Kristen took Tony hostage so that she could get to Brady in the hospital. Gabi gave Jake her proposal for Gabi Chic. Philip asked Ava to call off Angelo's hitman. John stopped Kristen from shooting Chloe, and Marlena talked Kristen into surrendering to the police. Xander told Victor about Philip. Abigail asked Chad to tell the police that Gwen had drugged her. Gwen befriended Charlie. Allie underwent hypnosis and remembered her rape. Claire and Ben bonded over Ciara. Ciara begged her captor, Rhodes, to let her go. Tripp advised Charlie to tell the truth. Allie apologized to Tripp. Shawn arrested Charlie.
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February 1 to 5, 2021
Jake rejected Gabi's business proposal, but he agreed to give Gabi back her company. Eric agreed to stay in Africa another three months. Rafe attempted to cheer up a devastated Nicole. The paternity test confirmed that Jack was Gwen's father, but he swore he had never known about her. Laura admitted that she had paid off Gwen's mother to keep Gwen a secret. Abigail told Gwen the truth, but she did not tell Gwen that Laura had been the one to keep the secret. Eli and Lani captured Raynor, and she provided information that pointed to Vivian. Ivan delivered the twins to Vivian as a gift, but he lied about their origin. Philip kissed Chloe, and he asked her if she was hung up on Brady. Brady and Kristen fought about her escape attempt. Ciara faked an illness in order to escape captivity, but Rhodes stopped her. Susan told Ben that Ciara was alive. Eli and Lani confronted Ivan, and he trapped them in a room.
February 8 to 12, 2021
Gabi made a deal with Xander for Gabi Chic. Jake asked Kate to work with him at DiMera. Victor cleared things with the Vitali family, and he asked Philip to stay. Xander quit Titan. Jack told Gwen about Laura. Gwen accidentally killed Laura during an argument, and Jack convinced her to tell the police the truth. Chad asked Abigail to move back into the mansion. Chloe offered to be Brady's nurse when he left the hospital. Kristen asked Susan to switch places. Eli and Lani rescued their babies from Vivian. Vivian acted as if she did not recognize anyone in Salem. Kate exposed Vivian's scam when she told Vivan about her relationship with Jake. Steve surprised Kayla with a wedding. Ciara and Ben shared a dream that they were Romeo and Juliet. A free Charlie threatened Ava. Rafe asked Ava for help, and Nicole suggested that Ava move in with Rafe. Ciara stole Rhodes's phone and called Ben.
February 15 to 19, 2021
Ben heard Ciara's voice on a call. Claire dumped Charlie, and Ben intervened when Charlie grew violent. Lucas threatened to kill Charlie. Nicole convinced Rafe to invite Ava to live with him. Vivian went to prison. Susan agreed to switch places with Kristen. Xander and Sarah proposed to one another. The Hortons buried Laura. After Xander quit Titan, Gabi pitched her company to Philip. Kate urged Philip to accept Gabi's offer. Abigail and Gwen fought in the cemetery. Vincent committed suicide. Orpheus asked Rhodes to work for him and continue to hold Ciara. Shawn and Ben searched Rhodes's last address. Evan killed Rhodes but kept Ciara captive. Gwen apologized to Laura's grave. When Belle told Claire that Charlie would not go to prison without a confession, Claire called him. Abigail asked Gabi to help her get revenge against Gwen.
February 22 to 26, 2021
Claire recorded her conversation with Charlie, but he discovered the recording and deleted it. Kristen and Susan switched places at the prison. Tripp accepted Allie's apology, and he spent time with Henry. Brady grumbled about Philip after Chloe told him that Philip had kissed her. Kristen disguised herself as Susan and bit her tongue as she watched Chloe nurse Brady. Philip made a deal with Gabi. Kate agreed to work with Jake at DiMera. Maggie went to Las Vegas to care for Summer. Xander agreed to marry Sarah in the mansion, at Maggie's request. Ben and Ciara shared another dream. Evan protested Orpheus' plan to ransom Ciara. Clyde was suspicious of Orpheus. John, Allie, Ava, and Belle each threatened to kill Charlie. Charlie told Nicole he would kill Tripp before he would let Tripp near Henry. Someone murdered Charlie. John told Marlena that he had suffered a rage blackout, and she took him to the hospital for tests. Rafe found Sami at the scene of Charlie's death. Lani was worried about "Kristen's" mental health. "Susan" refused to help Ben and Claire with a psychic reading. Ava admitted to Tripp that she was glad that Charlie was dead.
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MARCH 2021
March 1 to 5, 2021
"Susan" continued to antagonize Chloe. Jack promised Gwen he would not abandon her. Jack and Chad argued about Abigail. Lani's Aunt Paulina arrived in Salem. Abigail asked Jack to choose between her and Gwen. Gabi agreed to help Abigail if Abigail broke up Jake and Kate. "Susan" encouraged Philip to pursue Chloe. Kayla convinced Steve to be nicer to Bonnie because Justin deserved to be happy. A suspicious Bonnie saw Abigail and Gabi with a laundry basket. Gabi and Abigail stashed an unconscious Gwen in the DiMera wine cellar, and Anna found her there. Belle agreed to be Sami's lawyer. Rafe told Belle that Sami's prints were all over the murder weapon. Clyde stabbed Orpheus and called the last number on his phone. Clyde told Ben that Christian had Ciara. Jake and Kate stole Gabi's storefront in the square.
March 8 to 12, 2021
Sami had gunshot residue on her clothes, so Belle quit as her lawyer. Ava met Henry. Gabi stopped Abigail from injecting Gwen then let Gwen go. Abigail told Chad that getting revenge was worth going to prison. Gabi agreed to give up on Jake. Paulina made a play for the Basic Black storefront. Theo returned for a visit. Paulina mistakenly believed she was Jules's godmother. Christian took Claire hostage at Ben's apartment. Christian shot Shawn. Ciara accidentally caused a gas leak. Xander asked Jack to be his best man, and Bonnie offered to serve as Sarah's maid of honor. "Susan" pretended to befriend Chloe to gauge Chloe's interest in Brady. Sarah saw Kristen out of her disguise, and Kristen knocked Sarah out to keep her secret. Ben rescued Ciara from the wreckage of her cage. Rex returned to Salem.
March 15 to 19, 2021
Kristen held Sarah captive then used a Sarah mask to break things off with Xander. Sarah found a syringe in the wine cellar, and she attempted to plunge the needle into Kristen when she returned. Sami told Lucas that she had shot an already dead Charlie and had lied to protect Allie. Allie confessed to Claire that she felt responsible for Sami's arrest, but she refused to answer when Claire asked if Allie had shot Charlie. The police identified Kate's gun as the murder weapon. Ciara woke up after surgery with no memory of her life past the motorcycle accident when she had met Ben. Kate heard Jake say Gabi's name in his sleep. Ava admitted to Tripp that she had been running the crime family, but she had cut ties and lost her money. Gabi moved back into the DiMera mansion. Jack asked Gwen to let him give Abigail the same chance to drop her vendetta as he had given Gwen, and Gwen agreed. Chad begged Abigail to give up on revenge, and she agreed.
March 22 to 26, 2021
Allie confessed that she had confronted Charlie but that he had taken the gun from her. Kristen injected Rolf's serum into Sarah, and she shipped Sarah off to the DiMera island. Xander struggled with rejection. Sami falsely confessed that she had murdered Charlie, and she was unable to later recant her confession. Abigail asked Gabi to help plot against Gwen, but Gabi refused. Jake and Chad bonded over Kate. Roman made a play for Kate, and she told him that she was committed to Jake. Jack updated Jennifer on the kidnapping situation with Abigail. Valerie corrected Paulina's mistaken belief that she was Jules's godmother. Jake encouraged Ben to fight for Ciara. Ciara had no memory of her relationship with Ben even after he showed her evidence of their love story. Paulina's daughter Chanel arrived in town and caused trouble. The Grant twins had their christening, and Paulina offered to pay for the twins' college. Nicole asked Ava if she had killed Charlie.
March 29 to April 2, 2021
A brokenhearted, drunken Xander punched Philip. Kristen ignored Susan's pleas to switch places again. Ben asked Marlena to put Ciara under hypnosis, but Ciara resisted the idea. "Kristen" asked Brady not to visit her at the prison. Kate warned Philip not to get involved with Gabi. "Susan" told Brady that Chloe had feelings for him. Theo ran into his old flame Chanel. Rafe exonerated Sami and released her from jail. Tripp told Allie that he had a confession. Jan woke from her coma and threatened to take down John if Shawn arrested her. Ava told Nicole that she had been with Charlie when he had died, and she had seen Tripp leave the scene of the crime. John told Marlena that he remembered a gunshot from the night of Charlie's murder.
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APRIL 2021
April 5 to 9, 2021
Sami met Tripp. Ava told Nicole that she'd watched Tripp leave Charlie's apartment after Charlie's murder. Ben shared a brief connection to Ciara. Ciara underwent hypnosis, and she remembered the cabin fire. Paulina pitched an overhaul of the town square to Abe. Eli and Lani decided to accept Paulina's check. Chanel asked to move in with Theo, but he turned her down. A drunken Xander hung out with Chanel. Gwen apologized to Chad. Jack attempted to broker a truce between Gwen and Abigail, but Gwen threw up on Abigail. Gwen worried that she was pregnant. Gabi told Rafe that Ava had left the house the night of Charlie's death. Ava told Rafe that she had spoken to Charlie before he'd died. Paulina secured the lease for the old Gabi Chic storefront. Sami and Lucas kissed. Tripp told Rafe that he had not entered Charlie's apartment. Belle's coat button appeared to have been found at the crime scene. Belle convinced Jan to sign an agreement not to press charges against John if Belle did not press charges against Jan. John was concerned that he had killed Charlie.
April 12 to 16, 2021
Chanel told Paulina that she had married Xander, but he had no memory of the night. Gwen learned that she was pregnant with Chad's baby, and Abigail ordered Gwen to abort her pregnancy. Kristen revealed herself to Sami, and she blackmailed Sami into helping her separate Brady from Chloe. Sami asked Lucas for help with Chloe. Chloe told Brady about her feelings, but he refused to admit if he felt anything for her. Theo confessed to Chad that he still had feelings for Ciara. Jake saw Philip and Gabi on a date. Ben attempted to inject Ciara with Rolf's memory serum, but Theo stopped him. Brady told Nicole that he would not abandon Kristen. Tripp and Allie flirted. Jan told Claire about her deal with Belle. Rafe matched a button from the crime scene to Belle's coat. John asked Marlena to hypnotize him, and he remembered Charlie's murder.
April 19 to 23, 2021
John remembered Charlie's shooting, and he believed Belle was the killer because the shooter was in her coat. Trask ordered Rafe to arrest Belle. Jan listened to the recording of John's hypnotherapy session, and she thought about how she had shot Charlie while she had worn Belle's coat. Tripp told Steve and Kayla that he had changed his last name to Johnson. Gwen decided to keep her baby. Abigail told Chad that their relationship was over if Gwen kept his child. Abe told Paulina about Xander's criminal past. Xander schemed with Chanel to get money from Paulina in exchange for a divorce. Ben apologized to Ciara, and she told him that she planned to leave Salem with Theo. Brady admitted to Chloe that he did have feelings for her, but he was committed to Kristen. Jake asked Kate to vacation with him on an island. Vivian demanded that Kristen break up Jake and Kate, or she would tell Brady the truth. Kate uncovered Kristen's disguise, and Kristen knocked Kate unconscious. Sami convinced Lucas to seduce Chloe, but he ended up telling Chloe that he had a brain tumor instead.
April 26 to 30, 2021
Gabi was unable to sleep with Philip because of her feelings for Jake. "Susan" told Jake that she had a premonition that Jake belonged with Gabi. Paulina learned about Chanel's double cross and tore up Xander's check. John told Belle that he'd seen her shoot Charlie. Belle believe that Sami had framed her for murder. Ben plotted to kidnap Ciara. Ciara said her goodbyes and left Salem. Upset about Hope, Rafe kissed Ava. Trask removed Shawn from Charlie's murder case. Jan told Trask about the recording of John's hypnotherapy. Sami convinced Lucas to continue his ruse with Chloe. Tripp cared for a sick Henry. Jack asked Gwen to move in rather than leave Salem. Kristen used a mask to impersonate Kate, and she broke up with Jake. Gabi advised Abigail to fix her marriage. Allie told Claire that she liked Tripp, and Tripp told Ben that he liked Allie. Gwen miscarried, and when she went to tell Chad, Abigail accidentally knocked her down the stairs.
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MAY 2021
May 3 to 7, 2021
Ben advised Jake to figure out which woman he wanted to be with and go after her. Marlena told Sami about Belle's arrest and that John had been a witness. Jake blamed Gabi for his breakup. Gwen told Chad that Abigail had pushed her down the stairs and that the fall had caused a miscarriage. Abigail begged Chad and Jack to believe her over Gwen. Rafe asked Ava out on a date. Nicole told Rafe that she was jealous of Rafe's romance but not of Rafe himself. Chanel asked Lani for help. Belle guessed Jan had been behind Charlie's murder, and Shawn recovered video footage to support the idea. Claire stressed to Jan that Claire was not her friend. Ava encouraged Tripp to ask out Allie. Old friends Allie and Chanel reconnected, and Tripp saw the girls kiss. Susan accidentally revealed her identity to Brady. Kate escaped from a canvas bag and caused Kristen's car to run Brady's car off the road. Sami used her old Stan disguise to pose as Dr. Dunn, but Chloe appeared to realize that the doctor had been Sami.
May 10 to 14, 2021
Kristen ran Brady off the road, and he needed surgery. Kate escaped from Kristen's car. Paulina planned to return to Salem. Tripp and Allie kissed. Jake and Gabi declared their feelings for one another, and they made love. Rafe and Ava went on a date. Nicole got drunk with Xander, and she slept with him. Steve interrupted Ava's date, and she apologized to him for her past misdeeds. Kristen kidnapped Sami and Lucas and locked them in the wine cellar. Sami and Lucas argued and kissed. A battered Kate returned home and found Jake and Gabi in bed together. Brady told John that Kristen had switched places with Susan. Jake told Gabi that he wanted to be with her. Kristen took Chloe hostage. Jake found Kate unconscious.
May 17 to 21, 2021
Jake rushed Kate to the hospital. Kayla placed Kate in a medically induced coma. Jake assured Gabi that he still wanted to be with her. Chanel told Lani that she was bisexual and interested in Allie. Chanel accidentally saw Eli naked. Allie told Nicole that Tripp had kissed her, and Allie and Tripp kissed a second time. Kristen asked Xander to kill Sami and Lucas, but he instead made a deal with Sami. Nicole told Ava about her one-night stand. Lani arrested Kristen. Kristen asked for her freedom in exchange for Chloe's location. Gwen confessed to Jack that Abigail had not pushed her down the stairs. Abigail decided to leave town. Ciara sent divorce papers to Ben, and Claire kissed him. Shawn and Belle staged a fight to coax Jan into confessing to Shawn. Dr. Snyder threatened to tell everyone the truth about Gwen's miscarriage, unless she agreed to be his drug courier. After Dr. Snyder told Jan that Shawn knew she had faked her coma, Jan took Claire hostage.
May 24 to 28, 2021
Jordan appeared to Ben as his conscience, and she tormented him. Jan told Claire how she had framed Belle for Charlie's murder. Snyder continued to harass Tripp. E.J. took back his money from Xander's account, so Xander blackmailed Nicole for a job. Kristen told Brady where to find Chloe. Jan kidnapped Claire in Kate's car, and then discovered Chloe was tied up in the trunk. Belle offered Jan a deal. Brady ended his relationship with Kristen. Kristen asked Chad for help, but he refused. Ava let Kristen escape from custody, and she lied about it to Rafe. Ava and Rafe had sex. Sami confronted Nicole about her night with Xander. Xander moved in with Jack. Snyder blackmailed Gwen into making his pill deliveries. Kate had hysterical blindness, and she lied about her memory loss to hold onto Jake.
May 31 to June 4, 2021
Kate blackmailed Snyder to keep quiet about her perfect vision and memory. Lucas convinced Jake not to tell Kate that they were broken up. Sami confronted Nicole about her affair with Xander, but Nicole denied anything had happened. Ava and Rafe had sex. Xander moved into the Horton house. Ben talked to Clyde about his guilty conscience. Marlena and Paulina bonded. Trask sent Belle to Statesville. Jan ordered Chloe to kill Claire, but Chloe refused. Ben saved Claire from a booby-trapped fire at the cabin. Abe told Paulina about a rent subsidy program for the square. Chanel pitched her idea for a bakery. Ben signed divorce papers. Jan shot Chloe, and Philip knocked Jan unconscious. Xander found Snyder's pills in Gwen's purse. Allie convinced Julie to give Alice's doughnut recipe to Chanel. Brady apologized to Chloe. Jan fell into another coma.
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JUNE 2021
June 7 to 11, 2021
Ava warned Sami to back off of Nicole. Steve told Kayla about Ava's apology, but Kayla was reluctant to believe that Ava had changed. Nicole almost told Rafe about her affair with Xander. Gwen confided in Xander about Snyder's blackmail but not the details. Xander threatened Snyder on Gwen's behalf. Sami confronted Nicole about Xander, but Nicole offered a falsified hotel receipt in her defense. Kayla gave Tripp advice about Allie. Marlena gave Allie advice about dating Tripp. Chanel discovered Paulina's secret plan for the square, but she did not understand the ramifications. Lucas asked Sami to leave E.J. for him. Nicole drafted an email confession to Eric, but she could not send it. E.J. arrived in Salem.
June 14 to 18, 2021
Kate told Jake that she forgave him. Chad told Jake to end things with Gabi for Kate's sake. Philip and Brady fought for Chloe's attention. Nicole convinced Brady to hire Xander. Tony asked E.J. to stay in Salem. Marlena caught Sami and Lucas in a passionate embrace. Chad discovered Kate's lie, and he agreed to keep her secret so she could torture Jake and Gabi. Jake told Gabi that they needed to put their relationship on hold. Steve and Bonnie butted heads, and Justin told Bonnie that he loved her. Belle pulled the plug on Jan's life support to prove Jan was faking, but Shawn intervened and confirmed the coma was real. Paulina overheard Chanel mention her kiss with Allie. Ben burned his divorce papers instead of signing them. Abe kissed Paulina. E.J. convinced Sami to stay in Salem, and he asked Chad to help him overthrow Jake.
June 21 to 25, 2021
Rafe dreamed he kissed Nicole. Kate toyed with Jake. Xander convinced Nicole that Sami had had an affair with Lucas. Lucas warned Sami to back off a suspicious Nicole. Brady overheard Xander talk to Nicole, and he offered to help neutralize Xander. Xander threatened to kill Snyder, but Gwen stopped him. Snyder had a heart attack and died. Tripp discovered the pill discrepancy at the hospital, and Kayla realized that Snyder was the culprit. Philip offered Chloe a job and a relationship, but she turned down both. Paulina told Lani about her night with Abe, and Lani wished them well. Tripp, Chanel, and Allie bonded. The DiMera family scrambled for control of DiMera Enterprises. Sami stopped E.J. from talking to Kristen. Chad threatened to blackmail Kate for her vote, but he backed off. As the swing vote, Kate voted to remove Jake as CEO.
June 28 to July 2, 2021
Kristen wrote E.J. a letter about Sami's affair. Chad and E.J. agreed to run DiMera together. Rafe admitted to Eli that he had feelings for Nicole. Jake told Kate he loved Gabi. Kate revealed that she was not ill. Gabi and Jake moved out of the mansion. Eli planned a surprise party for Lani. Paulina lied to Abe about her plans. Allie was suspicious of her parents. Chad and E.J. offered Kate a job. Nicole joined Rafe, Ava, and Duke for dinner. Marlena advised Abe to tell Tamara about Paulina. Chloe struggled with her feelings for Brady, but she agreed to date Philip. Xander dumped Snyder's body at the lake, and Claire and Allie found it. Gwen confessed to Xander, and they almost kissed. Eli questioned Gwen about Snyder. Ciara visited Ben to demand he sign the divorce papers, and she told him that she was engaged to Theo. Eli and Lani's surprise party was interrupted by the demolition of the town square.
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JULY 2021
July 5 to 9, 2021
Paulina's lies were exposed, and Abe dumped her. Lani ripped up Paulina's check. Theo and Ciara announced their engagement. Ben ripped up the divorce papers. Ciara started to remember the night Ben had saved her from the explosion. Chanel and Allie kissed again. E.J. and Sami finally made love. Kristen called Brady, and she wished him a miserable life with Chloe. Sami kept E.J. from talking to Kristen. Brady told Chloe that he wanted to be with her, but Chloe chose to be with Philip. Gabi intercepted Kristen's letter, but she convinced Jake to forget it. Sami attempted to burn Kristen's letter, but someone pulled it out of the fire. Nicole interrogated Lucas, and she stole Brady's phone to track down Kristen. Theo promised to help Nicole with Brady's phone. Shawn and Ciara argued about her engagement. Jack was suspicious of Gwen's connection to Snyder. Xander and Gwen kissed.
July 12 to 16, 2021
Bonnie wanted to propose to Justin, and she asked Kayla to be her matron of honor. Justin turned Bonnie down so that he could propose to her instead. Julie interrupted Xander and Gwen from having sex. Jack talked to Steve about Gwen's connection to Snyder. Justin declined to represent Ben or Ciara in their divorce. Julie realized that Snyder had been the man on the couch. Eli detained Xander for questioning. Chanel and Allie admitted that they had feelings for one another, but Allie chose to be with Tripp. A heartbroken Chanel kissed Theo. Lani told Paulina she could not forgive her. Abe asked Paulina to stop the demolition. E.J. realized that Lucas was interested in Sami. Lucas saved Kristen's letter, and Philip advised him to send it to E.J. Eric returned home. Eric and Nicole threw a wedding anniversary party. Sami paid Xander to admit that he had slept with Nicole. Xander crashed the party.
July 19 to 23, 2021
At Eric and Nicole's anniversary party, Xander announced that he had slept with Nicole. Nicole and Belle blamed Sami for Xander's confession. Brady learned that someone had paid Xander to interrupt the party. Nicole and Eric decided to end their relationship. Sami told E.J. that she had paid Xander to crash the party. Lucas threw out Kristen's letter, but Philip saved it from the trash. Philip gave Kristen's letter to Nicole, and Nicole gave it to E.J. Lucas told Sami he would always be there for her. Ciara annulled her marriage to Ben. Eli gave Chanel a pep talk. Ciara slapped Claire. Paulina changed her plans for the square to the small business plan. Almost every guest was unable to attend Ciara's wedding. Claire posed as the bride while Ben kidnapped Ciara.
July 26 to 30, 2021
Days of our Lives did not air due to NBC's coverage of the delayed 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.
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August 2 to 6, 2021
Days of our Lives did not air due to NBC's coverage of the delayed 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.
August 9 to 13, 2021
Gabi convinced Philip to hire Jake, and she installed software in an effort to take over Titan. Lani told Abe about how Paulina had repeatedly disappointed her as a child. Ben kidnapped Ciara and took her to the cabin. Eli arrested Claire and Allie for aiding Ben. Ciara splinted Benís ankle after she broke it, and she remembered her life with him. Shawn and Theo found Ben and Ciara in one anotherís arms at the cabin. E.J. and Sami argued about her affair with Lucas. E.J. told Sami he wanted her out of his life. Nicole told Rafe that her marriage was over. Ava was jealous of Rafe and Nicoleís friendship. Lucas made a play for Sami, but she insisted that she would win E.J. back. Someone kidnapped Sami. Jack accused Gwen of drug dealing with Snyder, but Xander shifted the blame to himself.
August 16 to 20, 2021
Ciara told Theo that she had her memory back, and she ended their engagement. Xander lied to Jack about Snyder to protect Gwen. Jack kicked Xander out of the house. Olivia convinced Paulina not to tell Lani that Paulina was Laniís mother. E.J. told Chad that Sami had never returned home. "Sami" texted her family that she needed time alone. Rafe comforted Nicole, and Ava was jealous. Johnny arrived in Salem, and E.J. cut him off. Johnny flirted with Chanel. Eli convinced Lani to forgive Paulina. E.J. asked Chad to convince Johnny to join DiMera, but Chad refused. Claire decided to work for Theo in South Africa. Claire and Ciara agreed to be friends again. Tripp told Kayla that he loved Allie. Nicole cautioned E.J. not to hide his emotional pain. Eric sent divorce papers to Nicole. Ben and Ciara remarried.
August 23 to 27, 2021
E.J. offered to represent Xander in exchange for Sami's money and a job. Ben and Ciara planned a honeymoon. Johnny and Chanel almost had sex. Tripp told Allie that he loved her, but Allie could not say it. Allie worried about her feelings for Chanel. Abe and Paulina got back together. Xander and Gwen had sex. Roman dressed down Nicole for how she had hurt Eric. Ava fought with Rafe about Nicole. Nicole told Rafe they should avoid each other. Kate warned Philip that Gabi and Jake would stab him in the back, but Philip hired Jake, anyway. Chloe resisted Brady's request to join him on an overnight business trip. Steve told Ava that he would give her the benefit of the doubt that she had changed. Steve agreed to be Justin's best man. Bonnie's ex-sister-in-law blackmailed her. Allie realized that Johnny was Chanel's new man. E.J. stopped Tony from investing in Johnny's movie.
August 30 to September 3, 2021
Chad asked Jack to talk to Abby. Gwen confessed to Jack that Xander had lied to protect her. Trask vowed to take down the DiMera family. Allie torpedoed Chanel's date with Johnny out of jealousy. Ciara asked Ben if he wanted to have a baby. Belle advised Philip not to fly to see Chloe, but he did. Brady and Chloe were forced to share a hotel room together. Chloe warned Philip to curb his jealousy, or they were through. Rafe convinced Ava that he wanted to be with her. E.J. gave Johnny dating advice. Paulina told Chanel to go after what she wanted. Anna and Tony went to Zurich to check on Carrie. Shane asked John for help with a case in Zurich, and John went with Marlena. Paulina invited Eli and Lani to Miami. Calista convinced Bonnie to steal Xander's money. E.J. persuaded Nicole to rehire Xander.
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September 6 to 10, 2021
Ben told Ciara that he wanted to wait to start a family. Jack suspected Doug had early symptoms of dementia after a series of issues. Calista hit on Steve. Bonnie successfully stole Xander's money. After a struggle for a gun, Bonnie shot and killed Calista in self-defense. The police arrested Bonnie before she married Justin. IT found the spyware on Philip's computer, and Jake convinced Philip that Gabi was not to blame. Ava and Nicole talked about Rafe. Philip believed Brady had sabotaged his computer. Shawn and Belle went on a trip to South Africa. Abe overheard Paulina call herself Grandma. Abe and Paulina said "I love you." Allie admitted to Chanel that she had been jealous of Johnny. Gwen decided to tell Jack the truth. E.J. vowed to send Xander back to prison. Chad visited Abigail.
September 13 to 17, 2021
Gwen told Jack that Snyder had blackmailed her about sex work. Chad convinced Abigail to return to Salem. E.J. beat up Xander. Doug did not remember Alice Horton. Rafe interrogated Bonnie. Steve urged Justin not to abandon Bonnie. Bonnie told Justin the truth about her past. Chloe told Nicole her concerns about Philip. Gabi and Jake asked Brady to talk to Victor about Philip's behavior. Nicole and Rafe discussed their shared feelings for one another. Ben and Ciara visited Oak Alley on their honeymoon. Paulina told Marlena the truth about Lani. Johnny and Chanel reconciled after a successful opening of the bakery. Roman and Lucas agreed to invest in Johnny's movie. Lucas encouraged Kate to date Roman. John expressed concern about Johnny's script. Kayla examined Doug after he grabbed Paulina's butt. In a session with Marlena, Doug revealed that he was possessed by the devil.
September 20 to 24, 2021
The devil possessed Doug, and then jumped into Marlena. Johnny and Allie questioned Will about his script, but John confirmed the possession story was true. John shared his concerns about Marlena's spiritual health with Abe. Roman asked Kate for another chance. Lani gave Paulina her blessing to marry Abe. Abe planned to propose to Paulina. Chanel and Johnny reconciled. Someone called Johnny from Sami's phone. Victor asked Brady to seduce Chloe. Philip and Chloe planted a symbolic tree. In exchange for a job, Ava told Philip about Gabi's plan to oust him from Titan. Jack apologized to Xander. Xander asked Gwen how she felt about him. Abigail apologized to Gwen. Rafe refused to return E.J.'s money. E.J. obtained the deed to the DiMera mansion. The police rearrested Xander. Ben confessed to Ciara that he was worried his mental illness was hereditary. Devil Marlena attempted to quiet Doug. Johnny decided to focus his movie on Marlena's possession.
September 27 to October 1, 2021
Ciara told Ben not to be afraid of his genetics, so he talked to Tripp. Ava asked for control of Gabi Chic if she helped Philip oust Gabi. E.J. asked Nicole out to dinner. Gwen begged Justin for help on Xander's case, and she called Xander her boyfriend. Jack told Abigail about Snyder's blackmail. John passed on investing in Johnny's movie. Johnny asked Abigail to play Marlena in his movie. Kate admitted to Philip that she was interested in Roman but scared to date again. Allie told Chanel about her inability to tell Tripp that she loved him. Johnny wooed Chanel. Doug attempted to tell Eli about devil Marlena but was unsuccessful. Marlena dreamed about her possession after John's prayer forced the devil out. Marlena listened to the recording of her session with Doug, and the devil offered her another deal. Devil Marlena knocked Julie unconscious.
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October 4 to 8, 2021
Marlena sent Doug to Bayview. E.J. and Nicole went on a date. Paulina and Lani discussed Paris. Chanel helped Abe prepare for his proposal. Paulina said yes to Abe's proposal. Abigail agreed to be in Johnny's movie, and Chad agreed to fund it. Nicole advised E.J. not to attempt to control everyone. Steve was the face of the hospital's flu shot campaign. Philip used Ava's incriminating info on Jake to blackmail Gabi. Maggie returned home. Xander coerced Justin into blackmailing the judge, and it backfired. Brady told Chloe that he accepted that she was with Philip. Philip flew into a rage when he saw Chloe hug Brady at their tree. Ava pretended to make peace with Jake. Gabi realized Ava was behind Philip's blackmail. Jake told Gabi that he had been part of a murder. The devil urged Marlena to convince Ben to have a child.
October 11 to 15, 2021
The devil forced Marlena to talk Ben into having a child with Ciara. John convinced Roman to pull his investment from the movie. Johnny convinced Allie to play their mom in his movie, and he asked Chanel to play Celeste. E.J. offered to fully invest in the movie if Johnny cast him as John. Ben worried about omens. Paulina and Abe set a date for their wedding. Chad and Abigail spent the night together. Gabi confronted Ava about her part in Philip's blackmail. Rafe admitted to Nicole that he was jealous of E.J. Jake warned Philip not to trust Ava. Ciara got a job at Titan. Philip punched Brady, and Chloe decided to move out. Marlena told John that she had dreamed of the devil. Nicole almost kissed Rafe, but E.J. kissed her instead. John asked Johnny to stop his movie, but Marlena gave her blessing to go ahead.
October 18 to 22, 2021
Marlena gave Johnny her blessing to make his movie. Philip watched Chloe enter the Salem Inn with Brady. Justin told Bonnie that he still wanted to marry her. Chad and Abigail discussed Gwen's secret. Victor negotiated with Trask for Justin and Xander's release. Steve stole E.J.'s phone to get information on Kristen. When Jake confronted Carmine, Carmine accidentally shot Abe. Marlena gave in to the devil. Devil Marlena urged Paulina to tell Abe and Lani the truth. Eli escorted Julie to Bayview, but Marlena intervened. John listened to the recording of Doug's first therapy session, but Doug's voice was missing. Gabi asked Ciara to talk to Victor about Philip's plans to steal Gabi Chic. Eli interrupted before Paulina could tell Lani that she was Lani's mother. Rafe arrested Jake for Abe's shooting. Devil Marlena plotted to murder Julie. The devil revealed himself to John.
October 25 to 29, 2021
Abe died, but Lexie sent him back to the living. Lucas ordered Brady to back off of Chloe for Philip's sake. Kristen told E.J. that Steve had hacked his phone. Nicole told Chloe she was dating E.J. Carmine demanded that Ava and Philip hide him. Jake told Rafe the truth about Abe's shooting. E.J. confronted Nicole about his phone, and she admitted the truth. E.J. removed his wedding ring. Steve caught Kristen before she could kidnap Rachel. Philip made up with Chloe. Jack asked Victor to help Gwen and Bonnie, but Steve made a deal with Trask first. Theo returned home. Belle saw Marlena dressed as the devil. Anna wanted to be in the movie with Tony. Johnny used a Ouija board to find the devil. Devil Marlena chained John up in the DiMera crypt. Ciara learned she was pregnant. Devil Marlena ordered Charlie Dale to rise from his grave.
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November 1 to 5, 2021
Abe cleared Jake. Devil Marlena raised Charlie, Nick, and Deimos from the dead. Charlie killed Carmine. Ava begged Tripp to check on Allie, and he arrived in time to save Allie from Charlie. After Charlie disappeared, Allie told Tripp that she loved him. Nicole stabbed Deimos with scissors, and he disappeared. Nick buried Jake alive in his grave, but Gabi rescued Jake. Kate told Julie that someone had spotted Nick outside the pub. Eli questioned Philip about Carmine. Rafe and Nicole gave in to their passion for one another. Abigail found proof of Gwen's lie. Maggie officiated Justin and Bonnie's wedding. Trask blackmailed Xander. Abigail and Chad told Jack the truth about Gwen's miscarriage. Kayla confirmed that Ciara was pregnant. Steve worried about John's disappearance.
November 8 to 12, 2021
Susan warned Ben and Ciara about the baby. Devil Marlena told Brady to have sex with Chloe, and he considered it. Nicole asked Rafe to forget their night together. Philip overheard Chloe and Brady, and Philip believed Chloe and Brady had slept together. Susan realized that Marlena was the devil. Devil Marlena turned Susan into a cat. Paulina decided not to tell Lani the truth. Chanel learned Paulina had lied. Victor fired Philip for his involvement with Ava. Ava lied and threatened Trask, and Trask set her free. Brady told Kristen's lawyer that he never wanted to see her again. Philip ripped his and Chloe's tree out of the ground. Susan encouraged Marlena to fight the devil, and the devil hopped into Susan's body. The devil took the form of Kristen to tempt John. Xander urged Jack to forgive Gwen. Kristen ordered Gwen to help her break out of prison.
November 15 to 21, 2021
John resisted devil Kristen's seduction. Rafe kept Ava at arm's length, but he did not break up with her. Nicole confessed to E.J. about Rafe. Maggie agreed to speak to Jack about Gwen. Kristen told Gwen about Sarah's fate, and Kristen promised to tell Xander unless Gwen helped her escape from jail. "Marlena" told Chanel that Lani was Paulina's daughter. Theo wished Ben and Ciara a happy life. Belle agreed to sue Marlena on Julie's behalf. Kate encouraged Roman to woo her. The devil sent Steve on a wild goose chase after John. Chanel announced at Paulina's wedding that Lani was Paulina's daughter. Susan was able to pick the lock to the crypt, but the devil repossessed her before she could escape. Chanel and Johnny had sex. Lani rejected Paulina as her mother. Sami called Marlena's phone and begged for help.
November 22 to 26, 2021
Sami called Marlena, and they told one another about their predicaments. Devil Kristen attempted to seduce John, but he resisted. E.J. was alarmed to see Sami's necklace on Gabi. Ava told Rafe she loved him, and he told her he was committed to her. Belle secured Julie the power of attorney for Doug. Steve and Kayla questioned Marlena about John. Chanel agreed to go on vacation with Johnny. Paulina apologized to Chanel. Julie checked Doug out of the hospital. The devil ordered Susan to kill John or else the devil would kill E.J. Susan stabbed herself as a sacrifice, but Steve saved her life. Tony and Anna freed John. Doug exposed Marlena as the devil. Julie stood up to the devil, and the devil ran off to find Ciara.
November 29 to December 3, 2021
"Marlena" convinced Ben and Ciara to leave town with her to avoid an abusive John. Brady talked to Maggie about Chloe. Philip stewed over his belief that Chloe was cheating. Shawn put out an APB for Marlena. Kristen blackmailed Gwen and Ava into helping her escape. Sami reached Lucas on her captor's phone. E.J. admitted to Nicole that he had been cruel to Sami, but that he was over her. Susan told Xander that Kristen had impersonated her. Lani talked to Kristen about her family. Xander confronted Kristen about Sarah. Ben and Ciara hid out with Marlena at the cabin. Ciara grew suspicious of Marlena. Abe told Lani that she was his daughter through love, not DNA. Philip overheard Victor express his worry to Maggie that Brady might hurt Philip out of jealousy. Philip knocked Brady out and staged a crime scene to frame Brady. John gave Paulina hope about Abe. Abe told Paulina that he needed time. The devil met its old foe Gabriel.
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December 6 to 10, 2021
Chloe found Brady unconscious and covered in Philip's blood. Gwen told Ava about Sarah. Rex returned to Salem. Gabi and Jake negotiated with Victor. Rafe questioned Chad about Kristen. Lucas rescued Sami. Roman and Kate had a romantic date. E.J. told Ava that he knew she had helped Kristen. Nicole told Rafe that she wanted to move on, but Rafe said he could not let her go. Paulina and Kate had a heart-to-heart. Ava threatened Gabi, and Rafe let it go. Nicole slept with E.J., and Sami walked in on them. Brady told Chloe that he had no memory after he had spoken to her at the pub. E.J. and Nicole did not believe that Sami had been kidnapped. E.J. told Nicole that he wanted to be with her. Belle acted as Brady's attorney. Chloe was unsure of Brady's innocence. Victor told Kate that Philip was missing. Shawn confirmed that Philip's blood was on the knife. Divers found a prosthetic leg in the river.
December 20 to 24, 2021
Kate convinced Philip to let her help him leave town. The devil disguised Tripp as a comatose Jan Spears so Jan could escape. Lucas confessed to Philip that he had kidnapped Sami. Kate told Victor what Philip had done, and they signed paperwork to declare Philip legally alive. Sami asked Belle for help with her divorce, but Belle refused. Lani told Paulina to leave her alone. Johnny and Chanel announced they had gotten married, and their parents objected. The devil transformed Jan into Belle and lured Shawn to a hotel. Belle walked in on Shawn and "Belle" in bed together. E.J. forgave Sami. Lucas convinced his arrested accomplice to accuse E.J. Rafe arrested E.J. for Sami's kidnapping. Steve and Allie found Tripp in Jan's hospital bed. Devil Marlena set fire to the Horton Christmas tree. With the help of Gabriel and God, John captured Marlena. Jennifer returned home to help hang the Horton family ornaments.
December 27 to 31, 2021
E.J. suspected that Lucas had framed him. Allie disapproved of Johnny's marriage. Brady left jail. The devil attempted to blackmail Lucas. Eric exorcised the devil from Marlena with the help of their family. Maggie appealed to Jack on Gwen and Xander's behalf. Gwen worried about Xander's obsession with Sarah. Maggie learned Sarah was missing. Abigail encouraged Jack to reconcile with Gwen. Eric wished Nicole well before he left town. Chad caught Lucas planting evidence against E.J., and Chad decided to help. Sami ended things with E.J., and Gabi consoled her. Shin named Chad sole CEO of DiMera. Brady promised Chloe he would find Kristen and Philip. Ava learned about Rafe's affair with Nicole. Allie apologized to Johnny and Chanel. Sami told Lucas that she wanted to be with him. Marlena made apologies. The devil possessed Johnny.
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