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January 7 to 11, 2008
Chelsea confided in Nick about the events that led to Ford's death, and Nick was furious that Chelsea never contacted the authorities. Meanwhile, Stephanie finally told Max that Ford raped her and he advised Stephanie to get counseling. Steve and Kayla proceeded with their plan to have another child. Bo and Hope found a link between Crystal and the DiMeras. E.J. was horrified to learn that Stefano's soldier was "John." E.J. was determined to break away from Stefano for the sake of his son and his future. Marlena was convinced that John was alive and believed Crystal was telling the truth, but her friends were reluctant to believe her. Philip tried to bully Sami into lying on the witness stand to help Lucas, but she insisted that there had to be another way to help him. Nick told Marlena that the ashes in John's funeral urn were more than three years old and that they could not be John's. Chloe put her plan in place to move in on a clueless Shawn; meanwhile Belle told Philip that she could not longer trust him.
January 14 to 18, 2008
Bo, Roman, Marlena, and Hope confronted Stefano and Rolf at the mansion and rescued John. Ford's demise continued to haunt the girls at the Theta house especially after Ford's father threatened to get to the truth about his son. Stephanie told Chelsea that she was reluctant to come forward about Ford's death due to her own rape, and that the girls at the sorority might blame her. Max and Stephanie got closer. Belle and Claire were kidnapped; Belle escaped but was seriously injured. Shawn, Chloe, Bo, and the Salem Police Department continued their search for Claire. Marlena was determined to make John remember their life together and the family and friends who loved him. Stefano and Rolf were arrested for imprisoning John, and Stefano and Lucas became cellmates at the Salem Police Station. Bo questioned E.J. about the DiMera family. Belle was shocked to learn that her father was still alive. John and Marlena played a dangerous game of cat and mouse with each other's trust. E.J. feared Stefano's wrath after turning him in to the police, and tried to convince Sami that they must leave town and go to a safe haven.
January 21 to 25, 2008
Marlena was in conflict with Dr. Carrington's treatment plan for John and decided to take matters into her own hands. Nick, Billie, and Bo all pressured Chelsea into telling the police the truth about Ford's death, even if the other sorority girls opposed. Stephanie finally broke down and told a devastated and helpless Steve that Ford raped her. Steve and Crawford almost came to blows over their children. Sami attempted to say her goodbyes before leaving to go undercover with E.J. and the babies; meanwhile Stefano taunted Lucas with some alternatives. Hope decided to return to her role as detective at the Salem Police Department. Shawn and Chloe closed in on Claire's kidnappers and learned that they were enemies of Stefano and actually trying to protect Claire. Philip stayed by Belle's side. Marlena used sodium pentothal on Stefano in an attempt to get him to reveal the details of the mission that he brainwashed John to carry out.
January 28 to February 1, 2008
Marlena injected Stefano with an untraceable "drug cocktail" that reduced him to a vegetative state, and she explained his fate as the way he would live the rest of his life -- aware, but a man trapped inside his own body. After Hope was reinstated to the police force, she and Bo jetted off to Ireland to find Claire. Lexie told Roman that Bo's test results from his physical were unsettling. Marlena filled in John on Stefano's condition and then set up his release from the hospital so they could learn Stefano's mission for John in Ireland. Philip and Shawn mended fences, as did Chloe and Belle. Marlena, John, Belle, Shawn, Philip, and Chloe joined Bo and Hope in Ireland. Crawford Decker told the police that if Ford's body were returned, he would drop charges against Chelsea and the sorority to avoid his son being laid to rest as a rapist, but later changed his mind after his visit to the morgue. Victor agreed to help Chelsea but couldn't promise the same for Max's involvement. Colleen Brady was found alive and well in Ireland; she explained why she had kidnapped Belle, her battle with Stefano, and what she had been doing all the years she had been in hiding. Claire was reunited with her family, but there was still no word on Brady's whereabouts. Anna thought Tony would propose, but instead, he purchased an advertising/marketing agency, and Anna decided to get a job in direct competition. Tony, E.J., and Lexie made a difficult decision regarding Stefano's future. Lucas confessed to shooting E.J. and decided to pay for his crime, leaving Sami and the twins behind just when E.J. was about to grant her freedom from their doomed marriage.
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February 4 to 8, 2008
John's attempt to complete his mission and kill Colleen took a bizarre turn when he learned that she was his biological mother. Shawn Sr. had a bittersweet reunion with his sister, Colleen, only to learn that she had only days to live and he would have to say goodbye to her for a second time. Colleen died in John's arms. Bo received distressing news from Steve and Kayla that he had a serious medical condition. E.J. told Sami that he had real feelings for her and Ali. Sami said goodbye to Lucas who was off to prison for admitting to shooting E.J. Chelsea, Nick, Max, Stephanie, and the Theta girls had much to celebrate after Crawford agreed to drop the charges in Ford's death. Billie's career took another direction. Colleen was laid to rest in the hills of Ireland where she and Santo had shared loving memories. Lexie told Kayla that Kayla was pregnant. Bo struggled with how he would tell Hope of his condition. Belle and Shawn discussed reconciliation. John showed a glimmer of remorse and possible past memories but hid it from Marlena and the others.
February 11 to 15, 2008
Lucas said goodbye to Sami as he prepared to serve his jail sentence. Sami and E.J. were allowed return to Salem. E.J.'s feelings grew stronger for Sami and the twins. The Bradys and the Blacks participated in Colleen's memorial service in Ireland. Shawn Sr. was happy to make peace with Colleen. John ordered his jet readied for the return trip to Salem. Kayla had learned that she was pregnant but decided to wait to tell Steve. Stephanie and Chelsea were cleared of the charges against Ford and decided to move on with their lives. Lexie was concerned about Bo's condition and timely treatment. During the return flight, John learned that the plane had been sabotaged, the pilots were drugged and unable to function, and the oxygen and communications systems were barely functional or completely inoperable. With everyone's lives on the line, Bo told Hope that he was dying of some type of cancer and might not live. Shawn Sr., learning of Bo's health and Kayla's pregnancy, refused to take oxygen and gave his life so his children would survive. The others said their goodbyes as they faced a life-or-death situation, although Marlena was hopeful that John would come through for everyone. Back in Salem, Roman, Abe, Lexie, Stephanie, and the Brady family feared the fate of the family and loved ones. John and Steve struggled to keep the plane steady as they prepared for a crash landing.
February 18 to 22, 2008
Shawn and Belle reconciled at the crash site and decided to forgive each other and move forward with their lives. Marlena and John made love, but Marlena said no more "lovin'" until John could truly remember that their love was special. The Brady, Johnson, and Black families were rescued from the crash site and transported back to University Hospital in Salem. Caroline, Roman, and the remaining Brady family learned that Shawn Sr. had given his life to save his children, and mourned his loss. Kate and Victor were suspicious of Chloe, who was Philip's new love interest. Anna demanded respect from Tony, as he was baffled at how to win back her love. Kayla was ordered to bed rest so as not to risk losing her baby. Stephanie was thrilled at the news that she was going to have a little brother or sister. The Brady family learned that Bo was very ill and awaiting a diagnosis and treatment plan. Bo was brokenhearted over Shawn Sr.'s death. Victor offered his support to Bo and Caroline after learning of Shawn's death. Steve became agitated after he received a note from a woman in his past, who he thought may have sabotaged the plane. Steve was afraid that she would harm Kayla in order to get back at him. The residents of Salem were shocked to learn that John and Stefano were half-brothers. John decided to take his rightful place as a DiMera and moved into Stefano's mansion. E.J. was not anxious for Sami to file for an annulment.
February 25 to 29, 2008
Many friends and family attended Shawn Sr.'s wake and funeral, and celebrated the good times of his life by quoting his favorite Irish proverbs. Kimberly returned for her father's funeral and reconnected with her family. Lexie informed Bo, Hope, and the family that Bo's pancreas was breaking down and that it might be a genetic flaw. Victor offered to send in specialists to find a treatment plan for Bo. Ava continued to haunt Steve. Steve asked for Abe's help to keep his family safe. Caroline invited E.J. to Shawn's funeral and praised him for his courage to disown Stefano. Tony and Anna came to an understanding and found their way back to each other. Chelsea received a new lease on life from her sorority sisters. John visited Stefano and told him that he was about to take over the DiMera empire-Stefano's attorney appointed John to handle all of Stefano's holdings, cash, and estate. Marlena, Belle, and Sami were repulsed by John's lack of emotion and his willingness to accept DiMera blood money.
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MARCH 2008
March 3 to 7, 2008
Dr. Jonas tried to reassure Hope, Caroline, Victor, and the Brady family that he was working with the staff to isolate the causes for Bo's illness and prescribe a treatment regimen. Bo told Lexie that he was grateful that she was working on his case and needed her support if he hoped to survive. Sami and E.J. joined forces to find a way to renew his visa so that he could stay in the U.S. Marlena was appalled that John hired Dr. Rolf to be his manservant instead of pressing charges against him. Dr. Rolf found John's memory CD and hid it from John to ensure his continued freedom. John reluctantly accepted Marlena's invitation to a family dinner. Stephanie and Morgan were offered internships with Anna and Tony's competing ad agencies. Meanwhile, Kate decided to start her own business and employ one of the ad agencies to represent her. Chelsea's crush on Dr. Jonas was more obvious every day. Steve continued to shield Kayla from the truth about Ava and ordered protection for her just in case. Ava sweet-talked her way out of captivity and thought that Hope was Kayla and was out for payback. Philip issued Chloe fair warning that he knew that she threatened Brady before he went missing, and that he would be watching her every move. Chloe retaliated and told Philip that she would be watching him as well. Shawn and Belle renewed their commitment to each other and made plans to leave Salem when Bo was on the road to recovery. Stephanie tried to comfort Max, who was grieving for his dad and was feeling that his life was lacking purpose and direction.
March 10 to 14, 2008
Kayla, Lexie, and Daniel worked around the clock to identify a donor match for Bo's transplant surgery. Nick encouraged Max about his life and career goals. Belle and Shawn told their families about their plans to leave Salem only if and when Bo recovered. Marlena was appalled at John's insensitivity about Bo, and that his only focus was to take over Victor's business. She told him to concentrate on acting more like a Brady and less like a DiMera. Marlena warned John that she would take drastic steps if he did not conform to legal and fair business practices. Bo told Steve to watch over Hope and his family just in case he didn't make it. Stephanie suspected that Steve was hiding something from the family. Steve relented and told Stephanie about Ava, her crime family, and his connection to her. Steve told Stephanie that he was concerned for the family's safety. Chelsea, depressed over Bo's condition, shut off her cell phone and went to the Cheating Heart to drink away her problems, totally unaware that she was the donor match for her dad. After Bo learned that Chelsea was the match, he refused to go through with the surgery and risk his daughter's life. Caroline, Hope, and others urged Bo to consent to the surgery and insisted that he must live in order to give meaning to Shawn Sr.'s death. Shawn, Belle, and Kate found Chelsea passed out in the park and called Daniel, who rushed her to the hospital, hoping it would be in time to save Bo's life.
March 17 to 21, 2008
Bo and Chelsea recovered from surgery. Chelsea's life-saving gift to Bo strengthened the bond between father and daughter. Ava mistakenly kidnapped Hope, thinking she was Kayla, and held her captive. Bo was frantic when he couldn't reach Hope and asked Abe to put out an APB on her. Hope and Steve decided to play along with Ava so they could find a way to keep her under control and locate her whereabouts. Kate questioned Chelsea about her true feelings for Daniel Jonas. Kate asked Chelsea to join her new company and later decided to hire Tony's agency to represent her. Morgan set her sights on Philip. Chloe's job offer fizzled. Max and Stephanie kept dodging the "love" question with each other. Steve filled Bo in on Hope's undercover work and about Ava, and they both agreed not to involve the police at that point. Abe and Lexie were suspicious when Bo chalked up Hope's disappearance as an overreaction. John tried to buy Marlena's good graces, but his gesture backfired. Belle, Shawn, and Claire said goodbye to family and friends and left for their around-the-world adventure.
March 24 to 28, 2008
Bo and Chelsea's live transplant surgery was a success and both were expected to make a full recovery. Kate had words for Dr. Jonas. John seemed to soften toward Claire, and told her he would miss her when she and her parents left Salem. John gifted Shawn and Belle with a boat for their sail around the world. Belle, Shawn, and Claire started to say their goodbyes to family and friends as they prepared to leave Salem on the Fancy Face IV. Philip had a bittersweet farewell with Belle. The business war started between John and Kiriakis shipping. Philip and Victor warned John that he was in for a fight. Max warned Philip that Kiriakis shipments were being delayed. It was revealed that Morgan Hollingsworth's father was the custom agent that John bribed as a way into to take over the Kiriakis shipping business. Marlena was angry and disappointed at John's business dealings. Victor started counseling sessions with Marlena, at Caroline's suggestion, in the aftermath of Bo's illness. Kayla asked Steve if he recognized someone at the hospital, unaware that Steve had hired the man as her bodyguard. Steve thought about telling Kayla the truth but changed his mind. Anna wanted to scoop one of Tony's best employees, but couldn't afford his salary. Tony and Anna put their business rivalry aside and reconnected romantically.
March 31 to April 4, 2008
Ava continued to keep Hope, who she still thought was Kayla, and Steve hostage, with the help of her cousin Angelo. Kayla, confined to bed, was suspicious and worried about Steve's strange behavior-and why no one could find Hope. Bo confided in Caroline that Hope was in danger and asked her to help him get out of the hospital, but not to tell Abe or Roman what was going on. Stephanie continued to encourage Max and told him that he was the most important person in her life. Sami, E.J., and the twins moved in with John at the DiMera mansion to help E.J. with his immigration problems. Marlena sweetened the deal by telling John that she was going to move in as well. The audience learned that Max was partly responsible for Nick's success. Daniel was invited to Victor's for dinner to celebrate Bo and Chelsea's recovery, but got an eyeful at the dinner table when Nicole and entourage arrived back in Salem and demanded room and board with husband, Victor. Chloe, Kate, and Nicole had words for each other as Philip and Victor were distressed with the women of their past and present. Chelsea found it humorous to try to explain to Daniel the Kiriakis family tree. Bo questioned Daniel about Chelsea's feelings for him while Chelsea continued to play cat and mouse with Daniel by accepting his invitation. Victor continued his therapy with Marlena and expressed his concerns over John's new business dealings. Meanwhile, John vowed to take down the Kiriakis dynasty. Nicole, the troublemaker, was causing lots of problems for everyone back at Victor's.
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APRIL 2008
April 7 to 11, 2008
Steve and Hope remained Ava's unwilling guests at the Vitale home. Steve told Ava that he would cooperate if she did not harm Stephanie or Kayla. Kayla and Bo were determined to find a way to help Steve and Hope. Ava reminded Steve of the happy times in their past, and Hope was surprised that Ava still had an effect on Steve. Daniel suggested to Nick that he keep his attention focused on Chelsea. Sami was shocked to bump into Nicole at Chez Rouge. Nicole learned that E.J. was a lawyer and asked him to represent her. Sami and Mickey warned E.J. not to get involved with Nicole, Salem's number one troublemaker. John told Paul that he would help Paul clear his name. John asked Marlena to accept him as the man he had become, since she was convinced via hypnosis that he could not remember of any of his past. The "new" John asked Marlena out on a date and she accepted. Anna and Tony continued to play hard to get with each other. Max agreed to spend more time with Stephanie. Chloe asked Philip for help when the Austrian consulate arrived at the Kiriakis mansion.
April 14 to 18, 2008
Marlena told John that she was going to leave town for a while so that she could think about their relationship and whether or not she wanted to start over again with the "new" John. Sami was angry and frustrated that E.J. decided to take on Nicole's divorce case against Victor. Stephanie visited Max in his bedroom and told him that Steve and Kayla were missing and she worried they were in danger. Philip asked Nicole to spy on John in return for a financially rewarding divorce settlement. John accepted Nicole's invitation, but seemed aware that she had an ulterior motive. John assured Paul that everything would work out for him. Chelsea collapsed after she returned from lunch with Kate, and Daniel rushed her to the hospital. Bo and Kayla were released from the hospital and put a plan in motion to rescue Hope and Steve. Ava pressured Steve to rekindle their love. Bo, Hope, Steve, and Kayla were reunited at the Vitale house. When Ava learned that Hope was not Kayla, she became violent and shot Hope. Ava ordered Angelo to kill everyone, including Steve. Hope demanded that Ava explain what happened between her and Steve so many years earlier to make her so angry and hateful. Ava told everyone that Steve left her standing at the altar on their wedding day. Steve said that he was starting to remember his past and realized he couldn't marry Ava. Before Steve could return to the church and explain that to Ava, he was recaptured by Stefano's men and taken away. Steve expressed remorse for Ava and told her that he never meant to hurt her.
April 21 to 25, 2008
Chelsea suffered from a post-operative infection and was re-hospitalized. While heavily medicated, Chelsea admitted to Daniel that she wished he were not her doctor so that they could enjoy a non-professional relationship. Philip warned Morgan that John was the cause of her father's problems. Marlena returned from her trip to find John preparing for a date with Nicole. John later admitted to Marlena that his date with Nicole was related to his business dealings with the Kiriakis men. John and Marlena forged ahead with their new relationship. John confirmed that Nicole was Philip's spy and told her to take a hike. Victor kicked Nicole and Chloe out of the Kiriakis mansion. Sami was still steaming at E.J. because he decided to represent Nicole. Ava continued with her plan to keep Steve, Kayla, Bo, and Hope captive until Kayla's baby was born. Steve told Ava that he would have sex with her and give her their own child if she released Kayla, Bo, and Hope, who all needed medical attention. Kayla was shocked to find Steve in bed with Ava. Bo, Hope, Kayla, and Steve finally escaped from the Vitale house, and Abe and Roman took a shaken Ava and some of her entourage into police custody. Stephanie told Max that she loved him and they almost made love. Angelo's point man cornered Stephanie at knifepoint and told her to leave with him or he would kill her. Philip argued with Victor about Chloe, and Nicole threatened Victor that she would reveal his secret if he didn't allow her to move back into the house. Nicole told Chloe that Victor had known of Brady's whereabouts all along.
April 28 to May 2, 2008
Family and friends were angered to learn that Victor knew about Brady's drug addiction and secretly transferred him to a rehabilitation facility in Switzerland, then blamed Chloe for his disappearance. Chloe left for Europe to reconcile with Brady. Marlena saw a small sign of the "old" John while in Roman's office at the police headquarters. Morgan was upset that Philip accused her father of taking a bribe from John. Bo was devastated to learn of Chelsea's infertility and blamed himself for her condition. Chelsea was confused over Daniel's indifference and lack of interest in her case. Hope suspected that Daniel had feelings for Chelsea. Nick proclaimed his undying love for Chelsea, but Chelsea couldn't get Daniel off her mind. Stephanie and Max made love for the first time. Kayla discovered that Ava's medication was enhancing her confused mental state and that Ava attempted suicide after Steve left her at the altar. Steve was guilt-ridden for ruining Ava's life. Martino Vitale returned to Salem to put a hit on Bo and Abe's snitch and help his daughter out of her brush with the law. Kate's past life with Martino came back to haunt her. Anna warmed up to Tony after he picked her over business with Kate. Sami and E.J. asked John and Marlena to testify at E.J.'s immigration hearing. Rolf was frantic when John discovered the safe behind Stefano's portrait that contained a disk with all of John's memories.
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MAY 2008
May 5 to 9, 2008
Morgan put Philip in his place. A mystery person stole John's memory disk. Chelsea confided to Stephanie that she was falling in love with Daniel. Daniel kissed Chelsea, and later Chelsea kissed Daniel, but Daniel was determined to leave town regardless of his feelings for her. Max anonymously helped Nick with the formulas for his grant project. Martino Vitale arrived in Salem to visit Ava and ordered a hit on a police snitch and Ava's psychiatrist. Kate, who knew "Marty" from their past, agreed to meet to him for dinner. Bo told Martino that he would pay for Bo's father's death. Ava accused Martino of ordering her psychiatrist to drug her so that he could control her. Kate told Marty that, considering the circumstances, she thought it best that they not see each other anymore. Sami and John bonded while she explained many facts about his past life with Marlena, friends, and family. Sami's jealousy toward Nicole continued to escalate. Abe and Roman removed Bo from the Vitale case and assigned Hope in his place. Victor and Daniel told Chelsea and Lexie simultaneously about Rebecca, Daniel's wife who had died tragically from cancer. Chelsea told Daniel that she knew about what happened to Rebecca.
May 12 to 16, 2008
Chelsea told Daniel that she wanted a relationship with him regardless of his fears surrounding the death of his wife. Stephanie told Nick that Max had finished Nick's grant project and she mailed it to the administration office for approval. Stephanie was concerned that Max lied about his knowledge of Nick's project, but Max reassured her that he finished the computations so that Nick would receive financing for his grant. Sami was conflicted about her feelings for E.J. and Lucas, while her jealousy continued over E.J. and Nicole's friendship. In order to even out the playing field for Sami's affections, E.J. told Sami he would try to get an early release for Lucas so she could decide whom she wanted to be with, but the warden denied his request. Sami rationalized giving in to her feelings for E.J. to keep his time with Nicole limited. Victor complimented Philip on his achievements at Titan and rewarded him with more responsibility. Victor and Philip came to an understanding regarding Chloe's living arrangements at the mansion. Ava pressured Angelo to confirm that Martino put a hit out on Steve. Bo and Hope intercepted Martino's "hit man" and secured sufficient evidence to prove Martino ordered the attempt on Steve's life. During a confrontation at the Brady Pub between Martino, Bo, and Hope, Bo shot and killed Martino in self-defense. Kayla went into early labor and delivered a baby boy who appeared to be stillborn.
May 19 to 23, 2008
Stephanie pressured Max to come clean about Nick's proposal and admit that he changed the statistics in order to get the project approved. Baby Johnson remained in ICU in critical condition while the medical team performed more tests. Ava visited Kayla and told her she felt responsible that the baby was born premature. Ava sneaked into the nursery and took a picture of the baby for Kayla as a way to make amends. Steve and Kayla named their baby Joseph after Steve's mother. Lucas was released from prison and placed under house arrest at the DiMera mansion. Lucas' return was not a happy one as he found Sami in bed with E.J., causing a major rift in his future relationship with her. Sami asked Marlena for advice on how to convince Lucas that she loved him and that she turned to E.J. only as a last resort after Lucas rejected her. Chloe witnessed Philip with an unknown man discussing a special assignment. Philip tried to sway Morgan to his advantage by using her father as leverage. Morgan and Chloe came to an understanding. Tony proposed to an ecstatic Anna, while Roman was concerned over Kate's past involvement with Martino. Abe and Lexie started their marriage counseling that led to concerns over Theo. Chelsea told Daniel that she knew he cared about her and to face reality that they had strong feeling for each other.
May 26 to 30, 2008
Lucas told Sami that he was not sure that he could ever forgive her for her tryst with E.J. Sami signed the papers to annul her marriage to E.J. to convince Lucas that she wanted a future with him. Roman and Abe arrested John for drug trafficking, but John insisted that Philip Kiriakis framed him. Philip and Chloe made love. Steve, Kayla, and Stephanie visited Joey in ICU. Steve and Stephanie cheered up Kayla by surprising her with a new apartment and nursery for baby Joey. Family and friends united at Chez Rouge to congratulate Nick on his "go green" grant from the university. Nick told his family and Dean Robbins that he had help preparing the formulas in his grant proposal. Max arrived to wish Nick well and then bolted when he saw Dean Robbins. Bo, Hope, Roman, and Kate celebrated with newlyweds, Tony and Anna. Ava and Nicole became fast friends. Daniel found it difficult to ignore Chelsea at Chez Rouge. Stephanie pressured Max to come clean about his advanced knowledge of chemical formulas and his abrupt exit from Chez Rouge. E.J. was all ears after Nicole suggested a way for him to steal Sami away from Lucas. John seemed touched after Marlena told him that she believed he was innocent. Ava received good advice from Marlena.
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JUNE 2008
June 2 to 6, 2008
Marlena paid John's bail and then left town. E.J. lied to Sami and told her the judge would not grant them an annulment and they had to file for divorce. Nicole promised to keep E.J.'s secret about the annulment if he promised to treat her with more respect. After Max bolted from Nick's celebration party at Chez Rouge when he spotted Dean Robbins, his anger led to two fights on the dock, one with his boss and the other with John. Stephanie and Nick were concerned about Max's secretive behavior and were certain that he hiding something. Lexie and Daniel bonded. Daniel told Chelsea that his relationship with her was over and that he was interested in someone else, a mystery woman who was married. Abe and Lexie agreed that Theo needed professional help. John and Ava formed an unusual alliance. Steve and Kayla received good news about Joey. The Brady Pub went green. The Salem Police Department assigned Bo and Hope to the drug trafficking case and then questioned Victor about his and/or Philip's involvement. Victor was furious with Philip for planting the drugs and framing John, and told Philip that he was no longer in charge, then ordered him to end his relationship with Chloe. Philip stood his ground with Victor regarding his business and personal life. Chloe reached out to Sami and Lucas. John told Philip that he would find the evidence to prove his innocence. While chasing after Allie, Lucas left the perimeter of the house, violated the terms of his release, and the police arrested him. Sami, Lucas, and E.J. argued over their parenting skills. Nick told Chelsea that he loved her but that he could bear being just friends.
June 9 to 13, 2008
Max confronted Dean Robbins and threatened to expose him as a fraud. Nick forced Max to admit to him and Stephanie that he had a gift for numbers and formulas. Paul took matters into his own hands to get even with John. Morgan and Chloe believed Philip when he told them he did not know about the fire on the docks. Hope was shocked when John reminded her of their past together, specifically their intimate encounter while under Stefano's control. Daniel diagnosed Kate's unusual medical condition but advised her family that a surgical procedure would resolve the problem. Kayla told Caroline that she suspected that Max was hiding more than his knowledge of math and physics. Max's past had something to do with Dean Robbins. Lucas found the key to his freedom. Marlena returned home to find John and Ava on a date. Marlena packed her bags and moved out of the mansion when John gave her no reason to stay. E.J. informed Nicole that he could get her a financially rewarding divorce settlement in exchange for her loyalty to keep quiet about his annulment to Sami.
June 16 to 20, 2008
Sami asked E.J. to move out of the mansion. E.J. turned to Nicole for comfort, but Nicole put a hold on starting a new relationship after her unpleasant reunion with Trent. Kate recuperated from surgery, but continued her hostility toward Daniel. Daniel asked Chelsea out on a dinner date and she accepted with great enthusiasm. John and Nicole asked for Ava's help. Paul asked Morgan to stay away from Philip. After John and Philip threatened Paul, someone murdered him before he left Salem. Chloe promised Lucas that she would keep his "break" from the mansion a secret. Stephanie learned that Trent Robbins was Max's biological father and convinced Max to confide in Caroline. Chloe was suspicious of Philip's interest in Morgan. Marlena reconsidered asking John for a divorce after he asked her if they could give their relationship a second chance. Lexie and Abe awaited Theo's diagnosis.
June 23 to 27, 2008
Kate continued to give Daniel the cold shoulder. Chelsea confided to Hope that she accepted a date with Daniel. Bo was not happy when he learned that Chelsea and Daniel were out on a date. Max told Caroline that he found his biological father and that he could never forgive him for what he did to him and his mother. Steve understood Max's dilemma and offered to help him through it. Trent forced Nicole to have dinner with him, where she revealed that she was his mistress and that he later abandoned her for his career ambitions. Victor warned Philip to avoid a relationship with Morgan. Chloe came through for Lucas and told Roman that she saw Paul on the docks the night of the fire. Morgan blamed John for her father's problems and later told Roman that Paul was missing. E.J. begged Sami to explore her true feelings for him. Philip entrusted Marlena with John's memory disk because he decided that she would know the best way to use the information to help John. Marlena gave John the disk and asked him to pursue the truth. John asked Ava, not Marlena, to stay with him while he explored the contents of the disk. Lexie and Abe were saddened to learn that Theo was autistic.
June 30 to July 4, 2008
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JULY 2008
July 7 to 11, 2008
Marlena retrieved the broken pieces of John's memory disk from the lab and vowed to find a way for John to regain his past memories. Kate strongly recommended that Chelsea end her relationship with Daniel. Chloe told an outraged Philip that she had slept with Lucas. The Salem Police Department arrested Lucas for violating his house arrest, but Lucas refused to tell Bo and Hope why he was at the Salem Inn. Morgan taunted Chloe about her blossoming relationship with Philip. Philip was anxious to learn about the letter that Paul wrote to Morgan. Trent pressured Nicole to end her relationship with E.J. or else he would reveal her past. E.J. seemed confused at Nicole's coldness toward him. Nicole and Victor finalized their divorce and then Victor collapsed while making plans to celebrate his freedom with Caroline. At the hospital, Daniel informed Victor's family and friends that Victor had suffered a stroke. Stephanie suspected that Max was hiding something from her. Max lied to Trent and told him that he had no further interest in him or the child in the photograph, then headed for Europe to find his half-sister. Chelsea overheard Kate and Daniel talk about their past relationship.
July 14 to 18, 2008
Max left a note for Stephanie and Caroline and explained to them that he left for Europe to find his half-sister. Stephanie told Steve and Kayla that she intended to leave Salem to find Max and be with him. Bo found evidence that implicated Philip in Paul's disappearance, but he reluctantly decided to keep the information private after Victor begged Bo to protect his brother. Bo struggled with the guilt of chosing his family over his duty as an officer of the court. E.J. and Sami decided to go their separate ways, but E.J. presented Sami with a court order that forbade her to take custody of Johnny. Lexie and Abe finally accepted Theo's autism and pulled together as a family. John and E.J. made a deal to work together in business. Trent pressured Nicole to spy on Max for him. Nicole confided to Ava about her shady past and connection to Trent. Marlena offered Dr. Rolf immunity if he would repair the disk and reveal the contents of John's memories to her. Roman and Lucas made a secret deal whereby Lucas agreed to be a plant in a maximum-security prison as a means to waive his jail sentence for violating his house arrest. A heartbroken Sami said goodbye to Lucas as the authorities took him away to prison.
July 21 to 25, 2008
Roman and Lucas sealed their deal as Lucas said goodbye to friends and loved ones and left Salem to serve out his sentence in a maximum-security prison. Stephanie joined Max in France to help him find his sister. Bo struggled with his decision to withhold police evidence about Philip's involvement in Paul's disappearance. Daniel and Kate continued to feel awkward over their past affair. Kate and Victor destroyed the tape that implicated Philip. Philip thanked Bo for putting his job on the line for him. Victor's health remained unstable due to his concern over Philip. Hope feared that Bo was keeping secrets from her. Bo confided to Steve about withholding evidence from the police concerning Philip. Kayla and Caroline tried to get the truth from Bo about his strange behavior. Ava and John grew closer and made love for the first time. E.J. warned Ava that he felt a conviction was imminent in her upcoming trial. Marlena warned Ava that John would remember his past and return to his life with Marlena. Ava asked Steve to testify on her behalf. One of Ava's bodyguards accidentally shot Philip at the DiMera mansion when Morgan confronted John about Paul's whereabouts.
July 28 to August 1, 2008
Victor's heart stopped after Kate told him about Philip's shooting. Philip told Morgan that he heard her tell him that she loved him and he was happy that she had feelings for him. Daniel blasted Kate for endangering Victor's life and then told a surprised Chelsea not to question his medical orders ever again. Max and Stephanie arrived in France to find Melanie's whereabouts unknown and learned that she led a dangerous lifestyle. One of Melanie's nasty acquaintances threatened Max to pay off Melanie's debts or else. Nick called Stephanie and told her that he thought he recognized Melanie on a risqué Internet site. Hope received an email accusing the department of a police cover-up. Roman and Hope's IT expert discovered that the email that framed Philip came from the Java café, via Ava Vitali's laptop. John revealed to Ava that he saved and then kidnapped Paul Hollingsworth to use him to prove his innocence and Philip's involvement in the drug charges against him. Hope asked Doug for advice about career vs. family obligation. Nicole told E.J. about her past and still-valid marriage to Trent. E.J. agreed to help Nicole with her legal problems and considered the possibility of a future together since Sami was out of his life. A group of prison inmates blew Lucas' undercover assignment and beat him nearly to death. At the hospital, Nicole and Chloe learned that Lucas risked his life for his freedom to go undercover at the prison. Sami, worried over Lucas' condition and upset that he never confided in her, begged him to give their relationship and family one more chance at happiness. Lucas told a heartbroken Sami not to pressure him and that he needed time to think alone, and encouraged her to do the same. Maggie gave Lucas the keys to the Horton cabin as a safe refuge where he could recuperate and think about his future. Hope confronted Bo about the Hollingsworth investigation and asked him to tell her the truth about what he knew. Bo reluctantly admitted to Hope that he withheld evidence to protect Philip.
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August 4 to 8, 2008
Marlena told Roman that Ava had skipped bail, and John was not happy with "Blondie's" interference. Morgan and Philip became closer and expressed their mutual feelings for each other. Morgan told Philip that she would nurse him back to health and that she would never forget that he was her hero. Nick left for Europe to warn Max about Melanie's questionable activities. Trent threatened to tell Victor that he and Nicole were still married. E.J. told Nicole that he would help her control Trent. Bo surprised Hope with a romantic visit to their past and a church wedding to renew their wedding vows. Tony, E.J., and Lexie were shocked to learn that doctors from the long-term care facility had transferred Stefano to the hospital in the hopes that he might regain consciousness. A reporter interrupted Bo and Hope's wedding celebration to reveal that Bo had withheld evidence in the Hollingsworth investigation. Friends and relatives were shocked as Roman detained Bo and remanded him into police custody. Victor and Kate told Philip that they would do everything possible to help Bo and protect their son. Philip finally came clean to Morgan and told her about his involvement with Paul. Morgan, hurt and angry with Philip's confession, left the mansion in a rage. Stefano awakened and told Tony and E.J. that Marlena was the person responsible for his coma and instructed them not to tell anyone that he had regained consciousness. John attempted to murder Stefano. Stefano arranged his revenge on Marlena, who lay helpless at the penthouse afterward. Max learned that his long-lost sister, Melanie, was quite the accomplished con artist, and her antics landed him and Stephanie in a French jail with no bail money.
August 11 to 15, 2008
Stefano awoke from his coma and vowed revenge against Marlena, his children, and others. One of Stefano's operatives injected Marlena with a paralyzing toxin. Sami blamed Stefano for her mother's medical condition. The seventh floor of the hospital went into an unexplained lockdown, and a strange vapor with hallucinogen qualities emanated from the ventilation system. Roman, Abe, and the Salem police department investigated the emergency at the hospital. Kayla identified an antidote for Marlena but, due to the hospital emergency, was unable to administer it to her. Stefano taunted Marlena and promised her payback for what she had done to him. Kayla and Steve were accidentally locked in a lab room with baby Joe. Sami thought E.J. was Stefano and caused him to fall down a flight of stairs and lose consciousness. Stefano kidnapped baby Joe as Steve and Kayla lay unconscious nearby. Nicole admitted to Philip that she loved E.J. Sami, in a moment of honesty, told E.J. that she had feelings for him and they kissed. Lexie told Nicole that Sami would always be E.J'.s first choice in love. Nicole saw E.J. and Sami in a passionate embrace on the security monitor. John worked on the electrical systems to try restoring order to the hospital, and swore that he would never again be Stefano's pawn.
August 18 to 22, 2008
In a fantasy sequence, Nicole imagined a life with E.J. that ended badly for everyone. Stefano seemed to be the culprit responsible for the lockdown on the seventh floor of the hospital. Nicole witnessed a tender moment between E.J. and Sami on the hospital monitor. Nicole did not believe E.J. when he told her that his feelings for her had not changed. While they lay unconscious in a locked lab room, Stefano toyed with Steve and Kayla's emotions and temporarily kidnapped baby Joe. Abe and Roman were convinced that Stefano was back to his old tricks and out for revenge. Tony and E.J. vowed to restore dignity to the DiMera name. Marlena dreamed about her sister Sam, who encouraged her to fight to survive and save her marriage to John. Marlena injected herself with the antidote intended to restore her to consciousness and undo the paralysis. John's came to grips with his past life, the hurt of Coleen giving him up for adoption, and that knowledge he was Santo DiMera's son. John then faced his former self and realized that he still had deep-rooted feelings for Marlena, who was his future. Nicole and Chloe bonded over the men in their lives. Stefano and Dr. Rolf reunited as partners in crime. Lucas decided to move on with his life after Sami chose E.J. over him. Lucas arrived at the DiMera house to claim custody of Ali. Marlena regained consciousness but with no recollection of John.
August 25 to 29, 2008
Lucas hired Mickey to help him win custody of Allie. Morgan thought that she saw her father outside the Brady Pub. Roman gave Bo and Hope 48 hours to solve the Hollingsworth case. Stefano went underground after wreaking havoc in Salem. John promised Marlena that he would protect her from Stefano and invited her to stay at the mansion to recuperate. Chelsea was devastated after she learned that Daniel and Kate had an affair. Nick arrived in France and pretended to be attracted to Melanie in order to help Max and Stephanie. Trent hired Steve to find Max, unaware that Steve was on to him. Steve warned Stephanie that Trent hired him to find Max. Tony and Anna moved into the DiMera mansion. John convinced Marlena that he cared deeply for her, and then they made mad, passionate love on the sofa in her office. Stefano telephoned Tony at the DiMera mansion and said to prepare for his arrival.
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September 1 to 5, 2008
Stefano resumed control of the DiMera mansion and put his master plan into action. Victor and Stefano resumed their business arrangement. John told Marlena that he would fight for her love and protect her from Stefano. Morgan learned the truth about her father's disappearance and then blamed John and Philip for Paul's legal problems. Paul agreed to take the fall for John and Philip to protect Morgan from Stefano. Bo arrested Stefano, but the police later released him due to insufficient evidence. Chelsea broke up with Daniel and then left town to join Max and Stephanie in France. Max and Melanie shared information about their past. Trent made a pass at Marlena. Nicole warned John about Trent's dark side. Marlena surprised John and asked him for a divorce. E.J. and Nicole admitted that they still cared about each other. Kate couldn't seem to shake a nasty cough. Lucas asked Chloe to spend time with him at the Horton cabin. Maggie gave Chloe relationship advice. Lexie had difficulty coming to grips with Theo's autism. Abe accused Lexie of having an affair with Daniel and later apologized for mistrusting her. Sami refused to accept the judge's decision to award joint custody of Allie to her and Lucas.
September 8 to 12, 2008
Marlena asked John for a divorce. Lexie and Abe had difficulty dealing with Theo's autism, which led to more problems in their marriage. John became jealous when Marlena decided to date Trent Robbins. Chris hired Morgan to intern at Kate's company. Steve asked Bo and Hope to find out the name of Trent's wife. Chelsea joined Max, Stephanie, and Nick in France. Victor was furious at Kate after he learned about her one-night stand with Daniel, and that Chelsea had left town as a result. Trent asked Nicole for money, but she refused him. Trent forced Melanie to pimp for him to pay off his gambling debt, and Nick was shot when he tried to help her. Chelsea confided in Nick about her breakup with Daniel. As they prepared to leave France to go back to Salem, Melanie and Stephanie were concerned about Max after he told them that he wanted to kill Trent. Kate refused to have more tests to determine the cause of her chronic cough. Lucas, Chloe, and Allie left for the Horton cabin, but Sami and E.J. were not far behind. Philip asked Morgan to spend a few days alone with him, but Victor cancelled Philip's plans and told him business came first. Nicole taunted John about Trent's interest in Marlena. John attacked Trent at the Brady Pub and told him to stay away from Marlena. Marlena blasted John and Trent for their childish behavior and warned them to stay away from her. Marlena noticed a change in John's behavior after his confrontation with Trent. Nicole became ill from what she assumed was bad food from the pub. Stefano surprised Kate with a marriage proposal that stunned her, Tony, and Anna. Bo and Hope learned that Nicole and Trent were married. Lexie told Abe that she had been asked to appear before the hospital board.
September 15 to 19, 2008
Chloe seemed uncertain that Lucas could commit to anyone other than Sami. Marlena admitted to Hope that she drugged Stefano to silence him. Stefano hosted a party for his family, Marlena, and Sami to reveal to everyone that Marlena caused his coma through the use of paralytic toxins. Marlena admitted that she drugged Stefano, and that she was ashamed of her actions as a physician. However, given the chance, Marlena said that she would go after Stefano again in order to protect her family. Sami apologized to her mother for her earlier outburst at the police station over Allie's custody arrangement, but praised Marlena for her courage for standing up to Stefano. John supported Sami and promised to keep her and her children safe. Abe resigned from the police force after the Mayor insinuated that Abe and the Salem Police Department were lax in their efforts to handle the hospital lockdown. Lexie appeared before the hospital board and admitted that her personal life and Theo's autism had interfered with her job performance. Daniel and other board members testified on Lexie's behalf, but before Eleanor informed Lexie that she could continue as Chief of Staff, Lexie resigned in order to spend more time with her family. Abe and Lexie received good news about Theo's progress, but then learned the bad news that both of them resigned their positions without informing the other beforehand. After Kate's medical condition worsened, Daniel, Philip, and Lucas convinced her to take tests to determine the cause of the chronic cough and internal bleeding. Victor blasted Daniel for his affair with Kate and forbade him to see Chelsea. Bo and Hope confronted Nicole and told her they knew that she was still legally married to Trent Robbins under her former name, Misty Circle. Nicole confirmed the facts, but explained that Trent was abusive in their marriage and that was the reason that she left him. Nicole told Bo and Hope that she assumed that Trent had filed for divorce and only learned recently that she was still married to him. At the Brady Pub, Max accused Trent of pimping Melanie to pay off his gambling debts. In a fit of rage, Max nearly killed Trent with a broken bottle before Caroline and Steve could talk him down. Bo and Hope warned Max that Trent could have him arrested and encouraged Max to calm down and apologize to Trent. Daniel seemed concerned after he reviewed Kate's test results.
September 22 to 26, 2008
Lexie disowned Stefano and forbade him to have any contact with Theo. Dr. Rolf reminded Stefano that John's brain was about to implode as a result of numerous brainwashing sessions. Chelsea confided in Stephanie about why she ended her relationship with Daniel. Chelsea warned Nick about his involvement with Melanie, but he told her that his personal life was off limits. Hope suspected that Chelsea still cared about Nick. Bo forced Nicole to admit to Victor that she was still married to Trent. Victor advised Nicole that he intended to make her return every penny of the divorce settlement. Philip and Lucas forced Kate to have a series of medical tests to determine the cause of her chronic cough. Anna tried to convince Marlena not to give up on John. John had a seizure while talking to Anna at the Brady Pub. Kayla diagnosed John with a brain abnormality that might be terminal, but Marlena vowed to find a way to help him. The mayor appointed Hope as the new police commissioner, but she refused the job offer. Abe and Roman convinced Bo to apply for the job. Philip offered Lucas his old job back at Titan. Max almost killed Trent at the Brady Pub for attempting to pimp out Melanie as a way to pay off a gambling debt. Max later assaulted Trent when he continued to manipulate Melanie. Max, Melanie, Nick, Nicole, and Caroline threatened Trent and vowed to find a way to get rid of him. Caroline told Bo and Roman that she feared Max would harm Trent. Caroline begged Bo and Roman to find a way to run Trent out of town or else she would take matters into her own hands. Chelsea couldn't find it in her heart to forgive Daniel and Kate for their indiscretion. Daniel told a shocked Kate that she had lung cancer. Nicole asked E.J. to help her find a way to keep the money from her divorce settlement. Nicole continued to experience waves of nausea. Bo, Hope, and a few police officers found Caroline in the cemetery kneeling over Trent's dead body and holding a bloody knife, supposedly the murder weapon.
September 29 to October 3, 2008
Caroline was arrested for the murder of Trent Robbins. Max and Melanie accused each other of killing Trent. There were many suspects in Trent's murder case, but the evidence continued to mount up against Caroline. Roman, Bo, and the entire Brady family rallied to find a way to exonerate Caroline of Trent's murder. Kate agreed to allow Daniel to help her through the biopsy. Philip and Lucas learned that Kate might have lung cancer. Nicole and Sami found out that they were both pregnant with E.J.'s child. John befriended Nicole after she confided in him about her pregnancy. Chloe landed a small part with the Kansas City Opera company and left town to pursue her career. Philip leveled with Morgan about his feelings for Chloe, prompting her to accept a two-year internship away from Salem. Theo's future looked brighter. Kayla was appointed interim chief of staff. Caroline faced a murder trial.
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October 6 to 10, 2008
Caroline was released on bail, but Max became a suspect in Trent's murder after a search warrant uncovered evidence to implicate him. Melanie recalled her violent argument with Trent the night that he was murdered. After the police questioned her, Melanie panicked and slipped Trent's wallet into Stephanie's purse. Nick was arrested for DUI and refused to tell his family and friends the reasons for his reckless behavior. Marlena asked John to sign the divorce papers after he refused further medical tests to determine the cause of his migraine headaches. John befriended Nicole and offered her financial assistance to raise her unborn child. Sami struggled about whether or not to tell E.J. that she was pregnant with his child. Theo ran off from his babysitter to find Chelsea. Daniel was furious that Kate checked out of the hospital before she received the results of the biopsy. Chelsea told Daniel that they could never be together and to move on with his life. Abe decided to run for Mayor. Max was shocked to find Trent's wallet in Stephanie's purse. John forced Nicole to tell E.J. that she was pregnant with his child. Sami was stunned to overhear Nicole's news.
October 13 to 17, 2008
Sami asked Lucas to help her hide her pregnancy from E.J. A paternity test proved that E.J. was the father of Nicole's baby. E.J. invited Nicole to move into the mansion. Stefano was overjoyed at the thought of a new DiMera heir, and welcomed Nicole to his home with open arms. Chloe learned that Sami was pregnant, but was pleasantly surprised that Lucas was not the father. Abe's quest to become mayor was jeopardized by Mayor Marino's smear campaign to portray Abe and Lexie as unfit parents. Lexie warned Stefano to cut off his financial backing to Mayor Marino's campaign or give up any hope of a relationship with Theo. Melanie and Stephanie had an unpleasant confrontation. Melanie admitted to Max that she planted Trent's wallet in Stephanie's purse, and that she had more to tell about the night of Trent's murder. Sami finally decided to tell E.J. about her pregnancy and went over to the mansion to tell him. When she arrived, she was devastated to find Nicole and E.J. making love in the living room. In a rush to leave through a back entrance, Sami witnessed a gunman leaning over Mayor Marino's apparently dead body as she passed the front door of the mansion.
October 20 to 24, 2008
E.J. rushed Nicole to the hospital after she experienced severe abdominal cramps. Lexie told Tony that she feared that Stefano ordered the hit on Mayor Marino, and that she was partly responsible. Kate and Daniel gave in to their feelings for each other. Philip warned Daniel not to hurt Kate. Chelsea was crushed when Nick picked Melanie over her. Stephanie violated Max's confidence and told Bo and Hope that Melanie might have killed Trent. Bo advised Max to forgive Stephanie and do whatever was necessary to preserve his relationship with her. Bo assured Max that he would not railroad Melanie, and that he would never implicate an innocent person to exonerate Caroline. Melanie tried to seduce Philip, hoping that he would be a good future resource to help her out of a jam. Philip was on to Melanie's game and told Bo that he knew that Melanie was in possession of Trent's wallet the night that he was murdered. Melanie decided to leave town, and then received a threatening note. Stefano's assassin put a hit out on Sami. Marlena and Roman convinced Sami to enter the witness protection program until the mayor's assassin was apprehended. Sami agreed so that she could avoid telling E.J. that she was pregnant with his child. Chelsea decided to forgive Kate for her affair with Daniel, but changed her mind and became furious after she realized that Kate and Daniel were still seeing each other. Daniel walked in on Kate and Chelsea's argument and told them that he had the results of Kate's biopsy. Daniel told Kate and Chelsea the bad news that the biopsy confirmed cancer.
October 27 to 31, 2008
Kate started chemotherapy treatments with Daniel, Lucas, and Philip at her side. Chelsea was beside herself over Kate's illness and equally upset at Nick's disinterest in her problems. Trent's will revealed several surprises for Max, Melanie, and Nicole. Bo and Hope were forced to let Melanie off the hook as a person of interest in her father's murder after the evidence pointed elsewhere. Nicole was arrested as the major suspect in Trent's murder. E.J. was furious with Nicole because she did not trust him enough to tell him about the confrontation with Trent the night that he was murdered. Stephanie confided in Philip about her breakup with Max. Nick invited Melanie to move into the Horton home with him. Nick swallowed a few pills while waiting for Melanie at the Brady Pub. Sami's antics at the witness protection program safe house forced two agents to resign from the case. Unbeknownst to the police and the FBI, the mayor's assassin was hot on Sami's trail. Abe and Lexie remained concerned about how Theo would react to the stress of Abe's mayoral campaign.
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November 3 to 7, 2008
Philip befriended Stephanie, and Chloe and Daniel decided to give friendship a try. Daniel urged Kate to fight to live. Abe was elected mayor of Salem, but the victory was bittersweet after he and Roman learned that Stefano might have ordered the hit on Marino. Sami met her match with her new bodyguard, Raphael. Abe named Bo as the new police commissioner. Philip couldn't seem to get Melanie off his mind. Philip reneged on Nick's alternative fuel grant due to lack of sufficient and conclusive testing. Tension mounted between Melanie and Philip after she blamed him for ruining her chances to cash in on Nick's project. Nick told a surprised Max that he was in love with Melanie. Nick manipulated Melanie by frightening her with mysterious notes and phone calls so that she would not leave town and would stay close to him. Nicole experienced more problems with her pregnancy and was roughed up at the prison infirmary. E.J. convinced Nicole to come clean to Bo and Hope about her activities the night that Trent was murdered. Nicole's confession resulted in a new lead in Trent's murder investigation.
November 10 to 14, 2008
Bo and Hope believed Nicole's story about seeing a tall man at the cemetery and granted her bail. Nicole thought E.J. and Stefano had framed her to secure custody of her unborn child. Afterward, she believed E.J. and agreed to return to the DiMera mansion with him. Rafe learned that Sami was pregnant, but promised to temporarily keep her secret from his superior and her family. Stephanie and Philip's friendship grew stronger. Philip convinced Stephanie to accept his job offer at Titan. Stephanie told Max that there was no hope in rekindling their relationship. Chelsea confided in Max about her guilt over Kate's illness. Chelsea and Theo connected while Lexie felt left out. Nick told Max that he was in love with Melanie. Chloe helped Kate through her first round of chemotherapy. Brady returned to Salem but had difficulty accepting John's indifference toward him. Chloe and Brady accidentally met in town and seemed happy to put the past behind them and remain friends. Marlena and John agreed to disagree about their divorce. Maggie and Nick had words over his dependence on painkillers and obsession with Melanie. Flashbacks revealed that Nick had murdered Trent. Nick manipulated Melanie and convinced her that she had killed her father. Nick admitted to Melanie that he had tormented her with letters and phone calls to mislead the police away from her as a suspect. Bo and Hope were surprised that Nicole's witness placed Nick at the scene of the crime.
November 17 to 21, 2008
Kate's chemotherapy treatment was successful. Kate thanked Chloe for helping her to understand the importance of living life to the fullest. Lucas put a deposit on a new house and asked Chloe to move in with him and Ali. Lucas told Kate that he wanted to ask Chloe to marry him. Daniel confided in Chloe that his personal feelings for Kate might interfere with his effectiveness as her doctor. Melanie learned the terrible truth that Nick killed her father. Nick became hostile after Melanie told him that she wanted to call the police and explain what happened. Nick went off the deep end after Melanie told him that she did not want to marry him. They struggled, and then Melanie fell over the railing. Bo and Philip saved Melanie's life. Hope had the unpleasant task of arresting Nick, her cousin, for the murder of Trent Robbins. Stephanie and Chelsea blamed Melanie for Nick's problems. Brady asked Nicole to help him reconnect with his father. Sami manipulated Rafe to escape from protective custody and find a way home to her children. E.J. agreed to accept a position as counsel for DiMera Shipping. Stefano cancelled E.J.'s plans for a romantic weekend with Nicole so that he and E.J. could handle a business emergency in Argentina. As Nicole prepared to return home from the cabin, she experienced severe abdominal pain and called for help. John arrived at Marlena's penthouse to find the mayor's assassin threatening her life.
November 24 to 28, 2008
Nicole had a miscarriage, but begged Brady to keep her secret. Nicole lied to E.J. about what happened at the clinic. Daniel discharged Kate from the hospital after a successful first round of chemotherapy. Victor planned a party for family and friends to celebrate Kate's good news. Victor warned Brady to stay away from Nicole. Lucas seemed jealous of Chloe and Brady's newfound friendship. Bo and Hope warned John to stay out of the investigation into Mayor Marino's murder. Chelsea and Melanie got into a nasty fistfight over Nick's arrest. Philip saved Melanie from one of her scams that went awry. Chelsea visited Nick at the police station, but all he could think about was Melanie and how sorry he was that he had hurt her. Nick asked Maggie to take care of Melanie. Rafe went undercover in Salem to learn why Sami did not want E.J. to know that she was pregnant. Sami found a way out of the safe house to a nearby church. She confided in one of the sisters there and discussed adoption options. Daniel received disturbing news regarding Kate's test results.
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December 1 to 5, 2008
Nicole continued to lie to E.J. and Stefano about her miscarriage for fear that E.J. would leave her. Daniel told Kate and her family the grim news that she needed a bone marrow transplant. Of all those tested, Chloe turned out to be the only match. Daniel advised Chloe that due to her history as a cancer patient, the procedure might jeopardize her health. Chloe insisted that saving Kate's life was worth the risk. Kate learned about Lucas and Chloe's plans to marry. Stephanie and Melanie's feelings for Philip grew stronger. Bo gave Max the box that Trent had left him, but Max decided not to open it. John agreed to continue treatment with the attractive Dr. Charlotte Taylor, the daughter of Marlena's late friend and colleague. Sami learned about Rafe's troubled past. Rafe went undercover at the DiMera mansion to try to find evidence that might connect Stefano to Mayor Marino's murder. With Christmas only weeks away, Sami was desperate to return home to her family and children.
December 8 to 12, 2008
Stefano launched his plan to groom E.J. to take over the DiMera business. Tony warned E.J. and Lexie to be careful not to let Stefano manipulate their lives. Rafe was unaware that his undercover assignment at the DiMera mansion jeopardized Sami's whereabouts. Mayor Marino's assassin was hot on Rafe's tail. Nicole planned to get Brady dependent on drugs again in order to keep his silence about the miscarriage. Later, Nicole came clean to Brady and told him that she changed her mind and couldn't go through with it. Brady was furious, but agreed to keep Nicole's secret after he realized her fragile state of mind. Nicole decided that adoption was the answer to her problems and asked Brady for his help to pull off her plan. Sami was furious after E.J. called her to say goodbye. He told her that he planned to make a life with Nicole and their child. Chloe agreed to be Kate's bone marrow donor. Sparks flew between Chloe and Daniel during her pre-operative exam. Philip asked Stephanie and Melanie to work together on a major project at Titan. Melanie locked Stephanie in the Titan vault but did not realize Philip would be inside with her. Stephanie and Philip's feelings for each other grew stronger. Melanie told Max that Stephanie was making a play for Philip. Marlena admitted to Kayla that she was jealous that Dr. Charlotte Taylor was treating John. John told Charlotte that he no longer wanted to continue therapy, because the only thing that mattered to him was to find a way to get Marlena back in his life. Rafe was attacked and stabbed while Christmas shopping for Sami's children. While decorating the Christmas tree, Bo fell off the ladder and hit his head.
December 15 to 19, 2008
E.J. blasted Lexie for placing the family at risk when she asked Stefano for help with Abe's mayoral campaign. Bo's visions of a child in danger continued. Dr. Baker pressured Nicole to pay up big time or else he would tell E.J. about the miscarriage. Kate's bone marrow transplant surgery was a success. Daniel and Chloe continued to fight their attraction for each other. Nicole's plans to adopt a baby from a young woman went awry. Marlena asked John to spend Christmas Day with her. Melanie told Max that Stephanie and Philip almost scored in the Titan vault. Max and Stephanie had angry words about her romantic interest in Philip. Romantic tension escalated between Philip and Stephanie that culminated in several passionate kisses. Nick worked out all of the problem areas in his fuel proposal. He decided to gift the rights of the project-and potential income-to Melanie as restitution for the pain he caused in her life. Melanie pitted Philip against Victor over Philip's refusal to pick up Melanie's option on the alternative fuel project. Victor chastised Philip for allowing his personal feelings for Melanie to interfere with Titan business. In anger, Philip resigned from Titan, but later apologized to Victor and asked if he could return to his position with full autonomy. Victor agreed to Philip's request after Melanie insisted there would be no deal unless Philip managed the project. Nicole continued to put off E.J.'s romantic advances. She told him that he could not share her bed unless he proved that he loved and trusted her completely. Sami tended to an injured Rafe. Sami was devastated when Rafe informed her that he planned to resign from her case. Sami begged Rafe to continue as her bodyguard, and was delighted when he finally agreed to stay on to protect her. Rafe began to understand why Sami wanted to keep E.J. from learning the truth about her pregnancy. Kate asked Daniel to deliver a gift to Chloe at the Horton cabin. As Daniel entered the cabin, Chloe rushed to the door dressed in sexy negligee, thinking that she was surprising Lucas. Dr. Baker arrived at the DiMera mansion and demanded his money.
December 22 to 26, 2008
Kate was thrilled to celebrate Christmas at home with her family. Kate and Lucas suspected that Chloe and Daniel were at odds, unaware of their sexual attraction for each other. The Horton clan gathered for their annual Christmas tradition at home and at the hospital. John decided to learn about his past so that he could move on with his life. Theo had a breakthrough and told Lexie that he loved her. Bo's vision of Zack saved Theo. Rafe and Roman surprised Sami for Christmas with a live web cam visit with Ali and Johnny. Sami confided to Rafe that she considered giving up her child for adoption. Victor manipulated Philip and Brady so that they would team up for the benefit of Titan. Melanie's jealousy of Philip and Stephanie's relationship prompted her to tell Stephanie that Chelsea and Max were together. For the sake of their friendship, Stephanie asked Chelsea not to get romantically involved with Max. Chelsea told Max that she just wanted to be friends and he reluctantly agreed. E.J. asked Marlena for advice about Nicole's strange behavior. Nicole found a way to keep Dr. Baker's silence about her miscarriage.
December 29, 2008 to January 2, 2009
Nicole learned about Dr. Baker's freelance work as a baby broker, and used the information to force him to find her a baby. Kate asked Chloe and Lucas to speed up their wedding plans. Chloe almost confided to Nicole about her attraction to Daniel. Kate was suspicious when Chloe asked Dr. Johnson to take over her case, but Chloe explained that she would be more comfortable seeing another doctor based on the circumstances. Rafe told Sami that he did not want her to visit Sister Theresa. He strongly urged her to forget about the idea of giving up her baby for adoption. John considered Charlotte's recommendation of using hypnosis as a way to regain his memory. Marlena was disappointed that John did not want to be with her on New Year's Eve. Tony offered words of advice to E.J. and Marlena about their respective love lives. E.J. planned to propose to Nicole on New Year's Eve unaware that she was off chasing a lead from Dr. Baker about a potential baby donor. Stephanie and Philip joined Kate's New Years Eve celebration at Chez Rouge, but Stephanie was unnerved when Chelsea arrived with Max. Melanie found a way to be alone with Philip. Max surprised Chelsea with a New Year's Eve kiss, after which she abruptly left the restaurant.
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