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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 10, 2008 on DAYS
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Monday, March 10, 2008

Dr. Rolf, John's new butler, welcomed Marlena, Belle, Shawn, and Claire to the DiMera mansion for their first family dinner with John. John acted very distant and business-like towards his family. Marlena presented John with a family photo album, a house-warming gift, but he refused to view a past that he couldn't remember. Shawn mentioned that there were many pictures of Claire in the album and John seemed to soften at the mention of her name. John became frustrated as he looked through the album and realized that none of the people or events was familiar to him.

Later Belle tried to make John understand how much they missed him. She explained how the family had grieved when they thought he died, and were elated to learn he was alive. Belle was very emotional as she talked to her father. She told him that he returned physically, but she was so sad that he was like a total stranger and not the person everyone knew and loved. He looked at Belle and told her that he would never be the father she remembered. Belle left and told John that if he didn't remember who he was or at least try to regain his memory that some day he would realize that he was a very lonely man. Belle returned to the sitting room as Claire ran toward John. John agreed to let Claire stay with him, but asked Claire not to call him "Pop Pop" anymore, and said that his name was John.

Dr. Rolf re-entered the sitting room. Belle and Shawn pressured him to find a way to restore John's memory. They told Dr. Rolf that he was responsible for erasing all of John's memories at Stefano's orders, and that he should be in prison for his crimes. Dr. Rolf acted innocent and said he knew nothing of how John lost his memory. He told them that he was grateful to John for his freedom and he would rather work in the DiMera house than face a life of incarceration

Marlena decided that she would no longer pressure John to remember their past, as it seemed to make him more distant and hostile. John apologized to his family for leaving the room. Shawn and Belle told Marlena that they had plans for the future as soon as Bo's health improved. Marlena told everyone that she was planning to return to her practice on a full time basis. John said he had plans too, but was very evasive. He alluded to taking over some of Stefano's business holdings, specifically the shipping lanes in Salem.

Later, when everyone left the room, Dr. Rolf stared at the picture of Stefano hanging on the wall over the safe that held the key to John's memory.

Steve had a meeting with a former business associate to discuss Ava's whereabouts. Stephanie showed up quite unexpectedly and questioned Steve about this meeting. Steve explained that he was working undercover and that this man was a "snitch," but Stephanie knew Steve was lying. After Stephanie told Steve that she knew he was hiding something, he decided to tell her the truth. Steve recounted the entire story about his connection to the Vitale family, a crime syndicate. He told Stephanie that Ava was the boss's daughter and he was romantically involved with her during the time that he had amnesia and escaped from Stefano's control. He told Stephanie that after a time, he left Ava, and she was very angry. Apparently, she tracked him down and was out for revenge. Steve said that his family was in danger, and he hired guards to protect them.

Stephanie was shocked to learn that Steve was involved with the mafia. She insisted that they tell Kayla, but Steve thought that if Kayla knew the truth, it could cause more stress for her and the baby. Stephanie finally agreed, but told him that she wanted in on the plan to protect her mother and the baby. She told Steve that Kayla would be very disappointed to learn that Steve had another romance, but Steve assured her that he never loved anyone else but Kayla and that his family was the most important thing to him. Steve asked Stephanie to forgive him for his past indiscretions and for putting their lives at risk. Stephanie understood the horror that Steve had endured during that time in his life and immediately forgave her father. Steve said that he would tell Kayla everything in time, but for now Stephanie agreed to let him handle Ava in his own way. Steve asked Stephanie if she would leave town until he could clear up matters with Ava. Stephanie told Steve that her life was good in Salem: school, the sorority, her new internship at the ad agency, but especially her relationship with Max. She could not leave Salem at that time, and Steve understood.

Hope was sitting by Bo's beside when he woke up and told her that she had to prepare herself for the worst. Hope told Bo to fight and that she didn't want to hear any talk about him dying. Bo and Hope talked about the past and reminisced about their days sailing around the world with Shawn Douglas on the Fancy Face. They counted their blessing and were thankful that they had memories of a life rich with enduring love.

Bo was grimacing with pain that seemed to worsen as they talked. Bo told Hope that he was frightened for himself and the family. He told her that he would fight as hard as he could to stay alive, but that he might not have the time or the strength to make it before the doctors could find a way to save him.

Meanwhile, Lexie and Kayla were researching Bo's case for any option or alternative treatment for to Bo's medical problem. Kayla contacted Dr. Wagner, a colleague in Zurich, who advised her to check an Internet site that might provide some assistance. Kayla discovered that the newest, but rarely documented, treatment available was a living donor transplant. Dr. Daniel Jonas, Bo's specialist, was the only doctor to have performed the surgery. There were only a few documented cases, but Kayla and Lexie felt it might be Bo's only chance to survive. Just then, Bo flatlined and had to be shocked back, but was still on the brink of death. Kayla told Hope about the radical procedure and said that she should proceed as it might be Bo's only chance. Hope asked Kayla and Lexie to get more information about the surgery. Lexie paged Dr. Jonas to come to Bo's room immediately to consult. While they waited for Dr. Jonas, Lexie asked Hope to gather all the family members together as it might be their last chance to say goodbye to Bo.

Kayla called Steve, and Hope called Shawn. Family members were on their way to the hospital to rally around Bo and Hope.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

As they arrived at the hospital to see Bo, John asked Marlena why he had to be there. She reminded him that he and Bo had recently learned they were cousins, and that they used to be close friends. John told her he needed to get some air before he saw Bo.

Steve and Stephanie arrived shortly after them, and Steve noticed a man hanging out in the waiting area. After telling Stephanie he'd meet her in Bo's room, Steve confronted the man and asked why he wasn't protecting Kayla. The bodyguard said he was, but she was currently in Bo's room. Steve ordered him to get in there, and as the bodyguard walked off, Stephanie, who'd been eavesdropping, asked Steve if the man was her guard or Kayla's. Steve told her it was her mom's guy and assured Stephanie that she didn't need to worry-the guard was only a precaution. When she asked where her own guard was, Steve said she wouldn't be aware of him unless someone threatened her.

Max went to the hospital chapel, where he found Caroline saying the rosary. She invited him to join her, so he knelt at the altar beside his mom. After they had finished, he told her he hadn't gotten done with everything at the Pub before he'd had to close up. Caroline stopped him and told him to relax, because he was doing plenty, and assured him his father would be proud of all he was doing. Later, as she lit a candle, she confided to Max that she'd asked Shawn Sr. to watch over Bo. Stephanie came in and let them know Kayla was conferring with Lexie and Dr. Jonas, discussing a new procedure to help Bo. Caroline and Max left to see what they could find out, and Stephanie stayed behind to pray. She crossed herself and asked God to watch over and protect her Uncle Bo and the rest of her family.

In Bo's room, Hope excitedly told her husband that Lexie and Kayla might have found a way to help him. Bo didn't seem optimistic, because he said if there were any kind of treatment, they would already be doing it.

At the nurses' station, Kayla asked Daniel why he hadn't mentioned the experimental, living-donor procedure before. He informed them that not only was it unlikely to be successful, but it was just as dangerous for the donor as the recipient. Kayla was arguing that it might be the only thing that could save Bo's life just as Victor walked up and overheard. He asked Daniel about it, and Shawn, Chelsea, and Philip started peppering the doctor with questions as well. Daniel told them that he was not going to let the desperation of Bo's family drive him to do a procedure that might not work and might even make the situation worse. He asked Kayla and Lexie if they could continue their discussion in private, so Victor left to get some air, and Chelsea and Shawn went into Bo's room.

In the lab, Daniel described the procedure to Lexie and Kayla. He explained that it was a partial pancreas transplant from a living donor, and the most likely candidates to donate were blood relatives. He also warned them that the operation could kill both Bo and the donor. Lexie said they should do the transplant regardless of the risks, but Daniel said since he wasn't on her staff, she couldn't force him to do it. Lexie and Kayla were shocked that he would just let Bo die. Daniel said of course he wouldn't, but he wanted them to be aware of the drawbacks, stressing the importance of everyone knowing the donor would be at great risk as well. Kayla assured him that anyone in the family would lay their life on the line for Bo. Daniel reminded them that there were many matching criteria that had to be met. Kayla countered that the sooner they got started testing everyone, the sooner they could do the transplant. Daniel finally agreed to do the transplant, as long as Bo and Hope agreed after he'd discussed the dangers with them.

Belle brought Ciara to see Bo, who was happy and surprised to see his daughter. He told his "little princess" how much he loved and missed her, but when it became obvious he was in too much pain, Belle offered to take the toddler back to her great-great-Grandma Alice's. Philip then wanted a moment alone with Bo, so Bo asked Shawn and Chelsea to take Hope to get something to eat. After they had gone, Philip told his half-brother to fight like hell to get better. When Bo expressed surprise that Philip suddenly wanted to be brothers, Philip said that he was finally beginning to realize that family was more important than anything, even money or power. Bo was skeptical, and Philip seemed to know it was because of his affair with Belle. He told Bo he had been wrong to try to take Belle away from Shawn, but he had backed off because he loved her, and respected Shawn-and Bo. Bo seemed to relax a little, and they enjoyed a little brotherly banter before Philip said goodbye and left.

Marlena arrived just as Hope was leaving Bo's room, and asked if there had been any change. Hope told her he was getting weaker by the minute, and tearfully added, "I think I'm losing him." Marlena took her friend in her arms and tried to comfort her.

Victor found John smoking out on the hospital terrace, where John offered him a cigar. Victor politely declined. After telling Victor he was sorry about Bo, John brought up a business arrangement that Stefano and Victor had. Victor angrily told him it wasn't the time or place to discuss business. John told him that, unlike Stefano, he had a keen interest in the ports of Salem. He added that Stefano also wouldn't bother to warn Victor first that the deal between his shipping empire and the shipyards was about to change. Victor was livid because he and Stefano had a deal, but John reminded him Stefano was in a coma. After angrily telling John that he wasn't the same man Isabella had fallen in love with, Victor stormed back into the hospital, just as Marlena was coming out onto the terrace. Eyes wide after she saw Victor's face, she asked John what he had said to upset Victor. John said they'd just been talking about business, but perhaps it had been the wrong time. "You think?" Marlena asked. She then briefly told John about the transplant procedure the medical team was considering for Bo, but he reminded her he wasn't a good candidate because Stefano had already stolen his kidney. She asked him to come with her anyway to see if there was anything they could do to help. He continued smoking his cigar, ignoring her, until she said, "Well?" He explained he didn't want to let Stefano's Cuban cigar go to waste, but before he could take another drag, she snatched it out of his mouth, stubbed it out, and handed it back to him. "Relight it later," she ordered, then turned and went inside as he smiled to himself.

Shawn, Belle, Philip, Chelsea, Max, Stephanie, Caroline, and Victor gathered in the hallway outside Bo's room as they waited for a decision from the doctors. Lexie and Daniel returned from the lab, and Daniel informed everyone that going through with the transplant was their best option. Daniel asked Shawn to get Hope so that he could explain everything to her, because he didn't want to raise Bo's hopes unnecessarily if she rejected the idea. Once Shawn had returned with his mom, Daniel told Hope that the procedure they wanted to try involved a partial pancreas transplant from a living donor. He explained that a person could go on to live a normal life with part of their pancreas, and the part he implanted into Bo could either take over for or jump-start Bo's pancreas-assuming the procedure was successful. He warned that if the operation was not a success, or if Bo's body rejected the pancreas, Bo would die, and the donor could die too if he or she suffered serious health problems as a result of the transplant. When Hope asked about his previous patients who'd had the operation, Daniel said they were irrelevant, as every case was unique. Lexie assured them that there was a very good chance they would find a match, since Bo had so many relatives in Salem. Daniel cautioned everyone that because there were so many criteria to meet, even someone who matched might not be able to actually donate-but the group all said they wanted to be tested. Hope asked for Lexie's advice, and Lexie warned that anything else they could do to figure out what was wrong with Bo and treat it might take longer than he had-but she said it was Hope and Bo's decision. Hope told her to start the testing, then went inside to tell Bo.

Meanwhile, Kayla was telling Steve about the procedure, and he hit the roof because it might jeopardize her pregnancy. She assured him she hadn't even planned to be tested, she just wanted to get everything ready to start the testing as soon as Bo and Hope agreed to it. Steve heaved a sigh of relief, and offered to be tested, too.

When Bo heard the procedure involved a living donor, he refused. Hope read him the riot act, and Caroline reminded him that his father had sacrificed himself so Bo could live. Bo promised the two women he wouldn't give up.

Kayla, Lexie, and Daniel toiled away in the lab, peering through their microscopes in search of a donor match. Meanwhile, Bo's family and friends gathered in the chapel to pray and wait for news. Shawn lit a candle, Max held Caroline's hand, and Victor sat with his arm around Chelsea. Others sat quietly, lost in their own thoughts, yet all were desperately hoping for the same thing. While the doctors looked at slide after slide, pausing occasionally to stretch aching neck and back muscles, Bo and Hope lay in his hospital bed, his arms around her and her head on his chest, wordlessly waiting for the news that could save his life.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Kayla tiptoed into Bo's hospital room, where Hope was sleeping in the chair next to Bo's bed. While Kayla was checking Bo's monitors and I.V. bags, Hope awakened and asked if they had found a donor yet. Bo then woke up, and as he kissed Hope good morning, Chelsea dropped by on her way to class to check on her dad. Bo assured her he was in good hands, so after hugging him and promising to come back later, she left. Bo admitted he was glad he'd gotten to spend time with Chelsea and the rest of his family the day before, because he needed to say goodbye to them. Hope told him it sounded like he was giving up, which she said was not an option. Kayla gently admonished Bo, too, and declared that they would find a donor. Bo said he knew things didn't look good, and he didn't want anyone putting their life at risk to donate part of their pancreas to him. Kayla and Hope assured him everyone just wanted to help him. Bo admitted he didn't want to leave because he didn't want to let anyone down. "You have never let any of us down," Hope said sternly, her voice breaking, "and I know you're not about to start now."

Stephanie brought coffee to Steve, who was watching through the window of Bo's room as Kayla talked to Hope and Bo. Stephanie informed her Papa that Kayla had said that Bo wasn't doing so well, and that they hadn't found a donor yet. When Steve anxiously looked past her down the hallway, she said, "Are you looking for my guard? 'Cause I ditched him." Before Steve could give Stephanie a good talking-to, the bodyguard called looking for her. Steve fired him, then hung up and told his daughter the guy wasn't a very good guard if she could lose him so easily. Stephanie assured him she could take care of herself. Steve was skeptical, but they both agreed he should be more concerned with Kayla's safety. He grudgingly consented not to hire a new bodyguard for Stephanie, but vowed to call and check up on her every five minutes. "Yeah, yeah, yeah," she said mockingly but with an appreciative smile. When he asked how she and Max were doing, she smiled and said they were doing great, adding that she was just about to surprise him at work. She hugged her dad goodbye and made him promise to keep her posted about Bo. As soon as Stephanie had gone, Steve called to hire another bodyguard for her.

In the lab, an exhausted Lexie spilled a file full of papers on the floor, and snapped at Daniel when he tried to help her pick everything up. When he asked what was wrong, she told him he should have suggested the transplant sooner so they weren't in such a rush to find a donor for Bo. He countered, "If whatever's affecting Bo's pancreas doesn't kill him, this procedure very well might," and reminded her that the transplant was experimental. Lexie said she was well aware that it could kill both Bo and the donor. She then broke down in tears of worry and frustration, and Daniel tried to comfort her by asking about her friendship with Bo. Lexie admitted they hadn't always gotten along, but they'd gotten past their problems. As Abe appeared in the doorway behind her, she added that she couldn't imagine her life, or Abe's, without Bo. Abe entered and put his arm around Lexie, and asked about the donor search. Daniel told him they were still working on it, and excused himself to go to the cafeteria. Abe urged his wife to take a break, and reminded her she didn't have to prove anything to anyone, but she insisted she couldn't stop until she had found a donor. Abe asked her to at least leave long enough to go with him to pick up Theo. Lexie smiled and accused Abe of playing dirty. She confided that she hoped saving Bo's life could atone for at least some of the terrible things her father had done to the Bradys. Abe conceded he knew he couldn't persuade her to leave until she was finished, so he promised to bring their son by later. Lexie said she'd like that, and hugged her husband goodbye.

Kayla checked Bo's chart and told him his vital signs hadn't changed, which she thought was a good thing, then left to see how Lexie and Dr. Jonas were doing. Bo confessed to Hope that he didn't know what he'd do if their roles were reversed. Hope stroked his beard tenderly, and replied that he'd tell her the same thing she was telling him: that everything was going to be all right.

In the hallway, Steve tried to persuade Kayla to take the rest of the day off, but she said she couldn't. Steve pleaded his case to Daniel, who told Kayla to take a couple of hours off, and vowed to call her if they found a donor or if Bo's condition changed. Steve escorted his wife out as she grumbled about being railroaded.

While dining at Chez Rouge, Marlena and Dr. Miles Berman discussed a charity auction to benefit the hospital. When Marlena suddenly became distracted, Miles turned to follow her gaze and saw John at the bar. "It really is true," Miles said with disbelief. "He's still alive." They joined John and his companion, and John asked if Dr. Berman was the doctor who had signed his death certificate. Miles admitted he was, but insisted he had followed strict procedure. Marlena told Miles no one knew how Stefano had brought John back, and reassured him that no one blamed him. "Speak for yourself," John said. Miles said he had to return to the hospital and extended his hand to John, but John refused to shake it. As Miles left, John introduced Marlena to his companion, Paul Hollingsworth. Marlena said she already knew who Paul was by reputation. John asked her to join them for breakfast, and sit in on their meeting regarding the DiMera operations.

After they had been seated at a table, Paul explained to John what happened to cargo when it arrived in port. He said after it was unloaded, the cargo went into bond until it could clear customs, which could take as little as a couple of hours. He added that some shipments never made it through, while others were delayed. John asked if he had ever intentionally delayed a shipment, and Paul said he hadn't. Paul then bid John and Marlena goodbye, and Marlena immediately lambasted John for wanting Paul to delay Victor's shipments while putting his own through quickly. John said he was insulted that Marlena would assume such a thing. She reminded him Victor used to be his father-in-law, but John said he was just trying to expand the DiMera operations. When she accused him of trying to undermine Victor's business, John played dumb, insisting he wouldn't even know how. She told him he wasn't fooling her, because she knew he was a lot smarter than he pretended. She admitted she had no idea who he was, and said his behavior frightened her. John retorted, "Well, consider us even, because I don't know you either-and quite frankly, lady, sometimes you scare the hell out of me also." Marlena reminded him that he refused to even try to know her. He said he couldn't be the husband she used to love because he wasn't that man anymore, and suggested she pretend that John Black had really died. Her eyes filling with tears, Marlena said she couldn't do that. When he replied that he didn't understand why, she quietly declared, "I hope you will try to rethink...everything." John frowned as she walked away, then shrugged and said, "Eh, can't win 'em all." Meanwhile, Marlena called Philip to warn him about what John might be planning.

As Max was doing his community service on the docks, Nick came to ask him if they were okay after the recent business with Nick's notebook. Max testily reiterated that he had just needed something to write on. When Nick all but accused Max of trying to ruin his career, Max sarcastically asked if Nick thought he would do so because he had a career and Max didn't. Nick apologized, and reminded Max that he had a lot going for him. Max said that was the past, because he'd lost his garage and wasn't a racecar driver anymore. He added he was just grateful to be able to help his mom at the Pub, because she and his dad had done so much for him, but admitted he had no idea what he wanted for the future. Nick said after everything Max had recently been though, including his father dying and the airline failing, he was allowed to do a little soul-searching. Max lamented ever investing all his money in Jeremy's airline scheme. Nick reminded him something good had come out of that venture: Max and Stephanie had gotten together. Just as Max was insisting Nick didn't have to hang around to try to cheer him up, Stephanie and Chelsea arrived, and Max smiled in spite of himself.

Stephanie presented a grateful Max with chowder from his mom's pub. He tried to convince her he wasn't good enough for her anymore since she had so many great things going on in her life, but she wouldn't listen. She chided him for putting himself down, and assured him she thought he was an amazing person. He asked about Bo, and was disappointed when she told him there was no change. Stephanie then accidentally let it slip that something was going on with her parents. Max pressed her for more details, but she reluctantly told him she couldn't say more because she'd promised her dad she wouldn't.

Nick told Chelsea he'd volunteered to help with the donor matching, but Lexie had told him she and Dr. Jonas had it covered. Chelsea announced that she wanted to be her dad's donor if it turned out she was a match, despite the potential dangers. Nick assured her Bo would be okay, and promised to be there for her no matter what happened.

After Stephanie had left to get coffee for everyone, Max checked to make sure Nick wasn't watching, then slid a notebook out of Nick's bag. He used the pencil stuck behind his ear to erase and rewrite something, and slipped the notebook back in the bag. Stephanie returned just then and asked Max what he was doing.

Marlena followed John to the U.S. Customs office, where she begged him not to try to bribe the customs official. He asked what she would do if he did, and she replied that she'd turn him in to the authorities. When he seemed unconcerned, she told him if he crossed that line, he wouldn't be able to come back. He asked what he had to come back to. "Me," she answered. "All of me." To clarify, she grabbed him and kissed him deeply. He kissed her back, but then pushed her away and started to go inside the office. When she called his name, he stopped, then reluctantly turned and left. "Oh, thank God," she whispered with a relieved sigh.

Back at their suite, Kayla was impressed with the meal Steve had set up, and kissed him lovingly to thank him. He made her promise to take care of herself for the baby's sake. She said she just hoped Bo got the kind of miracle she'd gotten when Steve had come back to her after so many years. He reassured her he wasn't going anywhere, and they kissed some more. After they had eaten, Kayla gazed out the open window, inhaling the fresh air, and confessed she'd needed a break, but reminded Steve she had to get back to the hospital shortly. He came up behind her, kissed her ear and her neck, and asked if she had to go back right away. She turned and kissed him, then giggled. "Okay, maybe later!"

Hope climbed into bed with Bo, and as they snuggled he said he knew he didn't have much time left, and asked her to always remember how much he loved her. Choking back tears, she told him he was going to get better because he had to teach Ciara how to drive. "And do background checks on all her boyfriends," Bo added. Hope said she never would have thought of that, and asked what she would ever do without him. He said he hoped she never had to find out. Later, as he slept, she kissed him softly and whispered, "You can't leave me. I won't let you."

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bo was going downhill fast. He knew he was critical and started making preparations. First, he talked to Steve and asked him to be there for Hope and his family. Steve tried to put a positive spin on things but in the end he agreed. Next, Bo talked to Shawn and prepped him for the possibility he might soon be the man of the family. He wanted confirmation that Shawn would take care of Hope. Shawn agreed, but told Bo he and Belle and Claire were planning to sail the world, just like they did when he was young. His dad had to recover, and not ruin their big plans. Hope figured out what Bo was doing and freaked. She told her husband to stop it, because he wasn't going anywhere.

Ava stared at photos of Hope hugging Steve. She mistakenly believed Hope was married to Steve and was out to get revenge. Her goon tried to tell her she had the wrong lady but she wouldn't listen. She blamed the goon for the plane fiasco. He was supposed to disable controls on the plane so it would not take off. She berated him, they argued, and he quit. Later, a shrink visited Ava and asked her some intriguing questions about her sense of reality.

Steve and Kayla had ducked out of the hospital long enough for a sweet session of lovemaking. They reaffirmed their belief in miracles as well as their love for one another. Kayla returned to the hospital lab.

Daniel and Lexie were busy in the lab trying to find a donor match for Bo. It was the only way to save his life. After a frustrating search they confirmed they had found a match. Lexie was thrilled but Daniel warned her that the surgery was still experimental and very dangerous. Lexie didn't care-it was their only hope. They needed to inform the family and the donor immediately.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Hope and Steve waited at Bo's bedside while Bo slept. Hope fretted because Bo was getting weaker, but Steve tried to encourage her to be more positive. When she worried that they hadn't heard any news about the transplant, he calmly assured her that Kayla had told him the doctors had to check and recheck everything during the testing, because the procedure was still so experimental. He promised that he'd be there for her if she needed him, and that he wasn't going to let her or Bo give up. Hope said she wasn't giving up, but admitted she was very scared.

Kayla found Shawn waiting outside Bo's room, and quietly told him they had found a compatible donor for Bo. She then asked to speak to him alone in the lab. Belle, alarmed by their hushed tones, asked if it was bad news, but Kayla assured her it wasn't. She said she just needed to speak with Shawn privately.

In the lab, Lexie and Daniel reviewed their checklist for everything that had been done to prepare for the transplant surgery. After Daniel made certain they were completely ready, Lexie announced that all they had left to do was get the donor's consent. Kayla brought Shawn into the lab, and the doctors explained it was hospital policy not to release the names of donors until they had been officially notified, in case they had a change of heart. Kayla continued that they'd called the cell number they had on file but they hadn't been able to reach Bo's donor yet. She said they didn't want to upset the family by announcing they'd found a match, then telling them they couldn't locate the donor. Shawn then understood why they'd wanted to speak to him alone, and agreed to keep the family calm until the donor could be located.

After Shawn and Kayla left, Daniel complained to Lexie that the donor's behavior was unconscionable and that the only acceptable excuse for not waiting by the phone after being tested was being abducted by aliens. Lexie assured him they would find the donor in time.

Victor found Caroline sitting alone in the park. She couldn't hold back her tears as she confided that the realization that Bo could die had just hit her. Victor tried to reassure her that they wouldn't lose their son, because Dr. Jonas would do his best to save Bo, and that the odds of finding a donor match for Bo were good. Victor added that while his own heart condition ruled him out as a donor, Philip was being tested and would be a very willing donor. Caroline continued to fret that they might not find a match, or that Bo might reject the transplant, but Victor urged her not to speculate too much. He suggested they go to the hospital together, and she agreed.

An obviously drunk Chelsea sat by herself at the Cheatin' Heart, and ordered another screwdriver from the bartender. Kate rushed in and told Chelsea she'd been looking all over for her, and chided her for not answering her cell phone. Chelsea replied that she didn't want to be found, nor did she feel like talking. She added that she'd been calling the hospital every half-hour, but they still hadn't found a donor for her dad. Kate acknowledged how upset Chelsea must be, but cautioned her that getting drunk wouldn't help. Chelsea said she was drinking to numb the pain, since she was convinced her father was going to die. "Because I am Chelsea Benson Brady, otherwise known as the kiss of death," she slurred, raising her glass to her grandmother. Kate told her she was being ridiculous, but Chelsea maintained that she was a jinx. She recounted everyone she'd been close to who had died: her adoptive parents, Zack, Ford Decker, Grandpa Shawn-and, before long, her dad. Kate gently said she was going to take Chelsea home with her to sober her up. Chelsea told her grandma to be careful, because loving her too much might be unhealthy. Chelsea then tried to order another drink, but Kate told the bartender to bring coffee instead, even though Chelsea protested. The bartender agreed with Kate that Chelsea didn't need any more alcohol. When he brought the coffee over, Chelsea angrily insisted she didn't want it, and knocked the cup to the floor. After telling Kate off, Chelsea stormed out. Kate went after her, but the bartender stopped her at the door and informed her Chelsea hadn't paid her tab.

Steve joined Belle in the waiting area outside Bo's room just as Victor and Caroline arrived. Belle let them know that Kayla had taken Shawn to the lab, and they all assumed it was because Shawn was a match for Bo. Shawn overheard this as he returned, and told them he wasn't a match-but they had found a donor. He started a cover story about the donor having to sign all the proper forms before his or her name could be released, but Kayla showed up and let him off the hook. She explained how they were just having trouble finding the donor, but assured them everything was ready to begin the transplant as soon as they did. Shawn left to call the rest of the family to let them know what was going on.

Kayla went into Bo's room, and the group followed her. She informed Hope and Bo they had found a compatible donor, and the surgical teams were ready to go. She repeated what she had told the others, including why she couldn't divulge the donor's name. Caroline assumed that it must be someone in the family, and Kayla acknowledged that it was. Hope asserted that it shouldn't be a problem to tell them first, if the donor was a family member. Finally, after Bo pleaded with her, Kayla reluctantly gave in. "All right. It's Chelsea," she said.

Kate left the bar and saw that Chelsea's car was still in the parking lot. She then called Nick and asked if he'd heard from Chelsea. When he said he hadn't, she told him Chelsea had been drinking, and asked him to call if he heard from her. She went back inside and gave the bartender her business card. She asked him to let her know-and to keep Chelsea there-if Chelsea came back.

Chelsea stumbled into the park and dropped onto a bench. She remembered how happy she'd been the day Bo had asked her to come live with him and Hope, and how he had told her she was as much a part of his family as Shawn and Zack were. As she lay back on the bench, she turned on her cell phone and looked at the screen. She remarked that she had a lot of voice mails, and then wondered aloud, "What if they found a donor for Dad?" As she closed her eyes, she dropped her phone to the ground, where it immediately began vibrating.

Bo declared he wouldn't let Chelsea donate part of her pancreas to him. He said he didn't want his daughter to risk her life for him, even though the others tried to warn him he would die if he didn't allow the transplant. Lexie and Daniel entered, and Daniel informed them that it wasn't Bo's decision, since Chelsea was of age and had known all the implications when she agreed to be tested. Bo countered that his decision was to refuse to go through with the surgery. Caroline argued that Shawn Sr. hadn't given his life so Bo could just give up, and admonished him that he had to have the transplant. Daniel said that Bo and Chelsea were as close a match as he'd ever seen, but Bo would not be swayed. Finally Kayla asked everyone to step outside.

In the hallway, Lexie told the group how critical it was that they find Chelsea and begin the transplant as soon as possible. Victor said he'd have his men look for her, and Steve went off to search the rest of hospital. Shawn and Belle left to check Chelsea's hangouts.

At the Cheatin' Heart, the bartender told Shawn and Belle that a drunk Chelsea had left about half an hour before. He added that someone else had been looking for her, and showed them Kate's business card. Shawn then called Kate, who was searching for Chelsea in the park, and told her it was urgent that she called him if she found Chelsea. Shawn then called Chelsea's cell, but got no answer. In the park, her phone vibrated unheeded in the snow next to her.

Steve and Victor returned and reported that they hadn't found Chelsea. Hope came out of Bo's room and asked why Bo wasn't being prepped for surgery. Caroline told her they couldn't find Chelsea. Hope was stunned with disbelief. She then said someone should be with Bo and went back to his room. Kayla urged the others to try to be patient for a bit longer.

Bo remembered consoling a weeping Chelsea, and promising as he hugged her that he would do everything in his power to always be there for her. He resolved aloud that he was not going to let his daughter put her life on the line for him. When Hope returned, he asked her why Chelsea hadn't been in to see him yet. Hope reluctantly told him no one could find her. Bo responded, "Maybe that's God's way of saying she shouldn't go through with this."

Back in the lab, Lexie asked Daniel if he was positive no one else was a donor match. He replied that Chelsea was the only one who met all the requirements. Lexie said they'd just have to come up with an alternate plan if Bo still refused, and Daniel agreed-except he said he had no idea what that might be.

Kate finally spotted Chelsea on the park bench, and ran over and tried to wake her. When Chelsea's phone vibrated again, Kate answered it, and a confused Shawn asked why she was answering Chelsea's phone. She informed him that Chelsea had had too much to drink and was passed out, then told him exactly where to find them in the park. Kate hung up and continued shaking Chelsea and calling her name, to no avail.

Shawn called Daniel and filled him in about what was going on with Chelsea. Daniel said he'd be right there, then hung up and told Lexie to keep the operating rooms on standby. He warned her that Chelsea had been drinking, and about what tests they might have to run before they could do her surgery. "What the hell was she thinking?" he said as he rushed out. Steve and Kayla came in after he'd left, and Lexie brought them up to speed. Kayla explained to Steve that they couldn't operate if Chelsea had alcohol in her system. Lexie advised them the surgical team was prepared to do a "rush detox," but they still might not be able to get the alcohol out of her system in time.

Shawn rushed up to Kate and Chelsea and immediately started trying to rouse Chelsea, swearing and shaking her roughly. Kate asked what his problem was, since Chelsea had been drinking because she was upset about her dad. Shawn snapped that Chelsea's drunkenness was unacceptable, and Kate told him he was overreacting. As Shawn picked Chelsea up and started carrying her off, Belle reminded him Kate didn't know what was going on. Shawn turned and crossly told Kate, "Chelsea's a match. She's a donor, and she may be the only person who can save my dad's life. We've got to get her to the hospital and sober her up now." Daniel ran up and took Chelsea from Shawn, and told him to call the hospital. "Let them know I'm on my way with the donor, who may or may not be able to save Bo's life," he added as he carried Chelsea out.

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